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#twst x reader
ikathousandflowers · 2 days ago
So I tried editing and translating some LINE stickers of twst! I'm not good at editing so I'm sorry if it's trash LMAO
(I created this only for fun, I also want my friends and I to use it. I might make some more)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
added deuce and trey lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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honey-milk-depresso · a day ago
tweel stan anon here :D
may i request a s/o who is like really childish and also loves to cling around trey, and the tweels (both the brothers in a story)
Hey Tweel Stan!! ^^ Here ya go!
Finally can start working on all the requests properly :')))
I'll do a separate one on twins individually and with the twins in the headcanon! ^^
TWST s/o who loves to childishly cling on them
Trey Clover
He's got his fair share of experiences dealing with the same kind of thing with his younger siblings.
He's carried so many of them who cling onto his arms like they're playing on a monkey bar.
Having to have the same thing from you; clinging onto his arms, engulfing him from the back as you wrap your legs and arm around his torso, or maybe coming in from the front and grabbing his hands to wrap them in front of him makes him softly chuckle.
You're like his younger siblings, how cute~
Trey smiles, his eyelids half lidded as he ruffles your hair when you face him in the front and cling to his torso, giggling and grinning so happily without a care in the world.
He snorts when you make funny faces like puffing up your cheeks or just something so weird that it just makes him crack up. He can't help it, you just look so cute.
Trey places a chaste kiss on your forehead, interlocking your locks in between his fingers as he smiles. He wouldn't trade you for the world. <3
Jade Leech
Oya oya? How cute~
You're like Floyd, so affectionately and physically clingy. Good times.
Like Trey, he's had his fair share of experiences with Floyd, Floyd being the clingy brother who whines about how early it is to start school.
Sometimes he feels you lazily cling onto his back and here you softly whine about how you want him to just go to bed with you instead of always having to work for so long. He needs a break after all!
Jade sighs, but has a warm smile plastered on his face. He simply shrugs, and lightly pat your head, his mismatched olive green and golden orbs softened at the sight when you looked up to him in your sleepy form.
You look so cute, it'll be such a waste if he didn't kiss your puffed up cheeks.
He lightly kisses them, but he teasingly licked it when he sees you almost falling asleep. The warm and wet sensation of his tongue lathered on your cheek startled you awake, whining and pouting about his "dirty little trick".
He chuckles, highly amused by your reaction as he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead.
With a soft yet cheeky grin, he smiled. "I'm just teasing you, darling, no need to get worked up~"
Floyd Leech
Floyd is down for you being clingy and physically affectionate! That means plenty of hugs and squeezing you affectionately!
Floyd loves hugging you back whenever you tackle him and cling onto the front of his torso. He hugs you back, and coos about how cute your face is and just peppers it with kisses.
Floyd would squish your cheeks, hug you, squeeze a little, kiss you a lot, because your child like affection just drives some sort of urge in him to give you an enthusiastic return of gesture.
However, there are times Floyd would get moody,
sometimes he doesn't feel like he's in the mood for any cuddles from you, and maybe it may make you feel sad.
The best way to still cling to him is when he falls asleep, and you can sneak into his arms and rest beside him, slowly cling one arm on his torso or back and fall asleep, your head resting on his shoulders or arm.
He wakes up, still moody, and sees your cute sleeping face, you snuggling up against his arm makes him grin widely, and hugs you with both his arms tightly, and awakes you with an euphoric and airy look on his face.
"Ehehehe!~ Koebi chan you're so adorable!!~" Ah, such an love-struck eel~ <3
Oh my god..
This is the most adorable one yet. Jade and Floyd absolutely adore you!
Of course, Jade is the least clingiest out of the three of you, mostly witnessing you and Floyd having a daily cuddle fest almost anywhere when you guys meet.
But your innocent touches of affection never fails to make Jade melt for you, and hugs you lightly together with the already openly cuddly brother.
Sleeping with them, with you in the middle, clinging onto both their arms while smiling childishly at them..
aren't you being too adorable?
They hug you tighter in between them, pulling themselves closer to the centre of the bed, close to you.
Cling onto them everyday please, I swear to you, they'll never let you go when you three sleep and cuddle through the night. <3
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Hello! Could I request Ruggie, Idia, & Rook reacting to their s/o trying to scare them with a spooky costume? Like the grim reaper with special effects, or just jumping out of a closet or something 😅
Also thank you and Happy Halloween!! 🎃🍬
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
The best reaction you can get out of Ruggie is a slight jump and the widening of his eyes. He reflexes are quick, so he reacts and recovers from surprise just as fast as he first perceived it and tensed up, preparing for a fight.
"What, it’s just you? Yeesh, don't startle me like that! I almost dropped Leona-san's lunch. He'd really chew me out if I messed up his meal..." Ruggie catches your expression and snickers to himself. “Aw, don’t be like that~ You have plenty of other unsuspecting prey to jump.”
You may not have gotten Ruggie spooked, but he offers you his “services” to help spook others. The plan is this: you’ll pose as a ghost, and Ruggie will use his magic to move around a target’s limbs at your command. You’re his partner in crime, and Ruggie’s yours--and together, you tear up the town with ghoulish shrieks.
At the end of the night, your blood’s pumping, and you’re lightheaded from an adrenaline rush. Ruggie lends you his shoulder to lean on as he walks you home, letting the cool night breeze lift your tired soul.
Right as he’s about to turn tail and head home himself, he slips something into your hand: a single piece of candy, seemingly conjured from thin air, and a quick kiss to your temple. “Nishishishi. Don’t look so shocked! Those’re your treats for your tricks. It’s a two-for-one deal today.”
Tumblr media
Idia's almost always jumpy by default, so the moment you pop out with a monstrous shriek, Idia screams just as loud as you. He stumbles over his own feet in an effort to get away, and ends up falling flat on his back, paralyzed with fear.
Idia's so terrorized that he immediately launches into a surrender speech. "I-If you're a God of Death come to c-claim my soul, y-you can have it!! I-I won't fight back! A hopelessly weak otaku shut-in like me isn't strong enough to fend off death, I'm only strong enough for opening snacks and pressing controller buttons...!! Do whatever you want to me, j-just don't lay a finger on Ortho...!!"
When Idia manages to get a closer look at you, he regains a bit of his composure. but still clings to you for support as he catches his breath. Once fully recovered, he chastises you for “cheating” and going for “the cheapest trick in the book”, jump scares. He knows you can do way better.
Idia rambles (in that very “Idia” way of his) about various reference materials and how you can “level up” your surprise attacks. Movies, video games, anime... until he ultimately decides that explaining would take too long, you’ve just got to experience these things for yourself to see why they’re so great!
He offers to escort you to a good viewing space in Ignihyde, shyly offering a milky hand to you. You happily accept—and the moment your fingers meet, it’s like sparks have rushed up his arm, setting a brand new fire on Idia’s face.
Tumblr media
You can't get the upper hand on Rook, no matter how hard you try. This sharp hunter can sense you coming from miles away, and he's always prepared to counterattack.
Just as you leap out to scare him, he’ll expertly dodge, sweeping you up in his arms to catch your fall. Before you know what’s happening, Rook is dipping you, letting your back form a graceful arch as he gazes lovingly into your eyes. “Quelle chance, for our paths to cross again like this. Truly, we are a destined couple, non?”
You laugh it off well enough, but Rook can tell that there’s a part of you that’s disappointed you weren’t able to one-up him. And so, the next time you attempt to scare him, he puts on a grand act.
With staggering steps backward, he throws a hand on his forehead and the other over his heart, collapsing in a dramatic heap on the floor. Rook starts a soliloquy, explaining how scared he is in painstaking detail, sprinkling in the occasional theatrical shudder or sob.
He finishes his act by declaring that his heart has stopped from fright and that he can only be awoken by true love’s kiss--then he reclines on the floor and closes his eyes, pretending to be out cold. After a few moments of awkwardness, Rook cracks an eye open and passes you a sly grin, then closes his eyes again... awaiting your fated kiss of revival.
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urstruly-ghst · a day ago
Ghosty~ May I request for idia, rook, sebek, and epel with a s/o who loves to declare things, and then one day she suddenly says "I love you, so I will marry you and we'll live together with our pet cow" 🙈 Love you and always stay safe 💖
note : uou to have someone boldly say that is a dream, even more so for these lovely gents! ilyt anon, u are a ✨!
Tumblr media
rook hunt
To declare such things to the Rook Hunt, one must know that he is dead serious. Rook has always knew the virtue of chivalry, one must be able to stick to the word you declared. From miniscule things such as promising to eat 3 times a day, to grand ones as loving him to the ends of the Earth, he would mark them in stone!
But, even if he knew that your declarations of love was your flamboyant theatrics that you either got from him or it came to you naturally, he doesn't doubt the love you cradle; he just finds it quite bizarre you make these heavy promises with not much thought!
Fret not, however, he is accepting of your love and words, and dreams for your lovely future together. He also has this slight flush on his cheeks when you two are sharing these declarations! He might make it a competition, if you so desire.
However, one cannot prepare him for the time you boldly declared in front of his dorm how you "want to get married with a pet cow"! Oh, how you play with his heart like a fiddle, he swore he never felt such rush and high. Such declaration so casually said, it just feels so surreal and intimate!
Rook, however, wants this moment to be short in public, and quite the prolonged one in private. He doesn't know or quite understand on what to do with situations such as this, a proposal? Why, he didn't expect one at such moment, but he would always have one answer: "yes, I do want that"
Tumblr media
epel felmier
For Epel, your declarations were not much, he just assumed it was your odd love language. however, that doesn't mean he isn't flustered by your declarations that are so forefront. Epel finds it quite the show, really.
It did take him quite a while to get used to your theatrics and flowery words, it just felt new ,overwhelmingly new, to him, getting a partner and now having said partner declare these things? Was this even normal? Was this what romance truly is?
Epel, while being somewhat nonchalant to your words, is actually very responsive. He can be the cocky man you rarely see in him, or you can find his very sweet and loving side that seems so soft to you. It depends on which type of Epel you find to encounter, but it is usually the latter part you get.
Even if he was responsive most of the time, he does get stunned every once in a while, like for now. One day, when you declared so loudly how you want to settle down into his farm life and get married with a pet cow? Epel needed a breather on that.
He was red all over, imagining so many things at once when you said that, but he gave a glossy eyed smile and nodded happily to that request? Declaration? He wasn't sure, nor does he care, Epel's moralle boosted, its such a huge thing for him! You think he's manly enough to consider as your husband? And you want to live the life he loves so?! Epel is sure that you won't regret that declaration, he would also make sure it'll come true!
Tumblr media
idia shroud
Well, Idia always blushes at whatever affectionate word you spew out to him, be it a simple "I love you" to the outlandish proposals declarations you give! Idia is always smiling and blushing at that.
He is still trying to grip on the fact you two are together amidst your trials of understanding Idia to knowing about who he truly is, it was honestly draining for the both of you, but he always feels at peace when you give him your proclamations of love and affirmation on his way filled with insecurity.
That being said, he still hasn't gotten used to your declarations, he does respond now unlike before where he just be frozen and smiling while heating up! However, he goes back to square one of that stage of accepting when you suddenly declared you want marriage with him, alongside a nice family cow.
Idia was silent while you were trying to understand his reaction, you felt yourself feel more in love when Idia was heating up and scrambling to get on his knees, yes, his knees. While kneeling he held both of your hands in his and looked down, trying to be romantic as possible while heating up quickly.
In his mind, this was a proposal, so Idia, out of impulse, kneeled down and tried to do a proposal too. Yes, it seems so out of character for him, but he knows how much you do to understand him, he thinks the least he can do is do a good proposal, right?
Tumblr media
sebek zigvolt
How bold of you to promise such things to Sebek, the one person who can't literally take anything as a joke, everything is serious for him. Sebek would, like Rook, imbed the promises you have deep into his memory and soul.
Sebek is also quite shocked by your sweet words whenever or how many times you said, its probably because he never knew that your love for him reaches such lengths. And since he takes things very nicely, he tends to promise to you too, its an exchange, however, he was still tame compared to you.
He promises something along the lines you promised, you promised to eat on time? He promises to eat a healthy amount, and he makes sure to do it, if he breaks at least one by accident, he would grovel at your knees.
Although, with that scenario in mind, imagine his mind when he heard you declare you want to get married and with a cow. He knew this could be another one of your flamboyant words, he still is at a shock on what to do. Should he do something about it?
Sebek blushes and coughs into his hand, before shyly looking down at his feet, he gently took your hands and whispered soothing promises and words. He says he's not ready for marriage quite yet, he still has his youth needing to figure out, HOWEVER, he would love a life like that with you. Only you. Just wait, and keep his words in mind, he'd make sure your declaration would come to fruition!
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drac0nia · a day ago
✞ 𝖄𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖌 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝕭𝖊𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖎𝖋𝖚𝖑
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♥︎ . When a lonely dragon slowly realises that his human companion is mortal, he made a way for their relationship to last for an eternity.
♥︎ . Malleus Draconia x reader, sugar daddy event, sorta angsty ig, light yandere themes, implied that he tampered with your drink, corpse bride references, transactional relationship to established relationship, uses of 'sir', and no proofreading.
♥︎ . I wrote this during my exam, forgive me if some parts don't make sense- srry for the wait, @cookiepie111 !! This has been in my notes for like weeks now-
Tumblr media
➝ Malleus Draconia ♡
How unfortunate it is having to be human, your time is very limited and your bodies are so fragile. He grimaces at the thought, looking down from the large window the penthouse had; staring at numerous vehicles driving by. If he could just sneak a potion of immortality in your drink, he would do it but he would risk losing your trust if he ever does that. What can he do to make you stay by his side for good? Should he offer marriage? A relationship?
A faint voice is heard but he is too deep in his thoughts to notice.
Should he make you a fae? The process of human turning into fae is painful, he is aware but does it mean you can live long like him and stay by his side? Yes.
Yes, he should propose ideas for you and him to last longer. More than just a transactional relationship, more than just showering you with money, more than just-
"Sir Draconia!"
Malleus finally snapped put of his thoughts, he immediately looked for the voice that calling onto him. He looked down and saw his one and only looking at him with such a worried face.
"Are you alright?"
"Yes, I am.. fine.", you ushered him to the sofa to where it faces the small fire place the penthouse included.
You had a pout on your face into which he found quite adorable, his hand made it's way up to your cheek to he could squish it. Though you liked the attention, something, too, was stuck in your head like a lyric in a song to which you can't forget. A slight frown appeared on your face which made Malleus cup your cheeks with his hand. "What bothers you, my sweet? Did I pinch harshly on your cheek more than what I intended to do?" His question made you snap out of your trance as you looked up to him with sorrowful eyes; you were like a puppy who got scolded by their owner in his eyes.
"Were you thinking of someone else other than me? Am I boring you?", this made him sad.
"Of course not, my dear—"
"But I'm just human, Sir Draconia! You're a fae and I'm... mortal. You have you replace me eventually since I'll die eventually and besides I'm just someone who just happens to entertain you.."
Malleus frowns, he feels more gloomy when you've mentioned your short lifespan, though truly he did feel slightly offended that you see him as a womaniser when he clearly gave most of his attention on you. He made you lean on his chest to which you laid your pretty little head on, you hear his heartbeat. It was peaceful, you were kept warm by a small fireplace, the night sky surrounds you both, and the moons was out showing it's best self.
His large hands patted you on your head as he lays small kisses on your forehead, his gentle actions slowly lulled you to sleep.
"Will I live long enough to be considered "yours" someday?"
"You will."
"Even if I'm no longer young and beautiful?"
"Of course."
Tumblr media
To apologise for his behaviour, Malleus and you went to a fancy restaurant where he rented a private room for you and him to be alone. While you were eating your meal, he can't help but watch you. You were such a pretty little thing, having a small smile eating the meal that was served to you. Malleus cleared his throat which you placed your attention on.
It looked like his eyes were staring at your soul; you took the napkin on your lap to wiped the corners of your mouth before looking up to him. "Yes?"
"Do not call me 'Sir Draconia' anymore, [name]."
"You're cutting the contract now, huh?"
He giggled at your question, you felt like he was making fun of your feelings right now and you hated it. The smile never left his face and he stood up, he poured red 'wine' on your glass which made you confused. Malleus reached for your hand,
"With this hand, I will lift your sorrows."
Malleus urged you to stand up which you obliged; he held your hand high enough for him to plant a kiss and hand you his wine glass. "Your cup will never empty, for I will be your wine."
With his magic, the lighting in the room made this little predicament of your more intimate than it should. "With this candle, I will light your way in darkness." Your arm intertwined with his as you both drank the wine he had prepared. You smiled but it quickly turned into a more shocked expression when Malleus suddenly kneeled in front of you.
He held out a ring he had kept for a couple of months now, "With this ring, I ask you to be mine." His smile was hopeful for a "yes", he wanted to spend the rest of his with you, he wanted to be the one you can consider "yours".
After calming down from your initial shock, you gave him your genuine smile, said your "yes". He placed the ring on your finger, once he stood up, he immediately aimed for your lips for a kiss. Malleus felt so happy, so happy that someone he loves accepted his proposal. He laid your head on his torso as you both danced to the music in the background.
While you were leaning on him, you can't help but wonder what was in your wine.
"Call me by my name, my sweet, we no longer need to follow the contract."
"Malleus.. what was in my drink?" He giggled.
"Nothing for your pretty little head to worry about, it will just make my love for you last for more years to come."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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twstddream · a day ago
To post about injured mc: prefect turns into a baby, but during the vdc. all is well, yuu acts like the world's sweetest and calmest child, quietly hugs each members, holds epel's face with his little hands and calls him "pretty", plays house with calim, runs from rook like a rabbit, helps jamil with household chores and brushes his grimm's hair. but one time, playing tag with adeuce, they accidentally knock expensive shadow palettes of vil off his toilet mirror and break them. naturally, vil is annoyed, if not angry, and raises his voice at adeuce (because vil is adequate and would not shout at a child). in the middle of his tirade he feels something tug him by his pant leg, and when he turns around, sees yuu in tears holding out a large stone to him. "- why do i need a rock, potato? it will not replace a spoiled thing for me" "- when my daddy got mad about me being a bad kid, he told me to find a belt or a branch so he could punish me. but there was no belt in my room, and i couldn't find a branch in the backyard. so you can throw this rock at me to stop being mad". I'm guessing that after that, rock is tossed into the deepest river, and Yuu gets a well-deserved loving hug for at least 4 hours
 Vil knows he shouldn’t have yelled at you, you were a child and it was an honest mistake. Besides, he could just get another one of those palettes, he could pull a few strings to get a brand new one. And you didn’t even break his vanity mirror, so he can’t really be angry. I mean, what would he rather have, a limited-edition eyeshadow palette, or your friendship? The answer was obvious.
 He was ugly. He yelled at a child for something so trivial. Of course he’d lose to Neige, Neige would never do what he did. He was nothing but a disgusting-
 A sharp tug on his dorm uniform disturbs his thoughts as he looks down to see you, teary-eyed and extending a large rock out for him to grab.
“Dove, why are you offering me a rock? A rock will not replace what is broken, if you were going to offer me something at least have it be of value.”
“... Well... Whenever my dad got angry he would tell me to fetch him his belt, but I couldn’t find one and I’m really sorry for being bad a breaking your stuff and for bothering you all and, and...” Their voice trailed off into nothing.
Oh how pitiful.
“No, there will be none of that.”
Vil quickly grabbed the rock and tossed it behind him, Nothing will ever harm this child, least of all him.
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not-idia-shroud · 2 days ago
Ace: Please bring home PURIFIED water with NO minerals added for taste
Rook: We got spring water
Mc: NO.
Ace: with EXTRA minerals
Rook: it's like licking a stalagmite
Ace: Mmmmm cave water
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alynabeatley · 2 days ago
MC: Deuce? I'm breaking up-
Deuce: I'm pregnant!
MC: ...I meant the phone
Deuce: Right, sorry. I panicked!
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eudaimoniias · 2 days ago
Can I’m have the dorm leaders x reader who ask them to babysit they younger sibling that some how got teleport to twisted wonderland headcanons please
I apologize in advance if there is any mistakes ahdhjsjs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
riddle rosehearts
riddle definitely takes them out to the heartslabylul gardens to see the hedgehogs and flamingos, showing them around there!!
however he’s quite quick to decline their persistence and tugging on his sleeve asking if they can go through that grand maze they have. (the last thing he wants is to is to get lost with a child!)
ok he is clearly lenient on rules because they are a child but he’s trying his hardest to keep things in routine, obviously that’s hard with something that doesn’t wanna follow that…!
his biggest regret was giving them some sweets trey mad earlier that day. he kinda spaced that it would - make babysitting a whole lot harder with them on a sugar rush..
Tumblr media
leona kingscholar
nope nope nope- he’s refuses to do it at first. he can’t even handle cheka when he visits him sometimes. but with enough persistence he’ll make sure to audibly SIGH and give in, claiming you’re lucky he’s doing something like this for you.
hes still terribly bad with kids, yet like cheka your sibling just seems to cling to him and seem to love him despite his demeanor.
the kid will only try to drag him around the campus wanting him to show them around. even curious to what exactly magicshift is! begging leona to show them how youre supposed to play
leona is hoping they’ll eventually find themselves distracted and inevitably tired because hes awful with keeping up - they just have so much energy while he does not.
Tumblr media
azul ashengrotto
he doesn’t have any experience with children at all.. he’s uncharacteristically awkward with what exactly to do with them.
he’s not one for unhealthy foods and drinks but he’ll treat the kid with something exceptionally sweet from the mostro lounges menu. the twins are greatly amused by this by how different he is with the kid.
when they suddenly show their sudden piqued interest at the amazing glass showing the ocean in the mostro lounge. hearing a bunch of wows and awes come from the kid as they press themselves against the glass.
azul is surprised, I mean it’s something he’s so used to seeing, he has to remind himself that this is different! he’ll indulge in your siblings questions and curiosities about the sea creatures they’d see.
Tumblr media
kalim al-asim
he’s happy to help, he adores your sibling!! besides he’s got what, more than 30 siblings? so he’s well experienced with children, obviously. he'll happily reassure you that hes confident in babysitting them.. with the reluctant help of jamil.
because kalim is a littleee to rambunctious along with the kid. “no kalim, taking them on a carpet ride isn’t safe...”
let’s them ride on his back as he gives them the tour of the dorm though- and it’s a really cute sight to see..! kalim adores it.
kalim just really wants to show them everything about twisted wonderland!! he’s heard from you how different your world is and wants to excited and share how cool magic and things are here!
Tumblr media
vil schoenheit
praying it isn’t too crazy, until within a few minutes do you leaving your sibling in his hands they run off saying they’re playing “hide and seek!” with vil.. within that castle of a dorm.
to which he’s got to fetch rook to assist him with something like this.. no one’s better at finding people than him.
they tend to tug on his dorm uniform and try to mess with the tinges of the rope around his waistlinehe hates having to keep readjusting and smoothing out his uniform.
to pass time and attempt to entertain he prompts to trying to read them stories and tales, perhaps even attempting to make them more and more intrigued by this place by their fascinating and amazing tales of this world. he has his fair share of knowledge on them now.
Tumblr media
idia shroud
well he does have some experience with younger kids because he is an left brother to ortho yet it has been quite a while so he’s a little lost with what to do. so he’s got a “what do I do with it” attitude.
dude is keeping a CLOSE eye out to make sure that nothing happens to any of his stuff,,almost died when he saw they attempted to use one of his mangas as a coloring book.
or when they get amazed by his gadgets and try to test out what ortho has programmed. causing muuuch disruption!
tries to coax them into playing one of his games - just to chill out and hopefully just have a lowkey day. It’s a 50/50 they either zone out and get interested for a long time or lose one interest within 2 minutes. but hey, he’ll even bring some of candies too, to coax them more!!
Tumblr media
malleus draconia
malleus is kinda clueless with children, but he has dealt a little with sebek and silver when they were younger. he certainly knows lilia would be delighted to help watch over child while you’re busy and away. he’ll laugh and say they really remind him of silvers younger days.
the child - obviously not being from this world is confused and still has the childlike curiosity of and questions like “are those horns real…?!” even wanting to touch them.
he’ll try to make an attempt to make them even more fascinated by small acts of magic he could easily do. all the while wondering why the child isn’t even afraid of him, in the slightest, even showing his fire breath. or just letting the child sit upon his shoulders because of how tall he is sebek hates this.
…. much to lilias dismay he makes sure they don’t eat his cooking for lunch. makes sure someone like silver prepares a little something for them instead.
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natewriteslol · 11 hours ago
Hi! I would like to request dorm leaders with a kind and cute lover who happens to sing death metal when they are angry or stressed. (U can use aggretsuko as a reference if u know what that is) please use they/them pronouns! Thank you for ur time :)
A/N: I love aggretsuko sm!! I'm very busy but need to sit myself down and finish it asldfas
I sort of changed it to a karoke night scenario if you don’t mind! If you want me to rewrite it then pls dm me or send an ask <3
Y/N is gender neutral
Warnings: none
Characters: Riddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar, Vil Schoenheit, Azul Ashengrotto, Kalim Al-Asim, Malleus Draconia
-You were always so kind and patient with him
-Always considerate of him, and that’s what drew him to you
-Riddle was smitten with your soft, caring nature and- where is that music coming from?!
-It is past 8pm and there should be no loud music playing, and of course its coming from Ace and Deuce’s room
- “What did I tell you about making so much noise this late at night-Y/N?!”
-There you were, screaming death metal at the top of your lungs with the whole Heartslabyul squad hyping you up
-Was this the same sweet and soft-spoken person he was dating? 
-You know what, everyone is up, you’re having fun, it’s a Friday...
-Riddle sits himself down and listens to you sing/screech? your heart out
-It was obviously something you were very passoinate about
-I guess he’ll set the rules aside just this once, and don’t think he’s going soft you know! But he can have fun too... especially with you on the center stage
-He always hated karaoke night with a seething passion
-Such distasteful noise when he could be taking a nap
-But you seemed interested, so I guess he had to go since
-It was a big crowd of Savannaclaw students, everyone going rowdy over Leona’s little s/o on the stage
-Leona wasn’t too interested, as he was half asleep since everyone was a little bit more quiet
-I’m sure you’d pick a sweet little song that would put him to sleep for a couple of minutes-
-Now you had the entire crowd hyped up with this blaring music, instantly waking up Leona
-He went up towards the front of the crowd with Jack and Ruggie to watch you in action 
-After you finished, with people begging for on oncore as you stepped off stage Leona went to talk to you
- “You sure are different...but you aren’t half bad, herbivore,” Leona said with a smile
-Vil always used karoke night to show off his singing voice 
-You had such grace despite your sorta clumsy and shy demeanor
-Vil was absolutely smitten and thought you were so adorable 
-So he was super excited to see you step up to the stage with the mic in your hand
-Only to hear you start screaming your heart out
-The whole Pomefiore dorm was silent except for Epel cheering you on throughout the whole thing
-Once you finished your performance, Rook had piped up
-"Such a kind and gentle soul, yet when repressed they lt out the cries of a great much meaning! Such beaute!"
-Was, caught off guard, but he knew how passionate you were about it so he supports you full on :]
-Inspires his next album to go for a more rock feel
-"A little edginess would never hurt, right my potato?"
-Fans should thank you for bringing back gothic/vampiric Vil
-Whew I'm getting flashbacks to vampire Vil jdjfjjfj pls Vil gimme a chance
-Azul wanted to invest in a karoke machine for the Monstro Lounge
-He had calculated the amount of profits one would recieve from having a karoke event on Fridays, and the payment was handsome 
-So once Floyd, Jade and you were finished working you were to be the first testers of the machine
-Floyd went first, putting on the most cheesiest love song from the 80′s and started hollering into the mic 
-You swore you could see a tear falling from his eye
-Jade passed on singing, bringing the mic to you
-Azul was sitting on the stage as well, and while Floyd belting wasn’t the most...pleasant noise, it was nice to have moments to see everyone so happy 
-And there you switched to your favorite song!
-With the angry rips of the guitar echoed through the Monstro Lounge, and it was like a switch that flipped
-Azul was liked this type of music
-”Shrimpy, I didn’t know you liked this type of music!” Floyd said bumping his head
-Jade held a smirk, patting Azul who just looked shocked
-Was this the same person he had been dating for months, his best friend?
-But then he started to feel bad, the twins knew about your hobby before he did :(
-You explain to him that you felt a little embarrassed to tell him "I didn't know whether you were into all that hardcore rock music, so I just kept it to myself"
-But pls rest assured that he doesn't care about your music taste :)
-Is super excited for karaoke, he absolutely loves to sing (and hella loudly much to Jamil’s dismay)
-He’s so happy once you get up there omg
-Has stars in his eyes and is right up in the front to watch you
-And then you start screaming
-With Scarabia being the party animals that they were, they were super into it almost turning into a moshpit
-Jamil was even into it, even though he was somewhat shocked because of your usual soft demeanor 
-Kalim slowly got over it and started cheering for you
-Sure he’s not a heavy metal guy, but you just looked so cool!
- While it was a little hard to hear over the music and everyone cheering you could still hear Kalim’s “Go, Y/N!!” 
-Once you stepped off stage, Kalim went up to you, getting you some water 
- “Wow, I didn’t know you had all that in you. You’re so cool!” 
-Hes most definitely a more classical music type guy
-And you would always sit there and listen, so he assumed so as well
-So when it was karaoke night he was surprised that you had a song you wanted to sing
-So he sat back, his eyes trained on you with a smile
-And then you started to scream
-It reminded him of the dragons back home, and while startled he quickly grew entertained
-And while he wasn't full on moshpitting like the rest of the Diasomnia students, he was still happy
-Lilia was also super entertained, "Oh what a wonderful song! Y/N is just full of surprises."
-Sebek was not having it sjdjhffh
-"First he goes and dates a human, and now Lord Malleus is dating a screaming human. Just great."
-"I loved your performance, Child of Man. Very exciting and full of life."
-Gives you records of hard-core rock songs as gifts <3
-I see him as a heavy metal enjoyer (resident Babymetal Stan obvi)
-He was a little shy to share this part of his music taste with you thought
-You were just so soft, what if you thought he was weird? There was no way he could take that chance with you
-So when it was your turn to sing and you chose one of his favorite songs "Let the Blood Rain from the Sky" Idia was so excited
-You did so well! Your vocals were just as riveting as Thorn Repulsion!
-For one of the first times in his life, he didn't care about the judgement of others
-It felt like it was just him and you, for this was something you both were passionate about
-"T-that was super cool of you. It would be nice to listen to some more death metal with you, i-if you don't mind that is..."
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ikathousandflowers · a day ago
is it just me or does it look like cater is talking to himself HAHSJAHA
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(I'm not an expert when it comes to translating especially on editing. I only made them just for fun and for me and my friends to use in dc! 😆 I'll take it down if it's not allowed.)
don't repost on other sites xD
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honey-milk-depresso · 2 days ago
( you don't need to answer btw)
but.... I'm feeling evil and angsty.
Can u do one w/ floyd and jade where like they get separated like lumine and aether in genshin and like yuu is unknown god and one of them starts to like her but she's like "if you let me take ur brother "
pls and ty
I really love this request. YES- THIS IS GENIUS-
But I had to really put some thought on how this might play out. Also I'm making this gender neutral, so I hope you don't mind! ^^
It's taking place in the sea, not really in NRC anymore since I can't picture that happening in that setting.
****Warnings: Angst, The Leeches cry big time-
"Give my brother back!" (TWST Tweels x Reader)
Jade Leech
He expected nothing. Nothing to do with his brother about this. The Vice Dorm Leader of Octavinelle had fell in love with you like a regular guy who had fallen for a friend. No harm right?
It took quite awhile to capture the eel's attention, but he ended up getting dazed by how you seem to make him wonder what your next move will be, what you're thinking off, so many things from you that are unexpected.
And now, the truly unexpected will happen.
Through a simple, lighthearted confession, he was prepared for rejection or acceptance. But the look on your face had something he finds off, unreadable.
You told him with a solemn face, "If you give me your brother.
"..What?" Jade was surprised, but... not quite a pleasant one. He was baffled. "What do you mean..?"
"If you want to be with me, let me take your brother."
"That reason I will not say."
Jade swallowed the lump in his throat. What do you mean 'take his brother?' Floyd? What could you possibly want Floyd for?
"Well, would you?"
Jade paused, his blue lips slightly pursed. Well... perhaps it just means.... no. He doesn't even know what it means. But...
"..Yes.." The last minute hesitation from him made your eyes glint mysteriously under the reflection of the rippling waters, light reflection of the waves danced across your face, the enigma of you sparking, his eyes locked with you.
Everything seemed normal once you left. The next day, Jade had his dear brother's company safely in his hand. Safely for the last time.
Deserted and alone, just the two of them in the deep blue sea. You appeared again to Jade, as he sees you again.
You looked towards Floyd with an ominous stare, which made him awkward.
"Huh?~ Hey Y/N-" a whirl of a current flashed in swift and sudden motion, Floyd's body was dragged into the whirlpool, such forced that clawed his body like a beast dragging its hopeless and pitiful prey.
"FLOYD!" Jade cried. Forgetting about you, the poor eel tried to pull his brother out of the monstrous current, his tail fighting to swim out of it. He grunted in frustration, as Floyd hollered and tried to swim his way out as well. They fought with such strength, such determination... the power of the siblings was truly commendable.
But alas, to no avail, the current forces were too strong for one eel to take, and his hands have lost his grip, releasing his brother's hand as he watched helplessly as Floyd succumbed to the whirlpool, his mismatched olive green and golden eyes that stared at Jade with an unwavering look was the last thing Jade saw of his own brother.
The now stand alone Leech, fell back down in slow motion on the sea bed, he huffed, and looked at his own hands in disbelief.
Let me take your brother.
"Why... why..." Jade whispered in a hush tone, you stood before him with an emotionless figure and expression.
"You have given me your word, so I'll take your brother," you simply stated, as if you are giving him a simple explanation.
"Give... GIVE ME BACK MY BROTHER!" He shouted, but he choked on his own tongue, the sea had carried his tears, it felt unfair that he couldn't even feel the warmth of his own, watery pearls to feel a little comforted.
But the bitterness of his tears, was not as bitter as the epiphany made that he had lost his brother.
All because he said "yes".
Floyd Leech
He didn't think of much, you were pretty "normal" in a sense that you never had done something weird to him.
Not saying that you didn't have some weird quirks, which made him fall for you in the first place, but you've never really shocked him to the extent of him being very confused.
Something about you always brings about new things that never leaves him bored!
And truly, now he wishes that from that day onwards, he wished you didn't change.
A simple, goofy confession from him, though unlike his brother, he never really thought of preparing himself for a rejection or acceptance.
But then the spark came, with that suddenly serious look on your face. "Then let me take your brother."
"Eh??" Floyd raised an eyebrow with a pout. Take his brother? Jade?
"What do ya wanna do with Jade??" Floyd asked, his baffled expression didn't waver you at all.
"I'm sorry, I can't tell you that."
Floyd frowned. "Come on~ Pleeeeease?~" Floyd whined.
"I seriously can't Floyd."
The eel frowned, but he decided he wouldn't pry further.
"So, what's your answer."
Floyd had no idea what is going on, or what your question even mean. But... if you "take his brother", he'll be with you, right? Is this like accepting him in the relationship platonically? Or...
He trusted you, but he hesitated.
"..Sure..." Floyd muttered, but it sounded as if he was still in moments of deciding in what he should say.
Your eyes glinted mysteriously under the reflection of the rippling waters, light reflection of the waves danced across your face, the enigma of you sparking, his eyes locked with you. Floyd still wondering what on earth is up with you.
Everything seemed normal once you left. The next day, Floyd was with his brother again, laughing about how Azul was being super funny. The last time he'll share a laugh with Jade.
All alone, the two eels were swimming merrily in the deep blue sea with no one else watching them. You appeared out of the blue, eyes locking onto Floyd's.
"Hm? Y/N? Is there something you-" Jade's voice was cut off, a whirl of a current flashed across Floyd's eyes which consumed half of Jade's body, dragging him into it's mouth. Jade twist and turned, trying to pull himself out of the storm in the sea.
"JADE!" Floyd cried for his brother, swimming over to try and pull him out. He had completely forgotten you were there, only focusing on saving his brother from the sudden whirlpool that had violently tugged his brother. With all his might, Floyd fought with the currents, tail pushing and swimming against it, trying to pull his brother out. Jade struggled, but tried helping his brother reduce his strength while trying to swim out himself. The unbreakable force of the brothers was something not to be reckoned with.
But not anymore when Floyd and Jade had lost each other's grip, Jade being the one to let go of him first, as the forceful currents yanked him way from Floyd, the mismatched eyes of olive green and gold, the sad smile of his dear brother, all lost when the currents have engulfed him, Jade disappearing as if he was just a bubble that just popped out of existence, unseen and never to be seen again.
The now stand alone Leech, fell back down in slow motion on the sea bed, he huffed, and looked at his own hands in disbelief, whimpering and gasping for air. For his brother.
Let me take your brother. "This can't be real....." Floyd whimpered quietly, lips quivering as you stood before him with an emotionless figure and expression.
"You have given me your word, so I'll take your brother," you simply stated, as if you are giving him a simple explanation.
"GIVE ME BACK MY BROTHER!" He shouted, but he choked on his tongue, Floyd could feel the million beads of pearly tears cascade down from his eyes, but were swept away by the water.
Oh how he wished he could taste those tears of his. It would have been sweeter than the guilt Floyd now has to live.
The guilt of knowing he had lost his brother.
Because of him.
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love-infested · 2 days ago
Hi! ❤️
Could you ask Yandere Kalim-Al Asim wolf knotting your girl to get her pregnant and thus not allow her to escape?
Warnings/TW's: Yandere Relationship, Toxicity, Dubcon, Heat, Knotting, Praise K!nk, Breeding, No gender specific pronouns but AFAB body, Not Omegaverse but more like if Kalim was a beast-man (based off his Halloween Look), Characters and Reader are 18+
Kalim Al-Asim:
Tumblr media
His body hovered over you, gently lapping his tongue all over your neck and chest. You laid completely naked beneath him as his cock slid through your aching hole over and over again.
Kalim's licking stopped as he pressed a quick kiss to your lips.
"Hng... I just want to make sure your body can take all my knot. That way we can have a family together!" Kalim's tail swishes excitedly behind him.
"I can't...N-No more." You groaned trying to close your legs only for Kalim to spread them back down.
"You can take it, I know you can. You're my strong mate!" And you felt the tip of his cock notch at your entrance. Slowly, he eased himself in you again.
It's not like he had to. The amount of slick and hot cum that still inlaid in you was lube enough.
Then you felt the familiar thrusts of Kalim rock in you.
You felt yourself whimper due to the amount of overstimulation he was putting you through. His hand slide into yours, pressing it down against the mattress.
"Mmm my good mate! Such a  beautiful mate, you make me so..h-happy." He stuttered at the end as a pitiful groan left his throat.
He leaned down to kiss your tears away. "Just pay attention to me, alright? I'll push it in as nicely as possible!"
It didn't feel gentle. If anything, it felt like it was tearing you apart. Kalim's constant kisses all over your face distracted you a little, at least.
Then, a howl-like groan left his throat as you felt his knot completely bottom out inside your walls. His hands, still entangled in yours, began to hold on tighter as you felt waves of pain and pleasure ricochet throughout your body.
Tears escaped your eyes and you felt Kalim lick them up before planting a kiss on your sweaty forehead.
"Doing so well for me...I can't wait to see you full of our pups! Let me just, plant the seed, mkay?" Then, his hips slammed against yours as you felt his cock drive down deep inside you, causing you to cry out. Your nails digged back into his hands as you tried to handle the impending thrusts.
His thrusts were erratic and a little to eager. His stamina seemed to never run out. All you could do was try to not fall unconscious from the over stimulation.
You felt his hand release yours and drift down to your stuffed cunt. His fingers explored and slid down your slit to see your clit glistening out. As you can feel his thrusts somehow increasing, you can feel him toy around your clit, rubbing it lightly before adding stimulation against it causing you to gasp sharply as you felt yourself closer to edge.
"I want to make sure you're able to take in ALL of my seed, so I'm making sure your body is ready.." Kalim groaned out.
And before you know it, you gripped onto the sheet as Kalim still had a hand entwined within yours. You felt yourself become lightheaded as life seemed to slow down, losing yourself to orgasm.
All you could feel at the moment was Kalim's hot semen emptying out into your womb. His thrusts, although almost stopping completely, still rocked into you.
Kalim let out heavy breathes as he thrusted to ensure your impregnation. Kalim leaned down and kissed your lips before kissing each crevice of your face.
"Mm, I can't believe you're gonna bear my children..." Kalim kissed the corner of your neck. "Can't wait to fill up a house with our kids.~"
(A/N: Sorry its been a while. School and my part time job has really kept me on my toes lately so.)
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dexpairs-blog · a day ago
I need y'all to forgive me for my behaviour when this mf gets animated.
Tumblr media
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drac0nia · 16 hours ago
✞ 𝕻𝖗𝖊𝖙𝖙𝖞 𝕭𝖔𝖞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 1 done by @honey-milk-depresso
Part 2 done by @nanamisflowerfield
Part 3 done by me :p
Tumblr media
♥︎. A collab with my lovely moots <3
♥︎. Epel Felmier x reader, petnames, hcs to scenario, scenario under the cut, scenario lowkey inspired by a tr scene in the manga, and no proofreading.
♥︎. Didn't realise we were starting until I checked my tags lmao- also i dont have hcs much for Epel for might as well make a small scenario to cover up my lack of creativity :,)
Tumblr media
➝ Epel Felmier ♡
— He's the type of boyfriend who would tell you to dress however you like because he can fight. The type to wait for you outside of your class or dorm so he could escort you like a body guard does. The type to give you fruit snacks or juices because that's what he can afford at the moment. The type to be the big spoon because he feels like he's being babied when he's the little spoon.
— Calls you by "darlin'", "babe", "honey" or "hun", "baby" but if ever Vil is around, he switches back to prince charming and calls you "princess", "lovely", "beautiful", "pretty girl/boy/baby", "angel".
— Often you catch him glaring at a distance, you ask why but he tells you to ignore him; Rook was at the bushes being nosy and observing you love birds so he could report to Vil that he's following his lessons.
— Would try to carry you no matter what you say because he wants to prove that he's manly and you can depend on him when it comes to lifting.
— Most of time, he doesn't know how to express his affections mostly because he doesn't wanna look soft in-front of you.
Tumblr media
Under the tree by the well, you and Epel rest yourselves there to feel the fresh afternoon breeze. You had just finished your lunch but you felt tired, who wouldn't be? You just experienced hell in Vargas' class, he took all of your energy by doing all those push ups and laps. Epel had a knife with him to cut apple slices off his hand, he turned to his side to see you peacefully laying down on the grass with your eyes closed.
"Cute.", he thought, his eyes trails down to your lips, they looked so plump and soft, they looked to kissable right now.
Epel looked around to see if anyones near, when no one was near the both you like Vil or Rook, he slowly and hesitantly moved close to your face. His lips was centimetres away from touching yours, he's aware what he's doing is wrong but he can't help it... you looked so beautiful...
"You know, you're supposed to kiss the person that you like, right?"
He opened his eyes to see you wide awake and looking at him with a blank expression, wow you still look pretty despite looking at him like that. Epel immediately pulls away and tried to hide his flush red cheeks from you. You sat up and looked at him, his hand covering his cheeks while the other remains at it's place.
"Do you like me, Epel?"
"Yes.. I like you a lot.. I.. love actually.", in his head he was screaming, ah, they might find me frail and weak now.. aaaahh, this sucks, it's so embarrassing—
"Very manly of you to admit that." His head whips around, did he hear you right?
"I like you too." He would never admit it but he can feel the butterflies in his stomach and the red on his cheeks slowly dulls down from the embarrassment he got from earlier. He was smiling like really smiling wide when you reciprocated his feelings.
"So.. how do we start this relationship then?"
"Kiss me."
"We don't h-have to if you don't wan-"
"But I do."
A little shocked and hesitant at first, he did his best ignoring his first attempt to kiss you but eventually Epel mustered up the courage to grab your chin and pull your face close to his. His eyes closed as he felt the heat from your lips through his, so warm, so intimate. As you both pulled away, you both had such loving smiles that was directed to their lover.
"Guess we're official now, huh?"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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It's my first time doing something like this so it may have some mistakes 😅..
Warnings? Nope
•Short Y/N (around 150cm) [Has almost nothing to do with text, just some mentions of small height)
How would they react to their crush confessing to them?
You came to the Heartsabyul to help everyone prepare to the next unbirthday party. Ofcourse Riddle knew that you came, I mean how would he don't know? You're the one who told him that you will come lol. In the beggining only thing that you wanted to do is just to help your friends with preparing, but by the time you couldn't help the weird feeling inside you. You liked, no. Loved Riddle. A lot. But everytime you wanted to confess your feelings to him you chickened. So you thought to yourself:
"I think it's time to confess.... Today or tomorrow, will I get rejected or accepted, I just want him to know how I feel.....Well and maybe know if he feels the same way to me..>\\\\<..
So~ after you've done your job you went to your dorm to "check Grim". Riddle was upset that he didn't get the chance to talk to you. After some time, he went to his room, where he saw a letter.
"Could it be....A love letter?" - quietly hummed Riddle. He opened it and started to read it.
"Hey Riddle! Go to the rose mase, nearby the purple rose."
"What does this mean?" <– (Riddle said that)
He went to the rose mase, as the letter said. It took him quite a lot time, but he did found the purple rose. Nearby the purple rose he saw another letter.
"Yay you found me ^-^. Now go find another purple rose in the lounge u.u"
"What the-". Riddle had no words. Like that he went there, and there until he collected 7 purple roses. The last letter said this:
"Back to the rose mase~"
On a moment he thought it was a joke. He had to go back to the rose mase. He went there anyways lol.
After coming to the rose mase he found 2 purple roses, now he had 9 purple roses. Between them there was a letter that was saying "behind you"
He turned around, and saw Y/N. He was surprised because he wasn't expecting to see you before classes. He wanted to say hi, but you suddenly took both of his hands in your hands, and roses between you both. You said:
"Will you date me? Sorry for making you go everywhere, it's just was a game hehe~. I love you, do you feel same way?". Riddle blushed. I mean, ofcourse. It's not everyday your crush tells you that they love you. Ofcourse he accepted you ^-^
Ace and Deuce was kinda shocked to know that you two started dating.
Cater and Trey wasn't really surprised, they saw the way you look at each other, so they knew this could happen.
They all was happy for you two ^^
It was another "peaceful" day at Heartsabyul. Ace was messing with Riddle, Cater taking pictures for magicam, and Deuce working out with Jack. Nothing new. until–
💥B A M💥
The door slammed, and the person who did this came into the room. It was Y/N. Trey smiled when he saw your small figure. Riddle yelled:
Meanwhile Y/N just was looking like that:
Tumblr media
Y/N didn't understand why he was yelling at them for "breaking" door, even tho door is still here. All fine.
Trey just smiled and told Riddle to calm down.
"Hello Kawaii Chan, how you doing? Also why did you come here so suddenly, I thought you was trying to kill Crowley today". Trey heard Cater saying that and making his way to Y/N.
"Oh well, this bird of a headmaster flew away ;-;"
Y/N said that with unamused face.
"I'm doing good, how about you guys?". ~After some time~.
"Where are you going Trey senpai?"
"?! Oh, it's you :0". Y/N caught him off guard.
"I'm gonna bake some tarts, wanna join?".
"Yes". Y/N said that, while their eyes was sparkling.
By the time they was baking, Y/N turned to him with very serious face.
"Trey senpai..". Quietly asked Y/N.
"Hm?". Trey didn't understand this sudden change of mood, but he smiled anyways.
"I love you, do you like me back?.."
"?! I-" Yet again, Trey was caught off guard.
"Yes, yes I do. I do LOVE you back"
This time nobody was surprised when you two started dating.
They was happy for you two.
I'll make part 2 with Cater, Ace and Deuce
And the other dorms too, but yet again later
That's all I can do right now because I have exam month :')
Bye, hope you enjoyed >w<♡
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kemaono · 2 days ago
hmmm!! since it seem's like vil is your favorite, how about vil comforting fem!reader who is afraid of storms!
summary: Vil comforting fem!Reader/MC (who is afraid of storms). warnings: not that I know of! word count: 700 (wowie!) mao's notes: [UNEDITED/NOT BETA READ!] You know! That reminds me of the storm we had the other night where I live, and the thunder and lightning sounded and felt so close, that was probably the first time I felt afraid of a storm! Anyways, onto your request! (thank you for requesting) Also~ Banner redesigns hehe! I hope you guys like the new ones. Song insp for this request [HERE], these are usually songs I listen to to get into the vibe of writing the said piece and or think that fits the theme.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were walking down the school hallways with Vil when you glanced outside the window and noticed the dark grey lumpy clouds that blanketed the sky. It looks like it's about to storm. You never expected it to storm today. The weather did a whole 180 on you when you thought it was going to remain clear and sunny for the rest of the day. Out of nowhere, it becomes hard to swallow and everything seems rushed and jittery. You were getting anxious to the point your palms were getting clammy and your heart felt like it was about to burst out from your chest. You haven't told Vil yet... You haven't told him you were uneasy around storms but specifically the loud booming of thunder. Then, there it was, the loud crash of lightning followed by delayed thunder within the distance. You couldn't help but jolt right into Vil, hiding your face away from the world.
"Hey now-" Vil began. You could feel his slender body shift ever so slightly, struggling to do so at the same time to look at you. He noticed that your face was tucked away in between his shoulder blades. "Are you alright?" You hear the slight worry in his voice.
Unable to speak a word, you shook your head. Even though you couldn't see him you could tell he was raising his brow slightly at you, wondering what on Great Seven was wrong with you. It wasn't hard to figure out that you were dealing with fear and he connected the two. "Are you afraid of storms, potato?" He asked. Unsure whether to answer for the sake of your pride, you hesitantly nod your head. "Ah~ I see."
He wasn't going to judge you for it. He was just confused by the sudden jolt right into him and why you didn't feel comfortable in telling him before. But he understood that it was not his matter to pry into your fears. You have to open up to him with that after all and he was willing to wait for you to bloom in order to learn much more about you.
You could feel him lean back a bit to adjust himself to face you. His hand was on the back of your head, at first it sat there unsure what to do. Then, it began stroking the back of your head in a vertical motion. He welcomed you back into hiding your face away from him, this time where he could at least see most of you. The strokes of his hand on the back of your head in a combination with the waft of the perfume on his body created comfort to ease your nerves. Then it struck Vil, he knew how to calm you down.
"Let's go back to Pomefiore dorms." He began. "Would you like to watch a few movies I've starred in with me?" Without hesitation, you nodded your head, and with a small happy sigh you never thought would escape his lips, you knew it was smiling. "Let's go then, we have a lot to watch this evening."
Anything to soothe and distract you from this incoming storm. Anything to keep it off your mind...
You two watch movies back in his room, snuggled up against each other while watching. Who knows, he might do some skincare both on him and you to get you distracted more and healthy snacks might be involved as well. He made sure to keep a conversation while you two are watching the movies he starred in. Of course not too much though to distract you from watching the movies. Vil tells you about each role he played and other actors that played with him for the movie and a small little summary without spoiling anything before the movie starts. Your favorite movie with Vil in it would be one where he played the hero and Neige played the villain. The combination of movies, conversations, skincare, snacking, and finally resting with Vil definitely soothed your nerves in the end. You easily forgot that there was even a bad storm the next day because you had such a wonderful time being distracted by Vil!
Tumblr media
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eudaimoniias · 22 hours ago
Can you write hcs for Ace, Jamil, and Floyd with a crush on a tall male reader (like 185cm. I know Floyd is still taller but it makes shrimpy a funny nickname when it's only by a few cm)? It's okay to make it gender neutral if you don't write for Male readers >_o have a nice day <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ace trappola
ace definitely loves that you’re tall,, he totally thinks it’s incredibly attractive. he doesn’t mind one bit that you are taller than him. so yes he is always staring at you.
but now you’ve got something to get him back with whenever he messes and teases you for something. you could easily retaliate at him for it whenever, taking advantage of your height haha.
because he can - ace borrows your sweatshirts and hoodies like all the time. you’ll always prone at least one hanging around. within his dorm room.
Tumblr media
floyd leech
floyd is STILL taller than you so of course he’s still calls you shrimpy. either way he’ll call you that though - he’ll always keep it for you, you’re always that to him
he’s still a pain about it. still soaking in the fact that he is in fact taller than you. but even if you actually were he would not really care…! he may just like it even better, especially since you two can definitely crush people during games and sports during pe.
whenever he’s in his bad moods and groaning about what an annoyance about school, teachers, most to lounge etc. floyd will always just stuff his face into your shoulder or neck - practically draping himself over you desperate for some attention.
Tumblr media
jamil viper
he didn’t really seem to care much about it. stuff like that doesn’t matter to him. it may even took him a second to notice much of the difference anyway!
jamil really loves hugs - the ones you give much like floyd he’d find himself being so happy with them from you. if he’s having a rough day. he’ll be a little reluctant and claiming he’s fine but he’ll easily give in to one of your hugs.
no but he tries get you to wear his clothes, like intentionally buys some things a little bigger so that you can fit into it. he doesn’t tell you directly, but jamil’s he’s just silently hoping you’ll catch on to this.
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atsuwiee · a day ago
match-up's (600 follower event) ! ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ- CLOSED
Tumblr media
i just hit 600 and thank you all so much<3 ! so i decided to put up another event since the other one was a flop lmao. yeah- so here it is :D
・❥・ send in things about you (personality, hobbies, favorites, etc) and i'll match you up with a character ・❥・ keep it sfw!
・❥・ i willl be doing match up's for enhypen, twisted wonderland, and tokyo revengers since those are the fandoms i am in atm.
・❥・the limit will be up to 2 fandoms!
thank you again, and have fun! <3
(event will be closing on October 16, Saturday, 6PM Philippine Standard Time GMT+8)
Tumblr media
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natewriteslol · 11 hours ago
I think I should talk about why I’ve just been gone for a while so I think I should update y’all:
My father’s cancer has been cured! It’s been such a tough journey and while our relationship can be a little rocky sometimes I’m super proud of him. 
I got into an A.P class and I’m doing pretty well in school! And while math is low key scaring me I’m still doing fine :)
And the reason why I haven’t been able to update as much is because my computer charger is being a butt and I need to get it replaced so a majority of writing is done on other’s devices ajhfsljdfhafa 
However, I’m very excited to possibly come back and get into the groove of writing. Some things aren’t all peaches and cream atm but I’m trying my best to provide content for you guys!
I love you all lots and thank you for being apart of our community of lil nerds who love some anime boys with me 💞😭
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