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#twisted wonderland oc
walpurga-nacht-academy · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
This might just my favorite, even though I might come back to it in future and add some stuff. But for what it is now, I’m perfectly satisfied!
Mononoke meme because cursed human Idia does not take kindly to strangers, but this odd witch girl takes him by surprise when she goes “You’re beautiful” out of the blue, hehe.
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walpurga-nacht-academy · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I return from my sorta-hiatus (?) with a bunch of Blackflame doodles I did a while ago! I did a whole page, but these are my favorites, especially the date outfit one and the chibis! Idia’s hair is surprisingly fun to draw, even if it’s difficult, and Vita’s clothes are based on like hours of me looking at Goth dresses lol!
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aulilyu · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In the Yuuken AU, if their friendship becomes strong enough, Yuulis ditches their world for Japan and lives with Yuuken.
aaaaa im just coping with the lack of my laptop 😭💦
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rsa-oc · an hour ago
HERE HE IS MY BABY QORAX!!! (Or "Rax" for short)
Tumblr media
Been a hot minute since I last updated on him and in colour too!
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crestbaby · 5 hours ago
I'm bored and i don't have motivation to draw anything so.. It's ✨request✨ time
Feel free to send me your ocs, i can't do all of them probably but i'll try!
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anevilbunnyinthehat · 6 hours ago
The lion and the mouse
Tumblr media
I love drawing these two teasing each other, as a sign of the love they have (uwu/\💖
Tumblr media
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sakurablossoms10 · 8 hours ago
Lynette's English Voice Actor.
Her English voice actor, is Michaela Laws, who is also the voice actor of Ayano Aishi! The main protagonist of yandere simulator!
Her voice is almost sounded like Lynette so basically yeah, that's about it.
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prometheanglory · 8 hours ago
Please Vy . . . Vinh in thigh high boots
Tumblr media
welcome to my blog where u can make me draw anything and everything if u just mention vinh 🦦
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twst-the-royals · 9 hours ago
Amourn Dorm Uniform
This is my RSA Fandorm based on the Corpse Bride
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The ribcage corset must always be on the left side like how the corpse bride did
Only the dorm leader wears pure white and wear the floor length dress and long veil to look as the bride among the bridesmaids
Uniform rules isn't enforced that much so feel free to ignore this
Just avoid making the dress and veil longer than they are here and keep the ribcage to the left and its all fine, go wild!
I would prefer if yall still kept the dress i made this dorm so i can see more peeps in pretty dresses 👉👈
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leviskokoro · 9 hours ago
Mari’s voices (ENG + JP)
𝐄𝐍𝐆𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐇 𝐕𝐀|Julie Ann Taylor
𝐉𝐀𝐏𝐀𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐄 𝐕𝐀|Miyuki Sawashiro
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aeppermint-soffice · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
(Don’t. You. Dare. Try. To. Hurt. Him.)
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thetwstwildcard · 10 hours ago
🥀 for anyone
🥀 Have your oc’s dreams ever been crushed, or their heart broken? When and how?
Oo, I never go fully in depth about how toxic Lovette can be and it stems from this-
Her first love was Ambrose, who due to Lovette showing off magic(technically his "experiments" of fusing life and magic stones) was executed (witch hunt style). And his executioner had... Relations with Lovette. He was the first one to have her equate her self worth with how attractive she was. Lovette drove this man mad as revenge for Ambrose's death, using her UM until he could only listen to what she wanted. Looking back is she proud of this? Not at all, but she turned her grief of heartbreak into a desire to want to make him suffer.
Lovette won't talk about it, but her siblings say after that is when she changed from the sweet big sister to a temptress who uses people to get what she wants.
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pathidoszune · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Mirror Mirror, please malfunction for a couple months-this place is so cool!"
I finally made a twst sprite for my rat bby!! I underestimate the twst artstyle- its actually kinda hard to draw it 😅
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yunonodevil · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Icon of my twisted wonderland oc <3
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genderfluid-phoenix · 10 hours ago
👤- "What is my OC's skin like?"
🦷- "What are my Oc's teeth like?"
So, you did not specify OC's, Anon, and because of that, I just chose the ones that would be the most interesting with these questions. :)
Loki's skin, for the most part is smooth but there are spots on her back where the 3rd degree burns from losing her wings are. She doesn't take care of her skin, though, and Phoenix and Vivianne mostly do it for her. (Loki is still kinda miffy about letting them do this but they love helping her so she just lets them,,,)
Loki's teeth are straight and white. She has a few missing/cracked teeth, though, from fights she's gotten into and the like but nothing else. She does brush her teeth but only, like, once every other day. Eats anything and if it gets stuck in her teeth, she moves her tongue against whatever it is or uses her nail to get it out and swallows it. She really doesn't care.
Koda Kiyama
Koda, actually, unbeknownst ot anybody, has scars on their body. They aren't from abuse or fights with other people since their family is pretty peaceful but instead they're from when they've been attacked by other, jealous spirits that don't like them for an odd reason that Koda doesn't seem to know. His skin is naturaully very smooth, though and very pretty to look at as long you don't touch.
Koda's teeth are perfectly, pearly white even though they don't seem to take care of their teeth too well. (DW, though. He's just got that from being a spirit and not having human problems, like yellowing, unhealthy teeth)
Madison Gray
{I have not introduced him yet but his bio will come out soon, since I'm currently working on that, too !!}
Madison's skin is very rough and has many callouses because of his training to become a knight worthy of protecting his king. He's very proud of all the scars across his body since they're all from battles he fought for his prince, trying to protect him. Recently, with a little help and coaxing from Nadia, though, he's been using skin care products to help soften his skin.
Madison's teeth aren't paid too much attention to by him and he rarely smiles, so seeing them on a daily basis isn't something he has to worry about. His teeth are pretty yellow because he doesn't have the time to brush them every night (He knows he should but never gets around to brushing his teeth) Most of the time, though, he does find that brushing his teeth feels really nice so he does it whenever he has the time to (which, to elaborate, is never.)
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kurokiesimping · 13 hours ago
MC: I'm hungry
Lilia: Want me to cook for you?
MC: I suddenly don't feel hungry
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minzart · 13 hours ago
All I can imagine in the sga au is, Y/N falls in love with the sidekicks like all their plans fall apart when instead of falling in love with one of the boys, she is just spending time with Diablo feeding him giving him attention and similar things with the others. Even better if they know a lot about animals or creatures that the sidekicks are.
Yuu holding the henchmens: Don't talk to me or my children/honorary uncle ever again
Poor Grimm's gotta catch up or he's gonna be replaced
List of best sidekick to .... ok, from Yuu's perspective (till they meet them better):
Iago(gossip privilege), Iago made an amazing first impression to Yuu and overtime he just got more and more relaxed in their presence, so relaxed in fact that he started to hangout with Yuu to gossip the news constantly
He got into so many fights with Grimm bc he gets more pets than him, the bird just fakes stupidity when the monster cat trys to blame him for some chaos that happened when Yuu was away for five seconds. And seven have mercy on Ace and Deuce bc Iago will do the pleasure of roasting them constantly, while Yuu's away, and hide under their protection when things go out of the rails
Over time Iago just becomes a constant companion it's to keep an eye in the others, not bc he enjoys Yuu's company, no sir, not at all to Yuu during classes and breaks, together with the one brain cell trio, that Yuu starts to research more about his specie, now in lunch time, Iago may see himself with loads of fruits and vegetables as snacks, and somebody help him when he got so comfortable that he rolled his belly up to get some scratches may noone ever find out or he's in one hell of a teasing ride for the rest of his existence
As for Jamil I think he would see this more of an opportunity to bound with Yuu over Iago and his shenanigans, even if he gets jealous sometimes of how much attention Iago robs him of, Yuu would just gush about things Iago does when he think nobody is looking and Jamil would inform them about Iago's preferences, since the bird is with him for more time and die internally bc Yuu can just be so fucking adorable when they want to what the actual fuck
King of Hearts (pleasant funky old man), is becoming a pleasant uncle, every time Yuu goes to Heartslabyul he's there with a cup of tea and a friendly ear for their problems finaly a therapist for the unofficial therapist of this goddam school, he's very shy and doesn't have every solution for every problem, but just the fact he's willing to listen in silence is good enough, the Queen is this close of singgin the adoption papers
Riddle's a little conflicted, on one hand they are coming in their own will and spend a little bit more time with him than normal, on the other most times they are with the King, instead of him, having tea, he gets a little sad that yuu prefers the King's company over his, but he understands why the King is doing very good things for Yuu, and honestly some days Yuu comes to hang out specifically with him and he suspects the King may be a mastermind behind that shy exterior
Crow (just a pleasant Crow, best buddy), while Iago gets to hang out with Yuu during classes, Crow gets the domestic stuff, after all he's the mail boy and his duty is to delivery the letters, so he spends much time in Hamshackle with Yuu while they write the letters back, which can take some good time when inspirations doesn't strike
Crow is very affectionate after he gets used to Yuu, to the point were his mimicry ability can say Yuu's name, playing with their hair and even helping Yuu with simple things, he's a very smart boy, a little helper in the dorm, Grimm even got a motivation to be less lazy bc Yuu just showers Crow with praises every time he helps around
But of course, remember, he too is a smug little shit, messing with Grimm's tail is his favorite activity and the only time poor Grimm has a break is when the headmaster is around, it's a war between those two
Suddenly Dire Crowley gets so more useful, helping with the dorm and even getting Yuu gifts, in retaliation Crow just flexes his bird form privileges, getting gentle scratches from Yuu right in his face, but that's ok for the headmaster, the problem is when the praises come "aren't you so kind? Thanks Crow", That's HIS TITLE YOU-
Vil is quite surprised when Yuu comes asking him about Crow, he's so busy that he doesn't spend much time with him or Yuu sadly as it is, but Yuu's fascination catches his attention and he starts paying more attention and asking the evil queen for details on the bird, sharing cute pictures with Yuu ever saw the video of a crow playing in the snow?, he won't admit it, but in his bad days he hates how much Yuu is so entranced by that bird, he wonders if the little shit is plotting against him, which is proven absolutely wrong when Crow makes then hang out more than ever, even if Vil doesn't notice the master plan the bird brain is doing at the moment
Diablo (guardian angel and Yuu doesn't even suspect) is more reclused than Crow, watching Yuu from afar during the day, always ready to mess somebody's advice towards the child of man, he's quite chill, and if Yuu ever needs a time alone, he's the best choice for a companion, sitting in their lap doing happy noises as quietly as he can manage so not to disturb the peace
Night time is the best time to hangout with him, in the nights Malleus doesn't show up, Diablo does and has a little moment with Yuu in the forest, being in silence only forest noises as their atmosphere or hearing how Yuu's day went gathering info for more victims
Of all of them, Diablo has the best relation with Grimm, since the raven doesn't try to catch Yuu's attention constantly, and only shows up at night time, when Grimm is too tired to cause a fuss
As His and Yuu's bound grows, he gets bolder with the chaos he creates, now if Yuu ever briefly mentions a prank they desire to do, Diablo's eyes GLOW WITH EXCITEMENT and Yuu gets the impression that this raven really, really~ likes causing mayhem in his spare time as much as he likes stalking
Malleus doesn't even notices how much Yuu loves Diablo, until they mentioned missing the birds presence in their night walks, he gets pouty but he can manage, specialy if this gives him an excuse to talk more to Yuu, he asks Malleficent about the raven just so he can have more knowledge to share show off to Yuu who already knows what Malleus is saying
Pain & Panic (those shapeshifters imps that just get into constant trouble but are endearing) messed up one of the days they tried to spy on Yuu and got caught, Yuu is just so tired and used to all those animals appearing out of nowhere that they don't even care anymore, gives the two imps some lunch and gets to bed [the imps will now die for Yuu], and then the next day Yuu notices that those things maybe aren't animals
Pain unlucky strikes gets him in constant dangerous situations that Yuu helps him on instinct, and then they screams bc THATS A FUKING DEMON, and then they stop bc of fucking course demons exist in this world WHY WOULDN'T THEY. JUST LOOK AT GRIMM!
Panic... panics. But he's quickly calmed dow by Yuu's ability of: fake it till you make it, that gives them this aura of "I got everything under control" that calms anyone
The imps kinda hangout in Hamshackle some weekends, shapeshifting when convenient, which makes Yuu's day way more fun, they usualy give terrible advice and have half a brain cell in total, but are strangely endearing. The kindness Yuu shows them makes the two kinda forget what they are supose to be doing manipulating Yuu's view on the boys in favor of Idia
Idia isn't realy bothered by it... until he sees the boys doing the stupidity of encouraging Yuu's confession to somebody Idia has no idea who is, ohhohoho do they get a lecture from Hades and an unusual frustrated Idia, but those interactions give Idia an excuse on a crazy high of anger to get out of his room Hades thanking the fates in the distance to get pain and panic's asses back, which involves talking, in person, to Yuu congrats Idia you gave Yuu a reason to visit you besides gaming night
The hyenas (they didn't made a very cool first impression) their first impression was "trying" to eat Yuu so... yeah. Not a great start, so when Yuu visits Savanaclaw somedays later, they are... aware of the three hyenas, and the trio doesn't make it easier either, they like to mess with the herbivore, until Shenzi and Banzai found Ed being pampered by Yuu, this shifted their interaction to a more amicable one and then to "were are my favorites Boys and Girl!"
Yuu gets used to the diferent sounds the trio does that they can discern which one is "talking" before they even see their appearances, Shenzi tried to talk to them once, but magicless humans can't understand animal lenguage until Yuu falls to an unfortunate accident in potions class and gets beastmen characteristics, then it's another level
Leona doesn't like that he can smell the trios scent in Yuu, it gets annoying he can't leave his scent so why the three idiots can?, so his solution is to just pick the herbivore and lock them in a nap... that gets interrupted by the trio trying to get Yuu's attention they just settle in sleeping closer to them instead, then he asks Scar to give more work to the trio so he can spend more time with his herbivore alone
The eels (they look creeply at Yuu every time the go to Mostro Lounge) don't look exactly very friendly to Yuu and are constantly watching them with those big glowing eyes that are way more unsettling than Jade's or Floyd's ever was.
But with time and research they discover that some of the duo's habits is nothing creepy and only natural, the open and close jaw is for breathing, even if it looks more like they are chatting or plotting, the second set of jaws intrigues them to see it in action don't tell the Leech twins
So one day Yuu offers to feed them, and lo and behold Flotsam and JetSam can look creepy, but are oddly shy to a new person in their territory, days are needed for them to actually get closer to Yuu so they can play together, petting them and feeding while they entangle themselves in Yuu is surprisingly fun and relaxing, just got to be careful with the feeding part, their eyesight can be poor and accidents may happen
Ursula is pleased by how much her soon-to-be-in-law gets along with her boys, and Azul... is managing the jealousy inside him, that isn't enough to overcome his insecurities and show Yuu his cecaelia form more frequently, however their little smile and delight is enough to make him a little soft... next day he trys to persuade the duo into letting him make profit of them
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