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sum pics of bella since im having my twilight phase again I guess~~<33
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Rosalie: I need you to swear-
Emmett: fuck
Rosalie: …
Rosalie: Swear as in promise
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Alice Cullen
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Betrayal of Blood
Tumblr media
Pairing: Demetri Volturi x Vampire! Reader
Requested by the lovely: Anonymous.
Request: Hiii! Could I request a fic where the reader is friends with carlisle so they go help him when the volturi are coming for rigatoni, but what they don't know is that they're not on the cullens side. I'd also love it if you made the reader mates with Demetri, other then that you have free reign. Thank you!!
Summary: When an old friend comes to return a favor it may just be the very thing the enemy needed to destroy the cullens.
an: Oh darling You gave me the perfect excuse to write an evil reader, This was quite fun to write, so I hope you enjoy, my Lovelies!
"Oh Carlisle, what have you gotten yourself into this time?"
The blonde doctor was un-phased by my sudden appearance,while his family and companions all jumped at the sight of me standing in the doorway. Leaning against the wall I eyed them all with guarded eyes and a small smile of amusement.
Everyone grew silent as Carlisle approached me with a kind smile, placing a hand on my shoulder. "Thank you for coming on such short notice (Y/n), I owe you."
I waved him off with a smirk,"Call us even old friend,You know I wouldn't miss a chance like this for the world." He turned to our audience,moving his arm around my shoulders.
"This is (Y/n), they are an old friend of mine from back when I was with the Volturi, they know the ins and outs, along with any possible battle strategy they may have." They looked at me with wonder as I nonchalantly shrugged, "I still have a few loyal ears around the place, there's nothing the Volturi does that I don't know about."
Carlisle smiled gratefully at me before sharing a look with his son, The tall man approached with his wife and daughter at his side.
"Thank you for helping us (Y/n), I've heard a lot about you from Carlisle." I raised a brow, "That must make you Edward, while it is a pleasure, I am saddened we had to meet under such circumstances." He furrowed his brows and I realized he must have been trying to get a read on my thoughts.
"Ah sorry about that, couldn't risk that creepy bastard seeing anything important if he intercepted me on my way here. He's been finding his own witnesses it seems." He nodded in understanding while his wife looked at me in awe, "You're a shield too?"
Chuckling I shook my head, "No I am not, I just happened to have learned a few spells over the years during my time with a witch coven. Protection in return for protection, you know?"
Looking down when I felt a tug on my sleeve I smiled at the wide curious eyes of the reason for my journey. "And you must be my dear friend's beautiful granddaughter? What is your name Princess?" I asked kneeling down in front of her.
She blushed at the compliment, "My name is Renesmee." I skillfully hid my disgust at the choice of name behind a charming smile.
"Renesmee, hm? How lovely, darling. Now I hear you have a very special gift." She nodded and raised her hand up to my face, placing her strangely warm hand against my ice-cold cheek.
Visions flashed across my brain, showing me everything I needed to know...and more.
It was Amazing...I had never met a hybrid who showed such power in the early stages before...
I saw that they believed this child to be a miracle, a rarity that had never been seen by vampire or humankind before.
It was truly pitiful to see just how inflated their egos were.
Smiling in wonder at her I played the clueless part, "She is amazing...what was that?" Edward smiled proudly at his daughter, "She can project her thoughts into your mind, show you things exactly as she did." Nodding I looked back at the hybrid child's mother, "You are Bella correct? "She nodded and watched as I stood and approached her.
Reaching into my jacket pocket I pulled out a charm necklace, "This was gifted to me by a very dear friend of mine, she was also a very powerful witch. This will act as a power amplifier; your shield will be much more effective with this." She looked at it in awe of its beauty as I carefully place it around her neck, letting the red gem be bare for all to see.
"It's beautiful." She gently moved it so she could see it better, wonder filled her eyes.
Watching as the three walked away with Renesmee looking at her mother's new necklace in awe, I felt two pairs of eyes staring daggers at me, it was hard not to grin when I realized who it was.
"It has been too long, Stefan, Vladimir. I am glad to see you are both still in one piece." The platinum blonde scoffed, "Do not think so lowly of us that we would allow ourselves to be taken down so easily." Stefan hummed in agreement with his brother. "Why of course not my kings, you are both far too powerful for that." I cooed knowing exactly how to stroke their ego's.
Doing so perfectly as both of their chests puffed up with pride, "You always were a smart man (Y/n), I am glad to see that hasn't changed." Stefan said and all tension left the air...Well most of it anyways.
To say I hated them both with every fiber of my being would be a huge understatement.
"You know I love to keep you both on your toes, my handsome kings." Vladimir purred in delight when I took their hands and bowed with faux respect.
"Now then,would someone care to catch me up?"
Sitting around the bonfire between the Romanians I had somehow earned the mutt's attention.
"So, what about you? Do you have any cool powers?" I cursed him silently when all eyes turned to me.
"Yes,I am not very fond of it though so I prefer to rarely use it." That answer only further roused their curiosity.
"Oh come on (Y/n), you can't keep them in the dark like that." Stefan mused elbowing my arm and it took everything in me not to rip his off. He turned to the others not noticing the deadly look in my forced smile.
"(Y/n) has the ability to control minds." I gritted my teeth when I saw the fear directed my way.
"Like I said,I'm not fond of it."
Jacob shifted in his seat,"Is that why you left the volturi?"
"I was only a weapon to them, no longer the person I once was." The fear turned to understanding in some of their eyes. Vladimir patted my knee, "That is why we will laugh and celebrate in watching them burn to the ground." A dark and cruel smirk pulled at my lips in a way he interpreted as agreement to his statement.
"Oh I will take great joy in watching the flames."
After a few pointless chats later I stood up, making the excuse that I needed to feed before tomorrow. Waving off the warning of leaving forks to do so I disappeared from sight.
Stopping inside an alley somewhere in Seattle I leaned against the wall and waited for the sight of a human.
"(Y/n)." I clenched my fists tightly before turning around with a smile, "Stefan, have you come to join me?"
The short man didn't answer, instead racing forward and pushing me hard against the wall. I clenched my eyes shut when his lips pressed against my own, if I were human there would be bile rising in my throat.
He pulled back and licked his lips, "Oh how I have missed these lips,300 years of waiting is a bit torturous don't you think?"  Lifting my chin up so he couldn't reach my lips again I sneered, "You know I like to play hard to get...isn't that right Aro?" His brows furrowed in confusion before pain hit him and he crumpled to the ground.
Wiping my mouth in disgust I looked over towards the entrance of the alley.
The group who stood there all looked as pretentiously regal as I would expect from the Volturi even after all these years.
"You are right about that (Y/n), but even you should know you can never go too far." I scoffed looking away and stepping over Stefan's crumpled body, still writhing in pain.
Two hooded men approached, the taller of the two walked past and grabbed Stefan, holding his arms behind him to stop any escape attempts, while the other stood beside me in case I moved to attack.
Crossing my arms I gritted my teeth at the king, "Why are you here Aro, I don't need your help." One of the guards beside him hissed at my attitude but Aro held up a hand to silence the boy.
A cruel smirk formed on my lips, "Aww you didn't tell your new toys about me, I should be hurt but I honestly expected nothing less from you." Aro narrowed his eyes, "That is quite enough (Y/n), I've let you have your fun in this ridiculous revenge mission-" He went to continue but stopped when he saw the infuriated glare I gave him.
"Ridiculous? Ridiculous! This bastard and his disgusting brother killed my mother! Or are you so desperate to forget that,uncle?" I roared stepping forward and didn't even try to hide my satisfaction when he stepped back. The guard beside me grabbed my arm and I turned my glare his way,too far into my rage to notice how his body tensed.
"Uncle?" I heard the girl ask in confusion, I looked over at her with a look of pity, "So he really didn't tell any of you, shows how much he trusts you all, Darling. Hey Uncle Aro, do they know that you let the monsters who killed your own sister escape?" I mocked seeing the anger build in his eyes.
"I said enough (Y/n), now come home. Marcus has-" I ripped my arm from the guard, "Don't you dare pull the Marcus card, that man has been through enough. He doesn't need to be involved in your sick attempts at manipulation over me." Aro held his hands up in surrender, "Alright Alright, I apologize. Can we please just talk about this like adults, preferably somewhere more private." He moved to take my hand, but I shook my head and stepped away in disgust.
"No, I came here to kill these Romanian bastards and I will not stop until I watch them turn to dust." He stared at me for a moment before he sighed. "Fine then. Felix, Demetri you know what to do."
Looking over the man holding Stefan and the one beside me pounced on the Romanian filth and began tearing him apart, I watched with satisfaction as he looked at me with a look I knew as betrayal.
"M-My brother will avenge me! You will pay for thi-" he promised before his head was torn off by the shorter one.
His attention turned to me; I raised a brow as he approached before kneeling down before me. Presenting Stefan's head to me like a knight would his king. "For you, your majesty." My hands shook as I reached for it, my hands grazing his for only a split second.
But that was all fate needed to send a zap of electricity through my body, making me gasp in shock. Cracks formed on Stefan's head from how hard I was holding it, staring right into the man’s eyes it felt as though my heart would start beating again.
"What the fuck...was that..?" I breathed through a slack jaw. "I-I don't know.." The kneeling man said with equal confusion to my own.
"(Y/n)?" Aro's voice brought me back to my senses and I dropped the head, blinking before turning towards my uncle. "I-I should go back, they'll be suspicious if I'm gone too long." Aro grabbed my arm, stopping me as I passed. "(Y/n), the child..." I looked back at him.
"A hybrid, a powerful one at that. I've put a charm on a necklace and gave it to her mother, Bellas's shield is weakened now." He had the audacity to look proud of me.
"You always were brilliant; your mother would have been so proud of you." Just like that my anger was back, ripping my arm from his grasp I leaned closer to his face. "Don't you dare act like you knew her, I may just decide to come for you next once I kill Vladimir." He smiled softly, "That's the hotheaded (Y/n) I know and love." I squeezed my fists so tightly at my sides that I could hear them begin to crack.
"Go fuck yourself." I hissed before speeding out of view.
"Master, should we follow him?" Alec asked trying to shake off his shock at what had just transpired. Aro shook his head with a fond smile as he looked off to where his nephew had disappeared. "There is no need, Helios has always been a lone wolf. He'll tear them apart mentally before we even reach the battlefield." He turned to face Demetri who looked strangely fidgety.
Raising a brow, he walked over to the dirty blonde and held out his hand with an expectant expression, "Demetri?"
He gulped at his master's tone, holding out his hand and allowing his master to read his thoughts. A grin formed on Aro's face that he wasn't sure he liked, calculated would be the only way to describe it.
"I see, that explains a lot. Oh, Marcus will be so delighted." Was the only insight Aro gave as to what had happened for the other guards, and with that Aro dropped the guards' hand.
"Now then, let us return to the others, our plans need a bit of tweaking with this news." He stepped over the cracked head of his fallen enemy, "Felix dispose of the Romanian scum, will you?" He didn't need an answer as the giant took the pieces and disappeared to follow his masters' orders.
There was much planning to attend to.
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Surely, if you got a pet as a baby, they’d grow up to be used to vampires. SURELY. Emmett and Rose have a pack of dogs that they absolutely spoil and cherish.
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"some things are worth a second Look"
Tumblr media
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2008 2022
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you just KNOW that if Bella had idk, worn eyeshadow? edward would have been like “oh, i can’t read the WHORE’S mind. that’s weird. anyways” and the book would have ended right there.
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If the people of Forks made memes:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edit: yes there is a typo here, pls stop mentioning it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This took so fucking long to make, but please do enjoy
Tumblr media
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anthon-e · 2 months ago
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yes i DID draw twilight art in 2022. what about it
context: me & @sreppub watched it & were like "but what if it was wholesome & edward hung out w them and slowly got more fun & teenagery." basically we have big brains & that wouldve made for such a cute movie
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bellasredchevy · 7 months ago
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Tame The Beast
Tumblr media
Pairing:Volturi Kings x Shifter!Reader
Requested by the lovely: @transient-colours
Request: Okay so like I'm obsessed with the idea of poly Volturi kings with a shifter reader. Like the idea of the reader resting at the base of their thrones in animal form while trials take place? Mmm. Or when the reader gets restless from being cooped up inside all the time, all four go for a vacation in the wilderness and just let loose? maybe they can meet because the reader is the daughter of a leader of a shifter tribe that has come to form a treaty with the Volturi?
Warning: death, extreme fluff, and slight angst.
An: I am so sorry this took so long darling; I rewrote this so many times and I finally got to a point where I felt comfortable posting. I hope you enjoy my lovelies!
Soft purrs of bliss vibrated in the ears of the immortals as they stood in their places around the throne room, many wore an expression of adoration as they chose to listen to that instead of the pitiful pleading of those on trial throughout the day.
Once the doors shut on yet another guilty party being taken to the dungeons Marcus let out a huff to release his growing aggravation, his tense expression softened immediately when he felt a pressure on his lap.
Turning his attention to the large feline whose head laid happily on his lap, A warm smile pulled at his lips as he began to run his fingers through its fur.
"I’m alright Mia Regina, just one more and then we may retire to my chambers." The Tiger hummed as it looked up at him, ensuring his words were truthful so she wouldn’t need to worry.
To unknowing witnesses, seeing a jungle cat in Volterra Italy surrounded by bloodthirsty vampires, you'd be rightfully alarmed.
But to any who lived in the supernatural world, this was the most important creature on the planet. Protected by not only the vampire race, but any who have met her.
To say she was a well-loved queen would be a horrible understatement, The appearance of a beast she took but inside she held the heart of an angel.
And that heart belonged to the three most feared men on earth.
"My sweet, come to me." Aro called out, beaming when the tigress looked at him.
Marcus growled at him for stealing her attention, watching with a slight pout as she slowly stood and trotted over to the raven-haired king.
Aro leaned downward and took her fluffy cheeks in his hands, pressing his face into her fur as he read through her thoughts of the day.
He chuckled at the quips she had made for a few guilty parties that now were being disposed of in the dungeons furnace, feeling prideful that no one but he was able to hear his queens' witty remarks.
He always found joy in his wife's humor, finding it as a breath of fresh air during on the gloomiest of days.
"As delightful as always my beloved." Pressing a kiss to her snout he leaned back as she moved on to her final lover, who did not bother to hide his mischievous smirk as he eyed her approaching form.
Unbothered as she lifted the front half of her torso up so that her body covered his, completely hidden to those who would enter now.
"Hello Kitty." He teased, biting back his laughter when she huffed at him for the nickname.
"Don't rile her up brother, we still have one last trial to get through and can't have you sitting there with ripped clothes." Aro warned though even he knew when it came to those two, he might as well be talking to a wall.
Ignoring his brothers' words Caius leaned forward and buried his face in the fur of her chest, fingers tangling into her sides as she plopped her head atop his. Purring wildly as he scratched her sweet spots, tail swooshing faster as she tried to keep herself standing.
"You're just jealous that she loves me more." Caius teased earning a growl from his brothers.
-Reader Pov-
As the last trial commenced Caius continued to rake his skilled fingers through my fur as I laid beside his throne listening as Aro's commanding voice filled the air, "We have come to our final decision. Young Ivan for your crimes against your coven and our kind as a whole, you have been sentenced to death. Felix."
Screams of defiance echoed in the marble throne room as the guard followed his king's demand, ridding the criminal vampire of his head.
When Caius's hand left my fur I plopped onto my side, letting out a soft purr at the blissful feeling of the cold across my body. Demetri was standing guard on the other side of my ferocious king, seeing as he was one of my personal guards he was never far.
It had been a little over 5 and a half years since I met my imprints and became queen.
My father wasn't very pleased by this fact since he expected me to take over as the leader of the pack when he passed. But I didn't belong there...my rightful place was right here with my wonderful husbands.
There was only one thing I did not like about my life here in Volterra...the humans.
My tribe resided in the jungles of south America; it was perfect cover for our kind as we took the form of different jungle cats. But here in Italy there was no way that I could go out without causing a scene, meaning I was stuck cooped up in this castle.
There was only so many times you could run through the same halls before it drove you crazy.
"Il Mio Amore?" My head snapped up to see Marcus watching me with slight worry, leaning forward to peer at me when he noticed that I had been still for too long.
Aro's attention was now on me after hearing his brother's tone, he stood up and knelt down to my side. I looked up tiredly at him as he placed his hands on my cheeks.
His eyes grew distant as his fingers ran through my fur, a soft purr rumbled from my throat as I leaned into his touch.
He looked down at me sadly, standing up he looked over at Demetri, "Why don’t you take the queen out to the gardens for some fresh air, we’ll send the twins to stand in for you if you are needed.” Demetri nodded and waited for me to lazily stand up before leading the way out.
Once the doors shut behind us Aro turned back to face his fellow kings. "What did you see brother?” Caius inquired, Worried for his queen and mate.
“It would seem that our darling (Y/n) has been growing rather restless lately.” Aro commented, his brows furrowed as he went over the thoughts of his mate again.
"I have noticed as well, brother...Her animal side craves freedom. Perhaps it is time to take a much-needed break?" Marcus hummed knowing it would be the best option for their queen, and the smiles that formed on his brother's faces assured him they would not argue against it.
“I believe I have a few calls to make.” Aro said bidding his brothers A-dew while he made preparations.
“My queen, you can shift back now. I have ensured no one will disturb you.” Demetri stated, placing a black silk slip dress on the stone bench he turned his back to give me privacy while I transformed back.
“Thank you, Demetri. You’re safe to look now.” I spoke smoothly after I pulled the dress over my curves before laying back on the bench.
“Are you alright madame?” The blonde asked walking closer and blocking the sun from blinding me as I looked up at him.
“Just tired darling, nothing to worry about.” He didn't seem convinced but let it be as he looked up at the sky. "It's nice out, wouldn't you rather run around the garden?"
Letting out a hum I covered my face with my arm, "I’m not feeling it today dear; I think I’m just going to sunbathe for a while.”
His brows furrowed in concern, clearly worried by his queens sudden change of character from my usual energetic self.
From the corner of his eye, he spotted Felix signaling him, "Excuse me for one moment my queen.” Not waiting for a reply he sped over to his friends side.
“What happened? Do the kings need me?” Felix shook his head gave him a look before making sure their queen wasn’t listening.
“The kings have an island just outside of Rio, the kings plan on bringing her there for a vacation.” Demetri caught himself before he could gasp, "Oh she is going to love that! Perhaps this is just what she needs to get back to her old self again?”
Felix hummed in agreement, "Let us hope, my friend. For her sake as well as all of ours.”
After another hour I decided to retire to my bedroom, I was surprised however to see my blonde king running around my room throwing my things into suitcases.
"Caius why are you packing my things? Is there a mission?" His head snapped up when I entered the room, a smile that he showed only when we were alone appeared. "No Dearest, not a mission. Come sit."
Motioning to the bed he watched as I walked deeper into the room and sat on the edge.
Appearing in front of me he knelt down and took my hands, Eyes soft as he saw the tiredness in mine.
"We have noticed how restless you've become being stuck in the castle for so long." My smile fell and before I could open my mouth, he sent me a look. "Don't argue because everyone has noticed it, you feel trapped...confined. Something we never wanted you to feel."
He lifted my hands up to his lips, kissing each knuckle with utter worship. "We wish to take you to one of our islands by Rio. The plan is to stay there for a month, to which you will be able to run free and without worry as much as you want."
My eyes widened in awe as his words processed in my mind.
"Oh Caius..." He smiled as tears filled my eyes, pulling me into his tight embrace as he stood up. "I've been so tired..." He hugged me tighter, "I know my love, just know that the next time you feel like this...tell us. We are your mates, your lovers, your husbands. We wish to be there for you as you are for us."
Wiping away my tears he cupped my cheeks and brought me in for a kiss, "We love you more than anything kitty, and I cannot wait to see you in your element."
The ocean air hit me like a wave the moment I stepped out of the private jet, shutting my eyes as I soaked in the warmth.
"Darling, would you prefer to go directly to the house or run around a bit first?" Marcus asked as he appeared at my side, happy to see a hint of his wife's true self finally coming back.
"You already know which one I'll pick don't you?" His only answer was a smirk, holding out his hand I quickly shed my jewelry and cape and handed them to him.
"Go wild my love." Placing a kiss on his lips I laughed happily before running.
Rips and tears filled the air as I shifted, falling to all fours as I ran faster. Time seemed to slow as the wind slipped through my fur, a feeling of bliss that I haven't felt in a long time.
This sense of relief...not having to fear being seen by humans.
God had I missed this feeling.
"I suppose we do not need to fear if we made the right choice or not." Aro hummed as he and Caius joined their brothers side.
"I doubt we do, Look at her..." Caius stated watching their wife in awe.
Marcus hummed in agreement, "She is finally herself again, our beautiful (Y/n)."
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finitetwilight · 7 months ago
babe are you okay?? you haven’t even touched your breaking dawn part 2 pepsi :/
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edwardsshinyvolvo · 3 months ago
In order to play the role of Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson had to travel back in time to 1918 and catch the spanish flu so he could die and get bitten by a real life vampire then live 90 years and finally meet up with the directors in 2008.
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neurobivergent · 3 months ago
Funny. Tumblr is funny
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The timing lmao
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Tumblr media
rejecting every part of the twilight saga except for Rosalie revenge killing her evil fiance in a wedding dress
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