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#two face
hizziemikaelson · 4 hours ago
anything lizzie does we get bashed over the head with it repeatedly, it's spelled out as Terrible and Awful and Bad. anything josie does it gets brushed aside immediately. i simply think the writers need to find a balance
this, and even if they never plan on changing that, i just wish we were allowed to at least talk about the latter and its relation to lizzie as fans without Them flipping their shit and making it blow up into "fandom discourse."
whenever josie is in the doghouse fandom-wise some of these ppl start saying wild shit like “i literally burnt my sister's hair off and killed her childhood pet and broke her fingers one by one and put poison ivy in her salad and tried to slit her throat when we were thirteen it’s NOT that deep 🙄” like okay then why do you have posts up talking about how you feel sooo bad for poor poor abused josie and she deserves better family than lizzie?? if it's all just fun and games? answer that, babe!
like why do y’all get to understandably empathize with josie re: lizzie being selfish/oblivious at times but if lizzie stans ever feel bad for her with some of the things josie has done to her we have to listen to you painstakingly explain how it’s actually normal to tell ur sister people hate her cuz she’s mentally ill jdskjdsk
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6footeel · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
oh yeah i drew nierin making out with gillion tidestrider
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spencersweetie · 11 hours ago
Today I handled a Great Dane at work that was taller than me on its hind legs I🧍🏻‍♀️ like y’all I’m a weakling I got dragged by it SKFJSJFK
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tiana · 15 hours ago
who is talking crap about u now 😭 there isn’t anything wrong with geminis omg
take a guess bestie <3 but thank u as a gemini i agree
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BruHarvey for the ship bingo
Tumblr media
I ship Harvey with Gilda and Renee.
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thirstyforoc · 16 hours ago
#not to be mean but Dustin is the shithole the realtor is giving Jim a tour through#so he did#split Dustin open and said it's ok we can live here ma'am u say a lot of correct shit but this is the rightest shit anyone's ever said on this hellsite
I'm literally a bumbling idiot in every other situation imaginable in life but this? This I got. Easy. I love being right and being the rightest is even better. Thank you. I'll try to continue on being right and top this just for you. 😘
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joequinones · 17 hours ago
Just announced! My cover to issue 2 of BATMAN ‘89. Solicit text below:
Tumblr media
Writers: SAM HAMM
Variant Cover: MITCH GERADS
$3.99 US | 32 PGS | 2 of 6 | $4.99 US VARIANT (Card Stock
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renegademp3 · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you begged me not to, but i couldn’t stay  all is well (it’s only blood) // radical face [½]
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causeimanartist · 19 hours ago
For doodle request if you still want one! How about a Harv(ey) having trouble choosing between two foods or drinks? 👀
Tumblr media
Why chose? Pick both!
Drink responsibly
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