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rhapsodysstudio · 29 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I’m going live in 30 minutes - going to be painting up some Cursed City figures.
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tehscud · an hour ago
Scudsworth Productions Can't Play - Mario Kart 8 - Part 4
Nova and Scud are tired and not ready to play something new, so they dip into Mario Kart 8!
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shannnnblake · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Peep the light that needs to be put back up but I’m to short 😂
You should follow me on twitch if you haven’t already:))
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fishglides · 4 hours ago
Clip Fishglides #fishglides #ивка #ивкашуибашу #me #csgo #clip #2021 #instagood #play #tiktok #gameplay #video #top #pro #gamer #me #selfie #happy #last #funny #top10 #epic #lol #Valve #csgomoments #csgo #game #video #moment #best #streamer #lucky #faceit
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greenie-of-sheild · 6 hours ago
Why me?
This is for @cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc 600 follower writing event!
Pairing Emma J x Wilbur Soot
Prompt : “Why me?” “Why not you?”
Word count: 870
A/n: This is my first fanfic! I’m not very confident in my writing skills so I’m just using an OC based on myself. :D I’m not even sure I used the right POV for this haha but I like it!
Wilbur was sat at his desk, apple in hand, trying not to choke at his chats videos.
“Y’know chat,” he says, his smooth accent reaching your ears across the room where you sat. “You guys aren’t all that funny. No offense of course, but if I’m gonna sit here for the next hour and a half, I want to give you guys a chance”
You chuckled a little at him, always searching for new ways to make chat entertain him.
“Emma, come here.” She says to you, catching your attention. He wanted you on his stream? You pointed a finger at your chest Me? You mouthed towards him, he nodded.
“Why me?” You asked, walking over to the chair he pulled up for you. “Why not you, darling?” He responded smoothly. Chat going a mile a minute at the new person on the screen, a woman no less.
“Chat, this is Emma, my roommate of a few months now, she moved in for school. Long since graduated, but she stayed, probably one of my favorite people.” He spoke into his mic, never breaking eye contact with you, your cheeks heated up, his stare was intense.
Wilburs stare on you was interrupted by a donation rolling in; Chunky’s dead started playing on his monitor, you stifled a giggle.
“Okay chat, hold on with the videos for a second, I brought Em here to try not to laugh as well. I know for a fact she laughs at the stupidest crap so I am going to be so incredibly chivalrous and let us both have 5 lives.”
“Wait, I can’t laugh?” You asked him with big eyes.”Yep! No laughing for you missy.”
He smiles at you, punctuating his sentence with a boop on your nose.
“Okay then,” you say, rubbing your hands together.” Let’s get this party started!”
After about 2 hours Wilbur ended his stream. You made it farther than you thought you would. Wil actually ended up making you laugh more than the videos.
You two were the talk of Twitter at the moment. With Wilbur soots roommate reveal.
And just as you would expect with the internet, a ship name has made its way into the universe already.
“Oi mr soot, do you want pizza?” You asked, poking your head in his door.
He was laying on his bed, looking quite handsome if you did say so yourself.
“Mr soot? That’s new. Uh, yeah, I could go for pizza right now.” He responds sitting up.
You two ordered your pizza, and sat on the couch waiting for the glorious driver to deliver your food.
“Do you wanna play truth or dare?” You asked him, looking up towards him considering you were currently hanging upside down on the couch. “Sure, why not. You wanna go first?”
“Yeah I‘ll go first, truth or dare?” You ask. He thinks for a moment. “Dare.” He answers confidently. You got a mischievous smirk on your face. “Oh no.”
“I dare you to, when the pizza driver gets here, give him the money but caress his hand slightly, wink and say thank you.”
He looks shocked but agrees anyway.
The both of you continued to play, even after the pizza got to your shared home.
“Truth or dare?” He asks you. “Truth, I wanna see what you gain try to get from me.” You say, taking a bite of your Hawaiian pizza (I like pineapple on pizza, fight me ;)
“Do you like anyone?” He asked innocently, you nearly choked on your pizza.
“What is this a girls 8th grade sleepover?” You laughed at him. “Just answer the freakin’ question.” He scolds, exasperated with you. “Yeah, I like someone, so what?” You shrug “what about you? Do you like someone?” “Yes, I like someone.”
You two both got the same idea because you ask “who?” At the same time.
“Ok, we’ll answer at the same time then.” He shrugs nonchalantly
You felt butterflies in your stomach, this could go really good, or really bad.
“1...2...3!” “You.” It’s you.” You both confessed.
He looked at you with wide eyes, your expression mirroring his.
“Me?” You asked “why me?”
“Why not you Em? You are so wonderful!” He says to you, grabbing your hand.
“Me?” You ask again quietly. “Yes, love, you.” He stands up, you follow, standing in front of each other.
He brushes your hair behind your ear, leaning in closer. “May I?” He asks; you nodded. “Words, love.” “Yes Will, please.”
He closes the gap between you two, lips meeting in a soft kiss.
You eventually found yourself held close to his chest in his bed, his hands rubbing soothing circles on your back.
“Why me?” He asks you. “Why not you Will?” You respond, copying his earlier words.
“I love you.”
“I love you too Em.”
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zephyriteluna · 7 hours ago
Going live with some Mercy/Support Competitive in Overwatch! Alas for every win streak there is a loss streak. Sr that hath been given can be taken away. We ride the ups and downs again. Lets try to got for a climb! 
Tumblr media
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