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#two bros chillin in a hot tub
thedoctordionysus · 2 months ago
My favourite quote from tbdate will always be:
"Here we are, two boys sitting in a cemetery as it begins drizzling, trading stories in my half-dug grave"
not for any deep, philosophical reason like you would think but entirely because the first time (and every repeating time) I read it, it made me think of the "two bros, chillin in a hot tub" vine (you know the one) except its
"two bros, chillin in an open grave, no feet apart because its half-dug and theyre both dying today (and they are gay)"
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user59164830360 · 5 months ago
The BAU as vines Part 3
Hotch and Rossi in a hot tub:
Emily, Morgan, and Garcia: 🎶Two bros chilling in a hot tub five feet apart cuz they're not gay!🎶
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xxlovezyxx · a month ago
Two bros hanging out
Two bros hanging out
Someone insults their bromance
And they both start to shout
Tumblr media
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poseidon-god-of-the-sea · 2 months ago
*Sanji & Zoro in a hot tub*
Usopp: Two bros chillin in a hot tub, five feet apart ‘cause they‘re not gay
Chopper & Luffy: *laughing in the background*
*Sanji & Zoro sending death stares*
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mothrazoom · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Just two bros chilling in the TVA, always super close to each other, because they REALLY REALLY ✨ LIKE ✨ each other ..… 💜💙💖
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So fellas is it gay to say that you are happy it was your homie that you were racing against, because if he’d have won, you’d have been happy for him ? And also is it gay to have a racing number that when add up with your homie’s the result is 100 ?
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ravenclawchicken22 · 6 months ago
Sam and Bucky:* in a hot tub,five feet apart, talking*
Tony: quick get out before Peter and Shuri see!
Sam: uh why?
Tony,exhausted: too late
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the-dumb-gaysian-demigod · 5 months ago
so, we all know the classic "two bros chillin in a hot tub, 5 feet apart 'cause they're not gay" but have you heard...
- two straight bros chilling on the couch, a good foot apart even though there's practically no space
- two girls squatting at the gym, not staring at each other's ass because they're not gay
- two stepsisters in the bathroom, in a liplock because they were feeling bored and wanted to experiment today
- two roommates blushing at each other, because this is the first time they're seeing each other and they’re useless gays
- two bitches cooking in the kitchen, unable to meet each other's eyes because one of them had just confessed they were gay
- two best friends watching a stupid movie in each other arms, trying to convince themselves that they're not gay
- two rivals at the same wedding, locked in each other's arms because they're each other's fake dates
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