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Can I please request Leona, Malleus, and Azul and their opinions on a reader who is naturally nocturnal. They've tried to switch to being up during the day but they always revert back to sleeping during the day and being up at night. They don't know why it's just how their body is? Please and thank you!
Azul Ashengrotto
Tumblr media
This would upset Azul.
He himself is a man who wakes up early in the morning.
Because he's forced to figure out how much destruction Floyd has had during the night.
(Three beatings and 10 blackmail is his record.)
Azul is not the best help for this.
He changed himself because of others.
And he assumes you can do the same.
Azul would try to help you in any way possible.
Early awakenings, hot milk to help you sleep better, an energetic activity that will make you fall asleep.
But still you can’t change yourself.
Now Azul is in a small crisis.
This is not what he assumed.
Of course Azul loves you.
But he is too concerned about the opinions of others.
(Azul should be treated.)
Do not worry. It makes it easier over time.
At the latest when your health deteriorates a little.
Azul doesn't want to hurt you.
Leona Kingscholar
Tumblr media
Leona sleeps most of the time.
So it doesn’t matter if you are a nocturnal human or a morning human.
That would be why Leona fell in love with you.
Finally someone who can sleep with him during the day.
Finally someone who doesn't force him to study.
And Leona is not going to force you to study.
Fuck about study's.
He prefers to hug you and sleep with you
(Sure, you'll both be in trouble soon)
Leona doesn't understand why you're awake at all.
Couldn't you just sleep with him?
Maybe not a night walk for the biggest friend.
But when he hears that Malleus would be eager to join you, Leona starts getting energy.
He doesn't want that lizard near you.
Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
Everyone who has played the game knows that Malleus' sleep rhythm is shit.
He really wouldn’t complain about this.
Malleus might even be happy.
Now he finally has his company for his night walks.
Actually, that's the reason you met.
You and Malleus were both on an evening walk when you meet.
He immediately thought it was fate.
As you explain the difficulty of your sleep, Malleus listens.
And he partially understands.
It’s hard to focus on school if you don’t sleep at night.
But you also can’t change your innate rhythms.
Fortunately, Malleus is a master of sleep in magic.
For him, your rhythm is ok.
But if you want he can cast a spell on you.
(And hug you "secretly" during it.)
This is your decision.
(You can't affect the hug.)
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caterkinnie · 2 days ago
hiii 💖 Can you do hcs about vil, rook, idia, malleus, ace and epel dating a tsundere (not overly so, let's say she's just very shy and hides it with a serious facade) girlfriend? Please 🥺💖
With a s/o who looks stoic but is just really shy.
❥characters: Vil Schoenheit, Rook Hunt, Idia Shroud, Malleus Draconia, Ace Trappola and Epel Felmier.
❥genre: fluff
❥warnings: i think the funniest part about tsunderes is when they get flustered. Also Rook and Idia are my favorites and you Can Tell
Tumblr media
So… You're just like him. Except he's more of an arrogant tsundere.
You two tend to playfully argue ALL THE TIME — throwing insults that aren't actually mean and just end up making each other laugh.
Vil is always trying to get you flustered and is INSANELY good at it; he knows exactly what to say all the time. It's almost scary. He thinks you're so cute and can't help himself.
The worst part is that he'll ALWAYS play innocent. Which is why he constantly subtly flirts with you in public with stuff he knows only you would understand.
Tumblr media
Ah, Rook.
If Vil is annoying, Rook is like annoying³. He finds flustering you wayyyy too fun, you being stoic most of the time makes him feel like everytime you get flustered is a reward. Yeah, Rook being Rook.
Honestly one of the things that he always found attractive about you was because you're just so… fun to mess with. He loves guessing your emotions and always being right.
Every single time you try to deny the way he makes you feel he'll just laugh and pat your head, you're just so cute!
Rook has no problems with your boundaries or anything since even if you try to hide your feelings, he literally knows instantly just by looking at you.
I've said this so many times but Rook would work perfectly with a tsundere.
Tumblr media
The way Idia behaves around you ALWAYS depends on how long you two have been together.
We all know that when Idia gets flustered he's incredibly jumpy and shy, to the point he can't even speak. He probably might even run away!
The first few weeks you two would need to have a lot of communication since Idia is always terrified of upsetting you; he might take your attitude the wrong way and feel incredibly guilty.
On the other hand when he actually realizes you're just shy like him, he actually tries to fluster you! However, he's not like Vil or Rook so if you ever have a comeback (which happens often since he IS NOT creative) you'll be able to fluster him back!
Both of you are insanely awkward in general.
Tumblr media
Malleus might not know much about social cues, but he's very perceptive and curious; the way you always try to hide your feelings and act cool intrigues him.
He's not good at flirting or anything on purpose, but there's a catch. Malleus is incredibly romantic and always tells you genuine compliments.
He's sooooo cheesy sometimes, every single time he flusters you is by accident. Not that he's not pleased of course.
Doesn't mind it at all, he finds it kinda funny sometimes.
Tumblr media
Ace tries to be smug like Vil and fluster you but he's an idiot /affectionate.
He's a HUGE tease and will try to get any literally ANY reaction out of you. Unfortunately for him, he's extremely soft for you. Not that he'll ever admit it.
He thinks you're so cute to the point he'll get nervous just by looking at you, which is why he always fails miserably when trying to tease you.
He's kinda a tsundere too.
Tumblr media
Epel lives for the banter.
Just like Ace he always tries to get a reaction out of you, except he prefers to flirt with you as a joke. He didn't know how to flirt so he asked for help (Rook) and was utterly disgusted but hey! he's able to imitate him and make you laugh and perhappsss a bit flustered; and since you're always so stoic every single reaction is a huge win!
Epel is not as good at telling when you're genuinely mad or just shy but he's slowly learning!
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading, please reblog if you liked it!
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ladyorchidia · a day ago
Twisted wonderland Incorrect quotes
Malleus : I'm in love with yuu ! there, I said it !!
Silver : *snores*
Lilia : Wow...so choking...never could've guessed...Anything else ?
Sebek : (having heard the whole confession a mile away and is speed running like sonic) WAKA-SAMAAAAAAA-
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k1ngdom-of-thieves · a day ago
Hey so this is my first ask so I'm kinda nervous but can I ADORED your selective mute reader, may I request malleus, riddle and azul with a reader who uses a can if you don't want to do it feel free to ignore! Have a love day <3
I’m glad you liked my selectively mute ask! I was actually kinda stumped on what to do for that one so I’m glad people liked it :)
Malleus, Riddle, and Azul + reader who uses a can!
Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
He’s very amused by your use of a can-line. He likes talking through it when he goes on his nightly walks.
The other students are always watching in shock when they see him talking into a can like it was the most normal thing in the world. And even more so when they realize that it’s attached to a can that you’re holding.
Will always use the can if you offer it to him. It must be a very important piece of information if you have to state it through a can signal, right?
Malleus let’s you put up different can-municators around the Disomnia dorm. Silver and Sebek are incredibly confused about the new cans while Lilia seems to be having fun with the cans himself.
“You never fail to amaze me. Please, Child of Man, tell me more of your unique ideas.”
Riddle Rosehearts
Tumblr media
He was incredibly confused about what you were doing. All he saw was you running around with cans and and some string.
When you told him what it was for, he was still confused but he reluctantly agreed to use the mystical can of communication.
Finds it cute to see how excited you are to use the cans just to tell him things you say on the daily. His face lights up when you say “I love you” through the little tin.
Despite how tired he sounds about the cans, he really likes that you go out of your way to include him in these little activities. He just has to still give off the air of a super-short-and-scary dorm leader.
“I don’t understand why you find so much joy in this, but I don’t think it would hurt for me to partake in it.”
Azul Ashengrotto
Tumblr media
Azul had seen something similar to your cans back in the Coral Sea, but with conch shells instead. He’d never actually played the game himself however, no one wanted to play it with him.
He saw how excited you were about the cans and decided to join in on your fun. He liked seeing the smile on your face after picking up the can to hear what you have to say. It makes him feel all bubbly inside
Tries to see if he can somehow make the cans into a new business venture. He even markets them as the “Lovers Telephone” and don’t even think he just wants to have more around to see you happy. That’s the only reason he’s doing this
Even if he couldn’t make a profit which is almost impossible with how good he is at his job, he still enjoys the fact you two can have something you share. These little moments are things he will keep close to his heart for years.
“You wish for me to join you? Very well, I would love to see more of what you enjoy.”
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raven-at-the-writing-desk · 20 hours ago
Kalim, Lilia: What else can I do?
KALIM MY SON MY PRECIOUS SUNSHINE CHILD 🥺 Sorry for getting this out late—
Imagine this...
Tumblr media
"I always see Sebek scolding Silver. He does that because he cares for him, right?
Lilia suppressed a chuckle. “Yes, that would not be incorrect to say.”
“Gahahah!” Kalim’s full-bellied laugh rolled across the lavishly carpeted floors, his smile lighting up the entire room. Sunshine spilled in from wide windows, and out from within the birthday boy. “Sebek must have a really big heart for all that love!”
A chortle slipped out of his interviewer.
“Kufufu. He is very passionate in expressing himself.” Fingers curled under Lilia’s chin. “To think that you’d pick one of my own… I’m positively ecstatic~ You’ve made a good judgement call, Kalim.”
“Eh, I have?”
“Indeed.” Lilia nodded knowingly, his eyes creasing—a subtle shine of elation. “Most find Sebek too brash and bold to approach. Ah, but you—you’ve so easily stripped away that harsh exterior and gotten right to his core. You are able to see the forest for its trees. Not many can compare to that discerning eye of yours, Kalim.”
“Thanks, Lilia!! I’ve never thought of it like that! Jamil says I can be pretty careless when I just say what my gut feeling is…”
“Then your gut is very accurate. You have a strength that comes so naturally to you. The ability to read and to understand others is a wonderfully indispensable skill for a leader.”
Lilia beamed, slapping a playful hand on the birthday boy’s back. “Fufu. I approve of you to serve as Sebek’s elder brother. Be certain that you swing him around in your arms often, just as you do with your siblings!”
Kalim took the joke with ease, barely pausing for a beat before replying, “I’ll try!! I’d love to spoil him too! … But I shouldn’t. Not yet.”
“Hmm? Now what might you mean by that, I wonder?”
“It’s like... I think I need someone like Sebek around--someone who’ll scold me and tell me when I’m doing something wrong.”
“Is that not what Jamil already does for you?”
“Yeah, but...” A pensive look formed on Kalim’s face. “Lately I’ve been thinking of how I can help him. Jamil does so much for me, and I’ve realized that I haven’t done a lot for him in return. And when I do try to help, I just screw things up and make more trouble for him.”
His shoulders slightly sagged as a thought crossed his mind.
I’ve... always caused trouble for him.
The memories collected one by one. Particles of sand falling into a mound. From the top bulb, funneled through the neck, and to the bottom bulb. The happy moments, times spent playing together, chasing each other in the bazaar, dancing in the garden, splashing in the water, snacking and studying…
All of it, a pretense, shattered by his words. A thin, potent poison ran along them, bitter and bleak.
“As long as you exist, I will never be free,” Jamil had snarled. His face had been so twisted then--calm, and yet his eyes were as pointed and as cold as icicles, sharpened to form blades. Ink engulfing him, creeping over his skin like a swarm of locusts consuming a fresh feast.
All the hate he had kept bottled up, at last eating him alive.
Hate that had stemmed from him.
From Kalim.
His smiles, his laughter.
His ignorance.
Kalim inclined his head, letting the brim of his hat eclipsed his garnet eyes. “... For a long time, I’ve hurt Jamil without realizing it. I don’t want to do it again--not to Jamil, not to anyone. That’s why I’ve been thinking: how can I be better? What else can I do?”
“I don’t notice stuff myself. I need that kind of criticism so I know when I’ve done something wrong, so one day I won’t need Sebek or Jamil or anyone to tell me I’ve made a mess, so I can the kind of dignified person that people will follow. Someone that’s earned the seat of dorm leader.”
Someone that’s worthy of being Jamil’s friend and rival.
In spite of the shadow cast over Kalim’s eyes, they glittered just as bright as ever. “Until that day comes, I’ve got to work hard. Then, one day...”
I can be where he is, as his equal.
Kalim didn’t complete his sentence out loud, letting the last of his words hang in the air--raindrops suspended, not yet fallen to the ground. A pocket of solemn silence in an otherwise loud, lively party.
No one heard the rest but Kalim.
“... I understand.”
Lilia patted his junior on the head, gently stroking his hair. “There’s no need to rush growing up. I have no doubt that you will rise to the occasion when the time calls for it.”
“Really? You think so?”
“I know so.” Lilia chuckled, indicating an open window. “You’ll rise through the roof, to the skies, without a magic carpet ride, but on your own power. If you continue to work hard and be mindful, surely that wish you’ve stowed away in your heart will come true.”
“Aww, you always know just what to say to make me feel better! You’re awesome, Lilia!!”
“Of course, of course… but at this very moment, do not concern yourself with me.” The fae smirked, retracting his hand. Reaching into his jacket, he magically pulled out a pie, his eyes twinkling with mischief. “You need only eat, drink, and be merry!”
“Ahhhh, you’ve got me there!!” Kalim cried with a laugh. “Is it time for the Gift of Good Fortune already? It’s still a ‘gift’, so I’ll happily accept it!!”
“My, such a good sport. I’ll do my best to deliver your gift to you.” Lilia tossed the pie into the air, testing its weight as it fell back into his palm. His lips folded into a grin as he brought the pie back. Stance practiced, arm poised, as if this was done he had done many times over.
“Good fortune and the happiest of birthdays to you, Kalim!!”
The pie was a direct hit on the lower half of Kalim’s face, the whipped cream forming a cloud on his chin we the paper plate slid to the floor. The result was the birthday boy dressed handsomely in a fluffy, airy facial hair. Seconds later, the whipped cream plopped off and joined the plate on the floor, leaving Kalim with traces of a sweet-tasting stubble behind.
“K-Kfffft!!” Lilia bent over, clutching his stomach to prevent a howl from escaping. Between giggles, he managed, “M-My liege…! How big and bushy your beard is!!”
Kalim took the joke in good faith and with a large grin. Beckoning with a hand, he said, “You don’t need to bow! Raise your head!!”
Lilia lifted his gaze as he had been commanded to—and found Kalim picking a pie off a nearby table. He raised an eyebrow at his junior.
“I want to join in on the fun, too!! C’mon, grab another one!! We can have a food fight, you and me!”
“Haha, very well. I cannot turn down a request from our beloved birthday boy.” Lilia’s eyes slightly narrowed. “Kufufu. You’d best be prepared for combat! I cannot promise that you will make it out of this experience alive.”
“Yup!! Let’s sing! Let’s dance!! Let’s die… of fun!!”
Kalim’s smile was as certain as the sun, promising to reach ever upward.
Tumblr media
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jackplushie · 12 hours ago
I just thought of something- so let’s say that the companion automatons are able to “eat food” which is kinda what we can do which is break down the food and use it for energy only difference is they are able to use the whole substance anyway- so because of this the s/o will sometimes cook or spoon feed the automatons whether it be for repairs and are unable to feed themselves or just for the shits and giggles. The other automatons get jealous of the fact they can’t get spoon feed or eat their s/o’s food so they go to their s/o and ask to get the modification done where they can eat or ask to get it taken away from the companion automatons. I can imagine if they choose to get the modification done they would most definitely be extra clingy around their s/o especially when they are in the kitchen making them food cause they don’t wanna share their food. I like to think they reason why this whole started was because their s/o had a friend come over who said something along the lines of “a way to someone’s heart is through their stomach” or “you’re food is always filled with your love, that’s why it’s so good”.-
Sorry it’s so long I lost my cup noodles- oh I found them nvm. *heats up cup noodles* -ramen stained plushy 
You could literally just give me food and you’ll see a little notification pop up “Myre is now Willing To Kill for You”
This gave me like Trey vibes, so I may or may not have… indulged myself a bit with this……
Trey was created to cook. He was programmed to create pastries, specifically.
You’ll smell his pastries before you see them, the hearty aroma of baked goods wafting through the air. There’s always something baking in the oven, as he bustles around the kitchen, bowl cradled in his arms, a whisk working away.
He makes them multiple times a day, plating them artistically. He always makes you stay beside him when he’s baking. Trey claims it’s because he wants you to taste the filling, but you can’t help but notice he seems more alive when you’re talking to him. He seems to savour your words, closing his eyes contently when you chatter away.
Trey cracks lame jokes sometimes, and your giggles? Sweeter then any cake he can make. Even if you bury your face in your hands, stifling your laughs, he pokes your sides, gently easing your hands away. He wants to hear you, y’know? You’re so cute.
He loves making whatever you love, but he’s the best at pies. Pies that oozes with flavour when you bite into them, the filling spilling out with a wonderful golden hue. Crust baked to a crispy perfection, coming apart in your mouth with a satisfying crunch. The sweetness of the apple melts in your mouth, leaving you salivating for more.
Of course, he isn’t too opposed to eating what you make as well. He’ll resort to pouting if you don’t feed him. It embarrasses him a little, but really, anything to spend a little more time with you. It doesn’t feel too bad, you blowing on soup that’s a little too hot before carefully tilting the spoon into his mouth.
Your attention is all on him.
That’s how it should be.
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dumpsterlmao · a day ago
Tumblr media
business proposal - azul ashengrotto
summary - after holding many failed interviews to see who's qualified to become azul's partner for a party, jade and floyd decides to choose you as their last option.
genre - fluff and a little angst on the way!
warnings - grim, deuce, and ace slapping you back to reality LOL
Tumblr media
the twins hopelessly sighed after going through each pages with the list of azul's supposed-to-be partners for the formal event that his parents are hosting. azul gave a favor to the twins to find him a potential partner for his parents' event. he couldn't bear to see disappointment on their faces if azul doesn't bring over his partner. 
azul had about at least thirty failed interviews for the potential partners. most of it was considered a fail because azul gained no interest all. and the least of it was the person not showing an intrest towards azul.
floyd had already become tired. "well jade, looks like we can't find anyone now." he sighs while putting away the papers. "we've called in almost everyone here in this list and azul just decides to throw them out." he complains to jade while showing him the paper with the list of people.
"there's still happens to be chance floyd." jade tells floyd making him surprised in reaction. "really jade? who is this person gonna be?" floyd curiously asked jade who knew of an idea. "they are not on the paper floyd. unlike people we know from outside, it's rather someone we know here in this school." jade answers.
floyd widens his eyes in surprise. he wanted to know who this person was. "is it someone from this dorm jade?" he asks as jade shook his head in response.
"no floyd. do should i give you a hint with regards to this person that i suggest for azul." he tells floyd as he nodded. "sure sure! let's hear it from your big brain now jade!" floyd was excited to hear about jade's idea. jade lets out a chuckle before saying a word.
"it's someone from the ramshackle dorm." floyd did not expect for that kind of response coming out of jade's mouth. "huh?" he says with a confused look on his face. "but there's only two people on that dorm. shrimpy and that sealie." he tells jade. "correct, i suggest that we take in mc as azul's potential partner." jade says. "seeing as we do not have anyone to call over for azul, mc is now our last choice."
floyd didn't give a second to think about it. he immediately agreed with jade's idea. "okay, that sounds good!" jade nods at floyd's reponse to his suggestion.
"i didn't even think of mc until you said so, jade." he also adds. jade was glad to hear it from floyd. "i had already planned them as our last choice if the list of people were to become failed results." he mentions to floyd. "what, so you're saying you already thought of mc in the first place?." jade nods at his question. "the prefect shall be a big help to azul as well." he adds.
"we made the right choice!" floyd smirked. "indeed." he nodded at his response. they looked at each other sharing snickered laughs when they've finally figured out an answer to their problem.
jade then stopped as he wanted to say something. "i do think mc is the right one for azul, out of all the people he had been with." he says. "but why didn't you put little shrimpy on the list first?" floyd asks another question. "i wanted to see how the other people would act around azul. but to my expectations, i was wrong." he answered.
"azul would've been happy if shrimpy was first in line." floyd stated which made jade suddenly curious to what he means by that. "should you give an explaination as to why azul would be pleased?" he asks floyd. "it's simple. he likes shrimpy!" floyd lets out a beamed smile.
"i need another proper explaination to what you said there, floyd." jade was still confused. "i have never recall a time wherein azul sublty showed that has a possible romantic liking towards mc." he sounded very lost in this topic as he had no idea of anything except for floyd.
"those two would always argue during mid-lectures that it would cause a distraction to the class." jade nods while he understood floyd's explaining. "i wouldn't call it a distraction. more like an entertainment since it was SO much better listening to them pointlessly arguing on something rather than a boring old repeated discussion." jade now finally understood his point.
"from what i've gotten in your statement, you're saying that their dynamics are like rivals but on a romantic level. correct?" he nods at his question.
"yep! i even overheard azul muttering "what would i do if i was mc?" while he was doing homework alone in his room." he also adds on. "oh and the day after that, azul approached me to ask a question that had something to do with thinking about someone very often. and since i'm no expert at that, i didn't help him out. that really did looked like he had a crush on mc." those were all the insights floyd has explained to him.
jade has now finally got the answer he was looking for. "azul is so head-over-heels over shrimpy!!!" he cooed in reaction. "you did happen to coincidentally think of mc for azul's partner." jade stated. "yeah, but like what you said. i wanted to see how the others would act around azul. but that made me forgot about mc after a while." floyd responds as jade lets out a nod.
"it's now settled. we shall call over mc to the longue tomorrow." jade suggests. "OKIE DOKIE!" floyd happily answers back.
"but i should have you reminded that you ought to not hint on mc that the person is azul." jade gives out a reminder to floyd as he nodded. "yes, i won't blow the cover." he responded. now that they've finished planning for azul's last potential partner, they called it a day to go back working at the longue.
it was now lunchbreak. the time where grim had awaited for. he had also fell asleep during lectures and he was on the verge of being in trouble if you didn't attempt to wake him up at that time. "about time, i'm starving!" grim groans in hunger. "you felt sleepy a while ago and now you're hungry?" you asked the cat. "well, that's basically why i was hungry. i was sleepy!" you rolled your eyes at his response.
the both of you proceeded to the food section to grab food then find a seat afterwards. "this omelette is gonna be so yummy, i just know it!" grim was salivating at the food on his plate. you sighed in hopes of grim not causing a scene as he eats because he's dead hungry.
"dig in now, grim. you don't want to catch me stealing your food, right?" you teased letting out a smirk. grim was not amused with your little joke back there. "don't you dare lay a hand on my food, mc!" he drags his plate an inch away from you. you let out a sigh again after seeing grim who was aggressively eating after his long starvation. ace and deuce couldn't sit with you both because they grim had told you they had extended classes.
as soon as you were about to eat your food, you heard your name that's been called infront of you. you looked up to see who it was. grim did not seem very happy to see them at all. "shrimpy and sealie! hello there!" floyd greets the both of you first before jade. "ahhh, you stupid eels! what made you feel the need to interupt our eating time?!" grim was annoyed to see their sudden presence.
"calm down sealie. we're not here to chit chat with you." he shoots a glare at the annoyed grim making him startled as he was intimidated.
"pardon us for interupting you both without a notice. we are only here to speak with you mc with regards about something." jade informs the both of you. "hear that sealie? we're not here to do bad business." floyd tells grim but he still doubted it.
"me?" you asked for confirmation. "yes mc, meet us at the longue after class!" floyd says but you were still in confusion. "but what's your reason to call me over for?" you asked the twins.
"if it has something to do with the octo azul's scheming tricks, i will burn the three of you down!" grim warns them. "i'm guessing you guys still haven't learnt from that incident one time."
the twins gave a laugh in response. "oh no, we don't do such a thing like that anymore. am i right floyd?" he asks floyd as he nodded in response. "yep, we don't do that anymore!" he says. "now, moving on about the topic. mc we request you to be someone's date for their upcoming party." you gave a shocked reaction to what jade have said to you. it happened too suddenly.
"uhm, a date? you're setting me up on a blind date?" you asked floyd. "you could say that it's a blind date. the person had called you over to the longue for the blind date." you gave an unsure impression at first, but now you felt tempted to accept it since you were curious to see who your date was. you hoped to the great sevens that it wasn't azul.
"this smells fishy. are you really gonna say yes at this scheming kinda behavior?" grim whispers to you but you ignored him and immediately accepted the offer. "yes, i'd be glad to come over for this blind date." you answered without having to think about it.
grim was shocked at your straightforward response. he gasps loudly. "HUHHHHH?! ARE YOU THAT STUPID MC?" he curses at you but you kept a straight face being unbothered by grim. floyd and jade lets out a smile at your answer.
"very well." jade replied. "yay!" floyd cheered in reponse. "don't forget to come over, okay?" he reminds you again. then he leans in closer to you whispering out something with a serious tone in his voice. "you'll be in great trouble if you do forget it." he pulls away. floyd gives you a wave in goodbye before he walked away leaving with jade.
now that they were gone, you can tell grim was mad as you turned to look at him. "you really did never learn, huh?" grim shook his head letting out a 'tsk tsk'. under his mouth. you could only shrug in response. ace and deuce had finally appeared after their extended classes were over.
"hey guys, sorry we were a bit late." ace apologizes. the two of them sat down, placing their plates on the table. "it's a good thing you guys are here on a perfect timing." grim stated. "why so, grim?" deuce wonders. you wanted to shut grim's mouth but you were too late. "well you see here, mc fell for the twin eels' scheming deal."
ace and deuce gasped in shock. "MC, YOU WHAT?" deuce furiously reacted. "did you not remembered what happened last time when we were involved with them?!" ace also said. "but guys!-" as you were about to explain your side, grim butted in again with his annoying antics. "which is why we exactly need to give mc a reality check."
the three of them glance at you with a smug look. "yes, a perfect slap back to reality." deuce cracks the both of his fisted hands. "ooh, my hundred thousand page book is gonna come in handy." ace lets out a book in his hand. you were now fed up with their reactions.
"JUST HEAR ME OUT FOR ONE SECOND GUYS!" you raised your voice at them making them stop. "they told me it was a blind date. of course i'd take the offer cause it's not something shady." the three still weren't okay with your response.
ace rolled his eyes. "who knew you were a hopelessly in love kinda person." ace responded with a sarcastic tone. "i hope they set me up with vil." you said something out of the blue which made them cringe for a second.
"like you'd ever have a chance with him!" deuce lets out a laugh. "now this tells me that you really do need some reality check, mc." ace points out. "YEAH! LET'S SLAP MC BACK TO THEIR SENSES!" grim suggested. the three began to chaotically mess around with you. you wanted to stop them from their actions but they weren't listening to you.
you had now arrived at the mostro longue by jade and floyd's request. the place was crowded as always. you went around to find one of the twins and to your surprise, floyd had approached you first. "mc, welcome!" he greets you. "and you arrived early too, that's even good!" floyd also added. "so, where's this person i'm supposed to be with for the blind date?" you asked floyd. "oh, shrimpy is so excited huh? follow me to the room." floyd says as you agreed to follow him.
the room just so happens to be the vip room. you already knew how this was gonna escalate. floyd opens the door for you and as you entered inside, you saw jade standing beside azul. he glances at you with a reaction that seemed like he was disappointed. "hm, i see how this is." he adjusts his glasses. "out of all the living beings here in this surface, it had to be YOU?!" his eyes widened with anger.
you rolled your eyes at azul who was very not happy to see you. you returned the same energy back to him. "that's funny because i had thought of the same thing too." you responded with sarcasm. you faced azul while crossing your arms with a big smugged look on your face. "you're not the only one here that's mad azul. i'm not happy to see you as well." azul lets out a 'tch' as he was not amused to see you at his presence.
the twins were watching you both carefully observing from a distance. "it do seems that you are right, floyd. watching them argue at a distance is intriguing yet entertaining." jade whispers to floyd who was beside him. "it's fun to watch them fight. this date will surely make azul fall for mc harder." he lets out a silent laugh.
"because of your failed dates, you weren't able to find a partner for this party you're invited in?" you asked azul while raising a brow at him. "look at you foolishly talking as if you know a thing or two. mind your words." he gritted his teeth.
"huh? i was only curious." you tell the annoyed azul. "i deserve to know right, cause i'm YOUR date?" those words were enough to make azul's face become flustered.
"mc, if you keep up with this ridiculous antics of yours on the day of the party, i will make you work for the longue until the end of the school year." azul warns you with the angry look on his face. you nodded as an answer.
"i'll be serious azul, i assure you. i won't cause a scene at your party, trust me." you let out a smirk to your reponse. you proudly answered back azul with pure sarcasm. "since you say so, i hope you do keep your promise." to your surprise, azul responded back with the same energy.
he walks away from you then began to go over the papers on his desk. "i thought this was gonna be a date? this rather looks like a negotiation." azul was once again annoyed with you. he turns to look at you.
"i've already came to a decision that i would rather not hold a date with you unlike the rest, because you're the only person i have bad connections with." you nodded as an answer. "okay." azul wasn't expecting for that kind of response but he brushes it off.
"now listen here, mc. this is how the party will execute." you let out a nod to let him know that you're listening. "the party will happen underwater as my parents will be present there. i shall give you another spare of my potion to breathe underwater." he explains. "and if you have concerns with that, i give you my permission to refuse to my offer-"
you stopped him from talking. "why would i refuse?" you asked him. "i only wanted to make sure." he says. "i'm guessing that you have decided to be my date for the party." you nodded at his statement.
"what time is the party?" you asked him. "it starts at eight in the evening. i expect you to be ready an hour before the time." he answers. "and what about my clothes? i don't own any formal clothes and obviously the people would be weirded if i showed up in my uniform."
"i already have that taken care of mc. your clothes will be sent outside your dorm." azul answers. "be sure to arrive to the longue at exactly ten minutes before the starting time. i will be the one to pick you up for the party." everything had now been settled for tomorrow's party.
"will sure do." you tell azul. "now, off you go. i've had enough of seeing your presence with my own eyes." azul says as he walks back to his desk. "me too. it's a good thing we ended early. see you tomorrow night, azul." you waved goodbye at floyd before leaving the longue then head back to the ramshackle dorm.
the twins approached closer to azul who was covering his face from embrassment because of his encounter with you. "azul's face is now red!" floyd points it out making azul even more embarassed. "quiet down, floyd!" he yells. "i can tell you're excited to see mc with the clothes you planned for them." floyd lets out a laugh as jade follows along. "you're so gonna drool over them!" azul decides to shut floyd's loud and nosey mouth. "i said to quiet down, floyd!"
as you went back to the dorms, grim stood infront of you ready to bomboard you with questions about your situation in the mostro longue. "so, how did your blind date go?" he asks you, wanting to be updated with your business. "was your blind date with vil like you expected?" you ignored grim's questions which made him offended since you didn't answer."oi, tell me who it is now!" you finally decided to tell him in order to make him shut up.
"it's with azul." you finally spat out. grim didn't say anything for a second until he starts to rage. "AZUL?!" he angrily exclaims. "WHY DID YOU EVEN AGREE TO IT?!" he starts to jump on you and you failed to yank him off.
"if you end up going on a risky contract with him, just know that i'm not helping you. i've already warned you from the start." he warns you. "grim, relax." you rolled your eyes at the grim who was still clinging at your back. "he didn't even planned a contract in the first place!"
grim still did not pay attention to you. "sounds like pure delusion to me." grim angrily said. "you really do need a slap to get you back to reality." you already knew how this was gonna go. you were met with grim smacking a book at your head.
tomorrow has now passed it was the day of the party. you went outside to check if the box of clothes have arrived just like azul promised. you looked down at the doorstep and saw the box. you took the box inside and you headed to your room.
as you opened the box, you saw a note that caught your attention. the note was written out "for you my love" with a heart doodle and kissy faces of two people. you let out a laugh as you found it funny. you weren't easily fooled since you knew that the handwriting belonged to floyd's. he wanted to trick you into thinking azul wrote that.
you started to change into your clothes. you observed that it had a nice and smooth clothing which made you comfortable. you looked into the mirror to get yourself ready. then grim comes into the room without a notice. "MC!-" he then notices your outfit. "wow, where'd you even get all those clothes?" grim asks. "azul prepared it for me." you answered. grim was surprised to know about that. "wow, despite the jerk he is, he still is a kind one." he stated.
"i better be going now grim. take care." grim was shocked to see you leave without him. "you're not gonna bring me?" he asks. "it's a date grim! i don't want any thirdwheel to pester us over!" you told him.
as you were about to head outside the dorm, grim stops you in your way."please bring me with you, mc! you can just hide me in a shoulder bag." he suggests while going over the closet to grab a bag to hand to you. "don't worry, i fit in this bag."
you still weren't convinced to bring grim with you. "please mc? you might need a wingman too and that's me!" he says. "i won't cause any trouble i promise!" since grim was already getting on your nerves, you had no choice but to bring you with him incase any trouble goes down. "fine. get in the bag." you opened the bag for grim.
he cheers in response while getting on the bag. "YAY! FREE FOOD!" you weren't surprised to know that grim only wants to be in the party for the food. "the party is gonna happen underwater. azul had already gave me potions so we gotta share." grim nods. "copy that!"
you entered the mostro longue to meet up with azul like you guys planned yesterday. as you began to approach near azul, he notices you and suddenly became unusually quiet. "azul?" you asked him but he still didn't give out an answer. you saw that his cheeks became a bit red. "azul, what happen to our schedule about leaving early?" you snapped him out of his senses.
"oh, right. my apologies. let us now go, mc." he tells you. you and azul then began to leave the dorms to head underwater. "mc, may i ask why you brought a shoulder bag with you?" he asks about the bag that contained grim inside. "oh, i need it for emergencies and such." you answered him. "don't tell me this bag will not look appealing to the guests on the party." you said with annoyance. "how harsh of you, i didn't even mention any of that!" he lets out a scoff at you after.
azul waited for you to finish drinking your potion. you only drank half of it and placed it at the bag afterwards. the potion still did work. azul didn't seem to have notice that since you were entirely covered the small tube with your hands. you and azul began to enter underwater. 
the party had escalated well. you get to meet up with his family and they were happy to see you. after having a conversation with his parents, you decided to be excused for a bit. you sneaked in for dessert on the table and you placed it inside grim's back. you hurriedly head back so that no one would suspect a thing. grim was probably inside the bag having a hard time eating because you filled in so much food.
as you went back to where you last saw azul staying in, he was no longer there. you glanced around the area to see if he was there. you didn't want to ask his parents since it would make you get in trouble. you swam up to a balcony when you saw a familiar figure with your own eyes. it was definetly azul.
"what are you doing here?" you asked him. "didn't i tell you to not go around places until i go back?" he spits back. you were not in the mood for that as well. "azul, i'm serious. why are you here? does it have something to do with me?" azul shook his head. "no, mc. i would rather not talk about it. i'd rather prefer if you wait for me there once i have finished isolating myself here." that made you worry. this was the first time azul acted like this towards you.
"actually, i do want to consider that you stay here with me for a while." you were shocked to hear those words to comue out from him. "if it's enough to make you feel fine, then sure." you sat beside him while watching the people on a very far distance below.
"azul, if you’re annoyed with me just say it-” azul interupts you mid sentence. "it's not that reason, mc. i just seem to struggle with receprocating my feelings for a certain person." you had a surprised reaction. "this is the first time i've stressed over something related to this." he finally said something. you were curious to know who this possible person could be that he's thinking about.
"right in the middle of a party?" you shouldn't have blurted that out. "sorry, that was blunt of me." you apologized to azul. he lets out a chuckle slowly fading away from his gloomy mood.
"i have to admit, mc." he lets out his hand, intertwining it with your hand. "we may have a strong hatred for each other, but there are these traits of yours that i find likeable where it reaches to the point that i slowly start to-"
the both of you were interupted with a loud scream that came out of your bag. grim fell off your bag along with the food you gave him. "GRIM?!" azul was shocked to see him.
"the bag had so much food! i couldn't even breathe properly!" he complains. you and azul let out a sigh at grim's actions. you hate to admit that he did a cockblock with you and azul. "did i interupt you guys with your kissy-kissy time? i apologize if i did, this bag is just so-"
"i understand grim. though you did actually interupted us." azul sighed. "i said i was sorry." grim said while munching on his food. you rolled your eyes at the way grim apologized because it didn't sound sincere. "hey look, they're having a dance party!" grim looks down at the people who were on their way to dance.
"you go there first, grim. we'll catch up." you told him. "heck yeah! i heard they offer their special quality food to the person who dances great." grim had already swam off to catch up with the crowd.
"i see you brought grim with you. that explains the shoulder bag." azul pointed it out. "yeah, he was too annoying. sorry for not telling you so sooner." azul didn't mind at all. "i'm not bothered at all, so worry not." he assures you.
you looked at each other for a while to admire each other's faces. then azul looked away as he got too flustered. "i-i'm sorry-" you laughed in response. "you silly, it's fine." you told him. the two of you heard grim's loud voices coming from down the area.
"do you think we should check up on grim?" you ask azul. he nods as an answer. "sure, let's head off now." he grabs your hand once again intertwining it with yours. you both headed off the balcony to catch up on the party.
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twisted-lover-boys · 2 days ago
When Leona Confesses…
{not proof-read}
Savanaclaw Confessions
[Leona] [Ruggie] [Jack]
Tumblr media
I really want to say Leona doesn’t care but we all know that’s a lie he really wants the confession to go well-
He’s very calm on the outside and doesn’t try to formulate a confession but it’s the motivation that gets him
He’s afraid it’s not going to go well so he’s hesitant to go forward with it
Ruggie literally has to force him out of Savanaclaw to get him to see you but he ends up sleeping in the botanical garden shame
So Ruggie does the opposite and brings you to Savanaclaw so that Leona has no choice but to confess
As Ruggie brings you to his room, he’s readying himself to spill his heart to you. The door opens and there you are. Ruggie closes the door as he stands up
“I didn’t wanna do it like this but I guess we are. I won’t sugarcoat anything; I love you and I want to be with you. You’re helpful to others but you’re also not a pushover. You show strength in your own way and I love that about you. I want you to be mine. So waddya say, herbivore?”
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xkotaro16w · 2 days ago
Hello! Could I please request n/sfw with an F! S/O
And giving
Have a nice day!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
—𝟻00+ 𝙵𝚘𝚕𝚕𝚘𝚠𝚎𝚛𝚜 𝙴𝚟𝚎𝚗𝚝—
Prompt: 13. Giving, 34. Position.
Pairing: Leona Kingscholar x F!S/O.    
CW: N/SFW, oral (Leona giving), breeding, overstimulation (mentioned), cock warming (mentioned),  grammatical error, OOC.        
Tumblr media
What do you expect from the Leona Kingscholar? This lion is too lazy to give you one to be honest... He prefers for you to give him a head, but hey, when a lion is thirsty for his mate’s taste then no one could hold him back, right? He prefers for you to cum on his manhood, but tasting you doesn’t look bad.
He doesn’t even let out a word when he does this. Only a deep growl, a groan, etc. Once he dives in, he’s so lost in it. At this point, he could overstimulate you. No, but seriously HE COULD AND WILL. Also a lion who’ll smirks at you when he takes a glance to see your expression you make.
Well well well, it seems like the lazy lion finally gets crazy over your taste. Even though Leona will become lazy again when it comes to oral, he prefers to receive one from you. But hey, once he’s in the mood, even you couldn’t stop him.
For an unknown reason, he’s really in the mood to taste you, to devour you. He could never get enough of your taste. He doesn’t do it that often, he knew about it very well, yet he couldn’t take it anymore, your scent made him go crazy.
Another loud sucking noises reach his ears, he doesn’t even let out a word, too fond and addicted for your taste. Once his eyes meet with yours, you could feel him smirking and lick all of your juice again until he’s satisfied.
“You’re pretty tasty for an herbivore, I might really eat ya~”
Classis, Leona prefers classic positions. Doggy, cowgirl, pancake, spoon, and twisted spoon. Yea, that’s it. Cowgirl is very good in lazy days, right? Also he could get a view of you bounce onto his manhood. If you want to try something new, go on, just don’t use... Weird positions, okay?
In the morning, when he feels needy and lazy at the same time, he prefers spoon or twisted spoon position. Also, cock warming is the best choice for him! He could stay inside you and feel you but doesn’t move an inch.
Doggy and pancake are his way to go. Look, he could breed you just like that and they’re the perfect positions for him to see you getting messy from his manhood. Also, he could see his cum leeks out from your womanhood. He could go deeper and break you. 
There you go, Leona prefers to use cowgirl, spoon, and twisted spoon in his lazy days and lazy morning. Yet, when he’s in the mood, doggy and pancake are good for him. Which one do you prefer for him to use it to you?
A pair of huge palms hold your hips in a tight grip and pull it up a little bit again. You could feel his pace increased and there’s also a sense of impatient in it.
His eyes are wandering on your back and smirks, you look perfect and feel so good. It feels like he doesn’t want to pull his manhood out from your womanhood and release all of his seed inside you until he’s satisfied, or perhaps until he is satisfied.
“Shit… Take all of my cum, take it. Love to see you all messy like this for me~”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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deucebox · 6 hours ago
: ̗̀➛ quite the prankster
jade leech x gn! reader
wc: 545 words
warnings: just made mc curse twice, nothing else. jade deserves it anyway.
your lover’s way of affection would surely give you a heart attack… in a bad way.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
you groaned in frustration, you just couldn’t find it and you know well that jade would be upset if you don’t.
“is there anything i could do to help you?” jade appeared from behind, startling you.
you immediately faced him, putting your arms behind your back. “jade! hello, uhm. sorry, what was that?” you asked, not quite catching what he said.
jade walked towards you and you instinctively stepped backwards until you no longer could due to the kitchen counter being in the way.
“i asked if there’s anything i can help you with. you seem so bothered, dear.” jade looked at you worriedly and you swallowed the lump in your throat, wishing it would ease your nerves.
you were sure that he was starting to notice what exactly was wrong but you didn’t have the heart to admit it so you resorted to averting your gaze somewhere else.
jade leaned forward curiously, his left hand on the countertop for stability while his right reached for your left arm to reveal it.
he put your hand to his face, carefully examining it. you couldn’t figure out his actual reaction but not long after, he finally stared back at you.
“look, i was trying to find it, i swear…” your voice trailed off. “i’m really sorry, jade.” you deflated, there really was no use in making up excuses.
you couldn’t suppress your shock when he kneeled down on one knee all of a sudden.
“oh great fucking seven, you little shit,” you muttered, gazing down at his figure, in his grasp shows your priced possession that you’ve been looking for. your reaction caused a heartfelt laugh from him.
“would you allow me, for the second time, to share the rest of my life with you?” he lightheartedly asked, the corner of his lips tugged upward like a lovesick fool.
“no.” you turned down with no hesitation, crossing your arm over your chest hastily.
jade let out a chuckle and stood up, quickly planting a kiss on top of your head dotingly before taking your hand in his so he could put back the ring in its rightful place.
“i said no, didn’t i?” you huffed, turning away from him. despite your stubbornness, jade still looked at you fondly, knowing well that you weren’t actually upset… kind of.
“my sincerest apologies, my dear. i merely wanted to relive that special memory of ours.” he explained, pertaining to the night he first proposed.
“yeah, but you could’ve done it without stealing my ring!” you exasperated. “i thought i lost it.” you wailed.
jade started to feel a little bit bad but his amusement was winning over him like usual. “a ring isn’t the only thing that symbolizes our lov— mhmp.” he was quickly cut off when you shoved a piece of bread that you got god knows where into his mouth, his eyes widened in surprise with your stunt.
jade simply watched you stifle a giggle, trying to maintain a stern face.
“enough.” your attempt to threaten him came out in a jest. and with that, you walked away with a flushed face, your heart wanting to leap out of your chest. you were already embarrassed enough, you didn’t want him to gauge out any more reaction from you.
Tumblr media
a/n: first of all, why would you even make the mistake of marrying this dude /j
anyway, this didn’t turn out that well i think (it’s almost 2am, i’ll just double check later). but i got the idea when i was absentmindedly playing with my ring and i was like “aha! i could write a jade scenario with this!”
Tumblr media
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linawritestwst · a day ago
Thank you for answering my question 🥰 For chenya and neige can i request red teal yellow and brown plz?
.. i am sorry for my take on neige being so different from canon neige FHJSJSKKD. i just believe he's more than what he was in the game!! let him be something more than just a cute and pure snow white boy!!
RED: "is this character a romantic kind of person? is it easy for him to express love and affection?"
to be honest, i don't think chenya is that romantic, but he's very good at expressing his love for you. though he absolutely can scare you a bit sometimes with his antics, he's that type of guy who would act like he forgot about your date, but then he would suddenly appear behind you and hug you, asking if he's late you are, chenya. you're late for like an hour. and you came late only for this silly little moment this guy would casually give you hugs and kisses and be like "hm? what's wrong, y/n? why are you so red?" KNOWING WELL THAT YOUR FACE IS RED BECAUSE OF HIM.
TEAL: "what's this character's type? what kind of person would be a perfect partner for him?"
similar to floyd, i think chenya likes shy and quiet people or simply introverts. BUT I HAVE A REASON TO BELIEVE THAT I HAVE AN EXPLANATION FOR THIS. look at his friends. trey and riddle do NOT have the same level of energy as chenya and they're usually pretty quiet unless riddle gets angry and they're okay with spending time alone. sure, they're his friends, so his romantic type may be different, but i really do think chenya finds people like that interesting. it's just so calm and peaceful when he's around them, you know? even chenya needs moments like that.
YELLOW for chenya was done here!
BROWN: "a domestic headcanon for that character"
listen. listen to me. chenya is a catboy. a cute little catboy. and considering that he's a catboy, i'm sure chenya would cause a lot of chaos even if you two live together now. I CAN SEE HIM TRY MAKING RANDOM THINGS FALL LIKE CATS DO. don't worry he will catch them he won't let them fall PLEASE DON'T BE MAD AT HIM he also would try and have a taste of whatever you're cooking at the moment and then be like "i don't know what you're talking about!! i haven't even touched it!!" but there will be cute moments too! again, he's a catboy, so he would love to put his head on your lap while you're reading or watching something and he would actually be surprisngly quiet when it happens.
neige leblanche.
RED: "is this character a romantic kind of person? is it easy for him to express love and affection?"
yes and yes. i think neige is one of the most romantic boys here. he absolutely loves to plan dates, he always remembers what you like and what places you want to visit and he makes sure to use that knowledge for your future dates. you're pretty much treated like royalty when you go on a date with him. neige is also very affectionate and he gives you compliments all the time, trust him, he's being sincere!
TEAL: "what's this character's type? what kind of person would be a perfect partner for him?"
this might sound funny, weird or even ~controversial~ but.. i have this headcanon that neige actually likes people who have not the best reputation. maybe they're so mysterious that others find them suspicious, maybe they're too intimidating or have a dark past that people know about. he just gets so curious, he can't help it! he wants to know them better, he wants to give them love that they deserve and never get. of course, if they really are bad, neige would feel a bit uncomfortable.. but i feel like he would try to get along with them anyway. neige just has that "i can fix them" energy. but if this person is actually kind, they just rarely show it or people don't notice how good they really are, i think it would be so cute for them to date neige!
YELLOW: "how his s/o can make him smile?"
neige appreciates cute moments when you two are alone and you can just be yourself with each other. when you ruffle his usually perfect hair and laugh, when you two dance and you don't need any music for it, when you two talk about how your day went. neige loves when his s/o shows him that he doesn't always have to be this perfect boy, you love him for who he is and he's so grateful for having you in his life.
BROWN: "a domestic headcanon for that character"
AGAIN. ANOTHER HEADCANON THAT PROBABLY SOUNDS WEIRD. i know that neige is based on snow white, so he must be a perfect househusband, but.. how funny would it be if neige actually didn't know how to do chores. he's a busy man, he's an actor, he's an influencer, i doubt that he had the time to do things like that himself. but hey, i'm sure he can "summon" cute birds and animals with his singing too! and they would love to help him! so don't be surprised if you come home and see neige and his animal buddies. he just doesn't want to disappoint you, he knows you deserve the best, but he needs some help..
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Mind having a cute Grim with a female yuu together alone that is sheerly pletonic and just have a nice picnic
Tumblr media
It was a really warm and beautiful summer day.
You were a little bored and wanted to start doing something.
So you’re wondering what’s fun to do together.
So you figured out you could go on a picnic with Grim.
First I had to ask Grim for his opinion.
And apparently Grim "graciously agreed to your idea because he's so awesome and he can't let his human get bored."
So Grim is trying to cover up his enthusiasm.
He really wants tuna.
But first you have to make the food.
Grim is trying to help.
But he is a little more annoyed than useful in cooking,
But it was fun. Finally you got to start having a nice day together.
You ate together and after that you stroked Grim Turkey.
You could read at the same time.
Grim looks really sweet.
So sweet that you won’t notice you’re being watched.
Of course, this did not go unnoticed.
Many twst boys are jealous.
Especially first graders.
They will watch you behind all possible trees, rocks and shrubs.
Everyone would love to have a Grim spot.
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shkanoin · a month ago
calling your boyfriends ‘bro’
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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butterflyemi · a month ago
— Accidentally calling the NRC Staffs ‘dad’
Tumblr media
Tags & Notes | Any Pronouns! Reader, humor, fluff. I apologize if the characters are OOC. Stay safe and healthy everyone! <3
Warnings | Crowley.
It was on accident, you swear-
Now you have a grown ass adult clinging to you.
Begging you to say it one more time.
“CHILD! PLEASE! JUST SAY IT ONE MORE TIME!” You tried removing his hands off you but it’s no use.
You sigh in defeat and turned to Crowley with a forced smile.
“Dad, please get off of me” Your tone sharp, practically threatening him.
Crowley finally lets go off as he starts tearing up, distracted by you calling him ‘dad’ instead of ‘sir or ‘headmaster’.
Which gives you the time to get back to your friends before they do something stupid.
Your eyes widened once you let that word slip out of your mouth as the classroom grows quiet.
You both stare at each other with no words exchange.
That was until Crewel started grinning to himself as he clasped his hands.
“I am touched pup” You awkwardly laughed as he continued.
“Now tell me, who is the better father Dire— or me?” You don’t know whether you are hallucinating or not but you could clearly see Crewel sparkling or was it just the light?
“Ahaha, well sir I don’t—” He cuts you off “Well it is obviously me, of course”
You stayed there at his classroom, listening to his lecture of how he’s a better father than Crowley.
He was lecturing you on about something and you muttered a “Alright, dad...” and that was when he stopped speaking as he lets those words sink in.
He then asks you to repeat what you just said. 
Lucius rolled his eyes and told Trein on what you just said.
You give Lucius the stink eye while he just meowed at you.
Trein feels touched not gonna lie and is the most calmest one when he heard you call him dad.
He really appreciates it and is thinking of arranging a little meeting so you and his daughter can get along! :) 
Just like Crowley he tears up as he hugs you tightly.
You tried getting off of him but he’s way too strong.
You patted his back awkwardly as he sobs on your shoulder.
He then swears that he’ll protect you from the boys if they ever did something to you and will train you some self defense.
To which you mentally slapped yourself.
Okay, Sam is a different case.
You’d probably accidentally call him brother and he would just laugh it off.
He doesn’t mind really! He’ll most likely ask you to call him that again tho so...
Next time, you come over at his shop. He’ll tease you about it.
If he hears you call him with formalities, he’ll say “Awh, what ever happened to ‘brother’? Come on! Don’t be shy, say it again :)”
Which leads you to flustered mess since he keeps teasing you about it.
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traumxrei-archive · 3 months ago
Hello Trau! I hope you're having a great day
Can please I request Leona, Azul, Vil & Malleus reacting to Reader/Yuu being like "if you want to date me you'll have to pass thru Grim first" jokingly, but Grim actually takes it seriously and its actually blocking any romantic advances towards Yuu bc they haven't win his approval? Thanks in advance<3
【 you're gonna have to get through me first! 】
author's note: THIS IDEA IS GENIUSSS ANON !! i got so many brainworms when i saw it, i was so excited that i wrote it right away jsdkfjsfk they're a bit long as well, so i hope that's okay. also, sorry if malleus n vil are a bit ooc, i haven't read a lot of their vignettes yet,,,, without further ado, hope you enjoy, anon !
characters: leona kingscholar, azul ashengrotto, vil schoenheit, malleus draconia
gender neutral! prefect, drabble or headcanon (idk what this is but. yes.), request <3
part 2 of this (kind of) series ! (idia, floyd, jade, ruggie, jack)
Tumblr media
"If you want to date me, then you'll have to get through Grim first," the Prefect said, before laughing. Little did they know that Grim was listening to them, and even agreeing wholeheartedly to that statement.
"If they wanna date my henchman, then they have to get my approval first!" And thus started Grim's Henchman Protection Program, to protect them from these...unworthy scum that dared to try courting his henchman!
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
leona's not that big on romance, but he knows that there's something different about this feeling in his chest
after hearing farena's countless serenades about his wife, leona begrudgingly agreed with his depictions of love. just a little bit. he would rather die than admit it though.
it's so stifling and persistent, and he wants to pull them into an embrace every time he sees them and-
oh? speak of the devil, wasn't that the herbivore watering some plants over there?
just his luck. smirking, he decided to play with them a little. his herbivore was always so entertaining after all.
so he got up, looming over the prefect, opening his mouth, when-
"funyah! you aren't getting to them that easily!!!"
there's fur in his mouth and he sputtered. grim was clinging to his face. what the actual fuck.
leona said as much, "what the actual fuck, herbivore get your cat under control."
they stared at him in silence as if amused, "should i take a picture before i do?" leona growled at them in warning.
normally he would've already swatted grim away. but he knew how much the herbivore cared for the...cat-creature. so he's trying to be nice. (emphasis on trying-)
after getting off, grim turned to glare at him, "you think you're so slick! i see you staring at my henchman!! if you wanna date them then you gotta go through me first!"
leona leveled his gaze with the monster, "so i need your permission to date them?"
the prefect watched them, half-amused that leona is entertaining grim's words and half-embarrassed by leona's outright declaration that he wants to date them.
leona, on the other hand, kinda gets it. as much as he hated to admit, grim was the herbivore's only family here, so if grim didn't like him then he already lost.
and he knows of many who want the prefect's affections. no way in hell was he losing to the likes of those weaklings.
now every time the prefect goes anywhere near the botanical gardens, grim's there too. leona's not really an effort guy, but he goes as far as to groom grim or even place him in the middle of him and the herbivore when they nap. grim detests it (or so he says, he quite likes the cuddling but don't tell anyone)
well, that just shows how badly he wants to make them his herbivore.
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
being someone who's well read, azul's no stranger to romance– in book form that is.
so imagine his surprise when he feels like one of those protagonists– racing heartbeat, stuttering, and absolutely making a fool of himself– in front of the prefect.
cue the tweels making fun of him. the prefect doesn't seem to notice, nor mind to his relief.
and so what does this romance need to succeed ? azul needed to take a step forward and...get them to sign a contract with him. (what did you expect ? azul's azul after all)
so there he is in the vip room, the prefect in front of him. the terms were fair, he doesn't want to run them off after all.
suddenly there's a gray paw covering the contract, "what's in it for me if my henchman signs the contract ?"
azul felt absolutely stupefied. where in seven's name did grim come from. he swore he heard a peal of floyd's laughter in the distance.
azul pushed up his glasses, "well...what would you like ?"
grim stomps a foot onto the table, "i want discounts every time we eat at mostro lounge ! fifty percent !"
"grim, that's-" "but that slimy octopus is trying to date you ! and i ain't letting that happen, nuh uh, he has to go through me first !"
cue azul's glasses slipping from his nose, because what was this monster saying- he glanced up at the prefect, who looks flustered at the statement and oh- oh.
grim just...destroyed azul's four-contract plan to romance the prefect in one fell swoop
azul went red in the ears, "ahem. i suppose i can make some exceptions." grim was the prefect's beloved, er, pet after all.
after making a lot of exceptions (including a 15% discount twice a month, much to grim's disappointment), azul finally signed, thus starting their very much only transactional relationship.
the prefect would give him recipes from their old world, and he would pay them a monthly commission fee. except, every time they discussed recipes, grim would be there too. azul...accepted it by now. he has bribes ready for when grim would undoubtedly start questioning him (every two seconds) and the monster was quieter when eating.
the tweels make fun of him signing a contract where he's clearly at a disadvantage. well, this was simply an investment that he isn't willing to lose out on, after all.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
"beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is a saying that vil quite dislikes. beauty is beauty, and something that isn't beautiful can't suddenly become beautiful on its own. there needs to be an effort.
however, that changed when vil encountered the prefect.
his first thought was, "how could i like a potato like them ?"
and his second thought was, "if i took care of them, they would shine even more beautifully than they already do."
so he thinks of a way to get them alone, and lands on a spa day. they wouldn't refuse his request, right ?
he was right. so that's how he found himself in the comfort of his own bedroom, his sweet potato sitting next to him.
he was instructing them on how to put on a clay mask. they were making quite a mess.
vil reached over, intending to help them when something bats his hand away. his head snaps up to see that infernal gray cat on his darling potato's lap.
"what is the meaning of this ?" he said, tone sharp.
grim shrank back slightly. "y-you! you're r-really sparkly so i see it when you're s-staring at them! it's kinda scary ya know, so no way you can date them unless i let you!"
vil scoffed, "and what makes you think i won't date them anyway?"
"i-i'll burn up your hair if you do!" grim taunted, clearly hiding in the potato's arms.
purple eyes flit to the prefect's form, who looks absolutely...endearing with a clay mask half on their face and surprise painted on their face.
vil decided that, for the health of his own hair and grim's, he wouldn't be fighting that cursed raccoon.
instead, every time he gave his potato a gift, he would get something for grim too. he gives them shampoo? he gets an expensive pet shampoo to go with it. he gifted them some lotion? he gets an animal-safe version.
and whenever he has those spa days with the prefect, grim is also a guest. vil would brush through the knots on the monster's back until his fur was slick and shiny.
he didn't miss the slight sparkle in grim's eyes when he saw himself in the mirror. that meant his plan was working, right ?
beauty took effort. if vil could spend time with his potato, whilst also making them more beautiful in the meanwhile, then for him, there was nothing better.
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
to malleus, his child of man is somewhat of a singularity. someone that is such a unique presence in his life, so much so that it brought tides of unknown feelings.
after consulting with lilia (and being teased to no end by him after), malleus had concluded that what he felt was pure and unadulterated affection towards the prefect.
being quite naive in that department, malleus wasn't quite sure what to do. obviously he's not going to ask lilia, nor sebek and silver, so he tries to figure it out himself.
the first thing he tried is sharing one of his favorite things: ice cream.
it was a bit odd to share ice cream with someone in the middle of the night, but the prefect happily obliged, to malleus' delight.
well, that was before he felt a weight dangling from his horns. his head tilted, and there was a shrill voice, "hey! where's my portion! don't tell me you didn't get any for me!"
the prefect reached up to grab the monster, "it's okay, you can have some of mine grim."
and malleus quite disliked how easily they gave away something he worked hard to get for them and to a monster, no less.
speaking of, said monster was aiming an impressive glare at him.
"what is it, little monster?" malleus put down his spoon. "do you have something you wish to say to me?"
"you're tryna take my henchman away from me, aren't ya?" grim was pouting now, clinging onto his child of man. "you aren't dating them! not unless you have my permission!"
malleus tilted his head. was this another human custom he didn't know about? he glanced at the child of man, who was coughing because of grim's words.
malleus patted their back, "then, i look forward to the day i gain your permission." (that only makes the prefect choke more. poor them.)
from then on, malleus would bring three cups of ice cream on their weekly night escapades together.
he also introduced the monster to another of his treasures, gao gao dragon-kun. the monster didn't get it, but at least he wasn't as scared as he was before.
hmm, maybe this human courting wasn't that hard. now he just had to figure out how to confess to them for real.
Tumblr media
want a request ? check out the request menu for details ! wanna read more ? check the masterlist for more works!
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queenscodex · 4 months ago
Waking them up for cuddles
Charatcers: Dorm leaders; Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, Malleus
Gender Neutral Reader
Apologies for taking so long to post something new, I've been busy with school TwT
Riddle Rosehearts
Tumblr media
Honestly, Riddle would probably still be awake during the late hours, working on paperwork and other things he was responsible for. It was quite often for him to go to sleep last, finding you fast asleep under the covers of the bed. But in the scenario in which the roles are reversed, he tends to wait for you before sleeping himself. Though there are cases in which he can't help himself and retreats to bed early.
Riddle's not a deep sleeper, especially after his overblot incident- any slight thing can stir him from his rest: a slight touch, nudge to the side, or even the sound of someone moving behind him. When this happens he is usually on high alert, his eyes scanning for any threat. Upon seeing it was just his partner trying to sneak their way into his embrace, he'll quickly recompose himself and takes a few moments to relax
With his voice laced with drowsiness, he'll ask you if you're alright and need anything- his face becomes red like his hair upon hearing your request. Though he'll most likely get out of bed and brew some tea for the both of you first while taking care of your other necessities. After accessing your needs and drinking the tea, he invites you beside him. His arms would latch around you gently, a dark blush coating his cheeks at the intimacy.
After getting comfortable in each other's embrace, you'd feel the redhead lips gently graze over the crown of your head. A quiet 'goodnight' escaping his lips
It takes Riddle awhile to fall asleep again as he's not used to being in a vulnerable state for long periods of time. But he is easily brought to ease as the image of you resting peacefully in his arms enters his mind. There are some nights when the redhead simply stares at his partner's face lovingly, his heart swelling as he is reminded that there is someone who truly loves him.
" I never knew that being so close to someone could be so soothing"
Leona Kingscholar
Tumblr media
It's no secret that Leona loves to sleep and will take any opportunity he has to rest. But I feel like he would have a level of comfort being beside his partner when he goes to sleep, so I can imagine him waiting first. But if you take too long, Leona being the lazy lion that he is will go to sleep at some point regardless.
He's a deep sleeper by nature and won't recognize the shift in movement as you try to sneak your way into his arms right away. There are times that while in his dreaming state his arms would go to wrap around the waist of his partner subconsciously, only becoming aware when he awakes that following morning
If you cause enough disturbance however, you'll be met with the gaze of annoyed yet slightly perplexed lion. His first response is to be grumpy for being awoken. But as he stares at his partner with sleepy eyes, a teasing smirk would start to dance upon his lips as he finally connects the dots of what is happening. You don't even have to tell him that you wanted cuddles, he knows-
Almost by second nature, his arms went to latch around your waist, pulling you closer to his chest as he pressed his forehead against your own, though in some cases he would rather bury himself within your neck, all dependent on his mood. Clingy? Neck. Feeling soft and simply wants to relish being in tour presence? Forehead
Periodically, his grasp on your waist tightens as you're both drawn to sleep, Leona finding comfort at being so close to you. He has no shame of it either, never bothering to hide his touch-starved tendencies
Within a matter of seconds Leona is already fast asleep again, his grip on you never ceasing you he holds you close for the reminder of the night. He's not letting you go afterwards either, your gonna be stuck as his pillow/teddybear until sunlight peeks through the curtains
" I won't be as nice the next time you wake me herbivore. Now quite squirming, let's go to sleep."
Azul Ashengrotto
Tumblr media
Another situation where the roles can be reversed as it's common to find him working on contracts and other paperwork late at night. In the occurrence that he completes his tasks early, Azul would rather wait for his partner than go to sleep first. But for this scenario, we're saying he's already sleep
Azul is another one who can easily be awaken with a few pokes and nudges as he is pretty hyper aware of his surroundings even while sleeping
When his eyes land on you, his initial thought was that something was wrong. His mind starts to create scenarios to what may have happened that led to his awakened state- do you need something? Are you hungry? Whatever it was, Azul was eagar to fulfill your needs
He becomes a blushing mess the moment he finds out that you just wanted cuddles, he's not use to such intimacy and the request easily makes his heart beat faster. Regardless he will still invite you to his side, gently placing the blanket over your form. He's a gentleman, making sure your comfortable before laying down himself. Afterwards his arms would latch to your side, gently rubbing shapes against your clothes, his way of comforting you.
Azul likes to rest his head beside or on top of your own, he gains a sense of comfort knowing your right beside him. Before closing his eyes, he is sure to press a kiss to the crown of your head
Although he may seem calm amd collected on the outside minus the blush and occasional shakey movements- he's getting butterflies and feels like his heart is going to explode. His heart is swelling knowing that you trust him enough to hold you close. It makes him feel loved and valued at the same time
It takes him a while to sleep again but before he dozes off, he whispers you a goodnight, his mind placed at ease knowing your safe
" My beloved, if you need anything else don't hesitate to wake me again. I wish nothing more but to see you have your nights rest"
Kalim Al-Asim
Tumblr media
The chances of Kalim being asleep being you is slim, he loves having you next to him and finds it difficult to sleep when you're not beside him- its more likely that he'll wake you up for cuddles. There are times though when he's really exhausted that he'll find himself dozing off.
It's gonna take more than a few nudges to wake him, he's not gonna notice right away. The more likely scenario is that you'll wiggle into his embrace and Kalim will discover you in his arms in the morning- and he isn't opposed to it either, he covers your face with kisses the instant he discovers you in his arms
On the off chance that you manage to wake him, his first reaction is confusion. It takes him a moment to realize what's going on as his mind is too sleepy to process information. Though it's rather cute as he is trying to blink the tired away. But his sleepiness is thrown right out the window the moment his eyes land on you, a wide grin replacing his tired one. For Kalim, simply seeing his partner is enough to make his day better
You don't even need to say that you want cuddles, Kalims's already pulling you into an embrace while he grazes lazy kisses over your face. But before laying down, he'll ask if you want anything. Water? Snacks? He's running to the kitchen
Afterwards Kalim would wrap both his arms around you, mainly tangled within your hair. He's squishing his cheek against yours, trying to get as close to you as possible, while wishing you a very enthusiastic good night. He falls asleep within a matter of seconds, a contented expression on his face as he holds his partner close.
" You need to sleep too, you'll need your energy for the next day! Let's cuddle until we both fall asleep!"
Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
Normally waits for his partner before going to sleep himself, but after a certain time he retreats to his dorm trusting you'll join him soon. The queen does need his beauty after all
Can be easily awoken with enough of a hassle. An easy jab to the side is enough to stir him from his sleep. A bit grumpy when he's woken. Though he relaxes among figuring out it was just you- might scold you later about the importance of sleep that following day though
Vil would question why you woke him and if needed something. Having difficulties sleeping? No worries he has a lot of techniques to help you doze off instantly. Perhaps he'll even prepare you a smoothie that will help relax your body
But upon figuring out that you just wanted some cuddles; he can't help but chuckle as he makes little teasing remarks. Despite his words, his actions contradict him as he's already pulling you into his chest, not caring if his hair becomes tangled or makeup slightly smudged. Right now his focus is on you solely.
His head is resting on top of your own while his arms hold you in a comforting embrace. He becomes pretty still after that minus the periodic squeezes he gives you as he dozes off to sleep again
Vil can fall asleep right away if he desires so however, he takes the next few minutes to admire your sleeping form. He can't help himself, he finds his sweet potato so cute when resting
Pecks your forehead a quick kiss before going to sleep himself
"My sweet potato wants to cuddle? How can I say no? Do rest soon, sleep is very important to the body you know"
Idia Shroud
Tumblr media
Idia is used to being the person who sleeps last so he notices you aren't there, his first reaction is confusion. He soon comes to learn that he has difficulties sleeping without you, so I can imagine him staying awake until you join him on those rare moments
But on the chance that he does fall asleep, he can easily be awoken. The moment you nudge even the slightest bit, he's alert and awake. Similar to Kalim, it takes him a few moments to understand what's happening - It's like he has a loading bar above his head as he processes the information
He becomes a stuttering mess when you tell him you wanted cuddles. Anime did not prepare him for this
Idia becomes stiff as a board as he goes to cuddle with you. He doesn't know what to do, the entire time he's thinking: where do I put my hands? Are they comfortable? What if they're cold? Nervous
Likes it when you gently rest your head against his chest while his arms are around your shoulders, mainly so you can't see his blushing face. Sometimes he likes it the other way around, though he's too shy to voice it. Regardless he's pink in the face the entire time
It takes him a while to fall asleep again. His heart is beating really fast and he doesn't feel tired anymore- If you wake up in the middle of night you might just catch him staring at the ceiling
But he doesn't mind, having you by his side means a lot to him by itself. Even if he can't bring himself to sleep again, he is soothed by the sight of you sleeping soundly.
" Y-you want to cuddle? Will that help you sleep-? Let me know if I'm not doing it correctly- okay?"
Malleus Draconia
Tumblr media
Finding him asleep before yourself is a rarity. Malleus will wait for you until you're ready to sleep, if you're going to sleep late then he is too! But for the sake of this scenario let's say he fell asleep first as unlikely as it is
Malleus can be easily awoken with slight movement. Even the sound of you opening the door to his room is enough to alert him. His frist reaction is to check on you, wondering if you had a nightmare ir needed something- regardless of what is was, he was determined to take care of it
Though Malleus is quickly brought to a state of surprise when he learns of your intentions; it certainly brings his worry to rest.
The first thing he does is take care of your other necessities before granting your wish. He has food and water at his disposal ready if you need. Afterwards he'll pull you into his chest for snuggles.He gives a very protective hold around you as you cuddle, his fingers slightly clutching on your night clothes. As a fae, he has the tendencies to be protective but it how he shows he cares
Gives you a chaste but lingering kiss on your forehead before burying his head on your shoulder, a breathy goodnight escaping him.
He doesn't care that you woke him up, cuddling is among his favorite forms of affection. It brings his mind peace having you so close in his embrace
Malleus doesn't fall asleep right away, instead he relishes the warmth reflecting off your body while he admires your resting form. His heart swells knowing you trust him to see you in such a vulnerable state. It truly means a lot to him
" You always surprise me child of man. But I would be lying if I said I didn't want this. Now please rest, I'll watch over you tonight."
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jackplushie · a day ago
(Twst wonderland automaton/scavenger au)
This will likely not make much sense and be (kinda) long so I apologize in advance.
I know you said that the androids look very similar to humans, but what if it only were true to the expensive ones. Like, what if the cheapest ones didn't have so much detail in them so that they can produce them faster and use cheaper materials, and the expensive ones that are usually destined to work around humans (upper class) could even be mistaken for a human.
Now think of rich people, wouldn't they want something that no-one else has? I suppose they would commission android makers to have something unique that goes with their preferred aesthetic (think about customs dolls). What I'm saying is that Kalim, and androids of rich families, could be one of a kind, unlike riggie, and more accessible androids, who could be more generic.
I swear that in my mind makes a lot of sense. Anyways, I'm sorry for rambling, love your au♥︎
O. Oh! You’re onto something there-
Humanoid forms aren’t uncommon for androids. It allows them to run errands, board public transport and the like.
However, in the favour of rapid mass production , certain details are smudged and neglected. This is especially true for those who are much cheaper in price.
Yet, for the more wealthy who are willing to spurge a little more for their preferred companion, the choice of custom robots is made available to them. You could hire someone to make a design for you, or perhaps design them yourself. Either way, the robot will be one of a kind.
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dulcesiabits · 10 days ago
do you like me?, p.3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: some drabble requests with either prompts taken from this list, or phrases and words from requesters. (ft. ace, deuce, leona, azul, jade, jamil, vil, idia).
notes: 2.1k words, drabbles, fluff, part one and two
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ace Trappola
"I'm hopelessly in love with you."
“What? Of course you are. Why wouldn’t you be?” Ace is smirking, but you only need to take one look at his pink ears to see how he’s really feeling. 
“Wow. Your ego isn’t going to fit into the room anymore, Ace.”
He rolls his eyes, casually sliding one arm around your shoulder with the movement. “Does that mean you’re going to stop telling me you love me?”
“Maybe I should. Someone needs to keep you in check.” 
He turns, his lips ghosting across your ear as he whispers, “I love you, too,” before pulling back with a smug expression on his face. “Maybe you’re the one who needs their ego to be kept in check. What’s with that goofy grin?”
“Oh, shut it.”
Deuce Spade
"I'm hopelessly in love with you."
Deuce’s gaze is earnest as he holds your hands in his, and you can feel them trembling as he speaks. He’s always been like this, holding you as if he’s afraid of what will happen if he lets go.
“Ah!” His eyes widen. “I’m not trying to pressure you, though! You don’t have the feel the same! I’m just saying that I, uh, I really like you, and that I’m glad you chose me, and I--”
You lean to kiss him before he can ramble any further. When you stop, Deuce looks dazed, his face redder than a strawberry.
“I love you too.”
Oh shit. You think Deuce just passed out.
Leona Kingscholar
"Don't hide your face away from me, let me see the blush on your face and that shy smile of yours."
Leona’s tail flicks in irritation at your words. Your hands are wrapped around his wrists, and you’re sitting across his lap. His head is turned away from you.
“Stop saying that.”
“Aw, are you shy?”
“Herbivore...” There’s a hint of warning in his voice, but you press on.
“I wonder what Ruggie and Jack would think of you if they saw you right now?” you tease.
Before you can react, Leona turns and kisses you. You forget how to breath until he pulls away, tilting his head. “Oh? You’re looking awfully shy right now. Should I kiss you again?”
"Let me carry you."
Leona doesn’t even give you time to respond before he hoists you ungracefully into his arms. You barely wrap your arms around his neck before he sets off. 
“I’m fine. I can walk on my own,” you say. 
“With that injury? Don’t embarrass yourself.”
You wince. It’s true there’s a giant bruise forming on your leg, and your ankle throbs like hell. You can blame it all on Epel for throwing a spelldrive disc the wrong way, but with how he looked at you like a kicked puppy, you couldn’t find it in your heart to blame him for long.
“You didn’t have to pick me up, though,” you mumble. Everyone is staring at the two of you, but Leona saunters unbothered down the length of the field.
“It’d be more embarrassing to watch you fall trying to make your way to the nurse’s office.” Leona looks down at your face, smirking. “Unless you want me to kiss you better, right here, right now.”
"Fine, you can hug me for five minutes; but then you have to let me go."
You don’t have to think twice about Leona’s offer before you leap into his arms, and the two of you crash into the couch in a tangle of limbs. You elbow him in the ribs as you wrap your arms around him.
“Sorry, sorry!” you say, not soundingly particularly sorry at all. It’s rare Leona gives you a display of affection that comes without a layer of snark. Getting him to be vulnerable, genuinely vulnerable, was like pulling teeth.
“Five minutes,” Leona warns. “And not a second longer. You better enjoy yourself while you still can.”
You snuggle your face into his neck. Despite his grumpy words, his arms are wrapped securely around your waist. 
“Next time, give me ten minutes.”
"Yeah? You better give me a good reason why.”
Really, you can’t take him seriously, not when his tail is wrapping around your leg.
Azul Ashengrotto
"I love your voice, it’s soothing.”
It’s a sleepy mumble, so quiet you almost didn’t hear it. Azul is curled up in your arms, his head resting against your chest, eyes closed.
You run your fingers through his hair, and he sighs at the touch. “You like my voice?”
“It’s nice. I could listen to you talk forever.”
You could tease him right now, remind him how he once said your voice was too ordinary to be used as collateral for a contract. But he’s too cute like this. You can save the jokes for later. Instead, you rub circles into his back.
“I love your voice too, Azul.”
"Watch how a professional does this, darling."
Azul gives you a triumphant grin as he sits on the seat of his broom, already gripping the handle so hard his knuckles turn white. You can see all the calculations running through his head before he kicks off, rising an inch, and then another, before he stops at three inches above the ground.
“What did I tell you?” he continues, bending so close to his broom you’d think he was three miles up in the air, and not just three inches. “I read up on the art of flying, and I had Idia forward me all the flying tutorials he could find. This is an inch higher than last time!”
You try to keep a straight face as you nod seriously. “That’s wonderful, Azul. Maybe by next month you’ll have made it to four inches.”
“By this time next year, I could be over a foot in the air!”
You can’t stop yourself anymore from leaning in and kissing him on the forehead. Only--
“Azul, you’re falling!”
Jade Leech
"Don't go yet, let me hold you for a moment."
Those words were the last thing you expect to hear from Jade. He knew how to be sweet, sure, but clingy? Touchy? That always seemed to apply more to his brother.
Still. It’s not like you could ever refuse his request. You nod your head, and his arms wrap around your waist, pulling you flush against him. You think about telling him to be careful, or else he’ll run the party clothes Azul worked so hard to prepare for you two, but decide against it. Jade would probably take that as a challenge.
“What if I don’t let you go, prefect?” he murmurs.
“Squeezing people is more of Floyd’s thing than yours,” you say, but he only holds you tighter in response. “We’re going to be late.”
“We can spare a few more moments.”
“Come on, Azul will be upset if we miss his business party.”
Jade smiles, and there’s a flash of sharp teeth. “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Besides, I’ve heard it’s fashionable to arrive late these days. So indulge me some more, won’t you?”
Purple hydrangeas.
"Say cheese, prefect."
You've barely brought a forkful of cake to your mouth before Jade points a camera at you, taking your photo with a small click.
"I wasn't ready," you protest. "Retake it."
Jade examines the camera in front of him. "Really? I'd say you look quite cute in this. Not to worry, though. This one is for my personal viewing. The official photo needs more... color."
With a wave of his pen, purple hydrangeas bloom across the table, placed at tasteful angles that accentuate the spread of delicious foods in front of you. Somehow, Jade has roped you into taking promotional photos for the seasonal mostro lounge menu with the promise of a free meal and thaumarks.
Jade catches your eyes, and plucks a hydrangea from the table to place behind your ear. His hand grazes your cheek as he smiles.
"You look beautiful like this."
Normally, you wouldn't trust anything Jade Leech says. But when he looks at you like this, you can’t help but think that he’s telling the truth.
Jamil Viper
"Don't go yet, let me hold you for a moment."
It’s a bad idea, Jamil wants to tell you. It’s evening, and he needs to go prep dinner and check on Kalim, and make sure the dorm hasn’t burned down in his absence. 
But, really. When you hold on to the edge of his blazer and look at him like that, he doesn’t know how to say no.
“Just for a moment,” he concedes, and you wrap your arms around him, burying your face into his hoodie. You’re warm against the chill of the encroaching night. 
And maybe, if Jamil knew how to be more honest with you, he could admit that he’d rather hold you like this forever.
"I love your voice, it's soothing."
You’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time now.
It’s hard to catch Jamil in a relaxed mood, and impossible to catch him with his guard down. Trying to catch him singing? Well, you might as well just give up entirely. 
He’ll nod his head in time to invisible music in class, tap out a complicated rhythms with his fingers, and hum when he’s washing the dishes. But singing? Full-on singing? You’re lucky if you hear a few mumbled phrases. You could just ask Jamil to sing for you, but what’s the fun in that?
Besides, seeing the way he draws his hoodie tighter around his head like he’s trying to shrink into it, and the way he can’t look you in the eyes... the wait was well worth it to see him act so uncharacteristically cute.
“You sound really good! So you should definitely let me listen to you some more.”
“Why should I give you what you want?”
“Because you love me.”
You can see a hint of his smile as Jamil finally looks at you again. “Unfortunately, I do.” 
Vil Schoenheit
Vil hates you more than anyone else in the world.
You've stolen countless acting roles from him, giving him a faux look of sympathy when he receives the news. You always make sure to rub it in his face when your movies do better in the box office, sending him the statistics without comment. That’s not even mentioning all the modelling roles you flaunt, the messages at 3am from halfway across the world.
Yes, he hates you, hates you more than anyone else, and that’s why Vil is kissing you in your dressing room half an hour before you have to go on stage.
His hand on the back of your head, pressing you closer to him. Your fingers fisted in his hair, ruining his perfectly coiled locks. His lipstick, smearing across your face.
You break apart, and he holds your chin in his hand. 
“You look particularly nice like this,” Vil says, rubbing away a smudge at the corner of your lips. “Very professional, hm?”
You scoff. “At least someone here does. Now, are you going to stand here like a useless lump, or are you going to let me touch up?”
You sit down at your vanity, unrolling a tube of lipstick, while Vil fixes his hair. Your eyes meet in the mirror. It’s because that he hates you that he can’t let anyone else kiss you like this.
Idia Shroud
"I'm fine staying here with you, we can watch your favorite tv shows, cook a meal together, cuddles. We don't have to go anywhere."
Idia can’t look at you as you murmur to him.
He knows how disappointing he is: he finally promised to go on a date with you at a local cafe, picking a time when it wouldn’t be too crowded. You’d planned all week for this, but the thought of the stares, the noise, the people... it made him lose all his nerve.
“It’s not okay,” Idia says. “You should be mad at me.”
“I’m a little disappointed, sure, but I’m not mad. I could never be mad at you.” You cup his cheeks, and his hair flares a little brighter in response. “Maybe we should start smaller next time. Try going to a place where there’s no one around, so you can feel more comfortable.”
It’s hard, sometimes, to think he deserves this. That he deserves you. There’s the fear that one day, he’ll open his eyes, and you won’t be there anymore. He doesn’t understand how you can look at him like he put the stars in the sky. 
But, well. He wants to do his best for you, and not betray the trust you’ve given him. So Idia gently, tentatively, leans in to brush his lips against yours.
“I’ll... do better next time.”
“It’s a promise! So, what do you want to watch today?” 
Gods. Maybe you think he put the stars in the sky, but he’s certain you could create a universe with your smile.
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twisted-lover-boys · 2 days ago
Octavinelle Trio With A Merman Boyfriend
{not proof read}
Tumblr media
Azul knows what a merman needs to survive on land and that doubles with you
When you first got your legs together with the tweels for NRC, he was very careful with you as you were both learning a new thing
He absolutely makes sure that you’re properly hydrated since it can get pretty dry on land
If you want to go swimming he’ll join you even if he isn’t a very fast swimmer himself
Speaking of that, he’s not very fond of showing his true form but he feels…safer with you. When it’s just the both of you in your mer-forms…you get a pleasure not many can receive
You guys do a lot of things over winter break because you can’t go home. Cuddles, reading together, or even playing card games. Time seems to pass by just a little faster with you
During spring break, when you do go home, he likes spending with you and his family together while trying not to be embarrassed by his mother
Tumblr media
Jade is very observant with you on land
When you first got your legs with him for NRC he made sure you leaned on him in case you needed the balance
Proper hydration is key to a healthy merman so he makes sure to carry an extra water bottle for you in case you need one
If you want to swim then you can go right ahead! He might join you after all his tasks for Azul are done but he won’t deny if you ask him to join
Unlike Azul, he and his brother are very confident in their mer-form so he’ll freely show himself to you and is happy when you do the same
Winter break feels dull to Jade since there isn’t much for them to do other than clean the lounge but it feels better with you. Small things like cooking or cleaning or just playing a card game and talking reminds him just how much he loves you
During spring break, he loves to visit his mother and father with his brother. Of course his parents are kinda…scary but they like you nonetheless
Tumblr media
Floyd is a little more aloof to the needs of a merman on land but that doesn’t mean he can’t be attentive
When you got your legs for NRC he was having a fun time watching you fumble and trip with him. He laughed whenever you both fell while trying to keep balance on each other
Floyd is weird when it comes to staying hydrated on land. He usually forgets to drink water but he’ll never forget about making sure you drink you’ll just have to remind him to drink himself
If you want to go swim then he is going to join you! If he has tasks with Azul who cares his boyfriend is more fun anyways!
Like his brother, Floyd is very confident in his mer-form and generally doesn’t care what people say about him. He thinks your mer-form is very pretty and Seven be damned if someone makes an offhand comment
He find winter break boring and tries to spice things up. Walking around campus, messing around in Mostro Lounge, or just playing any fun game. As long as you do it with him of course
Spring break has a different story. He wants to spend break with you so you end up staying with his family. Of course his parents are scary but you mostly hang with him and have fun exploring the Coral Sea together
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sweetlychee · 23 days ago
How do the Dorm leaders react when asked about you (Part 2: Kalim Al Asim, Vil Schoeneit, Idia Shroud, Malleus Draconia)
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim 
Instead of asking about you, people tend to avoid the subject altogether. The mention of your name making people’s blood run cold. With people often cutting him off before he says your name or when Jamil is next to him, distract Kalim enough that he forgets. 
Really, it’s not like people don’t like you, it's just that- at this point, Kalim told everyone about you- that almost everyone and anyone knows about your guys' relationship and other stuff about you that people aren't supposed to know. (Which you found out when you tried to lie in front of Azul and him figuring it out without Jade's unique magic, due to the quirks you apparently displayed that matched Kalim s description.) 
At times it even helps your self-esteem, as one day when you were waiting for him to finish his club activities. You heard him go on a tangent about how pretty you are, to the other club members. 
Flattered and embarrassed at how easily he rants about you to other people, you tried to have a conversation with him about how it bothers you only for you to give up. Blushing furiously at how genuine his intentions truly were.    
“Oh- why not (Name)… Oh you mean why I keep talking about you- well it’s simple really I want everyone to know just how wonderful and amazing you are. I mean I am the lucky one in this relationship right if I somehow managed to date you... but if you don’t like it, I can stop…”  
As much as you hate it, you can’t bear to see his kicked puppy face… not if the reason meant so much to him. So, you agreed to let his “hobby” go on with the exception that he doesn’t tattle on information that others shouldn’t know. 
With your “approval” his habit got worse… With Kalim finding ways to include you in every conversation. At this point it's almost impressive how the subject could be something as important as him not getting a credit in Crewels class can morph into how he found the way you did your hair today cute. 
Resulting in half the student body groaning at how all he seems to talk about these days was you. Secretly envious of how lonely and single you made them feel. 
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit 
Out of everyone on the list, he is the only one who answers and acts normal when asked about you. Though his answer varies depending on the person asking. If it was in an interview his answers are always brief and vague, never really going into detail knowing that some of his fans or others envious of your relationship will find a way to nitpick on the most mundane things. But if it were to be his dormmates or relatives, expect to be praised highly. 
Strict on himself and regarding himself highly whilst striving to be the better than he was yesterday, he expects everyone to do the same themselves. Whether it be through grades, how they present themselves, or through their personality. 
Low and behold you became the new Epel, with the exception that he isn’t as overbearing and controlling. It’s not like he is embarrassed to be seen with you or anything, because as much as his strive for perfection make-up for who he is, he can't help but admit that he loves you for who you are. With or without your flaws. But with his title and career as being a top-class actor and model and you being his s/o, the public eyes are both on you and him. 
And just like that. through Vil’s meticulous and observant gaze, these days you find yourself comfortable in your own skin. From the skincare or shampoo he recommends you take, or the right lip tint that would complement your skin tone that he advises, even the designer clothes he gifts you caters to both your style whilst following the latest trends. Unbeknownst to you the many times he had to stare at you while you weren't looking to truly capture and have the articles, he gives you compare to your beauty. 
“Hmm, you wish to ask about (Name)..? Well since the topic is well in my interest, I shall give some of my time to you then. Yes, yes I agree the way they did their eyeshadow made their eyes pop personally I liked the lip gloss they used... oh no they applied and did it themselves and without my purview, this time isn’t that amazing... You wish to ask where they got their outfit from today. If you want, I can tell you who designed it and the designer’s boutique.. Though be warned I got it tailored just for them.. I wouldn’t imagine it would look better than anyone but them. 
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud 
Your cute and jittery Idia. Really at times, you wonder how he could ever live without you. Often hiding behind your back when you managed to make him attend class in person. Most if not, all gave up approaching him whether it be because of school work or questions if he and you are truly dating. 
Because of his social anxiety and his shut-in persona, you can bet that half the student body isn’t even aware that you guys are even a thing. And with you being quite popular with the student body expect to be confessed at least once a week, with Idia watching through the surveillance camera set across the campus, spewing curses at the person. 
Actually, it was one if not the main reason why he is out attending class in person and not through his tablet. To show those normies that you two are together. 
So, when a lucky soul managed to corner him alone and ask him about you. Idia felt part of his soul leave his body. Even though this was the main reason why he went outside, he didn’t know it was this confrontational... 
“I-I y-yes me and (Nam)- Prefect are together. W-We have been for a while so I-I would appreciate it if you stop having feelings for them... Oh- how do I know about it.. HIhihi.. I have my ways-anyways you’re a freshman, right? It would do you some good if you don’t mess with a h-housewarden” 
Though when he is asked either online or on the tablet he uses to attend school prepared to be bragged about on... At times he forgets that you're with him in his room when he plays games and when one day his online friends asked about you. You swore you saw his normally blue hair ignite with red, passionate, and keen about telling his maidenless friends about you. 
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia 
One of the only ones I would think that would ask him about you would either be Silver, Sebek, Lilia, and his grandmother. Because of his tall and intimidating stature and his title as one of the most powerful mages in the world, in general, most tend to scurry off when he approaches so what would give someone a boost of confidence to go up to him and ask him about you.  
Like Leona, Malleus is a prince. A prince who will soon be crowned as Briar Valley’s King. To the public, you aren’t seen as his s/o, instead is seen as a marriage candidate. With both the media and Briar valleys court and residents' eyes on you both. Well mostly on you... 
His answer to the public whenever someone asks about you tends to be always detailing how much you love each other. Making it clear that yes, he is dating someone, which means he would really appreciate it if the engagement proposals would stop. 
But on the unlikely chance that someone did muster up all their courage to ask him about you.. That person didn’t suspect that they would fall asleep waiting for him to finish. 
Since with barely anyone to really talk about you.. Malleus has a habit of randomly musing to his retainers whenever he feels his heart is too heavy and weary.  
“Silver... SILVER.. Good your now awake..it’s quite rude you know to be drowsy when someone is talking to you. Oh no it's alright I jest I jest I am not mad just saddened that you didn’t hear why I find the child of man’s habit of eating quite interesting.. Oh- they eat like a normal person..?- Silver your eyes must be clouded, a trip to the ophthalmologist must be settled.. Humans are fragile creatures after all.. Thinking about it (Name) should come too- I wouldn't want their eyesight to go bad...
Part I > Riddle, Azul, Leona
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