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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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What the fuck is this !!!!!! I’m not doing this !!!!

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My brain processed a slider as just a singular note (punches dirt)

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Yes we do why do you ask my friend who i love. Woudl you care for some chicken tendies ?

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Thoughts on Aesthetic PSAs

Since joining the DA community a month or so back I’ve seen quite a lot of posts calling out people on how living by an aesthetic is inherently toxic. These posts mean well, and they do address bad habits that seem to be romanticized by many members of the community, but they don’t always have the best choice of wording. In my opinion these posts tend to give off a lot of the same tone I see from “cancel culture” trends. As a result I see a lot of people responding to these sound ashamed or disappointed in their personal pursuit of their ideal lifestyle.

I am not here to take away from their message. There are a lot of posts about excessive drinking and smoking that make their rounds through the dark academia tags, and considering the large amount of minors who enjoy this aesthetic, it can be very harmful. I believe what people lack in this case is the perspective of the medium being shown, and how you personally educate yourself on the topic. Yes, you should educate people on the harm of romanticizing poor habits, but simplifying the dark academia lifestyle into just these traits is an oversimplification. 

Living by the dark academic aesthetic will mean different things to different people. There are a lot of people here that just enjoy the architecture, artwork, and literature around this style. When they pursue a life surrounded by the things they enjoy they do not mean to become alcoholics or anything of the sort. They simply like darker shades of brown and studying. 

At the end of the day we are academics. Educate yourself and apply your knowledge. Do not drink excessively. Smoking is bad for your health. You should sleep an average of eight hours a night. If you want to live in a historical building, do it. Acquire your own collection of oil paintings. Read any and every book you want. Live whatever life you want to pursue, but remain educated. Disregarding facts is the least academic thing I can think of.

TD;DR: There posts aren’t bad; they simply need a different approach.

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does it make you a really epic avatar of the lonely to be so socially isolated your head wholesale makes up people to talk to you or a really cringe and fail one

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if i had the time i really would do a commission post for BLM but i feel like it’d be pretty useless 😞 i don’t get commissions usually

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well.. my call was returned

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