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#ty blackthorn
whisperthorns · 2 years ago
jem and tessa constantly thinking about and showing kit how much they love him added 20 years to my lifespan, cleared my skin, raised my grades, cured my anxiety, and gave me 20/20 vision
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Kit is finally home.
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ginny-rose · 2 years ago
Underrated moments in “Forever Fallen” that deserve way more attention (contains spoilers!):
- Kit calling Jem “Brother Hauntingly Attractive” and absolutely telling Tessa all about it when they got back. Tessa and Kit 100% tell each other every time someone calls Jem attractive and they keep notes on the best ones and no one can change my mind. 
- The fact that Mina looks exactly like Jem but Jem thinks she looks like Tessa because how else would she be so beautiful?  And Tessa and Kit are both just like, “You’e fucking beautiful too, you gorgeous idiot.”
- Lily and Jace know each other well enough that all Thule! Jace had to do was correct her on his name and Lily was like “fuck, shit. Gotta go tell Alec that that’s not our blond buffoon.” We’ve been robbed of that friendship. 
- Raphael went to war for Lily. I repeat, Raphael went to war for Lily. I fucking love that sassy little bastard, even though I know he would absolutely hate me. 
- Kit picking up and singing to Mina so that she doesn’t wake up Tessa and Jem.
- Kit cursing when he almost accidentally falls with Mina and then trying to cover her ears. Kit as a big brother is the content we need and deserve. 
- Jem saying him and Tessa “had a very long engagement.” Bitch, that’s an understatement. 
- Kit wearing superhero pajamas to breakfast. He’s watched all the MCU movies and no one can change my mind. 
-  Jem telling Kit he can’t be friends with the baker’s sister because she called him a beast and Kit basically being like, “did you get her number, tho?” 
- Max cheating at soccer by straight up stealing the ball. Fucking legend. 
- Thule! Jace deciding not to kill Max because he heard Alec call out his name. Fucking sobbing. 
- Jem and Tessa noticing that Kit always looked at the valuables so they packed everything up and put it all in Kit’s room just so they could deadass call Kit the most precious thing in their house. Fucking superb. 
- Jace ratting Simon out to Isabelle while still on the phone with Simon. They have the best friendship. 
- Kit and Tessa taking it upon themselves to teach Jem about all the books and movies in pop culture. I 100% believe Jem is fucking with them at least 50% of the time just so they can spend family time together. Tessa knows and lets Kit get the movie ready first, even though she absolutely believes one should read the book first. 
- Tessa singing Kit the lullaby Rosemary used to sing for him while Jem plays the violin. 
- Kit refusing to call Church anything other than “bad cat.” 
- “If you’re asking whether I’m working out my emotional pain through a punishing physical regimen, my answer is obviously a manly yes” Kit’s a fucking Herondale disaster but at least he’s a self-aware one. 
- Kit thinking people don’t love him and that he isn’t enough to be loved and Jem being like, “you are perfect and everyone is lucky to have you.” Which is absolutely true. 
- Kit being unable to say Ty’s name and Jem still figuring out it was a Blackthorn. Kit feeling unloved was tragic.
- “Don’t be grateful. Where there is love, Kit, there is no need for gratitude. And I love you.” FUCKING SOBBING. 
TLDR: Jem is the best father in all of TSC and Kit is his sassy teenage son with emotional constipation that absolutely adores his baby sister. 
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lariablog · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
I’m not american, but I have some friends that are in the USA and wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving :) Hope you all were able to stay safe and spend the day with your loved ones!
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herondaletessa · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“You think you can’t survive without Livvy, but you can. We will go through it together.” Kit’s face was cold; he realized he was crying. “I love you, Ty. I love you.” 
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theinfernalmemes · a year ago
TDA characters when faced with feelings of love or affection:
Ty: *holds a knife to Kit’s actual fucking throat*
Tumblr media
Emma: Screw being Parabatai! I love you so much Julian, that it hurts!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dru: Wassup bitch, lmao you kinda cute tho.
Ash: Who are you??
Dru: An absolute heartthrob, see ya!
*Dru dissapears*
Tumblr media
Mark: I love you Cristina.
Keiran: I am also in love with you, My Lady of Roses.
Mark: But I want to be in a relationship with you and Kieran.
Tumblr media
Diana: I’m Transgender but all Shadowhunters will think of me as ugly and disgusting for using mundane medicine if I say anything.
Tumblr media
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tiberiusblackthot · 2 years ago
1. He touches him excessively ☑
[Ty] held out his hand […] Ty’s fingers were cool and careful as he took hold of Kit’s arm to steady it.
[Ty's] hand was gripping his shoulder, hard
Ty was sitting on him as casually as if Kit was a sofa
[Ty] was wedged in beside him and Livvy on a love seat too small for the three of them
“I think it’s time for you to get your first real Mark,” said Ty […] Ty was standing behind him, his stele out, his eyes bright. “Your dominant hand is your right,” he said, “so put that one out, toward me.”
Ty pushed past Kit
They were now pressed so tightly together that Kit couldn't move his arms, pinned between Ty and Livvy
Ty glanced again at the drawing he held, then turned, his other hand outstretched to Kit […] His fingers closed around Ty’s, warm and firm under his grasp […]
His grip tightened on Kit’s, pulling him after
Ty tugged on Kit’s arm, pulling him away
They’d already left, Ty dragging Kit behind him with a firm grip on his wrist
He took Kit’s hand unselfconsciously and pressed the stone into his palm
Ty had been full of suppressed excitement all the way in the back of the Uber car, which he’d dealt with by pushing up the sleeve of Kit’s shirt and giving him several runes
Ty muffled a laugh and grabbed Kit’s sleeve
2. He has a cute lil' nickname for him ☑
“Watson”/ "my dear Watson"
3. He’ll play with his hair ☑
Ty reached out and brushed Kit’s hair away from his face, an absent sort of gesture
4. He likes to cuddle him ☑
"Put your arms around me," said Ty
"Hold on to me."
Kit stood breathless, the water receding around them, as Ty came up and put his arms around Kit’s neck […] He threaded his arms around Ty, crossing his cold hands over Ty’s back […] Ty leaned into him with a sigh 
5. He smiles at him ☑
Ty smiled. It was a genuine, light-up-your-face-type smile
Ty blinked rapidly. Then he smiled
Ty’s mouth crooked at the corner. “Very good, Watson”
Ty smiled his rare, dazzling smile. “A bit”
“Blackthorns,” said Ty, with a dazzling smile
Ty, who had been straightening the paper clip, gave Kit one of his rare sunrise-over-the-water smiles. “You are.”
Ty smiled sideways
Ty looked confused for a moment, then smiled. “Details, Watson”
Ty smiled and tapped his side pocket, where his phone was
“Have you learned nothing from the way Batman’s parents died?” said Kit, feigning shock. Ty smiled
Ty smiled. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that a smile broke across his face, like the sun rising
Kit being the missing piece they had never known Ty needed, stealing a potato from Ty’s plate and making him smile
Kit smiled and Ty smiled back at him
6. He laughs at bad jokes with him ☑
“Waste of a perfectly good starfish,” muttered Kit, and Ty laughed
Kit burst out laughing. Ty looked even more astonished than he had when Kit had said he’d miss him. But after a second, he started to laugh too. They were both laughing, Kit doubled over the blankets, when Magnus came into the room
Out of patience, Kit slowly raised his middle finger. “Here’s the password.”
Ty muffled a laugh
7. He wants to be wherever Kit is ☑
Kit had been put in one of the spare rooms, as he’d asked, and Ty was sitting outside of it, reading a book.
Ty had been sleeping in front of Kit’s door for the past nights
Ty and Livvy were instantly on their feet, following him
He let the door of the fridge fall shut, and nearly yelled out loud [...] Ty Blackthorn stood in the middle of the kitchen.
He saw Ty asleep in front of Kit’s room, half-sitting up, his chin in his hand
"Some kind of doubled glamour?" said Ty, coming up beside Kit
Ty leaped up after him
Ty sat by the side of his bed
She looked at Ty, sitting on Kit’s bed […] Ty bounded to the door, seemed to remember Kit, and swung back around. “We can talk more later,” he said
Ty reached the ground and walked away from the pyre without stopping to catch his breath, heading across the grass toward Kit
Ty was near Kit, as he almost always was, like a magnet clicking into place
“You should go after him,” Mark said. “You’re the one he wants.”
Ty followed him out into the water
[Ty] went across the room to join Kit in the DOWNWORLDERS-WARLOCKS section, where Kit was struggling with several heavy books
8. He wants Kit to be wherever he is ☑
But it was Ty who hesitated. "Kit's coming, right?"
Ty joined Livvy at the door. "Are you coming, Kit?"
“Wake up! […] I have something I have to do and I’d rather you came with me”
“Do you want me to get Julian?” Kit said.
“Not right now,” Ty said […]  
“Should I stay?” Kit said.
“Yes, I’d rather you did,” he said.
Ty […] was still asleep, Kit beside him
A moment later Kit was downstairs […] Ty didn’t say anything, or even glance over at him, but the tension in his shoulders relaxed slightly
“I’m glad you’re here […] I wanted to talk to you.”
“Will you come and sit down next to me?”
He took out his witchlight and gestured for Kit to follow him
Then Kit had come outside, and Ty’s expression had changed, as if he’d realized something
“Come sit next to me,” he said
“Kit, come up here––you can see everything.”
There was no answer.
Ty leaned down through the branches, searching the forest floor below the oak. It was bare. Kit was gone
9. He needs him ☑
“I need you,” Ty said. “You might be surprised to hear that.”
“I need to talk to you later,” Ty said
“You don’t––want to talk to your brother? To Julian?”
“No. I need to talk to you”
“I can do this without you […] but I don’t want to. Sherlock doesn’t do things without Watson.”
“You need me,” Kit asked slowly.
“Okay.” Ty spared her a cursory glance. “I need to talk to Kit now, though […]
“Okay,” Ty said again. “But I need to talk to you
The corner of Ty’s mouth trembled. “I don’t want to do it without you.”
“To never being parted,” Kit said, looking across the campfire at Ty […]
“To never being parted,” he said with a grave emphasis
10. He blushes ☑
He was blushing. It was very visible against his pale skin
11. He gives him thoughtful gifts ☑
First runes
First seraph blade
First witchlight
Potato chip breakfast
12. He acts like a concerned boyfriend ☑
“Are you all right?”
"You have blood on your hand,” Ty said. “I noticed it earlier."
“Are you bored?”
“Are you thinking about running away again?”
"I didn't want you to feel bad"
“I’m sure many people find you hilarious”
“Just words I like,” he said […] “Does it bother you?”
“Do you want more water?”
“You seem sad,” said Ty. “Are you?”
“Are you ever going to talk to me again?”
“That’s not it,” he said. “You’re mad at me, I think.”
“You are mad at me.”
“Kit,” he began haltingly. “I thought that you––I thought that it would be––”
13. He trusts him ☑
Ty turned suddenly to Kit. "Can you take her?" he said. "Carry Livvy?"
Ty hesitated. “Don’t tell anyone,” he said finally. “It was just an idea I had.”
“I’ll know.” Ty paused in his murmuring. “I don’t mind,” he said, “if it’s you.”
“You won’t tell him, will you?”
Kit threw himself at Ty, knocking him onto the sand. Ty tumbled backward without a struggle, too surprised to defend himself
He had leaned on Kit most of the way
14. He invades Kit’s personal space ☑
He leaned in toward Kit, whose back was against the wall
Ty turned to whisper in Kit’s ear
15. He lets Kit invade his personal space/ touch him ☑
Kit leaned close to Ty [...] "Neither do I," Ty whispered back”
Ty relaxed under the tight grip of his hands
He took a step toward Ty, touched his shoulder gently
He put his hand on Ty’s arm as Tiberius scanned the ground furiously
The mattress sagged, and he knocked against Ty’s elbow
Kit put his hand on Ty’s shoulder    x 2
Kit touched Ty’s shoulder […] Ty’s back curved as he hunched forward, but he didn’t avoid the touch
Kit, who was sitting beside him, tentatively put his hand over Ty’s where it lay on the table; Ty didn’t react, though he didn’t draw away from Kit either
Kit realizing, put a hand on Ty’s arm
Kit pulled Ty toward him by his sleeve and whispered in his ear
Kit put his hand on Ty’s back, between his shoulder blades […] Kit remembered hearing somewhere that it was soothing to rub circles on someone’s back, so he did that. Ty’s breaths began to regulate
His hand shot out and grabbed Ty’s shoulders. He knew he shouldn’t––Ty didn’t like to be startled
16. He misses him when he’s gone ☑
Ty was also quiet […] Ty would smile, but he seemed unusually listless, uninterested […]
Eventually he went up to Magnus […]
“Where’s Kit, really?” Ty said, […] “I keep asking, but no one will tell me.”
“Kit’s all right. He’s with Tessa and Jem. He’s going to be living with them.”
“I know,” Ty said. His voice shook. “I know but––can I say good-bye to him? If I could just talk to him once––”
“He’s already gone,” Magnus said. “He didn’t want to say good-bye to you.” […]
“I don’t understand,” Ty said, his left hand fluttering at his side. He caught at his wrist with his right hand as if he could stop it […]
“I don’t understand.”
17. He spends A LOT of time staring at Kit ☑
He glanced at Tiberius. What was odder, perhaps, was that Ty was looking at him. Emma remembered Ty, years ago, saying, Why do people say “look at me” when they mean “look at my eyes”? You could be looking at any part of a person and you’re still looking at them. But he was looking curiously at Kit’s eyes as if they reminded him of something
Ty stumbled back and stared at the boy on the floor
He was once again conscious of the sense that Ty was studying him, maybe counting up his pluses and minuses or something like that
She had found Ty and Livvy sitting on the floor, watching as Jace tried to convince Kit
Ty’s eyes lit up. They still moved restlessly around Kit as if he were reading him, examining him, never quite meeting Kit’s own, but that didn’t dim their glow
He flicked his storm-cloud-gray eyes in Kit’s direction
He turned back to look at Kit and his sister
Everyone glared at him except Ty. “I thought of that too,” Ty said, looking delightedly at Kit
Ty looked up at that, his gray eyes aglow.
Ty looked at him
“The open rune’s not working,” said Ty, straightening up and looking at Kit as if he knew everything Kit was thinking. As if he knew everything Kit had ever thought
He looked over at Kit
Ty looked at him with sincere friendliness
Ty gave him a long, considering look, with a tinge of surprise to it
Ty’s gaze didn’t meet Kit’s, but he looked him over, as if checking for injuries
Ty bit his lip […] He glanced away from Kit
Ty looked up in surprise […] He was blushing
He looked up at Kit
Ty stared at him
His gaze slipped over Kit’s ear, his cheekbone, not quite meeting Kit’s eyes. "Watson––”
Ty, who was looking at him with concern, his gray eyes skating over Kit’s face as if he were a book he was having trouble reading
Ty raised his eyes; though they didn’t meet Kit’s, Kit could see the expression in them
Ty opened his eyes and looked toward Kit
Ty glanced at him sideways
He glanced up at Kit, who was sitting on a rise of sand, and beckoned him closer
“Fifty bucks says the Inquisitor develops a high-tech robot arm that shoots laser beams,” said Kit. Everyone looked at him
Ty looked up at Kit, who was standing close to the water’s edge
Ty stared at Kit confused, his gray eyes darting from Kit’s collarbone to his face and back down again
Ty looked up, his gray eyes flashing in his thin face
18. He puts himself through sensory overstimulation for Kit ☑
Ty reached for his headphones, too, but paused. Slowly he looped them back around his neck. "I should keep these off," he said. "I might need to hear something."
"He uses the headphones less when you’re around […] I think he just doesn’t want to miss anything you say.”
19. He cries and throws things because of Kit ☑
“I will help you. But not if you do this. Not if you do this, Ty.”
His mouth twisted, as if he was trying to hold in tears
He shoved at Kit, elbowing him hard in the throat. Kit coughed and let go; he grabbed for Ty again and Ty kicked at him. He could see that Ty was crying
Ty threw the stick aside; Kit jumped […] “I thought you cared, but you lied to me. Just like everyone else.”
“You only thought of yourself. I wish––I wish I’d never known you ––”
Ty’s eyes filled with sudden tears […] Ty was Ty; he didn’t weep easily, but he was wiping tears from his face with shaking hands
20. He ventures into caves with him ☑
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minamine · a year ago
If Lucie has a crush on Jesse in tlh that would mean that out of tessa's 4 children at least 3 of them had fallen in love with a Blackthorn at one point.
So basically...
Tessa when she finds out kit is in love with ty: 
Tumblr media
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bi-disaster-kit · 2 years ago
Zara: My clave thinks of me as a princess.
Emma: why be a princess when Julian treats me like the queen I am?
*Julian and Emma high five*
Ty: Aww. Why can’t we be like that?
Kit (dressed head to toe in Gucci): Because you’re a peasant.
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Emma: I have to admit, Kit. You and Ty make a cute couple. You're in my top three.
Kit, not looking up from where he was texting Ty: We are the top three.
Emma, challengingly: oh yeah? What's his favorite breakfast?
Kit, still texting:
Emma, smugly: Oh? You don't know? That seems strange.
Kit, putting his phone down: Actually, I was just wondering what you meant by "favorite." Because if you mean the one he most enjoys eating, it's pancakes. Julian's to be specific, because according to him no one else makes them the same. But, if you are talking about food he likes and would eat over and over, then it's eggs. Ty only eats pancakes on pancake day but he'll eat eggs repeatedly because he admires that they are versatile and he can make multiple foods with them but they are also familiar enough that he finds a simple scrambled egg comforting after trying new foods. Such as the food at the Ethiopian place I suggested we go to on the date we made just now.
Emma, stunned:
Kit, standing up: Never question my devotion again, Carstairs.
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lariablog · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Since apparently I cannot upload more then ten pics at a time, here is the first part of the characters (and since everytime I look back at my works I always find something I want to change, I also made a couple of edits for few of them :) )
Here is PART 2
From The Dark Artifices Shadowhunters saga by @cassandraclare!
Hope you like :)
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