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#twst idia
twiwoncrackpopcorn · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ツイステ Twisted Wonderland SPOILERS - Idia Shroud SSR Dorm Uniform “Ignihyde Arc part.2” coming late December
……. Idia having his birthday then SSR Dorm Card all in December…… take our money _(:3」z)_
Tumblr media
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urstruly-ghst · 2 days ago
omg a fellow hetalia fan~ sooooooo ghost, what do you think abt our non-social dorm leaders with a s/o who's like italy-
note : i am not sure who's really non-social, but i decided those who get shy. 😔 Also sorry if you wanted all, but I don't see them as all non-social, seeing as they are dorm leaders and they have to maintain communication.
Tumblr media
idia shroud
Being like Italy, it meant finding the best in everything! If you haven't watched the show, Italy was described and show as an overtly optimistic person, sunshine and rainbows, but has sadness deep within.
Idia, who somehow found himself in your arms, feels like this dynamic is odd and endearing. Idia likes you being surrounded by good vibes, but is willing to be vulnerable to him.
Though, at first, it's hard to be that. He wasn't used to a happy go lucky person clinging and being absolutely whipped for him.
Idia also loves your optimist view, even if it was annoying and such a pain to deal with sometimes. He also has to deal with your sudden hyper fixation on things.
Overall, it's lovely. Idia loves it, but just remember his social battery, it tends to run out alongside his energy.
Tumblr media
malleus draconia
Oh dear, Malleus is fixated on you. He adores and finds it amusing how you don't care or found him scary. Upon meeting him, you just opened up so quickly, it delights him that someone is willing to do it.
Malleus, on occasion, does worry of your nature of finding things good, but he knows deep down, it was probably the way you cope with. He'll just keep an extra eye on you, or have a knight on your disposal.
He also adores you, he practically worships the way you smile, and has probably chalked out marriage in his head. It's not an exaggerating statement, Malleus thinks and firmly believe in your relationship.
He also loves your sad vulnerable side, it shows how human you are to him. You're not in a perfect shape, you break a bit, but you shine. You shine so bright even if your world closes in :')
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pearlwhitecats · a day ago
Tumblr media
A Nahime x Idia thing cuz someone suggested them on Instagram and I think they could be cute!!!
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ladyqahnaarin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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toreii · a day ago
Tumblr media
SSR DORM IDIA❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️
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hiilikeanimelol · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
OK so idia but with different colour flames, lowkey in love with the second to last one
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writer-akihiko · 15 days ago
Hi! May I request something where Ace, Deuce, Vil, Riddle, Kalim, Malleus, and Idia become meta-aware (aka they realise they are in a game) and fall in love with the player in the real world? What would they do? It can be in whatever format you wish. Thank you for considering my request!
TWST Meta-Aware: Several Characters
I've always been really interested in this particular AU, but I really never got around to it because I get caught up in my angst. Well now I get to combine the two [unintentionally, the angst just sprung up from me] into this lovely work of mine.
Disclaimer: I am not the first person or the last to write in this AU with TWST. I am also not the originator of the idea, this is my own interpretation of the AU with the characters requested.
Warning: Dark content, Yandere content, Self-deprecating thoughts, Irrational thoughts. Please avoid the scenarios of [Malleus, Riddle, Idia, Vil] if you are uncomfortable with general dark content.
Malleus Draconia
He found it amusing, honestly. All this power gifted to him that he intended to protect you with… it's just some part of make-believe in your little world of entertainment
He's not as upset as he thought he would be. The husk that is your player character is the only way for him to interact with you after all, so he tries to be close to the sprite as possible
Whatever evil incarnate decided to create a horrendous system like gacha should burn by his dragon flames. Rate-ups? Percentile chances just for you to own his cards? It's preposterous
He enjoys being the one in your homescreen. He enjoys your touches, almost cooing into the feeling of you tapping his cheeks, purring when the touches are felt at his horns
He's sulking the moment you change the homescreen. What did he do wrong?
He doesn't go off-script. If any of the others caught on… it makes him angry just thinking about it
He has no idea when it comes to the code. He found a way to break his scripted lines once, but it's completely different from combining his magic and technology to permanently drag you into Twisted Wonderland
Riddle Rosehearts
He's having a crisis when he finds out. He's… fabricated?! Is he just a toy for you then?
It hit him then. The realisation of it all. He planned to confess after recovering from his Overblot, but when he tried to say any words, it was as if his mouth was glued shut
He's almost pissed every time he sees your player character. He wanted you, not the player that you hid by
Curiouser and curiouser… that was Riddle spending his time figuring out how to change his lines
Riddle hates the gacha with a passion. Why, his sweet YN… why would you risk it all for him? Can't you see him risking it all for you, with how much of his own cards he's ripping apart, just to get to you?
He manages to change his lines slightly. He's still in character! What Queen of Hearts wouldn't? When he's alone on the screen, he makes it more romantic, crushing the code that banned him before under his heel as he shows his kinder, romantic side to you
He's bringing you to Twisted Wonderland, especially after you stared at his homescreen sprite longingly, tears brimming at the corners of your eyes
Don't worry. He'll be there for you. He'll keep the farce of a dream around you when you're actually in Wonderland, as you fall deeper, and deeper into him…
Ace Trappola
He had to avoid you for a while. He needed to wrap his head around the fact that you were lying to him the whole time. He believed that the entire story was a lie to his heart and his feelings for you
With time, Ace realised that the value wasn't in besting Deuce in the fake scripts or taking centre stage in stories. It was about being chosen, by you
It was a cruel, twisted world he was in. Waiting to be your favourite, amongst the many, many characters and personalities. He stood out more than others for sure, since his prologue debut
His first act however, is spying on the husk that imitated your actions around them. He snuck in, seeing the truth of the unresting doll on your supposed bed
He pitied you even more, since this worthless doll was taking the life that you escaped to each night you logged in the game!
Through observing your doll character, he found a way to change his 2D Live animations slightly. Soon, he found a way to distort the pre-written script in the text lines. His final victory against this technology he didn't understand was the voiced lines, as he said whatever he wanted to you
One line of comfort from Ace warmed your heart, as you teared up behind the screen, sniffling words of thanks. Oh, you'd have so much to thank him for once you both meet, and he'd finally have the chance to hold you in his arms… so wait for this hero, won't you?
Deuce Spade
Deuce can't comprehend it. He's just entertainment for you? Competing with the other people in the school for your attention? Fine, he'll entertain this comparison game of yours!
It felt poisonous to say the scripts he never meant. Even in casual conversation, his program is designed to eventually leave you alone once you've chatted enough with him
He's delusional. He believes that you really love him once you've placed him on the holy pedestal of your homescreen
He's bitter at the gacha when his cards don't go to their rightful owner. How cruel of a system, denying what was rightfully yours
He has thoughts about leaving this world to go to yours instead. He has nothing to lose, the only thing he really has to lose is you if you ever decide the game too boring or difficult for you
He changes the script, even in the main story. He lost nights worth of sleep figuring out the stupid pattern, but now he can say whatever he wants to you, even during the main story
He enjoys the cards of his. He can show more of his charms, with the new outfits and voiced lines
It may take awhile, but he's willing to wait for you, so please… don't give up on him
Kalim Al-Asim
He isn't as devastated as you might think. He's more on the delusional side, believing your story since you both were literally worlds apart
He just had to find a way to bridge the two worlds and you both will have your happily ever after right?
He clings to the husk of a doll at night, dragging the doll to his bed as he cuddled against you each night, dreaming of what you would actually look like
One thing akin to the story is that Kalim often gets what he wants, and sure enough he gets the chance to change his line because of a little glitch in the game he might've planted
Only you get to hear the special lines from him, and no one else. Any other cards of the students are as stale as ever, but his… His cards were special
Through the glitch, he finally saw you. His eyes filled with need to hold you face to face with him, as he dreams of intertwining his hands in yours
Kalim has to figure out a way soon, before your eyes drift over to anyone else's cards. Soon, you'd be part of a whole new world with him… Just Kalim…
Idia Shroud
He shuts himself away the moment he realises what was truly going on. Fine, if the system really gets in his way then all he has to do is to break the system itself
He'll make a new one, it's alright. One where no stupid code twists his tongue around and controls him like the puppet he was in the story
He manages to rig the gacha system just for you, so that whatever you wish for gets sent to your inbox. He'll dress up just for you, no worries… Just, encourage him won't you?
He concluded early on that Twisted Wonderland was way better than yours. If it weren't… then explain why you confided in his homescreen with your deepest secrets as you cried, being comforted by his voiced lines?
He's so close… He really is. He experiments on the so called technology of the doll you disguise yourself as
Soon, he can hear your real voice and face through the doll with his modifications. He's elated, hugging the doll at night during his anxious episodes
He's nearing the end, at this point feeling your warmth through the doll. One more night, and you'd soon be in his world
Vil Schoenheit
He's horrified that all he dedicated his life for was a waste. Was his suffering a joke to you then, darling? If that's the case, you'll suffer right next to him, serving this envious Queen
He's desperate to find answers really. You don't see much appearance of him in the week, but after that… he's flaunting his all to you as a male peacock would to attract attention
He's not losing to the wretched potatoes who think they even have the slimmest of chances to stay on your homescreen. Why walk the runway when he can run the talking portion of your homescreen?
He gets up early to impress, no doubt. He's delighted whenever you receive a new card for him! It's his chance to dress up!
His plan starts slow, changing the intonations of his voice so that the lines are less cruel than they are meant to be… Then they start to get more comforting, and some borderline romantic
He takes care of the doll you disguise in everyday, even when you possess it. You just don't notice how he pampers you
Vil doesn't try to use or trample others. No one should know his true intentions but you, and he'll rightfully win you in his arms as compensation for the lies he had to live through
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mysteryshoptls · 20 days ago
Player Birthday Log-In Message Lines
Requested by @cynthinesia. If I misunderstood, and you were looking for what the boys say when you log in on their birthday, then you can find them here: 2020-2021 Birthdays / 2021-2022 Birthdays
These are all the messages that you get from the boys when you log in on the birthday that you set in-game! For those that want to hear them again, you can find them in the Archive, under the tab その他 → 監督生バースデー.
Tumblr media
Looks like we cannot have an Unbirthday Party today. Birthdays only come around once a year. It's essential to eat cake, open gifts, and properly enjoy yourself.
Eh? Was there something going on today? ...Siiiike, I'm kidding! It's your birthday today, right? Of course I remembered. Happy birthday, Prefect.
Oi, so it's your birthday today? ...Don't be such a stranger, you shoulda told me. I gotta celebrate my buddy's birthday in grand fashion. Come, I'll treat you to something from the dining hall.
Happy birthday! Don't be so surprised I remember... Of course I wouldn't forget such an important day, you know? I've properly prepared a present that you'll definitely love. There can be no doubt cause Cay-kun chose it for you ♪
Happy birthday. I did my best to create a special birthday cake for you. You'll have to wait until you taste it to know what makes it special. Everyone's waiting restlessly, so let's hurry and join them.
Tumblr media
You don't have to look at me with such a wistful face, I at least know when your birthday is. So sorry I couldn't be jumping for joy.
Oi, it seems like today's your birthday. ...Here, your present. I-It's not like I timed it to hand it over while you were all by yourself or anything! Don't get the wrong idea.
You've eaten good food, gotten presents, and everyone's been nice to you. ...You don't need any well wishes from me, then, right? Kidding~ Shishishi! That's just a joke. Happy birthday!
Tumblr media
Happy birthday! Today, as a special offer, I shall grant you one wish. ...Oh, this is not a trade by any means. This is simply an investment into your future self.
Happy birthday. It may be meager, but here is a present from me... Ah, but please don't open it here. That would be no fun, so please open it confidentially on your own... ?
Hey, Koebi-chan~ Today's your birthday, right? Fufuun, it's useless to try to hide it. I'm gonna celebrate with you a bunch, so you better be ready. Ehehehe.
Tumblr media
Hey, hey, let's hurry and go to the lounge! I heard it was your birthday today, so I got a band and a feast, elephants and golden camels and peacocks... Basically there's a bunch of stuff prepared for you! Such a happy day needs to be celebrated in grand fashion.
Seems like it's your birthday today. Happy birthday. I can't say I'll be able to celebrate it with elephants or camels, but I'll treat you to the extent of my abilities.
Tumblr media
Your birthday? Oh no, I had completely forgotten... As if. Don't underestimate my memory. Of course everything is fully prepared. You've gotten me to celebrate you, so you should be honored.
'S your birthday, yeah? I made jam outta the apples my parents sent me, y'want it? ...What's wrong, you've got a weird look on your face. Did I say something weird, maybe?
Bon anniversaire! Your birthday is a very special day for me. Because this is the day that something so beautiful was brought into the world, yes? It's truly a happy occasion.
Tumblr media
...Isn't it bothersome to be wished happy birthday by someone you're unfamiliar with? It's hard to react to presents you don't want too... Eh, it's not like that? Oh, I see... Th-Then, uh-h-h, h-h-happy b... b-b... birthday.
Happy birthday! I did a ton of research, but I couldn't figure out what present you'd be happy with... Ah, but if it's something online, I can gift you classified information. What would you like?
Tumblr media
So, today is the day you were born, happy birthday. Speaking of which, have you had your birthday party? ...I see. No, I just thought I'd ask. My invitation hadn't arrived, so I was curious.
Apologies. I had remembered it was your birthday, but was unable to prepare everything in time... No, excuses are no good. In place of a present, I'll join you today for whatever you want to do all day.
What are you doing here? You're meant to eat your favorite foods, sing and be celebrated on your birthday. The fact that you don't even know that much... It can't be helped, I'll teach you how to spend your birthday the right way!
Hm, what day was today again...? Ohh, it's your birthday! No wonder Malleus has been restless since this morning. Please continue to get along well with Malleus and the others. I'm counting on you.
Tumblr media
Happy birthday, yanno! You're my minion, so. Just for today, I'll share my tuna cans with you. ...Eh? You don't want it? Wh-why's that!?
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twst-shenanigans · a month ago
twst Incorrect quote #186
Computer: *please enter a password*
Idia: *types in MC’s name*
Computer: *that is a weak password*
Idia: “How f.cking dare you-!”
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urstruly-ghst · 29 days ago
This would be a continuation of the above hehe.... Could he ask for Headcannons from the dorm leaders upon seeing his girlfriend being hit on frequently because she is the only female in NRC and loves to sing and dance to all kinds of music, and that he would run so much until other guys from other schools hit on him too? In advance, thank you very much ❤️
note : ... Head empty... Just,, protective twst boys
Tumblr media
riddle rosehearts
Your relationship with Riddle was smooth sailing! Sure, the bumps of the relationships tend to root from your shenanigans with the trio, but you both work it out and be a lovely couple!
Riddle alongside your guidance, is now slightly confident in being your lover with time. He even learned to be more loving of music!
However, even with the title of your boyfriend, and you his girlfriend, he felt as if people don't get the idea. Riddle noticed you being surrounded by suitors of all kind! It boils his blood and makes him fume with the anger.
Riddle, knowing that lashing out isn't worth the troublesome actions, first tried to calm down before making an action. He let a few breaths before coming to you, holding your waist in a tight yet loving grip.
He'll stare down at them, as they shake in fear, he smirked while he gave a small yet bashful peck on your cheek.
"Hands off, or its Off with your Head. Ah, my dear, off we go now. I swear, these people never read the rules!"
Tumblr media
leona kingscholar
Leona didn't expect to fall for the complete opposite of him, but here he is head over heels for you. He is so confident with you, heck, he even (begrudgingly) sang songs for you while dancing
He knows for a fact with your loving nature you'll be extra alluring for people of all kind, from the prissy princes from RSA to the rowdy Savanaclaw students he leads.
Leona growls when all this nonsense of stealing you away is prevalent, he sees them swooping in to help you with such small details that you (and maybe Leona) could do.
He definitely becomes pouty by the time you reach the private quarters you have, but on the exterior he'll just lazily sling his arm round you and whisper how you ought to get lost.
"Ah, Herbivore, move now. These... wimps don't stand a chance. You have me anyways."
Tumblr media
azul ashengrotto
Azul, sweet as ever, tries to subtly not let you get with contact with the problems of his customers. He knows a lot of his customers love you, sweet and caring with a passion. What's not to love?
Certainly, he knew you'd attractive force to customers, but this was quite a feat of such unknown. Shocking, however, burning his insides that's for sure. It churns a bit too much for his taste.
However, as much as this was unsavory, he still has the class to be smooth, sweet honeyed words will flow out as he lets another suitor of yours sign a contract.
Azul finds a sleek way to get them into his lounge, though, this time, its harsher than the people he had endure his contract with.
But, all away from your eyes, Azul wishes you'd nhe and you giggled underneath the sweet lights of the VIP room. Singing lovely songs you two found or made.
"Quite the evening now, beryl? Oh, please don't mind those suitors. Those people know better~"
Tumblr media
kalim al-asim
Pretty jolly, the moment you both are set serious, he became a good happy boyfriend you'd always expect from him.
However, as happy as he was, he was still looking out for those who seem to enjoy you the same way he does. Kalim feels insecurity seep in every once in a while, but you're there. He also just doesn't mind, let them crowd in your glory!
Kalim lets people be, he was a happy person with people who loves you. What's not to love? Truly, he trusts you and the people who are around you, after all, you're his girlfriend!
If a time comes where he himself has to face the suitors that crowd you, he would be calm. He would banter, smile, but he would politely ask to let them step down. If all else fails, so be it. He'll show them.
"You're really kind, so may I ask to let us off? Unless you want an endless pool, so be it!"
Tumblr media
vil schoenheit
Being his girlfriend, it meant love with security. It wasn't just some reassurance, it wasn't just some words thrown in the quiet bedrooms, it was actions and words put into play. That's why Vil is content with your suitors, he knows that you both would choose one another in any situation. With or without suitors.
Vil loves you, and even if he was the confident person he was, you can see his insecurity spark when someone comes up. Yes, he is confident, but his childish behavior is still there.
Vil wants to ignore them, and he will! After a few remarks between you, he's going to show to others and your suitors how serious is he with you.
They'd cower, seeing the confident Vil flaunting his girlfriend, and seeing as how you both clearly have this bond strong.
It was clear, even with no actions or words from Vil, that they have to stand down. However, if one person just was as bold as one can be, Vil just knows he'll enjoy to play mind games with such.
"Schatz, are they bothering you? Obviously. Anyways, run along now, we are both occupied with ourselves. Come on, schatz!"
Tumblr media
idia shroud
Idia found confidence in your grace, he'd be happy to indulge in your boost up, but he knew you won't be able to be with him forever.
So, he tries to subtly get out of the bubble you two created for each other. Ortho even helps him with the amount of pressure he endures.
Idia expected people would want to steal you, every corner is people rowdy with chants of how you two shouldn't be with each other.
But Idia's rebuttals and harsh words put them down in a second. He may not be confrontational, but he is quite blunt and harsh with words.
"And you're just an excuse of a sorry fellow kohai-shi! My awesome girlfriend--! Ah, yes, my Persephone, we'll get going.."
Tumblr media
malleus draconia
People who messed with him is rare, he was always a strong entity over people especially now since he rules over your love life. (More like subtly be his mate and you his light)
Your love is quite the romance, it was like a prince and princess of the cheesiest fairytale, too sweet for even intervention.
However, the only ones who can best him are those snotty princes or courtier who happens to like taking a challenge. They don't quite believe he is serious about you
But, he was furious and huffs at your suitors. He growls at those who level up their game with you, but he knows your love was strong and healthy enough to overshadow them.
"My queen is more important than you, so please quit your nonsense talk of whisking her away!"
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aio-rya · 2 months ago
Idia's Madness Fanart~
And maybe this small theory I had on a dream —yep, almost poetic, but I swear it's true.
First, Azul's fanart I found by the same artist.
Tumblr media
Now, the main image:
Tumblr media
Idia may not torture them —since, well, remember this is Disney's work though if it were only Yana's, things could get lot darker and tbh, we all would love it— but yes, he may run some tests that will make his classmates uncomfortable, he is currently the head of the company by his parents command and he is just doing what they tell him to. So it could become so much pressure for him to handle, then, pop! We have Idia's Overblot.
Plus, we're supposed to have Pomefiore students helping us this chapter, perhaps Vil has a talk with Idia at some point, while he knows the public pressure of being a celebrity, he could understand Idia's pressure of being a genius. Maybe he feels understood and then guilty by the familiar business...
Now! Go give some love to the original artist!
Translation: αιο
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viviraptor-art · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the day i learned that idia's hair turns pink when he's flustered is the day my life changed forever
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ninsectoid · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
“冥府の番人” Idia / Cerberus (イデア / ケルベロス)
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stormgardenscurse · a month ago
I got an idea! For the dorm leaders, picture this: the leaders are about to retire for the night but suddenly hey spot reader standing in the middle of the dark dorm lounge or maybe even in front of the leaders’ bedroom doorway (kinda like scary horro movie grudge style standing)... they find out that the reader is actually sleepwalking! Headcanons plsss
Riddle almost attacked with magic until he registered that it was just you - he’s encountered many things over his two years here, with students causing trouble or just overworking, so he’d intended to just off your head if you were the former.
He gets understandably concerned about how you managed to sleepwalk all the way to the lounge - the hallways in Heartslabyul are a maze of their own, so there’s a chance you might get hurt by accident.
Riddle lectures you a bit about precautions to take, before stopping because it was clear you were too tired - he leaves you with a message of his worry and tells you to let him know if there’s anything he can help with. He’s the dorm head after all - looking after students was his duty.
Leona sensed your presence by his doorway after he stirred from his sleep. Wondering if something was up, he opens the door with an odd sense of foreboding. Was this some cheap trick or prank? If it was, the culprit better--
(Okay, so it wasn’t.) His predatory aura fades as he realises that you were… sleeping?
Leona snorts, not quite believing what was happening - out of all the places you could’ve ended up, you literally went to the lion’s den, huh? Leona calls out your name, and you wake up to him with crossed arms and the slightest of smirks on his lips.
“If you wanted to see me so badly, you can come back during the day. Be more careful, herbivore - not every lion is as nice as me.”
Logically, Azul should be used to things like these, seeing as the ocean wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows - but this wasn’t the ocean, and he only had two legs to speed-walk back to his room after he saw someone standing in the lounge like something out of a horror movie. No, he didn’t need that snack or extra pen from the lounge anymore. He can get it tomorrow-
When you muttered something in your sleep, Azul froze as he recognised your voice. 
...Ahh, seriously? He comes closer to confirm that it was indeed you, and goes to pick up what he needed initially. Before he goes, Azul leads your still-sleeping self back to your room. He leaves a note on your bedside to discuss your little encounter tomorrow - sure, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but you still owed him a little bit, didn’t you?
A scream pierces through the night in Scarabia dorm… It wasn’t that loud, but seeing as Jamil was roomed nearby, he came out to check on the commotion since it sounded like Kalim. 
One can never be too careful when it came to the safety of a guy you’re technically supposed to protect - needless to say, you had a pretty high chance of getting hit by an object in Kalim’s defence that night.
Don’t worry though! As soon as Kalim regained his senses and figured out it was just you, he exclaimed your name and carefully woke you up. That was enough for Jamil to let out a sigh of relief and put down the umbrella he randomly grabbed.
Considering the many relatives Kalim has, between them they’d probably have a home remedy for your sleep if you’d like to try it!
Searches for the light switch because he wasn’t just about to believe there was a ghost or monster in the dorm - and just as reason would have it, it was in fact only you!
...Let's not talk about how he drew his magicpen at first. He pockets it since he won’t be needing it, but Vil was very much ready to send a curse flying if the situation came to that. 
He’s another one that checks if you’re alright before proceeding to guide you back to your room - once he’s fairly sure you likely won’t wander off again, Vil makes a note to himself to talk to you about this the next day; sure, your sleepwalking might just be genetics, but he doesn’t ignore the possibility of it being caused by stress or other things.
Convinces himself that this was kinda just another game to keep his cool. It works, with Idia equipping an item from his inventory: his phone! 
Yeah, um... you woke up to a bright light in your face (his flashlight, to be specific). Clearly this only disorients or annoys you, so Idia has to wait for you to regain your bearings and sit through your complaints afterwards (not that he could blame you, he’d be irritated as well if someone shone a light in his face).
However Idia does point out that this wasn’t his fault alone! With how he found you, he thought he was in a horror game simulator or something!
Might do a bit of research regarding sleepwalking and your specific symptoms; if things like an alarm for your room would help, he’d be more than able to provide you with a gadget!
He was on a walk when he noticed your form at the lounge. With his senses, Malleus knew it was you and wasn’t too alarmed, however he was thrown off a bit when he realised (after saying your name) that you were in fact asleep.
It reminded him of the tale of the witch of thorns… Well, regardless, Malleus figured that you might’ve been bothered about something to have sleep-walked (since you normally didn’t), thus he whispered a spell to help soothe your mind and grant you a pleasant dream.
Malleus gently linked your hands to guide you back to the safety of your room. Before he leaves, he conjures a vase of flowers next to your bedside; it was said that the fragrance these kinds could help with sleep, after all. Perhaps tomorrow he would ask to see if that was true (if you felt well-rested.)
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wolken-himmel · 5 months ago
In which Idia reluctantly takes (Y/n) to his home to meet his parents during school break.
There, his mother seems especially smitten by (Y/n) and even, much to Idia's embarrassment, begs her not to leave him in fear that her son will never find a girlfriend again.
Request by @elenatheartist18.
Tumblr media
"Is it always this cold and dark here, Idia?"
The hallway that stretched out in front of you was eerily dark and cold, too. The Shroud Estate sure was no homely place — at least not to you; Idia seemed unbothered by the creeping cold and the utter darkness. Well, at least Ortho's and Idia's hair did a good job at illuminating the darkness, so you weren't completely blind if you made sure to stick close to the two pair of siblings.
The tips of Idia's hair flickered with how tightly you clung to his slim arm, and he suddenly considered himself lucky that he wore his extra-thick jacket today in fear that the slightest trace of your hands running over his exposed skin would have made him faint right then and there. You, too, were happy that the jacket he wore was fluffy enough to accommodate for your comfort, as well.
Idia shrugged, yet still was worried when he saw you visibly trembling and exhaling raggedly. "Yeah. I guess I just got used to the cold—" Idia explained and was about to return his attention to his phone when your eyes flashed in mischief. In one single swoop, you detached yourself from his arm and reached out to carefully take his long tresses of flaming blue hair into your hands. Idia, shocked, almost dropped his phone. "H-Hey! What are you doing—?"
Laughing at how he froze, you simply continued to collect most of his hair before wrapping it around your neck to act like a scarf. And indeed, you let out a blissful sigh once you could feel the comfortable warmth his hair exuded warming up the skin around your neck-area. "I'm cold, and your hair is fire," you cooed upon finally turning to the boy whose hair you were using as a scarf. "It was the only logical thing to do, Idia."
Idia's hands were trembling in surprise. "You could have warned me—!" he whined and shakily put away his phone before he could accidentally throw it at the wall.
"You know how sensitive Big Brother is." Ortho giggled, who had been quietly floating next to you, carrying your luggage, until now. "You wouldn't want to break him, would you?"
"Ortho," the flustered boy complained, "I'm not weak!"
The young boy giggled once again and shook his head innocently. "I didn't say that—"
"Hush, you two," you cut in as you buried your face in the impromptu scarf you had made out of your boyfriend's hair of flames. The two males' eyes turned to you, and they looked at you expectantly, although Idia couldn't really bear to look you in the eyes in fear of melting at the adorable sight of you using his hair as a scarf. "Aren't we late on meeting your parents already?"
Before any of your companions could say anything, a foreign yet soft voice said, "Yes, you are."
Before you could process what was happening, Idia's hair was promptly unwinded from around your neck since a small figure zoomed forward and latched onto the boy standing next to you. The gust of wind sent you tumbling, but Ortho caught you with inhuman reflexes before you could fall over.
"M-Mother—" Idia cried out as he tried his best to push the woman away that was hugging him with a vice grip — or maybe Idia was just weak. A large frown appeared on his face when the woman with brown hair got onto her toes to cover his pale face with kisses. "Please... remember what I told you about body contact?"
Mrs. Shroud giggled and shot her son an apologetic smile before she detached herself from him to join her husband's side again, a tall and intimidating man with the same blue hair and pale complexion that Idia and Ortho possessed, although Mr. Shroud's hair was much shorter than theirs. Mr. and Mrs. Shroud were a curious pair, you noticed; the beautiful and bright brunette with a large smile on her face didn't look like she belonged to such a dark and depressing place as this.
"Oh, dear children!" Mrs. Shroud cried out as she pulled Ortho into a hug that the robot-boy eagerly returned. "We missed you so much!"
Mr. Shroud nodded, a small smile on his lips, as he looked down at you from his tall height. "Welcome home," he said curtly, his voice deep and gruff, a large contrast to his wife's.
You were so focused on staring at your boyfriend's father, feeling a little bit squeamish in his presence, that you didn't notice his mother approaching you with an excited sparkle in her shimmering green eyes, the only bright thing here aside from the others' hair. She quickly grabbed you by your shoulders and looked you up and down, causing a startled yelp to escape your lips. "Idia, is this your girlfriend?" Mrs. Shroud asked joyously, and although she made you feel slightly uncomfortable, she was the only one in this place that made you feel welcome somehow. Soon, she began gushing over you. "Aren't you a pretty one? And you're sure you want to be with our son—?"
Idia furrowed his eyebrows, offended. "Hey!"
"Oh..." Mrs. Shroud, completely ignoring her sons's weak protests, narrowed her eyes in worry when she could feel you trembling with how her hands still lay on your shoulders. Tilting her head to the side, she softly mumbled, "You seem cold, dear—"
You nodded sheepishly. "Y-Yeah— it's so cold here..." Nonetheless, you could still feel Mr. Shroud's pressing gaze lingering on you, and his wife seemed curious and excited to know more about you, too. So, trying to cease your trembling, you put up a smile and exclaimed, "But it's nice to meet you! I'm (Y/n)."
"I can only say the same!" Mrs. Shroud laughed in a warm way, warm enough to comfort you somehow. The difference in aura between Idia's parents was clear as day and night — and it threw you off horribly. The small brunette giggled as she slung an arm around you, and you could feel the warmth she exuded. "Let me tell you, when I arrived here, I was horribly cold, too, at first. You get used to it, though! And my husband made sure to give me lots of blankets and cloaks. Oh— also, eating that pomegranate really helped getting used to the cold down here!"
"By chance— could I have one, too?" you asked, a little bit embarrassed — but at least her friendly demeanour made you less shy and awkward. "A blanket, of course... not a pomegranate."
"Of course you can," Mr. Shroud replied politely, and his eyes softened when he gazed at his wife ever so affectionately. "Dearest, will you procure our guest something warm?"
Mrs. Shroud nodded eagerly, although she simply kept on rambling while taking off her own coat to drape it around your shoulders without a second thought. It was only then that you noticed that her dress consisted of bright colours like orange and green — a large contrast to her husband's black and dark blue gown. She didn't seem to mind your flustered expression at all and simply kept on talking and talking, as innocent as a child.
"Oh, I used to live somewhere warm with my mother before I became betrothed to my husband," she said, laughing softly. "I get to visit my mother every spring... although I do miss her quite a lot— and now our children are gone all the time, too! Not as if things were really lively here with Idia around— but I'm sure you staying here will make this place much more bright! You'll stay for a while, won't you? We always have a few spare guest bedrooms! And I'm sure Idia would be happy, too."
Idia, who had been trying to disappear within his oversized jacket, peeked out when he finally couldn't take it anymore. "Mother, no—" he cried out, close to sobbing already.
Mrs. Shroud, as energetic as ever, clasped her hands together and shot you a desperate look, one that made your heart sink in pity. "So, please don't leave our son—" she exclaimed, and her husband joined in with a small nod. Idia's hair by then was flickering around wildly in anger and embarrassment. "We never ever thought our son would have a girlfriend with how he never left his room— but now you're here!"
Confused, you merely managed to croak out, "Ma'am—"
The way Mrs. Shroud was smiling from ear to ear prevented you from saying anything that could wipe that smile from her face. "Take good care of our son, alright?" she asked softly, genuinely overjoyed with your presence, which touched you greatly.
"Mother!" Idia hissed furiously and looked at his father for help. "Stop embarrassing me like that!"
Much to Idia's dismay, his father was of no help and only made things worse by throwing in, "I do have to say that I certainly did not expect you to bring home a girlfriend, son." A humoured smile decorated Mr. Shroud's pale face as he watched his wife fuss all over you from the corner of his eye, his attention lingering on his son. "I thought you were jesting when we got your letter."
"Stop it!" Idia yelled out, but his parents wouldn't stop with their efforts to embarrass the poor boy any further. Ortho, having pity on his older brother, patted his head in an attempt to calm him down again. Idia had his face buried in his trembling palms. "I shouldn't have brought you here, (Y/n)..."
"No no! Don't say that!" Mrs. Shroud playfully glared at her son for saying such a thing and merely led you away from him and down the corridor. "Now we have plenty of time to spend with our future daughter-in-law!"
Mr. Shroud followed closely behind, quite happy as well. "Let us begin the festivities at once."
Idia stood frozen in his place. "I want to die. Now."
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writer-akihiko · a month ago
Hello!! Could I please request the dorm leaders with a s/o who is the queen of an entire country back in her world? Thank you!!
Dorm Leaders + Queen!MC
This is based on European monarchy, so for those who are unaware, usually the lover of a Queen would have a title of Prince, not King. Besides that, thank you for the request for a very fluffy scenario!
Malleus Draconia
He found it interesting how you understood the concepts of the book he was reading, particularly about managing a nation
He didn't expect your words to come from experience, although he never guessed that you were a queen. He assumed that you were in a similar position to Lilia…
You enjoyed helping your lover during his extra lessons, cuddling up to him as he studies his texts as per Lilia told him to
He was a King in preparation after all, although he must admit that he might have purposefully forgotten some concepts just to get you to teach him
It was then on revealed that back in your world, you were a young Queen ruling your people
He was attentive in listening to your stories about your country, and how much you missed your world
The Prince wondered if you ever regret not being able to continue your duties
"What if you were... the new Queen of the Faes instead?"
Riddle Rosehearts
It wasn't long before you admit to Riddle that you were a queen…
After all, with his different interpretation of a queen, you were quick to correct him
"It is customary for a queen to host an unbirthday party!"
Riddle is in awe that his lover was a queen herself! How fortunate he was!
He goes out of his way to learn the etiquette you did as a queen, even altering slight details in his uniform to match yours
Riddle was attentive in listening to your stories, but it was then he found out that there was more to being a queen than he thought…
Ruling a country surely intrigued him, but the Queen of Hearts' duties were not far off
He secretly asked you things such as the customs of your country
He surprised you with a tea party with an attempt to mimic the customs of your country, even trying to mimic the dress that you described
"A queen like yourself YN, only deserved the best such as a future queen myself~"
Kalim Al-Asim
Compared to Kalim's outburst of energy, you were a little reserved with yourself. It interested anyone as to how the two of you got together
However, the both of you typically find comfort in each other's company
You were quick to open up about your origins, but Kalim never minded you being a queen
With the way you carried yourself, he wasn't surprised that you were nobility, but a queen of an entire country?
With his manners, he couldn't help but be polite to you whenever he saw you… Although you did tell him to take it easy, he couldn't help but write home that he was dating a queen…
Kalim would also try to be formal on your dates, but there was no pressure on him. He does try to recreate dresses from your country for you
"S-Sorry YN, you just look so adorable… I mean, Queen YN!"
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul noticed that you were feeling a little solemn, as you looked at a photograph
He wasn't as quick to take a peak, but he brought your favourite drink along
You weren't one to hide it from him, so you explained that today was the Founder's Day for your country, and how much you missed your country as their queen
He was shocked, unable to form a word. He?? Was dating a queen?
After his short-circuit, he felt guilty that he was keeping you with him in the current moment
Of course, it wasn't your dear Azul's fault. He listened to you as you explained the festivals of your country
You slyly mentioned that you'd happily crown Azul as your prince if you were to ever go back
Your Azul didn't know how to react to the title bestowed on him. How was he going to uphold it? How was he going to explain it to his family?
The teasing cheered you up, but more than anything, Azul began to think about the future between you and him
"You make a wonderful Queen, Angelfish… And I'm just as willing to be your prince."
Idia Shroud
He thought it was a dream honestly… There was suspicion that you both were hiding something from each other, but now his secret about S.T.Y.X pales in comparison to yours
A queen?! Is he in a game? And did he just win the jackpot?!
He knew his parents would be strict with whoever his future partner, but since you were a queen, he had no doubt that he can finally achieve the final chapter of marriage with you!
Of course, he wondered how he could create a country he'd never seen before in VR the moment you said you missed your home country dearly
Clothes and food were easy to imitate, and he'd be lying if he said he wasn't addicted to some of your country's treats
You found it adorable at how hard he was trying. But it was not long before Idia had completed the project!
You'd never imagine to see your country in VR, but there you were. Out of you joy, you gave your Idia a kiss
"It- It was nothing YN! I… I did good right?"
Leona Kingscholar
You didn't keep your secret for long… Leona was quick to mention that he was a prince, which you in turn said that you were a queen
It didn't really get in the way, but you were pretty open when talking to Leona about officials you'd hate, or trying to get away with things
Even though he vowed to never fall for royalty, you were his exception. You were someone who never pressured him, and besides that, from hearing you, he knew you were a great leader
He's tempted to carry you home and present you to his brother with the words of 'Hey, I can marry this person right?'
Of course he brings you back to his hometown! He's excited to go home for once, to show you the ways of his people
He doesn't know what to say when you miss your hometown. However, the best he could give you is a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on
"Hey Prin- ah, I should call you Queen right? Since you decided to call me Prince…"
Vil Schoenheit
Everything Vil did was to his standards, and he exuded the same energy a confident queen would in the theoretical sense
Finding you living as simply as you did in NRC intrigued him, and it wasn't as if it were an odd activity…
He doesn't know how to describe it to the point it drove him ever so curious
You were dignified, yet casual. So well-informed, yet unapproachable…
He wasn't one to listen in, but he might have Rook snoop around just a little. The moment he found out…
There was nothing standing in his way, but he had much to learn from a proper Queen like you
He trails you, wanting to be in your company. Of course, it was not long before his curiosity bloomed to affection
It was a casual relationship, both supporting each other, relying on each other for comfort than any further pursuit of affection
Does he dress you and himself up to pretend in royal scenarios? Yes, only for your eyes
"It's the first time I'm referred to as a Prince… but it's expected! I'm a Queen's lover, yours to be exact."
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