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kalims · 2 days ago
Congrats on 3K❤️❤️❤️🎊🎊🎊
For my request, can you do the prompt “kabedonning” with Riddle Roseheart and Lilia Vanrouge please? Thank you
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includes: riddle rosehearts, and lilia vanrouge.
8. kabedonning — corner them into a wall and see what happens.
thank you! <33 hi angel, how you doing? :DD
Tumblr media
✧ riddle rosehearts.
8. kabedonning
riddle is what you'd call a person that would lead the way in a haunted house while holding your hand despite him being terrified as well—flinching but shielding you from a staff member that leaps out of a bush and assumes an unusual position nonetheless.
what I mean to say is that he tries his best to remain as someone who will stay strong despite any situation, nerve-wracking, suprising, scary. he's always ready and thinks these 'obstacles' are just challenges for him to test himself. that's just how he motivates himself.
but this..
this is just another one of the gods challenges... right? riddle repeatedly chants his head as if trying to believe that his thought is the word of god themself. it doesn't help that you're in some random hallway and there's most likely students on their way to class..
—just like he was supposed to be!
not until you called out his name from behind, which prompted to him to stop. the wall who was just conveniently there next to him was in your favor and he didn't know how to react when you basically backed him up to the wall somehow and trapped him?
"what is.." he blubbered mindlessly. jerking to the side which proved to be a fail when your arm was literally there to ram in his forehead(or neck, depends on your height.) he's trying his best to keep the poker face, but he can feel his lips twitching and can practically feel the outstanding red making an appearance.
ARE YOU GONNA KISS HIM? why are you getting closer like tha— oh you're now leaning away.. he doesn't know whether to feel relieved or disappointed.
you muster a wobbly smile a twinge of embarrassment. "I was just curious?" you stare, and he stares back. you weren't just gonna tell him you backed out just cause you thought he was gonna blow up and collar you.. what? it's scary seeing him red up close after all the times of him being terrifyingly angry.
yeah totally not suspicious.
✧ lilia vanrouge.
8. kabedonning
honestly how could you ever even get him off guard? he has some super sharp tingly senses, which is in fact— just his convenient ears and nose. so he just straight up disappears when you were just looking at him and blink.
now there's a deep chuckle right beside your ears, so close that you can literally feel goosebumps crawl up your legs and arms. "my, what are you up to?" "WHAT THE FU—"
it's not that lilia isn't curious about your shenanigans, you're always stirring up something that proves to be great entertainment. however it's just too much of an opportunity for him to pass up the opportunity to jumpscare you and await the kind of reaction you'll give him..
there's very few chances that you'll find him holed up somewhere, just look up a chandelier and there's a 50/50 chance that you'll find lilia already looking straight at you. ask him to come down politely so he practically has no other chances to scare you when you're already looking at him, plus.. you're asking him nicely after all.
if you're lucky he lands near a wall, so if not you'd have to push him towards it yourself (to which he lets you with a raise of his brows because, why not?) let's face it. he'd either just plainly let you push him around like a ragdoll until you reach your goal or tease you a little by standing his ground and watch you confusedly push harder.
^ he still wouldn't budge.
just isn't phased when you kabedon him, if he's feeling particularly cheesy and cheeky. he will definitely just switch your positions so fast that you'd already be switched after a second, you will be processing that for more than 5 seconds and realize that you have been in fact,
have been switched single handedly by a small looking man, he looks far too mischievous to think that's there's anything good running through his mind.
so you wanted to make him want to kiss you right? well too bad, he's gone and you're the one wanting a kiss. haha, you gotta find him later... if you can. ;)
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rosehiroto · a day ago
Salutations! Can I request a platonic Twt(anyone you want or like) that react to their short friend who is normally polite threatening to fight someone who is more than half their size for their friend? Like this short friend who is incredibly sweet was ready to throw hands because someone was insulting their friend?
Hello anon! Hope you have a good day I picked ace and deuce for this and I had fun doing this so I hope you like it 💙
I'm sorry if this a little short but I like that it isn't too long I hope you enjoy reading it have a lovely day💙
Mc is non-binary pronounce is they/them
Fandom: twisted wonderland
Category: fluff, platonic
Pairing: Ace, Deuce x mc/yuu
Protect friend
Tumblr media
Mc, Ace and Deuce were walking towards class talking about their homework as Ace continued to whine about how boring doing homework was
Grim was in ramshackle dorm sleeping because he felt sick and Crowley allowed him to stay home
As Ace was waving his arms around dramatically as he continued to whine and complain he bumped into someone falling on the floor from the impact of the bump
Deuce quickly crouched down next to his friend mc doing the same checking up on their friend as the lips of the male who bumped into Ace turned into a scowl
Mc looked up as they heard a somewhat growling coming from the larger and bigger male who was clearly from savanaclaw
Mc quickly got up and stood Infront of both males who didn't notice what was happening at that point
"watch where you're going you wimp your from heartslabyul aren't you all people from that dorm are stupid and weak not a surprise considering their housewarden" the male said in a rude voice looking down at Ace and laughing in mockery at them
"hey don't say that about ace or riddle if you actually have a brain to use you would know that you could get into trouble for saying that" mc said in a angry voice glaring at the bigger male who laughed at mc
"look at you short stack you think you could get me into trouble how about you try to let's see what'll happen to your pretty dumb face" the male said in a deep voice slamming his fist in his palm trying to scare mc who didn't even flinch and stared blankly at the male
"who are you trying to intimidate you think I'll be scared of you?" Mc says in a calm voice as they sighed softly at the look at the male's face
"I'll have you know I can get you into deep trouble if you try to even touch me i know Leona and i can make him put you in trouble he will comply to me if I annoy him enough" mc says a smirk on their face
"try me short stack I'll show you who's boss" the male said ready to actually hit mc who didn't even flinch at the moment of the male and raised their leg up and kicked the male where the sun doesn't shine
"i can also do this a bunch of times if you want I'm really good at it i never skip leg day I'll have you know" mc said proudly as the male cursed and fell on his knees groaning in pain
Mc turned around to their two friends who were staring at mc blankly not believing what happened as mc pulled Ace up gently dusting his school uniform gently
"let's get to class shall we gentlemen don't mind this........ Hideous creature and let's get going we don't have time for this" mc says taking hold of both of the boys' arms pulling them away from the large male who was rolling around on the floor
That day both Ace and Deuce learned to never mess with mc ever again knowing what the consequences could be
Later on mc informed Leona what happened with the male which made Leona stare in both confusion and wonder at mc
How could mc of all people kick one of the students in his dorm of all dorms he was very shocked and somewhat proud of mc
He never thought mc of all people would be able to protect themselves and two idiots nonetheless
He will never tell anyone but he's very proud and will give that boy trouble for a couple of weeks will definitely try to make mc mad at him but will never successfully do it
Mc has a soft spot and can never be mad at their friends what can they say they are very sweet after all and that's what makes them the special person that they are
Thank you for reading all support is highly appreciated 💙
This is my writing please don't repost copy or claim as your own
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keqingsfavbestie · a day ago
Teary looking s/o! With floyd, epel, azul
Tumblr media
When he first met you, he thought you were crying so naturally, he had to tease you!
When you explained to him that your eyes are always like that and that is just your resting face, he gives you a nick name!
You can always act like you're crying to get more attention from him (somehow) and he can't tell your actual crying between your fake one because it looks the same!
He squeezed you the first time he saw you "are you cryingggg? I promise I'm not gonna squeeze ya! *squeezes you*"
Tumblr media
When he first met you, he didn't think much of it because he has similar sad eyes
He feels happy by the fact that someone else has the same sad eyes
If you're petite he feels manlier by the fact that you're a girl who doesn't love muscles and all of that
Ego boost!
Tumblr media
He thought you were crying at first when he first met you because you were a bit far
My man was taken back thinking if he did something
Can not figure out if you're sad or not
Always softens when he meets your eyes
Kind of reminds him of the days when he was crying as a kid
Requests are... OPEN!
This is my first time writing a hc! Im gonna post the rules and try to do a masterlist soon :)
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rs-wonderland · 2 hours ago
Malleus: Wait- you don't have a lover?
Yuu: I have strict parents. What about you? Why don't you have a lover?
Malleus: You have strict parents :)
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butterflyemi · a month ago
— Accidentally calling the NRC Staffs ‘dad’
Tumblr media
Tags & Notes | Any Pronouns! Reader, humor, fluff. I apologize if the characters are OOC. Stay safe and healthy everyone! <3
Warnings | Crowley.
It was on accident, you swear-
Now you have a grown ass adult clinging to you.
Begging you to say it one more time.
“CHILD! PLEASE! JUST SAY IT ONE MORE TIME!” You tried removing his hands off you but it’s no use.
You sigh in defeat and turned to Crowley with a forced smile.
“Dad, please get off of me” Your tone sharp, practically threatening him.
Crowley finally lets go off as he starts tearing up, distracted by you calling him ‘dad’ instead of ‘sir or ‘headmaster’.
Which gives you the time to get back to your friends before they do something stupid.
Your eyes widened once you let that word slip out of your mouth as the classroom grows quiet.
You both stare at each other with no words exchange.
That was until Crewel started grinning to himself as he clasped his hands.
“I am touched pup” You awkwardly laughed as he continued.
“Now tell me, who is the better father Dire— or me?” You don’t know whether you are hallucinating or not but you could clearly see Crewel sparkling or was it just the light?
“Ahaha, well sir I don’t—” He cuts you off “Well it is obviously me, of course”
You stayed there at his classroom, listening to his lecture of how he’s a better father than Crowley.
He was lecturing you on about something and you muttered a “Alright, dad...” and that was when he stopped speaking as he lets those words sink in.
He then asks you to repeat what you just said. 
Lucius rolled his eyes and told Trein on what you just said.
You give Lucius the stink eye while he just meowed at you.
Trein feels touched not gonna lie and is the most calmest one when he heard you call him dad.
He really appreciates it and is thinking of arranging a little meeting so you and his daughter can get along! :) 
Just like Crowley he tears up as he hugs you tightly.
You tried getting off of him but he’s way too strong.
You patted his back awkwardly as he sobs on your shoulder.
He then swears that he’ll protect you from the boys if they ever did something to you and will train you some self defense.
To which you mentally slapped yourself.
Okay, Sam is a different case.
You’d probably accidentally call him brother and he would just laugh it off.
He doesn’t mind really! He’ll most likely ask you to call him that again tho so...
Next time, you come over at his shop. He’ll tease you about it.
If he hears you call him with formalities, he’ll say “Awh, what ever happened to ‘brother’? Come on! Don’t be shy, say it again :)”
Which leads you to flustered mess since he keeps teasing you about it.
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viluvr · a month ago
Hello Hello!!! may I request placing butterfly clips on their hair w/ Leona, Vil, Rook, Cater, Malleus, and the Tweels? I hope this is alright! have a great day<3
Tumblr media
Leona , Vil , Rook , Cater , Malleus , Tweels .
Gn!reader :]
( a/n — tyty! Have a great day too, sorry it took so long :<< this req is so cute T^T )
Part 1 — Part 2 .
Tumblr media
When "Leona can I put butterfly clips on your hair! Pretty please..? PLEASE?" fell out of your mouth, he thinks about it real hard, why's he even thinking about it like it's a life or death situation? He asks himself.
He might look silly, oh but it'd feel good when you play with his hair.. maybe he'd indulge it just one time.
Please run your hands through his hair, comb it, massage his scalp/head, and re-braid the front braids of his hair. If he feels bold enough to ask that then he'd be responding with a snarky remark like "Hey, you wanted to do this, so it's only fair I get to enjoy it too y'know" and he smirks and grins smugly while saying that. (Watch out for his soft purrs while you do things to him/his hair.)
"Leona! 'M done, come see what I did to your hair!" Should he look at it? It only felt good when you braided, combed, his hair, etc.. but what does it look like?
"Ahh, yeah, thanks but.." there he got dragged to face the mirror while you hold onto his face lightly squeezing it for him to face it and not getaway. And, he thinks it looks... good..? Well, he supposes it's not that bad!
"You like it? Yeah?" You ask while watching him check himself out, looking and touching his hair, "Yeah, I like it. You wouldn't mind doing this.. more, won't you?" 'Course you don't but it's nice to tease him once in a while.
Growls at anyone who he sees or hears chuckling at him/his hair, those people who laugh, giggle, chuckle at him shouldn't try and hide it, he senses it anyways! So, no escape.
Tumblr media
Well.. maybe yes, maybe not that he'd agree, but you can tell he indulges you 95% of the time with the fact he'd allow you to play with his hair when he doesn't want or like anyone touching or playing with it, he doesn't want a ruined or messy hair after all.
"Hm, very well then. Go ahead, dear." So please, don't mess his hair up as much as possible! He trusts you the most 'and the best.
Well, it relieves his stress the moment your hands brush his hair.
"Hey, gentle now. Don't tug on my hair too much. Alright?" It's a meltdown because he says it with so much care and gentleness, give him butterfly kisses, please
"Vil, hey, look! Do you like it?" You grin excitedly at him, hoping he'd like it. He stares at the mirror, touching and admiring the clips, and the little styles you do to his hair. "Thank you, I appreciate it really. Best believe I won't take it off as a reward for doing and bring so good" and with that, he gives you a smooch on the cheek, he prefers to call it a peck anyway.
"Really? You like it! That makes me so happy, Vil." He admires the sight of you being happy and giddy, he holds your hand and thumbs it. "Why not I do the same to your hair? So then, we'd match." "I like the idea of that, Mr. Schoenheit."
Tumblr media
He's thrilled! Go ahead, go ahead! Do anything, he's yours.
If you wanna do it then beware, he moves and giggles a lot out of excitement. (He's trying his best to behave!!) "Rooook.. how many times do I need to tell you, to stop moving so much" "Ma chérie, I apologize! I beg for you to not stop!" It's kinda... weird to see Rook without his hat, after all it's what's unique about him, the Pomefiore house warden.
"There! Finally.. check it out, Hunt!" You send him a wink, while he giggles excitedly. He won't take it off too, "Oh my.. it's amazing! Gorgeous! It'd be an honor to display a pretty thing at school, I'll leave my hat behind and wear these clips at school." Lo and behold the whole school's jaw-dropping with the sight of Rook not wearing his hat, and! He has butterfly clips on his hair, isn't that too childish for Pomefiore?
Don't worry, he views it very elegant. No need for Vil to take it away from him!
Tumblr media
Funny because you and Cater suggested the same idea at the exact same time, blurting it out at the same time.
"Babe... you are amazing! Great minds think alike after all" jokes on you he already bought the butterfly clips and the materials you'd need, and now he's already laying his head on your lap, taking out the small, loose ponytail between his hair.
"There, ya comfortable? Or should I lay differently?" "Mm, no need. C'mere let me do it already." He'd film it and post it that's for sure, (always with your permission ofc!)
He's very patient, making sure you take your time styling his hair and putting adorable, adorable butterfly clips on his hair! He always melts when you caress his face. He also tries his best to be himself whenever he's with you, you made him himself after all. You reassure him to take it slow and he's very appreciative of that.
"There! Done Cay, you look adorable! Mwah" kissing his cheek while you give him the hand mirror, wow, a kiss and he gets his hair done wonderfully by you. He's definitely doing yours next time and he's not going to take it off! He's showing it off even, he has the best partner in the world he says.
Tumblr media
He was just laying on your lap, then you started fiddling with his hair.
He fell asleep, tho. He seemed half awake so you asked for permission. "Mal? You ok with me putting these cute butterfly clips on your hair, hm?" He just nods and hugs your waist, then went to dreamland.
Chuckling at his actions, you proceed to part his hair and brush it. His hair is so silky and smooth, it was like fine silk. "Mal, you there? I'm done" He woke up seeing you smiling at him gently, what a sight to see, he gently holds your face and caress it then proceeded to admire what you did.
They're adorable he thinks, but what's important is that you're happy about what you did and that's more than enough, if it makes you happier he'd wear it! He even puts some flowers on his hat and of course, it makes him happy to wear the clips, showing it off. No one dares laugh at him, no one laughs at your works and what you do.
He ends up wanting to sleep with them because he claims it's a memory/souvenir to keep. Lilia had to take it off him but couldn't, he ended up calling you to take care of your lover, he was pouting and you didn't like that do you had to promise you'd do his hair again, and what makes him happier? You had butterfly clips on your hair too so you're matching. Happy dragon noises, indeed.
Tumblr media
TWEELS ! [ not poly. ]
JADE thinks it's fascinating, sure! He's agreeing, it's ok to try new things after all. Just make sure the aesthetic matches the octavinelle dorm and his uniform, or else Azul would not like it for formalities. He'd truly hate taking it off, he'd try to make Azul agree.
"It's ok dear, you can put clips on the long strand of my hair." Decorating his bangs is so fun, like butterflies and cute clips on them? Adorable.
"Thank you for agreeing, Jade! You look really adorable!" Adorable? That's a new one, he thinks. Floyd gets jelly and wants those clips too, so he had to buy Floyd those and... kinda style it on him.
FLOYD is giddy and excited, he looks like a lightstick. "Really, really, really, shrimpy?! You wanna do that? Okok! Sit, take your time, hehe!" He moves a lot like Rook, but please don't get mad at the poor eel, he's just excited :( he promises and tries not to move too much! Please don't stop
"Wooooahhh! This is me? My hair? It looks s'different! I like it, I like it!" This one's a stubborn one, Azul might not wanna try and ask him to take it off, or else he'd... "Why! Shrimpy made this and it's special. And it's not ugly!" "Floyd we never said it's ugly.." "OK! Then I won't take it off because it's pretty! That's final blah blah!" Anything for you AND HIM after all.
Tumblr media
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Dorm leaders reaction when you kiss them first time
Malleus would be surprised at first. This is his first kiss. Keeps his eyes open throughout the kiss. Malleus doesn't understand why you're closing them. Probably the kiss would be short. However, Malleus quickly kisses you again. He's a greedy dragon and that's not enough for him.
Idia would need help. The idia would get a really bad nosebleed scene. This would be like a blessing to him. You have to wait 30 minutes for him to calm down. After that, maybe you can give him another kiss.
Leona would have a really arrogant smile. He would really love this. It really isn’t a quick kiss with Leona. He would deepen it and might use language. You are both out of breath after a kiss. And Leona really wants more. he likes your taste…
Azul would be a reddened octopus. Really blushed. he would love to feel your lips against her lips. That would make him really happy. Finally someone loves and accepts him. Azul wouldn't want to stop kissing. He can be a really clingy and needy octopus.
Vil would love this. he loves to feel his own lips against your lips. Your lips are really soft in his mind. Vil finds himself wondering what lip balm you are using. The kiss would be short but passionate. Maybe something else will follow.
Kalim would be a really innocent and happy boy. Or he was. Kalim would really enjoy a kiss. It awakens the more adult side in him. Kalim would deepen the kiss quickly. He really wants more.
Riddle would blush. He would be really confused. The kiss would last a short time but Riddle would enjoy every moment. He doesn’t even care that rule 34 forbids kissing between four and eleven in the morning.
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wolken-himmel · a month ago
In which Riddle turns into a young child because of one of Ace's pranks going wrong.
Now, (Y/n) has to take care of Riddle, and maybe the prefect can teach him a valuable life lesson doing so.
Requested by anon.
Tumblr media
"(Y/n), how are you doing~?"
The sound of heavy footsteps approaching, accompanied by an obnoxious voice, made the poor birds on your front lawn scurry for their dear lives. And as they left, you, who had been watering flowers until now, realised that your peaceful moment for yourself had come to an end.
Your eyes travelled upwards to find a friend of yours approaching. "Ace? What are you doing here?" With a quirked eyebrow, you narrowed your eyebrows suspiciously — especially when he wouldn't answer. "You rarely ever visit—" you muttered under your breath while trying to catch a glimpse of the smaller figure behind him, "unless you somehow managed to get into trouble with Riddle. Please don't tell me you made him angry again..."
Ace shot you a sheepish smile. "Uh— well. It's difficult to explain. It all started innocently! Just another prank because I was bored. So, I slipped something into his slice of cake. And uh... something strange happened," he trailed off and stepped aside to finally reveal whoever was hiding behind him. "See for yourself."
Your eyes grew in surprise upon recognising him: It was Riddle, but something was off about him. The boy's eyes never met yours, much to your surprise. That's when you realised what was wrong. "Wait, Riddle got even smaller?" you asked in confusion.
"I'm not small!" Riddle screamed out, his head turning red. "Y-You're just too tall!"
"And," you continued, unbothered, "his voice also is much higher."
By then, the small boy's head threatened to explode with how red his face had gotten. A cry of frustration escaped his lips as he pointed to a nervous Ace. "That's because this idiot over there turned me into a child!" the dorm leader yelled at the top of his lungs. "I swear if my age didn't affect my unique magic, you'd be headless for the rest of your time here at NRC, Trappola!"
Your jaw almost touched the ground. "I can't believe it..." you muttered and turned to Ace. "You turned Riddle into a child... What were you thinking—?"
Pure desperation clouded your friend's eyes as he flung himself at your feet and clasped his hands together. "(Y/n), please help me!" he begged while trying to defend himself from the young child that tried to kick him. "I'm not good with children, neither am I good with Riddle! You need to take care of him for me, at least until he returns to normal."
"Well, why not." You shrugged before picking up your abandoned watering can.
Ace froze at your reply. "Wait, you didn't say no?" he asked in disbelief, yet his expression of surprise quickly morphed into pure joy.
"Looking after Riddle won't be hard, Ace." You grimaced and rolled your eyes. "He knows how to behave himself, unlike you..."
Ace sighed. "Harsh. But you're right."
Riddle nodded along happily, an expression of contentedness on his face. And whenever you turned away to quickly water your flowers, Riddle would stick his tongue out at Ace, only to return to his angelic smile when you gazed upon him again.
"Now, just leave and make sure to return with a cure or something like that," you said and shooed the culprit away.
Ace didn't let you repeat yourself. Within a split second, he had turned around and ran away as if his life depended on it — and it probably did.
After he was gone, the silence and peace that had formerly occupied your garden returned, and so did the animals that he had spooked away.
"I hate him," Riddle sneered immediately.
The comment drew a chuckle from your lips, and you had to admit that his disgruntled expression made him even more adorable. Unable to suppress a smile, you muttered, "Of course, sweetie. All of Heartslabyul knows of your love for Ace." You extended a hand and used it to ruffle his red hair.
An annoyed Riddle swatted your hand away. "Don't treat me like a little child! I may be stuck in a younger body, but that doesn't affect my mental maturity—" He interrupted himself with a gasp, his eyes suddenly wide and brimming with awe. His gaze seemed to be fixated on the beet of flowers behind you. "Wait, are those butterflies?" he breathed out and wandered over to the little insects excitedly.
You eyed him in amusement. "Yeah, they tend to like the flowers I recently planted."
"They're pretty..." The boy seemed fascinated by a blue monarch butterfly in particular, and he gasped whenever the little insect proudly fluttered its wings.
The sight caused your heart to swell. To see him so genuinely fascinated by something so trivial was an entirely new side to him — perhaps he had lied when saying that the potion that Ace had slipped into his cake didn't affect his psyche. You merely chuckled when you noticed the shy smile forming on his lips.
"Go on, try to catch one."
Your voice seemed to have snapped him back to reality. The dreaminess in his eyes disappeared, now replaced by hesitancy. In the end, he shook his head. "That would be a waste of time. Mother never liked it when I spent energy and effort on a task that wouldn't bear useful fruits of labour." A deep sigh escaped his lips as he fully turned away from the butterfly and crossed his arms. "Perhaps I should go study for the upcoming chemistry test," he said in disappointment.
You stopped him before he could ask you to retrieve his books from his room. "While I do think that being productive is a good thing, it's not as if you need to be productive all the time." Your hands firmly planted on his shoulders, you smiled down at him encouragingly. "Some things just bring you pleasure and happiness instead of viable results. That doesn't mean they're any less important."
Although doubt still clouded his eyes, Riddle nonetheless nodded slowly. "...I see."
All out of a sudden, your eyes lit up in realisation. "Hold on, I think I have a net lying around that you could use to catch some butterflies!" you exclaimed and at once removed your grasp on his shoulders. "Let me get it real quick." And without another word, you were gone, having stormed inside of Ramshackle.
Your words still echoed around in his vacant head when he turned his gaze to the flower beet again. The blue butterfly still sat atop a stunning red rose, and the boy couldn't help but extend his hand towards the insect. "Hello, little one," he cooed softly. His breath hitched when the butterfly jumped onto his finger and fluttered its wings in satisfaction. "You are very beautiful, Mr. Butterfly..." The red-head exhaled in contentedness, the sight of the butterfly bringing him peace.
"There!" your voice cut through his newfound serenity. "Found it!"
Riddle simply smiled to himself upon hearing your voice. "So perhaps (Y/n) was right..." he mumbled as the blue butterfly flew off into the distance again. "Perhaps there is something valuable in things that simply exist for nothing more than to provide relaxation..." His lips curled into a smile. "...and happiness."
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malleusfucker · 26 days ago
Malleus Draconia Kinks and HCs
i want malleus to do very illegal and disgusting things to me thank you very much
warnings: smut/nsfw, mentions of breeding kink/pregnancy, yandere(?), reader is afab but no gender or pronouns are explicitly specified
Tumblr media
Breeding kink 1000000%
Malleus’ breeding kink stems from a completely different place, unlike Leona who only does it for the risk, Malleus genuinely wants to have a family with you. However, that doesn’t mean this man isn’t fucking nasty about it. Yes he wants a family but also he loves the sight of his cum leaking out of you a little bit too much. You being completely filled up with his seed is a major turn on for him - people are literally so intimidated to even be around Malleus, yet here you are with his cum all inside you. He loves it especially because he considers it to be some sort of blessing for you <3
Praise kink
Again, unlike Leona, this man will shower you with every compliment possible. He is so powerful and could do anything he wants yet he just loves giving attention to you instead of it being on him. He will always be very gentle with you after sex - knowing he literally fucked up your insides like 2 minutes ago, he wants to show another side of his love to you and he always does this through praise.
While he loves giving you praise and attention, boy does this man love to tease you just as much. Malleus is very good at keeping a blank face, showing no emotion at all, so that just makes it all the more fun for him seeing you squirm under him for any sort of friction or movement. He’ll just sit there quietly flipping through his paperwork with his other hand gripping your waist tightly to restrict you from moving - pretending to ignore you but inside he is just smirking like an evil mf. 
I am convinced this man is secretly a massive sadist like being an INTJ is just code word for secretly being fucked up- His love for seeing you being overstimulated also comes from his praise kink, he just goes crazy thinking that he’s the one doing all this shit to you, making your mind go completely blank with no thoughts apart from him, literally screaming from all the pleasure that’s overwhelming you and he’ll just watch back and stare at you unravelling before him. He’ll do all this to you whilst whispering the sweetest things to you in your ear.
Malleus’ exhibitionism kink is very similar to Leona’s, in the sense that, he wants to show everyone just how much pleasure he’s making you feel. And while he wouldn’t just openly fuck you in front of people, if you were having sex and he sensed someone watching he wouldn’t stop but rather go harder or faster just so you make a bigger reaction.
Every single pet name you can think of
I mean come on this is literally canon in the game “child of man” my asshole, this man has so many pet names it’s insane. Will call you shit like my darling, love, beloved, precious, LITTLE ONE (especially this one). He loves having pet names for you because it differentiates you from everyone else and just shows how special you are to him.
His wings/tail WILL come out if he’s especially excited and comfortable with you
Come on this man is a fucking dragon for gods sake. Just because he seems to be quite reserved doesn’t mean he isn’t gonna put on a damn show. While this won’t be a common appearance, he’ll occasionally do this just to fucking blow your mind. Towering above you with these insanely big wings caging and confining you, making you feel so small and weak but at the same time so amazed and grateful that Malleus lets you be in his presence, let alone being intimate with him - and this act is something he deems to be VERY intimate and personal, he doesn’t just show this side of him to anyone. He does this to show how much he loves you and just how comfortable he is and wants you to love him in any form he’s in. 
Loves eye contact, maybe a little bit too much
God damn what is it and green eyed mfs just being like 👁👄👁 He’ll be in your guts, making you completely lose your mind, all the while being inches from your face just staring and sucking the life out of your soul. Malleus loves eye contact because he thinks eyes truly express how someone is feeling, and just by looking at you he can tell how good he’s making you feel.
Touch his horns and he will go CRAZY
I am sorry but those horns are literally screaming “Grab me and ride me like a fucking motorcycle” What other purpose do they have if you can’t touch them?? If he’s giving oral and you by chance grab his horns, my god just prepare yourself for what's about to come. The base of his horns are quite sensitive and for someone as powerful as him just feeling you touch them will make him go fucking crazy. 
VERY possessive, expect to be visited often when you’re at Ramshackle dorm
If you think Leona is possessive, my lord, Malleus is a whole other level of batshit crazy. Expect to feel lingering eyes on you when you’re alone because yes, he will be stalking you. He’s not necessarily that creepy about it but he just does it to make sure you’re okay, but also because he just likes being around you. And of course, this isn’t the way to do it, but he doesn’t care - no one including you will ever know so what’s the problem? When you’re by yourself at Ramshackle dorm he will make FREQUENT visits - one minute you’ll be reading then *poof* he’s there just standing at the end of your bed. At first, it freaks the shit out of you but he does it so often that it begins to become normal so lucky you I guess!
Size kink
Yeah come on, we’ve all seen the man, he’s fucking huge. I like to think that, when he lets his dragon traits out (like his wings/tail) he grows a lil bigger in size to make him even scarier than he was before. He loves seeing how small you are compared to him, the way his hand alone can wrap completely around your throat like it’s nothing. The way your tiny body reacts so sensitively to the smallest of touches, with his giant hands holding and trapping you, almost covering your entire body.
He knows how to use his tongue, let’s just say that
I think we all agree that Malleus has a forked/split tongue and yeah that shit would be long as fuck. I see that some people think because of his surprisingly naive nature that he would be clueless but nah, this man is nothing short of incredible. He would be in between your legs for hours on end, making you cry just from how fucking amazing he is at using his tongue.
Corruption kink
Even though this man is so adamant about praising you and making you feel good that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to just completely destroy your innocence and make you realise how dirty and sinful you’ve become just by being around him. Humans are so small and frail to him with their minds being so easy to crack just with the snap of his fingers, so just the sight of you being a lust-filled mess literally begging him for more is something he enjoys A LOT.
He completely adores hearing you say how good he is to you, how he makes you feel, how much you love him - however he is so used to being complimented and admired by everyone that it just doesn’t mean that much to him anymore, but just because it came from you, he feels even more powerful and validated than before. Constantly going out of his way to do things for you just so you can thank him. And while he loves having you worship him, this exchange goes both ways. Even though Malleus is literally the most powerful being ever, that will definitely not stop this man from admiring and honouring you every second he gets.
feeling very horny for this man atm so thats fun 👍 might do these sorts of hcs with all my twst favs but idk i wanna try and write sum shit for lilia if i can
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jd-loves-fiction · a month ago
how do you think Leona and Malleus would deal with their s/o peaking into the room and shyly asking to sleep with them just to be with them? S/o isn’t a particularly clingy person, so this does not happen often where s/o asks, they’re just feeling lonely tonight and want to be with their lion/dragon man, quietly cuddling to sleep?
🌑imma do this one in headcannons :)
Tumblr media
❖ 𝐌𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐮𝐬 ❖
Oh he'd melt
His sweet, sweet Child of Man comes to him for comfort? He's never felt so special
He'll open his arms wide, beckoning you into them
Like I said before, i don't think Malleus really needs sleep
At the very least, he doesn't need a lot of it
But he'll lay down with you, hold you in his arms and listen to your breaths even out
He doesn't even hesitate, also doesn't think anything weird of it, he understands what you need at that moment and he's absolutely ready to give it to you
Also feel like either Lilia has done this for him, or he's done it for Silver or Sebek
Diasomnia just all looks like cuddly boys :)
Tumblr media
❖ 𝐋𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐚 ❖
Blushy blushy catman wondering how in the Great Seven are you so damn cute
He's taken aback by the sudden vulnerability
But after just a moment of hesitation, he wordlessly lets you in
Leona is cuddly, no matter how much he huffs about it, he love cuddling and is completely ready to give you the comfort that you need
No words are exchanged, he simply pulls you against his chest, hand against the back of your head, petting your hair while purring
Like mothers do for their cubs🥺
Pls I'm so soft for this man
He will only let himself fall asleep when he's sure that you're comfortable and sleeping like a baby
Then, he takes a deep breath, inhaling your lovely, comforting scent before closing his eyes for the night knowing that you'll be alright
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seraphdreams · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
leona kingscholar / floyd leech / silver x fem! reader.
synopsis. how they like to fuck you and where they like to cum.
contains. dumbification, overstimulation, somnophilia, multiple rounds mentioned, biting, creampies, cunnilingus. 18+ mdni.
author’s note. first time writing twst, let me know if i should do more. might transfer over to @leonha so follow there too, if you want!
Tumblr media
— leona likes when you think you have control, when you’re on top, riding him until your poor little legs can’t handle it. the way you whine and beg for him to take over only fuels his evergrowing ego and if you plead well enough for him, he might consider flipping you both over and giving you what you really want. he fucks good, so be prepared to get overstimulated in a matter of seconds, dumbed down to nothing but a babbling fleshlight for him.
— leona likes to cum on your stomach or just above your pussy. he’s meticulous about it because he definitely wouldn’t risk getting you pregnant. if you’re on birth control, he might feel more lenient to cumming inside you but don’t expect it every time.
— floyd likes you bent over and on display. it’s how he always starts off every session, pounding into you from behind, gripping at the fat of your hips and forcing you down into an arch. he’ll switch positions and maybe you’ll be underneath this time, it’s more fun that way. he has incredible stamina and if he could, he’d fuck you all day. he loves nipping your skin with his sharp teeth anywhere he can; your shoulder, your nipples, your tummy, your clit—any place where he can get a cute reaction out of you. if he’s in a giving mood, he’d especially pass you around between jade as well. the best thing to him is when you’re all dumb from pleasure.
— floyd likes to cum inside you. he likes to see how your twitching cunt oozes his seed after each round. he’ll take his fingers and stuff all of it right back in too, he’s romantic like that. if you were just on your knees sucking him off, he’d cum on your face and maybe even take a few pictures to go jerk off to later.
— silver’s prone to sleeping and he doesn’t trust himself enough to have sex with you without dozing off. that’s why you both came to a mutual agreement that concluded in letting you get yourself off if need be when he’s asleep. he likes when you slip under the covers and hold his heavy cock in your hand, steadily pumping him to hardness before slipping him inside you. he lets out little huffy whimpers and breaths from your ministrations as he slowly blinks himself awake to the sight of your face contorted from the pleasure of grinding yourself over his cock.
— silver doesn’t have a preference on where he likes to cum, he’ll cum wherever you tell him. if you want his seed inside you, he’ll do just that. if you want him to cum down your throat, he’ll do that too. he gets sleepy after sex but he always makes sure to clean you up after, whether that be getting a damp towel or just spending time between your legs, lapping at your cunt until he eventually falls asleep on your thigh.
Tumblr media
reblogs and likes are very appreciated!! ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ♡°◌̊
Tumblr media
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kalims · a day ago
For the event, I chose Leona and Malleus with the prompt- Stareee👀👀 thank u
<- back to event page.
includes: leona kingscholar, and malleus draconia.
13. stareee — just stare in their eyes for no reason at all.
Tumblr media
✧ leona kingscholar.
13. stareee
it's kinda hard to actually catch him wide awake when he's off somewhere napping 87% of the time, more or less actually knowing where he's holed up trying to avoid everyone else.
so you do the most unlogical logical thing: just lay to your side and face your front to him, waiting for him to open his eyes.
but look. leona already knows your there, he can feel the shift of the grass and the quiet breathing an ordinary person can't hear. there's quite literally only one person he knows whom is brave enough to venture into the lion's den— and it's you.
so when he opens his eyes you're just casually staring right back at him without a single shame in the world.
don't you know it's dangerous to stare a lion in the eye?
oh well. he reacts naturally, thinking it's a half-challenge so he just holds eye contact and absolutely doesn't back down until you, yourself looks away. it's hard not to when he's awfully so good at this that you almost assume he's cheating.
doesn't let you leave after one of you looks away and hogs you for the rest of the day. you brought this on you...
✧ malleus draconia.
13. stareee
malleus in always happy to indulge in your presence, even if you attract the most chaotic of the chaos, or even if you get involved in the most bizzare things that make even him stupefied. nevertheless, you never fail to suprise him.
he just doesn't get why sebek is always pulling him away, yelling some random excuse just when he catches a whiff of your familiar scent. it's either he reluctantly, and gloomily follows his knight away or straight up disappears to kidnap take you away.
... what are you doing?
oh why are you suddenly trying to attain dominance? don't you know that this is a challenge to most species and an act of affection and intimacy? is this another way of the children of men?
he doesn't really know what to do other than keep staring into you as you are, fully convinced that this is a show of affection. he looks happy and somehow concentrated at the same time.
is in a particularly happy mood after, the change is drastic enough for his three companions to notice the change. lilia is already wondering what exactly occurred while he was gone, he isn't complaining though.
sebek is just there appreciating and rejoicing in his young masters obviously happiness and silver honestly forgot about it and is occupying himself by attempting very hard to keep himself awake.
yay :D happy tall big happy dragon man
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twistyprefect · 3 months ago
Hi!!! Your writing is so good, thank you so much for sharing it with us! I wanted to make a request for Riddle, Azul, Kalim, and Jamil who discovers that their S/O does parkour, BUT only discovers this when they see their S/O jump out a window to try and catch Grim, who was trying to skip again
{hullo anon!! ty so much lairhlier i'm happy to share!! also lmao i love this request cause ik i'd have aHEART ATTACK-}
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle feels his heart stop when he watches his partner leap out the window after Grim
the stupid cat had been goofing off before trying to escape through the window to avoid class
Riddle's S/O had immediately jumped into action, leaping our of the window
they grabbed him by the torso and managed to changed their momentum by kicking off the wall in part
Riddle's eyes widened as he watched them land relatively effortlessly
he still scolded them, of course, but he shyly complimented them on their skill anyway
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul yelled for his partner as he leaned out the window, watching in horror
they had jumped out to try and catch Grim, launching themselves lightly
grabbing Grim's torso, they grabbed onto a nearby tree to slow themselves down slightly
Azul watched as his partner kicked off the building to slow themselves and change direction
by the time they landed relatively unharmed, Azul was rushing to them
ignoring Grim, he hugged them tightly and asked them to never jump out a window again-
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim
Kalim screamed, actually screamed, when he saw his partner disappear out of the window
they were trying to grab Grim, who was (as usual) trying to skip class
he leaned out of the window, calling for his carpet as he stared in horror at his partner as they fell
they quickly kicked off the wall, flipping over to land on their feet as they curled into themself slightly
Kalim gasped and cheered, hopping out onto his carpet when it got to him so he could join them on the ground
he grins and tackles his S/O in a hug, exclaiming how absolutely cool it was for them to pull that off!
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper
Jamil panics immediately when he sees his partner fall out of the window, trying to grab Grim
Grim had been trying to avoid class again, taunting Jamil's S/O and floating out of the window
he rushed down to the courtyard to see his partner kick off the wall with practiced poise
they managed to land on their feet, crouched down with Grim in their arms
Jamil immediately ran over to them, tossing Grim aside to pull his partner into his arms
after checking them over, he sighed and thanked them for grabbing Grim but asked them not to do it like that again
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keqingsfavbestie · 15 hours ago
Imagine a scenario where MC is done with the trio's bullshit and ties them up then prepares the grill and while she's preparing the grill, grim manages to escape and goes to crowley's office while there's a meeting with the dorm leaders. Grim bursts in but MC finds him on time while dragging him away with the most menacing smile and Grim is getting dragged away while trying to stay in the office by gripping on the walls with his claws and calling out for help,
What would the dorm leaders think?
First part!
Riddle rosehearts
Oh my.. What did the trio do this time? I swear to the seven if ace and deuce are involved.. It will be off with their head! *hears grim screaming * "AHH DONT GRILL THE GREAT GRIM ALIVE!!"
Leona kingscholar
Probably busy sleeping but let's say they got him to get in the meeting
Such lowly herbivores disturbing my sleep.. Once i get back ill go order ruggie to get me a deluxe sandwich and-
"HELP ME!! MC IS TRYING TO- *muffle sounds*
"you're getting dragged back by me."
What is wrong with that menacing smile?! Has the herbivore finally lost its mind? But oh well.. Seems like I'll be getting a feast soon
Azul ashengretto
Help i cant pronounce his last name.. Why is it so long and hard?
I'll just tell floyd and jade to deal with-
"HELP ME!! MC IS TRYING TO- *muffle sounds*
"you're getting dragged back by me."
Ah! Grill? WHY IS THE PERFECT TRYING TO GRILL A WEASEL? but.. With that strength she may be of help in the monstro lounge dealing with rude customers..
Requests are: opened
Tumblr media
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queenscodex · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
First time waking up together
Charatcers: Kalim, Jamil, Jade
- Gender Neutral Reader
- Headcanons & Scenario
700 followers event
Also combining the two since it will be easier for me (●´ω`●)
Kalim Al-Asim
Tumblr media
He probably forgot you slept over. Kalim woke up, took a look around the room before realizing that there was a person beside him.
And he ends up waking you up as excitement starts to bubble within his chest; this is the first time you slept over, this was an important event in his eyes! After quite jolting you awake from your rest, you are met by an apology by him but he can't hide his grin as he just stares at you- taking note of how your hair becomes tangled or eyes slightly dropping from just waking up. He finds the sight mesmerizing and still beautiful
Kalim gets clingy too, tugging on your sleeve whenever you try to get up. He states that he wants to live in the moment for as long as possible but really he also wants to cuddle!
Because this is the first time you woke up together, he goes to cook breakfast for you himself, thinking it would be special if it were made by his hand. But is it really a good idea to allow him in the kitchen?
" Sorry-!"
That was the first thing you heard as you slowly escaped the clutches of your dreaming state. Your head was fuzzy still laced with exhaustion while touch slowly returned to your numb fingertips. Your eyes fluttered open, squinting in the harsh light that flooded your vision. After taking a few seconds to adjust the surroundings, your gaze landed on a familiar silver haired boy.
Oh it was Kalim, your mind whispered to you. The memory came back to you in little fragments, lacing together to create a scene in your head. Kalim suggested you stay the night, even grabbing some spare pillows and blankets- that explained the extra comfy material your body rested on, a contrast to your own bedding that was usually hard and bumpy.
" My apologies, y/n. I didn't mean to wake you!" Kalim fumbled, panic flashing over his tired eyes. You simply giggled putting aside his little babbles, instead you placed your attention on the room. This was the first time you awoken in his dorm. Sunlight was seeping through the thin curtains while the room sat in utter silence minus the rambles coming from Kalim and the sound of your steady breathing.
" Kalim-" you cut him off. The silver haired boy's rambles came to an abrupt stop as he stared at you in anticipation. "Good morning," you whispered. Your voice sounded only prue to his ears, a little raspy and dragged out with sleep but nonetheless melodic to him.
" Good morning y/n." He copied back, plotting down beside you, all his previous worries of waking you left with a sigh. Kalim went to snuggle against your shoulder, his cheek rubbing against your clothes; the actions made you blush a certain pink.
" I have been waiting for this." Kalim admitted sheepishly a few moments, his cheek was still at your shoulder while his arms lazily latched to your torso. It seemed like you were a teddy bear that he refused to let go of. " I wanted to know the feeling of waking up to someone you love. And now I can say it's a great feeling-! Did you get it too?" He asked whilst staring at you fondly.
" Yeah." Your voice, although low and raspy from exhaustion, still sounded like a little bell being rung against his ear. The tune felt melodic and kissed his lobes with ease. Even with disheveled hair and eyes threatening to fall back into unconsciousness, he still found you captivating. Kalim could feel his heart swell, wanting to savor this moment in his head forever.
A low rumble came from your stomach, which ultimately dragged Kalim out of his thoughts. After a few seconds, an expression which you could only describe as him getting an idea flickered onto his face- one that made you quirk your brow in curiosity. Before you could voice this, Kalim was already in the process of getting out of bed." I'm gonna make us some breakfast." He proclaimed his idea outloud. His voice was cheery as ever as he walked towards the direction of the dorm kitchen, all his sleepiness thrown away.
You broke into a smile, his words not fully comprehending in your brain as the last of sleep exited you. A few seconds pass. Then a few more. Suddenly the realization hits you as you scramble out of bed, chasing after Kalim.
" Wait-! You'll burn the kitchen down!"
Jamil Viper
Tumblr media
Jamil had always thought he was undeserving of love and all the blissful moments it brought. Romance was something he struggled to wrap his head around, the concept making his lips contort into a laugh.
But if there was anything that made his brain go fuzzy it was the sight of the person- who rebuttal his previous beliefs of being unable to love- sleeping soundly beside him without a care in the world.
The sight almost made him shriek out a little, for a split second forgetting you spent the night. And like Kalim, he couldn't help but stare fondly at his partner, becoming captivated by the sight
This was a new form of vulnerability, you were defenseless and so was he. Usually he would never allow such a scenario to occur, but as the moment plays out in real time- Jamil simply can't help but find warmth in it.
Jamil had to stop himself from letting out what would have been a loud pitch screech. He had forgotten that he allowed you to spend the night in his room for the first time, the memory returning to him a split second too late as his eyes landed on your figure.
Even now as he recomposed himself and slipped out of bed, he couldn't draw his eyes away. His gaze was too fixated on your delicate features, noting how peaceful you looked as you slept. The setting of his room didn't help either. Sunlight was pouring from the windows and rested against your form, only adding emphasis to your features. He could feel his heart flutter in his chest by the sight alone. Jamil had not witnessed anything as enthralling before- even sharing a bed was a forgien thing to him. But part of him welcomed it too. He was so busy gazing at your features in a lovestruck manner that he had failed to notice your eyes slowly blinking awake.
" Jamil?" Your tired voice came out followed by a yawn. " What's wrong? You're starring."
It took all his strength to keep himself from jolting where he sat. With his face heating up, he glanced away to the nearest window. " Its- nothing." He paused, something else was on his mind. " Never thought I would witness a moment like this." He admitted, opening his dreams and visions to you like an open book.
" I always had the belief I would be alone because of my role as a servant. And yet you somehow single handedly disproven all of that with just this moment." Jamil knew he was in a vulnerable position, yet he didn't want to pull away. This was something he never thought he could fantasize would happen. But it was happening, right in front of him.
" Me too." He pressed his weight against the mattress, his body leaning to place his lips to your forehead. The kiss left a trail of heat to your skin as he pulled away, admiring blush that colored your cheeks. His heart fluttered at that. It was a sight and moment he will be able to cherish and witness alone. It was something he refused anyone, even Kalim to take away.
A smile danced to your lips as you soaked in his words. That smile. Jamil felt so undeserving of it and all the little love you gave him but he also yearned for more. His hand went to tangle itself within yours, fingers curling around the palm. " Well I for one, am happy to spend this moment with you." You stated, squeezing his hand reassuringly; Jamil could feel his own lips twitching upwards.
" I'm going to make some breakfast, you can even eat in bed- but if you make a mess, you're cleaning it up" He chuckled, a rare contrast from his usually stoic and blunt nature. His walls came crashing down, opening a new side to you that he has kept hidden away for so long.
And as Jamil enters the kitchen and takes out the ingredients to cook, his mind wanders off to how he got so lucky in the first place.
Jade Leech
Tumblr media
Unlike the previous two, Jade had not forgotten that you spent the night. Still, he couldn't hide how his eyes slightly widened when he found you beside him. That was something that requires trust and he was aware of that. To him, it spoke volumes and his heart fluttered at that even if his body language remained the same
He is doting the first time; making sure you're comfortable, asking how you slept, if the bed was too lumpy for your liking, etc. He makes alterations for the next time you decide to stay in his dorm room.
Jade cooks up what you could describe to be the best breakfast meal you had ever tasted before. He places extra effort into the dish, attempting to make the whole experience more enduring and lasting as a memory. He will even feed you~
He doesn't allow you to lift a finger. You're about to get out of bed? He already has your shoes without you even needing to voice it. Your uniform was also folded and set on the bedside table. When you asked him about this, his only reply was that 'you were his guest, and it would be unruly of him to make you work.' But really Jade wants to convey his appreciation through these simple but helpful gestures.
Morning, that's what it was. You were greeted with utter silence as your internal alarm clock started to ring within your head. With a few blinks and rubs to the eyes, you propped yourself up with your elbows and took a good glance around the room. It wasn't your room you realized. It was Jade's.
Oh that's right, I stayed the night, your mind repeated to you. Jade had suggested staying as your room was too far and you were already succumbing to the clutches of sleep. You agreed but now it was morning and he was nowhere to be seen. Perplexed, you called out to him. No response. Only the eerily silence met you as your mind wandered off to the possibilities.
Just as you were about to get up to look for the eel, the sound of the door opening stopped you in your tracks. Jade's familiar figure entered the room, a silver tray held in his hands. On the tray lay various goods: pancakes, toast, fruits accompanied with little cups filled with golden syrup and other sauces. You were no stranger to this; Jade often surprised you by preparing little foods such as these- though many contained mushrooms- yet somehow this one felt different. Perhaps it was because this will be the first time you had breakfast in bed. Nonetheless, the sight made your mouth water while your eyes became glued to it.
Jade chuckled at your actions, placing the tray on the table beside you. " I trust you slept well, hmm?" A grin dawned his lips.
" I did." His fingers went to grab the small kettle, pouring a cool liquid into a cup. He handed it to you and you brought it to your lips, relishing the cool feeling it left. Tea. As you drew the cup away, you were met with a fork embedded with a small strawberry inching towards your lips. It was Jade who held it, his expression remaining the same. He wanted to feed you.
" Come on now, eat up. I cooked up something extra special for you~" He teased, the fork only coming closer to your mouth. You felt your face burned at his words. And although Jade had the ability to make your face heat up with just a few silky words, being fed while in bed was a different story. It was new. An experience you were enacting for the first time with him at that moment. Knowing any protest will easily be refuted by his end- though it could also be your curiosity taking over- you allowed him to feed you the breakfast.
" Oh? But you're my guest~ I mustn't allow you to lift a finger, that would be ill mannered of me." He paused, his lips grew into a grin, one that showed off his teeth.
Even after the meal, his little antics didn't stop there. He helped you into your uniform, even doing the tie as though you were unable to do it yourself.
" You really don't have to do this, Jade." You mumbled sheepishly, straightening out the coat while fingers fumbled over the loose threads.
Suddenly his fingers drew away from your clothes and instead went to tangle itself with your own. He gingerly brought your hand to his lips pressing a gentle kiss to the palm, his teeth just barely grazing the surface.
Ignoring your increasingly burning face and fuming protests, Jade only chuckled.
" But I do hope to share another morning like this with you, my dear."
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oyster-sauce-tart · 2 months ago
lol is it possible to request the overblot guys (if possible) with a martial artist mc defeating them during their overblots with just one punch like saitama?
One Punch Yuu!
Me: I should work on those requests i got during March
This ask:
Magic battles? Nah, these emotionally damaged teenagers are getting a fist to a face!
These bitches are so rude! Someone’s gotta punch some sense into them!
Scenario: Overblot Boys getting the blot punched out of them
Reader: Gender Neutral, Martial Artist
Characters: Riddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar, Azul Ashengrotto, Jamil Viler, Vil Schoenheit, Idia Shroud, Malleus Draconia
Content Warning(s): Overblot spoilers
Notes: since I don’t know the accurate plot of Jamil, Vil, Idia and Malleus’s Overblot I kept them vague
Also this MC/Yuu ended up being less martial artist and more like a “punch now think later” type of character haha
Tumblr media
the first overblot
the garden was in ripped up shambles down to its roots, everyone was running away with Crowley evacuating everyone, the only people who stood to fight were you, Grim, Ace, Deuce, Cater and Trey
Right now, everyone was getting to their limit. Grim was too tired to bring out flames, Cater was overexerting his clones, Trey was just barely hanging onto his Signature Spell
What to do.. what to do, at this rate soon it might be too late for Riddle
“Hey Deuce.”
“H-huh what?”
“Throw me.”
He ended up throwing you
Everyone that was there watched as you got propelled towards Riddle and punched him squarely in the face
Ouch. That’s definitely gonna leave a mar- wait holy shit the ink blot monster is disappearing???
The first thing is Riddle notices when he gets out of the Backstory Sequence ™ is a bleeding nose
Actually it might be broken fuck what happened-
Then everything starts to come back to him
Right… he Overblotted… he can’t believe it…
And you… punched him out of it?
It’s a bit amazing to be honest, he thanks you for getting him out of what could’ve been a disaster
Then he lectures you for 5 hours about how you thought getting thrown to punch him was a good idea, what if you got hurt?!
“Don’t worry I got a black belt in martial arts back in my world it’s fine”
It’s really not.
Tumblr media
first off, how the fuck did you even survive???
He turns anything he touches into sand?? Are you seriously that strong???
Yes, you say, yes you are
Deuce did not want to throw you again so Jack did, swept up in the whole “saving Leona thing”
He apologizes profusely sometime after Leona comes to his senses
The first thoughts for Leona was “shit I overblotted??” Then “shit you punched me out of it???”
He’s pretty impressed by your strength tbh like seriously??
“I can turn everything to sand how did you even???”
“I have a black belt in martial arts!”
“… I don’t think that has any correlation…”
“I’m strong >:3”
Tumblr media
At this point you’ve realized you punching the blot out of these guys is saving you a lot of time and effort for both you and the rest of your friends
So your first thought was “punch Azul” when you saw the overblot
but then you realized he’s like half cryinh so you’d kinda feel bad…
‘Kinda’ is the key word here
you punched him. Well… kinda?
You asked floyd to throw you and he went “!!!!” And immediately threw you over his shoulder and propel you towards Azul
The problem here that amidst Floyd’s excitement he didn’t aim correctly so instead of punching Azul, you just body slammed into him
You still snapped him out of it so 10/10!
The thing is both of you are equally disoriented thanks to the amount of force Floyd used to throw you
And he threw your head at Azul’s
Infirmary Trip✨✨✨✨
Post-blot, Azul’s very much impressed by your bravery. Especially since you did this before in success
“Would you perhaps be interested in working at the Monstro Longue as a bouncer?”
Tumblr media
when Jamil finally Overblotted you just cracked your knuckles and went “I’ve been waiting to do this since the first time he hypnotized me”
Floyd throws you (pt 2)
This time you didn’t even ask you just looked at him like “👀” and he immediately threw you
Azul sends Jamil his prayers
This time floyd actually does aim decently
Yes although you did bodyslam into him you immediately punched him before he could do anything
*fanfare* crisis averted!!
Okay so Jamil is slightly impressed after this whole ordeal
You’ve really shown how you can hold your own throughout the Scarabia arc
And this strength came from martial artist training???
Kudos to you, can you give him some pointers?
Tumblr media
Rook held you back before you can get someone to throw you
“How can you punch such a beautiful face!!”
Epel gives his blessing /hj
I don’t exactly know what happens here other than that they all go to the VDC and that Neige exists so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
But anyways after he gets punched he yells at you for ruining his face
That’s all I got
As much as I like Vil I don’t know a whole lot
Sorry :(
Tumblr media
all I know about chapter 6 is that the Overblotted (and grim) got kidnapped by Idia or smth and Yuu went to save them with Epel and Rook who just wanted to give Vil his skincare stuff
I have no idea how he overblots or how y’all even got in but Leona throws you when Idia finally overblots
He did it w/o warning too
He wanted to see how prepared you are to punch someone
Also he wanted to throw you for revenge that punch you gave him ached for days
You punched Idia twice
Once to get him out of overblot and another for stealing Grim
You don’t just steal the child and get away with it smh
Everyone so far has either been impressed or has new found respect for you
Idia is just scared of you now
He thought you were just some kind of shounen anime character that punched before thinking
But then you got the smarts to get into STYX and THEN beat him like shounen protag??
New fear ™
Tumblr media
No one threw you this time
Everything was kinda flying in the air thanks to destruction and you ended up on one of them and fell off
Then you noticed you were falling towards Tsunotaro Malleus so you just prepared and then boom punched
You broke your arm thanks to the velocity and, you know, thinking punching a dragon was a good idea.
Dragons have scales you think you’re gonna be alright after that??
Lol nah
Malleus feels bad ofc
“I’m so sorry Child of Man… if only I was stronger than maybe I wouldn’t have hurt you so bad…”
“Oh no it’s okay! When humans’ bones break and then heal they start to become stronger than last time! Imagine how hard I’ll be able to punch ppl once this heals!”
Everyone facepalms
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roseheartsed · a month ago
Tumblr media
✼ SUMMARY: delight is the hardest to contain, so you ask them for a hug — except you didn't do the asking part and dived straight in. (first years edition)
✼ PAIRING: first years x reader ft. platonic ortho. (written in second pov)
✼ GENRE: fluff, slight comedy.
✼ KEYWORDS: none.
✼ QUICK WARNINGS: implications of unintended asphyxiation (in epel's section).
✼ A/N: woohoo, welcome to the surprise post! this is yet another formatting style and i actually liked how simple it turned out! as always, enjoy reading and let me know what you think <3 - bree ☆
[ dedicated to my one and only mama, @emizel! lin, look at these precious boys <3 ]
・・✿ ・・→ masterlist. + read the vice dorm leaders edition (ft. platonic grim) here!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PRETENDS TO CRINGE. Stares like you just ate the last pizza on the table off of the floor— Pfft, he's just messing with you! Ace snorts, remarking about how lucky you are he didn't 'somersault' you out of surprise or something like that. As if he would; he likes you too much to actually do that.
Tumblr media
STARTS BUFFERING. Just malfunctions and heats up on the spot. Isn't hugging supposed to be something intimate? Does this change something between the two of you? Or is he the one overthinking this? Those thoughts come rushing to him in the space of a few seconds — and you're left wondering why Deuce is just standing still like a statue. His cheeks are red too, is he okay?
Tumblr media
FLINCHES AS NATURAL INSTINCT. His kind doesn't do that type of buddy huggy thing so obviously, Jack's first instinct is to jolt away. Not only does it fluster him that you just swooped in closer like that but he also felt like a trapped prey there. But it's not like Jack is voluntarily rejecting your hug... Just don't catch him off guard next time, he warns you with an exasperatedly fond face.
Tumblr media
GETS SUFFOCATED, LITERALLY. Usually, Epel would have politely inched away to get his fairly needed intake of oxygen — but he hesitates because he does want to stay in your embrace. But his oxygen supply is running out and he pats your arm as a sign of "can you let go a little?". Epel still finds your enthusiasm and physical strength kinda amazing though... Fine, maybe he did just fall for you even more.
Tumblr media
ALMOST SENDS YOU TO THE AFTERLIFE. As one of Malleus' knights, he immediately considers surprise attacks like that as an ambush. He could've injured you! Sebek shakes his head disapprovingly, lecturing you for minutes afterwards. He's only angry because you're... someone... important to him, okay?! Besides, you could've just asked!
Tumblr media
GETS SO HAPPY HE FLOATS. Unlike most viruses, happiness isn't supposed to be contagious; or at least, it hasn't been scientifically proven. But when you give him a hug, Ortho can't help but reciprocate? As if your glee is channeled into him, activating the engines under his feet in the process! Maybe happiness is contagious, after all?
──・──・・✿ ・・──・──
© 𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐞𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐬𝐞𝐝, may 2022. do not repost, plagiarize nor translate without permission, thank you. likes and reblogs are extremely appreciated!
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Vice Dorm Leaders but they are jealous
Rook is creepy jealous. Surely he interrupts that moment with an arrow that almost hits the head of that person who makes him jealous. Rook tells you it was an injury. Later, that person receives a letter that is 90% intimidating and 10% French poetry.
Jade would be polite. He does not easily become jealous. But when he comes he is "politely creepy". You know. he smiles and speaks kindly but a smile looks like he would want to commit murder.
Jamil would be an easily jealous person. He has lived all his life in the shadow of Kalim. And when he finally gets attention, Jamil doesn’t want anyone to take it away. Jamil would hiss like a venomous snake. But you can also calm him down easily. A kiss is enough.
Lilia would certainly not easily become jealous. He would have lived such a long life. In addition to this, Lilia trusts you. However, if someone makes Lilia jealous of them, death awaits a worse fate. Food cooked by Lilia himself.
Ruggie would really also be easily jealous. He has had to share his whole life. And Ruggie refuses to share you with anyone. here he becomes more clingy. Ruggie might also joke about the invitation. jokes are 90% sure insults to the person who made him jealous.
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wolken-himmel · a month ago
In which (Y/n) stumbles upon an otter while being forced to catch a snake.
Little does anybody know that these two are Kalim and Jamil who have turned into a helpless otter and a frightening snake respectively.
Requested by @poetictinkerer and anon.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"And how exactly did a snake get onto campus, Headmaster Crowley?"
You couldn't help but sigh in disbelief while the headmaster continued to drag you through a hallway leading to the labs. His pace was quick, and his hold on you was strong despite the intensity that his hands shook with. The complaints that left your lips barely reached his ears, much to your frustration.
"H-How would I know how a snake got onto campus? All I know is that it is a dire threat!" Crowley cried out when he finally came to a halt in front of an inconspicuous door. "Just get rid of it! Quickly! No time to waste—" Without a warning he flung the door open, pushed you inside, and locked it behind you within a matter of seconds.
Your heart rate dropped to a zero once the sound of the lock clicking caused realisation to dawn upon you. A scream escaping your lips, you flung yourself at the door and banged your fists against the heavy wood — but to no avail. You seethed out in frustration. "How am I supposed to deal with a snake—? Let me out!"
"I'll let you out once the snake is under control again!"
You narrowed your eyes at the door to glare daggers at the man on the other side. However, you gave up after just a few minutes of complete silence from outside the laboratory.
With your back pressed against the locked door, you let out a sigh and closed your eyes in fear. "...I hate it here..." you muttered under your breath before letting your eyes flutter open at the sound of glass shattering.
Your blood froze cold in your veins, and your eyes snapped around in search for the source of the noise. Inwardly, you prepared yourself for facing a snake — and that this would be your end. Your gulp resonated through the room as you continued searching. And eventually, your gaze fell on the hairy creature innocently sitting on one of the tables; it seemed to have fun rolling the test tubes around the table — until they rolled off the side and crashed to the floor.
Suprise flashed across your face when the creature turned around to look up at you with wide eyes. "Wait— you're not a snake. You're..." For a moment, your breath remained stuck in your throat. "...an otter?" you cried out in disbelief.
After a few seconds, a large smile blossomed on the otter's face, and it stormed over to you at the speed of light. Before you could even properly comprehend the situation, you gazed down to find the small animal looking up at you with a happy smile on its face.
Without even hesitating, you wrapped your arms around the creature and cradled it like a newborn baby. "And an adorable otter at that!" you cooed and tickled its belly, much to its delight as it soon began to let out coos of pleasure. Your eyes softened at once. "Don't worry, sweetie. I won't let any of the meanies around here hurt you."
The otter nodded happily.
Your heart fluttered at the sweet gesture, and you couldn't help but bring the otter up to nuzzle your noses against one another. "Yes, aren't you just adorable?" you cooed between fits of laughter. "Yes you are~"
However, you soon snapped out of your trance at the sound of another test tube colliding with the ground. Your eyes hardened at once, and you realised that there still was a snake roaming the school — or was that simply a rumour? The fervour with which the headmaster had given you your task earlier pointed towards the former.
A distressed frown on your face, you narrowed your eyes in confusion. "But... I don't see a snake around here," you muttered under your breath, only to be distracted from your thoughts when the otter began pawing at your arm. Your gaze drifted downward, causing the otter to hum in satisfaction. At that point, your mind seemed to be made up. "Oh well, Crowley must have seen things that simply don't exist..."
You sighed dismissively and turned around to see that the door was ajar. A relieved smile grew on your lips at the sight of it.
"Let's get you to somewhere with water," you said to the happy otter in your arms. "I know a lake nearby."
The journey to the lake had been quiet with no other soul passing by due to the lockdown that a concerned crow-man had initiated. It was only you and the otter that lent you its soothing company. And somehow, this small animal was enough to brighten your day after everything that could have went wrong actually went wrong.
All your woes were forgotten when you sat on the side of the lake, peacefully watching your otter-friend that busied itself with splashing around and swimming a dozen laps.
A solemn smile grew on your lips when the otter briefly paused to look at you in curiosity. "You like it here, don't you?" you asked softly. "The water must be nice and refreshing."
You perked up when you noticed that the otter was approaching you, waddling towards you on two legs with its paws hidden behind its back. A cheeky smile grew on its lips as it crawled into your lap and extended its paws out towards you — to reveal a shimmering stone to you.
Your eyes grew in delight. "Oh? Is that for me?" A smile on your lips, you took the stone and held it up into the air to marvel at it more. "Thank you, ottie," you cried out happily and pecked its head.
Much to your surprise, the otter let out a discontented huff and crossed its arms.
You furrowed your eyebrows in concern. "What?" you asked and took its paws into your own. "You don't like the nickname?"
The otter nodded as it climbed out of your lap to disappear behind a bush. Before you could get up and search for the otter, it had reappeared — with a stick in its paws. After having waddled over to you, it began dragging the stick across an exposed patch of dry soil. And letter by letter, it spelt out a word. On closer look, it wasn't just any word... it was a name.
"...Kalim?" you read out loud, surprised. "Wait, Kalim— this is you?!" Your hands clasped over your mouth, you stared at the otter as it nodded eagerly.
You shook your head in disbelief. "How did you become an otter...?" The animal simply shrugged before crawling into your lap again to lay down happily. You eyed it quizzically as it curled up and fell asleep within seconds. "And more importantly, why hasn't Jamil turned the school upside down yet to search for you?"
Just after you had uttered that sentence, the rustling of shrubbery behind you caused you to jolt upwards in alarm. The otter let out a little whine as it was flung out of your lap when you jumped to your feet. A yawn escaping its lips, the otter eyed your frightened face in concern.
That was until its red eyes fell on the snake slithering towards him.
Screams escaped your lips. "A snake! A snake—!"
However, the otter didn't share your fear — no, it simply got up and sprinted towards the snake, no fear visible. The sight caused you to shriek in horror. "Kalim, get away from the snake! It will swallow you whole!" you yelled out when the snake had wrapped its thick body around the innocent otter. A look of disbelief flashed across your race. "What are you doing?! You should be running!"
When the otter simply wrapped its short arms around the snake, you saw yourself forced to lurch forward and free your friend from the vile predator. Without any fear evident on your face, you grabbed the neck of the snake and pulled it away from the small otter.
"Let Kalim go!" you hollered while clumsily holding the thrashing snake away from you. After a few seconds, it seized to whip its tail around — instead, it calmly gazed you in the eyes. You froze in horror, recognising those beautiful eyes — they were calm, yet hypnotic and enchanting. There was only one person whose eyes could have such an effect. "Jamil—?" At once, you dropped the snake to the ground.
You watched in surprise as the snake slithered over to the otter and dusted the dust off its fur by running its tail over the mammal's fur. The sight was reminiscent of a parent cleaning up their child, and all of it made sense now due to knowing who these animals truly were: Kalim and Jamil.
A confused sigh escaped your lips after having just endured a heart attack. "What... in Twisted Wonderland is going on..."
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dragon-riding · 3 months ago
Hello hello! If the event is still open I’d like to place a request. For Leona, if that’s okay? Reader wore pheromone perfume to tease him. Some oral and overstimulation, please!
Have a good day!
anything posted and written on this blog is fictional and should not be recreated and/or idolized in real life
kinks included: cunnilingus, overstimulation, scenting
Leona’s tongue is rough against the folds of your pussy. He laps at you like a deprived man, a depraved one. You’ve already lost count of the amount of times you’ve cum under his skillful tongue; all you know is that it’s starting to hurt, painful pleasure spreading through your entire body.
“Leona,” you whimper out. He doesn’t even pause to pull back, only flicks his eyes up so you’re forced to stare down at the way he lewdly forces your legs wider, pushes his tongue in deeper to draw out more of your slick. “Leona, please.”
His answer is a deep growl. The vibrations from his voice make you throw your head back, body seizing up and almost cumming once again. To be pleasured so deeply, toyed with like helpless prey… Leona smirks, and you know he meant to mold your body to his touch, tongue, fingers, everything.
“I can’t anymore,” you whisper. He gives a harsh nip to your inner thigh that makes you flinch. “Please. I can’t- I really-”
“Yes you can.” It’s the first you’ve heard him speak for a while, voice roughened and deep. He pulls you down so he can smother his nose into your neck, nipping and licking once again as saliva dripped from his fangs. Eager is the only way to describe him scenting you. “Fuck, bun, you smell so fucking delicious.”
“‘S the perfume,” you admit shamefully as he pins you down with his lazy yet sharp gaze. Your voice shrinks, coming out meekly, “Can’t anymore. P- Please?”
“Hah.” A slight laugh, mocking almost. But it’s the most sympathy you’ve garnered from Leona all night, from the way cruel pity enters his eyes. “No way in hell. You think it was the perfume that did this to me?”, he grinds his hard cock against you. A moan is drawn out from your lips; it makes Leona’s eyes flash, feral. “It’s your scent. Your scent is the one driving me up the wall. Unless you get it under control right now, shut up and spread your legs.”
His head dips once again so his naughty tongue can swirl against your clit, lapping up all the slick you’re leaking. He does something with his tongue that has you sobbing with pleasure, digs his thumbs into your hips to keep you still and you’re gone. You’re throwing your head back shrieking his name as Leona takes and takes and takes.
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