suzukiblu · 11 days ago
Encanto headcanons for @twird96, who wanted interactions from one of the sibling sets. I picked the triplets, because of course I did.
The triplets, obviously, have no memories of Pedro. They always played in front of the portrait of him when they were little, although none of them ever actually wondered where said portrait came from for YEARS until one day bb!Julieta was like “. . . wait, where could this POSSIBLY be from, Mom came here with literally nothing”. Then they argued about different theories for a week before Pepa finally blurted out the question to Alma. Alma got upset about being asked and didn’t answer, so then they argued for ANOTHER week and have all wondered ever since. Did Casita make it? Did MOM make it?? Does it even actually look like their father did at all????
So apparently Bruno is the youngest of the three, and while yeah birth order probably does not actually matter all that much when you were born like fifteen minutes apart max, I absolutely believe the other two were like “bABY” at him all the time and he was like “you’re both the literal worst, I hate you, I hope your boyfriends dump you”.
Speaking of boyfriends, Pepa always asked if the current boy-she-liked was going to be her future husband, and Julieta never did. Bruno absolutely refused to answer Pepa after the third time said boy wasn’t her future husband and got him zapped by mini-lightning, but accidentally slipped and was like “oh yeah Julieta’s gonna marry him” after the first time he met Agustin and was SO ANNOYED with himself when the girls started screaming in delight.
As they got older and Bruno got more estranged from the family, Julieta and Pepa got more distant from each other without meaning to. They argued about what to do about him and both retreated towards their respective husbands instead of properly making up. When he actually disappeared, the kitchen smelled like burnt food for a month and the whole house was smothered in rain, but they still couldn’t bring themselves to talk to each other like they used to.
Post-canon, Julieta and Pepa are on a mission to reacclimate Bruno to familial affection and take every possible excuse to hug/kiss/spoil him. He is very overwhelmed by this because he has barely touched another human being in like ten years, but Julieta and Pepa are like, whatever, he’ll deal, BRUNO LET US HUG YOU SOME MORE. They also accidentally and tentatively become closer again themselves, not exactly on purpose but not NOT on purpose either. Bruno seriously considers asking Casita to lock them in a closet until they work out their remaining sister issues but is pretty sure they’d make him regret it if they found out it was his idea.
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incorrectstarwarsquotes · 4 years ago
Lies are neither bad nor good. Like a fire they can either keep you warm or burn you to death, depending on how they’re used.
Anakin Skywalker
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emperessamidala · 4 years ago
Originally titled "In Which Anakin Thinks He is Subtle, Padme Indulges Him (and Herself) and Kenobi is Caught in the Middle"
Anakin was a slave and is now a prince, Knight Kenobi wants what he cannot have, and Padme is a simple handmaiden who did not expect this but is not complaining.
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blackkatmagic · 5 years ago
"…And now I am hella curious what would happen if you tried to resurrect someone already alive. Backfire? Nothing? Hmm…" Oooh, what if it summoned them. Like he tried to bring back Obito to study his eyes and SURPRISE! Heres the poor tortured soul fresh from Madara
Now there’s an idea that could derail everything ever. Hmm...
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deadcatwithaflamethrower · 5 years ago
Pssssssst if you have issues making full decks it PG, look into getting apples to apples and mix the two
...Oh, that would be a fucked up game.  :D
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winterskywrites · 5 years ago
OMG The little first kiss story left me giggling XD I like the canon tie ins :D
I’m glad you liked it! And I’m glad you liked the canon tie ins - I mostly put those in for my own amusement, but I’m glad that other people appreciate them too. Thanks for reading!
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suzukiblu · 10 days ago
Encanto headcanons for @twird96, who wanted Bruno interacting with the family.
Felix and Agustin were the first other dudes in the fam and Bruno had no idea whatsoever how to talk to them for MONTHS after the weddings, literal MONTHS. He was extremely used to girl talk and had no clue what guy talk was like, so they all had some very confusing conversations in their shared youth. Also no matter how many times Bruno warned/warns him, Agustin is STILL ridiculously accident-prone, but he feels obligated to try anyway.
Bruno owes Dolores a verse about how he really did not mean to project doom and gloom on her love life, and SUPER owes her for not ratting him out for never actually leaving the house, so he feels kind of indebted to her and tries very hard to be especially nice to her. Camilo only knows the weird shit the townspeople used to say about him and is lowkey super curious about the prophecy stuff, which translates to a lot of pestering that Bruno is baffled by. Antonio just thinks Bruno is great because the rats all love him and obviously the rats are the key opinion to rely on here.
Isabela and Bruno have almost no idea how to talk to each other, so their chats usually amount to "I like your dress" and "I like your . . . uh, rats?" And, like, him occasionally warning her that someplace is a bad place for a cactus. Luisa is easier for him to get along with but possibly that's just because she's extremely straightforward and hard to misunderstand, though sometimes said straightforwardness does make him nervous. And obviously Mirabel he gets along with the best of the three, because they did kind of bond there with their little misadventure together and really probably have the most in common.
Alma and Bruno are incredibly tentative about each other. Alma is worried about chasing him off again and he's worried about not living up to what she wants from him. They both technically know that these things are not gonna happen, but they still worry about them. They're working on it, basically.
Pepa and Julieta are mercilessly affectionate all the time and Bruno is attempting to return the sentiment but also is jumpy about getting a lot of physical contact after ten years without ANY and is still wildly superstitious about every little thing. They try to involve him in things they're doing every chance they get and he tries to go along with it, but sometimes it's still overwhelming. He missed them WILDLY but there is a lot of family happening to him right now and it's . . . it's a lot, pretty much. He's not used to all this attention! This is a lot of attention!!
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incorrectstarwarsquotes · 4 years ago
Taking no chances means wasting your dreams.
Han Solo
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fialleril · 5 years ago
What sides go best with the yellow-finned sandswimmer? Has Anakin/Luke/Han ever sold anybody information on the best places to catch them?
Well obviously the best place to catch a yellow-finned sandswimmer is in the Dune Sea.
(“That’s why they call it the Dune Sea, you know,” Luke says, nodding sagely to the reporters eating out of his hand. “Because when the rainy season comes, the floodwaters rise and all the sandswimmers come out of hibernation.”)
There are several acceptable options for sides, but by far the best, Anakin says, is Tatooine’s native rice.
(Rice, of course, requires an enormous amount of water and does not in fact grow on Tatooine.)
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deadcatwithaflamethrower · 5 years ago
Depending on price and if there are multiple prints (I saw someone else already said they were interested) I'm interested in the jellyfish :)
I can make as many prints of Jellyfish as people wanna buy.  (I’mna be pricing things tonight. 
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imaginaryanon · 5 years ago
twird96 answered your question “heyy who’s here and wants to leave me some music recs?? drop me an ask...”
If you like eeire, look up Corpse Party Soundtracks, its a horror game so a lot of susspenseful music, tho some is in Japanese, many have no lyrics
oh i like some of these, thank you for the suggestion~ c:
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suzukiblu · 2 months ago
Meta/headcanons for @twird96, who asked for anything Witcher. Big surprise, I was given an inch of freedom and picked Geraskefer to talk about.
I am entirely positive that if they ever actually managed to all get in bed together it would be a direct result of Jaskier and Yennefer having a fight. Geralt has absolutely no idea how them bitching at each other about total nonsense got him laid but he’s not going to question it. Now, getting them REPEATEDLY all in bed together would theoretically be a bit trickier, except Jaskier and Yennefer also both have zero (0) shame and zero (0) fucks to give, and Geralt, again, is not going to question the situation. Geralt knows better than to question the situation. That might BREAK the situation.
I would entirely believe Jaskier and Geralt had never fucked each other before Yennefer got involved but took to it like ducks to water. Like, sure, it’s not gay if it’s in a threeway, exceeeeept Jaskier has Feelings and he is going to make them everyone else’s problem. He is definitely going to do that, and Geralt is definitely going to regret it but also not stop sleeping with him, because that is who Geralt is as a person, he regrets all his emotional connections but if you take one he’s had for a day and a half from him he will kill everyone on this continent and then himself.
Jaskier does not think Yennefer smells like lilac and gooseberries, but refuses to tell either of the others what he actually DOES think she smells like. Geralt thinks he’s an idiot with no nose. Yennefer is like, it is literally my perfume?? wtf else would I smell like???? Jaskier still refuses to agree with either of them or provide an alternate scent. Yennefer finds it incredibly annoying and they have definitely argued-their-way-into-fucking about it before.
Geralt is in the middle. Even when he’s not actively in the middle, he’s still kind of in the middle. He also really, really likes watching the other two go at it, though, which they both figure out very quickly and are both entirely willing to abuse for various reasons. It is possibly one of the only things they agree about, ever. They also have really good sex together, which they both appreciate but also kind of are exasperated with themselves by, like, how and why is THIS IDIOT one of the best fucks of my life? HOW and WHY.
Geralt really does question nothing about this arrangement. It’s like, sure, this might as well happen, my hot friends might as well both want to be my datemates and fuck me stupid every chance they get, I’M not complaining. Except he totally does pretend to complain, because he is Geralt and having too many Emotions(tm) is not something he is ever gonna willingly admit to. Yennefer will probably get at least some of said Emotions(tm) out of him eventually but Jaskier definitely never will so he’d better hope he’s in the room for Yennefer managing it, the poor man.
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