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helpfulbluebell · 4 minutes ago
For the Platonic F/O's Ask Game! :D With 2, 10 and 13 Do it with whoever you want!
Tumblr media
Thank You For Sending The Ask Anonny! :D
Imma Do It With Ace!
2. What’s your general relationship? Supportive? Goofy? Go around gossiping about people you hate?
Mostly Goofy With Ace Doing Tricks a Lot and Mavis Being Childish, But Underneath The surface They are Definitely Supportive of Each Other With Mavis Always Asking To See Aces Tricks and Ace always Giving Mavis His spare Paper To Doodle On in Triens Class!
10. How protective are they of you?
Mavis Isn't So Protective Unless Someone Royally Pissed Her Off If Someone Was Talking Bad about Ace, while Ace on The Other Hand Is More Protective! What do You expect? Magicless People Are Rather Looked down On and Mavis Might get Picked On So Ace Will Try and Be Sly about It But He Is Rather Protective
13. If you have the same clothing size, do you share clothes?
Mavis does not have The Same Clothing Size at All But Cause The Ramshackle Dorm are Poor, Qce a d a Couple of Others have Offered Clothes to Them, Mavis Wears One Of Aces Old Hoodies Often Cause Its really big on her and She Loves it/p
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emyluwinter · 7 minutes ago
Here Yuu is a girl!!I warned you! Please turn on this music to feel the atmosphere
After Mostro Lounge closed, Yuu worked part-time washing dishes, floors, and the gym after hours. Usually there was a lot of work and after each shift, her strength left her at the very end of the work.
This job provided extra rest for the staff and students of the dorm, and Yuu received a small income to the meager budget from Principal Crowley. Seriously, what was this obnoxious irresponsible feathered chicken hoping for, thinking that one teenager would have enough money?! To maintain the dorm, which threatened to collapse with every rain or snowfall. Dust and dirt simply could not be removed with your hands, you needed cleaning products. The Yuu thanked all the gods that they knew and heard that their plumbing was working even with difficulty. But it worked.
After looking at their work, Yuu nodded to herself with satisfaction, making sure that everything was done perfectly. She was a very diligent and hardworking girl, it helped her out many times. Azul is quite a demanding boss, but he can be understood. To maintain a certain reputation of the institution and your own, you must always maintain a certain bar.
Yuu was even a little envious of all the purposeful young men around her. Even they had the money, and she's more like a homeless person who pretends not to be.
Exhaling heavily from not very good thoughts, Yuu suddenly drew attention to a small "scene" in the hall, where Azul introduced himself to the "unfortunate souls" when there was all this business with anemones and dishonest contracts.
The light from the aquarium illuminated the entire room, filling everything it touched with its deep dark colors. The gloom that reigned here seemed even more to give the false impression that everything here was deep under water.
Yuu suddenly felt very sad and heavy. She missed her home, all the things she was used to.
I wonder if the sailors ' wives were also pining when they went to sea.
Waiting for them to return, with the hope that it will never fade away. That their beloved sailor would return to them, and not be taken away by the sea like so many others.
Yuu looked around once more. There was no sound of voices from Octavinelle's living room, and it looked like the students had all gone to their rooms. The "trio of sea mafiosi," as Yuu liked to call them in her mind, sat in Azul's office and counted the cash registers.
The hall was completely empty. Grimm was sleeping peacefully in Onboro, and he was very docile when Yuu went off to work part-time. Because he always got some small goodies that Yuu could buy with her earned money.
It was a small thing, but it was enough for them.
Every movement in the hall seemed to echo. I wonder how beautiful it will be if the song is played here?
Azul said that she does not have a "beautiful voice", maybe he lied to himself to take Onboro? What use was the voice of a non-magical student to him when he could get a whole building to expand his business.
Yuu put down the mop and took off the rubber gloves from her hands and went to the stage.
How much did the sailors ' wives miss?How did they live with this feeling for most of their lives?
There were so many questions, but the answers hardly gave Yuu any peace of mind.
Licking her lips, Yuu took a deep breath and sang softly. Barely audible, whispering to her heart, so sad and bitter, as if she wanted to pour out all her sorrows from her soul.
The lines echoed softly in the silence of the hall.
Upon one summer’s morning
I carefully did stray
Down by the warls of wapping
Where I met a sailor gay...
Yuu's voice sounded so bitter, so sad and wistful, as if she herself was really waiting for her "sailor" who would never return. She wanted so much to relieve the tension, let it be a little quiet singing. It won't hurt anyone.
The singing was a low whisper that filled everything around, and the students who were sitting quietly in the living room heard someone singing and decided to check out who it could be at such an hour.
Yuu slowly and unhurriedly walked around the stage, remembering the lines of the song, until she stopped and continued singing. Surprisingly, the words came one after the other and formed the right lines.
Conversing with a young lass
Who seem'd to be in pain
Saying, William when you go
I fear you'll ne'er return again
The students decided to listen to this impromptu performance with all their might and took out their phones to capture this moment. They hid around the corner and quietly watched everything that was happening on the stage.
Yuu looked like a lonely siren in an empty hall, with a soft, gentle singing that made its way to the most secret places of their souls and hearts. She wasn't given a uniform because of the extra expenses, Yuu couldn't afford it. So she used a change of clothes.
A long cloth wrapped around the legs and tied with a piece of rope. Something like a homemade long skirt with a slit on one side. And a loose and obviously oversized white shirt. Although it was hardly "white", the fabric was worn and apparently part of the uniform of one of the students. Yuu was not buttoning her neck, and thus her defined collarbone was exposed and exposed, as if it was a clue for Cupid where exactly to shoot.
My heart is pierced by Cupid
I distain all glittering gold
There is nothing can console me
But my Jolly sailor bold
Floyd, who was already terribly bored with finishing all this routine, every day the same thing became terribly uninteresting. He visibly perked up when he heard an extraneous sound and listened when he heard singing. It was much more interesting than counting all these numbers and adding up pieces of paper. This didn't usually happen in the evenings.
- Hmmmmm?Do you hear that, too? Floyd asked, glancing back at the office door. It was more interesting to him than the current case, and he closed his eyes and listened to the words of the song. A song about a sailor? It was something interesting.
Jade and Azul looked at each other, at first not understanding what he was talking about, and followed his example and listened.
Did someone.... sing?Now?
Yuu takes a deep breath. Unaccustomed to it, she is short of air and her breathing is a little erratic from time to time.She had to take breaks of a few seconds to catch her breath. Otherwise, my head would start spinning.
The students held their breath as they watched her every move. The way she moved her arms and the way she danced lightly on stage.
She lured them like a siren.
Lured and unknowingly drowned these unfortunate viewers.
His hair hangs in ringlets
His eyes as black as gold
My happiness attend him
Where ever he may go
Floyd listens with pleasure.
- What a beautiful voice~ I wish I could listen to him more often. Floyd chuckled, already seeing the look in Azul Madola's eyes. It was getting more and more interesting. The octopus definitely already has an idea how to turn all this into its own benefit and profit.
Azul gets up from his chair and heads for the exit. As always, he was determined and already thought of different options for the best outcome in his favor.
"Jade, Floyd, we need to get that voice!"!
"Whatever you say," the twins smiled, smug and predatory. They were awfully fond of such" hunts " for Azul. They quietly slipped out of the office and hid and decided to watch.
What was their surprise when they saw that the non-magical student was a real siren of legends on their stage. They barely restrained Floyd, who immediately wanted to destroy everything so that he could run to Yuu and squeeze her.
Azoul suddenly had the idea that he wanted to decorate this beautiful neck with a necklace. No, seriously. She looked amazing. So simple and so mesmerizing. It had its own charm and charm. If only he could persuade her to sing just for him. I wonder if she would agree.
Yuu continued to sing, trying to relieve all the tension that had been drowning in her for so long. All these emotions, all these feelings that had been bothering her for a very long time.
It seemed to her that she was all alone, and her singing could not be heard by others. How surprised she would be that most of the dorm is Octavinel, and Azul and the Twins are hiding to hear the singing through.
After all, they are gentlemen, they will not rudely interrupt such a performance. And just listen quietly, and write it down on a dictaphone.
Azul noticed his students and heard their low whispers.
"Damn it, she's got a voice like a siren, I'd follow him to the bottom of the ocean." - quietly whispered one student checking whether the sound recording is on the phone.
- I've never heard this song, I wonder how she knows it? Another student stared at Yuu as if she were an opera singer.
"It gives me the creeps." Do you think we can persuade her to sing again?
Azul smiled ominously.
Oh, how close his students were to his idea. To lose such an opportunity of profit would be the most terrible crime! But still, even for the refined taste of Azul...
this song..
She was so beautiful and so sad.
Let's be honest greedy octopus, you would have sworn that you have at least 8 possible scenarios where Yuu would sing just for you. His personal songbird without a cage. Free and inconspicuous.
Oh, how he wanted that voice. It turns out that so many unknown songs were hidden in this cute head!So much money could be made out of it!Why hadn't he thought of it before?!
Judging by the fact that Yuu had taken a short break, it was possible to guess that the song was coming to an end.
If only she could be persuaded!!Just agree with Yuu and Azul will arrange for you the most beautiful dress and jewelry that he can afford, just to turn you into the pearl of this place!!
Azul would surely come up with a whole performance, would pick up an outfit for each performance. Every detail, every little thing. I'd even get Wil to give me some advice!
But damn it, knowing her character, she would stubbornly refuse.
She didn't need all this attention, all this gossip and gossip. All this glory and praise. She just wanted a peaceful life in a strange place with a bunch of rude, smug boys.
Suddenly, one of the students lost his footing and stumbled, trying to get closer and shoot a better video, but this caused only a small noise. She didn't need all this attention, all this gossip and gossip. All this glory and praise. She just wanted a peaceful life in a strange place with a bunch of rude, smug boys.
Suddenly, one of the students lost his footing and stumbled, trying to get closer and shoot a better video, but this caused only a small noise. The Octavinel trio mentally cursed this poor fellow in every way they knew.
He himself understood that his life would not be as easy as before. The next couple of days for sure. The others could only sympathize with him.
Hearing a strange noise, Yuu shuddered and stopped singing. She wanted to know where the noise was coming from and make sure it wasn't dangerous.
Noticing the confused students who waved their hands and raised their hats in greeting, Yuu quickly turned pale with horror. Did they hear her??Have you heard her all this time??
And then she saw Azul and the twins.
Azul could have sworn that she was dead white, her face as red as years of wine. I wonder if you could touch her rosy cheeks, what would the taste be like?
Azul, you're thinking the wrong thing. He was talking to himself, not understanding what had suddenly come over him.
It's just a little singing. Maybe it was her attitude toward him. She acknowledged and praised his efforts, his intelligence and work.
Did Cupid miss an arrow in one of his three hearts? (A moment of abstraction. Octopuses have three hearts. one (the main one) drives the blue blood all over the body, and the other two-the gill-push the blood through the gills)
Yuu was confused and desperate to think of an escape route, and she took off and ran out of the hall.
This development of events was definitely not foreseen by Azul.
Did she run away? Just ran away from them?She absolutely didn't want to even stay here?What if she stopped working here?
Although it was naive to think that it would help her.
- Floyd..bring the young lady to my office. And please be gentle with her. We don't want her singing voice to be lost. Azul asked the twin matter-of-factly, knowing that Floyd was only a fraction of a second away from rushing after her.
Still hunting, there was any part of it in the business.
"All right," Floyd said cheerfully and ominously, and immediately disappeared after Yuu.
Azul will do everything to get this opportunity and this voice.
Only, did he really want this pearl to be shown to others, and not just become his own?
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luvfloyd · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
jade leech, yandere.
warnings. yandere content, implied/mentioned kidnapping, meeting family, forced marriage, talks of children, unhealthy relationship. this is not love.
listen to, me and my husband by mitski.
Tumblr media
it’s a wonder jade leech picked you, he could’ve — in your eyes, at least — had anybody he may have wanted. no girl or guy would refuse him, a seemingly perfect gentleman who would put you before himself, taking care of your every need. his act similar to that of a househusband. at least that’s how it was when you two had first started dating after graduating.
when he’d taken you to the sea, things became different. his true self coming out, not as the patient gentleman you knew, but as a cruel man. it’d given you shock at first, but then your thoughts were to get away, to run as far as you could from this man who you didn’t recognize as your lover.
everything came too quickly for your liking, when your efforts to escape were proven to be futile, you’d eventually accepted your fate with the leech brother, watching as your beautiful life faded too far for your reach, letting it sink in that you were stuck. underwater and helpless, not knowing what to do but try and make him happy to not get hurt.
it’d always been him and you, you can realize as you look back on memories, maybe floyd or azul here and there. but him stick by your side with his almost dangerous but seemingly friendly smile that was stuck on his face no matter what was to happen — especially when he was spending his time with you.
it makes you understand better now, that he wants you to forget all good memories you could have with the others you know, to leave your friends behind as you fall into his arms, unable to escape his grasp once you’ve found yourself in it. it was harmless at first, a new love found between the two of you, only to be twisted once you’ve been caught belly-up.
and once you’d met his parents, your fate had been locked in, their words of how happy and excited they were, how they couldn’t believed he’d gotten such a catch. and of course, to make matters even worse for you, they wanted grandchildren as soon as possible. you’ve already graduated, haven’t you? so what better to do that give them cute, precious eel babies? you’d just make the perfect housewife, especially for such a hard working man like their son.
he’d tied the knot immediately after that, his parents words only egging him on further. it’d made him see things in a different light, just how it made you as well. he hadn’t thought about a cute housewife nor children just yet, his mind still a bit rocked from your excitement about him asking you to be his — which may have been a few months ago, but it was very unexpected to say the least — and he couldn’t help but want to impress his parents with not only children and a lovely housewife, but also showing off a beautiful ring.
you weren’t a mermaid, yet, but you’d become one soon, because well, it’s rather difficult to be a human and live under the sea with a bad man, yes? he’d have azul take care of that, while floyd could talk to you about how excited he is to have little nieces and nephews, that he just can’t wait to see if they look like you or jade! (he would prefer them to look like jade because then they’d look like him too!) maybe you’d have twins too! or even triplets!
everything moves a bit quickly under the sea, and even quicker in the leech household.
Tumblr media
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ask-leona-kingscholar · 10 minutes ago
*headbutts you gently like a cat*
“What’s up with you?”
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fluff-pink-fox · 14 minutes ago
So umm ya'll got ideas for a art collab
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lienmultifandom · 26 minutes ago
300 dias em TWST 🥳🥳
Tumblr media
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crestbaby · 27 minutes ago
Not sure if you're still open for requests but you can choose between my ice boujee queen Regina or hyperactive zombie Mori to draw! (Art's not mine they're commissions from @porcelainglass)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ofc im open! I'll keep them open for a while, also i always wanted to draw Regina! I had to choose her she's very beautiful just *chef's kiss * thanks for requesting!
Requests are open!
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raven-at-the-writing-desk · 28 minutes ago
Don't only heroes get to have the wedding scenes, your one step closer to achieving that dream, I've waited through pages for you to save me, my fairest poison king, let's write our own happy ending!
Make your Vow...
Tumblr media
“In the fairy tales and movie scripts, it is only the hero that is able to be on the stage until the final scene. Yet here I am, standing before you today, ready to close the last chapter of my life--and start a chapter anew with my beloved at my side.” Vil’s smile is mirthful and radiant--the most beautiful you have ever seen.
“Hero or villain... Today, those titles hold no meaning to me. No matter what label I may be given, the fact remains that I am to be your husband--and you, to be my spouse.”
“Everything we have endured has been leading up to this very moment. Page after page of trials and tribulations, of blood, sweat, and tears... all to obtain that which is most precious: love.”
“Our happy ending begins now, my dear. Fufu. I look forward to it.”
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ashengro-tto · 31 minutes ago
Marlowe's VAs!
This is so self-indulgent just leave me be
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rozengrotto · 42 minutes ago
Tumblr media
random sketches of a twst OC from a brainrot session with my partner in crime (who doesn’t have a tumblr...yet)
Brooke W. Kirkwell  - he’s twisted from Captain Hook and a 3rd year student at Octavinelle and let’s just say the Leech twins find him quite...interesting
he might seem like a tough and competent senpai at first glance, but in reality he’s a clumsy dork and kind of a coward
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leonakingscholarship · 48 minutes ago
Art trade with @chibichibisha 💛💛💛
Chibi Kero
Tumblr media
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crestbaby · 49 minutes ago
Request for @the27th !
Tumblr media
GOD IM SO GLAD I GOT TO DRAW ANATOLIA I LOVE HER DESIGN *DIES* she's beautiful 😟💕 thank you for requesting!
Requests are open!
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twstpasta · an hour ago
How about a romantic 🌪️ with Floyd?
Tumblr media
If there was one word to describe your boyfriend, it would undoubtedly be “unpredictable”. 
It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. His randomness always made him a loose cannon, a wild card of sorts, and while it may have taken away some of the conventionality or ease of dating someone, it also made your relationship unique. And with Floyd around, there was never a moment for you to ever feel bored.
But other times, his behavior could lead to rather disastrous results.
Which is where you were, staring in disbelief at the mess Floyd had left in the poor school’s courtyard. All you had heard from Azul was something about a fight and Floyd unleashing a torrent of wind magic, leading everything trashed.
The trees were bent, the well was in disrepair, and parts of the school building had seen some extensive damage too. 
And (un)lucky for you, you were also put on clean-up duty.
“Ne, ne, Shrimpy, I don’t get why I have to do this,” Floyd pouted, picking up a brick from the well. “I was just beating up some good-for-nothing guppies! I didn’t do anything that bad, did I?”
“It still doesn’t change the fact that this place is a mess,” you sighed, trying to wrap your head around the damage. “C’mon, we’ll get it done faster if we work together, so less grumbling and more working!”
He frowned, sticking his lower lip out. Despite his clear dissatisfaction, he still obliged, scuttling after you to pick up any trash and replace anything that might have been broken or put out of place. 
“Next time, I’m gonna use fire instead!” Floyd huffed, shaking his magic pen. “That sounds more fun! And if anything gets damaged, they’ll have to replace it instead of making me and Shrimpy fix it!”
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fluff-pink-fox · an hour ago
Twst mutuals Sjsjdjdjdjdjdhd I have something planned *evil laugh*
Ya'll can't stop me
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crestbaby · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I offer any of my children
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thanks for requesting! :0 i love drawing your characters hshshshshhs but I went for Belia this time! I just wanted to color pretty red hair 👉👈
Requests are open!
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canon-twst-quotes · 2 hours ago
lilia, banging on the door: malleus! Open up!
malleus: well, it all started when I was a kid...
silver: no, he meant-
sebek: let him finish
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terrible-twst-oc-ideas · 2 hours ago
Queen Narissa from Enchanted (2007)
Tumblr media
Hey, she might be nothing more than a villain parody that combines the Evil Queen with Maleficent, but at least she’s got killer style. Throw any oc based off of her into Pomefiore and I’m sure they’d do great.
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