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3 Chains o’ Gold - Prince

Not my #1 song this year but absolutely my favorite Prince song. It sounds like a villain song. I cannot believe the 3 Chains movie does not have this song in it?! Anytime I get the urge to find it, I remember this song isn’t in it and don’t feel like it anymore.

Something- The Beatles

Also a favorite. Currently learning this on the ukulele.

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Omg T^T Idk what I did to deserve you lovely anons lately - I never get messages!!!  But thank you so much! It means a lot that you take the time to come and say something so positive to me <3 

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🥺 thank you, i slightly agonised over parts of that last blurb and was super nervous lol so thank you!! 💕

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This is so kind 😭😭 I’m honestly not used to getting such nice messages I might cry >.< 

Thank you for saying such lovely stuff! The past couple of weeks just seems to have been bad luck or something but I’m hoping it will change soon…

When I feel down I tend to write but honestly this week has been a slump for writing. I’ve hardly written anything and I’ve been wondering more often than not whether I should continue at all just due to lack of feedback and other things which in turn makes me wonder if my stories are worth telling in the first place 😕

But then I get messages like this and I feel motivated to write again! This brightened my day and makes me feel better about things ^^
Lots of love to you too <333

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🙃  - For a lighter, slightly embarrassing secret.

“An embarrassing secret? Why do you wanna know that for? Blackmail or something? Best you’re gonna get out of me is that maybe I wasn’t watching where I was going one day in Stormwind and walked right into the canal. You know, maybe.”

🏹- For a talent they wish they had.

“I use to wish I had an aptitude for the arcane like my sisters did, but I can’t really say I pine for it much anymore. Really I just wanted to try to fit in with what I thought was expected of me at the time as the eldest, but I wasn’t built for fitting in and I’m fine with that.”

📒- For a secret journal/diary they keep (Bonus: Share an entry from it!)

Koira use to say that keeping a diary for thoughts was a good way to channel negative thoughts and shit - so why do I still feel like I want to punch somebody?

Ty for the ask @j-egr!

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