#twisted wonderland x reader
Lilia: Malleus, do you mind putting the star on the top of the Christmas tree?
Malleus: Sure.
Y/n: Hey- wait Malleus, put me down..!
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twistedlovenotes · a day ago
Tumblr media
﹒イ: stick by my side even when the world is givin' in.
口ꜜ ⨳ ﹕” can i have a hug? “
already caught off guard by your sullen mood, RIDDLE ROSEHEARTS was quick to drop everything he was doing within the moment to tend to your sorrows, opening his arms to you as he, himself, did not quite know how to comfort someone in their time of need. he’d rather have you welcome yourself into his sweet embrace as a matter of consent, not wanting to push your boundaries as he was foreign to physical touch as a response to sour moods.
although foreign to physical affection, Riddle’s first instinct was to hug you tight. in a state of softened confusion, his grasp around your shoulders was firm with reassurance lingering on his skin: “Take it easy, I’m not going anywhere.”
the possibility of Riddle fastening his grasp whenever you unwind into his arms is high — he’s willing to make the effort to catch you if you fall. he allowed his embrace to speak for him even if his lips spoke absence; Riddle wouldn’t freely pry into why you requested for his touch specifically, but he felt honored you entrusted him enough to hold you when you fell, even if he doubted his own skills to console one another, as the King of Roses’ heart was riddled with the priority to have you at ease.
though stiff and somewhat awkward, LEONA KINGSCHOLAR didn’t slump his heavy arms lazily around your shoulders without care; instead, his embrace was rather clinging. Leona figured your body must’ve felt exhausted enough from upholding such stress, causing him to gently tug you forward enough for you to surrender your remaining strength to lean onto him whilst he held you close. in truth, he didn’t want you to strain yourself any further as he’s been through that exasperating situation countless times nonetheless.
“Stop moving so much, you’re tired enough already.” a voice as smooth as honey held an exceptional amount of care behind his rasp scolding; even if Leona wasn’t the type to physically express what his heart desires, he had unspoken hopes for his actions to take the wheel for him.
no matter what you did, Leona kept you in place and took it upon himself to look after you until he was sure you’re fully alright; protest all you’d like, but it wouldn’t sit right with the King if you firstly asked for a hug out of the blue then walk off on your own right after. after shoving his pride to be vulnerable and take you into his arms, Leona lovingly bothered you under his supervision in attempts to make you laugh, as a damp mood unsettles him as well. trust me, you’re not leaving until he hears a laugh out of you.
oh, how the tables have turned to have AZUL ASHENGROTTO feeling as if he’s in debt, wondering if he’s missed something that wasn’t there before. he was quick enough to drop whatever he was doing to tend to your needs, Azul managing to listen to your wishes in silence without straining another word out. he brought you into his arms as slow as it needed to take, not wanting to rush you into ease; after all, dealing with exhausted clients wasn’t foreign to Azul — if anything, you’re not just some customer to him: Azul never valued you as anything less than someone he holds dear.
“There’s no need to push yourself so much.” could that be a reminder to you, to him, or both — an answer was never admitted, though it felt ironic for such advice to be coming from a busy man such as Azul.
his palms circled the smallest of shapes against the grooves of your shoulders, Azul displaying no visible intent of breaking his embrace until you did so. rather than a silly contract, it was more of an implicit vow for Azul to take responsibility and take care of you, no matter the given situation. his actions may come off as austerely aloof, but the warmth of being in between his arms should be, without the benefit of a doubt, Azul’s epitome of free doting, without charge.
( author’s favorite, expect bias. )
without being able to finish your question, KALIM AL-ASIM had already scooped you right into his arms without hesitation — there was the anticipation that he’d squeeze the life out your lungs; however, with how you’ve sullenly approached him, Kalim appeared more temperate than expected. sure, his eccentric energy can be quite difficult to keep up with, but Kalim also understands a struggling situation wholeheartedly with no judgment; he’s grown accustomed to helping his own Dorm members, so respecting downcasted individuals was definitely not pertinent to him — especially if it’s you ! Kalim loves having fun around you, there’s no way he can have you walking around with a frown !
until he felt your tension unwind, Kalim showed no evident intent of letting go of you, wanting to reassure you that you’re not alone in your struggles; in fact, Kalim merrily swayed you from side to side, humming a soft tune into your ear. “You don’t even have to ask,” as he is always willing to welcome you into your arms whenever you need somewhere to flock to.
squishing his cheeks against the side of your face, Kalim did his best to offer gentle solace and gingerly muttered small words of praise/approval, even if he didn’t have a clue of what you’re going through; even so, being out of the loop will never stop Kalim from supporting you until your frown was flipped upside-down. he’ll say something silly or joke about something completely out of the blue to make sure a laugh drowns your troubles, as a heart of gold truly believes laughter is the best medicine.
pausing all his activities, VIL SCHOENHEIT’s embrace was like a beckon for home; regarding the cumbrous aroma of his cologne invading your reddened nose, Vil’s hold on you was as mellow as a white dove, realizing how burdening the hours have been on your heavy shoulders by the way you melted right into his touch. lips of violet could only twist into a subtle frown as Vil’s hands were quite gentle and cautious with your body, his thumb softening circles into your upper back as he gave you time to get comfortable. he was well aware this was no quick hug on the go, but rather a hug to remind oneself that the world isn’t always so dark and bitter.
“Relax, you’re tense; I’m not going anywhere.” Vil’s voice became bedeviled with slight worry, wondering to the Great Seven what sunk you into a state like this; just pondering once about it has Vil mirroring a hasty squeeze around your collarbones.
with a man who knows how to settle out his priorities, Vil wouldn’t dare to take a step back until you gave the call — he’d rather pull away when you’re back in your mental clouds than force that stinging feeling of abandonment into your chest when the insensitivity was unknown to him. the locks of your hair detangled in between the weave of his fingers while Vil attempted to soothe any other of your headaches away from your irritated scalp, as a Queen should always know how to take care of the ones they love.
after a few moments of going on a motherboard disruption, IDIA SHROUD had no choice and pushed himself against you to engulf your body into his arms, clasping onto you tightly on instinct. he didn’t know whether or not he was consoling you correctly, but this is where his courage has led him, and — quite honestly — he was honored to be able to fulfill your request, as you specifically asked him to have you in his hold. Idia’s clutch on you was like a winter reunion at a dimly-lit train station, holding you tenaciously solid against his chest for no exact reason, but rather to keep you close to his heart as possible.
“A-Are you alright? I’m not crushing you, am I?” not wanting to embarrass his steaming mind more than he already has, Idia couldn’t help but over-worry he’s doing more than needed — wouldn’t it be better for him to be heavy on his affection rather than be too gutless to show it at all?
at this point, Idia’s grip loosened a bit, but not loose enough to rob you of the reassurance and comfort he tried his best to give. his voice cushioned into a genial tone, mumbling his experiences of struggles in hopes it’d put you at ease — this was just one(1) of his few-to-many ways of telling you that you’re not alone, even when you think you are. call him cheesy or cliché, but Idia finds himself in a state of serenity knowing somebody he cherishes also has their downfalls as well. if there’s anything in the world he’d thank you for, it’s for making him feel less of an NPC, and more of a character in the spotlight.
the way MALLEUS DRACONIA pulled you into his arms was enough to tell a thousand tales of scars and thrashes — even though he’s been around long enough to empathize with your state of mind, the pricking feeling of dismay upon the faces of familiars never grows old to squeeze his heart dry. Malleus welcomed you into his little bubble of benevolence as he hummed a soft tune to even out any nuisances spinning your head around, wanting you to be soothed down first, reassuring you that you don’t have to push yourself to talk or explain anything.
though he’s not entirely sure what runs through your blizzard of thoughts, Malleus desired to at least say something to remind you he’s there, somehow. “You’ve been a warrior — rest, please rest. You did your best today, you know that?” he muttered nimbly, not wanting to overwhelm anything else into your mind.
it was almost as if he had cradled you into his arms, Malleus swaying you along with the whispered rhythm of the winds flowing by through your hair. the faint rustling of his cloak veiled you into a greater embrace, shadowing any other worries away from your soul; if anything, no words fumbled out his mouth other than an old tune to let your heartbeat steady along with his, Malleus keeping your thoughts into the shape of home. weep out all your tears or let your body stay heavy on him, as the greatest Mage to ever walk the land has vowed himself to protect your dreams for as long as you roam. —————————
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╰➜ dedicated to [ @roseheartsed ], @kitkatsushii ], [ @zgvlt ], & [ @idiasbodypillow ]
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caterkinnie · a day ago
Idia, Malleus, Jamil, Jade and Ace's reaction when their S/O seems to always flustered when they (the characters) smile? S/O would tend to hide their face away or just shyly smile since the characters' smile are so goddamn attractive.
With a s/o who gets flustered by their smile! (Idia, Malleus, Jamil, Jade and Ace!)
genre: Fluff just fluff
warnings: none
Tumblr media
Idia refused to smile in front of you at first. He didn't want you to feel frightened by him. And he thought you reacted that way because of it!
It took him a bit to realize the truth, and when HE DID oh god. He's the worst.
He's usually the flustered one and has been trying to get his revenge for a while, so this is a win/win situation! Idia gets his revenge, gets to see you smile and he feels less and less insecure about his smile.
Tumblr media
Malleus is both oblivious and mischievous.
This could go two ways: he either asks and you shyly tell him, or he connects the dots after you keep doing it for a while.
The thing is, Malleus teases you about it, he jokes about either you finding him oh so attractive you 'almost can't resist him' or how funny it is since most people are terrified of his smile. With a smirk, of course.
Tumblr media
Jamil notices rather quickly, maybe after the second time it happens.
There are 2 problems though. First, he's in denial for a bit and is like 'that can't be it, right?', the second is that he ALSO gets flustered.
Every single time it happens he's just 'O-oh.. right..' and looks away. It's really cute.
Tumblr media
Ah, Jade, we all know where this is going.
He realized instantly, and it's sooo obvious he'll use it to tease you. Sometimes even unconsciously.
He LOVES your flustered face so much, so prepare to get a smirk added to all of his teasing remarks by now. Showing his teeth a bit as a treat.
Canonically he doesn't show his teeth because he doesn't want to scare off other people, so knowing you actually find him attractive despite that makes him really happy. Not that he'll ever admit it though.
Tumblr media
Ace tries his best to be smug and tease you but… you just look so cute and he thinks your smile is extremely attractive too.
He's very awkward in an endearing way, tries to tease you like Jade or Malleus but fails miserably, so he's just staring at you with hearts in his eyes. Oh my god he's such a simp and it's obvious but he won't ever admit it.
Tumblr media
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idiasbodypillow · a day ago
Since I mentioned cat magnet Yuu, now, Diasomnia familiar magnet Yuu. Since most of the familiars in Diasomnia are bats, ravens, etc I can see Yuu befriending them by feeding them berries or small fruits from the forest. Not a day passes by without a bird perching on Yuu's shoulder, or bats flapping around Yuu. Yuu might end up as a fae magnet too since they attract the familiars, so they end up attracting the owners. Malleus's possessive dragon instinct go brrr
You attract the familiars of the Diasomnia boys.
Warnings - The animals that I hc them to have as a familiar are mentioned at the beginning of the post. If you're uncomfortable reading about certain animals, skip it! It's all fluff and some crack.
[ Cat magnet reader with Idia ]
gender neutral reader
Tumblr media
➼ Komodo dragon
You have your own protection squad - a komodo dragon that refuses to leave you alone. Even if you're a little scared because of the venom at the tip of its tongue, the creature makes sure to maintain its distance while it senses signs of uneasiness from you.
Its tongue lashes out when someone tries to approach you so after a while, you're left as alone as Malleus usually finds himself. The familiar is just as territorial as the master, it seems.
The dragon seems to be so attached that even Malleus has difficulty getting close to you. Now the two are trying to glare at each other and assert domainance.
Sebek is fuming at the audacity of the familiar.
➼ Bats
Bats around NRC are the ears of Lilia Vanrouge. He finds those creatures extremely useful because despite how powerful Lilia is, he cannot be everywhere at the same time. Bats, however, can. They lurk in dark corners and are easily missed by people.
For the most part, bats do not interact with human beings so imagine his surprise when he comes across you with a bat flapping its wings near your shoulder. The way you keep checking on it makes his heart melt.
So the bats have taken a liking to you, eh? He grins, thinking about his own feelings for the human favoured by his familiars.
➼ Crocodile
How do you react when a crocodile follows you around? Well, you have an opportunity to find out because that's the exact situation you find yourself in.
You don't know what's funnier - that the familiar is opening its jaw wide when Sebek is yelling at it for showing itself in broad daylight or Sebek asking the poor animal to apologise to Malleus for the disrespect.
Now when you come between them and defend the crocodile, Sebek huffs and puffs but doesn't pursue his scolding. When he turns his back to you, his lips curl up in a small smile at the knowledge that his beloved familiar is cared for.
➼ Songbirds
Silver's peaceful aura attracts small animals - squirrels, bunnies and such, but above all, songbirds find him extremely soothing. It may be the same with you or perhaps the alert birds can sense Silver's love around you. Whatever the reason behind the interest, your path is filled with melodious tunes nowadays.
As beautiful as they are individually, when someone refuses to leave you alone, a flock of them appear at once and peck at the villain till they leave you in peace.
While you try to calm down, the small sweethearts start chirping as another group deposits a crown of beautiful flowers on your head. It's their way of declaring allegiance.
Silver is alarmed when a bird comes to inform him of the attack as he rushes to comfort you.
Tumblr media
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sunsethw4 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ace, deuce and y/n: AWWWWEE
y/n: we’re d d driving in a
ace: CAR destination mostro lounge
y/n: BAR pass the mic right over to DEUCE
y/n: … we forgot deuce
ace: but we can’t turn back ‘cause we’ve gone to far
y/n: we have to turn back tho, w-we can’t leave him
y/n: it was a good rhyme though
deuce, alone in ramshackle dorm: guys?
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Dorm Leaders but they are jealous
Malleus would often be jealous. Such are the dragons. Usually Malleus pulls you against his chest and tries to hide you from "threat." This is his innate instinct. You need to calm the yandere dragon often. But luckily the yandere dragon calms down quickly.
Leona is possessive when he is jealous. He might mark you with bite marks. This, of course, in front of the person who made him jealous. Kissing you in front of them would also be a great way to express who you belong to. Leona does not want to admit that he is jealous.
Riddle would be red. But not in a cute way. He would be red with anger. For the person who made him jealous, hard times are coming. Riddle makes sure. He would not want to admit his envy. But it is visible.
Kalim simply do not know how jealousy works. He would almost always be happy for you or wouldn’t understand the reasons for being jealous.
Azul would be clinging to jealousy. R.I.P his well-built business man shell. Azul still has self-esteem problems. He thinks you want to leave him. You need to talk to him and tell him that you love him. It may take a while for Azul to believe you.
Vil would be passive aggressive jealous. Usually for the person who made him jealous. It’s really stressful in between. Vil usually takes you quickly somewhere else. He doesn’t want these rotten potatoes to give you bad influences
Idia closes his room when he is jealous. Lots of self-pity. Or of course you want to leave him. He's just a pathetic otaku. You need to talk to him for common sense and explain the situation
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gyarunie · 2 days ago
I've been a baby sitter for a LONG time, I LOVE kids. Oh, I love cuddles so much! Giving them kisses on their chubby little faces! And if they're small enough? I carry them around as much as possible! I would ADORE Cheka!!!
Vil, Malleus, Leona and Floyd getting all jelly from their S/o absolutely doting on Cheka? Usually she dotes on them!!!
TW: suggestive content, swearing
A/N: sounds really cute! ofc and i agree cheka is may fav bby, and afab reader, characters are all graduated from NRC
Vil Schoenheit:
he honestly not a fan of kids they are reckless and drool everywhere
but when you were playing with that lazy asshole's nephew something in him switched
suddenly you see him ask his managers for baby clothes and diapers
surprises you with baby clothes later and buys some strollers and the most expensive baby powder
"come on darling we have to carry on the schoenheit bloodline!"
Malleus Draconia:
always fascinated with baby humans and would like to have at least 3 children with you
asks lilia for advice on parenting
i mean he is from a royal family he needs someone to carry the family in the future
and when you play with cheka he imagines you with his kids already
pats cheka on the head and carries you to his dorm room
"our children would be so pretty from a mother like you"
Leona Kingscholar:
hates children
hates childre-
he now wants one child with you
and he has to make you his before anyone else does
grabs cheka and sends him back home and slings you over his shoulder
"lets give cheka a sibling"
Floyd Leech:
always wanted babies they are so cute and squishy looking!
another one who buys baby related stuff
maybe a little pushy
when you played with cheka with him he kept looking at you, happily holding cheka and playing with him
"i will stuff you full mrs.leech"
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Please consider Lilia going full on Mrs Bennet like “I have 3 lovely sons in want of spouses” while Malleus, Silver and Sebek are all just in the bg like 🧍🏻🧍🏻🧍🏻
Lilia and his favorite future in law, the mc ❤️. No he does not know which son they’ll marry, that’s not what’s important
NRCS: The Bachelor!
Gender Neutral, Slight Crack Toward End
The Diasomnia dorm was almost your second home when you befriended Malleus. The nightly walks alongside each other and sharing ice cream evolved into a genuine friendship. You treated Malleus like a person, not a prince, not a powerful sorcerer, but Malleus. You invited him to hang out, you listened to his interests. He's… never had that before.
From there you ended up going out of your way to invite him out, venturing into the unfamiliar dorm to find him. The act ended up catching the attention of the rest of his friends/pseudo-family, who embraced you happily.
They all grew on you like Malleus. You had your own rituals you did with each of them. Listening to Sebek's passionate rambles. Practicing fencing with Silver. Having to get Sebek to help you carry Silver back to his room when he passes out somewhere. They became just as important as Malleus to you. 
Another ritual you had was with the dad of the dorm, Lilia. You would both often play a few online games with him or come over for tea, which you are doing now. Thankfully, this time Malleus informed you that he made sure to prepare the tea himself. You learned the hard way anything Lilia makes is either inedible or toxic. Silver took care of your poor, sick self after.
You take a sip of the tea Malleus prepared– it's your favorite actually– as you enjoy your time with the fae in front of you. The conversations and gossip from earlier died down and now you both sit in comfortable silence.
At some point you must have zoned out when Lilia began talking again, your name on his lips being the thing that snapped you out of it. Lilia looked over at you with his usual smile. 
"My my, does my old tale bore you that badly?" Lilia dramatically puts a hand to his forehead, his expression dropping, "Oh how you wound this poor old man." 
"My apologies, Lilia, I didn't mean to." The fae chuckles teasingly before responding. "Were you perhaps daydreaming of a special someone?" You tense up and he beams, mischievously. "Oh don't worry my boys do the same thing!" 
You chuckle, not surprised, after all, he did raise Silver, who is known for dozing off in the middle of a conversation. You can imagine Lilia speaking to Silver without realizing he was asleep the entire time. "... Speaking of my boys, you seem awfully close to them." 
His gleeful voice catches your attention again. "I'm quite happy they found new a friend"
You nod "Yes, they mean a lot to me, you know? Not a lot of people on campus treat me kindly." At that, the general's smile falters for a moment before sighing, deciding to change the conversation to a happier one.
"So… they mean a lot to you?" "No not at all actually," you reply sarcastically, the fae just rolls his eyes half-heartedly. "Kidding. You know I love them." What he says next throws you off guard.
"Hoh, is that so? They aren't seeing anyone currently. If you're interested, that is!" It's hard to tell if he is serious or joking or not. "You would make a wonderful addition to the family, after all ~" His voice sounded serious, yet his expression was mischievous, in the smug dad way only he can do.
You open your mouth, then close it. Right as you were about to respond, Malleus enters the room you both were in. The dragon glances at you, then at Lilia. 
"I'm sorry to interrupt you both, however, Silver and Sebek are awaiting your sword lessons, Lilia."
"Oh is that so? I nearly forgot! I'm sorry, Prefect gotta go. Oh, and feel free to help yourself to some tea Malleus, you did brew it yourself after all." You swore you saw Lilia wink at you. Wait. Did he just wingman you with his son??
The very next day you awoke to a lot of commotion outside of the dorm. Stepping out of bed, you made your way to the front door. Opening it, you see an entire camera crew right in front of your dorm, Vil standing in front of them with a mic in hand.
"Hello ladies and gentlemen I am your host Vil, here to present to you the very first season of Night Ravens College Bachelor!-"
You tuned out and looked around, confused. You saw Malleus, Sebek, and Silver behind the camera crew, confused looks on their faces as a few people do their makeup.
"Ah you're awake," a familiar voice purred. Looking to your right you see Lilia, sitting in an old rocking chair on the porch, popcorn in his lap and tomato juice in his hand.
Oh this son of a-
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xkotaro16w · a day ago
First of all love your work. It’s nice to see some good Leona fanfics. Anyway, may I request a scenario where Leona turns into an actual lion and just follows the reader all day and when they nap he straight up growls at anyone who tries to get the reader out of his arms or… paws. Or do the reverse if you want to! Either way is fine.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
—𝙻𝚎𝚘𝚗𝚊 𝙺𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜𝚌𝚑𝚘𝚕𝚊𝚛 𝚃𝚞𝚛𝚗𝚜 𝙸𝚗𝚝𝚘 𝚊𝚗 𝙰𝚌𝚝𝚞𝚊𝚕 𝙻𝚒𝚘𝚗 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝙵𝚘𝚕𝚕𝚘𝚠𝚜 𝙶𝙽!𝚂/𝙾 𝙴𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚢𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎—
Summary: Scenario/short scenario where Leona turns into an actual lion and follows his GN!S/O everywhere. He becomes protective of his GN!S/O to everyone who tries to get his GN!S/O out of his paws and his side.
Pairing: Leona Kingscholar x GN!S/O.
CW: Fluff, grammatical error, OOC.
Tumblr media
Thanks to you who can nag Leona and convince him to go to his class and thanks to Ruggie who helps you. Even if you’re a herbivore, only you who can disturb his nap and get out alive and safely.
Unfortunately, another alchemy class accident occurs in his class, and Leona himself is involved.  A student in his class brews a wrong potion and Leona is affected by the potion.
The whole class panics. Who wouldn’t panic if a student goes missing? Missing? Are you sure? They search for Leona, but then Rook notices his presence first, oh, how surprised Rook is to see Leona is not in his original form.
Leona has turned to an actual lion!
Now, Crewel is totally going to punish the whole class for this! The student who was brewing the potion slowly retreats from his position, tries to hide themselves from Leona so that Leona couldn’t kill them.
“Roi du lion? Thi-this is… BEAUTÉ! You look stunning even in your actual lion form!” No, Rook, please stop.
The lion growls at everyone and proceeds to go out from the class, his first thought and step is to search and follow the scent and presence of a certain person, you. His classmates try to catch him and run through the hallway; it looks like a zookeeper tries to catch a loose animal.
It looks hilarious, all the students passing through the hall stopped in their tracks just to witness the whole scene. The one who dared to chase after Leona the most is Rook. Even Rook himself couldn’t match Leona’s speed.
Your ears pick up several noises from behind you, it sounds very noisy. It catches your attention as well, you thereupon turn your head to your back only to see a lion running towards you, and… Rook along with a few students are chasing the lion.
“Wha-what-“ Before you could continue your sentence, the lion nudges his head to your legs.
All of you try to digest the scene, especially you and your friends who have no idea what's going on. Thankfully Rook takes the initiative to explain everything and there you go; you get the explanation.
The lion is Leona!
On this form, Leona couldn’t attend his classes and he doesn’t want to leave your side at all, when his classmates approach him to get him back, he growls and snarls at them. Oh, looks like Leona should come with you to class and wait for Crewel to brew a potion for him.
As you agree with Rook, you bring Leona to go with you to your class. Everyone stares at you, why do you bring a lion to a class? Trein is confused, S/O. Why? Oh! It’s Leona. OH?! Great.
During the entire lesson, the lion sits next to you, takes a nap, nudges its head to your hand, body, or legs. Basically, Leona tries to cast out all of the students who tries to… Snatch you away from him for an important school assignment?
Even when you friend tries to give you a pat on your shoulder, Leona almost bites your friend’s arm and they almost lose their arm. It’s absolutely safe if he’s with you yet it’s also troublesome due to his protective side.
When the afternoon comes, the lion bites your uniform and tries not to tear it, he gives you a signal or a code to follow him. To where? To Botanical Garden! To do what? Sleep!
Aww, he looks adorable whenever you brush his mane, scratch his ears, give him head pats, and the other affections! Not until a hyena beastman approaches the two of you to give a news that a potion for Leona is ready.
Quickly, Leona turns his head to Ruggie and growls deeply, it’s a warning for him not to disturb the sleeping time of the lion and lion’s mate, Leona’s tail sways rapidly, a sign to the hyena that the lion is annoyed by the sudden disturbance.
Now, how to tell you in this state? There’s a big lion who won’t leave your side for the rest of the day, but Ruggie’s announcement is also… Significant. Still, the only way to do is to scream or shout your name. It succeeds (offensively)! Well, you do wake up along with grumpy and angry lion beside you.
All in all, after Leona gets back to normal, he searches the perpetrator who did this to him. No, not along with Rook who teases him until they graduate, as well as how Rook tries to change Leona (by stealth) to go back to his actual lion form because of Rook’s own admiration for the stunning lion.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gxmblinqueen · a day ago
Just Business [yan!octavinelle x reader]
Tumblr media
yan!octavinelle x reader
Premise: You’ve been treating this strange illness that suddenly cropped up all over your town for a while now, but as new rumors about it’s origin begin to grab your attention, you think it might be time to figure out what’s behind it all.
Word count: 6.6k
Tws: sickness (mentions of v/mit, but nothing explicit or descriptive), drugging/kidnapping, general yandere happenstance and the likes. If you’re uncomfortable with any of these things, please don’t read! I mean no harm <3
Thank you to @glamorousruins​ @smalltasteofhoney​ and another friend for beta reading this for me! 
Tumblr media
“HRRRGH-!” Pained groans resound through the water-logged walls of a homely clinic, two figures standing at the entryway of the main room while a third is clutching a bucket with a vice grip, curled up atop a well-worn mattress in the corner.
“...And you’re sure he’s not in any real danger?” The redhead struggles to be heard over the heaved retching resonating from his companion, the ravenette in question getting progressively louder. He moans in agony, hand coming up for a swipe at his mouth only to shoot right back to the bucket’s rim as he fell face-first back into it with another wave of heaving. With a disgusted grimace, the healthy man speaks again, “It doesn’t seem like he’s gonna be well fit for anything but spewin’ up chunks for way longer than an hour or two.”
“Relax,” you tell him, placing a hand on your hip as you send a sparing, sympathetic glance back at your sick patient, “That mixture I gave him stayed down long enough before he started up again; he’ll be right as rain within a couple of hours, Ace; I promise.”
His expression lightens up a bit at your assurance, though it quickly returns to a cringing scowl as his friend lets out a particularly loud whine. “You’re lucky I’ve seen you work before, Doc,” he grumbles, arms crossing at his chest, “I can’t begin to understand how you do it; ‘seems like you’re performing miracles instead of giving people medicine. I’m sure if I went elsewhere, he’d be having at least a week of hellish recovery.”
Your grin widens as you puff up your chest with pride, “Years of practice, my friend! Study can get you far, but hands-on experience gives you that extra push!” 
Ace snickers, “I wonder if that ‘experience’ you’re talking about is a whole bunch of failures you had before moving to this town.”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” you coo mischievously, turning your body away from him as you begin to saunter back to your vomiting patient. He’s calmed significantly from moments prior, though he still holds the half-full bucket close to his chest. You come to a halt next to the mattress, bending down slightly, “You’re getting better already, isn’t that right, Deuce?”
Though his skin is still sickly pale and slicked with sweat, he gives you a weak, shaky smile and a thumbs-up, “Y-Yeah, I’m feeling…h-hrk-!” He lurches forward, cheeks puffing out as he holds back another wave of bile. 
You pat his shoulder affectionately before standing fully upright to address Ace once more, “You’re welcome to stay until he recovers, if you’d like. Unless I get a walk-in, I don’t have anyone else coming into the clinic today.” You walk past the entryway of the main room, gesturing for the redhead to follow as you move into your study. 
“Still can’t believe how quickly you renovated this place…” he muses, head whipping around here and there to inspect the changes you’ve made to the house since you arrived in town, “That family only moved out, what, two months ago? How’d you manage to fix this place up so fast?”
You shrug as you slink past a bookshelf, taking a seat in your comfortable swivel chair, “I already knew what I was gonna do to this house when I arrived, y’know? It’s not really a professional clinic, but since I’m only working with herbal remedies, I didn’t have to change very much. Plus, I only had to change the living room and study. The kitchen and bedroom were fine; I just decorated them to fit my needs.” You fiddle with some papers on your desk, attention slowly shifting to organizing your messy workspace. 
Ace leans against the doorframe as another loud groan comes from the room over. He doesn’t say anything for a moment, opting to continue looking around the study. Cautiously, he ventures into a different topic, “Y’know, more people have been getting sicker ‘n sicker since you got here…”
You instantly stop messing with the sheets on your desk, head spinning to direct all your focus on the man, “You’re not buying into those rumors, are you?”
“Of course not!” he exclaims with indignation, though the fire in his words quickly dies out, “It’s just… y’know, kinda convenient that you arrived right around the time this plague started going around…”
“That’s exactly why I showed up, Ace,” you explain lowly as you return to tidying up your desk, “‘Cuz I heard about all the illnesses spreading around your village, and I wanted to help out. It’s not like I’m charging families out the ass for my services.”
He relaxes, chortling softly, “Yeah, you are pretty cheap…”
“Watch it.”
Ace full-on laughs at your response before letting out a content sigh as he ruffles his hair, “Yeah, I don’t know what I was worrying about. You’re no witch; you’re not smart enough with your money for that kind of business.”
“Hey, I’m plenty thrifty. I even- wait, witch?” you raise an eyebrow, swiveling around so your whole body faces him, “Are people saying I’m a witch?”
He shakes his head, “No, not you. There’s just rumors goin’ around about the reasoning behind all these sick people.” The redhead seems to be satisfied saying just that, but you give him a look that says ‘go on’, so he continues, “Since most of the people who’ve gotten sick all get symptoms after visiting the beach at some point, folks are thinking that there might be a witch who lives there. Maybe someone pissed them off or something, and now there’s a curse on the beach. Or our village. Or maybe just us villagers in general?”
You almost laugh at the ridiculousness of his explanation, but it dawns on you that, if these cases of illness were as simple as ‘visit the beach and get sick’, people would probably have stopped having trips to the ocean already. “And nobody’s gone to investigate these rumors or anything?” you ask, only to be met with a casual shrug.
“The capital’s got great law enforcement, not us. We’re a small village on the outskirts of the kingdom’s borders; who’s gonna risk meeting a real witch just to find out why everybody’s getting sick?” He says it so matter-of-factly that you feel silly for asking. He’s right; there’s a reason people are so willing to visit a holistic doctor for all their problems. The farther you get from the main body of the kingdom, the less well-developed villages and cities you come across.
“I guess that makes sense…” you murmur, “Wish we could figure out what’s causing all this, though. It sucks to see so many people get so sick.”
“You’re telling me,” Ace groans and, as if on cue, Deuce retches loudly from the room next door, “I just hope it stops soon. I don’t want to catch whatever he’s got, that’s for sure.”
You don’t give him a response, too deep in your thoughts to think of something to say. You hadn’t really asked any of your patients how they became so ill, instead focusing on their symptoms and how to fix the pressing matter of their diminishing health. Some of the cases you’d come across seemed life-threatening; you can’t believe you hadn’t thought to ask about the origins of their sickness before now. 
“Well,” Ace begins again, “Thanks for your help, Doc. I think it’s about time I start hauling Deuce on home.” 
“Sure,” you respond, standing up from your chair, “Thanks for telling me about all this. I’ve had so many patients that I didn’t even think to ask why they were sick.” 
“I bet you didn’t,” he sighs, waiting for you to exit the study before following you into the main room, “I know you’re swamped, what with all the patients you’ve had, but you should think about taking a break sometime. If you get any spare time, maybe think about it.”
“Oh, I think you’re right,” you say resolutely, “I think I’ll be taking a vacation pretty soon.” You stop in the entryway, watching as he hoists his companion up by the shoulder before wrapping his arm around him and leading him towards the door.
“Yeah?” he asks casually, “Where to?”
You give him a resolute smile as he reaches for the door handle, “I think I’ve earned some time down by the beach, don’t you?”
“I guess I can see why people come out here, even if there’s a rumor about a witch…” 
The beach is stunning; the white ocean foam contrasts the dark-as-night black sand, pushing up and down the shoreline in beautiful waves. Even with the overcast weather, spots of sunlight peak through the overhanging clouds, sending rays of gentle light down to the surface of the water. The sea’s reflection isn’t blinding, either, thanks to the gray, cloudy sky above. Rocks dot the shore here and there, but for the most part, the beach is clear of any dangerous obstacles. 
What surprises you, though, is how dead it is. There’s not a soul in sight, and the lack of presence on the beach makes you wonder how a witch became the rumor. Despite its beauty, there’s so little activity on the beach that you wonder how anyone could possibly live out here. The three-hour walk from the village, through the forest, and onto the beach makes this seem like a rather isolated place to live. Your town is the closest one, after all. Then again, maybe a witch would enjoy the solitude? You wouldn’t know.
“Guess I better start looking…?” you murmur to yourself, kicking up some sand as you start an aimless trekk down the shore. You don’t know how big this beach is, but it’s large enough that you can’t see the end of it just by looking along the watery horizon. With a sigh, you wipe some sea spray from your face. You definitely hadn’t expected it to be so wet, although, in hindsight, maybe you should’ve. The air is so moist from sea spray that you can’t take a step without getting some mist in your face. “Should’ve dressed for the occasion…”
Your mind travels elsewhere as you walk along the beach, head spinning with thought. What reason would the village be speculating about a witch? You couldn’t put it past the town to simply be superstitious — after all, you haven’t lived there long enough to say you knew all the villagers — but wouldn’t it be more logical to assume it was, perhaps, an illness stemming from the sea itself? Maybe it’s something they picked up from being underprepared for the ocean’s chill, and spread throughout the town? Or maybe Poseidon?
“That last one’s not very logical at all,” you grumble internally, “None of this is!” But, somewhere in the back of your mind, you know there’s enough suspicion surrounding these cases of illness for you to be worried. 
“Why would I even be here if there wasn’t?” you think.
With an audible sigh, you stop in your tracks. How long had you been walking, an hour? Two? It’s not like you had to worry about it getting dark soon since you’d left so early in the morning, but… Maybe it’s the lack of results getting to you, but your frustration comes to a boiling point as yet another hour passes without finding any sign of life. 
“This is ridiculous!” you shout above the crashing waves, stomping your foot into the sand beneath it, “What am I, a private investigator? I don’t even know why I came out here; my job isn't to figure out where it comes from!”
“Where what comes from?”
You shriek in surprise, jumping nearly two feet off the sandy shore at the sudden presence behind you. Whipping your head around as you take a few frantic steps back, you turn to find two looming figures only a few feet away. 
Two tall, well-built strangers stand in front of you, blocking out a peeking ray of sun that would’ve nearly blinded you had they not been standing in the way. They’re dressed in beach wear; both wear a pair of swim shorts, one blue with a pattern of printed ducks in sunglasses, and the other a plain shade of dark gray. Your eyes travel up farther and find that they’re…identical? Well, not quite — one has a stripe of black hair framed to the left of their face, while the other has that same stripe on the right. The rest of their hair is a turquoise that rivals the vibrant waves of the sea next to you. Looking closer, their eyes seem to be different colors, each having a bright yellow shade on the side of their black stripe, whereas the other eye is a muddy olive green. 
You’re so caught off guard from the sudden jumpscare that you can’t even answer their question at first, instead breathing heavily and clutching a hand to your chest. 
The one with his hair parted on the right giggles, “You’re pretty jumpy, huh?”
“Yeah, when people sneak up on me I am,” you breathe out, releasing the tight grip you had on the fabric of your shirt, “Sorry, you scared me.”
Briefly, you wonder how you missed their presence. Nobody was on this beach; how did they manage to sneak up on you like that? Your questions are answered in the form of observation; water clings to their skin and soaks their hair, specks of black sand littering their feet and calves. They must’ve been swimming. You can’t tell if you’re rationalizing apprehensively, or if that’s simply the conclusion you’ve come to.
“Apologies,” replies the other man, “There isn’t anyone else on the beach, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. We overheard your frustration as we were coming back to the shore. You’re rather close to the sea, after all.” 
With how loud the wind and ocean are, you almost doubt him for a moment, until you look down at your feet and find that, surprisingly, he’s right about how close you are to the ocean. The soles of your feet are soaked with water, and you only now feel the soggy bottoms of your socks sloshing around within your shoes. If they were just coming out, they probably did hear your little tantrum. “Oh, I didn’t even realize how close I was…”
“Happens to all of us,” the man on the right remarks as he looks back at the peaceful waves, “It’s pretty, isn’t it? S’why we come here so often. It can totally draw you in if you’re not careful!” 
You perk up at his comment, “Oh, you two are here often? Are you brothers?”
“Twins!” the more relaxed of the two cheers, moving his elbow to nudge his companion, “Been like this since we were born, yup!”
“That’s generally how twins are, yes,” his brother sighs, though there’s an endearing quality in his tone, “And, yes, we’re often at the beach. This beach specifically, to be precise.”
“Really?” you muse, taking a step closer to the pair as you size them up. It seems they're doing the same to you, their mismatched eyes curiously running up and down your figure. “It’s pretty cold here…is it always like this?”
“What are you, a cop?” cackles the first male, “What’s with all the questions? We’re just here to have a fun time by the water. You didn’t even ask our names or anything, just jumped straight to interrogations!” 
Your cheeks flush bright red, “Oh, um, sorry. I didn’t mean to grill you or anything; I’m just looking around. I’m not here often.” 
“It shows,” he coos, voice teasing as his grin widens. 
“Floyd,” reprimands the other twin. He sends a stern expression in “Floyd’s” direction, and the man in question deflates a bit. 
“I was just playin’!” he whines. You’re not really sure what to say — you can’t tell if he was being intentionally mean or not, but you don’t want to just up and leave when they’re the first people you’ve seen on this beach since you arrived.
The seemingly more mature twin turns back to you with a polite smile, “To answer your question: yes. It’s typically chilly here, regardless of the season. One of the wonders of the world, I suppose.”
“I see,” you respond, then fall silent. You’re unsure of how to continue the conversation; you want to ask about these rumors, but you’re not even sure if they’re from the village. You settle on asking, “So, where are you two from?”
“Around~” Floyd sings, “Why? They’re askin’ a lot of weird questions, huh, Jade?”
You sputter for a moment, “Sorry, I hadn’t thought about how invasive a question that was. I live in a small, tight-knit village; I’m kind of used to being able to ask personal questions without thinking about it.”
“That’s reasonable,” says Jade, “We’re from a big city; it’s not often people ask us intimate questions. Forgive us for being abrasive.” 
“It’s not really you that’s being abrasive,” you think, but you don’t dare to say it out loud. You wave him off with your hand, “Hey, no worries. I feel bad interrupting your time at the beach. I don’t want to keep you two any longer, so I’ll be on my way-”
“Why’re you here, anyway?” interjects the man on the right, “You certainly didn’t dress for the beach; you’re wearin’ sneakers!” 
Taken aback by the sudden comment, you cross your arms and raise an eyebrow accusingly, “I thought you weren’t used to invasive questions?”
A long, tense pause ensues, and you’re left wondering if that was the wrong move. As the man’s expression stays rather blank, you feel a nervous edge creeping along your psyche. Then, he bursts into jubilant laughter. Your lips begin to twitch a bit at the infectious sound.
“You’re funny!” he chirps bluntly. You feel your lips fully upturn into a satisfied grin.
“We don’t frequently find good company on this beach,” Jade tells you, gesturing to the empty space around the three of you, “Or any company, for that matter.” 
“Yeah? Why do you think that is?” you ask earnestly, to which the man responds with a curious gaze. 
“I’m not sure myself,” he answers, “It’s a nice spot, if you’re fine with the chilly weather. Occasionally people have come by while we’re here, but they typically leave within the hour they arrive.”
Alarms go off in your head. This is useful information! “Really? Do they do anything while they’re here?”
Floyd shrugs, “Depends! Sometimes, they’ll hang out for a bit and do things. Other time, folks’ll just sit on the shore like they’re in a trance before getting up and leaving.”
You feel a shiver run down your spine. That’s definitely weird. You’re growing more and more curious by the minute as they explain. This is all so suspicious. You weren’t much of a believer in these rumors before, but now… You can’t help but wonder if this seemingly ridiculous gossip might hold some weight.
You can’t hold back your curiosity anymore, and you blurt out with little context, “Have you guys gotten sick after coming here?”
There’s a lull of silence for a moment, the two looking at each other with curious expressions. Then, in unison, they turn back to you in confusion. 
“That’s a…curious thing to ask,” Jade mutters, bringing his thumb and forefinger to rest at his chin. 
“More like a weird thing to ask,” his twin chimes in, “You swallow too much sea water or something?” 
You hold up your hands defensively, tilting your head to the side as you apologize, “Sorry, that was an abrupt question to ask. It’s just…there’s this sickness going around in the village I’m from, and I’m just trying to figure it all out.”
“Oh? You’re from the village nearby,” remarks Jade, interest seemingly piqued, “You think this beach may have something to do with your town’s sudden plague?” 
“More or less…” you murmur quietly, quickly rebounding and speaking louder, “There’s just some rumors going around, and-”
“-And you’re a little mystery solver, yeah?” interrupts the mischievous twin, slinking away from his brother to move to your side and rest an arm on your shoulder, “Gonna ‘get to the bottom of it’ and all that?”
“Hardly,” you quip, “I’m a holistic doctor. I’ve had a lot of patients, and I just want to find out why they’ve all gotten so ill.”
You barely catch it, but Jade’s eyes flicker with something you can’t quite discern. 
“A holistic doctor, hm? Your job is to treat the symptoms, and yet you’re going out of your way to find the origin. That’s responsible of you,” he praises, and you smile.
You’re drawn in by his compliment, but respond humbly, “No, these rumors might affect my credibility, that’s all. It’s good business now, but if I’m suddenly thought of as a witch, I’m certain my patients won’t be willing to employ me.” 
As if you flipped a switch, the two seem to go from slightly interested to wholly invested. You realize the implication of your words before you can backtrack and offer a reasonable lie.
“‘Witch’? Your village thinks a witch is behind it?” Floyd brings the arm on your shoulder up, putting a hand over his mouth to stifle laughter.
“Floyd, please,” Jade scolds. He addresses you seriously, “It must be a dire pandemic to have such a rumor being spread.”
Your hands rub your forearms, guarding against the chilly wind, “For the most part, yeah. I just want to figure it all out.” 
Floyd steps out from next to you, once again joining his brother. “Well, can’t really help you,” he states, putting his hands behind his head casually, “But, hey, we’ll keep an eye out for witches!”
“Thanks,” you say flatly. “I doubt I’ll find anything else out here, though. It seems like you two are the only ones on the beach; I’ll just have to come back on a different day or something.”
“I wish we could be of more help,” Jade sighs, “You’re from the village closest to this beach though, correct? If we see anything that might be of substantial use to you, we’ll come by and let you know.” 
Your eyes light up with gratitude, “That’s very kind of you, thanks! If it’s too out of your way, though, I understand. If you do find something, I’m the only doctor in town, so it won’t be too hard to find my clinic if you ask around.”
“Yeah, we’ll find it,” Floyd waves his hand back and forth in casual dismissal, “We’ve got good hunting instincts. If we wanna find you, we’ll find you.” 
“Sounds good,” you say, turning to leave, “Thanks for talking with me. Pretty lucky I ran into you two; I was starting to think I’d be heading back completely empty-handed!”
“Yes, it was nice meeting you as well,” says Jade, his brother nodding in agreement.
“Haven’t met someone fun on the beach in who knows how long!” he exclaims, “We’ve gotta talk to you again sometime!”
You don’t give a verbal reply, instead sending a polite smile and a wave as you start walking back the way you came from the beach. They wave in response, though Floyd is practically flailing his arm back and forth. 
You’re a speck on the horizon by the time they tear their eyes away from you, shifting to look at each other with growing excitement.
It’s nearly two weeks after meeting the twins on your little “vacation”, and you’re even busier than before. Nearly all of the village must have been afflicted at this point, with the majority of severe cases spiking after you’d been to the beach. Even Ace had come in for your help, his wish of avoiding the sickness having gone unfulfilled. 
“Finally…” you breathe out, sinking back into the plush seating of your swivel chair. You’d just finished drafting up the last bill for your most recent client, though you’re sure it’s less than what you should be charging. Your head pounds from exhaustion, having seen patients from dawn until dusk. The last creepings of sunlight peak in through your windows, barely illuminating your workspace. You’re certain to fall asleep soon, if your sluggish blinking tells you anything. “I’ll make some dinner, wash up, and go to bed.”
The knocking on your door prevents you from preparing to do so, however. With an exaggerated groan, you stand from your seat, joints creaking in protest as you rise. You’re sure it’s another patient; it’s late enough to know regular business hours are over, so you can only assume an emergency is waiting at your doorstep.
To your surprise, however, you find a familiar identical pair standing side by side. For a moment, you’re shocked, but the shock quickly morphs into energized elation. There’s only one reason they could be here! The exhaustion is sapped from your body, replaced with immense preemptive gratitude.
“Did you find something?!” you exclaim, greeting lost completely to your growing excitement. “You said you’d come by if you found something useful, and you’re here! What’d you find?” 
“It’s nice to see you, too,” Jade says smoothly, a charmed smile gracing his features. 
Floyd pipes up from his side, “Yeah, where’s our ‘hello,’ hmm?”
“Sorry, sorry.” You calm down quickly, smoothing down the front of your shirt as you take a deep breath. “It’s good to see you two! I’m glad you found your way here okay. Would you like to come in?”
“Hell yeah!” exclaims the abrasive twin, “That’s more like it!” He takes you up on your invitation instantly, slinking into your residence and immediately beginning to look around more than the polite amount. “So, ‘s this just your clinic, or do you live here, too? Looked kinda homey from the outside.”
“I live upstairs,” you answer, holding the door open for Jade as he comes inside, “Don’t go poking your nose around too much; I’ve got some fragiles here and there with sentimental value.”
“In your clinic area?” Floyd laughs, “That just spells trouble. Maybe you should keep your things in a safer place? Like upstairs.” He rummages through the cabinets in your main room, pulling out things here and there to ogle at before messily placing them back in a different order.
“Apologies,” Jade says respectfully, “He can be…inquisitive when exploring new places.”
“It’s fine,” you reply, “He’s right; I shouldn’t keep things I value in my workspace. I just keep forgetting to move them.” You fidget slightly, watching as Floyd goes through your things while Jade contently looks around without moving. “Sooo…”
“Ah, of course. What we found.”
You’re glad he answered your question before you even asked. You didn’t want to seem ungrateful or rushed, but you were eager to find out what was causing this plague. Any information was useful, especially with how dry your own search has been.
Floyd saunters back into the entryway where you and Jade stand, joining his brother in front of you. “It’s pretty weird; we couldn’t make heads or tails of it. But, y’know, seemed like something that might be of interest to you.”
You nod eagerly, waiting for them to show you. After a moment of shuffling through his pocket, Jade pulls out a small vial with a spray cap. There’s a viscous liquid inside; it’s pink, and it looks fizzy. 
Curiously, you inch closer. “What is this?”
“We aren’t quite sure,” answers Jade, continuing to hold the vial in front of you, “We found it washed up on the shore. It was perfectly intact and all the liquid inside was fine, so we thought it might be something special.”
“It’s pretty cool though, isn’t it?” his brother chirps, bringing a finger to point at the side of the glass, “That’s some pretty thick stuff in there. Gotta wonder what it is, right?”
“Yeah…” you murmur, eyes fixated on the liquid inside. What could it possibly be? Your face inches away from the vial, you bring your hands up, “Hey, can I see- ACK-!”
You recoil in surprise, a sticky, cool substance hitting your face. You’re taken aback, eyes clenched shut in reflex. Did he just…spray you?
“Hey, what-” You’re about to respond, ready to ask what the hell that was for, when your breath is practically sucked from your lungs. The smell of ocean mist hits you as a wave of crushing weakness crashes into your body at full force, your legs no longer strong enough to hold you up. You faintly feel the cool hardwood floor against your skin as you fall onto it, but the impact feels far away and foreign. Within seconds of falling flat, you feel your consciousness slipping away. Your vision swims with inky black puddles, eyes refocusing and adjusting like a camera’s shutter lens. 
You hear giggles overhead, but it’s hard to register them in your head.
“They’re pretty careless, huh?” you can’t tell which twin is talking, but you just barely manage to make out what’s being said. 
“Yes…I thought this would take longer, frankly. Oh well.”
They keep talking, saying something about your gullible demeanor, but you stop trying to listen. Your energy is dwindling, and it’s too much effort to try and stay focused and alert. Your eyelids fall shut, head lolling onto the hardwood as your side presses into the floor. 
Like a candle at the end of its wick, your consciousness sizzles out.
The sensation of cold water splashing into your face sends you upright with a jolt, any drowsiness you might’ve experienced from waking up shattered by the icy prickles trickling down your cheeks. Your eyes don’t adjust to the soft lighting as quickly as you expect — whatever room you’re in appears pitch- black for a few moments before speckles of warm, dim light begin to illuminate your sight. It takes a moment for you to register that the light isn’t coming from a few lamps, but instead a couple pieces of formed coral placed around the room. 
You see the legs of a desk leading upwards, the bottom half of a flat table lying slightly above your head. As your senses return to you fully, you realize that you’re sitting up on the floor. Had you jolted up any higher, you would’ve likely hit your head on the desk you were lying slightly under. The room has a nautical feeling to it, as if you were in the back office of an aquarium. You continue looking around, noting the things that stick out to you. There’s a bookshelf with book spines that hold symbols you can only vaguely recognize, a window leading out to the sandy beach, various colored plants hanging from the ceiling, a sizable pot in the corner, a pair of legs standing left of the desk, a doorway covered by a purple cloth, an organized- a pair of legs? 
“Are you done ogling at my workspace?” someone asks, though their sarcastic tone indicates they aren’t really looking for an answer.
You yelp in surprise, only registering that someone else’s presence moments before they spoke. Head turning in their direction, you find a well-dressed man staring down at you. His hair is styled neatly beneath the dark hat he wears, healthy locks the shade of morning fog framing the side of his face. Blue eyes glare at you from behind a pair of rectangular glasses, his eyebrows furrowed in an accusing scowl. He holds an empty cup in his gloved hand, though he’s quick to set it down on the desk.
You fumble for a response, mouth gaping and closing like a fish out of water, gasping for air. The man scoffs at your stunned reaction, but doesn’t offer anything else in terms of discussion. No insult, no explanation, nothing; he just stares at you expectantly. 
Shaky words exit your lips, “Y-Your workspace?”
“Yes,” he sighs in exasperation, as if your response to waking up in an entirely foreign location is exhaustingly dull, “My workspace. Every respectable businessman has one; where else would I get things done?”
“What is going on?” you ask yourself, head swimming with questions as you stand from your seated position on the floor. “W-Well, I’m not meaning to intrude, I-”
An alarming shattering sound erupts from behind the cloth covering the doorway, and the silver-haired man grimaces. 
“Whoops!” calls a rather familiar voice, causing a sense of foreboding dread to creep into your veins. 
“Floyd, you need to be more careful,” reprimands another, and you suddenly feel as though you’re going to be sick. The cloth in the doorway is shifted to the side, that damn pair of twins walking in casually. 
“Yeah, I get it. I wasn’t try’na…” dual pairs of heterochromatic eyes land on yours, and the man who’d been talking trails off before starting up again with much more enthusiasm, “Hey, they’re up!”
You’re unable to think of something to say. What even is there to be said in this situation?
Jade chuckles at your silence, “Though they may not be entirely there, it seems…”
“So,” begins the silver-haired man, seeming to commandeer any conversation that might’ve been brewing. He addresses you completely, sparing no glance at the twins, “You thought you could run off with all my business, hm? Pilfer my pockets and leave me a destitute man?”
Your eyes are wide as saucers as your nerves come pouring out of your mouth. “What are you talking about!?” you exclaim, “I haven’t run off with your anything, I’m-”
You cut yourself off, a sinking pool of dread growing larger in your stomach as the man stares at you like you were nothing but a piece of lint on his suit. Your location begins to weigh in on you, the sound of waves crashing against the shoreline finally registering in your head. You’re on the beach. An expression of realization overtakes your features, and Floyd laughs at you.
“Think they figured you out yet, Azul?” he cackles. “Azul” gives him a stern look — a nonverbal request for him to shut up.
“Why are you cursing my town?” you ask suddenly.
The man across from you raises an eyebrow, arms moving up to cross just below his chest, “I haven’t cursed your town; that would be far too much effort for too little payout.”
“Then why’s everyone getting sick?” you retort, “You’re that ‘witch’ everyone’s whispering about, right?”
“If that’s what they’re calling me, yes,” he answers calmly, “But I prefer the term ‘entrepreneur’.” You look at him in utter confusion, and he continues, “I’ve made my living thus far by performing favors and miracles in exchange for wealth. Your town is the closest to this shoreline, so, naturally, most of my clients live there. Unfortunately, about three months ago, business seemed to flatline.”
He pauses, as if waiting for you to interject, before he asks, “Are you familiar with the law of scarcity?” 
You can’t tell if it’s a rhetorical question, so you stay silent. He continues anyway, “When supply is seemingly limited and highly valued, demand goes up. It seemed my services weren’t as valued as before, so I devised a contagious pathogen that caused symptoms only I seemed to be able to fix.” Azul moves from his dormant position by the desk, taking a step in your direction,  “It worked fine for a short week, and then you showed up.”
You take a step back, mirroring his own, “So, because your ‘business’ was floundering, you made everybody ill? Some people almost died from their symptoms! All because your little magic show was flopping?” 
“Oh, but yours benefited greatly from mine, didn’t it?” He shoots back coolly.
“My magic show? You mean my ability to clean up the mess you made?”
He chuckles at your response, though it’s cold and hollow, “Please, as if your shoddy mixture of basil and lavender could cure a spell-driven illness. You’re not clever at all; it’s a wonder the town didn’t realize you were using charms in your medicine.” Your face flushes bright red and you sputter for a response. Seeing he’d caught you off guard, a malicious smirk grows on his face, “Though, nobody in that town seemed to be particularly bright.”
“So what?” you shout angrily, “You and your conniving henchmen-” you point accusingly at the twins behind him, who only smile gleefully in response, “-are gonna, what, kill me just to keep your business afloat? Make me throw my guts up and toss my body out to sea?”
“That’s rather morbid,” he coos, a teasing edge to his tone, “Perhaps I would, if this was transpiring when you’d first arrived in town. Luckily for you, I’ve thought up a way for you to repay us for the business you stole.” 
Your face pales.
Floyd snickers from the front of the room, taking long strides to join the silver-haired man. “You just want to keep them around!” he exclaims, “You started likin’ them around week three!”
The faintest trace of red dusts over the man’s cheeks, “Oh, so would you prefer I throw them to the sharks?”
Jade is the first to respond, “Not particularly. I couldn’t understand why you seemed infatuated with them at first, but now that we’ve properly interacted, I think I’d be remiss to let them slip by.”
“Yeah, they’re entertaining,” Floyd sings, “I wasn’t sayin’ it like it’s a bad thing; I think you should keep ‘em around, too.”
Your breath quickens, “Can I give you money? I can pay you back for-”
“Please,” Azul scoffs, “You’re competent enough to have figured out this runs a bit deeper than just monetary gain.” A chill shoots down your spine as his lips upturn devilishly, “Though I’m sure your magic charms will be plenty beneficial to us.”
“I’m not gonna help you!” you exclaim, “You’re crazy! You can’t keep me here; this is, what, your office? You can’t just-”
“If you want to return to your town,” Jade interrupts calmly, “You’re welcome to try. Just, be aware, we’re not too keen on letting debtors off without some form of collateral.”
“Yeah, the price’s pretty steep, too!” chirps the other twin, sharp teeth on full display as he grins with malice, “It’s gonna cost you an arm and a leg — maybe more!”
You swallow thickly.
“Realistically,” Azul says, “It’s a better, safer option to stay until we’ve decided you’ve repaid us in full. The choice is yours, of course, but I can’t guarantee we’ll remain civil if you decide to slight us.” The atmosphere seems to drop significantly, despite how tense it already was.  “I’m quite fond of you, you see. I’m not one to let things I desire fall out of my grasp.” His tone is deadly serious, and you wish you could dissolve into the air where you stood.
“But!” he announces suddenly, voice lighter than before as he turns away from you dramatically, “I’m nothing if not fair. If you want to return to your town, we’ll just have to take what we’re owed and set you on your merry way! I’m sure we-”
“I’ll stay!” you exclaim, horrified at the thought of what they could possibly take from you as ‘collateral’, “I’ll work for you or��or whatever it is you’re trying to imply. But only until I’ve paid off whatever business I took from you. Not a minute longer; Deal?”
The grin on Azul’s face grows tenfold, body positioned to face you fully as he extends a hand in your direction, “What an excellent decision.”
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shkanoin · a day ago
Tumblr media
in which. azul thinks about how you had grown to become a part of his daily life that he looked forward to.
genre. romance, fluff, just azul being soft and experiencing domestic bliss
tw//cw. none.
notes. he’s cute ig 😐 /hj
Tumblr media
there is a soft blanket spread over the corner of one of the couches in azul ashengrotto’s office.
he does not remember when it had become a part of the space he often worked in when he wasn’t in class or personally overseeing the operations at mostro lounge. he does not remember who had brought it in, nor when. he only knows that it is made of the finest fabric he could afford with his reasonable allowance, and he only remembers the little moments wrapped in the fine lavender fabric, tucked into the little corner of the couch.
he also remembers you. how could he not?
azul thinks it’s ridiculous; how you used to occupy such a tiny space in his office in the beginning of your time together, and how you grew into his life till you bloomed in every part of it. the roots of your existence planting itself into his heart, making him think of you with every pulsing beat. you, wrapped in your blanket in your corner. you, waiting for your azul to finish his paperwork so you could finally have spend some leisure time together without the worries of school or work.
your. yours. it was ridiculous. since when did things in azul’s life start becoming yours?
maybe it was that day he heard from jade about how you were upset when the long piece of fabric that you used to use as a blanket to shield yourself from the chill inside azul’s office had finally found its true calling as a spare tablecloth (it was actually a tablecloth from the very beginning, the lounge just didn’t have enough tables to make use of it then). that day, he had found himself searching for a perfect fabric for a perfect blanket that would suit your tastes, whether it was for napping or keeping you warm or simply lounging about while you waited for azul to give you some time. azul had even gotten some help from scarabia’s dorm leader, who was more than happy to provide him with his advice and opinions on different brands and fabrics.
my god, azul thinks as he presses his pursed lips against his steepled fingers. he was quite smitten with you, wasn’t he?
he sees it now— quite literally, actually. there’s a coat rack in the corner of his office where he hangs his coats and scarves when it gets too warm, an empty space next to his designated spot where he knows you always hang your coat and scarf, with your school bag on the floor directly underneath it. a few months ago, jade had brought in your favourite armchair from the main lounge and placed it near azul’s desk— far enough that no one would pay any kind to it but also close enough so you could scoot closer if you wished to have a closer look at his work. there was even a space on his desk specifically reserved for you, his pen holders and papers moved to give you enough space to work on your own essays or worksheets while waiting for azul to finally finish his duties as a college student, mostro lounge manager and octavinelle housewarden.
“azul? are you alright?”
he blinks out of his stupor and sees you staring at him worriedly. oh, and what a sight you are. curled up in the corner of your favourite couch in his office with the blanket wrapped around your frame like a cocoon. the smile that softens azul’s expression is inevitable at this point, heart warming with such fondness that if this revelation wasn’t already a long time coming, he would have started bawling right there and then. thankfully, he manages to maintain his dignity. he pushes himself out of your seat, embarrassingly aware of your curious gaze following him as he walks over to you. he hopes for the sake of his pride and dignity that you do not notice how he trembles as reaches out to squeeze your hand in his, relishing in the warmth of your cheeks that surely mirrors his own.
(though azul knows deep down that he has nothing to worry about. even if the world were against him, he knows you’d be by his side. he’s quite baffled by how sure of it he is, actually.
if there were anyone in this world who would accept him for all that he is, it would be you. always you.)
“i’m quite alright,” he assures you, living in the present now, “how was your day, my dear?”
your face brightens almost immediately. azul easily notices the way your lips are quirked up in a smile as you begin talking about all the shenanigans you had been dragged into by your friends throughout the day, and the lesser eventful moments in between, and he thinks that there is truly nothing better than having you in his life like this, filling the gaps that he didn’t even know he had and carving your own little safe haven in his heart.
Tumblr media
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Rook: I'm embarrassed, ashamed, disgraced, mortified, humiliated-
Y/n: What are you, a dictionary?
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cupids-chamber · 3 days ago
TWST dating sim update + Video
A/N: good news!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
DATE EXTENTSION due to my own mental health I'm extending the date. To summer break. A lot of people have comforted me and I don't want to end this.
WRITERS currently the dev team is only lacking in writers. To help make scripts. If we had gotten some I'd be able to speed up game process by 2x. So if your interested please pm me.
VIDEO CONTAINS SPOILERS OF AZUL'S ROUTE. (mode not specified, scene unedited)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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k0rek1yos · 2 days ago
ーnotre dernière danse
your last dance together
Tumblr media
A/N: sorry this is pretty trash lol *shit by bo burnham plays*
Prompt: none
Pairing(s): Epel Felmier x reader, Jamil Viper x reader, Floyd Leech x reader, Azul Ashengrotto x reader
CW: angst ig??? crying
Notes: gn!reader, angsty kinda sorta
Tumblr media
Epel's feverish hands rested on your waist, head flush against your chest. Hot tears soaked the front of your shirt as the two of you swayed to the music together.
A soft, fluttering melody was carried into the gentle night's breeze that seemed to dance and sway with you, boreal against the wet streaks that painted your cheeks.
"Don't cry, mon beau, you're going to make me think twice about leaving." You brushed your fingertips against the sticky-wet skin of his flushed cheeks.
"I-I'll cry 's much as it takes, then." He replied stubbornly, not bothering with the city-boy talk over his quavering voice. "F'it means you'll stay... I'll cry till 'm all outta water."
His eyes glimmered with fresh tears and deep sorrow, bright moonlight illuminating his delicate features. Even with his hair a mess, his eyes puffy and red, his lashline smudged in black eyeliner, and his shirt crumpled and half-undone, he looked picturesque.
This is the image that would be etched into your mind forever; the Epel you'd remember once you forgot all else of him.
"Epel..." you whispered his name, feeling the searing heat track down your cheeks once more. "I love you."
He looked up, eyes wide with dread. "That ain't what I wanna hear. Promise me that you won't leave me... please."
You looked at your lover with pity, watching him beg for you to stay; something you couldn't promise. He was always so strong, but in this moment, he looked as if he would break at any second.
Your lips met in a perfervid last kiss, the song coming to a ritardando, to his utter dismay. He held you tight, as if he expected you to be pulled away from him, bittersweet memories playing through his mind like the life of a dead man flashing before his eyes.
"Goodbye, Epel."
"You really can't stay?"
Even with the hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people filling every nook and cranny of the ballroom, it felt like you were the only two people left in the palace. He wore his mask of stoic aloofness, face devoid of any feeling.
The warm lighting from the glittering chandelier contrasted his drawn-back, cold feel. His muscles were tense under your hands, the gentle, content magical energy that usually thrummed through his body when you danced nowhere to be found.
"No, 'm sorry, Jamil." Your voice was barely a whisper. "I really am."
"It's fine." He spun you around, then pulled you close to him, in time to the music.
The tension in his voice alone shifted the atmosphere and you unknowingly tensed in the same way he did. He was distraught, there in body but not in mind.
"Jamil..." you reached forward, taking his face in your hands.
To your surprise, your hand felt wet when you touched his face, and that's when you noticed. The song was already over and all eyes were on you; he didn't want the moment to end, so he used his magic to keep the music going for only the two of you to hear. He'd been hiding his tears with a cleverly placed illusion.
No one said a word, not even Kalim. It was a sorrowful moment, even Jamil, the boy who's been hiding his feelings since childhood, couldn't hold his tears.
"I'm sorry." He muttered in a whisper that even you could barely hear.
"You shouldn't be. I'm the one who's at fault here." You answered, eyes pooling with tears. "I love you."
He brought his lips to yours, into a deep, scalding kiss. His lips tasted of salty tears and the memories flooded your mind. You felt lightheaded from the fervor of the moment, letting yourself be overtaken by the memories of the past months.
The times you danced together while cooking, how you and Kalim tried to help him all the time, taking care of him after his overblot, teasing him with Najma and so much more flooded your senses. Before you knew it, you felt the tears running down your face.
Your moment was abruptly interrupted with the reminder of your situation.
"Sorry, I'm coming." Pulling away, you wiped your tears, looking back at him once more. "I love you Jamil, please never forget that."
"C'mon shrimpy!" Floyd gave a sharp, toothy grin. "Don't be so limp, you can cry plenty when you're gone, m'kay?"
He held your hands, not necessarily following a specific pattern. You laughed and followed along, doing whatever as long as it was on beat. You weren't completely in sync, but you were content nevertheless.
Unbeknownst to you, Jade and Azul were watching the interaction, neither of them moving to reveal themselves, just watching with pity.
You let out a yelp when he lifted you up, laughing and he spun around, with you in his arms. As he laughed, he felt something hot drip down his chin; was his nose bleeding? No, that couldn't be it... was it...?
"You're crying." You gently rested your elbows overtop his shoulders, thumbing at his wet cheeks. "Floyd..."
"Huh...? I am?" His eyes widened, and he blinked, feeling his cold soaked lashes. "Heh, I told you to cry later and I went and cried instead, huh? Sorry, shrimpy!"
"I'm sorry, my love." You kissed his forehead. "You don't need to pretend for me."
"No! No, I'm just fine, see?" He tossed you in the air and caught you, smiling again.
"Floyd..." you eyed him knowingly.
His smile cracked a little, tears filling his eyes. "Shrimpy... I don't want you to go."
He put you down, letting his legs collapse under him, wiping his eyes on his sleeves. His smile held, despite the tears.
You kneeled next to him, pulling him close to your chest. "I know, but I have to."
"My little shrimpy..." he whispered with a quiet sob.
He leaned into the comforting warmth of your arms, cherishing his final moments with you. His skin was cold against yours, the tears cooling against your chest.
Soon, he went completely silent, small snores leaving him every couple minutes. He must have tired himself out, suppressing his mood swings like that.
You pulled your sweater off, draping it over him after removing yourself from his tight grip. Pressing your lips to his forehead, you said your goodbyes, leaving Mostro Lounge... forever, this time.
"You're leaving tonight, aren't you?"
You nodded, feeling your heart twist at his tone. "Yeah, I am."
He sighed with disappointment, his breath trembling as he dropped down to one knee, holding his hand out. "May I have this dance?"
"Azul..." you hesitated, before placing your hand overtop his. "Gladly."
He brought your knuckles to his lips, whisking you off into the middle of the now-empty Mostro Lounge, a slow waltz replacing its usual ever-ambient cafe jazz.
As you followed his steps, you noticed how stiff his hands were on your waist, a tremble running up his arms and down his back. His hands were extra gentle with you, the stiff, jittery limbs guiding you through the surprisingly elegant dance with poise.
You could tell he was crying from his trembling breaths and the mixture of black and clear liquids hitting the floor. Black ink dripped out of his mouth, mingling with the tears that fogged up his glasses.
Pulling the handkerchief out of his breast pocket, you dabbed at his lips, cleaning the black ink that leaked out every now and then. He danced with you until the song ended, despite his feelings.
His affectionate gesture tugged at your heartstrings, and you couldn't help but kiss him in thanks.
To your surprise, he turned his cheek, declining it. "Sorryー uhm... ink."
You nodded in understanding, backing up to sit more comfortably. "So, is this it then?"
When you looked to Azul for an answer, he was on the ground, reaching into his pocket. Was he planning on proposing...?
"I'm not asking you to marry me." He clarified, before explaining. "I just- I-I just want you to remember me when you're gone."
He offered you a ring, with a print of two mirrored eels coiled around on either side. The ring itself was shaped like a tentacle, and in the middle was a small, black pearl. It wasn't your first pick, but it held meaning.
"...thank you." You slid it on, before you looked up, catching a glimpse of the clock. "It's almost midnight, I..."
He looked at you sadly over his foggy glasses, bringing a gloved hand up to caress your face. "Go, you've helped us so much, it would be selfish to want more. Goodbye."
You felt a lump in your throat as you got up and walked into the night. Maybe you'll see him again in another life.
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emyluwinter · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Yuu has a hoodie with a pocket. And Grimm makes full use of this pocket, like as well as this cute adorable white kitten marshmallow.
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faeryarchives · a day ago
Imagine Octotrio with a Shenhe like reader.. Methinks that would be chaotic
octavinelle with a shenhe-like fem!reader!
despite being born in a normal human family, they grew up as a disciple of an illuminated beast hidden in the mountains. their soul bounded by a red rope to train one's body and mind but this leads them having lack of human culture and emotion knowledge after being away from society for a long long time.
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ azul ashengrotto
at first, hearing about a new student causing troubles in the ceremony is not at all rare so that is why when azul first met you he didn't pay mind to it at all
but he was proven dead wrong. very wrong
the octavinelle dorm leader was alone and talking to a student in the vip room
when all of the sudden the student became angry and was about to attack azul when all of the sudden you appear out of nowhere and grab him by the arm - looking at them with a hostile look.
"what the hell? a woman?! let go of me!"
"ara, it seems like we made it in time."
"what do you think you are doing?"
ever since then, you are probably one of the people he truly trusts. he could leave you alone in the room with all the sales of octavinelle all day and doesn't doubt you at all
azul is really surprised to learn that you are fairly new to human society that is why to pay you back for saving his life - azul is the one who introduced you to technology and internet
"yes, big sister (nickname)?"
"i put octavinelle as my pass-word and then it says here that it's too weak, can i fight them?"
"y-you made us your passw- wait no put your spear down!"
sometimes you are really have troubles in talking to random people
knowing how much you really want to fit in, azul and the tweels will try to help you as much as possible and they look so proud when you find true friends on your own
"azul~ azarashi, kani and saba got (name)-nee san into trouble again."
he really cares for you no words can explain that but please as much as possible do not get in trouble, his heart wouldn't take it if you got into serious problem 😭
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ jade leech
ever since the spelldrive investigation incident, jade is interested on how you quietly stood in front of the heartslabyul gang and tried intimidating him and floyd with an empty stare
not going to lie, he was taken aback by your silent yet strong personality despite being a woman of few words
he got to talk to you when he was about to go back to the lounge when the vice dorm leader saw you in front of grim being blocked by some 3rd year students trying to intimidate the two of you
"you are too arrogant, is it because you are being backed up by the headmaster?!"
"hey, don't touch my henchmen!"
"... get your hand off me or else."
"or else wha-" the student didn't get to finish his sentence when all of a sudden, everyone in the vicinity stopped after feeling a strong gust of cold wind passing by as you grab his arm and held it tightly. "i warned you."
"oh, its seems like i finally found you."
he really did waited until the last minute before stepping in 😭
after introducing you to the other two, you decided to help jade in 'cleaning' and carrying things which he is pretty grateful especially when floyd is out somewhere
your long silver hair really caught his eyes so at times he would offer to comb your hair and style it into different braids
"do you have silver hair since birth or did you dye it?"
"oh, i had black hair but due to some reasons it turned into silver."
"ooooh, it is in a pretty good condition though, don't mind if i do style your hair."
you were like a big sister at the same time a little sister to him and this leads him to spoil you with free foods in the lounge don't tell azul that its a secret its his money
sometimes though he needs to keep a double eye on you, grim and floyd because putting three hot headed together alone is not a really good idea
overall he really cares about you and really proud how much you really fit with people, and jade vows that he will always have your back no matter what
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ floyd leech
you and floyd + grim?? scary trio fr fr 😭
knowing how you never like complicated problems, you were about to grab your spear and just clean the place but floyd came in and viola !! the problem is gone !! yay to floyd !!
"henchman do something!"
"hello azarashi and (name) nee- huh why do you have your spear out?!"
"because they are annoying us."
"but that doesn't mean you would go get your spear, here let me help~"
disclaimer: nobody was harmed because ace and deuce suddenly appeared and stopped the commotion
seeing how you never truly express your emotions and stay still some students couldn't help but mock you for being weak and emotionless
"(name)-nee chan?? weak?? she is a lot stronger than all of you fishes combined. you don't have the right to say that."
he really admires how you treasure your exorcism arts and the moment he heard people often mistook you as one of their gods, he really feel bad knowing you just want to be treated the same as the others.
floyd would try to involve you in playing games like volleyball or basketball and he is really having fun !!
always hugs you out of nowhere and it didn't fail to lighten your mood up 🥺
having the playful eel by your side is full of unexpected things from discovering how to play certain games to training with each other to know more about your abilities, everything is all and well 💙
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lmao i’m pretty sure if the twst boys went to a anime con chaos would ensure
Read that first
Yeah. Azul got almost everyone persuaded to come along because he had a "surprise."
Surprise = a paid meet and creet event whose proceeds go to a "distressed octopus" charity.
(Azul himself founded that organization a week before the event.)
Vil: So why we are here?
Azul: Meeting fans. Surprise.
Kalim: You said we were going on a lunch trip.
Azul: That's what we do. Unless that there are no snacks, but here are fans. This goes to charity. Like I said, surprise.
Riddle: Is this a surprise for us or for the fans?
Azul: For both. We have 15 minutes before start. Jade and Floyd go out to let people know they can start queuing.
Malleus would be really excited. He really wants to meet people who are not afraid of him. Would allow people to sit on their lap during the group picture. Really happy dragon boy. Someone has to hold on to Sebek so he doesn’t drive fans away. Sebek doesn't trust people.
Riddle would not be so happy. He wouldn't like this scam. However, he did not want to disappoint. It would be superfluous and would not smile in grpup images. Also acts as a watchdog that everything goes on schedule. If the meeting is given three minutes, then it is three minutes. Not a second more.
Vil would be used to fans. However, I would hate how Azul cheated on them. Would be basic polite, smile in pictures and share autographs. He doesn’t want bad publicity.
Kalim would be confused. Why are there so many people there? And why are everyone excited to see him? Is this related to that Otome thing? Definitely would be happy to take pictures and chatting with people.
Idia would have stayed home. He is there with his floating tablet. Idia is a friend of Azul and therefore got such a "special status". You could definitely get excited to chat with the fans.
Azul * big stonks * would have planned more expensive prices than in Disney land. This is also an advertisement for his own business. Secretly it would have been nice when people had come to see him.
Leona would be irritated. Is this the reason he was raised? would definitely go to bed somewhere. If people wanted to take pictures with him that wouldn’t be a problem. But it is pointless to wait for a compliment and that he would be interested. Would definitely fall asleep at some point.
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aviagax · 2 days ago
𝕋𝕣𝕖𝕪, 𝕁𝕒𝕔𝕜, 𝔽𝕝𝕠𝕪𝕕, 𝕁𝕒𝕞𝕚𝕝, ℝ𝕠𝕠𝕜, 𝕀𝕕𝕚𝕒 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕃𝕚𝕝𝕚𝕒 𝕚𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕒𝕞𝕦𝕤𝕖𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥 𝕡𝕒𝕣𝕜
This one was fun so lemme know which characters you'd like me to include in pt. 2
~Trey is a considerably good companion. Especially if you tend to go overboard with the snacks sold there. He would respectfully remind you that it’s not good for your teeth and you might feel sick later. He’s used to bringing his little siblings to places like those so he naturally takes the role of your caretaker.
~Would mostly let you roam free if you’re not jumping on the most extreme roller coasters right after stuffing yourself with popcorn and candies. Also will insist on paying for at least half of your tickets.  
~Holds your hand more often than not. Every time the ride is getting tougher his grip gets noticeably tighter. The other hand is probably madly gripping his glasses so they don’t fall off. 
~Would join you on the chill rides and would join you on the crazy rides. Especially on the crazy rides. You don’t even have to convince him - he will do it out of pure worry. Would also hold your hair if you throw up afterwards and not even think about laughing at you.
~The attractions where he can just hug you or hold you and have a chat without having to worry about your life remain his favourite though.
~Undeniably is the one carrying your belongings if you’re willing to give it to him. You also don’t have to worry about losing the tall, muscular wolf beastman in the crowd.
~Refuses to eat any sweets, but might have some popcorn if he’s feeling low on energy.
~Has no preference about where you go. The chill rides are relaxing, but if you’re excited to try that fear tunnel challenge he’s ready to protect you with his life. 
~If you want to go on the most extreme rides, he won’t stop you, but might hesitate to get in himself. Still, joins you most of the time and if he doesn’t, he feels bad quickly and always keeps an eye on you. First one to run and check up on you after it’s finished.
~Ends up kinda following you around like a puppy with his tail wagging whenever he sees you enjoying yourself. 
~You can bet on him in all strength/endurance games. Jack feels his tail starting to wag at the thought of impressing you with his skill.
~More than ready to carry you back home if you get tired. 
~It’s VERY likely he gets in the mood by hearing the music and all those people screaming and would be dragging you EVERYWHERE because it’s not half as fun without his shrimpy.
~Can and will eat half of the snacks sold in the whole park and freak out the assistants.
~One second the two of you are sharing the biggest cotton candy your eyes have ever witnessed and then he’s suddenly pulling you on the roller coaster ride. Never a break with him.
~And if you disagree, there’s a 50/50 chance he either gives you the most pitiful eyes you have ever seen or just throws you over his shoulder and takes you wherever he likes it.
~The good news is that you can get him to buy for everything and he would not mind for as long as he gets to hear you scream and cling onto him for dear life. It’s one of his favourite things.
~Please make sure he doesn’t punch anyone if you want to ever go back there again.
~Once the two of you get tired, you lay on the grass and look at the clouds. One of the rare times he’s quiet and (positively) cuddly.
~The exact opposite of Floyd.
~Will not eat any of the food sold there and stick to the smol sandwiches he made a few hours prior. Cannot stop you from eating the unhealthy snacks, but absolutely will show his dissatisfaction with you putting chemicals over his healthy foods he had worked so hard to make.
~Only sticks to the peaceful rides. You might be able to convince him into something scarier, but he ends up with his hair messed up and a little more nervous. Absolutely refuses to go back there.
~Waits for you on the bench from where he has a good view of you and guards your belongings. Furrows his forehead in worry every time he recognises your voice among the screams.
~Like Trey, you can rely on him with things like holding your hair or leaning for support whenever your sense of balance is temporarily damaged.
~Will NEVER confess his affection towards the pool carts, but his actions speak louder than words when he asks you to hold him tightly and grabs the wheel.
~A big fan of competitions too. Makes it his point of honour to flex hard and win you all of the prizes.
~Out of habit, will hold your hand tightly so he doesn’t lose you. Overall, takes good care of you. He’s experienced.
~The moment you look away for 0.23 sec he disappears.
~It’s honestly up to you whether you just “he’s adult anyways” and go buy cotton candy or decide to look for him. Either way a few minutes later you’re gonna hear him calling out to you and waving, already seated in one of the places of the attraction he deems the most worthy of attention, asking you to join him.
~If you don’t feel confident to ride it yet or just want to finish your cotton candy in peace, he won’t force you. He doesn’t mind participating first to boost your confidence. Would be looking at you and smiling the whole time, sending you kisses from time to time.
~If you do join him, you’re very likely to hold your hands while enjoying the shit out of yourselves and make all the single participants jealous.
~Rook mostly ends up dragging you from place to place, but if there’s something you’re especially excited about, it’s the first stop.
~You literally could go “Hey love, let’s go on the most dangerous and extreme ride we can find in here” and he would agree with hearts in his eyes.
~The absolute boss of activity games. Especially those requiring sharp eyesight and dexterity. All of the plushies will be yours in no time.
~Loves the idea of romantically sharing popcorn while admiring the views on the panorama wheel. Though the two of you mostly end up just staring at each other.
~Pays for everything.
~The mere perspective of visiting the amusement park causes a no no reaction from him.
~”But can’t we just buy snacks and play an amusement park simulator? You will feel no difference except IT’S BETTER.”
~Will give in eventually, but gets grumpy and attaches himself to your arm for all times.
~His mood only improves at the promise of cotton candy and chocolate bars.
~Doesn’t mind going on the more chill rides, especially when you sit there melting into each other. Does mind going to the extreme rides, but is the first to buy the tickets and get on the board the moment you call him a noob. He will show you the pro gamer he is.
~Screams the loudest out of all the people in there.
~Idia only relaxes a little on the games stalls where he can impress you with his record speed of solving the rubik’s cube or those 1 000 000 pieces 3D puzzles.
~His favourite attraction will forever remain the fear tunnel though. Did you really expect him to get scared of all those cheap decorations and annoying noises? Jokes on you! You gave him the perfect opportunity to smugly put his arm around your shoulder like this anime protagonist. Wait what’s that? A similar cart? What is this creepy blue light? OH GOD THERE IS SOME BLUE LIPS AND EYE BAGS DEAD CREEP IN FRONT OF YOU.
~Oh wait, that's a mirror.
~Idia will not forgive the idiots who made this shi-
~Despite his age, he’s among the three most excited kids out there.
~Will absolutely hang upside down from the most insane roller coasters and almost give you and the staff a heart attack.
~Screams out of pure joy and delight while the rest screams of terror and fear for their lives.
~Will not leave until the two of you try out all of the attractions.
~Laughs his lungs out in the fear tunnel. A staff member tried to scare him himself, but instead he scared the worker.
~Thank god, you managed to convince him to not make any food for the day. Sure, the food they sell here IS unhealthy, but at least it’s edible and not deadly.
~Bonk’d him when he ran to the ticket office to buy another ride, after the most frightening and blood freezing adrenaline ride you have ever been on.
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dystxphia · 2 days ago
RSA Transfer?!
This idea suddenly popped up while I was searching for Disney shows to watch actually. I thought it'd be a fun to try writing it!
Headcanons of S/O mentioned that they wanted to transfer in RSA just to see how would their partners react. Riddle, Kalim and Azul!
Tumblr media
『 Riddle Rosehearts 』
— Oh dear.
— As soon as you mentioned it, he became a little aggressive. Although it was a facade to hide his panic, thinking what made you wanted to transfer in that god forsaken school.
— “Is NRC insufficient for you? Is it because of the Headmaster's unending duties that falls before you?“
— His intimidating aura and piercing gaze is now focused on you. “Are we lacking something that made you wish to transfer? Tell me what it is, I shall grant it for your satisfaction.“
— In the end, you mentioned it was just a thought, you're not really planning to move out of the school wherein you felt like home. Yeah sure it's troublesome but it was worth it, especially that Riddle, your lover, is always around to protect you.
— Was actually a bad idea now he's being more lenient towards you and when someone mentioned it, it's auto-collar for them 🧘‍♀️
Tumblr media
『 Kalim Al-Asim 』
— Dear heavens, you should really start thinking more logically and he consequences.
— Kalim was surprised, more than that actually. He was all over the place, begging you not to go to the point he's clinging at you.
— Jamil just had to scold you for doing that, man's having a mini heart attack because of you.
— You told Kalim it was a joke, you don't even wanna go there since you have no idea what could go wrong in there, especially with a new environment. And plus, you really don't wanna be separated from your sunshine.
— “You're not really going right? Please tell me you're not serious :(”
— Kalim asked if you could stay over the dorm for a day, he wanted to show you the wonders of his dorm and the school. He's very much persistent to keep you here with him, with no intention of ever letting you go.
— “Don't worry Kalim, it was just a thought, not a plan.“
— “But you're not going right? :<”
— Good heavens you have to start getting used to his puppy eyes.
Tumblr media
『 Azul Ashengrotto 』
— Man, as soon as you mentioned RSA his attention went from 0-100 real quick. Especially when you told him about the thought of transferring in there.
— “Do they possess something much better than we have here in Octavinelle? A bigger sales or profit?! Or is it an asset that I'm unaware of?!“
— Be surprised, yay /sarcasm. His reaction was not far from what you imagined but where's the worrying? The panicking? It's not part of the script, Azul!
— “… Perhaps, you took interest in them because I've been too busy handling Mostro Lounge and you're feeling jealous?~”
— This is not what's supposed to happen though. He made you flustered and the silver-haired only chuckled it off. You told him it was a joke, you never wanted to move out of this school since this is where you feel like you belong now, and since Azul's here as well.
— He stopped doing whatever he was writing on his table and sat on the couch with you, hands intertwined with your head leaning on his shoulder. “Please never leave, I don't know what I'd do if you disappear from my sight.“ He was attempting his best to be sweet, which you gladly picked up.
— “I was kidding Azul, I don't even like to go there”
— “Of course I do know you were, but it doesn't mean I was not feeling a little envious that you took interest in them. I was simply trying to convince you to stay.“
— “That was a really bad attempt into trying to keep me staying here though—”
Tumblr media
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xkotaro16w · 2 days ago
NSFW scenario request where Jealous!Leona breeds you and marks you up a lot to show everyone else that you’re his and his only <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
—𝙻𝚎𝚘𝚗𝚊 𝙺𝚒𝚗𝚐𝚜𝚌𝚑𝚘𝚕𝚊𝚛 𝚒𝚜 𝙹𝚎𝚊𝚕𝚘𝚞𝚜—
Summary: Scenario/short scenario where Leona is jealous because you have another beastman’s scent on you and a certain dense student confesses to you in front of him.
Pairing: Leona Kingscholar x GN!S/O.
CW: NSFW, breeding, marking, overstimulation, grammatical error, OOC.
A/N: OMG R U IN2 THIS, PPL? AKJGFAWTFGBAWE (❀❛ ֊ ❛„)♡ IK OK IK EHEHEHE (˵ •̀ ᴗ - ˵ ) ✧ I hope u like this & I HOPE U R OK EHE ଘ(੭◌ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡‧₊˚
Tumblr media
You’re much busier than your boyfriend, Leona. Sometimes you need to stay with several people to complete a task. Such as a group task. Unfortunately, a beastman stays with you for too long and too close that makes their scent linger on you.
The beastman is not Leona, it’s from his dorm and Leona’s junior. A friend of yours? Yes. Before Leona could smell that scent, he sees you with another student. Let’s guess, that student is dense enough to not notice Leona is there near the two of you.
The dense student confesses to you with a love letter, it’s very adorable. The love letter is well decorated, it has a gorgeous flower scent. Poor unfortunate student, you have to turn it down because you're taken.
After you rejected him, it seems like the student can’t accept the reality and grabs your hand rudely. Their eyes change to bleak, their gaze is keen, it feels like they can see deep into you and your soul.
Leona approaches you before it gets any worse. His aura is enough to make the student to shiver, apologize, and walk away. That’s it, Leona’s mood becomes worse after he saw that student did that to his herbivore.
But do you know what makes his mood becomes even worse than that stupid confession? You have another beastman scent on you. Especially someone from his dorm. Seems like his dorm doesn’t know who do you belong to.
The only way is to show them who do you belong to, by marking and breeding you. The best damn thing is that beastman is in his dorm, which is why he would love to show them by your moan, his scent, and his marks.
Leona doesn’t waste no time and takes you to his room right away. Oh, impatient fills him up, don’t tell him to be patient. Don’t expect him to be soft today. Those 2 students tested his patience to the limit.
“Mine. You’re mine, herbivore.” his words are clear enough for you but not for the others.
At the moment, undress you step by step isn’t within his options. The only option he chooses is to rip that uniform off of you. The sound of tearing clothes is very loud, torn clothes scatter on the floor and mattress, leave your body wide open and exposes to him.
The way he grabs you, touches you, are not gentle and soft. Every touch of his is like claiming you as his, it belongs to him and only him, no other people can see you and touch you like he does.
A growl escapes his mouth, you can feel the vibration on your skin. You know it very well; a lion is territorial and hates when someone has the audacity to mark you with their scent.
You squirm and moan when he marks you, he rubs his manhood into your hole and pins you down. The lights are all off, the room is dark, makes you hard to see anything, yet you could see his emerald green eyes clearly.
Leona’s gaze is full of jealousy, he won’t say it out loud, his actions and words say otherwise. Without a second, he proceeds to tear your underwear and insert his manhood inside your pretty hole.
Gosh, it doesn’t take too much time for him to reach the perfect spot. Both of his muscular palms grab your thighs, spread your legs wider, put your legs on his shoulders, his nails pierce your skin and possibly leave bruises, don’t forget that his pace is rough, fast, and impatient.
“C’mon, herbivore… Hnngh- Let them hear your pretty moan, let them know who do you belong to…” This man smirks at you who squirms below him and enjoys the way he pleasures you.
Yes, Leona feels like his ego is being well feeds with the view of you taking his manhood pretty good. It’s like your hole is made for him, only him. Only Leona himself who gets to see this side of you, right?
Suddenly, several noises reach your ears and his, his dorm’s students’ noises. Oh no, they can hear you loud and clear, it feels embarrassing, you can’t even face them the same like before after this.
On the other hand, Leona is happy that a few students get to hear how amazing he is at pleasuring you. Can they even do this? Bet that, Leona thinks he’s better than those stupid students.
Oh, herbivore, you make him more jealous when you pay more attention to the students’ noises rather than HIM. Pay attention to him, will ya? The lion beastman clicks his tongue and thrusts harder inside you, it makes you scream louder.
Loud enough for them to hear you.
Oh, look at this side, his cum drips out from your hole onto the mattress. Is once enough? No. The scent is still there, the scent of another beastman is still on you, a little. Leona wastes no time and pushes his manhood back into you.
Good herbivore, just like that he thrusts harder and harder, your brain couldn't think of anything beside him and he fills you with his seed.
He continues to thrust until you two reach the climax. His juice fills you up, it’s warm and thick. When he pulls out his manhood, there’s a string of his juice.
“’M still not done with ya…” as he marks your shoulder, he starts to move again.
It’s going to be a long night, right? He WILL overstimulate you tonight, let the whole dorm knows about your relationship with him. So that, no one can do what those 2 did to you today.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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