#twisted wonderland headcanons
Tumblr media
I will to do this now for Jade, Floyd, Rook and Sebek
Rest of them are here
Jade would be much more smoother than his brother. Jade quickly realizes what is happening. However, he doesn't let go of the hug. It feels really nice. Jade doesn't directly reveal that she knows. But surely he will start hugging you more often.
Rook wouldn't be so surprised. This man has stalker tendencies. He would probably already know this. But it would still feel really nice. Rook wouldn't want to let go. But Rook's behavior becomes strange after that. It seems that he is more "romantic". and comes up with more love poems that are too long.
Floyd would have been upset. Why don't other people have soft things like that on their chests. Floyd might try to poke them. It takes time for this eel to figure out what they are. So you are female? Floyd would find this more interesting. He would ask a lot of appropriate and inappropriate questions. Floyd doesn't quite understand where the line of appropriateness lies.
Sebek would be shocked. You are a woman!!! And he touched you in a tender place. This means you have to get married. Sebek sounds disappointed but he is not. When you tell him that you're not going to just marry him, he's disappointed.
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dddomenstarstwst1 · a day ago
When you pull them on your lap (ft.riddle, ace, azul and jamil)
Tumblr media
riddle rosehearts
° wait a second! You absolutely cannot do that!!! At least, not in public. Or else you'll guarantee yourself a long lecture from riddle
° if you do it in private, he'll scoff of course, but in the end won't move an inch from your lap, as he's too afraid you won't ever do that again
° he finds it oozing when you pull him on your lap, so if he suddenly falls asleep don't be surprised, riddle stresses himself quite a lot, so it's a nice way to put him at rest
Tumblr media
ace trappola
° ooh what do you think you're doing? Ace would tease you about how much you love him, while suggestively wiggling his eyebrows. Uh-huh, as if he's not the one blushing right now
° he would be a dick and will start shifting himself the moment his ass is on your lap. Just push him off of it and ignore ace for the whole day
° he'll come crawling back to you, begging to let him sit on your lap just once more, please. And who are you to deny him?
Tumblr media
azul ashengrotto
° oh no, no, no, please don't do that to him. Boy will be red and embarrassed, and if any of leech twins sees him in that state - you're dead
° but sometimes, when azul is so stressed and tired because of work, he subconsciously starts thinking of climbing on your lap and falling asleep there
° if you're lucky, he will actually do that! His face hidden in your neck, beautiful blush covering his ears and little fingers gripping your shirt
Tumblr media
jamil viper
° first of all, good job for catching him not doing stuff or running after kalim. Second of all, he'll shoot you a deadly glare, before turning his head away from you
° you think he's mad, but he actually tries to register how comfortable your lap is. It's something new for him, as he was always pushing his needs away for the sake of kalim, so just relaxing like this is... Good
° he won't ever admit, but he'd like for you to do that more often. Just pulling him to sit on top of your thighs, while he takes a break from his chores
Tumblr media
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yakoko · a day ago
Fur soft as snow
Riddle rosehearts,Leona kingscholar, Azul ashengrotto,kalim al-asim, vil schoenheit,idia shroud and malleus draconia
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Did you ever hear the rumor of the cat of nrc?, They say that a person turned into a cat long ago and seeked shelter in the school of NRC and that the cat only chose people they trust to care for them if you care for them enough the cat will give good fortune so hope the cat chooses you and listen out for the cats meowing.
cw: gn!reader, crack & fluff, maybe ooc idia,vil and malleus?, sfw, unedited.
Stay tuned for the next rumor...
Tumblr media
Was just doing whatever tyrants do then boom the Adeuce Duo busts in
Not happy when he heard his ramshackle prefect is a cat now
eyebrows immediately furrowed.His eyebrows are on the floor.
About to collar them 
But you just jump down from the heaven's.
Omg you're so cute!!!!....wait…
Looks for a cure cuz like how tf he gonna confess to a cat😿
Oh…..crewel is making one?
I'll help!
Oh..I just need to look after them?
Would take you to class with him<33
Forces you participate 🤧
But you get rubs when you are right so you don't mind \(˵•ヘ•˵)/
When you meow at him he just melts<3
Collars anyone if they dare touch you or pick you up when you don't want them to💙💙
Carries you in his bag
 He feed you GOOD like the rich ppl food GOOD😋
Buys you a comfy cat bed
But you don't use it,riddle is more comfy
You cuddling riddle:( ̄ω ̄ )
Riddle watching you:(・・ ) ?
He wouldn't want to wake you up but he has homework 
Gets up and sets you aside
Sike you clawed on his 1000$ jacket
Fr almost flinged you into next week💀
Apologizes Let's you sleep on his lap💙💙
You protect him from floyd
Almost…ALMOST took Floyd's eyes out 
Got caught cuddling with you💀💀
Denys it💀💀
A little sad kitty y/n will be gone
But happy you can speak now
Unconsciously pats you sometimes '' Huh? I was a good owner?? Ofc rule 129300289 says to help a friend in need''
"No I wouldn't just hand you off, nobody will take care of you properly"
Was just sleeping in the botanical garden 
He didn't expect a cat to be happily running towards him
You just plopped down on his lap looking up at him
Did you want something????
When he heard you meow he was like what do ya want????
Then Jack came in talking about how he found you
He was like?????
Then it hits him
His herbivore was a cat now 
How tf did you turn to a cat 💀💀💀
Jack's like 🧍"just stay with them real quick"
Leaves you there 
Leona didn't care 
It's maybe better this way lol
You just lay in his lap all day
Leona would just dump you on ruggie 
Ruggie takes cares of your needs
Ruggie is a real one
Carries you on his shoulders
If he does go to class he would set you on the table
Perhaps make you go to another class and hiss at malleus😭
If you do fight with anyone he would hype you up
"Wow y'all fr lost to a cat"
Jskssjakwb he would maybe do the simba thing out of spite💀💀
Yall would just sleep
Makes ruggie get your food 
Won't buy a cat bed 
Y'all can just share his bed like????
If you're fluffy good luck
Cause he gonna use you as a pillow
Cuddles you<333
Pushes of the bed if you hiss at him
If you purr he will just stare at you
And makes a snarky comment 
Would demand you to come over to him
He wants to pet you (・_・)
*grabs you as if you're a 1000 dollar phone on sale for a dollar*
If you brought him something from your 'hunt' he will be proud 
Lowkey liked kitty Mc better cause they couldn't talk💀💀
When he heard his lounge getting destroyed he wasn't happy.
That was until he heard Floyd yell shrimpy.
Oh,...it's yn! He is less mad now lol
He walks out of his office and sees Floyd chasing….A cat….?
Jade just came holding you by the scruff.
Man's was out here speaking in a whole new language 💀
"Oh Azul, can you take care of the prefect?"
"What….? Um sure But where are they?"
Suddenly you latch on him
Lowkey he was like aww…
Jade ruined the moment 😒😒
"Why that's the prefect"
He's just standing there like🧍????
Don't worry he just had to update and reboot y/nnie
While he just reboots jade leaves dragging an upset floyd
You should thank jade when you go back to normal y/nnie♡♡
Would let you sit on his lap in class and while he works in his office<3333
If you rub against his leg for attention he would try to resist 
And he fails 💀💀
Would be a jealous if you rub against everyone else
And God forbid you rub against the Leech twins
If yall are chilling on the couch in the vip room and he needs to work just meow 
He would stay put asking in you want something 
Buys you a fancy cat tree for you to play on<3
Carries you in a bag💚💚
If he bathes you and you like the water he would buy you a kiddy pool
If you do that paw thing on the couch he would turn to you so fast and explains how expensive it is
you just sit there, blinking up at him with your tail curled around you. 
Loves it when you purr
Would coo at you behind closed doors <333
Will take it to his grave that he didn't coo at you and think you were so cute😔
"Me? Prefect, you think I  would say such silly things???"
"I didn't call you cute during your stay!,I called you intriguing."
(Don't listen to him y/n  he's lying)
Was just skipping in the courtyard then he spots a super Uber cute kitty witty meow meow🤩
You just start sprinting towards him meowing and he picks you up and spins you 
Jamil is like:( •̀ - •́ )”💢
"Jamil can we keep it!"
Suddenly you rub against jamil's leg
"….fine but you gotta take care of it"
Deuce just comes walking by "oh hey you found y/n can you take care of them real quick!" 
Runs off🏃‍♀️
Kalim is even more hyped while Jamil is just there staring at your beady eyes
Jamil rn:( •̀ - •́ ) I'm gonna kill you
He picks you up and spins you around whenever you run up to him in the halls💜💜💜
Carries you on his shoulders or like a baby<33
He would pet you in class and set you on the table♡
He would buy you the rich ppl cat food 
Also tries to give you manakeesh,Asida/ Aseeda and Martabak.
Failed all those times🥲
Buys you all you ever want
A giant cat tree
A cat bed for every room
A cat pool
A scratch post in every hall
But every good thing comes to a end soonest or later
Kalim will miss kitty y/n 
Sulks about it all day😪
Jamil is the one who brings you back to the alchemy room since kalim didn't want to do it…
Pounces on you
He would go back to normal after like 10 minutes💀💀
Happy to see you again
"Huh…? Why did I gave you so much stuff?? Cause you needed it!"
"You didn't need it?....Well i wanted to make sure you got everything you needed and had fun as a cat!!"
Was just talking to Rook about…..? Idk whatever pretty tyrants talk about.
And epel comes running past them
Vils like(•`ࡇ•)💢 "stop running baby potato you will ruin your-"
Gets cut off by your latching on him meowing 
Ew…..get tf off me
"Y/n!? Get off vil!!!"😠
Wait……*grinch smiles*
"Epel, why were you running?"🤨🤨
"Because y/n got turned into a cat while helping me for a alchemy test and i have one to look after them while i-"
"They will be in my care you just tell crewel to make a cure"
Epel fr trying to act sad about you not being in his care💀💀💀
Epel was so happy to hear that he didn't need to deal with you but pity's you cause now you are in vils care 💀
he prays for you y/nnie
Takes you inside and dresses you up<33
Has Rook Carry you around 
God forbid you touch the floor and ground 
Doesn't want to get dirt in you or your clothes 
Pampered 💚
That's all
you're just so Pampered!!!
Puts you on a diet 😭😭😭
Give you premium fish 
Gives you wittle cat shoes so if you do go outside you can be clean<33
If he takes you to class he will review it with you 
Gives you the best head pats💛
Spa day!!!!!
Got you a rich ppl cat bed
You will not get a cat tree 
You would beg for treats and he would deny your meows
10 minutes later he gives you a treat for being 'good'….you were just sitting there
When you get back to normal vil doesn't care 
Psst he would care y/nnie he is a lair💛💛
"Hm? Oh dear spudling no need to thank me I was only getting you to your maximum level of beauty"
Good luck 💀💀
Was just coming back to the room of mirrors after picking up his new manga 'John's crazy quest' and he hears a meow
He spots you curled up perhaps cold 
He was gonna leave you there until you snuggled up to him…
He picks you up and you immediately snuggle his hair<333
"Yep you're mine now"😌
He goes to his room and sets you down on the bed
"What's that you got there nii Chan?"
"Oh its a cat it seemed cold so I let it in here with me"
"I'll run some vitals to see if it's sick"
He runs a vital check on you
"Oh y/n!"
Idia is over here rebooting
"Nii chan this cat is y/n"
Shuts down(x_x)°°○°○
He gets a bit uneasy but he manages 
He would let you sit on his lap as he plays his games 🧡🧡🧡
Tells his online friends about you <3
He Carries you in his hoodies pocket
Lowkey those nightly snack runs are the vibe🤩🤩
He would accidently wake you up from your naps
Cuddles you
Uses you as a pillow somedays
Makes toys for you to play with<3333
If you want idia to sleep just knocked stuff off his and hop on the bed
He would not bathe you don't ask why
Gives you junk food like gummy worms,chips,pizza ect.
You share a bed or you sleep in the drawers 
If you try to hop on the keyboard he would let you until you notice the game is actually paused💀💀
You you don't catch a ribbon he would call you a noob 
When he finds out they got a cure he is sad
He likely forgot that you are even a human
Misses kitty y/n so much
Never faces you again
"H-huh y/n?? What do you mean I was cute while taking care of you"
"You're such a normie y/n"🙄
He was just in his daily walk and boom a kitty prancing up to him
Thought you were gonna pass him so he kept walking 
Was surprised when you sat right in front of him and let him pet you 
He would ask if you want to go back with him
You Bob your head yes and he gives you the cutest smile you ever seen🤎🤎🤎
Takes you to the dorm and look, is that sebek??
Why is he running here at 10000mph?
"Human get away from lord malleus I know you would pull something like this!!"
"Sebek stop"
🧍 "yes young master"
"Who are you calling a human?"
"The prefect from ramshackle has now turned into a cat and they are now snuggling with you my lord!"🧍
He puts you in front of his face
"Is this true?"
You Bob your head again
A bit sad that you were the cat since most didn't come to him willingly 
But he is happy it's you at the same time
He will carry you on his shoulder or you walk beside him<33
Feeds you ice-cream and cat food
He will let you sit on his lap in class💜
When he bathes you he uses kiddy shampoo and conditioner
His hands are soft and he is so gentle bathing you
He shows you to his tamagotchi 
Yall go on walks together<333
Buys you premium everything 🤑🤑
Lilia failed 10 catnapping attempts 😔😔
Gives you yarn to play with
He would also let you play with his tie<333
Why have a cat tree just climb on him?????
Reads to you as you nap
Coos at you 24/7
This man adores you so much<3333💜💜
"Child of a man, you were very cute as a cat I do so hope I'll see you like that again"
"No need to be coy child of a man"
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faeryarchives · 15 hours ago
watch me do this !! *then proceeds to get injured*
alternate title: you tried doing a very very dumb thing you thought you can do like doing a backflip or jumping off the second floor to land on your feet but it only lead to them watching you get injured
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ laughs at your stupidity first but will comfort you throughly; they probably dared you as a joke but they did not expect you to take it literally 😭 probably said do a flip before laughing then a minute later they would rush towards you with a very bewildered expression like don't take things too literally please + will carry you to the clinic and heal u with kisses 🥺😘 but u are still injured though
— ace trappola, cater diamond, floyd leech, lilia vanrouge
: ̗̀➛ frozen on the spot + mind just registering what happened; ?? did they just saw their life flash in front of their eyes like WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?! + probably stood there frozen until they heard you crying in pain causing them to rush to your side and will try to ease the pain with healing magic (if they can) and after the incident they would always be on the look out whenever they have the gut feel that you might do something stupid
— riddle rosehearts, jack howl, silver, malleus draconia
: ̗̀➛ sighs as if it's just a normal day but deep inside they were scared to death; its like same day just different shit and it is A VERY DANGEROUS SHIT 💀 will scold your ear off while patching you up in their room and they will take care of you until you feel better + never lets you do things on your own while injured while showering you with some quality time 😳
— trey clover, leona kingscholar, ruggie bucchi, jamil viper, vil schoenheit,
: ̗̀➛ screams. just pure chaos; WHAT ARE YOU DOING? if you think you are the only one injured then you are wrong !! they would also get injured in the process trying to minimize your fall but ended up also hurting themselves leading to the two of you being in your room taking care of each other laughing at your own stupidity 🤡 but deep down they want to experience a ride or die moment with you like who would pass a chance doing that with you right 🙏
— deuce spade, azul ashengrotto, kalim al asim, rook hunt, epel felmier, sebek zigvolt
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pineapple-coco · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I don't know how to say this but Mc is an artist that doesn't take good care of themselves but they have a similar idea of beauty like Rook dose where it is everywhere and to enjoy the simple things in life (they are much more awkward and introverted then rook is). I will call them Yuri.
Mc would be happy with anything they get even if it was given to them in a mean to hurt them. So Mc is someone that people can't hate as what monster would hate such a lovely person. Even tho Yuri isn't afraid to blackmail someone no one's going to believe you as they know Mc has something on them of they never pissed off Mc.
Ace: How are you so happy all the time?
Mc: Well you just have to be happy if something doesn't bug you, you should love it for the beauty of the item.
Ace: Fuck your like Rook but less creepy.
Mc: Rook isn't that bad he's nice and understand the simple joys in the world.
Rook: Oui Trickster!
Ace: Rook!
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cozy-kuma · 2 days ago
Hii I hope youre having a good day!
May I request Leona + Diasomnia reaction to a gn!s/o who gushes over a video game character a lot? Like, they often hear them squeal over them n stuff + has a lot of merch of said character?? Maaaybe s/o even squeezes a plushie of the character in between them while sleeping and theyre all like "???"
leona + diasomnia reacting to a gn reader that really loves a video game character
hi thank you so much for this request! i thought it was really cute 🥺 i hope you like it!!
sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes! >.<
to be honest, he doesn’t really get it… how do you love a character so much that you would spend that much time and money on it?! and you talk about them so often … do you love them more than him…? is he actually jealous of a video game character?! but he loves the way your face lights up when you’re talking about them or when you buy new merch. and how you set up all that merch so carefully in your room. oh! and how excited you get to show him things happening in the game. on second thought, maybe he’s ok with this.
this is important to you so now it’s important to him as well. he tries his best to remember everything you say about the game and the character, maybe he even takes notes, so he can engage in the conversations more. he really pays attention to every little detail and buys/makes you merchandise either of the character or something that reminds him of them! he finds it amusing and adorable how excited you get over a fictional character. he’s actually very grateful for that character because of the joy they bring you and the smiles he gets to see because of them.
he loves it!! actually he has his own favorite character he loves to collect merch of / talk about too! you can make dates out of it! buying and setting up the things you bought, playing the games together, sharing all the information you know about the characters. it’s so fun! he loves that he can do this with you! and the looks he gets to see on your face when you talk about them makes it even better! (also the smile on his face makes it EVEN better)
the happiness the character brings you brings him happiness as well! he’s even noticed himself liking the game now too! he loves that he knows exactly what to get you as gifts and loves listening to you talk about them as he lays down for a nap. and all the plushies are just an added bonus for nap time!! watching you talk so passionately makes him fall in love with you even more, and he’s fine with you hugging your plushies but please don’t forget to hug him too!
at first he might not understand … but once he sees just how wonderful you are when you’re talking about something you love, he decides he wants to understand. he even tries to play the game by himself so he can impress you later but he doesn’t really understand it so he ends up asking you for help anyways lol sometimes he could get a little bit jealous but with some reassurance from you he actually comes to like the character a little bit, because they make you so happy! but they better watch out because he’s gonna make you even happier than they ever could!!
♡ thank you for reading!
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amorisqasayid · a day ago
hello hello!,congrats on 400!!,for your event may I request Love language for azul both giving and receiving 👀
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ lovely love languages with azul ashengrotto !
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ gender neutral reader
[  ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ event rules+info and event masterlist ,,, you were the first request for the event <3 @yakoko i tagged you bc you requested for this right after them <3 hope you enjoy
Tumblr media
GIVING ,,, receiving acts of service and gifts from azul
ACTS OF SERVICE WITH AZUL ASHENGROTTO—Azul loves helping you however he can, no strings attached. He likes feeling wanted and impressing you with how much he can do for you because of his strengths. He prides himself on his skills, skills that took late nights of stress and hard work to learn, but skills that he can use to make you smile. You rarely ever see him abstain from the chance to help you and often encourages you to ask for his services, whether it be for studying or advice on a project you're working on. It always brings him great joy to hear your thanks after he assists you. Sometimes, he services you without you even asking. A passing comment about how you were struggling on a test or class subject will scribe itself in his mind and the moment he’d get the chance he’d make you an easy to understand study guide. If there was a time where you complained about a project you’d be up late working on, he’d stay up to help you with it. 
You yawned, stretching your arms up into the air. “ Goodness Azul,” you said, picking your head up to look at him. He looked tired too, darkness beneath his eyes, clothes disheveled, but he still seemed determined on helping you with the paper boards that you were to present in the morning. “ Are you sure about helping me? It’s late and you're busy with that event at the lounge, right?”
Azul held his hand out to you, signaling you to hand him the glue gun. He whispered a thank you when you handed it to him, “ If I help you right now you’ll be able to spend extra time at the lounge tomorrow.” he said. A sigh escaped his lips and he tugged at his uniform’s collar and loosened the tie so that it would comfortably rest away from his neck. Floyd and Jade had poked fun at him for his dedication to helping you, but he didn’t mind. If you asked him to make you a dazzling crown with stars, he would have.
A smile crawled its way onto your face, “ I guess you’re right about that.” You began to cut the cardstock into the shapes you needed. Without looking up at Azul, you spoke, “ Even if this is exhausting, I think it’s kind of nice getting to stay up with you like this.” There was a blush on your cheeks, but one that you welcomed.
He prayed that you didn’t see his hand tremble slightly from your words. “ It is nice.” A smile remained on his face throughout that night, even when you both were resting against each other, arms curled around each other lovingly.
GIVING GIFTS WITH AZUL ASHENGROTTO—Every once in a while Azul will show up with a gift for you, wrapped just perfectly, with a shiny bow atop it. The contents vary, usually being things for you to pursue your hobbies or accessories that he thought would look lovely on you. Those types of gifts were somewhat rare, usually gifted on dates, but the gifts that weren’t rare were the ones that you thought counted the most. Azul often gives you snacks in between classes. Sometimes when you guys would pass each other in the halls, he’d notice your fatigue. As he scolds you for not taking care of yourself, he’d slip a little snack in your bag, or hand you an energy drink. Patrons at Mostro Lounge see you a lot, always getting free drinks with little notes accompanying them. They didn’t see that the notes were confessions of love or simple apologies for not having enough time to spend with you. Those were the gifts from Azul that most mattered.
The lounge was somewhat quiet, the chatting of a few different tables occasionally echoed their ways to you, bouncing off the aquarium and the tables. The coral and sea creatures probably heard the chatter, talking amongst themselves about gossip and folktales. You sat alone, enthralled by their movements, like they were waltzing in the water. “ Azul says he’s sorry for not being able to hang out with you.” When you turned your head, you saw Floyd standing over you, a tray with your favorite drink and a blue envelope in his hand. You laughed, “ Oh, he knows he doesn’t need to worry about those sorts of things.” Floyd scrunched his nose at your lovestruck sight at the mention of his boss. He had seen the same look and heard similar tones from Azul whenever he referred to you. Heart completely full and eyes tinted in the colors of Aphrodite. It was grossed to Floyd. “ Ugh, here’s your drink and love letter.” he placed them on the table walking away with his shoulders slumped slightly. With gentle movements, you opened the letter, eyes softened at the neatly written words.
‘I’m sorry. I promise to make it up to you.’ ‘Love, Azul’
RECEIVING ,,, giving azul acts of service and quality time
ACTS OF SERVICE FROM YOU—You were often helpful, sometimes because you had to be, and other times because you wanted to be. Azul loved when you were helpful, even if he often chided you for carrying too much on your plate. However, he wouldn’t lie about how he seemed to love the way you looked, laughing with Floyd, as you helped cleanup Mostro Lounge at the end of the night. Your heart was warm and generous, and even though he didn’t want to take too much, your warm heart would pull him closer and closer, and soon enough he’d see you helping at Mostro Lounge a lot more. He loved when you were in his office, rearranging the pillows or organizing the paper’s on his desk. And whenever you brought him sliced fruit while he worked, he felt as if his heart was walking on clouds. After a while he learned to not tell you not to stop since it would be a senseless conversation since whatever your warm heart wanted to do, it would.
You guys had a method. You’d rinse the soapy cups while he dried and put them away. It was quiet in the Mostro Lounge, mostly since it was closing time and Floyd and Jade had already retreated to their rooms to rest. The last bit of work for the night was just the cups and when Azul told you he’d be up a bit later to deal with them, you rushed over to the lounge to help him.
He was humming the tune that played in the background, voice softer than cotton and sweeter than sugar. “ Your humming is cute.” He swore he almost dropped the cup that was in his hand. Shakily, he placed it onto the shelf, “ Ah, uhm, thank you.” he said, quietly. Not only did you help him so much, but you also had a great deal of power over him with your quiet words and presence. A harmonious laugh came from you, blossoming in the cold lounge like a rose made of flames, warming everywhere it touched. It kissed Azul’s ears with the loving flames. “ You’re welcome, darling.”
QUALITY TIME FROM YOU—Admittedly, Azul was often busy. He ran the Mostro Lounge, managed great grades and was often roped into managing school events since his knowledge and work ethic were reliable. He spent hours and hours on end in his office, and before he confessed to you, that meant he was spending a lot of that time alone. Unsurprisingly, Azul became addicted to the small moments of time he had with you. He would grasp those fleeting moments and hold them for as long as he could, before reality cruelly took them away. Upon realizing this, you began spending more time with him in his office. He’d pull a chair closer to his desk so that you could study while he worked. Somedays, you’d sit on the couch and read a book, while he read his contracts. But you were there, and that was enough for him.
Your book was discarded in your lap, and your head was resting against the arm of the couch. Your chest raised and lowered with your quiet breaths. Sleep had overtaken you in a harsh battle. It had been thirty minutes of you trying to keep your eyes—trying to focus on the words you were reading—but eventually you gave up. Azul was still working away, having yet to realize that you were sleeping. That was until the book fell from your lap and onto the floor with a thump. “ Are you okay—” he had begun to ask before his eyes widened when he noticed your peaceful face. “ Oh dear.” He stood from his desk, picking your book up and placing it on the table, before carefully moving your legs and arms so that you were laying down. In a way that reminded him of his mother, he lifted the throw blanket and draped it on your body. “ You can’t keep falling asleep here.” He didn’t mean it one bit.
BONUS ,,, giving and receiving physical touch with azul
OCEAN SOUNDING LOVE—Azul wasn’t the most physically affectionate, admittedly. Most of it was hand holding, a hand at the small of your back, kisses on your forehead—he didn’t like to be too physically affectionate in public places. However, whenever you both were in public, he’d always make sure that your arm was hooked with his. It was his way of showing that you were with him whilst still keeping up his gentlemanly appearance. In private, he liked to hold you against him, tightly so that he could remind himself that you were there with him. He was most willing when he was already sleepy. At that point, he was at your mercy, yearning to cling against you for the comfort that you gave him.
You followed Azul through the theater. Unfortunately, you trailed behind him slightly because of all the movement and loudness around you. You’d get distracted, glance away and then lose Azul, or whenever you did find him, someone would bump into you and you’d find yourself lost once more. Luckily, Azul always seemed to find you.
At some point, he grew tired of the game. He hooked your arm with his, averting his gaze as he did so, “ I hope this is alright. This way, it’ll be harder for us to lose each other.”
Gently, you rested your other palm against his arm, the one that held you so close and kept you warm, “ Oh, Azul, it will always be alright if it’s you,” you said, pressing a kiss to his arm, which was covered by his blazer. He could still feel the flames of your fiery rose of love.
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lilirouge · a day ago
Hi!! I think you're blog is neat as heck, can i request (platonic) hugging headcanons for the first years? they're all like little brothers to me. I care they so much. Hope you have a nice day!!
Tumblr media
how the first years give hugs
characters: ace|deuce|jack|epel|sebek
genre: fluff
cw: none
an: omg thank you <3 i had fun writing this, i’m so sorry for the wait
Tumblr media
He DEFINITELY likes to hug you unexpectedly, no doubt
And to his amusement, you get scared every single time
Wraps his arms around you from behind and squeezes you
“Gotcha again!” *snickers*
Tumblr media
He’s more on the gentle side when it comes to hugging
Mostly because of his past of dislocating shoulders ;;
Wraps his arms under yours, so yours are around his shoulders
“This is comfortable for you, right?”
Tumblr media
Hugs extremely tight without realizing it
But he feels warm so it’s good for the winter
Plus, bear hugs are the best so I’m not complaining
“Is it really that cold?”
Tumblr media
Thankfully doesn’t squish you to death
Feels like a regular hug, not too tight nor gentle
Wraps one arm over your shoulder and the other under one of your arms
“Oh I almost forgot. Here’s the apple I carved for you.”
Tumblr media
He wouldn’t, you’re not Malleus
Okay maybe just this once he’ll allow it
Does that side shoulder hug thing, but painfully slow and awkward
“This is probably how the Young Master would do it.”
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yurimochi · 8 hours ago
You can ignore this if you want but can I request any twst characters of your choice with a very scary s/o. Like horror movie type scary, kayako from the grudge vibes. It also doesn't help that s/o does things that can be considered... not normal. For example climbing in vents, hiding under beds and and just stuff that would be considered scary in a horror movie situation. They can also just pop up out of nowhere, when you look away for a second and then look back y/n is just right behind you. S/o also has the naturally... Scary look in their eyes so even when they aren't doing their horror movie antics they just look scary. Again if you do write this rq I'm OK with any characters you chose. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
thanks for the request! ♡ i haven't written anything like this before, so i hope it's okay ^^' i just picked four random characters with my brother's help~
Tumblr media
♡ with a kayako like reader headcanons ♡ ♡ fluff and romatic ♡ ♡ fem!reader ♡
Tumblr media
♡ deuce spade ♡ ♡ at first he thought she was really scary and didn't really want to approach her, but after getting to know her better he finds out that she's not a bad person at all. ♡ he notices that many people look at her with fear in their eyes, he doesn't blame them he was in the same boat and he will tell her to ignore their looks, even though it doesn't really bother her much. ♡ even if they've been together for some time, he's still not used to her just disappearing out of the blue and then randomly reappear, it scares him every single time and she'll always apologize for scaring him. ♡ no matter how much he thinks about it, he doesn't understand why she sometimes hides under the bed or crawls through the vents and the more he thinks about it the more confused he gets. ♡ despite her weird habits and scary looks he really loves her and being around her, he hopes that one day he'll get used to her disappearing and reappearing though.
Tumblr media
♡ jade leech ♡ ♡ he doesn't think that she looks that scary, he will casually approach her and just talk to her or ask her questions, after some time he finds out that she's not a bad person, she's just a bit odd. ♡ he kept seeing people getting scared of her because of her looks, since he isn't scared of her looks he doesn't get how others can get scared of her, though it doesn't help that he's often around her too, scaring everyone even more. ♡ he doesn't get scared easily, so when she randomly reappears he just gladly greets her, though he sometimes gets surprised when she suddenly disappear if they're in the middle of a conversation. ♡ he thinks it's really odd that she crawls through the vents or hides under the bed, he just chuckles and he'll sometimes pretend that he doesn't know where she is. ♡ even though she has some weird habits, he loves her and loves her company, he doesn't mind her oddity at all and thinks it's quite funny when she scares other people.
Tumblr media
♡ floyd leech ♡ ♡ when he first saw her, he didn't think she was scary but he was interested in her, why is most of her hair covering her face? why does she have that scary look in her eyes? he just wanted to know more about her. ♡ he was slightly confused when he saw many people being scared of her looks, he thinks she's cute and funny, at first he thought that everyone was scared of him when the two were together, since he's used to people running away from him. ♡ whenever she's suddenly disappearing he'll just laugh and ask if they're playing hide and seek and start looking for her, though he sometimes gets surprised when she reappear, he just doesn't get scared that easily. ♡ he thinks it's funny when she's hiding under the bed or crawling through the vents, he wants to join her doing weird stuff too, but he'll often end up in a bad mood since he too big. ♡ he really loves her and love being around her no matter how odd she is, he always has a good time with her, doing weird stuff and he's rarely bored when she's around.
Tumblr media
♡ malleus draconia ♡ ♡ he doesn't think she's that scary, though he is really interested in her when he first saw her, he'll always try and have a conversation with her when he gets the chance so he can get to know her better. ♡ at first he thought people were just scared of him like usual, but he got really surprised when he found out that many of them were scared of her too. ♡ he rarely gets scared, whenever she's randomly disappearing or reappearing he thinks it's pretty normal, since he does that pretty often too, but he's impressed that she can do that without magic. ♡ though he thinks it's odd that she's crawling through the vents or hiding under the bed, he asked her why she's doing these odd things and she answered that it's just a habit she has, he just smiles and tells her to keep doing weird habits that he haven't seen before. ♡ no matter how odd or weird her habits are, he really loves her and loves her company, she's interesting and she keeps surprising him which he really likes.
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windblume-wishes · a day ago
While I was on the plane, I had some late night Azul HCs flood my brain for no reason whatsoever other than the more than likely boredom. I do hope that you like them!
𝕃𝕖𝕥’𝕤 𝕤𝕖𝕖 𝕟𝕠𝕨, 𝕀 𝕓𝕖𝕝𝕚𝕖𝕧𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕥𝕒𝕝𝕖 𝕘𝕠𝕖𝕤 𝕒 𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕝𝕖 𝕤𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖…
Azul Ashengrotto - Tako Time (Head Canons)
Tumblr media
Azul has a “Mood Octopus” in his room that he uses to indicate when he’s angry or not.
He wears silk pyjamas to bed, sometimes he prefers not to wear anything but his briefs to bed, it’s rare but sometimes it feels nice.
Azul sleeps with a stuffed animal, his is a pale violet seahorse he named “Ariel” after the princess.
When he’s missing home, he listens to ocean waves to sleep better at night.
Spends an hour in the bathtub because it feels nice, he really likes warm baths with fancy bath salts and oils.
Despite being from the sea, he has a secret fascination with cats thanks to Idia.
Thanks to you and your tales of your world, Azul is fascinated with the Roaring 20’s, so much so that he has now secretly opened a speakeasy within Octavinelle and only a select few know of it.
He can sing even without stealing someone’s ability.
Azul is the type to sing Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé songs on an old fashioned microphone.
His favorite song is “Sway” sung by Michael Bublé.
Secretly obsessed with “The Great Gatsby”, how he obtained a copy in his world is a mystery but if there is a will there most certainly is a way.
His ringtone is “Poor Unfortunate Souls”.
Azul knows how to play the Saxophone, so my dear reader, do expect some “Careless Whisper” in your near future.
He plays with rubber duckies in the bath, tell him you know and he will forever deny it.
He is super ticklish on his sides, underarms, thighs and especially his feet.
His favourite Bath and Bodywork’s fragrance is “Sea Island Cotton”, the smell of the sea is soothing to him and helps him sleep.
Tumblr media
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selfindulgenceiskey · 6 hours ago
I don't know if this is good or not, but, Philza!Yuu or Micheal_Beloved!Yuu. One Yuu is tired and old and dealing with chaotic little shits, while the other barely grasps whats going on and very much likes chickens and gold. Micheal_Beloved!Yuu also had believed that all eggs spawned chickens but it just took throwing a few eggs to spawn one. Micheal_Beloved!Yuu always having to save their chickens from Grim. Very sorry for the rant!
Woah this is a cool idea :0
I also made some quick designs for them, straight up rushed
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Philza! Yuu general headcanons!
Philza! Yuu, at the moment they woke up in the coffin kicked down the door.
For any DSMP! Yuus they retain their minecraft game logic so you could imagine the surprise when Yuu drops a bucket of water, pulls a trident out and then yeets away.
Philza! Yuu who looks at sea of students in cult like robes and thought they were kidnapped by the egg cult Technoblade talked about
Literally just started a weird chant and summoned like a giant ocean of crows 
And all you could hear were a long long echoes of E
Some random crow flys up to them and to everyone else they only here the sound of cawing.
and then Philza! Yuu just goes “D A V E” with a loud sound of thunder happening at the same time they sad that.
Philza! Yuu who general isn’t bothered by any of the magic stuff and just presumes they ended up in a very elaborate minecraft mod in which they can’t leave until some elaborate needs are met
The Dark Mirror states that they have the stench of death engraved into their soul
Philza! Yuu calmly states that their S/O is literally Death.
Philza! Yuu who stares at Riddle Rosehearts and just decides that they might as well adpot more children.
They were instead assigned into being the caretaker of Grim and was then titled as the basically guidance counselor of NRC and also told to watch over the students.
Lilia and Philza! Yuu get along very well and talk about their children to eachother.
Philza! Yuu who sleep deprived themself for 5 days reading every single potion recipe and then making the most broken enchanted potion in existence.
With the minecraft logic of trading they had from the DSMP when Azul asked them for the contract stuff, they literally pulled out 18 pure solid blocks of diamond making everyone else super confused
Everyones impression of them was like, maybe a crow fae who travels and doesn’t have much money
Imagine the surprise as they slowly empty their so called ‘useless gold’ that probably cost more then the whole NRC. 
Makes a giant very fancy contraption that made the Adeuce duos braincells to burn out when they tried to explain it to them.
Idia and Philza! Yuu get along great and Idia offered to fix the broken wing they had.
And also Malleus who beat him to it
Philza! Yuu although unable to fly anymore likes to stay on the rooftop of ramshackle as the wind reminds them of the feeling.
They vent out their feelings of being unable to fly to Malleus and he just immediately offered to heal it form them.
After a lot of “No it’s fine” “I wouldn’t want to bother you” and “Please you young people should worry about themself” 
Malleus decided to send Sebek and Silver to try and tell them how they should say yes to his offer
It was Lilia at the end who managed to convince them.
In exchange, Philza! Yuu had given them an Enchanted Golden Apple which all of them were so confused with.
When dealing with Ruggie, Philza! Yuu without any hesitation slapped like 10 golden bars to convince him to give the grilled cheese thing Grim ordered back.
Ruggie who internally panicked but agreed because wtf thats fucking pure gold- 
Crowley tells them about how they should pay him because he’s done so much ‘gracious’ stuff for them and Philza! Yuu who just goes “Sure why not” and give him like 10 blocks of diamonds.
The most chaotic thing that would arise would be Philza! Yuus absolute cluelessness on how much of an impact they’ve been doing with all the blocks of gold and diamonds they’ve been giving out 
Overall every student got attached to the tired crow grandpa 
Dealing with overblots are easy for Philza! Yuu with their horrifying powerful trident that keeps oneshottin everything.
Everyone finds the way they fight very cool with how they throw enderpearls and just swap out weapons to fit the fighting.
Too far from the enemy? GET THE CROSSBOW
Close to the enemy? GET THE AXE
Crossbow and Axe also being able to be replaced with trident or sword.
Adoption papers for every characters basically
Michael_Beloved! Yuu General headcanons
This Yuu is having the time of their life being oblivious
When they got out of the coffin everyone was like “wtf” as a part of their SKULL was showing.
Despite this this Yuu doesn’t really react to insults as they were raised a very sheltered child that doesn’t really know shit about the outside world.
Excels in potions class because of the amount of emergency potions their parents made them prepare whenever they left the house
Probably has like 17 broken potions in their inventory at all times that make them basically unable to EVER get injured 
Also has a totem of undying
Doesn’t react to Ace making fun of them for the pure reason they are distracted by some random butterfly
When being told that the heartslabyul dorm has rules they need to remember Yuu just automaticaclly remembers all of the rules
Just for the sole reason because they wanted to be friends with Riddle as well.
When with Deuce and the eggs they just looked at Grim very offended, grabs an egg, throws it 
And then a chicken appears
Now Grim is very confused, and Deuce still has no clue the REAL truth about eggs.
Yuu gets along with Kalim perfectly with how I would say they were kind of raised the same.
Now Jamil has two Kalims to take care of, 
A lot of people were both concerned and curious on the eyeless skull part of their head and wanted to ask questions.
Very confused on how the fuck Yuu still lived a very happy life.
Azul tells them to continue talking about that one time their parent made a nuke.
Malleus has no clue what to call Yuu so instead he just called them ‘child of innocence’ instead
Idia when they first saw them was first, very concerned, and second very curious
Crewel just made them his favorite student
He just states it all the itme and Yuu still has no fucking clue
Got along with Ruggie very well as Yuu, before being taken in by their parents lived a pretty poor life (technically) and always had to scavange for food and money.
A protection squad was made for them and anyone who DARES insult them are immediately gone the next day.
And forever.
Trey treats them like a younger sibling and Riddle gets very attached to how nice they are
Yuu also gifts them an emotional support chicken.
anyways making the new chapter for Kitsune! Yuu so yaaay :D
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Sebek: Mirror mirror on the wall isn't Waka-sama the most perfect of all?
Mirror: No. Waka-sama is not the most perfect of all... instead-
Sebek: *hits mirror with hammer* so you chose death then? Don't you dare doubt Waka-sama's perfection.
Even magic mirrors are not safe from Sebek's wrath if they offend the Malleus.
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deluxe-rabbitsu · 22 hours ago
I live love laugh for the concept of bilingual (maybe trilingual) mc!!
Tumblr media
Like the mc could always say what they want with the security that no one will understand what are they saying (maybe even insult people as a venting mechanism?)
My mc for sure would say the stuff she doesn't have the guts to say in her native language 👁️
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trappolaces · a month ago
the housewardens meeting your ex
Tumblr media
featuring !! gn!reader, riddle rosehearts, leona kingscholar, kalim al asim, azul ashengrotto, vil schoenheit, idia shroud, malleus draconia 
riddle rosehearts 
eyebrows immediately go straight down. furrowed. bro is Not Impressed. looks like this the whole time: (`ー´)
the two of you were studying in the library when you wave someone over, standing up to… hug a man???
riddle knows you’re very comfortable with physical affection, but his stomach still falls when you lightly hug the other man and he hugs you back
goes into Housewarden Mode 
“Physical embracing is quite improper in the library.” 
the other man. laughs????
riddle decides he does not like him At All (feels inferior that your ex isn’t scared of him)
gets a little comforted when you laugh, and take his hand 
“this is riddle, my boyfriend!” 
yeah!!! he is your boyfriend!! still mad but always loves it when you call him your boyfriend. puffs his chest out a little. looks like this: (҂ `з´ )
why does the other man look sad?? 
you introduce your ex to riddle, vaguely leaving out the part that hes. your ex. 
riddle kinda ejects himself from the conversation, and just stands awkwardly to the side
tends to shy away from conversation with a group of new people, as he gets discouraged when he sees how well they get along without him 
you obviously notice this, and politely tell your ex that you need to study more with riddle 
“considering our past, you know that i could always help you study instead” 
riddle’s heart. drops. 
what past??? doesn’t he know you’re dating him now???? what past???? why is this man flirting with you?? what past???
immediately asks “What Past??”
his voice is cold. defensive. low. a little Sexy 
your ex looks bashful now, and blushes a little when he says “oh, we used to date!” 
your ex: (〃>_<;〃)
you: (o・_・)
riddle: ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐
riddle is Not Happy but he also doesn’t want to be featured on Yandere Simulator 
why didn’t you tell him? were you trying to hide it? do you still like him?
goes into a self deprecating mindset, thinks he’s not as suave or cheerful as your ex was 
you have to remind him that he’s your ex for a reason, and that you broke up with him 
you hug him really tight in the corner of the library 
obviously you don’t like your ex anymore, but riddle doesn’t know this, so you pack up your studying materials and quickly take riddle to the nearest cafe 
you order all his favorite things and reassure him that he is The Only One For You 
riddle’s still a little insecure but melts at how sweet u are 
and besides. which one is the housewarden of heartslabyul?? which one is still dating you? not your ex, that’s for sure 
leona kingscholar 
was napping in the greenery with you when some man wakes you up
too busy yawning to notice that he’s hugging you?????
and then. sees it. 
goes into Alpha Mode 
snakes a protective hand around your waist and just sits there and glares at your ex 
first of all, does this guy have any boundaries? shouldn’t he know you’re dating him by the fact you were just cuddling in the greenery??
your ex’s face is a little white as leona glares Absolute Holes into him 
if looks could kill…. he’d be dead…. in the greenery…. yay?
“who’re you?” leona growls and Omg you are totally not blushing at his slightly raspy voice after just waking up 
“oh, i’m their ex” ( ̄ε ̄@)
i don’t think leona is particularly the jealous type because he like Knows his self worth and is very confident in himself, hes just mad that someone woke the two of you up
you introduce leona, but honestly introductions aren’t that necessary because you’d have to be living in a grass hut in the middle of nowhere to not know who Leona Kingscholar is 
“this is leona, my boyfriend!” 
leona covers his face with his hand (VERY DISCREETLY) to hide the red dusting his cheeks 
still not used to you calling him his boyfriend and feels so proud 
who even is your ex? does it even matter? you only have eyes for leona now and he knows it, so what’s the issue?
after your ex leaves leona drags you back down to continue napping 
“leona… are u ok?”
“why wouldn’t i be? you’re mine.” 
kalim al asim
kalim is 100% down for a new friend 
who’s ex even is it? by how friendly kalim is being you’re starting to think your ex is actually kalim’s
has absolutely 0 clue that he’s your ex and does not suspect a single thing 
you go to hug your ex? kalim goes to hug your ex! you go to talk to your ex? kalim goes to talk to your ex! it is a never ending cycle and you are Tired of It
that is… until he starts flirting with you 
kalim is so friendly that your ex doesn’t even know the two of you are dating, so he decides to rekindle some old sparks
your ex mentions on an offhand that you should meet him at a cafe and maybe try your relationship again 
cue… Jealous Kalim 
it’s not often Jealous Kalim emerges, but when he does…………. 
you didn’t even know kalim had the ability to be jealous, and it kind of pissed you off sometimes, but here he is!
“did you know WE’RE dating?? they’re mine, by the way” kalim says, smile so wide your ex starts shivering
is that evil in his eyes??? Pure Evil???? there is a reason kalim attends NRC and you are Shocked
your ex is a stuttering mess and quickly excuses himself from the conversation
kalim is back to his smiling self as soon as he’s gone because no matter what, kalim makes sure to never direct his anger towards you
wants to make sure that you always feel safe with him, and apologizes to you after 
“sorry, i think i might have gone a little too far!” (>﹏<)
has jamil make the two of you a nice home cooked meal after, and makes sure there’s no lingering feelings between you and your ex (there isn’t!) 
holds you extra tight that night 
azul ashengrotto 
is walking you to your next class when someone taps your back and pulls you into a hug 
immediately hovers a hand over the small of your back in concern 
are you ok with this?? are you comfortable with them?? who is this??
you assure him that it’s okay, and introduce him to your ex 
“this is my boyfriend, azul” 
blushes so hard. immediately goes to fix his glasses and readjust his hat, he will never get used to the butterflies that emerge when you call him your boyfriend
kind of glad that you bumped into this mysterious person just because you introduced him as your boyfriend ( ̄ω ̄ )
until your ex mentions that. he’s your ex??
his guard is up to full percent. adjusts his posture and tries so hard to look intimidating next to you 
is it working? maybe. 
very jealous. this type of jealous:
“you’re my favorite man” “you know other men????”
your ex, still blissfully unaware, asks you out on a date 
azul starts smirking. Evil Smirking. is taller than your ex and stares down at him with The Most Intimidating Smile on Earth 
puts a hand around your waist, pulling you close to him and away from your ex 
“didn’t they just mention that i’m their boyfriend?” 
smile wide, eyes cold. 
your ex is smart and Runs Away (what would i do? i would steal azul from you thats so Goddamn Sexy)
has jade and floyd secretly keep watch on your ex 
your ex wonders why his hairs are standing on edge every second of the day???
extra doting on you afterwards. you need a hug? he’s there. you need help studying? he’s there. you’re hungry? he’s there with food. 
vil schoenheit
was walking you back to your dorm after a shopping date 
doesn’t want his fans interrupting your date, so is wearing a hat, face mask, and sunglasses to hide his identity and looks like a Very Suspicious bodyguard
you’re laughing at something he says when suddenly a man approaches to hug you 
thinks it’s gross. gives you hand sanitizer after your ex removes from your embrace. watches the two of you converse under hooded eyes, arms crossed as he waits
vil schoenheit is not a Waiter 
your ex and you are trying to have a conversation but vil is just. emitting an aura that makes you shiver 
vil, behind his hat, mask, and sunglasses: ((╬◣﹏◢))
after a few minutes, he suddenly interjects into the conversation. demands to know who this plebeian is, and why he’s wasting your time
“oh, i’m their ex!” 
a second of silence passes
removes his disguise. suddenly vil in all of his glory is standing in front of your ex, his heels making him a good 2 inches taller than he already is 
your ex is confused. what is the campus celebrity doing with you?? he goes to reach for your hand, asking you if you know him? should you guys ask for a picture?
vil slaps his hands away. 
Slaps It 
“i’m their boyfriend. leave.” 
your ex is Shocked
scurries away. vil thinks he resembles a rat. 
tells you that your taste in men was horrible before him 
“did you see his hair? dryer than the scalding sands.” 
on your next date, vil doesn’t wear his disguise. hand is glued to your back as he assumes the position of a Very Intimidating Boyfriend taking his beloved out on a shopping spree
 idia shroud
is literally treating this like a final boss fight. clutching the back of your shirt because he’s so scared for some reason?????
thinks this incredibly hot guy has come to snatch you away from him and he is like 2 seconds away from tears 
you sense something is off with idia so you wrap an arm around his shoulders and introduce him to your ex 
“this is idia, my boyfriend!” 
your ex is So Amused by idia literally hiding behind you like a scared cat 
“hi, i’m their ex” 
literal silence falls between the three of you 
your head is darting between idia and your ex. is idia going to run away? you’re half expecting him to pull out his phone and start communicating through text. but then… idia gets. Angry???
your mouth is hanging open as idia marches over to your ex and towers over him, looking incredibly intimidating
“i’m dating them, so don’t get any funny ideas.”
is this your idia?? or a demon incarnate?
your ex rubs the back of his neck and excuses himself, moping away 
Smug Idia to Idia in Disbelief to Shocked Idia to Shy Idia 
(/ω��) “i can’t believe i did that!! are you ok with that?? did i scare him off? are you mad?” 
you are still in shock but are also Incredibly Attracted
idia just gained +100 points in the boyfriend category 
you will never let him forget this. you are also so proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone. the best boyfriend award goes to idia shroud 
malleus draconia
the most civil out of everyone 
was walking around campus with you pointing out the gargoyles and explaining their history. what a sexy brain he has 
your ex runs over to the two of you and hugs you, asking you how you’ve been 
stands to the side with a polite smile as he watches the two of you catching up 
he’s always happy when you meet up with a friend, but his smile fades when your ex asks you to catch up more over a date
looks at you with raised eyebrows. he trusts and respects you enough to hold out on your own, and wants to see what you’ll say. 
“oh, no. this is malleus, my boyfriend!” you say, introducing malleus from next to you. 
has a stupid smile on for the rest of the day 
out of all the titles malleus has, being your boyfriend is his favorite one
shakes your exes hand. your ex is a little frazzled and starstruck by malleus, and quickly leaves after 
malleus is very content with you 
presses a kiss to the top of your head 
“i love being your boyfriend”
you are so red. how did he turn meeting your ex into an adorable moment between the two of you???
like kalim, he’s more affectionate when cuddling at night and definitely holds you a little tighter
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forgwater · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
what a nice dynamic they have :)
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butterflyemi · 2 months ago
— Accidentally calling the NRC Staffs ‘dad’
Tumblr media
Tags & Notes | Any Pronouns! Reader, humor, fluff. I apologize if the characters are OOC. Stay safe and healthy everyone! <3
Warnings | Crowley.
It was on accident, you swear-
Now you have a grown ass adult clinging to you.
Begging you to say it one more time.
“CHILD! PLEASE! JUST SAY IT ONE MORE TIME!” You tried removing his hands off you but it’s no use.
You sigh in defeat and turned to Crowley with a forced smile.
“Dad, please get off of me” Your tone sharp, practically threatening him.
Crowley finally lets go off as he starts tearing up, distracted by you calling him ‘dad’ instead of ‘sir or ‘headmaster’.
Which gives you the time to get back to your friends before they do something stupid.
Your eyes widened once you let that word slip out of your mouth as the classroom grows quiet.
You both stare at each other with no words exchange.
That was until Crewel started grinning to himself as he clasped his hands.
“I am touched pup” You awkwardly laughed as he continued.
“Now tell me, who is the better father Dire— or me?” You don’t know whether you are hallucinating or not but you could clearly see Crewel sparkling or was it just the light?
“Ahaha, well sir I don’t—” He cuts you off “Well it is obviously me, of course”
You stayed there at his classroom, listening to his lecture of how he’s a better father than Crowley.
He was lecturing you on about something and you muttered a “Alright, dad...” and that was when he stopped speaking as he lets those words sink in.
He then asks you to repeat what you just said. 
Lucius rolled his eyes and told Trein on what you just said.
You give Lucius the stink eye while he just meowed at you.
Trein feels touched not gonna lie and is the most calmest one when he heard you call him dad.
He really appreciates it and is thinking of arranging a little meeting so you and his daughter can get along! :) 
Just like Crowley he tears up as he hugs you tightly.
You tried getting off of him but he’s way too strong.
You patted his back awkwardly as he sobs on your shoulder.
He then swears that he’ll protect you from the boys if they ever did something to you and will train you some self defense.
To which you mentally slapped yourself.
Okay, Sam is a different case.
You’d probably accidentally call him brother and he would just laugh it off.
He doesn’t mind really! He’ll most likely ask you to call him that again tho so...
Next time, you come over at his shop. He’ll tease you about it.
If he hears you call him with formalities, he’ll say “Awh, what ever happened to ‘brother’? Come on! Don’t be shy, say it again :)”
Which leads you to flustered mess since he keeps teasing you about it.
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cozy-kuma · 2 days ago
Saw your requests are open and was wondering if you could do headcanons of the vice dorm leaders reacting to fem reader coming out as bi? No pressure of course only if you feel comfy with this request! Thank you!
vice dorm leaders reacting to reader coming out as bi
hi there! thank you so much for your request!! i’m bi too so this was nice to write :) i hope you like it!
( also i know you asked for fem reader but it ended up more gender neutral i hope you’re ok with that!! sorry D: )
sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes! and these are a little short (;ω;)
oh he is just so happy for you! if you’re coming out to everyone, he wants to celebrate!! but if you’re just confiding in him, don’t worry your secret is safe with him. he will support you either way!! either very loudly or quietly with just you two :) he’s also gonna throw a party. even if it’s just for the two of you, expect him to just go all out lol
he might be a little confused at first. not in a bad way but more of a “oh you can do that” type of way. maybe he never really thought it was possible, or allowed, to love more than one gender. you open his eyes. (o_o) i think it’s really sweet, he’s so happy for you and he’s happy you trust him enough to tell him, so he can’t help but smile.
oh? what’s that look on his face? a smirk? you might think he’s about to tease you but that’s just his (strange) way of showing that he’s proud of you! thank you for telling him! it makes him feel nice that you trusted him, not that he’d let you know that, though. he’s very happy for you, after all he always wants you to be your authentic self! if you tell others you don’t have to worry about their reactions, he will make sure they’re all very accepting :)
omgggg he’s so proud of you!! gives you a big hug for sure. shocked that he’s the first person that you told even though you couldn’t imagine telling anyone else before him. if you’re nervous about letting others know, he gives really good advice and is there to comfort you and support you through it all! definitely ur #1 supporter!!
oh he’d be super supportive and would keep it a secret if you asked him to. when you’re ready to tell everyone else, he’d be right there by your side to cheer you on :) he reacts to it like you just told him the most obvious thing, he definitely smiles at you but he’s not taken aback or anything, just happy for you!! he loves that you feel comfortable enough to tell him and will feel special for knowing this about you before the others lol
♡ thank you for reading!
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