koihamako · a day ago
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Apparently Cater's hair isn't actually tied up, it's not even half it's a pompadour. I'm guessing he added the hairclip so it would look like his hair is tied
Tumblr media Tumblr media
( pompadour ; in which the hair is turned back off the forehead in a roll )
Tumblr media
: you can find this in the magical archives
Tumblr media
All this time my whole life is a lie 😭😭😭
Tumblr media
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fumikomiyasaki · a day ago
Tumblr media
“I need help with this Dilemma I have... to get a clear mind... even If I don’t make a decision... at least I know my feelings better.”
FINALLY I FINISHED THIS!! Anyways this was a random idea in my head that mainly follows Carol who is struggling with her feelings... mainly cause she is crushing on people, there is people crushing on her, there is people bothering her and so to see how the situation is she asks some of her friends where she knows they can help her in their own ways...
Savvy @twst-the-night-away she could ask for advice on how to look for dates as well as knowing full well the situation
Tristan @atwstedstory is basically her bestied and the one to be perceptive of who is crushing on her.
Melanie @twsted-princess is in a similar situation than her and so could relate. (as well as having the extra info on James)
Dom @mimitwst knows about Carols occasional dirty mind and so can relate on that level what Carol desires.
Amore @terrovaniadorm is basically a love guru so she could also do well to give advice..
Aside her friends here is the Carol ship partners that are mentioned in here in order from left to right:
Damián @silent-dragon , Trey, Jade, Punch @twstinginthewind
Watson @forestwispocs , Kalida @vale-ocs-roleplay , Silver, Ronald @terrovaniadorm
James @twsted-princess , Azure @rosietrace , Aepper @honey-milk-depresso , Des @thetwstwildcard
Parker @rookvonhunt, Yasuno, Vivien @underatedkingofbitsandbytes , Jonas @rookvonhunt
Anyways I just really enjoy Carol dynamics and ships rn so this was a fun short idea. My next drawing is also again Carol related but after I likely do different things don’t worry. I dunno if I make based on this idea an actual comic or just short stories... or I forget but. It was still fun to do.
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hearts4r1na · a day ago
Tumblr media
Name : Makoto Hime
Gender : Demi-boy (He/they)
Age : 19
DOB : April 9th
Starsign : Aries
Height : 170 cm
Eye color : Grayish yellow
Hair color : Dark blue with cyanish blue streaks
Dominant Hand : Right
Homeland : Afterglow Savanna
Dorm : Relinookton ( @hourglassstationacademy )
Occupation : Student
School year : Third year
Class : 3-C
Club : Art club
Best subject : Language class
Worst subject : None currently.
Favorite food : Chocolate peanut ice cream
Least favorite food : Seafood
Likes : Cleaning, Cooking
Dislikes : rusty and dirty things
Hobby : Archery, painting, cooking
Talents : Painting, Hitting targets even when blind, archery mastery
Makoto has calm grayish yellow eyes and long dark blue hair, swept bangs that partly cover his forehead. His voice is cool and warm.
Julian ; Makoto likes julian but feels as their relationship is complicated.
Aspen ; Aspen and Makoto has been childhood friends since 3rd grade, however they were separated when Aspen went to NRC and Makoto went to HSA. They still go to the arcade together out of school still.
More tba!!!
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the-trinket-witch · 2 days ago
🦅 Do you outline fics or fly by the seat of your pants?
(I prob should start linking back to the original ask meme post ^^; Meme found Here)
When it comes to the TWST stuff I've been writing recently, The Main Beats are there with tweaks to dialogue/scene for expediency, most of my work starts as an outlined concept in my head.
Which is my wordy way of saying I Write by the Seat of My Bony-Ass Pants XD
I do have quite a bit of help throwing ideas back and forth with a bestie of mine over Discord, so that helps UvU
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kimydraw · 2 days ago
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🎉🎊Ortho Shroud 🎊🎉 Happy Birthday #twistedwonderland #twstプラス #orthoshroud #ignihyde #digitalart #fanart #artwork #art #procreate https://www.instagram.com/p/ChMwV44uiJ4/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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little-miss-despoina · 2 days ago
~10 of My Ace Trappola Headcanons~
Tumblr media
He definitely vapes in the school bathroom and he used to vape in class but he got caught at least 3 times
And on the vaping thing he can definitely do cool vape tricks
He exclusively drinks ultra red monsters and wild cherry pepsi
He probably kicks in his sleep
Ace has the worse posture
He would try to grow a beard and grow an ugly ass mustache
A skater boy definitely
Tried to do parkour and then broke his hand
Listens to british rap
Lies and says that he’s over 6’0 when he actually 5’6
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nightravenaction · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Made an edit based on the places the original campers and the twisted campers got in their respective season.
This is amazing. - ✨
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fumidreams · 4 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yasuno Innochi
Persistant, handsome but also a bit grinding peoples nerves... nobody knows half the power Yasuno holds cause he has it restraint and even then his connection to death makes him very powerfull in itself... people only speculate about why Kuze sticks close to him.
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fumikomiyasaki · 4 days ago
😇 for any 🫶🫶🫶
Kiss Ask
😇 – a surprise kiss
Tumblr media
It was when Meika and April went with Julian and Makoto to the mall... Mainly a huge crowd stromed into the building cause of all the sales... And while April was worried they might get squished, Meika thought it would be fun to move a bit more through and try to push people to the side to get in. Makoto at this point was dealing with Julian looking at him and flirting with him... however his sisters ellbows accidently hit him in the sides as well as he lost balance and then got caught in Julians arms... not only that Meika didn’t stop and with another press his lips met Julians... causing him quickly to back off and look at him hella red while Julian just held his lip his confusion slowly turning into a sly smile... as Makoto turned around.
“Meika, can you stop pushing people?”
“Why are you so red, Brother?”
Julian just chuckled behind him. “If you want I can give you another one... “
“Shut it.”
Tumblr media
Later both groups seperated going through the mall, Meika and April landed at a candy shop and looked around. Meika discovered some very odd candy and wanted to show it to April... however being to rash she accidently tripped over one of the candy machine cables and... got caught by April touching her lips by accident... Aprils face went red in an instant...
“Hehe you are cute like this.”
“H-hey stop teasing me... “
She tried to get Meika up to stand again.
“Look I found dog food candy...”
“I don’t think this will taste well.”
“Thats the point... how about we play russian roulette with Candy later?”
“Sure I don’t mind.”
Tumblr media
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hearts4r1na · a day ago
Tumblr media
Name : Meika Hime
Gender : Demi-girl (she/they)
Age : 17
DOB : August 22nd
Starsign : Leo
Height : 144 cm
Eye color : Grayish yellow
Hair color : Dark blue
Dominant hand : Right
Homeland : Afterglow Savanna
Dorm : Magixella ( @hourglassstationacademy )
Occupation : Student
Class : 1-C
Club : Botany club
Best subject : Light artes
Worst subject : Language
Favorite food : Eggrolls, Taiyaki
Least favorite food : Burnt food.
Likes : Planting, Flowers, Games
Dislikes : Centipedes, maggots, horror movies
Hobby : Planting, archery, practicing magic, making charms
Talents : Archery mastery
Meika is a short, extroverted girl with short dark blue hair and grayish yellow eyes. Her voice is loud and warm.
No matter what she’s wearing, she’s always seen wearing a flower bracelet that her brother made for her. She’s always seen with a warm smile.
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tempodreams · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
My favorite headcanon about Vil is that he is actually really tactile. For example he needs to grip the arm or the shoulder of the person he is talking to to feel like he actually has their attention.
Thanks to his acting skills he can easily hide it, but whenever he is tired or with someone he trusts, he let it slip.
Epel and Rook are used to it by now and don't mind. Ace quickly pulled away when it first happened, it was the first and last time. Deuce was surprised at first, but didn't mind, and now he is more worried than anything if Vil doesn't grab his arm when he talks to him. Kalim loves it and interlocks their arms whenever it happens, Jamil is slightly more uncomfortable but not to the point of pulling away.
As for the housewardens, the only ones he trusts enough to let it slip are Leona and Idia, they both stopped minding it once they understood Vil needs it to ground himself (though Idia sometimes is scared Vil will never let go and that he'll never be able to go back to his room).
Diasmonia has never gotten close enough to Vil to ever be able to witness what is now known as "the grip".
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the-trinket-witch · 4 days ago
D5#? For the uni thingy💖
OOOHH I'm vibin' with this. I'm kind of an astrology bitch who's brain goes 100KMPH so Scarabia sounds pretty apt XD
Tumblr media
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bm-san435 · 7 days ago
🐾World Cat Day with Grim🐾
Tumblr media
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multydoodles · 8 days ago
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“The future looks bright”
“Well, for some of us”
[Reblogs are appreciated!]
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ugigiugi · 9 days ago
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                Twisted Wonderland - Theory Chapter 7
After reading Twisted Tale "Once Upon a Dream" i begin to think that Malleus will throw us or the whole school into a deep sleep, making us live an alternate reality. In the twisted story, Maleficent gives Aurora a completely different life, from the day of her baptism to well beyond her sixteenth birthday.
(Basically in the honorary world Aurora is more than 16 years old because time passes quickly there than in reality). In the dream reality, Maleficent blamed Aurora's parents for causing an "apocalypse", and with her power she erected a barrier of thorns around the castle.
Tumblr media
With the excuse that nothing but dangerous creatures exists outside, Maleficent has kept the makeshift Aurora in the castle. It turns out that Maleficent needs to keep her alive until midnight on her 16th birthday in order to come back to life. But in the meantime she kills many people, all people present at the castle who ended up involved in the dream world after the three fairies put them to sleep. Not knowing that he has condemned an entire country to be a prisoner in the dream world of Maleficent. The same happened to Filippo, who after kissing Aurora falls asleep being dragged into the dream world.
Tumblr media
An important role is played by the minstrel, yes the drunken minstrel, who somehow understands that what they are experiencing is not real, and thanks to him Aurora begins to collect the clues that will lead her to understand that she has more power than she can imagine. In fact, the dream world is her world, Maleficent can limit herself to making some changes, but only Aurora has complete control. With only the power of her mind she can change her surroundings leading her to win against Maleficent.
And here the intervention of Idia and Ortho could become DECISIVE, we know that Ortho can easily create realities, and Idia used simulations on the boys to examine their accumulation of blots. They both wanted to reset the world!!
Another important factor to keep in mind is the lack of knowledge and presence of technology in the Valley of Thorns, Malleus himself seems unfamiliar with machines, this could prove to be his weak point. Technology is wonderful! The Shroud brothers might think of countering Malleus' moves by imprisoning him in virtual reality, which he might be able to distinguish from reality(?) Will Technology Defeat Malleus(?) The distorted story also reminded me of Madara's ability to make everyone fall asleep by making them dream of the life they always want to want, but also to the film "Doctor Strange: Multiverse of madness". Could it be that loneliness becomes unbearable for Malleus to the point of transporting everyone to his "ideal world" where he can finally have friends and no longer be alone and misunderstood? Malleus may also suffer from the duties and responsibilities of his status, and like Idia and Ortho, he may wish he were a normal person. Aurora in both the original story and the distorted versions, when she comes to find out about her true identity and her arranged marriage, she is completely devastated!
Tumblr media
A moment before touching the spindle Aurora no longer seems to be hypnotized, she hesitates to touch the spindle, almost as if wondering if that could be a solution to escape the sad destiny she would meet. Mind you Aurora is a teenager, and teenagers can be prone to making extreme decisions to solve problems. In Aurora's case, she sees death as the escape route to reality. In the distorted story, Aurora claims she voluntarily touched the spindle to escape the arranged marriage, she wished to die rather than marry a man she didn’t love. In Maleficent's version of the story in "My Side of the Story - Maleficent", Aurora asked Melefica for help in escaping the arranged marriage and she suggested that he fake her death. If that had happened the story would have ended as "Romeo and Juliet". 
Now Malleus may well be a fairy, he may have lived for many centuries, but he is still very immature and the accumulated stress could push him towards a single solution: to sleep everyone in a death-like sleep to live the life he has always dreamed of.
Tumblr media
I certainly have high expectations for Chapter 7, and i can't wait to cry and spend a sleepless night thinking about how this story will turn out...😭 I absolutely recommend that you read Twisted Tale "Once upon a Dream"! Let me know what you think, and share your theories!
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hyenaruggie · 10 days ago
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oh no
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