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#twst headcanons
drac0nia · a day ago
✞ 𝖄𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖌 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝕭𝖊𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖎𝖋𝖚𝖑
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♥︎ . When a lonely dragon slowly realises that his human companion is mortal, he made a way for their relationship to last for an eternity.
♥︎ . Malleus Draconia x reader, sugar daddy event, sorta angsty ig, light yandere themes, implied that he tampered with your drink, corpse bride references, transactional relationship to established relationship, uses of 'sir', and no proofreading.
♥︎ . I wrote this during my exam, forgive me if some parts don't make sense- srry for the wait, @cookiepie111 !! This has been in my notes for like weeks now-
Tumblr media
➝ Malleus Draconia ♡
How unfortunate it is having to be human, your time is very limited and your bodies are so fragile. He grimaces at the thought, looking down from the large window the penthouse had; staring at numerous vehicles driving by. If he could just sneak a potion of immortality in your drink, he would do it but he would risk losing your trust if he ever does that. What can he do to make you stay by his side for good? Should he offer marriage? A relationship?
A faint voice is heard but he is too deep in his thoughts to notice.
Should he make you a fae? The process of human turning into fae is painful, he is aware but does it mean you can live long like him and stay by his side? Yes.
Yes, he should propose ideas for you and him to last longer. More than just a transactional relationship, more than just showering you with money, more than just-
"Sir Draconia!"
Malleus finally snapped put of his thoughts, he immediately looked for the voice that calling onto him. He looked down and saw his one and only looking at him with such a worried face.
"Are you alright?"
"Yes, I am.. fine.", you ushered him to the sofa to where it faces the small fire place the penthouse included.
You had a pout on your face into which he found quite adorable, his hand made it's way up to your cheek to he could squish it. Though you liked the attention, something, too, was stuck in your head like a lyric in a song to which you can't forget. A slight frown appeared on your face which made Malleus cup your cheeks with his hand. "What bothers you, my sweet? Did I pinch harshly on your cheek more than what I intended to do?" His question made you snap out of your trance as you looked up to him with sorrowful eyes; you were like a puppy who got scolded by their owner in his eyes.
"Were you thinking of someone else other than me? Am I boring you?", this made him sad.
"Of course not, my dear—"
"But I'm just human, Sir Draconia! You're a fae and I'm... mortal. You have you replace me eventually since I'll die eventually and besides I'm just someone who just happens to entertain you.."
Malleus frowns, he feels more gloomy when you've mentioned your short lifespan, though truly he did feel slightly offended that you see him as a womaniser when he clearly gave most of his attention on you. He made you lean on his chest to which you laid your pretty little head on, you hear his heartbeat. It was peaceful, you were kept warm by a small fireplace, the night sky surrounds you both, and the moons was out showing it's best self.
His large hands patted you on your head as he lays small kisses on your forehead, his gentle actions slowly lulled you to sleep.
"Will I live long enough to be considered "yours" someday?"
"You will."
"Even if I'm no longer young and beautiful?"
"Of course."
Tumblr media
To apologise for his behaviour, Malleus and you went to a fancy restaurant where he rented a private room for you and him to be alone. While you were eating your meal, he can't help but watch you. You were such a pretty little thing, having a small smile eating the meal that was served to you. Malleus cleared his throat which you placed your attention on.
It looked like his eyes were staring at your soul; you took the napkin on your lap to wiped the corners of your mouth before looking up to him. "Yes?"
"Do not call me 'Sir Draconia' anymore, [name]."
"You're cutting the contract now, huh?"
He giggled at your question, you felt like he was making fun of your feelings right now and you hated it. The smile never left his face and he stood up, he poured red 'wine' on your glass which made you confused. Malleus reached for your hand,
"With this hand, I will lift your sorrows."
Malleus urged you to stand up which you obliged; he held your hand high enough for him to plant a kiss and hand you his wine glass. "Your cup will never empty, for I will be your wine."
With his magic, the lighting in the room made this little predicament of your more intimate than it should. "With this candle, I will light your way in darkness." Your arm intertwined with his as you both drank the wine he had prepared. You smiled but it quickly turned into a more shocked expression when Malleus suddenly kneeled in front of you.
He held out a ring he had kept for a couple of months now, "With this ring, I ask you to be mine." His smile was hopeful for a "yes", he wanted to spend the rest of his with you, he wanted to be the one you can consider "yours".
After calming down from your initial shock, you gave him your genuine smile, said your "yes". He placed the ring on your finger, once he stood up, he immediately aimed for your lips for a kiss. Malleus felt so happy, so happy that someone he loves accepted his proposal. He laid your head on his torso as you both danced to the music in the background.
While you were leaning on him, you can't help but wonder what was in your wine.
"Call me by my name, my sweet, we no longer need to follow the contract."
"Malleus.. what was in my drink?" He giggled.
"Nothing for your pretty little head to worry about, it will just make my love for you last for more years to come."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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simpingfortwst · 2 days ago
Can I request Leona, Jamil, and Vil with a s/o that likes to stir up trouble? For example, they just secretly rile up Epel and send him to Vil or convince ADeuce to sneak out knowing they’ll get caught or just “accidentally” bumps into Jack who in turn bumps to Leona to make him fall into the pool. They are not that bad of person (even if they were those three tried to kill people, sooo) they just enjoy chaos.
Leona, Jamil and Vil With A Troublemaker S/O
Tumblr media
Honestly living for chaotic MC 🙏
Tumblr media
It was nearing the peak of summer and the school facaulty had opted to throw a pool party for all the students
Following this announcement Leona had sarcastically commented to you something along the lines of:
“Great now you can go and push people into the pool instead of pestering me”
Of course it was a joke, Leona loves you and can stand you needling him from time to time
But from the look on your face when he said that he could tell that you were seriously considering the idea and for that snarky comment, he was sure he’d be your first victim
The day of the party arrives and because Headmaster Crowley is so kind, the beaked bastard is expecting everyone to go “Including you Mr Kingscholar”
So that’s why he was laid on a sun lounger, as far away from the pool as he could get and hidden in the shade behind Vil(’s huge ego) as he furiously rubbed suncream onto Epel’s face and neck as to not get burned
His hiding spot had, however, inadvertently given you more time to plan what Leona later described as ‘attempted murder’ by convincing Jack and Ruggie that Leona had wanted to move closer to the 
By the time his darling s/o had found him  you’d already convinced Jack and Ruggie that Leona had wanted to move closer to the pool to get some sun but he was too lazy to get up and move the sun bed himself
Leona was fast asleep once you three reached him so manouvering your unsuspecting victim to the edge of the pool without resistance was an easy task
And it was even easier to pretend to knock into Jack, sending him over the edge of the pool along with Leona’s sunbed-turned-liferaft and Leona himself.
In the brief moments following his rude and water filled awakening, Leona had decided to pay you back
He held his breath let himself go completely limp as the shill screams of one Rook Hunt filled his ears
And in one final act of ‘fuck-you y/n’ he let himself sink into the salty depths (about 3.5m) of cold water
Until he remembered that cats hate water and had to drag himself out
Okay so
It’s been established that Jamil works really hard
So it would be a dick move to stir up trouble around him and give him even more work to do
So anyway, it was nearly dinner time and Jamil had left the kitchen unattended to go and check up on his idiot dorm leader
Meanwhile you’d just finished pouring out cooking oil in front of the stove where the food was boiling away and had moved on to holding a lit match underneath the fire alarm
Unsurprisingly the alarm started blaring and you soon heard some hurried footfall making their way down the stairs
Step step step step step step thud thud CRASH
Your boyfriend let out a few pained groans as you ran out of the kitchen to make sure he was okay
Amidst your panicked apologies and attempt to get all the shards of vase out of Jamil’s hair, you didn’t notice Kalim running to the kitchen in an attempt to save the dorm’s dinner
You had moved on to checking that all of his limbs were still working and as annoyed as he was, he must admit that it was nice to have someone fawning over him for once
In fact, he wasn’t even that angry, what did you do? Set of a little alarm to make him panic? It’s nothing compared to the time you put fake cockroaches into his bed whilst he slept
Or when you told him that a strange man in all-black with a sword had asked you if you knew Kalim and where he was (poor Jamil was paranoid for weeks after that one and Kalim wasn’t allowed to leave his room to tell you to admit that you were lying)
So he’s glad you’ve toned down the pra- CRASH
His train of thought was cut off suddenly when Kalim  reached the kitchen, promptly slipped up, slid straight past the stove and collided head first into the adjacent cupboards
I’d run now whilst your legs still work
You’d picked up some bottles of food dye when you baked a cake with Trey a few weeks ago and they’d been sitting in your cupboard ever since
Until you came up with a prank that would shake the foundations of Night Raven College itself
You were going to turn your partner, Vil, into a Smurf
It’s important to note that if you tried this prank yourself, you would definately find yourself single by the end of the day, so it was super important to find the right person to enact your evil scheme for you
Remember that little suncream misadventure that Epel was subjected to in Leona’s scenario
Well you saw that go down and haven’t forgotten the look of unbridled fury on his face
Which is why, at lunch the next day, you sat next to Vil’s reluctant disciple and spent the entire hour pestering him with questions about the kind of suncream he uses. If he usually needs Vil’s help putting it on and if he would be interested getting his own back
“Go away and laugh at me with your boyfriend or something you- Wait did you say revenge? I’m in.”
The plan was simple, put blue dye into his moisturiser and make a run for it
Now unfortunately for you, Rook exists and he heard the entire plan despite being what you thought was a safe distance away
There is no such thing as a ‘safe distance’ when it comes to him
And so he immediately went and sniched on you both
Vil wasn’t mad, at this point he’s gotten used to your pranks and has gotten into the habit of checking his skin products following the hair remover incident of ‘21
So when you when to check on your smurf visit him the next day for school, he mentioned that your face looked a bit dry and insisted on putting some of his moisturiser on you
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It's my first time doing something like this so it may have some mistakes 😅..
Warnings? Nope
•Short Y/N (around 150cm) [Has almost nothing to do with text, just some mentions of small height)
How would they react to their crush confessing to them?
You came to the Heartsabyul to help everyone prepare to the next unbirthday party. Ofcourse Riddle knew that you came, I mean how would he don't know? You're the one who told him that you will come lol. In the beggining only thing that you wanted to do is just to help your friends with preparing, but by the time you couldn't help the weird feeling inside you. You liked, no. Loved Riddle. A lot. But everytime you wanted to confess your feelings to him you chickened. So you thought to yourself:
"I think it's time to confess.... Today or tomorrow, will I get rejected or accepted, I just want him to know how I feel.....Well and maybe know if he feels the same way to me..>\\\\<..
So~ after you've done your job you went to your dorm to "check Grim". Riddle was upset that he didn't get the chance to talk to you. After some time, he went to his room, where he saw a letter.
"Could it be....A love letter?" - quietly hummed Riddle. He opened it and started to read it.
"Hey Riddle! Go to the rose mase, nearby the purple rose."
"What does this mean?" <– (Riddle said that)
He went to the rose mase, as the letter said. It took him quite a lot time, but he did found the purple rose. Nearby the purple rose he saw another letter.
"Yay you found me ^-^. Now go find another purple rose in the lounge u.u"
"What the-". Riddle had no words. Like that he went there, and there until he collected 7 purple roses. The last letter said this:
"Back to the rose mase~"
On a moment he thought it was a joke. He had to go back to the rose mase. He went there anyways lol.
After coming to the rose mase he found 2 purple roses, now he had 9 purple roses. Between them there was a letter that was saying "behind you"
He turned around, and saw Y/N. He was surprised because he wasn't expecting to see you before classes. He wanted to say hi, but you suddenly took both of his hands in your hands, and roses between you both. You said:
"Will you date me? Sorry for making you go everywhere, it's just was a game hehe~. I love you, do you feel same way?". Riddle blushed. I mean, ofcourse. It's not everyday your crush tells you that they love you. Ofcourse he accepted you ^-^
Ace and Deuce was kinda shocked to know that you two started dating.
Cater and Trey wasn't really surprised, they saw the way you look at each other, so they knew this could happen.
They all was happy for you two ^^
It was another "peaceful" day at Heartsabyul. Ace was messing with Riddle, Cater taking pictures for magicam, and Deuce working out with Jack. Nothing new. until–
💥B A M💥
The door slammed, and the person who did this came into the room. It was Y/N. Trey smiled when he saw your small figure. Riddle yelled:
Meanwhile Y/N just was looking like that:
Tumblr media
Y/N didn't understand why he was yelling at them for "breaking" door, even tho door is still here. All fine.
Trey just smiled and told Riddle to calm down.
"Hello Kawaii Chan, how you doing? Also why did you come here so suddenly, I thought you was trying to kill Crowley today". Trey heard Cater saying that and making his way to Y/N.
"Oh well, this bird of a headmaster flew away ;-;"
Y/N said that with unamused face.
"I'm doing good, how about you guys?". ~After some time~.
"Where are you going Trey senpai?"
"?! Oh, it's you :0". Y/N caught him off guard.
"I'm gonna bake some tarts, wanna join?".
"Yes". Y/N said that, while their eyes was sparkling.
By the time they was baking, Y/N turned to him with very serious face.
"Trey senpai..". Quietly asked Y/N.
"Hm?". Trey didn't understand this sudden change of mood, but he smiled anyways.
"I love you, do you like me back?.."
"?! I-" Yet again, Trey was caught off guard.
"Yes, yes I do. I do LOVE you back"
This time nobody was surprised when you two started dating.
They was happy for you two.
I'll make part 2 with Cater, Ace and Deuce
And the other dorms too, but yet again later
That's all I can do right now because I have exam month :')
Bye, hope you enjoyed >w<♡
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eudaimoniias · 20 hours ago
Can you write hcs for Ace, Jamil, and Floyd with a crush on a tall male reader (like 185cm. I know Floyd is still taller but it makes shrimpy a funny nickname when it's only by a few cm)? It's okay to make it gender neutral if you don't write for Male readers >_o have a nice day <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ace trappola
ace definitely loves that you’re tall,, he totally thinks it’s incredibly attractive. he doesn’t mind one bit that you are taller than him. so yes he is always staring at you.
but now you’ve got something to get him back with whenever he messes and teases you for something. you could easily retaliate at him for it whenever, taking advantage of your height haha.
because he can - ace borrows your sweatshirts and hoodies like all the time. you’ll always prone at least one hanging around. within his dorm room.
Tumblr media
floyd leech
floyd is STILL taller than you so of course he’s still calls you shrimpy. either way he’ll call you that though - he’ll always keep it for you, you’re always that to him
he’s still a pain about it. still soaking in the fact that he is in fact taller than you. but even if you actually were he would not really care…! he may just like it even better, especially since you two can definitely crush people during games and sports during pe.
whenever he’s in his bad moods and groaning about what an annoyance about school, teachers, most to lounge etc. floyd will always just stuff his face into your shoulder or neck - practically draping himself over you desperate for some attention.
Tumblr media
jamil viper
he didn’t really seem to care much about it. stuff like that doesn’t matter to him. it may even took him a second to notice much of the difference anyway!
jamil really loves hugs - the ones you give much like floyd he’d find himself being so happy with them from you. if he’s having a rough day. he’ll be a little reluctant and claiming he’s fine but he’ll easily give in to one of your hugs.
no but he tries get you to wear his clothes, like intentionally buys some things a little bigger so that you can fit into it. he doesn’t tell you directly, but jamil’s he’s just silently hoping you’ll catch on to this.
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corkytheguar · 13 hours ago
Saw your post about most of the yandere!dorm leaders overblotting. Can you do a similar one for Jamil and Idia?
The post in question.
Not even gonna lie, when I posted it, I was hoping someone was gonna ask for Jamil.
Same disclaimer as before, at the time of writing, Ignihyde's chapter is just beginning, so I'm going to improvise the reasons and circumstances of Idia's Overblot from what we've seen thus far. Also, I haven't seen D*sney's Hercules (so I can't even make a guess on Idia's unique magic), but it was serendipitous that the only myth I do know of is the abduction of Persephone.
Warning for unhealthy relationships (yandere is synonymous with toxic, and I write it purely as a horror trope, no romanticisation), mentions of stalking, manipulating, guilt-tripping, jealousy and kidnapping.
An extra heavy warning for the implication of a murder-suicide in the last bullet point of Idia's part, it's not outright stated but it is heavily implied. I've tagged this with "murder suicide tw" but let me know if there is a better tag I could use.
Jamil Viper
Jamil would befriend you alongside Kalim proceeding the Magift scandal
By which I mean, he wouldn't necessarily want to befriend you, but he would because Kalim wanted to be friends with you
Though he was pretty amused and intrigued by both you and Grim ever since he witnessed the fiasco at the entrance ceremony and Kalim being set on fire
He’s a bit aloof, so finding out he considers you a friend does come as a surprise, but at least he shows it sometimes through subtle favours
Things like helping you with schoolwork and telling you the ways you can work certain teachers to look at you more favourably, he’s very observant so he definitely has a lot of tips to give on how to make your school life more bearable
Still, even if he weren’t a yandere, Jamil would avoid confessing to you before the Overblot
Simple reasoning: he’s used to having to share, or even give up, everything for Kalim. It bred a lot of resentment, especially when he got accepted into Night Raven College which was supposed to be something he could have all to himself… until Asim senior pulled some strings.
Because of that, he is terribly possessive of anything he can claim as his own, and is the type to hide whatever he likes from Kalim
Which started including you. The moment he realised his feelings, which was fairly soon after developing them, he started distancing himself from you
It broke his heart, don’t misunderstand, but he’d rather pine from afar than have Kalim try to take you away, or be forced to get over those feelings because he can't be better than Kalim, not even in things that should be typical of a guy his age, like relationships
In his mind, no matter what it is, if he wants it, Kalim is bound to take it away from him, so it hardly matters whether Kalim has shown any interest beyond friendship or not
Soon enough, the only times Jamil would be socialising with you was when Kalim would invite you over to Scarabia or want to sit next to you during lunch
(Which only makes him hate Kalim more, sure, he’s the extroverted preppy one, and Jamil is literally ignoring you, but must you really speak to the dorm leader so much? Right in front of his salad?)
It’s a sort of enchanted circle, Jamil tries to not talk to you as much so Kalim doesn’t “steal you away” -> you spend more time with Kalim than with Jamil -> Jamil resents Kalim even more, and pines for you even harder
When the winter holidays roll around, he’ll be the one seeking you out, telling you about how Kalim’s lost his mind and asking if you’d be willing to help his dorm, like you’ve helped the others
(Will lay it on thick so you’d feel too guilty to say no)
Jamil would take full advantage of the situation, as befitting of someone in a dorm that prides itself on careful planning
When hypnotised, Kalim would be downright horrible to you, maybe not violent, but “he” will definitely insult you and degrade you, even going for just the things you were most self-conscious about. Funny how he knew just what those things are, huh?
Not to worry, though, Jamil would be right there to pat your back and tell you that nothing Kalim said was true, and that he has no idea why the dorm head is suddenly acting like that. Jamil's the one who’ll always be there for you, he's not unreliable like Kalim, you know?
Really, it’s his way of making sure that, even if Kalim were to try and steal you away, you’d reject him
In all other areas, too, you’d think Jamil is just an angel, he makes sure to give you his own water if you forget (or drink all of) yours during the marches, he’ll check in on you in the evenings to make sure you’re fine (and not planning on escaping), he'll give you extra servings of food and be sure to make your favourites more often, and so on.
His Overblot is still preceded by the same things, the Octavinelle trio busts in, Azul “exposes” him and, as a result, he loses his shit
The timeline branches when he, literally, kicks you all out of Scarabia, or, rather, when he kicks almost everyone out
As in, he only kicks out the Octavinelle trio, Grim and Kalim. He kept you with him
He wouldn’t want to use his unique magic on you, but don’t challenge him. When he tells you to worship him, he wants (and expects) you to do it of your own free will, because you want to do it
He doesn't want the validation of knowing you think the world of him, and him only, unless they're your own words
He’d probably chain you to his little makeshift throne in the common area, but don’t worry, the chains are pure gold, because he still “loves” you and wants you to be by his side as an “equal”
Or about as equal as you could be in that situation; he’d still want you kneeling next to him, speaking only when he speaks to you and answering in “Yes, Jamil”, “I love you, Jamil”, “You’re the only person that matters to me, Jamil” and variations.
Don’t talk back to him, don’t insult him, don’t disrespect him, don’t treat him like anything other than a lord, and do not mention Kalim
He’ll make you “admit” that you only need him in your life and that you hate Kalim just as much as he does
That said, when he’s already lost all tact and care in his Overblot, if you fight him too much, he will use Snake Whisper on you to make you more docile
He can whip you into shape later, but, for now, he just wants your eyes only on him
When he recovers from the Overblot, he’ll still try to keep what happened on the down-low and pretend to care for Kalim, but he will become a lot bolder and more aggressive with you in regards to his feelings
Since you already know his true nature and feelings, he decided it would be smarter to try and monopolise your attention and time as soon as possible instead of continuing to pretend like he couldn't care less
While he would refuse to use his unique magic on you after the Overblot, he would be openly hostile towards anyone towards whom you show even a sliver of interest
He's actually not half bad at making poisons, you know? Being able to recognise most of them by scent alone comes with that plus
Honestly, even if you have bad judgement actually have feelings for him, he would still delude himself into thinking that you’re going to leave him for someone else, so he’s always going to be alert and making sure you repeat every day how he’s the only one who matters in your life and how you belong to him only
Once he realises you're in his grasp, he's not letting go for anything. He gave up on enough aspirations as is.
Idia Shroud
Now, the original premise was “before they Overblotted, they were already friends with you” but to be honest... you probably wouldn’t even notice he existed
He’s very withdrawn and, though he would become infatuated very easily with you just by seeing you here and there and hearing about how amazing you are to help all those other dorms, he wouldn’t seek you out
He’d stalk the hell out of you, though
Less in person, more digitally. When you get a phone, minutes after you make a Magicam account, he already knows the username and has followed you.
Through that, he’ll find any other info about you that he needs, your favourite foods, hangouts, music, shows, everything that he can use to “bond” over and make socialising and befriending you easier
And for someone like him, finding out things hidden under the hood, like emails and passwords and linked accounts, is just as easy as looking at you post a meal captioned with "the fave"
He’ll try to befriend you over the instant messaging function on Magicam, with an account with a fake name, his first message would probably be a response to one of your stories about some show you just binge watched
“No wayyy you like that too??? I’m like the biggest fan of that show. Who’s ur fave character?” type of message.
The conversation will more or less flow naturally from there, and you’ll even become internet friends, but he'll never tell you his actual name nor show you what he looks like
It’s because he was afraid that you’ll think “Oh, that loser shut-in who never talks to anyone and is obsessed with games and anime and weird movies?” and start avoiding him
He’s a little insecure
The second reason is that he doesn’t want to risk you realising he’s literally on the same campus as you and that you can actually talk face-to-face, because he doesn’t want to embarrass himself by stuttering and being awkward around you - it’s so much easier to communicate when you have the time to properly type out your thoughts (and erase anything weird before hitting send)
He’ll tell you you can lean on him, vent to him, confide in him, all of that (and he will try to keep it about as equal as possible, though he can’t help be more interested in hearing about your matters than sharing his own)
Idia wants you to become emotionally dependant on him
He’ll be incredibly envious of the other dorm leaders’ when he starts hearing about how you’ve been helping them, and he’s incredibly envious of the Heartslabyul duo for always being around you, but there’s not much he thinks he can do
He thinks that, as he is, he has no chance with you, so his goal is to make you trust and adore him through your online interactions. The long-term goal is to make you love him way before his IRL awkwardness can have a major impact in how you see him
That said, he wasn’t imagining your first meet-up to go exactly the way it did
So, the Overblot gang got themselves abducted and turned into test subjects. You should have known Crowley would make you do all the work, really
So when you properly meet Idia face-to-face (without even knowing he’s your “best friend”), it’s while you’re yelling at him to let you see your friends
And you might think he’s an ass and a sadistic stoic bastard for just standing there, mouth slightly agape, but quiet as death, but he’s actually mortified
He does not know what to say. He wants to tell you that you shouldn’t be treating him so harshly when he’s the one who was always there for you, but he has just enough social tact to know that 1) you still don’t know that he’s your online pen-pal and 2) now is not the time to reveal that
Idia is pissed off all the same though. How dare you treat him like that? He’s the one who listened to you rant about your “besties” at 1am, he’s the one who was offering you reassurance and comfort when you were stressed out of your mind, he was nothing but kind and supportive to you, and you’re here? Yelling at him? For doing his job?
“Is, is it… is it b-because you like one of them?” he stutters out before he can stop himself. Of course you do, right? Riddle is so mature and responsible, Leona is athletic and aggressive, Azul has his own business, Jamil is reliable, Vil is the epitome of good looks, and Idia? Is some awkward dork who can’t hope to compare to all those ultra rare characters. Of course you wouldn’t choose him
While you’re busy thinking “What the hell does that even mean?” his mind is going a mile a minute, by the time you blinked, he’s already convinced himself that there’s no way you’ll fall in love with him when you have so many better options
So the logical conclusion is to take away all the other options
It took all his courage, and his face was practically overheating by the time he mustered up the strength, but after a moment he grabs you by the bicep and starts dragging you away
He’ll start mentioning things you told him through instant messages that he knows you’ve told only him until you add two and two together
And if you still don’t get it, he’ll just outright show you his phone, and the account you've been messaging since the winter holidays
He thinks that’ll make you trust him more
Idia will keep you locked up in your own little cell until he figures out what to do, but he doesn’t confess yet. He wants to make sure you can’t reject him before he takes that step, as he feels like fainting when he even thinks about confessing
But after dealing with five Overblots already, you won’t just give up, right? Your cells are close enough to others that you’ve figured out a way to subtly communicate, and soon enough there’s a plan in motion to bust out of there
To keep it short, I imagine Idia’s Overblot would come because of something happening to Ortho
You’ve already heard stories about Ignihyde’s dorm head and his “younger brother”, and even the OB gang clued you into the terrifying things Ortho is capable of (despite his appearance) so it was obvious from the start that, should Ortho come across you in your escape attempt, it is imperative that you incapacitate him
And though you didn’t know that much about the Ignihyde brothers, you knew that Idia cared a lot about Ortho, so when he sees you and Grim kneeling next to Ortho, his torso sparking and legs mangled, desperately trying to fix him, the only thing you could say was, “We didn’t mean to.”
He’s not listening though. Idia is disappointed in you. He thought you would know better. Wasn’t everyone going on and on about how kind and empathetic you were? And now you've just tried to kill his own baby brother?
He grabs you by your arm, his bashfulness completely gone, keeping you next to him while he casts spell after spell trying to fix up his brother, and he’s managing it pretty well, but doesn’t notice the blot accumulating on his magical pen
He’s ranting all the way through it, about how he can’t believe he was preparing everything for the most perfect confession fit to feature in a AAA dating sim, and you just broke his heart by hurting the person most important to him, after he did what is possibly the hardest and scariest thing for someone like him to do - initiating social contact in the first place!
He's guilt-tripping you hard. He loves you so much, he was the one who fell in love at first sight, and not only were you off talking to and flirting with other guys, but now you go ahead and try to break his heart before he can even tell you he loves you.
Between those feelings and overusing his magic, he Overblots fairly quickly, at which point everything becomes more “clear”
One of the most famous love stories from his land is that of when the Lord of the Dead met his wife. He fell in love with her at first sight (much like Idia did with you!), and, in order to show her how serious he was, he abducted her. Sure, sure, it was “morally wrong,” but she returned his feelings! With time
You should have turned and ran to your nearest ally the moment you locked eyes with Idia, whose smile was a little too wide for comfort. The sharp serrated teeth on display did little to tune down the fear factor
The moment he’s sure Ortho is stable, he takes hold of your hand, surprisingly softly for someone who was about to confess that he had been stalking you ever since you were admitted to NRC, that he was in “love” with you and that he wanted you to return with him to the Isle of Lamentation, where you'd be locked up with him, and you two can lead the perfect shut-in couple life he had always dreamed of
He doesn’t let you get a word in edgewise, he’s finally got the courage to tell you his true feelings, so you can’t reject him, that’s not how it works (and he’d know, what with possibly hundreds of dating sims under his belt), you have to return his feelings when he worked this hard. You wouldn't break his heart twice in one day, would you?
The charons can take care of the runaways, surely his parents won’t mind him abandoning his job, just for a little while, if it means he’ll be able to tell them he’s finally found someone, after they'd been nagging him for ages about it
You might be able to get in a “I don’t even know you” while he’s catching his breath between rants about your future life together, but he’s not listening to you
Though if you continue fighting him even after days, weeks, months of being kept as his prisoner, he might actually lose all patience and hope to live out a typical love story with you, which isn’t as good as it sounds
Because Idia is still a man who mistakes fiction and reality often and has internalised a lot of really gross ideas present in the media he consumes. If you refuse to work together with him on what is obviously a meant-to-be relationship, he would take it to mean you’re simply star-crossed lovers, meant to be, but you just don’t want to give in
He can’t just let you go. If you won’t be his in the land of the living, you will have no choice in the other world, and he won't mind speeding up that transition for the both of you
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dexpairs-blog · 2 days ago
Hey lol
*shows you my Pomefiore headcanons*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Feel free to use as icons!
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fairestwriting · a month ago
Would it be okay to request the dorm leaders reacting to their fem crush snuggling up and falling asleep against them? I have a mighty need for some soft boi hours.
may the soft boy hours commence!
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
He probably didn’t even see it coming, even if you two were actually laying or sitting together somewhere. He was already nervous from being this close to you, but then having you just... snuggle up and fall asleep all of a sudden? Riddle feels like he’s going to die.
His first instinct is, of course, scolding, but... he looks at you with his wide scandalized eyes, and you look so peaceful, eyelids fluttered shut and head leaning against him. Damn it, he can’t say anything at all. Riddle ends up being the sort who just stands frozen through the whole duration of your nap, even when he starts getting cramps from being so still.
Someone is going to walk in on you two, most likely Trey. He will still not move. Yeah, maybe you’re not supposed to be sleeping right now, but—! It’d just be unfair to wake you up, when you’re clearly tired! 
Leona Kingscholar
Leona is pretty casual with touching, especially when it comes to a girl he’s interested in like you, plus he’s definitely slept with his head on your lap before so, you really just figured it’d be fine to do the same.
He jumps a little in shock when you do it, but then a smirk spreads on his lips. Leona doesn’t actually say anything, he has some teasing remarks in mind, but he just keeps them to himself as you close your eyes. You can hear them when you wake up. He’s the one who’s always prioritizing his rest anyway.
You wake up with him also sleeping on you, both of you tangled up. Hey, Herbivore, you should feel lucky, I let you sleep on me like that, he’ll say when he wakes up, voice all drowsy. Deep down, he thinks your sleeping face is the cutest thing.
Azul Ashengrotto
You were at the Lounge, that much wasn’t unusual. Azul would often show off all sorts of new additions to the establishment, from recipes to furniture. There had been some live music today, he got you coupons for drinks and hung around your table, it had been a fun night, but you were growing tired.
You’re not fully conscious when you lean your head against his shoulder, cutting his chatter short, and let your eyelids fall closed. Azul ends up yelping ungracefully, which may or may not wake you up, depending how much of a heavy sleeper you are.
Whether it does or not, he flushes red and cuts it short on impulse, stuttering out a oh, you’re tired? T-There are spare rooms if you need to rest, free of charge this time! He’s totally panicked, and he’ll beat himself up for it later, but he’ll also be damn happy you actually almost fell asleep on him (If only a little sad he missed an opportunity to make a move...)
Kalim Al-Asim
Kalim is the sort of guy who wants to be around his crush as much as possible, so he’s definitely been inviting you over for all sorts of things. It happens after you attended this big Scarabia dinner party, you’d been chatting and eating and dancing the night away, so it’s only natural you were exhausted afterwards.
It’s an unspoken agreement. Kalim offers you a bed for the night, leads you to the room after you sleepily agree, and he was sitting on the bed and chattering away when you sat by his side, snuggled up and fell asleep. He’s speechless for a moment, blank staring, but that’s soon replaced with a smile.
He watches you sleep for a bit, fingers tangling into your hair. You’ll probably wake up together, tangled up too, Kalim clinging to you like his favorite teddy bear.
Vil Schoenheit
Vil isn’t someone who just pines over his crushes. If he got this far regarding his fondness for you, then he’s determined to actually woo you, taking you out on proper dates and plotting a good confession. Today, he’d taken you out to the movies, one of his favorite date types, but the recent exams week just had done a number on you...
You didn’t mean to fall asleep, it’s just that it was dark and you were so tired and Vil looked pretty and comforting next to you, so you leaned against him and passed out. Which he notices immediately.
And... you didn’t hear it from him, but it made him smile so wide. Like Riddle, he’s usually the type to scold, but he’s willing to humor you, just this once. When you wake up and begin your apologies, Vil has a calm expression and an arm around your shoulders, letting you rest as you please.
Idia Shroud
Oh, that poor bastard. He’s been longing for what feels like ages now, unable to approach his feelings for you at all, but recently he’d finally managed to work up the courage to ask you to come over and play games, or maybe watch some anime. That had once felt like a safe way to spend time with the girl he likes, and now it was the danger zone.
When did it happen? ...neither of you noticed. Idia never pays attention to the clock when he’s focused, and when you were marathoning something, him rambling away about his favorite characters, you just passed out against him, and he lost it.
He definitely wakes you up with how he jolts and pretty much full on screeches, all of him turning a bright flaming red, and then it’s all awkward, both of you apologizing to each other, and Idia deep down feeling like he’s won the world’s most difficult gaming tournament.
Malleus Draconia
Malleus is more or less nocturnal, and a good deal of the time you spend together is at night, so you can imagine how that went on the one day you had been going around like a sleep deprived zombie. It’s just a progression of events to be expected.
He actually suggested for you to get some rest, noticing you seemed so out of it. In your sleepy brain, that meant the next course of action you should take was snuggle up to him while you’re sitting on a bench right outside Ramshackle, and get said rest. Malleus just freezes up when he notices how literally you took his suggestion.
He’s a lot like Riddle in that he just lets you sleep, sitting still through the entire duration of it even if it means he’s staying there until the sun rises, but not because he’s that horribly flustered. He just thinks you look so sweet like this, he’d feel awful waking you up. Maybe he’ll play with your hair a bit, but that’s it. Mostly he wants you to rest.
Tumblr media
if you wanna support my work, you can buy me a ko-fi or commission me!
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bubbledumbbinch · 4 months ago
Okay so can I ask for some general headcanons for a Fem!MC in twst? The game has gender-neutral pronouns for the MC so far and it's an all boys school. How do you think the characters reaction/interactions would change if the MC was female? (if all are too much you can just pick your faves, maybe just include the octa and Savannahclaw dorm?) Just your thoughts and some brainrot💖
I think the boys would definitely be a lot more flirtatious to fem!MC!!! (I just wanna call her FeMC so I could say… fem… with a c at the end LOL). This is an all boys school, what do you expect?!
These are mostly short I’m sorry! I wanted to try to fit everyone in!
Grim would lay at night curled up beside you. On days when your period hit, Grim would sense you in pain and get near your abdomen and purr. He feels like it’s an instinctual thing to do and if if helps out his minion, he’ll do it! Plus there’s tuna in it for him, right? Pet his ears too!
Riddle would definitely blush when you are around, but not too heavily! Sure he finds you attractive but it won’t stop him from fulfilling his duties as a dorm leader! He can’t help himself when he gets flustered talking to you since the only woman he grew up around was his strict mother. Since you’re different compared to her, he can’t tell but feel warmth from you which he wants to keep in his heart.
Ace and Deuce would make jokes at each other’s expense, both of them sorta going neck and neck trying to compete for your attention! They know you guys are just friends… unless..? 😳 Ace would make the snarky remarks while Deuce would threaten to beat Ace up.
Trey would act the same towards you, knowing he has to be a respectful upperclassman! You ALMOST can’t tell he sets aside the cupcake with more fruits or decoration on it for you at the Unbirthday party. Trey would give his signature smirk and wink as he sets it down in front of you.
Cater would take you on shopping sprees and outings to have so many photo opportunities with NRC’s only female student! Girls would flood his comments asking if you were his girlfriend, but he never answered. He secretly hopes you like him back so you could do cute couple things together like match outfits!
Leona would still call you herbivore and treat you the same as always. Still as lazy as before. However he can’t help but show off when he plays Magift and you happen to be watching. He lowkey stares at your features and shape of your body when you’re not looking 👀
Ruggie would also mostly act the same towards you, but he would bump into you on purpose so he can have an excuse to touch or smell you! His body tingles when he can smell your scent on the blazer he accidentally knocked into you with! Still treats you the same as ever though!
Jack would be gentler towards you, he knows how rough and big his body is, he doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you! His personality is still the same, don’t think he’ll treat you any differently because you’re a girl!
Azul would try to make shady deals with you to offer you protection against students who may be too forward with you since you’re a girl. In exchange? For you to work at the lounge! and spend time with him. He secretly likes you but would never tell you to uphold his reputation and he is also afraid of rejection ;w; Azul would also not mind seeing you wearing the lounge uniform, fufufu…
Jade would would act more like a butler type! You also find him nearby sometimes, feeling his striking gaze looking at you. He’s always there when someone is trying to confess to you and you look uncomfortable. “Oya oya, do you need some help, miss?” His voice teasingly echoes through the halls, scaring off the guy who was trying to hit on you. Jade would stretch out his hand and escort you to wherever you needed to go.
Honestly? Unless you had a super “girly” appearance, Floyd wouldn’t have noticed until he gave you a hug to squeeze you, noticing your body was different… more squishy... and your bone structure is different. Shrimpy is so squeezable!!! Huh? He has to be wary of your chest? He’ll just lift you up by your tummy! You being a girl doesn’t stop the hug train!
Kalim wouldn’t treat you any differently! He would still definitely invite you over as often as possible, not realizing his sweetness may come off as flirtatious! Might develop a small crush on you :) imagines all the pretty outfits he could buy you from his homeland
Jamil would at first be wary of you but once he realizes you aren’t a threat to Kalim or the school, he stops doubting you. Definitely isn’t the type to judge you differently based on your gender!
Vil would smirk and think he finally has someone else to practice makeup on! He definitely uses you as a model to show off his products, whether it be makeup, skincare, clothing, etc!
Rook would be… protective. He likes you because you’re different, and he would subtly follow and stake you out to see what things you’re doing differently at NRC as a girl. Rook offers silent protection against those he sees as a threat to you before you can even notice.
Epel would definitely try to prove his manliness in front of you if Vil isn’t in the vicinity! Going out of his way to carry heavy items, be tough, etc. If YOU tell him he’s manly, it’s certainly gotta mean something right?!
Idia thinks it’s like some sort of anime trope, you’re the female protagonist and it’s like a reverse harem because the whole school is full of boys! Cough cough breaking the fourth wall here! He would probably be more… nervous around you, not like he would ever get close anyways, but still! The idea of the only girl at school actually being friends with you and maybe becoming more makes his heart beat faster.
Ortho would not. Perceive you any differently LOL. He’d be intrigued would say like “A girl? Cool! The body analyses I’ve done from everyone around you reads their body temperatures higher and their hearts are all beating faste- MMPH!” He would be silenced by ADeuce…
Malleus…. Once he knows how you don’t fear him and how you like him even without knowing who he is. All he can think of is how beautiful you would be as his queen. Who can blame him? He has priorities and he needs to think of these things! I can also imagine him picking petals off flowers and saying “She loves me… she loves me not…” because he’s romantic like that… my heart
Lilia would use his experience in his vast years of dating to his advantage, knowing what ways to talk to a woman best. He swears he is only flirting with you for fun! The way your cheeks puff up in embarrassment is just too cute to resist! He certainly doesn’t mind a gender neutral MC, but Lilia can appreciate the beauty in every gender and he certainly appreciates your beauty!
Silver said 😪😴 . You notice Silver has more of a knightly approach to you, offering to protect you when you need it. He understands how a situation between one girl and hundreds of male students could provide a sense of fear, so Silver would always be there to protect you if you need!
Sebek would blush when you’re around, but he thinks you’re trying to use feminine charm and wiles to seduce the young master, even though all you did was make a yawn noise, flip your hair, or put on a bit of makeup! You have to explain to him that you aren’t doing anything to try to seduce anybody. You just wanted to go to school. He is doubtful but finally agrees. Maybe he was becoming victim to your charm instead?
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rainy-day-coffee · 5 months ago
Good day/night sir/madam! May I request some headcanons for what it'd be like to sleep with the dorm leaders? (And when I say 'sleep' I mean the crawl-into-bed-at-the-end-of-a-long-day sleep, not the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) one) I wanna know who're the cuddlers, the blanket-hogs, the restless sleepers, that sorta thing. (Though if you don't feel comfortable writing this as some of them are underage feel free to write it instead taking place when they're adults and married or to just ignore this ask) Thanks!
Perfectly a-ok with this request! This was such a cute thing to write out actually! I got to project sleeping habits onto characters and it was so much fun! These are pretty short but I hope I managed to get everything!
Sleeping habits of the dorm leaders!
Tumblr media
He loves it when you hold his head against your chest. Your heartbeat lulls him to sleep, and in his opinion it’s one of the best feelings in the world.
Usually a lot of affection can overwhelm him so some nights there won’t be much cuddling. Instead he resorts to holding your hand while you face each other, hooking one leg around yours, or touching backs while you two face opposite ways.
Much to his embarrassment, he is an unintentional blanket-hog. He curls up into a ball when he sleeps sometimes and wraps himself up in the blanket. He always apologizes for it in the morning even though he doesn’t have to.
He’s not really a restless sleeper, but he does move around a bit during the night. He can fall asleep on one end of the bed and by morning he could be on your side of it, pressing up against you.
Tumblr media
He used to be a blanket-hog because he would get cold easily, but now he just clings onto you for warmth.
Leona refuses to sleep at night if you’re not in his arms. He says it isn’t the same. You could be working on a late night project and he’ll come dragging you to bed just to sleep comfortably. You have no time to complain since he falls asleep in record time.
Usually, the more you try and wiggle out of his grip, the tighter his embrace becomes. Succumb to your fate and admire the determination this man carries.
He’s a very quiet sleeper! The most you can hear out of him are the slow inhales and exhales he lets out.
He almost doesn’t move in his sleep either. He could fall asleep cuddling you in one position and he’ll wake up cuddling you in that very same position.
Tumblr media
He’s a very clingy sleeper! At night he unleashes his cuddle needs to the maximum. Any cuddle position works for him! He simply wants to be close to you and reassure himself that you aren’t going to disappear. At this point in your relationship, he finds it near impossible to sleep without you.
He prefers being wrapped up in your arms but he loves holding you too! His favorite thing to do is to plop himself face-first into your chest and wrap his arms and legs around you. It makes him feel safe.
Tends to shift around a little while sleeping! Normally it’s just him tightening the embrace he has you in and rubbing his face on you.
He drools a little. No matter how hard he tries it just keeps happening, and he hates it with a passion.
Azul talks in his sleep sometimes. Usually it’s pure nonsense and nothing above a whisper. Please never bring it up, he will never live it down and may start sleeping under his bed out of sheer embarrassment.
Tumblr media
A very clingy young man! He latches onto you and will not let go, especially when it’s cold. Even if you two fall asleep with some space in-between you, he usually rolls on over and wraps his arms around you anyways.
On the rare occurrence he isn’t attached to you, he spreads his limbs everywhere. He doesn’t do it on purpose, it happens unknowingly while he’s sleeping. It isn’t a problem since his bed is very big; there’s more than enough space for both of you!
He drools a little in his sleep sometimes. He snores quite a bit too!
He’s up for all kinds of cuddling positions! However, his absolute favorite is when you two are facing each other and hugging. He loves feeling his legs wrap around yours.
No matter what position you two sleep in, he nuzzles his face into whatever body part of yours he can reach.
Tumblr media
Vil doesn’t need that much affection when he sleeps, but he would never deny your cuddle desires.
He prefers to lie on his back while you cuddle up to him. Spooning is another favorite! He doesn’t have a preference between being the little or big spoon. It just depends on how both of you are feeling at the moment.
Depending on the position he’s sleeping in, he drools a little. He’s not exactly embarrassed about it, it’s a very normal thing after all. You would never judge this side of him so he doesn’t worry about it either.
He’s a very relaxed sleeper. He almost doesn’t move around. He does snore on occasion, it’s not very loud though. If anything, it sounds more like loud breathing.
Sleeping is one of the things that Vil can do without having to stress about it. He loves being able to simply relax with you and enjoy drifting off to dreamland.
Tumblr media
His sleeping routine is very out of control. As we all know, he tends to game and watch anime into the very early hours of the morning. Sometimes on these binges, he actually falls asleep next to you!
When your relationship is at a place where Idia feels more comfortable, he can finally relax while sleeping and not wake up in a panic.
He loves falling asleep to you threading your fingers through his hair and simply feeling you hug him close. When spooning, he prefers it if you’re the big spoon so he can enjoy being wrapped up in the warmth you provide.
Snores and talks in his sleep! Normally you can never understand what he’s saying, but you can assume it’s about something exciting with the way he smiles. You’ve heard him laughing too!
Tumblr media
Considering fae have different sleeping patterns than humans, the sleeping routine you two have tends to change.
On nights when he doesn’t need to sleep, he likes to watch you and occasionally stroke your face or rub your head as he lies beside you. He always cuddles you if you want him to though! At times he finds himself wondering how he ever got so lucky. Given how much humans need to sleep, his mind wanders to many places. He likes to daydream about what may happen the next day.
When he does sleep, he loves holding you in his arms while he lies on his back and you rest your head on his chest. Considering his horns, it’s one of the only positions he can actually sleep in.
Unless his dreams evoke strong feelings, you won’t hear so much as a peep out of him.
His grip around you is strong though! Once he’s out, it’s very hard to get up before he wakes up again. He’s not doing it intentionally, of course. Even while he sleeps he just wants to be close to you.
Tumblr media
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julymarte · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a few  days ago me and  a friend were dicussing about theories going around about the tweels so we came up with some adult tweel headcanons    but  i couldn’t get myself to post them  since   to follow the  headcanons and theories some body type alterations had to be made so... to feel better with this feeling  i decided to make a masterpost of the theories we took inspiration from  since most of the material is in japanese
more details under the cut (long post)
so why  is floyd  THAT MUCH TALLER and jade isless noodly than him?
I’m gonna start addressing the theories  about floyd being a late bloomer/having a delayed growth spurt compared to jade
both the tweels are of course still growing, since despite being GIANTS  they are afterall still 17 but we heard a detail from  floyd unique from what we know about jade that also will lead to the following bit of the theories In floyd’s starsending episode translated by Ekala  he states that
Tumblr media
 to adjust the mold of custom made shoes  he has probebly gotten considerably taller within the year
According to some this means that floyd’s uniforms aren’t short on purpose  but are simply his first year ones and hedidn’t change them...but in that case jade wouldn’t have grown much  in height...
the Candy theory tho gives us more insight about that, according  to it, their  upgrade candies  highlight their strenghts/charm points so Tail Fin Candy for floyd meaning legs and height and Dorsal Fin Candy  for  jade focusing more on his torso/back
i’ve seen many people comapring sprites toprove this theory on twitter so it’s time to show some examples, i’ll try to recreatethem as best as i can
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this repeats in pretty much all the  versions aside the mermaid sprites that are copy/pasted BUT on that someone call in the octavinelle trailer  to support the theory
Tumblr media
EDIT: we found out who the owner of the mermaid  body is: IT’S FLOYD!
Tumblr media
in addition we can clearly see baby floyd  was indeed shorter than baby jade in middle school even without the  aid of guiding lines
Tumblr media
So in conclusion, in the headcanons  we were discussing with  my friend floyd “just started” getting his growth spurt  while jade is pretty much settling his height but considering his monster apetite and slightly wider frame he would probably end up getting a less noodly frame thanhis  sckyscreaper brother thank you for  coming to my TED talk hope i haven’t forgotten anything BONUS:i forgot to mention the   hand differences- despite always keeping an elegant posture jade’s hands and wrists appear to be slightly thicker than floyd’s hands who appear to be also smoother
Tumblr media
bonus from the guidebook
Tumblr media
fllowing the green guidelines  we get
Tumblr media
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drac0nia · 14 hours ago
✞ 𝕻𝖗𝖊𝖙𝖙𝖞 𝕭𝖔𝖞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 1 done by @honey-milk-depresso
Part 2 done by @nanamisflowerfield
Part 3 done by me :p
Tumblr media
♥︎. A collab with my lovely moots <3
♥︎. Epel Felmier x reader, petnames, hcs to scenario, scenario under the cut, scenario lowkey inspired by a tr scene in the manga, and no proofreading.
♥︎. Didn't realise we were starting until I checked my tags lmao- also i dont have hcs much for Epel for might as well make a small scenario to cover up my lack of creativity :,)
Tumblr media
➝ Epel Felmier ♡
— He's the type of boyfriend who would tell you to dress however you like because he can fight. The type to wait for you outside of your class or dorm so he could escort you like a body guard does. The type to give you fruit snacks or juices because that's what he can afford at the moment. The type to be the big spoon because he feels like he's being babied when he's the little spoon.
— Calls you by "darlin'", "babe", "honey" or "hun", "baby" but if ever Vil is around, he switches back to prince charming and calls you "princess", "lovely", "beautiful", "pretty girl/boy/baby", "angel".
— Often you catch him glaring at a distance, you ask why but he tells you to ignore him; Rook was at the bushes being nosy and observing you love birds so he could report to Vil that he's following his lessons.
— Would try to carry you no matter what you say because he wants to prove that he's manly and you can depend on him when it comes to lifting.
— Most of time, he doesn't know how to express his affections mostly because he doesn't wanna look soft in-front of you.
Tumblr media
Under the tree by the well, you and Epel rest yourselves there to feel the fresh afternoon breeze. You had just finished your lunch but you felt tired, who wouldn't be? You just experienced hell in Vargas' class, he took all of your energy by doing all those push ups and laps. Epel had a knife with him to cut apple slices off his hand, he turned to his side to see you peacefully laying down on the grass with your eyes closed.
"Cute.", he thought, his eyes trails down to your lips, they looked so plump and soft, they looked to kissable right now.
Epel looked around to see if anyones near, when no one was near the both you like Vil or Rook, he slowly and hesitantly moved close to your face. His lips was centimetres away from touching yours, he's aware what he's doing is wrong but he can't help it... you looked so beautiful...
"You know, you're supposed to kiss the person that you like, right?"
He opened his eyes to see you wide awake and looking at him with a blank expression, wow you still look pretty despite looking at him like that. Epel immediately pulls away and tried to hide his flush red cheeks from you. You sat up and looked at him, his hand covering his cheeks while the other remains at it's place.
"Do you like me, Epel?"
"Yes.. I like you a lot.. I.. love actually.", in his head he was screaming, ah, they might find me frail and weak now.. aaaahh, this sucks, it's so embarrassing—
"Very manly of you to admit that." His head whips around, did he hear you right?
"I like you too." He would never admit it but he can feel the butterflies in his stomach and the red on his cheeks slowly dulls down from the embarrassment he got from earlier. He was smiling like really smiling wide when you reciprocated his feelings.
"So.. how do we start this relationship then?"
"Kiss me."
"We don't h-have to if you don't wan-"
"But I do."
A little shocked and hesitant at first, he did his best ignoring his first attempt to kiss you but eventually Epel mustered up the courage to grab your chin and pull your face close to his. His eyes closed as he felt the heat from your lips through his, so warm, so intimate. As you both pulled away, you both had such loving smiles that was directed to their lover.
"Guess we're official now, huh?"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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crispin-kreme · a month ago
Hey, if you’re ok doing this ask, may I have some headcanons on how Dorm leaders react to their y/n having old self harm scars?
twst dorm leaders reacting to their s/o having old self harm scars
pairings: dorm leaders x gn! reader
warnings: self harm, suicidal thoughts, grammatical errors. please do not proceed if you’re uncomfortable with this topic.
notes: anon you dont know how much i wanted to do this i was just waiting for someone to request this- i don’t promote/encourage self harm at all (even tho i do it such hypocrisy but still-) please don’t hurt yourselves :( i’m here if you need someone to talk to.
making this request was like a coping mechanism ig explaining why i rlly like to write this topic. thank you sm for waiting anon and i hope you enjoy this!
requests are closed! i’m just clearing out my inbox
Tumblr media
riddle discovered your scars a long time ago already. he hasn’t really gotten the courage to ask why you had scars on your wrists
but today, he was able to ask it properly. you were both studying in his room, your sleeves were rolled up revealing the scars on your wrists.
he’s worried and curious where you got your scars
“y/n, i’ve always wanted to ask about the scars on your wrist.” riddle blurted out. you stopped writing and looked at him. “wh-where’d you get them?” he asked. you were nervous to tell him where you got them. “i- i did the unthinkable.” you replied. riddle looked at you confused. “i tried to take my own life- but i couldn’t so i just hurt myself to do so.” you explained “but i’m fine now, don–” you were immediately taken back as you felt riddle hug you tightly. you felt yourself sob “i’m fine, riddle. i stopped hurting myself.” you continued. “next time, don’t do that. i’m here now.” riddle says as he pulls away from the embrace. he lets his fingers stroke onto your scars. riddle reassures you that they’re not disgusting at all. he stays by your side the whole time– if ever you wanted to discuss about the scars further more.
Tumblr media
leona never has seen your scars, until you had to wear shorts for your sleep wear.
he’s seen multiple scars on your thighs. it made him so worried. he wanted to ask but he didn’t know how.
but right now- leona attempted to ask how you got your scars
leona sat beside you on his bed. he saw the scars again on your thighs. “y/n, i have to ask you something.” leona says with a serious tone. you looked at him and nodded “alright. what is it?” you asked. leona sighed “its about those scars on your thighs.” he says. “i knew you were gonna ask that.” you tell him with a little smile. you let out a sigh “i hurt myself a long time ago. it took time to heal..” you explained to him. leona’s eyes widened in shock. “you hurt yourself?” he asks. “i did. before.” you replied. “you won’t do it again, right? i’m here now. you can share your pain with me.” leona says. “i won’t… well, i’m not sure.” you tell him. leona kisses your forehead as you start to explain your scars further. he starts to really stay by your side. he wouldn’t like to lose you.
Tumblr media
you knew azul was eyeing onto your wrist for a long time. you felt that he really and genuinely wanted to know what happened
azul grew to worry you day by day he eyed on the scars. he feared you might have hurt yourself
it took a while for azul to ask about your scars but now, he was able to ask them properly.
you were helping the leech twins close the lounge. “jade, floyd.” you hear azul call. “please step out of the lounge- i just need to talk to y/n.” he says and they followed. now, its just the two of you here. “is there something wrong?” you ask in confusion. “well… not really. its a matter that i’ve always wanted to talk with you.” azul explains. you nodded in reply. “i’ve seen scars on your wrists.” he blurts out. you look at him intensely. you knew he would find out. “care to explain what happened?” azul asked. “you wouldn’t like what happened.” you said with a chuckle. “..i usually hurt myself before. but no worries, i’m fine!” you explained with a reassuring tone. azul’s eyes widened– he came closer to you, carefully rolling up your sleeves to expose the scars. “what if you do this again? i- i don’t want seeing you hurt like this.” azul says, trying his best to hold his tears. “i won’t hurt myself like this again. i have you already- a partner who’ll stay by my side during my worst days.” you tell him in a gentle voice. he stays by your side even more– when you need to vent to him or just need him by your side, you can clearly see how he clears out his schedule so he could make time for you.
Tumblr media
he was genuinely alarmed when he saw the scars on your wrist
kalim was very much curious on what happened but he chose not to ask since it might make you uncomfortable
jamil has told kalim about your scars (with your consent of course) this then encourages kalim to talk with you about your scars
the sound of the faucet running as you wash the dishes filled in the silence. kalim was helping you wash the dishes– so he was able to see the scars on your wrist since your sleeves were rolled up. “so jamil has told me…” kalim blurted out “the scars on you wrist. but he didn’t explain where you got them and he told me i should ask you myself.” kalim added. you turned off the faucet and wiped your hands on your clothing. “is that so? oh yeah- i did tell him to tell you. since i didn’t know how to explain how i got these scars.” you tell him with a light chuckle. you let your arm rest on the edge of the sink. “kalim, i’ve hurt myself before. its a heavy topic for me to talk about but i can explain further once we go back to your room.” you explained to him. upon kalim hearing you have hurt yourself– you see him cry. “i stopped hurting myself a long time ag- oh my, kalim! are you crying?” you exclaimed as you immediately pulled him into your embrace. “don’t do that again! the thought of you hurting yourself might kill me.” kalim sobs out. after that conversation, you had to explain furthermore about your scars and all. kalim listened attentively thus, he promises to stay by your side.
Tumblr media
vil has never seen the scars that were located on your thighs
he only saw it when you were in shorts while he was doing a little skin care routine on you
he felt a gush of worry alongside with curiosity so he asks you about it with no hesitation
you noticed vil eyeing on your thighs. “vil, why are you looking at my thighs?” you asked with a little chuckle. “you have scars on them.” vil replied. your eyes widened and you looked at the scars. vil kneeled to the level of your thighs as you sat on the dresser’s chair. “how did you get these? i never knew you had them.” vil asks. you sighed “i used to inflict pain on myself. clearly, i wasn’t okay. i wanted to take my own life.” you explained to him with all honesty. vil’s eyes widened at your reason “i stopped already. don’t worry.” you reassured him as you stroked his hair. “why did you not tell me this?” vil asks with breaking in his voice. “i- i thought you would be disgusted.” “disgusted? y/n, i would never.” vil retorted. “don’t do this again. if ever you the urge to do this again- talk to me. i wouldn’t like the fact that i might lose you.” vil tells you with silent cries.
Tumblr media
idia was mostly in shock and panic upon discovering the amount of scars on your wrist
he rolled up your sleeves as you were napping with him
you already decided beforehand to tell him about the scars until you were ready. now’s the time.
“idia? what are you doing?” you asked with your groggy voice. idia immediately fixed your sleeves “n-nothing!” he stammers. you looked at him, you knew he was looking at your scars so you give him a reassuring smile “you were looking at my scars, weren’t you?” you asked. idia nodded in reply. you sit up from idia’s bed and idia did so too. “do you want to know what happened?” you asked him genuinely “i was going to ask you about it.” idia answered. “ahh.. i see. i was really going to tell you about it but i didn’t know when. but today is the right time.” you explained to him. “i used to hurt myself before. i used it for coping. but i’m fine- i stopped.” you stated to idia. idia’s eyes widened at your explanation. he holds your hand “i- i didn’t know about that. please don’t do that again. i wouldn’t want to lose you!” idia exclaimed. you leaned in and kissed his forehead “i won’t.” you replied. “i’ll stay by your side…” idia says with a little smile.
Tumblr media
malleus was clueless. loads of questions filled his head once he saw your scars
he asked lilia for help- he asked on how he should approach his concern regarding the scars
malleus gathered up the courage to ask you. so he took you out on your usual night walks and there he asked.
malleus walked by your side as the stars were twinkling brightly. under the moonlight, you can see malleus’ face. he looked worried and bothered. “malleus, is everything alright?” you asked as you both stopped walking. malleus sighed “i really want to ask you about something…” malleus trailed off. you hummed “what is it?” you asked. “i saw scars on your wrist. it was an odd amount of scars. i wanted to ask what happened.” malleus replied. “ahh..” you tell him. “i- i never knew you would notice.” you blurted out. “i used to inflict harm onto myself. i weirdly felt comfort by it. but i realized that it was making me suffer more so i stopped.” you explained. malleus’ eyes turned glossy as he heard your reason. “have you ever thought of taking your own life?” malleus asked “hmm.. yes. sometimes- even though i’ve stopped that thought still haunts me.” you replied. “i don’t want you to leave and hurt alone.” malleus says with his voice breaking. “i’m here now, aren’t i? if you need someone to talk to i’m here.” he added. you smiled at him- appreciating him even more.
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curryandbread · 2 months ago
Ok so how about headcanons for the dorm leader + Sebek (cabbage boy is my fav sryyy😫-) reacting to their crush saying they'd kiss them if they would let her. I'm in the mood for something fluffy & I really adore your writing~
“I’d kiss you if you would let me.” TWST headcanons
Hi anon!!! Thank u for requesting~ And aaaa 🥺 I’m very glad my writing is to your taste! Thank you!
Riddle Rosehearts
His eyes were wide, a blush creeping to his face as his appearance started to resemble a tomato.
“A-Atrocious...! We are standing on school grounds! Who would dare to expose such behaviors...?!”
He bites his lip, trying to suppress all the overwhelming confidence you showed him. He would certainly look forward to a time where you’d actually do what you’ve just told him. Though it is against his rules to have someone do so, in your case, he’d willing to lean into your idea.
Leona Kingscholar
He only blinked a few times, processing what you’ve said until he straightens himself up with a clear on his throat.
“Then.. what’s stopping you? Kiss me then.”
He will be mad if you took back what you said, you brought it upon yourself. And he hates those who just chicken out so easily. You must make sure to make it count.
Azul Ashengrotto
He will fumble on the silverwares he was wiping, trying to regain his composure after hearing that.
“I-I’m working here. Don’t you have other things to do?”
A bead of sweat is visible, his heart beating like crazy. He’s never felt so pumped up more after hearing that from you. He somehow wished that you actually would.
Kalim Al-Asim
Oh this man is truly dense. Really. The remark just went over his head.
“Oh! A feast! You want to feel the kiss of a feast!! I’ll ask Jamil if he can cook for us!!”
Honestly he only realizes it when he’s in bed, twisting and turning trying to dissect each word you’ve said to him. He’d stare at the ceiling and when he realizes what it meant he shoots up from his bed with a bright pink hue on his face.
Vil Schoenheit
There is a possibility that he’d flirt back. But today he just decided not to, not looking at you with light pink dusting his cheeks.
“Potato. Do you have any better things to say?”
He’ll honestly keep in mind with what you’ve told him that moment. During classes, during practices, during his skincare routine, thinking how he would react if you did kiss him.
Idia Shroud
He’ll hide his face, with the biggest grin of embarrassment on his face. (You probably saw the tips of his hair turn pink too.)
“D-Don’t say that or....”
He’d lock himself in his room, playing video games to distract himself. Of course it didn’t help. He’ll compensate on his unapproachable behavior towards you and maybe, just maybe, give you the chance to do so.
Malleus Draconia
He’ll be stunned, eyes wide as your words sunk into him. He forms a smile.
“Well, no one’s holding you back.”
He somehow felt embarrassed saying that, but it felt so right to him. He could never reject you. (LMAO SIMP)
Sebek Zigvolt
His face would blow up into a flushed fit.
He actually liked that. God he’d love that. He wants to be noticed by you more often. He’ll leave an opening for any chance for you to take.
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eudaimoniias · 21 days ago
What would be the dorm leaders' reaction to receiving an unexpected kiss on the cheek by the reader? Would they be shy?
I made it more imply that they’re crushing on the reader in this, because it would’ve made more sense! hope that’s fine <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
riddle rosehearts
you’ve caught him so off guard - when he feels his cheeks getting warming because he’s blush like crazy, he tries to hide it with covering his cheeks with one of his hands. quickly sputtering something out like “w-what was that for?!”.
especially during an birthday party! he’s thankful no ones looking his way currently (ace would’ve never let him hear the end of it) seeing him not be composed. he would only get more flustered when you start giggling at his sudden reaction.
literally not used to any kind of affection even small ones like this., he’ll be thinking about it for like the rest of the day,, upset that it’s distracting him from his duties as a dorm leader! clearly that isn’t the reason now.
Tumblr media
leona kingscholar
you’ve got guts he thinks, no one would dare to think to do something like this to this man. nevertheless he’s shocked. and you also seem to have done it during one of particular cocky and product moments - what a way to stun him.
though he still does not find himself all that shy, it would take a lot to get that kid of reaction out of him! he’ll just look away from you saying “not to try something like that again”. and goes on like he doesn’t care much about it. plays it off like that.
to be honest though he could get that soft feeling of your lips on his cheek for sometime after it happened and he hates it. he refuses to allow himself to think such mushy thoughts..
Tumblr media
azul ashengrotto
swinging by the mostro lounge to thank him properly for something he assisted you with classes earlier that day, a kiss on the cheek was as a “thank you” was certainly not what he was expecting from you.
straight up freezes for a second - before attempting to keep cool calm and collected.. he doesn’t wanna show how flustered he was because of this.
he’ll try to hide his face - out of nervousness fidgeting a bit by readjusting his glasses or his dorm uniform.. despite it being completely okay. playing it cool, he’ll just place a hand your back and help escort you find your way out. because he is too nervous to talk to you right now. floyd definitely teased him about this
Tumblr media
kalim al-asim
he’s not too easily embarrassed by something like this. because he’s a very affectionate person too, with you especially of course. what else would you expect from someone like him?!
kalim will have a huge grin on plastered on his face and laugh a little by your sudden kiss! he’ll give you one right back too, he really loves any kind of affection!
loves my kind of affection from you, don’t hesitate to ask for hugs or give a kiss on the forehead or cheek, come at him with them, kalim adores any he can get from you.
Tumblr media
vil schoenheit
shoots this shocked and confused look, before carefully backing up after a second or two from you. surprised that you would suddenly do something like that - let alone to him of all people.
notices that you left a faint lipstick mark since recently he had helped you out with putting makeup. he huffs, excuses himself, and leaves to go fix it. as of course he would not want that being left on his face.
yet vil can’t seem to forget it, for a while after. perhaps that really is why he finds himself seeing in the mirror, a small smile on his face
Tumblr media
Idia shroud
you did it, you broke him. out of all of the he obviously was the most embarrassed by this. his cheeks and the tips of his hair quickly growing red he’s has no idea on what to do or what to say.
you don’t really understand what he’s saying, as he’s sputtering non-coherent words since he’s flustered by this. he tries covering his face with his hoodie as a quick attempt to hide his reaction. he’s thinking this is something straight out of a manga
he’s quick to mutter some excuse to get him to leave. but you’ve got him thinking about that interaction for the rest of the day, you’ve got a critical hit on him!!
Tumblr media
malleus draconia
not really shy or embarrassed as he is just surprised. he also considers you to be very bold to suddenly do something affectionate with him of all people! I mean, he’s typically used people try to stay away and out of his way when he’s around.
he’ll softly smile and place a hand on your head patting it softly, chuckling, saying you’re quite lucky sebek isnt here right now. right before you begin to go and head back into the ramshackle dorm.
watching you walk back into the dorm ,, he can’t wipe off that smile. you’re so special to him, he finds himself cherishing such small moments such as these. moments spent with someone, a human, not afraid of him.
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corkytheguar · 10 days ago
How would the interaction of the Yanderes Overblot! Vil, Azul, Riddle, Malleus and Leona with the reader. Imagine the reader being her friend but the yanderes are in love with her but haven't declared themselves yet... What would happen?
(Update: here are Jamil and Idia)
Yandere and Overblot? Now you're speaking my language👀
I'll put these in a headcanon format for ease of reading. I'm going with the assumption that reader has taken up Yuu's canonical role. Also, to preface, I'm writing this at a time when Ignihyde episode isn't even finished yet, so the things I put as Malleus' Overblot cause will definitely differ from what we actually get in the future.
Warnings for unhealthy relationships (reminder that yandere is a synonym for toxic), mentions of stalking, controlling behaviour, gaslighting, manipulation, unhealthy amounts of jealousy, kidnapping
Vil Schoenheit
The reason why he hasn't confessed before that moment is likely because he was waiting for your confession
In love or not, he still thought it was beneath him to be the one confessing
Which is not to say he wouldn't make his love obvious. Expensive gifts (mostly jewellery, accessories, make-up), going out of his way to "fix" your appearance ("Your tie is crooked" is an excuse to be closer to your face, "Let me fix your belt" an excuse to loop his arms around your waist), more frequent posting on Magicam (and then pestering you about it, he has Rook ask you if you've seen his new posts, just press "like" he won't leave you alone otherwise), though, being friends, it probably won't be obvious to you.
He'll also randomly come over to Ramshackle with hands full of products, for a "spa day" meant to help you relax and rejuvenate your skin... while he talks shit gossips about every other student he saw you getting a bit too close to. Unsightly potatoes or not, he can't risk you looking at other men when he's right there.
He's the type who gets real jealous real easy.
When VDC comes around, you will, of course, still be their "manager", which means you will still accompany them to the competition itself
(I don't even have to mention how elated he was at the new living arrangements that allowed him to be so close to you... and control so much of your daily life)
Which means, there's no way around it, you will be paying attention to Neige for at least the two minutes their rehearsal would last.
Two minutes too long. Vil could handle you hanging around Adeuce and your other classmates (after all, that's what the shit-talking spa days were for), but Neige is already a thorn in his side, and someone that is much harder to make a bad person you wouldn't want to be around of
It just speeds up the Overblot, because he doesn't wait until their rehearsal is over to check the net and have a moment of "He's actually good, he might win, I'm gonna lose to Neige again", he sees you smile once (1) while looking at their rehearsal and is already grabbing the juice and retreating to a secluded spot where he can poison it
In short, he doesn't try to poison Neige out of a wish to win, but because he doesn't want to even think about having to fight him over your affection
He's not confident enough, and it kills him to think of having to give you up to anyone, least of all to Neige
He doesn't stop to consider that Neige might not even like you because he's convinced himself that if you caught the Vil Schoenheit's eye, you'd catch anyone else's - everyone was a rival to him
When the Overblot itself happens, he's split
On one hand, he wants you by his side because he did it for you, after all
On the other hand, in that form, he thought himself ugly, unsightly, and he doesn't want you to see him like that
Depending on your reaction, it can go two ways, if you tell him you don't think he's ugly (whether you're honest or just trying to get him to calm down doesn't matter) he'll convince himself that you're absolutely head-over-heels in love with him and the two of you must be destined for each-other because how else would you think he's beautiful in that form? And don't worry - he'll remember that when he recovers.
As in, he'll fall into a complete delusion. When you thrash against him and tell him you hate him for kidnapping and isolating you, for controlling everything from what you eat to when you sleep and who you talk to, he'll just pass it off as a lovers' quarrel. You still loved him when he was like that, of course you're just saying you hate him because you're upset, but it'll pass.
Or, if you don't say that, he'll probably even let the others run and get help from the teachers, as long as he manages to grab you. And he's not letting go.
He'll hold you from behind, so you can't look at him, all the while telling you how all of what happened was your fault. For not looking only at him, for even thinking about Neige when you must have known how much he hated him, for not swallowing your pride and asking him to be yours sooner... Just keep up the conversation, if you distract him long enough, it'll be easier to defeat him.
Azul Ashengrotto
Another one who won't want to confess before the Overblot happens, but for different reasons
He grew captivated with you the moment he saw you at the entrance ceremony, but the prospect of a relationship flared up his old insecurities
He'd settle on being friends with you because of that, but he will be working behind the scenes on ways to make you his
Not quite a stalker, but gets obsessed with you to the point where he learns your entire schedule, what you like, what you hate, everything he can learn. His eye for business helps him a lot there.
Won't even send the twins to stalk you because he thinks if you notice them and actually take a liking to one of them, he's done for
He'll become your friend by running into you during breaks between classes, asking you if you're faring well in this new world, offering you help with your studies, or with anything else really, and so on
Will also try to rope you into signing a contract with him. If you're smart, you'll leave it at "Let me think about it!" because he will be adding a clause vague enough to force you into moving to Octavinelle or even getting directly into a relationship with him
It's hard to be insecure when you're bound by contract to love only him, right?
He does take notice of people you hang around most and will try to rope them into contracts, as well - he assumes if he takes whatever qualities you like in them, that you'll like him more
Now, when he Overblots... that's when the insecurities really flare up
He's stealing everyone's magic, because he's taking what he wants, what he thinks would make him better
But then he sees something that reminds him of you, and he remembers that, more than anything else, just how frustrating it was to keep his feelings bottled up, pretending that he's happy being just your friend
The anger he had to push down when you came to him, ready to sign a contract, but for the sake of those two idiots, not because you loved him
And he then remembers that he also wants you
He's not going to wait for you to come back with the photograph. He's setting off to find you himself, and he will find you
Wastes no time in grabbing your arms, so you can't leave, and begging you to be his
Azul is really pathetic and whiny about it, he'll guilt you into accepting, saying things like, "I did everything for you!" and holding every time he helped you with any minor thing over your head, as if you owe him a relationship because he showed you how to mix two alchemy ingredients once
He won't let up, and his grip will only tighten around you, the tentacles soon joining his arms to keep you fully frozen and in place, with every minute you don't accept his "love", his whines and pleading becoming more pathetic to the point that it's kinda sad to witness
Then, at one point, he'll start threatening you. Remember, he knows your schedule, he knows your habits, your interests and the things you hate, the things you're scared of. He will be blackmailing you, or even telling you he'll make your worst nightmares come true (you have a phobia? You can pray that he didn't find out about it, it won't help. He knows, and he knows how to utilise it)
Whether you fold and accept him or manage to somehow make it until Leona, Jack and ADeuce arrive without passing out due to lack of air from being squeezed by all his tentacles at once doesn't matter
By the time he recovers, he's already formed three different plans on how to make you his. He "confessed" despite all his insecurities and fears, it's only proper that you accept, right? Besides, wouldn't it be such a shame for the entire school to hear all of those embarrassing secrets of yours, or for that one thing that you're absolutely terrified of to, just purely accidentally, happen suddenly?
Riddle Rosehearts
He had the least time to actually properly become friends with you before his Overblot, but you still managed to crawl into his heart in that short time
Crowley probably sped that up by entrusting your introduction to the school to him
Since Crowley can be certain that at least Riddle knows all the rules like the back of his hand, it's faster and easier than telling a teacher or a different student
Riddle's introduction to the school probably lasts an entire week, as he does want to make sure he tells you everything from what you have to do as a student, to what you absolutely mustn't, and he'll give you a tour of the campus
It takes him a very short time to "fall in love", and it probably happens by the third day, when the rules are already out of the way, and the chatting during the tour turns into getting to know you, but he doesn't figure it out immediately
He just realises that he wants to spend more and more time around you, inviting you to have tea at Heartslabyul, teaching you the Queen of Hearts' rules, talking with you about your world...
Though he starts making his own absurd rules, and he expects you to abide by them. "We should talk at least thrice a day, don't you think?" and "I don't want you spending so much time with Ace, he's a bad influence"
He turns very controlling, despite not figuring out his feelings are "romantic", and will make up more and more rules for you to follow, all of which will serve to either a) isolate you from anyone he doesn't approve of, b) make you spend even more time with him, or c) test how obedient you are to him
He'll be devastated if you don't explicitly side with him during the tart fiasco. By which I mean, he'll be furious
It's not about wanting to be right, he wants you to follow the rules as closely as he follows them, so why are you trying to say that the rule-breaker wasn't in the wrong?
And if you then say out loud that you think Ace is in the right, or if you dare to phrase it like "I think Riddle is in the wrong", he'll be overcome with the most searing, burning jealousy and a sort of awakening
Very odd time to figure out he's in "love" when he's in the middle of a violent Overblot and collaring half his dorm, but it happens.
There's no need to collar you since you have no magic, but expect to get restrained by the roses. The thorns will dig into your skin, and he will not care.
He'll tell you you deserve it for supporting rule-breakers when he worked so hard to make sure you were obedient and proper, perfect for him
Riddle will also, at that point, mention that he's fallen in love with you, and that you absolutely must be his, but that he has to first train you to be more obedient, since you've clearly forgotten all that he has taught you up until that point
He actually is convinced you'd be devastated to hear him criticise your obedience, so he thinks that that remark would at least make you ponder your "mistakes"
Because of this, he likely won't learn anything even after he's defeated, but will instead double down. He wasn't weaker "despite being the one who always followed the rules", he was weaker because his other half didn't follow them.
He'll just have to keep you in his dorm, and train you real well, until you can meet his mother. She has to approve of you and your relationship, after all, and, besides, you'll realise how easy you have it with Riddle once you meet her. Then you'll be thankful for what an understanding and patient boyfriend you have
Malleus Draconia
Yeah, he fell head over heels the moment he met you in front of Ramshackle that one time same as in canon
You weren't even afraid of him, as if you couldn't even feel his aura
Doesn't consider the fact that you just can't feel auras and/or don't even know who he is, Malleus is convinced that you can feel the aura, but just aren't afraid of him
What does that mean? You guessed it, you're obviously his soulmate. He won't stalk you, but he will become very obsessed with you and eager to make you his from the get-go
He'll constantly be talking about you to Lilia, and Lilia (excited at the idea of Malleus falling in love) will just enable him, so, basically, the only person who could have talked him down and made sure the love that actually started out honest and pure stays that way... won't lift a finger to help you when Malleus turns forceful and possessive
When you actually find out who he is during the VDC, he finds your flustered reaction to be very amusing, but, more importantly, he's even more intrigued by the fact that even after that you still want to be his friend
Has seriously already started researching how to lengthen your lifespan, and even if it's possible to make you into, at the very least, a hybrid of sorts. Maybe he could convince the court to let you get married if he frames it as a political alliance? The world of yours is, after all, something new and unexplored in Twisted Wonderland, surely an alliance formed by marrying you would be useful?
He tries to keep his true feelings hidden until he has all his ducks in a row, because, as far as he's concerned, the courting process is: 1. he tells you he loves you, 2. you love him back, 3. you both immediately go to the Valley of Thorns and get married
But... the more he sees you hanging around other people, the more he hears about you being involved with the dorm leaders' (and Jamil's) Overblots, about you helping everyone, he keeps wondering how come you don't give him that same amount of attention? Isn't he your friend, too?
By the time you help Idia with the result of his Overblot, his patience has run thin, and the love has really turned into "love"
Possessive as all hell. When you return to campus with the Overblot Gang, he won't let you leave his side.
He'll hang around you during lunch, so that nobody else has the guts to sit at your table, he'll make his midnight visits more frequent, until he's visiting you regularly every night
And then, you forget to extend an invitation
It was probably something innocent, maybe a small celebration of one thing or another with you and a few others, probably only the single-braincell trio, nothing of great importance
But he knows what a lively celebration looks like, and when he notices it through the windows during one of those nightly visits... well.
He's in the dorm in moments, shooting question after question. Why didn't you invite him, your closest friend (he is your closest friend, right?), do you care so little about him, do you care about those people more, what are they to you, what is he to you?
If he gets the vibe that you don't care about him as much as he cares about you from any of your answers, he's losing it. Aura or not, the tension felt in the air is undeniable. It truly feels as if it's getting harder to breathe and you might faint any moment, that's how tense it is...
Or maybe it's just his unique magic.
Between the process of putting the entire campus to sleep (to avoid a scandal that'd arise from anyone witnessing this, he still has the burden of being an heir and all the responsibilities that come with that) and the extreme feelings of jealousy and possessiveness, he Overblots
He makes sure to keep Lilia awake, though, because he'll want his help when he takes you to the Valley of Thorns. After all, if Lilia, who took care of Malleus from infancy, says that you are right for him, and that you'd make a fine co-ruler (with adequate training), he's certain it'll be easier to convince the court.
Well, Lilia is very accepting of that plan, but does want to take care of the Overblot first
Honestly, I can see Malleus just letting Lilia knock him out - after all, they already agreed on what must happen in regards to you, so the faster Malleus gets out of Overblot, the faster he can take you away
He won't wait to recover, because of the risk that the magic wears off, but don't think you'll be able to fight him just because he's weakened. Remember that Lilia is still at full power and his enabler, and by the time you do wake up, you'll be in the Valley of Thorns.
Would now be a bad time to remind you that you also foolishly gave the fae your real name when you spoke to him in front of Ramshackle for the first time?
Leona Kingscholar
You probably won't even realise he considers you a friend, to be honest
When you stepped on his tail on your first meeting, he does threaten to punch your teeth in, and he does start off hating you at first... but he also feels quite the need to stalk you from the beginning
He tries to explain it to himself as he's just a predator hunting his prey, looking for your weaknesses so he can exploit them if you try to pick a fight again
But, through that stalking, he starts finding out things about you that make him sympathise with you, to the point that he even starts feeling close to you, in a weird parasocial kind of way
It was enough to fool Ruggie anyway, from the way Leona talked about you, he thought you two must have been at least frenemies or friendly rivals
So when Ruggie invites you to watch their Magift practise by saying "I'm sure Leona'd like seein' his friend cheerin' him on" you probably had a moment of "does Leona even know my name?"
(He does, and so much more. Don't worry about it)
He usually does the bare minimum, but if you actually accept the invite and he notices you, he's going all out. Why? If you asked him, he genuinely wouldn't know the answer beyond "I felt like showing off in front of you"
It takes him a lot of after-practise chatting and actually becoming kinda friends to figure out he has a crush on you, and when he does, he thinks of it as such a pain in the ass
The inferiority complex is still strong in him, but, unlike with Azul's insecurities, he wants to confess to you asap
He's less worried about rejection and more about being compared to his brother, but, considering you're not of this world and probably don't even know he's royalty? His goal is to become your number 1 and to stay that way, before you have a chance to pick up any biases from your surroundings
Of course, why would you believe some random 1st year's older brother's account of how cruel Leona is, when you know Leona as your beloved boyfriend who treats you right?
Though he wants to confess immediately, he still has just enough tact, so he tries to find a good time to do so... which isn't easy.
It's shortly after he decides to confess that Riddle overblots, and that's a bad time. Then, practise for the Magift tournament (and the scheming)...
Don't think he didn't notice your visit to Savanaclaw and cosying up to Jack, though. Predator beastmen don't particularly like other predator beastmen getting too close to their belongings, so his inferiority complex is already ready to kick in
He will bring it up right before his Overblot, as a part of his entire "Why do I always have to settle for being second best" rant. "D'you really think some lame piece-of-shit goody-two-shoes dog would treat you better than me?" would be the nicest thing he had to say about Jack.
Honestly, out of all of them, I'd say he's at the greatest risk of actually dying due to the Overblot, because, as a yandere, he won't care enough to fight them when he can just grab you and leave, Magift be damned
He's still lazy and looking for the path of least resistance, and, at that moment, with you right there, and him having basically just confessed, his goal changes into making sure you do not leave him. Even if he's forced to fight, he's keeping you by his side (or rather, behind him, as a show of power, to exhibit just how well he could protect you, unlike that dog who couldn't even stop Leona from grabbing you) the entire time
If you thought he was hot-headed and intimading before the Overblot, just wait until he recovers. Since you now know both his feelings and his true power + unique magic, he'll stop caring about the little things and start to become really overbearing, controlling, possessive and violent. Don't even hope for Farena to notice how much you shake around Leona once he drags you to the Afterglow Savannah, the younger won't listen to him anyway, and the accusations will only make him angrier
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torikaku · 2 months ago
🐉Malleus Draconia: dragon form headcanons
Note: I wrote a scenario about Malleus showing his s/o his dragon form for the first time, so this post is basically some headcanons about Malleus in his dragon form and how he acts around his s/o.
Tumblr media
Malleus in his dragon form is just like a big cat. He's already touch-starved around you, but he in his dragon form? His starveness for touching has increased 100x.
He loves when you pet his muzzle and scratch his chin. Because of this, he releases soft roars that sound like purring. 
And in general, he loves when you run your hands over his scales. You even notice how his ears twitch and his tail move in pleasure.
Malleus puts his head on your lap (carefully, because it's quite heavy for you) and with pleading eyes, he asks for some petting.
He also allow you to touch his horns, but carefully, they are his pride after all! He has a pleasant shiver when you trace your fingers over them.
Kissing these special scales on his forehead? His heartbeat is encreasing.
He lets you sit on his neck so that he can fly with you. He's careful and attentive to you so that you feel safe and not afraid of falling down.
Malleus has no lips in his dragon form, but it doesn't mean he can't kiss you! He just opens his mouth, sticks out his tongue and licks your cheeks and forehead.
If he wants to hug you, he can do it with front legs, just wrapping them carefully around you and pulling you to his torso; or with his tail by wrapping it around your waist and then he nuzzles his nose to you.
When Malleus wants to attract your attention, he leans over and butts your side with his nose, or pokes you with the tip of the tail.
He even tries to pet you. He raises one of his front legs, and with his big clawed finger, he stocks your head, or he does it with the tip of his tail.
One day you ask Malleus to rub his tummy. He hesitantly allows you. In the end, neither you nor him have any regrets. Who would have thought that dragons love when their tummies are rubbed and scratched?
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atsuwiee · 10 days ago
twst dorm leaders telling you to leave during an argument
pairings: riddle x gn! reader, leona x gn! reader, azul x gn! reader, kalim x gn! reader, vil x gn! reader, idia x gn! reader, malleus x gn! reader genre: angst no comfort
warnings: swearing, kinda toxic behavior (?), break up scare, ignihyde spoilers on idia's part, grammatical errors, not proofread sage's note: i haven't written twst angst in a long time so here it is : ) (@crispin-kreme here are the goods)
Tumblr media
riddle was oddly quiet with you today, so you knew something was up. "riddle what's wrong?" you asked him as you entered his room. "nothing" you heard him mutter. "what do you mean nothing? riddle you haven't even said a word to me, did i do something wrong?" you asked but to no reply from him. "we were alright an hour ago" you tell him. "i said nothing's wrong!" he raised his voice. "really? nothing? yeah sure, you not talking to me is nothing!" you raised your voice back at him. you sighed "riddle, i'm tired, i don't want to deal with this attitude again- so please te-" "then leave!" riddle said back at you. your heart ached a bit and you took a step back, nodding at his order. "leave if you're so tired with me acting like this" he said, eyes avoiding yours. "then i will" you say as you exit his room. "wait no, y/n-!" he called last minute, but it was too late, you had stepped out of his room already. "they didn't mean what they said, right?" riddle asks the air as he slowly was left with his own thoughts.
Tumblr media
the tension in the air was thick. both of you standing in front of each other, and one not admitting their faults. "shit well i'm sorry! i'm sorry that i have to extend my patience because your ass has already missed three dates with me, and you don't even bother to make it up to me!" you raised your voice, tears threatening to fall down. "i should've known people like you were only at their best in the start and it never lasts." you tell him, failing to contain your tears. "you know how i'm busy, y/n, magift training and-" "i know you are! damn it, kingscholar-" you impulsively cut him off but choked on your sobs. "do you not see how you're inconsistent here? why am i the one who always has to adjust for you?!" you say, pointing at him. he kept his pride high as always. "well if you don't like it, then leave me!" leona said, with his voice ten times louder. "w-what?" you stuttered a bit taking a step back. "you heard me, just leave" he said again with a stern tone. you scoffed and turned your back on him "then i gladly will" you head to the door, slamming it on the way out. leona's ears slouched as he had a frown on his face. "what have i done?" he asks himself.
Tumblr media
azul was becoming distant lately. maybe it was because of school and his business- you understood this but yet you missed him. you decided to bring up the topic on how he's being distant to him and well, it ended up in a heated argument. "well you aren't the only one i need to focus on, y/n" he shot at you. "i know that, azul..." you answered him. "you're just being petty" azul said while his eyes were still focused on the papers he was working on. "i'm being petty? yeah sure, of course i'd be, because you've been growing so- distant!" your voiced raised. "see, you don't even look at me- all you're looking at is your stupid contracts" you said, followed by a frustrating sigh from azul's mouth. "if you think my work is stupid, then leave, i don't have time for your shit- you're wasting my time" he said standing up from his chair. "you don't even have time for me to begin with" you shot back at him and turned your back at him. reaching for the doorknob and turning it, slamming the door on your way out. azul looked at door that shut and sighed, slumping back into his seat, stress taking over him. now that his only stress reliever left, what was he supposed to do?
Tumblr media
the mood around kalim today was oddly different, you had just gotten back to kalim after spending some time with jamil around the school. "kalim, are you alright?" you ask him and he does not answer. weird, you thought, this wasn't like him at all. "hey? is there a problem?" his expression changed as you asked and he turned to you. "why don't you go ask jamil" you looked at him, confused, as he said that. "what? oh come on, are you jealous?" you ask him with a small laugh, hoping his expression or mood would change. "you've been spending all your time with him-" kalim blurts out. "are you actually mad about it?" you ask him. "i don't know y/n, do you think i am?!" his voice raised, which was rare. "you're being petty-" "if i am then go leave, i don't need you anyways- go to back to jamil" kalim snaps and you step away from him and sigh. his words stung you, and you wish he didn't mean it. "fine... i'll let you be" you say as you leave him in his own thoughts. "y-y/n?" he called just to see that you actually left.
Tumblr media
"can you just stop controlling me?!" you raised your voice at vil. arguments with him were the worst, especially when it's about 'vil looking out for you'. you both have been bickering with each other back and forth until it turned into a messy argument. "i am not controlling you, y/n!" he says back with his voice raised. "yes you are! look, i'm not someone you can control every time! telling me what to do and how to do this and that-" you say. "i can't go a day without you criticizing me!" "i am just looking out for you, if you don't like it, then go leave!" vil said and it brought you to shock. "okay," you say as you turn your back on him. "i'd be glad to leave you right now," you say as you slam the door on him. vil heard what you last said and it brought his heart pain- you couldn't have meant that, right?
Tumblr media
"i thought i knew you" you tell idia, who's eyes were looking to the floor. "first you wreck the dorm and now you take my friends away?!" you raised your voice at him, which was rare, and it made him flinch a bit. "i'm sorry-" "you're sorry?! you think that can fix everything you have done?" you say, idia didn't even know why he said- of course sorry wouldn't fix anything. "fucking hell, so i don't even know my own boyfriend" you say while you squeeze the bridge of your nose. "just leave then" he blurts out. "what?" you ask him again. "i said, leave, it's better for you to do so" idia says, then his eyes began to look at you. "i guess it is, i'll leave you for now" you say as you slam the door. "y/n, i'm sorry..." idia said softly once you had already exited the room.
Tumblr media
"so they found a way?" malleus says as he looks at you. "yeah... i'm finally going back home" you say softly with a small smile. malleus didn't know what to feel, yes he wants to feel glad that you're going to go home to your own world- the world where you belong- but at the same time he feels like he wants to beg you to stay. "malleus? are you alright?" you ask as you hears small sniffles from him. "you're just going to leave?!" he says, tears falling from his eyes. "what happened to the promise we made?" malleus asks as his cries soon turned into sobs. "malleus- i can't stay here forever, you know that," you say, reaching to touch him but he swat your hand away. "then don't make such promises that you can't keep, y/n" malleus said, his heart aching from his cries. "mal-" "no, just leave!" his voice raised, which was rare for him so it made your heart jump out of shock. but you nodded and stepped back. "i'll give you some time," you say and walk away from him. malleus continued to sob on his own, thinking how you- the only person he is ever attached you- will now leave.
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fairestwriting · 2 months ago
as a firm believer in 🙏 neck kiss supremacy 🙏 i'd like the dorm leaders' reactions to their s/o giving them some neck kisses if you don't mind
Riddle Rosehearts
No matter how many times you do it, Riddle always yelps a little, his voice going a whole octave up in pitch. His reactions are just cute in general, face going all red as it usually does whenever you're affectionate towards him.
He really likes them, but finds them really embarrassing. Don't do it in public and don't leave any marks are rules he will not allow exceptions to... well, maybe he'll indulge you a little, just this time.
Leona Kingscholar
Might have been the one to give you the idea of kissing his neck, because he does it a lot to you. Sometimes softer, just pecks from your collarbone to your jaw when he's feeling lovey-dovey, sometimes he kind of nibbles at you playfully.
He always smiles at the gesture, sometimes tangling his fingers into your hair to play with it as he lets you kiss him. Whether you're going on a softer or rougher route, he doesn't mind, just chuckles and gives you some back. It's like you're wordlessly communicating that you belong to each other.
Azul Ashengrotto
Never really expects it, yelps like Riddle, but even more hight pitched. Azul switches between his suave persona and sort of an easily flustered mess when it comes to affection, in general, and that usually brings out the latter more.
If he's been feeling particularly good about himself, though, his suave side tends to come out. He chuckles and takes your hand before returning the favor, pressing a kiss to it and then to your jaw, maybe to your lips right after.
Kalim Al-Asim
Another one who really loves them! But he's really ticklish there, so he'll definitely start giggling and almost pushing you away on instinct, telling you to stop only when his laughter takes his breath away.
He just attacks you with kisses afterwards. Not just on your neck, but all over your face, on your hands, on what he can reach of your chest. Whenever you give him some love, his heart just swells with so much feeling, he needs to give it all back!
Vil Schoenheit
Doesn't take neck kisses lightly. He does enjoy them as much as anyone else, but those tend to develop into nibbling or full on biting, and he really doesn't want to show up to a photoshoot with blotches of red on his neck.
Kind of guides you while you do it and only allows it when you're in private. His hand is on your head, almost petting you, don't be rough, he tells you, and as long as you follow the command, you can give him all the kisses you want. You'll catch him smiling fondly when you get him to relax enough too.
Idia Shroud
The first neck kiss you give him is the first neck kiss he's ever gotten. For a moment he's almost fearing for his life, questioning if you were actually a vampire in secret and about to feed on him, but then you place that kiss on his skin, and he just flushes red up to his hair.
Idia is clingy and needy, as much as he hates to admit it, so it's obvious he loves them, but to him it's such an insanely intimate and tender act, it flusters him to no end. It'll probably be a rare thing between the two of you because of how overwhelmed he tends to get.
Malleus Draconia
Loves them, and has definitely been giving you some of them before you even started it. It's a common way to show affection between some fae, the sort of thing Lilia would tell him about when he was a kid and asking how relationships work. To him, it's something you share with someone who's very special to you.
Always returns the favor, though he leans more towards single, slow kisses rather than trailing pecks along your skin or doing anything that leaves any marks, but it's not like he's above either of those things either.
Tumblr media
if you wanna support my work, you can buy me a ko-fi or commission me!
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bubbledumbbinch · 2 months ago
Can you do the "hug boobs" hc that anon requested with the other dorm leaders + Lilia please 🥺
Tumblr media
Thank you so much Mariposa!! Your words are so kind and I’m soo happy to hear my writings make you happy!! 🥺 same to you darlin, keep hydrated and stay safe! Gonna just answer both like this , and jumping to these because a lot are asking for it!!
This piece is a bit suggestive!!
Leona Kingscholar
His breath hitches in his throat when he hears your voice saying “Leona-saaaan~!” He knows what is coming
Sighs and pretends to be annoyed when you come around
“Alright herbivore, I’ll indulge your desires, but shortly.”
He loves how… pillowy your breasts are…. He starts yawning and pulls you in closer
Leona also… sneaks a sniff of your hair while he embraces you,,,
Vil Schoenheit
He has to make sure he’s ready for your hugs, he doesn’t really wanna wrinkle his clothes…
Vil finally lets you hug him after adjusting himself.
He isn’t caught off guard by your chest - he’s been around so many actresses who are also big chested!!
But deep in his heart he knows it feels different because it’s you who’s hugging him
He only blushes lightly when you let go, you can barely notice it
Rook Hunt
HUGE smile, he loves you and always sings your praises when you come around!!!
He loves your hugs more than anything, he memorizes everything you have to offer. Your scent, the feel of your arms, the pressure your boobs puts on his chest - this man is a menace lmao
He whispers in your ear about how much he cares about you or just little sweet things~
If you haven’t picked up on his crush on you yet then…. Idk if u ever will unless he has to spell it out for you
Kalim Al-Asim
Absolute ball of sunshine, he is beaming smiles as soon as he sees you, practically runs to hug you too!!
Giggles and laughter all the time, he isn’t super flustered by your chest.
He’s more excited about the fact that you LOVE hugs and therefore love to hug him!
Kalim is accepting of any form of affection from you! The hug is just a super bonus!
Hugs you when you greet him, hugs you in the middle of the hangout, hugs when you have to leave too
Malleus Draconia
Malleus in general I believe is very touch starved. So when you asked if you could hug him the first time he was so surprised, but in a good way!
Malleus loves your hugs but always do it when Sebek is not around - he may rip you off of Malleus LOL literally.
Malleus holds onto you a liiittle too long but you don’t oppose!!
He is so large that he has to bend down in order to hug you, or he has to sit down. Which means your boobs like are nearer to his face.
He doesn’t blush so easily but he just has a shocked expression which turns into content.
Lilia Vanrouge
This little demon I headcanon Lilia to be a bit of a pervert - he definitely uses his cute appearance to be like a front.
He will hang upside down to hug you. Take that in anyway you want. boobs in his face
Lilia does genuinely enjoy being hugged by you though, I feel like he is also lacking in the touch department. He was probably really sweet to Silver, Sebek, and Malleus when he raised them but like. He needs some loving too!
Definitely a boob guy. When he likes you, he likes you for you!! But the boobs are an extra bonus!!!
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writer-akihiko · 4 months ago
My request is for the dorm leaders x their s/o who they find crying and clutching a half burnt photograph of their family. It's the only picture they of of them since choosing to stay in TW with them instead of going back to their world. Some jerk students decided to burn their backpack where the picture was. "I don't regret my choice, I'll choose you ever time. I love you, and where ever you are is where my home is. But I want to hold on to my memories of them too. Do you think magic can fix it
Dorm Leaders + MC's Memoribilia
This was a very cute ask, I hope that you like this work!
If you want to avoid spoilers, do not read. This work contains spoilers pertaining to the content of the series. Please also consider blocking the #spoilers for days tag on my blog because I still will be posting that kind of content.
Cut for length, slight cursing and also some spoilers for the boys' magical abilities. Also, slight warning: Some lines may have a yandere/possessive feel to them, so read with caution
There, your lover stood in horror as he watched you clutch a burnt sack, your fingers dirtied by the soot, running over a charred image of you and your family.
"I don't regret my choice, I'll choose you every time," You said, holding back your tears. "I love you, and where ever you are is where my home is."
You stood up, showing your lover the picture as you hesitated to ask. "But… I want to hold on to my memories of them too. Do you think magic can fix it?"
Malleus Draconia
Malleus hugged you, trying not to crush you. He let you cry in his arms
He wasn't sure why such a photo would hold such importance to you, but after hearing about how much your family meant to you, he wanted to try fixing it
"I… I'll try my love."
His magic wasn't inclined to this sort of thing, but he went day after day to Lilia to check if Lilia's magic would work
As for the pitiful student that burnt your bag…
Malleus does not show any mercy towards that student, shaming him in the worst way possible
The student was later found stuck on one of the towers due to a mysterious spell…
That wasn't the only part of his revenge… After all, he should return the favour since that student burnt your bag
The student was no match for his dragon flames, barely alive after roasting in Malleus' flames
"The humans call it 'an eye for an eye'… This is quite fair for burning my beloved's photo."
Riddle Rosehearts
He timidly shook his head, answering your question. He knew how much your family meant to you so he did try to preserve the photo as much as possible
He got a special frame for you to put a photo of your parents by your bedside
"I'm… I'm sorry I can't do anything YN…"
That was partially a lie. After all, he could just punish the student that did such a heinous crime
The resulting outcome was simply a student who humiliatingly lost to the Dorm Leader, with Riddle punishing him publicly on reasons of 'school property damage'
"What a disgrace… consider this punishment for breaking the rules!"
They didn't have to know the real reason, it was none of their business
As a treat, Riddle would replace everything that was burnt in the fire, and a little more, spoiling you with all your favourite treats
He had to admit, his heart would soften, remembering your promise to stay with him
Kalim Al-Asim
Kalim immediately rushes to you, wiping any sort of soot off your fingers and setting the picture aside
He cried more than you did. He gazed into your eyes, trying to wipe away any tears that dared to leave your eyes
"Y-YN… Don't cry my Princess… If you cry, I… I can't help but cry too…"
He does become a little delusional, trying to find every single way to fix the photo, panicking every time his methods failed
You had to stop Kalim, and he settled for preserving the picture in a golden plaque
He wasn't done yet though, as he had to ensure this wouldn't happen again…
He was usually a kind-hearted boy, but this kind of thing pushes it over the line
"Hey, I know you're sad that I kicked you out, but next time you should consider the consequences of your actions. I'm sure you'll do great somewhere else, away from my Princess…"
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul, at first, was infuriated at this sort of bullying done to his beloved. He wanted to get revenge as quickly as possible, but first he had to take care of you
When you asked if he could fix it, he immediately wanted to guarantee it, but he knew it wouldn't be easy
"Angelfish… I'll try my best for you."
He enlisted the help of the Shroud siblings to try and re-visualise how the image would've looked like
With some bare success, only a partial amount was recovered, but you were utterly grateful to Azul. You were so overwhelmed that you couldn't help but kiss your boyfriend, much to his embarrassment
Oh, but now that you were oh so happy with it, he could finally enact his plan
"Jade, Floyd. Come with me. There's a student we need to drown in debt…"
Idia Shroud
It wasn't the first or last time he'd seen some sort of harassments at school, but to this point, it was unacceptable in his eyes
He couldn't care less if that student was favoured, or had great prospects. That student was doomed
Idia glanced over your photo, patting your head as he covered you in his oversized jacket
"I can fix it!... I… I'll make you happy YN."
He was a little ashamed to admit it, but he did have a digital copy of that photo unintentionally. It must've been one of the times his drones sneaked a love letter in your bag…
Besides the point! The photo was immortalised in a digital form, to which Idia had made a special display for all the photos you thought you lost in those flames
Speaking of flames… He'd figuratively burn the student, exposing everything he could possibly find
"Hmph. Serves you right normie. Hope you don't mind me burning your stuff too."
In addition to the display, Idia spoils you by replacing all your lost items with Twisted Wonderland's high end versions, no questions asked
Leona Kingscholar
Leona wastes no time pursuing whoever burnt your bag. Before he left in rage, he gave you a peck on the forehead
He'd storm in to every classroom, interrogating whoever witnessed it. Once he'd find the student, he'd make it clear that hell was waiting for him
"Hey, I wanna get back to YN as soon as possible. So just stay still while I break your bones."
The student barely makes it alive, most likely confined to the infirmary bed. Leona doesn’t care if he gets punished, he'll probably sleep through it
He makes up for suddenly running away by inviting you to a bunch of cuddles
However, he admitted that he was scared of trying to help you fix the photo due to his magic
"Hey YN… I know I can't do anything, but I'll get a nice frame for it…"
He also splurges some money to replace everything that you lost, despite you insisting that the photo was enough
Vil Schoenheit
He was horrified at the soot on your skin, hurrying to wipe it off
"YN, oh my dear YN… I can't fix it… Come, let me clean you up."
Vil doted on you for quite awhile, soothing any anxious thoughts you had. He listened to your many stories of you and your family, and how much they meant to you
He didn't think about the cretin that did this to you initially, but after letting you drift off to sleep, he considered who could've done this to you
He gets Rook to do some investigation, and once the perpetrator came to light, Vil makes use of his influence
Knowing his supporters, they'd bring that student down through shaming him
He savours taking some petty revenge for himself, the student suffering from Vil's wrath of insults
"To think a weed like you insulted my darling… Should I? I can't let any weeds growing around my blooming YN."
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