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#twisted wonderland headcanons
Hello! Could I request Ruggie, Idia, & Rook reacting to their s/o trying to scare them with a spooky costume? Like the grim reaper with special effects, or just jumping out of a closet or something 😅
Also thank you and Happy Halloween!! 🎃🍬
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
The best reaction you can get out of Ruggie is a slight jump and the widening of his eyes. He reflexes are quick, so he reacts and recovers from surprise just as fast as he first perceived it and tensed up, preparing for a fight.
"What, it’s just you? Yeesh, don't startle me like that! I almost dropped Leona-san's lunch. He'd really chew me out if I messed up his meal..." Ruggie catches your expression and snickers to himself. “Aw, don’t be like that~ You have plenty of other unsuspecting prey to jump.”
You may not have gotten Ruggie spooked, but he offers you his “services” to help spook others. The plan is this: you’ll pose as a ghost, and Ruggie will use his magic to move around a target’s limbs at your command. You’re his partner in crime, and Ruggie’s yours--and together, you tear up the town with ghoulish shrieks.
At the end of the night, your blood’s pumping, and you’re lightheaded from an adrenaline rush. Ruggie lends you his shoulder to lean on as he walks you home, letting the cool night breeze lift your tired soul.
Right as he’s about to turn tail and head home himself, he slips something into your hand: a single piece of candy, seemingly conjured from thin air, and a quick kiss to your temple. “Nishishishi. Don’t look so shocked! Those’re your treats for your tricks. It’s a two-for-one deal today.”
Tumblr media
Idia's almost always jumpy by default, so the moment you pop out with a monstrous shriek, Idia screams just as loud as you. He stumbles over his own feet in an effort to get away, and ends up falling flat on his back, paralyzed with fear.
Idia's so terrorized that he immediately launches into a surrender speech. "I-If you're a God of Death come to c-claim my soul, y-you can have it!! I-I won't fight back! A hopelessly weak otaku shut-in like me isn't strong enough to fend off death, I'm only strong enough for opening snacks and pressing controller buttons...!! Do whatever you want to me, j-just don't lay a finger on Ortho...!!"
When Idia manages to get a closer look at you, he regains a bit of his composure. but still clings to you for support as he catches his breath. Once fully recovered, he chastises you for “cheating” and going for “the cheapest trick in the book”, jump scares. He knows you can do way better.
Idia rambles (in that very “Idia” way of his) about various reference materials and how you can “level up” your surprise attacks. Movies, video games, anime... until he ultimately decides that explaining would take too long, you’ve just got to experience these things for yourself to see why they’re so great!
He offers to escort you to a good viewing space in Ignihyde, shyly offering a milky hand to you. You happily accept—and the moment your fingers meet, it’s like sparks have rushed up his arm, setting a brand new fire on Idia’s face.
Tumblr media
You can't get the upper hand on Rook, no matter how hard you try. This sharp hunter can sense you coming from miles away, and he's always prepared to counterattack.
Just as you leap out to scare him, he’ll expertly dodge, sweeping you up in his arms to catch your fall. Before you know what’s happening, Rook is dipping you, letting your back form a graceful arch as he gazes lovingly into your eyes. “Quelle chance, for our paths to cross again like this. Truly, we are a destined couple, non?”
You laugh it off well enough, but Rook can tell that there’s a part of you that’s disappointed you weren’t able to one-up him. And so, the next time you attempt to scare him, he puts on a grand act.
With staggering steps backward, he throws a hand on his forehead and the other over his heart, collapsing in a dramatic heap on the floor. Rook starts a soliloquy, explaining how scared he is in painstaking detail, sprinkling in the occasional theatrical shudder or sob.
He finishes his act by declaring that his heart has stopped from fright and that he can only be awoken by true love’s kiss--then he reclines on the floor and closes his eyes, pretending to be out cold. After a few moments of awkwardness, Rook cracks an eye open and passes you a sly grin, then closes his eyes again... awaiting your fated kiss of revival.
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natewriteslol · 11 hours ago
Hi! I would like to request dorm leaders with a kind and cute lover who happens to sing death metal when they are angry or stressed. (U can use aggretsuko as a reference if u know what that is) please use they/them pronouns! Thank you for ur time :)
A/N: I love aggretsuko sm!! I'm very busy but need to sit myself down and finish it asldfas
I sort of changed it to a karoke night scenario if you don’t mind! If you want me to rewrite it then pls dm me or send an ask <3
Y/N is gender neutral
Warnings: none
Characters: Riddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar, Vil Schoenheit, Azul Ashengrotto, Kalim Al-Asim, Malleus Draconia
-You were always so kind and patient with him
-Always considerate of him, and that’s what drew him to you
-Riddle was smitten with your soft, caring nature and- where is that music coming from?!
-It is past 8pm and there should be no loud music playing, and of course its coming from Ace and Deuce’s room
- “What did I tell you about making so much noise this late at night-Y/N?!”
-There you were, screaming death metal at the top of your lungs with the whole Heartslabyul squad hyping you up
-Was this the same sweet and soft-spoken person he was dating? 
-You know what, everyone is up, you’re having fun, it’s a Friday...
-Riddle sits himself down and listens to you sing/screech? your heart out
-It was obviously something you were very passoinate about
-I guess he’ll set the rules aside just this once, and don’t think he’s going soft you know! But he can have fun too... especially with you on the center stage
-He always hated karaoke night with a seething passion
-Such distasteful noise when he could be taking a nap
-But you seemed interested, so I guess he had to go since
-It was a big crowd of Savannaclaw students, everyone going rowdy over Leona’s little s/o on the stage
-Leona wasn’t too interested, as he was half asleep since everyone was a little bit more quiet
-I’m sure you’d pick a sweet little song that would put him to sleep for a couple of minutes-
-Now you had the entire crowd hyped up with this blaring music, instantly waking up Leona
-He went up towards the front of the crowd with Jack and Ruggie to watch you in action 
-After you finished, with people begging for on oncore as you stepped off stage Leona went to talk to you
- “You sure are different...but you aren’t half bad, herbivore,” Leona said with a smile
-Vil always used karoke night to show off his singing voice 
-You had such grace despite your sorta clumsy and shy demeanor
-Vil was absolutely smitten and thought you were so adorable 
-So he was super excited to see you step up to the stage with the mic in your hand
-Only to hear you start screaming your heart out
-The whole Pomefiore dorm was silent except for Epel cheering you on throughout the whole thing
-Once you finished your performance, Rook had piped up
-"Such a kind and gentle soul, yet when repressed they lt out the cries of a great much meaning! Such beaute!"
-Was, caught off guard, but he knew how passionate you were about it so he supports you full on :]
-Inspires his next album to go for a more rock feel
-"A little edginess would never hurt, right my potato?"
-Fans should thank you for bringing back gothic/vampiric Vil
-Whew I'm getting flashbacks to vampire Vil jdjfjjfj pls Vil gimme a chance
-Azul wanted to invest in a karoke machine for the Monstro Lounge
-He had calculated the amount of profits one would recieve from having a karoke event on Fridays, and the payment was handsome 
-So once Floyd, Jade and you were finished working you were to be the first testers of the machine
-Floyd went first, putting on the most cheesiest love song from the 80′s and started hollering into the mic 
-You swore you could see a tear falling from his eye
-Jade passed on singing, bringing the mic to you
-Azul was sitting on the stage as well, and while Floyd belting wasn’t the most...pleasant noise, it was nice to have moments to see everyone so happy 
-And there you switched to your favorite song!
-With the angry rips of the guitar echoed through the Monstro Lounge, and it was like a switch that flipped
-Azul was liked this type of music
-”Shrimpy, I didn’t know you liked this type of music!” Floyd said bumping his head
-Jade held a smirk, patting Azul who just looked shocked
-Was this the same person he had been dating for months, his best friend?
-But then he started to feel bad, the twins knew about your hobby before he did :(
-You explain to him that you felt a little embarrassed to tell him "I didn't know whether you were into all that hardcore rock music, so I just kept it to myself"
-But pls rest assured that he doesn't care about your music taste :)
-Is super excited for karaoke, he absolutely loves to sing (and hella loudly much to Jamil’s dismay)
-He’s so happy once you get up there omg
-Has stars in his eyes and is right up in the front to watch you
-And then you start screaming
-With Scarabia being the party animals that they were, they were super into it almost turning into a moshpit
-Jamil was even into it, even though he was somewhat shocked because of your usual soft demeanor 
-Kalim slowly got over it and started cheering for you
-Sure he’s not a heavy metal guy, but you just looked so cool!
- While it was a little hard to hear over the music and everyone cheering you could still hear Kalim’s “Go, Y/N!!” 
-Once you stepped off stage, Kalim went up to you, getting you some water 
- “Wow, I didn’t know you had all that in you. You’re so cool!” 
-Hes most definitely a more classical music type guy
-And you would always sit there and listen, so he assumed so as well
-So when it was karaoke night he was surprised that you had a song you wanted to sing
-So he sat back, his eyes trained on you with a smile
-And then you started to scream
-It reminded him of the dragons back home, and while startled he quickly grew entertained
-And while he wasn't full on moshpitting like the rest of the Diasomnia students, he was still happy
-Lilia was also super entertained, "Oh what a wonderful song! Y/N is just full of surprises."
-Sebek was not having it sjdjhffh
-"First he goes and dates a human, and now Lord Malleus is dating a screaming human. Just great."
-"I loved your performance, Child of Man. Very exciting and full of life."
-Gives you records of hard-core rock songs as gifts <3
-I see him as a heavy metal enjoyer (resident Babymetal Stan obvi)
-He was a little shy to share this part of his music taste with you thought
-You were just so soft, what if you thought he was weird? There was no way he could take that chance with you
-So when it was your turn to sing and you chose one of his favorite songs "Let the Blood Rain from the Sky" Idia was so excited
-You did so well! Your vocals were just as riveting as Thorn Repulsion!
-For one of the first times in his life, he didn't care about the judgement of others
-It felt like it was just him and you, for this was something you both were passionate about
-"T-that was super cool of you. It would be nice to listen to some more death metal with you, i-if you don't mind that is..."
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It's my first time doing something like this so it may have some mistakes 😅..
Warnings? Nope
•Short Y/N (around 150cm) [Has almost nothing to do with text, just some mentions of small height)
How would they react to their crush confessing to them?
You came to the Heartsabyul to help everyone prepare to the next unbirthday party. Ofcourse Riddle knew that you came, I mean how would he don't know? You're the one who told him that you will come lol. In the beggining only thing that you wanted to do is just to help your friends with preparing, but by the time you couldn't help the weird feeling inside you. You liked, no. Loved Riddle. A lot. But everytime you wanted to confess your feelings to him you chickened. So you thought to yourself:
"I think it's time to confess.... Today or tomorrow, will I get rejected or accepted, I just want him to know how I feel.....Well and maybe know if he feels the same way to me..>\\\\<..
So~ after you've done your job you went to your dorm to "check Grim". Riddle was upset that he didn't get the chance to talk to you. After some time, he went to his room, where he saw a letter.
"Could it be....A love letter?" - quietly hummed Riddle. He opened it and started to read it.
"Hey Riddle! Go to the rose mase, nearby the purple rose."
"What does this mean?" <– (Riddle said that)
He went to the rose mase, as the letter said. It took him quite a lot time, but he did found the purple rose. Nearby the purple rose he saw another letter.
"Yay you found me ^-^. Now go find another purple rose in the lounge u.u"
"What the-". Riddle had no words. Like that he went there, and there until he collected 7 purple roses. The last letter said this:
"Back to the rose mase~"
On a moment he thought it was a joke. He had to go back to the rose mase. He went there anyways lol.
After coming to the rose mase he found 2 purple roses, now he had 9 purple roses. Between them there was a letter that was saying "behind you"
He turned around, and saw Y/N. He was surprised because he wasn't expecting to see you before classes. He wanted to say hi, but you suddenly took both of his hands in your hands, and roses between you both. You said:
"Will you date me? Sorry for making you go everywhere, it's just was a game hehe~. I love you, do you feel same way?". Riddle blushed. I mean, ofcourse. It's not everyday your crush tells you that they love you. Ofcourse he accepted you ^-^
Ace and Deuce was kinda shocked to know that you two started dating.
Cater and Trey wasn't really surprised, they saw the way you look at each other, so they knew this could happen.
They all was happy for you two ^^
It was another "peaceful" day at Heartsabyul. Ace was messing with Riddle, Cater taking pictures for magicam, and Deuce working out with Jack. Nothing new. until–
💥B A M💥
The door slammed, and the person who did this came into the room. It was Y/N. Trey smiled when he saw your small figure. Riddle yelled:
Meanwhile Y/N just was looking like that:
Tumblr media
Y/N didn't understand why he was yelling at them for "breaking" door, even tho door is still here. All fine.
Trey just smiled and told Riddle to calm down.
"Hello Kawaii Chan, how you doing? Also why did you come here so suddenly, I thought you was trying to kill Crowley today". Trey heard Cater saying that and making his way to Y/N.
"Oh well, this bird of a headmaster flew away ;-;"
Y/N said that with unamused face.
"I'm doing good, how about you guys?". ~After some time~.
"Where are you going Trey senpai?"
"?! Oh, it's you :0". Y/N caught him off guard.
"I'm gonna bake some tarts, wanna join?".
"Yes". Y/N said that, while their eyes was sparkling.
By the time they was baking, Y/N turned to him with very serious face.
"Trey senpai..". Quietly asked Y/N.
"Hm?". Trey didn't understand this sudden change of mood, but he smiled anyways.
"I love you, do you like me back?.."
"?! I-" Yet again, Trey was caught off guard.
"Yes, yes I do. I do LOVE you back"
This time nobody was surprised when you two started dating.
They was happy for you two.
I'll make part 2 with Cater, Ace and Deuce
And the other dorms too, but yet again later
That's all I can do right now because I have exam month :')
Bye, hope you enjoyed >w<♡
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alextheoreo · a day ago
Tumblr media
ok- i saw the little winter outfit Crewel gave Posie and i thought it was so adorable and i just had to draw it >w<
Posie created by @phoenix-manga
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star-crossed-cafe · 23 days ago
Hi, there~! So I have this really fun idea in my head. I would like a scenario in which the fem! reader askes the Dorm Leaders (including Jamil) to be her pretend boyfriend. But what happens if the boys fall in love for real? Super fluff, please! Thanks!
summary: dorm leaders + jamil + pretending to the reader's boyfriend [fake dating]
warnings: gendered reader
word count: 2.9k
author's note: anon, this is one of the Baker's favorite tropes ever! fake dating my beloved ♡ also, for future requests, please note the Baker is only accepting requests up to all of the dorm leaders, but as this request was sent in before the Baker added that rule, he will still do all + jamil regardless
✧.* ✎ today is a double upload day! look forward to a second post in a little bit! i hope you enjoy!!
Tumblr media
You... wanted him to pretend to be your boyfriend? Riddle was speechless.
Such an idea could only be described as ridiculous! Why even ask him? If it was for something stupid, which he figured it was, you'd be better off asking the first years, he scoffed.
But you were insistent that you needed him to pretend to be your boyfriend and, when you flashed your adorable puppy eyes at him, he couldn't find it in him to say no.
Pretending to be your boyfriend sure as an experience all right. He always turned red just at the thought of it, almost giving away the fact that it was a ploy.
In true Riddle form, however, he really gave it his all. He did his best to fulfill the role you set out for him, even if his acting skills weren't the best.
Unfortunately for him, however, there was a cost. The longer Riddle pretended you were his girlfriend, the more he found himself yearning for it to be true. It was almost like he was convincing even himself that it wasn't a farce, and he didn't immediately know what to do.
His heart started beating faster around you, his blushing coming from a genuine feeling of love instead of embarrassment. He was beginning to fall for you, and he didn't know how to deal with it.
His heart still fluttered whenever you acted like he was your boyfriend, but now Riddle had real feelings behind it. He wanted, yearned, for it to be true when you claimed it, deliberating on if he should ever tell you.
Straightforward as always, after thinking about it for a while, Riddle decided to test his luck and confess to you, thinking you at least didn't dislike him if you had asked him to be your pretend boyfriend.
Tumblr media
Huh? Why the hell would you ask him that? All Leona did at first was raise an eyebrow at you, carefully scanning you with brilliant, emerald eyes. He couldn't tell what you wanted from your proposition, but it sounded like a lot more effort than he was willing to put forth.
Somehow, you convinced him. It was almost miraculous, really, like some kind of magic. You were surprised he didn't send you off to find and ask Ruggie, instead agreeing to your idea with a relative lack of struggle.
Calling Leona your boyfriend, whether it was real or not, was an instant shock to the rest of the student body. How did you manage to pull that off, they wondered, surprise evident on their faces.
Leona was a perfect actor, playing his role without fail. His expression was impassive and his acting immaculate. There was no telling if it was real or fake with him, so most instantly believed the story, even if it seemed rather sudden.
Eventually, however, the acting began to get muddled with reality. He found himself thinking you really were his girlfriend, slowly realizing that feelings began to take place in his heart, digging their roots in deep. Leona hated it.
When he held your hand for all to see, he wanted it to be real. He wanted to really be your boyfriend, the one getting to flaunt you in front of the students. He didn't want this stupid, fake ploy any longer. Why did he ever agree to this!?
He'd lean back in his chair, thinking about how he wanted to go about this. What could he say, what could he do? How would he even approach you about this? Just walk up to you and say "why not make it real?"
Eventually, Leona decided he had enough. His heart felt full to bursting when he looked at you and he wanted this to be real already!
So, with no pointless run around, he sat you down with him (in private, of course) and laid it all bare in front of you, telling you that he wanted this relationship to be genuine already. It was up to you to decide...
Tumblr media
Agreeing to a deal with Azul always had risks. There was always collateral to be given, and he was a coy, coy man. He knew that if you wanted his help that badly, you would be willing to give him almost anything he wanted, so he played his cards wisely.
So, with his usual self-assured smile, secure in his dealings, he agreed to your request, thanking you for doing business with him.
This was a business deal, no more, no less. There were no strings attached and no hidden charges, a fair and square agreement to which the both of you signed your names. When Azul appeared before the rest of the student body beside you, claiming to be your boyfriend, he had every intention to hold up the deal as agreed on.
The rest of the student body couldn't tell it was a ploy, really? Very few could ever truly read Azul and were capable of seeing through his lies, but that minority didn't care enough to point it out. His acting was passible, accustoming to his new role rather easily.
He was always going a bit above and beyond. Call it a VIP benefit, and what lead to his eventual downfall, but he was always doing just a bit extra to really sell the act. Sliding his hand into yours when you sat together, sweetly dabbing at your lips with a napkin after you eat, whatever it took. He played his role well, acting like he truly was smitten with you.
Unfortunately for him, however, the deal changed. Soon, his heart cascaded into a waterfall of affection for you, developing intense romantic love for you before he could stop it.
This wasn't supposed to happen! He was supposed to play his role and get his payment and that was it! Not only was this a breach of contract, but this was also an extreme deviation from the plan! Completely unaccounted for! Azul never would have figured it would backfire this badly and, if he had, he would have asked for more payment upfront.
These annoying feelings for you swirling around his heart led to him sitting at his desk in his office, staring blankly as his head swam with thoughts of you.
He wanted to truly be your boyfriend. The one you showed off with a gleeful smile, no strings attached. The one you greeted with joy and delight every morning and loved dearly. He wanted to be the one you looked at with pride, the one you were happy to call yours.
It seemed it was time for the two of you to draw up a new deal...
Tumblr media
You didn't even have to tell him the whole plan. He was already in, big smile and everything.
Kalim made it look easy. His arm was slung around you effortlessly and his booming voice echoed your praises up and down the halls. Only Jamil knew him well enough to know it was a ploy and, as long as it didn't bring him any extra work, he didn't care.
The rest of the student body, however? They had no clue. Kalim was so sweet and so honest that they had no reason to believe he'd participate in such a plot.
As far as the rest of the school viewed it, he was your boyfriend.
How could they be blamed? He did it so effortlessly. He draped himself on you in a casually sweet way, leaning up close against you every time the two of you sat together. He shared his food with you, shoving you as much as you could handle. Affection was his forte, and he was happy to indulge in as much as possible in order to sell your act.
Honestly, Kalim was one of the least upset when it came to realizing he fell for you. He wasn't that surprised, really, and a part of him always held a lot of love for you, even if it was purely platonic. Rather than viewing it like some kind of curse, he thought of it as a fun new experience the two of you could possibly venture on together. A new adventure unfolding right before your eyes!
He didn't take too long to confront you about it. Why would he? The sooner he did told you, the sooner the two of you could (hopefully) date!
Either way, whether you accepted his confession or not, he was delighted and honored to have been asked to be your fake boyfriend.
Now all he wanted was for you to be his real girlfriend.
Tumblr media
You had to be kidding. Did the basketball club put you up to this? What about Jamil screamed that he would be willing to agree to some stupid ploy for your personal gain?
It was only when you showed him how this could benefit him too that he agreed. On one condition, of course. This would in no way, shape, or form hinder his duties or bring shame upon the Asim family.
Just like Leona, he played his part well with an unreadable expression. Lending you his hoodies, sitting beside you when able, he seemed like the perfect, princely, textbook boyfriend.
There was no way the simple fools the two of you attended school with would be able to sniff out the truth, not with his act.
Originally, Jamil approached this entire situation with careful trepidation. He had no intent to let anything more fester inside of his heart, keeping up his aloof act when the two of you were alone. There was no need to keep up the lie when it was just the two of you, so he didn't.
Nothing could ever go his way, could it? Whatever he wanted to happen the least, out of every single possible course of action, just had to happen. Before he knew it, his heart began softening. Softening just for you.
Jamil found himself genuinely worrying for your wellbeing, truly taking the extra care to pack you a wonderfully made lunch alongside Kalim's. What had happened to him? He hated doing extra work, so why was he subjecting himself to it so willingly?
The idea of falling in love with you was annoying, more obnoxious than all of Scarabia dorm during a party. This wasn't supposed to happen! What was the point of planning for things when things like this happened!
Eventually, Jamil decided to simply bite the bullet and confess to you. He reasoned that if you were able to look at his typically unapproachable self and decided to ask him to pretend to be your boyfriend, you had to at least view him favorably in comparison to the other students. A thought that warmed his heart a bit.
Perhaps... it didn't suck so much that this was how things turned out. Not if he walked away from this whole ordeal with you as his girlfriend.
Tumblr media
Well, when looking to fake anything, it is always smart to have a trained actor on your side.
Getting Vil to agree to your request was a challenge itself. He had an image, you know, and if this escaped to anyone outside of campus, it could impact his career. People liked when celebrities were single, you know, and he'd hate for his name to make headlines simply for an alleged relationship over his beauty and talent.
Similar to Azul, Vil struck up a deal with you. Not a contract, thankfully, but a set of requirements he had for if the two of you were really going to go through with this. You were lucky he went this light on you and, before you knew it, the curtain rose on your performance together.
Vil was elegant and poised as the two of you pulled the wool over the other's eyes. His skill truly shone through now as he kept his manicured hand resting around your shoulders, assuring the astounded crowd that the two of you were truly a couple.
There was never any intent for this to be real. Any of it. It was an act, just simple practice for future roles. Unfortunately, things worked out differently.
The longer he acted out his role, the more it became the truth for him. He found himself really wanting you to be his girlfriend, even off stage. When the curtain fell at night, when the show came to a close, he wanted to be the one you held dearly in your heart.
He wanted to experience the soft moments with you. Practicing skincare, making healthy smoothies together, he wanted to do it all. He wanted you to be his.
Falling for you was... an experience. Not one Vil ever thought would happen to him, sure enough. Well, a true actor was always able to adapt to any abnormality during a performance, and he was an actor through and through.
Vil ended up deciding to simply approach you in private and tell you how he felt. Perhaps you'd like to be his costar...
Tumblr media
What? Huh??? What kind of???? What were you asking him to do??????
Idia's face exploded into a million shades of red while his hair burned hotter than the school's fires. You had to be joking? Wait, that wouldn't be good either. Were you doing this just to mess with him? Did you want to bully him? Tease him? Laugh at him?
Idia refused. There was no way he was falling for this normie garbage! There was no doubt that you wanted to tease him, drag his name further through the dirt.
Your charm had to be a higher level to win him over, but you eventually wore him down.
It's not like the students would really know, anyway. He rarely made an appearance outside of his room, so you could have said anything about your relationship. To confirm it, however, Ortho trailed along sweetly behind you, nodding his head cheerfully when you revealed it. With his assurance, the students figured the two of you were truly dating and moved on.
Idia didn't. But it wasn't his fault. You took it so seriously, dropping by his room to leave him candy and snacks and texting him to ask about his games. No one had ever shown so much concern for him before, and you weren't even his real girlfriend.
This had to be some kind of plot, some villainous scheme to mess with him further and lure him into a false sense of confidence. He wouldn't fall for it!... were his famous last words. He didn't know what status ailment you afflicted him with, but it worked.
He found himself gnawing on his lip in the dark of his room, his thoughts circling only around you. Was there ever a chance of asking you out? Surely not, you'd just laugh at him. But... what if that chance really did exist?
Idia wasn't sure about taking that step yet. For now, he'd keep quiet, reveling in the attention you gave him and telling everyone he really was your boyfriend. Maybe, with time, he'd work up the courage to tell you what he really felt but, for now, he was satisfied playing this RPG with you.
Tumblr media
Oh? Aren't you cute, child of man. What an interesting proposition, definitely not something Malleus would expect from anyone else. Only you were this brave. So, valiant one, your courage would be rewarded, as Malleus easily agreed to your request.
It was more on you than him to alert others of your "relationship", but that was fine. You asked for it anyway. You told other students with a brilliant smile, and Malleus felt a hint of pride in the way other's eyes glinted with awe and shock, almost as if they couldn't believe you had gotten with one of the most powerful Wizards known to man.
Lilia was amused. Sebek was outraged. What was going on?? Lilia thought it was funny, quickly seeing through the whole plot but keeping it to himself, finding it too humorous to spoil. He'd let you carry on for as long as you wanted. Sebek, on the other hand, was too blinded with shock to realize there was nothing behind the empty relationship. He was the first to be fooled, honestly.
But then things started to change. Child of man, Malleus always had a soft spot for you. Not only were you brave, approaching him to chat without fear of his terrifying might, but you were kind. You told him about your day and asked him about his, treating him like you would every other student. It was... something he never thought he'd get to experience.
Even while your ploy was in effect, you treated him sweetly. You treated him like you viewed him in such a sweet, romantic light. Treated him like an equal. Malleus was grateful.
Malleus was smitten. There were no other words for it. You were so lovely, so sweet, so kind. He couldn't be blamed for falling for you.
It wasn't evident to you, not at first. He made no obvious change during the act, not appearing around other students enough to act like a stereotypical "boyfriend", but the look in his eyes was soft. Soft enough where, when he did appear around the other students, they believed the fake dating lie.
Eventually, Malleus reasoned that he would have to step up and truly share his feelings with you, knowing that waiting for too long would only bring him heartbreak. Besides, you were so sweet to him, the first of your kind to ever be, so surely you had to have at least some kind of soft spot for him, right? Perhaps... he would have to see for himself.
Tumblr media
ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴀꜰᴇ ɪꜱ ɴᴏᴛ ᴄᴜʀʀᴇɴᴛʟʏ ᴏᴘᴇɴ, ʙᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴀᴋᴇʀ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋꜱ ʏᴏᴜ ꜰᴏʀ ʀᴇᴀᴅɪɴɢ ᴀɴᴅ ᴀᴘᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴀᴛᴇꜱ ᴀɴʏ ꜱᴜᴘᴘᴏʀᴛ
Tumblr media
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crispin-kreme · a month ago
Hey, if you’re ok doing this ask, may I have some headcanons on how Dorm leaders react to their y/n having old self harm scars?
twst dorm leaders reacting to their s/o having old self harm scars
pairings: dorm leaders x gn! reader
warnings: self harm, suicidal thoughts, grammatical errors. please do not proceed if you’re uncomfortable with this topic.
notes: anon you dont know how much i wanted to do this i was just waiting for someone to request this- i don’t promote/encourage self harm at all (even tho i do it such hypocrisy but still-) please don’t hurt yourselves :( i’m here if you need someone to talk to.
making this request was like a coping mechanism ig explaining why i rlly like to write this topic. thank you sm for waiting anon and i hope you enjoy this!
requests are closed! i’m just clearing out my inbox
Tumblr media
riddle discovered your scars a long time ago already. he hasn’t really gotten the courage to ask why you had scars on your wrists
but today, he was able to ask it properly. you were both studying in his room, your sleeves were rolled up revealing the scars on your wrists.
he’s worried and curious where you got your scars
“y/n, i’ve always wanted to ask about the scars on your wrist.” riddle blurted out. you stopped writing and looked at him. “wh-where’d you get them?” he asked. you were nervous to tell him where you got them. “i- i did the unthinkable.” you replied. riddle looked at you confused. “i tried to take my own life- but i couldn’t so i just hurt myself to do so.” you explained “but i’m fine now, don–” you were immediately taken back as you felt riddle hug you tightly. you felt yourself sob “i’m fine, riddle. i stopped hurting myself.” you continued. “next time, don’t do that. i’m here now.” riddle says as he pulls away from the embrace. he lets his fingers stroke onto your scars. riddle reassures you that they’re not disgusting at all. he stays by your side the whole time– if ever you wanted to discuss about the scars further more.
Tumblr media
leona never has seen your scars, until you had to wear shorts for your sleep wear.
he’s seen multiple scars on your thighs. it made him so worried. he wanted to ask but he didn’t know how.
but right now- leona attempted to ask how you got your scars
leona sat beside you on his bed. he saw the scars again on your thighs. “y/n, i have to ask you something.” leona says with a serious tone. you looked at him and nodded “alright. what is it?” you asked. leona sighed “its about those scars on your thighs.” he says. “i knew you were gonna ask that.” you tell him with a little smile. you let out a sigh “i hurt myself a long time ago. it took time to heal..” you explained to him. leona’s eyes widened in shock. “you hurt yourself?” he asks. “i did. before.” you replied. “you won’t do it again, right? i’m here now. you can share your pain with me.” leona says. “i won’t… well, i’m not sure.” you tell him. leona kisses your forehead as you start to explain your scars further. he starts to really stay by your side. he wouldn’t like to lose you.
Tumblr media
you knew azul was eyeing onto your wrist for a long time. you felt that he really and genuinely wanted to know what happened
azul grew to worry you day by day he eyed on the scars. he feared you might have hurt yourself
it took a while for azul to ask about your scars but now, he was able to ask them properly.
you were helping the leech twins close the lounge. “jade, floyd.” you hear azul call. “please step out of the lounge- i just need to talk to y/n.” he says and they followed. now, its just the two of you here. “is there something wrong?” you ask in confusion. “well… not really. its a matter that i’ve always wanted to talk with you.” azul explains. you nodded in reply. “i’ve seen scars on your wrists.” he blurts out. you look at him intensely. you knew he would find out. “care to explain what happened?” azul asked. “you wouldn’t like what happened.” you said with a chuckle. “..i usually hurt myself before. but no worries, i’m fine!” you explained with a reassuring tone. azul’s eyes widened– he came closer to you, carefully rolling up your sleeves to expose the scars. “what if you do this again? i- i don’t want seeing you hurt like this.” azul says, trying his best to hold his tears. “i won’t hurt myself like this again. i have you already- a partner who’ll stay by my side during my worst days.” you tell him in a gentle voice. he stays by your side even more– when you need to vent to him or just need him by your side, you can clearly see how he clears out his schedule so he could make time for you.
Tumblr media
he was genuinely alarmed when he saw the scars on your wrist
kalim was very much curious on what happened but he chose not to ask since it might make you uncomfortable
jamil has told kalim about your scars (with your consent of course) this then encourages kalim to talk with you about your scars
the sound of the faucet running as you wash the dishes filled in the silence. kalim was helping you wash the dishes– so he was able to see the scars on your wrist since your sleeves were rolled up. “so jamil has told me…” kalim blurted out “the scars on you wrist. but he didn’t explain where you got them and he told me i should ask you myself.” kalim added. you turned off the faucet and wiped your hands on your clothing. “is that so? oh yeah- i did tell him to tell you. since i didn’t know how to explain how i got these scars.” you tell him with a light chuckle. you let your arm rest on the edge of the sink. “kalim, i’ve hurt myself before. its a heavy topic for me to talk about but i can explain further once we go back to your room.” you explained to him. upon kalim hearing you have hurt yourself– you see him cry. “i stopped hurting myself a long time ag- oh my, kalim! are you crying?” you exclaimed as you immediately pulled him into your embrace. “don’t do that again! the thought of you hurting yourself might kill me.” kalim sobs out. after that conversation, you had to explain furthermore about your scars and all. kalim listened attentively thus, he promises to stay by your side.
Tumblr media
vil has never seen the scars that were located on your thighs
he only saw it when you were in shorts while he was doing a little skin care routine on you
he felt a gush of worry alongside with curiosity so he asks you about it with no hesitation
you noticed vil eyeing on your thighs. “vil, why are you looking at my thighs?” you asked with a little chuckle. “you have scars on them.” vil replied. your eyes widened and you looked at the scars. vil kneeled to the level of your thighs as you sat on the dresser’s chair. “how did you get these? i never knew you had them.” vil asks. you sighed “i used to inflict pain on myself. clearly, i wasn’t okay. i wanted to take my own life.” you explained to him with all honesty. vil’s eyes widened at your reason “i stopped already. don’t worry.” you reassured him as you stroked his hair. “why did you not tell me this?” vil asks with breaking in his voice. “i- i thought you would be disgusted.” “disgusted? y/n, i would never.” vil retorted. “don’t do this again. if ever you the urge to do this again- talk to me. i wouldn’t like the fact that i might lose you.” vil tells you with silent cries.
Tumblr media
idia was mostly in shock and panic upon discovering the amount of scars on your wrist
he rolled up your sleeves as you were napping with him
you already decided beforehand to tell him about the scars until you were ready. now’s the time.
“idia? what are you doing?” you asked with your groggy voice. idia immediately fixed your sleeves “n-nothing!” he stammers. you looked at him, you knew he was looking at your scars so you give him a reassuring smile “you were looking at my scars, weren’t you?” you asked. idia nodded in reply. you sit up from idia’s bed and idia did so too. “do you want to know what happened?” you asked him genuinely “i was going to ask you about it.” idia answered. “ahh.. i see. i was really going to tell you about it but i didn’t know when. but today is the right time.” you explained to him. “i used to hurt myself before. i used it for coping. but i’m fine- i stopped.” you stated to idia. idia’s eyes widened at your explanation. he holds your hand “i- i didn’t know about that. please don’t do that again. i wouldn’t want to lose you!” idia exclaimed. you leaned in and kissed his forehead “i won’t.” you replied. “i’ll stay by your side…” idia says with a little smile.
Tumblr media
malleus was clueless. loads of questions filled his head once he saw your scars
he asked lilia for help- he asked on how he should approach his concern regarding the scars
malleus gathered up the courage to ask you. so he took you out on your usual night walks and there he asked.
malleus walked by your side as the stars were twinkling brightly. under the moonlight, you can see malleus’ face. he looked worried and bothered. “malleus, is everything alright?” you asked as you both stopped walking. malleus sighed “i really want to ask you about something…” malleus trailed off. you hummed “what is it?” you asked. “i saw scars on your wrist. it was an odd amount of scars. i wanted to ask what happened.” malleus replied. “ahh..” you tell him. “i- i never knew you would notice.” you blurted out. “i used to inflict harm onto myself. i weirdly felt comfort by it. but i realized that it was making me suffer more so i stopped.” you explained. malleus’ eyes turned glossy as he heard your reason. “have you ever thought of taking your own life?” malleus asked “hmm.. yes. sometimes- even though i’ve stopped that thought still haunts me.” you replied. “i don’t want you to leave and hurt alone.” malleus says with his voice breaking. “i’m here now, aren’t i? if you need someone to talk to i’m here.” he added. you smiled at him- appreciating him even more.
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torikaku · 2 months ago
🐉Malleus Draconia: dragon form headcanons
Note: I wrote a scenario about Malleus showing his s/o his dragon form for the first time, so this post is basically some headcanons about Malleus in his dragon form and how he acts around his s/o.
Tumblr media
Malleus in his dragon form is just like a big cat. He's already touch-starved around you, but he in his dragon form? His starveness for touching has increased 100x.
He loves when you pet his muzzle and scratch his chin. Because of this, he releases soft roars that sound like purring. 
And in general, he loves when you run your hands over his scales. You even notice how his ears twitch and his tail move in pleasure.
Malleus puts his head on your lap (carefully, because it's quite heavy for you) and with pleading eyes, he asks for some petting.
He also allow you to touch his horns, but carefully, they are his pride after all! He has a pleasant shiver when you trace your fingers over them.
Kissing these special scales on his forehead? His heartbeat is encreasing.
He lets you sit on his neck so that he can fly with you. He's careful and attentive to you so that you feel safe and not afraid of falling down.
Malleus has no lips in his dragon form, but it doesn't mean he can't kiss you! He just opens his mouth, sticks out his tongue and licks your cheeks and forehead.
If he wants to hug you, he can do it with front legs, just wrapping them carefully around you and pulling you to his torso; or with his tail by wrapping it around your waist and then he nuzzles his nose to you.
When Malleus wants to attract your attention, he leans over and butts your side with his nose, or pokes you with the tip of the tail.
He even tries to pet you. He raises one of his front legs, and with his big clawed finger, he stocks your head, or he does it with the tip of his tail.
One day you ask Malleus to rub his tummy. He hesitantly allows you. In the end, neither you nor him have any regrets. Who would have thought that dragons love when their tummies are rubbed and scratched?
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atsuwiee · 10 days ago
twst dorm leaders telling you to leave during an argument
pairings: riddle x gn! reader, leona x gn! reader, azul x gn! reader, kalim x gn! reader, vil x gn! reader, idia x gn! reader, malleus x gn! reader genre: angst no comfort
warnings: swearing, kinda toxic behavior (?), break up scare, ignihyde spoilers on idia's part, grammatical errors, not proofread sage's note: i haven't written twst angst in a long time so here it is : ) (@crispin-kreme here are the goods)
Tumblr media
riddle was oddly quiet with you today, so you knew something was up. "riddle what's wrong?" you asked him as you entered his room. "nothing" you heard him mutter. "what do you mean nothing? riddle you haven't even said a word to me, did i do something wrong?" you asked but to no reply from him. "we were alright an hour ago" you tell him. "i said nothing's wrong!" he raised his voice. "really? nothing? yeah sure, you not talking to me is nothing!" you raised your voice back at him. you sighed "riddle, i'm tired, i don't want to deal with this attitude again- so please te-" "then leave!" riddle said back at you. your heart ached a bit and you took a step back, nodding at his order. "leave if you're so tired with me acting like this" he said, eyes avoiding yours. "then i will" you say as you exit his room. "wait no, y/n-!" he called last minute, but it was too late, you had stepped out of his room already. "they didn't mean what they said, right?" riddle asks the air as he slowly was left with his own thoughts.
Tumblr media
the tension in the air was thick. both of you standing in front of each other, and one not admitting their faults. "shit well i'm sorry! i'm sorry that i have to extend my patience because your ass has already missed three dates with me, and you don't even bother to make it up to me!" you raised your voice, tears threatening to fall down. "i should've known people like you were only at their best in the start and it never lasts." you tell him, failing to contain your tears. "you know how i'm busy, y/n, magift training and-" "i know you are! damn it, kingscholar-" you impulsively cut him off but choked on your sobs. "do you not see how you're inconsistent here? why am i the one who always has to adjust for you?!" you say, pointing at him. he kept his pride high as always. "well if you don't like it, then leave me!" leona said, with his voice ten times louder. "w-what?" you stuttered a bit taking a step back. "you heard me, just leave" he said again with a stern tone. you scoffed and turned your back on him "then i gladly will" you head to the door, slamming it on the way out. leona's ears slouched as he had a frown on his face. "what have i done?" he asks himself.
Tumblr media
azul was becoming distant lately. maybe it was because of school and his business- you understood this but yet you missed him. you decided to bring up the topic on how he's being distant to him and well, it ended up in a heated argument. "well you aren't the only one i need to focus on, y/n" he shot at you. "i know that, azul..." you answered him. "you're just being petty" azul said while his eyes were still focused on the papers he was working on. "i'm being petty? yeah sure, of course i'd be, because you've been growing so- distant!" your voiced raised. "see, you don't even look at me- all you're looking at is your stupid contracts" you said, followed by a frustrating sigh from azul's mouth. "if you think my work is stupid, then leave, i don't have time for your shit- you're wasting my time" he said standing up from his chair. "you don't even have time for me to begin with" you shot back at him and turned your back at him. reaching for the doorknob and turning it, slamming the door on your way out. azul looked at door that shut and sighed, slumping back into his seat, stress taking over him. now that his only stress reliever left, what was he supposed to do?
Tumblr media
the mood around kalim today was oddly different, you had just gotten back to kalim after spending some time with jamil around the school. "kalim, are you alright?" you ask him and he does not answer. weird, you thought, this wasn't like him at all. "hey? is there a problem?" his expression changed as you asked and he turned to you. "why don't you go ask jamil" you looked at him, confused, as he said that. "what? oh come on, are you jealous?" you ask him with a small laugh, hoping his expression or mood would change. "you've been spending all your time with him-" kalim blurts out. "are you actually mad about it?" you ask him. "i don't know y/n, do you think i am?!" his voice raised, which was rare. "you're being petty-" "if i am then go leave, i don't need you anyways- go to back to jamil" kalim snaps and you step away from him and sigh. his words stung you, and you wish he didn't mean it. "fine... i'll let you be" you say as you leave him in his own thoughts. "y-y/n?" he called just to see that you actually left.
Tumblr media
"can you just stop controlling me?!" you raised your voice at vil. arguments with him were the worst, especially when it's about 'vil looking out for you'. you both have been bickering with each other back and forth until it turned into a messy argument. "i am not controlling you, y/n!" he says back with his voice raised. "yes you are! look, i'm not someone you can control every time! telling me what to do and how to do this and that-" you say. "i can't go a day without you criticizing me!" "i am just looking out for you, if you don't like it, then go leave!" vil said and it brought you to shock. "okay," you say as you turn your back on him. "i'd be glad to leave you right now," you say as you slam the door on him. vil heard what you last said and it brought his heart pain- you couldn't have meant that, right?
Tumblr media
"i thought i knew you" you tell idia, who's eyes were looking to the floor. "first you wreck the dorm and now you take my friends away?!" you raised your voice at him, which was rare, and it made him flinch a bit. "i'm sorry-" "you're sorry?! you think that can fix everything you have done?" you say, idia didn't even know why he said- of course sorry wouldn't fix anything. "fucking hell, so i don't even know my own boyfriend" you say while you squeeze the bridge of your nose. "just leave then" he blurts out. "what?" you ask him again. "i said, leave, it's better for you to do so" idia says, then his eyes began to look at you. "i guess it is, i'll leave you for now" you say as you slam the door. "y/n, i'm sorry..." idia said softly once you had already exited the room.
Tumblr media
"so they found a way?" malleus says as he looks at you. "yeah... i'm finally going back home" you say softly with a small smile. malleus didn't know what to feel, yes he wants to feel glad that you're going to go home to your own world- the world where you belong- but at the same time he feels like he wants to beg you to stay. "malleus? are you alright?" you ask as you hears small sniffles from him. "you're just going to leave?!" he says, tears falling from his eyes. "what happened to the promise we made?" malleus asks as his cries soon turned into sobs. "malleus- i can't stay here forever, you know that," you say, reaching to touch him but he swat your hand away. "then don't make such promises that you can't keep, y/n" malleus said, his heart aching from his cries. "mal-" "no, just leave!" his voice raised, which was rare for him so it made your heart jump out of shock. but you nodded and stepped back. "i'll give you some time," you say and walk away from him. malleus continued to sob on his own, thinking how you- the only person he is ever attached you- will now leave.
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zackcrazyvalentine · a month ago
I hope i'm not late for the screenshots thingy!
Here's who i got!
Tumblr media
(i got lucky cause Epel and Idia are my faves LMAO)
And for the theme, maybe them reacting to MC cooking them meals from their world? Or maybe them visiting MC's world with them? You choose!
(romantic btw!)
LET'S GET THIS BREAD!!! I'm sorry it took some time to get out
I'll do a half and half~
Let's go!
~ Other Worldly ~
With: Epel Felmier, Idia Shroud, Vil Schoenheit, Jack Howl, and MC
Them reacting to MC cooking food from their world, and visiting MC's world
First off, let me start by saying that a good 3/4 of these characters are super picky(? with their food, Vil and Idia being the most critical (according to what Master Chef events tell us)
Hope you have some super cooking skills and/or premium ingredients at hand! ^^''
Some headcanons didn't come out too romantic orz
🍎 Epel Felmier 🧹
Foreign dishes
Epel noticed the peculiar cooking going on in Ramshackle after visiting one time
While he may be critical of ingredients and overall resulting taste, Felmier is curious to try new things (specially if it's in big portions, unlike Pomefiore's dinners)
He approaches MC shily, asking if he could have a taste of what they were eating at the time
"Sure, no problem! In fact, let me cook some for you fresh!"
Before he could even protest to get them to stop, the Prefect already got to work
He tries to help, but MC shoots him down and tells him to patiently wait
Epel's appetite and curiosity are increasing with every second
Once the food's ready to be savored, he digs right in! And will provide some feedback about what he liked about it, what it reminds him of, and if needed be points out what he thinks it lacked
Eager to try out more of the food MC was accustomed to eating back in their world!
Visiting a far away land
He's eager to visit all the places his love adores! Make some memories and have a blast discovering the place such a wonderful person comes from
He wants to know how their two worlds differ, how a world without magic unfolds before his eyes
Let's be honest: this boy right here is excited to wreck havoc in supermarket and fast food places' parking lots. Y'all probably woke up at 3am once and decided to go scream and mess around at your nearest McDonald's parking lot
Please show him vine compilations, I'm positive Epel will love to get to know the humor of this world (although he once used a vine reference when talking with a cashier once, thinking it was common knowledge for everyone in MC's world)
Out of the four guys here, Epel is the one most open to improvised plans
Eager to try out any strange fruits and vegetables, interesting snacks and bizarre cookie flavors that catch his eye
"How can your world have such specific flavors? Rosemary garlic jalapeño bread chips? How???"
💀 Idia Shroud 💙
Foreign dishes
MC probably brought some of their homemade food over to Idia's dorm after getting concerned that this boy's diet heavily relies in junk food and sweets, and when he does eat it's a very small portion
So in MC comes and asks Idia if he would like to try some food they prepared, one of their favorite dishes
At first, Idia is very reluctant, saying how he doesn't feel hungry
But the Prefect has a trick under their sleeve: a crestfallen expression with an adorable pout
Seeing them having a meal on their own while occasionally sighing sadly has the flaming haired boy debating what he should do
Then a memory of Ortho's voice resounds in his skull: "Meals are typically shared between people to develop or strengthen a bond. If you want to win [Name]'s heart, you should take them out for dinner."
That and he can't deny the contents of that container in their hands look appetizing
Shroud finally accepts and brings you over to Ignihyde's kitchen to grab a couple of plates
He's hesitant, but takes a nice first bite of food. Chews it carefully as he analyses the taste, texture, consistency
"I've never tasted something like this before. What is it?"
"One of my favorite dishes, [food name]!"
Silence followed, "Huh? I-I'm afraid I have... never heard of it..." He said
"Yeah, Ace and Sebek said the same when I introduced them to it. Makes me believe this is something only seen back in my world."
A nice chat develops and, before they know it, the food's gone and Idia himself ate a nice amount of it
It's in the walk back to his dorm, when they're enveloped in a nice comfortable silence, pinkies entwined, that MC confesses they purposefully did all that out of concern for how much he eats
It ensues some light pushing-and-pulling around and tickling, him saying how that was a tactic well taught out, but also saying how he eats just fine and they shouldn't worry about that. You know, light banter between a loving couple
That dish ends up in Idia's list of favorites. He has asked Mc to bring it with them a couple of times when they hang out together and play games
Visiting a far away land
Frankly, he's curious and very nervous about this trip
MC of course is aware of Idia's dislike of crowds and being out in public, so they prepared a nice and calm trip for him
Visiting the less frequented parts of town, quiet cafés (cat cafés!! because those normally have controlled influx of costumers for the kitties' safety), couple of history museums, supermarkets late at night for snack runs, lots of staying at home to play a plethora of videogames and watch many anime series and movies
He's amazed at the variety of games MC's world has, and is also surprised by how some titles are similar to those he likes to play. Same goes for some anime series
While he appreciates how the Prefect tries to show him what their world and society there is like, he much more prefers their stay at home time
He gets to cuddle with them in their room! Their actual legit room with many memories of their life!
He may not look like it, but Idia likes to snoop around and ask what this or that photo, a toy or poster is about and what memories they hold
Honestly, Shroud came over to his lover's world to know about their life, not so much to learn about the world as a whole
Baby pictures, photo albums, the occasional video of their childhood, diaries and old Valentine's cards, he looks through and reads them all!
He will treasure every bit of information he learns about his partner and their life in this world. Probably takes one of their baby pictures with him back to Twisted Wonderland
👑 Vil Schoenheit 🍎
Foreign dishes
Vil is the hardest to convince to try your food out of this group, no doubt
He does know MC cooks, and knows that some of their dishes are uncommon, but the model has yet to asked them for a taste
It takes one brave "Do you want some?" for the model to finally have a taste of the food
He's very hesitant, you can see it clear in his expression, but it all fades away after the first bite
He will openly state if he likes it or not and why
"Perhaps you have other dishes that suit my fancy better? Come on, I want you to show me more."
He genuinely does want to taste more of those unique dishes
Visiting a far away land
Eager to take a little vacation to a world full of opportunities
I see Vil as someone who would like to visit the most prestigious places (though MC will have to tone it down and remind him they don't have an unlimited amount of money to spend)
Art museums and a couple theatre plays are his go-to, along with nice restaurants, popular cafés, and lovely parks to have a picnic on (he jumps into the idea of attending one of those outdoor cinema projections, those are probably his favorite because he gets to cuddle with his lover under the night sky while a movie plays)
He will want to learn about the history of MC's world and the way society, politics work there
He gets word of the horrible things that happened and the threat of climate change, human rights violations and he will want to take action to protest against it
Okay, but Vil will get along so well with the Prefect's younger siblings and mother/aunts/fem guardian if they have one
Get ready to have him judge favorite makeup products. Prefect better lead him away from the beauty and skincare sections of farmacias and supermarkets
All in all, having Vil over to their world allowed MC to visit many nice fancy-ish places and allowed them to enjoy some simple things they forgot
A wonderful person to have by your side in any world and universe~
🐺 Jack Howl 💛
Foreign dishes
With his fine sense of smell, Jack detected the food MC was preparing for their little date was something unfamiliar
"What's that? Something new?"
Yet MC tries to keep the surprise until the plates are presented and served
Seeing the smile on their face, Jack can't help but think that this dish will taste wonderful due to the love shining on their face
"This is [dish name], one of my favorites back in my world. Haven't seen it offered in the cafeteria, so I decided to try my hand and prepare it for you, Jackie!"
First bite, fluffy tail wagged. He compliments their cooking with a smile before diving in for a couple morsels
Jack isn't too picky, he enjoys food truthfully
I think he will be curious about the story behind the dish and why his love categorizes it as a favorite. Ingredients, techniques, tell him all about it!
I'm sure this boy will be happy to try more of the unique dishes found in a world ways away from his!
Visiting a far away land
A visit to his partner's world, huh? Well, Jack is certainly excited to see what sort of outdoor activities and exploring can be done in this new place!
Dates with Howl in the Prefect's world will consist of visiting natural parks, gardens, forest trails, perhaps do some fishing or bird watching
Jack grew up with snow as a constant. He would like to explore the winter sports scene in this foreign world (if MC lives somewhere with snow/with designated paces on which to practice said sports)
Aside from these outdoor sporty visits, the wolf would like to attend concerts or maybe a local team's game
However, he soon finds out these events aren't suited for his acute hearing (poor baby 😭)
So he's content with spending time inside MC's house, get to know their family a little, look through their family pictures, and have pleasant late afternoon walks in the nearby park
Something as simple as going out for icecream is tremendously pleasant with Jack by your side
(but poor MC if they aren't athletic or into nature because this big puppy will drag them to loooots of nature watching dates asdfg)
-- --
Ngl, this prompt was a little hard to fulfill. I'm well aware this isn't the most romantic, but hope it was enjoyable
Thank you for your request!
and sorry again for taking long
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teashopwritingzz · 7 months ago
I saw your headcanons on “what if some of the TWST boys met their future child/children with reader” and I was wondering: could you do that same premise but with Riddle, Leona, Jamil and Vil? Also, I hope you’rev having a nice day!
Oh, of course! And you have a nice day/night, too ^^
Also thank you for having me write more of Riddle I lub him
Here’s your order! Four cups of tea; One Rose Milk Tea, one Decaf Lemon Jasmine Tea, one Lavender Chai Tea, and one Taro Milk Tea! Enjoy~!
¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸
Riddle Rosehearts
Tumblr media
~ He was patrolling through the Rose Garden, making sure each rose was painted perfectly and that no troublemakers were in sight. He let out a content sigh, but his moment of peace was soon interrupted by childish giggling. He didn’t remember there being any kids in the school... Unless it was Grim!
~ He huffed and stormed over to the direction of the laughter, ready to scold that flaming furball. He turned the corner and opened his mouth to object, but stopped at the sight in front of him. He instead found a small boy playing and holding the hedgehogs, giggling at the little creatures.
~ He grew confused and a little awkward, but ignored it as he cleared his throat, which got the kid’s attention. “What do you think you’re doi-” “Papa Papa, look! They like me, heehee!” The child’s interruption made him splutter in shock and confusion. 
~ What?! Papa?! But Riddle didn’t have a kid, it was obvious he didn’t! But... The boy did look like him, with the red hair and the heart shaped tuft of hair atop his head. But the eyes were different. They looked... Like yours! Riddle face flushed and his confusion only grew. this boy had a lot of explaining to do...
~ Riddle sighed and reluctantly held his hand out to the small child, a stern yet soft look on his face. If this child was the offspring of both you and Riddle, the dorm leader would have to show you as well. Maybe this could be a sign for the future?
Leona Kingscholar
Tumblr media
~ A typical sunny afternoon for Leona was a nap under a shady tree, and that’s exactly what he was doing. With his hands under his head and his eyes closed, he sighed as he started dozing off, not even worrying about his responsibilities and missed classes.
~ Though his relaxation was cut short when he heard rustling and stifled giggles, his ear twitching in annoyance, but he tried to ignore it and go back to his nap. But suddenly, something pounced on his chest and knocked the wind right out of him! He growled and shot his eyes open, but the little girl giggling in front of Leona shocked him.
~ “You should’ve seen me, Dad! I stayed low and sneaky so that I could spook you, just like Uncle Farena taught me!” She smiled at him, showing off her little fangs as her cat ears and tail twitched excitedly. “S-Sorry, Dad, I tried to warn her not to!” Another kid, a younger boy, peeked out from the bush nearby, a sheepish look on his face.
~ He glared at the two in confusion. Surely they confused him for some other lion! Leona grumbled and pushed the giggling girl off of him so that he could sit up and he told them to get lost. “Okay geez, we’ll just go hang out with Mama Herbivore insteeeaad~!” The girl teased, knowing full well that it got the grumpy loins attention.
~ He only knew one “mama” herbivore and it was you! Did that mean these two loudmouths were both of your kids? The realization made him smirk to himself and he finally stood up, following the two kids as they started searching for you, his hands in his pockets and his tail swishing side to side eagerly. Maybe being around you isn’t so bad if it means this is the outcome~.
Jamil Viper
Tumblr media
~ Finally... A moment of relaxation for Jamil, overworked and stressed as hell from the day he’s had dealing with Kalim and school. He laid down on his bed after shutting the lights off and sighed, closing his eyes. He didn’t know that his moment of peace would soon be interrupted.
~ His room door slamming open and Kalim bursting in with an excited grin made poor Jamil shoot right up, turning to the excited dorm leader with a confused and annoyed glare. But he stopped when he saw a little girl in Kalim’s grasp, looking at him with her wide eyes. Kalim hurriedly explained about the girl and how she kept babbling about wanting to find “Dad”, but it only confused Jamil more. He was supposed to be relaxing right now!
~ The little girl in Kalim’s arms though started to try wriggling and prying herself off of him, jumping out of his arms and running to Jamil with outstretched arms and a big grin, proudly exclaiming “Dad!!” Jamil widened his eyes and stared awkwardly at her, glancing up at an equally confused Kalim.
~ He must’ve been dreaming, this had to be a dream. But, the girl felt very real and she even had his eyes and hair... But who was the mother? The only girl he knew of was... You! And he was quite close with you. Did that mean... The realization made him blush and he looked back up at Kalim.
~ He told Kalim what he thought, but soon regretted it when the sunshine boy grinned and scooped up the little girl, chanting about how he was going to be an uncle in the future! That’s not exactly how it works, Kalim... Jamil sighed and shook his head with a smile. How was he going to tell you about this? Maybe he should wait until tomorrow, he was exhausted after all...
Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
~ Walking through the halls and scolding his dorm students for any minor detail was common for Vil, and everyone knew it. He wanted his dorm to be in tip top shape, showcasing Pomefiore’s beauty! He can’t have any potatoes messing things up.
~ But a few people’s stares looked more bewildered and confused than normal and it slightly bothered the dorm leader. He eventually spoke up about it and asked what they were looking at, startling the poor students. They sheepishly pointed down at his cape and as Vil looked down at where they were pointing- Huh?? 
~ There was a young boy, with blonde hair like his, gripping the end of his cape with a sheepish look in his eyes. How long had he been following Vil? The taller blonde narrowed his eyes at the kid and, in the most polite way he could, asked the little boy what he was doing. “I wanted to see you, Papa... A-And help you!” 
~ Vil was now utterly confused. Was this child lost? He rose a brow at the boy and decided to examine the kid further. Hmm, blond hair, amethyst eyes... But a different nose shape. One that he recognized- Oh! It looked like your cute nose! What a surprise, a child who looked like you and Vil!
~ This seemed to amuse Vil and he smiled as he picked the shy boy up, who smiled back from the sudden affection. Him and his sweet potato, having a future as well as a child together... The thought put a soft smile on his face as he doted on the little blonde boy in his arms, ignoring the strange looks he got from the other students.
¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸
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Ooh! Requests are open! Can I have first years sharing scary stories for Halloween? Who do you think could tell the scariest stories ?
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
Ace is the type of guy that makes up petty scary stories on the fly. (He has lots of practice with keeping on his toes, since he’s always giving excuses to the teachers or to his Dorm Leader about why he’s late or why his assignment isn’t done yet.) He also has the tendency to give funny voices and falsettos when he’s speaking character dialogue.
The longer you listen, the more you put two and two together. A lot of the events and characters that he describes have direct parallels to things that have happened to him before, or to people he knows. (You’re particularly suspicious of the story of the “Crimson Tyrant” who supposedly chopped off the heads of anyone that disagreed with him.)
When you confront Ace about these similarities, he denies it all. “You’re insane,” he tells you with a stubborn pout. “If anything sounds familiar to you, it’s just a coincidence!”
Thanks to the magic of comedically poor timing and Ace’s bad luck, Riddle happens to be passing by while he’s in the middle of telling a story. He catches wind of the “Crimson Tyrant” and, scepter in hand, angrily demands, “And just who might you be gossiping about, I wonder?” (... Well, it’s off with Ace’s head.)
Tumblr media
Deuce’s stories aren’t really scary. In fact, they’re pretty... mundane and anticlimactic. His idea of a “scary” story is something like opening a carton of eggs and finding one cracked. Only Deuce seems to think these kinds of things are gruesome (which makes him a target of Ace’s teasing).
“You guys just don’t get it!” Deuce stubbornly insists. “Don’t you think it’s sad that those eggs will never get to grow up to be baby chicks and chickens?! That’s just as bad as any serial killer coming at you with an axe or a chainsaw!” 
Ironically, he has much more frightening stories of his days as a delinquent, especially when he’s retelling the times he beat others up with his bare fists. (... But for some reason, Deuce doesn’t find those scary, they just leave a bad taste in his mouth.)
Like the good boy that he is, Deuce likes to end his stories on a positive note! It could be a moral or a way to avoid meeting the same grisly fate as the characters in his story... but, above all else, Deuce swears to protect his friends with his own strength!
Tumblr media
Jack’s a man of few words, so his style of scary storytelling is limited to short one or two sentence tales. He’d rather be doing something productive like studying or exercising, but if you’re going to make him sit down and tell a story, he’ll want to get it over with as soon as he can.
He’s a stronger listener than a storyteller. From how intensely he stares at his friends, you’d think Jack was angry at them for something. But nope, he’s just listening intently, granting them his undivided attention.
Admittedly, Jack is the buzzkill of the group. He’ll sometimes stop his own story to explain something, or point out what doesn’t make sense in others’. (”... Why would they open the door when no one’s there after ringing the doorbell? That sounds suspicious as hell.” “They’re splitting up? At least go in a pair so they can watch each others’ backs... The first to get killed always goes off alone.”)
As the voice of reason, Jack steps in when he senses that his friends are too scared by the current story to change the topic or suggest a break before continuing. He’ll never admit to his niceness, though--he’ll just excuse it as “not wanting to hear people shouting in my ears the whole night”.
Tumblr media
Epel’s specialty is urban legends and myths! There isn’t a lot to do in his hometown, so he used to trade stories with his school mates in his free time. They’re all native to the Village of Harvest and the people there, so even Jack ends up hearing new stories from him.
“Its like playing one big game of telephone, with each retelling adding new details or making a new version of the story,” is how Epel describes it. “It’s neat to see how a story can be spread and changed over time, isn’t it? Kinda like a seed that grows into a tree that’s way bigger than anyone expected it’d be.”
Epel also tells you stories of his real life experiences with the strange and the paranormal! (... And by that, he means the times he got so bored at home, he went exploring old abandoned houses rumored to be cursed.) He acts all tough (and maybe exaggerates a few points), but he’s really enthusiastic to share more about his life with his best friends!
Epel’s really good at setting the atmosphere for scary stories! Lights out, thick blankets, snacks, candles, and flashlights to shine for enhanced dramatic flair. It’s like having a sleepover with all of your closest friends.
Tumblr media
Sebek boasts a wealth of knowledge in scary stories, thanks to hours spent studying and reading novels in his leisure. He can perfectly recall the details of any thriller, mystery, or true crime novel for the group, taking great lengths to build up the suspense before dropping the plot twists on you, much like how lighting strikes come quickly and without warning.
Of the first years, Sebek gets the most “in character” while he’s telling his stories. He not only attempts to put on fitting voices for every character, but also motions with his hands, acting out entire scenes like a one-man stage troupe.
You’re not sure if it’s pure coincidence or not, but when Sebek’s turn comes, there’s a heavy downpour. Oddly enough, the lightning also seems fo strike at the best of times—at the climaxes of his stories. Sebek seems to be the only one overjoyed by this, claiming that it’s a divine blessing from Lord Malleus himself! “HMPH!! Be thankful for the Young Master’s kindness, HUMANS! ... And beastman!”
Though Sebek’s retellings are scary enough as they are, nothing compares to the horrors of his childhood spent with Lilia. A noticeable chill descends upon the room as he recalls his time training in the wilderness and being terrorized by his mentor. By the time the final world has been said, even Sebek is left trembling in fear.
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natewriteslol · 2 months ago
Love is in the Air
Summary: When an accident during a lab experiment in Mr. Crewel’s class goes haywire, Leona just can’t keep your hands off of you. You and the gang have to get him back to normal, or would it be too late? 
Y/N is gender neutral 
Warnings: none, just close contact and cussing 
Part One --->Part Two
Tumblr media
It was in the afternoon during one of Crewel’s lectures, you were counting down the minutes to leave especially since it was Friday. You were so ready to have a movie night with all of your friends. Sending out texts to everyone, and almost everyone said yes!
Except for Leona. 
You guys weren’t exactly great friends… well you really weren’t friends at all. Sure you helped each other, and much to his dismay were partnered up for class. Leona hated you to be honest, and the only reason you invited him was because Ruggie and Jack would be there. He was their friend, senior, and fellow beastman. 
But he declined, “Absolutely not.” 
So it was pretty awkward being sat next to him in class as he stared at you… and then to be paired up for this potion making. 
The whole point of the potion was to make an incredibly potent potion that helped with the acceleration of blood flow. Makes your heart beat fast, easy right?
Not when you’re working with Leona. 
He was just being more difficult, and his activity in your project would have been useful if it weren’t so damn negative. It seemed as though the lion beastman was completely ignoring you and anything you had to say. 
It all happened so quickly, he pinched the bright blue powder and placed it in the small cauldron. 
“Leona! The frog’s toe doesn’t go with Siren Ash!” 
Leona just laughed at you, “Everyone knows this spell like the back of their hand, that’s not Siren ash it’s Siren scales. Only an idiot would mess that up.” It was only until he looked at the labels of the bags that he realized he poured in Siren ash.
You quickly jumped back, Leona was encased in the blue fog that was now turning a bright pink hue. 
The mist left as fast as it came, leaving Leona clutching the dark wooden desk. You ran quickly to him, “Holy shit, Leona! Are you okay?” Clutching his arm, yet keeping your distance since you knew the beastman hated to be touched. 
Leona turned to look at you, his cat-like eyes going from normal to his pupils going completely blown out. 
Mr. Crewel had come, ending class early to evacuate everyone from the premises. 
“Are you two alright? Mr. Kingscholar?” Mr. Crewel asked. 
“Mr. Crewel his pupils are really dilated,” you cried out, turning Leona to look at your teacher.  
“I-I feel fine, quit bugging m-” Leona tried to growl out but was quickly stopped by a cough, a cloud of pink smoke in the shape of a heart crawled out of his mouth. He stumbled, needing support from both you and Crewel. You got even more freaked out about Leona’s condition. 
As you both carried him down the stairs Crewel however let out a sigh of relief, “Thank goodness, it’s nothing at all serious.” 
“What do you mean Professor Crewel?” you asked, confused as to this could be anything but serious. 
“Well, it is serious for you and how you plan to approach this situation. However, a failure to perform this type of potion would be deemed a great threat to Mr. Kingscholar’s life. Possibly causing some form of heart disease. However, his symptoms indicate something else more… emotional” Crewel finished.
You both placed the half conscious Leona down in the chair that sat in front of Crewel’s desk. Your teacher quickly started to check and see if he had the components to make an antidote for  the spell, yet you still were confused by your teacher’s comment. 
“Wait, what do you mean by that, Mr. Crewel?”
“Him using Siren’s ash instead of Siren’s scales made it a love potion, affecting the emotional heart rather than the physical heart, my dear,” Crewel said.  
“And while it takes a day to only a couple of hours to sink in and take effect, I unfortunately don’t have the Rosemary that I need. And delivery from the MMC (Magic Materials Center) takes up to a week,” Crewel said, frustrated.  “I ask you to please take care of him for the time being and take him to the infirmary to rest. I will be continuing research in order to fix this mess.”
You obeyed Crewel, taking him to the infirmary, thanking whatever higher power there was that  he was barely conscious. Eventually having Leona taken out of your hands by the stronger Savannaclaw students. 
You had movie night without Ruggie and Jack, seeing as they would be tending to their dorm head. But you definitely weren’t unscathed by your friends from the situation you were in. 
“H-holy shit! So you accidently made a love potion!” Ace cackled. 
“Oh my god imagine Leona being all doting on them” Deuce snickered, trying his hardest to be sympathetic to your situation but failing. 
“Hey baby~” Ace says leaning up against the wall, but he’s quickly cut off by his own wheeze. 
“You guys this is serious, I’m kinda scared that he’s in danger,” you said, leaning into the beanbag chair. 
“I doubt it, with most potion accidents they end up being all woosy and they’re fine. Don’t sweat it, Y/N!” Ace said, with a smile. 
“Thanks, both of you. I feel alot better,” you replied, feeling reassured by the both of them. I mean they’re probably right! 
What’s the worst that could happen? 
It was the next day, a beautiful Saturday morning. Everything seemed completely normal until you got a phone call from Ruggie. 
“Y/N! Get over to the Savannaclaw dorm now, it’s urgent! Don’t bring Grim!”
Shit, you totally fucked up. You were going to be torn to shreds by Leona. Knowing that you ran to go accept your fate and didn’t bring Grim.
It would be a tragedy to see your guardian be slaughtered in front of you after all. 
You have never even seen full on pissed Leona, just mildly upset or annoyed. So for Ruggie to freak out like this, you prepared for the worse. 
Once you got there breathed out a sigh of relief, “Thanks for coming, please go talk to him, Leona’s been acting super weird!” 
More angry than usual?! Oh you were in for it now. You opened the door to his room, seeing him sitting on his bed, his back turned to the door. 
You decided to start the conversation, after all it was your fault that this happened. 
“Leona, I’m so sorry. I totally messed up and I know that doesn’t cut it but I’m just really sorry-'' you stopped as he started to move over to your position near the door. Placing his hand near your face, kabendoning you. 
You’re cornered, nowhere to run from the lion beastman. 
This was the end for y-
“What are you talking about?” He giggled, looking into your eyes. 
W h a t .
“I-I thought you were mad at me,” You said, incredibly scared that Leona had been driven to madness. 
“Stupid, I could never be mad at you,” He smiled, his fangs poking through. Leona gently placed his hand under your chin to give you a couple kisses on the forehead. 
“C’mon come sit down with me,” Leona said, taking your hand and putting you on the bed. 
“W-wait Leona!” you exclaimed, trying to wrap your head around things “Are you okay? Do you feel alright?” 
“I feel fine, even better since you’re here” he grinned. 
“But, don’t you remember the potion accident that happened yesterday? You were coughing up smoke, and you were barely conscious. I kinda have to take care of you since it was my fault and-” 
“Oh yeah, the explosion in potion’s class. Now I remember,” Leona remarked, placing his hand under his chin. “But... take care of me, you said?”
“Yeah, that’s what Crewel told me to do-” but you quickly cut yourself off since he was moving closer. 
“Hmm, I’m feeling like I need something from you, my herbivore,” he purred, placing his hand on your thigh. You felt like you were going to faint, all this attention from him was too much. 
I mean, sure you were super into him, seeing him around the NRC campus. But as soon as you got the chance to meet him, he opened his mouth…
“You stupid herbivore.”
“Enough barking you hyena.”
“I would rather die than help you.” 
Wasn’t exactly ideal. But this was completely different, a change for the better! And while it was pleasant, you realized this wasn’t really him, he was under a potion spell. And while he was incredibly disrespectful, Leona couldn’t consent to this. 
So you immediately shaped up, prying his hands off of you, “I’m sorry but I have to go talk to Crewel right now!”
“But baby-” 
“It’s an emergency! I-I’ll be back I promise!” And you were off, racing out of Leona’s bedroom to talk to Crewel. 
 Ruggie was right, Leona is out of his mind!
You came to Crewel, panting since you ran the whole way as you didn’t want Leona to catch up to you. 
“Mr.Crewel, Leona has gone crazy,” you panted out, sitting in the chair in front of him. 
“What do you mean by that, pup?” Crewel asked, as he flipped through papers. 
“H-he kept touching me, he gave me kisses on the forehead and acted as though I was his partner or something. I almost died!” you finally got out “Leona hates me, and I know he’s not in his right mind.” 
Crewel smirked, he found your situation quite funny in how flustered you were getting from all this attention from the beastmen. 
“Well, here’s the thing about this type of potion you two accidently brewed,” Crewel explained “This potion brings out the internal romantic feelings of a person.”
“So this means that Leona’s affection toward you isn’t random. His loving nature for you and others just bubbled to the surface due to the judgmental part of his brain that criticizes actions of love is completely gone at the moment,” Crewel finished. 
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curryandbread · 2 months ago
Hello Curry! Can I request a Twisted Wonderland Headcanon with Dorm Leader when they witness they're S/o almost getting kidnap by someone (can be RSA student or anyone random but please no Neige) that have obsession towards their S/O.
Thank you~ oh! And make it Sfw please.
TWST Dorm Leaders protecting an s/o whose involved in an attempted kidnapping
hi anon!! thank you for requesting~
TW: drugging
Riddle Rosehearts
You were asked to meet someone at Heartslabyul’s rose gardens. It was a heartfelt letter, and for some reason it got you curious to who the sender might be.
Riddle keeps you close whenever you go somewhere. But this is a matter on your own hands, he lets you off once as he bids you a farewell with a kiss on the forehead.
You were waiting, looking around until someone from behind hugs your body tightly as you yelped. Unfortunately, your screams were muffled as the perpetrator covered your mouth with a hand.
Just when you were struggling, Riddle successfully hit the perpetrator down with his magic before running towards you.
He hugs you first thing, cupping your face as he checked if you had any injuries.
Riddle’s eyes were full of fire. He glared down at the person who attempted to kidnap you, not taking another latency of making them pay.
And once the situation was settled, with the perpetrator being taken away, from that since on, he will not leave you alone anymore.
He’d have you stay at his bedroom for security purposes, cuddling you to sleep as he whispered sweet nothings while he’s here.
Leona Kingscholar
Who dared to capture you?! Especially if you’re with the Leona Kingscholar.
In any circumstance that this one person doesn’t know that you’re dating Leona, he just signed himself a ticket for a train to hell.
Someone asks you to meet at the Magift field, offering you to ‘watch a game’, in which you allowed.
Leona would be somewhere unseen, most likely sleeping at random places again.
Someone violently grabs your arm, pinning you down to the ground with both of your arms behind you, you tried thrashing around but the perpetrator had a well-built physique.
Until suddenly, the perpetrator was sent flying by the jaw. The weight hanging over you dispersed immediately.
You look up to see Leona with the grimmest expression. His green orbs practically glowing.
Of course, the perpetrator got the message. As they scrammed without looking back, Leona eyes some of his men and gestured the delinquents to follow them.
Once the two of you are alone, he picks you up and slings you on his shoulder.
“Hey, herbivore. From now on I should see you in my sight. If you’re not there, you know the consequences.”
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul is the master of trickery, but he never saw it coming that someone would go to such an extent to kidnap you.
You were sitting alone at the bar of Mostro Lounge, waiting for your drink.
One of the students came to add something to your drink. Azul was not at the area, most likely at the VIP room doing his usual business.
You reach for your drink now being delivered to you. You took a sip, suddenly feeling your vision drop. The perpetrator purposely catches you before you even fall to the ground, insisting he’ll take you to the infirmary.
The perpetrator drags you somewhere secluded. Before they even tried to do something, a punch was landed on the perpetrator’s cheek.
All you could here was Floyd’s insanely high-pitched laughs, Jade following behind Floyd.
Once Azul gets the cue, the twins are going to give the perpetrator a little... lesson.
Whilst you can hear the perpetrator being abused by the twins at the back, Azul would stroke your cheek lovingly as he held you close.
“Let’s put it like this, treat it like a contract. You’ll stay by my side forever and never leave me, yes?”
Kalim Al-Asim
He knows he should be the one who’d get kidnapped due to certain cases in the past, but it had to be you instead of him.
You were only eating alone at Scarabia’s kitchen. The dorm head had gone to bed, and you were there to drop by for a little midnight snack.
Whilst your back was turned, arms loomed over you and your mouth was covered, trying to break free from the grip.
However the perpetrator stood his ground. You were struggling until the grip loosened. All you heard was a pan being hit on someone’s head.
It was Kalim who had thrown the pan at the perpetrator, now lying down on the ground.
He runs towards you and pulling you into an embrace, blaming himself for leaving you alone.
Jamil rushes down to see what’s the commotion he’s been hearing at the kitchen, of course, things are taken care of as he is already at the scene.
Next time, Kalim would have to reinforce the dorm with security barriers, and even make you sleep in his room, making sure that you’ll let him know that you’re running off somewhere.
Vil Schoenheit
Of course, some people will look down on you just like how people underestimate Vil.
It was the day of VDC, the representatives were busy preparing for their performance so you were left alone, Grim tagging along with the committees to secure other things for the festival.
You were only sitting on a bench by the stage. A student approaches you and they seemed to be from RSA. They hung around with you until they insisted to take you to a place they want you to see.
You politely decline but somehow the RSA student contained a short temper and was about to lash out on you.
However, Vil was quick to kick the student away from you.
The RSA student will definitely recognize who he just bumped into. Announcing a lot of apologies for his ‘rude’ behavior and leaves the two of you alone.
“Never mind you leaving us here. I’m taking you with me.” Said Vil.
Idia Shroud
Yada... yadaaaaaaa..! No way is he gonna have anyone even lay a finger on you without him around you.
You were only doing laboratory maintenance duties, you alone with another student assigned to help you.
Somehow, the student beside you pushes you down to the ground as he pinned you down. Shocked and unable to asses the situation, you suddenly heard a small voice from the corner.
“Charging laser beam, 30%.”
It was Ortho.
The student hissed, getting off of you as he ran away. Idia rushes in to check on you and pulled you up.
You asked him how did he know, he said he saw it from the security cameras. Don’t even ask him why he even has access...
Of course you had to thank Ortho for him nearly blasting the whole school down just for you. Giving Idia a reassuring smile as you held his hand with a light squeeze.
Malleus Draconia
It would bring a disgrace to the title of the next head of the Valley of Thorns if he were to harm someone for you. However, he will do so just to keep you by his side.
You were at a janitor’s closet, putting away the mop you had just used to clean a breakage that Grim has caused. Malleus was also there to witness it, however you insisted you’d clean up instead of him.
You were heading out of the closet, suddenly someone blocks your path and pushes you back in the closet.
It was a delinquent from Savanclaw who had wanted to take revenge for Diasomnia’s victory in every Magift tournament by holding the Diasomnia dorm leader’s precious, you, captive.
It was not long until a green mist of magic hit the back of the student’s head, knocking them to the ground.
Malleus had come to rescue you.
“I can never forgive myself for dragging you into this.”
You were quick to tell him that it wasn’t his fault and thanked him with a kiss on the cheek.
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shampoocifer · 3 months ago
What casual clothes the Twisted Wonderland cast would wear
@ferny-bread made a post asking what kind of modern clothes the Twisted Wonderland boys would wear. So here's my 2 cents on the topic
Ace Trappola: Ace buys a bunch of affordable clothes in good quality that falsely make him look like a rich person. A lot of shirts but without a tie, he always leaves a few buttons open. Suit pants. Casual blazers. Polo shirts with the logos of famous brands but they're fake. The only expensive thing he buys are fancy watches.
Deuce Spade: Deuce buys very basic, single-colored t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies and usually wears a leather jacket on top of it. Always wears jeans and some type of sports shoe. But since we know of the pink leopard print outfit there's def some weird stuff in his wardrobe.
Trey Clover: Trey's outfit of the day is either "normal" or "Vil would teleport me to the 9th circle of hell if he saw me like this". There's a 50/50 chance he'll show up in regular pants and simple t-shirts and outdoor jackets but there's also the possibility you'll see him walking around in a cardigan his grandma, who can't knit, knitted for him and it has the largest threads and patterns mankind has ever seen and you close it by tying a knot into it. Or he'd wear those v-neck shirts for men that have this terrible white piece of cloth in the v-neck for no particular reason and it has stripes in colors that don't fit together at all. His shoes are cool 9/10 of times though
Cater Diamond: Lots and lots of college jackets and bomber jackets. Lots and lots of simple white t-shirts under said jackets. A ton of trendy, colored sunglasses with cool gradient colors. And a shit ton of cool baseball caps. Something like this:
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts: Riddle's mum is a Karen and a control freak and his clothes radiate exactly that, after all she buys them for him. Sweater vests. Polo shirts. Neat shirts with a perfectly done tie. If he's feeling dangerous today he dresses like Nick Wilde.
Leona Kingscholar: As a Leona simp I'd like to fulfill all of our dreams and say he dresses like a biker because it'd look absolutely gorgeous on him (I mean he already slays in the Savanaclaw dorm uniform) but we all know Leona has a terrible fashion sense so I gotta say he'd dress in a bunch of colors that hurt to look at, don't fit together and have patterns that people haven't worn in years. Basically his outdoor wear. He also always wears accessories. The rest of his outfit may suck but his necklaces, bracelets and rings sure don't. He manages to look like he buys all his clothes in a thrift shop but they're all expensive from famous brands. Also Leona might never be king of the Afterglow Savannah but he'd sure as hell be king of ugly sandals. I'm not even talking about his school uniform shoes, literally imagine the ugliest sandals you can think of; Leona would wear them unless they're colorful and tacky. Half the time he runs around in these tho:
Tumblr media
Ruggie Bucchi: Three words - Vargas Camp Ruggie. If you ever went to a public school when you were like 12 or 13, chances are there was this one kid who dressed like Vargas Camp Ruggie. And if Ruggie wears casual clothes that is exactly what he looks like. He wears this type of scarf all the way from autumn to early spring and he has a bunch of hiking boots and owns jackets and bags that scream "ugly but practical". He'd wear everything the Jack Wolfskin online store has to offer except that he's too poor to afford brands like this so they're all fakes from beyond the border of the Afterglow Savannah that he found (or stole) on tourist street markets.
Jack Howl: Jack's fashion sense radiates "I'm young, athletic and in the military". Owns a lot of clothes with camo print. Lots of Cargo pants. And tank tops. He always runs around in tank tops except for when it's really hot which is the days where he won't wear a shirt at all. He also wears those metal necklaces you always see soldiers wear in movies idk if they have a specific name. Apart from that he wears typical sport clothes.
Azul Ashengrotto: It's Azul. Like, what do you expect, of course he dresses exclusively in suits. He also owns so many different fedoras it's insane.
Jade Leech: Nothing special, lots of basic black pants and single-colored cashmere sweaters. A bunch of turtlenecks too. But the fabric of his shirts always ends up being soft as hell.
Floyd Leech: See, Floyd is a wild card. You cannot possibly pinpoint a style for him because you'll never know what he shows up in today. It could be something perfectly fine like his outdoor wear but he could also greet you in platform crocs and a fur coat.
Kalim Al-Asim: Kalim is the type of guy who combines traditional with modern clothes. You'll always see him wear something traditional from the Land of Hot Sands, be it a shirt or an accessory etc. but he usually combines it with typical modern clothes. Kalim has a fairly good fashion sense so it always fits together well.
Jamil Viper: Same as in canon. Several variations of school uniform Jamil and PE Jamil. Ton of accessories. Sometimes single-colored shirts and bomber jackets. A lot of outfits that radiate "crying in the skatepark at 3am"
Vil Schoenheit: Another one you can't pinpoint but in a good way. Not only is Vil always up to date with the newest fashion trends, but he's a trendsetter himself. He casually wears so many different styles and he loves fashion in general so he doesn't settle for one specific style. Fact is he always slays. He usually wears heels though.
Rook Hunt: Hats. Rook wears pretty basic outfits which just draw more attention to his large variety of extraordinary hats (he does this on purpose). He owns anything from cowboy hats to Bavarian hats to baseball caps. And of course berets.
Epel Felmier: Ever since Chapter 5, Epel's wardrobe only has two types of clothing - "cute and frilly" and "dangerous person with knife who'd sell you drugs in a shady alleyway". He either dresses like the most adorable person you will ever meet or like a total delinquent.
Idia Shroud: Gamer and weeb merch. Large hoodies. Shirts with uncomfortable close-up shots of the faces of anime characters. Otherwise pretty much what he wears in canon.
Silver: Lots of denim stuff. Simple white t-shirts with colorful symbols and print on it. Nothing special but he's pretty fashionable.
Sebek Zigvolt: Idk why but lots of suit pants. Also Sebek owns so many comfortable hoodies istg. He loves sitting down in one of these and read a book. He also has a lot of turtleneck shirts. In winter he wears long trenchcoats and scarves out of wool. He also owns fake glasses for fashion purposes (and to look smart)
Lilia Vanrouge: Lilias fashion sense is about as good as his cooking skill. He will legit just go to a thrift shop and throw a bunch of things he likes together, no matter if they fit or not. You know how the people in the music video to Thrift Shop dress? This is what Lilia wears.
Malleus Draconia: You'd expect a guy who has no idea about trends or modern human society and who spent most of his long life locked up in a castle to be an absolute disaster when it comes to fashion but the thing is, Malleus is a strategic buyer. He knows he already struggles to blend in with humans and he's perfectly aware he has no idea what modern fashion trends are so he buys stuff he's already seen people wear at school. Simple t-shirts. Hoodies. Blazers. Suit pants. Shirts & ties. Sneakers. Cardigans. But as he's used to from Valley of Thorns traditions he buys all of this in all black so he definitely looks like an emo while being unaware of what an emo is. He does look fashionable though. He also loves long af big scarves (wrap them around him he'd be so happy)
I also made a tier-list of my judgements of their fashion
Tumblr media
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honey-deerling · 4 months ago
Platonic Brainrot for the First Years + Grim
snuggling your face into Grim's tummy while he's sleepy, and blowing hot air into his fur when you're feeling playful
having a movie night with all of the first years once every month. it's always held at Ramshackle, but the person who gets to pick the movie changes every time. Epel and Jack always choose action movies, Sebek chooses dramas, Deuce chooses comedies, and Ace always chooses horror movies
the boys lose their absolute shit whenever you get sick or injured. they always insist on doing everything for you even tho that usually just ends up making your life harder
after you introduce them to Avatar, they get into full on arguments over which nation they would each be from
you end up as Epel's snack dealer since Vil's got him on such a strict diet. you sneak him all the candy and treats that he's been missing since he was sorted into Pomefiore
Rook totally knows but he never says anything
this is a secret between the two of you, but Jack really likes to turn into his wolf form and have you brush his fur and scratch all his itchy spots. he goes nuts for belly rubs, but again, this is top secret bonding between you two
if you're afab, Grim lays on your lower stomach/lap and purrs heavily when you're on your period
Deuce is your jar opener. it does not matter where you are or when you need one opened. you always go to find him, and he opens it for you without complaint. many a time Trey, Cater, or Ace have awoken in the middle of the night, to see you waddling through the Heartslabyul halls, holding a jar. they've stopped questioning it by now. somehow Riddle has never caught you
Ace shows up at the Ramshackle dorm at the most random of times, always bringing either chaos, trouble, jokes, or a new magic trick to show you. oftentimes, his visits include all four
Ace is also the only one besides Grim to see you breakdown over missing your family and friends. it was during one of his spontaneous late night visits. he didn't bother to knock and just barged right in, to see you curled up on the kitchen floor sobbing as Grim desperately tried to calm you down. immediately he was at your side on the floor, and pulled you into his arms. he didn't complain or make any sarcastic remarks, even when your tears soaked through his shirt. he just held you to his chest and stroked your hair, hoping that the sound of his heartbeat would help ground you. neither of you have ever brought up the incident
Sebek ends up being your trash tv-watching partner. you guys watch reality shows and dramas together, and both of you get wayyyy too invested. telenovelas are you guys' favorites bc you like to try and predict the plot twists
Grim hates Crowley for putting you through all his bs even more than you do at this point. anytime the old crow shows up in the dorm to dump more of his workload on you, Grim hisses and growls at him the whole time
Grim can no longer sleep without you. whenever he does, he's plagued by nightmares of hia time on the streets before NRC. by this point, he considers you his best friend and lowkey his parent. anytime your eventual departure from the Twisted Wonderland is brought up, he grows more and more fearful of your leaving. he doesn't know how he'll survive when you're gone
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star-crossed-cafe · 2 months ago
Hi!! Can I request hcs with Dorm Leaders who fell in love with RSA student (gn please)? <3 thanks for your works!!
summary: the dorm leaders falling in love with a student from RSA
warnings: includes possible spoilers through episode 5
word count: 3k
author's note: hi anon! this is such a unique, cute idea, and i hope i was able to do it justice! your Baker really enjoyed writing this, so he hopes it was everything you wanted and more! i tried to make the distance between the two schools work, so i hope the different headcanons aren't too ridiculous or out there and still are what you were asking for.
Tumblr media
At first, you were nothing more than a rival to Riddle. He wanted to surpass you, and have both his school's marks as well as his own beat yours. As far as he could help it, Night Raven College would not lose to Royal Sword Academy again. Not while he was a dorm leader.
When the two of you first became acquaintances, he treated you formally yet coldly. He's not interested in being buddy-buddy with his enemies; he's not Azul.
Yet, he found himself unable to truly separate himself from you. You had been dragged into an unbirthday tea party by Che'nya, who mischievously laughed and said he brought along a friend for Riddle and Trey to meet. Despite being annoyed by the intrusion, Riddle, who was working on accepting the rules being bent a little, held pleasant conversation with you.
Yet there was something so... charming about you. Like a royal from years lost to history.
While the other students often bristled with animosity around you, pent up with their school's losing streak when pitted against yours, you stood your ground, and Riddle found that to be admirable.
The more you attended the dorm's tea parties, the more Riddle's heart began to soften for you.
Before he knew what he was doing, he was making sure only the best tarts were set out for you, awaiting your arrival. The tea was always to the perfect temperature, set out in only the most sparkling teacup.
Why was he so disappointed on the days you couldn't make it?
What the dorm leader didn't account for, however, was the watchful gaze of two obnoxious first years and two delighted third years. Ace and Deuce took it upon themselves to openly tease their senior, gleefully gloating about how their local stick in the mud had gone and fallen for his "rival".
The scarlet red burning feverishly on his cheeks was the telltale sign that they had hit the nail directly on the head. Riddle had fallen completely head over heels for you, and he wasn't sure what to do about it.
Tumblr media
Leona felt no joy at all upon meeting you. You came from that school where the students were all pampered, right? Mark him down as uninterested.
He definitely wasn't bitter over the 99 year long losing streak.
Except, as a dorm leader, Leona had a responsibility to greet you on behalf of his dorm. Luckily (for you), he wasn't able to shirk his responsibilities and ended up having to meet you.
Befitting your school, you acted bright and regally and, to Leona's dismay, were incredibly hard to shake. What finally got you off of his tail was the promise to meet up again sometime soon.
And meet up the two of you did. Time and time again until your phone number somehow worked its way into his phone.
"We can't see each other often because we go to different schools," you claimed. "We need some way to keep in touch!"
Leona often left you on read, choosing sleep over your many messages. Yet, there was some sort of warmth that bloomed inside his chest when he woke to several texts from you.
Sometimes you called him after dinner time, a time in which he'd normally have already nodded off to sleep. You would tell him all about your day and everything that happened at school, and Leona always bit back the "I don't care"s that resided on his tongue habitually.
Eventually, Leona even found himself reaching out to you more. It was never anything fancy, and he couldn't express any affection in the forms he usually would have, but he still found some sort of way to dismissively help you realize your importance to him.
Not that he'd ever admit to any feelings for you making a den out of his heart. But every now and then, a package (actually ordered by Ruggie, of course) addressed to you would show up at your school, containing some small gift you had mentioned wanting a while ago.
Leona's favorite thing, however, was when you two mentioned the rivalry between the two schools. He was always fired up, ready to beat your school and prove his own's superiority. And, of course, it was this rivalry that started your relationship to begin with.
Tumblr media
Azul's ears were perked up the moment you stepped foot onto the campus.
No matter who you were or what you knew, you were a student at RSA and had to have some sort of knowledge about the school. Even the smallest detail could be a big catch, you know. And Azul was always ready to learn something that could help out his own school and, most importantly, himself.
It was with this reasoning in mind that Azul offered you a fine cup of tea and only his most honeyed words. Come, make yourself comfortable. The Lounge is open to all, of course.
Originally, it was only with business intent that Azul listened to the words you said. When you told him about yourself and your school, everything was categorized into his brain for future use.
Yet, after you left, he found his mind replaying the compliments you kindly handed out to the Lounge and the decor you liked as he sat counting the day's income. He thought of you once more as his gaze lingered on his cup, filled with the same tea he had brewed for you only hours ago.
This was a peculiar weakness and Azul was not fond of it. This was meant to be strictly professional!
Azul was surprised, to say the least, when he received a letter from you one day. He hadn't expected you to write him for anything, especially as he didn't think he had successfully convinced you to agree to sign a contract with him. It was a pitiful loss, indeed, but he still eagerly read your letter, hoping it would contain some proposition of a deal.
Sadly, he found nothing of the sort. Despite this defeat, he found a soft smile playing at his lips. How curious. You told him about your day and what had happened after heading home. You were a bit intriguing, he figured he must admit.
And so, with carefully planned out wording and precise pen flourishes, Azul wrote back to you. His tone was not nearly as casual as yours, and he, of course, included a note about how the Mostro Lounge is always open for business and that he, its merciful owner, was always willing to help out some poor unfortunate soul.
The more the two of you wrote to each other, sending letters back and forth like sailors sending them in bottles, the more Azul felt a space in his heart for you growing. He didn't understand why at first. Not until Floyd and Jade saw how happy he looked upon receiving your latest letter, and gleefully teased him about falling in love with some pampered land dweller.
He may profusely claim it to be untrue, but even he knew deep inside that he was the one at your mercy now, having fallen completely head over heels for you.
Tumblr media
A guest has arrived? This calls for a feast! And a parade! And lots and lots of music!
It was with this energy that he dictated his plans to the already exhausted Jamil. Who cares about old rivalries! Bygones be bygones! Yesterday's old rival is today's new friend!
You were whisked around from sight to sight as Kalim dragged you around with him. He wanted to show you everything! The chances were you had never seen NRC before, and he was here to help change that! Of course, this tour started with Scarabia.
He showed you everything, from the depths of the storage room to the view from upon the highest peak's deck. His smile and laughter were contagious as he excitedly shared everything within reach to you, despite the hesitation of those around him. Sure he wasn't following the "plan with deep anticipation" motto, but what is there to plan when with a trusted new friend! That's what Kalim thought, at least.
You were treated to meal after meal, dish after dish. There was so much to see and take in all at once, but Kalim made for pleasant company and even better conversation. His energy was infectious, it seemed.
When it was time for you to leave, Kalim eagerly proposed the idea of keeping in contact first. Come on, you guys just met! It's too early to say goodbye now!
And that's how you got the next heir to the Asim family riches' phone number in your contacts...
Kalim is always eager to hear about your day and tell you about his, no matter how far the distance between your schools. He may not always be the best listener, but the intrigue of a place so different from his piqued his interest enough for him to pull through.
He practically talked to you every day! He had so much to share and tell you about still! And maybe he liked listening to your voice... it was even better when you laughed!
Kalim definitely didn't realize he had fallen in love with you right away. Jamil sure knew - Kalim never stopped talking about you, it seemed - but the heir himself had no idea. At first, at least. With time, he soon realized he definitely liked you more than friends.
And, unlike most of the other dorm leaders, his realization was met with immediate joy instead of first being halted by embarrassment.
Tumblr media
Mm. You were from the same school as Neige. Vil was certain the first words out of your mouth when you saw him would be something comparing him to his longtime enemy.
But you surprised him. Instead of petty comparisons, you greeted Vil with nothing less than kindness and respect. How unusual. Surely you knew who he was, didn't you?
It was refreshing to have someone not immediately ask for autographs and photographs while still treating him with respect, Vil decided. Perhaps this visit wouldn't be as bad as he was anticipating.
Whenever Vil fired a sharp comment meant to "help" you clean up your appearance a little, you didn't shrink away or immediately get annoyed like several other potatoes had before. In fact, you seemed to find it amusing. That wasn't the reaction Vil was going for (he'd prefer if you just took the advice, really), but it was still surprisingly enjoyable. You were quite cheeky for an outsider, you know that?
Vil thought biding you goodbye when you headed back to your school was the end of it. Perhaps he'd see you around again. But you pulled off one more surprise when you DM'd him on Magicam that night to thank him for the tour and for treating you so kindly.
They really did raise little royals over there, didn't they?
Surprisingly, instead of being annoyed at an unsolicited DM, which Vil is, unfortunately, used to receiving from fans, he was surprised and amused at your cheek. Few would have been away to get away with messaging him so casually. But you were interesting, so Vil had no problem messaging you back.
To his surprise, over the next few days, you seemed to message him quite often. That wasn't what he was expecting at all. He thought it would have ended with him responding to your little thank you.
When he eventually interrupted the flow of your texts by asking why you continued to message him, you simply responded you found his company fun and wanted to spend more time with him. Now that was even more unexpected.
However, you had successfully pulled him in deeper. Vil was genuinely interested in you now, and he's not one to lose interest easily. Hopefully, you are able to keep up with him as the two of you grow closer still...
Tumblr media
How did you even find yourself in this situation? Idia held no interest in meeting you at all, not caring if you were from another school or not. Yet, you somehow found yourself looking over his shoulder as he played a game.
He screamed when you lightheartedly commented that you'd seen the game around - it was a pretty popular RPG on the rise, after all! Only a complete loser would have no idea what it was, right?
His heart practically stopped the longer you stood there. Why did you even know this game anyway? Did just anyone play video games nowadays?? Was this game so low level even some newbie like you could play it? He was certain there were no gamers, not of his caliber, at least, present at RSA, so how did you know so much?
To his horror, you excitedly added him on the game before he had a chance to protest. Great, now he couldn't escape you even in the 2d world. What did you even want, anyway?
Idia's frustration grew more when you said you just wanted someone to play the game with. Idia just wanted you away from him already! Your energy was annoying him. He was sure you could find someone else to play with away from him.
He heaved one of the biggest sighs of his life when you finally left. That was too tiring for one day... at least it was over. That's what he thought, at least.
To his horror, that night, you messaged him on the game. He ignored you at first, thinking if he just didn't respond you'd get the hint. This was not the case.
You kept messaging him, even going so far as to ask if he wanted any help with his daily commissions. How rude! Him, need help? You're insane. Idia is a master at this game, he'll have you know. And he did, finally replying to you in the in-game chat.
When you asked him to help you with your commissions instead, he reacted without thinking. He was so eager to show off his skills to some obvious newbie that he agreed before actually registering what you had asked him. The next thing he knew, he was in your world helping you beat up various enemies in order to get your rewards.
It seemed like every few days you were asking if he wanted to help you out again or join you for a weekly boss fight. Half the time he said yes and half the time he completely ignored you. Yet, as the days ticked on, he found himself thinking of you as a real gaming pal, despite how far the distance between the both of your dorm rooms.
Idia found it easier to talk to you over the game chat than in any vocal chat or call, so he quickly found himself getting closer to you. In fact, he felt closer to you than he did with some of his older gaming buddies. What kind of curse had you laid on him? That had to be a cheat!
Despite the distance between you, Idia's heart had already made room for you. Your persistence was annoying at first, but you were easy to talk to and fun to play with, and you always listened to his gamer rants. Even if you didn't know the media he was referencing, you always listened still. And the things you told him were so cute for a normie... can he really help it?
Tumblr media
Once again, how you got into such a situation is a mystery. One minute you were walking behind the group touring you around the school, and the next you were in what seemed to be a completely empty hallway.
And a moment after that, you were no longer alone, as the tall dragon fae peered at you with subtle interest.
Not recognizing you, Malleus asked if he may help you. He was shocked at the way you didn't immediately cower away from him, but he didn't show it on his face.
To his surprise, you simply smiled as you explained that you got separated from your tour group and sweetly asked if he would help you find them again. Malleus chuckled lowly before agreeing.
As you two walked the halls in search of those you had been with before, the two of you held a pleasant conversation. You asked Malleus about the school and what it was like to attend it. He answered all of your questions thoroughly, albeit a little awkwardly. He certainly wasn't used to being treated like just another student instead of one of the most powerful wizards in the world.
Interrupting you two, however, came Crowley, running toward you hurriedly, murmuring something about how bad it'd be for him and the school if the RSA student currently touring through got injured under his care. As you were about to be separated from Malleus, you asked if it was alright for you to text him. When he reacted with a mixture of confusion and disdain for using cellphones, you laughed and said you'd write to him instead, even if it'd take a little longer.
You shocked him for the last time that day when you didn't flinch when asking his name. Most people cower before the name Draconia, but you didn't. How interesting, indeed.
Malleus's delight when your letter arrived was unmistakable. Correspondance like this was never something he was able to experience before! He was so elated! The unusual curve to his lips, however, spooked many of the students around him over the next few days, however, as they had never seen Malleus make such a happy expression.
Your letters came frequently and were always surprisingly long. Malleus treasured each and every one of them. They, with the pennants Lilia had given him long ago, would remain an important possession of his from one of his first true friends.
The more you wrote to the dragon fae, the closer you two grew. While he always held on to an air of formality when writing to you, his words grew fonder and fonder. In fact, he often found himself addressing you as "Dearest" instead of using your name.
It seems you have completely won over his heart. It is capable of weathering the long distance between the two of you, but be careful with it nonetheless, it is still fragile.
Tumblr media
𝕚𝕗 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕖𝕟𝕛𝕠𝕪𝕖𝕕 𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤, 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕔𝕒𝕗𝕖 𝕚𝕤 𝕔𝕦𝕣𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕝𝕪 𝕠𝕡𝕖𝕟 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕣𝕖𝕢𝕦𝕖𝕤𝕥𝕤
Tumblr media
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crispin-kreme · a month ago
Hey, may I request on how the dorm leaders/Jamil react if their y/n had scars over their body due to their overblot attacks?
twst dorm leaders reaction to mc having scars on their body due to their overblot attacks
pairings: basically the overblot squad x gn! reader
warnings: mentions of scars, grammatical errors
notes: my reading comprehension was a bit whack while i was reading this request so i hope i did this correctly AJSHHDHJAJAH
thank you sm for waiting and i hope you enjoy this <3
Tumblr media
riddle is shocked upon discovering your scars
“where did you get those scars?” riddle asks. you looked at the scars on your arms and legs. you were hesitant to say it was because of their overblot but you had to “oh these? i got them when your overblotted. but they’re all fine now!” you reassured riddle. riddle felt a bit of pain in his heart “did i- did i hurt you?” he asks.
when riddle asks this- he was totally unaware that he injured you during his overblot. “i attacked you didn’t i?” he asks. you somehow nodded in reply. riddle approaches you and scanned the scars that he made.
riddle would say sorry a lot of times and apologize for what he done to your body. you always reassure him that you’re alright and its okay.
he would remind you that you’re beautiful either way- even with the scars on. still, he’s sorry for what he did.
Tumblr media
leona discovered your scars while you were asleep. he will admit that he was shocked at your scars. he’s never seen scars like that.
“where did you get the scars on your body?” leona asked. you hummed and saw the scars on your body. “ohh… i kinda got them from your overblot.” you said with a nervous chuckle. leona’s eyes widened “from my overblot?” he asks with a surprised tone. leona suspected the worst: “i hurt you, didn’t i?”
you looked at leona’s frowned expression. it was evident that he was affected by the overblot attack, especially if he hurt you. you eventually said that he attacked you but you reassure that you’re fine. “i-i’m sorry..” he would whisper
he would touch and feel your scars. leona would be curious at the feeling of the scar on his face too when he feels your scars.
leona would always remind you that you look amazing even with the scars on, if ever you feel insecure with them. he would kiss your scar at times as well.
Tumblr media
azul was surprised at the amount of scars you had on your body. he didn’t expect you to have that much on your body.
“those scars… where did you get those from?” azul asks. “ah these!” you said “oh i got wounded during your overblot- but eh, they’re fine.” you replied with a smile. “overblot? did i hurt you?” azul asks. you looked at azul and gave out a grin.
he knew then, he might’ve hurt you. “did i?” he asks again and you nodded. “but please azul, don’t feel bad about it! i’m fine!” you exclaimed out. azul was obviously affected by you getting attacked by his overblot form.
“did it hurt?” he would ask that once he touches the scars.
he would say sorry repeatedly. azul would touch your scars and tell you they were beautiful.
Tumblr media
jamil has repeatedly saw your scars but he was a bit scared to ask about what happened to them.
“y/n, if i may ask- where did you get those scars?” he asks. you let out an “ahh” as jamil asked about your scars. “wel… it was because of your overblot, y’know? but pshh, i’m fine now!” you said with a reassuring smile. jamil’s eyes widened “so i did hurt you.” he mumbled out
you sensed that jamil was affected by the overblot incident and the fact you got attacked by him. “i’m so so sorry.” he would blurt out.
curiously, he would let his hands trail around your body and let his hand rest on your scars.
calls you beautiful with the scars. but he fears that you might have grow scared to him but you assure jamil that you’re not scared of him.
Tumblr media
vil mainly saw the scar on your hand and he was a bit worried and concern on where you have gotten the scar.
“y/n, the scar on your hand. where did you get it?” vil asks. you grinned “oh this? i fell during your overblot and accidentally scarped my hand. but its alright now!” you smiled. vil’s eyes grew worried “how did you fall down?” he asked “you attacked me hehe ?” you said with a nervous chuckle.
vil was shocked to hear the news. he wanted to see if you had more scars and you had more. “i did this? oh god, i must’ve hurt you badly.” vil says with a shocked tone.
he would never advise you to cover it up with makeup. vil doesn’t want you to feel ashamed with it. he admires your scars and he’ll gently touch them.
he gives you words of affirmations and “sorry”s in return. vil didn’t like the fact that he hurt you.
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torikaku · a month ago
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid AU | Dragon Butler! Malleus x Reader
Note: I'm not really a fan of this anime, BUT when this idea visited my head, I was just "why not, I have to write it"
Tumblr media
After a hard workday, you have some drinks with your coworkers. But having drunk too much, for some reason you find your way in the forest and mountains, instead of going home or taking a taxi. In any case, walking around, you bump into something, or rather someone. That someone is a big, black-scaled dragon with beautiful green eyes. But you're too drunk to attach any importance to the fact that you're holding a conversation with a giant fire-breathing serpentine or to the fact that this dragon is real.
You are complaining about your life and work. Especially work, which is quite difficult. It takes away all your spirit and will to keep order in your apartment. The dragon seems to be quite happy to just listen to you. And being drunk, you invite the dragon over.
The next morning, you wake up with a migraine and a hangover. But you have to go to work anyway. So after getting ready, you open the front door and meet face to face with a muzzle of the dragon.
In a mere of seconds, the dragon has transformed into a handsome young man. but there is something in his appearance that sets him apart from the rest of the men: there's a pair of ebony horns on his head, pointed ears, cat-like green eyes and a tail behind his back; and he’s super tall. He's already wearing a butler suit as if he has stolen it from a real victorian butler.
The man introduces himself as Malleus Draconia and says that when you appeared before him and asked him to be your butler, something warm lit inside him. He really enjoyed your company, and he wants to continue to be near you.
He assures you that he doesn't need any money for his work; your attention and friendship (and something more?) are a sufficient price for him.
Malleus is a hard working and attentive butler; he learns everything quickly and already keeps in mind all your likes and dislikes. He takes good care of your household, treating it as a fortress or even his own cave.
He's a good cooker as well! While using his magic, he waltzes in your kitchen and cooks your favorite dishes. He also loves to spoil you with some sweets that he bakes himself!
One thing that he's bad with is technology. You have to spend a lot of time explaining to him the basics of using a phone or even how to turn on the computer. The dragon easily panics and gets angry when he fails with some simple tasks that require using technology, so that he prefers using his magic; he uses his fire-breathing to heat up food or bake instead of using an oven, or with a snap of his fingers, the room is clean instead of using the vacuum cleaner.
The worst thing about the previous fact is that Malleus uses his own saliva to do the laundry instead of using the washing machine. Even if you complain about it and beg him to use the washing machine, he continues to lick your clothes until they are all clean.
Malleus goes on foot to the market to buy everything needed. At first, you were afraid of how people would react to him due to his appearance. But it has turned out that people at the market aren't afraid of him and actually adore Malleus. They just think that he's a cosplayer or something. Bonus points to his handsomeness. So almost all sellers know about Malleus and are friendly toward him, and even hold some casual conversation with him whenever he comes to the market. Malleus seems to love that time of the day, because it's the first time he can freely talk to people without them tremble in fear before him.
Malleus absolutely loves your scent. He breathes the scent of the clothes you were wearing. He doesn't want to look creepy, but your scent is so intoxicating. He happens to be touchy around you, and when hugging you, he buries his nose into the crook of your neck and inhales the aroma of you.
Malleus loses the track of time quite often, but he tries to make you be punctual. So if you happen to be late for work, Malleus will give you a ride on his neck/back and bring you to your workplace pretty quickly.
Dragons are possessive creatures, and Malleus is no exception. He's quite jealous of the fact that you spend time with other humans, even if they are your coworkers. He keeps a close eye on the people you're hanging out with; he gives them a dirty look or even hisses if they dare to make a wrong move toward you. You are his human, and Malleus is your butler, there’s no place for any other people.
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atsuwiee · 3 days ago
reconciling with twst dorm leaders after an argument
pairings: riddle x gn! reader, leona x gn! reader, azul x gn! reader, kalim x gn! reader, vil x gn! reader, idia x gn! reader, malleus x gn! reader genre: angst with comfort (yay), fluff, sequel/a part 2
warnings: a bit of angst, ignihyde ch.6 spoilers, malleus' part is pretty emotional, grammatical errors, not proofread sage's note: ok here is a happy ending to this because i love ya'll
Tumblr media
riddle came out of his room after awhile and headed out to look for you. he stopped in his tracks when he saw you walking in the same direction as him in the halls. "y/n," he said as you both stopped, facing each other. "oh, riddle" you say, looking at his eyes that were averting yours. "i'm sorry..." riddle says looking down. it was rare for you to had moments like these with him since riddle was not one who'd apologize easily. "i really am so-" you cut him off with your arms wrapping around him. "i heard from trey that you didn't have the best time in class" you say softly, riddle being overwhelmed with your embrace you could hear soft sniffles from him. "yeah... but i'm sorry i pushed you away like that," riddle said as you released him from your embrace. "you do know i'm always here, right? whatever your problem is- you can tell me" you say softly as you wiped riddle's tears and kiss his forehead. "i thought you were going to leave me..." he says softly. "like hell i'm going to do that? i'm staying" you say with a small smile.
Tumblr media
it's been two days since your argument and you did not bother to reach out to him after that. leona didn't know what to do and let his stupid pride get in the way now he can't resist the feeling of being alone since you aren't talking to him. someone knocked onto your door, which was weird, it was pretty late to expect visitors- especially at night. you open it and see your boyfriend, leona, standing there with flowers in his hand. "hey," he says once he sees you. "leona, what are you doing here?" "i wanted to apologize," he says. "these are for you- i remember these being your favorite" leona hands you the flowers and you take them. "i'm sorry, for what happened- i promise to be a better boyfriend" leona says softly. there was a small moment of silence but then you spoke, "i forgive you, kingscholar" you say. he wraps you around his arms and you're startled a bit but you begin to calm down by his warmth. "i- i thought you were going to break up with me..." he says with a sigh. "i promise i'll make it up to you, you deserve so much more y/n" you hear leona say. "i don't think i can get rid of you, leona" you say with a small laugh. "you better make it up to me" you say while you can see leona nod and show a small smile.
Tumblr media
azul was still doing paperworks but the thought of you and what happened a while ago remained in his head. he was frustrated at himself, how could he have treated you like that? azul stood up from his chair and exited his office to look for you. he found himself in front of your door to your room. you heard knocks on your door a few times, wondering who it was, you slowly approached your door. "oh-" is what you said once you saw your boyfriend. "can we talk?" azul asks. "i thought you had work to do?" you asked, being reminded of what happened awhile ago. "i do- it's just i need to talk to you" you nod at what he said and motioned him to come in your room. "have you been crying?" azul asked as he noticed your red puffy eyes. you don't answer and all you do is sit on your bed. "i wanted to apologize- i didn't mean the things i said," he says while there's a small pause. "really? it sounded like you did" you say while he approaches you and places a hand on your cheek. "how could i ever mean those things to you, darling? i don't even think i can" he says as he could see tears fall from your eyes. "i just wanted to spend time with you." you say as you cried a bit. it broke azul's heart to see you like this. he kissed your forehead gently, "i'm really sorry, y/n. i'll make it up to you starting now, okay?" you nod at what he said as he kissed you softly.
Tumblr media
kalim couldn't get a proper rest, each time he closed his eyes his thoughts always went about what happened awhile ago. his thoughts like: will you eventually break up with him after this? do you want to leave him already? or are you growing tired of him being like this? he shook his head and stood up from his bed and went out to look for you. kalim roamed around scarabia and found you in the lounge. "y/n?" he called softly as you heard the familiar voice, you turned and saw kalim standing there. "oh, hey, i thought you were asleep" you say and he just shakes his head. "i- uhm-" he started but couldn't get the words out of his mouth. "kalim?" you say, walking closer to him, checking if he's alright. "i'm sorry," he says and bursts into tears. you were quick to stay by his side and rub his back. "i'm sorry for how i acted awhile ago- i don't mean what i said," he says recalling how he told you that he didn't need you anymore. "i love you so much- i don't want to loose you because of what i did. i-" "kalim who told you that you were going to loose me? i'm staying with you, okay?" you say while you cup his face. "i love you so much as well" you say as you wiped his tears away. "i just thought that you'd regret being with me after what happened" he says, while tears still fell from his eyes. "no- why would i? you're the best thing that happened to me, kalim" you reassured him. "one argument isn't going to beat us" you say and you could see his smile under the moonlight.
Tumblr media
you and vil have been avoiding each other for days now, it even bothered rook since vil would always ramble about you not talking to him and rook suggests that he apologizes, which is happening right now. "did you call me in here to tell me i'm doing something wrong?" you asked, still mad at him after your argument. "rather i called you in here to tell you that i did something wrong" vil says and you raise a brow. "y/n," he says. he's about to say something but he pauses. "y/n, i apologize" vil says and his tone becomes softer. "about the fight we had?" you ask while vil simply nods. "i really am just looking out for you, you know i want the best for you" vil says, and while he's looking at you- you aren't looking at him. "if you're looking out for me, just don't be so controlling" you say and look directly at him. "but i forgive you" once those words come out your mouth you were surprised by the sudden actions of vil. you were now wrapped in his warm place. "my potato, i thought you were going to leave me" he says. "eh i can't, life would be so boring without your constant bickering" you say with a small laugh.
Tumblr media
"you wanted to see me?" idia turns and sees you. your presence gives him a warm feeling, but he can see it in your face- you look tired and drained. "yes, i wanted to tell you that i'm getting you dorm fixed now," he says and all you did was nod. "as for your friends," he says but pauses a bit. "i'm not sure when i can bring them back, but i'll try to" idia says. "thank you" you say softly. "i know apologizing isn't enough, but i wanted to say it again" he says. "i really am sorry, i've kept a lot of things from you" idia says but he could feel pain in his chest. "i don't want you loose you, y/n. you're the best thing that has ever happened to me" he let his tears fall, your heart ached when you watched him slowly cry. you approached idia and gently held him in your arms. "just- just promise me that there will be no more secrets after this" you say, you have tears in your eyes too- you were tired, you had no sleep due to things that's been happening. "i promise to be better" you can hear him say in between his sobs. both of you stayed like that for awhile, in each others arms, letting both of your emotions out.
Tumblr media
unable to sleep you roamed around and it led to you being outside, getting some fresh air. you see a familiar figure standing as well. "malleus?" you called as you approached him. "y/n" he says, his eyes widening a bit. "isn't it past your bedtime?" malleus asks as you nod in response. "it is, it's just i'm having trouble sleeping" you say with a sigh. "i see" he says and the gap between you both was filled with silence not until malleus turned to you. "i didn't get to apologize for what happened earlier" he says. "you're supposed to be happy about it, and i should never interfere with that" malleus says as you can see his eyes start to go glossy. "...and i'm supposed to be happy for you, that you get to go home" malleus says his light green orbs looking in your eyes. "i apologize for yelling at you earlier, that wasn't appropriate" he says and lowers his head. you come closer to him and lift his face up with both of your hands. "i made a promise, remember? i'll stay, well not physically here- but in your heart, as cheesy as it sounds" you say with a little chuckle as both of your foreheads touch. malleus couldn't stop it so he closed his eyes and let the tears fall. "let's make the happiest memories while you're still here, love" he says in between his cries, and you nod. "sounds like a plan, tsunotarou" you say with a small smile as tears fell as well. malleus placed his lips on yours, and there you both were, having that bittersweet kiss as you held malleus' tear stained face.
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