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#twitter makes me angry. yes i use twitter but i hate it
strawbeb · a month ago
i fucking hate twitter because it will literally spoon feed you the worst fucking takes. at least tumblr is so saturated with bad takes that the absolute worst ones are in like the ninth circle of bullshit that you’d actively have to seek out to find
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allistersshtuff · a year ago
Percy Jackson is White.
Percy Jackson is not a WASP. Yes, there's a difference.
#percy jackson#the PJO fandom is making me so sick rn#I think I never hated a fandom so much in my entire life (hating hatedoms don't count)#I legit blocked half the PJO fandom (what kind of fandom hates its own author smh Star Wars Prequel haters weren't enough apparently)#I'm just feeling so angry and stressed I feel like punching all those bullies (who I'm sure are all mostly white Gringos with White GuiltTM)#but ofc I don't want to do that so I'm just screaming to the void while blocking a bunch of people I used to look for in this hellsite#and feeling completely lonely as a result#like you can y'all excuse this. The blatant Blackfishing and Latinefishing of these people#because they can excuse a 'black' or 'mestize/parde' person with intense green eyes but not a Native American with heterochromia#or a Black person with light-hazel (golden) eyes#like that's just hypocrisy#I'm pretty sure these people don't even care about the books these much like they simply forget simple instances that disprove their 'facts'#like the ghosts of the Confederates not acting racist or anything to both Percy and Annabeth in SoM if Percy weren't white the scene would#be very different (but of course they 'excuse' it on Rick being 'problematic' I swear the way Rick friggin' breathes is problematic to them)#like there are legit sh*tty authors out there being way more bigotred than he is (yes I'm talking abt J*KR) and y'all go to him#I'm not saying Rick is not problematic nobody is unproblematic. And he did some questionable things in the past#like sh*tting on Hellenic neopolytheists on Twitter despite borrowing their mythology. Hellenics didn't forgive him yet for good reason#but he apologized and is legitimately trying to recompromise and trying his best. He makes mistakes like any of us#but for y'all either authors go to pedestals or the deepest depths of Tartarus there's no inbetween for you and it's. Sickening#also non-WASP whites don't exist for you apparently. I swear WASP gringos have no concept of ethnicity#just please let Percy Jackson be Mediterranean white pls we have few non-WASP whites on mainstream media as well#and for the last time: this isn't about your headcanons. You can headcanon Percy as literally anything you want heck even an alien#just please please don't bully people who disagree with you#yes Rick sh*tted on Hellenic folks on a daily basis but he wasn't alone we as a fandom are utter jerks to them on a daily basis#c'mon we're better than this#please honor their friggin' culture like y'all don't act like that on The Kane Chronicles and would probs throw a fit if Carter wasn't black#(even if he was another friggin' minority on a possible adaptation) and y'all are right but#but why is it different with Mediterranean/non-WASP folks. Yes they're white but they're pretty underrepresented on mainstream media as well#anyway go ahead go call me a fool and pepper spray me go kick me out of your precious fandom and piss on my dead body I don't care#I'm just going to block you and live my life
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kitashinsvks · 6 months ago
is your girlfriend single?
characters: atsumu, suna, bokuto 
a/n: part two of the previous work i published!! 
warnings: post!timeskip but idk if that’s a warning
(read ushijima, sakusa, iwaizumi's here)
Tumblr media
the setter was doing a livestream, he was bored and you were doing a grocery run, so he decided to tweet the hashtag #AskTsumu five minutes before going on live. 
once he started filming, he first greeted his viewers and thanked them for their support towards the previous games against the adlers. 
“right. let’s get started on the questions.” he says, placing the phone down and clasping his hands together. 
“‘is it true that you have a twin?’ no, i don’t. next question.” atsumu smirked as he scrolled past the comments only to see his twin’s angry spamming on how he should’ve eaten the blonde in the womb. 
“just kidding, yes. unfortunately, i have a twin brother, he’s currently opening up a restaurant in tokyo so go visit if you can.” atsumu endorsed. “‘wow, thanks. you’re actually useful for once.’ i take it back! don’t visit his restaurant, his food is shit. worst food ever, -10/10.” he joked, knowing that his fans and viewers would realize that it was sarcastic. 
“alright, time to check twitter for your questions.” he said as he took his laptop and pressed on the hashtag. 
“wow, okay. there’s a lot, i’ll try to answer as much as possible.” atsumu began answering the questions, it was mostly about his training routine, his hobbies and his relationship with his team. 
“how long have you and your girlfriend been together?” he smirked at the question before tilting his head to the side and shortly reminisced about your relationship. 
“we’ve been dating for.. four years now and i couldn’t be any luckier.” as if on cue, the door to your apartment opened and you trudged in with groceries. “wait a minute.” he said to the camera before running to where you were and helping you carry the groceries then dragging you to the camera’s view. 
“‘tsumu, i look terrible!” you say, trying to get away from the view but atsumu held your waist as he perched you to his lap. “nah, you don’t. ‘yer the prettiest.” he said before leaning forward, chin on top of your shoulder as he read more questions. 
“‘is that (y/n)?! she’s so pretty!’ ‘course she is. glad you seem to think so as well.” atsumu smirked. 
his live suddenly became a couple q&a. not that either of you were complaining. 
“atsumu, is your girlfriend single?” he reads before he could comprehend the message. he only realizes once you stifled your laugh. 
atsumu huffed before his big hand cupped your cheek to face him and he placed his lips onto yours for a few seconds. just enough to get the point through. 
“no, next question.” he winked, you slid off his lap as he laughed at the comment section which was now in an uproar. you knew you had to apologize to the team’s publicist as soon as possible.
Tumblr media
suna was lounging on the couch as atsumu and komori interacted with their fans in their livestream. 
he was in the background, scrolling away on his phone as the setter and the libero chatted animatedly in front of the screen. 
“oi, suna! you should go and join us.” atsumu called out, looking behind him, the middle blocker gave a passive wave of the hand, eyes still on the phone. 
“‘ya guys see how mean he is? he doesn’t care about anyone unless they’re (y/n).” atsumu says before his eyes widen. “i should not have said that, huh?” the glare suna sent atsumu’s way made the setter cower in his seat. 
“always knew your loud mouth will get me into trouble.” suna sighed and left it at that.
“show us a pic...” motoya read out loud, suna’s head snapped up and before he could stop the two, atsumu has already pulled out his phone and began going through photos of you and the team. 
“this is suna’s girlfriend, sorry ladies and gents, mr. suna rintarou is off the market.” motoya laughed as he pointed to the picture on the phone screen. “anyway, this is (y/n). she’s really pretty and she has the entire volleyball team to go after you if you dare send her hate.” 
suna smirked and continued to scroll down his phone. 
“is suna’s girlfriend single?” motoya read outloud, atsumu stood up with the phone and placed it in front of suna’s face, effectively placing him in a hotseat. 
“so, sunarin.” atsumu starts. “is your girlfriend single?”
suna looked at atsumu with an unimpressed expression before facing the camera, looking straight at it.
“no, we had sex last night.” atsumu almost let go of the phone at how nonchalantly suna answered. 
“can you get the camera out of my face now?” suna asked, both of his teammates nodded. atsumu grumbled about how he was making the live as pg as possible but the middle blocker had to ruin it. 
once atsumu sat down, he made sure that the camera does not catch sight of the smug middle blocker before he states to the camera.
“we’re not entertaining any more questions about suna and (y/n).”
Tumblr media
most of the fans knew that bokuto was a volleyball idiot. his actions and reflexes are quick yet when it comes to anything that wasn’t related to volleyball, he’d rather pass on the question. 
“ah, yeah. i’ve tried the hybrid on our spikers yet no one managed to receive it! bokkun was pouty the whole practice we had to call (y/n) to get him out of his slump.” atsumu recalled, earning a roll of eyes from sakusa and a lot of praise from hinata. 
“i was caught off guard!” bokuto tried to defend himself, earning a passive wave of the hand with a matching smirk from the setter. “sure, sure, whatever helps you sleep at night, bokkun.” 
the live audience cooed at the team’s banter, finding it both endearing and entertaining. 
“i see. any more questions from the audience?” the host asked, the mic that was vacant was occupied by a fan who then asked what their drive for volleyball was.
it was the segment for general questions. then it would be time for personal questions per team member. 
the owl-spiker was excited but a bit nervous, he didn’t know what to expect but the smile on his face didn’t show any bit of unease. 
after a few minutes, the host turned to bokuto and gestured for him to sit in front, replacing hinata who had just finished answering his fans’ questions. 
“ah, bokuto-san! are you ready to answer?” the host asked for formalities, everyone knew that bokuto didn’t really have a choice. bokuto nods twice, a beaming smile on his face as he faced the audience. 
“alright! first question.” the host gestured for the first fan to occupy the microphone. 
“are your emo modes unintentional...” the questions went on, the spiker answered the next questions with ease, the past feeling of anxiousness dissipating as he noticed the line getting shorter. 
“hi, big fan! so my question for you is… is your girlfriend single?” the fan asked, causing a few gasps from the crowd. bokuto couldn’t see it, but the team was silently giggling at the question, anticipating whether bokuto would comprehend the question before he would answer. 
“what?” bokuto asked, wanting to hear the question again. he awkwardly laughed before he spoke once more. “of course she’s not! she’s my baby.” 
bokuto pouts before speaking again. “she’s my other half, my soulmate, my baby, my honeybear, my-” “alright, bokkun. we get it!” atsumu said, exasperated. 
“(y/n) is the love of my life and my girlfriend and it will stay that way until we see each other at the altar.” bokuto finalized, unknowingly smiling at the thought. 
the host cleared their throat, taking the stage away and wrapping the interview up. 
you were waiting backstage, watching with a warm face as bokuto talked about you. the backstage staff who was with you gave you knowing glances as the interview ended and bokuto was walking straight towards you. 
your boyfriend wrapped his arms tightly around you in greeting. “you know, that question could’ve been answered with a yes or no, kou.” you say as you pull away from the hug. 
“i needed to let them know that you’re mine!” bokuto stated childishly before pecking your forehead. 
yeah, you were his and didn’t plan on being anyone else’s.
Tumblr media
taglist in rb! 
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buggachat · 7 months ago
Related to the Zoé ask you responded earlier: what’s your opinion on Chloé? Do you think she can still become a better person?
Because, personally, I do. And just as you, I hope Zoé can help her in that.
I just think people take Thomas Astruc way too seriously. I’m not arguing whether you should like him or not, he’s just a normal person after all and it’s fine if you dislike him.
But he’s trolled us a lot of times. When people asked him about Felix, he always said his concept get dumped. Instead he was recycled as Adrien’s cousins.
Or, like, before the firsts “hints” of Chloé humanity, he always said on Twitter she was just a bad person. But I think it’s more complicated than that, otherwise why show her struggle with her mother?
I was skeptical when we found out Zoé is Chloe’s half-sister, but I gotta say I like the idea. She seems very sweet and I hope they can get along eventually.
What are your thoughts on it?
I absolutely agree with you.
People take what Astruc says on twitter way too seriously, considering he’s constantly playing devil’s advocate, trolling, and straight up lying to us about things in the show. That’s all not even mentioning language barriers and the like. It’s his way of combating spoilers, and just because he implies something, doesn’t mean at all that it’s true. 
I find it kind of frustrating that everyone is hating on Chloe’s arc when we have absolutely no idea where it’s going. We DON’T know that she wont get a redemption, but everyone acts like that’s definitely the case and attacks the creators of the show over it. 
People act like her betrayal was completely out of left field, as if it wasn’t HEAVILY foreshadowed in Miraculer and just..... made sense.
Like, who cares about what the guy on twitter who constantly lies to us says? Let’s look at the ACTUAL TEXT of the show. 
Chloé didn’t just randomly turn against Ladybug. Hawkmoth, a grown ass man who has known her since she was a toddler, decided to specifically prey on her insecurities and weaknesses. He tried it in Miraculer, and it didn't work (which took SO MUCH WILLPOWER FROM HER??), so he planned it out more thoroughly and tried it again... after making sure she was feeling as vulnerable as possible.... by akumatizing her parents.
Her turning point was choreographed like an akumatization! The grunting, the trying to the resist, the shot of the person's head being hung.... and then looking up at the camera and agreeing with Hawkmoth.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And why? Because that's basically what happened to Chloé, just without the magical assistance. Akumatizations happen when Hawkmoth preys on people's emotional vulnerabilities when they're at their weakest..... and that's exactly what he did to her.
Chloé isn't a great person. And yes, she is a brat..... but that doesn't mean she's incapable of change. It doesn't mean she can't try to be better. She was trying! But the fact of the matter is that trying is hard, especially when the supervillain of the series is a man who is a master of manipulating people at their lowest. Chloe's attempt at being a better person was put to the test, and she failed.
But she wasn't happy about it.
Once Miracle Queen failed, Chloe stood there and let Ladybug pluck the miraculous off her head.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And then, in her shame, she tried to flee the country.
Really, I need to emphasize this. When Miracle Queen lost, Chloé let Ladybug take her miraculous off and then declared that she would flee the country. She didn't swear revenge on Ladybug. She didn't declare herself a threat. (and no, saying “im not your fan anymore!” is not declaring yourself a threat). She just seemed....... angry, yes, but mostly ashamed.
She tried to be a better person and failed, yes. But that just means she has to try harder. And maybe she'll never be Queen Bee again, but she'll have to accept that she doesn't have to be a superhero to be a good person.
Literally the scene Chloé’s in right after her betrayal is THIS:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The ACTUAL TEXT of the show portrays what is at worst a tragedy (a young girl being manipulated by a man at her most vulnerable to do something she regrets) and at best a redemption in the making (remember how the Ba Sing Se arc ended for Zuko?).
.... But everyone ignores it because....... “thomas astruc, the person who constantly says weird things on twitter, said some weird things on twitter". And honestly that makes me sad, because I think this is a really interesting and engaging arc so far.
Chloé’s a brat. She’s been a brat the entire time. She doesn’t want to be a brat anymore. She was relying on being Queen Bee to be her big break, but she lost that privilege..... and now she has to rely on herself to get her out. She wont get better instantly. I’m sure she’ll continue to be a brat for a while— but, to me, the show always has and still is implying that she’s trying.
And, I dunno, Zoe’s inclusion in the show sounds to me like their way to move Chloé’s arc forward.
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esclapo · 8 months ago
tommy's character gets far too much shit.
hi tumblr. i'm gonna need a few bitches to spread this post everywhere, essentially because i want someone, or just tommy really, to see it. so if you really want, you can screenshot it and post it on twitter, reddit, link it everywhere - go absolutely buck wild. i know he reads the VODS comments a lot, but they're chock full of people just insulting him, his character, his writing and everything about his story in the dream smp simply because they don't understand it and because they refuse to acknowledge his character's perspective (mainly because they only care about the pig). reading that many critical comments on something you've created can only make you feel worse about it eventually, and in light of all the awful techno apologist takes on his character, i wanted to basically just word vomit about how wonderfully crafted c!tommy is, as well as compile some other tumblr posts about his character.
there is a massive fuckin community of people who enjoy the character of tommy, because the character is incredible. i myself have made post after post after post commenting on and analysing tommy's character because i find that there's so much to pick apart. but that enthusiasm for his character only seems to be found on tumblr. reddit and twitter seem to hate his character, the VODS seem to be filled with comments from people who only care about techno's perspective (and treat techno as a reliable narrator, which, is the furthest thing from the truth - that guy lies through his teeth all the time), and the smp wiki is a hellscape of godawful takes and mistruths, not even on just tommy's character.
c!tommy is brilliantly acted and brilliantly written, and almost everything he does is either justifiable or has been rectified or admitted as a mistake. you can clearly make connections as to where he got his conclusions from. you feel what his character experiences, as a member of the audience, vividly.
if you look in the more objective sense, c!tommy, and this is especially in the context of him being the youngest character, is a scapegoat. people claim he's awful and destructive when in reality he's a lot less destructive than most characters on the server. a moment that comes to mind is where he diverts schlatt and quackity's attention from pogtopia by breaking part of the flag in manberg, and then replacing it so as to buy tubbo some time - he literally monologues after it about how he doesn't want to destroy but instead rebuild, and how he feels as if nobody else seems to understand that.
his arc in season two was incredible. it was very character driven, and it gave a spotlight to his motivations. at the start we see him in new l'manberg, and he's enjoying his time there, he's skeptical of his friend's presidency, but his main goal is to get back the discs so that he can stop dream and eliminate that threat. he made one screw up that didn't even matter to george, and he paid for it tenfold, even after dream had spent a while with puffy griefing the server and framing it on tommy - what tommy and ranboo did was convinient. then, in exile, we see c!tommy straight up get abused. he's gaslit and conditioned into being c!dream's friend, and in his brain he teaches himself that those acts of abuse are moments of bonding, and it eventually brings him to the point of wanting to end his own life - he's been torn away from his friends and his support system, and nobody will visit him consistently anymore because they only showed him pity, and all he had left was dream, who had hurt him.
but he doesn't die there, because while he didn't understand the full gravity of it back then like he does now, he recognises that dying isn't an escape, and he can beat dream, even if he doesn't know how. so this is where he goes to techno's place, and here's where the fandom starts to misinterpret the situation wildly.
it's the problem similar to when your parents tell you that they're owed something back because you put a roof over their head, despite that being Not How It Works. techno took tommy in and severely mistreated him emotionally. sure, and i understand this, c!techno is a bad communicator who isn't really that empathetic to anyone who isn't phil or wilbur, but that doesn't excuse the blatant lying to c!tommy's face, the guilt tripping, the friendship buying and the degrading. the day before the festival, tommy finally does something violent in his interrogation of fundy, and only then does techno tell him,,,,
that tommy's not equal to him, that techno doesn't respect him all that much, and that they're not friends.
from techno's perspective, and at the time, this was viewed as a positive development in their relationship. oh, he's starting to warm up to tommy! this friendship could really blossom!
no. from a more objective standpoint, what techno has just said to tommy is : 'i respect you only a little bit more now, because while you're starting to act more like me, you're still annoying and a burden.'
and i haven't even touched on the whole 'erasing the words 'Destroy L'manberg' from techno's to-do list' thing, because that instantly refutes the point of 'techno was upfront with his intentions the whole time' - because he wasn't! he may have said it the first time, but you also know what else he did? he repeatedly told tommy that they'd 'air the details out later' whenever the discs were brought up, and from a tommy viewer's perspective at the time, it was framed as if techno was no longer going to do that.
and i also haven't dared touch the 'i would have fought them all for you', because that's major guilt tripping if ever i've seen it.
so, the day of the festival comes, and here's where c!techno and his apologists completely misread c!tommy's thought process, and why he makes the decision he does.
tommy instantly regrets valuing the discs over tubbo, and it's framed as the culmination of tommy having become all the people he said he would never want to be like. and what does he immediately do? he tells tubbo to give up the disc, and he sides with tubbo. he puts his value in his friends, and, by proxy, l'manberg. and when he betrays techno, he tells him 'i'm sorry'.
from a more objective standpoint, tommy's time with techno is him valuing the discs over almost anything else. so, in leaving techno to be with tubbo again, he is valuing people above the discs. so when, on doomsday, techno says his 'discs aren't people' line, what he doesn't realise is that he himself fueled tommy's valuing of discs above people when attempting to fuel tommy's vengeance against tubbo and l'manberg. techno doesn't realise that he was an unhealthy presence for tommy, and an even worse influence.
what techno also doesn't seem to understand is that tommy never hated tubbo or l'manberg - tommy recognises, now at least, that his exile wasn't a product of tubbo, but a product of dream's manipulation, likely in part because at the time, especially with dream lying about tommy blowing up the community house, tommy was the only one who could see it because he had experienced it firsthand. so when techno sides with dream, it's like kicking tommy in the teeth.
and i want to mention that betraying someone doesn't necessarily make the person who was betrayed good, or in the right, or even justified, because tommy was entirely justified to leave techno. you know who else was betrayed? schlatt. but i don't see many schlatt apologists around angry at quackity for joining the rebellion.
tommy stole the axe of peace? good. it was a moment of tommy defining his self-worth, instead of having it defined by others. gone is the age of c!techno belittling him and deciding how much c!tommy should be respected. NEXT!
here's a moment i wanted to talk about that will forever be funny to me.
'i am a person.'
techno's very famous line from doomsday. techno says to tommy that discs aren't people, and that tommy should value people, despite not understanding that by leaving techno, he did just that. and what does tommy say in return, which has been omitted from every c!tommy-critical analysis, and every animatic?
'yes you are, but so are we.'
an acknowledgement of techno's hurt, to which tommy has already apologised for. a statement that says 'your hurt does not excuse, nor justify, the hurt you have inflicted onto us.' an acknowledgement that tommy has already learnt the lesson techno seems to be trying to 'teach' him. but you can't teach him anything by destroying.
c!tommy has had almost everything he has ever owned or built either taken from him or destroyed. ranboo even points out that the only two things of tommy's left standing are his house and his hotel, and if i'm honest, his house is dissheveled. it's a labyrinth of terror due only to how many times it's been torn apart. l'manberg being blown up didn't teach anyone anything about anarchy, or about valuing people over possessions. logstedshire being blown up didn't teach tommy to be obedient.
i could honestly ramble for ages about how nuanced tommy's character is and how much depth and complexity there is to his character's process and his relationship with others, but more than that, c!tommy is forgiving. he invites almost everyone who hates him to the grand opening of his hotel - if that isn't an indicator that he just wants friends, and not to be treated like the embodiment of evil, then i don't know what is. he holds grudges, but he doesn't really actively hate anyone, other than c!dream. but, we'll let him. c!dream deserves nothing but to be pummeled into the floor.
tommy doesn't spoonfeed his character nuance, and he doesn't really spell it out for his audience. he'll mention things like trauma and triggers in passing, but a lot of analysis on his motivations has to be picked up from what is said in passing or from what can be seen in between the lines.
i'd be here for hours if i were to talk about everything i love about c!tommy, because honestly he's one of my favourite characters, and there are so many angles you can look at his character from in terms of his age, his relationships with others, his motivations, his personality, his character arcs etc etc. so instead of doing that, i'm going to compile some much more specific analysis posts below to skim through because they highlight so many good aspects of his character.
^^ A thread about the 'yes you are, but so are we' line.
^^ About how shit the VODS comments are.
^^ A comment on how c!Tommy is actually pretty peaceful, and is actually less destructive than most characters on the server.
^^ Possibly the best c!Tommy analysis thread I've ever seen in relation to his trauma, which gives multiple perspectives.
^^ About how c!Tommy is treated as a scapegoat, and how, from an objective standpoint, he is no more violent than any other character, it's just that the little violence that is committed is blown far out of proportion.
^^ Tumblr user flypaw being a bad bitch, as per usual.
^^ c!Tommy being incredibly intelligent, and talking about wanting to rebuild and not destroy. A very underrated monologue of his.
^^ Something short about c!Tommy and c!Wilbur's relationship in Pogtopia.
^^ Less about c!Tommy, more a meta on L'Manberg. Really interesting to think about.
^^ A take on Doomsday.
I'll add some more posts in a reblog in the notes, but if anyone's post(s) is on this and they want me to take it off, let me know and I'll do that for you! Feel free to add your own banger c!Tommy takes or ones that you've found.
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time-for-a-lullaby · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chris Evans x Reader
Summary: Your location gets leaked while at dinner and you’re swarmed by paparazzi. Chris gets protective of you when a over excited fan comes into the picture.
Warnings - language, a teeny tiny mention of the possibility of smut lmao
A/N - eh, not the best. But i like it haha
Tumblr media
“Shit..” Chris grumbled, taking a step back and pulling you with him.
You glanced around, trying to figure out what was going on. “What?” You asked. He didn’t even give you a chance to see what was happening.
“Paparazzi. Someone must’ve called it in.” He sighed.
“We just have to make it to valet, it’s like 10-20 ft from the door. It’s not bad..” you offered, your voice trailing off when you turned and saw he wasn’t even standing next to you anymore. He slipped a 50 to the manager and asked for him to run out and clear a path. Chris was used to stuff like this, you weren’t. Granted you’d been together for over a year now, so it was getting easier and easier to navigate, but he still got protective of you when it was bad like this. You glanced outside again and saw a mob of people readying their cameras. You’d only been “caught” together a handful of times by the paparazzi. You definitely weren’t keeping your relationship a secret, you’ve been posted on Chris’s Twitter and Instagram frequently, but you’re rarely caught in public.
He walked back over to you, taking off his ball cap and pulling his sunglasses off of his shirt collar. “Here.” He said, holding them out to you.
You smiled softly. “Are you sure? I’ll be okay without them if you want them.” You replied. He nodded and kissed your cheek. You grabbed the baseball cap and placed it on your head, throwing the sunglasses on after. You felt silly. It was 10pm and dark. Realistically, there was no need for sunglasses. However, the flash of the cameras was blinding, so you weren’t going to turn down the offer.
The manager stepped outside with a few other people and cleared a path the best they would. Valet had pulled Chris’s car up to the front and left the keys in the ignition for you. He turned to you with a frown.
You reached up and cupped his chin, squeezing gently. “Smile, Christopher. It’s okay, don’t let this ruin our night.” You warned. You knew he hated being exposed like this, but your night had been so romantic and just perfect. You didn’t want him to sulk because of this.
He offered a small smile and kissed the top of your head. “I love you.”
You smiled back and pulled the baseball cap a little further down in front of your face. “I love you, too. And yes, I’m ready.”
He wrapped his left arm around your waist and guided you towards the door. As soon as it was pulled open, the cameras started flashing. He gripped you a little tighter as people started closing in, his right arm stretched out in front of you to keep people from getting in your face. The manager did a pretty shit job at clearing a path and Chris was weaving in and out of the paparazzi, trying to get you to the passenger seat.
“Fuck!” He cursed under his breath, “you okay?”
You reached up with your right hand and pulled the hat down more, further covering your eyes and face. “Yeah, I’m okay.” Right as you said that, someone grabbed your arm. “Ow, shit. Hey, let go of me!” You tried to pull your arm back, but their grip was too strong.
“I just want one picture with Chris. Let me take a picture with him, please. I’m the biggest Captain America fan!” He shouted, trying to pull you away.
Before you could say anything else, Chris released his grip on you, his hand reaching across and grabbing the wrist of the man who was holding onto you. His knuckles were white and his face bright red. You held onto his shirt with your left hand, not wanting to get sucked into the crowd. “Let go of her. Now.” He growled through his teeth. “NOW.” He screamed after he didn’t let go of you fast enough. You looked up at Chris with wide eyes, you’d never seen him this angry before.
The man released your arm, throwing his hands up in defeat. “Sorry, i just wanted a picture, man.”.
Chris wrapped an arm around your waist again, the other curled into a tight fist. “Well thats one way to guarantee you don’t fucking get one. Get the fuck out of here.”
After what just went down, the paparazzi backed off a little. Still making sure to get every shot, this would make a great story.
Chris guided you to the car, opening the passenger side door and helping you in. He used his body to block the paparazzi and then quickly made his way to the drivers side. He pulled out the parking lot quickly, tires screeching until you pulled onto the interstate.
He looked over at you as you pulled down his sunglasses and took off his hat.”You okay, honey?” He asked, reaching across and grabbing your hand. He used his thumb to rub circles on the back of your hand.
You looked over at him and exhaled loudly, “Yeah, I’m okay.” You looked down at the arm that the man had grabbed, a bruise was forming. “Jesus..” you muttered to yourself.
Chris growled, his grip on your hand getting tighter. “I could kill him. We should go back, press charges.” He insisted.
You shook your head, “No, I’m okay. Really. It’s fine.” You pulled your hand out his grip and placed it on his thigh. “Please, Chris. Believe me. I’m fine. I don’t want this to ruin our night, we had such an amazing dinner.”
He quickly glanced over, his hand resting on top of yours. His face softened and a smile slowly formed. “We did. I’m sorry, if you’re okay, I’m okay.” He intertwined your fingers, bringing your hand up and kissing the back of your hand and then your wrist.
You smiled at him, “now get me home so i can properly thank you for basically saving my life.” You said, winking.
He chuckled and shook his head. “You’re trouble, you know that?”
Tumblr media
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thefanficmonster · a year ago
Love For The Faceless
Corpse Husband x Youtuber!Reader(Female)
Warnings: Swearing
Genre: Fluff 
Summary: Y/N is a YouTube gamer who has recently gained a much larger following thanks to the streams she does with her friends. Naturally, considering her faceless and bodiless nature, people are starting to get curious about her. When she finally follows her friend Corpse’s example, a lot more than her hands is revealed.
Requested by anon, you know who you are 😉 Thank you so much for placing a request and hope this fic fulfills the expectations you have for it.
“Hey!“ I greet the lobby as I finally hop into the Discord call after quickly saying ‘hi‘ to my audience.
I’ve been a YouTuber for four years now and I’ve only recently started streaming, encouraged to do so by my best friend Rae. She’s the one who got me in multiplayer games such as Among Us and Phasmophobia which led me to meet her amazing gaming squad that consists of some of the most famous names on the platform. They are all wonderful people and I will forever be in Rae’s debt for introducing me to them. However, becoming friends with Felix, Sean and the rest of the team brought not only a more fulfilled life, but also a small boost in following. Who am I kidding, it wasn’t small. It was overwhelming, terrifying even.
My YouTube channel had a little over a million subscribers at the start of quarantine and it’s closer to three million. Speaking of three million, I’m about to reach it any day now and it’s really hard to believe. I’m a gaming youtuber and I’ve never considered changing my genre despite expecting to not get any attention whatsoever, with all the big names on the platform. I was convinced not even as many as a hundred people would stumble across my videos and now here we are.
My OG subscribers are very supportive of my sudden growth and are defending me when my newer fans ask for a face reveal or whatnot. While we’re on that topic I might have to mention that not even my YouTube friends, and that includes Rae have seen my face. I’ve been faceless and bodiless for the entirety of my time on social media. Some claim I do it to grab more attention or for dramatic effect, but the reason is beyond that. I’m not shallow. Actually, shallow people are the reason I don’t show my face. I’ve never been the prettiest, but my middle school bully thought that I wasn’t lacking self confidence enough. As a result, I ended up with a not so handsome scar on my right cheek that starts from the corner of my mouth and nearly misses my eye. Yeah, it’s a long and pretty noticeable scar that has thankfully become less and less obvious as the years have progressed. Still, it’s not something I’d like to show to my viewers.
Eight ‘hi’s greet me back, each making my smile grow wider. “Sorry I’m late guys. Technical difficulties.” 
“Don’t worry.“ Rae’s voice dominates over the rest, “Corpse still isn’t here so we’re waiting for him.“
I mute myself on the Discord call and take a look at my comments. I’m most flattered by the comments about my voice. Seeing as how they don’t have much to compliment about me other than my content, they make the nicest comments about my voice, personality and humor. Those comments are the ones who warm my heart most. Even when people in my day to day life compliment my appearance I can’t find it in me to believe they are being genuine. I’d like to believe these amazing people are being one hundred percent honest when they tell me they like me for who I am and not for what I might look like.
“Sorry I’m late guys.“ A deep voice causes me to even physically jolt, switching my focus from the comments to the Among Us lobby where my eyes land on the newly materialized black avatar.
“Hi Corpse.“ Rae greets him.
“Hello mister who broke Twitter!“ Sean laughs, provoking the laughter of the rest of the players.
“Yeah, congratulations man. That’s a big deal.“ Felix chimes in.
“Thanks guys, but I think you’re forgetting we’re talking about a picture of my hand.“ Corpse chuckles timidly. I have noticed how shy he gets when someone gives him a compliment - like a snail slowly withdrawing in its shell. I find it adorable.
“That’s what makes it even better!“ I unmute my mic, sending my own congratulations.
“While we’re on that topic...“ Rae begins, waiting for the rest of us to shut our traps, suggesting she has something important to say. “Y/N, do you ever plan on doing a reveal like that? Not a face reveal. Just a body part reveal.“
I have no problem talking about the subject with friends but I get nervous when I’m supposed to discuss it with my fans. Seeing as how everyone, including myself, is streaming right now, I get a bit of a stutter in my speech. “Haven’t thought about it yet. But I guess a body part reveal is harmless.” I cringe immediately after letting the words leave my mouth, “That sounds so weird.”
Rae knows that I’m not too fond of my face, but I haven’t told her about my scar yet. I let almost all people I’ve met online think I’m using my lack of appearance for effect. For the mystery of it all. Mysteries attract people which equals attention. Attention equals views and the domino effect continues.
“Just a suggestion. No pressure.“ Rae adds quickly, knowing full well I get anxious when the subject is brought up in front of cameras. “Let’s get this game started, shall we.”
                                                          * * *
The idea dwells in my mind, sitting on the back burner even after I disconnect from the Discord call. I’m sitting in my gaming chair, which was a gift for my two million milestone, and weighing out the pros and cons of the action Rae suggested I take.
“It’s a picture of your fucking hand, dummy. How bad can it turn out?“ I say out loud, shaking my head at my indecisiveness. “You’ll be fine.”
In a blur, two pictures are already posted on my Instagram. The first one captioned ‘Took a leaf from my friend’s book. Did I do it right @ corpsehusband?’ and the second ‘Thanks, Rae. These are on you.’
Rae’s POV
As I’m watching a movie in my living room, I get a notification from Instagram, informing me that Y/N has posted for the first time in a while.
I scoff, “More like the first time in forever.”
The first thing that comes to my mind is the possibility of her reaching that three million milestone that’s been long time coming. I bring the glass of water that’s sitting on my coffee table to my lips, taking a sip as I tap the notification. The picture I see makes me hurry to put the glass back down so I don’t drop it. Y/N’s hand. Her fingers are covered with several thin rings each. And here I thought Corpse had too many rings, this girl has at least two on every finger! 
Then my eyes land on the second picture she has posted only minutes after the first and my heart drops. I struggle to get the water that’s been sitting in my moth down my esophagus while my mind is struggling with the task to comprehend the picture I’m looking at. 
Another hand is resting on top of Y/N’s. A hand also covered in rings but fewer and larger. The nails are painted black. 
I think I know who it belongs to.
Before I can even finish the thought, I’m dialing Y/N. She picks up after the second ring, sound cheery as ever as she greets me. “Hey Rae!”
“Don’t you ‘Hey Rae’ me!” I practically scream. I hate being kept in the dark about anything ever so this is just driving me mad. On top of all, she’s my best friend, for fuck’s sake. “Is that Corpse in the photo with you?!”
“Ugh....“ the cheeriness to her voice is all but gone now.
I go on with my rant, not giving her the time to reply. Not that she would reply. I bet she doesn’t know what to say. “So he knows where you live?! Or was the picture taken at his place?! He knows what you look like?! You have seen him! He has seen you in real life but me, your best friend, haven’t!!! You are breaking Covid 19 protection laws to take pictures?! Are you fucking serious, Y/N?!”
There’s a long moment of silence which frustrates me even more but I literally have run out of things to yell and the power to be angry. I mean, I still am, I just can’t express it.
“Rae, sweetheart, please calm down. You’re scary when you’re mad.“ This girl has some fucking nerve! She’s on the verge of laughing!
“Listen here you...“ 
“Rae, please stop scaring my girlfriend.“ That oh so distinguishable, oh so familiar voice interrupts me.
I am flabbergasted, for a lack of a better term.
“Now that we’ve got you quiet, I can explain.“ Y/N pics up the conversation, “Corpse and I have been dating for six, almost seven months now. We started dating around Easter after talking for quite some time. We moved in together at the end of September. All thanks to you, Rae. You’re the best.” She pauses to breathe in real quick, “There, all caught up?“
I’m in no less shock than I was before she explained. Actually, I think I might be even more confused now. It all just feels like a fever dream. “ I don’t fucking know! I need details, Y/N!”
“Details later.“ Corpse makes his presence known once again, “We’re watching Family Guy right now. Talk to you later.“
“Love you, Rae!“ Y/N calls out before the line goes dead.
My arm goes limp, dropping my phone on the couch next to me. 
“Motherfuckers” I mumble under my breath.
It’s been a week since Rae has stopped talking to both Corpse and me. I know she just needs some time to cool off. In the meantime, the rest of our friends were informed and, as oppose to Rae, were nothing but supportive and overjoyed. I bet Rae feels the same way though. Sean, Dave and the rest of the gang have confirmed that she’s incredibly happy for us and says she noticed a spark between me and him since day one, but she can’t help but be mad at us, and especially me, for not telling her sooner.
“Any regrets?“ I remember Corpse asking me when we hung up on her after dropping the bomb.
“Not being able to see her face when she saw the picture.“ I beam at him, feeling as content as ever.
He laughs, agreeing with me before leaning down to kiss me.
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notonelineff · a month ago
The Curse of Lucifer: Plausible Ideas with Poor Execution
Season 6 spoilers below.
Before I start, I want to make it clear that I am in no way saying that "Plausible Ideas with Poor Execution" applies to every single plot point in Lucifer. It doesn't. If it did, I wouldn't watch it. But this is an issue that, in my mind, has plagued some of the show's storylines, including those in S6.
A prime example of this is Chloe's betrayal in S4. It's totally feasible to me that she would react the way she did. But a lot of fans found it unbelievable after everything she and Lucifer had been through together, and as a result, the character received a lot of hate for it, and I mean a lot. The reason? Because the writers failed to set it up properly. Kinley's manipulation of Chloe was inadequate, to say the least. Suggesting that Lucifer doesn't lie is the biggest lie of all is excellent, but the rest of it? A book which Chloe herself points out is circumstantial evidence, and...? There were options that would have been far more convincing to the audience - involving Trixie and playing on Chloe's instincts as a mother, for example. S4 was a tight season with only 10 episodes, but the issue was never extra time. It was what we were shown in the scenes that we got. Which is exactly the problem we have with S6. So let's move on to three things about that finale, shall we? 1. Lucifer and Chloe had a choice. Lucifer chooses his daughter's wishes over his own desire to stay on Earth with Chloe and raise her. A beautiful and poetic parental sacrifice... or it would have been, if not for the way it was handled. How to make it seem like your character had a choice? Don't have them make it under duress. Here's Lucifer's side of that conversation with Rory: "Rory, no! I'll miss your childhood. I'll miss your life! Please... No. Please don't do this. Don't. I can't! Don't MAKE ME do this. I can't." Do they need to show how desperately Lucifer doesn't want to leave them? Yes. But having him beg her not to make him is entirely the wrong way to go about it if you want the audience to come away with the impression he had any choice in the matter. By including those two words, they left the fandom completely divided on this issue. (And I mean that literally - there was a poll on Twitter which came out 50/50.) And then there's the fact they give Chloe no agency whatsoever. She merely stands there while Rory and Lucifer (if you go with the view that he had a choice) decide her future for her. The rest of her human life is considered nothing more than a blip, without any thought to how time is perceived by mortals. One desperate look at Chloe from Lucifer, and one nod in return from her, would have included her in the conversation. Instead, she is left out of the equation entirely, as though it's assumed that because she's a mother, her choice is automatic. There is definitely an argument to be made that they could have changed their minds afterwards. But Rory knew what she was doing when she had Lucifer give his word. We've only seen Lucifer break his word once, and that was when he thought he was putting Chloe in danger. This time, by breaking it, he thinks he would be putting the Rory he knows in danger of disappearing. Which leads me on to... 2. Rory doesn't want to change I think we can all understand this. How many of us would want to be erased? Sure, I can give you reasons aplenty as to why I think Rory should have sacrificed herself, but that's not the point of this post. The point is, the reason Lucifer and Chloe do as she asks is because she wants to stay as she is. But the writers make that difficult for some parts of the fandom to understand, because outside of being an angsty teenager, her character is barely established at all. Here's what we know about Rory: 1. She's older than she looks. Despite being written as an angry 15 year old, she's actually older than 20. It's not until the end of the show that it's revealed she's between 40-50 years old. 2. She likes her cool wings, because they remind her of her mom. 3. She loves and idolises her mom. 4. She is angry at and hates Lucifer enough that she self-actualised time travel to come back and kill him. His disappearance "ruined her life."
So why should the audience care about her enough to prioritise her wishes over Chloe and Lucifer's happiness? She's a brand new character, and we know almost nothing about her. She's 50 years old. What kind of life does she have? Does she have a career, a partner, passions, hobbies, other than liking to drive her dad's car really fast? Instead of making it clear why Rory doesn't want to change, the writers are more successful in making it seem like she has a childhood she would want to change, especially after seeing how happy her mom is with Lucifer. This isn't helped by the focus not being on Rory changing, and far more on her desire for Lucifer to help souls in Hell (more on this later). She gets one throwaway line on the subject: "That you won't change me!" I won't lie, the scene is so hectic that I actually missed it the first time around. It wasn't until later, by reading interviews, that I realised this was supposed to be the main motivation for the decision. Finally, it's made clear in the season that Rory doesn't know how time travel works. In one moment, she can't reveal the future in case anything changes. In the next, she’s not only telling people what happens, but also saying the future is set and nothing can be changed.
So when Rory says about her changing, she actually has no idea if that will be the case. Lucifer is already set in a universe where if reality is changed, the core of people remains the same. As was stated in the AU episode, they make the same choices, have the same passions. The audience knows this, and it makes the idea harder to swallow. 3. Lucifer wouldn't have realised his calling without Rory travelling back in time If Rory never travels back, then she never brings Dan to Earth, giving Lucifer a chance to unintentionally help him to Heaven. He also never helps Rory, meaning he never reaches the conclusion that he wants to help free souls of their guilt. Except... by the end of episode 3, the writers already have Lucifer halfway there. Hell, the beginning is established at the end of season 5, with Lucifer talking about how unjust the situation is. He helps Mr. SOB get to Heaven by taking him to the source of his guilt. He is actively trying to find a way to help Dan when we kick off season 6. By episode 3, he is investigating the loop of Jimmy Barnes to try and find a way to help him. Has he succeeded yet? No. But he is working his way towards it, and it does his character an injustice to say that he wouldn't have gotten there without Rory. All it would have taken was one conversation with Maze for him to realise why putting Dan in his own kind of purgatory wasn't working. Or further therapy and discussion on the subject with Linda. There are many, many ways for him to get there, with just a little help. In order to sell the idea that the loop has to happen, and that Rory has to be there for him to understand his calling, she needed to be far more instrumental in the process. In conclusion: Do I like the end of S6? No, I think anyone who follows my Twitter account already knows that. But perhaps I could have accepted it more if what they were trying to achieve was presented more effectively. A clear choice made by a parent to save the future child they have fallen in love with, who in return is sacrificing a childhood where she could have been raised by both her parents, so that her father can help other people. But that's not what we got, and it's one of the reasons the fandom will forever be at odds over it.
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strawberrymilkgeorge · 9 months ago
Part Four. "You hosted me?? In MINECRAFT??"
warnings: swearing but that’s it (i think)! just karl being a goof and dream being a little shit but whats new word count: 3k (not ncluding pictures)
behind the screen (irl dream x reader) series masterlist ultimate masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Y/n  sat to Karl's left, out of the camera's view as he scrolled through Twitter on his PC.
"Um... oh, how did you guys meet?" Karl read before looking offscreen at Y/n. "Uh... school?"
"What? I was going to make up a funny story but I'm appalled by the seriousness in your voice! Is that really how you think we met?"
The embarrassment on his face answered her question. "Karl! I'm two years younger than you, how would we meet have met at school?"
"I don't know!" he said back defensively, raising his shoulders. "Clubs?"
"Like I was in any of the nerd clubs you were in."
"Well, then, how did we meet?"
Y/n sighed with a laugh. "Our moms–"
"Oh, wait wait, I remember!" he cut her off, excitedly looking towards Y/n. "Our moms are friends and they forced us to hang out." He smiled proudly and looked back to his screen as he continued scrolling for good questions. "If I'm honest, I only still hang out with you because my mom makes me."
Y/n smacked Karl's arm and he laughed but pretended to be hurt. "WHAT THE HONK, BUGSY?!"
"I can't stand you. I barely hit you, nimrod."
Karl giggled and read another one. "How tall is Bugsy? Two feet, four inches."
"No, I'm 7'6," Y/n lied easily and Karl laughed.
"How tall are you actually?"
'I think 5'10 or something? Maybe 5'11. I'm not 6' but I'm taller than you for sure, I know that much–"
"Okay, you are not taller than me. Just to be clear. Chat, Bugsy is not taller than me."
"Yes, I am. Wanna test it?"
"No," he replied quietly in defeat.
"Because you know I'm right," Y/n laughed as her eyes flicked over to read chat. They were spamming their surprise, expecting her to be short. "Yeah, no, chat, I'm tall. I'm taller than Karl."
"Only because your shoes make you tall! Doc Martens are tall and that's pretty much all you wear!"
"You're shorter than me when I'm barefoot!"
"That's literally false. Like completely."
"Just accept it, shorty."
"I'll accept that you're taller than George and Sapnap, but not me. I'm barely taller than you but I'm still taller."
"Whateverrrr. I'll move on to protect your dignity."
Karl ignored her and laughed, pointing to a message from Dream in Karl's chat.
"Dream said I have short girl energy," Y/n read.
"You kinda do."
"What does that even mean?"
"You're shy around new people and you act all sweet."
"So tall girls can't be shy and sweet? Or shy and sweet girls can't be tall?"
"Stop twisting my words," Karl groaned.
"Also, wait, what do you mean I act sweet? Am I not?"
"No, you are. But I mean you also aren't when you don't want to be. Upset Bugsy is scary Bugsy."
Y/n frowned, not recalling a time she's ever been angry or upset at Karl but she let him move on. He pointed to another tweet as he looked at Y/n, giving her an 'I told you so' look. She read it before shaking her head at him.
"Don't read that one."
Tumblr media
"Pleeease, can I answer?"
"No!" she whisper-shouted. I don't want to be shipped with him for asking or you for answering, she mouthed so Karl's chat couldn't put together clues.
"Are you assuming I'll answer positively?" he teased, earning him a hard smack on the arm.
Y/n couldn't help but notice every time she put her hands in the frame, which was usually to hit Karl, half of the chat turned into simps requesting a hand pic because they could see her bracelets and nail polish and now that they knew she was tall they wanted to see how big her hands were. They really wanted every crumb of content they could have regarding her looks. She caught one that said something pretty kinky about her hands which she tried to scrub from her mind immediately.
"Fine," Karl sighed at her request to not read Dream's tweet out loud, instead reading another. "Bestie sleepover? Yes! Bestie sleepover! Bugsy and I are gonna cuddle all night--"
"No, we aren't. I'm sleeping on a completely different bed. Or couch. Nowhere near you."
"Karl! Stop trying to get me to cuddle with you!" Y/n laughed as she pushed away his arms, which were trying to give her a hug. "You're a freaking heater and I don't like touching people!"
"That's my worst nightmare in a friend, how did I end up with you?"
"No idea. Deal with it. It's still a bestie sleepover even if we don't cuddle."
Karl giggled and looked back at his stream. "Oh, by the way, in case anyone ever wanted to know or was Dreaming about it, Bugsy is very cute. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone was wondering or if anyone tweeted specifically asking..."
Y/n smacked his arm again as she yelled, "Karl!"
He grabbed his arm in dramatic pain as if it had been cut off. "Ow! Ow! Bugsy hit me!" he cried as he fell to the floor. "Oh my gosh. Someone call a doctor!"
"I cannot stand you," Y/n  informed as she stared down at him. She glanced at chat, who were all joking about how bad his condition was, saying things like they might have to amputate his arm. "Chat, don't encourage him. Oh, Karl I know what we can do!"
"As long as I don't need two arms for it..." his voice still laced with fake pain.
"Karl Jacobs."
"What is it?"
"Give me a tour of Dream's SMP. Dream whitelisted me yesterday."
"Oh, yeah! What could have possibly made you think of him?" he teased as he got back in his chair.
Y/n glared at him and he cowered slightly.
"Minecraft, yes. There's a PC in the other room you can play on. Do you need help setting it up?"
"No, I've streamed once or twice," Y/n teased as she stood up.
"I'm just trying to be a good host! Gosh!"
"Wait, I have to cross over to leave the room."
"Just do it? What's the issue? Literally no problem, just walk?" he joked before zooming in his camera on his face so it took up the whole screen. Y/n laughed as she went across the room, chat now forced to look at disturbingly close footage of Karl staring directly into the camera with his eyes crossed.
Y/n called Karl on Discord after logging in. "Hi, Karl and Karl's stream."
"Are you on yet?"
"I'm logging in to my Minecraft account right now."
"Okay, join a vc on the smp discord so others can talk to us if we run into anyone. I'll be over in a minute, just give me a bit to read some donations." They both muted, leaving Y/n to herself.
She typed in the IP address to the server and joined a random voice channel that no one was in. She spawned and looked around, confused by the cobblestone wall around her. Her phone lit up so she occupied herself with the texts from Naomi.
Tumblr media
A green figure caught her eye on the screen and she looked up. In the distance was Dream's infamous green Minecraft skin punching the air as he faced her. He ran towards her and stopped in front of her. She set her phone down and slid it away, crouching as his character did the same.
Dream whispers to you: are you streaming you whisper to Dream: no but Karl is and he's about to get on to tour me Dream whispers to you: hmmm okay here
He uncrouched and dropped a few diamond blocks before punching the air again and running away.
Dream whispers to you: shh don’t tell anyone you whisper to Dream: omg :D ty <3 you whisper to Dream: first twitch donos now mc donos you whisper to Dream: rich man over here giving out money and diamonds to everyone like it's candy Dream whispers to you: no, only to you Dream whispers to you: a little gift before our date ;) Dream whispers to you: oh and this
He came back and paused in front of Y/n before dropping a red poppy and sprinting away again. She acted cool despite the huge smile on her face.
you whisper to Dream: charming you whisper to Dream: you give me a flower and dart away before I can properly thank you Dream whispers to you: oh yeah? how would you have thanked me?
Y/n smiled, her cheeks flaming up as a dirty thought entered her mind. Stop, he's not flirting, she told herself. It’s literally a block game and he’s not flirting.
you whisper to Dream: guess we'll never know ;) KarlJacobs joined the game
"I'm back," Karl's voice filled her headset as he joined her voice channel, snapping her out of her thoughts. "Where are you?"
Y/n looked away from the chat in Minecraft and turned around in the game. "Still at spawn. Some forest and cobblestone walls."
"Go left and I'll meet you halfway."
As she ran, the Minecraft chat reappeared with new messages for everyone to see.
<Dream> hey Karl <KarlJacobs> hello Dream <Dream> thanks for answering my question on your stream <KarlJacobs> just doing my civil duty as a bugsy dream shipper <KarlJacobs> official petition for the name to be dreamsy <Dream> signed
"Oh my gosh," Y/n muttered, making Karl laugh.
"What?" Karl asked innocently, but his laugh was maniacal. "Oh, I found you. This way! I built everything on the server, by the way. So if anything is impressive, just remember that I did it."
"Karl, that's the biggest lie you've ever told me. I watch the lore videos."
"Well, I did build it all so I don't know what to tell you. Let's go this way first."
Y/n followed as he showed her stuff, including background and unknown facts about things that have happened off stream. After the tour, they messed around the chessboard. At some point, she found a blue cornflower and turned to Karl.
"Do you have an anvil?"
"I don't exactly have one on me at the moment but I think there's one over here. What for?"
She killed some chickens with her fist to gain XP so she could carry out the task in mind. "I need to name this flower I found." She followed him a few blocks away and clicked the anvil and named the flower 'love, bug'. "Okay, thanks."
"Why did you name it?"
"It's a gift for someone."
"Me?" he asked as his character jumped up and down.
"No. My presence is your gift."
"Ouch. You know, honestly, I'm really hurt by that. Like, why would you say that to me? It's just sorta rude."
"Fine, I'll go get you a flower."
"Well, I don't want it if it isn't sincere. Who's that one for?"
" one."
"Tell me or I'll keep complaining about not getting a gift."
"I can deal with that."
"Okay, then tell me or I'll make you sleep in my bed and I'll smother you to death with my affection."
"Ah, okay, fine. It's for Dream."
"Wow you really hate me that much!" Karl laughed.
"No, I'm just not touchy like you!" she defended. She always worried she offended Karl since he was so physically affectionate towards his friends but she just wasn't a physical person.
"Oh, speaking of Dream..." he turned and Y/n followed his characters line of sight, having to zoom in to see the green figure perched at the top of a tree.
"He's very menacing."
"He does that."
<Bugsy> come here pls dream <Bugsy> i have a gift :]
Dream ran towards Y/n and stopped in front of her expectedly. She looked at Karl then back at Dream and dropped the gift, backing up after and crouching.
His character picked it up and held it, pausing to read the name. After a moment, he slowly looked up at Y/n's character before jumping and spinning in circles. Y/n hid her smile in her sleeve even though no one could see her.
<Dream> wait lemme see the one I gave you <Bugsy> what D: <Dream> I wanna name it
"What is going on?" Karl giggled.
"Gift exchange. Mind your own business."
"Woah!" Karl gasped dramatically. "Uncalled for."
Dream came back and dropped the renamed flower for her. Y/n picked it up and hovered over it to read the name.
'host, dream'
She gasped and started punching his character. He backed up and ran away but joined the call seconds later.
"Wait! Stop hitting me!" Dream yelled into her headset.
Y/n laughed, trying to contain her smile as she continued to hit the green character. "Dream! Are you kidding? I tried being all cute and you hosted me?? In MINECRAFT??"
"It was a joke! You said something like that to Wilbur on Twitter a while ago, I was just using your humor!" Dream's giggles filled Y/n's headphones and she smiled but quickly dropped it so her voice could sound serious.
"Give it back."
Dream looked at her before letting out a small, "What?"
"Give me back the flower so I can go burn it with the other one."
"What is going on?" Karl asked through a cackle. "Dream, did you hurt Bugsy??"
"Yes, Karl! He hurt my feelings! He gave me a flower and gave it back to name it something mean!"
Dream just laughed so Y/n punched him again.
"Dream! You can't hurt Bugsy!" Karl defended, also punching Dream.
All Y/n could hear was the sound of Dream wheezing, his character running as the two chased him. "Stop! You guys are so– STOP HITTING ME!"
"Fine," Y/n finally said, crouching and facing the ground as she walked into a corner to look like she was pouting. "I'm just not going to go on any Minecraft dates anymore."
"Wait, no," Dream protested in a soft voice, his character stopping to look at her's. "Take that back."
"Heart been broke so many times..."
"You're so stupid."
Karl gasped happily. "You guys have a Minecraft date? Can I help plan it?!"
"We did. In exchange for letting you give me the tour. But I've changed my mind since I've been so betrayed."
"Oh my gosh, you're so..." Dream trailed off but his wide smile could be heard through his voice.
"So what? Finish that sentence, Dream," Y/n dared teasingly.
"DREAM! SAY YOU'RE SORRY!" Karl yelled.
"Okay! I'm sorry! Bug, I'm so sorry. Really. Please let me... let me rename your flower something cute. It'll make you so happy that you'll fall in love with me all over again and–and we can go on our date. Please don't burn our flowers."
"And what if I don't give them to you?"
"I'll just kill you and pick them off your corpse."
"Woooooowwww. Okay, it's like that?"
"Yes, it is like that," he said through a smile. It was so apparent in his voice that he was grinning like a kid on Christmas morning.
<Ranboo> how is the tour going Bugsy was shot by Dream using DEFINITELY NOT PENIS <Ranboo> ah going well I see
Bugsy screamed in her mic as the death screen appeared. "DREAM!"
"You took too long!" He wheezed as Bugsy respawned.
"I don't know where I am!"
"Hold on, I'll avenge you!" Karl declared before he died too.
"You thought you could kill me with your fists? Karl, you're naked and I'm wearing full Netherite."
"You weren't when I started punching you! You pulled that out of thin air!"
<Ranboo> canon
Y/n smiled at Ranboo's comment. She had never talked to him but she knew he and Tubbo were close friends and he seemed really funny. He had already proved he had a dry sense of humor in the 30 minutes she was on the SMP and she loved that. Y/n made a mental note to befriend him before returning to being drama queen to Dream.
"So, Dream, now that you've made me an enemy–"
"WhAT? We are not enemies, Bug. I'm actually naming a flower something really cute as we speak. Enemies don't do that."
"Maybe I'm not your enemy but you sure are mine."
"Oh come on now," he mumbled lowly, running chills down her spine. What the hell was that?? "What do I have to do to make it up to you?"
"You-you murdered me in cold blood. Nothing will make it up."
"So I could get the flower! It was out of love! So I could give you a better present! Does that count for nothing?"
"Hm," she hummed. "We'll see what new name you come up with and then I'll decide."
Karl and Y/n got back to the chessboard and waited for Dream to return with his new flower.
Breaking character and turning towards her best friend, Y/n laughed at Karl. "Sorry for distracting from our BFF shenanigans time."
"This is way more entertaining," Karl assured. "Me and my chat got front row seats to the Dreamsy love saga."
"Shut up," she mumbled as she punched him in-game.
"Okay, okay, I'm back!!" Dream announced and they saw his figure sprinting and jumping towards them. He dropped the flower for Y/n and stepped back, crouching and standing repeatedly.
Y/n picked up the flower and hovered over it to read the name.
"Is it worthy of your forgiveness, Bugsy? Does it pass the vibe check?" Karl asked with a giggle.
Y/n bit her lip as she smiled at her screen.
to the prettiest girl in the world. love, dream <3
It was a joke, obviously. He was just continuing the joke of flirting with her like he does on Twitter just like Sapnap and Karl and George and Quackity do. They all joke about flirting with her and this was another joke.
But it still gave her tummy butterflies.
"Bug?" Dream called softly.
But why would he joke like that when neither of them were streaming? Karl's chat wouldn't see it so there was no one to point in feeding into the joke, unless he meant for Y/n to show Karl? She was overthinking. She needed to play it cool. 
She also needed an enderchest so no one could find it and no one could take it away from her and destroy it but they didn’t need to know she liked it that much.
"Mmm.... it'll do."
A/N: yeeee hope you guys liked this one! i think this is my favorite so far i just think dream was being too cute and i wanna be best friends with karl so much it hurts. we’re gonna get deeper into the dream relationship soon!! i just needed to indugle in bff karl content real quick!!!
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geazled · 4 months ago
The Narnia Fandom on Instagram is Disgusting
Well, this is going to be a ramble, a vent, and possibly a serious discussion. I will be taking names because I know I won't suffer any consequences since I've been forced to withdraw from the community because of how fucking toxic it has gotten.
Now, I think you will appreciate a little context and I will be writing this from my point of view, starting over two weeks ago, when episode 5 of Loki aired.
I think even here, most of you will disagree that Narnia is racist at its worst, and stereotyped at its best. I have gathered many arguments and most of which were drawn from this article right here and I will appreciate it if you took a look at it before coming at me.
Now, tricia_pevensie on Instagram made a 25-minute long video explaining why Narnia is not racist (using the term not exclusively for colour but talking about religion as well). I can't link the video since I've been blocked but you can find her page here.
That was what caused the brown people in the community, including me and some others (@grishaxverse and @eds-gryff), to take a stand and speak against it. Now, because we had so deeply been hurt by it, we might have been rude and angry but we weren't indecent, which people accused us of being.
Obviously, her video got amazing support, and we were spoken against and criticised, our voices buried down. Only a handful of people including thegoldenageofnarnia.wattpad and @naturallynarnian and @khaleesi-of-hel and tinysmolenerd were with us and spoke in our favour. The others (I can't count how many) supported that very, very hurtful video or did not speak at all, though we knew whose side they were on. To see so many saying that we were in the wrong, being called 'the drama corner' broke our hearts. We are brown, we have experienced stereotypes and racism, and we recognise it if it's implied in books. We are in the minority in the fandom and we've been pushed even further down by these people.
After that came the homophobia. I don't think there are any homophobes on Tumblr, at least not that I know of. It's a very accepting community which is why I feel safe writing this. But Instagram is a different case. It started on Twitter when I saw a tweet from narniantolkien. I quote, "There are no LGTB characters in Narnia." (And then validating their claim by saying 'They are children'.) If that isn't homophobia, I don't know what is. So, I went on my account on Instagram and spoke against it. They tweeted back and arguments were thrown back and forth (them saying they're bisexual and then later deleting their tweets when mine got more support). This irked me, so back on Instagram, I created a poll asking people to vote yes if they fully supported the LGBTQ+ community.
I sought out those who did not vote and confronted them privately. These were private chats so I won't disclose who these people were, but I had talked with four homophobes within the first 24 hours. It disheartened me to see how many of them used religion (explicitly Christianity) to excuse their homophobia, saying no one can be asked to go against their religion, which is a laughable argument on multiple levels because if that were true, I don't think the world would have lasted as long as it has.
I actually had to read, (might not be completely accurate, paraphrased) 'Yes, sometimes, there are unnatural urges that people have to learn to leave behind because they are wrong'. That is so fucked up, and it made me hate religion even more for making people believe that. (I am an Atheist.) Then on FFN, I was asked why Atheists don't promote incest and bestiality- the link
So, I went on my story, and wrote this: 'Religion does not teach your morals, society does. All religion does is make you hate/invalidate/ issue violence against people because of their sexuality. Religion forms cults and causes partitions of entire countries (referring to India, my own country here). Religion is fucked up. And it's rotting some people's brains'. (I apologised for it later on, multiple times because I, unlike some, recognise people's hurt and actively apologise for it.)
I was promptly asked to stop bashing religion and the conversation twisted into not so friendly arguments. Now, this person has one of the biggest fanpages on Instagram, and had indirectly asked me to leave (of course, denying it), and I was intimidated. I apologised so many times. The conversation ended and I had sobbed my eyes out.
It was fucking trauma.
So, I withdrew from the entire drama, let the people be passively homophobic.
But I made a last post and completely left it all behind.
Until another post that said, very clearly, and I quote, "I respect oc's, fanfictions, or au ships but please don't take it too far. The stories are supposed to wholesome and pretty, not sexual or horrible". That was what was said. I had a problem with it, because I read smut and I respect smut writers. No one has a right to tell anyone what or what not to write. And it was what they were doing, and equating sex with horror. I was baffled, and a little angered. But everything I commented was nice and was not remotely, remotely rude. It was rational. I even apologised to them personally if it had bothered them. But theyblocked me.
That...that triggered something. And I just had to leave. I had to.
The last two weeks have been traumatic for me. Traumatic. And people are putting up arguments 'don't create drama, don't ruin it for everyone' when we have been attacked at our core.
You tell me, how was any of that fair to the browns, to the queer, or to the smut writers. How? And how is we publicly stating our views against something that has hurt us wrong and rude? Is it not the opposite? Is it not you who are ignoring us and not respecting our opinions when every time we try to speak up, the entire bigoted section of the fandom comes at us and tries to criticise and call us bad for simply stating our thoughts? Are you not the one at fault here if someone has literally been bullied out of the fandom? Are you not supposed to hold yourself accountable and possibly apologise to the person you did wrong? The person that has actually cried and felt an experience no one should in a fandom?
How are minorities supposed to be protected and sheltered if their voices are never heard or their thoughts never validated? Do you consider yourself that big and us that small that if we criticise something that we find hurtful, we are the bad guys all of a sudden? Is that what our place as browns is in the fandom?
As a footnote, I'd just like to add that yes, Narnia is a Children's Fantasy, but why do so many of you ignore the fact there is a Bacchanal (which is a sex cult) in Narnia?
Lastly, I would humbly ask you to reblog if you think the browns have been invalidated here and that the people of colour are as important as the whites in this fandom.
Thank you for reading.
(Some tags: @rthstewart @bloodybigwardrobe @madnessiseverything @wingedflight @deepmagic @eds-gryff @grishaxverse @edmundrex )
(The people I mentioned were the ones that played the most vital parts in me leaving the fandom for good. If you'd like to know the full story, please contact me. I feel like sharing would shed some burden.)
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the-autisticats · 10 months ago
“How should I help an autistic person who’s having a meltdown?”
This is a question that hundreds of people asked after my latest Twitter thread about Sia’s movie, where the autistic character is restrained in prone position while having a meltdown.
That post explains why & how prone restraint is dangerous and traumatic. But a lot of people were wondering what should be done to help an autistic person during a meltdown. What are the alternatives to restraint? What would I recommend, as someone who’s had countless severe meltdowns myself?
I generally advise against trying to assist with a meltdown unless you know the person. If they’re totally by themselves, then it’s a judgement call. But more often than not, the person will already have someone with them who can help. Additionally, having a stranger approach during a meltdown has a high chance of making the situation even more stressful for the autistic person. So only approach the person in this circumstance if you think it’s absolutely necessary and would definitely help. For example, if the person was lost and needed assistance getting back to a familiar location.
Okay, so, what do you do if assisting the person is the right role for you to take?
The first step when assisting with any meltdown, is to minimize sensory input and ensure physical safety. Meltdowns are the result of overstimulation, so it’s important to try and reduce the amount of external factors that could be causing overwhelm. It’s also important to ensure that the person is not in immediate danger. Often, solving for those two things will involve changing location.
This is complicated, and if a meltdown is already underway it might be impossible to change locations safely. Even if you do change locations, the meltdown has already started so it’s not just going to stop immediately. So, here are some suggestions for direct support to the person. All of this depends on the environment, the tools available, and your relationship to the person having the meltdown. Use your critical thinking skills to consider different types of responses in different scenarios.
If the person can’t speak: assess what communication methods they can use, and what kind of communication is necessary. If you need to collaborate with the person to find solutions (particularly if you’re in a public place), using an AAC app, a picture-based communication system, pen and paper, or sign language will probably be your best bet. If the person can’t access those things but is still able to nod & shake their head, make sure that any questions you ask are yes or no questions. If you ask something like “Do you want to stay or leave?” they won’t be able to respond. Instead say, “Do you want to stay?” and then if that answer isn’t clear, “Do you want to leave?”
If the person is in a loud or chaotic environment: try to remove them as soon as possible. If they stay in that situation, the meltdown will probably get worse. Sometimes it can be hard for autistic people to move on our own when we’re in a meltdown. We tend to get stuck. So having someone lead us elsewhere can be extremely helpful in a circumstance where we’re too overwhelmed to move ourselves or even know where to go.
If the person has comfort items: try to make sure they have access to them. Blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, water bottles, chewies, stim toys, etc. can all help comfort an autistic person who’s having a meltdown. Some of us have favorite items that we carry with us everywhere. Make sure we have those with us (assuming the items aren’t lost; and if they are lost, help us find them).
If the person is injuring themselves or others: the first step is to try and find replacements for those actions, that meet the same sensory need. If someone is biting themselves, try to find something else for them to bite into. Many autistic people have chewies and other stim toys that can help us in this type of situation. If we don’t have one with us, sometimes other kinds of strong sensory input can work as well. Something that has worked for me in the past, to keep me from biting or hitting myself, is to put something frozen on my lips or in my mouth. The cold is strong and provides a very similar sense of relief.
Many autistic people, myself included, find it beneficial to be hugged tightly and to have our hands or arms squeezed by someone else. But this really depends on the person and their sensory profile, as well as your relationship to the person. Some autistic people hate being touched during meltdowns. So you have to be aware of the individual and their specific needs.
The ONLY circumstance in which a person should be restrained, is if they are at imminent risk of causing injury to themselves or others. Noncompliance, angry speech, etc. are NOT a valid reason to restrain someone. And the typical kinds of restraint used on autistic people are actually quite dangerous. Prone restraint, for example, can be deadly. The only kind of restraint I’ve had used on me that was physically comfortable and felt safe, was when my mom sat behind me and put her legs over mine (leaving some space so that I could still bend my knees a little bit), and hugged me from behind so that my upper arms were against my sides but my hands & wrists weren’t being held and could still move.
I’ve been restrained in a basket hold and in prone position, and both of those positions were extremely painful and traumatic to me. There are probably forms of restraint similar to the one I described that would work but are not harmful and that don’t run the risk of injuring the person. The key I think is to have the person sitting upright, and to restrict the movement of their limbs without putting any pressure on their torso or running the risk of bending/stretching their limbs too far. And again, only do this if it’s absolutely necessary and all other options have been exhausted.
If the person is stimming, making loud noises, sobbing, screaming, and so on: Do not restrain the person, try to stop them from stimming, or try to stop them from making noise. As long as they’re physically safe, this needs to be allowed because it’s the only way for the energy of the meltdown to be released. If they’re screaming and it hurts your ears, put in earplugs to meet your own sensory needs. The truth is that there’s almost always nothing you can do to stop this aspect of a meltdown. All you can do is provide sensory tools, move the person to a safer and quieter location, and wait for it to pass.
Now, here are some reminders about meltdowns:
They are neurological events that are beyond the person’s control
Becoming angry at a person who’s having a meltdown will not help
Meltdowns are caused by a buildup of overwhelming stimuli, not just one tiny thing
They can be triggered more easily if the person is hungry or has low blood sugar (so if a person is getting cranky or seems like they might enter a meltdown, try to get them to eat something)
Every autistic person is different, which means that all of our meltdowns look different and all of us need different things when we’re being helped
You should talk to your autistic friends or relatives about how to help them during a meltdown when they’re in a calm and regulated state. If you can’t talk to the person, you can ask their caregivers what things tend to help the most
Meltdowns often require a period of recovery and after-care. Make sure that the person is safe and comfortable as they recover
While there are lots of things you can do to mitigate the chances of a meltdown happening, sometimes they just can’t be prevented. That’s okay, and it’s something you can prepare for
Communication is key when caring for someone who’s having a meltdown. Let them know what you’re doing and why, ask simple questions when needed, and listen when they communicate with you
What works during one meltdown might not work during the next one. Try to be flexible and ready to adapt as needed, because every situation is different
It’s okay if you don’t get everything right. Situations like these are stressful and hard for everyone involved, so don’t worry about doing things perfectly. All that matters is that you’re trying your best
This is all I have to say for now, but there’s a lot that I’m forgetting about or just haven’t included because it would make the post too long.
If you have any questions about autism that you want answered quickly and you’re willing to pay me a small amount (starting at $3) via Venmo or PayPal, you can email your questions to me at and I’ll get back to you with a detailed answer (and payment information) as soon as possible. This is something I’m starting as I expand the consulting side of my advocacy work. Thank you for your support!
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cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc · 6 months ago
One more time
Summary: Alex regrets ever saying yes. All he wants is a second chance.
Trigger warning: Mentions of cheating, mentions of sex, swearing, angst
Author's note: my first piece off hiatus !! - you're a twitch streamer in this fic but it won't come up too much :) hope u like it <3
Tumblr media
Based on: Break My Heart Again - FINNEAS
you sigh. your ex-boyfriend called again. you've been ignoring your phone for 5 minutes now. was he really this desperate?
you pick up your phone and slide the green button.
"what do you want, alex?"
"___, you picked up!"
he sounded extremely relieved, like he needs you to breathe.
"i did, now what do you want?"
alex sighed and leaned on a wall in his bedroom.
"can i come over? there's some stuff i still need to pick up."
you suck in a breath sharply. the air is thick and tense.
you clench the phone you were holding and bit your lip.
"i don't want to see you right now."
alex closed his eyes and pushed himself off the wall.
"i understand, you need time."
there was silence for a moment. neither of you wanted to say anything.
"if you want to come over that bad you can get your things tomorrow morning."
"sounds good. i'll be there around 11, okay?"
you ended the call.
alex let his arm drop beside him. his eyes were watering, but he wiped it away with the sleeve of his hoodie.
it's his fault, he knew. but why is he still so upset? he shouldn't feel like this - it's is his own doing, after all.
you open the door to your home. alex was standing on the porch with a few empty bags in hand. the morning sun blinded you slightly, making you squint at the man in front of you.
"hi ___."
"hello, alex. all your belongings are on the couch.
"great, thank you."
he looks over as he's folding a shirt.
"what are you looking at?"
you say without looking away from your laptop.
his face was getting red slightly from embarrassment.
"nothing, you seem busy."
alex directed his eyes back to the clothes in front of him.
"otherwise you would've said something about me."
alex snickered slightly, trying to lighten the mood.
you sigh, holding your face in one of your hands.
don't say it. ___, keep it in. there's no point in fighting him. ___-
"if i wanted to make a comment it'd be about the fact you can't keep your dick in your pants."
god damn it, why did you do that?
he fell quiet. you hated his guts, but even you felt kind of bad for being so blunt with it.
a part of you still loved him. his loud, yet charming laugh. his sweet kisses. his adorable clinginess. his blushing face when you teased him.
you shake your head, trying to physically get rid of your pity for him. he doesn't love you anymore. he shouldn't, and neither should you.
after filling the bags with alex's belongings he stood up and wiped his forehead. you waver from your work and look him up and down.
"you done?"
you asked him. he turned around and gave you a weak smile.
"yeah, i think so."
"good, you know the way out."
you turn back to your computer.
"___, wait. can i ask you something?"
you make eye contact with him, fully aware it makes him nervous.
"what do you want?"
alex took a quick breath.
"can we talk sometime?"
you look at him like he spoke an alien tongue.
"why the hell would i?"
"i want to talk about what happened between us. i hate that our relationship is so sour."
he set a step forward.
"i just want this to end peaceful - or at least neutral."
"why the fuck would i want to be peaceful with you of all people?"
"i hate ending things on the wrong foot, you know that."
alex stands his ground, making you livid.
"then we make up, and then what? you'll just break my heart again!"
you stand up, simultaneously pushing the chair away with your legs.
"then i can lay awake and think about why i even let you inside my house again in the first place?!"
if looks could kill, alex would be on the floor.
"fine. if you don't want to, then i guess everything will just stay the way it is."
alex turned around and grabbed his bags. there's no way he's getting through to you right now.
"oh, so now it's my fault?"
you slam your laptop and walk away from the table.
"well, i'm so sorry for being angry at you for cheating on me!"
you don't hold your anger in anymore, he crossed the line.
"i never said that, ___!"
alex yelled to match your energy.
you took a step back. the audacity to yell at you in your house.
"out. now."
alex grabbed the second bag of clothes and without a word walked to the front door.
"goodbye, ___."
alex pushes the door open and steps outside. you go after him but stop at the doorstep.
"fuck you!" you sob out. you grab the doorknob and slam the door shut.
your knees slowly got weaker and you sit against the front door, shutting your eyes.
it's been a month since you've seen alex. you've blocked him on everything since then.
you were doing a q&a on your twitch channel and everything was going well. chat was filled with questions and you answered the one's you could.
your thoughts were somewhere else, though.
you still miss him, you really did. alex used to watch your streams all the time. he sent you donations with cheesy pick-up lines, he called you during streams to make fun of you for dying in a game or just to chat while he's bored.
but that didn't happen anymore.
you realize you haven't said anything in a while and you apologize. your chat was spamming purple hearts and 'are you okay?'
"ah, sorry everyone, i'm still tired from yesterday. i think i'm going to end the stream for today, thank you all for coming!"
after saying goodbye you turn off your computer.
why are you still so obsessed over him?! he cheated on you! he even tried to cover it up with a bullshit story about "not being the first to kiss her," and "she forced me to," like someone would believe a lie like that.
yet, you still love him. something inside you wants to believe him, like he really was telling the truth.
the next morning you open twitter and scroll for a bit. you made a tweet earlier in which you stated you weren't going to stream today.
you looked at the trending topics and saw your name in bold letters. you clicked on it and read the first tweet that popped up.
'i really hope ___ is doing better, they looked so sad on stream :('
an image was attached to it - a screenshot from the stream you did yesterday where you were mindlessly staring at your computer screen.
you sighed. at least they're not thinking too deep about this.
you scroll further down, replying and liking a couple tweets saying you were alright, thanking them or cracking a joke. this should keep them off your back for a while.
after scrolling for a bit one tweet catches your eye. you clutch your phone as you read the comment.
'kinda obvious they miss quackity :/ it's a good cover-up story tho '
alex was staring at his ceiling. he'd seen the tweets about you - about him.
he hates this feeling. he hates the fact that he knows what you're thinking. he hates that he knows it's his fault. he didn't mean to. he didn't.
"come on, alex. you know you want it." the woman said.
"i told you, no! i have a partner!" alex pushed her away for the second time, trying to find a way past the girl and out of this small alleyway. he should've never gone to this stupid bar.
"tch, whatever. but know you'll regret rejecting someone like me!" the girl pushed him to the brick wall and fixed her dress as she walked away.
alex fixed himself for a minute and walked past the bar and into his car. he pulled out his phone and shot you a quick text.
'hey bb i'll be over in a few :)'
'don't come back.'
you responded almost immediately. alex froze as he looked at the screen.
'you know damn well why'
you sent him a photo of him next to the bar in the alley. the girl was all over him while her lips connected lustfully to his.
'it isn't what it looks like, i didn't start any of this!'
you don't respond. alex tries to send you another text when an error pops up.
'unable to send message. user has blocked you.'
you hover your hand over your phone's keyboard. you thought anbout alex's offer to talk, and decided that maybe it was a good idea after all. you couldn't get your mind off him, you thought that hopefully getting some closure could help.
but how were you going to ask him? 'hey, i know i blocked number like a month ago but can you to meet me at some random park? see you there!'
after typing and deleting multiple texts you eventually landed on a message.
'hey alex, i've been thinking about your offer to talk it out, and i wanted to ask if you're still up for it?'
you send it and immediately turn off your phone and place it on the coffeetable in front of you. you did it, finally. you fall back on your couch and pull your knees up to your face, waiting for a notification.
after a nailbiting five minutes a light emits from your phone. you pick it up and read the name calling you. 'alex'. you take a deep breath and answer the phone.
"hi alex."
"hey ___, it's been a while."
you sit up straight, preparing yourself for the conversation you're about to have.
'yeah, you can say that."
the atmosphere was a lot less tense than you expected. it was weirdly... comforting? you can hear alex's raspy voice through the phone. has he been crying?
"i saw your text, you wanted to meet?"
"yes, i did. i wanted to get some closure, at least."
alex chuckled, his laugh making you a little flustered. trying to brush it off, you laugh with him.
"what's so funny?" alex asked.
you rolled your eyes and smile.
"you, dumbass."
he gasps cartoonishly loud. his goofy personality is something you could never get enough of. maybe you were wrong after all.
"ok, but seriously, when do you want to meet?"
he gets back on topic. you snap out of your smile and remember why he called in the first place.
"right, right. i'm free this whole week, you can choose when."
after some planning and back and forth, you decide to meet at a small family-run café in the afternoon. coincidentally, it's the same place you two had your first date.
you settle down at a table on the terrace of the café, the sunday sun greeting you warmly. you were a little early, so you decided to think of some questions. it didn't take you long to come to a few, though. your main question was the photo. what was that all about?
as you were handed a menu you saw alex walking on the pavement fidgeting with his fingers.
"hey! sorry if i'm late, i took the bus instead of my car."
he took the seat parallel to yours and exhaled.
"oh no, you're right on time. i was just a little early."
the waitress gave alex a menu and disappeared into the establishment. you both decided to stay quiet before getting on topic. neither of you want to start the conversation.
after both ordering and having surface level conversation for a while silence fell. you both know why you're here, it feels off to talk like nothing ever happened.
you both start at the same time. alex awkwardly chuckles while covering his mouth.
"you first."
alex proposes. you nod and like magic lose the somewhat content mood you had prior. you steadily breathe in and pull out your phone.
"so, first things first; my main goal is to get closure and an explanation - there's no point in lying to me."
alex hums in agreement. you could tell he was nervous, you knew him better than anyone. you tap on your screen a few times until you reach the photo that was sent to you.
"now, i want a clear answer. what happened that night?"
you ask him firmly as you put your phone on the table to reveal the image.
"that's my ex-girlfriend."
alex said. you raise an eyebrow - his ex? you've heard some wild things about her and her antics, which is exactly why alex broke up with her in the first place.
"she said she wanted to ask me something in private. my dumbass said yes, because i can't pick up on context clues, apparently."
you cross your arms and lean back on the chair.
"you got that right."
alex looks up from the photo and makes eye contact with you.
"long story short, she pushed me to the wall and kissed me. i tried to push her off but she didn't let me go. after shoving her, like, twice she finally got the hint and left."
"so she set you up?"
"she hasn't changed a bit since all those years."
you say with a hint of condescension. his explanation made sense, and from what you heard he wasn't lying. your gut told you to believe him, yet your mind had an itching feeling that there was something else.
"are you sure that's all?"
alex flinched slightly.
"y-yes, ___. i don't know what else to tell you."
you mess with your hair a bit, clearly conflicted. there was nothing else, you knew that. but your brain wouldn't let it go. you decided it's better if you just sleep on it.
"alright, then.-"
you grab your bag and stand up.
"-i think we're done here."
alex stays seated and looks up at you.
"yeah, i think so."
you pick the phone up that's laying on the table. you pull out your wallet and put a $5 bill under your teacup.
"goodbye, alex."
alex stands up and grabs your wrist, the gesture scaring you little bit.
"are you still mad at me?"
those eyes. they're so pretty, almost sparlking. you snap out of it when he lets go, just realizing how weird it is to grab someone's arm out of nowhere.
"sorry, my bad. i wasn't thinking."
alex scratches the back of his neck.
"i'm still deciding if i can trust you, but i appreciate you showing up, at least."
"that's enough for me."
alex smile at you, not trying to pry.
"goodbye, ___."
"goodbye, alex."
you heard the chirping of the birds outside your window and groan. why is it already morning? you sit up and grab your phone from the nightstand next to your bed, the phone reading 11:23 - tuesday - xx-xx-xxxx.
you sigh and fall back onto your bed. you've been thinking about alex for a few days now, still not getting him out of your head.
after going downstairs and eating some toast you pull out your phone again, the clock now reading 12:44. you look through your contacts and eventually land on his name.
you hover your hand over the green pixels while sitting down at the dining table. you swallow audibly and click the call button.
it goes once.
it goes twice.
'Hey alex, i wanted to ask you if you wanted to meet up again?"
Tumblr media
ty for reading <3
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The Miracle Question-Bucky Barnes x Reader
Tumblr media
(GIF credit to @sebastianruinedme​)
Summary: When Bucky doesn’t tell (Y/N) that he missed his appointment, nearly getting into trouble with the government, she becomes furious and upset with him. She demands to have a session with him, wondering if their relationship is as stable as they thought it was, and if it’s actually making Bucky worse. To add to her anger, the new ‘Captain America’ decides to step in.
Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Sam Wilson x Reader (platonic), John Walker x Reader (acquaintances), Lemar Hoskins x Reader (acquaintances)
Meanings: (Y/N)=Your name
(Y/L/N)=Your last name
Warnings: Mentions of therapy, arguing, slight violence, fluff
Why would he do something like this and not tell me? He was doing so well with his appointments, and although I knew he wasn't enjoying them, at least he was going so he could get them over and done with. We hardly spoke of them, he was never the one to bring up the topic, it was always me; I just wanted to know how he was doing, I cared for him so much, and it was hurting me to think he wasn't able to open up.
"Sam." I got his attention as I briskly walked into the police station.
"Hey," he could see I was upset, immediately using a calmer tone,"he's alright. His therapist is here, she's got everything sorted."
"But why did it take me watching a video on twitter of my boyfriend being arrested to know about this?"
No one had called. Surely I was one of his emergency contacts? And if I (bizarrely) wasn't, why hadn't Sam called me?
Sam sighed."He didn't want you to know. He missed an appointment he had to go to and-"
"Didn't want me to know?!" I raised my voice, not caring if I grabbed the attention of anyone around us.
Sam held up his hands, trying to quieten me."Look, I'm not getting involved with your personal matters. That's up to you two. Just keep your voice down, we are in a police station."
I scoffed in disbelief."Why didn't he want me to know? He knew I would be angry, but I would never argue about it with him, or make him feel bad about it. I would support him."
"I know you wouldn't, and so does he. Bucky is still getting used to opening up, even with you. He just doesn't want to hurt you."
“Sam,” an older woman interrupted us,“I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m Doctor Raynor, I’m James’ therapist.”
They shook hands.“It’s so nice to meet you.”
Raynor put her attention on me, also shaking my hand.“You must be (Y/N) (Y/L/N), the girlfriend. I’ve also heard a lot about you.”
“You have? Oh, didn’t think he would talk about me that much.”
“Thank you for getting him out.” Sam quickly interjected. 
“Oh, that was not me.”
“Christina!” another voice called out.
We all turned to see who called, and I almost rolled my eyes when I saw who it was. John Walker, the new ‘Captain America’, was headed our way, almost swaggering. People immediately wanted pictures which he agreed to, and although I know Steve might have done the same in some cases, it wouldn’t be a priority for him, nor would he look like was was enjoying it. Although I didn’t want to judge others before knowing them, America had given the title to some random man, forgetting that Steve was not only a hero, but a friend and family to people like us. 
“It’s great to see you again.” Walker said as he shook someone’s hand.
“You gotta be kidding me, you know him?” Sam mumbled.
“Yeah, we did some field ops back in the day.”
“Heard you were working with Bucky so I thought I would step in.” he said as he approached.“Bucky’s not gonna be following a strict schedule any longer.”
“We haven’t finished our work. Who’s authorised this?”
“Um...” he smiled as he gestured to himself.
Who was he to come in here and change everything? Bucky was doing well in his therapy sessions...or at least I assumed he was, we never spoke about it. And I hated the way he called him ‘Bucky’; only close ones were allowed to call him that. 
A loud buzzer sounded throughout the station, and I whipped my head around, relieved to see Bucky walking out with two police officers. I no longer listened to Walker, running towards my boyfriend. He easily caught me as I threw my arms around him, not caring that the policemen escorting him out were watching.
“What are you doing here?” He asked, seeming both worried and annoyed.
“Bucky, you got arrested! I had to come see you, make sure you’re OK. Why didn’t you get someone to call me? Also, why did you miss your session anyway?”
“It’s a long story. And it’s not worth telling.”
“What are you talking about?”
Bucky’s eye line was now on Walker as he shouted over his shoulder,“I’ll be outside.”
Before I could say anything else, Dr. Raynor spoke,“James, condition of your release, session now. You too, Sam and (Y/N).”
“That’s OK. I’ll be out here with-”
She interrupted Sam.“That wasn’t a request.”
Bucky was silent as he slid away, reluctantly following the doctor. I tried holding his hand, but he was making it difficult to even grab it in the first place. My heart sank at the thought of Bucky not wanting me there, not even wanting to be comforted. When these sessions first began, he would come home and want to be held, be comforted; sometimes he asked if he could hold me, just to ensure that I was there with him, that I could feel safe in his arms. That was happening less and less now, it scared me to think he didn’t want this relationship anymore. 
We were sat in an interrogation room, Dr Raynor on one side and two chairs on the other. She told Bucky and I to sit first, and that she would deal with Sam later. Nerves suddenly washed over me, petrified of what sort of answers Bucky was going to give.
“OK, so we can all sense a lot of tension in this room. And although I’m going in a slightly unprofessional route, I feel that we all need to do this to ensure you are all OK, that is my job after all. So, who wants to go first?”
She looked between me and Bucky. Part of me wanted to get the confrontation out of the way, perhaps that would make things go quicker and we would get out of here sooner. But my fear held me back. 
“No volunteers? Wow, that’s surprising. Okay. We’re going to do any exercise. It’s something I use with couples when they are trying to figure out what sort of life they wanna build together. Are you familiar with the miracle question?”
I nodded.“Yes.”
“No.” Bucky answered at the same time. 
“OK, it goes like this. Suppose that while you’re sleeping, a miracle occurs. When you wake up, what is something that you would like to see that would make your life better?”
Shit, that was deep. There’s a million things I could think of that I wanted with Bucky. We used to talk about it all the time. He wanted security in knowing that I wanted a life with him, and I wanted the same, hoping that one day it would happen. Glancing at him, Bucky was slouched in the chair, staring at his hands folded together on his lap. It didn’t look like he was going to be saying anything soon, so I took the first step.
“Um...” I started, unsure how to word this.“I would want to take away any suffering Bucky has gone through, so that he could have a somewhat normal life, and didn’t have to force himself through things like this. No offence doctor. That way he wouldn’t have to feel pressured into opening up and he would tell me anything that was on his mind.”
“That’s a good start.” Raynor slowly said.“And it’s a very sweet sentiment, but it’s what you want, (Y/N).”
“That is what I want. All I want is for Bucky to be happy, I love him.”
“Again, very sweet, I know you care about him very much. But let’s try looking at it a different way. You want your miracle to be that James opens up more. That he lets you into the side of his life you don’t get to see in person.”
“I...I guess.”
“You feel left out of the equation, because James won’t express how he’s feeling?”
“Yeah, when you put it like that, that’s what I want. I want my boyfriend to be able to feel like he can tell me anything, no matter how gruesome, traumatic or even little it is.”
“Right. Glad we got there in the end. OK James, your turn.”
I watched in anticipation for Bucky to speak. What if I had messed things up? What if that was the opposite of what he wanted? 
“My miracle would be...not having you involved in that side of things.”
He didn’t even look at me as he spoke. He also didn’t look phased by his answer. So his miracle would be to not have me know about a huge part of his life? He was a hero for god’s sake! Why was he shutting me out? What had I done to deserve this? Had I hurt him in some way that made him feel that he couldn’t talk to me anymore?
“What? Bucky, have I done something to upset you?”
“I just think it would be easier for both of us.”
“You know I’m always here for you, right? We’ve spoke about this before, I don’t understand why you’re only expressing this now.”
Raynor tried to get us back on track.“Alright you two, I think we need to dissect this-”
“I’m sorry doctor but I would like Bucky to elaborate more on this matter, because I’m not fully understanding.”
“What’s not to understand?” he finally looked at me, but I hated this expression. It was as if I had asked the stupidest question in the world.
“Bucky, why are you being like this? You used to tell me about everything, what’s changed?”
He didn’t answer. I just scoffed, hastily grabbing my handbag and coat.
“(Y/N), please sit down.” Raynor asked. 
“I can’t. I can’t sit here and wait for an explanation that I’m not going to get. Just focus on the two heroes, I’ll find out about all of this never.”
I rushed out of the room, breathing heavily as I tried not to cry, but my eyes were already watering. Ignoring looks from people in the waiting room, I couldn’t stop myself from starting to cry. Although I had every reason to be upset that my boyfriend wasn’t communicating with me anymore, I also felt slightly guilty for just storming out of there. Maybe we would have resolved it. 
“Miss, you OK?” 
Oh, I did not want to deal with Walker right now. He would only piss me off.
“Do you need help? We can provide assistance if you need it.”
Although I had wanted to walk away, I knew I should have, my feet were already leading me towards him. I was embarrassed that I was still crying, but I tried to block that from my mind by now. He was leaning against a police car with his friend, who’s name I hadn’t bothered learning.
“You don’t look so good, shall we get a cop to drive you home?”
“Who do you think you are?!” I snapped.
“Well, I’m Captain America-”
“No, you’re someone who thinks they’re anything close to what Steve was. He didn’t go around introducing himself as Captain America, He didn’t care about the title. I understand you’re under a lot of pressure Walker, Steve has a huge legacy to live up to. But don’t you dare come waltzing in expecting those two amazing men to immediately work alongside you like nothing has changed.”
“You got all of that out of your system?”
My eyes widened at him.“Are you serious right now?”
“Look,” his friend butted in,“we just don’t think it’s a good idea for you to get mixed up in this. We’re dealing with something major here, it could effect the whole world.”
“Sorry, but who are you?”
He rolled his eyes.“Come on man, how many times? It’s Battlestar.”
My face remained emotionless.
“Lemar Hoskins? You know, the new Captain America with his-”
“I don’t think she cares.” Walker explained. 
“You think I don’t know anything about trying to save the world? My friends are part of the Avengers, my boyfriend fought against Thanos. He disappeared in the Blip and I was left by myself wondering if he would ever come back. I’ve been targeted, I’ve seen aliens close up. Nothing could effect me now.”
“Well, I’m sorry you’ve had to endure that.”
“Do you two just not listen to anyone but yourselves?”
“(Y/N), listen,” Walker dared to put his hand on my shoulder,“you’re a normal citizen like us. No super powers, no hidden strength, yet here you are with a super soldier that’s over a hundred years old! I mean, do the maths here, you could have walked away from all this danger. And yet, here you are, by yourself at a police station, whilst your boyfriend cares more about his ‘job’ than making sure you’re safe.”
That was it, the last straw. I slapped his hand off of me, preparing to punch him square in the face, when someone pulled me back.
“No (Y/N)!” Sam raised his voice as he made sure to distance me away from Walker. He quickly stood in between us. 
“What did you do, Walker!?” Bucky quickly stormed over.“Did you touch her?!”
Sam was desperately trying to diffuse the situation, knowing that people could be watching.“Bucky, calm down.”
“Did he do anything to you?” Bucky asked me quietly, his hands cupping my face as he looked over me.
My heart raced at the gesture, forgetting for a second that I was upset with him. I shook my head with his hands still on me, and they slid down my arms, one wrapping around my waist to keep me close to him. 
“I didn’t touch her Bucky, I was just trying know what, it’s not even important. Can we talk, privately?”
“(Y/N) is staying.”
Walker sighed.“Look, if we divide ourselves, we don’t stand a chance, you guys know that.”
“So what do you got?” Sam said.
“Well the leader’s name’s Karli Morgenthau. We’ve been targeting civilians who’ve been helping Karli move from place to place.”
Lemar spoke up.“They geotagged a location, then scrambled the signal. But our satellites have found their symbol popping up in various displaced communities all across Central and Eastern Europe.” 
“We think she’s taking the medicine she just stole to one of these camps.” Walker added.
“Well, there are a lot of those all over the planet since the Blip.” Bucky pointed out.
“Hundreds probably.” I said. 
“So I guess you’ll have to look real hard.”
Walker smirked.“Good thing I have 20/20 vision, huh?”
“Where is she now, Walker? Do you know?”
“No, we don’t know, Bucky.” Walker was agitated.“It’s only a matter of time before we find out.”
Bucky had to push his buttons even more.“Things are really intense for you, aren’t they, Walker?”
Sam came to stand between us and Walker.“Take it easy. Look, Walker’s right. It is imperative that we find them and stop them. But you guys have rules of engagement and all kind of authorization you have to get. We’re free agents. We’re more flexible. So it wouldn’t make sense for us to work with you.”
Sam and Bucky turned away, Bucky guiding me with him. Walker called after us.
“A word of advice, then. Stay the hell out of my way.”
I instantly became defensive.“What the hell is that supposed to mean-”
“It’s OK.” Bucky reassured me, making sure I didn’t go back. Frustrated that Walker got the last word, I hesitantly followed my boyfriend. 
“Hold up,” Sam stopped us,“I think you two need a quick chat before we delve into anything else. You both know that this is something big, we don’t know what we’re fully dealing with yet or how to fix it. Before we do all of that, you two better resolve whatever happened back there. I’ll be waiting Buck.”
We both watched Sam walk away, unsure how to start this conversation. He clearly showed that he still cared for me back there, but should I still be worried that our relationship was headed in a rocky direction?
“You OK?”
“Honestly? No, not really.”
“Do you realise how much you hurt me back there? I don’t want you to feel like you can’t speak to me anymore. And about me not being involved; what do you think the last years have been like? I know everything, you’ve expressed so much to me, opened up about your past. Why has that suddenly changed?”
“Because we have a chance now. The world is...relatively back to normal. I got an opportunity to make sure you’re safer, keep all of these nightmares away from you, not pass on my torture to you.”
“Bucky...what have the past years been for? Nothing needs to change. Just because things are getting back to how they used to be, it doesn’t mean we need to forget about the past. If I don’t know what’s going on with you, how can I look after you? How can I help you?”
“You shouldn’t have to do this-”
“I already made that decision when I knew I wanted to be with you. But we can’t revert back to how it was Bucky, not after all the work and effort we put in.”
“I’m sorry. I really thought I could make everything better.”
I sighed, reaching out to hold his hand.“They already were. I know whatever you’ve got yourself into is big, but I’m here for you Bucky, I always will be.”
“I’m sorry again, I’ll make sure I keep opening up to you. That’s the least you deserve.” 
I went on my tip toes to kiss him, still worried despite everything he had said. Bucky was still fragile, but now he was on another mission. I wasn’t sure if it was the best thing for him, something for him to focus on. Or it could send him in a spiral, and I wouldn’t know anything about it. I had to stay close to this mission, even if it meant I was in danger. Though what would change there? I had to keep an eye on him, I had to make sure he was OK. I loved him too much to let him slip back into the dark.
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agustdakasuga · 6 months ago
Reflection Of You | Chapter 2
Genre: Historical!AU, Timetraveller!AU/ Different Dimension, Romance
Pairing: SUGA x Reader, Yoongi x Reader
Characters: Normal!Reader, Idol!Suga, King!Yoongi, Guard!Seokjin, Guard!Jungkook, RoyalAdvisor!Namjoon, Servant!Jimin, Servant!Hoseok, Prince!Taehyung
Summary: Confirming you were dating the famous Min Suga of BTS, you knew you were bound to make some enemies. But what you didn’t expect was to be cursed, leading you to meet a cold-hearted, arrogant king that shares the same face as your rapper lover.  
It’s time to officially announce to the rest of the world that Min Yoongi has a girlfriend, even if you are the one that has to suffer from the repercussions.
Tumblr media
You sat with Yoongi in the meeting room. The other members sat behind you on the couch, having tagged along for moral support. Across the table, opposite you, was Bang PD and the head of the PR team, Mrs Lee. 
“With the fan that leaked the photo, we are pressing all charges against her. Our representatives will be preparing a case to bring to court.” Mrs Lee said. You and Yoongi nodded your heads. Under the table, Yoongi’s hand was on your thigh and you placed your hand over his. 
“Have you prepared the letter?” She asked. 
“Yes.” Yoongi pulled away for a few seconds to pull out the paper that had his letter written on it. 
At first, Yoongi was unwilling to write the letter, not wanting to apologise for having found love. But you told him that the ARMY deserved an explanation at least and an appeal to wish him the best. 
“Considering your group Instagram is mainly for promotions, we’ll be uploading this to Weverse and Twitter only.” Bang PD said. 
“You can upload now.” Mrs Lee checked her watch. 
“Don’t worry. We’re right here.” You whispered, holding Yoongi’s hand. He pressed the upload button. 
‘Dear ARMY,
It’s Min Yoongi. I’m sure you read the news. Firstly, I would like to apologise that you all had to find out this way instead of me telling you myself. Secondly, I would like to confirm myself that I, Min Yoongi, have found a partner. She is not a celebrity, she is a normal person. Please don’t seek her out but if you do know her, please respect her privacy. 
I know ARMY wouldn’t do anything to harm her. ARMY and BTS will always be my first love. But I also found a new happiness with her, I hope you all understand that. 
With the tour ending after our final concert in Seoul, BTS will be taking a break and I will be reflecting on this whole situation. 
I know that some of you must be disappointed and sad. To that, I’m sorry I have hurt you. I shouldn’t have kept her a secret but as a partner, it is also my responsibility to make sure that she is safe. 
There’s nothing more I would like than to have your blessings and support in my decision. 
Even if you don’t like me, please continue to love the rest of BTS. Because without ARMY, there will not be BTS.
- Min Yoongi’
“I’m proud of you.” You kissed his cheek. 
“It would be good to lay low for a while to let the news settle with the fans or until news channels stop reporting it. Like Ms (y/n), for your safety, you shouldn’t report to work for a few days. Maybe go on a holiday or stay with Yoongi in Daegu.” Mrs Lee advised. 
“I understand. Thank you for all your help.” You stood up to bow to both her and Bang PD. 
“I’m sorry it happened under our watch. We will be improving security in the following concerts and tours.” Bang PD assured. The two took their leave while you and the boys bowed to them.
“Congrats hyung and noona!” Jimin hugged the both of you. 
“Thanks?” You giggled, patting his back. 
“I’m sorry for all the drama this caused. If only we were more careful.” You bowed to the 6 of them.
“Nonsense! Don’t apologise, I’m sure none of us would have wanted this to happen. But something, we just can’t control all the things that happen to us. ARMY will be supportive.” Namjoon patted both you and Yoongi’s shoulders. 
“Thanks, Joon.” Yoongi sighed. 
“We’re public, I guess.” Yoongi kissed the back of your clasped hands. You hummed, nodding your head. The boys’ phones were buzzing nonstop, notifications from Twitter and Weverse. Taehyung was the first to open the messages and read them. The others did the same but you could tell Yoongi was apprehensive about checking. 
“You don’t have to look at it now.” You told him. He nodded his head. 
“There are loads of supportive messages!” Jungkook grinned. 
“See? I knew you could trust ARMY.” Hoseok smiled. Of course, there were occasional hate messages but you knew that was just part of it. Not everyone was going to be happy. 
“Some even apologised. ‘Yoongi oppa, I’m sorry you felt that you had to keep it a secret from us’.” Jin read out. 
“Nothing to be worried about.” You put an arm around Yoongi. With that, you all decided to go home. You all entered the vans and as you were driving out, you saw groups of fans with banners, standing outside the BigHit building. 
‘We support you Min Yoongi!’
‘ARMY will always love BTS!’
You smiled as you saw the banners, you couldn’t help but take your phone out to snap some pictures.
“There’s so much support.” Yoongi noted, sounding surprised himself. 
“I told you. We can’t expect everyone to be happy with the news. Some will feel sad, angry and betrayed but we can’t blame them. It may take a while for them to accept it. So let’s not think about the hate messages, alright?” You squeezed his hand. 
“You’re too nice, aegi.” He chuckled, shaking his head. 
“I’m not. I’m just trying to understand where they’re coming from. People react to news differently, we knew that from the start.” You shrugged. 
“Sometimes, I think noona is an angel.” Taehyung joked. 
“You would know, huh Tae?” You giggled. Everyone always joked about how Taehyung could communicate with angels. Whether it is true or not, he always won rock, paper, scissors with their help. 
“I think we deserve some good food and a nap after.” You turned to Yoongi with a smile. He returned the gesture, nodding his head in agreement. 
“Fortunately, we share the same hobbies.” He laughed. You leaned back on his chest while he kept his arm around your shoulders to hold you against him. The managers dropped all of you home, considering it wasn’t a good idea to go out and eat right after the announcement. You and Yoongi decided to order lunch to the dorm with the other boys. 
“I’m hungry!” Jungkook exclaimed.
“Yes, yes, the food is coming, you big baby.” Jimin scoffed. You giggled, sitting on the couch beside Yoongi. He put an arm around you as he continued his conversation with Namjoon. 
“I’ll be working from Ilsan so I can still send you the guide track.” Namjoon said and Yoongi nodded. 
“So, when are you guys going home?” You asked the others. 
“We’ve all got trains to catch. Jungkook and I are leaving tomorrow morning.” Jimin said. 
“Me too.” Hoseok and Jin nodded. 
“I’m staying here for a while to work on my mixtape then my parents are coming to visit me. After that, we might take a short trip out of Korea for a few days.” Taehyung explained, opening his yoghurt drink.
“That sounds fun.” You smiled. You stood up, heading to the kitchen to make yourself a coffee. After meeting Yoongi, you had become rather addicted to ice coffee like him. And now, you felt like you deserved a nice iced coffee. You were humming to yourself when you heard footsteps shuffling in. 
“I was wondering where you went.” He said. You blinked, turning around with the straw in your mouth. 
“I was thirsty.” You replied, holding the glass out to him wordlessly. Yoongi took it, sipping the cold liquid. Holding his hand out, you held it and walked back out to the living room with him. 
“Lovebirds, food’s here.” Hoseok announced. 
“Thanks.” You and Yoongi took your seats at the dining table. Jin and Namjoon gave out the food to everyone. You broke a pair of chopsticks, handing them to Yoongi while he salted the food for you since it usually comes unsalted. 
“You two are so cute.” Jin teased. 
“What?” You and Yoongi turned to the older. 
“You and noona just do things for one another subconsciously. It’s cute.” Taehyung grinned. 
“Force of habit, I guess.” You shrugged. 
“Of course, who else is going to take care of her, if not me.” Yoongi replied, mixing some of his rice into the soup. You rolled your eyes, knowing that Yoongi was saying that to tease you like he always did, even if it did sound sweet to people outside of your relationship. All 8 of you ate and you listened to the boys talking and reminiscing. 
“Stop teasing him. I love debut Yoongi just as much as I love now Yoongi.” You chided. 
“Which era did you like Yoongi hyung the most?” Jungkook asked. You turned to look at Yoongi, pondering in deep thought. Yoongi just scoffed at how you were actually entertaining this question. 
“Well, I like I Need U and Run Yoongi the most. Young Forever and Spring Day are a close second.” You explained. 
“Mic Drop Yoongi isn’t your favourite?!” Hoseok nearly screeched. 
“I mean, it was okay...” You scrunched your face, turning to Yoongi who just gave you a look. You knew he hated dying his hair, all the more you wanted to tease him by saying you liked his dyed hair the most. 
“My birthday wish is to have pink hair Yoongi back.” You ruffled Yoongi’s hair. 
“You can keep wishing.” He pointed his chopstick at you. When you were done eating, you helped clean up. 
“Aegi, ready to go?” Yoongi asked, his hands in his pockets. 
“Yeah. Have a great break, guys.” You gave them all hugs. 
“You too. Enjoy yourselves.” Namjoon patted your head, his dimple showing. As you wore your shoes, Yoongi naturally held your arm to steady you. He opened the front door for you to walk out first. The two of you walked beside one another, you humming randomly to yourself again. 
“You’re in a good mood.” Yoongi noted. 
“It’s a nice day.” You giggled. 
“I’m glad then.” He replied with a small smile. The two of you went to the lift lobby of your block. Yoongi punched in the code and you entered the house. You hung up your coat and Yoongi’s coat together. 
“Nap time?” He raised an eyebrow. You nodded and headed to the bedroom. Yoongi rested his head against your chest, arms loosely wrapped around you. 
“Aegi?” Yoongi suddenly called. 
“Hmm?” You threaded your fingers through his hair. 
“Thank you for being you. Thank you for always being by side.” He said. 
“I wouldn’t have you any other way, Yoon. Whatever anyone else says, I like you just the way you are and would never want you to change. You know I’ll always be here. Always have, always will.” You smiled. Yoongi caught your hand, holding it tightly in his. He placed a gentle kiss to the back of it and you rubbed his hand with your thumb.
“I think I have goosebumps.” He replied. 
“Way to kill the moment.” You nudged him slightly. Shortly after, you heard his soft snores and even breaths, a sign that he has fallen asleep. You smiled softly as he still held onto your hand even as he slept. 
“Rest well, Yoon.” You whispered before going to sleep yourself. 
When you woke up, the sun had set. You got out of bed, making sure Yoongi’s head was well adjusted on the pillow, not wanting him to hurt his shoulder even more. You quietly left the room, checking your phone for the first time. 
“As expected...” You sighed. There were a lot of messages from friends, even acquaintances you have not contacted for years, asking if you were really the one dating BTS’ Suga. Without opening them, you decided to delete those chats, only replying to those of your close friends and family. 
“What?” You opened your email from your boss. It seems that with the news, your company was worried that fans may come to your place of business. 
‘Indefinite placement of leave’ was what they called it. You sighed, deciding not to tell Yoongi about this. It was what it was, there wasn’t much you could do about it. 
“Dinner time.” You headed to the kitchen. After checking the fridge, you decided to make some grilled beef and a stew. 
“Omonim.” You greeted. 
“(y/n), my dear. How are you? I heard about the news.” 
“We’re doing fine, omonim. Thank you for calling. Yoons posted the announcement to ARMY and BigHit is handling the press. It was chaotic but I think we’ve handled it more or less.” You said as you took ingredients out.
“That’s good to hear. I was so worried when my husband told me about what happened.”
“No need to worry. But how’s the shop? I hope no one cause any problems for you and abonim there.” You asked.
“Ah, you silly girl, don’t worry about us! We have experience handling those kinds of people for years. But if there’s anyone bothering you or you think you might be in danger, you have to let Yoongi know, alright? I know you’re always worried about bothering him. But your safety is just as important. I don’t want you getting hurt.” 
“I will, omonim. I might even take some earlier leave from work to come visit you with Yoons. The company thought it would be a good idea to lay low for a while. Until this dies down a little.” You explained. 
“Yes! Yes! That’s a great idea. We have much to catch up on. And I can feed you more. You seemed to have lost weight the last time you visited me.” 
“I look forward to it then.”
“I know this isn’t how you and Yoongi wanted to come out to the public. But I’m glad that through this hardship, he has someone like you beside him to support him. Sometimes, he just keeps everything in.”
“It’s only my duty to be there for him as his partner. Everything Yoons and the whole family has done for me, I know I can never repay it.” You wiped a stray tear. 
“Darling, don’t say that. You’re family.” 
When your parents passed away in a horrific car accident, Yoongi’s family was there to support you. They helped you with all the medical bills and funeral proceedings, not once did they ever guilt you or ask you to pay them back. Now, you send money to his parents every month in return. 
“(y/n), most of the ARMY looks accepting of your relationship but don’t be too complacent. You never know what negative emotions can do to someone.” 
“I understand, omonim. Yoons and I will be careful if we have to leave the house. Hopefully we can just relax and be unbothered when we get to Daegu. Yoons deserves a break.” You spoke and stirred the stew. 
“You deserve one too.” 
What you didn’t know was that as you spoke to Yoongi’s mother, Yoongi had actually woken up and was staring at you from the bedroom door. You were so into your conversation that you hadn’t even noticed him. But he observed you, loving the smile that grazed your lips as you had such a close conversation with his mother. 
“Yes, take care, omonim. I’ll see you soon... Yes, I will let him know. Love you too.” You smiled as you hung up. 
“Hey, aegi.” Yoongi said. 
“Yoons!” You jumped slightly at his sudden voice. Yoongi chuckled, shuffling over to give you a hug. You wrapped your arms around him and the two of you just stood in silence for a moment. 
“Your mom called.” You informed, placing the beef in the pan.
“She did? What did she say?” 
“I told her I was going with you to Daegu instead of coming later. She seemed very excited. Initially, she was worried about us with the news coming out. But I told her not to worry.” You smiled. Yoongi leaned against the island.
“Did anyone give her or my dad problems at the shop?” Yoongi asked. You shook your head.
“That’s good to hear.” Yoongi said. You continued cooking while Yoongi kept you company. The both of you liked to cook so you often took turns. 
“Can you get the rice, please? I just warmed up the leftovers we had from yesterday.” You instructed. Yoongi nodded, grabbing both your bowls and heading to the rice cooker. You thought about your work, thinking if you should tell Yoongi now. On one hand, you didn’t want him to blame himself but on the other hand, you tell Yoongi everything. 
“Aegi! Aegi!” Yoongi’s voice broke your train of thought. You blinked, taking the beef off the pan before it could burn. 
“Sorry.” You shook your head.
“I was calling you. Are you okay?” He frowned in worry. You nodded, placing the plate of beef on the dining table. Before you could turn to head back, Yoongi stood before you. He placed the rice bowls on the table. 
“What’s wrong?” He cupped your cheek. 
“I’m fine, Yoons. Don’t worry.” You smiled softly as you assured him. Yoongi wasn’t convinced but he decided not to push it. It was a long day. 
“Let’s eat?” You changed the subject. Yoongi sat down next to you as the both of you dug in. 
“Did... your boss say anything about the news?” Yoongi asked. You stiffened slightly, gnawing at the end of your metal chopstick. You shook your head with a smile. You worked as a piano teacher, teaching music to people of all ages but you particularly loved working with kids. 
“It’s alright, don’t worry about it. Whatever it is, it’s just a job.” You reassured Yoongi, who looked concerned. Yoongi knew you were lying. You loved your job, you loved sharing your passion for music. 
“How can I still be sleepy?” You yawned. 
“Then sleep more, love.” Yoongi smiled softly. After dinner, Yoongi did the dishes since you cooked. You sat in the living room to wait for him. 
“Done.” Yoongi came to cuddle you on the couch, the both of your legs just tangled with one another. Yoongi finally had the courage to open twitter. As expected, hashtags were trending. Yoongi leaned down, kissing the top of your head. You looked up at him, smiling softly. His ears were red as he avoided eye contact, leaning his cheek against your temple. 
“You’re cute.” You teased. 
“I’m gonna leave you here. Sleep on the couch.” Yoongi pulled away from you and shuffled to the room. 
“That’s what you say now! We’ll see who’s texting who to come cuddle with them tonight.” You declared from your spot. You took a couch pillow, stuffing it under your head lazily. 
“Come.” Yoongi’s thighs were in front of you. 
“But I thought I was banished to the couch tonight?” You giggled. Yoongi pursed his lips in annoyance and just grabbed your arm to pull you up, not saying another word as he led you back to the bedroom. 
“Yoons, we can’t sleep now! We have not showered today! We’re so gross!”  Realisation hit you as Yoongi laid you on the bed and wrapped his arms around you. He ignored you, pulling you into his embrace, burying his head into your back. 
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randomprose · 8 months ago
jiang cheng with the junior quartet in which they've outgrown their fear of him and they realized sect leader jiang is just a giant grumpy cat with mother-hen tendencies.
when they night hunt with him occasionally he always has snacks and buys them street food if they finish early. he'll scold them for eating unhealthily but buys them the treats anyway. once, ozz said he's never had zongzi so jc bought them all one each from a stall.
he doesn't even say anything to wen ning anymore. when he sees that the juniors are with him, he just gives an acknowledging nod and a gruff reminder directed at the four of them to don't do anything stupid before going on his way. like he trusts them with him.
but anyway, these juniors start to pester jiang cheng whenever they're in yunmeng and they've somewhat learn how to decipher his scowls and screams from normal fond-bordering-on-affectionate ones to actually angry ones—the latter of which is rarely ever directed at them.
they're over at lotus pier whenever JL is. JL doesn't get to go there much now because of his sect leader duties but when he is, he is sure followed by his friends. it's like they've decided lotus pier is their go to headquarters where they can fool around and shit. jiang cheng would pretend he hates it and finds them all a nuisance ("don't you kids have your own sects to go home to?? lotus pier is not your play place! why are you brats always here?!") but he's really glad JL's got friends with him now. he used to be such a lonely child.
overtime, they just randomly pop up even when JL isn't there. jiang cheng is always surprised to see either lsz, ljy, or ozz in the compound saying they were in the area and decided to pop in for a greeting like: hi sect leader jiang! how are you? been to any night hunts lately?
they're over there a lot that they even have their own regular guest quarters by now. ones close to JL's suites in the family compound. they sometimes train with the disciples but otherwise they just mess around lotus pier and swim in the lakes. especially in the summers.
JL is ecstatic! finally! people who understands his jiujiu's weird show of affection other than wwx! JL thinks his jiujiu is just severely misunderstood but he really is just a Big Softie with grumpy tendencies.
oh and he teaches them stuff too obviously, but not in the way that's playful and interactive like wwx or direct like lwj. jiang cheng's wisdom comes in random bouts in the middle of night hunts. small tidbits on fighting born out of experiences from the war and life in general. the profound ones come when he's two bottles deep just before turning in or when they're strolling on busy night markets going home and he doesn't even mean to but the juniors are like 'wow that makes so much fucking sense we never thought of it that way what the fuck.'
when the juniors are night hunting near yunmeng or if lotus pier is their meeting point and jiang cheng doesn't get to come with them, he makes the servants pack them extra snacks or pile them on to JL to share with his friends. the servants are careful not to say anything but they all know it's under sect leader jiang's orders
ohmygod jiang cheng is such an overbearing mother hen. but in a good way! the juniors learned to enjoy it the best they can and needle him into buying them snacks or letting them do stuff they normally wouldn't get away with from wangxian. he's literally the grumpy uncle who's also the most indulgent.
on god can you imagine jiang cheng being THAT UNCLE who lets u get away with small misdemeanors?? ABSOLUTELY INSANE. but he does with the juniors!! like he trusts them to not be so stupid and call for help when need (also they have a fierce corpse as a companion most of the time anyway, so).
some sprinkles of wangxian bc i'm a slut for them: 
wangxian notice that they've been talking a lot about sect leader jiang. “oh,” wwx says, “you went night hunting with jiang cheng? when was this how come i’ve never heardof it?” he's clearly itching to ask more he's practically vibrating.
ljy: don’t worry wei-qianbei you're still our favorite! sect leader jiang is our close 3rd  wwx: 3rd? who's 1 and 2? ozz: you and hgj are #1 of course! wwx: we tied for #1?   ljy: yeah you're practically a package deal. do not separate and all that wwx: who's #2 tho? ozz: wen-qianbei! wwx: huh. valid.
jl: speak for yourselves. jiujiu is my #1. wwx: that's also very valid too a-ling. otherwise i'll have to scold you for being unfilial and jiang cheng will break your legs for breaking his heart.
once while relaying a report, lsz called jiang cheng ‘shūshū’ and wwx had to do a double take because um what? what did you just call jiang cheng? lsz blushed and stuttered an explanation before jl explained obnoxiously:
jl: jiujiu told him to call him that. told him to go to the ancestral hall to pay respects too. he must really like you sizhui.  ljy, #1 sizhui fan: of course he likes sizhui! everyone does! wwx: is it true sizhui? lsz, blushing:...shūshū's nice... wwx:...jiang cheng...shushu...nice..ok....okok...
lmao one of them (either ozz or ljy but i think it will be more hilarious if it's ljy) slipped and called jiang cheng 'jiujiu' once just because he kept hearing jl calling him that. jiang cheng just turns to him with a mild "that's jiang-zongzhu to you, lan jigyi."
and god!!! ljy is so mortified!!! this is worst than that one time he accidentally called hgj 'dad'!! it doesn't help that his friends are assholes (yes even sizhui!!) and never let him live it down. especially JL!! he's all "don't go stealing my jiujiu now" fuck you JL!! as if ljy will!!
also, once when they were sassing jiang cheng, (they get!! to sass sect leader jiang!! and he only threatened to break their legs once!!) and ljy got the last word in, jiang cheng hit him w/ a "is that any way to talk to ur uncle? huh, nephew?" which effectively shut up ljy as his friends roared in laughter propriety be damned!!
((yes i was thinking of that B99 episode where jake peralta called captain holt dad and holt went in for the ride and called jake 'son' lmao))
goodddd!!! i live for the junior quartet discovering that underneath jiang cheng's rough exterior he's a Big Softie who's also hilarious even when he doesn't mean to. JL is very happy with this development and wwx is happy to hear stories about his brother having fun with the kids.
this ran long but i also just wanna says this is because of queen jiang yanli's influence (you guys notice how yunmeng trio are all good with kids?) 
ANYWAY! this is me again with my 'Jiang Cheng is Great With Kids So Give Him More Kids To Take Care Of' agenda and you all should jump in on it thank you.
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purplecatsandhearts · 9 months ago
Ok guys I'm REALLY getting tired of the ship war already. Like c'mon guys it's fiction. I know how easy it is to fall in love with and relate to these characters like they are real, but they aren't. They are our fantasy, escape, hobby....but not real. So stop taking it so god damn personally.
If you threaten and bully people, strangers, CHILDREN, over anything, but ESPECIALLY over something as childish as fictional characters, then YOU are part of the problem in the fucking world. So tired of people having absolutely no common sense, empathy, or the very least manners. Hide behind the screen for now but Karma WILL bite your ass later. Just sayin'.
Also. Bakugo Katsuki. That day in middle school? He was 14. He's now 16. 2 years worth of character development. A child then, still a child now. I'm 22. I remember being 14-16. I was smart, but very naive, emotional, hormonal, with no real life experience yet. Was angry, petty. I look at 14-16yo kids now and even though a lot of em look older than I do, I'll start talking to them and think "awe...such a baby lol" not in a mean way, but in a nostalgic way as I remember my teen self. I've changed A LOT since then. At my core I'm the same, but I've worked on a lot of personal flaws and issues I wasn't proud of. Everyone can change for either better or worse. Don't judge a person by their past, but by their current actions and personality. This also includes Enji. Now, they did do wrong. They deserve they consequences they get, whenever karma deems the time right. But, that doesn't mean they can't learn from said consequences, reform, improve, ATONE. You don't have to like the characters but you gotta AT LEAST acknowledge the character development they've gone through, and see their potential.
One more thing. SHIPPING IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUCKING FUN!!!! Use your imagination, the ship doesn't have to be canon for you to enjoy it. And if it is, great! BUT IT'S STILL FICTION SO IT SHOULDN'T BE A HUGE DEAL EITHER WAY. My main ship is, yes, BakuDeku. I find it entertaining and adorable. But I'm a multishipper. I accept all ships, except pedophilic and incestuous ones. I love ships that make sense to me and are freaking fluffy. In the beginning i didn't see BakuDeku as a great ship, but as I read the manga and sunk deeper into the plot and characters, the more I saw it. It's literally because of the way Hori wrote it. If you can't see it I'm sorry cuz it's beautiful. But you don't have to hate us for seeing what you can't. Move on, focus on your own ships, and mind your own fucking business.
Anywho, glad I got that off my chest. I love shipping. I love BNHA. I love my fandom. I love BakuDeku. But I can't stand people like the krbks on Twitter spreading hate. KIRISHIMA WOULD NOT APPROVE!!! I don't get it, i love bkdk most but i love krbk too. And TodoBaku. And KiriTodo. And KiriDeku. And TodoDeku. Aaaand TodoBakuDeku, TodoKiriDeku, BakuKiriDeku, TodoBakuKiri. But also, last, but DEFINITELY not least, when I'm feeling self indulgent and can't decide on a combo, I throw em all together and ship:
Tumblr media
Can't argue if they are ALL together😏
You could even throw in Kaminari if ya wanted😏or Shinso, Sero🤣....the list goes on. JUST SHIP WHO YOU WANT AND STOP BEING ASSHOLES!!!! 💜
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sallysalmonkin · 5 months ago
When the trending discussion always comes up I feel like any opinion I have about it is wrong or I word it weirdly. Both of very important and deserve to be discussed but yelling at people not to trend MCC isn’t going to help further activism. But I feel like saying that dismisses BLM as well. People can talk about two things at once and talking about one doesn’t mean you don’t care about the other. The trending tab is there and just bc it’s not number one doesn’t mean nobody cares about it. But again I feel like I’m dismissive once again. I just don’t know what to say
I think firstly twitter can be used to uphold issues yes but it is not an actual source people should use for anything. Twitter relies on quick snapshots of things that doesn't allow for nuance or context.
Like its I think the biggest place where people read a headline and move on.
BLM is an issue that wasn't invented with George Floyd and it won't go anywhere tomorrow. This is not an issue that fades with the trending page. But that is exactly how Twitter treats it.
The same way Pride will be shoved away in the closet till next June when companies can bust out the rainbow paint and milk the money. This is the one month where Youtube is going to be most willing to do something like MCC with the Trevor Project. It's one day to raise a shit ton of money for Queer kids. That's real activism. Whether it trends on Twitter or not it will be a massive drive. But this one event being able to raise that much money for queer people well that helps black too. Queer politics is all about intersectionality. It's not supposed to be us against each other that's literally what the government wants. Intersectionality is not a topic everyone is ready to talk about because the way we're raised is always gonna be us vs them. Classism, racism, respectability politics. It's buried deep.
BLM is such an important issue. One that affects me and my family personally. I go to protests. I write my reps and senators. I study this in college. And I can say without a shadow of a doubt if it trends on Twitter tomorrow it's so a bunch of kids can pat themselves on the back and say they'd supported and uplifted black voices. the same ones who are celebrating the sentence as if George Floyd didn't lose his life for this cop to get a 22 year sentence, as if drug dealers haven't gotten longer. This was not a tragedy it was murder plain and simple, racially charged murder that deserves a life sentence, a life for a life.
Okay sorry I'm getting worked up here and I'm not mad at you anon not in any way. I totally understand your frustration here honestly. I don't even know if I'm expressing myself well. I'm just on the phone with my dad (he's black) and he's telling me how he was arrested once and never given a phone call or read his rights. He sat in a cell for a long weekend before they charged him a massive fine cause he was sleeping in his car on a side road. (he was on a road trip) okay he thought the cops were going to kill him in the woods he swears to god the fact that he was Air Force saved his life that night. Like I just I can't focus on anything well. And like now I'm so fucking angry at the MCYTWT people for this.
This idea that trending a charity is overshadowing BLM says more about the people on Twitter than anything. But it just god it's like holding up that stupid tweet Techno made when he was 16/17 (a joke which seriously? everyone and their brother made that joke in high school) next to the thousands of dollars he's donated to LGBT+ charities (and that he'll raise for MCC) and deciding yes he hates lesbians. It's preformative and it's stupid as fuck. They need to be given a hug and assurance that they're being good and pure, that who they're watching or what they're saying is unproblematic.
Okay activism is not a fucking trend on twitter. It's an unending practice of striving for systematic change. A suicide prevention hotline to make sure LGBT+ kids are gonna stay here and do amazing things? That sounds pretty fucking important to me. As important as making sure the police are held actually accountable for their actions. Twitter could be fucking deleted tonight and that wouldn't change how actual activists operate. It just wouldn't.
Also burning yourself out with the news is never gonna help. I'll be at work tomorrow but I'll make sure to get some donos in. Tweet or don't but I hope people still support MCC because it's important. And yes keep an eye on BLM always not just when it's trending. Yeah I don't even know how to end this rant but um yeah I feel you. And I hope you're taking care of yourself.
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florawelch · 5 months ago
Ppl on twitter are taking the term "queerbaiting" too far for billie. Isn't that term used for in fiction like movies, shows, and books, and not real people? I don't get it. It annoys me that ppl think she is, which she's not
yeah I feel like it’s even worse on tiktok, like I don’t even get it, we want to de-stigmatize wlw relationships being overly sexual but as soon as we see a group of girls who are wearing short clothes we sexualize it again and make it about being queer? seriously, the first time I saw the music video all I thought was girl group hangs out but gen z queer ppl who probably have met like 1 queer person outside of the internet want to be angry so they are
it’s a real issue that we as a society are pressuring celebrities to come out, to disclose their sexuality, we feel entitled to know but... we aren’t. who is billie hurting with this music video, really, and why? and they all say “how often do sapphics need to say its hurting them” and I’m like I’m sapphic and i see bigger issues within this community than some female artist dancing provocatively with other women in a music video??
it falls into a similar category as some wlw getting so outraged and annoyed at straight girls kissing, as if kissing is inherently sexual, or maybe these girls are kissing because they’re bi-curious, like fuck, I’ve kissed my fair share of bi-curious girls, so what? some of them eventually figured out they’re queer others still identify as straight
yea, there is the issue that the word “lesbian” is more associated with a porn category than the romantic and sexual attraction of women to other women, yes absolutely, but billie eilish’s music video really isn’t the problem we need to address, there are way bigger companies who are perpetuating this issue, like get that energy for calling out porn websites!! or men who fetishize girls kissing but are disgusted by lesbian romantic relationships but leave the poor young woman who made a music video alone
honestly, I could write a whole entire essay about how much some parts of the lgbt community hates 1) bisexual women 2) ppl who voluntarily or involuntarily stay in the closet and 3) ppl who don’t label themselves which doesn’t make them straight bc that is a label, and how these three groups of ppl are connected
we as a community should stop gatekeeping and perpetuating labels and stereotypes that ppl need to fit in order to be considered queer enough, making queer spaces unwelcoming to closeted ppl will only hurt us in the long run
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storiesforallfandoms · 10 months ago
tabloid bs ~ eminem
word count: 1822
request?: yes!
@imaginesforjohnnydepp​ “hi! i was wondering if you could do an age gap eminem x reader imagine where the reader is a singer and is the daughter of a very successful actor and singer and there are rumors of her parents not liking marshall making the rounds in the tabloids?”
description: in which she decides to shut down bullshit tabloid rumors regarding her boyfriend and her parents
pairing: eminem x female!reader
warnings: swearing, age gap (totally legal though, we’ll say the reader is about 25)
masterlist (one, two)
Tumblr media
Being the daughter of two incredibly famous actors meant you were in the spotlight from a young age. Paparazzi, crazy fans, fake friends, none of it was new to you by the time you decided you wanted to try your hand in singing.
You were nervous at first, worrying that either you’d only blow up because of who your parents were, or that everyone would shut down your career because of who your parents were. You were happily surprised to learn that everyone genuinely liked you and your music, despite your parentage.
As your career began to skyrocket, you were contacted by none other than Eminem asking to make a song with you. Apparently he was so impressed by your talent that he wanted to get in contact with you and ask you himself for a collab, something that he only did with people who ended up becoming close friends of his (Skylar Grey, Rihanna, 50 Cent, Ed Sheeran, etc. etc.).
You ended up following this trend, except in a much more extreme way. You did end up becoming close with him, but not as just a friend. Within a month of doing your collaboration you found yourself going on a date with Marshall, and within a year you were basically living with him.
The press had a field day when they found out. You were 20 years younger than Marshall, and he was only two years younger than your mom. Of course people didn’t react to kindly to this at first, but it wasn’t as hard to ignore these things as you expected it to be.
The thing that was hard to ignore, though, was the constant stories that were published about your parents hating Marshall, and hating your relationship.
This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your parents loved Marshall, both as a musician and as their daughter’s boyfriend. Your dad and Marshall got along really well, and your mom basically viewed him as a new best friend from the moment he walked through the door.
These rumors were harder to ignore when they were brought up so often in interviews and during livestreams or Q&As. You were starting to get annoyed with it and you wanted to make it stop.
Lucky for you, the person interviewing you at that moment gave you the perfect segway to shutting those rumors down.
“I know this is a bit of a private topic,” she started, “and if you don’t want to talk about it we can just move on, but there’s something circulating in the rumor mill regarding you and your boyfriend.”
“Of course there is,” you said, rolling your eyes in a playful manner. You were trying to remain lighthearted about it all, but you were feeling the annoyance bubble up inside of you already.
“There’s a story going around that you blew off your dad’s birthday because he wouldn’t let you bring Eminem to the celebration.”
You felt your face heating up with anger. Oh, so now the media was trying to present you as a bratty singer now too? Saying you skipped your own father’s birthday due to your boyfriend?
No, they were not getting away with that one.
You pulled your phone from your pocket and quickly opened it. The interviewer looked at you in confusion as you scrolled through your pictures before holding your phone towards the nearest camera.
“Here’s a picture of me and my dad two days after his birthday,” you said. “It was taken by Marshall, because the three of us had a special celebration alone. My flight home was delayed and I had to miss my dad’s actual birthday, in which my boyfriend was actually invited to, by the way. Dad specifically asked if Marshall would be coming, even jokingly told me that I had to take him. So no, I didn’t purposely miss my dad’s birthday because of my boyfriend, I would never miss dad’s birthday on purpose.”
“All you had to say was no,” the interviewer mumbled, regarding her notes to move along to the next question.
“No,” you said. “I’m not keeping this one short and sweet. I’m tired of all these stupid, untrue things being said about me and my boyfriend and my parents. Mom and dad don’t hate Marshall, I don’t purposely not see my parents because of him. There’s no hate at all between any of us, and it makes me angry that tabloids make those accusations without any evidence just for clicks. This is someone’s real life, not just some fiction for someone to fuck around with.”
“You sound very passionate about this.”
You scoffed. “Of course I am! Ever since Marshall and I have started dating people have been saying shit about him and my parents and I don’t understand why. There’s never been any ill will between my parents and Marshall, not even any implied ill will. People just like to make up stories so they have a good headline to get views and get people talking.”
“Well, although nothing has been ever been confirmed, you can’t say you don’t understand where those rumors came from. No one wants their kid dating someone who is basically their age, no matter how famous that person is. It’s only natural for a parent to be protective over their kid, especially from such an older person that may just be taking advantage of them.”
Your eyes were wide with shock. You could barley believe what this bitch was saying. She was really trying to spin the story and say that Marshall was trying to take advantage of you, a literal 25 year old adult?
You stood from my chair then and began trying to pull the microphone off of yourself. The interviewer looked at me with concern before trying to stop you.
“I’m done here,” you declared, pulling at the wire once I found it.
“You’re going to break the mic!”
“Send the bill to my people,” you retorted. “I’m not sitting here and having someone tell me that the guy I’m dating is trying to take advantage of me just because he’s older, or hearing you spill some bullshit about my parents. Newsflash: if someone is happy publicly with their relationship, then maybe they’re actually happy. No tragic behind the scene stories or ulterior motives, just two adults who are in love.”
You finally got the microphone off and basically threw it at the interviewer before turning and leaving the room.
You stayed at Marshall’s place that night, still partially fuming from the interview. You didn’t tell him specifics (especially not that you walked out in a fury the way you did), but you told him it didn’t go well.
You were awoken the next morning to your phone ringing. When you checked it, you saw your dad’s face and name light up your screen. You groaned when you noticed how early the time was before answering. “Hello?”
“Good morning sweetie,” came your dad’s voice. “Have you been online yet?”
“I haven’t even been out of bed yet,” you responded. “Why? What’s going on?”
“You’re trending for walking out of your interview.”
You sat up in the bed so quickly that it woke Marshall. He rolled over and looked at you in confusion as you put your dad on speaker and started frantically opening your Twitter app.
“Dad, you’re on speaker. Marshall is here,” you told him as you started looking.
“Good morning, Marshall,” your dad said.
“Morning,” Marshall responded, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. “What’s going on that has (Y/N) wide awake at 8am?”
“She’s trending.”
“For what?”
There it was, your name at the top of the trending list. When you clicked on it, the first thing that popped up was your interview from the day before.
“Fuck,” you breathed. “I can’t believe they actually posted. It was so bad, I thought they’d just delete the footage and never think of it again.”
“You think too highly of people looking for a good scoop, honey.”
The title of the video read Singer (Y/F/N) Goes Off On Interviewer while Talking About Parents and Boyfriend Eminem. The entire interview was included, luckily enough, including everything leading up to your storm out. Marshall watched over your shoulder as your dad waited, silently, for you to see it all.
“You didn’t tell me what was said,” Marshall said. “Why didn’t you tell me they were saying that shit to you?”
“It doesn’t matter,” you responded. “I mean, it did matter, but by the time I got here I didn’t think it would matter anymore. Like I said, I thought the footage would be deleted and long forgotten.”
You were nervously biting at your nails as you scrolled through Twitter to see what people were saying. You were expecting a wave of hate and people believing that you truly were a bratty singer, until you started to see how much praise and love you were getting.
“Imagine trying to frame (Y/N) as the bad one in this situation when the interviewer literally said Eminem is trying to take advantage of her”
“Never believed those rumors about (Y/N)’s parents and Eminem. They’re all too tightknit for (Y/N) to date someone her parents hate”
“The way she told the interviewer to bill her for the broken mic that’s QUEEN SHIT”
“It doesn’t seem too bad,” you said as you continued to read. “A lot of people on my side.”
“Oh, I knew no one was against you on this one,” your dad said. “I just wanted to let you know you’re trending, and let you know I’m proud of you for finally putting an end to those rumors. It was getting really tiresome to read why I hated Marshall on any given day.”
You chuckled slightly. “Thanks dad. I’ll call you and mom later. Love you.”
“Love you, too, honey.”
Your dad hung up and you decided it would be for the best to put your phone away for a while. Even though you weren’t getting any negative attention for this, you were still overwhelmed by the fact that the interview went up at all.
You settled back into bed beside Marshall, taking your place in his arms where you loved to be the most.
“I’m proud of you, too,” he said, kissing your forehead. “I didn’t realize my girl was so badass.”
“Yes you did.”
“Maybe I did.” You giggled as you nuzzled your head into his chest more. “You know how much I love you, right?”
“Of course I know, babe. Don’t let that shitty interviewer and her bullshit get to you.”
“Oh she’s not,” he said. “I’m well aware your parents love me and I’m not taking advantage of you. I just wanted to remind you.”
I chuckled and shook my head. Shortly after, I drifted off to sleep, feeling proud of myself for what I had done.
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rubecso · 12 months ago
I liveblogged that Greg Ellis video and now you can suffer with me
Tumblr media
So I did not intend to watch the whole of Greg Ellis’ rant, but I guess I’m a masochist. I ended up liveblogging it so here, you can get the highlights without having to sit through 37:55 like I did. ETA: Holy shit, it got privated in the time it took me to copy this out. I might be one of the last people to watch it. What did I do to deserve this honour.
holy shit I'm on the video that Greg Ellis did in Cullen's voice and the like-dislike ratio is 124:1.4k
What the fuck this is 37:55 long?????
How did he bitch for 37:55??????????
HOLY SHIT 56 seconds in and he's talking about a 'mob of social justice warriors' wtf????
guys my soul has left my body
"Integrity is earned in turmoil, not simply asserted in comfort" what the fuck is this hasfdk;lsfdajlksfda;lksfda;sfda
"Join us on this most magnificent morality quest" WHAT
"Help us banish the reputation savages ((savagers?)) and cancel culture hedonists"
sfdsajklsfda this keeps getting weirder what the fuck
"Intellectual glitterati" he can't keep doing this
he can't keep making it weirder
i can't take it
i just can't
he's literally reading an Intellectual Dark Web manifesto in the voice of his character with Dragon Age background music and a bunch of hamfisted references to the dragon age world and general fantasy tropes
"How can men and woman, who are profoundly different from one another, be equals? ~~Chivalry~~~"
I can't he's still voice acting he's acting this like he's actually voicing an emotional scene in the game i fucking can't
"Join me, for this new adventure. Like. Follow. Subscribe."
If you aren't listening to this please please just imagine all this said with the upmost sincerity. Like, if you've done Cullen's romance picture it as the voice he used for the really emotional scenes.
Oh fuck I'm gonna listen to this whole thing, aren't I?
He's... he's talking about Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean
In Cullen's voice
Why is Cullen talking to me about Johnny Depp
He's talking about some time when him and another voice actor tried to hold an event where I guess they could try and launder their image after supporting JK Rowling?
Anyway this leads to him saying: "None of the mob showed up. Why..... WHY???"
OH god another "WHY???"
His voice quavering with OTT emotion
Fuck he really does want to be JBP, huh?
He's literally just bitching about people not showing up to his events now
OKay now he's just playing a propaganda film he made about the BLM protests??
Okay back to the cringe now
"In response to one angry mobster, Greg stated that every life has value~~~~~~..."
Okay I have now heard Cullen Rutherford say "All lives matter" with 100% sincerity
"We are living in an era of woke capitalism, in which companies pretend to care about social justice to sell products to people who pretend to hate capitalism."
Okay but like... you know that the 'capitalism' part of that is the problem and not the 'social justice' part right?
"Vile and LIBELOUS messages followed. They were posted online by a SELECT FEW..."
ooooooooh he's on to bitchiing about Mark Darrah this ought to be good
"Not to defend Greg or Cullen from the libelous and ridiculous aspersions...."
Okay my chances of ever not hating Cullen have dissolved now, sorry this is all I'll hear when I hear his voice now
"And giving these negative nnnnnnincompoops exactly what they demanded..."
He literally drew out the 'n' in 'nincompoops'
"This post... had 6 likes. One of two comments.... was posted...." *dramatic reveal voice* ".... by MARK DARRAH"
"Mark Darrah... is the worst kind... of corporate coward. He has :’( no code..... of honour :’("
there are 10 minutes left i'm going to die
OKAY i have now heard Cullen Rutherford, commander of the inqusition, say the words "Go woke, go broke"
"One doesn't challenge The Maker.... without consequences"
I think the Maker here is Bioware?????
"Greg and Cullen were summarily lumped together.... and generalised!!!"
"The racist trolls came out of the woodwork to cancel Cullen, once... and for ALL!"
"I stand... for HUMAN... RIGHTS :’’’’’’’’’’’’(“ IT'S A VIDEO GAME CHARACTER
Yes. Correct. You are correct. Well done.
*insert the ‘You’re Correct Horse’ video*
"I love.... I ~~~~~love~~~~~~.... everyone "
"So yes.... alll... LIVES... DO... INDEED.... MATTER.... TO MEEEEEEE~~~~~~”
"This moment of history is harsh and merciless.... and in this moment.... I'm choosing.... LOVE"
"Mobbing.... is social murder!"
"And by definition.... people cannot survive their own murder!"
(Again, just imagine his voice breaking with ~~~~~~~emotion~~~~~~~ on that line)
"How do we move from hateful to grateful????"
(The worst part is I know that this shit is going to be convincing to some people and that makes me actually sad)
"Exercise from the neck-up, during this.... PANIC-DEMIC!"
"As fans eagerly and patiently await the release of Dragon Age 4, and hope for the inclusion of their ~~~~beloved~~~~~~ Cullen" 
okay now he's just telling Cullen's backstory?
I'm guessing this is going to lead somehow into the whole "DON'T BE MEAN TO ME FOR THE SHITTY THINGS I DID IN THE PAST!!!!" thing?
Okay no he just... said it and then moved on?
"Only time.... and the Maker... will tell”
what the fuck i am going mad help
this video should come with a warning I got sucked in and trapped for half an hour
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