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minteasketches · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hope you guys dont mind if I did fan art of your characters
•Emilia - @italinix
•Esmail - @yandere-of-your-dreams
•Yuko- @dragonwilbert
•Roselyn -@_choco.chibi_
• Lily and Lucille - @twistedwonda
• Jozell - @laizy-boy
• @lyoolyooo
• Maki- @capri-ramblings
•Ray - @yandere-wishes
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the-mermaids-grotto · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
finally i finished Mauve on her dorm uniform after so many tries .
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fumikomiyasaki · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Let’s open this with a big thank you. Let me tell you what I mean.
Around some time ago I was mostly posting my art on deviant art and other social media only on the side, but Deviant art was my main place. However since they changed it to eclipse and the new system was annoying, I was worried I would lose my motivation to draw and as I was on Tumblr before my art never got responses, only my memes.
Around that time I slowly got into twisted wonderland and took an interest and out of curiosity searched it up here. The first things I saw was @terrors-of-nightraven terrowood ocs and I first thought they were official till I read. Lastly I was inspired and said, I also wanna make a dorm and that led to Monsville.
In the end I am happy with my choice because of all the support I got and all the nice comments and people. I finally had full motivation to work on this. And this brings me to now.
With this I for one wanted to draw other Twst Ocs I love, but also I wanted to thank the whole community for giving me hope and more fun that I asked for. You guys all are inspirering. So let me just list who belongs to who from up to down and from left to right:
@twstedwonderland Jin
@terrors-of-nightraven Rosid
@prometheanglory Vinh
@oiseaunoir11 Al
@piraticusdorm Tink @twisted-fantoccini
@kibadreams Queenie
@xdendenx Cece
Next three are all mine: Mellow, Feena, Mythra
@piraticusdorm Krok and Conrad
@neromardorm Johnny
@neewollah-dorm Ammiras
Next three again all by me: Sindra, Leroy, Henry
@conquer-the-raven Loralei
@briarrosescurse Roza
@conquer-the-raven Yabu
Well that is all for now. I had lots of fun with this. Also a good timing because the next days I will not be drawing the next days i will be away and probably
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karmaempress666 · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Ace x Khaalida In honor of Ace's Birthday i wanted to do a picture of him and Khaalida   At first i had no clue what will be the motive- But my gurl gave a me a hard kick in the right direction- and drew for me a very rough mini sketch how i could do it ??? Honestly - How could i say no to her generous help...?? So it is somehow...a mini collab ? So--- Ace has pulled Khaalida into his lap and let her feed him with his Cherry cake- . ( Even if he has to help a little- Khaalida looks so overwhelmed...x'DD ) Well i hope you will like it-
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yeet-me-lol · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Old art back when I enter twst fandom-- This is how my mc met the dorm leaders but instead they turn into a kids because of Adeuce and the prefect with grim lolol
-my mc is not like the other mc. Yes she just got teleport into the coffin too but this time Grim didn't tried to go open. I just made her as..background character XD Instead of being prefect, she just gonna be janitor. Only dorm leaders knows about her after they discover her secret room((store room XD;;;)) so yea she's not staying in ramshackle dorm
Not to mention that she jealous of the other mcs but not too much--
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
.. Shameless lol
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twstwildcardspam · a year ago
My attempt at making my own dorm in Twisted Wonderland
Welcome to Tulgey Wood
Continuing my Alice in Wonderland obsession, this is a dorm full of Wonderlands outcasts
Dorm Leader: Chase Shard ( the "Cheshire cat", he has connections to Catherine)
The White Rose: Nathaniel Blanc
The Jabberwocky: Jasper Wocky
The Bandersnatch: Xander Arripio
The JubJub bird: Jensen Byrde
Still debating on the color scheme and dorm emblem ^^;
Click for better quality ^^
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's been a while since I've drawn boys
Eventually I'll make a better dorm uniform but for now some basic style for them all
I don't know why the color looks off on my laptop... Its supposed to be an dark purple, not blue...
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fumikomiyasaki · 2 hours ago
OK but why does Henry hate bunnies tho?
Tumblr media
"Its not that I hate them... Dislike is more like it. As a Young Boy, I rarely could act Like a Kid, so my mother usually brought me to different places in secret so I still could act like a Kid. One day we went into a per shop for fun, because I thought about having one. As they showed me a Bunny though it for once Bit me in the Hand and secondly it Had such vicious Red eyes. Since then I tend to stay away from them. I distrust them..."
Tumblr media
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karmaempress666 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Here now one of my new TWST Ocs ! Cher Agni She is the Twisted Version from Shere Khan . Like him she is pretty smart , manipultative , cunning and temperamental . Cher knows how to play her cards and to control people to do ,,favors'' for her . But she can also be pretty intimidating if you get on her bad side . In her Home the ,, Jungle of the Nightfall'' doesn't really exist a monarchy but a ranksystem . Above all the Agni's and Zakaria's are the upper ones . Not many can handle Cher's difficult personality . Especially because she is very secretive . One of the persons who know Cher since her childhood days is Leona Kingscholar .
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karmaempress666 · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Welp- Say hello to my coconut crab boi , Kai ( He doesn't have a last name yet- ) Kai is a first year student and part of Octavinelle He is like the character he is inspired after narcissistic and proud of his appearance and build . ( He is pretty huge... 196 cm to be exact -) As a charming gentleman and a pretty fine vocalist he brings occasionally mood into the mostro lounge . Kai loves sparkling things and is not afraid to attract attention. With his Unique Abilty ,, sunken treasure '' he can transform things by contact into gold .
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hourglassstationacademy · 8 months ago
Masterpost Hourglassstation Academy
Tumblr media
Hourglassstation was actually to be suggested one of the original schools among NRC, but RSA stole their place so they lived for a while under the catacombs of NRC, however thanks to the Syncrean dormitory the school was later actually founded and is now despite their bad reputation pretty popular. The school is full of modern Technoligy, for example Elevators that lead to the dorms, a Combat simulation, Lockers that transport your bags etc. Mostly they focus on Magic and Combat but also teaching you everything you need to know to fit in Society. Lots of them are Troublemakers but also lots of the Students are popular Figures in the Internet.
The School is mostly based on Video Games, but Syncrean is the only exception out of the dorms as the Patreon of the school.
This School accepts, Females, Males and all sorts of different Creatures and Genders, as long as they can accept the Rules.
Tumblr media
Their gems change color after the Crystal chooses their dorms and they also function as student IDs to get in the dorms, order in Cafeteria etc.
School uniforms
Classes and Clubs
Entrance Ceremony
Elevators to each dorm
Card Backgrounds
Birthday Backgrounds
White Day Cards
Blank Student Profile Sheet PT2
Student Chibis and Chat assets   PT2
Staff Chibis
Amore Wings day (February) 
Day of Rememberance (April)
Digital Combat Tournament (July)
Crystal Glamour Show (August)
Fall of Harvest (October)
Destiny Road Prom (December)
Tumblr media
Staff members:
-Headmistress: Belia Camton
-Her daughter Bethany Camton
-Assistant, Sol
-Sailor who brings you to the school, Unosis Etrol
-Pherea, School Mascot
-Beatrice Ombra, School Nurse
-Marcell Blossom, Literature and Language Teacher
- Yin, the school Librarian
-Malorie Galea, Social Etiquette and Dance Teacher
-Local Gardener, Juni Stardew
-Amalia Cavalieri, Mathematics and Monster Culture Teacher
-Valeria Diavello, Combat Simulation and Magic Mastery Teacher
-Kath, Science Teacher
-Alphonse Kasa, Alchemy and Botany Teacher
-Former Science Teacher, Erwin Fowler
-Former Botany Techer, Seraphim Astrean
Syncrean: (Based on Incredibles) (Main Sponsor)
Tumblr media
Dorm Requirements
Dorm Leader, Sindren Albright
Vice Dorm Leader Mythra Cenov
Feena Ebersol
Evangeline Drake
Dorm Aesthetic
Tetravania - MC Dorm (Based on Pacman, Tetris, mostly Retrogames)
Tumblr media
Dorm Info and Story summary
Dorm Aesthetic
Polisionalle: (Based on Persona)
Tumblr media
Dorm Info
Dorm Leader Flynn Deradelle
Vice Leader Nanoya Naegi
Junko Hana
Dorm Aesthetic
Evolnation: (Based on Pokemon)
Tumblr media
Dorm Info
Dorm Leader Peko Chunya
Vice Leader Emma Yuki
Dorm Aesthetic
Relinookton: (Based on Animal Crossing)
Tumblr media
Dorm Info
Dorm Leader Tyler Nerington
Vice Leader Irene Bell
Fraise Cuire
Kirara Misuzu
Dorm Aesthetic
Falciette: (Based on Fire Emblem)
Tumblr media
Dorm Info
Dorm Leader Gabrielle Ravenor
Vice Leader Tesadell Ravenor
Elabelle Hresvelg
Demitri Alexander
Cecelia Riegan
Despoina and Daire Grandale
Sylvi Chalphy
Dorm Aesthetic
Talerenea: (Based on Tales of Series)
Tumblr media
Dorm Info
Dorm Leader Aiden Renous
Vice Leader Media Chealean
Dorm Aesthetic
Misc. Fandorms:
-Dreamy Star (based on Kirby): Leader
-Huntress Schrade (based on Monster Hunter) (inactive but not forgotten)
-Kombaelm (Based on Mortal Kombat):
Dorm Info
Welcome Ceremony
Leader and Viceleader
Milan Chikako
-Exodus (Based on Your turn to die/Kime ga shine)
Dorm Info, Leader and Vice Leader
Tiam Falldow
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the-mermaids-grotto · a month ago
2 & 11 for OC questions with our dear mauve?
2. Would your oc ever skip a class, who's class is it and why?
Yes , She will definitely skip some classes . It's not very common , but there are some times when Mauve is so tired after work at Mostro Lounge or study all night that she can´t take a history lesson with professor Trein or run for hours under Vargas´s constant surveillance .
So instead of fall asleep in class . Mauve would take a walk around the campus looking for a good place to take a nap or spend the time with other students that also skip their class .
11 . If they could swap dorm uniform's with another oc's uniform which oc would that be?
With one of the ocs of  @piraticusdorm  of course . She has grown on a isle so ships and boats have been something recurrent on her childhod . Even his father were once a skilled sailor before her born .
Mauve would totally love the pirate theme of their uniform . If she could swap it with Conrad  she would feel like a child again .
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fumikomiyasaki · 23 days ago
Introducing the Incremania
RSA Dormitory:
Tumblr media
Incremania is based on the League of Heroes and follows the trend similar to the Syncrean Dormitory who are the main rivals that most of them want to become daily heros. However most of them are pretty rich and so want to preserve their status as admired rich people. Many of them use their magic abilities recklessly and try to show off. So If you want help and saving, know Incremania will ask what the reward will be.
Their dorm Leaders fame is mostly to thank His rich father and His charity deeds.
They all have unique powers that they are similar to normal Heros base their dorm Uniform on. The dorm Uniform of course has a Base but the powers of the person make the Outfit stand out.
Barry is the Main cause many people in Incremania only focus on Status, Francine is the one keeping people in check that Barry doesn't corrupt them and Wants Peace while Eiken… makes sure nobody wears a cape in their uniforms.
Their Main dorm color is a light blue based on Mr.incredibles original Outfit.
Dorm Uniforms:
Tumblr media
Barry Francine who belong to me and Eilen who belongs to @twsted-princess
Dorm Uniforms can be customized fitting to Style and Powers but have to have three Main colors, Blue black and Red.
Also thanks to @fluff-pink-fox for a General Uniform Design Idea:
Incremanias dorm is a huge Skyscraper Base with Barrys Main room looking to something similar Like the bat cave. Usually they hold Meetings and have the usual Klischee Alarms when someone is in Need and Tons of Gyms. Compared to Syncrean they don't do Research.
Incremania students brag and try to get famous through good deeds, to be looked Up to but for the wrong reasons. They are usually pretty rich and pretty demanding.
Requirements for Students:
-Students must be either based on Heroes from both Incredible Movies or Heroes in General, so Marvel would be also allowed
-Students have a certain unique Element that reflects them usually
If there are any questions ask away
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Tumblr media
He may be small BUT as long as he has access to the knees, you’re done
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twistedikon · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Just finished @eclipsezero request of their TWST oc Minju!! I had a lot of fun with this one as well!! Hope you enjoy!
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Evolnation dorm Aesthetic:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Evolnation dorm is basicly just a big flat courtyear with Cafés, Merch Stores and a music Stage to listen to Peko and Emma. They usually also have Lots of Flowers and Plushies as decorations around.
The dorm rooms have more homey vibes, Most students fill the Walls with Posters of either both their Idol Leader and Viceleader, or Things they enjoy. Lots of students also Work in the Coffee and Welcome visitors to the dorm with their smiles. Compared to other schools HSAs dorm elevators are Open for everyone, only closed for students who don't belong to the dorm when its nightime.
Pekos room is stuffed full of Plushies and cute stuff, while Emma has guitars and Rock Posters lying around.
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fumikomiyasaki · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
A little Gift for @chthonic-flambe because I couldn't resist also drawing some Yuuki and Carol Relationship. Basicly Yuuki helped Carol to also get a dorm Outfit. Its Just a Work Doodle so I tried. Hope you Like it.
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endeenderman · 3 months ago
Second OC Game Sprite Edit:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Butler belongs to @thesaltwatertaset hope you like him! <3
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