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#ty for the id!

i honestly don’t really nap (haven’t since i was a kid i dunno alsdkfjl) buT i appreciate the sentiment, thank you :’) ily2!!

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i got more merch for yall, can be a V-day gift for u and ur partner to match or u can buy urself some cute badgermao merch

1 Light of my life

2 Wind in my sails

//”m*ps”/pedos, minor adult shippers, anti-LGBTQ+, TERFs, racist, ableist DNI

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yeah … it’s them again

that hideous squiggle behind them is supposed to be syncing heartbeats, but I just do not have it in me to fix it

anyway, this is a little sketch of modern au suki and ty lee being girlfriends <3

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Ty, noticeable disheveled as he enters the room: sorry I’m late, I was doing stuff

Kit, also disheleved and grinning smugly: I’m stuff

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Suki and Ty Lee: Training (or, as the other kyoshi warriors will say, very-poorly-concealed flirting)

@atlanewyearexchange gift part 2 for @zuzuslastbraincell 💛

because I felt bad that the first one didn’t show their faces

part one:

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OH THATS A TOUGH ONE,, , butterfree, joltik/galvantula, durant, breloom, vanillite, togetic, and sylveon i immediately thought of

And after pulling up a list of pokemon from bulbapedia I remembered I also like vespiquen!! I remember slowking was one of my og favs, also I will fight if anyone says anything mean about trubbish 😤

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Meat I’d commit several war crimes for you

Heartcanon: I have no reason / rationale for this, it just gives me the warm fuzzies

OK but consider: this man can’t cook

Like theoretically? Yes he knows how to scramble an egg. In practice? Bruce buddy that might as well be plastic

Alfred taught him how to cook and he knows what he’s doing- he doesn’t even mind his own cooking, and he’s very capable of feeding himself on long missions away from home or people

His kids will not touch his food though

Dick choked the first time he’d tried it, Jason lost color in his face for the next twenty minutes, Stephanie looked him dead in the eyes as she tossed her plate of food into the trash, Cass stood up and left, Babs and Duke won’t even touch his cooking let alone eat it

Tim is the only one who doesn’t care but since his own cooking is half a step up from Bruce’s, it’s unclear if either of them have taste buds

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i wonder how blythe doll fans feels about the lps bythes, cause like, from a lps fan perspective they always felt like the weirdest possible thing for hasbro to do with the license (the average lps kid, at least when lps blythes were released, tended to not really…… about human dolls lol plus they didnt have bobble heads or magnets) and especially when i was a child who wasnt familiar with normal takara or kenner blythe dolls they straight up didnt feel like they belonged in the same toyline as littlest pet shops just based off of style, the inset eyes really threw baby me for a loop asjfksedanjfds compared to normal blythes the lps blythes are a lot smaller tho so maybe that has some appeal…the lps ones dont have the changing eyes tho….i also wonder if there were any kids who may or may not have been into lps but was really into lps blythes and got into blythe dolls that way

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hi hey good to see you in this abandoned water treatment plant

reblogs > likes; dont like + reply! rb if you wanna say something nice

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happy new year everyone!! i have no idea why still so many ppl follow me even tho i dont post anything at all but i appreciate that greatly and i hope you will have an amazing year ahead!! thank you so much for all those amazing memories, hopefully i can return here someday

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hey yall i made a fancy new page for my comms info!! if yr interested in paying me to draw you stuff check it out here:

reblogs super appreciated!! I’m excited to be doin comms again 🥰

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