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sober-pepper · 2 days ago
[During the ghost marriage event]
Yuu, seeing everyone fail and get slapped: Wow. It's raining losers out here.
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saayatsumu · 2 days ago
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ive realized my true purpose is to edit twst characters over funny posts
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selfindulgenceiskey · 18 hours ago
Yuu: This one goes out to the NRC staff
Yuu: Joy to the world ~
Yuu: D I E S
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ventique18 · 2 days ago
My everything.
Tumblr media
🌸 Other works here
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fuzzybonefluffy · a day ago
Adeuce&Grim: Kicks the door down looking panicked MC/Yuu/You: What did you do? Adeuce&Grim: Nobody died! MC/Yuu/You: WHAT KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT???
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yaksha-lover · 15 hours ago
You Vamp!Au of TWWL is lovely. Can we introduce some GenZ!Mc in there? U know. For chaos
GenZ!MC + Twst Vampire AU
cw: entirely crack, i tried to make this serious but i can’t, i’m deeply sorry but also i’m gonna have to preface this by saying if the “humour” (it’s not actually funny) is cringe it’s because i am actually a very cringe individual with the sense of humour of a 12 year old. also i’m pretty sure i lost multiple iq points writing this
Tumblr media
“Malleus, I have something to tell you. It’s very hard for me to say but,” you pause to work in a sniffle, “I’ve been diagnosed with Ligma. I don’t know how much time I have left.”
With fake tears and tissues straight out of a youtuber apology video, you begin your torment on poor, innocent Malleus.
He’s silent for a moment. Malleus gets up, straight-faced and pulls you into his arms.
“I’m deeply sorry, child of man. I haven’t heard of this illness before but it matters not. Lilia and I will do everything in our power, scour every corner of the earth until we find a cure,” Malleus says, without breaking eye-contact.
“LIGMA BALLS,” you yell. Malleus’ arms loosen in surprise, and you’re able to run, high-five a hiding Ace who’s face has turned red from laughter, and escape to who knows where.
Malleus feels ten years get taken off his life.
You’re sitting on the couch with Rook, legs splayed on his lap. Vil is sitting across from you, as far away as he can presumably get, looking disgusted at Rook for associating with you. You make eye contact and blow him a kiss. Vil swerves it, clearly disturbed.
“Begone thot.”
“I don’t know Vil, that’s not what your mom was saying last night when I-“
Rook clamps a hand down on your mouth. It seems even he’s astonished by your depravity. You make eye contact with him before slowly licking his hand. He doesn’t pull away. Okay, now you’re the scared one.
Vil can feel the stress lines forming on his face. He gets up, presumably to start an extensive skin treatment.
Sitting in the living room with Ace, Deuce, Epel, and Jack, playing a game of cards when suddenly your next victim walks in. You put down your winning hand, forgoing your victory for what you know is a good cause, a worthy sacrifice.
“Hey, Trey. Would you mind doing me a favour?” You ask him, tone neutral and inconspicuous.
He stops his path to the kitchen, and turns towards your table.
“Of course, MC, what can I do for you?” Trey smiles in his usual friendly way, unaware of the pain that he’s about to endure, the cringe that will keep him awake at night.
Ace is quite literally dying, Deuce is covering his face with his hands, and Epel is already groaning, knowing your antics far too well. Jack, per usual, is unaffected and keeps playing the game, completely apathetic at this point.
“Well since I’m not allowed to leave the mansion, would you mind picking up something for me in town? There’s this baker Joe told me about who’s apparently amazing,” you gush, watching Trey’s face diligently. You don’t want to miss a single moment of this.
“Joe? Who’s Joe?”
“JOE MAMA BITCH,” you get up and immediately start fortnite dancing on his (figurative) corpse. Trey collapses to his knees. Life has no meaning to him anymore. Ace and Deuce are crying, simultaneously tears of laughter and pain stream down their faces. Epel is curled up in a fetus position on the floor, rocking himself back in forth to try and escape the pure agony. Jack continues playing by himself, now alone at the table.
You’ve had mercy on Riddle, thus far, knowing his small body can only contain so much emotion at one time. Alas, the day has come where you can no longer hold yourself back. The day that will be known as ‘the great bofa incident’.
A plan that has been weeks in the making, Riddle has no idea that he’s been perfectly set up to take the bait. With Trey as your accomplice (you told him if he did this for you, you wouldn’t target him again - a lie), Riddle’s been given a recipe that Trey’s assured him needs to be followed exactly, lest the entire dish be ruined.
Together in the kitchen, you sit on the counter while Riddle stands near the stove. He turns to you, holding Trey’s recipe.
“Trey has created quite the intricate dish. Even I haven’t heard of this ingredient. Has Trey provided you with this…bofa? Is that some kind of herb?”
If Riddle had bothered to look up as he spoke, he would see the evil smile forming on your face. Weeks of effort, all culminating into this one moment. Some might call it a waste of time, such a tedious process for such a small moment?
Those who would make such claims are those who have never experienced the pure joy, the rush that comes from a getting someone so unsuspecting with such a fantastic, ingenious even, line.
Riddle is stunned. Flabbergasted, even. You expect some kind of reaction, maybe even anger or an outburst but he gives you nothing. You leave him alone in the kitchen, simply disappointed.
Riddle locks himself in the his room for weeks following the incident. No one knows if he’s dead or alive. He can’t even cry anymore, only capable of sitting in the corner and staring blankly ahead, trapped in an existential crisis and losing his will to keep going a little more each day.
Idia has been going on and on to you about his latest experience with an online troll during one of this gaming sessions. Ample opportunity is created for you to strike again, and you cannot resist your true calling.
“Who?” You say to Idia.
“I don’t know their name, it was just a stranger-“
“No, who asked?”
With this sick blow, you’ve completely shattered all of Idia’s already non-existent self-confidence. He deflates, face planting on the floor and not having the will to get up. Idia is reduced to a heap of blue, becoming a stranger to all emotions except for pure cringe. The doctors say he won’t ever recover.
“Gottem,” you say to yourself as you walk out, leaving the carnage you created behind.
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werty-424 · 7 hours ago
Grim and Mc
Tumblr media
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lk2222 · a day ago
Tumblr media
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worldussysblog · a day ago
Made this last night before I sleep 😴 so yeah I made this because it somehow fits Yuu and Malleus🤭
Credits to:@otome_Ayui on yt for the translation/video
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coolbattlegirl · 23 hours ago
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That’s not the point, Yuu!
Imagine finding out your mysterious night friend is actually a very important figure. At least Yuu’s trying to find the positive side of this revelation. 
Also, I would like to inform you that I do not have the time to digitalize my art due to school. So we’ll be dealing with traditional art for a while! Hopefully, you guys like my traditional art as much as you like my digital art ♡
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wuxubar · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
hi nice to meet yuu 💚
meet asterope! this is @crinklecries yuu/mc who I have also adopted as my own and love very dearly >:u please anticipate seeing more of them in the future bc I have brain rot
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luxthestrange · 6 hours ago
TWST Incorrect quotes#92 Poor Snek
Yuu: So how’s the food Jamil made?
Kali: It's great! Compliments to them!
Yuu*goes to the kitchen*
Yuu: You're adorable
Tumblr media
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takohebi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
⚓Gearing up for the new event!
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selfindulgenceiskey · 20 hours ago
Yuu: Even if you did hit me with the tree, it’s no big deal. I’ll just stuff my intestines back in and move on.
Riddle: …..
Riddle: Okay first of all-
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tezret · 8 hours ago
Yuu, laying face first on their bed, talking to one of the ghosts, regretting everything: And then I called him DAD
Crowley, in the kitchen talking to Crewel, tearing up: And then they called me dad!
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adrianasunderworld · 2 days ago
While Mrs. Rosehearts is on the extreme side of things. Why do I see Mama Spade being her opposite in every way. Like once Mama Spade heads about Yuu she immediately sends her a care package with everything and anything Yuu could or want. Mama Spade comes to see Yuu as her kid and makes sure Yuu is doing well and making sure they are happy
Honestly? you are correct, lets talk about it. Because from what we do know about Mama Spade, that is the case. In book 1 Ace and Deuce are shown to be in direct opposition to Riddle. Ace more so in personality while Deuce is more so in his background. Both boys mothers are a prominent figure in their up bringing with little no mention of their fathers. But where as Mrs.Rosehearts is depicted as cold and strict, Mama Spade is viewed as more warm and loving. You can see this in how their sons are feeling about seeing them during winter break. Deuce is happy to see his mom while Riddle is dreading seeing his. Riddle almost died before realizing his own faults. Deuce came to that realization long before on his own when he realized how much his behavior hurt his mom. Everything we know about Mama Spade is the exact opposite of what we know about Mrs.Rosehearts.
I would not be surprised if she sent some extras in Deuces care packages for Yuu and calls him to make sure they get everything. "I got some extra socks for your friend, I wasn't sure which design to get. But you said they had a cat, so I got those cute ones with cats. They're nice and warm so they'll be good for the weather right now. Oh! There's also some extra snacks, be sure to share. Also when is their birthday? What do they like?" The second she hears that Yuus parents are not around she is worried and the motherly instinct, because she is very much in the mindset of "If Deuce was in this situation, I would want someone to take care of him." There is an open invitation at the Spade house for Yuu.
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deucexspade · 18 hours ago
Everyone :
Riddle: Okay who taught Yuu the F word!?
Malleus:It wasn’t me!
Leona: Than how did you even know herbivore said it?
Malleus: They just said it like not even 5 second ago
Vil:Leona is kinda suspicious to blame people so easily
Leona:Okay This looks bad but it wasn’t me
Ruggie:That’s true Leona hasn’t even been near Herbivore!
Epel:No one asked you
Ace:Fine it was me
Deuce:Not it wasn’t-
Ace:How would you know!?
Deuce:I was with you?
Trey:Okay how about everyone just calm down-
Leona:I swear to god it wasn’t me..
Che’nya:what’s going on?
Lilia : :)
Malleus: Lilia…
Malleus:I need you to be honest with me
Malleus:D-Did you teach Yuu the F word?
Azul:Wait you just gonna believe him?
Floyd:No one asked you
Sebek: HEY!
Jamil:What’s going on
Riddle:Why didn’t we just ask Yuu?
Azul:Who taught you the F word?
Yuu(MC):Hmm Oh it was-
Kalim:Hi everybody!
Jamil:I fucking knew it
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