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False Dawn of Autumn


Feel the chill upon a stagnant Summer wind. 

Feel as if a change is coming yet there has been no indication. 

The leaves still bright green only a hint lies underneath of any change in color. 

Animals still scurry as normal yet has the purpose changed. 

The pool waters still cool one down from steamy days of muggy heat, yet the bones are chilled more and more. 

Humidity calms down, breathing is possible with out lungs burning. 

Days seem slightly shorter the sun sets at 8pm instead of 9pm; only the thoughtful eye can now catch the difference. 

The elderly say they can feel it in some part of who they are after living much longer than the youth. 

There is change coming just over the horizon, Spring is setting as Autumn’s dawn begins to rise…

image: Paint a masterpiece and bring it home with you the same

Let me know what you think my Lovelies and pass the thought along 🍃🍂.

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