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chocodollxren · a month ago
𓄹 ❥𝘈 𝘚𝘪𝘭𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘏𝘶𝘨❦ 𝘢𝘭𝘭. ,,
summary: how do the cast react to you silently having your arms outstretched expecting a hug because you want his affection for the first time. no tws, gn reader. paternal staff figures.
Tumblr media
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ understands and gives you a hug; ❞ they know you just want their affection when you open your arms like that so they come over and hug you.
TREY, cater, kalim, JAMIL
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ understands but doesn’t hug you; ❞ they understand what you want but they don’t hug you, either because they’re being smug or because they’re making you do the work.
ace, leona, JADE, vil
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ hugs you and probably breaks your ribcage; ❞ they hug you regardless if they realize you want to hug, cracking your twelfth ribs in the meantime.
floyd, ROOK, vargas
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ opens their arms and stares blankly; ❞ they are utterly confused and stare at you as you stare at them, an unspoken stalemate as it’s too awkward to move. or maybe you just don’t realize they aren’t alive.
RIDDLE, deuce, jack, RUGGIE, epel, ortho, MALLEUS, silver, ghosts
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ scared and overthinking; ❞ they do not know what you want but are convinced you are indirectly telling them you’re going to murder them when they sleep tonight.
azul, idia, SEBEK, crowley, sam, GRIM + riddle
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ already signing adoption papers; ❞ they are ready to adopt you just give your consent and they will become your dad. whether they’re a good dad though, don’t ask.
lilia, CREWEL, trein
Tumblr media
✎ ˎˊ- "chocodollxren" [choco - doll - rhen] ˖˚˳⊹ 'ּ໋݊◵ dn repost. likes/comments/reblogs appreciated; not required. so long as you enjoyed the content.
i’d like to imagine the boys eating or something and you standing at their door, arms wide. just silence. filler content actually ended up working decent? was fun and here’s another one between longer headcanons~ just waiting for my sideblog to allow tags before uploading the how to make a <detailed> oc, reference.
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roseheartsed · a month ago
Tumblr media
✼ SUMMARY: delight is the hardest to contain, so you ask them for a hug — except you didn't do the asking part and dived straight in. (first years edition)
✼ PAIRING: first years x reader ft. platonic ortho. (written in second pov)
✼ GENRE: fluff, slight comedy.
✼ KEYWORDS: none.
✼ QUICK WARNINGS: implications of unintended asphyxiation (in epel's section).
✼ A/N: woohoo, welcome to the surprise post! this is yet another formatting style and i actually liked how simple it turned out! as always, enjoy reading and let me know what you think <3 - bree ☆
[ dedicated to my one and only mama, @emizel! lin, look at these precious boys <3 ]
・・✿ ・・→ masterlist. + read the vice dorm leaders edition (ft. platonic grim) here!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PRETENDS TO CRINGE. Stares like you just ate the last pizza on the table off of the floor— Pfft, he's just messing with you! Ace snorts, remarking about how lucky you are he didn't 'somersault' you out of surprise or something like that. As if he would; he likes you too much to actually do that.
Tumblr media
STARTS BUFFERING. Just malfunctions and heats up on the spot. Isn't hugging supposed to be something intimate? Does this change something between the two of you? Or is he the one overthinking this? Those thoughts come rushing to him in the space of a few seconds — and you're left wondering why Deuce is just standing still like a statue. His cheeks are red too, is he okay?
Tumblr media
FLINCHES AS NATURAL INSTINCT. His kind doesn't do that type of buddy huggy thing so obviously, Jack's first instinct is to jolt away. Not only does it fluster him that you just swooped in closer like that but he also felt like a trapped prey there. But it's not like Jack is voluntarily rejecting your hug... Just don't catch him off guard next time, he warns you with an exasperatedly fond face.
Tumblr media
GETS SUFFOCATED, LITERALLY. Usually, Epel would have politely inched away to get his fairly needed intake of oxygen — but he hesitates because he does want to stay in your embrace. But his oxygen supply is running out and he pats your arm as a sign of "can you let go a little?". Epel still finds your enthusiasm and physical strength kinda amazing though... Fine, maybe he did just fall for you even more.
Tumblr media
ALMOST SENDS YOU TO THE AFTERLIFE. As one of Malleus' knights, he immediately considers surprise attacks like that as an ambush. He could've injured you! Sebek shakes his head disapprovingly, lecturing you for minutes afterwards. He's only angry because you're... someone... important to him, okay?! Besides, you could've just asked!
Tumblr media
GETS SO HAPPY HE FLOATS. Unlike most viruses, happiness isn't supposed to be contagious; or at least, it hasn't been scientifically proven. But when you give him a hug, Ortho can't help but reciprocate? As if your glee is channeled into him, activating the engines under his feet in the process! Maybe happiness is contagious, after all?
──・──・・✿ ・・──・──
© 𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐬𝐞𝐝, may 2022. do not repost, plagiarize nor translate without permission, thank you. likes and reblogs are extremely appreciated!
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fr0st-km · 5 months ago
Howdy~ 🤠 can I request headcanons of the overblot peeps (excluding Crowley and Grim) having dreams of them killing their S/O during their overblot?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gn s/o . Mentions of deaths, violence, blood . Headcanons . Thank you for requesting!
OH HELL NAH NO WAY I’M GONNA WRITE THIS— *proceeds to write it* I didn’t add Vil because writers block suddenly hit me 😔🙏
Tumblr media
“I-I’m sorry but I have business to do!!”
RIDDLE will be absolutely terrified. What kind of a dream was that?! The red liquid that was splattered all over the green grass and created a large puddle of it made the redhead’s heart stop for a moment. Add the terrified points when he saw his overblot form piercing a rose bushes’ roots against your chest and pulling it out and that caused Riddle to jolt up from his sleep with dilated pupils and a panicked yet sweaty face. Next morning when he saw you walking in the hallways with Grim and the ADeuce combo, he sighed in relief knowing that you were still alive. Still, he couldn’t even face you when you called out his name and Riddle ended up running away.
“Oh, Herbivore, you’re still alive? That’s good…Now be a good pillow because you ruined my sleep.”
LEONA usually gets dreams so it wasn’t really a surprise to him getting one. However…This dream made him shot his eyes open out of shock— Seeing himself in his overblot form whilst watching you slowly fade away as he heard the screams of others calling out your name in horror. Leona started breathing heavily before closing his eyes shut again and sighed to himself, that was just a dream…Right? Next thing he knew was him bursting into the Ramshackle dorm and running upstairs and slam the door to your room open— only to see a shocked you and Grim facing the beastman. Leona doesn’t admit it but he is so fucking glad to see your healthy and active state.
Oh god…AZUL literally screamed in the middle of the night— almost all of the Octavinelle residents woke up, especially Jade and Floyd. It’s just that…Seeing his overblot form choking your neck until your body goes limp was just too much for him. The next thing Azul did as soon as he woke up was going on a search for you. This octopunk never felt so…Relieved just by seeing you reading books in the library. Just like Riddle, Azul ran away as fast as he can when you noticed him and called out his name—
“Thank the sevens that you’re still alive…”
Haha…Oh…JAMIL will go into panic mode after receiving such a vivid dream. Him throwing your figure to a wall as the hard bricks cracked is a sign of your bones already split into half while damaging your head badly, with blood flowing down your forehead then your weak figure slumping against the cracked wall. Jamil’s first instinct as soon as he arrived at NRC was to find you ( with Kalim trailing behind him ). As soon as he found you, he tackled you into a tight hug which felt ao OOC to you— Jamil didn’t really care of the stares he received from Kalim and other students, all he ever cared is our safety, after all <3
Tumblr media
Fuck you, writers block <3
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twisted-jamil · 2 months ago
hii, i really liked this hc, so if u don't mind, could u please write one of that but with azul, idia and malleus? it's ok if u don't feel like!! have a great day 💕
This is such an old request I’m so sorry ( ; ; )It got buried in my inbox - hopefully I can still write this prompt well!
Tumblr media
Azul, Idia, and Malleus reacting to a selective mute S/O talking to them for the first time
Female reader
,, CW: none 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。
In relationship
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
- The octopus man would be lying if he said he wasn’t bothered by you never speaking to him. His mind was a jumbled mess between being worried you didn’t trust him enough, and being upset at himself for not being trustworthy.
- Was it his constant deals with people that made you wary of him? Maybe the hidden clauses in his contracts that his victims patrons failed to see?
- Either way, he knew there was some reason why you spoke to other people but not him, and he was determined to find out why.
- That is until he was sitting in the VIP lounge, eyes half closed and waiting for you to come visit him the way you did every night. He didn’t even realize he was dozing off.
- Had he really been lacking on sleep that much?
- “Azul. Azul?” He heard a soft voice questioning his name, eyelids softly flickering open and looking toward the source. Your eyes shining back toward his barely even registered in his sleepy mind.
- “Yes?” he replied. “Sorry, I must have dozed off-” He paused.
- Wait what? Suddenly, your peculiar boyfriend was wide awake and had a look of bewilderment clouding his face, turning as red as a tomato in the blink of an eye. You actually spoke to him????!
- He had to regain his composure, hand quickly moving to push his glasses back and clearing his throat before asking, “Lets go on our date now.” He wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable, but you could tell his excitement.
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
- Another man who didn’t really mind your quietness. In fact, he quite enjoyed it since he wasn’t very talkative in most settings (and when he would go on rants about his interests he knew you would be the first person to listen without distraction).
- Part of him wondered why you didn’t speak much: Were you just shy like him, or did something happen in your past that made you wary?
- You were sitting in his room gaming with him, you both continuously getting into silently-spoken competitions of “I can totally beat you in a 1v1 Mario Kart.”
- So far you had been beat by your endless-gamer boyfriend every single round… but things were starting to look up for you when you got to Rainbow Road! His coordination was all thrown off because you just happened to practice this map every night alone for absolutely no particular reason.
- “YES! I beat you!” you exclaimed happily, surprising Idia, his face and the tips of his hair instantly beginning to turn red.
- You had finally talked? Should he point it out or will that make you shut down??? Should he just move on and pretend it never happened or would that make you sad????
- There was only one alternative he could think of. “..I beat you on the other 3 maps.” You gave him a defeated look.
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
- Malleus couldn’t help his simple romantics, but one of his biggest wants was to hear you speak to him. To reassure him.
- Or maybe he was just interested in hearing how beautiful you’d sound. He’d met so many people through his life who were similar to you, that only ever spoke to certain people at certain times.
- He tried to not put too much thought into it.
- You two were taking a nightly stroll, something you did probably twice every week just to spend time together. Being an heir made your boyfriend very busy, and being a servant to the crazy enslaver Crowley made you equally as busy.
- He was telling you about his day, something he often did to make the walks more interesting for you.
- You enjoyed it no matter what.
- Then he tripped over a rock, epitome of grace and significance falling down in front of you, hands barely managing to catch himself. “Malleus!” you had shouted out as you rushed for him. “Are you okay??”
- He looked at you, slightly ruffled up from the tumble, staring you in the eyes as he stayed sat on the ground.
- “Pardon?”
- “Are you okay?” you repeated, quieter and unsure of yourself. Your boyfriend nodded, grabbing your hand as you held it out for him.
- What a gentle noise. He’d ask you to repeat yourself a million times if he could, but for now you’d both walk again in silence.
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idv-sunsxin3 · a month ago
Idk if requests are open for twisted wonderland but can you do the dorm leaders like malleus and leona with a s/o that acts like Froppy from mha? Bonus points if s/o also has the same frog quirk as her!! Thank you and have a nice dayyy
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
TWST Dorm Leaders with MHA Froppy-like! S/O
Gender Neutral! S/O
Note// I'll pretty much do all the dorm leaders despite that I was originally planning to just do Leona, Malleus, and Azul djfnnrn- But anyway, have a nice day,,, nwn
Tumblr media
Probably have seen many twisted stuff before like anyone, but never expected his S/O to resemble as a frog,,,
Honestly finds you cute and endearing even thought he would be a bit disturbed whenever you touch things with your sticky tongue out of habit-
He still loves you, tho,,, ówò
Kindly and half-heartedly would tell you which object to not lift with your tongue once in a while-
If you don’t mind, he would actually take your quirk as an advantage and have you use it to molest Ace in doing the chores- 😅
Some Heartslabyul students would go to you whenever they want to calm Riddle down, or have you save them from his fearful wrath-
You’re pretty much the chill one in the relationship and an emotional support to Riddle,,, He often tries to stop himself from being raged whenever you’re around.
Tumblr media
Ruggie tends to go to you when he needs to wake Leona up-
If you’re the mischievous type, you would stick your tongue in Leona’s cheek as a way to wake him up for his dismay- (which is effective hhhh)
When there’s a time after he stands up for a few hours to finally go to a class at least once, he would just straight away pick you up like a sack of potato and head to bed for cuddles and a nap-
You’ll either stop him from doing that by sticking your tongue to his cheek once again-
Would definitely lick and lightly bite your cheek in return-
But please- it would be so adorable if a small froggy gets cuddled by a floofy lion HDHDHDHWHW 🥺✨
Tumblr media
Low-key weirded out by the frog sounds and the long tongue- but still tries to cover his shock by fixing his glasses occasionally.
Pretty much you two can stay in areas where water is near, so you both probably would hang out often underwater,,, thanks to the frog quirk, you can stay underwater for 4-7 hours at most like most frogs. At that point, you’ll have to resurface for air as you still can drown like a human-
It actually takes a long while for Azul to show you his octopus form,,, but he definitely won’t mind taking walks on the sand underwater, while holding your hand as you swim… Your company always soothes him smh,,, úwù
Definitely not me now thinking of the tweels singing “Kiss the Girl” but is also “Kiss the Frog” to make Azul kiss you while having a boat ride with you HAHAHA-
I’m also this close to think that Azul would probably make observations or study you since he have never met someone like you before,,,, (like, how can that tongue extend that long while also being able to fit into your mouth-) He’s pretty much fascinated by your abilities.
The octopus-froggy dynamic would be pretty eccentric,,, yet so wholesome,,,- (Like the octopus holding the froggy gently with his tentacles,,, ;u;💕)
Tumblr media
When outside the dorm, Kalim would find a frog at rare times and the first thing he thinks about the frog is you-
Kalim would sometimes copy your frog-like behavior with innocent intentions,,, like making the frog noises to play along or stick his cute tongue out whenever you do, with a bright smile djjdjdjdjej,,,, 🥺
Would squish your cheeks since they look surprisingly squishable,,,, hhh
Pretty much holding and poking you out of occasional curiosity,,, such as holding your slightly bigger hands and play with it too-
Possibly the type of bf to encourage you to stick your tongue out and extend it to the longest as you can for him to see- the last times he saw that were so cool to him,,, X’D
Tumblr media
Pretty much wouldn’t notice at first until you stick your tongue out and extend that SUPER LONG tongue-
Eyeballs literally going wide like plates-
Would faint if you ever catch a fly with your tongue and ate it right in front of him-
Lowkey loves how the end of your long hair has it into a huge bow cutely- makes him get a mental note to braid your hair for you too,,,-
Loves to boop your nose for some reason- even when he’s looking at you in the eye with a blank look or was seriously scolding a Pomefiore student that was in front of him few seconds ago,,,
Pretty much giving the excuse that there was “some dirt on your tiny, little nose of yours”-
Tumblr media
Weeaboo alert-/ih
I imagine Idia thinking that you’re actually cute- as you seem to really came from a manga(exactly)-
Every dorm leader would be very impressed with your tongue’s strength, Idia would be the one who got very shock-
Most likely would use you as a shield or hide behind you as if you’re his bodyguard jdjdjdjdj-
He would let out a high-pitch scream whenever you pull him away from danger with your frog tongue-
You’ll do most of the talking for him, as he would be the one to cling on you or cuddle you the most hhhh- 🥺
Tumblr media
He often has you around on his shoulders or around his neck- seems to often lose you by sight whenever there’s a big crowd,,,, 😔
I like to imagine that tall-short dynamic you both would have- it would be pretty cute,,,
Malleus would sometimes hold you in his arms carefully like a stuffed animal- or as if you’re really a frog-
Probably would call you “Beauty of the Pond”, instead of “Child of Man.”
He’s pretty curious about you, not only about your frog quirk but also about yourself- you just seem very interesting and comically endearing to get to know with,,,
I remembered something about frogs hibernating during winter- (if that’s even possible to be part of the frog quirk but-), Malleus would be pretty thoughtful and caring about the things you like and the things you don’t like. He would be willing to take care of you and watch over you as you hibernate.
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sk2lton · 4 months ago
Hi, there~! So I have this really fun idea in my head. I would like a headcannon in which the fem! reader asks the Dorm Leaders to be her pretend boyfriend. But what happens when the boys fall in love for real? Super fluff, please! Thanks!
you ask dorm leaders to pretend to be your boyfriend/fake dating but they end up falling for you!
꒰ note: i don’t do fem reader so i kept it gn! THIS ENDED UP BEING SO LONG?? so i split it into two parts! p2 should be linked here! ꒱
— warnings: gn! reader, not proofread cuz it was so long and im not a good reader LOL ironic
— characters: riddle, leona, azul, and kalim
Tumblr media
✿。 riddle — riddle is very adamant about refusing your request to pretend to be your significant other. why would he do such a thing? surely, there isn't a rule against it, but he doesn't know if it's still the most ethical thing, and furthermore, what tasks would be required of him however, with enough pleading, grudgingly agree.
— from the start, he's way too serious about pretending to date! he'll want to practice casual touches with you, although they're almost always fleeting and momentary. he wants it to look more natural in public, that's all! and he can't help but feel embarrassed and flustered about the entire thing.
— he would have already developed feelings from the moment you asked if he could pretend to date you. the fact that you asked him when you knew you'd probably have a better chance asking somebody else. it made him feel special. despite that, he probably won't notice his feelings until later, meanwhile, they're just rapidly growing and he's totally unaware of it.
— your pretend relationship seems so real because first of all, why would riddle fake date? that's completely unexpected of him, and secondly, he plays the part so well to the point where neither of you are sure if it's a part anymore.
— he'll become more aware of his feelings and immediately confess. he wouldn't want it weighing on his mind, causing unnecessary anxieties and stress. he feels rather awkward that he had caught feelings when you two were supposed to be faking dating, and goes through a small denial phase after his confession if you take your time to consider his confession.
✿。 leona — leona would probably agree to fake dating you in order to spite his family. even if he wasn't trying to spite his family, he would still be inclined to agree out of his own curiosity. it was such a weird request that he couldn't help but be intrigued! why would you want to do something so, from his perspective, pointless?
— despite believing your fake dating scheme to be fruitless, he doesn't really care that much for your reasoning behind why you want to fake date, why him, etc. pretending to date in itself is more than enough entertainment for him already, he wouldn't need the backstory. he does feel very prideful that you had asked him though! he knows that there were other people whom you could've gone to, so although he wouldn't admit it, he's pleased that you chose him.
— he isn't the kind of person to develop a crush immediately, or due to one specific thing. leona develops feelings over time that become increasingly more prevalent. he'll act irritated by having to be around you a lot, however, he genuinely does enjoy spending time with you! you'll realize that leona's taken a liking to you when he starts acting a little less sour around you, but his teasing and cheeky schemes won't cease. he starts taking his job as your pretend boyfriend a lot more seriously!
— does he accept his feelings for you? well, kind of? he won't confess for a while, but he'll say things like it's alright if you want to keep this fake dating thing going. honestly, it's just because he's a little embarrassed to have caught feelings when you two were supposed to be pretending to date, and if ruggie ever heard that you two were faking a relationship, he would never live it down.
— if you pretend to ignore his hints, or just genuinely do not pick up on them, that's when he'll confess. it would probably be a spur-of-the-moment thing when you're in the botanical garden with him and bring up how you no longer need to pretend to be dating. admittedly, he feels somewhat sad when you say that which prompts his confession!
✿。 azul — you needed a date for an event because you didn't want to go alone and azul reluctantly agreed. although he thought the idea of pretending to be your significant other was a rather foolish way to spend his time, he would go anyways, probably after roping you into some kind of contract.
— whether it was a family or a social event, everybody who talks to azul immediately likes him. he's cunning and charismatic which shows in conversations between him and your friends or family members. he doesn't mind striking up a conversation with them, but he'll remain with you during the entire event because that's what he believed a good partner should do. he shows a side which he had never shown before, his businessman demeanor is finally gone but he remains well mannared still.
— even though you two aren't actually dating, yet at least, he tries his best to sell your relationship to everybody around you. and when you ask for the contract to be extended for a week, he obliges because he can't help but admit he did enjoy playing his part of your significant other, although at the time he couldn't exactly figure out why.
— as a friend, he did like you and found you interesting, but fake dating meant he had to spend a lot more time with you than he usually would, and over that time he felt his feelings waver. with fake dating, even though it isn't necessarily real, he still gets to know a lot about you, and those around you! he's the type of person who wouldn't even realize that he had caught feelings until you two stopped fake dating, and now he has so much more alone time that he can't help but feel lonely without you.
— at first, it's just denial, denial, denial because fake dating was related to his job, right? it was just a contract so there's no reason that he should have caught feelings. eventually, he'd confess after contemplating his feelings, and he would do it in a very chivalrous way!
✿。 kalim — it sounds like fun to him! honestly, he doesn't really care why you want to do it. you're his friends, so he wants to help you out and besides, it seems like it'll be a good way to spend his spare time. jamil? not so happy to spend his free time with not just kalim, but now you. he'll get over it.. hopefully!
— the sweetest when it comes to pretending to date. he doesn't want to cross any boundaries or make you uncomfortable, so he'll constantly mumble if it's all right for him to hold your hand when you're in public. if you were close friends prior to fake dating, he definitely has told you that he's loved you in the past, platonically. he'll continue to say it a lot more when you're pretending to date!
— he won't even realize his feelings until suddenly, by his lead, your fake relationship is practically a real one. even then, he wouldn't necessarily believe that he likes you, because, obviously he does, you're just friend! it would take somebody else, like jamil who may or may not be clued in on your fake relationship with kalim, to point out that kalim seems to really like you.
— at first, he'll just brush off their words. isn't it normal to really like your friend? who would be friends with somebody they didn't like. in summary, he's super dense and unaware of his feelings. he brushes them off as platonic time and time again before eventually coming to a conclusion that, hey, wait.. he may.. like you a lot? like not just as friends?
— it'll be obvious that he caught feelings while you two are pretending to date. although those feelings weren't obvious to him, when he does finally take note of them, he still doesn't change the way he acts and treats you. it's very endearing! unlike some of the other boys on this list, he won't deny or run away from his feelings once he actually realizes them.
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cozy-kuma · 7 days ago
Ohhhhhh hey~ Can i request something?? Headcanons with lilia, azul, & leona along with gn s/o, where s/o likes to text them reminders everyday & every time (good morning, don't forget to eat, stay hydrated, sleep well, good luck on your class/training, etc). Thx~
Hi~ thank you so much for your request! Sorry this is so late and so short 😭 but I hope you like it!
and as always sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes!
Lilia, Azul and Leona with a gender neutral reader that likes to message them daily reminders
Honestly he’s a little shocked when he first sees a message like that from you. Not because it’s unlike you to do so, now that he thinks about it it’s very like you to do so, he’s just not used to someone thinking about him like this.
He stops in his tracks when he sees your name pop up on his phone with a “good morning!!” text. A small smile has appeared on his face without realizing it, and if you used lots of cute emojis, well that just makes his smile bigger!
He is immediately sending you back a (maybe unnecessarily) long text back telling you good morning to take care of yourself as well, along with lots of emojis. (Lilia is an avid emoji user you can’t change my mind)
It does feel a little weird to have someone reminding him to do simple tasks like eating or sleeping, but he never realized how nice it feels to have someone care that much until you did it.
Oh he blushes. Like, a little more than he usually does when you talk to him face to face. He doesn’t know why, but something about the fact that you took time out of your day to message him something like this, that you were thinking about him, it makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Just a simple good morning would do this to him.
And when you send him reminders???? Oh my goodness… he doesn’t know what to do with himself! You told him to drink some water? You better believe he is chugging some immediately. You told him to have a good day? Wow! Suddenly he is having the best day.
It makes him really happy, and he’ll even pick up the habit and start sending you messages too! He wants you to take good care of yourself, and feel cared for like you’ve made him feel :)
He might pretend it doesn’t affect him but oh boy it does.
It seems like you know the perfect timing to send a message. He always looks around to see if you’re somewhere nearby because… how do you know him so well?!
He just felt his stomach growl - ding! Ah, here comes a message reminding him to eat.
Oh he suddenly feels himself getting sleepy - ding! There you are again, asking if he’s taken a nap yet today.
He doesn’t really know how to respond, so he usually doesn’t, but don’t worry he’s absolutely taking your advice. Even others have noticed he’s taking better care of himself, little to they (and you) know it’s all thanks to your sweet messages!
And one night when it’s time for bed, you send him a quick “good night, sleep well!” You know he saw it, so you close your eyes and try to sleep. That’s when you get a notification, a text from your dear Leona that says “you too”
requests are open ♡
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mlk082 · 22 days ago
Could i request trey, jack, sebek and jamil taking care of their sick s/o who is too stubborn to rest and insistes that theyre fine?
Taking care of sick and stubborn S/O
He didn't want to force you to do anything. You said you were fine, and at first it wasn't that bad.
You were coughing more, you had a fever, you were wearing heavier jackets, but you still insisted that you were fine when you were clearly not.
When you went to bed, Trey didn't let you leave the next morning.
Already came prepared with tissues, a thermometer, water, a nutritious breakfast, and everything else.
Stays by your bed so you don't run away.
It doesn't matter how many times you insist that you're fine, Trey will keep you in bed and makes sure that you're comfortable.
Makes you sleep and checks on you every 30 minutes.
If you try to run away, Trey will catch you pretty quickly. You can't move very well so it doesn't take so long for him to get you back in bed.
Advises against struggling because you won't get better any faster.
Cooks soup for you and makes sure you eat all of it.
Is worse than Trey.
When you say you're fine the first few times, he only keeps an eye on you and lets you go.
You looked really tired and pale. When he touched your forehead, you were burning.
Will literally carry you to rest, it doesn't matter if you struggle and tell him to put you down. He will not.
Is worried for how sick you've gotten. How long were you hiding it?
Never lets you get this sick again, and doesn't listen to you the next time you say you're fine.
Gets you everything you need and stays with you the whole time. But if you want privacy, he'll wait outside the door and check in on you every 30 minutes.
Jack won't won't hold you down but he will block the door.
"You're not leaving until you get better."
Doesn't listen to you at all.
Knows that you're trying to hide it and doesn't care if you're stubborn.
Brings you everything you need and stays with you.
If you have a headache, tries to lower his voice but still tells you that if you're sick, you shouldn't have been going out.
Feeds you soup and makes you drink water.
Turns the lights down low and gives you extra pillows and blankets.
If you try to leave, Sebek will get you back in bed and would hold you down until you stop struggling. He won't hurt you though.
Does not let anyone bug you and yells at anyone who tries to see you.
Waits silently when you sleep.
The next time you say you're fine, he checks with a thermometer and everything else. Unless you pass, he doesn't let you leave.
Why would you let yourself get this sick? And why are you still denying it?
Notices very quickly that you're sick and is more stubborn than you are.
Yes, you are sick. No, you are not going to class. Yes, you are staying in bed. No, you aren't fine.
Will drag you gently to your dorm or the infirmary or wherever you should be and would pin you down.
He'll be nice about it though.
Jamil is worried for your health and doesn't want you getting worse. Scolds you for not letting him know sooner.
he does give you your privacy but only after you stop saying you're fine and trying to leave. JUST LET HIM TAKE CARE OF YOU JEEZ!
He makes you soup and it's actually really good. For some reason you feel sleepy after 10-15 minutes.
After sleeping, if you try to get up again, he'll let you get fresh air ONLY if he thinks you're okay and strong enough for it.
Keeps you in bed for the most part and checks your fever.
Is more stubborn than you are, so needing to go to class isn't really an excuse when he knows you'll catch up pretty quickly. Plus, he'll keep you updated so you have less of a struggle with it.
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writingfool001 · 4 months ago
Ignihyde: Finding out you have a mechanical limb or two
Surprised, but amazed by the design.
You remind him of an anime character, thinks you look badass when you have the metal of the limb showing.
Probably would ask questions about it and how you hid it with false skin.
Offers to help with maintenance if you let him.
Probably give you an upgrade.
Would probably watch out of the corner of his eye while he is playing his games and you’re working on your limb.
Hates how much pain you’re in when you reattach your mechanical limb.
(I don’t know how to say it, if you’ve read Fullmetal alchemist, I’m trying to describe the part that granny and Winry reattached Ed’s limbs.)
At that point, he strongly offers his help to make it better and less painful for you.
On days when you either are repairing them or can’t use them, he has Ortho follow you around to help you, in case you need it.
Occasionally, he will take Ortho’s place, but still use you as a shield when someone tries to socialize with him.
Fair trade, in my eyes.
He loves you, but still is an introverted bean.
He was impressed when you kicked a couple bullies’ asses, even when you were missing a limb or two.
Leave small kisses on the shoulder of your missing arm when you have it off and walking around with it out.
Probably the one to find out that you have mechanical limbs
This precious child is ecstatic.
Like level 1000.
You two are now the Cyborg duo now.
Will ask questions about your limb, won’t cross the line unless you’re comfortable answering them.
He is especially curious about your mechanical limb’s fake skin.
Offer to ask Idia to create new limbs for you if you want.
He checks on you every time he sees you, doing a full body scan to make sure nothing is wrong with your limb and you’re not in pain.
Helps you when fixing your limbs and needing him to hand you a specific tool, even though he probably has a blueprint in his database and could put it back together in no time.
He just enjoys spending time with you.
Happy to see Idia talking to you, even if you two are talking about your limbs.
Keeps you company around the school on repair day, in case you may have difficulty getting around or doing things. 
Will threaten anyone who decides to pick on you that day or cheer you on as you kick ass.
Will 100% help Idia create new limbs for you if your current ones are giving you too much trouble.
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azt3r · 3 months ago
octa trio hcs since ive been no thoughts just them for so fucking long now:
Azul can read palms don’t ask me how i know i just know and he would often read the twins palms when they were kids
The tweels have this thing where they like to collect shiny rocks or pretty shells and they would show them to azul and give him some of their rocks/shells and in return azul learned how to make seashell necklaces and even created the twins earings
The twins would often look for azul whenever he was younger since he tended to hide in pots or somewhere secluded whenever he got upset or just in general so theyd like scurry around azuls house and azuls mothers kitchen looking into pots or any nook and cranny until they eventually found him and kept him company just talking to him from where azul was hiding
The twins parents and azuls mother are business partners i just know it i just do (theyre also all part of the same crime organization but you didnt hear that from me)
Like its incredibly common to see all three of them in azuls mothers restaurant since the tweels parents would have their meetings there and the twins would tag along and then go into the back and mess around with azul since he was also often helping out at the restaurant and then azuls mother would kick all three of them out
but besides that they just genuinely like hanging out there, like the food is great and they often have a specific table reserved for them in the corner of the restaurant that theyve been using since they were kids + they would often preform there too
they spend so much time with eachother they actually have their belongings at eachothers houses for whenever they stay over like theres a cabinet filled with azuls accessories and pens at the twins house and like all of the twins (and azuls) favorite foods + snacks at azuls place
Their families are genuinely so intertwined that the twins refer to azuls mother as like auntie or smth this is also applicable to azul
When they came to the surface the twins do initally poke fun at azuls height (since canonically azul is much larger in his true form) but eventually stop and apologize in their own way bcz azul is insecure about it
ngl theyre all like rich kids guys
they go on shopping trips a lot
THEY ALL LEARNED HOW TO COOK FROM AZULS MOTHER like shes the one who taught all of them how to cook when they were over at one of her many restaurants
outside of being business partners azuls parents + the tweels parents do get a long particularly their mothers
the twins do tease azul for his crush on jamil no no they do
they hang out in azuls room since its the biggest or in the dorm lounge and just binge like movies and honestly they all seem like horror/thriller guys but also they love soap operas/romance bcz they get really invested in the drama
bouncing off of this hc they eventually (somehow) get all of the other second years into their night outs bcz it started with jamil which led to kalim which led to ruggie + silver being invited which led to riddle caving and joining in
ok i promise this is the last jamiazu thing but honestly dating anyone from their trio would conclude on the other two leeching onto you and thats EXACTLY what happened with jamil like one moment he was free and then the next hes always had the twins tailing behind him one way or another
this also applies to florid honestly but in a more lowkey way but not really bcz no one from this trio is lowkey
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angelictrl · 10 months ago
are you afraid?
Tumblr media
summary: reader has a nightmare involving malleus but quickly comes to the realization it was just a dream. malleus was awakened by the sudden movement and reader honestly admits what happened, but malleus is only horrified with the power he harbors.
pairing(s): malleus draconia x gender neutral! reader. warnings: lowercase intended, angst/comfort, a little messy, maleficent live action movie quotes because i’m a dork like that, count how many times i write the word ‘afraid.’
author’s note: not requested by anyone, just based off of a dream/nightmare i had last night about this dragon </3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“i know you're there. don't be afraid,” you called out to the horned figure bravely with a tilt of your head, the silhouette standing tall in the darkness of the forest. had it not been for those iconic horns you could recognize from a mile away, you could’ve mistaken him for another tree amidst the slight fog.
“i am not afraid,” the deep voice echoed sternly in response. to any other person passing by, they would quiver in their boots at the almost threatening tone or turn tail and run away, but you weren’t just anyone. you were his ‘child of man.’
“then come out,” you tried to coax him, but to no avail. he remained as stiff as ever, green eyes only glinting in the darkness for you to see with his iconic faint fairy lights evident in the distance.
“then you'll be afraid.”
you looked around at your surroundings, not a single soul in sight. what was malleus even doing at this time of night? silly tsunotaro. you took a few steps closer, daring to show him that you weren’t and could never be scared of him as he watched you in turn, unmoving from his towering position.
breath hitching at his silence, you reached out to take ahold of his hands and lead him out of the darkness - to bring him into the moonlight so that you could see his features better, or to even make flower crowns together, but he barely budged. 
“t...tsunotaro...?” confusion laced into your tone as green fire set in all around you two, making you jump at the sudden change in atmosphere while becoming more and more exasperated. “m-mal, it’s dangerous here now... let’s get out of here, okay...?” your breathy, nervous voice whispered, but it was audible enough for the dragon fae to hear. however, he remained silent.
it was only when he finally leaned down and edged you closer to the fire with a grip on your collar did you realize that this wasn’t your tsunotaro. you tried to stand tall and remain tough in the face of danger, but tears rolled down your cheeks as you quietly and shakily begged him for an explanation, half-lidded green eyes followed by a smug smirk only staring back at you in return.
this could never be your tsunotaro.
you awoke in a cold sweat while panting, your grip on malleus’ sleeves tight to the point where your knuckles turned white. trying to sit up from your previous spooning position, malleus let out a grunt in irritation with the sudden movement, a sleepy pout on his lips while he tried to focus on your form in his half asleep state.
“my dearest, whatever is bothering you?” the prince asked as he let go of you, albeit reluctantly, allowing you to fling the covers off of yourself and catch your breath. he snapped out of his dazed state when he noticed your panicked expression, many thoughts circulating his brain of what could’ve possibly happened that pushed you to become this worked up. 
perhaps someone tried to break in? but... why would someone try to break in? did he squeeze you too tight in his sleep? did he somehow poke you with his horns? did he accidentally burn you? he did use to have a habit of spitting up fire in his sleep when he was little like how some humans drool in their sleep, so did that accidentally happen? was there a fire now? oh god, were you hurt? 
he placed a hand atop your head as you suddenly embraced him, your shaky little hands clutching onto his top. he tilted his head like that of a puppy, looking at you with a confused frown. he decided to take this time to scan your body for any injuries and inspect you for any burns. how embarrassing... he wouldn’t have wanted you to think he was going to poach you while you slept because of old habits. he just slept really well with you in his arms... he swears.
“i... had a nightmare... sorry for waking you up, mal...” you finally spoke, heart beating out of your chest but breath slowly calming down to match malleus’ own. the ancient fae gently bumped his nose to your forehead, carefully taking ahold of your face to give you a forehead kiss. ah, just a nightmare. why didn’t he think of that? 
“that’s quite alright, my dear. but if you don’t mind me asking, what got you so distraught? would you care to discuss it?” malleus asked softly, brushing any stray hairs from your face with a concerned look. 
as you gazed into his same, piercing gaze from your dream, you noted that whenever he looked at you, his eyes either softened or widened from excitement or tenderness. truly, this was your tsunotaro.
“ah... how do i put it... i had a nightmare about... you...?” you hesitantly spoke, soon taking ahold of his hand with your own and comparing the sizes. “but don’t worry, that wasn’t my favorite dragon of all time,” you quickly added on to reassure malleus, however, he still went rigid at the mention of himself being the cause of your fear, even if it was only in the moment. 
he thought that if you told him whatever was bothering you, he could assure you nothing would hurt you as long as he’s nearby, but he didn’t think that he himself would be the problem. i mean, sure, he’s intimidating but... you were dear to him. you held a special place in his heart.
malleus remained silent and slowly lifted his hands away from you, watching as you shot him a puzzled look. now he was the distraught one. how could he hurt you? he knew he should be comforting you instead, but what if you secretly thought he was a monster deep down now and you were only reassuring him to not get on his nerves?
it was clear the horned male was feeling pretty gloomy now and it did nothing but tug at your heartstrings. malleus wasn’t a monster deep down, he was easily amused and slightly childish. he was also incredibly gentle and soft as well as open minded. the contrast from his aura and looks to his personality was what drew you to him, and it broke your heart that he thought he was only a destructive creature.
“tsunotaro,” you called out to him, wrapping your arms around his neck while booping your noses together. before he could pull away or protest, “this doesn’t change how i view you, okay? it was just a bad dream. it’s incredibly evident that you’re trying your hardest to be gentle with me as if i’m a fragile piece of glass, so i know the difference between that nightmare and reality. don’t beat yourself up over something you couldn’t control, my love.”
the ancient dragon simply closed his eyes with a frown still on his face, but gave in and cupped your cheeks once more. 
“if you say so, my treasure.”
“...also, how could i fear you when you look like a puppy that just woke up? i mean, just look at this bedhead,” you continued, giggling as you pushed back his bangs and placed a kiss to the scales at the top of his forehead happily.
malleus’ face bloomed into a shade of pink, an almost whiny tone coming from the prince as he spoke. “you make me sound as if i’m harmless, my dear. no mere human would ever dare compare me to that of an adolescent canine.”
“hmm~ well, too bad i’m no ‘mere’ human~”
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chocodollxren · a month ago
𓄹 ❥𝘈 𝘚𝘱𝘦𝘤𝘪𝘢𝘭 𝘏𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘚𝘤𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘯❦ 𝘢𝘭𝘭. ,,
summary: you go to hand them their phone but it’s unlocked! and you notice it’s a picture of you! except…? no tws, gn reader, established relationship. paternal figure staff.
Tumblr media
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ a fullbody picture of you doing something; ❞ they set you doing something such as petting a fluffy animal, reading a book, talking to a friend and happily smiling, or other from afar as their phone lock screen because they thought you were perfect at the time
RIDDLE, trey, jack, JADE, rook, idia, SILVER, crewel.
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ a picture you posed for; ❞ they either asked you to pose for them, you asked them to take it for you, or it was such a great picture on magicam he made it his lock screen
ace, jamil, VIL, malleus, sebek
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ the two of you together; ❞ they have the two of you or a group photo as their lock screen, with you and him standing next to each other
cater, RUGGIE, azul, kalim, EPEL, vargas, ghosts
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ the most unflattering picture of you ever; ❞ they took the ugliest, blurriest, most unphotogenic picture of you someone could ever take and set that as their lock screen. they might know how to take photos, but prefers this, or they clearly don’t.
DEUCE, leona, floyd, LILIA, trein, sam
❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ lost their phone privileges or no phone; ❞ they are on thin ice and got their phone taken away until further notice by Trein or have no phone
ortho, crowley, GRIM
Tumblr media
some filler content. next is third years gyokuro, then an Azul kuding, then a Savanaclaw gyokuro, followed by a funmatsucha-gyokuro Vil/Leona blend for requests! there will be filler content in between ^^. the event post prompts have already been decided and written! <33 gotta go edit some pictures for that. also got to finish my yuma, ellac, and hasa models.
i’d like to think the unflattering photo is like a low budget haikyuu shot during s4. just you with the tiniest pixels and zero though put in the photo.
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roseheartsed · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
✼ SUMMARY: being in love with the members of heartslabyul entails little antics as such...
✼ PAIRING: heartslabyul x reader. (you/your pronouns used!)
✼ GENRE: fluff, slightest bits of comedy.
✼ QUICK WARNINGS: reader is referred to as adorable and cute a few times, lowercase intended.
✼ KEYWORDS: words in bold are emphasized traits.
✼ A/N: making this was very fun! now that the heartslabyul edition is finished, i imagine i'll turn this into a series for all the dorms. i hope you will have a good time reading this small piece! — bree ☆
・・✿ ・・→ masterlist.
Tumblr media
𝚁𝙸𝙳𝙳𝙻𝙴 𝚁𝙾𝚂𝙴𝙷𝙴𝙰𝚁𝚃𝚂. riddle straightening your uniform with an exasperated yet fond sigh. having a routine where he sees you off to your dorm after school without ever missing a day (unless there's an urgent meeting). study dates where riddle pokes your forehead with his finger (gently and affectionately) everytime you nod off to sleep. giving him an encouraging nod when he tries to handle a student that broke the rules more 'leniently'. tending to the croquet hedgehogs together away from the prying eyes of others. seeing the smile on riddle's face as he lovingly says, "you did extremely well today, as expected of my lover," when there is no one around.
𝚃𝚁𝙴𝚈 𝙲𝙻𝙾𝚅𝙴𝚁. eating homemade muffins that trey bakes specially for you. baking dates with only the two of you and getting flour smeared all over your cheeks. trey resting his hand on your head and giving you headpats at random times of the day (as a greeting, as a goodbye, when he talks to you, etc because "he just feels inclined to pat naturally adorable things.") reminding you to brush your teeth before you go to bed. telling you stories about his siblings back home. trey becoming your personal tutor who helps you with lessons you can't comprehend and giving you a forehead kiss as a reward.
𝙲𝙰𝚃𝙴𝚁 𝙳𝙸𝙰𝙼𝙾𝙽𝙳. mentions of your name in almost 85% of the captions on his magicam posts. keeping a folder full of his selfies with you, but there is also another folder filled with candid shots of you that he took when he didn't want to bother you. receiving a 'good morning! do your best today, OKOK?' message from him every morning. asking you to adjust his hair tie for him because it feels 'loose' (he's teasing again, isn't he?). jotting down special events about you in his calendar (your birthday, anniversaries, when you held hands together for the first time, etc) and remembers all of them to a t. cater tucking your hair strands back into their places when they get into your face. making a playlist of songs that remind him of you and sending them to you.
𝙰𝙲𝙴 𝚃𝚁𝙰𝙿𝙿𝙾𝙻𝙰. listening to your day and complaining about it together with you. poking fun at you about how much you must've missed him when he literally just came back from a 5-minute bathroom break. ace scratching the back of his head with a light scoff and reddening cheeks when you tease him back. buying you some snacks from the cafeteria that you didn't ask for but he still bought them anyway. slinging an arm around you when you're next to him. running towards you and accidentally tackling you over every single time when he has good news. ruffling your hair with a snicker during times when he's teasing you.
𝙳𝙴𝚄𝙲𝙴 𝚂𝙿𝙰𝙳𝙴. deuce getting shy and choking on air when you want to hold hands. a soft smile resting on his face everytime you cross his mind. offering to carry your things for you (especially heavy stuff, let him handle it!). profusely denying when someone teases him about you until deuce's neck feels sore from shaking his head so hard. tries to save up madol so he can buy things that would make you happy. leting out his punk side when you are getting bothered by bullies and not even realizing it happens until afterwards. muses to himself about how he wants to introduce you to his mother someday.
Tumblr media
© 𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐬𝐞𝐝, february 2022. do not repost, plagiarize nor translate without permission, thank you.
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fr0st-km · 22 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
GN! S/O . NO warnings(?) . HEADCANONS/DRABLE
NOTE : guess who finally went out of their grave? Anyways, have these headcanons of my favorite boys as an apology for disappearing 😢
Tumblr media
- He thinks that you are an interesting individual, an attractive one, to be exact.
- You can be as quiet as a mouse and as shy as a rabbit, perhaps you have the side of an enthusiastic one too <3
- He noticed that you have a thing for sharp items. For ex: He noticed you staring at a knife with awe in the Mostro Lounge’s kitchen. Is this normal or…?
- Jade also realized that you don’t really have the specialty in cooking. He knew immediately after her tried your…curry…Since he didn’t want to make you feel bad and all, he continued eating with a suffering smile on his face.
- He ended up having a stomachache in the end so you had to carry him all the way to the infirmary. You went really fast and Jade was so damn confused on how quick a human being could be 😭 you’re as quick as he is when he’s in his eel form underwater.
- When he asks how your agility is so high, you keep on making excuses too like “Oh— uh…I joined a track club back in middle school!”
- Yeah he knows you’re lying and is hiding something…Perhaps use his unique magic to confirm it…
- My guy new something was off about you ever since you two had met.
- Especially when you insisted to help him on cooking 😰 when he instructed you to cut the tomatoes, you did cut the tomatoes perfectly but along with the CUTTING BOARD????
- He deadpanned at you in shock while you went into apology overload. How can you even…
- Just like Jade, he noticed you have a thing for sharp items and is very much concerned.
- But he does know how good you are at cleaning. When he visited the Ramshackle dorm, it was spotless! He’s impressed, really. But the dorm still needs a lot of makeovers…
- Then he learns about your special abilities. You have very quick reflexes and superhuman strength. Even though you always wear heels, you can run with ease and with just a single hit, you can send a man or two flying to a wall.
- You could seriously break someone’s ribs without even trying and having the intentions to do so (haha…)
- In general of Idia headcanons, he never expected to date someone like you. YOU’RE LITERALLY A BEAUTY HELLO????
- He finds you to be rather interesting! Especially with your superhuman strength.
- One day, he asked you to get the manga book he ordered online since he was too scared to interact with people. However, you dragged him out of his bed and made him follow you, Idia yelled for Ortho’s help but his younger brother just shrugged and agreed with the fact that he should go outside more. Great betrayal Ortho 😢
- During the walk to the gates, apparently a magic wheel was rushing towards you both out of nowhere. Covering his head with his hand, Idia thought that he was about to die when all of the sudden he heard something crash onto a tree. The magic wheel crashed into the tree while the student riding it was on the floor unharmed. The fiery-haired male realized that his lover was the one who sent the magic wheel flying towards the tree, such superhuman strength!!
- Next thing you knew was your boyfriend on the floor unconscious. 😰
- Like Jamil and Jade, he also realized that you…Have a thing for sharp items…
- I’ll be damn honest with the fact that Idia fears you so much that every time you visit him he’d have a pale face and stutter more than he used to. You thought that he was just embarrassed but he’s actually so scared 😭
- He really does find you intimidating 😢 But a reminder that he has a thing for attractive and intimidating ppl 👁
Tumblr media
Note: I’ll be answering those 50+ asks later, too lazy to do it now 😢
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twisted-jamil · 2 months ago
Hi! I love your Twisted Wonderland content so I decided to make a request. Could I have Azul, Vil, Leona and Jamil's sweet and small female s/o get angry at someone for insulting the boys?
I didn’t write this very seriously cause my brain is super fried from sick and lifeguard training rn >//< I hope you like it anyway !
Tumblr media
Sweet reader getting angry at someone insulting Leona, Azul, Jamil, and Vil
Female reader
,, CW: cursing
In relationship
Etc: I didn’t proofread this ; Kinda crack cause I’m still sick, also I’m biased
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
- Most people wouldn’t dare to insult this sleepy delinquent lion, knowing that he would have his teeth shaking their neck within minutes, but what could he do if he couldn’t hear what they said? They would simply talk behind his back.
- Unfortunately for a particular group of hateful people (that were making fun of him for his true lazy second-prince nature), the grumpy man and his smiley s/o were walking by right as they made one of their many rude comments.
- You could see Leona’s ear flick, his eyes darting to the group as he prepared to say something in retaliation, but you were faster.
- “What did you just say?!” you shouted. Leona looked taken aback at the sudden angry look on your face, never having seen you like that before.
- But soon enough he felt his heart swell with pride as the group jumped to look at you. “Maybe you should watch your mouth about people you talk about, huh?” you continued. “It’d be good to keep in mind that him not being the king doesn’t mean he’s not royalty. You’ll always be below him!”
- Leona could feel his heart beating as he looked from you and to the group, giving them a condescending smirk. He never expected his kind little girlfriend to stay up for him in this way. These fuckers were done for.
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
- Your wimpy boyfriend was no stranger to people making fun of him. Of course, it always stung when he heard the unkind words of students reaching his ears, but he would simply have to strike a ‘very worth-it’ deal with them later.
- At least, that’s what he thought would happen. You had happened to overhear someone talking about how bad a manager he was of the Monstro Lounge and how he could easily be overtaken by literally anyone else (who else could be as psychotically micromanaging as him?? Vil). Your boyfriend seemed to have not heard it, but it still didn’t sit well with you.
- “You wanna repeat that you $/&!#%@?!” you yelled at them, waving a fist in the hand and preparing yourself to chase. Azul had frozen to stare at you, eyes wide behind his glasses before he couldn’t see out of them anymore: was he crying?
- This stopped you in your tracks, staring at him with equally as wide eyes. “A-are you ok??” you asked, reaching your hands out to cup his face. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.”
- He’s never had someone stick up for him so openly before. It truly struck your wimpy boyfriend’s tiny , dead heart.
Tumblr media
- You knew Jamil was perfectly capable of sticking up for himself, although he rarely did in order to maintain his appearance as Kalim’s retainer. He never said you couldn’t stick up for him though (and he never expected you would, you were his tiny, kind girlfriend after all).
- But when you overheard a group of first years talking bad about your busybee partner on the time you FINALLY had together, you couldn’t help but feel the bubble of rage start to rise from your belly to your head. How dare they?
- They turned their heads to look at you, having felt a burning sensation coming from your way. You were giving them the deadliest glare possible. How were you even able to do that?! “Keep talking,” you said. Were you even blinking?????
- Jamil had walked a few steps in front of you, but turned around when you weren’t following suit, face going slack at the wide-eyed dead stare you were giving to a bunch of students.
- “What are you-” “I’m defending your honor.” “Ok.”
- He would have to drag you away from the mess, although he would be sure to compliment and reward you for your protection at a later time.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
- Vil wasn’t insulted very often. The only times he’s really been battered by the stinging words of an individual, is when they were saying how lovelier Neige was than him.
- Which is what you heard when walking with him down a busy road, you both ignoring the stares of people shocked to see him and the multitude of fangirls trying to get his autograph being pushed off by security. You could tell the comment stung.
- In your mind though, defending him mattered more than his reputation. “No one is prettier than Vil,” you growled at the person, quiet enough that you weren’t shouting but loud enough that they could hear you, giving the victim a list of obscenities afterward. Your eyebrows were knit together in an angry frown.
- Your boyfriend had taken hold of your wrist, pulling you back toward him. He wasn’t very shocked that you would defend him: you were his partner after all. But, he didn’t expect you to get angry, especially not while in public.
- “Watch yourself, love. It would do you good to not ruin my reputation,” he said to you, his voice low, shooting the bewildered culprit a glare before pulling you away. He would also be sure to reward you later.
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idv-sunsxin3 · 10 days ago
Floyd with an s/o that also likes to squeeze so they have squeezing competitions
Tumblr media
Floyd with a S/O who also likes to squeeze
Header’s art via Twisted Wonderland Official Game {edit by me}
Gender Neutral! S/O
Shrimpy wants to squeeze, too~?
I can already tell that there would be aggressive but wholesome squeezing(tho depends what kind of squeezing you both are doing-;;;)
You would either take that serious or not once in a while, but Floyd always and definitely sees it as a competition- one that he must not lose,,,- X’D
So whenever he catches a glimpse of your hair or silhouette that resembles you, he would dash like a beast towards you around the crowd(not minding who is he bumping on) and launch himself towards you to throw you a big hug-
Along with a very tight squeeze~
You guys often squeeze wrestle at the NRC campus, at his room, at your dorm, and at the V.I.P. room(to Azul’s dismay)-
Lots of giggling and panting from Floyd- (you’ll even hear him pant near your ear as if he’s getting tired, but it’s actually hard for him to get tired when he’s in the mood-}
Loves to nuzzle his face against your head or ruffle your hair while squeezing you tight~
Jade has to remind Floyd sometimes to control his strength since it wouldn’t be nice to have your bones cracking from his strong squeezes, as the little game would end too quickly-
So Floyd usually controls himself from making you pop whenever you spam each other more hugs and squeezes.
But he won’t promise that there will be a time where he will not hold himself back~ ;)
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kreidenprinz-imagines · 6 months ago
Lilia Vanrouge and Silver headcanons with a gn!S/O who leaves a trail of flowers on the ground wherever they walk? owo) Like,,, flowers basically bloom every time their feet touches the ground, and after a while they disappear-
Yessss choosing my favorite themes of course.
𝒜 𝐿𝒾𝓉𝓉𝓁𝑒 𝐵𝓁𝑜𝑜𝓂
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ: Lilia x GN!Reader| GN!Reader x Silver
ꜱᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ: Headcanons on the two Diasomnia boys with a path blooming of flowers reader.
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ: None
At first Lilia doesn't think too much of it. Using UM unconsciously was a known trait on younger generations. Especially (Y/N).
One time (Y/N) got so angry at a first year student and their path was covered in withering flowers.
Another time, Lilia did not meant to scare (Y/N) but the flowers that were already blooming burst from the horror (Y/N) experienced.
Lilia afterwards began to study even more of the flowers that would grow. From weed flowers like dandelions to roses and carnations whenever (Y/N) was affectionate.
It was really interesting seeing how (Y/N) was completely obvious on how everyone strayed away after they discovered the flowers that indicated their mood.
Watching them disappear after a while made Lilia question if the blot that released from this unconscious use of magic was starting to accumulate.
Scaring (Y/N) became a bad habit. Seeing the petals burst and land on the concrete or the floors of their dorms was too intriguing to stop this behavior.
Silver discovering of the flowers that grew whenever (Y/N) touched only reminded him of home back where he was raised by Lilia and Malleus. It did tamed a bit of a homesickness he had been experiencing.
Silver quietly commented on the flowers before (Y/N) immediately put a stop to it once they had heard him.
He frowned the rest of the day.
The next day, accompanying (Y/N) to their club activities, Silver remained quiet. Happy to see the flowers.
When the two got to the place Silver leaned over before murmuring to them.
"They're quite amazing, (Y/N)"
(Y/N) was left confused as the flowers had vanished from view along with Silver.
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ruggie-bucchis · a month ago
some ruggie hc/scenario/brainrot
twst ruggie x fem/afab SO | third person pov | they/them pronouns
so i don't have a twst specific blog but i didn't wanna put a whole sideblog together to post this one hc/blurb thingie. it’s been bouncing around in my head all day and I just wanted to get it out somewhere. if I start coming up with more of these, well... sideblog may be in order. we’ll see.
I saw someone that did hcs for each of the twst characters and whether they’d a) want to be a parent and b) what kind of parent they’d be and I just wanted to like. Talk about Ruggie as an expectant parent. I generally agree with the OP’s take that Ruggie probably wouldn’t really be comfortable having kids bc he grew up around a lot of financial and food insecurity and wouldn’t want to risk potentially putting a kid in that situation. but I just wanted to imagine what it might be like if he did find decide he wanted a family. (If y’all know the OP of the original HC post I’m referring to, lmk and i’ll link it bc I couldn’t find the post again)
This is. a lot of very soft, very vulnerable Ruggie. you have been warned.
tw: pregnancy/fertility, mention of death, childbirth (this is actually really fluffy! just lots of anxiety around these topics) LOTS OF ANXIETY ON RUGGIE’S PART and some minor angst
So I imagine Ruggie kind of slowly deciding he wants kids, once he’s comfortable enough financially and emotionally to know that he can comfortably support one.
He’s always loved and cared for all the kids around his hometown in the slums, and the more time he spends with his SO, the more he realizes that he loves the idea of a family with them. He has to think about it for a long time, making sure that he can give both his SO and his future child a happy, secure life.
Part of him is afraid that something may happen that could send him and his family back into poverty, but he also knows that things have changed. He’s an NRC graduate, a successful mage, and his SO’s job isn’t anything to snuff at, either. Things are different now and while the chances of something happening to send him back into poverty are never zero, he knows that with his and his SO’s skill sets, they can make things work.
Basically he spends literal months convincing himself that he could have a kid without bringing them into a life of struggle and hardship.
He thinks about kids for a long time before deciding he wants one, but even then, he waits for his SO to be the one to bring it up. Part of him still worries about what may happen. Another part of him is just worried his SO might not be on board with the idea.
When they first got together, they more or less had a mutual understanding that children were a questionable “maybe” somewhere further down the line.
He’s overjoyed when his SO says they want a baby. The excitement completely overtakes the nerves for a while and he’s just glowing as he pictures his future family.
It’s a few months later when he comes home from a job, his SO having just put a plate of homemade donuts on the table. He’s excited enough for the donuts, but also is immediately suspicious, thinking maybe there’s some kind of special occasion he’s forgotten about (long since had he abandoned any notion of his SO trying to do things for him in exchange for favors; he knows them better than that now)
He grabs a donut, taking a bite out of it and glancing down at the table next to the plate. A positive pregnancy test sits on a napkin next to the platter of donuts.
Ruggie chokes on the donut.
He throws the remainder of the donut onto the table as he scoops his giggling SO up into a giant hug, twirling them around as he laughs in pure joy. Both Ruggie and his SO are crying happy tears.
The first few months are just lots of preparing. Ruggie is a hard working individual, and having a baby on the way sends him into overdrive. Early in the pregnancy, he’s picking up extra jobs to start saving up, both so he can take time off when the baby is born, and so he can start stocking up on baby necessities.
You KNOW he’ll be catching ALL the sales on baby stuff, even things the baby won’t need for months down the line.
In his time off, he’s using some of the skills he picked up during his jobs in his youth to make things for the baby: toys, clothes, reusable cloth diapers, even some basic baby furniture. He learned a lot of basic crafting skills when he was picking up odd jobs as a teen, so he’s able to actually make a lot of what the baby will need.
Plus, there’s something heartwarming about all the work he’s putting into making these things for his baby. He puts so much love into every project. When he made these things as a teen, it was for other people, and for money. But knowing that these were for his baby made them so much more special.
He talks to his Grammy a LOT for advice, questions, etc. And she’s coming over all the time to check in on SO, help with housework, make some healthy meals, etc.
Grammy is THRILLED for a great-grandbaby. Its one of the things that reassures Ruggie on his decision to have a child.
It’s later in the pregnancy that fear begins to set in. He’s working more now, as his SO isn’t able to work as long at their job (if at all). He knows he’ll be there for the birth, but...
What if it goes wrong
His mother died giving birth to him. He hasn’t forgotten that. When he first decided he wanted to try having kids, he told himself that it wouldn’t happen, that he’d make sure his SO would give birth in a hospital with the best doctors. But the closer the due date came, the more he worried. What if something went wrong?
Even the best doctor in the world can’t save everyone. If something went wrong enough, his SO could die the same way his mother did. He could lose them. And his child would be left without a mom, just like he was.
Even if this came to pass, even if he swore he’d never leave like his father did... he couldn’t guarantee that something wouldn’t happen to himself, either. He couldn’t guarantee that his child wouldn’t grow up an orphan.
Ruggie had been through all these thoughts before his SO ever got pregnant, and convinced himself that it wouldn’t happen. Convinced himself that the chances were so slim of that happening. The thought of having a beautiful, happy family had helped push those fears down.
But the closer he got to the delivery, the higher his anxiety rose
He managed to keep his worries hidden from his SO; he was still working late into the pregnancy, and when his SO noticed something off, he could just brush it off as being tired from working extra hours for additional savings for the baby.
It wasn’t as easy to brush it off when his SO woke up in the middle of the night to Ruggie having a full-blown panic attack in the small hours of the morning.
His SO wipes the tears off his face with their thumbs as he babbles about how scared he is of losing them, of leaving his child without a mom, of bringing a child into this world only for them to struggle the same way he did.
SO has to reassure him that they’re not going anywhere, the pregnancy has gone smoothly so far, that they’re going to have a beautiful family together and everything will be fine.
He’s still worried, but at least getting all his fears out into the open helps lift the weight from his shoulders a bit. Now his that his SO knows about his worries, they can help distract him or talk through things whenever his thoughts start to creep in again.
The day finally comes. SO’s water breaks. Ruggie feels all the panic rush back in.
His Grammy is there. Ruggie and his Grammy both start off in the delivery room, but the nurses end up asking him to wait in the sitting area outside as his anxiety is becoming borderline disruptive, and they don’t want his anxiety to negatively effect the delivery.
Hours go by. Ruggie is pacing, pulling at his hair, tugging on his clothes, chewing on his lips. A few times he breaks down into tears out of fear. He tries to get back into the delivery room once, but is told very sternly by security that he will be escorted off the premises if he does anything to disrupt the delivery.
Grammy has to come out to check on him and give him updates. She’s helped deliver babies in the slums before, so she’s familiar with the process (Though she’s just there for support; she’s more than happy to let the nurses and doctors do their jobs).
“Yes, labor usually a long time” She tells him.
“Yes, SO is doing wonderfully” She tells him.
“Yes, everything is going just fine” She tells him.
He hugs her every time to comes out to give him updates. He’s still so scared.
The door opens, and a nurse pokes her head out instead.
“Congratulations!” The nurse smiles warmly at him. “Are you ready to meet your bab-”
The nurse hasn’t even finished the sentence and Ruggie is already through the door and in the room.
Tears of relief and joy flow down his face as he spots his SO cradling a tiny bundle against their chest, their face still red and sweaty from the hours of labor.
He climbs up on the bed next to his SO, nuzzling his head into their neck as he presses little kisses along their skin, whispering how proud he is of them, how happy he is that they’re okay, that their baby is okay, that everything is okay.
Giant, round brown ears poke out through the blanket. Ruggie stares in wonder at the tiny sleeping face against his SO’s chest, his head still nestled up against his SO as his hands wander down to brush against his baby’s face.
His baby.
He can’t believe it.
Words can’t describe the swell of emotions swirling in his chest as he stares at his baby, his SO gradually falling asleep against him as the exhaustion from labor finally takes over.
Ruggie starts to cry again.
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mlk082 · a month ago
Ruggie,Lilia,maleis,took and whoever with a tsundere reader
Sorry if these were bad, I have no idea what a tsundere is
Knows that your soft side is all his, and it shows.
Anyone else will ask you something, and you'll be like, 'why would I ever do that?' But Ruggie will ask you something, and you don't question it.
Uses your niceness towards him to his advantage.
Gets you to help him with tasks. In return, he gives you a peck on the cheek or plays with your hair or something like that.
Loves seeing your expressions change when he walks into a room.
Will give you little touches and tease you to see your flushed face.
Really likes exposing your lovey-dovey and soft side.
Enjoys indirectly telling people, 'You get to be told off, and I get affection. HA!'
Is interested in your change of attitudes.
Also uses it to his advantage.
Will ask you to play video games with him since you always seem happy to oblige.
You'll be bickering with Sebek about something, but then Lilia will talk to you and be so sweet.
Loves teasing you and seeing your rosy cheeks.
Exposes your soft side anytime any place.
You'll be pissed off at someone one day, but he'll hug you or play with your hair, and you become less angry.
Loves that he gets to see your soft side and cherish all sides of you.
Finds it curious how your attitudes change depending on the person.
Likes to watch you interact with people.
Likes that you're very willing to spend time with him.
Studies your expressions and finds them very adorable.
Exposes your soft side around him.
Malleus likes telling you about how and when your expressions change.
Adores seeing your expressions change.
Takes a mental note of every reaction.
Loves seeing your soft side and exposes it all the time.
Thinks you look very pretty when your face is coated in a pink hue.
Teases you.
Tells you that his heart beats out of his chest every time you're caring and affectionate with him.
Finds it amusing how your attitude changes.
Sorry if these were bad, I have no idea what a tsundere is.
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ramenfingers · 2 months ago
the magic mirror was sick so i’m subbing in today i.e.: what night raven college dorms would the obey me characters be in?
obey me in twisted wonderland brainrot. i’m trying to think of a name for this au and also trying to figure out how to pace myself so i dont lose creative energy in like two days.
i did not include lilith or thirteen in this because nrc is an all boys school but if anyone would like my placements for them i am happy to share. also i did not proofread this so apostrophes may be inconsistent.
lucifer- senior in diasomnia. he is very skilled with magic, and is also kind of stuck-up and seems to be stuck in a different point in time. he doesn’t interact with his dormmates often and focuses on his studies and his brothers more than anything. he can’t wait to graduate so he can work with diavolo.
best class: history of magic. he likes learning about how magic has changed over the years.
worst class: pe. weak in the knees, always tired, doesn’t care for it.
mammon- junior in savanaclaw. he’s got sort of a feral love and strength to him. he cares a lot for his family and is very reliable when necessary. he enjoys the freedom of the dorm and the lax leadership. he and ruggie are a dynamic heist duo.
best class: mathematics. he just puts everything in terms of money and he’s good to go.
worst class: arts. he took it for the easy credit. at least he tries his best.
leviathan- junior in ignihyde. very skilled with technology, doesn’t interact with other dorms often, very similar to idia. i think they would get along. i bet they talk about their original characters and self inserts, the nerds. he also spends a lot of time in the mostro lounge. he’s a regular there, and they reserve a personal booth by the window so he can quietly look out at the sea.
best class: biology. finds the study of the natural world very enriching and he likes to think about how to make it better with technology.
worst class: defense magic. it’s not that he’s bad at it, he just doesn’t really care.
satan- junior in scarabia. he’s thoughtful and well-read, a serious planner. he has a respect for jamil and knows he’s close to snapping with kalim. likes the dry heat of the desert and loves the architecture of the dorm.
best class: ancient curses. he loves study of culture and magic to use on lucifer.
worst class: music. he is tone deaf and cannot keep a rhythm for his life.
asmodeus- sophomore in pomefiore. focused on his looks and what other’s think of him, probably really good with potions and lotions and stuff. there’s a bloody social media rivalry between him, vil, and cater. he thinks the pomefiore dorm’s surroundings are a bit too gloomy, and he loves taking pictures in the heartslabyul rose gardens.
best class: alchemy. he knows exactly what ingredient has what effects and uses this to his advantage. makes custom cosmetics for a quick buck.
worst class: magic analysis. why does he need to analyze magic? in what situation would he need that? he does not care.
beelzebub- sophomore in savanaclaw. he’s strong and athletic and values family. trains with jack every morning and visits the mostro lounge every day at lunch to see belphie. he wishes the leadership were more honest, but he tries to put up with it. he does not tolerate theft from ruggie or mammon, though.
best class: defensive magic. he just gets it. the teacher really likes him.
worst class: history of magic. he tries not to think about the past and he has a hard time keeping up with dates.
belphegor- sophomore in octavinelle. intelligent and opportunistic when he has the energy for it and he can easily put on an act to get what he wants. he hates having to work at the mostro lounge, but does so anyway to visit beel. doesn’t care for azul and the leeches, he tries to avoid them when they can.
best class: astrology. he loves the stars and likes thinking about how time of birth could impact the personality.
worst class: phys ed. he’s pretty much roadkill after class.
solomon- senior in scarabia. he’s dedicated to study and understanding of magic. he’s mostly solo, but he enjoys being surrounded by people of a like mind. he overheats and burns pretty easily, so he doesn’t spend too much time outside. he likes finding snakes sunning themselves on the rocks. jamil didn’t like it when he brought one into the dorm.
best class: history of magic. he remembers pretty much everything covered in class and corrects the teacher whenever he can. he and lilia laugh about it a lot.
worst class: cooking. 
simeon- senior in diasomnia. skilled with magic and is pretty eccentric. he’s amicable with lucifer, but other than that, he doesn’t spend much time with others besides luke. he likes the change of scenery in the dorm. it’s much darker than the celestial realm, but he wishes for there to be less doom and gloom everywhere.
best class: animal linguistics. he gets along with animals quite well and they’re naturally drawn to him.
worst class: swimming. he… cannot swim. but he can fly! and thats probably more useful!
luke- freshman in heartslabyul. cares for rules and order, also values family and nurturing others. between the baking skills and the levelheadedness, he pretty much worships trey. he thinks riddle is extreme with his punishments, but respects the upholding of rules. had his head taken off once and it forever damaged his pride.
best class: protective magic. cooking is a close second, but protective magic is where he excels. he sees it his duty as an angel to be able to protect anyone in need.
worst class: poison making. he needed an elective credit and simeon suggested he take something other than cooking. 
diavolo- graduated from diasomnia. extremely powerful in both magic and charisma. he is now working on the school board and is head of diasomnia house. crowley worries that diavolo is plotting against him, but he has no proof. it’s not like anyone would believe him anyway. diavolo’s silver tongue and childlike smile makes him a more charismatic negotiator than crowley could ever be.
best class: ancient curses. he aced this class and applied to teach it in later years. crowley politely declined. 
worst class: animal linguistics. he thinks he understands animals, but no, he does not.
barbatos- graduated from octavinelle. he is diavolo’s right hand man and works quietly and efficiently. not on the school board, but assists diavolo with his decision making and bakes stuff for board meetings. malewife behavior.
best class: conjuration. wasn’t his greatest at first, but he ended up getting much better once he started understanding it. he aced the class in later years.
worst class: phys ed. he doesn’t care for it. there are other ways for him to use his energy.
raphael- sophomore in heartslabyul. strict and righteous, he values rules and order and admires riddle’s instant and harsh punishment. he’s known around the school for eating the worst possible food.
best class: magic analysis. he understands spell structure and magic energy very well. a couple of brave souls even ask him for help sometimes. asmo does not.
worst class: animal linguistics. animals like him, but he does not like animals. 
mephisopholes- junior in pomefiore. thinks everything is a popularity contest. always trying to get asmo’s attention, never catching his eye. he hates it. he spoils epel like a little brother and always has ridiculous amounts of the newest cosmetics. he never shares.
best class: poison making. he loves to add an artistic twist to the deadly practice.
worst class: phys ed. he hates being uncomfortable and he makes it everyone else’s problem by whining.
there is another house added for the devildom+co. and theyre all in there i guess but that’s boring 
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