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#twin heroes of yunmeng

People need to stop ignoring the fact that Jiang Cheng lost his core because he was distracting the wen cultivators so wwx wouldn’t get caught.

They’re ALL self sacrificial idiots.

Jiang Cheng and Wei Ying gave up their golden cores for each other. Wei Ying does not get some moral high ground because of he gave up his core. They all get dumb bitch points for not bothering to solve the entire plot by just communicating.

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Hi!! :DDD

That was a political stunt!  

uff, there is so much political influence in this move, I have problems to write it down. 
I’m actually still writing on that one long post about Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian and I have it covered in there. I just struggle with explaining the political mechanism behind it. 

Can I ask you to wait for a bit longer till I can actually answer this in great detail? (人・ω・)

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for @helianthus21 (waaay later than I wanted to post it but. you know. life.)

After @sweetlittlevampire did one for me for after I finished the show, I thought I’d pass on the torch ;) These are entirlely fet by my bookmarks on Ao3, so very incomplete. Honestly, the amount of amazing fanfic in this fandom is astounding. I tried to focus on you preferneces and sprinkled in some of my other favourites, too. Enjoy! <3

Post Canon (with a lot of them focusing on the twin heros)

With Absolute Splendor by Lise 

Author’s summary:  “If you’re going to get married,” Jiang Cheng ground out, “then you’re going to damn well get married at Lotus Pier.” Wei Wuxian blinked once. Again. Then: “what?” Or: the one with sibling reconciliation, brother-in-laws from hell, and Jiang Cheng trying to sort through his feelings while acknowledging them as little as possible. 

My comment: The best grumpy, loving asshole Jian Cheng pov I have possibly ever read. It is delightful! He is a family man without a family and in this fic he has finally had enough and drags his brother back to himself kicking and screaming (even if that means he has to put up with his aweful future brother in law)  

Attempting the Impossible  by Ariaste        

Author’s summary: Jiang Cheng gathers up his determination in both hands and goes to the Cloud Recesses to embark on one of the most difficult endeavors he can imagine: Repairing his relationship with his brother. To his surprise, he discovers he’s become an uncle again… several times over. Wei Wuxian, what the fuck?!

My comment: My absolute favourite post canon reconciliation fic and imo an absolute must-read! The author has Jiang Cheng’s inner voice down to a T! The story is funny in its narration but often brimming with emotions! Again, Jiang Cheng is 100% a family man and he cannot help himself but love all his new nephews and nieces the instant he realises they are part of his family! The kids themselves are absolutely delightful and both Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji get to be overworked and perpetually tired parents. Also, the backstory on how they got all their children will leave you both tearing up and wheezing with laughter. :D (There is a podfic version of this fic, too, which I highly reccommend!)

A Civil Combpaign series by Ariaste     

In which Jin Ling has gotten it through his head that he wants to marry Lan Sizhui, convinces himself that it is obviously only for political reasons and then goes to Jiang Cheng of all people for advice on how to court someone. It goes about as well as could be expected.

My comment: Both these fics are a riot and an exceptionally well written one at that. :D The first fic focuses on Jin Ling’s desaster teenage antics and his growing realisation that he does in fact have feelings for Lan Sizhui (he truly proves to be his father’s son in this fic in all but sexual and romantic orientation). The second fic focuses on Wei Wuxian’s efforts to help Jin Ling while also juggeling his son’s feelings and his husband’s abandonment issues.

ok, jiujiu by kakikaeru

Author’s summary: Uncle’s jaw works in the way that suggests he’s about to say something irredeemable. Jin Ling, in a move of diplomacy he hopes the Chief Cultivator appreciates, distracts him with spicy food and his favourite subject: the incompetence of his own officials.  “I hear the lakes in the south east are having drainage problems?” he asks nonchalantly, sticking three big slices of braised pork belly into his Uncle’s bowl.
Jin Ling just wants to get through the Discussion Conference with his Sect, his dignity, and his heart intact.

My comment: This is part two of a series (part one focuses on Lan Jingyi. It’s also a delightful read. 100% rec!) and it’s the epitome of “the kids are alright”. also from the author’s tags: “they’re taking ancient mystical china into the negative fourth century with their good attittude”. The juniors are delightful in this! Jin Ling is actively learning to be patient and growing as a person partber (to ouyang zizhen!!!) and sect leader and he is done with his uncle’s bs because he cannot stand him isolating himself further. It’s just a really really good read. Also wangxian from jin ling’s bewildered perspective is hilarious.

murky waters by newamsterdam     

Author’s summary: Convinced Jiang Cheng and Wei WuXian will never reconcile of their own accord, Jin Ling takes matters into his own hands by trapping both of his uncles alone, together, without their cultivation.

My comment: Another “Jin Ling forces his uncles to get their shit together” fic! They seem to be a popular trope in this fandom :D This one is part one of the delightfully titled “ JC and WWX’s Get Along Sweater“ series. There is a lot of trauma being wrenched to the surface (Jiang cheng without access to his core … brings up bad memories) and it’s honestly heartbreaking how they still shout at each other about their love but have forgotten how to listen. By the end there is hope though.

Linger by the door by piecrust

After Wei Wuxian leaves Gusu, he travels the world and finds a number of places and people to call home along the way.

My comment: One word: healing. Wei Wuxian needs to find his own place in the world again and he gets to do it in this fic. The author wrote some delightful OCs, but also features Jin Ling, Song Lan and Jiang Cheng. In the end, Wei Wuxian still needs some convincing that Lan Wangji might actually like him back. Jiang Cheng gets a headache. It’s hilarious and beautiful.

Build me no shrines by occultings (mishcollin)

Author’s summary: A few months after the events of Guanyin Temple, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji take on a night hunt of an unusual sort: The Burial Mounds are spreading, quickly and with no apparent explanation. In Wei Wuxian, it brings old, long-buried things bubbling to the surface.

My comment: I adore case fics, especially if they build in existing lore and expand on it. This one does exactly that and also employs my faourite trope of sentient magical places! On top of that, the case forces the characters to face their trauma. There is also some tentative yunmeng bros reconciliation, but again, not the focus.

 myself through someone else’s eyes by thunderwear  

This is a series in which Lan Xichen deaged himself and took his own memories. Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian look for a way to reverse it first, but upon realising they can’t, decide to raise little Lan Huan themselves.

My comment: The premisis might sound silly , but the story really isn’t. There is a lot of dealing with trauma and abandonment issues and the various problems of the Lan family. But also a lot of cute kid stuff and wangxian family. Also, Yunmeng bros reconciliation. :D

 Best man for the job; a detailed treatise on Chief Cultivation by Aerlalaith           

Author’s summary: “Just these?” He had thought, perhaps, given Jin Guangyao’s notorious organizational skills, there might be a few more, but it does not overly trouble him.“Oh no, Chief Cultivator,” Jin Guangtian says. “This is just the index.”(The peerless Hanguang-Jun faces his greatest challenge yet: bureaucracy).

My comment: This one is hilarious!! 10/10!


Lynchpin by ShanaStoryteller         

Time travel AU that has Jiang Cheng travel back in time! (for a change)

My comment: So satisfying to read! Jiang Cheng spents a lot of time looking at his mouch younger family and friends and going we were kids. we were just kids! and the rest of it trying to correct the mistakes of the first timeline.

wide enough and wild by  impossibletruths                

Canon divergent AU. Wei Wuxian takes the Wen refugees beyond the edge of the cutivation world’s reach instead of to the burial mounds. Lan Wangji follows.

My comment: A really well written fix it with amazing character developement. A lot of times, these “Lan Zhan stays with Wei Ying at the BM” don’t feel quite right to me because imo, he had not undergone the character developement necessary for such a choice. This fic did let him go through that character developement. Spoilers: This has a happy ending and everyone who isn’t dead already by the start of it gets to live ;)

The Rage of Daughters by givemeunicorns

Yanli lives AU! And gets to tell the men in her life a piece of her mind. And be more than a passive bystander who dies for manpain. There is a very satisfying speech in chapter four that legit made me cry. WIP but has been updated recently.

A Traveller’s Song by herecomesbucktofuckshitup

Author’s summary: Cangse Sanren survives the night hunt. She goes back to her husband’s home in Lotus Pier to honor his memory  and raise their son.

My comment: I put this under fix-it because any story that lets more women survive is a fix it in my book. If this also changes events during the canon timeline (which i suspect)  remains to be seen because this is still a WIP. My favourite part is what a well rounded, multifaceted character the author makes Cangse Sanren. She gets to be human! It’s sad that that is commandable but you know … women in fiction often don’t. Also the kids! Little Wei Ying, Lan Zhan, Lan Huan, Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli are all absolutely to die for!!!

The Way It Wasn’t by KouriArashi  

Author’s summary: After Jiang Yanli’s death, Jiang Cheng casts a spell to make it so Wei Wuxian never existed, only to find that without him, the Wen clan won the war and subjugated the world. But his sister is alive in the new world, so he’s going to have to find a way to make it right.

My comment: Very plot heavy and very emotional. Jiang Cheng goes through it in this fic! While things get really bad at some point, he does a lot of coming to terms, too and yes, they do get Wei Wuxian back.

 Death of a Ghost by Gotcocomilk  

In which Wei Wuxian came back as a ghost to haunt Lotus Pier, but only reveals himself to Jin Ling without telling him who he is. He becomes Jin Lings teacher and friend, but naturally, he cannot stay hidden from Jiang Cheng forever.

My comment: This story was so well executed. When Jin Ling is older he is such a teenager! So there is a lot of humour in this story, but it is also really really sad at times. Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian do a lot of soul searching in this one to eventually become brothers again.

 Tall Once More In The Spring Wind by FayJay      

Basically, Cangse Sanren hears about her friend’s (Mama Lan’s) predicament, goes to the cloud reccesses, takes her and her sons and runs. They then procceed to build a sect together.        

My commentary: This one isn’t finished and hasn’t updated in a while but I stil had to rec it because ALL THE LADIES LIVE!!! And they also get to raise their children alongside each other and Baoshan Ren is there and honestly this is pure (well written) wish fulfillment and I love it!


critical path analysis by chinxe      

B99 AU. Do I have to say more? :D okay, i’m gonna. Basically, the bet from b99 s1 with Lan Wangji as Amy and Wei Wuxian as Jake. Their date ends about the same.

My comment: Just really funny and nice to read. 10/10 would reccomend

For a Good Time, Call by ScarlettStorm                  

In which Lan Wangji finds his best friend’s porn on onlyfriends and all his internal rules for interacting with his (seemingly) unrequited crush fly out of the window. Basically one emotional crisis after the next with a lot of focus on mental health issues and sex workers rights.

My comment: This is my current favourite WIP! The author updates pretty regularly and every chapter leaves me craving more! The author has Lan Wangji’s internal voice down to a T. Our dude definetely has severe social anxiety, but over the course of the story he slowly unravels his internal barriers and steps out of his comfort zone and acts on the desire to express himself. Which is so goddamn beautiful in its execution! All the while he compartmentalizes the shit out of his ongoing emotional crisis. This fic is just … so satisfying in how it deals witha lot of very heavy issues. And it still manages to be funny as well! Spoiler aler: They obviously get together eventually which resuts in some of the best smut I have ever read. I cried! Reading smut!!!

say it’s here where our pieces fall in place by Lirelyn

Modern AU. Lan Wangji is a single dad and regular customer at the coffeeshop where Wei Ying works. He already has a giant crush on  him and secretly hopes that when Wei Ying will finally meet A-Yuan it will endear him to him. What they find out instead is that Wei Ying is “Xian-Gege” who A-Yuan has often cried out for since Lan Wangji adopted him. It turns out that Wei Wuxian was A-Yuan’s babysitter before the boy got adopted. They start meeting regularly and Lan Zhan falls ever deeper in love, all of this while Wei Wuxian comes to terms with his own trauma and reconciles with his own family.

My comment: This was just a very very comforting read! Healing and communication all around. Both Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji have some deep seated issues surrounding their upbringing and both of them get to confront them. There is also some really nice sibling dynamics on display, both between the yunmeng trio and the twin jades. Also features incredibly cute A-Yuan and background 3zun.

see you yesterday by glyphic                

Modern with cultivation AU in which both Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji live in New York which is, as apparently all population centers in this au, swarming with ghosts. The war against the Wens still happened, as did a version of the events that let to him becomming the Yiling Patriarch, which let to him self-exciling to New York. Lan Wangji is in the city for his Phd. That’s just the backstory though. The story starts with Wei Wuxian dieing. And then waking up again. And dieng again. and again … He soon learns that he is in a kind of groundhog day scenario in which he can never seem to survive the day. After having died over twenty times in increasingly bizzare ways, he meets Lan Zhan and learns that he, too, is stuck in the same day. They start investigating their situation together and soon learn that there are more idiosyncracies in their lifes than they thought.

My comment: THIS FIC!!!! This is a WIP but a) it’s still being updated and b) IT’S SO GOOD!!! I cannot stress enough how gripping this story is! It has everything! Great characterisation, amazing pacing, urban fantasy with a touch of xianxia worldbuilding that sucks you into the world as if you’ve always lived there and a truly gripping mystery with horror elements that has you at the edge of your seat the entire time! This author knows what they are doing! The first two chapters are Wei Wuxian’s and Lan Wangji’s first couple of dozen deaths respectively and those alone will leave you breathless as they both become increasingly desperate and start to question themselves and at times their sanity. It’s just … so good! Go read!

and so my heart beats wildly by lily_winterwood                

Modern with cultivation AU in which cultivation has become an international sport. It covers several world championchips and one olympic tournaments over the course of which Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji meet, become rivals, than something like friends and eventually fall in love (obviously). Basically all other characters are there as well!

My comment: This is one of those fics that it’s so huge that I can’t comprehend that someone had the tenacity to write it. ^^ It’s very exciting to read, fast paced during the competitive cultivation events, more languid when it needs to be and also really really funny. The absolute highlight for me was the depiction of the fanculture surrounding the sporting events. The author includes fanservers on discord and twitterthreats and stuff like that and they are hilarious and also slihtly terrifying because it’s like looking into a funhouse mirror. :D I listened to the podfic of this which I can also highly reccommend! The link is, as always, in the notes of the fic.

your touch in the dark (your voice in the silence) by b_ofdale                

Author’s summary: When music begins to fill the silence of his apartment, Lan Wangji falls in love with it; not as fast, however, as he does with the busker down the street. 

My comment: I loved this one. It perfectly captured the kind of whimsical atmosphere that I associate with sitting down and listening to a busker for some time. It’s melancholic and lonely and there is so much tenderness there, even though there’s also a shitton of mutual pining, as per usual. ;) Also, as an a-spec person myself, I vibed hard with wangxian in this fic.

some things go forward by everythingispoetry  

In which Wei Wuxian is a long-term patient and volunteer on a cancer ward and Lan Wangji is a patient. They fall in love. (duh)

My comment: It’s clear from the fic that the author has some experience with these kinds of situations. It is written very sensitively and with a level of detail that cannot be made up without experience. It’s also very funny at times and A-Yuan is there, too and will absolutely melt your heart! The romance between wangxian is very slow-burn, but in a way that feels completely natural. There is a happy ending!

The Hanging Tree by chatonnerie  

Hunger games AU! Follows Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian during their time as tributes. It’s very suspenseful. I stayed up past 5 am to finish it. :D

save a sword, ride a socialist by sysrae  

Author’s summary: In which Lan Qiren and Jin Guangshao are conspicuously terrible, Lan Wangji decides to fake-date Wei Wuxian about it, and literally no braincells are consulted.

My comment: This fic is a riot! Lan Zhan is his best stubborn self and decides if his uncle tries to arrange a marriage for him and won’t accept that he is gay, he’s going to be difficult on purpose. :D

Sophie’s favourits that don’t fit under any of these categories

Only me, leaning on sunlight by theLoyalRoyalGuard

I have recced this fic before and I will do it again. The entire premise is that Lan Wangji has a really nice day (post canon). I swear to you, this fic is my happy place. The describtions of all the ways in which Lan Wangji relaxes are so vivid that I can feel my puls calm down each time I read it.

 在此恭迎夷陵老祖; to yiling laozu, the great and venerable by yiqie

In which the Yiling Laozu becomes known as the foremost expert of romance in the cultivation world, so he has to answers a number of desperate pleas for advice.

My comment: A fast read, absolutely hilarious and at times weirdly poignant and sweet.

One Rogue Spark in My Direction by hansbekhart

Set during the period of Wei Wuxian’s death, Lan Wangji meets Song Lan and Xiao Xingchen and finds if not comfort than maybe something like recognition.

My comment: Listen, I was sceptical when I saw a threesome tag between these three BUT this fic made it entirely believable to me. This is one of those smut fics that honestly 120% deserves the tag “character study”. There is a mutual recognition between songxiao and Lan Wangji in this fic that almost brought tears to my eyes, especially because each and every thought Lan Wangji has and each sensation in also permeated with his grief and yearning for Wei Wuxian. Just … read this fic, it’s worth it. Also see A Lot of Edges Called Perhaps, which is a post-canon by the author and refernces this fic. 

This love like a flood, a fire, a fear by natcat5                

Basically the entire story from Lan Wangji’s perpective. The plot is more novel based, the characterisation more cql based.

My comment: I love this story for the way it pulls Lan Wangji’s character developement which is very subtextual, especially in the novel, to the survace. The period from Wei Wuxian’s death to his ressurection is tough to read. Lan Wangji hasn’t just lost his soulmate, but had also the entire foundation of his worldview uprooted. When Wei Wuxian comes back to live the author adds some very poignant scenes. They skip the gay panic and go straight to learning to live again and coming to terms with their altered selves and their trauma. Basically, all the communication your heart could desire!

 Invisible Smoke by Kika988    

This fic deals with Lan Wangji’s grief that, even after Wei Wuxian has come back to him, does not fully leave him.

My comment: Even before this fic, I had the hc that Lan Wangji is prone to depression. Tbh, with the way he is shown to grieve, even during his childhood, for a long time and with his whole being, he seemed the type to me. So I was extatic to find this fic. The author deoicts grief as Lan Wangji’s companion, one that does not help him, but he still cannot fully shet because it’s his alone. It’s a heavy read but I found myself comforted afterwards, as Lan Wangji finds ways to deal with his depressive epidodes and accepts both Lan Sizhui’s and Wei Wuxian’s help when they happen.

and he sang about the stars by theinfamouswordsmith   

Author’s summary: "Xichen has loved his brother so much he thinks his heart might bear him ill will at this point. He will always ache when he is gone, like one of his arms is missing. He will try to soothe his brother’s troubled heart for a thousand years, if loving this boy is what will bring Wangji the most happiness, but it pricks at him like a doctor’s needles to see his brother’s open devotion treated like nothing by its very object.“
Lan Xichen and the brother he loved and nearly lost.

My comment: In my opinion this is THE twin jades fic! Honestly, after this, you will not be able to think about Lan Xichen without crying for a week! The way this fic deals with both of their emotional trauma is absolutely breathtaking. It is fascinating to read this story because it drives home that while the jiang brothers might be much louder and more obvious in the way they were wounded, the Lan brothers bear just as many scars. It’s absolutely devastating to read about how they, too, had to grow up way too fast and how they grew apart in the process (without really realising it until it was too late). Nothing I say can do this story justice anyway. Just read it!

yours truly by queen_gee 

Author’s summary: The second he noticed the direction of her gaze, he shoved the box at her. She took it out of reflex; it was heavier than she expected, the wood thick and glossy under her fingers. She didn’t get the chance to ask what was inside before Jin Zixuan blurted, “My mother wishes for me to write Maiden Jiang letters of my affection in order to reinforce the betrothal. However, I… am uncertain of how to do so, and would like to request your assistance as both a woman and a trusted cultivator.”

MianMian stared at him. Looked down at the box.

“You want me to write your fiancée love letters,” she clarified.


Or, the one where MianMian writes Jiang Yanli love letters as Jin Zixuan and the ladies fall in love instead.

My comment: Not Wangxian! :D Just really really well written femslash that had me week in the knees with wanting by the end of it!

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Lan Qiren: Your brother has ten apples. You ask for half of his apples. How many apples do you now have?

Lan Wangji: Five apples

Jin Zixuan: None. Knowing my brothers, they’re probably all poisoned

Nie Huaisang: I don’t like apples

Wei Wuxian: You really think he’d give me apples?

Jiang Cheng, very bitterly: Ten apples and his golden core

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“I wonder if memories can travel through space and time and call out to us, to remind us of who we are. And if they had, I wonder if I would’ve chosen differently, or chosen the same a thousand times more.”

-Yunmeng Siblings

My other cql fanarts: First Night in Gusu, Lwj, JC at the Burial Mounds Siege

(I usually do realistic drawings but I decided to try a textured brush this time. Originally, this drawing had one more scene, wwx and jc laying down on the grass after spotting the dead bodies of Clan Leader Jiang and Madam Yu. But I scrapped that, because I felt that having only these two scenes better illustrated what I meant to show: “Wwx was always playing ten different roles, and never quite sure if he was worth any of them. Eldest Jiang Disciple, the elder understanding brother to JC, the person always favoured by Jiang Feingman and always hated by Madame Yu. But ultimately he grew up feeling a sense of debt to all these people, and he fullfilled his promise in the only way he knew best: self-sacrifice. Because his own self was never worth caring for, whether it was having to spend the night on a tree, or giving up his golden core forever, as long as Jiang Cheng wasn’t upset.”)

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I hope I did okay!  This is my first time writing a hearing-impaired person, so I’m kind of nervous.  But I hope you like it!

It was about mid-afternoon when Jiang Cheng headed for the bus stop.  He had his headphones in, bobbing his head to the beat, even though the volume was turned almost all the way down.  Unfortunately, due to a work accident, he had gone almost practically deaf.  Of course, he could hear a little, but not a lot, so when he “listened” to music, he usually picked songs that had a good bass line or a good beat so he could at least feel the vibrations and enjoy the song.  As he was vibing to the song, he felt someone tap his arm, so he looked over to see Nie Huaisang smiling at him.  

“Hey Jiang Cheng” he signed.  Jiang Cheng smiled and quickly put his phone into his pocket, hands flying as he signed back.

“Hey.  What are you doing here?” he asked.  Nie Huaisang chuckled.

“I’m heading to Da ge’s office and I didn’t want to take the car.  I didn’t realize I would be meeting you on the bus” he answered.  Jiang Cheng nodded.

“Where are you headed?” Nie Huaisang signed.  He was the first person after Jiang Yanli and Wei Wuxian to learn sign language when he was told Jiang Cheng had lost his hearing in the work accident and he had been friends with Jiang Cheng long enough to know when he had his headphones in, he would prefer to sign then speak/read lips.  

“Heading to meet Wei Wuxian.  We’re gonna meet my sister and the peacock for dinner tonight” Jiang Cheng answered.  Nie Huaisang frowned.

“Why didn’t Wei-xiong just pick you up after work?” he asked.  Jiang Cheng huffed.

“He whined that I don’t see him enough; but I see him plenty every time he gets home from work” he stated.  Nie Huaisang hummed.

“Maybe he just misses you.  You used to visit all the time…until the accident” he signed.  Jiang Cheng’s face furrowed; he didn’t like talking about the accident.  It was an unfortunate car crash that left him in the hospital for a few days and then afterwards, he started to hear ringing in his ears that didn’t used to be there and then slowly…his hearing began to go until he couldn’t hear at all.  After completely losing his hearing, Jiang Cheng refused to leave the house, refused to see a doctor, refused to talk to anyone.  Of course, Wei Wuxian and Jiang Yanli were the only ones that he would talk to if he absolutely had to, but other than that, he avoided all contact; not like that stopped people from visiting.  Jiang Cheng’s absolute saint of a boyfriend, Lan Xichen, came to visit nearly every day, bringing Jiang Cheng’s favorite drinks and food, a loving smile on his face.  Jiang Cheng wouldn’t say anything but he didn’t have to, Lan Xichen knew Jiang Cheng better than Jiang Cheng knew himself sometimes so they would normally just end up sitting on the couch, watching movies with subtitles on.  Those times were Jiang Cheng’s favorite because he could be with his favorite person and he didn’t feel less of a person because he had lost his hearing.  As he was thinking of Lan Xichen, Nie Huaisang reached out and tapped him on the arm, making him jump.

“Sorry, it’s just that the bus is here and we don’t wanna miss it” he sighed.  Jiang Cheng nodded and followed Nie Huaisang into the bus, both men paying their fair before heading over to their seats.  Jiang Cheng took the inner one and Nie Huaisang took the outer one; Jiang Cheng looking out the window while Nie Huaisang played on his phone.  As they were riding along, Jiang Cheng’s phone buzzed, making him frown before he pulled it out, looking at the message on the screen.

To: Jiang Cheng

From: Wei Wuxian

Hey, text me when you get here? I need to know you got here safe

Jiang Cheng scoffed and rolled his eyes before he clicked on the message and began typing a reply.

To: Wei Wuxian

From: Jiang Cheng

Yes, Mom

Jiang Cheng’s phone buzzed immediately, making him roll his eyes again.

To: Jiang Cheng

From: Wei Wuxian

Hey, I’m just making sure that you’re safe

Jiang Cheng huffed.

To: Wei Wuxian

From: Jiang Cheng

Don’t you have work you should be doing?  And I’m fine

His phone then went silent for a little while, making Jiang Cheng smile slightly.  He knew he was giving Wei Wuxian a hard time and his older brother really didn’t deserve that.  But Jiang Cheng also wasn’t five anymore; he didn’t need someone to coddle him.  Just then, his phone buzzed again, making him look at the message.

To: Jiang Cheng

From: Wei Wuxian

I know you’re fine, but I’m your older brother and I’m allowed to worry about you.  Besides, this is the first time you’ve been out and about in a while.  And before you say anything, I’m not coddling you

Jiang Cheng tsked.

‘Fucking mind reader’ he thought to himself.

To: Wei Wuxian

From: Jiang Cheng

Bus will arrive in 5 minutes.  I’ll text you when I’m outside

To: Jiang Cheng

From: Wei Wuxian

I’ll be waiting

Jiang Cheng then put his phone away and leaned his head against the window of the bus, shutting his eyes.  


Five minutes later, Jiang Cheng felt a tap on his shoulder, so he cracked an eye open to see Nie Huaisang pointing to the front of the bus, which told them that the stop was coming up.  Jiang Cheng nodded.

“Thanks” he signed as he sat up, stretching his neck.  He remembered why he didn’t like sleeping on the bus.  Nie Huaisang chuckled, just as the bus pulled up to the bus stop; both Jiang Cheng and Nie Huaisang standing up as the doors opened.  They then stepped out and headed over to the large hospital, where Nie Huaisang’s older brother Nie Mingjue was the director and Wei Wuxian was an ER doctor.  As they headed towards the hospital, Jiang Cheng pulled out his phone, quickly sending a “I’m here” text to Wei Wuxian before putting his phone back in his pocket.  Not even five minutes later, Wei Wuxian came barreling out of the hospital, running towards Jiang Cheng before throwing his arms around him.  Jiang Cheng let out a squawk as Wei Wuxian hugged him tightly.  Nie Huaisang watched for a moment before he smirked and continued walking, heading inside to find his brother because it had been a while since he too had visited him.  Once he was gone, Wei Wuxian stepped back and smiled widely while Jiang Cheng just huffed.

“What, were you just waiting in the lobby for me or something?” he signed.  Wei Wuxian laughed.

“Of course I was.  I haven’t seen you in ages!” he replied.  Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes.

“You saw me this morning, when you were leaving for work” he reminded.  Wei Wuxian scoffed.

“But that was at home.  You’re here!  Outside!” he exclaimed.  Jiang Cheng lowered his hands and hummed, nodding slightly.  Wei Wuxian then smiled softly.

“Isn’t it nice?” he asked.  Jiang Cheng looked at him before he looked up at the pretty blue sky, feeling the shining sun on his skin.  He then looked back at him and nodded again, a small smile on his face.  Wei Wuxian grinned before he threw his arms around Jiang Cheng again, hugging him.  He then pulled away again and motioned to the hospital.

“I’ve still got patients, but you can chill in my office if you want.  You brought stuff to do, right?” he asked.  Jiang Cheng nodded.

“Yeah, I did” he replied.  Wei Wuxian nodded before he reached down and took Jiang Cheng’s wrist, tugging him towards the hospital.  As they headed towards the hospital, Jiang Cheng smiled.  Despite his accident, Wei Wuxian never once stopped treating him as a normal human being, which he was grateful for.  Wei Wuxian could be a pain in the ass sometimes, but there wasn’t anyone else Jiang Cheng would rather have for an older brother.

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