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humanmistake · 2 days ago
When they realized you're their chosen soulmate
Additional tags: Soulmate AU, Obsession, Yandere tendencies, Catch phrases, Cussing, Use of Yuu, Gender neutral reader, Long
Characters: Yuu, Riddle, Trey, Cater, Deuce, Ace, Leona, Ruggie, Jack, Azul, Jade, Floyd, Kalim, Jamil, Vil, Rook, Epel, Idia, Malleus, Lilia, Silver, Sebek
Parts: What is Soulmate in Twisted Wonderland, When they realized you're their chosen soulmate, They found out about the other Soulmates, Love triangles
Ever since this morning they have been bothering you non-stop and showing subtle hints on how you're their soulmate...
"Ne~ Yuu, Who do you got as a soulmate? I bet he's as perfect as me! Or perhaps... It's me?~" Riddle asked you as he slid his hand on your wrist.
Leona grabbed your waist by his tail as soon as he saw you then he said "Herbivore! Don't you want to take a nap with your Prince at the botanical garden?~" He said as he looked at you with a tint of lust in his gaze.
"A-Ah! Yuu! Do you want to come with me in the Monstro lounge? It seems that we have something to talk about..." Azul said as he looked down at the floor while gripping the hem of your uniform.
Kalim ran up to you and hugged you from behind "Yuu! Do you want to go shopping?! A new type of silk has been produced at my country and I think it's made specially for you!" Kalim said as he nuzzled his head on your neck.
"Yuu. I have a few products I want to test out. Would you mind coming by at my room tonight?~" Vil asked a question that might seem normal but you know, The way he looks at you tells you something else.
Idia has been holding your hand since he saw you "Y-Yuu... The new episode of the anime you love came out tonight do you want to watch it with me?!" He asked you as fast as he can before running away.
"Child of man- No, Yuu, The future King/Queen of the thorn Valley. I, Malleus Draconia is pleasured to be graced by such presence." Malleus said as he bowed lightly then kissing your knuckles as a greeting.
It has been going on all day. They have been asking you out non-stop and even though you rejected their offers some of them still expects you to their room tonight.
And you had enough of it. You can't handle it anymore, All these hot guys surrounding you, Asking YOU, Wanting you to warm their beds tonight. You can't handle all of them doing all of these at once.
You came to the Teachers lounge to ask for help but it seems that they will be more of problems you need to deal.
"Well it seems that you'll be ruining some relationships, Yuu. You better not let it affect the image of NRC." Crowley said as he sat down.
"My My~ I though you're a little devil... It seems that you're more of a Incubus/Succubus~" Sam said as he rested his head on his palm
Trein pets Lucius head before saying "This case is like ---------- case. THIS would have been avoided if you only read your homework."
While one the other hand Vargas was just sitting there laughing "You always amuse me Prefect!" He complimented.
You told them that you would want to have a conversation with them since you haven't manage to tell them about it yet... And that is how the chaos started.
"Tch... Don't worry my precious Rose!~ I wouldn't let anyone de-flower you before I Do," Riddle said in a Prince charming tone "Not with that Eel that has been giving you dirty looks." He said as he smirked and gave Floyd a side glance.
"Me? Hah~ Why must you hurt me this way Goldfish-chan?~ And do you seriously think I will give up MY soulmate?" Floyd said as he emphasized the word 'My' "You're really like your bestfriend. Looks smart but really stupid~" He mocked as he pushed Trey on Riddle.
"Well, Since you already showed your true colors, Why would my darling Yuu still pick you?" Trey mocked back as he made himself look like it's nothing to be offended about. "You're truly like your brother. Both Ill-mannered." He said as he clicked his tongue.
"Now, Now~ Why would I include myself on a kids fight when I know Yuu hates it?" Jade smirked as he pulled you closer by the waist and as soon as he did, Epel shouted at him saying that he is using the situation to touch you incorrectly "At least I'm not some feminine looking guy who believes he can score on Yuu!" He snapped.
"Yuu! Look at him! Don't you love cute guys?~" Epel said as he pouted cutely to deceive you. He then pull you by your hands and hold you close to him "Don't you think cute guys are better than tall muscular man's?" He asked you as he closed the distance between your faces.
"I think Yuu wants someone who can always protect them and yet can still take care of them." Jack said as he moved forward "They doesn't need some guy who the only know is to post and cute on social media." He added.
"Since you're friends with them, I'll let it slide. Ne! Yuu-chan, Don't you think I'm nice?!" Cater asked you as he throw himself at you "Don't you want me?! I can be the best house-husband! I can cook and I can clean. Unlike someone who the only thing knows is sleeping." He said while smirking sadisticaly.
"Huh? You? Look the herbivore is here so just back off. I'm too tired for bloodshed." Leona threatened the Heartslabyul student "And did you seriously thought that you got something against a Prince? A royal?" He added.
"Well if were talking about status now then I'm the best match for my darling." Malleus said as he smirked at the annoyed face of Leona "My King/Queen, Don't you like shiny things? Would a pile of gold suffice your crave?" He asked you as if it's a normal question.
"Oh now were talking! If it's about shiny things and gold don't you think I'll be a better lover?!" Kalim exclaimed as he ran towards you and intertwined his fingers with yours "Don't you think it'll be better to live in my place rather than that gloomy Thorn Valley?" He asked while grinning.
"How dare you say such thing about our Kingdom?! I thought you'll know the importance of it since Yuu does but it seems that a human can be better than the others." Sebek said as he glared at the dorm leader of Scarabia "Jamil, Won't you tameyour dog?" He said as he rolled his eyes.
"Are you Yuu or perhaps Kalim? No? Then don't fucking order me around like I'm your dog, Bitch." Jamil said as he added venom in each of his words. The curses on his words attracted the vice-leader of Pomefiore "And what are you going to do about it? Shoot me in front of Yuu? Go ahead show your true colors." he added.
"Hah. What if I do? It's not like my dearest love wouldn't understand the meaning of my actions." Rook answered at him "At least I didn't use my unique magic or tried to take the dearest Grim away from their hands." Rook added as he targeted another student.
"Oh so now you noticed me? Are you perhaps threatened that an otaku like me could beat you at this game?" Idia mocked him "And you talk as if you're dorm leader didn't do anything to harm the prefect." He added as he scoffed.
"You... The potato forgive me already! And us getting threatened by YOU? How laughable!" Vil said as he faked his laugh to annoy the other Prefect and by that he also heard someone laughing "And what's funny Ruggie?" He asked as he looked at the hyena beside him.
"You all look funny. Fighting over Yuu's love." Ruggie said before he started to form fake tears on his then throwing himself at you "Yuu! You would accept me Right?! You wouldn't accept someone because of their looks Right?! Even if they look like sleeping beauty! Of course you wouldn't!" He said as his tears fell from his eyes.
"Hah... So now were manipulating Yuu? I thought you all are better than that." Silver said as he raises his head up from sleeping "Father, Don't you think I'll be the best match for Yuu?" He asked.
"Silver... I just want you to know that... I'll also be fighting for their love." Lilia said as he held Silver's jaw to make him look at him "I don't care if you're close to Yuu. I won't be showing mercy on winning their love!" He said as he accepted the challenge.
"HAHAHAHAHAHA! As if Yuu will actually choose you all over me..." Ace said as he wiped the invisible tear on his eye "You all over me? Their closest friend? I don't think so." He said as he glared at the whole group.
"That would have happened... If I weren't here. And you being their closest friend? Hmm... That's questionable." Deuce said as he gave the voy a side glare. "And don't you think someone who caused them no harm like ME fits them better?~" He suggested.
"Yuu... Yuu... You would still consider me Right? Right? You wouldn't leave me for them Right?" Azul said as he gripped your cloth harder causing you to walk out of the room. Right cater you did his look changed "And you Riddle. You talk as if Yuu is a damsel in distress. Just wait till they realized it." He said as he smirked.
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roseheartsed · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
✼ SUMMARY: being in love with the members of heartslabyul entails little antics as such...
✼ PAIRING: heartslabyul x reader. (you/your pronouns used!)
✼ GENRE: fluff, slightest bits of comedy.
✼ QUICK WARNINGS: reader is referred to as adorable and cute a few times, lowercase intended.
✼ KEYWORDS: words in bold are emphasized traits.
✼ A/N: making this was very fun! now that the heartslabyul edition is finished, i imagine i'll turn this into a series for all the dorms. i hope you will have a good time reading this small piece! — bree ☆
・・✿ ・・→ masterlist.
Tumblr media
𝚁𝙸𝙳𝙳𝙻𝙴 𝚁𝙾𝚂𝙴𝙷𝙴𝙰𝚁𝚃𝚂. riddle straightening your uniform with an exasperated yet fond sigh. having a routine where he sees you off to your dorm after school without ever missing a day (unless there's an urgent meeting). study dates where riddle pokes your forehead with his finger (gently and affectionately) everytime you nod off to sleep. giving him an encouraging nod when he tries to handle a student that broke the rules more 'leniently'. tending to the croquet hedgehogs together away from the prying eyes of others. seeing the smile on riddle's face as he lovingly says, "you did extremely well today, as expected of my lover," when there is no one around.
𝚃𝚁𝙴𝚈 𝙲𝙻𝙾𝚅𝙴𝚁. eating homemade muffins that trey bakes specially for you. baking dates with only the two of you and getting flour smeared all over your cheeks. trey resting his hand on your head and giving you headpats at random times of the day (as a greeting, as a goodbye, when he talks to you, etc because "he just feels inclined to pat naturally adorable things.") reminding you to brush your teeth before you go to bed. telling you stories about his siblings back home. trey becoming your personal tutor who helps you with lessons you can't comprehend and giving you a forehead kiss as a reward.
𝙲𝙰𝚃𝙴𝚁 𝙳𝙸𝙰𝙼𝙾𝙽𝙳. mentions of your name in almost 85% of the captions on his magicam posts. keeping a folder full of his selfies with you, but there is also another folder filled with candid shots of you that he took when he didn't want to bother you. receiving a 'good morning! do your best today, OKOK?' message from him every morning. asking you to adjust his hair tie for him because it feels 'loose' (he's teasing again, isn't he?). jotting down special events about you in his calendar (your birthday, anniversaries, when you held hands together for the first time, etc) and remembers all of them to a t. cater tucking your hair strands back into their places when they get into your face. making a playlist of songs that remind him of you and sending them to you.
𝙰𝙲𝙴 𝚃𝚁𝙰𝙿𝙿𝙾𝙻𝙰. listening to your day and complaining about it together with you. poking fun at you about how much you must've missed him when he literally just came back from a 5-minute bathroom break. ace scratching the back of his head with a light scoff and reddening cheeks when you tease him back. buying you some snacks from the cafeteria that you didn't ask for but he still bought them anyway. slinging an arm around you when you're next to him. running towards you and accidentally tackling you over every single time when he has good news. ruffling your hair with a snicker during times when he's teasing you.
𝙳𝙴𝚄𝙲𝙴 𝚂𝙿𝙰𝙳𝙴. deuce getting shy and choking on air when you want to hold hands. a soft smile resting on his face everytime you cross his mind. offering to carry your things for you (especially heavy stuff, let him handle it!). profusely denying when someone teases him about you until deuce's neck feels sore from shaking his head so hard. tries to save up madol so he can buy things that would make you happy. leting out his punk side when you are getting bothered by bullies and not even realizing it happens until afterwards. muses to himself about how he wants to introduce you to his mother someday.
Tumblr media
© 𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐬𝐞𝐝, february 2022. do not repost, plagiarize nor translate without permission, thank you.
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mintyisprobablytrans · a month ago
My ranking if all the dorm leaders got into a fist fight.
Riddle is getting his shit rocked immediately no questions asked. He is gonna get his ass BEAT.
Kalim or Azul would go down next. Leona is probably gonna fucking curb stop Azul when he gets the chance and Kalim would try to stop the fight and probably get a chair thrown at his ass.
Idia would start crying the moment someone rises their fist at him so he doesn’t really get beat up he just curls into a ball and cries.
Vil. I’m not 100 percent sure about Vil but he would slap box his way to third place in the fight but he’d probably start crying if one of his teeth gets knocked out or something
Leona is rocking everyone (but malleus’s) shit he’d win if it wasn’t for Malleus. He’s WWEing these bitches with no mercy.
Malleus wins. There wasn’t a fight. He won when he showed up.
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honey-milk-depresso · 5 months ago
I want a pseudo forbidden romance with Idia (girl or gender neutral)
It’s only forbidden because her hyper controlling “Papa” Crewel won’t let her date anyone and she’s VERY cranky about it, bonus points if Crowley approves In secret.
Thanks I’m advance!
TW: Crewel x Crowley, Crowley having NOT in secret
And this is gender neutral! ^^
"Forbidden Fruit the Crow approves" (TWST; Idia)
Oh no-
Not him-
Crewel can't believe that you like that... suspicious shut-in that sent him so many red flags to begin with.
And his fashion! OH GOD HIS FASHION!!
What if he turns you into him? NO HIS POOR LITTLE DARLING- HE CAN'T HAVE THAT NO-
Idia feels offended and at the same time having his pretty low self esteem (well- sort of-) blown down more than just six feet under.
I mean, he already knows somewhat of the appearance he carries around in his school, and as much as Idia wants to defend himself, it's frickin' Crewel he's gotta deal with- and he doesn't want to upset you with fighting with your father figure you really admire.
But obviously, you love your beautiful darling of the Isle of Lamentation with all your heart, and you don't give a flying frick of what your "dad" has to say.
"Arghhh.. Professor Crewel! Can you stop making decisions for my love life? Seriously!"
And it's just you two bickering and bickering for the sevens know how long, which make Idia very awkward and just want to- I don't know- d i s a p p e a r-
A few moments later of heading out the door with Idia, stomping your way to Crowley,
Crowley burst through the door of Crewel's workspace, with confidence and made his dramatic declaration,
You smirked, but Crewel fussed to Crowley- obviously-
"Now, now Crewel, I know how you feel. But if s/o dear really loves Idia, that probably translates to Idia really loving s/o too! Let's have them find their own path together like how we did," Crowley coos, stroking his gloved hands with the smooth golden claws soothingly on Crewel's shoulder.
The fashionista sighs, and turns to you and Idia. "But if you EVER make dear s/o cry, I won't be merciful.."
Idia blinked, and slowly nodded.
He wasn't that scared of Crewel's threat, because all the ringed in his head was:
"Wait... is the headmaster and Crewel actually-"
Reblogs help! ^^
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simplisticslime · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Fucking jealous dragon-
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essentialsugar · a month ago
Just got this idea that me and my friend thought of in science about Malleus. Okay, so you know how a dragon can be compared to a type of lizard? And Malleus have horns yes? We compared Malleus into a horned lizard because like-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Malleus & Y/N (mostly Y/N) talking : *happy convo*
Malleus hears something in the bushes : Child of man, do you hear that?
Malleus now with blood running down his eye sockets : what is the matter child of man?
Y/N now immensely scared: HOW THE HELL.
+ . _ . + . _ . + . _ . + . _ . +
I am now going to make a crack hc out of this now. MWAHAHAHAHa
Tumblr media
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twistedoverbloat · a month ago
Oke so
This is my first time sending ask here, but anyway-
You know how Vil calls Yuu per "potato"? Ye? So what would be Vil's (and other students?) reaction to seeing Yuu in potato outfit? Like, they came to school in a most generic potato outfit. Like full on fullbody suit potato, like those t-rex outfits
(I'm 90% sure that Epel would try not to laugh)
(I should name myself 🥔 anon if that's oke?)
Yuu when they saw the outfit they immediately bought it.
They ran to Ramshackle to change into it. They ripped their clothes off and then ran to Pomefiore. When they were in the hall of Mirrors they got looks but most laughed and Yuu ran the rest of the way there. When they walked to the doors all the students saw their outfit and were like yeah that fits them.
Yuu kicked open the doors and Vil had his back to them but Rook and Epel were to ones to see then first. "OH M Y SEVEN YUU-" Epel busted out laughing and fell on the floor. Rook chuckled seeing the Trickster.
And that when Vil finally turned to see what's happened "Why are you-.....Potato?" Yuu strikes a pose for him as they were in a full body suit of a potato. Vil composer broke as he began to cackle at them.
"Oh my great beautiful queen!" He then walked to Yuu and hugged them "Ahh thats been the hardest I've ever laughed. Thank you potato." Yuu smiled knowing they did the best thing ever. Made Vil Shoënheit laugh.
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absolutepokemontrash · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
The discord server I’m in is a magical place…
This is the most cursed thing I’ve ever helped make…
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twsthellhole · 3 months ago
Let me make an assumption about you based on your Twisted Wonderland fave
Please remember this is supposed to be taken as a joke lmao
Riddle: you too are a previously gifted child that is now mentally ill or you just like the tiny and angry trope
Trey: you have many younger siblings or work as a dentist
Cater: you’re depressed
Deuce: you’re basic but like in the good sense of the word
Ace: you’re a force of the nature that brings destruction
Leona: your sexual awakening happened when you rewatched Lion King during puberty
Ruggie: you’re a piece of shit but in the good sense of the word
Jack: you’re a dog person and really miss Archer from Fate Stay Night
Azul: you too were bullied as a kid or you really like gangster anime
Jade: you wanted to fuck (or be) Sebastian Michaelis
Floyd: you have ADHD
Kalim: you’re a happy go lucky sort of person
Jamil: you’re the remaining one from your species and haven’t slept in 2 weeks
Vil: you are too powerful for this world and I want to be your friend
Rook: you think APH France was cool (he was not)
Epel: you just want Epel to have nice things and honestly who doesn’t
Idia: you relate to him and are terrified of what the ending of chapter 6 will bring
Ortho: I have no idea what to think of you
Malleus: you're merely here to see the pretty boys or you're the donkey from Shrek
Sebek: your favorite used to be Malleus but now you relate so much to Sebek that you can’t ignore him anymore.
Silver: you’re weird, a cryptid, a creature that dwells in the woods, nursing a kind of magic that is yet unknown to mankind
Lilia: you were in the ark when God flooded the planet or you just have impeccable taste
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sweetsugarstarz · 3 months ago
Warning for foul language.
Neige: ...And I'm gonna be dressed as the statue of liberty... I bet you didn't know that came from France...
Vil: Actually, I did know that, Neige. But you know what DIDN'T COME FROM FRANCE?!
Epel: ...And boom goes the dynamite!
Vil: this mother fucking hat wearing, boyfriend stealing, giggling, stuttering, piece fo canadian HORSE SHIT! Yeah, I said it, Fuck you, Rook Hunt! Fuck you, fuck your boyfriend, and the fucking fetus that's growing in the disease ridden void that you call a god damned womb! And fuck you Epel Felmier. Fuck you, you shitty glob of donkey cum! I hope you burn in hell for the shitty things that you did today. Because you are not the least bit sneaky, you're not the least bit clever, and your only talent is opening your legs to penises that woULD RATHER BE INSIDE OF ME!!!
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mystical-lemonade · 5 months ago
Can I get Cater revealing that he’s actually bald to the reader 🥺😩✨✌️🦤
@offbrandmilk don't test my ability to power through shit and make things just out of pure fucking spite Dani.
Warnings: Bald Cater
Wordcount: 273
Pairings: Who cares its a fucking crack fic
Tumblr media
After walking in on Cater getting ready for bed
having been allowed to sneak into the dorm late at night because of the homie of all homies Trey fucking Clover
You crept to the door and gently opened the it to see *gasp*
Your beef Cater removing his gorgeous hair
And putting it....
His shiny bald head glinted dangerously in the moonlight
Like a....dangerous....globe of skin....or something
Storming in tears in your eyes you scream out "HOW COULD YOU L I E TO ME"
Cater turns shocked that you found out his dark secret
"I'm sowwy me a-moray. I never intended for you to find out this way" he says ashamed
"Your awful attempts at Italian in a baby voice can not sway me from my anger Diamond. You lied to me. You /knew/ about my hatred of bald people. Even after I told you about my creepy bald uncle! You know what, I'm D O N E!!!"
Taking off the ring pop on your left ring finger you slam it down on to the floor
And storm out tears in your eyes
Your night has been ruined.
Leaving Cater behind to mourn over the now shattered candy ring on the floor
His hard earned $1.50 he spend on the ring for his proposal now wasted as well
Too bad it shattered, he could have proposed to the next lady with it if you hadn't been so damn s e l f i s h
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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humanmistake · 15 hours ago
Twisted Wonderland On Twitter
Tumblr media
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fuchsiali · 4 months ago
So, Twisted Wonderland(2)
My terrible sypnosis for this one is: In which a boy, dubbed psychopath, gets send to the mysterious world of Twisted Wonderland with the niece of the woman he was casually stabbing. Will his cold heart be warmed up with all these people at NRC, or will he lose control and be consumed by the never-ending darkness?
I made it sound way more dramatic that it should. This one is suppose to be filled with fluff or just crack so I can take a break from the angst. But this can have a lot of angst possibility, too :(
Pretty much the MC gets send to Twisted Wonderland with this kid he wants nothing to do with (he was going to kill her just a moment before getting yeeted-), but later on gets too attached.
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mintyisprobablytrans · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Yo there’s this rude ass fish I think he’s flipping me off
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honey-milk-depresso · 5 months ago
First time I saw the octo trio my first thought was “god damn it of course they're hot”
That being said could you do the octo trio reacting to their crush saying that (just you're instead of they're) the first time they're properly introduced/meet?
basically- [email protected]/trey-
"Too good of a first impression" (Octavinelle)
Azul Ashengrotto
Was it the wavy curls of his hair and charismatic poise, or his charming smile and perfectly framed words that fall out of his lips so smoothly and a calm ocean's wave that made you instantly swoon?
Honestly, it's probably all of the above-
"Why good afternoon, s/o. Welcome to the humble lounge of Octavinelle~"
"H-holy crap, you're the most beautiful man I've ever met," you gasped in awe as you looked at Azul as if he was some sort of god.
Holy shit was Azul caught off guard so badly that he almost choked.
The twins were sure gonna tease him non stop once you leave, but-
oh my god- he was so caught of guard that he spent the rest of his day just thinking about it while blushing hard.
He was so embarrassed, but at the same time really proud that you thought he was- you know- h o t-
Maybe... maybe it wouldn't be so bad to just... talk to you and get closer to you. I mean, you already had a good first impression of him right? Maybe too good... <3
Jade Leech
Oya oya?~
How amusing~
Was it the way he presented himself towards you and that charismatic smile of his? The way his mismatched eyes glint with such enigma? Or maybe his deep and smooth his voice can be when he flashes a grin with pointy, jagged teeth?
Maybe all the reasons? Probably-
"Why, if it isn't the s/o we keep hearing about. Any honor to have you at Monstro Lounge," he smiles.
"O-oh my god... you're so hot..."
He blinks. My oh my~ how straightforward~
Jade was pretty caught off guard by your response, and he has much of a good impression on you as much as you have on him. A pretty funny one, too.
Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to get to know you more, no? Maybe he'd find you... "hot". Fufufu~ He's only teasing~
He found you endearing- <3
Floyd Leech
I mean, he's cute and hot at the same time- I get you-
Floyd, in his own way, has his own charms. His carefree yet captivating grin, his jagged jaws that gleamed white, his droopy mismatched eyes that somehow made him endearing and beautiful, his iconic laugh... who could blame you?
"Ehehehe~ So this is the magicless student? You're so tiny like a little shrimpy~"
You stared at him, mouth open subconsciously. "You're so cute, but you're so hot-"
Like his brother, Floyd just blinked and took a moment to digest your words in his head.
Then, he grins, flashing once again his sharp rows of teeth at you. "Awww~ Isn't that funny? You're a hilarious little shrimpy~"
He thinks you're so funny. Based on just first impression alone? That's hilarious!
But maybe it wouldn't be all that boring to pester talk to you.
Maybe he's gonna have tons of fun with you in near future~ <3
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simplisticslime · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
hair dryer go
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xhaoticspawnofhades · a year ago
Got some more stuff hehe
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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twistedoverbloat · a month ago
Like all the fucking gossip about a Florida man-
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the-dreamerslibrary · a year ago
Well, stay behind, then.
Ace, Deuce, Grim (Twisted Wonderland) x GN! Reader (platonic)
One shot
Warnings: a bit of swearing because Grim is being a Gremlin and that I actually personally swear like a sailor.
Note: I am very very sorry for this. It's honestly just crack because I have only two braincells left and I need to write dumb stuff.
It's based on this prompt! "We would have made it if you had just stayed behind." Crack made out of an angst prompt. Thanks, brain.
I have absolutely no idea of how this will turn out but oH WELL, have some scared Adeuce, a confused Grim and a Yuu who doesn't give a shit anymore.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Tumblr media
╔═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══
-Why did we get here in first place?
You asked. Deuce, looking as lost as you, didn't say anything, yet the grin on Ace and Grim's faces told everything.
-C'mon, I just thought it could be fun. You aren't afraid of haunted houses, are ya? Guys, how old are ya, seriously?
Not wanting to lose face, both Deuce and you played it cool.
-Of course we're not scared! You said. I just think that it's really irresponsible.
-You ruin the mood... If we have to go out because of you, you'll owe me cans of tuna!
With a heavy sigh, you nodded. That's why you're now in this situation, entering a house that was... In a worse state than your old Ramshackle Dorm's when you got in, to compare.
The wooden parquet was cracking under your feet, and wind was blowing through the window, making a pretty scary sound. Ace looked at the door.
-Uhm... He said with an awkward smile. Maybe it wasn't that of a good idea after all. If our dorm head finds out we're here, we're gonna get collared again.
-Well, stay behind, then. I don't have any money to buy fucking tuna cans.
You said, walking careful steps through the hall. Ace sighed, Deuce was barely breathing, and Grim was... He was there, and that was already pretty nice of him.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, the front door locked with a heavy "clank". Ace failed to re-open it, and cursed a little. The two boys started to bang on the door, but no one answered.
-What just happened?
Asked Grim, drowning in confusion.
-I don't know either. Let's go, guys, there must be a back door or something.
The duo looked at you.
-Uhm, Perfect, we are locked in a haunted house.
-Thanks for the statement, Deuce. But honestly, after the ghosts in my own dorm who tried to kill me, way too many overblots and all of that shit, it's not a haunted house that's gonna scare me. My dorm is a haunted house. My fucking dorm. Now please come on, chit-chatting isn't gonna bring me money for the tuna cans.
Ace took a deep breath, acting like he wasn't scared. Giving up on the "discreet and careful" stuff, he made his way to the closest door. The kitchen, apparently. The ghost in it didn't seem really okay with you interrupting his snack. Ace's first reflex was closing the door, but he did forgot one thing: Ghosts could cross walls.
-Shit. You mumbled. Run, guys, if you don't wanna fight a big hungry and angry ghost.
You ran faster than you thought you could. After many dead ends behind smashed sofas and broken tables, you managed to find the back door. You got out of the house, out of the garden, to finally go back to NRC.
-Woah, said Ace with a heavy sigh, that was pretty wild. I thought we'd've made it without bothering anyone, but...
-We would have made it if you had just stayed behind ! You screamed out of pure anger and annoyance. For real, Ace, opening a random door in a haunted house? Seriously?
He gulped heavily. Deuce was staring at you with wide open eyes, not knowing that so many anger could fit in your usually calm, gentle self. Grim was looking at you, then at Ace, then back at you, absolutely not knowing what the fuck on Earth was happening.
-Now, if you don't mind, I'm gonna get back to my dorm and scream in my pillow. Have a nice day!
With the last bits of dignity and pride you still had, you walked away, leaving there an overly confused Adeuce.
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Twisted wonderland Masterlist <3 !!
Tumblr media
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Deuce Spade:
-deuce x reader, babysitting chicks!
-deuce x reader, let us dance in the rain!
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-ace x reader, pranking headmaster! (request)
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-crewel angst. no reader insert
-darling charming x reader, college au
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-northwind x reader, I'm a hopeless romantic, for you. (request)
-ritsu sakuma x reader, i'm a hopeless romantic, for you. (request)
this will be updated soon ! <3 :D
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