#twst heartslabyul x reader
roseheartsed · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
✼ SUMMARY: being in love with the members of heartslabyul entails little antics as such...
✼ PAIRING: heartslabyul x reader. (you/your pronouns used!)
✼ GENRE: fluff, slightest bits of comedy.
✼ QUICK WARNINGS: reader is referred to as adorable and cute a few times, lowercase intended.
✼ KEYWORDS: words in bold are emphasized traits.
✼ A/N: making this was very fun! now that the heartslabyul edition is finished, i imagine i'll turn this into a series for all the dorms. i hope you will have a good time reading this small piece! — bree ☆
・・✿ ・・→ masterlist.
Tumblr media
𝚁𝙸𝙳𝙳𝙻𝙴 𝚁𝙾𝚂𝙴𝙷𝙴𝙰𝚁𝚃𝚂. riddle straightening your uniform with an exasperated yet fond sigh. having a routine where he sees you off to your dorm after school without ever missing a day (unless there's an urgent meeting). study dates where riddle pokes your forehead with his finger (gently and affectionately) everytime you nod off to sleep. giving him an encouraging nod when he tries to handle a student that broke the rules more 'leniently'. tending to the croquet hedgehogs together away from the prying eyes of others. seeing the smile on riddle's face as he lovingly says, "you did extremely well today, as expected of my lover," when there is no one around.
𝚃𝚁𝙴𝚈 𝙲𝙻𝙾𝚅𝙴𝚁. eating homemade muffins that trey bakes specially for you. baking dates with only the two of you and getting flour smeared all over your cheeks. trey resting his hand on your head and giving you headpats at random times of the day (as a greeting, as a goodbye, when he talks to you, etc because "he just feels inclined to pat naturally adorable things.") reminding you to brush your teeth before you go to bed. telling you stories about his siblings back home. trey becoming your personal tutor who helps you with lessons you can't comprehend and giving you a forehead kiss as a reward.
𝙲𝙰𝚃𝙴𝚁 𝙳𝙸𝙰𝙼𝙾𝙽𝙳. mentions of your name in almost 85% of the captions on his magicam posts. keeping a folder full of his selfies with you, but there is also another folder filled with candid shots of you that he took when he didn't want to bother you. receiving a 'good morning! do your best today, OKOK?' message from him every morning. asking you to adjust his hair tie for him because it feels 'loose' (he's teasing again, isn't he?). jotting down special events about you in his calendar (your birthday, anniversaries, when you held hands together for the first time, etc) and remembers all of them to a t. cater tucking your hair strands back into their places when they get into your face. making a playlist of songs that remind him of you and sending them to you.
𝙰𝙲𝙴 𝚃𝚁𝙰𝙿𝙿𝙾𝙻𝙰. listening to your day and complaining about it together with you. poking fun at you about how much you must've missed him when he literally just came back from a 5-minute bathroom break. ace scratching the back of his head with a light scoff and reddening cheeks when you tease him back. buying you some snacks from the cafeteria that you didn't ask for but he still bought them anyway. slinging an arm around you when you're next to him. running towards you and accidentally tackling you over every single time when he has good news. ruffling your hair with a snicker during times when he's teasing you.
𝙳𝙴𝚄𝙲𝙴 𝚂𝙿𝙰𝙳𝙴. deuce getting shy and choking on air when you want to hold hands. a soft smile resting on his face everytime you cross his mind. offering to carry your things for you (especially heavy stuff, let him handle it!). profusely denying when someone teases him about you until deuce's neck feels sore from shaking his head so hard. tries to save up madol so he can buy things that would make you happy. leting out his punk side when you are getting bothered by bullies and not even realizing it happens until afterwards. muses to himself about how he wants to introduce you to his mother someday.
Tumblr media
© 𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐬𝐞𝐝, february 2022. do not repost, plagiarize nor translate without permission, thank you.
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noirezki · a month ago
Twisted wonderland Incorrect Quotes
Mc: So, how many did you refrain from collaring today?
Riddle: Thirty two
Mc: Good for you
Mc: Here, have a strawberry
Riddle, expectantly: I've also refrained from fourteen severe maimings
Mc: *Hands him a second strawberry*
Mc: Positive reinforcement
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humanmistake · 4 days ago
Twisted Wonderland On Twitter
Tumblr media
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twst-shenanigans · 12 days ago
twst Incorrect quote #236
MC: “After everything I did for you, this is your payback?! Was my love not enough?!”
Grimm: “I had no choice-”
MC: “There is always a choice!!”
Deuce: *picking up the uno cards* “I think it’s best if we end game night here…”
Ace: “No wait. I wanna see who wins.”
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MC Who is Completely Aware of Disney.
I should be writing my book but instead this scenario has finally won over. Ever since I first heard about the game I've been thinking about this lmaoo.
MC doesn't know about TWST (that's a whole other beast) but they know Disney properties and make the connection very fast. Throughout the story comparisons are probably made, and these are the reactions (dome genuine some just funny) that I think could follow. (With a little bit of Polyam implications because I am that bitch)
Riddle is heartbroken.
You're telling him his whole life, the queen he's looked up to, has aspired to emulate in his every action, is the bad guy???
(^^Everyone else in the dorm kinda new this was coming tbh. The rules don't help the whole "dictator of wonderland" thing.)
Ace and Cater are just offended at the depiction of card soldiers and how that's what they represent.
But while Cater can at least understand, Ace will fight tooth and nail against this.
("I didn't follow Riddle, I punched him! I'm not his stupid soldier.")
Deuce may or may not question his entire life.
(^He stopped being a punk for his mom's sake but does that make him a card soldier? Is he a weakling? A follower? Existential crisis sinks in.)
Trey just wishes you never mentioned this please Riddle is having a breakdown.
Doesn't totally help if you tell them it's your favorite movie.
Ace may brag a little to the other dorms though.
Cater has no opinions but definitely likes the fact that his partner knows so much. He also likes this little bit of chaos because he gets you to himself for a while. Everyone else is too busy settling their life crises while Cater has accepted his turbulent existence long ago.
(Maybe that's what happens when you have so many sisters?)
Leona probably doesn't believe you, and if he does, he just does that little annoyed sneer that makes it hard to tell exactly what he's thinking.
(The fact that he is basically repeating Scar's various mistakes definitely weighs on him... but it also hits Ruggie and Jack hard too. Ruggie especially, who can't imagine how this schoolyard play could potentially evolve into full on murder)
Jack doesn't know where he fits in but for a long while he tries to keep you away from Leona and Ruggie.
It's an immature move. He knows it, you know it, they know it, but the dorm as a whole also seems to acknowledge that maybe he is right to be afraid.
Leona would much appreciate you not bursting into song. Ruggie, on the other hand, encourages such behavior.
Lion man might ask you to tell him about the other dorms. Something about hearing their stories makes him a little less self-concious.
(Especially Sleeping Beauty. Leona still has it out for Malleus lmao)
Azul probably doesn't believe you, and if he does, he probably makes excuses.
(The twins don't care all that much tbh.)
"Sometimes at the theme park Ursula's head comes off her animatronic"
^Melt down moment
Please just let him be the guy is barely surviving as it is don't shake his roots.
"My guy she literally kept merfolk against their wills I don't think she is who you should be idolizing."
He needs to rethink everything.
But Floyd and Jade kinda like the songs.
(Which is why I advise you not to even introduce them to the music, if you know it by heart. Jade might just absentmindedly hum it but Floyd can and will terrorize with it.)
Once Azul calms down he might ask you more about Disney marketing so he can possibly expand his buisness
It never stops with him 🙄
Jamil is the one with the most notable reaction.
Probably immediately recognizes the similarities between himself and Jafar. Whether or not he sympathizes is unknown.
Kamil just finds it funny and really wants to know as much as possible.
He's so interested!
But like any similarities go right over his head because he's way too focused on the emphasis you put on the genie.
Tbh it just feels like telling a story to a child and a maturing teenager. Both find interest in different ways and neither want to hear your version of a Robin William's impression.
Eple is fucking furious because he understands right away that he's basically a pun.
Rook teases him with this information.
(^^As he does with several others.)
Vil is incredibly upset with the suggestion he'll never be fairest in the land.
("You'll always be the fairest to me" *cue an insult about you being a potato whilst a fierce blush begins to spread up his neck*)
Rook tries to use any information you have and apply it to other students. Y'know, like a stalker.
^^also very interested in romance scenes. He may try to recreate a few with you... or even worse (or better depending on how you view it) might give the others dating advice.
Rook doesn't know about personal boundaries, really.
Epel still can't give over that he's most likely named after a fucking apple. Probably resents apple carving now.
Vil is still glad he's in this dorm and not another.
Idia doesn't seem like the type to really care
Ortho makes up for that.
He's very excited to compare modern history with what you know. Also loves hearing about the music.
Probably gets more excited about properties outside of the realm of the dorms (Tangled, Mulan, Pixar, ext).
If you don't tell Idia, don't worry, somehow it gets back to him via Ortho.
An excited little brother talking about Disney movies is perhaps one of the most normal things you'll experience at that school
^That's how you might get Idia interested in hearing your tales. But he's never really looking forward to hearing Hercules
Mallues is APPALLED
Silver really doesn't care all that much.
Maybe Sleeping Beauty is not the best representation of their dorm founder.
Lilia assures you that's not what happened and he's well aware of this.
"Bro I didn't write the script"
Sebek is a menace he won't even hear you speak about this blasphemy.
Malleus might have an identity crisis.
^^ He's well aware of the fact that this doesn't change anything, really, but it's a lot to mull over. The worry that maybe the story you know has some truth, and he is destined for a similar path kinda screws with him.
Sebek grows a hatred for forest creatures out of fear they might be conspiring against the dorm. Silver is so confused.
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ikathousandflowers · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I didn't expect this to gain a lot of attention & was kinda unactive in the fandom that's why i only got to do heartslabyul. i also lost the pictures of the other dorms so feel free to send it to me since i might edit some more ~
kinda got stuck on deuce's & cater's part idk whether i should put "yes!" "all right!" or any other stuff. it's basically just an expression when you're excited but i think "all right" fits deuce the most! for cater, I'm not too familiar with jp slangs hnng was only gonna put "cool?" but it sounds and looks wrong since there's a question mark ಠ_ಠ so i just did "is it cool?" (but if it's really just "cool" I'll edit it!)
take note: if you're planning to make it an emoji to your discord server, the file is not 256kb so you'd have to decrease the file yourself (or i could make a separate one but idk)
thanks pion for helping me out <3(*^ワ^*)
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torikaku · a month ago
Running into their arms
feat. the ribbon trio 🌹🍎🦇
Reader is ambiguous/gender-neutral. The second person pronouns are used.  Can be read as platonic or romantic. 
Tumblr media
At first, Riddle scolds you for such an action. He's strong enough, but your surprise attack has shaken his balance and his body can't help but falls under such a force of gravity. He groans in pain while hearing you giggling above him. You grin at him and wrap your arms around his neck, trapping him in your embrace. He sighs but puts his arms around your body in return, blushing at such closeness and awkwardness of the situation, but not really wanting it to end. 
Tumblr media
Your surprise attack has caught Epel off guard. A barely audible "oh" leaves his lips, but he manages to withstand the impact you've crushed onto him (his Magical Shift training didn't come in vain!). Reflexively, he puts his arms around you and looks down at you as he hears you giggling and nuzzling into his chest while hugging his torso. He smiles warmly and hugs your tighter. 
Tumblr media
The second Lilia understands what you're up to, he opens his arms widely to catch you. He giggles with you when he catches you in the embrace — he's stronger than he seems, so it's not a problem for him to keep his balance from your surprise hug impact. He hugs as tight as you do him.  He swings from side to side while holding you, doubtless being amused by the situation.
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acey-wacey · a month ago
my heart totally melted with your baby mc/reader hcs😭may i please request the same concept with riddle, leona, azul, and malleus?
Of course, lovely! I really loved those ones too!
Taking Care of You as a Baby
🌹 Riddle Rosehearts🌹
At first, Riddle isn't really sure what to do with you.
He scolds you for getting yourself transformed but gives up when he realizes you're just playing with the rose pin on his uniform.
He's reluctant to take you to class but he cares more about his grades than the embarrassment of having a baby in his lap.
During the class, Ace says something stupid but before Riddle can reprimand him, you point your chubby little finger at Ace and say "off wit his heab!".
Riddle is now heart eyes for you.
He carries you around in his arms, glaring at anyone who dares to question the child he's holding.
Riddle: I've only had Y/N for a day and a half but if anything happened to them, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.
All the Heartslabyul members are completely speechless about how head over heels their strict dorm leader is for this baby.
Most of them have never seen him genuinely smile until he blows bubbles on your tummy just to make you laugh.
It's a complete 180 in his personality, reserved only for baby you.
He lets regular you get away with way more than his own dorm members but as a baby, he doesn't even care what you do.
You tug on his hair? He laughs and offers you his hand to hold instead.
You knock over a red paint can for the roses? He scolds Ace and Deuce for letting you get into trouble and goes to wash you off.
He didn't realize that he loves kids so much until your transformation and now he has baby fever.
You eventually fall asleep on the couch while he reads you a storybook, wondering if you'll remember everything when you turn back to normal.
🦁 Leona Kingscholar 🦁
Leona does NOT like kids.
At least that's what he tells everybody else.
He has some experience from babysitting Cheka on occasion but it will be a reluctant agreement.
He spends a good five minutes grumbling about how he shouldn't be the one who has to take care of you.
Ruggie gets tired of it pretty quick and offers to take care of you instead.
Leona immediately gets defensive.
Absolutely no one else can be trusted to take care of you. Ruggie will just get you into trouble.
He knows that isn't true but he isn't going to admit that your chubby toddling form has been growing on him.
He expected you to be rather high maintenance but after trying to figure out what you want for a good long while, he realized that you were quite content just to sit on his lap and play with his braids.
Leona sat there sulking while you giggled in his arms.
One thing he did appreciate about baby you is your inclination for napping.
It meant that he could sleep too instead of keeping a constant eye on you to make sure you don't get into trouble.
He held you tightly against his chest to prevent you from wandering away just in case you woke up.
The steady rise and fall of his breathing lulled you to sleep until you would turn back to normal, not opposing to the previous position.
🐙 Azul Ashengrotto 🐙
To be honest, the only reason Azul even took you in was so you wouldn't be left alone to Jade and Floyd's devices.
He didn't really have time to give you the attention you wanted but he felt really bad about it.
After every meeting, he would play with you, stretching your feet up and down as you giggled hysterically.
Apparently, the concept of the human baby feet was foreign to both of you and Azul was quite interested in the cartilaginous mass that was baby you.
He studied you as he played, taking notes for future reference, then blushing profusely when his first thought was of a child you and he would have together in the future.
Eventually, he ended up forgetting all about his business duties and closed the Mostro Lounge to play hide-and-seek with you.
Jade was a bit concerned but after seeing the grin on Azul's face, he left the two of you alone.
As soon as you gestured grabby hands at Azul, he was complete putty.
He picked you up and refused to put you down for the rest of the day, even during some of his obligatory meetings.
He assumed it must have been harder for his clients to take him seriously while he bounced a laughing baby on his knee but any objections they had were quickly silenced with a glare from Floyd.
When you fell asleep on his lap, he was so afraid to disturb you that he didn't get up from his chair all night, instead sleeping upright just to keep you comfortable.
🐲 Malleus Draconia 🐲
Malleus had to nearly pry you away from Lilia, who was dead set on taking care of you.
It took some persuasion, and by that I mean bribery and a good word from Silver.
Malleus, not unlike Azul, wasn't particularly familiar with the whole "human baby" concept and he found you fascinating.
How you just stared at him, studying his face for so long his legs went numb with your weight,
How you touched his horns with the gentlest stroke and giggling at the smoothness of them,
He couldn't help but giggle with you, amazed by your childish lack of inhibition.
He would never let anyone touch his horns normally but he guessed it was okay if it was you and if you were just a baby.
You quickly grow on him, figuratively and literally.
You're attached to him now and you aren't letting go.
He hugs you tightly as you wrap your arms around his neck while walking around campus.
You definitely got a few confused stares as the Prince of the Faelands carried a tiny human baby.
Sebek didn't trust you, even as a baby and he was constantly on the defensive.
Malleus loved to give you forehead kisses and watch your face scrunch up with laughter.
He was so gentle with you which seemed a stark contrast to his usual harsh and intimidating demeanor.
He misses your cuddly nature a bit when you turn back and sometimes uses the cold on your midnight walks as an excuse to hold you closer.
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brainlessrot · 2 months ago
Twst Wonderland characters with an affectionate friend
Contents ;; Platonical relationships, GN!MC, just pure fluff, listed headcanons
Characters ;; Leona, Riddle, Deuce, Azul, Jamil and Idia
Prompt ;; MC loves giving kisses and other acts of affection to their friends
did this for my friend @leonahateaccount​ ⊂( ´ ▽ ` )⊃
Tumblr media
Leona ;;
Doesn't really care, but as he says "don't do it too much or he will bite you"
he's lying, it's all LIES, he loves the attention, he THRIVES on it.
do give him more if you can
please give him a kiss before tucking him he's like a kitten when you do
if you make it a habit of kissing him on the cheek every morning as a greeting the moment you don't do it once he'll be giving you the stinky eye
his tail with thud against the floor in annoyance until you do give him his daily kiss
he will always deny any idea that he- seven forbid- even slightly ENJOYS your displays of affection
if you give him a kiss on the hair while he naps he will purr. but you'll need to run for your life when he realizes what he did
“His head laid on your shoulder as he quietly snored. He had been on and off between being awake and probably causing mayhem on his dream. His ears softly poked the side of your face, every once in a while twitching and making you giggle. You looked at him, a fond smile on your face, turning to face him, you planted a kiss at the top of his head, between his ears. He didn’t wake up immediatly, only moving in his sleep, his tail curling around your wrist.”
Tumblr media
Riddle ;;
on one part, please do kiss his cheek, it makes him feel a child-like love that makes him all fuzzy inside
on the other hand, KISSING BEFORE MARRIAGE? /p
The first times you kiss him as a greeting he will get extremely flustered
and even perhaps has collared you on multiple occasions
but he would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy your daily kiss
also please don't only kiss his cheek, his nose and mostly forehead are a big yes YES (in private, if you do it in public chances are that you both are dying, you because of him, and him because of embarrassment)
dude if you go over to Heartslabyul because he promised to help you do homework and you just,,, get up after he helps you do a really difficult alchemy exercise and give him a lil kiss in the forehead as thanks he WILL melt
it just feels so homey to him
now anytime he does something that he feels noteworthy he will blush and point at his forehead so you reward him
giv him forehead kith rn
“You two were playing a casual game of croquet together, since most of the dorm was busy doing school work. Riddle had just beaten you for the fourteenth time, even smiling smugly while doing it. However, it was quickly replaced by his signature red face— in this case no because of anger. He shyly pointed up, towards his forehead. You smiled fondly, he may sometimes be a little bit tyrannical, but he was still a kid. You followed his silent order, planting a kiss in between those two hair strands that poked outwards, earning a grin from him.”
Tumblr media
Deuce ;;
At first it caught him off guard but he grew used to it in a really short time
it reminds him to his mother
mama spade used to give him kisses when he got hurt
and now that role is yours
please do also hug him
similar to riddle, you and ace were doing a study session when he actually got a pretty difficult math equation right!! as congrats, you gave him a lil kiss on the cheek and he fist bumped the air
if he's feeling tired or sloppy he will bonk your head with his to recharge
if you miss his daily kisses he will be sulking for the rest of the day
“Deuce groaned, the sound his pencil made as it scraped against the paper seemed loud in comparison to the quiet atmosphere of the library. Ace stared poking fun at Deuce, but you quickly shut him up with a kick to the shin. However, silence was not for ever, it getting broken by Deuce’s loud “Let’s Go!” as he finally got the answer he had been trying to get. He poked you with his pen grinning widely. You giggled, planting a firm kiss on his cheek. Ace started bothering you, asking for one too, but you told him to study so he could get good boy privileges like Deuce.
Tumblr media
Azul ;;
Oh seven, oh lords.
are you trying to kill him bro?
first time you greeted him with a kiss he legit stared off to the distance for a couple of minutes
you were close to calling a staff member because it seemed like his brain died
he's not really a fan of physical contact, and you backed off for a while for that reason
you made him feel so safe that he found himself craving your attention
but he will never, NEVER admit it
he once dared to get close to you to try and sneak a kiss outta you and you instinctly kissed his cheek
you immediately apologized and told him you were sorry for invading his space
this sneaky bastard played it cool and acted like IT HADN'T BEEN HIS PLAN SINCE THE START
another one that craves affection
“You were helping Azul catalogue the Monstro Lounge’s postal services, but you did not expect to be so many junk mail! Did Floyd subscribe to all of these?! You had gotten distracted with a random seafood magazine when, from the corner of your eye you saw Azul, closer than before. He extended an arm around your body, grabbing the magazine you were holding, and as his side profile was basically in front of you, and your eyes were tired from looking at so many words, you pressed forward a kiss to his cheek. The moment you processed what you had done you quickly apologized, worried that you had made him uncomfortable, however, you missed the smug smile he covered by readjusting his glasses when he told you it was fine.”
Tumblr media
Jamil ;;
He did not trust your intentions, like, at all
its not that he didn’t trust you 
its just that he was not used to being shown that kind of regular affection
one not laced with malicious intent in order to get closer to kamil
it was just,,, friendly acts of affection he was not used to recieve, so he was on guard
but when he warmed up to you (kinda) he was even stiffer every time you did show him any kind of affection
the strings of his hoodies are gonna give out from how much he’s pulling at them
hes ALWAYS a blushing mess 
he’ll die but it’ll be in a positive kinda way!! 
do not worry if he doesn’t respond for a couple of minutes
hes processing, ‘kay?
“Laundry? Check, food? Check, notes and books for Kalim to study? Check. After a long day for Jamil, he only wanted to relax, and what better place for it than the desolate, except for a couple of ghosts, Ramshackle Dorm? Kalim knew where he was if he ever needed help, so nothing was in the way between him and relaxation. You both laid on the sofa, Jamil with his back to you. You’d been re-doing his braids for a while now, Jamil enjoying the way your hands threaded on his hair. As you finished, you kissed the back of his head. He quickly surged forward, the beads on his braids clinking together, he hid his face in his hands, but that did nothing at hiding the way his ears reddened.” 
Tumblr media
Idia ;;
are you trying to kill him?! pt 2
you don’t even know how you haven’t calcinated this poor guy already
his hair flares so hot when you kiss him that you actually worry that his clothes will catch fire
physical touch is not his best forte and he’s not really comfortable with constant contact so you have to resort to your plan B
blow kisses his way, catch a strand of his hair in your hands and say that “you got curious” it doesn’t matter if this is the 47th time you’d done this, the excuse always works
usually you rarely kiss him because you don’t want him to die on the spot
but if you two are doing a gaming night and you manage to beat him you’ll celebrate victory by blowing a kiss his way
that makes you have a higher chance at winning because he will be flustered
Ortho will sometimes enter to check on him because his vitals are off the charts
you may be his irl gaming buddy but you’re sometimes too much of a normie for him and his health
“You were now on your 19th round, previously Idia has won every and all of the games you’ve played together, but now was your time. You’ve been curating this plan for Sevens know how long, and today was the day you were going to put it to use. When your car and Idia’s were side to side on the game, just a lap away from finishing you tilted your body towards him, bumping your shoulder with his. This caused him to lose grip on his controlled, his car veering right and left. He accused you of cheating, but you stick your tongue out at him, passing the finish line. Your fist hit him softly in the shoulder, and before he could say anything else, you winked at him, causing him to fall silent. Ortho barged in at that moment to check on him.”
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nik0laii · 2 months ago
Rating twst characters reactions to you falling asleep on them pt. 1
Tumblr media
Hello there sorry I haven't been doing requests I've been depressed and unmotived recently. I promise I'll get to them soon I'm just trying to get back into writing (hence the creation of this)
pairings: all characters from Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, and Octavinelle x gn!reader (can be seen as romantic or platonic)
Word count: 1,070
Sypnosis: pretty much the title, scenarios of what the twist boys would do if you fell asleep on them and I give them a rating on how good they are. Everything is meant to be lighthearted and joking so please don't take any of it too seriously
Warnings: Swearing, mild character slander, might be ooc for some I don't know as well
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
The second your head hits his shoulder as you fall asleep, Riddle goes completely stiff. He hasn't received much (if any)  physical affection throughout his life so he’s not used to it. Simply holding his hand will make this poor boy's mind go blank so sleeping on him is even worse. Although despite that, he won’t move you too much. He knows how important sleep is and if you haven’t been getting enough of that he doesn’t mind letting you rest for an hour or two. But only that long, he can’t just let you sleep the rest of the day away!
7/10, pretty decent but man needs to calm the hell down because no one wants a hard pillow
Trey Clover
Perfect, absolutely amazing, I may not like Trey too much but he's a perfect pillow. It’s already established that he's just a mom so he will let you sleep for as long as you want. There’s a very good chance that he’ll carefully pick you up and move you to a more comfortable location. Though if he thinks this will wake you up, he’ll leave you be. Might play with your hair a bit or hug you while you sleep.
10/10 there’s not much to say he’s just perfect to sleep on
Cater Diamond
I genuinely don’t know what to say about him. He’s alright to sleep on but could be a lot better as well. If you don’t want your picture to be taken and posted on magicam though, choose someone else. Cater will most likely move you to lay on his lap so he can move around a bit more, which of course his movement disturbs your sleep. Don’t get me wrong, he cares about you! He’s just not too focused on helping you sleep.
6/10 if you’re fine with your sleeping picture being seen by all of his 12 followers 0/10 if you’re not
Deuce Spade
Oh god, this poor dumb boy… He will freak out for a good 5 minutes. He doesn’t know what to do! Should he move you? Wake you up? Let you sleep? He never expected this to happen and he is not in any way prepared. After a while, though, he'll start to calm down and he just… doesn’t move. He’s not completely rigid like Riddle but he doesn’t shift as much as you would expect. He stays like that until you wake up. Even if he's sitting on the floor and its hours later when you get off of him 
7.5/10 half a point taken off for dumbassery
Ace Trappola 
Don’t. Don’t do it. I shouldn’t have to explain this one but I will anyway. He’s a bitch that’s all I love him but he will not let you sleep. Ace will make fun of you and is going to move around so much and be so damn loud you’ll wake up in seconds. Just don’t do it please, it's for your own good.
0/10 Ace I love you but shut the fuck up and sit still please
Leona Kingscholar
He genuinely doesn’t care, he’s gonna be slightly annoyed that you chose him of all people to sleep on but he’ll just let you. He’ll eventually fall asleep with you as well and it’s kinda cute. Leona doesn’t move around much as he sleeps but he does snore. And loudly.
9/10 pretty good but one point taken off for being grumpy and a loud sleeper
Ruggie Bucchi
Ok, he’s lowkey a bitch he’s kinda annoying. The second he processes that you fell asleep on him he’s gonna be laughing and when you wake up he'll tease the hell out of you. Though after he’s had his fun laughing at you and poking your cheek he’ll leave you be. Ruggie will think about waking you up for a second but he doesn’t want to go through the trouble of waking you up. You’ll have to treat him to a meal later though as compensation!
5/10 he won’t wake you up (intentionally) but he will never let you live this down
Jack Howl
A himbo. Complete himbo. He’s a very muscular guy so he’s very nice to sleep on. It will be the best nap of your whole life. Jack will probably move you to a different location though so you’ll sleep better but it’s not really worth it. He’s the best pillow. If he doesn’t move you he’ll just stay still and silent to let you sleep. Growls at anyone who tries to wake you up.
10/10 he’s just a very good pillow there’s nothing else to say
Azul Ashengrotto
Oh god please he’s going to freak out he doesn’t know what to do. He's very observant so he probably noticed your sleepiness but he’s another one who doesn’t receive a lot of physical affection and he’s very insecure so his brain just flatlines. Azul doesn’t understand why you would choose to sleep on him but he won’t try to disturb you. Then a little thought in his little octopus brain tells him he can use this as blackmail and he absolutely will
8/10 but because he will use this against you 6/10
Jade Leech
Like Azul, Jade is pretty observant of you and will most likely suggest you go to sleep in a bed before you fall asleep on him. Though if this doesn’t work he doesn’t mind letting you sleep on him for a bit. He’ll either wake you up later or move you to your room. Will lightly tease you later.
9/10 is pretty decent not much else to say one point taken off for waking you up
Floyd Leech
Oh god… he’s not as observant of his surroundings like his other dorm members are, he might not even realize you’re asleep on him at first. When he does though, he’s gonna laugh at you and when you wake up he’s going to make fun of you for a while. Even with him lowkey being a bitch he’ll let you sleep for as long as he feels like sitting still. Floyd will most likely hug/cuddle you too because he’s cute like that.
8/10 because I’m biased 6/10 if I’m being honest, he will get up and leave without hesitation if he doesn’t feel like it anymore
Tumblr media
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idiacide · 4 months ago
Crush Behavior 🙄🙄✨💖
Let’s inaugurate this blog with some basics.
How characters react to having a crush on you, pt. 1 (Heartslabyul-Octavinelle, gn!reader)
Heartslabyul ❤️🌹🦩
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts:  Riddle’s far less naive about intersocial dynamics than his general reputation would imply, but that doesn’t necessarily make him equipped for this. The first hurdle is getting him to notice he’s developed feelings in the first place. Left to his own devices he’ll continue to treat it as a series of isolated incidents of quality appreciation. Oh, the Prefect? Quite responsible, hard-working, kind, a handsome dresser- and he’ll just keep going. Never once stepping back to actually absorb the bigger picture here. Basically, pray that Trey catches on soon or chances are good you’ll part ways with him at the end of your time at NRC, never having worked it out.
Once it is brought to his attention and he’s suffered the appropriate degree of embarrassment about the topic, he’s a little unsure how to proceed. His instinct is to try and impress you, but by that point he knows you well enough to know that’s not going to be particularly successful (not to mention, he literally excels out of habit there’s a ceiling to how much he can go above and beyond). In lieu of that then, he settles for constantly checking in on your well-being in a way that’s borderline invasive, and fussing over your day to day habits to try and demonstrate how much he cares for your well-being. His expectations for you have always been high, he truly would hate to see someone like you waste their potential, but now there’s something almost tender behind the way he prods you to take one more step, ace one more test, try one last time.
The clearest tell, though, is always the rules. SInce the Overblot incident he does put a lot of conscious effort in trying to loosen his grip on the rules. But when it comes to you in particular…you can’t help but notice the perpetual exasperation is suddenly colored by a certain degree of fondness. He’ll still scold you, but you notice he’s hiding the barest hint of a smile, and should you call him out on it, badly containing a blush.
The confession is slowcoming, but eventually there comes a point where even he knows he’s putting it off. He puts his all into planning a dinner for the two of you, along with a speech recited so metronomically you’d swear he was reading off notecards (close, memorized off notecards). In that speech he conveys the depths of his feelings, how much you’ve come to mean to him as a friend and a partner…and how honored he’d be if you were willing to take a step into the unknown with him. In the end, there’s no rules that can get him to what he actually wants here. But with your help…maybe the two of you will get the chance to make your own.
Trey Clover: Another slowburn realization, though unlike Riddle it’s not exactly his fault. Trey is remarkably emotionally intelligent and he figures out that what he feels for you goes beyond platonic pretty quickly.
The real trouble, though, is getting him to actually step forward with that. He’s not shy, not exactly, nor is he particularly self-deprecating when it comes to this. He has a pretty good sense that you at least enjoy his company, and he’s not necessarily one to undercut his looks. You two have a fair degree of chemistry, and he knows you both have a lot to offer each other as partners. Ultimately, his reticence has more to do with the fact that Trey’s darkest desire is to be, well…desired!
Trey’s not necessarily looking for big romantic gestures, some kind of dramatic flourish about how you want him more than life itself. But after a lifetime of being the ordinary, slightly underappreciated big brother type…is it really so wrong to want to be chased a little bit? He’s more than willing to meet you halfway, but part of him is still hoping that you’ll make the first move, prove to him that this isn’t going to be just another relationship where he puts his own wants and needs on the backburner.
On the surface, nothing’s changed. Trey looks out for you, but Trey looks out for everyone. The differences are in the sum of the smallest changes. He’ll drop hints, flirt like it’s a joke, drop off the occasional gift or toss out the rarest compliment, and kind of wait for you to pick up on it. All the while pining in a way that he’s guarding like his life depends on it. While he can eventually get the kick in the ass he needs if you truly are oblivious, he promises to make the courage to make the first move more than worth it.
Cater Diamond: Sometimes being a chronic flirt really comes back to bite you in the ass when it’s for keeps this time. Cater catches feelings like it’s the latest Tiktok trend: seasonally, passionately, and just as quickly gone as come. He’s pretty used to coasting it out, maybe going on a date or two to really enjoy the fresh crush jitters to their fullest and then parting ways as two sexy friends. You’re no exception to that, and whether or not you take him up on his offers for dinner or coffee he has a fun time teasing you, doodling your name in hearts, and stalking your social media with wistful sighs.
And then a month or two later the feelings haven’t gone away and he really doesn’t know what to do. He’s tried everything, looping playlists to get sick of the concept of love altogether, investing his energies in a fresh new crush, even (GAG) going to Trey and Riddle for advice. Nothing’s working. He still gets all tight in the chest when you walk in the room, still preens for hours over any attention you can give him.
So what is he supposed to do? You’re used to him now, you’ll think it’s just another joke, just another playful attempt to lighten the mood. You’re barely sure what to make of Cater during this period, you’ll go days where he’ll practically run out of the room the second you enter and other times he’s practically glued to your hip. He vacillates between massive gestures of affection and talking endlessly about other crushes in the hopes that maybe you’ll at least have the decency to look a little jealous..
How this turns out is a little dependent on his mood. Assuming he doesn’t try something drastic to kill the feelings altogether, he’ll psyche himself out for a few weeks before finally managing a serious confession, cornering you after class one day when he can’t take another second of agonizing. It took days of prep work and a whole lot of internal cringing to get the words straight in his head, and he can’t stop messing with his hair….but the look on your face when he finally gets it all out makes it oh, so worth it.
Ace Trappola: Ace straight up will not believe it’s a crush until genuinely threatened with the prospect of you being with someone else (or at the very least, leaving without ever finding out how he feels). He’s too stubborn to admit it to himself for a very, very long time. Look, just because you’re a fun time to hang out with doesn’t mean he feels like that about you. Sure, you’re one of the nicer people on campus, and he definitely respects that it doesn’t mean you let people walk all over you. And ok, maybe you’re kind of cute, in the right light, on a good day. But it’s not the same thing! You’re just as STUPID stubborn as he is and you can be such a nag sometimes. Heh, guess it does make up for it a little that you fight for him just as hard as you do for yourself-...
Yeah he may be stupid.
What Ace does know is that he really likes your attention. It doesn’t really matter if you’re not the type to give particularly effusive verbal praise. Your time, your friendship, the work you put in for him, all of it makes his chest puff out. When he makes you laugh or when you hop into trouble right alongside him, or when you both roll your eyes at the same time…Trey’s tarts couldn’t make him feel this full. He’ll show off shamelessly to get a little bit more, and sulk when you hold it out or are too busy to hang out with him.
More than that, he’s actually willing to put himself out for you. It’s not that Ace is completely self-absorbed, he does have a strong sense of right and wrong and is willing to stick up for people. But it’s not hard to notice that he’s a lot more plugged in to what’s going on with you than he is with anyone else, and is even willing to go out of his way to help lighten your load (as long as you’re willing to repay the favor with your time). Should you ever say anything mean about yourself he’ll look at you like you’re crazy and retort just as quickly. He’ll tease like always, but unlike early on he actually does care in the event that he goes too far.
For as long as it takes him to put the pieces together, no one could ever fault him for indecision once he does finally get there. He practically breaks the door down to your dorm and demands that you drop whatever you’re doing to hear out a breathless, very defensive, but shockingly vulnerable confession, at the end of which he looks like he might be glaring at you, or might be about to cry. More than that though, he’s just…watching you. He’s handed you his heart, trusted you with something he puts a lot of work into pretending is untouchable.
So would you please be gentle with it?
Deuce Spade: Slow on the uptake, but a lot more likely to realize it on his own. Deuce tends to get hit with crushes very abruptly. Not unlike a cauldron dropped from the sky, he can be going about his day, and then a word, a gesture, suddenly hits home and suddenly it feels like a weight is crushing him right down into the earth.
The emotions don’t manage to stay a secret for very long. Deuce has never been particularly good at keeping a lid on his true feelings, try as he might. The downside is, he knows this about himself, and may out of nowhere just start avoiding you. You’re not sure how personal to take it, kind of seems like he’s avoiding everyone right now. Ace calls you up about once a day to complain about how he can’t get a word out of the guy in their shared room, and he barely stirs outside of it except for classes. Jack tells you he’s been skipping club and does a really bad job of pretending not to be worried about that.
In fairness to Deuce, he’s in agony over here. He’s just been overwhelmed with every single good quality of yours at once, how is a guy supposed to handle that? Not to mention the fact that you’d probably just laugh in his face if he told you. I mean, he’s an ex-delinquent meathead who’s barely scraping by at this school and whose signature magic consists of dropping a lot of metal pots on someone’s head. And you’re…
Still, Mama Spade didn’t raise a coward at the end of the day. Whether you knock on his door or he’s dragged out by one of his dorm mates, a confession is coming out of his mouth, and quickly. No matter how sure he is that you’ll say no, sometimes you just gotta take the weight off your chest.
Savanaclaw 🦁🐺
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar: If there’s one talent the secondborn Prince does have that no one’s ever contested, it’s self-destruction.
Unfortunately for all parties involved, there’s very little that’s “cute” about Leona in his feelings. Getting him to develop them in the first place is arduous, there are very few people he’s willing to let in close and ever fewer who have the patience to put up with the constant barbs, taunts, and general refusal to act like he gives a shit about anything. Provided you worm your way past those defenses, he is surprisingly quick to pick up on his own feelings. Leona is actually pretty emotionally intelligent, for as much as he doesn’t act like it.
The primary barrier, then, is the age-old Leona dilemma: it is infinitely easier to ruin a good thing before it gets started, than to actually try for happiness and trip at the finish line. After months of warming up where you actually felt like maybe you were getting close to cracking that cold dead heart of his, suddenly it's like every wall is right back up, ten feet higher. The nasty comments and pranks directed at you are never over the line, but they’re always just short of it, almost like he’s taunting you with the fact that he COULD hurt your feelings if he really wanted to. He’ll ignore your messages and skip out on plans, and for once it’s on purpose, like he gets a sick little thrill when you scold him about it. At the same time, he can’t stand the idea of you with someone else. He gets way nastier about anyone presuming on your few hours of free time and way more open about his disdain. God forbid anyone actually try to mess with you because Ruggie is going to be stuck ruining their life for the next few weeks until they eventually shift down Leona’s shit list.
That’s not to say it’s all bad. Leona’s not really a gift giver typically and yet you keep finding yourself walking away from Savanaclaw with a handful of items you didn’t have walking in there. He always insists you’re just taking his castoffs, shit his family sends him that he doesn’t want cluttering up his room, but you swear you saw Ruggie buying half of these things from Sam’s store last week. He’ll shove his jacket on you the second you shiver, all the while bitching about stupid herbivores while refusing to take it back. More than that, he has your back, whether its tutoring or campus scuffles (“it’d be annoying if you had to stop coming around for a bit and I lost my gofer”). No matter how much work he puts in to blow this up before he gets invested and you make a fool out of him, some part of him really can’t stop himself from surrounding you with his things, can’t stop trying to make you a more permanent part of his structure.
An actual confession is a big ask for Leona. He’s simply too used to being the second choice, to having his actual nature be a disappointment. Even if you confess first, it’ll take time for him to open himself up like that, act like this is anything more serious than a lazy fling. But he always betrays himself. Whether through actions, or the sleepy comments he barely means to say out loud, or the simple way his ears perk up as you walk in the room. If you know him enough to fall for him…you know him enough to know the parts that are saying “I love you” right back.
Ruggie Bucchi: Ruggie’s….complicated. He’s just emotionally intelligent enough to know when he’s starting to gravitate around a person, starting to feel them tug at the soft and gooey bits he’s so careful about. But he’s also the kind of person to fight those feelings off tooth and nail for as long as humanly possible. You’re a lot of fun to hang out with, you treat him like a person, and you get on his wavelength faster than most of the idiots around here. No reason to ruin that by making things all mushy around here, right?
Ruggie’s self-esteem has always been a bit of an enigma. He’s not ashamed of who he is or where he came from. Far from it, he has a lot of fun flaunting it in the faces of the kind of privileged assholes that want so badly for him to feel like dirt. He’s a hyena who’s a million times trickier, smarter, and funnier than they could ever dream of being. At the same time though…well, there’s a reason he understands Leona on a gut level. Sometimes it really is easier to not reach out if it means no one can slap your hand away. Not that he thinks so little of you, he could never fall for someone who he thought might be that judgemental, but…still. He thinks about the idea that you might not feel the same way and it makes him want to throw up a little. Much simpler to pretend everything’s like usual.
Still, he can’t help himself from showing off a little. Ruggie makes everyone laugh but he tries especially hard to keep you smiling no matter what. No matter how busy Leona keeps him he always seems to carve a little bit of time out to just be with you. He’s attentive to your needs and for once brushes off the idea of any kind of repayment. What are friends for, yanno? And…yeah ok maybe he’s just a little bit possessive. Nothing major! Just…y’know…if there was someone else getting a little too close to you would it really be the worst thing in the world if they started doing something embarrassing in front of you, picked their nose or fell on their ass, or…
Leona is your unexpected ally here because eventually he gets pretty sick of his right hand looking so moody all of the time. He’ll send you a terse little “Ruggie’s got somethin important to tell you so get over here” and then disappear off the face of the planet. Once put on the spot, that talent for lies suddenly seems to abandon him all at once and suddenly he looks like he wants to sink into the floor. If it all does finally spill out you’re shocked to see him look so miserable, but also so…pleading. These big puppy dog eyes you’ve never seen on him unironically, begging you to at the very least not let this ruin what you have now. His hands are shoved deep in his pockets like he’s trying to stop himself from reaching for you.
What happens next is up to you. But should you return the feelings, well...suddenly that restraint is gonna seem a whole lot less important to him.
Jack Howl: Jack spends so much time and effort trying to make sure it never looks like he cares too much that his own feelings have a tendency to sneak up on him. To…pretty much everyone else the signs were obnoxiously obvious, but from his perspective they just sort of pounced on him one day. Some tiny little vulnerable moment, you dozing off on his shoulder after a long day, or some crumbs on your face when you ate that you don’t notice, or the way your laugh comes out in a loud snort…and suddenly his heart’s beating like he’s being chased.
Your good friend Jack is a stubborn, stubborn man though. There’s a concerted amount of effort in trying to return to that denial which was so comfortable mere days ago. No, his tail’s not waggin, just a fly he’s trying to get rid of. Yeah, ok, he got lunch for you so you don’t have to wait in line, just cause a little thing like you would probably get crushed to death in the rush crowd. Look, stop trying to struggle with that box of potions and just let him carry it, alright? Ace and Deuce tease you about your grouchy shadow and he snarls back every time. Doesn’t stop shadowing, though.
Some part of him really is hoping that this will be enough, that you’ll just sort of read between the lines and…do what exactly? Does he actually want a relationship out of you? Part of him isn’t sure he could take it, all the expectations that he associates with it, all the softness and the…romantic shit. At the same time, the thought of living his life without you makes him feel all panicky, like losing a part of himself. He gets snappish at the slightest comments about how close you two are, but turns red as an apple when you tease him for being thoughtful or acting cute.
The confession is accidental, something blurted out unthinkingly. Ace and Deuce wouldn’t give him a break and he didn’t realize you were around to hear it. The second his eyes lock on you that blush is back, his tail tucking between his legs and his ears flattening almost unconsciously. You almost expect him to run, but…something steely seems to pass down his spine. After a deep breath, he walks towards you with a purpose, repeating what he said in a firmer tone. Despite the soft feelings there’s a bite to every single word. He’s daring you, whether to accept him or to just try turning him down neither of you are sure. But if it’s out in the open, well, he’s never been one to back down from a fight. So what’ll it be?
Octavinelle 🦑🐙🌊
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto: Once something or someone’s piqued Azul’s interest its a hard fight to make him drop it. The housewarden of Octavinelle had become a fixture of your days, sidling up to you whenever there was an excuse and constantly badgering you with offers of his “beneficence” (for a small price of course ^u^). You’d call it annoying and creepy, and yet some part of you can’t help but take it as a sign of respect. Azul has an eye for the exceptional and the fine, and evidently you’ve managed to meet that criteria.
Azul, for his own part, takes an unexpected amount of time to realize that his feelings are quickly evolving past fascination into attraction. For as socially adept as he is he tends to get very focused on one agenda at a time. Discovering the fact that his feelings have tended in that direction isn’t exactly an unpleasant surprise, just damned inconvenient.
Surprisingly enough he doesn’t want to pressure you too badly with his feelings. He knows the reputation he has, the kind of person he is, and he’d hate to think that you would assume this was another attempt at conning you (don’t get him wrong, he is probably still going to con you, he just doesn’t want to involve those kinds of tactics). He keeps the actual shape of his emotions for the most part to himself, settling instead for grandiose gestures of actual generosity. Problems disappear, with the usual stringent fees waived (though not forgotten you will definitely still owe him some favors)..You find him asking genuine questions about yourself, for once not with the string attached of him trying to find points to flip you. Some days you may actually learn some secrets of his own, little glimmers of honesty that are so startling from him of all people.
He lets things go for a few months until he’s well and certain that you at least know him well enough to not suspect that this is some kind of ploy. Once that’s done, he invites you to Mostro Lounge for a…well he can’t stop calling it a meeting and then kicking himself for it because you for sure think its just business. Once you get there, though, the mood is perfect, the lounge closed early for the night for maximum privacy, the fish in the tanks glittering prettily in the glow of the crystal fixtures, and the faintest smell of jasmine over the smell of the food. Azul serves you both himself…and spends nearly the entire dinner on idle conversation. You keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and for him to whip out the contract, but he keeps looking nervously at the door. Were it not for the fact that Floyd and Jade were under strict orders to not let him leave without saying his piece he might just have taken off.
When he finally gets around to it….well, Azul is Azul. He can’t entirely stop himself from presenting it like its a mutually beneficial business arrangement (or worse, like he’s doing you a favor). There’s something in his eyes though, his voice, that makes the both of you realize just how…serious this is, how heavily these feelings have been pressing on him. He’s fidgeting with a handkerchief and for a moment, there’s just the barest glimpse of the lonely octopus underneath. He thinks, though, that he may have finally found another person to help coax him out of that dark grotto. Maybe for good this time.
Jade Leech: At his very core, Jade is a scientist before he’s anything else. He may not be as whim driven as his twin, but he leads with curiosity first and foremost. So when he started to notice you were provoking stronger emotions than amusement in himself, well, he had to at least give it a test run.
Jade’s a surprisingly open book when there’s something he wants. The difficulty is that you’re never sure if he’s being serious with you. Flirtation definitely isn’t outside his book of tactics, it can be a reliable way to unsettle or to draw people in. So when he does things like tell you he just likes looking at you, or comes to take care of you when you’re sick, you’re never sure if you’re being courted…or studied. Somehow, without you noticing, you seem to have acquired a de facto boyfriend.
Important to note, in your case Jade will not cross lines that he is told not to cross. The goal of the experiment isn’t to harm you, simply to see what happens when he lets this play out as far as it will go. Equally important is the fact that his feelings are as genuine as any he’s ever felt in his life. Like him, you’re a curious individual who can adapt to a number of circumstances. You’re patient with his quirks, and he’s patient with yours. That petlike fondness evolves with time into a real, lasting affection. Even if the day comes where you decide you want to drop the romantic angle of your relationship, you’ve cemented yourself as one of Jade Leech’s People, second only to his brother. He’ll watch out for you, do even more if you let him.
In all of this, an official confession slips by the wayside. He’ll call you “my love”, but he’ll never say he loves you. Instead you find in the tiny flickers of surprise, in his steadfast loyalty, and in the way that he’ll never stop being fascinated by you. Your relationship will never be mistaken for conventional, but there’s a lot of warmth if you know where to look for it.
Floyd Leech: As stated before, Floyd’s a creature of whim. His moods are incredibly changeable, along with his interests. As a result, he has a tendency not to hesitate. If there’s something that he’s interested in, be it a hobby or a person, he’ll chase after it until he’s forced to stop, or he loses interest completely.
You’re no exception. It’s not hard for you to get in his good graces for the moment. You’re fun to be around, you keep things interesting, and for as much fun as it is to make you nervous from time to time he can tell you’re not scared of him in the way other people are. He can startle you as much as he likes, but if he’s in the mood to be gentler he knows it won’t be spoiled by you acting jumpy the whole time. For the moment you’ve acquired a particularly needy scary dog, and whether you shoo him away or indulge him he’s going to keep coming around until the urge fades away or you definitively lay down the law.
And then something happens that he’s not sure how to account for. You don’t stop being fun for him. Sure, he still has his off days, Floyd will always be prone to moodswings. But unlike most of the other things he’s found interesting, the little itch to poke and prod and tease doesn’t go away the second his mood drops. He’ll spend a few days sulking about whatever it was that set him off…only to discover that he wants to see you again once he’s bounced back. Its like gravity, something about you keeps pulling him right back in for more. He finds himself wanting to do things for you, bring you things, take care of problems, tuck you away from problems altogether in some corner of the ocean where nothing can bother you (except him, obviously). It’s startling, but…really, who is he to complain as long as his Shrimp keeps playing with him.
Much like Jade, because of the weirdly inevitable momentum of the relationship an actual official confession sort of falls by the wayside. Unlike Jade, though, Floyd’s not shy with verbalizing his feelings. The “Love yous~” have a habit of slipping out when he’s teasing, or just whenever he feels it particularly strongly. Feel free to say it back just as often, he eats it up every single time.
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oyster-sauce-tart · 2 months ago
lol is it possible to request the overblot guys (if possible) with a martial artist mc defeating them during their overblots with just one punch like saitama?
One Punch Yuu!
Me: I should work on those requests i got during March
This ask:
Magic battles? Nah, these emotionally damaged teenagers are getting a fist to a face!
These bitches are so rude! Someone’s gotta punch some sense into them!
Scenario: Overblot Boys getting the blot punched out of them
Reader: Gender Neutral, Martial Artist
Characters: Riddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar, Azul Ashengrotto, Jamil Viler, Vil Schoenheit, Idia Shroud, Malleus Draconia
Content Warning(s): Overblot spoilers
Notes: since I don’t know the accurate plot of Jamil, Vil, Idia and Malleus’s Overblot I kept them vague
Also this MC/Yuu ended up being less martial artist and more like a “punch now think later” type of character haha
Tumblr media
the first overblot
the garden was in ripped up shambles down to its roots, everyone was running away with Crowley evacuating everyone, the only people who stood to fight were you, Grim, Ace, Deuce, Cater and Trey
Right now, everyone was getting to their limit. Grim was too tired to bring out flames, Cater was overexerting his clones, Trey was just barely hanging onto his Signature Spell
What to do.. what to do, at this rate soon it might be too late for Riddle
“Hey Deuce.”
“H-huh what?”
“Throw me.”
He ended up throwing you
Everyone that was there watched as you got propelled towards Riddle and punched him squarely in the face
Ouch. That’s definitely gonna leave a mar- wait holy shit the ink blot monster is disappearing???
The first thing is Riddle notices when he gets out of the Backstory Sequence ™ is a bleeding nose
Actually it might be broken fuck what happened-
Then everything starts to come back to him
Right… he Overblotted… he can’t believe it…
And you… punched him out of it?
It’s a bit amazing to be honest, he thanks you for getting him out of what could’ve been a disaster
Then he lectures you for 5 hours about how you thought getting thrown to punch him was a good idea, what if you got hurt?!
“Don’t worry I got a black belt in martial arts back in my world it’s fine”
It’s really not.
Tumblr media
first off, how the fuck did you even survive???
He turns anything he touches into sand?? Are you seriously that strong???
Yes, you say, yes you are
Deuce did not want to throw you again so Jack did, swept up in the whole “saving Leona thing”
He apologizes profusely sometime after Leona comes to his senses
The first thoughts for Leona was “shit I overblotted??” Then “shit you punched me out of it???”
He’s pretty impressed by your strength tbh like seriously??
“I can turn everything to sand how did you even???”
“I have a black belt in martial arts!”
“… I don’t think that has any correlation…”
“I’m strong >:3”
Tumblr media
At this point you’ve realized you punching the blot out of these guys is saving you a lot of time and effort for both you and the rest of your friends
So your first thought was “punch Azul” when you saw the overblot
but then you realized he’s like half cryinh so you’d kinda feel bad…
‘Kinda’ is the key word here
you punched him. Well… kinda?
You asked floyd to throw you and he went “!!!!” And immediately threw you over his shoulder and propel you towards Azul
The problem here that amidst Floyd’s excitement he didn’t aim correctly so instead of punching Azul, you just body slammed into him
You still snapped him out of it so 10/10!
The thing is both of you are equally disoriented thanks to the amount of force Floyd used to throw you
And he threw your head at Azul’s
Infirmary Trip✨✨✨✨
Post-blot, Azul’s very much impressed by your bravery. Especially since you did this before in success
“Would you perhaps be interested in working at the Monstro Longue as a bouncer?”
Tumblr media
when Jamil finally Overblotted you just cracked your knuckles and went “I’ve been waiting to do this since the first time he hypnotized me”
Floyd throws you (pt 2)
This time you didn’t even ask you just looked at him like “👀” and he immediately threw you
Azul sends Jamil his prayers
This time floyd actually does aim decently
Yes although you did bodyslam into him you immediately punched him before he could do anything
*fanfare* crisis averted!!
Okay so Jamil is slightly impressed after this whole ordeal
You’ve really shown how you can hold your own throughout the Scarabia arc
And this strength came from martial artist training???
Kudos to you, can you give him some pointers?
Tumblr media
Rook held you back before you can get someone to throw you
“How can you punch such a beautiful face!!”
Epel gives his blessing /hj
I don’t exactly know what happens here other than that they all go to the VDC and that Neige exists so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
But anyways after he gets punched he yells at you for ruining his face
That’s all I got
As much as I like Vil I don’t know a whole lot
Sorry :(
Tumblr media
all I know about chapter 6 is that the Overblotted (and grim) got kidnapped by Idia or smth and Yuu went to save them with Epel and Rook who just wanted to give Vil his skincare stuff
I have no idea how he overblots or how y’all even got in but Leona throws you when Idia finally overblots
He did it w/o warning too
He wanted to see how prepared you are to punch someone
Also he wanted to throw you for revenge that punch you gave him ached for days
You punched Idia twice
Once to get him out of overblot and another for stealing Grim
You don’t just steal the child and get away with it smh
Everyone so far has either been impressed or has new found respect for you
Idia is just scared of you now
He thought you were just some kind of shounen anime character that punched before thinking
But then you got the smarts to get into STYX and THEN beat him like shounen protag??
New fear ™
Tumblr media
No one threw you this time
Everything was kinda flying in the air thanks to destruction and you ended up on one of them and fell off
Then you noticed you were falling towards Tsunotaro Malleus so you just prepared and then boom punched
You broke your arm thanks to the velocity and, you know, thinking punching a dragon was a good idea.
Dragons have scales you think you’re gonna be alright after that??
Lol nah
Malleus feels bad ofc
“I’m so sorry Child of Man… if only I was stronger than maybe I wouldn’t have hurt you so bad…”
“Oh no it’s okay! When humans’ bones break and then heal they start to become stronger than last time! Imagine how hard I’ll be able to punch ppl once this heals!”
Everyone facepalms
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noirezki · a month ago
Twisted wonderland Incorrect Quotes
Trey: Mc! MC! Deep breaths! Do you want a cookie?
Mc: *Putting the chair down, about to swing it at Ace, voice soft* You.. have a cookie?
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humanmistake · 16 days ago
Things they do that Made Other People Question if you Guys are Only Friends.
Warnings: Cussing,
Characters: Yuu, Riddle, Trey, Cater, Deuce, Ace
Themes: Fluff, Crack, Suggestive
Parts: Heartslabyul, Savanaclaw, Octavinelle, Scarabia, Pomefiore, Ignihyde, Diasomnia
Riddle: Constant teasing
Whenever you see him you'll call him various nicknames that makes other student think there is a thing between you two. He always turn bright red before dragging you away.
When the students heard you call him "Bae" once they thought you two were in some type of established relationship and often tease him about it. Not in front of him though, They'll talk about how cute they are as a couple.
Trey: Spoon feeding
Trey is very sweet but he is specially sweet to you, That is what others thought. Whenever you get tired from dealing other people's problem they'll always see you getting spoon fed by Trey while you're complaining about everything.
After you helping a student that over-blotted you stroked out of the room and sat next to Trey who is currently eating while you puff your cheeks and crossed your arms "Problem?" He asked, You just nodded then he started feeling you while praising your work.
The other students watched In jealousy, Wishing they were being spoon fed too or just straight up wished they're Trey. The next day the students started talking about what they saw and a bunch of jealous student walking around the school.
Cater: Fruity Posts on Magicam
He once posted a photo of you two cuddling. Yeah, He was on top of you, Facing your back and to make it seem more fruity he added a caption saying "Cutie 😘".
Even though Cater's socials isn't as big as Vil's he still got a pretty decent amount of followers, Maybe a hundred thousands, Enough for it to be trending.
The magicam community started talking about the 'hidden relationship' of Cater and some even found your socials and spread them on the internet. You didn't care but it's still wrong to assume.
Deuce: Sitting on your Lap
It happened because there is no seats left and him being a gentleman offered you the last seat but you being a tease pulled him into your lap and just let him sit there. At first he is like "What the fuck..?" Then he got used to it and do it almost everytime.
He started sitting on your lap whenever he got the chance, He just liked how warm you are when you two are close but like Trey's case, There is a lot of jealous students wanted to be on his position.
"Hah... Do I still have a chance?" "I should have Confessed sooner!" Complains like that flooded the dorm of Heartslabyul and even outside the dorms.
Ace: Fruity way of speaking
When you two meet there is always a conversation where you two are like inviting the other to have sex before laughing it off.
It once happened during lunch time and you just accidentally mentioned something sexual and Ace managed to made it funnier which led to almost everyday of you two talking like that.
"Woah... I didn't know Yuu is in the wild type..." Is what students said as they saw you talking to Ace about those things.
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twst-shenanigans · 20 days ago
twst Incorrect quote #233
Cater: "In Heartslabyul, we don't say..."
Deuce: "I'm going to make myself a nice lunch."
Cater: "We say..."
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Riddle: Do you cook?
Lilia: I made a cake once.
Y/n: Yeah, it was good.
Lilia: Really?
Y/n: Don’t make me lie twice, Lilia.
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curekibouka-writing · 18 days ago
Can i request headcanons for floyd, jade, leona and riddle saying something hurtful and insensitive to their s/o without them realizing it was hurtful until s/o starts crying and walking away from them? With a comfort ending pleaseeee~
A/N: I cannot guarantee a comfort endings as I’ve mentioned in my rules, but I’ll try ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
Tumblr media
Riddle is completely unaware that whatever he was saying is hurtful. He wouldn’t hurt you on purpose, which, in turn, throws him into a confused frenzy. 
His first instinct is to chase after you and ask you what he said wrong and apologise, but the image of your crying face deters him. He reluctantly admits to himself that perhaps you want to spend some time away from him. 
He will try his best on his own to recall and pinpoint what hurtful things he said. And if he really doesn’t know, he’ll sheepishly ask Trey or Cater (because “Trey is always so kind to everyone” and “Cater is good at communicating with others”) with his eyes looking at the ground the whole time. 
He feels very ashamed. It perturbs him every time he does something ‘wrong’, especially if it hurts someone else. It makes him feel like everything he’d ever studied was useless in this regard. He’ll probably try to read up on communication strategies in his spare time (although the usefulness of those books is questionable). 
One night, he flies with his broom outside your window and slips a letter inside without you noticing. In it, he apologises for the incident and promises he would not do it again. He also asks you to immediately voice your feelings to him when he begins saying anything insensitive, instead of letting it bottle up to the point that you had to walk away. He goes to sleep anxiously that night, hoping you’d look at him anew tomorrow. 
Tumblr media
Floyd blabbers selfish and insensitive things like a 5-year-old. And what’s worse? He tests your bottom line like a kid too and milks as much entertainment out of you as he can. 
“Are you angry hehe? Gloomy maybe?” he squints with all the amusement of watching a grumpy kitten in his eyes, “Why’re you all quiet now? Fish’s got your tongue?” 
He still seems to be shamelessly having fun when you had to run away (“Aha~ cute crybaby ♡”). It doesn’t quite click with him that he went way too far until at least a few hours afterwards. Or perhaps not even then, perhaps not until he shares every little fun experience that day with his twin brother, and Jade tells him with a helpless smile “Fufufu, Floyd, I believe you are at fault there.” that he realises he hurt you. 
Floyd will hunt you down to apologise (no he does not care if it’s 2am or not). He doesn’t hate hurting people, honestly it’s fun for him sometimes, but not to the extent that he takes away the happiness of people he cares about. That’s not supposed to be entertaining, it just makes him grumpy (that he might kick a wall or a pillar or a door wherever he finds you to vent). 
“But it’s your fault for running away, ‘kay?” after apologising, he quickly throws a curveball at you, pouting, “It’s fun to be with you. So you have to have fun when you’re with me too. You’re not supposed to go quiet when you’re not having fun, got it?” 
Tumblr media
Jade tends to conceal his malice beneath layers of sugarcoat. In turn, when you pick up things that he intended to have hidden, it becomes difficult for him to notice and predict. 
At first, Jade finds the reaction interesting. It certainly wasn’t something he had expected, hence it automatically piques his interest, whether it was a positive or negative reaction is now a secondary concern. What was it he said that caused this? For what reason did it cause this? What kind of buttons did it push in you that made you respond this way? Were there any external causes? He wants to know all these… for future references. 
He will have a perfect apology for you. He will find you just as you were thinking it’s about time you want reconciliation. He will show up with your favourite food, freshly made, and he will promise you a well-planned date for making it up to you. And during his courteous discussion of the date’s itinerary with you, your tumultuous emotions slowly simmer down. 
Yes, Jade is normally such a polite and sensible partner, certainly it was but a one-time slip-up, of course it’s forgivable after a little cooldown. 
And of course he had predicted that. After all, how will he continue having fun “with” you if you start avoiding him? In his mental list, he crosses out whatever upset you this time. But worry not, the list is still endlessly long ♡
Tumblr media
Leona does not give a damn. What are you, his baby nephew? Crying doesn’t solve every problem in the world. He meant what he said, some tears won’t make him want to take it back out of pity or anything. 
In his mindset, there aren’t many ways to deal with hurtful remarks: you either make yourself stop caring or make them shut up. People say what they want to say, and naturally, he is one of those people. So if you can’t make him shut up, he already expects you to deal with it. 
This is not to say he doesn’t realise what he said upset you, he took notice the moment you ran away from him. But that doesn’t encourage him to apologise either. In fact, he probably won’t apologise even if people around him urge him to. Given that he does not think he did anything wrong, a prideful lion would not be bowing his head. 
And if you’d still return to his side after that, well, you could say he’d feel somewhat reassured. Reassured that you aren’t some flimsy crybaby, reassured that you are well-aware of how petty and arrogant a man he is and still you can live with it. 
“Well, well, I guess herbivore hearts are as fragile as their constitution?” he smirks, lifting your chin with his hand, “In that case, you’d better be prepared not to let me devour it whole.” 
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patsteefkeyk · 2 months ago
TWST characters that gives off second male lead vibes:
Trey- I saw you as my light but you only saw me as your friend
Leona- I will always be the second choice no matter how much I try
Jade- I'll choose my brother's happiness over mine, but I'll love you 'til the day i die
Jamil- He'll always get what he wants and what he wants he gets and I'm here standing in the nothingness
Idia- I am not worthy of love and affection, therefore I'll let you live a life that you will never regret
Lilia- I experienced too much pain in life, so go on my dear and fly
Sebek- I'll never be good enough so let's go our separate paths and never cross again
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acey-wacey · 2 months ago
Hellooo~ glad to see requests are open! So, could i request headcanons reactions of the boys trey, leona, jack, jamil and idia (seperately) seeing their gn! S/o in their clothes? (Pretty much like the ones you did for ace, deuce, and silver but with different characters this time) thank you very much! ❤
Thank you for requesting!
♣️ Trey Clover ♣️
Trey is very flattered when he sees you wearing his jacket around campus.
He immediately recognized it as the jacket he loaned to you 3 months ago that you happened to "lose".
He confronts you later and tells you that if you want to wear his clothing, you could just ask.
It doesn't stop you from stealing it though.
It's 10 times more fun to take his shirts when you aren't supposed to have them.
At this point, your closet has more of his clothes than his does.
He's very chill about you wearing his clothes except when you wear them as pajamas.
There is something almost personal to him to see you in one of his t-shirts and a pair of fuzzy pajama pants.
It feels so incredibly domestic.
It's then that he realizes he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.
🦁 Leona Kingscholar 🦁
Leona will never leave you alone about it.
If you steal his clothing, he'll tease you relentlessly about how you just like how it smells like him.
He doesn't know what to say when you agree with him.
In reality, he loves seeing you wearing his oversized hoodie.
He won't deny it when he admires you, staring at you continuously.
You get flustered at the attention and he just smiles.
He loves flustering you, but he's the one blushing when he sees you asleep in his hoodie.
He just wants to watch you forever, his clothing a reminder of how he managed to be loved by you.
As relentless as he is about his teasing, he loves how his clothing plasters a "do not touch" sign on your forehead.
It's like a warning to the rest of the school that you're his and anyone who touches you will have to get through him.
It provides a nice sense of security for whenever he can't be right by your side.
🐺 Jack Howl 🐺
Tall boy hehe
Jack has the comfiest clothes, I don't make the rules.
Like the sweatshirts he has are all still really soft and so warm.
You have to steal them at every given opportunity.
He's glad to give you any clothes you want to borrow if you just asked.
He does have to take something of yours as "insurance" though, to make sure you bring it back.
He actually just wants something of yours to remind him of you when you're not there.
He loves when his clothes are oversized on you though he never actually says anything.
He doesn't have to though; you can see his tail wagging when you wear his giant sweatshirt with some of your boxers.
(Note- I don't care if you're genetically female, you're wearing boxers because they're comfy)
It might be partially because you're so exposed but Jack feels that there's a certain vulnerability in wearing his clothes like that.
🐍 Jamil Viper 🐍
You and Jamil trade his clothes back and forth so they always smell like the other person.
He first noticed that a couple sweatshirts of his had gone missing but the anxiety was soothed when he figured out you had it.
It did fluster him a little bit when you gave it back, pouting because it didn't smell like him anymore.
After he wore it for a while he realized that he really liked having your smell surrounding him, even when you're not there.
He's so busy that he can't stay with you all the time but he makes a conscious effort to trade his clothes with you whenever necessary.
He is also the most willing to lend you a jacket of you get cold.
It's how you steal most of the jackets you have of his.
You have a secret collection in the back of your closet of boyfriend jackets you hope he doesn't notice are gone.
He notices but he doesn't say anything because he thinks it's cute.
💀 Idia Shroud 💀
Idia is so so so flustered.
He never imagined that anyone would want to wear his clothes like that.
You'd have to periodically remind him that you are, in fact, a couple and you can do couple things.
He doesn't see what's so special about his jacket, it's just a jacket.
But you treat it like it's fine couture, wearing it everywhere and showing it off.
He knows that it isn't much of a deterrent for other people to have a physical reminder that you are dating him since he is not the most threatening.
But he likes knowing that you aren't afraid to claim him as your own.
You like to wear the big puffy coat he has as a school uniform.
It's so warm and when worn incorrectly enough, can envelop your entire body.
After too many days of panicking because he can't find his uniform, he just lets you have that jacket and buys a new one.
He can't bring himself to ask for it back, it means to much to you.
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brainlessrot · 2 months ago
Yo Toby, I read your work and was like yessss another writer to read. Anyways, I was wondering if you could write a scenario for the dorm leaders (could you switch Kalim for Jamil? If you can’t I understand) with an s/o who is very gen z and makes the comment “I came here for a good time, not a long time” after doing something reckless and the dorm leaders meaning worried for them?
Aww, thank you for being my first request, and about putting jamil in kalims place, its alright with me! dw ( ´ ▽ ` )
i had to slightly change it since having the mc repeating the same phrase like a pokemon was kinda weird, so i hope you dont mind!
Twst OB! gang with a reckless Gen Z S/O
Contents ;; GN!MC (refered to as Prefect and some other nicknames), the boys being pretty concerned about the prefects mental stability, romantic scenario with each of them separetly!
Characters ;; Riddle, Leona, Azul, Jamil, Vil, Idia, Malleus
Promt: Reaction of the boys about their Gen Z! S/O being reckless
Tumblr media
Riddle ;;
Ah, the Adeuce duo plus Grim, or, as you call them, the bane of your existence. Joking, but even if you are quite fond of them, they are still very annoying.
And what's more annoying is when they rope you in their dumbass shenanigans. lt always ends with you four sitting in front of Riddle while he yells furiously about rules.
Now, today Ace had decided that it would be a fun thing to do, trying to parkour above the rose maze. And you all, with your collective single brain cell, decided to follow suit.
"STOP!!" His shrill voice echoed from in between a couple of bushes, his face was bright red, it almost seemed as if he popped a blood vessel, which would probably happen soon. "STOP RIGHT THERE. IF YOU JUMP IT'LL BE OFF WITH YOUR HEAD IMMEDIATELY." All of you looked from one another, emotions ranging from fear to deathly terrified on your face. But you were not going to give up. You had already gotten on top of a small building, and the pole right next to you was so, so close. And you had been so, so bored before this…
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" You were walking backwards to propel yourself, and as your feet left the roof of the building you screamed, saying that you came here for a fun time, not a long time. As you held onto the pole, you looked back, seeing Riddle staring at you with a mix of concern and rage. As you slide down towards the floor, Riddle jogs at you, and the moment you land, with your back to him, he puts his magic pen up.
"OF WITH YOUR HEAD!" His face had slowly gone back to his normal skin color. He stepped closer to you, holding the back of the heart shaped lock. "You're coming with me. Right now." He stopped for a moment, stopping his tugging at you to look at your face "Don't you dare do that again. I… I was worried."
Tumblr media
Leona ;;
Leona had invited you over to Savanaclaw, probably to just nap for the rest of the day. But the moment you reached the lounge he was not there, waiting for you like he had said.
Instead, there were a couple of Savanaclaw students, water dripping down their hair. Apparently, since Leona was busy doing Seven know what, they had decided to host… a pool party? All of them seemed to be having so much fun. And… it wouldn’t hurt if you joined in, right?
And so you became part of the so-called party. Taking part in their little games.
Until some of them dared, dared you to jump from the top of the rock above the water. You looked behind you, staring at that cliff for a couple of seconds, they began telling you that if you were a chicken and did not want to do it you didn’t have to do it… but oh, you were going to do it, just to spite them.
There you are now, on top of the rock, looking down on the water. You still don’t know how deep the water is, but you’d seen some people jump from up here… right? Or were they jumping from the edge down below? You shrugged, who cares! Definitely not you.
Leona cared, Ruggie had seen you talk to the beast men, and he did not want to miss Leona’s reaction to you jumping from up there. And so the grumpy lion, recently awakened from his long nap, was now walking between the mob of students, tail swaying behind him. However, the moment he saw you perched up there, it froze, and he stopped moving altogether. Just when he saw you leap and splash as you reached the bottom and broke the surface of the water he could react.
“HERBIVORE!” He ran to the edge of the water, the crowd erupting in cheers. The moment he saw your head pop up from the water he gnarled. “Are you stupid?! You could have broken a rib or somethin’!” When you jokingly told him that you didn’t really care, since you’d come for a fun time, not a long one, he slapped you in the back of your head. Muttering something along the lines of you being “annoying and dumb”. But he still carried you off to get dry in his room.
Tumblr media
Azul ;;
You were helping your boyfriend at the monstro lounge when Floyd, tired of working, snatched you away from your own work, instead deciding that he wanted to show you the fish in the aquarium they had at the back of the lounge. Azul was slightly annoyed at this, but decided to keep his mouth shut.
That was until Floyd opened the lid and you put your arm in there, putting your body weight forward to be able to reach lower. Not only he was worried you would accidentally touch one of the jellyfishes, since they not only had the harmless and cute moon jellies, but a wide variety, like mauve stingers and compass jellies, but you could also fall inside the tank!
“Angelfish, please back off from the tank.” You both looked back at him, and he could perceive how Floyd’s smile widened, sharing similarities to the ones cats had when you tell them to not throw a glass off the counter and they stare at you, paw slowly pushing the glass towards the edge. But in this case, you were the glass.
You fell face first into the water, your clothes making you sink slightly. Some curious fish and shrimp got near you, inspecting their new “tank mate”. Even under the water and behind a heavy glass, you heard Azul’s scream, sharp and high, and Floyd’s laugh.
You saw a slightly distorted Azul come running towards the tank, and a hand yanked you back to the surface from the back of your clothes.
“Are you okay?!” Azul grabbed your face to check for any sting or cut marks, pushing you and moving it to different angles to get a better look. His hands stopped as he looked you in the eye when you told him that you had fun and wanted to do it again.
He seemed to be processing what the hell you were saying when Floyd chuckled and pointed to your leg, still underwater, where a small octopus had clung itself on, saying that it resembled Azul.
Azul blushed, but helped you get out of the tank and lent you a towel, however, he was still dumbfounded at what you had told him, did you need therapy? He could use some of his contacts for you if needed…
Tumblr media
Jamil ;;
Ah, magic carpet rides with Kalim, they were so nice. Even as you both screamed your lungs off while he swerves, loops, and sudden falls just to pick the height back again.
Anyway, Jamil didn’t share the sentiment. It made him grow grey hairs by just thinking of you both- the boy he serves and his significant other- just seconds away from becoming pudding against the floor if Kalim wasn’t swift enough to pull at the carpet so it’d fly upwards. Which almost happened every time.
He had been doing laundry at the dorm when he saw you flying through the window, you both screaming and laughing while the wind whipped at your face.
His hold on the clothes he was hanging loosened, and fell to the ground as he rushed to the window, just in time to see Kalim try to slow down before landing, falling miserably.
He rushed through the corridors towards the dorm’s garden. Kalim and you were sprawled on the grass, legs tangled as the carpet wiggled under you both. As he saw you, he rushed to check on you both, looking over Kalim quickly before his eyes landed on you. You were still laughing, that was fun! You said, you really wanted to do that again, perhaps with more precaution, but it had been so fun.
The look of concern Jamil sent you the moment those words left your lips got rid of those thoughts, he looked so tired and so worried. You felt compelled to promise him that you’d take care and stay safe, and even stay away from the carpet if it’d make him feel better, at which he only sighed, pulling you for a hug.
“Just… Don’t go scaring me like that, okay?”
Tumblr media
Vil ;;
Ah, the weather has been so nice lately, not too hot to melt your bones and not cold enough to freeze your toes, the perfect middle ground. Perfect to go outside.
And your beloved boyfriend thought the same way, as he had invited you on a walk. You were now waiting on top of a hill at the edge of the campus, waiting for him. As you overlooked your surroundings, you couldn't avoid staring intently downhill. You remember being a kid and laying down at the top of one, letting go and rolling to the bottom, you held those memories fondly, and nostalgia hit you hard.
And what's better to reminisce about old memories? Remaking them.
You left your bag on the grass, kneeling down as you started giggling, you had completely forgotten about your walk with Vil, fully focused on your task at hand.
And as you laid down completely and started rolling, you heard Vil's powerful voice— it was not a scream, but definitely not normal volume.
"Sweet Seven what happened to you?" He sounded agitated as he stooped you, almost near the bottom of the hill. You couldn't avoid laughing loudly, still quite dizzy from the multiple turns you had taken. You told him that you just felt inclined to do that, and the way his eyes stared at you with such attention made you believe that he was wondering how he ever started dating you. His concern disappeared as he realized you were fine, but was quickly changed for anger. You both were supposed to go on a date! And now you were covered in dirt, grass and leaves, absolutely not acceptable to be seen outside! He grabbed your elbow, helping you get up.  "Go grab your bag, there is a change of plans," You couldn't resist shivering at the way his cold smile complimented his lavender eyes. "We're going back to Pomefiore for an intensive spa day."
Tumblr media
Idia ;;
Ortho had acted as a messenger pigeon for the hundredth time today, telling you that Idia wanted to see you, since he had a “super cool UR+ surprise” for you, and you had to go as quick as you could to his dorm room.
You were now familiar with Ighnihyde’s layout, since most, if not all, of your dates and gaming nights with your boyfriend had been inside the dorm— more specifically his room.
You saw his dorm’s door with his usual “Do Not Disturb” sign still slightly skewed. You believe he had never moved it, much less removed it, not even when he was expecting you to enter, since he always seemed to know when you came and opened the door right before you knocked.
Today this fact did not change, you held your hand in front of the door as it creaked open, the faint blue light emitting from his hair lighting the ever-so-dim hallway. You playfully poked his forehead as you already had your hand up, he only clicked his tongue as he swatted your hand away, but the blush on his face betrayed that he was not annoyed. Without even a word, he opened the door completely, letting you enter before closing it behind you. You were now used to the messy interior, since after a couple of weeks of dating you became a regular guest, but today it was exceptionally chaotic. Candy wrappers and empty cans of energy drinks littered his desk, his computer still on, a random tab still open. His bedsheets were a mess, and some of his pillows even lay forgotten on the floor. Before you could tell him, “bitch you live like this?” he called you to his side. He was crouching down, rummaging in between some boxes.
He had his back to you, throwing some trash to either side while searching that UR+ item Ortho had told you about.
“Wait this is useful,” He extended his arms towards you, holding a colorful… battery? “Can you hold this for a second? thxs.” You always wondered how he managed to pronounce those ungodly words.
You held onto the battery, turning it around and on its side, it almost looked… tasty. You wondered out loud, is it edible? You could probably lick it, at most it would only zap you… right?
“WHAT?! NO!” Idia quickly turned to you, taking the battery off of your hands as your tongue poked out of your lips. “ARE YOU CRAZY?!” He looked at you like he wasn’t the dude who went outside as a flying magical tablet. “Ugh, forget it,” He hid the battery between some boxes before you got any idea. “Here, take this, and no eating!” He held out a hand, a small figurine of… you both, it looked handmade. His hair was flaring pink. “Take it before I change my mind and kick you out.”
Tumblr media
Malleus ;;
Your boyfriend had whisked you away the moment you stepped out of your dorm during the early day, not even a ray of sun in sight, promising you to show you something beautiful. However, as you thought, he had already shown up, so you didn’t know what to expect. 
He had helped you get on top of one of the old school roofs, you wonder how this thing could still hold up, since it was definitely older than Malleus, and maybe even Lilia. He held your hand tightly in his, perhaps because he was afraid you were cold, or you could slip on a mossy tile and fall, which would be, in his imagination, fatale. In his mind, as strong and tough as you had demonstrated yourself to be, you were still a human, a fragile human. And he cherished you too much to even afford to let you get a single scratch on those hands he loved to hold.
Your walking ended some steps away from the edge, overlooking the forest at the back of your school, you could see a tall tower to your left, the sun peeking from behind. 
Some gargoyles shared your view from the edge of the roof, overlooking the various trees and plants. One of them, under the early sunlight, had a part of a horn that sparkled, and you, filled with curiosity, tried to get near.
But, against your worse judgement, it was early morning, and the morning dew under your feet made you slip. Malleus had been looking at you with a fond smile, but when he saw you get way too near to the edge, almost dangling, he was terrified. His blood ran cold, jumping forward to grab you before you fell off.
The moment you were on a safer spot, he held you in his arms tight, your back to his chest. You tried to reassure him, telling him that he wasn’t getting rid of you for a while, after all, weeds are not killed by frost, and you still have to annoy him a little bit more. He chuckled, but still felt a little bit shaken, so you both stayed sitting in the roof until the sun completely illuminated your faces.
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