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the vast diversity in human sexuality is beautiful and fun and something to celebrate, not shame [sees the corona dom tweet] actually you are all degenerates

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the whole stem vs humanities thing is just so silly to me, because it’s just a dichotomy formed by individuals who got the absolute mind-numbing, worst version of each other’s subjects up until like, college, at which point you were passionate enough to stay in one course and get to explore it more meaningfully, AND you could choose to stay away from the subjects that you very understandably hated in high school

but the sciences are inherently fascinating, and exploring the world and its functions is /fun/, and moreover scientific literacy is a critical skill that people *need* to develop in order to stay informed in the modern age. similarly, the very best scientists in the world were people who were passionate about literature, about art, who learned enough about the humanities to contextualize their discoveries and root them in society.

it’s ultimately a false binary set up by a ludicrously flawed education system, and both are required in order to be a well-rounded individual. otherwise you get like, engineers who think algorithms can solve racism, or people who think they can cure covid through crystals and group prayer because vaccines are a mind-control substance.

what is more beautiful than learning about the mechanisms powering the earth and then creating art to celebrate the intricate world we live in? why do we assume that we have to choose one or the other?

as i have been saying for years, the real enemy is and always has been the business majors

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Rich people dont understand freedom of speech and I think we should have like 2 months a year where they have absolutely none just so they know what it’s actually like

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i just remembered ernest cline’s horrible poem about nerd porn and now i want to lie down and scream

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do you ever feel like with every iteration of you you are becoming less pleasant and likeable. i turn 24 in a week lets see how much less enjoyable i can become

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i cannot believe it is the 6th of july. i swear this month started seconds ago. i didn’t really start the month with any kind of vain optimism that it would be better than the previous ones but it sure was quick in letting me know taht it wont be at all. every nigjht i unravel myself on a molecular level. i feel out of my mind insane

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*sighs dreamily and daydreams about mysteriously waking up in a life-threatening puzzle room with an array of eccentric strangers and we all introduce each other and together get thrown into a scary and dangerous game where we must work together but possibly also deceive each other*

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the little new tumblr tool where you can make yourself get the notes for posts not posted by you would be nifty for having sideblogs and stuff if only the notes actually still showed up on your dash instead of disappearing into the activity page that i constantly forget exists because i dont care enough to go to a seperate page to see it

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What the fuck. Can’t see her the same since learning this :/

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that;’s a fucked up one actually i imagine eating one like an apple when its like solid colored… i feel like a clear one is harder. because… it DOES just look like normal glass… which i dont necessarily want to eat. not that i’m above eating glass but i want it to be like sea glass not just normal glass. if im going to eat something i do not want to look at it and think eating this will hurt  me. i want the illusion of safety. that said it also kinda loosk like a bubble. would i eat a bubble? i have to soul search the answer to this for a bit

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revelation i had for absolutely no apparent reason 2 seconds ago is that if christmas ornaments were smaller everyonew would want to eat them the way they do with dice/marbles/etc

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getting a chill for no reason is so funny you’ll be sitting there doing nothing and your body is like OH my god i have to VIBRATE

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i like how the new tumblr layout doesn’t even carry over the part of mobile that i liked (easy to change text color) making it double useless

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I think a lot of people were raised with this very seductive and very untrue idea that things are the way they are in society because people tested a bunch of failed methods and then settled on something that works. They have this idea that whatever injustice or exploitation exists is, while unfortunate, an inevitable byproduct of a time-tested system that works and hey, it sucks but you can’t really do better!

I think learning about the history of various institutions is the first step to finding out that this is a fantasy. The second step would be looking at other countries’ institutions to figure out what is done differently and the impacts they’ve had, so as to better understand what kind of alternatives exist. The problems just begin to occur when you realize that 1) It is very hard and very time consuming to devote time to learning about any of this stuff when you have like, a job and kids and school etc to worry about, and 2) There is a reason why so many people believe this enlightenment-era myth about the automatic refinement of society and its institutions and it’s because some people have a vested interest in making sure you can’t fathom an alternative possibility

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