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Okay, who is your fluff otp? Angst otp? Rough sex otp?

Fluff: TwoSeven a.k.a. Distracting Beats, dorky old blokes UwU

Angst: SevenEight (biased because of my own fic) or NineTen (more ground for pure angst there, considering Rose, Time War etc), I can’t decide… 

Rough sex: FourSix. J-just… fuck, I’m sorry. I CAN’T FATHOM THE HOTNESS

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Me again! Favourite pairing involving 7?

(You can send me as many as you like, no limits here <3)

TwoSeven aka “Sweet Music” aka (from user marathemara:) “Distracting Beats”  is the fluffiest fucking thing ever jfc. They just enjoy making music and being old dorks together, and Seven just takes this time to enjoy himself and relax.

Storyline: As an older Six got fed up with the heartbreak that came with maintaining so many of the younger ones’ timelines, Seven had a despair period where he was afraid of meeting any of them and kept to himself, only keeping slight contact with Eight - which often ended up in rows, poor chaps…
     Some time passed, and Seven met Two. The nature of Six’s crush had changed and as such, it didn’t take much for Seven to masterfully charm Two, with their similar interests and personalities (and height. Never forget the vertically challenged-pride from “The Ten Doctors”). Sometimes Seven wonders if his self was meant to bring an emotional closure concering the younger man. It certainly feels like he’s mended some wounds. 

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