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mlk082 · 2 days ago
Waking up the morning after and S/O says “my legs hurt.” - Vice Housewardens
Are you okay?
Do you need anything?
Is extra nice to you all day and gives you lots of sweets.
Watches you when you walk.
Will smile at you and won’t tell you why when you ask.
Is literally so smug.
Decides to cuddle you for some extra minutes and gives you kisses before getting up.
Will watch you get up and chuckle.
Checks on you throughout the day and is more flirty than usual.
Teases you to fluster you.
Is smug, but more subtle about it.
He’ll give you that smile and start to tease you.
Will rub circles on your thigh.
When you said that your legs hurt, he asked “How much?”
Will not apologize for it and also waits for you to get up so he can see how you walk.
Will check on you through the day.
Takes a minute to process.
Instantly holds you closer and kisses your neck teasingly.
Cuddles you for a bit.
Is also smug but isn’t an ass, and actually asks you if you’re okay.
Does not feel bad.
Pays attention to your legs more than usual and just stares at you in general all day.
Will not shut up.
Also doesn’t let you go for some time and playfully squeezes the flesh of your thigh.
“Maybe next time I should mark you more and be kinder on your legs.”
Upon other thinks that make you red.
Every time you are in the same class or Rook sees you in the hall, he will call you out.
Will just go up to you, give you a kiss, and ask you how you are.
Isn’t very fazed.
Will make you say why your legs hurt.
Still smiles at you.
Kisses you all over and tells you that you could stay in bed if you want to.
Checks on you all day.
Chuckles when he watches you walk.
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kokoebi · a day ago
Could i request hcs of the dorm leaders with an s/o who is significantly shorter than them? I just checked everyones heights and yall... im so short 😫
— short s/o headcanons — dorm leaders
Tumblr media
characters;; riddle, leona, azul kalim, vil, idia, malleus
cw;; gn!reader, fluff, silly
a.n. hi anon!! I'm so so so so sorry that it took me this long to get to your request! Like I said in a previous post, my life has been a bit all over the place lately so I haven't really focused on writing! I'm trying to get back into the rhythm of things! Anyways!! Hope you enjoy! I'm also not particularly tall- I think I'm taller than Riddle and that's about it! Proofread but might have some mistakes! Sorry in advance!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
- Honestly, he'd be delighted.
- Not many people are shorter than him! And he used to get teased for it all the time. Still does, but only by people outside of his dorm. It infuriates him!
- So when he met you for the first time and saw how tiny you were, even compared to him, he couldn't wipe the smugness off his brain (since he'd rather not show it on his expression!)
- He might tease you a couple times, but honestly that's not really his thing. He'd prefer to treat you like your height doesn't matter, well, because it doesn't! And he wants to treat like he would like to be treated!
- Definitely finds you so cute! He's always appreciated tiny things, so a human that's even tinier than he is just makes him happy! It's a rare find! He doesn't know many of them!
- Gives you lots of kisses on the top of your head, not only to flex how tall he is subtly, but also just because he loves you so much!
Tumblr media
- Heh, a tiny herbivore? He might just mistake you for a rabbit at this point.
- He'd definitely tease you and taunt you about your height all the time. He's merciless, even if you're his partner.
-Prepare to have him rest his arm on your head for a few seconds just to annoy you. He loves getting on your nerves, but you know he loves you!
- He finds you annoyingly adorable, as in, he hates that he finds you so unbelievably cute, but he can't fight it. Specially if you try to pull him down to kiss him? Oh, he'll have the time of your life teasing you, but in reality he's trying his best to stop his heart from bursting out of his chest with how adorable you look.
- He would love to nap with you all the time! You're small, the perfect hugging size for him! He's pretty used to sleeping alone, but when he sleeps hugging you for the first time, he doesn't want anything else. He just wants to hold you while he sleeps! You bring him comfort, even if he'd never admit it.
Tumblr media
- He's so enamoured. He finds you beyond adorable.
- You're so small, he feels protective over you, which makes him feel good too. It makes him feel powerful, as opposed to how vulnerable he usually feels, even under his confident facade.
- Loves to wrap his arms around you, or have you on his lap while he works. He just loves having you around, and since you're so much smaller than him, he can have you even closer to him than he would have otherwise!
- Much like Riddle, he'd give you a lot of (shy) kisses on the forehead.
- He makes little comments and teases you about your height but makes sure you know he's just affectionately teasing you! As a victim of bullying, specially due to his appearance, he'd hate to actually make you feel like you're being insulted. He just finds your smallness so cute that he can't help but comment on it!
Tumblr media
- He loves you. So so much.
- Kalim loves the fact that you're small. He innocently comments about it all the time, just because he finds it so adorable.
- He's so innocent about so many things, he doesn't mean anything by what he says or does, so hopefully you don't get offended by his remarks! He loves to offer you his help when you're trying to reach something that's too tall for you. He'll get it for you asap! Even if he's not exactly a skyscraper himself!
- He loves to hug you! You fit perfectly in his arms, and he gave give you a tight squeeze easily.
- Showers your face with kisses since he can reach it so easily! He loves to cup you cheeks with his hands when he does it too.
- Also loves carrying you! He actually really likes giving you piggyback rides, they're fun and he loves seeing you enjoying yourself on his back while you travel to your destination together, or as he runs around aimlessly with you.
Tumblr media
- He finds it charming.
- Your size makes you look so fragile and soft to him, he can't help but appreciate how delicate you look. You had him hooked on you from the moment he saw you. At least hooked on having you transfer to Pomefiore.
- He absolutely loves dressing you up. He loves dressing people up in general, but because you're his partner, he gets a lot more fulfillment out of it. He loves seeing you in different outfits that he picks for you, the fact you're so short makes them look 100x cuter than they would ever look on him.
- He feels powerful when leaning down to kiss your cheek, simply having you by his side makes him feel like a prince, somehow.
- Makes sure no one teases you about your height. Ever. Your cuteness deserves only praise. If anyone dares to make you feel bad about yourself, he'll showcase his elegant strength.
Tumblr media
- Prepare to be hugged.
- Idia thinks someone this small and cute can't be real. No way? And you like him too? Oh man... How could he possibly compute that?!
- He hugs you non-stop. He wants you to be close to him, in his arms preferably, forever. While he's sleeping (not much), while he's gaming, always! Having you in his arms makes him feel powerful and protective. A huge difference compared to how he usually feels! Powerless and not enough for anything besides programming.
- He doesn't like his appearance very much, so he makes sure you love yours! One of you two has to be happy with themselves... Right? He showers you in compliments, this is mostly through his tablet, since, even though he's been getting a lot better at speaking around you, words of affection will never be his forte, specially of they come from his mouth.
- But he makes sure you think of yourself as the coolest short person ever! At least to him you are!
Tumblr media
- You make him want to protect you.
- He loves how small you are compared to him. He's already taller than most, if not all student's there, so someone shorter isn't that new to him. But you're so short, it almost feels unreal. With Lilia he doesn't even notice it anymore with how used to it he is..! But since you're new to his life, he notices.
- Much like Kalim, he also makes one or two innocent comments about your height, but leaves it at that. He might still address you with a cute nickname pertaining to your height though, just because he thinks it's charming.
- Also feels very protective when he's around you. You're his, and you're so small, he just has to protect you from anything. It's both in his instinct and logic. He can't help it.
- Loves to hug you as well, he usually does it randomly throughout the day, seemingly with no real reason behind you. You could be standing there talking to Silver or Lilia and he'll come up behind you and just... you're being hugged now.
- He finds it both impressive and comforting that despite how small you are, you're not afraid of him... He really loves that about you, and he's happy to call you his significant other. You make him feel more confident about himself.
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sunsguilt · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
warnings: none contains : gn! reader
notes: first post kinda nervous xoxo many thoughts about malleus documenting them all here. i subjected a dear friend to this brainrot and now I'm going to spew it to the world! thank you for reading if you chose to!
Tumblr media
lemme just say this, malleus in my eyes is a loser. i mean this in the most endearing way possible, losers are my type bless <3
there are very select few scenarios where i could imagine one befriending malleus, outside of being a ramshackle dorm resident. that's too easy. one scenario would include you being his seatmate and being paired up with him for an assignment because no one would agree to work with him.
at first, you're a little intimidated by him! understandably, he has the respect of many, but he's never approachable to the average person, save for select diasomnia residents. as far as you can tell, he's rather isolated from the rest of your peers, even if not of his own desire.
with malleus not being the most talkative or outgoing at first, you end up carrying the conversation. he seems to be listening to you the whole time. sometimes he chimed in with the odd comment or two, but the dialogue was rather amicable. you speak to him kindly, in a familiar way as he imagines friends would. so he is now under the assumption that the two of you are friends.
he greets you when you walk into the classes you share. ok sure, he's being nice because he knows your name now. it's not THAT weird. but then it's like. he's approaching you in hallways to greet you, waiting by your locker for small talk.
it's not like you have the heart to outright run away from him. so the two of you begin talking more often, forming a camaraderie of sorts.
sure he's unapproachable at first, with a cold tone that seems unchanging with others who dare to speak to him first, the timbre of his voice almost seems to soften when he addresses you.
he has a peculiar habit of approaching you when you're talking with someone else, his face appearing to be rather menacing even if it's not his intention. he's just waiting for you to stop talking to them so he can walk with you. it's not something he's ever noticed and not something you plan to point out.
he will complain about how often you talk to others to his attendants (ie: sebek)
"how dare they talk to someone other than u lord malleus they should be ashamed !!!!!!" and malleus is eating this up like "hm u are right…. how could they do this to me."
sebek wants you to be struck by lightning. we are going to ignore this.
he's actually desperate to maintain his first friendship with you and somehow his love language is gift-giving. he does not know what gifts should be given for what occasion. he will give you a family heirloom dating back to the 13th century for taking him to the cheesecake factory.
you must reject his gifts because otherwise, it's going to ramp up to him being like, "child of man, i have been thinking..." he's offering you a spare castle. personally, i wouldn't let that slide. nor would my stomach be able to handle the weight of such a gift.
he'd probably have a crush on you he either refuses to acknowledge because "you're just friends" or he's just stupid. probably the latter!
— ☆
Tumblr media
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keqingsfavbestie · 2 days ago
Teary looking s/o! With floyd, epel, azul
Tumblr media
When he first met you, he thought you were crying so naturally, he had to tease you!
When you explained to him that your eyes are always like that and that is just your resting face, he gives you a nick name!
You can always act like you're crying to get more attention from him (somehow) and he can't tell your actual crying between your fake one because it looks the same!
He squeezed you the first time he saw you "are you cryingggg? I promise I'm not gonna squeeze ya! *squeezes you*"
Tumblr media
When he first met you, he didn't think much of it because he has similar sad eyes
He feels happy by the fact that someone else has the same sad eyes
If you're petite he feels manlier by the fact that you're a girl who doesn't love muscles and all of that
Ego boost!
Tumblr media
He thought you were crying at first when he first met you because you were a bit far
My man was taken back thinking if he did something
Can not figure out if you're sad or not
Always softens when he meets your eyes
Kind of reminds him of the days when he was crying as a kid
Requests are... OPEN!
This is my first time writing a hc! Im gonna post the rules and try to do a masterlist soon :)
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xenya1111 · 14 days ago
is it ok if grimm and the NRC staff also react to mc/yuu being a girl please?
The staff and Grim’s reactions to Yuu being a girl
Warnings: None, a bit of some tooth rotting fluff lmao, hope you enjoy @stoeolq !
Tumblr media
Dire Crowley:
Honestly he’s the first one who knows your secret he just doesn’t care lmao
He’s such an irresponsible guardian like you CANNOT tell me this man couldn’t care less about your existence and this man is only putting up with you until he finds a way for you to go back home, even then this bitch is lazy as fuck and hasn’t even bothered finding a way home for you yet 💀
That is also why the other staff members have vowed to be your legal guardians (and I mean all the staff because it’s so bad to the point where all of them were like “we’re taking care of her now” since he’s so irresponsible) and also they were used to Crowley being a disaster when it comes to taking responsibility for things, let alone his own students, so they already had a feeling they needed to take care of you. You being a girl just makes them more obligated to help you 😭
Thing is, one good thing (one tinyyy small thing) about Crowley is he would never admit it, but he’s honestly thrilled that your the only female student, since NRC has never had a female student in the past and you are an exception to that rule, but at the same time with the way he practically threw you into NRC, with no protection whatsoever, we can all collectively agree on one thing: this man SUCKS at being your legal guardian
He’s by far the most ridiculous guardian you have, heck he’s so irresponsible when it comes to taking care of you that the other staff members literally had to step in and make sure you were okay, this man threw you into an only boys school without protection, he almost left on vacation during chapter 4 and almost left without giving you a good food supply for the winter, and when you literally got kidnapped instead of coming to your recuse he hangs up on you. Overall, I honestly think this bastard does not give a fuck whether your a girl or not I’m sorry 😭
Tumblr media
Divus Crewel:
Probably the best father figure other than Trein, I feel like if you were a girl Crewel would always make sure your well fed, he’ll always make sure you slept well, if your not focused in class expect a mug of coffee to be placed on your desk, don’t ask him about it, it’s from him just drink it he does not like being put on the spot about spoiling you lmaooo
Crewel always gives you snacks in class, he personally tailors a female uniform for you, he definitely gets a soft spot for you but would never admit it lmaooo
Had to make all the other staff members stop teasing him since he said he would never have favorites but once you came to NRC he has a favorite & it’s you: and everyone has noticed 😭
After chapter 4 happened he always made sure, from then on out, that you knew if you ever needed to go somewhere on break you could always go to his home since he knew ramshackle dorm gets cold during the night
Crewel spoils 👏🏼 you 👏🏼 rotten 👏🏼!! I just know that one this man gains a soft spot for you he will go all out when it comes to spoiling you. From the latest phone, since he had looked at the phone Crowley gave you and he told you it was a really cheap phone, and it barely had any data on it, to the latest clothes and shoes, you will be spoiled rotten from him, no complaints this man will take a liking to you and will see you as his own
If you manage to actually bond with him and if he’s able to grow closer to you he’d definitely look into actually making himself your legal guardian. If he does grow close to you, he may or may not still be pondering over those adoption papers in his desk at his home but you don’t need to know about that!
I feel like Crewel would honestly do the best he could when it comes down to taking care of you. At the end of the day, he knows he’s not your actual guardian, and he knows your not his child, your someone else’s, but over time, somewhere deep inside of him knows he’d love to have you as his own even if you guys weren’t related by blood, he just gets so protective of you since to him, you’re like a puppy, all alone in this world and he must take care of you
Also do not expect your grade to raise! Just because he cares about you doesn’t mean you can slack off in class and expect him to raise your grade just because! But if your struggling and he sees that you need help he’ll always offer tutoring after class, he wants you to succeed and he’ll make sure of it.
(Can y’all tell my favoritism is showing 😐😑😐)
Tumblr media
Mozus Trein:
Probably the other best parental/guardian figure, honestly I feel like Crewel and Trein are the best guardian figures out of all the staff, but with Trein, he’s raised two girls so he knows how to handle them
Honestly when he figured out you were a girl he also got a little bit protective since he knows how rude boys can be, they can also be really gross so he knew he had to do something to help you out
Once he saw how irresponsible Crowley was when it came down to making sure you had food and basic necessities, he immediately felt his fatherly instincts kick in and he always made sure you were well fed and if you needed help he also made sure you had access to tutoring
Trein honestly is just so disappointed with Crowley when he saw how he neglected his duties as your guardian, he could never imagine being like that to his own girls
Will never admit it but you remind him of his two girls and it warms his heart, it brings back good memories of when they first came into his life and he appreciates it
He honestly loves that your a girl, he definitely loves your personality and your easier to work with, when he eventually gains that soft spot for you he may even set up a little date with you and his girls so you could meet :)
Tumblr media
Ashton Vargas:
Soccer mom. This man is a soccer mom no ands ifs or buts
When he finds out your a girl he’s honestly concerned with how you’ll do in an only boys school
Immediately looks at your muscles and would tell you that you are weak as hell and he’s gonna train the shit out of you so you can defend yourself
I honestly feel like he wouldn’t really care all that much? He would mostly want you to be safe at all times: hence why he wants you to build those muscles so you could punch anyone who even thinks of laying a finger on you
Overall, he’s the same as always, but expect him to become more protective of you since your a girl and all, he wants to make sure your always safe :)
Tumblr media
Honestly I feel like he wouldn’t exactly be a parent or guardian, he would be an uncle lmaoo
But he’s one of those cool uncles you enjoy having, he always offers you part time jobs at his shop so you can earn fun money
He always gives you discounts and depending on how helpful you are in the shop he’ll even give you stuff for free, just make sure you do good and help out and heck he’ll even buy some stuff for you if you don’t have any money on you
He likes spoiling you, he doesn’t really care that your a girl, but the voices in his head tell him otherwise. He finds it fascinating with how you’ve been able to make it this far without anyones help. He’s definitely one of your biggest supporters, he likes you a lot :)
On special days like your birthday he’ll let you make one wish and if he doesn’t have it in his shop he’ll personally go out and buy whatever you want. He just wants you to have as much fun as you can before you go back, he also always makes sure your okay and he always makes sure you have basic necessities, since Crowley never does. Heck he’ll even supply some of those if Crewel and Trein couldn’t that month, he’ll step in and take over for them if things get too hectic without them
Overall, he tries not to get too excited about you being a girl, but he finds himself spoiling you constantly and he always finds himself looking forward to your visits to his shop after classes end
Tumblr media
I feel like Grim also probably already knows your a girl since you guys have been together since the beginning
When he first found out, I honestly feel like he wouldn’t really care all that much, all he would say is “now I’ve gotta protect my henchman from all these boys!” And then go and demand you to get him some tuna 💀
Even if grim always says doesn’t care, he definitely shows it in his own way. For example your menstrual cycle.
When grim senses that you get your cycle, he immediately goes and kneads your lower back & stomach and then proceeds to purr loudly
It’s basically an instinctual thing for cats to do so i also HC if you were a girl I could definitely see him doing that to you when you get your cycle
If you get emotional on your cycle (same), he would sleep with you on your bed that night, and he will not stop purring until you fall asleep
Cats have healing frequencies with their purring, so I could definitely picture him doing the same thing normal cats do, and he’ll most likely always tell you it’s cause your his henchmen and he’s gotta take care of you lmaoo
Overall, he would most likely tell you that he doesn’t care if your a girl or a boy, your still his henchman, but if you look at the signs closely, you can definitely find that he keeps it a secret that your a girl (which is a miracle with how much of a blabber mouth he is), and he does love having you around, he does care, Grim is just too proud to admit it
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twsthearts · 25 days ago
Your new post gave me a brilliant idea 👀 HCs for petting the Savanaclaw boys (like playing with their hair and ears, giving them the good scritches, etc.) please~
that is a super brilliant idea nonnie~ thanks for sending it in <3
Tumblr media
scritches for savanaclaw
featuring: jack howl, ruggie bucchi, and leona kingscholar w/ gn!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⭒⭒ jack likes to keep a certain amount of distance between him and his peers, so he doesn’t even consider physical affection as something he’d want or yearn for from someone other than his family. that all changes when you scratch his back for the first time. 
⭒⭒ it was an innocent gesture really. you just happened to notice him rubbing his back against a rough surface and offered to scratch the hard to reach place for him. he was too flustered to protest, but his embarrassment is quickly forgotten when your touch causes waves of pleasure and relief to wash over him. his guard is coaxed down and he even wags his tail a bit, but your chuckle brings him back to reality. shocked by his own actions, his embarrassment flairs up again, causing him to jump five feet away from you. 
⭒⭒ he acts a bit awkward with you after that, but becomes more aware of how you casually touch other people and convinces himself it’s not a big deal. so when you ruffle his hair in the library as you tell him he works too hard, he doesn’t pull away from you. in fact, he nudges your hand with his head as you pull it away as if to ask for more. it’s such a needy gesture he can’t bring himself to look you in the eyes until he hears your fond, soft laughter. you indulge him without hesitation, this time letting your fingers wander to that sensitive part right behind his ear, which draws the faintest of smiles from him. 
⭒⭒ he loves when you absentmindedly run your fingers through his hair while studying together and how you play with the tips of his ears when you’re trying to cheer him up. nothing beats your scratches, however, and he may have used his unique magic just so you could scratch his belly in his wolf form. he’ll turn into a stuttering mess trying to formulate an excuse if you ever bring it up though. 
Tumblr media
⭒⭒ ruggie isn’t surprised when you ask him if you can touch his ears. he’s met plenty of other curious people before, but when your tentative touch becomes more confident and borderline affectionate it makes him pause. you’re met with narrowed eyes as he demands to know what you’re buttering him up for. with his upbringing and minimal trust in people he has the habit of assuming people always want something from him. your inability to really explain why you like petting him doesn’t help ease his suspicions
⭒⭒ he doesn’t reject your attention, however, just smirking and teasing you when you play with his hair or scratch him behind the ear. it’s only when you stroke his ears that he grumbles because he claims that it makes him sleepy. you use that knowledge to your advantage when you can tell he’s stressed or worn out. he would never admit that he needs a break, so you coax him to take one by gently rubbing his ears until he’s fast asleep on your shoulder or lap. he looks so innocent when he’s sleeping, seemingly always having a small smile on his face as if he’s having a pleasant dream. 
⭒⭒ one day you surprise him by giving him the answer to the question you failed to answer the first time. you discover that outside of seeing his reactions you like to pet him because it makes you feel closer to him and relaxes you. his eyes widen at your words, and you swear you see a faint blush creeping across his cheeks, but he quickly masks it with his signature snicker.
⭒⭒ he teases you with the notion of charging you a service fee since he’s a tool for your relaxation, but that’s all it is. teasing. you both know he enjoys it more than you do. if you try to pet him while eating a snack, however, he’ll always playfully dodge your hand claiming you need to ‘pay up’, which of course is just a ploy to get a bite of your food. 
Tumblr media
⭒⭒ leona would like you to think of him as untouchable, but it’s hard to resist the temptation when he’s sleeping. he wouldn’t rouse when you called out to him anyway, so you have no choice but to gently push on his shoulder. the only sign that your touch reaches him in depths of sleep is the subtle twitch of is ears, which easily captivate your attention. surely a more sensitive spot will be more effective, but just before you can touch his soft fur a hand captures your wrist. 
⭒⭒ “you're rather bold today, herbivore” leona’s gravelly voice sounds out despite his eyes remaining closed.  he doesn’t acknowledge your retort, but simply mumbles a demand to let him sleep as he releases your hand. you may have given up at waking him, but the thought of petting him is still enticing so you tentatively play with the tips of his long tresses. when he doesn’t complain, you get more daring playing with pieces of his hair closer to the roots. then you’re stroking his bangs backwards, slowly inching towards the place you’re most curious about. you allow your finger to just barely graze his ear before gently scratching the area directly behind it, and your actions bring a smirk onto leona’s face.
⭒⭒ turns out as long as your touch isn’t in effort of waking him, leona doesn’t mind it. you suspect he likes it actually, which is proven when you’re able to hear the faintest purr when you scratch behind his ears or play with the tiny hairs at the nape of his neck. soon enough you’re petting him when he’s awake too, which he never refuses. he never asked you to scratch his back, but when you do he’s not shy about telling you what he wants telling you to move your hand lower or more to the right. 
⭒⭒ he becomes addicted to the feeling of your fingers raking through his hair. if you mention that one of his braids is messy and coming undone, he’ll simply tell you to fix it. he’ll never admit to it, but he comes to pe and flight classes with his hair still down just so he can get you to put it in a ponytail for him. you always give his ear a gentle tug to signify you’re done, which he always grumbles about despite it being something he’s grown fond of. he just saves his smile for the moment you look away.
Tumblr media
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roseheartsed · a month ago
Tumblr media
✼ SUMMARY: delight is the hardest to contain, so you ask them for a hug — except you didn't do the asking part and dived straight in. (first years edition)
✼ PAIRING: first years x reader ft. platonic ortho. (written in second pov)
✼ GENRE: fluff, slight comedy.
✼ KEYWORDS: none.
✼ QUICK WARNINGS: implications of unintended asphyxiation (in epel's section).
✼ A/N: woohoo, welcome to the surprise post! this is yet another formatting style and i actually liked how simple it turned out! as always, enjoy reading and let me know what you think <3 - bree ☆
[ dedicated to my one and only mama, @emizel! lin, look at these precious boys <3 ]
・・✿ ・・→ masterlist. + read the vice dorm leaders edition (ft. platonic grim) here!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PRETENDS TO CRINGE. Stares like you just ate the last pizza on the table off of the floor— Pfft, he's just messing with you! Ace snorts, remarking about how lucky you are he didn't 'somersault' you out of surprise or something like that. As if he would; he likes you too much to actually do that.
Tumblr media
STARTS BUFFERING. Just malfunctions and heats up on the spot. Isn't hugging supposed to be something intimate? Does this change something between the two of you? Or is he the one overthinking this? Those thoughts come rushing to him in the space of a few seconds — and you're left wondering why Deuce is just standing still like a statue. His cheeks are red too, is he okay?
Tumblr media
FLINCHES AS NATURAL INSTINCT. His kind doesn't do that type of buddy huggy thing so obviously, Jack's first instinct is to jolt away. Not only does it fluster him that you just swooped in closer like that but he also felt like a trapped prey there. But it's not like Jack is voluntarily rejecting your hug... Just don't catch him off guard next time, he warns you with an exasperatedly fond face.
Tumblr media
GETS SUFFOCATED, LITERALLY. Usually, Epel would have politely inched away to get his fairly needed intake of oxygen — but he hesitates because he does want to stay in your embrace. But his oxygen supply is running out and he pats your arm as a sign of "can you let go a little?". Epel still finds your enthusiasm and physical strength kinda amazing though... Fine, maybe he did just fall for you even more.
Tumblr media
ALMOST SENDS YOU TO THE AFTERLIFE. As one of Malleus' knights, he immediately considers surprise attacks like that as an ambush. He could've injured you! Sebek shakes his head disapprovingly, lecturing you for minutes afterwards. He's only angry because you're... someone... important to him, okay?! Besides, you could've just asked!
Tumblr media
GETS SO HAPPY HE FLOATS. Unlike most viruses, happiness isn't supposed to be contagious; or at least, it hasn't been scientifically proven. But when you give him a hug, Ortho can't help but reciprocate? As if your glee is channeled into him, activating the engines under his feet in the process! Maybe happiness is contagious, after all?
──・──・・✿ ・・──・──
© 𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐬𝐞𝐝, may 2022. do not repost, plagiarize nor translate without permission, thank you. likes and reblogs are extremely appreciated!
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fr0st-km · 5 months ago
Howdy~ 🤠 can I request headcanons of the overblot peeps (excluding Crowley and Grim) having dreams of them killing their S/O during their overblot?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Gn s/o . Mentions of deaths, violence, blood . Headcanons . Thank you for requesting!
OH HELL NAH NO WAY I’M GONNA WRITE THIS— *proceeds to write it* I didn’t add Vil because writers block suddenly hit me 😔🙏
Tumblr media
“I-I’m sorry but I have business to do!!”
RIDDLE will be absolutely terrified. What kind of a dream was that?! The red liquid that was splattered all over the green grass and created a large puddle of it made the redhead’s heart stop for a moment. Add the terrified points when he saw his overblot form piercing a rose bushes’ roots against your chest and pulling it out and that caused Riddle to jolt up from his sleep with dilated pupils and a panicked yet sweaty face. Next morning when he saw you walking in the hallways with Grim and the ADeuce combo, he sighed in relief knowing that you were still alive. Still, he couldn’t even face you when you called out his name and Riddle ended up running away.
“Oh, Herbivore, you’re still alive? That’s good…Now be a good pillow because you ruined my sleep.”
LEONA usually gets dreams so it wasn’t really a surprise to him getting one. However…This dream made him shot his eyes open out of shock— Seeing himself in his overblot form whilst watching you slowly fade away as he heard the screams of others calling out your name in horror. Leona started breathing heavily before closing his eyes shut again and sighed to himself, that was just a dream…Right? Next thing he knew was him bursting into the Ramshackle dorm and running upstairs and slam the door to your room open— only to see a shocked you and Grim facing the beastman. Leona doesn’t admit it but he is so fucking glad to see your healthy and active state.
Oh god…AZUL literally screamed in the middle of the night— almost all of the Octavinelle residents woke up, especially Jade and Floyd. It’s just that…Seeing his overblot form choking your neck until your body goes limp was just too much for him. The next thing Azul did as soon as he woke up was going on a search for you. This octopunk never felt so…Relieved just by seeing you reading books in the library. Just like Riddle, Azul ran away as fast as he can when you noticed him and called out his name—
“Thank the sevens that you’re still alive…”
Haha…Oh…JAMIL will go into panic mode after receiving such a vivid dream. Him throwing your figure to a wall as the hard bricks cracked is a sign of your bones already split into half while damaging your head badly, with blood flowing down your forehead then your weak figure slumping against the cracked wall. Jamil’s first instinct as soon as he arrived at NRC was to find you ( with Kalim trailing behind him ). As soon as he found you, he tackled you into a tight hug which felt ao OOC to you— Jamil didn’t really care of the stares he received from Kalim and other students, all he ever cared is our safety, after all <3
Tumblr media
Fuck you, writers block <3
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curryandbread · 5 months ago
I love the attempted kidnaping hcs soo much! So if you're okay w it can I request how the dorm leaders or vice dorm leaders react when their S/O got kidnapped? (Lets switch sweet little bby Ortho w Floyd or whoever you like to do) cuz am kinda currious and... you can pick whichever you like or do 2 parts.... well... all I've got to say is.... as long as you have fun then we good! XD
Dorm Leaders reacting to their s/o who got kidnapped (1/2)
Hello! Thank you for requesting! For now, I’ll do dorm leaders.
Part 2 (Vice Dorm Leaders) to be added later.
Riddle Rosehearts
First of all, he would turn red from anger. Who could’ve done this?! He will absolutely become furious.
Other sides of his thoughts are flooded with worry, pacing around the Heartslabyul dorm lounge as Trey had to let him cool off.
He wasn’t reckless enough to look for your current whereabout, but nothing will stand on his way, burning everything down in his path just to get to you.
Leona Kingscholar
There is not a chance Leona would know that you’re a target for kidnapping, but let’s just say that he was blind enough to not notice.
He thinks it’s another pain in the butt, not expecting that an incident like this could also be something he has to worry about.
Nevertheless, he does want to get this over with, coming to just carry you out of the mess surrounded by the perpetrators that had passed out, and becomes extra secure with you.
Azul Ashengrotto
One reason for your kidnapping may be because of how students who seem to hold a grudge against Azul knew that you’re in a relationship with him. Because of so, they’ve taken you away so they could manipulate Azul into their favors.
Azul seemed calm about it at first, but his fists are balling tightly as his teeth gritted without baring them.
Naturally, he’d use the tweels to bring you back. Followed by caressing you in his arms, apologizing that you’ve been brought into his affairs only meant to him.
Kalim Al-Asim
Kalim is overwhelmed. His first instinct is to recklessly find you.
Of course Jamil steps in to stop him from doing anything further. Beyond this point, Kalim could only ask everyone’s help to search for you.
Because of how he’s carrying his family name, he felt absolutely helpless that he can’t do anything with his own hands. But as soon as you were embraced by his figure, it felt as if he never wanted to let go. He was worried sick! And he’ll make sure that you’re safer.
Vil Schoenheit
Vil is fuming in irritation. Just why would someone take interest in you? And to what extent that made them do so?
Vil might use Rook for his reliability on his unique magic, surely he can find you easily.
Once everything was safe and sound, be prepared for times that he’ll be a little clingier than usual; accompanying you to every class, making sure you’re not walking home alone, staying by your side as if he’s your bodyguard. Though you seem to think that he should be the one who should be looked after…
Idia Shroud
There’s an obvious chance that he’d use Ortho on this incident. Of course he’d ask Ortho for all these data and mine down every CCTV footage there is that exists just so he could get ahold of you.
He’d get anxious, wishing for your safety. Pacing back and forth in his room looking for any information to pop up about your whereabouts
And when he does finally have you back, he’d be a lot more like a hawk watching you with two eyes. He doesn’t mind you away from his sight, but just so you know that he could be watching you from afar… because he just cares for you and hope this incident doesn’t repeat.
Malleus Draconia
He’d be perplexed at the incident. But deep inside, he is filled with rage. To think that he could be toyed by taking away what’s precious to him.
His expression has clearly changed; if looks could kill, anyone who gazed his way would fall into a trance and pass out.
With you finally back, please don’t be surprised if he suddenly starts teleporting to you just to check on you. His excuses are mainly just “I just feel something off. But please don’t mind.”
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twisted-jamil · 2 months ago
hii, i really liked this hc, so if u don't mind, could u please write one of that but with azul, idia and malleus? it's ok if u don't feel like!! have a great day 💕
This is such an old request I’m so sorry ( ; ; )It got buried in my inbox - hopefully I can still write this prompt well!
Tumblr media
Azul, Idia, and Malleus reacting to a selective mute S/O talking to them for the first time
Female reader
,, CW: none 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。
In relationship
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
- The octopus man would be lying if he said he wasn’t bothered by you never speaking to him. His mind was a jumbled mess between being worried you didn’t trust him enough, and being upset at himself for not being trustworthy.
- Was it his constant deals with people that made you wary of him? Maybe the hidden clauses in his contracts that his victims patrons failed to see?
- Either way, he knew there was some reason why you spoke to other people but not him, and he was determined to find out why.
- That is until he was sitting in the VIP lounge, eyes half closed and waiting for you to come visit him the way you did every night. He didn’t even realize he was dozing off.
- Had he really been lacking on sleep that much?
- “Azul. Azul?” He heard a soft voice questioning his name, eyelids softly flickering open and looking toward the source. Your eyes shining back toward his barely even registered in his sleepy mind.
- “Yes?” he replied. “Sorry, I must have dozed off-” He paused.
- Wait what? Suddenly, your peculiar boyfriend was wide awake and had a look of bewilderment clouding his face, turning as red as a tomato in the blink of an eye. You actually spoke to him????!
- He had to regain his composure, hand quickly moving to push his glasses back and clearing his throat before asking, “Lets go on our date now.” He wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable, but you could tell his excitement.
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
- Another man who didn’t really mind your quietness. In fact, he quite enjoyed it since he wasn’t very talkative in most settings (and when he would go on rants about his interests he knew you would be the first person to listen without distraction).
- Part of him wondered why you didn’t speak much: Were you just shy like him, or did something happen in your past that made you wary?
- You were sitting in his room gaming with him, you both continuously getting into silently-spoken competitions of “I can totally beat you in a 1v1 Mario Kart.”
- So far you had been beat by your endless-gamer boyfriend every single round… but things were starting to look up for you when you got to Rainbow Road! His coordination was all thrown off because you just happened to practice this map every night alone for absolutely no particular reason.
- “YES! I beat you!” you exclaimed happily, surprising Idia, his face and the tips of his hair instantly beginning to turn red.
- You had finally talked? Should he point it out or will that make you shut down??? Should he just move on and pretend it never happened or would that make you sad????
- There was only one alternative he could think of. “..I beat you on the other 3 maps.” You gave him a defeated look.
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
- Malleus couldn’t help his simple romantics, but one of his biggest wants was to hear you speak to him. To reassure him.
- Or maybe he was just interested in hearing how beautiful you’d sound. He’d met so many people through his life who were similar to you, that only ever spoke to certain people at certain times.
- He tried to not put too much thought into it.
- You two were taking a nightly stroll, something you did probably twice every week just to spend time together. Being an heir made your boyfriend very busy, and being a servant to the crazy enslaver Crowley made you equally as busy.
- He was telling you about his day, something he often did to make the walks more interesting for you.
- You enjoyed it no matter what.
- Then he tripped over a rock, epitome of grace and significance falling down in front of you, hands barely managing to catch himself. “Malleus!” you had shouted out as you rushed for him. “Are you okay??”
- He looked at you, slightly ruffled up from the tumble, staring you in the eyes as he stayed sat on the ground.
- “Pardon?”
- “Are you okay?” you repeated, quieter and unsure of yourself. Your boyfriend nodded, grabbing your hand as you held it out for him.
- What a gentle noise. He’d ask you to repeat yourself a million times if he could, but for now you’d both walk again in silence.
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twisted-t0xins · 3 months ago
✟𝔇𝔬𝔯𝔪 𝔏𝔢𝔞𝔡𝔢𝔯𝔰 𝔵 ℭ𝔥𝔞𝔪𝔢𝔩𝔢𝔬𝔫!ℜ𝔢𝔞𝔡𝔢𝔯
Requested by: @crushthecharmingpuppets
Perhaps the dorm leaders w an s/o who has the ability to turn colors kinda of like a chameleon. And i guess s/o does something they're afraid they'll get in trouble for, like broken a rule, or spilled ink on one of azul's contracts, etc. and Hides from the boys by blending in with They're surroundings in fear of getting in trouble.
⋄ Includes Riddle Rosehearts, Azul Ashengrotto, Leona Kingscholar and Malleus Draconia
A/N: Thank you for the first request :)) ,, when I start writing for more of the dorm leaders I’ll probs do a part 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media
|ℜ𝔦𝔡𝔡𝔩𝔢 ℜ𝔬𝔰𝔢𝔥𝔢𝔞𝔯𝔱𝔰 ⋄ 
mans is pissed,, you’re gonna break the rules and then double down by disappearing?? death 
no but the first time he sees it he’s gonna be flabbergasted fr 
if you start doing it often he’s gonna start grabbing you by the arm or something so he knows exactly where you are so you’ll have to pay attention to him ranting
overall, wouldn’t take you trying to blend in too badly,, might be a little annoyed but not super upset
Riddle grabs your arm and sends you a glare, “I can see through your tricks, you know! I’m not going to let you get away again.”
His look softens and he can’t suppress the small, but smug, smile when he sees you sigh in defeat, “It seems you’re finally learning after all this time… I think we should have a look at the rules together. That would make you behave, wouldn’t it.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
|𝔏𝔢𝔬𝔫𝔞 𝔎𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰𝔠𝔥𝔬𝔩𝔞𝔯 ⋄
I can’t see him getting mad at a lot of things,, but if you step on him (his tail) ohh boy
literal predator and prey behavior,, except if you stayed hidden for too long he’d just give up lmao
if he finds you before he gets bored you’re probs gonna be held hostage for a bit and he’ll be incredibly smug the whole time smh
the whole sitation would make him a little pissy ngl,, like he thinks you’re going overboard bc he wasn’t planning on doing anything too bad (just making you late to class bc you’re sleeping or smthn)
Leona sniffs the air in search of you, “come on out, herbivore, I promise I won’t eat you if you behave~”
He waits for a couple seconds, letting you feel a rush of relief, before he moves his face close to yours. Leona stops just before your noses are touching, “so you’re gonna keep trying to fool me, huh? That’s fine, after all I warned you that there would be consequences…” 
He quickly throws you over his shoulder and laughs at your surprised reaction, “seriously, I don’t know why you even try… or maybe do you want me to capture you~?”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
|𝔄𝔷𝔲𝔩 𝔄𝔰𝔥𝔢𝔫𝔤𝔯𝔬𝔱𝔱𝔬 ⋄
messing w his business could make him angry I think,, so he’d def be angry if you messed up his contracts in any way
def not a fan of your disappearing act,, he’d probs immediately feel really terrible the moment you hid and start softly (and a little urgently) saying for you to come out 
I just think azul would take the whole thing rlly seriously bc he can’t stand you ignoring him or hiding from him,, he probs starts thinking too hard about the whole exchange and thinks you don’t like him anymore
Azul felt all of his anger quickly dissolve into guilt after he realized that you were hiding from him, “... I’m not really that mad, you know?”
He lets out a shaky sigh before starting again, “I-I apologize if I scared you… please come out. I can’t handle you hiding from me…”
When you stop hiding, he can’t help but smile in relief. However, this action doesn’t completely put his mind at ease and he struggles to look into your eyes, “I hope your opinions on me have not changed…”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
|𝔐𝔞𝔩𝔩𝔢𝔲𝔰 𝔇𝔯𝔞𝔠𝔬𝔫𝔦𝔞 ⋄
oh no :(( his little heart can’t take this,, are you scared of him??
but fr idk what you could do to make malleus mad if he likes you,, 
he’d just look super sad unless you reappear in front of him,, pls just say you were trying to show off a cool trick or smthn and that will def make his mood go back up
so,, maybe don’t do this to malleus,, both of you know he’d never hurt you or even get really angry at you
Malleus’ eyebrows furrow as he realizes what’s happening, surely you aren’t scared of him? He stays silent for a bit before starting, “I understand… I will leave you be for now. Please come find me when you are feeling more comfortable…” 
He stays for a couple seconds, waiting to see if you’ll reappear in front of him. Before he can turn around he sees your guilty expression and his gentle smile comes back, although the sadness in his eyes stays, “please tell me that you are not frightened of me too… I don’t know if I could cope if you were.”
Tumblr media
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mlk082 · 2 days ago
Hello, if you are taking requests, can I ask for the Octotrio reaction when the reader is mad at the Adeuce duo and is chasing them in the hallway, and at some point the reader throws a book at these two but misses and hit Azul instead? ❤
Azul Getting Hit With a Book By MC
Other than that, don't you know NOT to run in the halls? It's quite dangerous prefect!
Adeuce duo is stupid, he gets it, and it would have been funny...if you had better AIM!
Azul saw Ace and Deuce running through the halls of NRC, 40% laughing, 60% eyes wide and scared for their lives.
And then he saw you on their tails, running after them. You lifted your arm and decided to throw your textbook.
Your big, thick, heavy, hardcover, textbook.
Azul actually wanted to see Ace get hit and fall to the floor, but NO, it had to be Azul to get hit.
Makes you take him to the infirmary and bitches to you about his pain.
"How are you going to make it up to me?"
Makes you work in Mostro Lounge for a week.
Like- demonically.
His composer becomes loose and is wiping his eyes from tears.
He saw the duo running down the halls, and then you following them. Jade wanted to watch this.
When he saw the book you had, and how you lifted it up, he knew that it would miss considering your angle and the fact that you were running.
Knowing Azul was ahead, he took his phone out and recorded Azul getting hit with it.
Gives you applause for it.
Is also laughing.
But Floyd is on the floor absolutely dying and wiping his eyes.
Tells you to do it again but on a different target.
laughs and pokes fun at Azul all week.
Gets the video from Jade and watches it repeatedly.
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sk2lton · 3 months ago
Can i rq hcs of jack, leona, trey and idia with a really short bf or gn reader? (Like 150cm to be exact-)
jack, leona, trey, and idia with a short (150cm) boyfriend.
꒰ note: respectfully i had the height comparison thing up and kept cackling whenever i’d look at it💀💀 cuz the difference man😭 /lh ꒱
— warnings/reader: male! reader intended (no masculine pronouns/terms are mentioned though), unedited
— characters: jack, leona, trey + idia
Tumblr media
✿。 jack
— honestly, he's probably elbowed you in the face on accident once or twice. he doesn't do it on purpose, he swears! it's just... you're really short. he makes it up to you every time though, so it's worth the temporary pain. — you'd think he'd be used to being tall and having a height difference with others, but he's not used to being that tall so sometimes it comes as a shock when he turns to hug you or tell you something, then huh? and realizes he has to look down lower than he normally does.
— if asked, he'll kneel or lean down to let you touch his ears. he finds it very sweet whenever you ask to do so and he doesn't mind indulging in your wish as long as it's not publicly. then that might be a little bit embarrassing for him. — can't reach something? he's the type of person to lift you up to reach it. he just boosts you up slightly in general (again, mainly in private) whenever he wants to hug you or something else like that.
✿。 leona — he'll tease you a lot. he's the type of significant other to put things you need in high places or hold it above his head in order to drive you mad. he likes seeing your frustrated reaction before eventually stepping in to help. — you're basically a human armrest for him and if you ask him why he keeps putting his arm on your head, he'll just shrug and say it's because you're his boyfriend, so it's your duty to make sure his arm is comfy and well-rested. if you push his arm off, he'll grumble before settling with slinging his arm around your shoulder. — constantly exaggerates how short you are by saying things such as how he'll accidentally step on you or "oh, i couldn't see you there," after having been ignoring your attempts at asking him for a certain thing. if teasing is a love language, then it'll probably be his, especially in this situation! — he'll always slouch over to hug you or give you a peck so you don't have to struggle to try and show him affection. he'll sacrifice his posture for you just this once, okay? but don't you dare mention it because then he'll stop doing it!
✿。 trey — "you aren't that short," he'll say while towering over you. he's in denial about your height because everybody keeps saying it's such a big height difference, but he didn't even notice until it was pointed out. — in his defence, he had his eyes on other things like the top of your head— ..and your personality too..! god, seriously how did he not notice? for somebody who is rather perceptive, it's humourous. — once it gets pointed out to him, you're gonna wish whoever said it had never spoken. suddenly, he's putting ingredients on high shelves just to ask you to get it so he can do that kdrama cliche where he stands behind you and gets the item for you. — he doesn't do that much teasing other than that! and he knows when to call it quits with putting things up high. he knows one day it'll end in a disaster.. the chances of flour everywhere are low but never zero.
✿。 idia — he already slouches a lot, but he slouches even more when he talks to you! he likes being on the same level (or the closest he can get without hurting his back) when he speaks to you. he also finds it easier to murmur whatever he wants to say when he matches your height. — however, whenever he slouches over, he'll lean on you which isn't necessarily ideal. sometimes you just feel yourself tipping over slowly, and he won't even notice until you've both fallen. even when you point it out, he'll apologize, then subconsciously do it again. — he's the "short people scare me what if they bite my ankles" kind of person. it's a little bit different with you because he knows that you (hopefully) won't go for his ankles and knees every time you greet him. if you do then he'll be slightly afraid of you until he remembers he's taller than you. — he finds your height endearing, although he wouldn't admit it. he probably isn't even fully aware of it himself, but he finds himself doting at your height difference in his own mind.
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polluxminor · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LEONA is sick and tired. HES NOT USED TO NOT BEING TOP DOG AND IS SO..PRONE TO YOUR TEASING..you get the last laugh. ALWAYS 🙄⁉️ as long as it’s not him who’s your victim, he gets pretty entertained.
RUGGIE let’s you tease Leona to get a break.. give this man a rest fr 😭⁉️ He hates how you’re so dismissive of his shit.. until it has to do with your books. YOU ALWAYS TREAY HIM LIKE A CHILD THOUGH 🤬⁉️⁉️ he’s so cute u can’t help it 🙁🙁
JACK. Jack doesn’t not sleep with his tail between his legs. No. He doesn’t. SO STOP SAYING HE DOES.. 🤬⁉️⁉️ He’s very.. thickheaded 😇😇 he ends up falling for your schemes no matter how he approaches you. He runs from you with his tail between his legs now 🙄‼️
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thatwildnya · 2 months ago
another one?! last one of the day y'all~
drake s/o with period teeth
in light of me having to get my wisdom teeth removed, i have decided to make these
context: you’re a drake fae whose teeth fall out about every few months to make way for newer, healthier chompers. the drawback? it’s extremely painful and you become aggravated and grumpy.
Savannaclaw Pomefiore edition
tw: teeth, muzzling, rook
“ughhhhhh this such a pain you’re annoying enough as is” he says as he carefully wipes blood off your mouth with a cool rag, massaging gently
buys the best painkillers in the world he’s got money don’t worry about it
he hates putting the muzzle on you not bc it requires effort
it’s gives the impression that you’re an animal in need of taming
at some point you end up biting his bicep and just start gently gnawing
now he doesn’t need to muzzle you as often he just offers his delicious muscles and you chomp down like a teething kitten
thinks it’s kinda cute but you won’t hear it from him
feels so bad he can’t be with you as much as he would like
he’s got so many jobs and he needs the money
of course you understand but he still feels bad
to make it up to you he cooks food for you that will last the whole day
uses his unique magic when you begin your pawing to put on the muzzle
at night he spoils you with massages and soft fruits
invites you to go swimming in his dorm’s pool to distract you
make way for the tsun tsun wolf he’s got you covered
not only lets you nibble his muscles but goes out to buy you special toys made for beastman infants that are in their teething phase
at first he tries to distract you with physical activity and quickly regrets it
and no it’s not because you’re whining it’s bc it hurts to move your body quickly
confiscates any food and drinks that will get you energized
you need to relax so it’s best to steer clear of sugary foods
also invites you to go swimming
is hiding all his clothes and pillows you are not getting ahold of his babies no sir
does not feel about about the muzzle you are not destroying his clothes period
does the dramatic evil queen walk to his private lab in the dorm to make homemade painkillers
uses unique magic to place a curse on your muzzle to appear with a special command only he knows
he understands you’re hurting so he lets the extra ice cream and ramen slide past his gaze
spa day everyday until you’re finished honey we are doing face masks and bubbles baths galore
if rook’s… presence is making you agitated he orders him to stay away so you’re not annoyed but mostly because now he’s not in danger of becoming a corpse-
oh dear, his poor beloved ange! do not fret, the hunter of love is on his way!
only gets 27 seconds to be dramatic before you send a vase flying past his cheek barely missing
okay he gets the message no theatricks if he wants to get through this unscathed
club time is spent making painkillers and potions that lull you into a calm trance
insists you gnaw on his muscles it makes his heart soar through the clou-///slapped
can tell when you’re getting antsy and suggests you wrestle
now he too in pain you broke his foot jesus crispy
still thinks it’s beautiful 100 points
while he does feel bad about the muzzle he’s also proud that he can wrestle it on
you are not small, especially when you’re half way turned into your drake form
he grabs your horns and wraps his legs around your upper body while you thrash
keeps you company whenever he can and puts on mellow country music
pays extra attention in classes you struggle with if any when taking notes
hates his arms are too skinny for you to gnaw on safely so he carves apples and places a spell that makes it hard to break them for you instead
now you have a tasty chew toy
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roseheartsed · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
✼ SUMMARY: being in love with the members of octavinelle includes antics as such.
✼ PAIRING: octavinelle x reader. (you/yours pronouns used!)
✼ GENRE: fluff, slightest bits of crack, and one teeny tiny little drop of angst (in azul's part).
✼ KEYWORDS: words in bold are emphasized traits and words in italics are emphasized words.
✼ A/N: it is finally here! 🎺 writing azul's part left me drowing in my feels but then i moved on to the twins, and the tears suddenly turned to wheezes (/lh). nevertheless, i hope that all of you will enjoy this one like the rest ♡ feel free to let me know what you think! — bree ☆
・・✿ ・・→ masterlist.
Tumblr media
𝙰𝚉𝚄𝙻 𝙰𝚂𝙷𝙴𝙽𝙶𝚁𝙾𝚃𝚃𝙾. staring at you from afar and 'gracefully' letting out a fit of coughs when you notice him. calling azul pretty and him letting out a resigned sigh because he thinks you're teasing him (you're not). kissing the mole under azul's lips and watching him malfunction stutter flusteredly. listening to his spirited rambles about the progress of the lounge's profits (he even brought out a whole chart once, he reminds you of a giddy child bringing back their report card). keeping a framed picture of you on his desk so he can admire it when he misses your presence. helping azul out at the mostro lounge and staying after closing time to spend time with him. being in a state of self denial because it still seems surreal to azul that you chose him of all people. whispering a quiet 'i love you' when he thinks you can't hear him.
𝙹𝙰𝙳𝙴 𝙻𝙴𝙴𝙲𝙷. admiring the subtle yet firm spark in jade's eyes as he talks about his interests (mountains and mushrooms mostly, but jade still looks charming doing it so yolo!). telling you about the gossips he keeps overhearing in the cafeteria and how he finds them amusing. having a terrarium specifically arranged by jade for you + fawning over jade's collection of terrariums together with him when you have nothing to do. being the taste-tester for his mushrooms recipes and him just eagerly waiting for your review (he literally just stands there expectantly as you take a spoonful!). seeing the way jade relaxes around you and his 'menacingly polite' persona becoming less restrained and more expressive around you (which apparently includes daily weird fun facts time with jade, seeing him show visible frustration, and also him making fun of azul behind said man's back).
𝙵𝙻𝙾𝚈𝙳 𝙻𝙴𝙴𝙲𝙷. being tugged around on spontaneous adventures with him (they might be abrupt but where floyd goes, mischief is bound to follow!). shamelessly giving you backhugs no matter where or when (+ special neck snuggles). kissing the bruises on floyd's hands when he accidentally hurts himself from his club activities or daily antics. bringing back little things that remind him of you (it could be one of the roses from heartslabyul's garden, a piece of paper with a heart drawn on it, or even a random seashell he found on the ground). barging in to interrupt with an angry pout when others get a little too close to you. floyd swinging your intertwined hands back and forth with a giggle when the two of you walk beside each other.
──・──・・✿ ・・──・──
© 𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐬𝐞𝐝, february 2022. do not repost, plagiarize nor translate without permission, thank you.
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fr0st-km · 22 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
GN! S/O . NO warnings(?) . HEADCANONS/DRABLE
NOTE : guess who finally went out of their grave? Anyways, have these headcanons of my favorite boys as an apology for disappearing 😢
Tumblr media
- He thinks that you are an interesting individual, an attractive one, to be exact.
- You can be as quiet as a mouse and as shy as a rabbit, perhaps you have the side of an enthusiastic one too <3
- He noticed that you have a thing for sharp items. For ex: He noticed you staring at a knife with awe in the Mostro Lounge’s kitchen. Is this normal or…?
- Jade also realized that you don’t really have the specialty in cooking. He knew immediately after her tried your…curry…Since he didn’t want to make you feel bad and all, he continued eating with a suffering smile on his face.
- He ended up having a stomachache in the end so you had to carry him all the way to the infirmary. You went really fast and Jade was so damn confused on how quick a human being could be 😭 you’re as quick as he is when he’s in his eel form underwater.
- When he asks how your agility is so high, you keep on making excuses too like “Oh— uh…I joined a track club back in middle school!”
- Yeah he knows you’re lying and is hiding something…Perhaps use his unique magic to confirm it…
- My guy new something was off about you ever since you two had met.
- Especially when you insisted to help him on cooking 😰 when he instructed you to cut the tomatoes, you did cut the tomatoes perfectly but along with the CUTTING BOARD????
- He deadpanned at you in shock while you went into apology overload. How can you even…
- Just like Jade, he noticed you have a thing for sharp items and is very much concerned.
- But he does know how good you are at cleaning. When he visited the Ramshackle dorm, it was spotless! He’s impressed, really. But the dorm still needs a lot of makeovers…
- Then he learns about your special abilities. You have very quick reflexes and superhuman strength. Even though you always wear heels, you can run with ease and with just a single hit, you can send a man or two flying to a wall.
- You could seriously break someone’s ribs without even trying and having the intentions to do so (haha…)
- In general of Idia headcanons, he never expected to date someone like you. YOU’RE LITERALLY A BEAUTY HELLO????
- He finds you to be rather interesting! Especially with your superhuman strength.
- One day, he asked you to get the manga book he ordered online since he was too scared to interact with people. However, you dragged him out of his bed and made him follow you, Idia yelled for Ortho’s help but his younger brother just shrugged and agreed with the fact that he should go outside more. Great betrayal Ortho 😢
- During the walk to the gates, apparently a magic wheel was rushing towards you both out of nowhere. Covering his head with his hand, Idia thought that he was about to die when all of the sudden he heard something crash onto a tree. The magic wheel crashed into the tree while the student riding it was on the floor unharmed. The fiery-haired male realized that his lover was the one who sent the magic wheel flying towards the tree, such superhuman strength!!
- Next thing you knew was your boyfriend on the floor unconscious. 😰
- Like Jamil and Jade, he also realized that you…Have a thing for sharp items…
- I’ll be damn honest with the fact that Idia fears you so much that every time you visit him he’d have a pale face and stutter more than he used to. You thought that he was just embarrassed but he’s actually so scared 😭
- He really does find you intimidating 😢 But a reminder that he has a thing for attractive and intimidating ppl 👁
Tumblr media
Note: I’ll be answering those 50+ asks later, too lazy to do it now 😢
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nana-dear · 4 months ago
awkward reader trying to hold his hand
Tumblr media
synopsis — It hasn't been too long since you officialize'd you relationship with your lover, so it's still complicated to express all your feelings.
characters — Cater Diamond, Leona Kingscholar, Floyd Leech & Malleus Draconia.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
After Cater held your hand once while walking through a crowded hall, you were expecting him to do it again.
But it never happened...
No one has ever held your hand. And you thought it was really cute.
You know your boyfriend would be the last person on earth to laugh at such a request; he is all in for couple stuff after all.
Even knowing that, saying something like "please hold my hand" is so weird.
A lot of your tries were futile, and one of those tries you were unaware of your friends watching everything from afar.
The moment you are left alone with them, the teasing begins.
"So [Name], today when you almost fell in Hearstanbyul... were you trying to grab Cater's hand?"
You cover your face with your hands and that's all the confirmation they needed.
Everyone had your feelings all figured out (except Ace and Sebek.)
Jack's advice is to go for it. You two are in a relationship and it’s a normal thing to ask for. You can't just be all shy around your boyfriend.
Epel and Deuce are more understanding. Neither of them could ask for such a thing if they had a lover.
One thing led to another and eventually the "Get Cater to grab [Name]'s hand committee" was founded. (It was a joke name, but with time everyone started using it unironically.)
It's honestly not a surprise that the committee worked for nothing.
You would be alone with your boyfriend and suddenly your entire group of friends appeared, all of them mouthing you "grab his hand!"
They even did such obvious things as "Haha, let's compare hands, you guys go first."
Ace and Deuce take advantage of being in the same dorm as him and constantly ask him things like: "let's say I wanted to take someone's hand. How would you do it? Care to give a visual representation?"
They are all sitting around you two, watching intensely when your boyfriend finally snaps.
"You guys are acting really weird," Cater reprimands his juniors and asks you to leave with him.
It took help from Cater's clones to stop your energetic friends from following secretly.
Just to be sure, you two kept walking around the campus until you got tired and sat on a bench. While talking about his day, Cater laid his hands on his legs.
You are staring subtly... This is the perfect moment, but you can't get yourself to do it!
"[Name]... Are you trying to...?" He looks at you with a devilish smile.
You immediately deny everything and try to change the topic. But you feel your partner's eyes on you.
Cater lets out a laugh and his hand gets on the bench, on the space between you two.
He won't say anything, but you understand his intentions. With a bashful look all over your face, your hand slowly moves until it finds his.
Your love squeezes your hand between his.
"This is nice..." you mutter.
Tumblr media
Leona is not too enthusiastic about holding hands. Of course, he would comply if you asked him to, but that's the issue... You don't know how to ask...
And the best way is to keep it natural, don't you think?
But your partner immediately feels the shift in your mood when you intend to grab his hand.
Judging by the nervous looks you give to his hand, he figures it out pretty quickly.
Heh, how cute.
Unfortunately, this man is a bastard and will test your determination.
When you two are walking together and you finally gather enough courage to reach his hand... he stretches!
You once tried the "ooh let's compare hand sizes" but he laughed and told you that his hands were obviously larger and there was no point in doing so.
It's kind of funny to him. You look all tense moments before you try to jump for it.
Some days that you don't make any advances, he gives little pushes, like sitting beside you and leaving his hand right next to yours, or puts it over a table right in front of you...
He was cruel enough to extend his hand to you once you two were leaving, as if he was offering to take yours.
Guess what happened when you got up from your seat? He turned around and began walking.
He only did it once, because the dejected look on your face that one time actually made him feel guilty.
You start to think that he knows what he is doing, but its all so confusing...
Sometimes he looked amused, but other times he acted aloof, asking you "Did something happen? Did you need anything?" as if he was truly clueless.
"Hey Leona, that one time in the greenhouse when you were having a nap, and I was with you..."
"Where you awake? Because you abruptly moved, and I was trying to, ehm..."
"Oh, did I? What about it?"
"... forget about it."
But you eventually lose the courage and resign. Maybe it's not time yet.
Alright, Leona didn't do any of that because he enjoyed your struggle (yes he did), but because he was expecting you'd be direct about your wishes.
Right now it's something silly like holding hands, but if you two can't be honest about this stuff... Will you tell him when something bothers you?
"You know you can tell me anything," he told you once. You both were resting in the botanical gardens and the comment took you aback because you thought he was sleeping.
"Yes, I know, and you can do the same..."
"You say that, but you still feel ashamed to ask for certain things."
"Is this about the... hand thing?" He finally opens his eyes and only does it to give you an unimpressed look. So he knew, you thought.
"[Name], I am your boyfriend, and I want you to be sincere if you ever want something... I want you to be enough comfortable around me." His words were softer on that last part, but you managed to hear it.
Watching your lover being so considerate of you warmed your heart and gave you the motivation you needed to finally tell him:
"Leona, would you hold my hand?"
"No, do it yourself."
The very next day, you walked to him as if you had an important mission.
You didn't even allow him to say hi when you just grabbed his hand, tightly.
It took a whole pep talk in front of the mirror, and you couldn't even look into his eyes. But you did it! Good work.
Acting as if nothing had happened, you just began walking without letting go.
"Oh, [Name], did you just-?" He said with that annoying tone of his, smirking.
"Don't even mention it..." You cut him off.
Tumblr media
There's no lack of PDA in a relationship with Floyd. You are deeply grateful for your affectionate partner, because you wouldn't able to initiate it.
Actually, you were used to holding hands with him everywhere you went. Well, to be more precise, you were used to Floyd pulling you by the arm everywhere.
But Floyd is the one that always initiated contact.
You are getting worried about not showing enough fondness.
You want to show to him how much you enjoy spending time together.
The thing is, you can't find the right moment.
When couples hold hands, it's a sweet moment of bonding, and Floyd is not the kind of guy to walk with you beneath the moonlight.
And since it's so hard for you to express your feelings, you want to be sure he'll get your intentions. It would be no good if you just grabbed his hand while you two were joking around.
Also, most of the time, Jade and Azul are there and... You couldn’t be expected to get emotionally vulnerable around those two, could you?!
So your first aim is to create the perfect mood to demonstrate your love.
You invite him to eat in a beautiful yet hidden space in the garden, although it may not be hidden enough because Grim keeps getting in the way...
Of course, you requested your cat to give you some time alone with your partner, but Grim gave you a confused look and asked why would you want to be alone with Floyd and you didn't find the guts to tell him your corny plan...
Then, on a night you tried to watch movies with your boyfriend the Adeuce combo came unannounced and Floyd got too distracted tormenting them.
(And the last person you want to see you being all lovey-dovey is that bastard of Ace!)
Maybe the place is not that important. So you better focus on creating the perfect ambience.
You bring him presents, thinking he'll be so touched you'll be able to make your advance.
Oh, naïve [Name]...
Floyd of course happily jumps to you whenever you bring him something. That, or he takes the gift from your hands.
The scarce times he walks you to your dorm, you don't have the opportunity to try anything because he is already hugging you.
On your last ray of hope, you even ask the Octavinelle guys to grant you some free time with Floyd.
Big mistake. Azul tried to charge you to "organize the perfect date for you" and Jade keeps making uncomfortable questions about what sort of things you want to do with his brother...
"Well, you are my sibling-in-law after all. It's only natural for me to joke with you. I wouldn't get mad if you did the same to me..."
He wouldn't get mad because he would find the perfect way to revenge against you!
The sun is almost setting when you find Floyd sleeping beneath a tree.
That particular day Azul had come to you asking for help because your boyfriend had disappeared since the morning and refused to attend class or his job in the lounge.
You were actually going to give up when, by luck, you found him.
You sigh and sit at his side. You'll wake him up later. It's so difficult to appreciate Floyd in such a quiet peace that it would be a waste to not take this chance.
Without realizing it, you are left smiling at him. You are truly very grateful for him coming into your life...
Being in a relationship is such an unknown terrain for you, even scary. But you are so happy every time Floyd is close to you.
And you want to work hard to make him feel the same way...
With that thought on mind, your hand moves to grab his.
"Oh, it's the first time you grabbed my hand instead, heh!"
"You're awake!?"
"You were sitting so quietly I was curious about what you were going to do, hehe. I never thought you'd do these things in my sleep, Shrimpy..."
"Wait, its not like that!" Even after trying to put your hand away, Floyd just grabbed it harder. "I've been wanting to do this for a while. I know I'm not a very affectionate person... But it's not because I don't want to! I'm not really used to it, and I don't want you to feel that you are doing all the work..."
"Uhm? I already know that," he sounds as if he truly didn't understand your struggle, "you spend time with me and make me presents. If you didn't like me, why would you do that?"
"I mean, yes, but... I like it when you are direct, so I wanted to do the same..."
When you look up, Floyd is giving you a giant smile. He even looks as if your words just melted him.
"Aw, Shrimpy, you are so cute!" He won't let go of your hand even after he charges to hug you.
In the end, it seems all you needed to do was be honest with your feelings.
"Hey, hey! Why don't you try kissing me now?"
Tumblr media
You guys are so dense.
Early in the relationship, Malleus noticed how you would longingly look at his hand during the night walks you two shared.
He also noticed an ashamed look on your face every time you parted ways.
Lilia is the most knowledgeable person he knows, so it's only natural for him to go ask his caretaker for advice.
"They must be too shy to try and hold your hand," he answered him.
Although Lilia recommended him to just be patient, the matter never left Malleus' head.
To be honest, neither you or your partner were too touchy, so these couple activities never worried him...
But now that you two are dating, it would be nice to try...
Now this is an issue. He can't just grab your hand now, not after how much effort you are putting into showing your feelings to him.
And if he tried to ask you, you could get embarrassed that he saw so easily through you.
You see, Malleus is waiting for you to take the initiative... And you are waiting for him to do it! Leading to both of your tries to be a failure.
So, in order to get him to hold your hand, you started painting your nails. Cater alleged that your boyfriend would then ask to have a "closer look" as a pretense to intertwine fingers.
He complimented them, but didn't exactly reach to see them.
The fae followed Lilia's tips and tried to use the "wow, your hand is so small" excuse. But when your palms touched, both of you stayed still in silence, looking at your hands doing nothing. But then you guys got too embarrassed and ended up separating them like idiots!
When you walked at each other's side, one of you would subtly touch the other's hand. It led to nothing.
You didn’t know why it was so difficult! He was your boyfriend it was not as if he didn't know you liked him. And you two are always alone, so no one else is going to see..
In a last try to build the perfect romantic scene, you organize a cute picnic.
And everything proceeds to go wrong...
The basket with tasty food has a missing half, courtesy of Grim.
You were so nervous that you laughed awkwardly at half of the things Malleus said but; he said nothing funny.
And since you were dedicating so much of your attention to his hand, you both stayed in uncomfortable silence at least twice.
"Well, I enjoyed the food..." You are both already leaving when Malleus speaks, and you finally laugh.
"Everything had tiny paw prints."
Looking at him smile fondly at you, you feel so at ease. You don't want to craft flawless moments with him. There's no point in that.
What you really want is to let your relationship advance at the pace it needs to take.
"Can I tell you something dumb? I actually planned all this expecting you to finally hold my hand."
"Did you want me to hold your hand? ... I was waiting for you to do it."
Minutes after, you two kept explaining to the other all the times when you tried to make an advance.
It was kind of embarrassing, but both of you ended laughing about it.
"[Name], is it fine if I...?" Your lover extends his hand, and without response you immediately take it.
You both walk back to Ramshackle holding hands. You really wanted to act as if it was no big deal, but every time you talk, a tiny giggle escapes.
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twisted-jamil · 2 months ago
Hi! I love your Twisted Wonderland content so I decided to make a request. Could I have Azul, Vil, Leona and Jamil's sweet and small female s/o get angry at someone for insulting the boys?
I didn’t write this very seriously cause my brain is super fried from sick and lifeguard training rn >//< I hope you like it anyway !
Tumblr media
Sweet reader getting angry at someone insulting Leona, Azul, Jamil, and Vil
Female reader
,, CW: cursing
In relationship
Etc: I didn’t proofread this ; Kinda crack cause I’m still sick, also I’m biased
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
- Most people wouldn’t dare to insult this sleepy delinquent lion, knowing that he would have his teeth shaking their neck within minutes, but what could he do if he couldn’t hear what they said? They would simply talk behind his back.
- Unfortunately for a particular group of hateful people (that were making fun of him for his true lazy second-prince nature), the grumpy man and his smiley s/o were walking by right as they made one of their many rude comments.
- You could see Leona’s ear flick, his eyes darting to the group as he prepared to say something in retaliation, but you were faster.
- “What did you just say?!” you shouted. Leona looked taken aback at the sudden angry look on your face, never having seen you like that before.
- But soon enough he felt his heart swell with pride as the group jumped to look at you. “Maybe you should watch your mouth about people you talk about, huh?” you continued. “It’d be good to keep in mind that him not being the king doesn’t mean he’s not royalty. You’ll always be below him!”
- Leona could feel his heart beating as he looked from you and to the group, giving them a condescending smirk. He never expected his kind little girlfriend to stay up for him in this way. These fuckers were done for.
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
- Your wimpy boyfriend was no stranger to people making fun of him. Of course, it always stung when he heard the unkind words of students reaching his ears, but he would simply have to strike a ‘very worth-it’ deal with them later.
- At least, that’s what he thought would happen. You had happened to overhear someone talking about how bad a manager he was of the Monstro Lounge and how he could easily be overtaken by literally anyone else (who else could be as psychotically micromanaging as him?? Vil). Your boyfriend seemed to have not heard it, but it still didn’t sit well with you.
- “You wanna repeat that you $/&!#%@?!” you yelled at them, waving a fist in the hand and preparing yourself to chase. Azul had frozen to stare at you, eyes wide behind his glasses before he couldn’t see out of them anymore: was he crying?
- This stopped you in your tracks, staring at him with equally as wide eyes. “A-are you ok??” you asked, reaching your hands out to cup his face. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.”
- He’s never had someone stick up for him so openly before. It truly struck your wimpy boyfriend’s tiny , dead heart.
Tumblr media
- You knew Jamil was perfectly capable of sticking up for himself, although he rarely did in order to maintain his appearance as Kalim’s retainer. He never said you couldn’t stick up for him though (and he never expected you would, you were his tiny, kind girlfriend after all).
- But when you overheard a group of first years talking bad about your busybee partner on the time you FINALLY had together, you couldn’t help but feel the bubble of rage start to rise from your belly to your head. How dare they?
- They turned their heads to look at you, having felt a burning sensation coming from your way. You were giving them the deadliest glare possible. How were you even able to do that?! “Keep talking,” you said. Were you even blinking?????
- Jamil had walked a few steps in front of you, but turned around when you weren’t following suit, face going slack at the wide-eyed dead stare you were giving to a bunch of students.
- “What are you-” “I’m defending your honor.” “Ok.”
- He would have to drag you away from the mess, although he would be sure to compliment and reward you for your protection at a later time.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
- Vil wasn’t insulted very often. The only times he’s really been battered by the stinging words of an individual, is when they were saying how lovelier Neige was than him.
- Which is what you heard when walking with him down a busy road, you both ignoring the stares of people shocked to see him and the multitude of fangirls trying to get his autograph being pushed off by security. You could tell the comment stung.
- In your mind though, defending him mattered more than his reputation. “No one is prettier than Vil,” you growled at the person, quiet enough that you weren’t shouting but loud enough that they could hear you, giving the victim a list of obscenities afterward. Your eyebrows were knit together in an angry frown.
- Your boyfriend had taken hold of your wrist, pulling you back toward him. He wasn’t very shocked that you would defend him: you were his partner after all. But, he didn’t expect you to get angry, especially not while in public.
- “Watch yourself, love. It would do you good to not ruin my reputation,” he said to you, his voice low, shooting the bewildered culprit a glare before pulling you away. He would also be sure to reward you later.
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twisted-t0xins · 3 months ago
✟𝔚𝔥𝔢𝔫 𝔶𝔬𝔲 𝔭𝔲𝔱 𝔶𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔠𝔬𝔩𝔡 𝔥𝔞𝔫𝔡𝔰 𝔲𝔫𝔡𝔢𝔯 𝔥𝔦𝔰 𝔰𝔥𝔦𝔯𝔱
⋄ Includes Riddle Rosehearts, Azul Ashengrotto, Jade Leech and Malleus Draconia
A/N: first post :))
Tumblr media Tumblr media
|ℜ𝔦𝔡𝔡𝔩𝔢 ℜ𝔬𝔰𝔢𝔥𝔢𝔞𝔯𝔱𝔰 ⋄
pissbaby lmao
was def going to collar whoever did that before he realized it was you
he’d probs be a little pouty and scold you about how it’s its inappropriate
honestly he probably isn’t too upset and is just talking so you’re distracted from his blush and the fact that he hasn’t let go of your hands the whole time 
Riddle gasps and quickly turns around, face beginning to get red out of anger, “HEY! What do you think you’re doing!?” 
He lets out a sigh of both relief and annoyance after seeing your sheepish grin, “You do know that what you did is against the school rules, right?” 
You can’t even get a word in before he puts his hands around yours while continuing his rant, red painting his cheeks for a different reason now.
“And seriously, I tell you all the time, you should know by now-”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
|𝔄𝔷𝔲𝔩 𝔄𝔰𝔥𝔢𝔫𝔤𝔯𝔬𝔱𝔱𝔬 ⋄
I think azul would constantly act differently in public and in private lol
in public he’d probs act like riddle but the scolding he gives you isn’t just to cover up his blush-
he’s concerned for you safety fr 
if you say you want him specifically to warm your hands he’ll think of it like you saying you need him and will take it very seriously,,
Azul lets out an embarrassingly high screech and sends you a half-hearted glare “Seriously… I’m a professional. If you keep doing that you’ll ruin my reputation…”
“But my hands are cold and I want you to warm them, Azul…” you pout at him.
He looks a bit annoyed but on the inside his concern is growing at an alarming rate, “Well, I suppose I can help…” 
He quickly looks around to make sure that no one is looking before placing your cold hands on his hot cheeks, “you did this to me, you know? You better be serious about the things you say…”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
|𝔍𝔞𝔡𝔢 𝔏𝔢𝔢𝔠𝔥 ⋄
interesting choice since he's probably cold blooded (slimy mf)
so theres a chance you’d just get colder smh,, but I feel like jade is constantly prepared for everything (including a cold bf)
hmm initially I just think he’d be nicely surprised at your boldness and let out a little chuckle,, then would make sure your hands get warm,, like just you to hold a heating pack and then laughs at your pouty face,,, THEN he'll hold your hands
Jade lets out a surprised chuckle, “oh? You’ve been getting very bold haven’t you?
He grabs something out of his pocket and puts it between your hands, "this should keep you warm."
He can`t help but chuckle at your confused and pouty face, "Oh? Why are you upset... did you want me to warm you up~?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
|𝔐𝔞𝔩𝔩𝔢𝔲𝔰 𝔇𝔯𝔞𝔠𝔬𝔫𝔦𝔞 ⋄
He’d be so happy fr,, little sneak attack from his favorite person? very good and fun
would probs find a way to show off his dragon fire magic or even just gently hold your hands between his,, just look impressed at whatever he does or he`ll be sad
He`s another one that would take it a little too seriously,,,
Malleus can’t help but smile at you because how forward you’re being with him, “haha~ are you perhaps cold?” 
He gently takes your hands in his, “do not worry… I will not let you succumb to the elements, my dear child of man…” 
Your eyes widen as you see him hold your hands close to his mouth before blowing gentle, green flames onto them.
“I will always keep you safe…even against nature itself.”
Tumblr media
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