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#ty for letting me know their ship name!
matsumaki · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring. toji fushiguro, nanami kento, gojo satoru, geto suguru, sukuna ryomen and choso
tags. 18+, smut, semi-public sex, spanking, praising, degradation, overuse of daddy, pet names, oral (male receiving), blowjob, dacryphilia, dom and sub dynamics, bondage, face fucking/throat fucking, high heel fetish, hand fetish, consented photography, lingerie ripping, rough sex, dumbification and handjob
note. this got way longer than i expected uhm the brainrot did me well ig 😀 well anyways, jjk sugar daddies <3 minors pls dni ty
Tumblr media
⤿ all of the latest, hottest and trendy designer outfits available in stores, he buys nearly everything for you without asking for it
⤿ ones that nearly costs your school tuition, he doesn't mind spending that much for you
⤿ you've been a good girl to him so it's just natural for you to be rewarded right?
⤿ prefers shopping in stores with you instead of online shopping
⤿ because that way he can shamelessly fuck you inside the fitting room while you try on the outfits you wanted
──────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦
"mhm, look at yourself in the mirror while i fuck you in this dress you're supposed to be fitting." he lets out a deep groan as you clench around him. hand traveling to rest on your throat, giving it a tight squeeze as he ruthlessly slams his hips against the flesh of your ass.
you really were supposedly trying on the outfit but the moment you opened the curtains to reveal how it looks, toji was immediately up on his feet, pushing you back in the fitting room as he pressed his lips against your own. hands roaming around your back, down to your waist as he turns your body around and bends you over against the mirror. the ends of the fabric hoisted up on your waist as he grabs a handful of your ass, massaging it before landing a harsh smack making a loud yelp to slip from your lips.
your vision was getting blurry, tears slowly forming around your eyes as you struggled to get a look at yourself being shamelessly fucked brains out in the mirror in front of you.
"t-toji.. the dress.." you whined, eyes fluttering shut as you felt his warm release inside of you, your own release following suit making your knees tremble.
a chuckle left his mouth when he saw what he had done, "yeah baby, we're going to buy the dress. seems like i nutted on it."
Tumblr media
⤿ order all the makeup you want under his card and he absolutely has no questions about it
⤿ if you tell him there's a new product or brand launching you already know he has his hands on it
⤿ you're worried the shipping fee and taxes? don't be, it's just a small amount to him more like just a penny 
⤿ he doesn't mind what kind of makeup you'll buy as long as he makes you happy, pretty and confident 
⤿ though he has one request
⤿ don't buy kiss proof lipsticks and waterproof mascaras because he loves to see your tear stained mascara cheeks and lipstick smudged while his cock is in your mouth
──────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦
he has one hand placed at the back of your head, gripping a handful of your hair as he continues to shove down his hardened cock along the back of your throat until he feels his tip hitting your uvula.
he hisses at the feeling of your nails clawing into his thigh as you find support. eyes watery from the onslaught of pleasure he's giving, you looked up from your wet lashes and a moan escaped from your throat. 
the vibrations sent chills all over his spine, goosebumps appearing on his skin. he gripped your hair harder only for him to shove his cock deeper, making you gag in the process. 
he continues to fuck your face until that familiar coil was nearing, nanami looked down to get a good look at you and fuck, he thought he was about to cum right there. you looked so pretty with your mascara ruined from all the tears spilling down your eyes as you struggled to take his cock in your mouth, red lipstick smeared on your lips and visible on the base of his cock.
you quickly relaxed yourself and focused on inhaling through your nose. "that's it love, be a good girl and just relax. cry on my cock, let daddy fuck that throat of yours until you can't speak."
Tumblr media
⤿ an absolute sucker for women who wears high heels, the power and confidence every woman holds when they wear those sexy heels just utterly turns him on
⤿ so he dolls you up with it
⤿ same with toji, he also spoils you with all of the high end fashion designer shoes there is available in the world 
⤿ you'll randomly just receive tons of packages and paper bags delivered on your apartment thanks to him
⤿ if you've been eyeing on something, just say the word and he'll send you the money asap
⤿ he'll either have you step on him or fuck you stupid with those heels on
⤿ may or may not have a high heel fetish 
──────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦
you were sitting across from him, legs crossed with such elegance as you tap the sole of your heel against the floor, eyes locked at the disheveled state of the naked man who was settling on the floor.
gojo has his arms placed behind his back, wrists handcuffed to the ends of the metal bed frame, restricting any way for him to touch you. anticipation was building on every clank of your heel against the wooden surface as it both sent shivers and arousal to him.
"daddy, you've been very naughty lately," you whispered, yet it came off strong, voice laced with such dominance that his cock twitched in excitement. "and you know what happens to naughty boys like you right?"
tonight you were in control and he loves it. with a smirk slowly appearing on his face he replies, "what, you're going to punish me?"
humming in reply you lifted your leg that was resting on the other and pointed the tip of your toe at him before dragging the heel to his naked chest, circling his perked nipples in the process in a painfully and teasing manner until it arrived on his cock. experimentally pushing your weight on your foot as you massage his member with the sole of your shoe, receiving a beautiful raspy moan from him. 
you grinned, "we're going to have so much fun tonight, daddy."
Tumblr media
⤿ he'll shower you with tons of different kinds of lingerie he thinks you'll look good in
⤿ from the innocent babydoll types to the skimpiest and most revealing lingerie that doesn't even cover anything you're supposed to be covering
⤿ has an album full of your photos in lingerie
⤿ he doesn't settle for the cheap ones too, he'll make sure he gets the best out there because your comfort is his priority
⤿ and of course because his baby deserves the best
⤿ sometimes you'll receive two sets of the same design because he knows he'll end up ripping it when he gets too excited 
⤿ but usually he doesn't rip it into half as he loves to shove his cock deep inside of you while you're still wearing the pretty lingerie he bought
──────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦
he sighs in full contentment at the feeling of your soaked cunt eagerly sucking him in as you lowered yourself on him.
"my princess, taking me so well and looking so so pretty for me." he coos praises on your ear as he leave trails of kisses on your open  neck, making you shudder at the contact. 
"h-had to pick the best one for you, daddy." and it is the best one indeed, your lingerie accentuating every curve and dip of your body that got him worked up.
you grind your hips for a while before lifting yourself up and started bouncing on his lap, he hisses at the feeling of your nails clawing on his chest. he can't do it like this, he's going to finish quick if you continue to be this cute for him. he feels himself nearing his end, quickly taking over the situation as he grabs your hips and pushes you down the bed, back now resting against the wrinkled sheets.
a high pitched moan left your mouth, thighs trembling at the pace he was going. hands roaming around your lace clothed body, fingers circling around your hardened nipples. the friction of the lace rubbing on your skin was adding to the immense pleasure you're feeling. 
he quickly pulled out, situating himself near your face. you stuck your tongue out as he came all over you. face and chest now covered in his warm cum. 
you immediately strike a pose upon seeing his phone in front of you, picking up his semen with your fingers as you suck on them with half lidded eyes staring right through the camera, flashing him one of his favorite smiles. "smile for the camera, princess."
Tumblr media
⤿ loves to spend an insanely amount of cash for jewelries – rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets, name it all he's got it covered
⤿ you're always covered in gold, pearls and diamonds
⤿ from the smallest, down to the biggest eye catching stones, you possess it all
⤿ he once gifted you a choker with his name covered with diamonds on it, that way people would know stay away from you knowing who you belong to
⤿ also has a "whore" version but only uses it when he's in the mood to degrade and humiliate you which is like 90% of the time
⤿ gets so turned on when you wear the chokers during sex
──────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦
"who do you belong to?" he growls in your ear, tightening his grip on your hair as he pulls you up against his naked chest.
you were already way too lost at the immense pleasure of his cock penetrating your dripping tight cunt. earrings dangling from every thrust, tongue lolled out, saliva dripping from the sides of your mouth down to your chin.
his words weren't sinking in your mind, another harsh tug brought you slightly back to your senses. "i asked you a question, whore."
"w-what?" you stutter, hands digging deeper on the wrinkled sheets.
"is your pretty little brain too stupid to function. i asked you whose pussy does this belong to, whore."
you moaned as he slammed his hips harsher and faster making your eyes roll to the back of your head. mind struggling to form up a proper sentence as you mumble incoherent words. your body jolted after feeling a smack land on your tits, a hand imprint slowly appearing. after a minute of not receiving any reply from you, he tsk-ed in annoyance.
a loud scream slipped from you when he sadistically tugged your nipples. he took this as an opportunity to sink his cock deeper within you, body tensing up when he sank too deep.
"y-you! it belongs to you!" another tug partnered with a thrust and it got you seeing stars. it was the wrong answer, and you knew how to correct it. "sukuna! sukuna! 'm your whore!"
he grinned, freehand traveling to trace down his name covered in diamonds on your neck "that's right. mine and mine only."
Tumblr media
♡ CHOSO !!
⤿ your nails are always in top shape, looking so beautiful and well taken of thanks to this daddy 
⤿ books you an appointment to a well known professional nail tech for your comfort because he remembers how you shared this one time where it ached so bad on the process
⤿ you were quick to reject it, saying you don't need that much but you deserve nothing but the best, so he does everything he could for you 
⤿ doesn't mind what type of nails you'd choose– natural, acrylic, gel, long or short
⤿ but oh how much he loves it when your nails are perfectly done because of the way it looks when your hands are perfectly wrapped around his cock
⤿ so pretty and it makes him loses his mind
⤿ does he have a hand fetish, who knows
──────────── ·  ·  ·  · ✦
your hand was perfectly wrapped around the length of his cock, giving a few calculated strokes as your other fondled with his balls. the show on the screen was long forgotten as you pour whole attention on choso's disheveled 
eyes half-lidded with his cheeks flushed in a pretty wine red shade as he stared right back at you, licking and twirling your tongue around his sensitive nipples.
"you like my new nails, daddy? got 'em done just for you."
he groans in reply, the color of your nails contrasting on his skin looked so pretty under the lights illuminating from the television. it turned him on more than usual, making his cock twitch under your hold. his breath hitches when you gave him a little squeeze. "you look so pretty like this, daddy."
you're making him lose his mind, he was already getting lost in the sensation from your actions. switching from fast to slow strokes just to see his beautiful expressions that only you can draw out of him.
"fuck. you make me feel so good, darling." he praises, reaching a hand out to tug away some loose strands on your pretty face. "always so good for her daddy."
you hummed, giving one last lick to his nipple covered with your saliva before shifting your full attention on pumping his cock in a pace that had him melting. 
he grunts as his balls twitch and abs flexed, he comes undone under your touch. you continue to stroke him until every last drop, rubbing and coating his length with his release.
he exhales, shifting up from his position. smiling as he saw you licking his seed of your hand, "alright, time for daddy to take care of you."
Tumblr media
© matsumaki 2021. please do not modify, repost or copy.
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tooweirdforyou · 6 months ago
How The OP Boys React To You Wearing Someone Else’s Jacket
Tumblr media
A/N : hey! This is just something to make up for my lack of writing recently. Hope you enjoy!
Summary : a couple of the one piece boys react to you wearing someone else’s jacket instead of theirs. How could you? :>
includes ; Ace, Sabo, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, law and Mihawk.
only Luffy’s ended up being a hc, the others are like super short scenarios lol. Well. Just dialogue mostly.
Visibly confused when he notices.
Why are you wearing Law’s jacket over your shoulders? Today isn’t particularly cold, at least not for him.
He isn’t sure why, but he doesn’t like it.
Will not hesitate to confront you and ask you straight up.
“Oi, [Name]! Why are you wearing Law’s jacket?”
He has the biggest, sulky pout on his lips with his arms crossed and staring at you.
Weird thing is, Law hasn’t been around for a while so you must’ve had that jacket for quite some time if you’re wearing it.
“Luffy. It just feels warm and big on me, so I wore it. Plus, this way, I won’t forget to return it to him when we see him again!”
Luffy pouts further at your comment and sighs, clearly growing agitated the longer you wore it.
Since Luffy didn’t particularly had a jacket, he stripped off his shirt and tossed it at your face.
“Wear this instead! I don’t want you wearing Law’s jacket, you’ll smell like him!”
Clear displeasure and irritation evident when he sees you walking out in an all too familiar jacket.
“Why the hell are you wearing that?”
Tugging on Sanji’s blazer securely, you shrug and continue what you were doing.
“It’s chilly out, and Sanji offered me his jacket. It’s warm.”
Hearing your excuse merely increased his annoyance. That chivalrous bastard.
“Well take it off. It looks horrible on you.” He bluntly comments and you roll your eyes at him. “I’m cold though!”
And so, Zoro walks on over towards you and not giving a damn if he ripped the jacket as he pulls it off your body, he unties his (kimono?) and before you could react,
he is pulling you into his embrace, before tying back up with you inside and carried you over to the railing of the deck.
He plops down and sits with his back to the railing and you in his lap. “Now you won’t be cold.” He says, wrapping his arms around you and shut his eyes.
“Hm? [Name]-chan, why are you wearing Luffy’s shirt?”
Absolutely shocked at the many thoughts running through his mind. You were wearing Luffy’s shirt,
“Oh, I—“
“Sanji! Relax! It’s not like that!”
You let out a breath as the chef finally relaxed, teary eyes and teardrops running down his cheeks. “*sniffles loudly* you sure?..”
“Of course I’m sure! Usopp, Luffy and I were just playing a game and I got wet. Luffy let me wear his shirt to cover myself while I changed.”
Sanji widens his eyes in realization and relaxes his shoulders, exhaling out in slight relief. “Oh.. I see..”
“Besides, I wouldn’t go for Luffy. I’d totally go for Zoro—“ before you could continue your tease, Sanji interrupts.
“[Name]-ya. Why are you wearing that?”
Taking a second glance when you enter the room, he can feel confusion and his eyebrow twitching in irritation at the familiar sight.
“Actually, how the hell do you even have that?”
Glancing down at the large cape/jacket that had a faint smell of alcohol, metal and Kid’s common body scent, you shrug in response.
“I don’t actually know, but I found it and it’s comfortable so I’m keeping it! Eustass can find another one.”
Law rubs the bridge of his nose and heaves a heavy sigh. “Do you mind taking it off? I don’t need the smell of that metal head filling my ship.”
Obviously, he just despised seeing you in it.
Law definitely doesn’t want to be near you just to smell Kid’s scent, either.
“Whyyy, it’s comfortable and I’m feeling cold..” you whine and Law rolls his eyes. “Then take this.”
He grumbles under his breath and slips off his doctor’s coat and held it out for you, his other hand and attention focused on his paperwork.
He just wanted to see you in his jacket really, he was sure you’d look a hundred times better.
Excited, you immediately take off Kid’s coat and take Law’s, slipping it on and grin widely. “Smells just like you... and disinfectant.”
You laugh a bit and Law couldn’t help the curve of his lips at the sight of you.
You did look a lot better in his clothes.
“Baby, don’t tell me that’s still Sabo’s jacket you’re wearing..”
The fake betrayal and expression of pain and sadness lit his eyes and you felt just a pang of guilt.
“Maybe.. he offered it to me! I just came across him today and he didn’t want me to get cold.”
“Why didn’t you wear a jacket?”
Visibly sulky and pouty, and whining that you shouldn’t be wearing another man’s clothes, especially his brothers.
“I forgot! And besides, I would have taken yours but you don’t wear anything.” You hum, and Ace smirks lightly.
“Because it’s easier to get in the mood that way~” he jokes and you roll your eyes despite the giggle that slipped out.
“Besides, if you were cold, I am literally an actual body heater. Just cuddle and hug me if you’re cold!”
“Okay, okay! Let’s go and get some cuddles right now then.”
“I know another way I can warm you up instead~” Ace hums, immediately picking you up by the waist and taking you to the bedroom.
When Sabo returns early from a small task, he finds you on the bed and in a particular someone’s jacket, confusing him.
“Hey, love. Is this Roronoa’s blazer? Why do you have it?”
You’re overjoyed seeing the blonde returning so soon, but a bit startled at his appearance and question.
“Oh, Zoro lent it to me! It was during Dressrosa, before we left after talking with his crew mates.”
“Why didn’t you just ask for mine?” Sabo pouts, frowning when he saw how adorable you looked in something that wasn’t his or technically yours.
“You were busy with explaining your backstory to them, I didn’t want to interrupt you.” You sheepishly say, seeing his pout and was quick to take off the jacket.
“But since you’re here, give me yours! It smells like you, so I want it!”
“You know I have plenty in the closet..” he mumbles, reluctantly taking his off with a sulk, hiding his secret smile. “So I’m just second choice?”
Of course, now he was just teasing you.
“Mi amor, tell me the reason for the red-haired’s coat around you.”
Mihawk’s expression is laced with displeasure and disappointment at the sight of it.
He is equally annoyed and irritated that you seem to have Shank’s smell lingering on you from his coat.
“When Shanks visited, he left his coat behind. It’s comfortable so I wore it.”
“Well, take it off. It’s an annoyance to see and smell. Throw it out.”
You could only sigh at Mihawk’s stern, yet toneless voice and follow his order, slipping the material off your shoulders and went to an open window.
Mihawk pulls at his mini cross blade and swings twice, successfully cutting the fabric into pieces just as you released your hold on it.
“Was that necessary?..” you mumble, a slight smile and amusement playing on your face as Mihawk nods, shutting his golden eyes. “Of course.”
A/N : I was going to include Kid and Corazon but like, this was a lot already and this isn’t even that great in general, and I just wanted to post something :> hope you still like this!
Sorry if it seems rushed and not that great. I’m really out of my writing game lately. :/
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doinmybesthere · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: fisherman!bakugou x selkie!reader
wc: 3K
a/n: this is pt 1, daddy kink, smut, plot and p*rn, alcohol mention, bondage, spitting and light impact play. Reader and Bakugou in their mid twenties
for @buttershouse  collab - i can’t wait to read my way through the masterlist, def check everyone out. 
summary: when bakugou went fishing, he hardly expected to find you tangled in his net. but once he’s caught you, you belong to him. 
The sky is dark and churning above the inky sea. Bakugou Katsuki tosses his mechanized net back into the salty waters, freezing and mysterious as his boat rocks. There’s a storm coming, he can see it sweeping over the horizon, but he wants to bring back more. Water sprays in his face, tendrils of his straw hair sticking to his creased forehead, mouth pressed in a firm line of determination. The ship groans reeling in the net, it must be a heavy load of fish, good, Bakugou thinks, worth staying out in the storm. However, his heart stops when the net finally lifts over the edge of the boat, flopping a mess of fish onto the deck of the boat. The heavens open, it’s starts to pour, and there you are. 
You’re struggling in the net, chirping softly. Bakugou’s eyes rake over your naked body, mouth open in shock, he was, what, fifteen, twenty miles from the coast? And it’s true that visibility wasn’t great but he couldn’t see a single other vessel on the horizon. You lift your head, looking at him, pleading, singing a soft melody with words he didn’t understand. Fuck. You were, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on. Your hair clings to your body, water darkened locks clean and untangled. Your eyes are deep and mournful, and he can’t keep his eyes of the soft curves of your body, your breasts, your waist, the tuft of hair between your legs. He can’t tell if you’re crying, because of how hard it’s raining, but he knows he wants to taste your tears. You let out a loud cry, still struggling in the net and it sends him crashing back down to reality as a huge wave rocks the boat and he nearly loses his balance, rubber boots sliding on the slick deck. He doesn’t have much time. He pulls a huge knife out from his belt and squats next to you. 
“Hold fuckin’ still.” He growls, but when you see the metal flash in the grey light you squeal and scramble away from him. He cuts you loose anyway and you immediately jump away from him, snatching something soft and brown from underneath yourself and running to a corner of the ship while he pushes the fish into the storage unit below deck. 
He moves quickly, steps sure and steady, he’s not about to lose you to the sea. He approaches you, wrapping a huge calloused hand around your wrist, but it turns out he didn’t need to worry, you whimper at his touch and hold up the brown thing, as the rain gets heavier. It’s a seal skin, he realizes, and against his free hand, it feels like the most luxurious leather. You look devastated, however, and you start to tremble in the cold as he sees the huge hole in it. It runs right down the middle, large enough to fit a leg through. His eyes flick to the water, he’d heard fisherman tell stories of women from the deep, of mermaids and monsters and sirens. Of selkies. You may not speak the same language, but your expressions are almost theatrically animated. You leap for him when the boat rocks again, wrapping your arms around him as seawater coats the deck. 
Bakugou grunts and drags you into the little cabin, peeling you off of him and depositing you in the folding chair he keeps next to the wheel. You curl into a ball, whimpering lightly, but he focuses on the ocean, navigating the swirling waters with a deft hand while you cry softly in the corner. Sheets of rain pound the sides of the little boat, as it’s tossed around in the waves. A particularly strong one unseats you, and you stumble, barefoot across the cabin floor, completely unaware or unashamed of your nakedness, reaching out and grabbing him, wrapping your arms around him, and locking your hands together. 
“C’mon.” He says, “I’m trying to fuckin’ steer this shit.” If you understand, you don’t respond, tightening your grip. He wriggles your arms down so that he has full movement again and you rest your chin on his shoulder, burying your face in his neck. It’s like someone stuffed snow down the back of his shirt. “Jesus Christ,” he says, trying to push you off of him, “You’re fucking freezing-” he’s cut off when you take a fistful of his jacket and push your way underneath it, slipping your cold hands under his wet wool sweater, teeth chattering, and he wonders if you’ve ever seen, ever smelled a man, as your hands press against his abdomen, so cold they almost sting on his skin. He doesn’t push you off this time, letting you nuzzle him and warm up.
He parks the boat carefully at his dock, removing your arms from his body with strong hands, shoving you back into the chair, and slamming the cabin door. 
“Stay.” He shouts into the wind as he hops up on the dock, tying the boat down carefully. 
He doubles the knots, then jumps back onto the deck, walking quickly into the cabin. You launch yourself at him. “Easy, easy,” he says, slipping out of his jacket and wrapping it around your shoulders. “C’mon.” You snuggle into it, and he takes your hand, leading you outside, and almost immediately you start to slip and slide, like you’d hardly walked before, let alone walked on something as slick and dangerous as a boat in a thunderstorm. He knocks you off your feet, cradling you like a child, leaping off of the boat onto the dock. You don’t fight him at all, your skin is still so cold to the touch. He walks up the dock, head bowed against the wind, hair soaked through, up the hill to his little house. He opens the red door with his elbow, and the wind slams it behind him. He puts you down, and tugs his light blue fair isle sweater over his head, kicking off his squelching boots. You wrap his coat around yourself, teeth still chattering, as he kneels, shirtless, in front of a wood-burning stove, starting it up and shoving a few dry logs in. He stands, turning to face you, dripping wet, basically naked, in his home. Your eyes are wide and full of fear. 
“Can you understand me?” He asks gruffly, and you nod. “Alright.” He says, “Then get your ass over here and warm up.” You dive for him, sitting immediately cross-legged on the wood floor in front of the stove. He goes to get some dry clothes, but when he opens the door to his bedroom, you whimper. “Chill out.” He says, and you blink, you don’t seem to understand. “I’m comin’ back.” You look nervous, but you nod. He digs in his dresser, throwing on a pair of dry sweatpants and a t-shirt, grabbing you the softest flannel he owns. 
He comes back in finds you huddled in a ball, the fire in the stove starting to catch. He sits on the ground next to you, prying each of your fingers off his soaked coat and handing you the flannel, helping you get your arms in the holes. You fumble with the buttons and he sighs, pushing your hands away and buttoning it for you. You hum happily, the fabric is thick and comfortable, and to his relief, your skin finally doesn’t feel like ice. He goes to the kitchen and digs through the drawers for the hair tie Kirishima had left there after a long night of drinking. He finds it and he sits behind you, carefully gathering your soaking locks in rough hands, keeping them from dripping down your back and intensifying the chill. His little bun is rough, but effective. He stands, going to his cabinet and taking a glass out, setting it on the counter. He takes a bottle from the counter and pours himself a glass of the amber liquid, running his hands through his hair. He looks down at you, at the thing he caught that he had no plan for, you were half woman, half beast, half wild, and yet so so tame. Would you still want to touch him, he wondered, now that you were warm? He takes his drink and settles in an armchair, exhausted, and his question is answered when you let out a little whine. He leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees. 
“What’s wrong?” He asks, half a smirk already painted on his face. You frown, struggling to use vocal chords you barely understood. 
“Want.” You explain, gesturing towards him. He shrugs,  your voice is soft and sweet,  but clearly lowered from disuse. 
“You want? You want me? What’s your fuckin’ deal?” You think about it, eyes pensive, sucking your lower lip for a moment before gesturing to all of him. 
“To touch.” You explain, having found the words you were looking for. He keeps his face neutral, but pats his thighs. 
“C’mere then.” You scramble to your feet and he bites back a laugh, you move like a newborn colt on your legs. You lower yourself carefully into his lap, like you’re afraid of hurting him. He takes his free hand and wraps it around you, settling in the chair. He takes a sip of his whiskey then speaks. 
“Since I caught ya, you’re mine.” You look as if you understand, but you don’t react. “Not like you could make it on your own with your seal skin all ripped like that though, huh.” You look up at him, eyes wide, soft lips parted. “You ever seen someone like me?” You shake your head. He can’t help himself, you’re so fucking beautiful in the flickering firelight, there’s something primordial about your innocence that makes him want to touch you, to bruise your soft skin, to hear you cry out his name in your soft unused voice. “I’m Katsuki.” He says, skipping the formalities, he’d already seen you naked. 
“Katsuki?” You croak, putting the emphasis on all the wrong syllables. He nods though, good enough for now. 
“Katsuki.” He rumbles and you nod, listening, before relaxing into his chest. He tucks your head underneath his chin, and his hand wanders to your bare thigh. Your skin is so soft to the touch, and you let a soft hum out when he starts to massage it. He presses his lips to your forehead. “Mine.” He says, and you look up at him, something soft in your eyes. 
“Yes.” You respond. He watches, as you reach for his drink. 
“You’re not gonna like it.” You take the glass in both hands, nose wrinkling at the acrid scent of the alcohol. You take a tiny sip and then frown, looking at him in pain as the liquid burns your throat. You scrunch your whole face up and he chuckles, downing the rest of his drink after he takes the glass back, setting it on a little side table. You’re still looking at him as his hands slide up and down your body. He reaches them under the flannel, watching your reaction as they find your breasts, cupping them before flicking his thumbs experimentally over your nipples, watching you gasp, gulping for air. He goes to withdraw his hands at your dramatic reaction and you grab his wrists and hold them there, he smirks, roughly massaging your chest, pinching and pulling at your nipples, watching your writhe on his lap, feeling your ass rubbing on his hardening cock. You whimper, the waves of pleasure you’re getting from his huge hands on your chest is like nothing you’ve ever felt. 
“K-katsuki,” you get out, and he smirks. 
“Yeah,” he says, “You’re fucking mine, get used to it.” You nod emphatically, blood pooling in your cheeks as he moves one hand lower, parting your folds with gentle fingers, delighting in the sharp intake of breath that you give when he lightly brushes your clit. You look to him, terrified, but he takes his free hand and wraps it around you. “Mine.” He says again and you nod, slowly this time, trusting him. He starts rubbing your clit gently, and immediately every muscle in your body seizes, you squirm in his hold, he locks the arm he’s got around your shoulders, muscles swelling. Your mouth drops open, your eyes water, and his grin gets wider, he’s playing with you like a little doll. You moan loudly when he grinds his thumb against you, you buck in his hands like he shocked you. 
“C’mon,” he says, “You’ve touched yourself before.” You nod. 
“F-feels better,” you choke out as he slips a finger inside of you, “With you, f-feels s-s-so much better, Katsuki!” He feels your juices slipping down his fingers. He presses a hot kiss to your cheek. 
“Good girl,” He praises and feels your cunt clench around his fingers, “Oh, does she like that, does she like behaving for me?” You nod emphatically. “Good girls make their owners feel good.” You blink up at him, tears dripping down your cheeks, he slips a second finger inside you, whiskey leading him forward, and when he curls his fingers you gasp, hard, doubling over and crying out. 
“Katsuki!” You cry out, tears fully spilling from your eyes as he fucks you with his fingers, pressing against the muscled velvety walls of your pussy. He kisses your face again. 
“Gotta get you ready for me.” His cock is straining against his boxers, he’s so hard, your soft little reactions to his every touch are driving him insane. 
“Want,” you say, ‘Want you,” Your eyes are wide and open, as he brings his mouth to yours, you kiss him sloppily, letting him take the lead, you mimic his movements. 
“You’re fucking mine,” He says again,  you nod. “And you’ll do as I say?” 
“Yes,” you breathe. “You saved me.” Your voice still lilts unnaturally but he can hear the truth in your tone. “Without my skin, I would have frozen.” He kisses you again, standing and lifting you with him, your legs wrapped around his waist, he carries you to his bedroom and throws you down, diving on top of you. He buries his face in your neck, you feel his tongue, his teeth, his lips. 
“Mmmmmh,” he growls, ripping his flannel open, a few of the buttons popping off and landing on the floor with clicks. He grabs at your chest, then rips his sweatpants off, kicking them onto the floor. He pulls his cock out, it’s perfect, your eyes widening at it, long and thick, lilting slightly upwards and to the left, “Say you’re mine.” Bakugou groans, pumping himself. “Tell me who owns you.” You nod quickly. 
“You Katsuki,’ you beg, “M yours, I’m yours, please.” He grins and sheaths his cock in you with one snap of his hips. He watches your pupils dilate as you gasp desperately, feeling how he’s filling you up, how tight and warm you are against him. It takes his whole willpower not to move for a moment, to give you time to adjust to his size. He grunts, and rolls his hips against you once, watching you react like he’s just delivered a million volts of electricity to your body, with your cunt sucking him in like this the only thing he can focus on is you, and your animalistic unmuted reactions to his every touch. He rakes his nails down your side and you cry out like you’ve never been touched before. He thrusts into you, you’re so warm and wet, everything he’s ever wanted. 
“Good fucking girl,” He praises, running his fingers through your hair, as you mewl beneath him. Every part of your body bounces when he slams into you, he takes your face in his hand, crushing your jaw between his fingers until you open your mouth, crying wantonly. He spits between your perfect lips. “Swallow.” He orders, and you do, tears beginning to spill from your eyes even as you get close, toes curling and nails digging into Bakugou’s biceps as he fucks you into oblivion. 
“Need it.” You choke out, “Need to.” 
“Does baby need to cum,” he growls, “Does she need it?”  You nod, whimpering at his words. “Beg.” He orders and the words spill from your lips exactly as they form in your brain. 
“Please, Katsuki, please, need to, need to let go.” 
“Cum for me.” He snarls, face cruel as you lose control and he feels your cunt flutter and clench around him, following shortly after, you can feel him explode inside of you, painting your walls white. “Gonna fill you the fuck up,” he growls, “Show everyone who this fucking pussy belongs to.” You whine a little and he slaps you lightly across the face. “Look at me while you cum, bitch.” Your jaw clenches and your eyes don’t leave his. Your back arching and she’s screwing shut as pleasure rips through your body. He fucks you carefully through his high, withdrawing reluctantly from your warmth, noticing just now how dark the sky is. He pulls out, then climbs into bed, patting the spot next to him. You drag yourself up the bed, nestling against him. You yawn softly. 
“Yours.” You say softly and he nods, tucking your head underneath his chin. 
“Mine.” He says in his deep gravel. You spend the night pressed to him, when he moves you move, and vice versa, like you’d freeze if he wasn’t right next to you. You smell like salt and the ocean to him, and he can’t help but lock his arms around your soft body. 
When the buttery sunlight spills through his bedroom window, he stirs. You’ve moved away from him during the night and he pulls you back to him, to his delight you sigh happily. You spend the morning in bed together, limbs entwined, soft deep kisses and light touches. He swallows though, soon it’ll be time for him to drive into town. His jaw sets and he makes a decision. He motions for you to stay, leaving the bedroom and coming back with some soft rope. 
“Stay still.” He growls, and takes each of your wrists in one hand, fastening them to his headboard. You mewl, confused. “You gotta stay here, okay?” You look up at him, eyes full of pain. “We’ll figure shit out but I gotta work, and I can’t have you hurting yourself or running away.”  You nod your understanding. “Good girl.” He praises. “Daddy will come back okay?” You nod, and when you speak again, his hand closed on the doorknob, the weight of it nearly knocks him over. 
“Because I’m yours.” He swallows. 
“Because you’re mine.” He doesn’t look back before exiting his little house and walking down to the boat. On the deck, the remnants of your seal skin remains, drying in the sun, destroyed. He realizes, if he wanted to have you forever he could just toss it overboard, but he doesn’t, locking it in a chest under a seat. It was unusable. For now. 
Up the hill, in his bed you stir, straining against the restraints, rubbing your wrists raw,  hoping he’ll come back. He has to. You’re his. 
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andreil and goodbye kisses (pt. 7) ft. allison
parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 good lord why have i stretched this one concept out for so long skdflskj || part 8
allison thinks — nay, knows — that neil josten is just the cutest human being alive. certainly a badass. very threatening. will bite when provoked.
but still very cute. adorable. squish, if you will.
(also, have you seen those eyes??)
she likes to believe she is the mother hen of the newborn chick — the startled bambi — that is neil josten
and so, as an experienced, highly intellectual person, she... questions neil's taste in men
allison worries that andrew is just stringing neil along, ready to drop him whenever he pleases
(renee insists this is not the case, but what does renee know?)
anyways, allison concludes that andrew must be put to the test to confirm that he is good enough for her precious (and slightly rude) child
now, allison isn't one to perpetuate stereotypes, but andrew is a well-dressed gay man with plenty of experience in dressing up neil nicely
and, as the self-crowned queen of fashion, she knows that clothes can tell a lot about an individual
(for example, her clothes are wonderful, which means that she is flawless)
so allison decides that going clothes shopping with andreil (she cannot thank nicky enough for coming up with that ship name) is the only way to truly see if andrew is good enough for neil
so she plans. and one thursday evening, she corners andrew and neil and tells them what's going down
"neil. you and your boy— " "he's not my boy" "you and your boy will join me this saturday to go shopping at the mall. any questions?" "yes, actually— " "great, i'll see you then!"
to her surprise, andrew actually shows up with neil on saturday, twirling his car keys with a bored expression
"minyard. you are not driving"
"alright then. neil, let's go back to to bed"
"okay okay fine you can drive"
allison, with great dignity, regales herself to backseat passenger. at least this way she has a perfect view of the heart eyes transpiring between andrew and neil
(and if she sneaks in a couple of pictures of them — well, no one needs to know)
they finally reach the mall and allison is ready to start her sneaky observations
first: she spots a cute pink sweater in an egregiously bright shop window and drags neil inside, checking conspicuously if andrew follows him
he does
pleased, allison browses through the store, plucking the sweater she originally saw to try on later
after a little more looking, she emerges from the dressing room to show off the sweater to neil
"well neil? how do i look?"
"oh uh. pretty? andrew, how does she look?"
andrew sweeps an impassive gaze over her and promptly turns around without a word
allison is outraged. how dare he simply ignore neil! does he not think neil is important enough to respond to? does he not care at all? how can he just— oh
andrew returns with a pale blue sweater she had seemingly missed and throws it at her face
she goes back in to try it with a huff. surprisingly (and annoyingly), this one looks even better than the pink one did
she buys the blue one. but andrew's still on thin fucking ice
second: after the sweater fiasco, she leads andreil over to a shoe store. allison * very deliberately * walks through the men's footwear, hoping andrew will take notice of something he likes there for neil, before making her way to the women's section
she tries on a few sandals, showing them off to neil, and andrew wanders off in the middle of her runway strut
(she can't understand why. he might be gay, but surely he can still appreciate her legs, right?)
her questions are answered after andrew emerges from an aisle carrying a navy blue box, placing it in front of neil
neil stares at it. andrew kicks him in the shin
"oh am i supposed to wear it?"
andrew rolls his eyes and bends down, switching neil's old sneakers for a new pair of running shoes he found
allison nearly coos at the sight of the terrifying andrew minyard tying his boyfriend's shoelaces with such a focused look
neil loves the shoes. allison buys them for him. and maybe she approves of andrew just a little bit more
third: after a few more stores, allison is at the final stop of her experiment — clothes shopping for neil
she spends an agonizingly long hour searching for clothes neil might actually wear, but when she goes to give it to him, he's nowhere to be found
frantically, she combs through the store again, already thinking of private investigators to hire to find him
suddenly, allison spots his bright hair against the wall in the far corner of the store
she races over there, ready to give neil a piece of her mind for worrying her, until she sees what he's up to
he's kissing andrew. but it's not heavy making-out, it's not anything too explicit. it's just very adorable kissing
(allison has to bite back a laugh when she notices that andrew has to go on his toes to reach neil)
she goes to pull out her phone, but the clothes in her hand rustle, causing neil to glance her way
he winces at the massive pile of clothes, but presses a kiss to andrew's lips, then nose, before gingerly taking the clothes to try on
allison squints at andrew upon seeing the nose kiss. he scowls at her and promptly walks away in the direction neil left to
allison considers the sight she just saw. surely andrew wouldn't be willing to be so openly soft if he was just playing neil, right? right.
(damn, maybe renee did know some things after all)
allison gives a pleased smile — maybe andrew really is okay for neil — before suddenly remembering the bet that she's probably going to lose soon
but she doesn't mind losing some money anymore; she has plenty of it
all allison wants is for neil to be happy. and if andrew brings him happiness— well, she doesn't really understand neil's taste, but she supports it anyway
fuck. when did she get so soft?
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strawberrymilkgeorge · 7 months ago
Part Four. "You hosted me?? In MINECRAFT??"
warnings: swearing but that’s it (i think)! just karl being a goof and dream being a little shit but whats new word count: 3k (not ncluding pictures)
behind the screen (irl dream x reader) series masterlist ultimate masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Y/n  sat to Karl's left, out of the camera's view as he scrolled through Twitter on his PC.
"Um... oh, how did you guys meet?" Karl read before looking offscreen at Y/n. "Uh... school?"
"What? I was going to make up a funny story but I'm appalled by the seriousness in your voice! Is that really how you think we met?"
The embarrassment on his face answered her question. "Karl! I'm two years younger than you, how would we meet have met at school?"
"I don't know!" he said back defensively, raising his shoulders. "Clubs?"
"Like I was in any of the nerd clubs you were in."
"Well, then, how did we meet?"
Y/n sighed with a laugh. "Our moms–"
"Oh, wait wait, I remember!" he cut her off, excitedly looking towards Y/n. "Our moms are friends and they forced us to hang out." He smiled proudly and looked back to his screen as he continued scrolling for good questions. "If I'm honest, I only still hang out with you because my mom makes me."
Y/n smacked Karl's arm and he laughed but pretended to be hurt. "WHAT THE HONK, BUGSY?!"
"I can't stand you. I barely hit you, nimrod."
Karl giggled and read another one. "How tall is Bugsy? Two feet, four inches."
"No, I'm 7'6," Y/n lied easily and Karl laughed.
"How tall are you actually?"
'I think 5'10 or something? Maybe 5'11. I'm not 6' but I'm taller than you for sure, I know that much–"
"Okay, you are not taller than me. Just to be clear. Chat, Bugsy is not taller than me."
"Yes, I am. Wanna test it?"
"No," he replied quietly in defeat.
"Because you know I'm right," Y/n laughed as her eyes flicked over to read chat. They were spamming their surprise, expecting her to be short. "Yeah, no, chat, I'm tall. I'm taller than Karl."
"Only because your shoes make you tall! Doc Martens are tall and that's pretty much all you wear!"
"You're shorter than me when I'm barefoot!"
"That's literally false. Like completely."
"Just accept it, shorty."
"I'll accept that you're taller than George and Sapnap, but not me. I'm barely taller than you but I'm still taller."
"Whateverrrr. I'll move on to protect your dignity."
Karl ignored her and laughed, pointing to a message from Dream in Karl's chat.
"Dream said I have short girl energy," Y/n read.
"You kinda do."
"What does that even mean?"
"You're shy around new people and you act all sweet."
"So tall girls can't be shy and sweet? Or shy and sweet girls can't be tall?"
"Stop twisting my words," Karl groaned.
"Also, wait, what do you mean I act sweet? Am I not?"
"No, you are. But I mean you also aren't when you don't want to be. Upset Bugsy is scary Bugsy."
Y/n frowned, not recalling a time she's ever been angry or upset at Karl but she let him move on. He pointed to another tweet as he looked at Y/n, giving her an 'I told you so' look. She read it before shaking her head at him.
"Don't read that one."
Tumblr media
"Pleeease, can I answer?"
"No!" she whisper-shouted. I don't want to be shipped with him for asking or you for answering, she mouthed so Karl's chat couldn't put together clues.
"Are you assuming I'll answer positively?" he teased, earning him a hard smack on the arm.
Y/n couldn't help but notice every time she put her hands in the frame, which was usually to hit Karl, half of the chat turned into simps requesting a hand pic because they could see her bracelets and nail polish and now that they knew she was tall they wanted to see how big her hands were. They really wanted every crumb of content they could have regarding her looks. She caught one that said something pretty kinky about her hands which she tried to scrub from her mind immediately.
"Fine," Karl sighed at her request to not read Dream's tweet out loud, instead reading another. "Bestie sleepover? Yes! Bestie sleepover! Bugsy and I are gonna cuddle all night--"
"No, we aren't. I'm sleeping on a completely different bed. Or couch. Nowhere near you."
"Karl! Stop trying to get me to cuddle with you!" Y/n laughed as she pushed away his arms, which were trying to give her a hug. "You're a freaking heater and I don't like touching people!"
"That's my worst nightmare in a friend, how did I end up with you?"
"No idea. Deal with it. It's still a bestie sleepover even if we don't cuddle."
Karl giggled and looked back at his stream. "Oh, by the way, in case anyone ever wanted to know or was Dreaming about it, Bugsy is very cute. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone was wondering or if anyone tweeted specifically asking..."
Y/n smacked his arm again as she yelled, "Karl!"
He grabbed his arm in dramatic pain as if it had been cut off. "Ow! Ow! Bugsy hit me!" he cried as he fell to the floor. "Oh my gosh. Someone call a doctor!"
"I cannot stand you," Y/n  informed as she stared down at him. She glanced at chat, who were all joking about how bad his condition was, saying things like they might have to amputate his arm. "Chat, don't encourage him. Oh, Karl I know what we can do!"
"As long as I don't need two arms for it..." his voice still laced with fake pain.
"Karl Jacobs."
"What is it?"
"Give me a tour of Dream's SMP. Dream whitelisted me yesterday."
"Oh, yeah! What could have possibly made you think of him?" he teased as he got back in his chair.
Y/n glared at him and he cowered slightly.
"Minecraft, yes. There's a PC in the other room you can play on. Do you need help setting it up?"
"No, I've streamed once or twice," Y/n teased as she stood up.
"I'm just trying to be a good host! Gosh!"
"Wait, I have to cross over to leave the room."
"Just do it? What's the issue? Literally no problem, just walk?" he joked before zooming in his camera on his face so it took up the whole screen. Y/n laughed as she went across the room, chat now forced to look at disturbingly close footage of Karl staring directly into the camera with his eyes crossed.
Y/n called Karl on Discord after logging in. "Hi, Karl and Karl's stream."
"Are you on yet?"
"I'm logging in to my Minecraft account right now."
"Okay, join a vc on the smp discord so others can talk to us if we run into anyone. I'll be over in a minute, just give me a bit to read some donations." They both muted, leaving Y/n to herself.
She typed in the IP address to the server and joined a random voice channel that no one was in. She spawned and looked around, confused by the cobblestone wall around her. Her phone lit up so she occupied herself with the texts from Naomi.
Tumblr media
A green figure caught her eye on the screen and she looked up. In the distance was Dream's infamous green Minecraft skin punching the air as he faced her. He ran towards her and stopped in front of her. She set her phone down and slid it away, crouching as his character did the same.
Dream whispers to you: are you streaming you whisper to Dream: no but Karl is and he's about to get on to tour me Dream whispers to you: hmmm okay here
He uncrouched and dropped a few diamond blocks before punching the air again and running away.
Dream whispers to you: shh don’t tell anyone you whisper to Dream: omg :D ty <3 you whisper to Dream: first twitch donos now mc donos you whisper to Dream: rich man over here giving out money and diamonds to everyone like it's candy Dream whispers to you: no, only to you Dream whispers to you: a little gift before our date ;) Dream whispers to you: oh and this
He came back and paused in front of Y/n before dropping a red poppy and sprinting away again. She acted cool despite the huge smile on her face.
you whisper to Dream: charming you whisper to Dream: you give me a flower and dart away before I can properly thank you Dream whispers to you: oh yeah? how would you have thanked me?
Y/n smiled, her cheeks flaming up as a dirty thought entered her mind. Stop, he's not flirting, she told herself. It’s literally a block game and he’s not flirting.
you whisper to Dream: guess we'll never know ;) KarlJacobs joined the game
"I'm back," Karl's voice filled her headset as he joined her voice channel, snapping her out of her thoughts. "Where are you?"
Y/n looked away from the chat in Minecraft and turned around in the game. "Still at spawn. Some forest and cobblestone walls."
"Go left and I'll meet you halfway."
As she ran, the Minecraft chat reappeared with new messages for everyone to see.
<Dream> hey Karl <KarlJacobs> hello Dream <Dream> thanks for answering my question on your stream <KarlJacobs> just doing my civil duty as a bugsy dream shipper <KarlJacobs> official petition for the name to be dreamsy <Dream> signed
"Oh my gosh," Y/n muttered, making Karl laugh.
"What?" Karl asked innocently, but his laugh was maniacal. "Oh, I found you. This way! I built everything on the server, by the way. So if anything is impressive, just remember that I did it."
"Karl, that's the biggest lie you've ever told me. I watch the lore videos."
"Well, I did build it all so I don't know what to tell you. Let's go this way first."
Y/n followed as he showed her stuff, including background and unknown facts about things that have happened off stream. After the tour, they messed around the chessboard. At some point, she found a blue cornflower and turned to Karl.
"Do you have an anvil?"
"I don't exactly have one on me at the moment but I think there's one over here. What for?"
She killed some chickens with her fist to gain XP so she could carry out the task in mind. "I need to name this flower I found." She followed him a few blocks away and clicked the anvil and named the flower 'love, bug'. "Okay, thanks."
"Why did you name it?"
"It's a gift for someone."
"Me?" he asked as his character jumped up and down.
"No. My presence is your gift."
"Ouch. You know, honestly, I'm really hurt by that. Like, why would you say that to me? It's just sorta rude."
"Fine, I'll go get you a flower."
"Well, I don't want it if it isn't sincere. Who's that one for?"
" one."
"Tell me or I'll keep complaining about not getting a gift."
"I can deal with that."
"Okay, then tell me or I'll make you sleep in my bed and I'll smother you to death with my affection."
"Ah, okay, fine. It's for Dream."
"Wow you really hate me that much!" Karl laughed.
"No, I'm just not touchy like you!" she defended. She always worried she offended Karl since he was so physically affectionate towards his friends but she just wasn't a physical person.
"Oh, speaking of Dream..." he turned and Y/n followed his characters line of sight, having to zoom in to see the green figure perched at the top of a tree.
"He's very menacing."
"He does that."
<Bugsy> come here pls dream <Bugsy> i have a gift :]
Dream ran towards Y/n and stopped in front of her expectedly. She looked at Karl then back at Dream and dropped the gift, backing up after and crouching.
His character picked it up and held it, pausing to read the name. After a moment, he slowly looked up at Y/n's character before jumping and spinning in circles. Y/n hid her smile in her sleeve even though no one could see her.
<Dream> wait lemme see the one I gave you <Bugsy> what D: <Dream> I wanna name it
"What is going on?" Karl giggled.
"Gift exchange. Mind your own business."
"Woah!" Karl gasped dramatically. "Uncalled for."
Dream came back and dropped the renamed flower for her. Y/n picked it up and hovered over it to read the name.
'host, dream'
She gasped and started punching his character. He backed up and ran away but joined the call seconds later.
"Wait! Stop hitting me!" Dream yelled into her headset.
Y/n laughed, trying to contain her smile as she continued to hit the green character. "Dream! Are you kidding? I tried being all cute and you hosted me?? In MINECRAFT??"
"It was a joke! You said something like that to Wilbur on Twitter a while ago, I was just using your humor!" Dream's giggles filled Y/n's headphones and she smiled but quickly dropped it so her voice could sound serious.
"Give it back."
Dream looked at her before letting out a small, "What?"
"Give me back the flower so I can go burn it with the other one."
"What is going on?" Karl asked through a cackle. "Dream, did you hurt Bugsy??"
"Yes, Karl! He hurt my feelings! He gave me a flower and gave it back to name it something mean!"
Dream just laughed so Y/n punched him again.
"Dream! You can't hurt Bugsy!" Karl defended, also punching Dream.
All Y/n could hear was the sound of Dream wheezing, his character running as the two chased him. "Stop! You guys are so– STOP HITTING ME!"
"Fine," Y/n finally said, crouching and facing the ground as she walked into a corner to look like she was pouting. "I'm just not going to go on any Minecraft dates anymore."
"Wait, no," Dream protested in a soft voice, his character stopping to look at her's. "Take that back."
"Heart been broke so many times..."
"You're so stupid."
Karl gasped happily. "You guys have a Minecraft date? Can I help plan it?!"
"We did. In exchange for letting you give me the tour. But I've changed my mind since I've been so betrayed."
"Oh my gosh, you're so..." Dream trailed off but his wide smile could be heard through his voice.
"So what? Finish that sentence, Dream," Y/n dared teasingly.
"DREAM! SAY YOU'RE SORRY!" Karl yelled.
"Okay! I'm sorry! Bug, I'm so sorry. Really. Please let me... let me rename your flower something cute. It'll make you so happy that you'll fall in love with me all over again and–and we can go on our date. Please don't burn our flowers."
"And what if I don't give them to you?"
"I'll just kill you and pick them off your corpse."
"Woooooowwww. Okay, it's like that?"
"Yes, it is like that," he said through a smile. It was so apparent in his voice that he was grinning like a kid on Christmas morning.
<Ranboo> how is the tour going Bugsy was shot by Dream using DEFINITELY NOT PENIS <Ranboo> ah going well I see
Bugsy screamed in her mic as the death screen appeared. "DREAM!"
"You took too long!" He wheezed as Bugsy respawned.
"I don't know where I am!"
"Hold on, I'll avenge you!" Karl declared before he died too.
"You thought you could kill me with your fists? Karl, you're naked and I'm wearing full Netherite."
"You weren't when I started punching you! You pulled that out of thin air!"
<Ranboo> canon
Y/n smiled at Ranboo's comment. She had never talked to him but she knew he and Tubbo were close friends and he seemed really funny. He had already proved he had a dry sense of humor in the 30 minutes she was on the SMP and she loved that. Y/n made a mental note to befriend him before returning to being drama queen to Dream.
"So, Dream, now that you've made me an enemy–"
"WhAT? We are not enemies, Bug. I'm actually naming a flower something really cute as we speak. Enemies don't do that."
"Maybe I'm not your enemy but you sure are mine."
"Oh come on now," he mumbled lowly, running chills down her spine. What the hell was that?? "What do I have to do to make it up to you?"
"You-you murdered me in cold blood. Nothing will make it up."
"So I could get the flower! It was out of love! So I could give you a better present! Does that count for nothing?"
"Hm," she hummed. "We'll see what new name you come up with and then I'll decide."
Karl and Y/n got back to the chessboard and waited for Dream to return with his new flower.
Breaking character and turning towards her best friend, Y/n laughed at Karl. "Sorry for distracting from our BFF shenanigans time."
"This is way more entertaining," Karl assured. "Me and my chat got front row seats to the Dreamsy love saga."
"Shut up," she mumbled as she punched him in-game.
"Okay, okay, I'm back!!" Dream announced and they saw his figure sprinting and jumping towards them. He dropped the flower for Y/n and stepped back, crouching and standing repeatedly.
Y/n picked up the flower and hovered over it to read the name.
"Is it worthy of your forgiveness, Bugsy? Does it pass the vibe check?" Karl asked with a giggle.
Y/n bit her lip as she smiled at her screen.
to the prettiest girl in the world. love, dream <3
It was a joke, obviously. He was just continuing the joke of flirting with her like he does on Twitter just like Sapnap and Karl and George and Quackity do. They all joke about flirting with her and this was another joke.
But it still gave her tummy butterflies.
"Bug?" Dream called softly.
But why would he joke like that when neither of them were streaming? Karl's chat wouldn't see it so there was no one to point in feeding into the joke, unless he meant for Y/n to show Karl? She was overthinking. She needed to play it cool. 
She also needed an enderchest so no one could find it and no one could take it away from her and destroy it but they didn’t need to know she liked it that much.
"Mmm.... it'll do."
A/N: yeeee hope you guys liked this one! i think this is my favorite so far i just think dream was being too cute and i wanna be best friends with karl so much it hurts. we’re gonna get deeper into the dream relationship soon!! i just needed to indugle in bff karl content real quick!!!
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mo-is-writing · a year ago
Rating ATLA Characters literally only from what I’ve seen in fandom
or: posts that probably shouldn’t be on my writeblr except I don’t have a sideblog
the context here is it’s half midnight and I have never seen ATLA except I have opinions now apparently so here we go whoop de do- 
I’m also not actually rating them like numerically that’s too much work i’m just stating opinions I know I’m a fraud
Tumblr media
- A child?  - A son?  - he is Baby. but also. he has had It Rough  - would make the updog joke - has unspeakable power or smth and everyone says he’s better than the Korra girl who comes after him but honestly tastes like sexism to me - doesn’t kill people because he’s like twelve, right? he’s like twelve so he refuses to kill people - I stan honestly - less twelve year olds should kill people - Some people say his name WRONG and they are BAD but i don’t actually know what the right way or the wrong way is so. have fun w that yall - lived in peace unTIL THE FIRE NATION ATTACKED 
Tumblr media
- She is also like twelve???  - Is everyone here twelve - Cortana?? Katana?? Catbug??  - She has good hair, - Her mother is dead??? her mother is dead n she has a brother but she cares about her mother being dead WAY more than him (or apparently the entire fandom??) - Badass - She seems soft. good. sweet - she’s a water breather or whatever??? her brother is NOT but he is a meme - I love her 
Tumblr media
- NGL looks like a fuckboy  - The meme brother! does not do the water things, but he has an aXe???  - dates BAMF lady - ngl until I talked to my ATLA watching friend I thought he canonically dated Zuko  - kinda mad he doesn’t - I haven’t actually seen anything about him except like. in zuko ship posts and also Suki appreciation posts - joined the white lotus not-a-cult by accident???  - dark ATLA tumblr show me more Sokka posts - is his name prounounced the same way as Soccer or isn’t it I need to know - HIS FIRST GIRLFRIEND TURNED INTO THE MOON - (AND THAT’S ROUGH, BUDDY) - He and Suki are a good ship, but also, Sokka Has Two Hands
Tumblr media
- the BAMF herself - she says STOP in that photo but also to sexism - Rlly all I see of her in fanon is abt her teaching Sokka to drink his respect women juice and I appreciate her doing that but also it’s sad she never gets talked about outside of what she did for a man - I hope she has other badass moments w/o him it would suck if she didn’t - she is NOT the girlfriend who turned into the moon, she is the one who didn’t - I don’t know much else about her ATLA Fandom y’all should appreciate her more
Tumblr media
- Look at him... my son... - He has a good redemption arc - he and his sister are evil lesbian and redeemed gay guy??? - has a straight canon ship but should’ve been with Sokka this boy is gay - I Want To Protect Him - That’s literally it - he has a cool uncle and his dad sucks  - people ship him with Katara and I Do Not Get It that’s his sister in law except not really - “We don’t trust Zuko’s change of heart” [the next day] “so Zuko is my closest friend now,”  - His dad was like “fuck up the avatar to prove your worth to me” and Aang was like “counter argument you already have worth and we should fuck up your dad” and I think that’s beautiful - he becomes the fire man and he’s very good at it - Zuko for President 2020 - in the words of myself, half an hour ago: “ I was like "that kid with the burn on his face seems like a sad but then happy mlm who needs found family" and I was RIGHT” - took too long to find a happy picture of him :( Zuko rights NOW please - His mother’s story got compared to an OC of mine and all I can say is oh no and they deserve better based on that alone - I have had Zuko for five minutes but if anything else happens to him I will kill everyone in this throne room and then myself
Tumblr media
- She is badass but like also will murder you while laughing maniacally? - for some reason reminds me of Nott from Critical Role, another show I Have Not Seen - Is blind but gets more out of making jokes abt being blind than she would from being able to see - “Sight is just a cheap tactic to make weak benders stronger!!!” - Literally the opposite of Aang and has killed many people?? - She Can Tell When You’re Lying. But I do not know how and Am simply mildly threatened by this - Therapist: Toph’s ability to know if you’re lying isn’t real and can’t hurt you. Toph’s ability to know if I’m lying:  - She and Zuko.... buddies???  - if not they should be - tiny sad boy needs friends like toph
Tumblr media
- Evil Lesbian Culture - [BDG Voice] You committed a war crime! Oopsie! - took be gay do crime too literally - her and Zuko have accurate sibling writin except instead of “you ever want to murder your sibling for breathing in the same space as you,” being a Joke Azula took it seriously - okay but with a name like azula she should be the blue bender this ANNOYS me she should NOT be red bender - AZULa  - AZUL - IT MEANS BLUE - She was half of y’alls gay awakenings and it SHOWS - Should have maybe been redeemed too??? Jury is out no one knows - Was she gay for Ty Lee or wasn’t she I can’t tell how much of that Audio is a joke - IS SHE ALSO TWELVE??? IS EVERYONE HERE TWELVE?? IS THIS TWELVE YEAR OLD COMITTING ATROCITIES? 
Tumblr media
- A Good Man - Finally, Some Good Fucking [Adult Figures]  - he has the tea. literally and figuratively - Ozai is like “and I will permanently disfigure my son and throw him out” and Iroh is like “What The Fuck, Ozai,” thus voicing the entire audience’s thoughts - Literally the only adult in this that I trust - I? I love him. this is all I have to say. my love for him is unending. Some1 protect this man from all harm   - he’s Zuko’s uncle (and also Azula ig) but he does not seem related to Ozai. is it just a theme in this family that one sibling is chill and one sibling commits horrendous atrocities against your fellow human beings or  - something happened to his son???? :((((( I Don’t Want Him To Have Suffered Like This
Tumblr media
- A BAD MAN - Uh Oh (stinky)  - THE WORST OF THE MEN  - I do not like him - Bastard man. nasty. committed war crimes and then went “but what if - get this - i also abused my son,”  - I would like him to Not Be Like This - by Like This I mean present and alive  - :/ 
Tumblr media
- She’s NOT the There Is No War In Ba Sing Se lady and I don’t know why i thought she WAS but until I looked up her photo I thought that was her  - She looks like a sweetheart tho - I hope nothing bad happens to her????  - talks about auras??? or smth??? let her vibe - She would talk animatedly to me about warrior cats if she was in my year seven class and I was sat alone and I would understand none of it but appreciate her anyway - if azula bullies her I’ll be :( at Azula and Azula will not care because she has Mommy Issues and therefore is slightly unhinged - She seems like that one kid with no trauma vibing at the edge of [every other kid having trauma] and not really getting it but trying her best - Is she also twelve?????? She maybe looks twelve
Tumblr media
- HIS CABBAGES - fulfills my favourite trope: ordinary person repeatedly has life disrupted by the inconveniences of relying on actual children to save the world - probably has a campaign post canon for letting trained adults fix the worlds’ problems in the future - or sets up the Very First Cabbage Insurance Company - look at him. he loves his cabbages so much. you go you funky lil cabbage man
Tumblr media
- LOOK AT HIM HE’S SO GOOD - small. fluffy. big ears - Lord Momo of the Momo Dynasty: his Momoness - a Good Boy...
Tumblr media
- he looks so soft... - he can fly but he just does it by??? vibing through the air?? motionless??? iconic - I saw that one post about mishearing it as Abba and thinking he was Aang’s dad and he looks like he would be a good stand in dad ngl - he’s so LORGE - a chonky boy - love him
that is everyone I have heard of it and if I left someone out it’s a sign that y’all should talk about em more bc I have no clue they exist put more ATLA On my Dash ig I’ll do Legend of Korra ig maybe apparently that one has canon wlw and i love me some canon wlw
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bruhstories · 7 months ago
Sticky, Saccharine & Sinful
Summary: Professor Jaeger asks his assistant to come over and grade some papers. Pairing: Zeke Jaeger x Fem!Reader (modern AU) Warnings & Content: language, protected sex, fingering, oral sex (female & male receiving), spanking, daddy kink, bossy Zeke, bratty Reader, tying up, bit of an age gap but no underage shit (we don’t do that here) Word Count: 2.5 k
A/N: Huehuehue guess who finally wrote a daddy kink smut? Also I have looped Cherry Cola by Kuwada the entire time i wrote, proofread and formatted this bitch, I think it works with the atmosphere
Tumblr media
"Y/N, I'm gonna need you to help me grade some papers later today." Professor Jaeger pushed his glasses with his index finger as he looked up from his book.
"You got it, boss!" You nodded as you entered the staff lounge room at Stohess Uni, two cups in your hands.
"How many times do I have to tell you to call me Zeke?" The man sighed. “Or at least call me professor.”
"But I'm your assistant, you're my superior, that makes you my boss, boss." Sarcasm dripping down your tongue as you placed his coffee down the table. "All black, two cubes of sugar."
"Thank you. And yes, technically I am your boss, but you're, what, six years younger than me?"
"Seven and a half." You pouted.
You've been working at Stohess University for a little over a year now as Zeke Jaeger's assistant. He was the best philosophy teacher, as well as head of the department, and you nailed your internship interview, aspiring to be like him one day. He even taught you Ethics during your masters, and currently you were doing your PhD research under his coordination. The man was a genius in his field, and you didn't dare disappoint him, but your personalities always clashed. He was calm and collected, you were bubbly and all over the place. He was nice and polite, you were sarcastic and rude. Zeke knew you'd make a horrible teacher for children, but undergraduate students would adore you.
"How can you drink hot coffee in this heat wave?" You asked him as you fanned someone's epistemology essay to cool yourself off.
"It's actually been proven that warm drinks hydrate better than cold ones during summertime." He inhaled the scent of freshly brewed coffee before taking the essay out of your hand.
"Whatever you say, boss." You shrugged and gulped on your iced tea, a few glistening amber drops dripping from the corners of your mouth, down your chin and your neck. "Ah, shit." You wiped the tea with the back of your hand, not catching Zeke watching you curiously. "Why did the AC have to break down today of all days?"
"Dunno." He shrugged and immersed himself back into his book. "Oh, I hope you don't mind coming to my place to grade the papers? I don't think you'll be able to focus in this heat. Besides, I want to take a look at your latest PhD chapter." Jaeger told you absentmindedly, eyes glued to the pages in front of him.
"Sure thing–"
"Don't say it."
"Jesus Christ..."
You adored pissing your ex-professor off, but deep down, Zeke couldn't deny the fact that he loved the authority he had over you. You were a very alluring woman, after all, and any sane man would kill to be as close to you as he was, let alone boss you around like he did. And he had the strong feeling you acted like a brat around him on purpose. You took your leave after downing the rest of your beverage, going to the library to borrow some books for your own research.
You rang the intercom and waited for Zeke to let you inside the building, dragging your feet down the hallway, tired from carrying so much shit with you – laptop, books, essays, papers, pens and highlighters – you were a walking, talking stationery shop and one could only wonder how someone with such a petite frame was so strong. Zeke waited in the doorway and took some of your things, relieving the weight as you sighed.
"Coffee?" He guided you to his kitchen.
"Water, please." You plopped on a chair and unbuttoned the first three heart-shaped buttons of your lilac shirt, tiny beads of sweat bundled up at your collarbone.
"You sure? I'll be keeping you up all night." Jaeger laughed. He was obviously talking about the papers, but to you, the sentence had a different innuendo — not that you minded, you had your fair share of sinful fantasies with the older man. Come to think of it, you were wondering why he was single. Zeke was undoubtedly an attractive man, he could have any woman he wanted. Yet you’ve never seen him on a date, never seen a picture of a woman when you accidentally glanced at his phone, never heard him talk about a significant other.
"Hey, mind if I smoke?" You asked, noticing the ashtray on his table.
"Not at all, I'll join you." He sat opposite you, mug of coffee in his hand. You pulled out a pack of pink cigarettes from your backpack and placed one between your lips, pocketing your jeans for a lighter. His hand extended over the table, lighter in his hand, and you slightly bent your head forward, eyes glued to his. You inhaled the smoke, not breaking eye contact, and exhaled with a sigh. Something about Zeke lighting up your cigarette made your little cunt tingle.
"Thanks, boss." The corners of your lips turned into a barely visible smirk. You really, really liked to tick him off.
"Don't mention it." He told you before lighting his own cigarette. What, no comeback? No objection? "How's your paper going?"
"It's... going." You shrugged.
"You haven't written anything in your last chapter, have you?"
"No, I have," you half-whined, "it's just that I can't find my words. I think I encountered writer's block."
"'S alright, we'll figure something out." Zeke pulled a stack of papers from his briefcase and dropped it on the table.
"Wow, no shit you need help, that's a lot of papers." You twirled the cigarette between your fingers before taking one final puff and crushing it in the glass ashtray.
"Told you." He picked his resting cigarette back from the ashtray. "You can do the first years."
"I'd rather do something else." You whispered to yourself, eyes almost rolling at the back of your head.
"What was that?"
"Nothing, boss. First years, got it." Your manicured fingers pulled the stack of papers closer to you. The exams were already annotated according to subject and year and you took everything you needed before shoving them back to Zeke.
You were bored out of your mind, fiddling with the red pen in your hand and tapping your fingers on the table with no particular rhythm. It was already dark outside and you barely finished a quarter of your stack while Zeke was halfway through his.
"Could you please stop that?" He asked you without even bothering to look at you.
"It's annoying."
With a groan you rolled your eyes and stopped tapping your fingers, instead opting to fidget your leg, bouncing it up and down under the table. The wooden furniture shook at the movement and Zeke sighed, putting the pen down.
"I understand you're bored, but if you want to be a professor, this is part of the job description."
"I know, I know, but, like, can we take a break? Please? We've been at it for two and a half hours now and I'm just so bored." You looked at him with puppy eyes and a pout on your plump lips.
"Ugh, fine. What do you want to do?"
"I dunno. Got any board games?"
"Only a pack of playing cards." Zeke shrugged.
"Perfect! Literally anything is better than this. I mean look at what this kid wrote: the ship of Theseus ARE a thought experiment. Can you believe it? How can a nineteen-year-old not know proper grammar?"
"Careful, Y/N," he chuckled, "you made a pretty embarrassing error during your masters, too."
"Nooo, don't bring that up!" You got up and walked to the freezer, scanning the contents.
"Why not? It's funny."
"Yeah, for you." You rolled your eyes. "But I still proved my worth." You triumphantly told him, tongue playfully poking out of your mouth from behind the freezer door. Ugh, you were so cute, made to be ravaged. Your eyes settled on the single raspberry popsicle and you picked it up, closing back the door. "Can I have this?" Oh, he knew exactly what you were doing.
"Of course."
With Zeke's approval, you unwrapped the plastic, revealing the rose-tinted dessert, swirling your tongue around its tip. You were a sight for sore eyes, (not so) innocently licking at the popsicle, your gaze on him and his growing bulge. He didn't even bother hiding it, instead relaxing in the chair and drinking you in. It was no mistake that Zeke invited you over, and you weren't stupid enough to believe it was a mistake.
"Do you... want some?" You trailed off as the once cold dessert began melting from your hot lips.
"If you'd be so kind." He patted his lap and you accepted the invitation. His bulge was comfortably uncomfortable against your ass, and you put the popsicle onto his lips, one arm draped around his shoulder. Zeke's tongue moved languidly around the sweet snack and you leaned in, your own tongue licking both the dessert and his lips. It was sticky and saccharine and sinful, and your poor pussy couldn't take it anymore.
"Do you wanna fuck me, daddy?" You naively asked him. He wasn't surprised in the slightest by the name, already suspecting you had daddy issues, in fact counting on it.
"I very much do." His hands were already roaming your body. The popsicle was almost gone, and you deepthroated the last bit, taking the little stick out of your mouth with a pop. Finally, he crushed his lips onto yours and you could tell he had experience. You dropped the stick on the tiled floor, twisting your body to better straddle him. Zeke unbuttoned your shirt as you slowly began grinding your hips against his bulge, earning a groan from him. "Ugh, you bad girl." He threw his head back as you loosened the tie around his neck.
"Are you going to punish me?" You slowly, too slowly unbuttoned his shirt.
"What’s the point of a punishment if you’re going to enjoy it?" He mused, unclasping your bra. You had goosebumps all over your skin and Zeke took one of your nipples in his hot mouth, a hand pinching your other one. You whimpered at the slight stinging sensation
"Does it m-matter if I enjoy it?" His touch became rougher, almost animalistic.
"Of course," he stopped sucking your swollen, oversensitive nipple, "otherwise you won't learn your lesson." You got up and turned around, your back against him, taking your jeans and underwear off, bending down and exposing your cunt to him. "You're going to be the death of me, Y/N." Zeke shook his head, removing his own trousers.
"Allow me." You tucked your fingers behind the waistband of his boxers, pulling them down as you kneeled in front of him. His throbbing cock tapped your face after finally being unleashed from its textile cage.
"I suspected you were big, but this? This is too good." You sneered at his member, mesmerised by its size.
"Just shut up and suck it." Zeke pretty much commanded you and you wet your lips, pressing your tongue against the velvety tip. You worked your way around his shaft, enjoying this more than you should've. You pulled back, a string of saliva and precum attached to your lips as you looked up at him.
"Am I doing good, daddy?"
"So good." He grabbed a fistful of your hair and pushed your head back. You eagerly sucked and slurped until he got bored of your mouth around his cock. Zeke pulled you up, spun you around and bent you over the table. He brought your wrists together and tied them up behind your back with his tie before taking a step back and admiring the view. Ass up, face down, just like he loved it. His foot pushed yours to the side, spreading your legs for him before he gave you a good slap over your ass cheeks. You shot up with a moan but his hand forced you back down against the table.
"I think I know exactly how to punish you." Zeke announced, two fingers spreading your folds as his tongue dove inside of you, lapping at your wet cunt.
"Oh, God!" You groaned in pleasure. No man has ever eaten you out like he did. Most guys did it as a chore. Zeke? He was enjoying every single bit of it, passionately fingering you, his tongue moving in ways you didn't think were possible. "Ah, fuck– so good! Daddy, please! I'm coming!"
The way he venomously laughed told you that no, you were not going to come any time soon. Just as you were about to let loose, Zeke stopped, removing his fingers, another slap on your ass. Tears pooled at your Y/E/C eyes, frustration written all over your face. "No, no, no!"
"I told you, Y/N, you're a bad, bad girl." He bent over and whispered in your ear, his cock pressing against your entrance, his hand in your hair.
"Oh, pleaseee, I need to come! Will you let me come?"
"Hm, it depends." Jaeger straightened his back, hands resting on your hips. "Did you learn your lesson?"
"Yes, yes, daddy, I did! I promise I'll be good!" You tried to turn around to look at him, oblivious to what he was doing behind your back, cheeks crimson, droplets of sweat on your forehead.
"Convincing enough." He shrugged and you heard the condom snap against his cock.  Unexpectedly and without any warning, the man thrusted into your wet cunt and you, again, shot up, but he pinned you back. "Stay fucking put, you little whore." Zeke demanded and you tried, you really tried, but your body had a mind of its own. "I see you refuse to learn."
"No, no, please!" You slammed your face onto the table, squishing your cheek in the process, desperate and helpless.
"That's better." He concluded, sarcasm dripping down his tongue as he rammed his cock deeper into you. The silken walls clenched around his hard member, and he grunted, no other woman pleasing him like your tight pussy did. "You like it when I take you from behind, you filthy slut?"
"Yes– oh my God, YES!" You bucked your hips against his for more pressure and pain.
"What would my students think if they saw you getting fucked like this on their papers?"
"Ah– I don't c-care!"
"What would the headmaster say if she knew you fuck your superior and- ugh- coordinator?" Jaeger thrusted harder and faster.
"Please, Zeke-"
His hand found its way to your neck, tightly squeezing it.
"Wrong name, Y/N."
"Shit, daddy!"
"That's right, I'm your fucking daddy and hell will freeze before someone else fucking touches you!"
"Fuc-k, fuuuck!" You both howled and panted as you climaxed, your entire bodies quivering. Zeke pulled out of you, carefully removing the rubber from his cock and giving you another slap on your perky ass cheeks. You stood up, arms still tied around your back, turned on your heels and pecked him on his cheek, giggling like a schoolgirl, marvelled by the fact that he chose you over anyone else.
"You know what, Y/N? Now that I've found you, I'm never going to let you go." He promised.
"I'm all yours, boss."
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snailsgoingdowntown · 4 months ago
Flowers and injuries - Kazuha.
Kazuha x fem! Reader
Day 4 of writing for Kazuha until he comes home. I really don't know where I'm going with this hahaha-
Warnings: injuries, mention of a sneak attack, mention of alcohol at the end because it's Beidou.
Written on mobile and unedited.
Kazuha often wonders what's goes on in that head of yours. You're mostly polite, even to close friends. Your smile is small but soothing, voice lively but quiet, posture relaxed but firm. He's never seen you act out of anger, sadness, joy or anything as the like. Sure, you'll smile and laugh but it's never more than that, and you'll worry about people but never over react about it.
In short, he guess, you were as calm as the sea. But even the sea turns violent, under the right circumstances, waves overwhelming ships and taking them down, lighting striking down from the sky. The sea will always turn dangerous, at one point. And he guesses you can too.
"What the hell were you thinking, Kazuha!? You could have gotten killed - you're already injured like the fool you are! Taking on an entire group of treasure hoarders like that!" There's pure anger in your voice as you patch him up, tying the bandages around his torso a bit too tight as you grit your teeth. It's the first time he's seen you like this.
And honestly, he's a bit scared. Is this what they mean by the scorn of a woman?
"... I'm sorry. I was, shamefully, distracted by something and well... You know the rest." He hisses when you tighten the wrap around him. It's not suffocating, but it's still painful and he wonders if you're doing this on purpose. Honestly, he should have been paying more attention - he always does. But this time, he was too busy looking for something to notice the change in the wind, or the new and unrecognized scents that were making their way towards him. He didn't even notice their footsteps, at first.
"Kazuha my dear," you sigh, irritated, "you have experience in these situations. You know better than anyone to never let your guard down if you're alone, or even with friends. It's what you tell us all the time, if we seem to be in our own little world. But lately, you seem to be out of it. And today is a clear example of that."
He was out of it earlier, if he's being honest. He was out of it because of you. But it's not like he can tell he out that, lest he upsets you more. "A lot has been on mind lately. And I just can't seem to shake it off."
There's a pause when you finish patching him up. He thinks you're going to leave, from the way you sigh, from the way you were acting. But what he didn't expect was the feeling of your arms loosely wrapping around his neck from behind. You don't say anything and neither does he. He wonders if you can hear how fast his heart was beating, or feel the heat radiating off his cheeks and neck, face red. If you do, you don't say anything about it.
"Look, I just... Don't want you to get hurt. You're a very dear friend to me, Kazuha. And honestly, you're just so frank I don't think I can keep up; I'm not... Used to frank people, except for Beidou. And now I'm getting used to you. And well, I guess in my own way, I'm just..."
"Showing my concern over you." You finish, and he's left speechless. It's true, that you were slowly getting closer to him. Spending more time with him, talking more to him, and such. But you still treated him the same as everyone else - still kept an emotional distance from him. Like you do with everyone else, even Beidou.
But before he can open his mouth to speak, the door opens, and it's Beidou, drinks in hand. "Kazuha, (name). I brought some drinks, to calm your nerves... Although Kazuha might have to wait before taking a sip, considering he's recovering from his injuries."
And as she joins in the conversation, you remove yourself from him and he finds himself missing your body heat. In the end, Kazuha never had the chance to give you the flowers he got for you - the reason he was so distracted.
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leviverse · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
overwhelmed — castigat ridendo mores.
a mini series starring armin arlert; featuring eren jaeger, zeke jaeger, levi ackerman, sasha braus, jean kirstein, connie springer and mikasa ackerman.
summary : the liberio raid is a success, and everything feels right. right — but for who ? when you wake up in your enemy’s vessel and tries to get answers to your questions, an unexpected event occurs, leading you to break the invisible wall between you and eldians.
requested by : anon.
Tumblr media
chapter i — the other side.
content : angst, season four episode eight spoiler, violence and injury.
word count : 2,2k
The stinging pain in your head felt like hammer blows, slowly crushing you from the inside, burning and aching. Buzzing sounds tickle your ears, unpleasant and high pitched, as you desperately try to open your eyes, curtain of lashes too heavy to lift themselves up. What happened ? Why do you feel so dizzy ? Where are you ? You can’t think, you can’t focus — You are vulnerable.
Gunshots, far away. Screams, from an other world. The city is burning down — You can’t see, but you can feel it in your guts. You can smell the scent of houses turned into ashes, of blood and pain. Your heart clenches, it hurts, it devours your soul, stains your mind. Why aren’t you down there, dying amongst your people ?
‘Eren, you brought your pretty nurse with you, uh ? What’s that for ?’ Blurry vision only allowed you to catch a glimpse of what seemed to be a blonde man, pathetically sat on the ground, back resting against the wall. Your head was spinning, and you almost felt the urge to throw up at the sudden motion, your eyelids too heavy to stay still for more than ten seconds. What you heard from him felt like a whisper, far away, yet you still managed to process the information despite the concussion.
‘Doctor, not nurse,’ you spit, jaw slacked, hands turning into fists as you desperately gather enough strength to reply. Things started to get clearer the more you focused, deeply breathing in and out to let your brain collect enough oxygen so it could get back to its usual work. Your head still felt heavy and clouded, but you were now able to see where you were — A vessel ?
‘Pardon me princess, but you seem a bit too young to be called a doctor,’ Zeke scoffs, raising a brow. It was simply unbelievable how, despite his miserable condition, limbs missing and almost dead, he could still get on your nerves. Shameless — That’s all he was. And the amused spark shining in his eyes could be enough to make you go crazy.
‘Skills don’t have an age.’ you hiss, ‘and don’t fucking call me princess you’re not in the right position to act tough,’ snapping back, surprisingly earning a nod from him that you could translate as an ‘understandable’. Your brows furrow in confusion, but you don’t get the time to think about it further as a bunch of unfamiliar faces appear in front of you.
‘What’s that, again,’ a short raven haired man sighs, obviously talking about you — You weren’t a part of their plan, yet you were there, held captive, for whatever reason. Eyes made of steel, seemingly annoyed by Eren’s little game, he steps forward to get a closer look at you, sound of his tongue clicking making your eyes roll.
‘Don’t worry about her, she’s just a doc,’ Eren comes to the rescue, and you barely hold your sigh of relief back, thankful that he finally said something. After all, he was the one dragging you into this mess, you didn’t ask for it. ‘She won’t be a bother, just like the company,’ he adds, shoulders shrugging.
He brought you here… Because he liked your company ? He must be kidding, or simply be crazy. Who abducts someone for such trivial thing ? You coo, irritated by the nonchalance of his words.
‘You could have just asked,’ you mutter, the ache on your tied wrists making you squint your eyes for a few seconds. Not only he kidnapped you, but he also made sure you won’t go away by tying you up ? What was he thinking ? That you would jump off the ship ?
‘Shut up love birds, you’re already pissing me off,’ the short man snaps, his back now facing you. As if he wasn’t noisy enough, he had to bring in an other bratty girl, you could hear him seethe, not really getting along with Eren’s messy plan. And as you were about to answer, stating how your relation between you and your patient had nothing romantic in it, the loud sound of a gunshot silenced you, eyes widening in shock.
All you could remember were the screams of fear and panic, sound of the door cracking open to an horrifying scenery. A woman laying on the ground, drowning in her own blood, terrified soldiers trying to do anything that could save her.
‘Untie me now,’ you manage to scream, the urge to fulfill your duty rushing through your veins. Pairs of eyes fell on your face, but no one dared to move, ‘You want to see your friend die ?’ you bitterly add, trying to get rid of the tight ropes cutting through your skin.
A blonde man made his way to you, almost running to do what you asked without hesitation. Maybe it was a bit naive from him, but he was lucky enough — You would not hurt anyone anyway. His ocean eyes betrayed his fear, fingers shaking as he watches you race to the injured woman.
‘Let her fucking breathe, get back !’ Without even knowing, they were literally suffocating her, not giving her any space. You understood their pain, but they had to let you do your job. ‘You two, get a bassin of warm water, clean towels, some needles and threads, and try to find a pair of small tongs. Find sanitizer, and quick,’ you order, checking the wound ant the amount of blood loss at the same time.
The two of them, who are known as Jean and Connie, the victim’s closest friends, hurried up, running around to gather the tools you requested. They didn’t care about where you were coming from or who you were, fear of losing their friend swallowing them whole.
‘What’s your name ?’ Your eyes fall on the young woman’s face, lips quivering and body trembling. You could barely hear it, but it still reached your ear. ‘Okay Sasha, I need you to keep your eyes open for me and to stay with me. I know it will be hard, I know you’re tired and cold, but you have to do that, alright ?’ Tearing her shirt open, you watch her nod weakly in response, a sigh of relief leaving your mouth as you spot the bullet. Your eyes found the blonde’s ones, and you gesture him to come closer, urgently.
‘She lost too much blood, I need you to give some for her,’ there was no time to be polite or to pick your words more wisely, and the young man was quick to understand, rolling up his sleeve in a record time. ‘Also please apply pressure on the wound so I could get this ready,’ you mutter, too busy struggling with plastic tubes and needles.
‘What’s your name ?’ You ask, making some kind of transfusion with what you had in hand. The two boys were finally back, cheeks red of exhaustion, tears streaming down their faces uncontrollably. You still thanked them though, you weren’t some kind of savage, after all.
‘Armin,’ the blonde man whispers, hands flush against his friend’s wounded stomach. You nod, keeping his name in mind. There would be plenty of time to talk after this, but now, all you had to focus on was saving her life — Despite the low statistics. Too absorbed by the situation you were in, you didn’t even notice how the two warrior candidates were responsible of this whole mess, now tied up and almost unresponsive due to the rough assault they went through.
The next forty five minutes were filled with anxiety, concentration and intense work : Carefully removing the bullet without perforating the stomach, stopping the blood loss, and applying stitches. But also making sure Sasha was still alive, Armin wasn’t dying of blood loss, and sometimes taking a look at the other soldiers to check if they were all safe and sound.
‘You okay, Armin ?’ You breathe, eyes not darting away from the wound, slowly getting cleaner and cleaner. You could hear him give you a positive response as he admires how you got things done in such a short amount of time, impressed by your knowledges and precisions.
The heavy sigh you let out when the last stitch was set was loud enough for everyone to hear, and soon enough, you were surrounded by your ennemies, seemingly waiting for a word, a sentence… Anything from you.
‘She passed out but she’ll be fine,’ you start, slowly brushing away a few strands of hair from your sweaty forehead, ‘she just needs to rest. When she wakes up, she’ll need to eat something like a soup, or a porridge.’ You then add, visibly exhausted yet still ready to strike back if anyone solicited your help. Carefully, you free Armin from the transfusion, not forgetting to thank him at the same time.
‘You, get something to eat too, something sweet would do,’ you were a crimson mess, face covered in blood and sweat, shirt stained in red and lips swollen from the repeated bitings.
A red head, the one you sent to get stuffs for you earlier, made a step forward, arm wrapped around his friend’s shoulder, grey short hair and pretty eyes. ‘She’ll live, right ? You’re sure of that ?’ the tone in his voice broke you, pale cheeks and puffy eyes clues of his distress. You nod, once again, and you wince at the sight of him dropping on his knees, tears clashing against the floor.
‘Thank you,’ you weren’t expecting this. You weren’t expecting an eldian to say those two words to you. You could have just watched her die, but you still decided to step up and get your work done. This wasn’t about eldians and marleyans anymore, but about humans.
You stayed there, eyes wide, lips parted, silent. Even when they carefully lift Sasha’s body to tuck her in her bed, even when the short haired man placed his hand on your shoulder.
‘For once, Eren did something right,’ he mutters, not letting you any time to answer as he soon disappeared in an other room. You frown, brought back to reality by the simple fact that he didn’t tie your wrists back.
‘Thank you for saving Sasha,’ a small voice, almost shy and insecure — A voice you could still remember a thousand years from now. Carefully, you get back on your feet, facing the blonde head, and a woman — tall, dark hair and grey eyes, red scarf decorating her neck —.
‘If a doctor can’t save her patient, then I wouldn’t be able to call myself a doctor anymore,’ you nod, fingers brushing over the stained skin of your right hand. You then stretch your arms, eyes dull and empty, expressionless face as you show your wrists. ‘You can tie them back, I’m done with my work’.
‘We’re not monsters, we won’t do that,’ the young woman carefully presses her hand against yours until your arms fall back into place, from either sides of your body. Saying you were surprised would be an understatement, and your face said it all, for a moment. But you still managed to remain collected, ghost of a smile stretching your lips.
‘Then, it’s my turn to thank you…’ you pause, waiting for a name, and she gives it to you with no hesitation ‘Mikasa,’ you add, finishing your sentence.
‘Let me guide you to the bathroom, I’ll get you some clean clothes’, Armin mentions, timidity seemingly flying away. You could only nod once again as his fingers grab the sleeve of your jacket, giving Mikasa one last look before disappearing in the small corridor.
Did you ever feel anger towards those your people considered as humanity’s greatest enemies ? Not once, for a reason you couldn’t understand. They were… Just like you, just like any other human being. You didn’t feel threatened, never thought that you could be in danger surrounded by them. So when Armin finally asked for your name, cheeks flushed and eyes glowing, you gave it to him without a second thought.
What was waiting for you back in Liberio ? Death, obviously. Life sentence jail, if they were in a good mood, but that would most likely not happen. They would label you as a spy, as a dishonor for leaving the country. They wouldn’t believe your little story, and as much as it broke you to admit it, you would no longer be welcomed in your homeland.
A glimpse of hope brightened up your eyes at the young man’s gentleness, the way he helped you clean your face and your hair, how he helped you get into those too-big-for-you clothes without letting his eyes wander over your body. He was a gentleman, respectful and polite. If he really was a monster, would he bother doing all of this for you ?
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ahtsumu · a year ago
ceo!kuroo headcanons
Tumblr media
↳ pairing: ceo!kuroo tetsurou x personal assistant!reader
↳ genre(s): headcanons, fluff, a dash of smut 👀
↳ warning(s): profanity
↳ a/n: this concept’s been at the back of my mind since chapter 401′s release so... here it is heh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
at just 24 years old kuroo tetsurou has already graced the covers of several big-name finance magazines–– not just because he’s the founder and ceo of nekoma inc., a company worth around $120 billion, but also because he’s, for lack of better words, hot as fuck
you didn’t know why he chose you to be his PA knew exactly why he picked you for the job ok ?? ur a queen and u know ur shit don’t let anyone tell u otherwise
anyway it’s because your resume was flawless, you had a killer sense of style (your legs looked phenomenal in that maroon pencil skirt), your handwriting was immaculate, you weren’t applying because you had plans on marrying him, and most importantly, you were funny
the last requirement was the deal-breaker–– why would he trust someone he can’t be the dork he is around?
at one point in your interview kuroo’s guard fell just enough for a cheeky comment to slip out his mouth. when he realised that he’d basically made a dick joke in front of you, he could only stare at you like oh fuck what have i done
but you were completely unfazed, actually, you replied with another dick joke and that’s when kuroo knew you were the one (for the job)
working as kuroo’s PA isn’t too stressful. he’s actually a really laidback boss but he does have his little quirks that you find cute endearing interesting:
kuroo likes his lattes with a specific milk:espresso ratio and doesn’t trust anyone but you with his starbucks order
he can’t handle meetings before 10 am–– once he saw that you scheduled a meeting with an important investor at 8 and he wouldn’t stop calling you until you rescheduled the meeting
sometimes kuroo’s business partner and irl best friend bokuto will text him a funny joke at work and the first thing kuroo does is forward the text to you. you hate this because you don’t want to tell the secretary across the hall that your boss is sending you memes on your phone, so it just looks like you’re (very lamely) snickering at the graph of last month’s sales on your computer screen LOL
kuroo likes to troll interns when he’s bored (also he likes inviting you in beforehand so that he can hear you laugh too)
one time an intern handed him an important report from the marketing department and he tricked the poor kid into thinking he couldn’t read HAHAHAHA
the intern’s soul literally left his body when kuroo was like, “hey can you read all thirty pages out loud for me? i usually get y/n to do it but as you can see she’s, uh, busy colour-coding the paperclips by the window”
every now and then kuroo’ll come into work at the crack of dawn to watch the sun rise from his office. it’s a big ass office with glass panels for walls at the top floor of the nekoma skyscraper. you asked about it when you were still just starting out and he said it was because the nekoma skyscraper had the best view of the skyline in all of japan.
“i thought the skytree had the best view?”
“are you asking to be fired, y/n??!!”
now it’s your second year at nekoma inc. and kuroo’s grown to depend on you as more than a personal assistant but also a dear friend
when he walks into the office with his first latte of the morning (yes, morning) he’ll always have your order in the other hand
when the office did secret santa your first year kuroo literally sent feelers around to find who had you as their recipient
spoiler: it was lev haiba and the next time he saw you at the office all he could do was whisper “my legs” (because kuroo threatened to break them if he didn’t hand over your wish-list)
every time kuroo sees the set of succulents he got you for christmas on your desk he gets a lil pep in his step
by the second year it’s an unspoken rule that whoever gets you as their recipient has to trade with kuroo
“wow what a coincidence that i’m your secret santa again, y/n!”
“a coincidence, huh”
kuroo also makes an effort to get to know you outside of the office
he actually keeps a journal of some sort and most of his entries also include a part of his day when he learned a new thing about you or shared a personal moment with you… just small things like that :’)
you’re the only person in the office who knows about kenma, his best-friend-turned-famous-twitch-streamer
fun fact: you’re also the only person in the office who kenma has heard about and when kuroo lets your name slip out of his mouth to our lil pudding head that boy is immediately SUSPICIOUS because who says a coworker’s name with a smile like that huh ?!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
when valentine’s day comes around you brace yourself for the news of kuroo treating his girlfriend to dinner–– i mean, look at him !! how could he possibly be single
little do you know kuroo’s also feeling salty that you’re eventually going to ask to leave early to eAt DinNeR wItH yOuR bOyFrIeNd (at first he tells himself that he’s only brooding because then that means he’d be left doing more work LOL CLOWN)
so when 5 pm rolls around, kuroo makes a stop by your desk and tries to be lowkey with his interrogation
“sooooooooo…. no valentine’s day dinner?”
“your boyfriend doesn’t mind?”
“he’d have to exist first”
and kuroo just about combusts from relief but then he’s like O.o wait why am i relieved lol ?? y/n is just a good friend whom i cherish very much what does this mean
and you’re like “no dinner for you either?”
and that’s how you spend your valentine’s day dinner in kuroo’s office, eating the best sushi in tokyo and getting tipsy on a wine you can’t pronounce (nor afford), laughing at each other’s childhood tales
“i used to dream of becoming a professional volleyball player, y’know?”
“what happened?”
did you just hear him say “shrimpy”??
the moment that changes your relationship from professional/friendly to a lil something more is The Trip to Paris™
yeah, it’s been two years and you guys have been flirting since forever and the entire floor ships the hell out of y/n and kuroo but holy shit you never thought it’d happen
there’s a business expo in paris that all the world’s biggest names will be attending, so naturally kuroo’s been invited on behalf of nekoma inc.
you arrange the entire trip like the mf legend you are–– first-class seats to and fro, two hotel rooms for three nights, and kuroo’s personalised event itinerary by the half-hours
you’re not sure if most PA’s come along for events like this but kuroo likes it when you do because he feels a lot more confident with you by his side
and also he loves spending all the time he can get with you
and also you look really pretty all dressed up
and also his business partners always get really jealous that his personal assistant isn’t just a microsoft office legend but also an actual goddess
the event ends with a fancy dinner party that you and kuroo get ready for separately
when you’re done you bang on the door to kuroo’s suite because “the driver’s outside and we’re going to be late if you don’t hurry!!”
he opens the door dressed in evening tuxedo with his bowtie still undone around his neck and he can’t help but let his eyes roam all over your body because that dress is definitely doing your figure justice
also you’re lowkey eye-fucking him but it’s a lil different for you since you see him in a suit every day (not that you’re complaining heh)
“you look… wow”
your cheeks heat up at his compliment and you grumble at him to shut up before you start tying his bowtie right by the door
kuroo watches your focused face with a really fond expression as your fingers work the fabric deftly… and suddenly he realises that you’re standing really close to him and he can hear you breathing softly through your nose and also your lips look divine and your chest is kinda pressed against his and holy shit he’s in love with you and he wants to kiss you sososo bad
your fingers freeze when he cups the sides of your face and presses his forehead against yours
“can i kiss you?” he asks softly
at first you kinda splutter awkwardly because that was a huge mf plot twist, but then you find your voice and give him the go-ahead
at first the kiss is slow and gentle and relatively PG because the two of you are too busy imagining the firework shows happening separately in your heads
but then the initial shock of the kiss melts away and suddenly the atmosphere changes and kuroo starts kissing you with a feral sort of intensity–– like an animal that’s been starved for days
kuroo presses you against the wall, fingers still firmly gripping your face as he deepens the kiss
OKAY IF YOU’RE UNDER 18 SCROLL PAST THIS BIT (or don’t lol idrc 👀)
your whole body jolts with electricity when he starts pushing his hips into yours and you feel something hard
“we don’t have to,” he groans when you move to unbuckle his belt, but he doesn’t make any further attempts to stop you, only leaving hickies on your neck as you reach further down his crotch to palm his erection
real talk tho kuroo is massive
before you know it you’re lying on kuroo’s bed with your dress crumpled on the floor and his tuxedo right beside it and he’s looking at you through a sultry half-lidded gaze
“are you sure?” he asks one last time as he’s rolling a condom on (after all, he is aware of the power imbalance between you two since he’s… well… your boss lol)
“kuroo if you don’t fuck me right now i’m scheduling all your meetings to 9 am’s”
safe to say… you and kuroo were noticeably absent from the dinner banquet because he was too busy fucking your brains out
when you’re all washed up and cuddled-up in bed kuroo definitely confesses his love for you
“y/n, to be honest, i’ve been pining after you for a solid year now”
“and you never told me?!!!”
“i thought you’d reject me”
“dude i’ve been in love with you since that valentine’s day dinner i thought it was obvious ??”
you roast each other for being stupid before quieting down and snuggling closer with cheesy grins on your faces
turns out the office placed bets on whether or not you’d come back as a couple
lev haiba becomes $200 richer
now that kuroo’s your boyfriend and your boss, HR sits y’all down and explains for the millionth time that he cannot continue touching your ass when he passes you in the hallway
so kuroo just saves all that for his private office ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
also fyi kuroo would definitely have a thing for office sex ur welcome
kuroo’s big on PDA so to cope with being unable to physically touch you at work he does sweet little acts of love for you instead
whenever you look especially stressed (typically during the planning portion for any company event) kuroo calls the nearby florist for a small bouquet of whatever flowers they have and watches them delivered to you from his door that sly lil shit
he’ll ask you to print something for him and it’ll turn out to be a love poem
or a confirmation for concert tickets or dinner reservations
he still forwards you jokes from bokuto
kuroo also still wakes up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise from his office. you surprise him one day by joining him in your own office clothes, holding a mug of coffee in each hand (one has a regular milk:coffee ratio, the other is a mathematical abomination)
“aren’t you glad i didn’t fire you when you said the skytree had the best view of tokyo?”
“saying that it’s a tie is pushing it”
“you’re on thin fucking ice”
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agustdakasuga · 5 months ago
Reflection Of You | Chapter 4
Genre: Historical!AU, Timetraveller!AU/ Different Dimension, Romance
Pairing: SUGA x Reader, Yoongi x Reader
Characters: Normal!Reader, Idol!Suga, King!Yoongi, Guard!Seokjin, Guard!Jungkook, RoyalAdvisor!Namjoon, Servant!Jimin, Servant!Hoseok, Prince!Taehyung
Summary: Confirming you were dating the famous Min Suga of BTS, you knew you were bound to make some enemies. But what you didn’t expect was to be cursed, leading you to meet a cold-hearted, arrogant king that shares the same face as your rapper lover.  
Where were you? Everything looked so different, even the faces that seemed familiar were different. 
Chapter warning(s): King Yoongi insults her
Tumblr media
As your eyes slowly opened, you saw a canopy of trees above you. The sand and gravel felt scratchy beneath you. You pushed yourself to sit up, mind still foggy. Where were you? What happened? 
“Yoongi?” You called out but there was no other sound except for birds chirping in a distance. You stood up, looking at your injured hand. You ripped the end of your long shirt, you wrapped the fabric around your arm to try and stop the bleeding for now. 
“Hello?” You continued to look for anyone that might be there. 
“Anyone there?” You walked until you heard some people. From where you stood, you looked down the small hill and saw a village. 
“Are there still villages?” You frowned but decided to head down. As you entered the bustling market place, you noticed the way people were dressed. Vice versa, they were also staring at you. 
“Who’s that?” 
“What is she wearing?” 
They whispered as they stared at you. There was meat being butchered, vegetables laid out in woven baskets and racks of fine cloth material being sold. You were absolutely lost. It was obvious that you were still in Korea, considering everyone was speaking Korean. But had you come to some estranged group of people that still lived as the old times did?
“Excuse me?” Someone tapped your shoulder. You turned around to face a middle aged woman. She looked you up and down, giggling behind her fan. 
“What are you wearing?” She asked. 
“Huh?” You looked down at yourself. It was a black ‘Fear of God’ shirt and some skinny ripped jeans. Was that very out of the ordinary? You basically dressed the same as Yoongi does. 
“This material... it just feels... cheap.” She giggled, touching your shirt. 
“Wait, never mind that. Sorry. Can you help me? I woke up in the forest and I have no idea where I am. I need to get Hannamdong.” You said. She tilted her head in confusion, as if you were now speaking an alien language to her. Were there people that didn’t know where Hannamdong was?
“You know the housing residences in between Hangang River and Namsan Mountain? Ah, forget it. May I borrow your phone? Mine’s dead.” You asked. Once again, she did the same action.
“What’s a phone?” 
“Holt!” A voice boomed out. Immediately, the villagers moved out of the way with bows as someone stepped through. You let out a sigh of relief. 
“Jungkookie!” You grinned at the familiar face. 
“How dare you!” He shouted in utter disbelief. He was dressed very differently than his usual black, branded clothes. That made the other villagers begin whispering again. 
“That’s the king’s guard! Did she just call him by his first name? How brave.” They gossiped, staring at you.
“You’re under arrest. For disrespecting a court guard!” 
“What?! Under arrest? Come on, Jungkook! I don’t know what game you’re playing but it’s not funny anymore. I just want to go home.” You hissed as he roughly put your hands together, tying it with a rope. He hopped onto his horse, leading you with a rope and tying the other end to his saddle. Of course, you were made to walk while he rode on his horse. 
“Disperse!” He commanded. 
“Long live the king!” They all chanted before moving away and out of sight. Your eyes widened in shock. You were tugged forward by Jungkook to make you start walking beside him. 
“Okay, Jungkook. We’re gone. You can cut the act.” You hissed, getting tired of this game. 
“Disrespect me on more time, peasant. I dare you, I won’t hesitate to throw you into the dungeon!” He spat. You glared at him. 
“Peasant?! You bought me these shoes! And what dungeon?! You’re seriously crazy!” You tried to tug your hands out of the rope but you couldn’t free yourself and walk against the strength of a horse at the same time.
“I’m telling Yoongi!” You threatened. 
“How dare you speak of the king by first name?! That is punishable with death!” Jungkook pointed his sword at you, making you yelp. Tears clouded your vision, you were frustrated, you wanted to scream out. You wanted Yoongi to hold you and tell you that everything is okay. 
Yoongi sat before his royal court, all of them on their knees, worshipping him. He rolled his eyes in a bored away, not even his best girl or any girl in his harem could entertain him.
“Scram!” He shouted at her. She whimpered but was immediately led away by his second guard, Seokjin. 
“Where’s Jungkook?” Yoongi asked. 
“He is visiting the village, your majesty. To make sure that there aren’t any intruding rebels.” Seokjin informed with a deep bow. Yoongi nodded, yawning and waving him off. He stood up and walked down from the throne. 
“I’m warning you, Jeon Jungkook! Let me go!” 
A voice sounded through the palace. Yoongi turned his head, looking out the window to see his guard, Jungkook, entering the palace gates on his horse. He dragged a girl along with him. 
“Sounds like the lion caught a mouse. Seokjin, get him here immediately and ask him to bring his visitor.” Yoongi chuckled. Seokjin bowed and ran out the doors to see Jungkook. You struggled against the rope but your eyes lit up when you saw Seokjin approaching the two of you. Just like Jungkook, he was dressed very differently. 
“Jinnie! You’re here!” You cried out. 
“Jinnie?” Hoseok gave you a weird look. As he looked you up and down, there was so much distaste in his eyes. 
“She’s a weird one. I would assume, mentally crazy.” Jungkook clicked his tongue while you glared at him, trying to kick him. Seokjin whispered something to Jungkook, who nodded his head. 
“Let’s go.” Jungkook tugged you forward. 
“I’m not going anywhere with you!” You dug your heels into the ground. With a sigh, Jungkook suddenly lifted you up. You squealed in shock. 
“Yah! Let me go!” You protested as he was thrown over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Jungkook and Seokjin walked together into this big palace. You were brought into a carpeted hall. There were other people in there, who were staring at you. 
“Jeonha (Your majesty).” Jungkook bowed. He placed you down while Seokjin undid your wrists. You turned around and your heart stopped. He was there, you weren’t crazy. Tears welled up in your eyes. 
“Yoons... Y-You’re okay.” You cried as you leapt forward. You hugged your boyfriend, who froze at your contact. There were gasps through the hall. 
“Guards!” Yoongi roared and you were taken by the arms away. 
“Yoons... H-How could you...” You were in shock, crying. This Yoongi, this blonde long haired Yoongi, adorned in black and gold robes, was not the man that you loved. 
“Don’t you remember? It’s me, Yoongi... How could you forget me just like that? I love you so much.” You cried. From the way that you were dressed, Yoongi could easily tell that you were a foreigner, or at least not from this land. He had to admit, he was a little intrigued. This was possibly the highlight of his otherwise, very boring, day. 
“Let her go.” Yoongi waved his hand and you just fell to the ground. 
“Where do you hail from? You’re not from this land, are you, traveller?” Yoongi stepped before you. You sadly pulled your knees to your chest, staring at his shoes, not replying. 
“The king will not be ignored!” Seokjin pointed his blade at your neck. Yoongi watched your eyes drop. 
“At ease, Seokjin. Clear the royal court, except for my advisor and servant.” Yoongi ordered. You could hear the pounding of footsteps around you before the big main doors were slammed shut. You looked away. 
“Tell me, traveller, what’s your business here?” Yoongi asked. 
“I have no business here! I woke up, in the forest, and I have no idea where I am!” You shouted. 
“But you seemed to know my name. My real name. As well as the real name of my guards. Do you know them?” Yoongi pointed to the two that were standing by the side of the throne. 
“What are you talking about Yoongi? I just want to go home, okay?” You were so frustrated with this. Seeing that you called the ‘king’ by his first name again, Jungkook and Seokjin took a step forward but Yoongi held his hand out to stop them, continuing to look down at you.
“I will let you. If you name them.” He shrugged, a cunning smile curling onto your face. 
“Namjoon and Hoseok.” You looked at them through your tears. The two blinked in shock at how you identified them. They looked at you strangely, as if they had never even seen you before. 
“Interesting.” Yoongi nodded his head, deep in thought. 
“Tell me where you’re from. I’ll help you get home.” He moved to sit back on his throne. The others in the room seemed shocked by the king’s generous offer. 
“Seoul.” You said. 
“Hmm, Seoul... I have never heard of that place before. Did you get here by ship?” He asked. 
“What? Seoul is the Capital of South Korea, where the hell am I? And what ship? I told you, I woke up in an unknown forest. My phone is dead and I can’t contact anyone.” You took your phone out, waving the blacked out device. Jungkook and Seokjin jumped in front of Yoongi immediately, protecting him as if he was in sudden danger.
“You guys are acting so weird! And you think I’m the weird one! Have you not seen a phone before? You’re treating it like a bomb or something!” You growled, shoving the device back into your pocket. 
“We have ships come into Joseon every day. But I’ve never heard of... Seoul before.” Yoongi thought out loud. 
“Wait, Joseon? That’s what Korea used to be called in the old times...” Realisation dawned on you. The king, the royal court, the market place. 
“I WAS SENT BACK IN TIME?!” You yelled. 
“You’re funny, traveller. Did you just say you’re a time traveller? So you’re from the future?” Yoongi chuckled in amusement. You nodded your head, confirming what he said. He obviously didn’t believe you.
“I don’t have a home to return to then. Until I find a way out of here. So throw me in the dungeon or whatever Jungkook was talking about.” You said in defeat. Yoongi tilted his head, seeing you defeated so easily. You weren’t the usual assassin that was sent to kill him by foreign enemy forces.
“Hmm, Jungkook, take her to the east pavilion. She can stay there for the time being.” Yoongi instructed. 
“What?” Everyone was confused. 
“Are you questioning me?” Yoongi raised an eyebrow. 
“No, jeonha!” Jungkook grasped your forearm and dragged you out. You followed along, letting him pull you. You assumed you were being taken to a grimey, dirty old dungeon. 
“Here. An attending will be sent to you shortly.” Jungkook opened the sliding door, revealing the nice room with a beautiful interior. 
“Wait-” He slammed the door close after, not even bothering to hear what you had to say. You looked around the room before you fell on the bed, burying your face into your hands as another round of tears started. You started to sob, wondering why this happened to you, a part of you still thinking that this is all just a dream. 
“Agashi, don’t cry.” Someone gently grasped your wrists, pulling them away from your face. 
“Wow, Namjoon sshi was right. You do know everyone’s name. What’s your name, beautiful agashi?” Jimin smiled gently. He grabbed a folded silk handkerchief, wiping the tears off your cheeks. 
“(y/n)...” You whispered. 
“Well, (y/n) nim. I have been instructed to be your caretaker for the period of your stay here. If you need anything, let me know.” He informed. 
“T-Thank you. But just (y/n) will do.” 
“You’re thanking me? Wow, you’re really not from here, are you? Also, I will never be able to call you by first name, such an insult is punishable by the royal highness.” Jimin insisted with a shake of the head.
“I’m very lost, Jimin. I-I don’t know what to do.” You sighed. 
“That’s okay. Come, let's get out of these clothes and into something more comfortable. Then I can treat your wounds. A bath has been drawn and is waiting for you.” Jimin encouraged. He held your hand and led you behind the bed, to where a folding screen covered the tub. 
“Uh, I can take it from here.” Even if this wasn’t the same Jimin that you knew, you still couldn’t get naked in front of him. Jimin nodded, bowing before stepping to the other side of the folding screen.
“What am I doing?” You asked yourself as you stripped out of your clothes, stepping into the warm bamboo tub. 
“(y/n) nim, there are soaps there for you.” Jimin informed.
“Thank you.” You replied and tried the floral scented soaps. Once you were done, you took one of the cloths that were neatly folded to dry yourself off. Jimin stepped in. 
“I-I can dress myself!” You stuttered. 
“Nonsense. It’s okay, it’s my job to help you.” He smiled. With a sigh of defeat, you let go of the towel. Jimin didn’t say anything, drying you off again. He held a hanbok set, neatly pressed and folded. Layer by layer, he began to dress you, combing your slightly damp hair. He gathered your strewn ‘future’ clothes and folded them together. 
“Wait, can you leave that? It’s my only reminder of home.” You said. Jimin nodded, placing them into the wooden cabinet. 
“Are you hungry, (y/n) nim?” Jimin asked as he pinned your hair up. 
“More tired, actually.” 
“Yes, you should rest considering the long day you’ve had. But I will bring in some snacks for you in the event you get hungry. I’ll dress your wound when I return.” Jimin bowed before exiting the room. 
“With all due respect, jeonha. But why keep that... traveller? And as a royal guest, not a prisoner.” Namjoon stood by his king. 
“She... intrigues me, Namjoon. Besides, I could use some excitement around the palace. The last batch of girls Seokjin brought me were an absolute bore. This girl, she’s loud, brave, confident, unlike anything I’ve ever seen.” Yoongi smirked, looking out the window. 
“No woman has ever done that, initiate unauthorised physical contact and address me as such, especially in front of my royal court.” Yoongi chuckled. 
“Well, no one has done it and lived.” He coughed. 
“I’ll just keep her here for the time being, I’ll see how things work out. If and when I get bored of her, then I’ll just get rid of her. Nothing too complicated. I want to see what she brings.” The king said. 
“Do you believe she is really a time traveller?” Hoseok, Yoongi’s personal servant, asked. 
“If she is, she is. If she’s not, she’s not. We can’t be sure, can we?” Yoongi shrugged. Whether you were a time traveller or not, wasn’t really that big a deal to him, surprisingly. But Yoongi bought your time travelling story for now, he was rather confident that you weren’t a threat to him. If you were really just an imposter, he will get rid of you.
“But we must still be careful. If she practices black magic, she could curse the kingdom and you, jeonha.” Namjoon cautioned and Seokjin nodded in agreement. 
“You guys are paranoid.” Yoongi scoffed. 
“We are just worried about your safety, jeonha.” The two bowed. Yoongi waved them off casually. 
“I’m done with this conversation. My decision is final unless you think otherwise?” Yoongi flipped his robes, walking out of the throne room. The two shook their heads, trailing behind him with the two guards.
“Finally, the signs of spring are appearing.” Yoongi commented at his cherry blossom trees in his courtyard that were beginning to bloom. His eyes caught sight of your assigned servant, Jimin, walking in the direction of where you resided, with a tray of snacks and tea in his hands. 
“I will return to my chambers. Tell the traveller she is to have dinner with me tonight.” Yoongi told them, slamming the door in their faces. 
“Yes, jeonha!” They replied from the other side. He removed the gold pieces from his hair, throwing them aside nonchalantly. His long, blonde hair cascaded down as he removed his overcoat. 
“Ah, my head hurts.” He closed his eyes in annoyance. 
“Don’t you remember? It’s me, Yoongi... How could you forget me just like that? I love you so much.”
Yoongi rolled his eyes with a scoff. You love him? He has never even seen you before in his life and besides, he didn’t believe in love. There were too many other things to worry about that he didn’t have time for love. 
“Hoseok!” Yoongi called out. 
“Yes, jeonha!” Hoseok entered Yoongi’s chambers immediately, going into a deep bow. 
“Run me a bath. Now.” Yoongi commanded. 
“Right away, jeonha.” Hoseok bowed again before exiting to Yoongi’s private bathroom. He drew Yoongi’s bath, making sure it was the right temperature that he liked. Hoseok added the red ginseng root inside, only the finest ingredients for the king, nothing less. Yoongi stepped into the bathroom, arms crossed over his chest. 
“Excuse me for intruding, jeonha.” Hoseok said softly, stepping closer to him. Yoongi held his arms out for Hoseok to undress him. Hoseok folded the royal robes and placed them on the vanity. 
“Leave.” Yoongi waved him away after stepping into the tub. 
“Rest well, jeonha.” Hoseok bowed and shut the sliding doors. Yoongi pushed open the windows, looking out into his private garden. 
“Hmm. Boring.” He placed his chin in his palm, sick of the view and pulling the windows shut again. He made a mental note to tell Hoseok to instruct the gardener to add some new plants to the now boring plant landscape. 
“Time traveller... Let’s just see how interesting you are.” Yoongi laughed to himself. He spread his arms and laid his head back comfortably, sinking deeper into the warm water. 
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lunaslovelyrambles · 7 months ago
i cried my eyes out w that scenario pls 😭, if it’s not too many problem, can i request a hc based on that scenario but it happens w eren’s and armin’s s/o? (separately) if you don’t wanna do it it’s completely fine! ty <33
sorry this took so long! i kept writing and rewriting it bc i was unhappy with eren’s part. please give me feedback on the whole thing bc i feel like it’s a bit ooc for eren..? so any feedback is appreciated!
anyway- hope you enjoy this anon! and i’m glad you enjoyed my other scenario haha
this is the scenario they are referring to
spoilers for s4 ep8
some mentions of blood + dying, but nothing graphic
eren jaeger
Eren knew what he was getting himself into. He knew from the start that whatever he did would not end well. He knew it.
He knew exactly what he was doing when he distanced himself from you, from the rest of the Scouts. As much as it hurt all of you. He knew what he needed to do.
You tried to keep in contact with him in any way possible. Just to make sure he was okay. But you never got a letter back.
Until one day, when you and the Scouts get one detailing what is to be an attack on Libero.
It fills you with some hope to know that you might get to see the man you loved so much after so long. However, you also feel a sense of dread over this plan of his. It’s.. unlike him.
You stayed on the airship with Hange and Onyankopon to assist with the recon after the battle’s finished.
You’re one of the first people to see Eren as he boards the airship. And it breaks your heart to see him. He’s so.. different.
He barely even spares you a glance on the airship. His eyes flicker to you for less than a second before looking back at the floor. It broke you.
You wanted to reach out to him, hold him, talk to him for even a second to ask him about these past few years. Anything to just be with.. him.
But he’s pulled away too fast. He’s taken to the other room by Captain Levi and you’re left in the other room with too many questions.
Too many questions that go unanswered. As your other comrades board, so does a famously child filled with vengeance.
It only takes one second. One second for you to push Sasha out of the way and one second for you to be on the floor, dying.
And as much as they tried, your companions couldn’t save you. You had lost too much blood at this point.
Connie stood in the doorway- a single tear streaming down his cheek as he relayed the message to the others. You were dead.
Everyone looked at Eren, waiting for him to show even the slightest bit of a distraught reaction. But he didn’t. He was looking at the ground with empty eyes.
He asks about you in your last moments. If you said anything or things of that sort.
Connie tells him that the last thing you ever said was his name with a smile.
He doesn’t say anything more. He lets the others yell at him all they want for his reaction, for him not saying anything, for him causing this stupid war. He just takes it. 
Because deep down inside him, he has a feeling they are right. Your death is his fault. And he hates himself for it. 
armin arlet
Armin was very aware of how risky the attack on Libero could be, and he often spoke to you about his anxieties regarding Eren’s goals- and even about just Eren.
Even with how calculated and prepared he tried to be, he knew that the possibility of failure and death was always there.
Every mission he was scared of death. Not his own death; he knew his days were numbered since becoming the Colossal Titan. He was more scared of your death than anything.
You were his everything. Since joining the Scouts. You were always there when he felt at his lowest. Especially now, with Eren being a practically different person, he turned to you often to confide in you.
And you were always there for him when the days seemed darkest.
When the day of the raid came, he hugged you a little tighter and kissed you a little longer before parting ways.
There was this pit in his stomach that he couldn’t shake as he watched you leave him. It was almost like a feeling of dread, like no matter what something was going to happen.
He wished he’d listened to himself. Maybe, just maybe, if he had, you wouldn’t have died.
He stupidly let his guard down when you were both on the airship and safe. He stupidly left your side to go see Eren and Mikasa.
He should’ve brought you with him, or stayed with you or something. Anything.
When Connie busts in the door he automatically assumes the worst, but he gets increasingly concerned when a tear rolls down his cheek.
He announces that you’ve been shot and are losing a lot of blood, most likely dead by this point. And that’s all it takes for Armin to shove past him towards you. This can’t be happened- you can’t die. You weren’t supposed to die before him. 
He almost doesn’t believe Connie until he sees your barely alive body on the ground of the ship, and blood pooling around your body. 
You weakly smile as you see him and say his name in a low, raspy voice before going limp on the ground.
He’s shattered. His whole world goes gray. You were his everything, his drive, his motive. And now he doesn’t know what to do.
His hand grips yours tightly as he bawls relentlessly on the floor. He squeezes your hand tighter in hopes that it would bring you back somehow.
It doesn’t. No matter how hard he begs for you to come back you don’t.
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mypimpademia · 7 months ago
Midoriya Albums (1.8k Event).
No ships, just Yung Midoriya
TW: Swearing
Note: ty for 1.8k💖💖 this next event will be much bigger than all of my previous ones, I promise😭 but I hope yall enjoy some more albums for now
Ty to @spike-this-ass for coming in clutch w some names again, as well as @katsuflossy @lilsparkyswife @blackweebtrash
Taglist: @myhoodacademia @katsuflossy @iiminibattlehero @ecao @nnnoya @hawklmaoo @strawberry-ice @mixfi @wolfkid22 @mythiccheroacademia @myfandemons @lilsparkyswife @her-majesty-kiara @mindofess @kqtsukisgf @1-800-s1mping @angiebug101 @mads-fairy @solar3lunar
Smoke For All (LOV Diss)
Tumblr media
It's not new information that Izuku would fight any villain, especially someone in the LOV. When he sees a Shigaraki, he floors it‼
Playground Throwdown (Bakugo Diss)
Tumblr media
Yall already knew this was gonna happen. Yung Midoriya is DONE with Kacchans shit. Honestly did him dirty with this one, 100% made a sly mention about how hes All Mights favorite and better than him (considered saying that Bakugo ended him, but that's a low blow even for him😭 and disrespectful to All Might, he aing let a little heathen pomeranian end him and his whole career.)
Tumblr media
Yup yup, his debut album. This one goes out to all his homies that stuck around him, all the lil kiddies (especially Eri and Koda), all the bitches that ever doubted him, and some more disses on these hoes‼
Track List.
Limbless (Overhaul Diss)
To All My Quirkless Kids
One For All w/o You (Mr. Midoriya Diss)
Green Lightning
Lightweight (To Uraraka)
Detroit Smash Your Bitch
Hero Rising
Flick My Middle Finger
Cocoa Butta (Shigaraki Diss)
Fire Fists (Ft. $hoto Band$)
Numba One
Tumblr media
No Yung Midoriya not Numba One YET, but he had to let em know that he's on his way up🚶🏾‍♀️ and there's no better way to do it that droppin some bars.
Track List.
End of Enji (Ft. $hoto Band$, Endeavor Diss)
UA in Paris
Glock 4 All
Hands OFA
To All the Kids I Saved Before
One Million Percent
Don't Baby Me
On The Come Up
I Am Here
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ihni · 2 months ago
Candy baby
Exploring my headcanon that Billy likes salty licorice.
Steve opened the door to find a grinning Billy on his doorstep. Not smirking, not leering – no, a full-on grin, excitement and happiness written all over his face. A little stunned in the face of so much unfiltered joy radiating off of a usually much grumpier Billy, Steve found himself speechless until Billy raised an eyebrow and said; “You’re gonna let me in or what?”
Steve moved aside to let him pass, and not until then did he see the box under Billy’s arm. A cardboard box, covered in brown packing tape and shipping labels and foreign stamps, and with a red string tying the whole thing together, making it resemble a badly-wrapped present. Billy passed him and went into the kitchen without taking his shoes off. With a flourish, he placed the box on the kitchen table before turning, smiling, to Steve, as if waiting for him to ask about it.
And like. Steve couldn’t not ask. “What’cha got there, babe?”
Impossibly, Billy’s smile got even wider. “Candy.” Steve was just about to open his mouth to ask more when he clarified, “From Sweden.”
“What?” Steve said and walked closer, inspecting the box. “Did you rob the post office?” But no, it said right there on the box, clearly addressed to ‘William Hargrove’.
Billy still snorted. “No. It’s from my grandparents.”
That had Steve’s head shoot up and he stared at Billy with his mouth open. “You have grandparents?” When Billy gave him a flat look, he amended; “I mean, of course you have grandparents. I mean, you have grandparents in Sweden?” Billy had never mentioned any grandparents, and especially not any in Europe.
“Yeah,” Billy said while he turned to rifle through Steve’s kitchen drawers until he found a knife. “My grandparents on my mom’s side.” He continued without Steve having to urge him on, while he used the knife to cut through string and tape. “Mom was from Sweden, and when she was … about my age, actually, shit … she and grandma flew overseas to meet some distant relatives.” He struggled with the tape and the tip of his tongue was peeking out between his lips in concentration. “Grandma’s uncle emigrated to the States when he was young, and she hadn’t ever met his kids – her cousins – back then so … yeah. Anyway, grandma doesn’t know much English so mom went with her to translate and stuff. And then mom met a boy – not Neil, that was later – and she … well, she stayed. Or, she went back with grandma, but she returned to San Diego later, and even though it didn’t last with that guy, she stayed in the States. Met Neil, eventually, had me. You know.” He shrugged as he put the knife aside and opened the box, looking down in it as if he had struck gold.
Steve peeked inside as well – it was stock full of various packaged candy, none of which he recognized the names or looks of – before looking up at Billy. “You’ve never told me about that. About them.”
“I’ve only met them once,” Billy said, shrugging. “More than ten years ago, now.” A small smile appeared on his face. “Mom and Neil and I all went over there one summer, for a month. It was … it was great, actually.” Steve held his breath, as to not interrupt Billy in this memory, which obviously brought him joy. But he didn’t say anything else, opting instead to start picking things up from the parcel. “Anyway, grandpa doesn’t know any English and grandma only knows a little, and grandpa is too old to travel anyway so I’ve only met them that one time. But they write to me. We talk on the phone a couple of times a year. And they always send stuff for Christmas and birthdays.”
A thought occurred to Steve. He looked at Billy in betrayal. “Did I miss your birthday? You said your birthday was in September!”
That had Billy laughing. “It is, pretty boy, calm down. This is an Easter parcel. Eating way too much candy for Easter is a tradition back there, I’ve gotten these packages since I was a kid. And like, apparently grandpa was delighted to find that I liked licorice when we were there, so they’ve been sure to send me some every year.”
Steve’s brows furrowed. “Like, Red Vines?”
“Nah, real liqorice.” Billy fixed Steve with a look and licked his lips. “The black kind.”
“… that doesn’t sound good,” Steve said and made a face.
“Hey, don’t knock it ‘til you try it!” Billy said and resumed what he’d been doing – unpacking the box and putting all its contents of the table. At the bottom of the box was a card, with a picture of chicken on top of a bouquet of daffodils. The back of the card had a couple of lines of slightly scraggly old-person handwriting on it, which Billy read in silence while smiling softly. Steve let him, and said nothing when Billy carefully tucked the card into his back pocket.
“So,” Steve said instead. “You telling me I get to try some of this?”
Billy picked up a small bag and threw it at Steve, who fumbled to catch it. “Of course, sweetheart. After all, you’re the one who hasn’t had the real licorice experience yet.”
Inspecting the packaging in his hand, Steve frowned. The picture on the plastic bag was of a screaming monkey, and the name proclaimed it to be –
“… Djang-ell-wraal?”
“Djungelvrål,” Billy corrected with a snicker. Steve would never admit how that one word in a foreign language, spoken by his boyfriend, made his mouth dry.
“You, uh …” He licked his lips. ”You know Swedish?”
“A little. Mostly lies,” Billy laughed. “Like, ‘du är ful’.”
“What does that mean?”
“’You’re ugly’.”
It was Steve’s turn to level Billy with a look. “Gee, babe, thanks.”
Billy laughed again. “I said it was a lie! I was a kid when I learned, come on! I know like, ten curses, too.”
“Uh-huh, sure,” Steve said and pretended to look offended. “Just for that, I’m gonna keep this whole thing to myself.” He held the Djungelvrål out, but out of reach. Despite his words, though, he waited until Billy had nodded – eyes sparkling – before he opened the bag.
It was full of small, black candies covered in sugar, about the size of m&m’s. He poured a couple out in his hand and threw them into his mouth, as he would do with any other kind of candy, and –
“Oh my God!” he managed to splutter as he spat the Djungelvrål out again, into his hand. “Oh my god what is that??” Scraping his tongue with his finger didn’t help, he couldn’t get rid of the taste. That shit had not been sugar! “That’s so salty, what?!”
While he ran to the sink to rinse out his mouth with water and throw away the – frankly vile – candies, he listened to his boyfriend’s peals of laughter behind him. Billy laughed until he was gasping for breath.
“Stevie, your face! Phew! Oh man, that’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.”
Steve grimaced as he spit out more water and turned around, just in time for him to see Billy picking up the bag he had dropped and pour a couple of them straight into his mouth – and not make a face or anything! Just happily chewing it, looking content as ever.
“How can you eat those?!” Steve demanded and stalked up to him, snatching the bag out of his hand to check if it was the same kind that Steve had tried, or if Billy had switched them somehow. It was the same bag, the Djungelvrål. “They’re horrible!”
“They’re awesome!” Billy said, around a mouthful of black licorice candies, making Steve shudder.
“Is everything they sent as bad as that?” he said, peering – a bit more cautiously, this time – at the other things spread out on the table. Things with names like ‘Salt i sol’, ‘Käck’, ‘Lakrisal’, ‘Lakritssnöre’ and a truly appalling-looking bag of something called ‘Kloakslam’ which depicted what looked like a rat choking to death.
“Nah,” Billy answered and gestured to some other things on the table. “They sent me chocolate too. You’ll like those. You can leave the licorice to the professional.” He swallowed the candies in his mouth, and raised his eyebrows, licking his lips. “Me.”
“Yeah yeah,” Steve said and glared suspiciously at a strange kind of lollipop that Billy handed him. Once he’d removed the cover (‘Dumle’), it looked like something made out of chocolate – but the last one had looked like sugar and had tasted like salt, and Steve wasn’t going to be fooled again. Carefully, he stuck out his tongue and gave the thing a kitten lick.
Billy snorted at him. “It’s chocolate and caramel, you don’t have to worry.” He himself had just opened a small round container which said ‘Hockeypulver’ and stuck his finger in some kind of white powder that Steve sincerely hoped wasn’t some kind of drug.
He hadn’t had to worry about the lollipop. Turned out that it was chocolate, after all. And it was pretty good, too. No salt, and somehow chewy inside, when he tried to bite it.
“You like that, don’t you?” Billy asked knowingly.
“M-hmm,” Steve replied. “But I’m still gonna leave the rest of this –“ He gesticulated at the items on the table, “– for you. Wouldn’t wanna eat all your grandparents’ candy, after all.”
“Coward,” Billy said, but he didn’t look too upset.
“Hey, I’m being a thoughtful boyfriend, that’s all!”
That earned him a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you then, sweetheart.” He smiled mischievously and added, “But I guess that if you don’t want it, I’ll have to find someone else to subject to the wonders of salty licorice …” He wagged his eyebrows. “I’m thinking Henderson.”
And like. Steve knew that he should object – he should want to protect the kids from being subjected to bad things, and the Djungelvrål was definitely a bad thing. But also …
“Only if I can watch.”
Billy’s eyes glittered, and he bit his lip around a smile. “You know, there’s one thing that I know in Swedish that’s the truth, too.”
“Oh yeah? What's that?”
“Jag fucking älskar dig.” ~~~
(Read on AO3)
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liyuesbian · a month ago
Heyo, do you think you could maybe write a fic of a gn reader with beidou on the ship? Just something fluffy, like what reader and beidou do on the ship yknow? Thanks!! (Its ok if you can't get to this lol)
CONTAINS! beidou x astronomer!reader
SUMMARY! where you are the north star that guides her home
NOTES! hi anon! ty for requesting and i hope this is alright! i'm really sorry this took so long... i haven't been feeling v motivated lately but i promise i'm working on the other requests :)) it might just take a while though
Tumblr media
“that one's called orion," you inform and point to a line of stars. “you can tell by the three stars next to each other and they make up orion’s belt.” you go into more detail, labelling the stars that form the image of the hunter. the two of you are presently sitting on the edge of the alcor, legs dangling out of the ship and hanging above the calm sea. it’s nighttime so you’d think the water would be indiscernible if it weren’t for the soft reflections of light from the moon and the distant objects of gas.
"huh, why do constellations never look like the things they're named after?" you turn your head around. lifting an eyebrow, you give your lover a hard stare as if to say "did you seriously just ask me that question?"
beidou mirrors your actions and—as if she can read through you—answers the thought in your head.
"yes, i did," she lets out a chortle and grins cheekily. "what can i say? life is all about taking risks." you roll your eyes and bite your lower lip in an attempt to hold back your own laughter. it's amusing yet you can't help but give in to her provocations.
“do you want them to look like detailed portraits? you’d have to get vermeer to paint over the sky!” you proclaim dramatically, huffing and folding your arms across your chest to feign annoyance.
“hey, not a bad idea.” you spot a hint of a smirk on her face and roll your eyes in response. you’re about to retaliate but your attention is drawn to the dashes of white above you.
a meteor shower.
you gasp, stunned by the occurrence overhead. you had never been lucky enough to see one despite being an astrologer and calculating when the phenomenon would happen was quite difficult. that being so, this moment will be ingrained into your memory whilst the childlike wonder of the expression you wear will always be cherished by the woman beside you.
beidou's breathing hitches and her eyes turn soft as she observes your figure—shoulders edging forward with a growing attraction to the night sky and eyebrows lifting slightly in sheer amazement. streaks of light are reflected onto your pupils, flitting ever so quickly yet why, at this moment, does it feel like time is the opposite? for beidou, her universe slows as if nothing else in the world matters.
love blooms in her heart and she feels dizzy but she doesn't dare to say it yet. you'll have to wait a while but when it does happen—when each others' feelings are realised—beidou knows she'll declare it with so much confidence and so much volume that not even the collapse of a supernova would be able to mute her.
“they say if you're lucky enough to see a shooting star, you can make a wish and it’ll come true,” you say, awestruck. “now, we can make a million wishes.”
suddenly brought back to reality, your lover discreetly swerves her eyesight to the stellar mess over your heads.
“you know, stars are useful to us sailors too,” beidou mentions.
“there’s a star over there...” she points upwards to redirect your focus. “that we use to navigate the seas. we call it the north star haha. not sure if it's actually north though.”
“i think i’ve heard of that. amongst my fellow astronomers, we gave it the name ‘polaris’. it’s the brightest star of the ursa minor constellation.” you reminisce. beidou nods in understanding but really, she becomes lost in your last few sentences.
“i use it to help my crew get back home safe and sound,” she pauses, taking the time to choose her words. “but for me, the north star isn’t the thing that guides me home.”
you feel your heart rate spike at the statement and you find yourself clinging nervously onto what she’ll say next. beidou’s gaze, once again, lands on your face.
“it’s you.” she witnesses the sides of your mouth arch up as you let out a small giggle.
“i didn’t realise you could be so… coquettish.”
grinning, you close the remaining distance between you until her lips are a breath away from yours. you raise your hand so your thumb can caress her cheeks and as she leans into your touch with her eyes piercing through your own, neither of you can resist any longer. heart beating against her chest, beidou leans forward to kiss you. it’s soft, delicate and, like a wish that is projected upon a shooting star, is received with an infinite amount of care.
when you separate, your heart aches for more so you do it all over again. under the moonlight, where nobody can catch sight of you, her lips brush yours, and a second galaxy is born.
with your hands still tightly wound together, the electro wielder tips her head to rest it on your shoulder. she whispers, eyes closed in pure bliss, “looks like we’ll be keeping the moon company all night, eh?”
Tumblr media
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I've been feeling lonely lately. Can I get something for a ship? Helen and Aline if possible, since they get the least content. No pressure :)
No feeling lonely anon!!! (˘・_・˘) I'll try my best. I hope this makes you feel better
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~It was a cold winter night and the wind blew through the window. Aline moved her hand on the empty side of the bed. She had a habit of intertwining her fingers in Helen's hair while sleeping. They had been married and on their travel year after the Wrangle island. Aline woke up with a jolt, it scared her everytime Helen wasn't around, she walked out of the room looking around for her wife.
She saw a slender figure in the balcony looking at the moon. Her blonde hair flowing with the wind, she was lost in her thoughts. Her blue green eyes were weary and sleep deprived. Aline hadn't realised that she had been keeping herself drowned in work she never wondered why. Aline walked up to her and placed her hand on Helen's. Helen looked down and smiled, "Can't sleep without me huh?" Aline tucked her hair behind her pointy ears and placed her hand on her cheek, "How can I sleep when you're standing here like a faerie ghost, girl it's 3 fucking am. What's wrong?" Aline asked.
Helen laughed, Aline always thought her laugh was pleasant like the sound of wind chimes. "Why do you always know how to make me laugh" Helen said . "There's a reason I call you my 'fae-bae'. Now c'mon tell me what's wrong?" Aline asked putting her arm around her.
Helen's face lowered and her smile disappeared, "I miss them, Jules, Ty, Tavvy, Dru, Mark , Emma and Liv-" Helen moved away from Aline. "We can call them, or send a fire message for now. We'll be returning to them in just few weeks, they're fine don't worry. Of course if we call them right now they'll go crazy but your choice." Aline said placing her chin on Helen's shoulder.
"Yeah...." Helen said looking at the stars, "but Livvy won't be there. I couldn't save her...." A tear trickled down her cheek "Ave atque vale, Livia Blackthorn" Aline hugged her, they just stood there in silence the only sound heard was their breaths and heart beats.
"Do you remember what Mark used to do when he missed you guys at the Wild Hunt? Let's do that." Aline said picking the white flowers from the climber along the wall. "That naming stars thing? Yeah I do remember" Helen said and sat on the floor. "I must tell you it's pretty cold but we've seen worse." Aline said sitting down and moving her hair through Helen's hair, they were soft and slipped easily through her fingers. Carefully she braided her hair adorning her hair with the flowers she picked.
Helen pointed at the stars "look that's Mark, twinkling a lot, he can't stay steady. There's our small Tavvy right beside Mark 'cause he'd never leave his side. Then there's Ty a little distant from others but not too far. Look at those two above there, they're Emma and Jules, shining brightly raising the kidsas their own. Look there's Livvy watching over us all." Helen looked down and smiled, "did you just- wow my hair!" Helen squealed.
"it matches your t-shirt," Aline said placing a flower crown over her head saying, "and then there's the two of us forever together, never apart" Aline cupped her face and kissed her softly. Helen placed her head on Aline's shoulder and slowly drifted to sleep. Aline looked down smiling looking at her face, so peaceful just like the cold wind blowing the wind chime.
It's kinda short, I hope you like it. Absolutely agreed Heline gets the least content 😭😭
Characters belong to @cassandraclare
Tagging few ppl who'd likeyy
Lmk if you wanna be +/-
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(sorry if I missed out anyone...also ik some of you aren't into tsc but weeell ┐( ∵ )┌)
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peterandtheparkers · 9 months ago
Tough Love
Tumblr media
Word Count: 3.1k
Summary: Y/N is tough, the kind of girl to never take shit from anybody. With the power to harm, she was basically invincible. But then the Avengers come along and completely ruin her life. That's when she needs her best friend in the world: Peter Parker. Oh, and he just so happens to be hopelessly in love with her
I borrowed this idea from my own wattpad story and converted it to make it an x reader/ this has series potential I can't wait to see where it goes!
There were worse ways to make money, she reminded herself as she dicked again. Duck, duck, uppercut. She could’ve been working in one of those fast-food joints where everyone was severely underpaid for the shit they put up with. Duck, duck, uppercut. Or she could’ve been stuck in a stifling office, getting coffee for assholes and never living up to her full potential. Duck, duck, uppercut.
Somehow, the bosses had yet to catch onto her fighting style. It was a simple sequence, more of a performance than an actually fight. Y/N didn’t need to do any fighting; she could wipe out any of her opponents with nothing more than a simple blink. Her own boss sent a grin her way and she took it as her cue to begin.
Duck, duck, uppercut, left hook and blink. Y/N’s opponent was suddenly on the floor, groaning, and she let a wicked grin cross her face. “Told you not to take this fight.”
“And I told you,” he stared in a thick Russian accent. “I told you…” But he trailed off, the words falling from his tongue before he could project them. For a moment, Y/N thought she really had killed him. But then his chest began steadily rising and falling. Thank the gods above.
The buzzer sounded just outside of the fighting ring and the Russians boss ran in. He looked at his man, bloodied and laying on the floor, and then at Y/N. At first, his face was set in a hard glare. But then it twisted into something like Y/N was a kid who was in desperate need of help. Well, he wasn’t far off, at least. “Say, how would you like to make more money than you could ever dream of, kid?” He asked in a thick Brooklyn accent. It was more for aesthetic purposes than real.
She shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know, Mr Malach. I dream pretty big.” This wasn’t the first time he had offered to buy her. And she doubted it would be the last.
A mocking laugh left his lips and he clapped her hands against her shoulder. Y/N barely felt it, like a fly landing on her skin. “I like you, kid. And with the right management, you could go far. Do you really want to be fightin’ under a sandwich shop for the rest of your life?”
The rest of her life. That could’ve been anywhere between five minutes and eighty years, if she was lucky. Y/N doubted she’d live long enough to make it out of the rings.
She met her own bosses eyes over the top of Malach’s head. He had a green wad of cash in his hands, waving it around in front of the other bosses. As soon as Y/N started towards him, he started counting the cash, taking out her small cut. Malach opened his mouth to say one more thing, but she walked off, ignoring his final attempts to win her over.
The moment she reached him, Y/N’s boss handed her the cash. A smaller cut than she was used to. “Mr Waldi,” she started as she made a point of counting the cash again. It had to be a fucking joke. “Where’s the rest of it?”
“You were too slow, kid. I told you to make this quick and clean. It wasn’t quick or clean, so you’ve got a smaller cut. Which reminds me, your rent is due today.” He held out his hand and Y/N handed over the cash she just made.
With all of her money gone on rent, Y/N trudged up to the basement and climbed the stairs, up into the sandwich shop. She lived in the apartments above the sandwich shop and got a pretty impressive view of Queens. She could see every other sandwich ship and pizzeria in Queen and, if she concentrated, her high school.
High school. Midtown School of Science, to be exact. That was why Y/N had to dodge so much in her fights. If she came in with a black eye, Peter, Ned, Harry and MJ would only worry.
They had no idea what she did for money. They had no idea that Y/N was in a one bedroom (a room that also acted as a bathroom and kitchen) apartment above when she fought. They had no idea she lived through The Blip.
Yeah, that’s right. Y/N lived through The Blip. She was twelve at the time, reading in the library and avoiding any socialisation at school. A few girls sat around her, reading their own books, occasionally gossiping. But one of the girls began to turn to dust before her very eyes, getting the dust in her book. Most of the school had been turned to dust. The teachers that remained ushered them home, where Y/N found more piles of dust in her parents favourite chairs. She couldn’t touch it; had to leave it alone until they came home, which they never did.
For a while, Y/N was able to live off the food they had left in the house. Cold beans for breakfast, eggs for dinner and nothing in between. The dust remained in her parents chairs for months. After three months of living at home, she had to take whatever money had parents had left in the house and go somewhere else. She couldn’t stay in that house.
So, she hitchhiked her way to New York, extremely dangerous for a twelve year old. Her mother had always wanted to move out there, claimed she had some sort of history. Y/N had never understood it. But she used her parents savings and stranded herself in New York.
Y/N had no money for food and shelter. There was nothing she could do but rely on human kindness. Turns out, people are dicks. When she couldn’t get any food where she was, she started walking. Y/N walked and walked until she was outside a small sandwich shop in Queens, where the owner was posting a Wanted! Help around the shop – Will pay $3 an hour.
Now $3 an hour wasn’t a lot. It was barely enough to keep her fed. Certainly not enough to stop her curiosity about the fights.
One afternoon, when the shop was particularly quiet, Y/N crept down to the basement and watched her first fight. It was brutal, blood and chipped teeth flying everywhere. But she couldn’t look away. These men, some the sizes of great apes, where beating the shit out of each other for money. And she was loving every second of it.
Her powers started coming in when she was fourteen. Y/N would wake up behind the bins with a multitude of scratches all over her face. But she didn’t think anything of it; she was living in the alley behind the sandwich shop after all. Y/N was suing the money she had saved to try and get into Midtown School of Science.
Y/N was walking to work, tying her apron around her front, when a pair of boys, no older than her, approached. They pulled at her apron and tried to reach into the front she might’ve kept there. All she had to do was blink and the two of them were on the ground, scratches covering their faces.
It happened again in the shop. But this time, the shop was being robbed. Y/N desperately wanted to break the guys arm. She blinked once, twice, and his gun was on the floor, his arm unusable.
One of the bosses, making his way through the shop towards the fight, saw the entire thing unfold. He approached her, offered her a job fighting for him three nights a week in exchange for a room above the shop and regular meals. Y/N would’ve been an idiot if she didn’t take it. So, she said yes and began training. Every night after school and during the weekends. They trained and trained until she could knock out a grown man. But she didn’t need the training; she had those goddamned powers. Y/N taught herself to control them, to not accidentally rip apart everyone on the street. She got good, Avengers level good.
“Carter!” Someone pounded their fist on her apartment door, breaking her out of her trance. “Visitor for you in the shop!”
Huh. She didn’t usually get visitors. Most of her family hadn’t come back from The Blip and she sure as hell didn’t tell any of her friends where she lived. (Y/N was worried that Peters aunt May would offer their apartment to her and Peter could see who she really was, what she could really do).
Swallowing down her nerves, Y/N trudged towards her apartment door and threw it open. Waldi had a deal with the owner of the sandwich shop and all of his fighters lived above it. Some claimed Waldi was cheating by having them fight in the same ring they trained in. If only they knew how right they were.
Down in the sandwich shop was a blonde man, the biggest man Y/N had ever seen. She recognised him instantly. Her great aunt had pictures of him in her old photo albums, from his days in the war. He tore into a sandwich, the healthiest one the shop had, and scanned the floor.
“That guy,” said Clare as he lit his cigarette. That was only thing about the fighters, they only ever used their last names.
Captain America had come to see her. Captain fucking America had come to see her! This had to be a joke of some kind.
On the off chance that this wasn’t a joke, Y/N advanced. She ran her hand through her hair and pulled out the chair opposite him. His eyes snapped up from the sandwich as she sat down. And then things got awkward. What were you supposed to say in these situations? She couldn’t just hold her hand out and say ‘Hey Mr America, how are you today? My great aunt was your dead ex girlfriend.’
No, she had to be smooth about this, sensible.
But Captain America spoke before she had the chance to. “Y/N Carter?” He raised his eyebrows and Y/N found herself nodding. “I’m Steve Rogers and I’m here to offer you a job.”
This couldn’t have been happening. Y/N pinched herself, more than once. He knew her name, knew who she was. Or did he? He hadn’t brought up anything about her great aunt, or maybe he was just avoiding the subject. “What can I do for you, Mr America?”
Mr America. She had never hated herself more.
Steve put down the read of the sandwich (Y/N didn’t blame him, the read was three days too old) and stared at her. He pulled a compass from his pocket, looked at the picture and frowned up at her. “Are you related to Peggy Carter?” He asked, more to satisfy his own curiosity than anything else.
Y/N swallowed and looked down at her lap. She wondered how much damage she could do to a super soldier like Captain America. “Yeah,” she answered. “Yeah, she as my great aunt.” Was she supposed to mention that her great aunt was his ex girlfriend? Or would that make it even more awkward? You were almost my great uncle, how cool is that? No, she wasn’t going to go there.
Steve blushed red and pocketed the compass. He cleared his throat, clasped his hands together and looked at her. “I’m not here for that,” he said and cleared his throat again. Nervous. Captain America was nervous. Because of her? She was loving this far too much. “I’m here to offer you a job.”
“A job?”
Oh no. she was not working for those fuckos who called themselves the Avengers. No fucking way. They were dangerous, reckless, stupid. And she didn’t want to be a part of that. They fought aliens and robots! No fucking way! Y/N punched random guys under a sandwich shop a few days a week. Under there, nobody was threating her life. She could easily kill anybody down there if she had to. But she never had to because fighting under the shop was safe!
“I watched you fight.” America’s golden boy watched her illegal fight. “You pinned him without even touching him. How?”
How was she supposed to explain this? Y/N didn’t even know what was going on. “I’m just a good fighter,” she said and looked down at her hands. Half true. She was a brilliant fighter, but her powers did most of the work.
“You and I both know that’s not it. You weren’t touching him. How did you do it, kid?”
Could she tell him? Would he take her in for it if he found out? Put her in some sort of lab until they figured out what to do with her? “What will you do if I tell you the truth?” She leaned forward, trying to get the upper hand.
“That depends on what you tell me.”
He ha other freaks on his team, right? He had the Spider-boy, a God, a guy who turned green and a man covered head to toe in a metal suit. Y/N wouldn’t be the freakiest freak on the team. Plus, this guy was in love with her dead aunt; she tried t find a way to play that to her advantage.
Y/N flexed her fingers. “You saw what happened in there. I wanted him pinned and hurt, so he was pinned and hurt. That’s what I can do. I can hurt people, without even trying. It’s a gift and a curse.” After that, she stayed silent, waiting for the job offer. It never came. And she had homework to do. “Well, Mr America. This has been real nice but I’ve got some stuff I need to do.”
Y/N went to stand, but Steve held up his hand and she stilled instantly. “I want to take you to the tower,” he said and she shook her head.
“No fucking way.” It slipped out before she could stop herself. Y/N just swore in front of Captain America. Wasn’t there a law against that or something. She was surprised he hadn’t pulled out his shield and shoved it into her neck.
Steve Rogers shook his head, blonde hair falling in front of his eyes. “I’m really sorry about this, Y/N.” A metal arm came around her neck and a rag was shoved in front of her nose. She had seen enough movies to know not to inhale. But then the arm tightened around her neck, choking her. She had no choice but to try and breathe in. the arm left her neck and a hand came over her mouth. “I’m really sorry.”
Y/N woke up, tied to a chair, surrounded by the Avengers. Panic filled her. “What on earth am I doing here?” She growled, nostrils flaring.
The Avengers looked between each other.
Suddenly, the smallest of the Avengers ran forward and pulled his mask from his face. “Y/N?” Her best friend stood in front of her, eyebrows furrowed. “Why the hell are you here?”
“You tell me, Peter!”
The boy went red and stuttered out an answer. At last, he turned to Iron man, looking for a answer.
It was Tony Stark who approached her next. "Look, kid," he started. "We know all about you, what you do and about your powers. When we asked you to join us it was so we would know that you wouldn't pose a danger to society. Now, we're not so sure."
Y/N turned to Peter. "Tell them," she cried desperately. "Tell them I'm not dangerous! Peter, please!"
"Mr Stark," Peter began. He bit his lip as he looked down at her. When Peter had learned of her arrival at the tower and discovered why she had been brought in, he had been shocked, felt like everything he knew had been ripped away from him. Y/N was supposed to be his best friend and, as his best friend, she was supposed to tell him everything. "She's my best friend. She's never hurt a fly."
But it wasn't passing with the Avengers. "Put her somewhere where she can't hurt anyone," said Captain America. Peter turned to him in protest, but he placed his hand on his shoulder. "We're just going to take some time to work out what we should do with her. You can sit with her, if you like."
Knowing he wasn't going to get anywhere else, Peter nodded. He advanced towards the chair, untied Y/N and took her hand. "I'm sorry," he whispered as the pair were led through the tower.
The room they had her locked in was large and rather well furnished. With a sofa in the middle of the room and a kitchen area behind it. It was pretty nice for a holding cell. "This is one of the accommodations Mr Stark controls," Peter said. Y/N was still trying to work out why he had agreed to stay with her. "He controls the locks and the electricity and everything."
Y/N turned towards him, hands on her hips and fury in her eyes. But it didn't last one. One look at Peter, at the emotions written on his face, and her arms were around him, holding him close. "What the hell is going on?" She whispered against his spider suit. "I've never hurt anybody that wasn't asking for it. And I mean literally asking for it, I wasn't just beating up assholes on the street."
"I know," he whispered against the top of her head. "Trust me, I know. And I'm going to stay by your side, no matter what they decide to do."
"I can't belive you're actually the Spider Man," she said quietly. Her body shook slightly with laughs that were unable to escape. "I mean, I never even processed it before now. How and why do you swing for buildings?"
Laughing, Peter squeezed her sides. "Its a long story and I promise I'll explain everything to you when this is over."
Y/N completely stilled against him. "Love you, Pete." It was something they said to each other all the time and it meant nothing, right? Simple words.
Peters heartbeat sped up in his chest. But he knew what she meant, or, rather, what she didn't mean by those words. Because that was all they were words. He closed his eyes and kissed the top of her head. "Love you too."
Gently, Peter eased her towards the couch. "You look exhausted," he said quietly. "Try and get some sleep. I'll wake you up when they come to a decision."
He sat on the edge of the sofa and Y/N sat beside him. Her head fell onto his shoulder, her entire body collapsing into his. He ignored the way his face heated or the way his heartbeat was going crazy.
As a seventeen year old boy, emotions sucked, he decided. Being in love with your best friend and being unable to do anything about it sucked. She drove him completely crazy and he didn't have the guts to tell her.
All Peter could do was kiss her hairline and try to get some sleep.
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manikas-whims · 6 months ago
Shadow & Bone, The Crows & everyone's complaints
So now that I'm on my 2nd watch of the show, I wanna speak on certain things about the Crows in the show, which have made many people mad and some of which I didn't like either..but which I can still see as tying up with the canon.
⚠ Spoilers for both the Books & Show ⚠
Here we go:
• Kaz accepting the 1M Kruge job
Now ofc we all remember the book Kaz who bargained with a Mercher and raised his prize to 30M. But Leigh, Eric & the Crows Cast has been pointing out since day one that these aren't the same people we know from what we've read. This is a sort of prequel to those characters and just them figuring out their dynamic with each other.
Remember, the book opens with Inej saying Kaz is a feared man in the Barrel without hesitation, she introduces herself as the Wraith who can't be stopped even by gravity on certain days and Jesper as the amazing sharpshooter and charmer.
Now as a new reader, I found that chapter sort of funny because how are you claiming all this without showing me their process of becoming these formidable people? But as I read through, the thought that inded these are 6 dangerous outcasts, settled in my mind.
But before that 30M job, they must've had many smaller conquests too right? Ones which slowly built-up their experience, confidence and relationships.
Since this is a prequel, consider this as another day in their Barrel life, as them going on another of their regular jobs. And just think of this as a learning experience for Kaz. That its the dangers that they got into travelling to a different country that made Kaz learn his and his crew's worth. And prepared him for the negotiations he did with Jan Van Eck in SoC.
• Kaz brought to his knees by Pekka
While Kaz being bested by two mere lackies of Pekka was kinda annoying to me as well, why do we believe that Pekka can't harm him or the others? PEKKA ROLLINS WAS THE BARREL KING BEFORE KAZ.
Remember on the Ferolind when Oomen tells them he was ordered by Pekka Rollins to take down the Dregs? They all were shocked and somewhat worried. And it was brought up later on when Jesper said they were going against Pekka Rollins and Wylan explains for Matthias sake how Pekka is not to be messed with.
It was only Kaz who wasn't concerned at all, who consoles Jesper by saying Pekka is just another Barrel Boss.
And what were we even expecting Kaz to do when Pekka brought him to his knees? Didn't Kaz express in the books enough how a simple beating won't make it up. He promised to take his revenge in small steps— building up his gang, stealing customers from Pekka's clubs, etc. BRICK BY BRICK.
So Kaz can be brought down to his knees too. And Pekka can easily do it if he wishes so. But no one wants outright Gang Wars; Pekka because he is far more experienced and knows when and where to put pressure or when to let go of a job. He even advices Kaz to forget Inej and drop the idea of going against a Mercher in SoC last chapter, because it is a foolish thing to do.
And Kaz wouldn't want gang wars because he knows the Dregs aren't big enough to face the whole of Dime Lions. Besides he already plans to bring down Pekka brick by brick.
But no one threatens Kaz Brekker, so consider this "on his knees" scene as a set up and another reason for Kaz to strike back and pay back tenfold.
It will also serve as an amazing parallel if we get to see him make Pekka beg on his knees.
• Kaz and Inej are too obvious
Are they? Haven't they always been like that when in each other's company or when around the other Crows? So of course they're expressing alot in front of Jesper.
But note that there are was no incident in the show where Kaz expressed his slowly developing feelings in front of his enemies, namely Pekka. In fact all Kanej moments happen only between them or in Jesper's presence. So there's nothing wrong with that.
Are they too obvious? No. As I said before and as we all know Kaz and Inej ALWAYS share deep conversations whenever together even in books— "i will have you without armor", "i would come for you", etc.
So show Kaz telling Inej "no saints have watched over me like you.." was not much different from their canon alone conversations.
Have they shown too much already? NOT AT ALL.
We only saw Kaz putting the Crow Club on collateral but his reason behind it wasn't shown at all.
We only saw Inej kill a man to protect Kaz. We don't know why she chose to kill for him. You can't immediately translate that to love. It can very well be considered her trying to pay back because he saved her from the Menagerie.
Remember in Crooked Kingdom Chapter 4, Inej says: "their lives had been a series of rescues ever since, a string of debts that they never tallied as they saved each other again and again."
So consider these moments as their endless back and forth of saving each other.
*Another thing to note in the show is when Inej gave her knives to Kaz. She says: "as a friend once said".
She has started considering Kaz a "friend" and she knows he feels the same way even though he won't say it. They're only starting to open up and give way to friendship. And not just Kanej, Jesper too.
People can care for and have each other's backs without it having a romantic aspect. The show gave the viewers a peek at what Kanej are willing to do for each other and showed that there's obviously sparks flying but no clear motto. We still didn't see Kanej's first encounter at the Menagerie or Kaz staring at Inej sitting on his window. These are just small moments to set up the ship.
• The Crows only there for comic relief
NO. I don't agree to this at all.
I'm gonna go back to SoC Duology. Now we know both the books have a sort of a dark setting. But both of these books also had hilarious moments.
Right in Chapter 2 of SoC, Jesper joking about spelling with his bullets and Kaz joining in on the joke. There's also the "this whole shoot me thing is starting to worry me". Inej & Kaz's banter about "greed is your god".
Almost every chapter had atleast one moment that was either comical or to lighten the mood or just straight up banter between the Crows. And all those moments were all always entagled with serious ones.
The show did exactly the same. We were given their crime life because they were after all, on a job to capture and sell off a person. But the show lightened it by adding the Crows banter and certain comical moments. And for the finishing touches, they sprinkled in some vulnerability.
• Kaz not being ruthless enough
What the fuck is wrong with us all wanting a sinister man being ruthless? 😂
There's not much I can say about this but that even in books, Kaz isn't always ruthless.
He is mostly giving out orders and scheming schemes. But in those rare moments in the book when we get to see Dirtyhands, we are given a view into some really intense moments.
When Kaz dislocates a man's arm in the Ice Court Prison, he himself admits it that he didn't do it as much to make himself look intimidating to the other criminals but more to remind himself that he can do it, that he isn't some helpless man.
The only such thing we got in the show was the brief scene between Kaz and that Inferni where he had that scary look on his face as he crushed that inferni's arm and slammed his face.
But maybe it was a good moment to set him up for more violence in the coming seasons. *crosses fingers*
• The Crows not stealing from Alina
Okay whilst Inej wouldn't do it, Jesper may only consider, Kaz would definitely do it!
Remember Kaz kazually conversing with Van Eck and Pekka but also stealing their stuff in those moments with his slight of hands?
Yeah, the showrunners had a perfect chance at the end to do it but they missed it 😐
This is probably the one thing that I'm unable to settle with 🤧
So..that's it!
I don't want everyone to agree with me but I hope everyone can be a little less aggressive and more kind to the show. It was still amazing, if not a proper adaptation then at least good as a standalone show. And the showrunners already did say "high budget fanfiction"
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buttercup--bee · 10 months ago
I'd love if you could take some time to write gratuitous smut about our boys Ezra or Mando?? Or Oberyn?? Or even Catfish?? I don't know, you choose, they're all perfect.
All In
AN:Obviously couldn’t do this without Din (though I had a hard time deciding between him and Oberyn). Also I'm sorry if it's bad, it's been two years since I've written smut 😅 I hope you enjoy~
Pairing: Din Djarin/Female!Reader
Warnings: Smut, oral sex (male receiving), rough sex, and breeding kink if you squint.
Count: 2.2k ~ Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“On your knees.”
His command is stern, no room left for a futile attempt at denying his request, let alone asking questions. The floor is a biting sort of chill against your bare knees, the awful grate melding inwards with your lust. You stare up at the blank gaze of his visor, the helmet tipped to the side in interest.
If you had seen what he looked like, known the intricacies of his eyes and lips, you might know the expression he’d made under the helmet. But you only have your suspicions, years of accommodating his odd ticks, nothing but the curve of his arms and the tilt of his head giving any indication of what he was thinking.
Still, you know it, like the back of your hand you can read every movement in the waves that they roll. A shiver runs down your spine as you do as he says, the curious glint in his visor relishing in the practical obedience you wither in.
A moment passes, your lips moistened by the flick of your tongue, and a soft sigh escapes him. “Use your mouth.” he orders, the modulated baritone going straight between your legs. Within seconds you’ve scooted closer, fingers unzipping his fly, the hard press of his cock prominent against the tight strain of the fabric.
You yank at his trousers, revealing him to you, the head red and glistening with desire under the low light of the Razor Crest; girth thick and round and the length is all but enough to have you clenching around nothing. You glance up at him under thick lashes, a daring glint as your hand wraps around his throbbing member and squeezes.
He hisses, fingers strumming through your hair as you do it again, over and over until he’s pulling at the strands and angling your mouth downwards. “I told you to use your mouth, not play around.”
You’d smile if you hadn’t already been lent forward, Din’s strength pushing you until your mouth envelopes his cock.
Stiff and soft all at once, he thrusts before you have a chance to do anything more than swallow him in, hollowing your cheeks. A long day has made him restless, spread out thin and weary and you know he needs this. So you steady yourself, accommodate his length until your hands are pressed to his hips, urging him further into the back of your throat.
Din moans, loud and hoarse, jerking into you hard and fast. The tears prick at your eyes as you struggle to breathe - an attempt to not gag out around him. He’d stop if he thought you were having a difficult time, and his enjoyment was something you wanted more than anything. If that meant fucking your mouth so be it.
It’d been something Din wanted for some time, he just never had the courage to do it. You have to wonder what pain in the ass got him so riled up?
You inhale him, the egregious sound of moistened thrusts echo in the cockpit, his hand back in threading its way through your hair. A gesture of affection that has you moaning, slurping what you can, and he clings to you like a lifeline.
Smooth, delicate skin skids at your teeth, leaving you breathless and bothered all at once, the slick between your thighs having grown effortlessly. The cold cling of it tickling your cunt under his jagged movements and the cotton of your underwear.
It feels like a blessed lifetime, and he pulls out much to your chagrin. Your mouth is sore, and he mutters “So pretty,” his fingers outstretched tipping your chin up, “your little mouth is perfect.” his gloved thumb swipes at your lower lip, instinctively you open up, Din sliding the digit in.
Closing your mouth around him, you lap at it, metal and dirt and the faint copper of blood igniting your taste buds. Any other man attempting to do this would have made you curdle in disgust, but it’s Din - your Din. And so you eagerly swirl your tongue, eyes glued to his helm in desperation. A pleasant balm brims at your abdomen, your heart quickening when he doesn’t look away.
Another swirl of the muscle flickers at the leather, a soft hum from you has him outwardly grunting. Your pussy aches, the absence of what you needed most weeping, it's a distinct coil tying you in a haze. Din pulls his finger out of your mouth with a pop, his focus planted directly on your shifting hips in your attempt to find friction.
“Din,” you sing, parting your lips once more for his cock.
You want to take him in your mouth again, feel his seed slide down your throat all the while he ruts away his high. A chase you can’t wait to encourage, to have him tremble with your name on his lips. Maker, it was the only thing worth dying for in this galaxy.
Instead, you're lifted up to your feet; hauled up and around the Mandalorian, legs mechanically folding around him in delight. The mound of your cunt is flat against the beskar, the cold steel sending you into a faint bliss and you ground down the best you can, burrowing your head into the crook of his shoulder. This is good too, you think, you always enjoyed the burning stretch of his shaft.  
You're pushed up against the nearest wall, he’s sliding your underwear to the side, unbothered if he had to simply move around it. You expect him to plunge in, as he always does, the expectant fill of his cock inside you.
He glides up against your folds, large hands spreading your thighs in a bruising hold. And you know there will be a spread of purple and blue there, and he will be the one to tenderly kiss the offending swell with the utmost affection under the pitch black of your shared rest cycle, within warm blankets and a love hungry Din.
You gasp, his abundant cock rubbing up, your clit left with only the barest of pressure. Bucking down hard, you heave “You’re teasing me,” the thrill of his chuckle goes straight to your core, the strength in which he tightens his embrace of your thighs enough to have you crowning your head back, unable to express much more than a whisper of “please.”
“Why should I?”
“I want you to make me feel good,” you whine, attempting to drag him in with the tug of your legs and the arch of your back. “I just want you inside me, please, please-”
He doesn’t hold back, sheathing himself deep inside until he’s met to the hilt. All the air escapes you, leaving you voiceless. You can’t do much but hiss and curl into him, legs hopelessly tightening around his lower back.
You can’t find a sliver of skin, and settle for the deft fabric at his neck, and dig. He doesn’t wait for you to get comfortable, rather he’s slipping out and rolling back into you with an unmatched force. The naked slide of him chokes a moan out of you, his name carrying throughout the ship as you bounce on his dick.
The weight of your breasts jounce with him. He takes notice too, his left hand leaving his right to carry you at the ass, so he can palm them. Tweaking and pinching your pert nipples until the peaks harden further, and you swear his member hardens further under the ministration. Every curve of him, every ridge is evident inside your sensitive core, your walls clamping down as you drive yourself to meet him halfway.
It isn’t really a surprise, but it still slithers at your skin when his hand is at your throat, solid and unyielding. He’s pinning you further against the wall, his hulking frame devouring your own until the forehead of his durasteel plated helmet meets your own.
“Say you’re mine,” he growls, “say your mine and I might just let you cum.”
Din is anything but gentle in moments like these. His armor is as distinct and distant as he is, a suit made for not only protection, but killing. After a quarry, his beskar stilted to his form, he can come back silent or wanting. The result varies, but this one is your favorite.
He’s rough, so unlike the Din that caresses you during your lax time huddled within your bunk. Calloused fingers running down your spine, wet kisses to your breasts, a hand invested at the apex of your thighs, his low voice describing to you what he’ll do to you in the dark - it never failed to have you a whimpering mess -
But this? The brutality of him donned in his Mandalorian visage? Fuck, it was like he was a whole other man.
When you don’t reply in time, his hand fists and irons forming blemishes to the ridge of your throat. The ice like grandeur curls at your gut, drying your mouth as a familiar raw, invested burn tickles at your clit and spreads up towards your stomach.
The only sound within the star ship is that of skin, the slapping of his balls against the curve of your ass and the obscene slosh of your slick pussy.
Din groans, driving up into you in long, dense thrusts. “Say your mine.” He demands again, the pinch of leather at your flesh has you convulsing.
“I’m yours,” you scrabble out, voice breathy and low, “I’ll always be yours.”
Finality, that’s what he wanted. You can breathe easier the moment his hand drops, and between his working member and your imbued pussy, he bears down on your longing clit without remorse. Two long, stocky fingers circle at the muscle, prodding and twisting until you can’t help but cry out.
You're overwhelmed. When it’s time for rest after a long, hard day, he takes his time. Holds you close and eases you peak after peak, until you’ve become a limp, pleasant mess. Whether it be with his fingers or tongue, he always assured you were taken care of.
But nothing compared to the sheer ferocity of him now, impelling you with reckless abandonment, like you’re the only thing keeping him alive right now. His thumb comes down to meet his pointer, and he tweaks the little nub until your writhing, smooths over the burn with elongated strokes that all but stoke a wildfire inside you.
Every time you try to inhale, he somehow knocks the air out of you, and you know you’re going to be sore tomorrow. Not that you’re complaining, it’s always a pleasurable ache that has you wanting him again so soon after.
When his hand slips away from your weeping core, you hiss. He gives you an admonishing slant of his head, and you know he’s smirking. He adjusts his position, pistoning you up further against the wall while he angles your legs up further - and just as you’re about to demand he hurry up, Din’s ramming into you.
His beskar coming in short, intolerable waves, gliding against your clit under the guise of a chill of metal. The cold only heightens the experience, singing praises in his direction.
“Deeper,” you gasp, gripping his shoulders so tight your knuckles burn, “faster, harder-”
Din’s hitting you in that oh so delicious spot, the sponge like shrill sends goosebumps up your body, and you’re so close - beset under the intense pressure building in your abdomen, the flush enclosure of your cunt raw and delicate. A bittersweet blaze engulfs your thoughts, it’s everywhere, from your toes to your neck, flushed and preparing for the oncoming release.
“Such a good girl,” Din whispers, modulation another jab at your cunt, and you seize up around him. “You take me so well, so perfect for my cock,” you nod, moaning his name, “and I’ve got you all to myself.”
His thrusts are becoming messy, drawn out and heavy, but nonetheless perfect.
“Come for me.”
It’s a shock, it roves over you in a tsunami of heat. The coil bursts and your legs are loosening and tightening in bright, short streaks. And your entire being is trembling beneath him, flashes of white enveloping you until you slacken against him - Din driving into your high with interest.
Bare to him, acute and spilling down his shaft, he hums in pride. He slackens, his probing thrusts becoming impatient as to meet your high, to feel your slick so closely molded to his own;
Your name leaves his mouth a hundred times over, hips jerking in short, clipped motions.
Tonight is different though, because he doesn’t pull out, he slams into you until you feel his seed rope deep inside. It’s too late before you’re comprehending what’d just happened, his jolted plunges slowing as he soothes his release in easy waves.
Both catching your breath, he allows you to envelope his waist with your legs once more, cock softening inside you. Distantly, you think that’s where he belongs, always. Still, protest in your person shivers.
“Did you just…?”
He doesn’t answer, all too knowing of what he’s done, and nothing else is said between the two of you, his helm clad forehead meeting your own.
Instead Din opts on the verge of affection, unbelievably soft and gentle, your heart aches as he whispers “Cyar.”
Tumblr media
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clone-rambles · 6 months ago
Hi!! First off, I absolutely love your writing!! Idk if you’re still taking requests from that prompt list and if you aren’t then just ignore this, but I was wondering if I could request #5 & #16 with Crosshair? Maybe where he rlly likes the reader and she likes him too but he feels like he’s not good enough for her so he’s rlly rude to her to try and push away his feelings and it’s angsty but then it ends sweet with them telling each other how they feel? Tysm!! 💕
Anon this was such a brilliant idea - however it did give me a real bad case of “damn I hope op updates soon” where I forget I am, in fact, op. ANYWAy, ty sm for sending this in I'm sorry it took so long!!!!! Also, I changed the second prompt a lil so it fit better :)
Prompts: 5 - “Sometimes I wonder if you even like me…it sure feels like you hate me sometimes.” & 16 - “I want you to be happy…even if its not with me.”
Working with new people was always the same. The look of disgust when they learn that the bad batch was not only a clone squad, but a squad of exclusively mutants. Most can't help the slight scrunch of the nose, the narrowing of the eyes. No matter how quick they wipe it away he still sees it. And he resents them for it.  
He has no reason to expect different this time. Even watching you cross the hangar, someone he’s never met, he feels contempt working its way onto his face in the form of a cynical sneer. Why would you be any different than everyone else. You’d just want to get the job over with and return to your life as soon as possible. 
He watches as you approach Hunter wearing a smile. You were staring down an elite clone sergeant with half his face covered in a tattoo and you were smiling? Why on earth would you be smiling? He figures you’d probably just gotten out of the mission somehow and were just informing him out of courtesy. 
Yet, as you extend your hand towards Hunter he feels his own facade crumble for the briefest of seconds. No one shook hands with a clone. Especially a mutant clone. Even the regs were hard pressed to extend a hand to anyone on the squad. The act sends a strange feeling through his body, a buzzing in his veins that kicks his heart up just a bit. 
As quickly as he lets his face slip he rearranges his features, pouring every ounce of disdain he holds for people like you into his features. Hunter introduces you to them one by one. 
Tech. You extend your hand to him. 
Wrecker. Even faced with the hulking brute form you extend a hand. 
And finally him. Your eyes meet his and you give him a genuine smile, extending your hand in his direction. It takes all his concentration for him to hold his features in place. He makes no move to take your hand but he can’t help the way his eyes dart to where it waits, in the open space between you two. He could take it. He almost wants to. Something about you is just so, inviting. In fact he almost does take it. A second longer and he would have. But it’s you who breaks away. 
Retracting your hand, taking a step back, your grin slipping off your face. It’s a weird feeling. He’s got a twisting in his gut. He almost feels bad he didn’t take your hand. That he’s the reason you no longer sport your grin. It’s a feeling he doesn't have a name for but he hates it all the same. 
Despite all you’d done so far to surprise him, your next words do manage to wipe his face clean and repaint it with shock. 
You critique Hunters strategy for the mission. 
You point out how rushed it is, how one flaw in the cover story and every single one of you could end up dead. So you suggest extending the mission. Adding on weeks of time, to gather intel and build a proper cover. No one can argue. It’s a good idea, but he’s still shocked. You were willingly extending your time with them, by weeks or more, just to assure they were all safe. Your concern for their safety gives him a hollow feeling in his stomach, different than the one before, almost an empty feeling. But as he boards the ship he finds himself pushing down the feeling. Finding himself to be the one wanting to get the job done and return to normal as soon as possible. 
It doesn't take long for him to realize things won’t be returning to normal. You fit in with the squad so easily. Like a piece of a puzzle no one knew was missing. You can not only follow what Tech’s saying, but you engage with him. Offering your two cents and information where you can. 
You get on well with everyone and it's annoying. 
And seemingly worst of all you specifically try to make an effort with him. Your very presence seems to entrance him. He keeps his demeanor the same on the outside, blunt and closed off, but he feels different on the inside. You ask questions any normal person would only get a glare for. But he answers them for you, albeit through gritted teeth, because he likes the sound of your voice. Likes when the questions are for him and him alone. It’s like the two of you share something. He knows he shouldn’t think like that but he can't help but catch himself wanting to be in the same room as you. And when he can’t, when he’s off doing the job he’s been trained to do, he feels a nagging in the back of his mind, a sinking in his gut, his thoughts almost solely wrapped around you. 
It’s infuriating. He has no idea what to do. 
He’s heard Tech teasing you about how you only seem to want to spend time with him. But he pushes those thoughts away. Surly he’s reading too much into it. There's no way you’d want to spend time with someone like him. Someone so… common. But even if you didn’t want to spend time with him, he finds himself wanting to spend time with you. 
So instead, he does what he does best. He critiques your every move, he ridicules your every word, he does his very best do drive distance between the two of you. And yet somehow the harsh words, the sharp looks and the bitter laughs only make the knot in his stomach tighter. It’s almost painful to him the way he finds himself treating you. 
And he can hardly wrap his mind around why. 
A raised eyebrow from Hunter is all it takes. 
“I know I know” He grumbles to no one particular, setting down his rifle before getting up and following you out the door. 
He half expects you to be right beside the ship but you aren’t. He scans around, spotting your form weaving in between trees as you put distance between yourself and him. Just the thought of you wanting to be away, to get away from him twists a knife through his stomach. He feels bad, he doesn’t want to hurt you, he doesn't mean it. But what else is he supposed to do? Before anything he’s just a clone. And he couldn't even do that right. A mutant, destined for decommission. No normal person, no one so unique and caring and confident could ever like someone like him. Or at least, you shouldn't. So it’s easier to be mean. 
It’s better to be mean. 
He finds you sitting on a large rock back in his direction. He purposely makes noise so you know he’s coming, watching as you stiffen at the sounds. But you don’t turn. He can see your arms crossed over your chest but he can't see your face. 
He just stands there, he can’t help but think he really should have thought out the words he wanted to say before getting here. What he really wants to do would be to sit by you, maybe close enough that your knees knock together. Close enough that he could see your face. 
Instead he settles for being glad you can’t see the grimace he sports now. He’s here to apologize, but he should have asked Tech what to say beforehand. 
“Why are you even here?” Your words are cold when you spit them. They cut right through him. Your friendly demeanor is nowhere to be found now. He really pushed it too far this time. 
“I’m here to apologize.” The words are simple, he can’t help but curse them. You knew that! Why else would he have followed you. He should have said something else, something about how he valued you being here, taking the time to do the mission properly, taking the time to make sure they stayed safe. Something better. Anything better. But he doesn’t. 
Your laugh holds no joy, it’s a bitter one he knows all too well. “Oh really?” You’re spinning yourself around to face him, eyes alight with an animosity he’s never seen. “Then let’s hear it.” You hold his gaze, not shying away in the slightest. The sheer intensity of it mixed with the sick feeling he’s come to recognize as guilt in his stomach causes him to drop your gaze, eyeing his feet where they stand. 
“I’m sorry.” He has so much more to say, so much more he wished he said. But he doesn’t. He doesn’t want to be mean but he knows he can’t just let his walls down. If he lets you in he’d just inevitably have to let you go again. And besides, who even said you’d want to be let in. You were probably just being friendly to the horror show you’d been forced to work with this time. 
“Great apology.” Your words are mocking as you continue, “Did Hunter send you out here to say that?” It stings a little. That you think he didn’t have the heart to come out here on his own. But you aren’t done yet. 
“I know you don’t get along with regs and nats too well but I don’t see why you have to be so mean. Sometimes I wonder if you even like me.” A tiny crack in your cool demeanor  “It sure feels like you hate me sometimes.” It’s not phrased as a question but even he can tell it’s one. Silent words of ‘why don’t you like me’ whispered behind the harsh facade of your bitter words. He doesn’t even think before the words are out of his mouth. 
“I do.” His eyes are on you expectantly waiting for you to realize what he means. He does like you, he just can’t let himself. He shouldn’t. Instead your brows pinch together in confusion as you repeat his words back to him, 
“You do hate me?” He wants to kick himself immediately. This is why it’s better if he just stays silent. He doesn't like that he’s the one who caused you to feel like this. 
“I don’t hate you. I like you. I just- you’re going to be leaving soon so I didn’t really think it would matter if we got along.” A lie. But it was easier than the truth. 
“Why won’t you even give me a chance?” there's no longer a bitter edge to your voice, instead it hides notes of sorrow. He wants to laugh at the irony, you want him to give you a chance when all he could really want is for you to give him a chance. Any words he has are caught in his throat. The silent flame he harbours desperately striving to be seen. 
Luckily it’s you who breaks the silence. “You know, they said I could keep working with you guys if this mission goes well.” He’s searching your eyes fro hidden meaning. Did you want to work with them? Or were you going to use him as an out not to? 
“But just tell me now and I won’t. Just say the word and after this you’ll never have to see me again.” The thought is one that’s crossed his mind before. But never in this way. You leaving was he always thought would happen. The mission would end and then he would never see you again. That was the point of all this, of his demeanor towards you. But if there was a chance? He can't help but feel slightly sick at the thought of all the sneers and sharp words he'd given that made you feel this way. Of course he wanted you to keep working with them, with him - but he couldn’t come out and say it. 
“I think” he’s weighing his words now desperately not wanting to mess this up like he’s messed everything else up “if that’s something you want to do you should. We-” he’s been given a chance, he has to take it “I would like that.”  He can’t help but hold his breath waiting for your answer. He’s graced with a smile, for once he’s not the reason it’s gone, but rather this time, the reason it was here. He feels instant relief. He didn't really put himself out there but nevertheless you haven’t rejected him. At least not yet anyway. 
“So you think I should stay?” You’re grinning at him and it feels nice, it’s warm. But the gilt rears its head again. Your grin is lopsided. Your face carries imperfections in a way that makes you unique. He’s condemning you to a life he didn’t even choose for himself. He’s already trying to backpedal in his mind, distance himself from you once again without hurting you anymore than he already has.
“I want you to be happy...whatever that means for you” He should say more, tell you not to stay, it’s selfish for him not too. You shouldn’t be forced into the same life he was. But the smile you wear seems to erase these thoughts from him mind. The smile you wear, directed at him, for him. 
You stand, walking towards him as you say words he never thought he’d hear, never thought he deserved to hear, and ones he won’t soon forget. 
“I think I’ll be perfectly happy here.” 
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