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the housewardens meeting your ex
Tumblr media
featuring !! gn!reader, riddle rosehearts, leona kingscholar, kalim al asim, azul ashengrotto, vil schoenheit, idia shroud, malleus draconia 
riddle rosehearts 
eyebrows immediately go straight down. furrowed. bro is Not Impressed. looks like this the whole time: (`ー´)
the two of you were studying in the library when you wave someone over, standing up to… hug a man???
riddle knows you’re very comfortable with physical affection, but his stomach still falls when you lightly hug the other man and he hugs you back
goes into Housewarden Mode 
“Physical embracing is quite improper in the library.” 
the other man. laughs????
riddle decides he does not like him At All (feels inferior that your ex isn’t scared of him)
gets a little comforted when you laugh, and take his hand 
“this is riddle, my boyfriend!” 
yeah!!! he is your boyfriend!! still mad but always loves it when you call him your boyfriend. puffs his chest out a little. looks like this: (҂ `з´ )
why does the other man look sad?? 
you introduce your ex to riddle, vaguely leaving out the part that hes. your ex. 
riddle kinda ejects himself from the conversation, and just stands awkwardly to the side
tends to shy away from conversation with a group of new people, as he gets discouraged when he sees how well they get along without him 
you obviously notice this, and politely tell your ex that you need to study more with riddle 
“considering our past, you know that i could always help you study instead” 
riddle’s heart. drops. 
what past??? doesn’t he know you’re dating him now???? what past???? why is this man flirting with you?? what past???
immediately asks “What Past??”
his voice is cold. defensive. low. a little Sexy 
your ex looks bashful now, and blushes a little when he says “oh, we used to date!” 
your ex: (〃>_<;〃)
you: (o・_・)
riddle: ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐
riddle is Not Happy but he also doesn’t want to be featured on Yandere Simulator 
why didn’t you tell him? were you trying to hide it? do you still like him?
goes into a self deprecating mindset, thinks he’s not as suave or cheerful as your ex was 
you have to remind him that he’s your ex for a reason, and that you broke up with him 
you hug him really tight in the corner of the library 
obviously you don’t like your ex anymore, but riddle doesn’t know this, so you pack up your studying materials and quickly take riddle to the nearest cafe 
you order all his favorite things and reassure him that he is The Only One For You 
riddle’s still a little insecure but melts at how sweet u are 
and besides. which one is the housewarden of heartslabyul?? which one is still dating you? not your ex, that’s for sure 
leona kingscholar 
was napping in the greenery with you when some man wakes you up
too busy yawning to notice that he’s hugging you?????
and then. sees it. 
goes into Alpha Mode 
snakes a protective hand around your waist and just sits there and glares at your ex 
first of all, does this guy have any boundaries? shouldn’t he know you’re dating him by the fact you were just cuddling in the greenery??
your ex’s face is a little white as leona glares Absolute Holes into him 
if looks could kill…. he’d be dead…. in the greenery…. yay?
“who’re you?” leona growls and Omg you are totally not blushing at his slightly raspy voice after just waking up 
“oh, i’m their ex” ( ̄ε ̄@)
i don’t think leona is particularly the jealous type because he like Knows his self worth and is very confident in himself, hes just mad that someone woke the two of you up
you introduce leona, but honestly introductions aren’t that necessary because you’d have to be living in a grass hut in the middle of nowhere to not know who Leona Kingscholar is 
“this is leona, my boyfriend!” 
leona covers his face with his hand (VERY DISCREETLY) to hide the red dusting his cheeks 
still not used to you calling him his boyfriend and feels so proud 
who even is your ex? does it even matter? you only have eyes for leona now and he knows it, so what’s the issue?
after your ex leaves leona drags you back down to continue napping 
“leona… are u ok?”
“why wouldn’t i be? you’re mine.” 
kalim al asim
kalim is 100% down for a new friend 
who’s ex even is it? by how friendly kalim is being you’re starting to think your ex is actually kalim’s
has absolutely 0 clue that he’s your ex and does not suspect a single thing 
you go to hug your ex? kalim goes to hug your ex! you go to talk to your ex? kalim goes to talk to your ex! it is a never ending cycle and you are Tired of It
that is… until he starts flirting with you 
kalim is so friendly that your ex doesn’t even know the two of you are dating, so he decides to rekindle some old sparks
your ex mentions on an offhand that you should meet him at a cafe and maybe try your relationship again 
cue… Jealous Kalim 
it’s not often Jealous Kalim emerges, but when he does…………. 
you didn’t even know kalim had the ability to be jealous, and it kind of pissed you off sometimes, but here he is!
“did you know WE’RE dating?? they’re mine, by the way” kalim says, smile so wide your ex starts shivering
is that evil in his eyes??? Pure Evil???? there is a reason kalim attends NRC and you are Shocked
your ex is a stuttering mess and quickly excuses himself from the conversation
kalim is back to his smiling self as soon as he’s gone because no matter what, kalim makes sure to never direct his anger towards you
wants to make sure that you always feel safe with him, and apologizes to you after 
“sorry, i think i might have gone a little too far!” (>﹏<)
has jamil make the two of you a nice home cooked meal after, and makes sure there’s no lingering feelings between you and your ex (there isn’t!) 
holds you extra tight that night 
azul ashengrotto 
is walking you to your next class when someone taps your back and pulls you into a hug 
immediately hovers a hand over the small of your back in concern 
are you ok with this?? are you comfortable with them?? who is this??
you assure him that it’s okay, and introduce him to your ex 
“this is my boyfriend, azul” 
blushes so hard. immediately goes to fix his glasses and readjust his hat, he will never get used to the butterflies that emerge when you call him your boyfriend
kind of glad that you bumped into this mysterious person just because you introduced him as your boyfriend ( ̄ω ̄ )
until your ex mentions that. he’s your ex??
his guard is up to full percent. adjusts his posture and tries so hard to look intimidating next to you 
is it working? maybe. 
very jealous. this type of jealous:
“you’re my favorite man” “you know other men????”
your ex, still blissfully unaware, asks you out on a date 
azul starts smirking. Evil Smirking. is taller than your ex and stares down at him with The Most Intimidating Smile on Earth 
puts a hand around your waist, pulling you close to him and away from your ex 
“didn’t they just mention that i’m their boyfriend?” 
smile wide, eyes cold. 
your ex is smart and Runs Away (what would i do? i would steal azul from you thats so Goddamn Sexy)
has jade and floyd secretly keep watch on your ex 
your ex wonders why his hairs are standing on edge every second of the day???
extra doting on you afterwards. you need a hug? he’s there. you need help studying? he’s there. you’re hungry? he’s there with food. 
vil schoenheit
was walking you back to your dorm after a shopping date 
doesn’t want his fans interrupting your date, so is wearing a hat, face mask, and sunglasses to hide his identity and looks like a Very Suspicious bodyguard
you’re laughing at something he says when suddenly a man approaches to hug you 
thinks it’s gross. gives you hand sanitizer after your ex removes from your embrace. watches the two of you converse under hooded eyes, arms crossed as he waits
vil schoenheit is not a Waiter 
your ex and you are trying to have a conversation but vil is just. emitting an aura that makes you shiver 
vil, behind his hat, mask, and sunglasses: ((╬◣﹏◢))
after a few minutes, he suddenly interjects into the conversation. demands to know who this plebeian is, and why he’s wasting your time
“oh, i’m their ex!” 
a second of silence passes
removes his disguise. suddenly vil in all of his glory is standing in front of your ex, his heels making him a good 2 inches taller than he already is 
your ex is confused. what is the campus celebrity doing with you?? he goes to reach for your hand, asking you if you know him? should you guys ask for a picture?
vil slaps his hands away. 
Slaps It 
“i’m their boyfriend. leave.” 
your ex is Shocked
scurries away. vil thinks he resembles a rat. 
tells you that your taste in men was horrible before him 
“did you see his hair? dryer than the scalding sands.” 
on your next date, vil doesn’t wear his disguise. hand is glued to your back as he assumes the position of a Very Intimidating Boyfriend taking his beloved out on a shopping spree
 idia shroud
is literally treating this like a final boss fight. clutching the back of your shirt because he’s so scared for some reason?????
thinks this incredibly hot guy has come to snatch you away from him and he is like 2 seconds away from tears 
you sense something is off with idia so you wrap an arm around his shoulders and introduce him to your ex 
“this is idia, my boyfriend!” 
your ex is So Amused by idia literally hiding behind you like a scared cat 
“hi, i’m their ex” 
literal silence falls between the three of you 
your head is darting between idia and your ex. is idia going to run away? you’re half expecting him to pull out his phone and start communicating through text. but then… idia gets. Angry???
your mouth is hanging open as idia marches over to your ex and towers over him, looking incredibly intimidating
“i’m dating them, so don’t get any funny ideas.”
is this your idia?? or a demon incarnate?
your ex rubs the back of his neck and excuses himself, moping away 
Smug Idia to Idia in Disbelief to Shocked Idia to Shy Idia 
(/ω\) “i can’t believe i did that!! are you ok with that?? did i scare him off? are you mad?” 
you are still in shock but are also Incredibly Attracted
idia just gained +100 points in the boyfriend category 
you will never let him forget this. you are also so proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone. the best boyfriend award goes to idia shroud 
malleus draconia
the most civil out of everyone 
was walking around campus with you pointing out the gargoyles and explaining their history. what a sexy brain he has 
your ex runs over to the two of you and hugs you, asking you how you’ve been 
stands to the side with a polite smile as he watches the two of you catching up 
he’s always happy when you meet up with a friend, but his smile fades when your ex asks you to catch up more over a date
looks at you with raised eyebrows. he trusts and respects you enough to hold out on your own, and wants to see what you’ll say. 
“oh, no. this is malleus, my boyfriend!” you say, introducing malleus from next to you. 
has a stupid smile on for the rest of the day 
out of all the titles malleus has, being your boyfriend is his favorite one
shakes your exes hand. your ex is a little frazzled and starstruck by malleus, and quickly leaves after 
malleus is very content with you 
presses a kiss to the top of your head 
“i love being your boyfriend”
you are so red. how did he turn meeting your ex into an adorable moment between the two of you???
like kalim, he’s more affectionate when cuddling at night and definitely holds you a little tighter
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Leona: No teacher I haven't done my homework. Ruggie had to do them so you should be mad at him.
Ruggie: What!? You never asked me to do them.
Leona: I believed it was a law of nature that didn't need to be mentioned out loud.
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pinkanonwrites · 2 days ago
A request if you’re feeling up to it, any twst characters you want arguing with the mc (they’re both crushing in each other but it’s not gone anywhere so far) and the mc just gets frustrated and yells “YOU WANT TO FUCK ME SO BAD IT MAKES YOU LOOK STUPID”
PLEASE this is hilarious. I picked a handful of characters I thought it would be the most funny with.
GN! Reader, NSFW-ish (Only the topic, not the actual content of their replies)
"Please! You wanna fuck me so bad it makes you look stupid!"
Tumblr media
"WHAT!?!" His voice hits a pitch usually only reserved for calling dogs. This is usually how your dynamic goes, to be honest, trading sharp words back and forth until you say something that sends Riddle into a spiral of fluster and embarrassment, barely able to string together coherent sentences in his adorable rage. This is just... A new level for him. You've seen Riddle get red, but this is red.
He can't help it, he instinctively casts his signature spell on you. Doesn't matter if you've got magic or not, that "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" is already leaving his lips and leaving a massive, heart-shaped collar hanging from your neck. It's his natural argument-ender, though the connotations in this particular case are much more embarrassing than usual.
He's tossing and turning all night that night, constantly playing back those words falling from your lips and sending him once again down a spiral of heat and humiliation. This cracked open a door in his mind he'd been desperately trying to avoid opening, a big locked door labelled 'REPRESSED FEELINGS' and now he has no clue how he's gonna talk to you like a regular human being the next time he sees you.
Tumblr media
Chokes on his tea mid-sip, having brought it to his lips to punctuate his sentence as a final "I got you." Little did he know you had the most Azul-breaking retort locked and loaded, and you only needed a few little words to completely shut down all higher function in his brain. Nd now he's got tea all down the front of his clean-pressed white shirt. Lovely.
You're probably too busy laughing at his spit take to see just how completely embarrassed he was, both by your statement and his retort. "I-I will be charging you for the dry cleaning bill!" He snaps back, but that only makes you laugh harder. God, he must be so red. Is it hot in here? Why is it so damn hot in here? The fluster seems to stay with him, a hint of red high on his cheeks for the rest of the day.
Every time he talks to you from that point on that interaction is gonna be lurking in the back of his mind. Just snickering evilly and waiting for the moment he lets his guard down so it can fluster him all over again. But it's for the best, because it does eventually get him to finally start prodding that the unfamiliar emotions he feels for you, carefully unraveling them to decipher just what they are and how he wants to handle them.
Tumblr media
You stop this boy dead in the middle of his sentence, and if he's carrying anything he's definitely going to drop it. Sure, your playful bickering/flirting could get a bit heated from time to time, but Epel never expected you to pull that one on him.
"Y-You wish!" He tries to retort, but the clearly embarrassed pause was there way too long for both of you to not consider the connotations. "...Anyway I gotta go I'll text ya later bye!" He makes himself scarce as quickly as possible, if only so you can't see how red his cheeks are turning as he all but sprints away.
Once he's alone he's kicking himself though, for his inability to look any cooler or say anything smoother than a stuttered and clearly embarrassed response. Maybe if he'd had the perfect retort he could figure out where exactly the two of you landed in your weird flirt-fight relationship, and if there was anything that could nudge it over to the next stage. Nothing to do about it now though except cover his face with a pillow and yell until his voice went hoarse.
Tumblr media
Add this phrase to the extensive list of "How to send Idia Shroud into cardiac arrest in twenty words or less." Because his retort is so panicked, so loud, and so laced with humiliated denial that it would be fair to assume that Idia certainly thought he was about to die, and just had to clear the air before he did.
He's shrieking and flailing in response, and you'd almost be a bit offended about how vehemently he denied the thought if it weren't for the fact that you knew already that Idia was just like this. He'll probably throw something at you if he's got something soft, a pillow or a plush from a favorite anime perhaps. It whips towards you with frightening accuracy, nearly taking you off your feet as Idia pulls the collar of his sweatshirt up to cover his blushing face. Not that it does much, considering you can see his flaming pink hair.
He's got cripplingly low self-esteem, to I think he feels dirty for even considering thinking about you in such a way, like he's tainting your image with his perverse thoughts alone. Unless you flat out tell him you like him it's doubtful to go anywhere, not because he can't read your signals but because he simply refuses to get his hopes up and risk humiliating himself.
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serena-1221 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Married Leona and MC with their son
⚠️Art by @panko_14, I'm just a translator
This is so so sweet... I love all this future Twst x MC stuff
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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831-floyd · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
gender-neutral reader
synopsis: at what moment did you and him realize that you didn't just like each other as a friend anymore?
When you two would have those playful banters. Leona doesn't feel like it's a competition whenever you and him would throw teasing remarks at each other. Unlike the others, it doesn't end with him being the winner who smirks smugly at the person. No, it ends with you smiling and laughing at your banters that makes him stare and just watch you. When you noticed his stare, you'd be teasing him once more. Leona, who scoffed, simply rest his hand on your head as he ruffles your hair to mess it up. Complaining to him about your hair now being all mess up, you told him that you'll get back at him. The appearance of his smug grin along with his response made you feel warm on the inside. "Try that if you can, (Name)."
When you two would missed each other. After Azul had helped you during the times on Scarabia, you begin to spend your time with him more often. Even if he's busy on Mostro Lounge, you'd be there to chat with him, of course after ordering something from the menu. And getting used to having you around, on those times that you're not with him, he'd secretly try to find you and approach you when he sees you. Though he got embarrassed when you teased him that he's missing you, the tables are immediately turned when he replies with a, "So what if I did?" His answer was genuine, but he didn't really realize what he just said until you grinned at him pretty widely. You did spend your time with him after that, and to lessen his embarrassment, you told him that you missed him too.
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twistedlotus · 13 hours ago
ive had this idea.. say that mc is extremely good at spell drive like has amazing technique and power (almost on par with malleus) but since they’re in ramshackle, crowley let’s them pick which dorm they want to represent. how would the dorm leaders try and appeal and try to get you on their team? this can be any dorm leaders you want!! ty!
#SPELLDRIVE BUT [NAME] SOLOS , leona, kalim, azul.
› ..[name] aka the best student in the school loses 90 years off of their life <3 gn reader. — this is so cool! tysm for the request ong :)
Tumblr media
yk damn well he’d want you on his team
the second he hears that (honestly probably from grim or crowley or whatever) that ur close to malleus’ level?? bros hatching a plan already
said plan is going up to you and forcing asking you to be on savanaclaw’s team, dw he will ask nicely (spoiler he wont)
bro would probably be too scary to say no to. tbh im speaking from myself but he would just scare you into playing smh like hello leona be nice ;(
honestly hed probably just make ruggie ask and since its someone who isnt leona u’d say yes bc its not leona 😊 so u join either because of intimidation or just someone asking who isnt the dorm leader
tbh i think it wouldve been jamil’s idea
or just the dorm collectively agreeing that they’d have a chance to win
oh [name] is on par with malleus?? guess we have a new teammate 😊 not only for that tho dw theyre probably the only ones that actually like you
anyways it would be mean to say no to kalim hence why he asked. personally. this was all jamil’s plan bc he knows no one can say no to him because why would u hurt his feelings?????? thats just mean [name] 😐
god i sound like im babying him but i am not. in general no i dont wanna make him disappointed okay i would feel too guilty so you would be too
in conclusion youd join bc no one wants the best twst character to be disappointed 😪
i forgot if their dorm competes LMAO
but anyways in this they do and by the minute youre done talking youre playing with octavinelle bc theres no way hes not convincing you
mf is standing behind you with jade and floyd after they overhear ‘powerful’ and ‘choose’
i dont even know how but its probably just the shadiest bet sugarcoated in a way you absolutely cannot refuse. they have the worst blackmail too or smth. oh you ate worms as a kid? everyone’s gonna know if you disagree.
they even tell you ‘nd ur just like ‘how did you find out abt that????’
note i did not eat worms as a child that was my cousin
anyways your best best is joining azul if you cherish your ego and or reputation 😭
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kalims · 2 days ago
Congratulations for 3k!! ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧ i hope for more happiness and love going your way!! you're amazing and i love your work!! but if it's alright with you, may i request prompt 4 & 16 with Riddle and Deuce? thank you so much, congrats again!!
<- back to event page
includes: riddle rosehearts, and deuce spade.
4. true face — how they act around you.
16. intimacy — little intimate things.
thank you nonnie! <3 I just noticed I made a word error for the prompt and just fixed it now 💀
my fingers actually hurt writing this as I'm writing on phone + I'm a thumb player and I played project sekai 😭 save meeeee
Tumblr media
✧ riddle rosehearts.
4. true face
since you basically were stranded in twisted wonderland with no known companions, excluding grim since you didn't even know him and he was trying to grill you alive when you met. riddle takes up the role of someone you can look up to, and rely on just like he did for everyone else.
it just to happens that you're a tad more privileged than the average student. getting off the hook earlier and easier due to his not so subtle favoritism. trust me, riddle really does try to treat everyone equally but he can't fully succumb to the wishes of his mind. the other half following his heart <3.
heart <you3
I don't really think that he acts any different but he pays attention to you in a way like actually asking how you feel, including you in conversations, and keeping your opinion known and valid. it's as though you're the sole white rose sticking out a bunch of red ones.
—unconsciously drawn by your uniqueness in general, and yes. even if you don't believe you are unique, you really are. your resolve, no matter how strong or weak opens his eyes since you always manage to come through despite the level of its intensity.
by attention I mean like noticing something new faster than someone else. maybe a trim to your hair, a change of your tie, or a wrinkle in your clothing. he will notice it sooner or later. if it's wrinkles he'll just unconsciously reach out :)
16. intimacy
fixing up your posture. i can't tell myself if it feels intimate for everyone but I imagine the feeling of a hand pushing up against your back, straightening your spine from its previous slouched position. the action alone required riddle to squeeze near you and hide it by slipping an arm behind you like some one sided quick embrace.
using his fingers to grip your wrist when he's off to drag you somewhere. you can quite literally feel the fabric of his gloves from your hand and it's hard not to get flustered when it seems to be like some unconscious habit on his end. the grip is loose, but tight enough to secure his hold on you. almost as if he's intent not to lose it.
leaning over just enough to feel his fringes brush against your forehead, or tickling yours if you have one instead. he mainly does it when he can't see a notebook from his previous position so he obliviously leans in closer, too absorbed in the notebook to notice how close he is exactly. he retreats back unaware as usual, meanwhile you're having an inner crisis.
✧ deuce spade.
4. true face
more or less. deuce himself in the first place doesn't even realize the feelings are actually well,—feelings. he's stuck somewhere between mistaking it as something platonic and borderline confused about how giddy it makes him feel, is this what having friends does? well he didn't have a lot in the past since he was basically all delinquent-like and everyone else got scared. :(
deuce just acts the way he always does and most of the time he doesn't even realize that he's forgetting about the feelings since he's too happy with you and aside from him, there's always some kind of chaos revolving around you and with all that you can't blame him for forgetting.
speaking of forgetting. if he does end up realizing it it'll be like a: "wait what the fuck." moment cause it genuinely baffles him, was it romantic all this time? god he's so embarassed.
deuce tries to set up goals, as weird as it sounds sometimes he practices things to say to you in front of his mirror and there's a 50/50 chance that ace would end up barging in and witnessing him pathetically compliment the mirror.
but actually leading up to the moment, all that confidence he tried to built up from before disappears and his mind goes blank, heart racing. basically he wimps out at the last second, he swears he blinked and suddenly he was watching you walk to ramshackle.
aaaaand back to square one. but with a little more extra cursing.
16. intimacy
not hesitating to throw a punch when he feels as though you were treated unfairly, or downright disrespected. the thing about deuce is that he's probably one of the guys in the school that has genuine kindness. other than kalim of course, with his outstanding sense of justice you bet he's pitching in some revenge for you.
letting you do whatever you want. another thing about deuce is that he can't exactly say no, so if you politely ask him to lay down on your lap he will. he will not question when you start fiddling with it and pull out a hair tie? or when you start smoothing out the middle part of his hair and twist it inside the tie. he wants to remove it to save his manly dignity but doesn't have the heart to so he walks in class with that get up. not affected by the snickers, but in fact. proud of it.
literally listens to you about everything and takes it all seriously. atleast close to everything, again I'm not sure if that's intimate for you but it's funny seeing him actually take up your advice or the times where he'd fearfully nod when you're in a mood. oh (band name) is really good? he hasn't heard of them but they must be the best if you said it. someone is an asshole?? where are they, do you need a punch for them? oh you make a joke? he does it literally.
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hanafubukki · 2 days ago
Binded by Fate
Summary: Your soulmate was strange, but you found yourself falling for him all the same. Though, you question if your stomach can survive his cooking.
Pairing: Lilia Vanrouge x Reader (Gender Neutral)
Notes: I love soulmate aus! After talking to a few friends, I felt inspired to write it. 💚🌺
Tag List (open, just let me know if you want to join): @justeclem44​ @coraldelusiondaze​n @h0n3ysgh0st​ @thatdazaikin
Tumblr media
·      Your soulmate was a weird one.
·      Then again, having a soulmate was a strange experience.
·      Back in your world, you didn’t have soulmates…well, maybe you did but not a way to identify them.
·      Here in Twisted Wonderland, soulmates were a normal occurrence.
·      Everyone had one, platonic or romantic.
·      And to find them?
·      Each one was unique: some couldn’t see colors, some had red strings of fate, others had their first words written, and many more.
·      This world decided to give you a soulmate when you woke up here.
·      Which you hadn’t known was a thing until Ace and Deuce had pointed it out.
·      And yours?
·      Yours dealt with communicating…through writing on the skin.
·      Well, it could have been worse.
·      And communicating through writing at least was easy, and you could do it anytime.
·      Well, besides washing the ink off.
·      Sometimes that wasn't very pleasant.
·      As to why your soulmate was weird?
·      Well… his shopping list was questionable: shrimp, chocolate, pickles, and milk.
·      “That better not be for one dish.”
·      “And if it is?”
·      “Depends, what were you thinking of making with them?”
·      “Cake.”
·      “You’re banned from the kitchen.”
·      “But why? You have to give me a chance!”
·      “No.”
Tumblr media
·      When you initially found out about your soulmate, it was a surprise.
·      You were bored and were doodling on your arm.
·      What you didn’t expect was the doodles right next to yours.
·      You had screamed.
·      Ace, Deuce, and Grim had run to your side.
·      “YN!”
·      “What’s wrong?!”
·      “Someone’s writing on my arm!”
·      Ace flicked you on the forehead.
·      “That’s probably your soulmate, idiot.”
·      “Soulmate?”
·      Resulting in a conversation of soulmates, and you becoming more and more incredulous.
·      “I can solve your problem right now; just let me put some choice words on your arm.”
·      Ace grinned deviously as he held a red pen up.
·      You threw a pillow at his face.
·      “No! I would rather get to know my soulmate before finding out who they are. Thank you very much.”
·      Deuce had a thoughtful, “YN is right. It is better to be safe and get to know the person first.”
·      Ace sighed dramatically, “You two are no fun!”
Tumblr media
·      You had several candidates on who your soulmate could be.
·      That is if you were right, and they attended NRC too.
·      You stared as the tweels bulli-well, persuaded a fellow student to meet with Azul.
·      As they left, you couldn’t help but take a pen and write on your arm.
·      “You wouldn’t have a certain…obsession with mushrooms or shrimps, would you?”
·      “I don’t, but they make great ingredients in brownies!”
·      “There are so many things wrong with that sentence.”
·      “You haven’t even tried it!”
Tumblr media
·      You were currently struggling with your alchemy homework.
·      “How good are you with alchemy class?”
·      “You could say I’m an expert. ;)”
·      “What would it cost me for you to give me the answers?”
·      “Eat something I make.”
·      “No, thanks. I’ll gladly fail.”
·      “You wound me, my dear! T_T”
·      “My stomach will thank me in the long. Besides, if my three stooges found out I cheated, I would never hear the end of it.”
·      “Oh? I, too, have three stooges of my own.”
·      You couldn’t help the smile that came across your face, laughing to yourself a bit.
·      “Do they also share one brain cell?”
·      “One brain cell is too much for them; they share half.”
·      You burst out in laughter.
·      Homework could wait a bit.
Tumblr media
·      You were tired.
·      It was one of those days where Headmaster Crowley literally made you do his job.
·      Your body ached.
·      You just wanted to sleep for a month after today.
·      Thankfully, Ace, Deuce, and Grim had taken pity and helped you.
·      But even then, it wore you all out.
·      “How good are you at hiding bodies?”
·      “Very good. Need help?”
·      “Don’t tempt me; I might take you up on that.”
Tumblr media
·      You were walking around your backyard.
·      It seemed Tsunotarou was too busy for your nightly walks.
·      But you couldn’t sleep.
·      You were thinking about your soulmate.
·      You had fallen for your soulmate.
·      But how to confess?
·      You raised your arms to the sky.
·      Staring at your inked-up arms.
·      You didn’t want to erase them today.
·      You stared at the messages.
·      “What if I told you I like you?”
·      “I would tell you I like you back.”
·      You startled.
·      You turned around.
·      “Lilia?”
·      Lilia smiled.
·      He was floating behind you.
·      His arms holding a bouquet of flowers.
·      “Hello, my dear.”
·      “What are you doing here?”
·      Lilia handed you the flowers before taking your hand and kissing it.
·      “I came to confess. I hope you don’t mind, my dear, but I am rather old in my ways of courting.”
·      You laughed.
·      “I don’t mind at all. In fact, I enjoy it.”
Tumblr media
·      “I’m still not eating your cooking.”
·      “You haven’t even tried it!”
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed 🌻🌺
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kimbap-r0ll · 15 hours ago
Hello~ Which characters from Twisted Wonderland do you think would love to have a short, shy, and sweet s/o? 😭💞💞
Hi! Thank you for asking! I feel like a lot of them would like having a very sweet s/o to start with, but having one specifically that's short and shy? Hm, I chose the top three characters for this and they were...
First of all, for Jade, I feel like it's obvious that he wants to tease you. He likes doing that, and he will find your height to be his first target. He's a giant, so expect him to lightly tease you by holding things too high above your head, lifting you up when you need to get something, or just looking down while smirking at you in a very playful way. He also wants someone that's sweet! I think the harsher environment of the sea made him crave a bit more of a softer world, so if you give that to him, he'll likely melt haha. He doesn't mind you being shy either, honestly if he can take the lead he'll take it.
Then there's Leona. He likes poking fun of you as well for your height, but it's not as excessive as the eel. He does find your shyness to be a bit strange compared to the women he's used to back in his home country, but what makes him melt is how kind you are. If you treat him with respect, or even show a bit of interest in his unique magic, I feel like it'll be a super big ego boost for him. He has issues with self-love, plz help him ;-;
Lilia's probably at a similar height to you (he's a bit on the shorter side), so having someone similar in height to him makes things nicer. You don't have to crouch down to kiss him, nor does he have to lift himself up, those kinds of things. If anything, the two of you probably agree on a lot of things when it comes to height haha. He does find your shyness cute, so he might tease you lightly as well. Expect him to make "aww, you're so cute!" kinds of comments often. He's sort of like a family guy, and he's really like a loving father at heart, so he finds your sweet personality very attractive. Whenever Lilia scares Silver or Sebek, they'll hide behind you haha.
These are just my thoughts, but I'm sure a lot if not all of the twst boys will like having an s/o like this!
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xkotaro16w · a day ago
For the event can i have Argument, Rival, and Morning from the sfw prompts? Gn reader plz :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
—𝟻00+ 𝙵𝚘𝚕𝚕𝚘𝚠𝚎𝚛𝚜 𝙴𝚟𝚎𝚗𝚝—
Prompt: 26. Rival, 36. Morning.
Pairing: Leona Kingscholar x GN!S/O.
CW: Fluff, grammatical error, OOC.  
Tumblr media
So… Does Leona have any LOVE RIVALS? No, seriously but does he have one? Oh, well, he DOES have a few. A few? Maybe. Do you recognize that famous lizard from Diasomnia? It counts as his love rival as well. Don’t know why, but that lizard became his love rival.
If a lot of students like you, oh screw that, because all of them will become his love rivals officially. On the outside, he probably acts like he’s the only one who can win your heart etc, deep down he’s afraid if one of them could treat you BETTER than him. If there’s only a student or a few students who like you, or maybe… Someone he knows (Ruggie? Jack? ADeuce? Or who else? Vil? ROOK HUNT?), now, let the battle begin! He won’t give his herbivore to them that easily.
If you have a love rival, WHO? JUST WHO? Let’s just say… Someone likes him as well, and suddenly that person becomes your love rival? Oh damn, good luck, because he won’t stop teasing you over it. Aren’t you jealous over them, herbivore?
Leona has a love rival or maybe… Love rivals. It looks lame and weird for him, but hey, you’re his mate, so he’ll make sure no one can take you away. Do you have a love rival?
You know well that he gets jealous easily with his rival. Love rival? Does he have one? It seems like… Yes. Divus assigned a team assignment with only 3 students in it. Hold on, 3? Well then, wish you luck, herbivore!
A particular person is about to approach you, yet a lion beastman approaches you first before them. It looks like they want to be in the same team with you, unfortunately for some unknown reasons, your boyfriend doesn’t let them be in your team.
“Oi, herbivore, let’s team up. C’mon, the two of us are enough to finish this.”
Gosh, morning with Leona depends on what day it is and what kind of activity do you have in the morning. If there’s nothing to do, a free day, well, he won’t let you go for the rest of the day and cuddle with you. Also, he’s not a morning person, so he won’t wake up in the morning.
If you have something to do, now, good luck! He won’t let you go; he keeps hugging you and wait… It’s tighter than before. Anyway, good luck! If you need to go to the bathroom, well… He’ll let you go but he’ll frown like a grumpy cat. If you’re lying about going to the bathroom and go somewhere else, BE PREPARED! He’ll make sure you pay him back.
If he has something to do in the morning, oh gosh… You’re his new alarm now. It’s very hard to wake him up, he wakes up easily to be honest, but HOW to get him out off the bed. If you couldn’t do it alone, well… Ruggie will help you… Poor lion beastman.
Morning with Leona could be comfortable and warm if the two of you don’t have anything to do in the morning, yet it could be pretty… Annoying if one of you have an activity in the morning because Leona won’t let you go from his arms.
A silent morning with him is the best time but also annoying, because he doesn’t get up easily, especially in weekend. You could feel a huge pair of big arms is locking you in a tight embrace, his tail is wrapping around one part of your body.
His sleeping face looks very tranquil, Savannaclaw’s morning breeze is perfect for napping as well. You couldn’t help but to adore his sleeping face and leaves a few kisses on his face that makes him wakes up from his deep slumber.
“Mmhm… ‘s too early… You have the nerve to wake me up, herbivore…”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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aviagax · 2 days ago
Hey if it’s not too much could I request coming home and showering house husband Ruggie in love if not that’s fine I love your work keep it up!
𝓒𝓸𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓱𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓼𝓱𝓸𝔀𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝔀𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓱𝓸𝓾𝓼𝓮𝓱𝓾𝓼𝓫𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓡𝓾𝓰𝓰𝓲𝓮
According to the rules of the boss (me) if you don't specify whether you want headcanons, a scenario, or anything else it's up to me so enjoy!
No nsfw! Just wholesome
Househusband wonderland event
Don’t you just sometimes want to eat something, take a shower, cuddle the hell of your husband, go to sleep and not wake up for the next 48hs after a tough day at work?
Well, Ruggie is definitely not opposed to showers. They take less water and are also usually shorter. Practical and beneficial. Just like him. 
That being said, he quite supports you taking showers most of the time. If you need to relax after a stressful week/month though, he’s more than happy to run a bath for you, adding some scented herbs he had picked during a walk.
If you prefer to shower alone, he’s got you. The towels and comfy pyjamas are already stacked neatly within arm’s reach. While you take care of yourself, he’s gonna put your clothes into the laundry basket, put your bag away and make sure the meal is all set and ready so you can enjoy the rest of the afternoon/evening together in peace.
If you missed your lover quite a lot and don’t want to wait for your cuddles till after the dinner, that’s fine too! If you’re okay with it, Ruggie will happily join you. If you’re feeling particularly tired, he would wash your hair with shampoo that smells like nettle and cherries and your body with foamy shower gel whether with a sponge or without is up to you. 
Afterwards, you would leave wrapped securely in blankets to dry out a little bit before changing into the home clothes and sitting down to eat. Which would probably be followed by a small chit chat while dreamily looking into each other’s eyes like a couple of teenagers crazy in love.
And then… PROPER CUDDLES. Heck yeah, cuddle like there’s no tomorrow. Personally, I recommend being the big spoon because this guy is SO WARM and the feeling of him in your arms>>>>>. Like a little personal heater that’s sticking to you for the whole night. Actually, does not matter whether you’re the big spoon or the small spoon he’s gonna stick to you this way or another or AT LEAST he gotta touch you someway like having his leg on yours or holding hands. 9/10 would recommend if it’s not boiling hot outside.
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sober-pepper · a day ago
[Ignihyde dorm - Idia's room]
Yuu, shining a flashlight under the bed: Idia-senpai! are you ready to come out and interact with people?
Idia: *Demonic screeching*
Yuu: Got it. Have a nice day.
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pinkanonwrites · 2 days ago
hi hi ! i was wondering what it would be like taking care of baby azul ? kinda like a spin off to the fic you wrote about a baby azul appearing , but just a day with him ? ty !
So cute! A day with little baby Azul would be so much fun.
GN! Reader, Fluff, Toddler Azul
Tumblr media
Baby Azul is incredibly clingy. Even when you get up to go to the bathroom he wants to toddle after you (Or I guess squirm, if he's in his mer-form.) He's always got a hand or a tentacle on your arm, or he's seated in your lap at the table while he colors or plays with some little plastic toys of sea creatures. He puts his hand out just for you to hold it a lot. Once he finally takes it back he seems to regret his decision and silently asks for your hand again.
Even when upset, Azul is a very quiet little kid who tends to curl up in on himself rather than pitch a huge fit. He's more likely to quietly hide somewhere with big fat tears silently rolling down his cheeks as he sulks, so be sure to keep an eye on him if you think he seems a bit upset.
Loves his little snacks and sweets during snack time. Little Azul is completely enamored by the fish-shaped cheddar crackers you've supplied for his snack, making them swim around before finally gobbling them up. He's a bit of a picky eater when it comes to fruits and vegetables though, so you have to do the same thing to get him to eat those.
Bath time is another one where he's incredibly well behaved! He loves the bubbles in the bath, and he'll line up all his plastic bath toys on the edge of the tub to make sure each one gets a chance to be played with. Once he's in though, he absolutely doesn't want to get out. You can either bribe him with promises of a treat or reward, or just scoop him up and watch the waterworks, your choice.
If you read something for him, especially if he's laying down or snuggled in your lap, he knocks out in an instant. He falls right to sleep, chubby cheek squashed against your arm as he drools, little hands fisting the fabric of your sleeve so you couldn't even hope to set him down. He's a light sleeper anyway, so even if you did try to set him down he'd probably pop back awake again.
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luminous-letters · a day ago
Could i request a rivalry between jack and sebek having the same crush??
why must the fates test me so cruelly 😭 it's quite ironic that i don't have much to add about this, but i'll do my best 😭
the both of them courting...oh my god i can imagine it 😭 (they would be bad at it, two of the most 'tsundere' of the cast) honestly, it would probably look like a pair of snails at a triathlon.
note: sorry so much anon for taking this long to answer, i had connection problems 😭
Tumblr media
Jack has a lot of knowledge about courting.
Wolves are a social species, and that trait passed on to their beastmen relatives.
His parents and grandparents are very touchy and sweet with each other.
And pet names come as common as they breathe.
Experience with courting however....is something he lacks.
At first, the idea of someone else liking you ticked him off. But he was slightly relieved that it was Sebek he was facing against.
Sebek may be loud and arrogant and gullible, but he plays fair.
And that, he can respect.
It wasn't until Ace told him to 'grow some balls' that he actually made a move.
9:45 p.m. at Savanaclaw's boneyard, was what he decided was a good time and place.
And it wouldn't affect Sebek's schedule.
How could he forget if he was constantly bombarded with texts and voicemails.
You arrived late, he doesn't mind, you looked like you enjoyed your dinner with Sebek.
But he's sure that what he has in store was worlds better.
Tonight, you're going to run with the wolves, or just wolf.
Through the boneyard, across the savannah ridges, to a hidden waterfall at the edge of the dorm. And then he'll ask, "Can you feel the love tonight?"
Tumblr media
Sebek knows just as much about romance as the novels he's read. (unfortunately, only about two had romance in them)
To his dismay, he had to consult his father for advice. Since his mother didn't have the best love advice.
He shuddered at the thought of kidnapping them.
He would've sought help from Octavinelle, if it weren't for Silver's disapproval.
When he learned Jack was his rival he couldn't help but feel...honored.
Jack was one of the few of his peers that he can get along with. Although, his remarks would be a bit blunt.
Jack is his brother in morals and values!
It's no surprise that Lilia was had the best advice. As expected from someone as great as him.
'Keep it simple but worth looking forward to.' was Lilia's exact words.
And what's a better place than the botanical garden! Thank Lilia once again for vacating the venue.
As human as Silver was, he helped with the date greatly, he'd have to thank him later.
6:27 p.m. at the Botanical Garden. He was wearing a white and green suit and tie.
A candlelit dinner was what he planned.
A serving of 'Starry Night Spaghetti', as Lilia calls it. And a slightly off-key serenade from a few of his peers, he didn't understand much of it, but he could make out the words 'bella notte'.
"What are you doing here?" Jack asked, staring at the half-fae that was standing at his doorstep.
"I've come to formally challenge you. To announce a rivalry!" Sebek proudly said, gaining the attention of the other Savanaclaw students.
Jack pulled the freshman inside, quickly closing the door to keep the loudmouth out of his housemates' earshot, "Keep it down, will you?"
"And challenge me? To what?"
"Jack...we are brothers by principle and belief, but...for MC'S heart, we are rivals..." Sebek dramatically replied, clenching his fist to his heart.
Jack looked at him incredulously. "Did you read that new fantasy novel? Is that why you're talking like...this?"
"Yes I did— but that's not the point!"
"You are one of the few who've earned my respect. That is why," Sebek continued his amateur theatrics, "That is why, as much as it pains me, I wish to tell you that I too yearn for MC's love."
"Can't you just speak normally? I can't understand crack about what you're saying," Jack deadpanned.
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ladyorchidia · 2 days ago
Azul Ashengrotto x Great White Shark!reader AU
Part 1 (which includes the request), and this is Part 2 of my azul ashengrotto x shark! Reader fanfic.
Wow I can't believe I'm making a whole fanfic with this AU which started off as a simple head canon to a whole fucking novel. Thank you to the one who requested the head canon and to anon who requested a scenario.
You guys are around middle school just so you are aware of the timeline.
Content & Warning(s) : This is pure angst and violence, as warnings we have fighting, blood & mentions of injuries/graphic violence, strong language, basically kids causing huge damage to each other. If you are sensitive to these kinds of topics please feel free to ignore. (the fact that I watched so many shark documentaries for this fic is unimaginable) Oh and the reader is a great white shark because the original hcs request was precisely asked for a great white. I'm sorry if you wanted to be a different kind but if you do not mind then enjoy.
The love story of a Shark and an Octopus Part 2 :
Tumblr media
It had already been a few years since you two befriended each other, You both encountered a pair of moray eels who soon became your new companions spending time with azul and observing him studying his magic. You were truly happy to finally find people who weren't blood related to care for. Days went by and the bullying almost stopped with your presence around azul. But like I said, almost.
Due to your terrifying reputation as a white shark being the primordial predator of the seas. It would be unexpected to find someone who tried to mess with you, but unexpected never meant impossible. As you weren't the only deadly predator.
On that faithful day the leech twins were away so it was only going to be you and azul together. You and him were at his octopus pot simply having a chat together. You then had a sudden idea for a game leaving azul alone as you went to get the materials.
But when you came back, so much had happened and the horrid sight of your bestfriend getting beat up by a group of mermaids.
You dropped the seashells you were holding and speeded yourself towards them in anger, only to be slapped by another merman's tail. "[name]...!" azul who was getting held back by the others witnessed you getting slammed onto a coral reef nearby, making you bare your fangs from the impact.
"Ah ! So much for a white shark ! You were really overestimated [name] !" a cocky voice exclaimed as the others around him laughed, you opened your eyes to find an orca merfolk in front of you. A killer whale. You swinged your tail to hit him but he dodged and grabbed your hair to slam you back onto the rocks. Cutting you and making you bleed in the process, you had to admit he was about has big as you and the damage he inflicted was slowly making you lose consciousness. For some reason, his face was familiar to you.
"I think it's time I tell you who really is the boss around here, don't think I came all the way here just to eat your little octopus. Furthermore...I was waiting for this day my whole life, remember that mermaid who you caused this to ?" he lifted his tail slightly revealing a hideous scar tracing his fins. An extensive bite mark was placed there. No wonder he looked familiar, that boy was in your class when you were younger...Not only so but he was the one who worsen your reputation in the first place by provoking and making you lose your temper.
"Y-you...!" your words were faint but he understood that you started to reminisce him. "Hugo- !" at those words, Hugo smiled sadistically as he pushed you back onto the corals. "See ? You just needed a little shake to remember. You guys take care of the tako, this one's mine- !"
Hugo let go of your hair and grabbed you from both arms, slamming you once more and dragging you and practically wiping the ocean's depth with your body. You tried to fight back and bite him, even so your efforts were futile and he used his left hand to smash your head back onto the sand once more. Causing an enormous puddle of your own blood around the both of you.
He later on brought your head up with the hand he used to drag your face and used to other over your throat. Obliging you to look at azul receiving punches after punches, That was a grave mistake.
"OH YOU SON OF A-" you bit his arm to such capacity it broke his bone, making him let go of your body while hissing in pain. "You sly BITCH !" he yelled back and quickly pursued you. The other mermaids and mermen didn't notice your speedy arrival onto them as you lashed your tail onto the two mermaids who were holding azul and sent them flying to the water surface. You swam right after and grabbed one by the tail with your razor sharp teeth, ripping a huge chunk of their fin and overtaking the others.
Your power was truly underestimated when it came to regular merfolk. Overpowering all six in only a matter of seconds, azul was half awake on the sand when he saw you destroying each and every one of these bullies.
As you knocked them all down, Hugo tackled your stomach and knocked the absolute wind out of you. "huff...huff...You asshole-" your stare on him was filled with rage as you were panting and grabbing your throat trying to steady yourself. "HOW ABOUT WE FINISH THIS LIKE WE STARTED !" you grinned harder than ever before engulfed in anger including thoughts of his demise as hugo made a beeline for you as he yelled back, "FINE BY ME BITCH !"
Tumblr media
End of part 2 click here to read part 3.
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fandom-go-round · 2 days ago
Just a Nip: Part Three
You lover confronts Floyd about what happened and you get to celebrate feeling good. 3/3
Thank you everyone for tuning in and I hope you enjoy part 3!
Part One, Part Two
Lilia x Reader, Minor Floyd x Reader
Warnings: Discussion of Past Trauma, Threats of Violence, Implied Violence, Humiliation (Shame/Embarrassment), Physical Assault, Yandere Behavior, Minor Implied Stalking, Blood, Intimidation, Sex, Sexual Situations, Rough Sex, Minor Strength Kink, Biting Kink, Marking Kink, Minor Possessive Feelings, Older/Younger Character Dynamic
Both Lilia and Reader are over 18 so this is not minor sex
           The Mostro Lounge is almost completely empty when Lilia slips in. He makes note of the last remaining customers before walking over to the podium. Jade, as always, has his smile in place but can tell something is off. Lilia’s smile is something much sharper than normal and Jade doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of it.
           “Good evening Lilia. Unfortunately, we’re going to be closing soon.” The fae gives a nod, not seeming bothered by the news.
           “Good evening Jade. I’m here for something else, actually. Is your brother in?” Jade’s smile turns wider, the tension rising. He has no idea what Floyd’s done but he hesitates to throw his brother into harms way. Lilia lets him think it over, looking around and seeming to be relaxed. It’s only the glowing of his eyes, brighter than normal, that gives away his true emotions.
           “May I ask why you want to see him?” Jade decides to be diplomatic, praying that Floyd stays in the back. He can guess what this is about but gives nothing away. Lilia hums, head tilting to the side. His hair moves, showing off pointed ears and Jade tracks him warily.
           “There’s been a bit of a misunderstanding between us.” Lilia laughs but it’s not a kind sound and only Jade’s practice of keeping his smile over the years stops him from shivering. “He’s touched something of mine and I’m afraid that I can’t let it stand.” Jade gives a slow nod, sighing to himself. His smile turns into a frown, giving Lilia a quick bow.
           “I apologize for my brother’s behavior. He’s finishing his shift in the kitchen.” Lilia’s smile doesn’t falter and he nods, turning to walk into the back. Jade’s voice makes him pause and when Lilia turns, the other eel is back to looking perfectly composed. “Please keep in mind that you will have to pay for anything if it breaks.” The shorter man’s smile gets wider, fangs flashing in the light.
           “Of course. Don’t worry, this shouldn’t delay closing at all.” Jade shakes his head as Lilia slips into the back; he hopes that Floyd learns something from this and isn’t too upset. The lounge music doesn’t cover up the sound of something slamming into the wall, pots and pans rattling. Jade keeps his smile, ignoring the sounds and listening to see if Floyd yells. He doesn’t.
           Lilia exits ten minutes later, smile still in place and flying out without a care in the world. He gives Jade a nod, sliding past a very confused Azul and towards the mirrors. Jade waves off Azul’s worries for now, waiting a few seconds before heading into the back.
           True to the fae’s word, nothing is broken. All of the dishes and glasses are neatly lined up after a night of serving. The only thing out of place is Floyd, flat on his ass and leaning against the back wall in front of the stove. There’s a small smear of blood around his mouth and his clothes are a mess but there aren’t any broken bones so Jade considers it a win. Jade sighs as he looks Floyd over, shaking his head. His brother looks up in a daze, eyes wide and a grin slowly taking over his face.
           “Have you learned your lesson?” Floyd doesn’t react to Jade’s question, laughing as he throws his head back. It hits the wall hard but he doesn’t care, almost curling in on himself as he cackles. The sound bounces off the walls and nothing can hide the manic edge. Jade is torn between amusement and wanting to kick him.
           “That was the hottest thing ever! And the scariest! I thought I was gonna die!” Floyd’s howling just makes Jade shake his head. He doesn’t know if this is going to stop incidents from happening or encourage them. He hopes for your sake that it’s the former.
           You wake up to light humming, the ends of your hair brushing against your face. Gentle fingers trace your cheek bones and you open your eyes to see Lilia leaning over you. He’s moved your head into his lap, fingers playing with your hair and smiling. His grin gets wider when he sees that you’re awake, something teasing and wicked on his face.
           “Lilia.” Your voice is groggy but you turn towards him, arms reaching out to go around his waist. He coos and leans over, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. You’re still only half awake, not fighting as he lifts you easily into his lap. He buries his face into your neck, nuzzling gently before placing a light kiss.
           You only realize that he’s hard when he grinds up into you, pulling back just far enough that you can see his eyes glowing. You groan as he rolls his hips, fingers holding onto your hips and keeping you close. You grind back without thinking, whimpering as Lilia begins to kiss down your neck.
           “Will you indulge me?” A blot of half fear and half arousal strikes you at his question, watching as he undoes your shirt. You make a sound and he stops, watching your face to get permission.
           “Will you stop there?” He hums at your question, leaning back so you can talk it through. It also causes you to press him closer between your legs and you moan a little. Lilia smirks but doesn’t comment, fingers trailing over your hips.
           “I will if you would like me to. I just don’t like the idea that his mark was the last one on your skin.” His hands trail up towards your throat, tracing where the bite used to be. You shudder and lean towards him, the fae easily accepting your weight. You think it over, moving over to gently kiss his lips. He returns the kiss, smiling at you and not saying anything, letting you think on your own terms. Finally, you lift your hips and grind against him hard, Lilia’s eyes glowing brighter before becoming half lidded.
           “Make me feel good. Please.” You feel like you’re begging more than giving permission but your lover doesn’t care, eagerly moving to kiss you hard. He’s quick to make his way into your mouth, fingers removing your clothing in a blur. You moan against his mouth and he swallows the sound, letting you undress him with shaking fingers. Fingers drag between your legs and you shudder, rocking yourself against him steadily.
           “I can’t get undressed if you keep distracting me darling.” Lilia laughs against your throat, the sound deeper and huskier than normal. You roll your eyes playfully and kneel above him, letting him strip and not touching him. You tease him a little, blowing air against his neck and he retaliates by squeezing your inner thighs.
           “I thought I was too distracting.” Your voice is still husky with sleep but it’s easier to focus on being awake when Lilia is looking at you like that. He gives a fanged smirk before reaching between your legs, fingers cool against your center. You moan, burying your face into his neck so he has easier access. His fingers circle your slowly, lips trailing down your neck. His fingers are slick and you smile a little to yourself; he never forgets the lube. Your hand moves down to return the favor, stroking him in time with his circles. He sighs against your skin, giving a few licks.
           A finger pushes into you as Lilia’s fangs sink into your neck. You moan loudly, knees giving out so you’re sitting in his lap again. He lets out his own groan, more at your blood than the sudden weight, pushing another finger inside of you and beginning to thrust. You whimper and resist the urge to rock, hand stroking Lilia faster.
           He pulls away after a moment, gently licking your wound before beginning to nip all around. You can feel the bruising that’s going to happen but it feels so good and you feel so safe that all you can do is ride his fingers and moan. One hard suck later and his fingers slip out of you, the fae chuckling as you frown. He moves you easily, lifting you up and then slowly lowering you onto his cock. You can’t look away from his face, his eyes seeming to pin you in place.
           “Beautiful.” His voice is a purr, eyes moving slowly down your body and stopping at your hips. You’re completely flush against him and you’re a little embarrassed, even if this isn’t the first time you’ve had sex. Lilia gives you another smirk and begins to pound you, arms and legs moving you easily.
           You feel a bit like a fleshlight and it’s wonderful, gasps and moans leaving you freely. You’re louder than normal and briefly you wonder if someone might hear you but a slap on your ass quickly has your voice rising again. You bury your face in Lilia’s shoulder, kissing and sucking at his skin. He groans loudly, hands grabbing your ass and giving a pinch. You whimper and nip harder, determined to leave your own bruises, if only for a little while. He defiantly appreciates the attention, moving so his lips wrap around your nipple and suck.
           Neither of you last long, hips slamming into each other hard. You can tell that something’s happened; Lilia is rougher than normal, but it feels so good that it doesn’t cross your mind to ask. All you can do it take everything that he gives you and you’re more than happy to. He cums first, a surprise to both of you, as you drag your teeth across one of his nipples. He snarls in your ear, slamming into your hard and you moan at the pleasure pain. Keeping your hips flush, he reaches down to rub you perfectly and it only takes a few circles before your cumming. You let out matching groans as you milk him, Lilia grinding into you a few times to prolong your orgasms.
           You half register your stomach glowing faintly, the magic seal flaring up to prevent any STDs. You have half a mind to scold him for being so impulsive but you can’t argue when you’ve taken precautions. The benefits of dating someone with powerful magic.
           You kiss for a while, slow and unhurried before Lilia finally pulls out. You give a soft grunt and he hums, setting you onto the bed and getting up. He grabs a washcloth and returns, smiling and looking more relaxed than he has all day.
           “I could just clean you with magic.” It’s the same teasing comment he makes every time and you scoff, rolling your eyes but stretching out to give him better access.
           “Trying to be lazy again? After you started this?” He laughs, shaking his head at your words and cleaning between your legs. He stays there to admire you for a bit, gently holding you open and teasing you. Eventually you squirm too much and he stops, smirking at how sensitive you are.
           “Technically my dear, I’ve ended it as well.” You laugh at him, shaking your head again, even as a wave of drowsiness washes over you. Lilia’s face softens and he strokes your leg, watching you fight to stay awake. “I’ve taken care of Floyd as well.”
           “Oh?” You’re surprised he brought it up, even if you know that he had left to go deal with the situation. He hums a confirmation, taking your hand and kissing the back of it.
           “He should not be giving you any more issues. And if he does-“ He places another kiss on your hand, eyes beginning to glow again. “you’ll let me know right away, yes?” You look away, a curl of something that shame making its way through your body. You know you should have mentioned it but…
           “I didn’t want to worry you.” His face melts into a soft smile, chuckling as he shakes his head. He kisses your palm his time and then cradles your hand against his cheek. The chill is comforting now instead of a shock.
           “I worry more when you hide such things from me. I can take care of a young mer. I’m not that old.” His voice is teasing and makes you laugh; probably his plan from the beginning. You nod and give a smirk, wiggling your eyebrows.
           “You are pretty spry for an old man.” The grin you get back is wicked, fangs nipping at your wrist.
           “Watch it young one; I’ve seen things you can only dream of.” Both of you laugh but know that it’s true deep down. You yawn again and it draws the conversation to a close. Lilia gives you one last smile and a kiss, lingering against your mouth before giving a playful nip. You giggle and he grins back, fingers brushing against your cheeks before he gets up.
           The two of you chat as he gets redressed, no rush in his movements. You admire him as you begin to fall asleep, the fae teasing you when he catches you staring. There’s a casual kind of intimacy there that you find yourself soaking up more than normal. It feels safe and warm with Lilia and you like it.
           It takes a few more bribe kisses before he leaves. And an agreement to do lunch tomorrow. Neither of you had felt the need to advertise your relationship but something tells you that’s going to change in the future. You don’t comment on it, content to let Lilia sort out those things for now. He leaves with one last kiss goodnight, the room feeling emptier without him. You’ll have to remember to ask about Grim tomorrow; there’s no way he’s been inside Ramshackle this whole time.
           Sleep comes easily for the first time in days and you welcome something dreamless. The last thought you have as you drift off is that your neck aches but only in a good way. The rest of you too.
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kalims · a day ago
Can I please request prompt 1 + 4 with Jamil?
<- back to event page.
includes: jamil viper.
1. infatuation — little things they do when love struck.
4. true face — how they act around you.
y'know some actually were gonna be long longgg but I intend to keep a certain bulleted count lol
Tumblr media
✧ jamil viper.
1. infatuation
makes it a habit to frequently fret over you, akin to a little mother hen. jamil is far more doting than he gives himself credit to be, it's already rare in the first place to receive the grand honor of being taken care of by a jamil whose on the verge of blowing up to the fact that you literally almost got stopped by a couple of upperclassmen whom had an ego far too big for their head. big or small he shows his concern subtly, but not enough to he completely overlooked.
keeps doing you little favors like washing your favorite shirt when it's just coincidentally lying their on his chair; of which you accidentally left there and you're most probably already in ramshackle so he just tosses it in the laundry basket without much regard and knocks on your door a day later. he's used to doing acts of service so he doesn't put much thought other than the fact that it might smell like him. oh, would you look at that... he used the detergent he does for his own clothing, which is different from the ones he uses by the way.. ;)
checks on you on the daily and keeps asking whether or not you've ate after you end up meeting each other in the hallways after class. due to his heavy schedule, he can't really spare the time to spare you a glance in the cafeteria when kalim's on his way to add an ingredient for a dish that doesn't even need it! what kind of soup needs a whole, uncut, raw carrot in it?! he needs to cut off lilia's communication with kalim.... and seeing how the boy is starting to pop up when you're eating.. you should be included as well, why don't you sit with him so he can keep an eye on the both of you?
4. true face
out of all the boys, I'd say jamil has one of the most toughest front out of all of them. not physically of course (but those arms..) but rather his mental capacity to be able to keep his composure when you start shaking him out of joy of your successfully high exam results. which included; hands on his shoulders.. basically physical contact.
he wouldn't be like idia who would start obliviously revealing his feelings by the pink flame that's growing a concerning amount by the minute when you touch him. hell... I'd say he wouldn't be able to take it even if the fabric of his hoodie is there... why are we even talking about him haha /s.
it would take a lot for him to accidentally reveal his feelings. given how close he got with his little, ahem. revenge plan on kalim.
but he's very nurturing and reliable. unlike any of the boys who would do quite a number to drop hints, or give a speck of special attention. jamil is that kind of guy who would absolutely do nothing, like legit no moves until he's absolutely, absolutely sure. that you display the same feelings.
cause no way he's embarrassing himself by confessing when you don't even like him in the first place, he just hopes the feelings go out fast enough. unfortunately.. there's no sign of it dying down anytime soon..
unless he gets rids of the erm, subconscious habit to fret and take care of you he has no chance until he gets his heart broken.
but just as anyone else he slips up sometimes. displaying a level of concern when he catches word of you getting into trouble once again, its mainly him dragging a hand down his face and sighing your name. but that enough is rare! jamil isn't even one for gossip or any fights at all so it's surprising for him to be so.. obvious?
jamil is jamil. only the scarabia students have a notable impression of him, via the overblot and the things only they exclusively witnessed. to others, other than the octavinelle trio he's just the scarabis vice dorm leader who's awfully good at fading into the backround as you live your life.
kinda invisible, so not much would notices how weird it is that he's concerned.
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heizouobsession · a day ago
What if Ace and Deuce had to babysit a kid who was constantly being targeted by assassins, debt collectors, loan sharks, everyone, and they fight back in the most scariest ways possible.
TW: explosives and murder
They didn’t understand what they were running for at first, mc had started running all of a sudden and so they joined in. The kid they were babysitting was extremely weird and quiet, they had an extremely cute fashion option, though the words that came out of their vocabulary weren’t so cute as them. At some point Deuce looked back and noticed a horde of men in black suits running straight at them. Ace shrieked at that and tried to pick up mc since they were running pretty slow and considering the fact that they were probably about to DIE if they went slow, though mc stopped him from doing so and grabbed something inside their bag, a grenade.
They took the coil off the grenade and threw it behind them, straight at the men in the back and a loud explosion blew behind them.
what. the. fuck.
he’ll stop functioning for three whole days (which managed to stop at three days due to riddle) would’ve lasted a week
when he went back home, he told his older brother all about it and he didn’t believe a single word that came out of Ace’s mouth
he never saw that kid again
ranted about it in a discord vent server
he isn’t babysitting again,
fuck Crowley AND the shit he makes them do.
he won’t register what just happened
sure he was exposed to violent stuff at a young age but not throwing grenades at people??
he got over it faster than ace
still worried though
that kid was hella cool though, he’ll give them that
but still where’s the explanation to the EXPLOSIVES JUST LYING AROUND THEIR KIDDY BAG??
they’re like in kindergarten what are they doing
“What did you do in Night Raven College, Deuce?”
“Oh nothing really, saw a kid murder a crowd.”
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kimbap-r0ll · a day ago
Idia, vil and jamil cuddling hcs pls?
Hello! Thank you for the ask! I'm writing super slowly bc I'm getting busy now ;-; so I'm sorry these are coming out so late!
Idia, Vil, Jamil cuddling headcanons with gn!reader
Please he needs cuddles, like a lot
He'll never initiate it both in public and privacy, but he won't stop you if you ever wrap your arms around him when the two of you are alone. He'll probably lean into your touch, wrapping his own arms around you tightly
He really likes just being close to you, whether that be the two of you lying next to each other or sitting with your head resting on his shoulder. He won't speak much but the two of you will hear a soft video game ost playing in the background (you guys cuddle often after gaming sessions).
Likes playing with your hair btw! Idk if you can touch his hair too, but he wants to play with your hair.
He'll gladly accept your cuddles in privacy. Being so famous means paparazzi will be an annoyance so he'll prefer everything being behind closed doors
Play with his hair. Please. It's so soft, so silky, and his confidence just multiplies if you comb your fingers through his hair and compliment it
He's so smooth he's like an expert at cuddling, except he also teases you a lot during these times :/
He likes holding you from behind when you guys are lying down. I feel like he's pretty protective of you, so this translates to cuddling as well haha
He'll say he hates cuddling, he can't even hold your hand in public! But then when you guys are alone, he won't stop you. He might make a pouty face when you wrap your arms around him, but he welcomes you nonetheless.
He's the type of person to listen to you ramble about anything during these times, and he likes playing with your hair. He'll be combing his fingers through it or braiding it while you're talking about anything and everything
He really likes hugging you too. No matter what. This is because he's never really had anything just for himself, and being the protective guy he is, he prefers being the big spoon when you guys are lying down.
But you should play with his hair too! He'll scowl and say it's embarrassing, but he really likes it. It makes him super soft and will lean into your touch.
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jabberwondia · 2 days ago
"In his mind, still, he was not allowed to have pleasure – even enjoying Trey's strawberry tarts would sometimes make him feel guilty – and this, your skin, was too much."
Riddle Rosehearts x Female Reader, 18+. One-shot. Fluff, implied sexual intimacy (mostly non-explicit, but on the NSFW side to be safe), consensual.
Tumblr media
“So, have you two done it already?”
Riddle Rosehearts chokes on his tea. It’s bad enough that Floyd Leech decided, fully arbitrarily, that he would join Riddle for lunch at the cafeteria, but it’s even worse that the moray eel had somehow heard the news about the headwarden’s relatively new (and first) girlfriend.
“That is uncouth, Floyd,” Riddle retorts, trying to regain his calm. This is no place to talk about such things – no, wait, it's not a topic to be talked about at all. But Floyd had just seen a sliver of weakness, a moment of panic in the rose-red tyrant’s eyes, and he was not about to let off.
“What?” he asks in his sing-song voice. “I did not specify. Is your mind in the gutter, goldfish?”
“Absolutely not.”
“Boring. I’ll take that as an answer,” the merman purred.
“No! I mean, yes but no,” every word out of Riddle’s mouth was more incriminating than the last. The truth was, no, he hadn’t done whatever it was Floyd was obviously implying, but yes, he had kissed you so that had to count for something, right? There was a siren sounding at the back of Riddle’s mind, as he was headed into uncharted territory – there was no way to circle around this question, and it had opened a Pandora’s box, in which now he saw “doing it” as the natural flow of things and the finish line that his relationship was headed for.
But he wasn’t ready.
“You should try it sometime. It’s fun squishing them until they can’t breathe,” and as Floyd was saying this, his odd-colored eyes grew dark and predatorial, and then quickly flickered back to playfulness, so no one could tell if he was actually serious or not.
“Ugh. Enough.” Riddle stood up. “I have to get back to my dorm duties. Farewell.”
Not even the loud clacking of his oxfords helped drown the sound of Floyd’s musical laugh, and now Riddle has a whole new conundrum to worry about for the whole day, until the moment he sees you.
When you come over for a study date later, it’s like he’s laid eyes on you for the first time, all over again. Aside from the occasional wind that would ruffle up your skirt, which might have caused him to involuntarily glance once or twice, he has never – and he means, never – stopped to look at the shape of your body, the skin bulging ever so slightly at the welt of your socks, the soft curves of your shoulders or your lower back, or the peeking collarbone when you undo your necktie and collar while complaining about the raising temperatures outside. Sure, kissing you would usually leave him feeling giddy and excited and eager, but never like this. And he hated himself for it, cursing that the thought alone would taint you and your innocence.
You paid no mind as you plopped yourself into his sofa and reached for your schoolbooks. If Riddle was staring, it meant that something was crooked somewhere – a collar, a hem, or maybe the magic pen in your shirt pocket – so you had learned to ignore it. Normally, he would point it out right away, but he was getting better at being more flexible. Or so you thought, because there’s no way you could have known he was actually staring at something else.
Riddle’s room had always been slightly dim-lit. The soft glow from the window would get engulfed by the thick, red velvet canopies gushing like waterfalls from the bedframe, so the glass chandelier would be the one working overtime to light up the ambient. In Riddle’s tea table, a fresh set of roses and lilies – he’d never admit, but he probably changed them because he knew you were coming over. And although the gold-plated table was a bit too low to read or take notes from, you had to make do as the sofa was the only place for two people to be comfortably seated. Well, unless you were thinking of studying on his bed, but that’s preposterous! And not to mention, probably breaking a few rules. Sleeping spaces should never be used as studying spaces. Now that you thought of it, the tea table is also no good for studying either – you ponder if Riddle is making an exception just for you.
You go to different schools, but as part of the same branch of magic arcana, some subjects are somewhat similar. When you do get together just before a test, each of you tends to their own notes; only seldom asking advice, guidance or questions. For the whole month you’ve been dating, these inter-dorm visits are the only chance for a gesture of affection. Sometimes, you hold hands; sometimes, there’s kisses (always two, and not one more); and very rarely, you’d put your head on his shoulder. Outside closed doors, both of you have an image to uphold as wardens, so even the slightest physical touch feels like an adventure.
Kissing is great, when and if it happens. It begins with Riddle asking for permission, and once you grant it, it’s always a peck on the lips first, then another one on the cheek. The pattern or order never changes, and honestly that is fine by you. Seemingly unbreakable rules and compulsions are a part of who your boyfriend is. Just the fact that the stiff housewarden looks so flustered after inching away from your face – his expression alone plagues your fantasies for weeks. When you cannot meet privately, you feed the romance by exchanging cellphone pictures or messages (which, whenever you mention the fact, no-one ever believes you, because it’s so hard to imagine Riddle Rosehearts himself texting everyday snippets to his girlfriend). His are typically of food (“This week’s strawberry tart”, read the last one, depicting a scrumptious-looking dessert cutely adorned with powder sugar resting on his tea table), and yours are of yourself or outfits (“New headband! What do you think?”). But even so, of course you’d miss him, so spending time like this was just bliss.
The warmth of a quiet summer night is ever-present in the room. You roll up your uniform’s sleeves to be able to have more mobility. Because of the table’s low height, you only use it to place your pencil case and stationery, while keeping the books piled open on your lap and holding your notes with one hand. Your other hand rests in the sofa. Doing this, you can feel Riddle’s weight occasionally shifting in his seat, but not quite close enough to touch him.
So, when he grabs your free wrist, of all things, your heart skips a beat. It’s something that has never happened before, something new; and you know how avert he is to new experiences. Almost slamming your notes on the table, your head turns to see him, thinking maybe, just maybe, you had a stain somewhere. But to your surprise, he pauses and adjusts his grip, and does not seem irritated at an ink stain; rather, his face is flushed in embarrassment.
“May I?”, he says in a whisper. That, usually, is the kissing cue. You’re not entirely sure how it works while grabbing your wrist, but you nod your head ‘yes’.
Riddle’s thoughts are racing laps around his head. The exposed skin of your forearm is supple to the touch, and your mouth is gaping at him in bewilderment, and his grip is tight, and this is all that slippery eel’s fault. If that wretched merman would never have asked, Riddle would not be battling with the urge to undress you right now. In his mind, still, he was not allowed to have pleasure – even enjoying Trey's strawberry tarts would sometimes make him feel guilty – and this, your skin, was too much. But it’s not like he hasn’t kissed you before, so what gives? Why is it any different now? And yet, the sting of feeling like you’re doing something forbidden, alongside the adrenaline rush that comes with it, was all that filled his chest.
He presses his lips, forming a kiss on your inner wrist. The skin is vulnerable and paper-thin in that area – it’s like you can almost feel the warmth of his shaky breath going through you, through your veins, through your bones. And when you expect him to stop, he doesn’t, and kisses the same spot again – this time it’s longer, breathier, and a little wet.
“Uh...” you stammer, and he snaps out of the trance. He lets you go, shifting back into the safe side of the sofa, and is redder than the raspberry tea he had poured for you earlier.
“S-sorry,” he mutters, not yet regaining full composition. He coughs, and then tries to speak again. “My apologies. That was uncalled for.”
But you’re just a normal girl. Sure, it’s never happened before, but it has crossed your mind – that someday, somehow, you might do it, and it would make sense for that first partner to be your boyfriend. He would always be in your fantasies, but you could never admit it. ‘We have to take it slow’, is what you would always tell yourself, but your wrist was still moist from the kiss, and it dawned on you that you two are alone in a room, and the bed is right there. Then again, why did a kiss fire you up so much? Maybe it wasn’t just the unusual placement, but also the timing and the intention. The second kiss had been hungry, and urgent, and you had never seen him like that before.
“Don’t apologize. I enjoyed it,” you blurt out. The ever-present frown on his forehead relaxes a little, but not enough. Deep down inside, he doesn’t want this to be an insolated incident. He wants to trail kisses all the way up your elbow, and then bite your neck and collarbone. He wants to, but he shouldn’t. He can’t. Unable to move, he feels as though his whole body is heavier, about to explode with emotion; and he hates outbursts, no matter how frequently he might be prone to anger – that’s a different thing.
You’re not satisfied yet, either. But you are unsure. You didn’t even bring matching underwear and your hair is a bit messy and sweating from the outside humidity. And, like, once it begins, if you do start it, then there’s no stopping until we consummate it, right? You have no honest idea how it works, but it always seems that way in the movies, in which one passionate kiss is enough to unchain a series of inevitable events. And Riddle? His heart-shaped face and boyish jawline, the stiffness in his neck and shoulders from standing up straight all the time, his whole aura made you feel horrible from even daring to fantasize about him in a remotely lewd way. Like yourself, he is a human, he has needs, perhaps even has hidden desires of his own? You shake your head at the sheer thought, but then –
“Should I...” he says, ignoring every sign of his own body trying to run away. He quickly corrects his sentence, mid-speech. “Do you want me to continue?”
It rolls off your tongue before you can even realize what you’re suggesting.
Riddle feels ecstatic and scared, all at once. By the time he finally realizes his girlfriend is looking his way, expectantly, a few seconds have passed.
“Quit staring,” he demands, a slight annoyance in his voice. “It’s embarrassing.”
You stifle a laugh and shut your eyes. But now that you are blindly tilting your head up in anticipation, waiting for him to shuffle closer, it feels more real than ever. And Riddle can’t believe he is doing this, as he has never been able to give a third kiss on a study session before, yet there he is, cusping the shape of your waist with both hands. His grip is strong, perhaps a side-effect from the nerves, and he can feel the loud, rhythmic expansion and contraction of your ribcage as your heartbeat paces faster. He steers clear from placing his hands too high or too low, but his sight accidentally follows the curves under your breasts, and his imagination runs wild, musing on how it must feel to touch your chest. He cannot afford that delusion for too long, though, as your eyes snap wide open, instinctively placing your hands on his shoulders and now your knees are touching.
An awkward silence. His steel blue gaze wanders back and forth from your eyelashes to your lips. Unable to keep it in any longer, for the first time, you kiss him. And both your eyelids close and your noses clash as you sigh, whimper into his mouth. It’s over before you know it, and he pulls away from your lips, but doesn’t let go of your waist. He tugs at it, but not to bring you in for one more kiss, just to feel you closer. And your knees are in the way, so for some unexplainable reason, as if guided by an external force, you climb onto his lap. By the time you snap out of the heat of the moment, it’s too late.
“Y/N!” he exclaims, redder than ever. You wonder if you went too far.
“Sorry. Sorry!” you yelp, your flushed cheeks matching his. As much as you try to jerk back, he won’t let go.
“N-no. It’s fine,” he states. In this position, you tower over him – if he were to lean forward, his head would fit right between your breasts. Carefully sprawled on top of his thighs (and trying to distance yourself from his crotch to the best of your ability), it occurs to you how your legs are spread and you’re sitting on your heels, how awfully suggestive it looks, and how you’re downright embarrassed. His facial expression, aside from the obvious self-consciousness tinting his cheeks, is somewhere between a pout and a frown.
“Don’t leave,” he pleads.
Riddle, as affection-deprived he had been in his childhood, has a battle going on inside himself. For the most part, he’s supposed to be proper, controlled and strict. He’s been taught discipline and to never complain. A part of that is always present in his compulsions, and that is why it's always two kisses and never three. Following the rules feels safe, familiar, tried and true – and besides, he did not want to taint you, unaware that all this time you had been feeling the exact same way. But a small, revolutionary minority inside the factions of his heart just wants to nuzzle his face on your chest, cry, and fall asleep, in no particular order, all at once.
Actually, wait. He could. All he has to do is pull you closer. It’s not too much to ask for, is it? It feels like all the cakes he always wanted but his mother never let him have. The bakery displays, flashing with colors, and whiffs of sugar, berries and cinnamon filling the air, as he was forced to look past, fantasizing what they must taste like, all the road to his private lessons. Y/N was right there, and for once, she was real and welcoming and not a product of his imagination; an indulgence he had permission to touch. Yet, to the little boy who was always bound by restraint, taking that step, closing that gap, was a herculean task. He cursed the merman again, thinking how great it would be to be animalistic and primeval and raw, moved by an instinct that was beyond human, exercising promiscuity without consequence.
Seeing the pensive look on your boyfriend’s face, you immediately understood. There is something he wants to ask, yet couldn’t muster up the courage to do so.
“Riddle,” you call, and his eyes jolt up to meet yours. “It’s okay.”
'Hold me', is what you wanted to convey, but some things are better left unsaid.
The second he has your permission, he finally brings you in, arms embracing your waist, his head buried in the middle of your chest, the curve of your lower abdomen touching his, and his whole world melts. Aroused as he is, and although he has no doubt that you can tell, he cannot bring himself to do anything else but just be there, no thoughts, head blank, simply sighing into the fabric of your white shirt.
Hot and cold, running chills rush through your body. You can feel how hard he is against you, and his boney fingers burying into your back. Not to mention, the warmth of his breath against your chest. It drives you crazy, and as you cup the nape of his hair with your hands, you feel your legs starting to buzz with numbness, and your hips buck forward a little – a reflex, or an instinct, or both. You enjoy the silence together for what seems like an eternity that only lasted two or three minutes.
“Y/N,” distancing himself only to look up at you, Riddle speaks in a weak voice, uncharacteristic of him. At his most vulnerable, you are the only person to ever see him in this state. “I... I don’t know what to say. I forget myself.”
“Are you uncomfortable?” you ask.
“No.” he admits. “Are you?” – and judging from his worried expression, he is afraid of the answer.
“Not at all!” you smile, and then laugh sheepishly. “But I think my legs fell asleep.”
“Right,” Riddle agrees and helps prop you up. Unfortunately, the moment is over and you’re sitting beside him again, though slightly closer than before. He dusts off his trousers, self-conscious. “This has not been a very productive study session.”
Trying as he might to change the mood, you’re both still flushed and breathing hard. Every place your hands have touched in the other person’s body is burning, and not from the heat remnant of the summer evening. However, you decide you will humor him – Riddle was a proudful person, and the sudden lapse in confidence and explosion of vulnerability had shaken him to his core.
“Haha, well, not 'productive' in the traditional sense,” you ponder. But you did learn a lot about him, so there’s that. “Shall we go on?”
Panic flashes on his face, and you realize what he thinks you meant.
“No, no! Go on with our revision for the exam,” quickly correcting yourself, you can see your boyfriend breathe a sigh of relief.
“Yes, I believe that would be for the best.”
...is what he says, but deep inside, his heart tugs the other way, and so does yours.
When the books have been closed and the ‘see you later’s have been said, when you cross the Looking-Glass and you are almost at your school (Riddle is a gentleman, so he always sees you off to the gate), and finally, when he is out of view, your legs give out and you wobble, falling to the floor. Heartbeat so loud, the night has fallen on campus – the only other sound you hear are the moths congregating in the street lanterns.
‘Maybe next time’, you think.
“Maybe next time,” is what Riddle tells Floyd when he teases him again.
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