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zephyrine-gale · 24 days ago
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christmas raizaios + things I wont finish
(zaios || @teawithmochi)
Bonus: booboo plushies that made me laugh cry sob
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kallorys · 4 months ago
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"There is something about a soulmate that is so blatantly obvious. I think that's what Kate and Mallory are." -Olivia Holt "At the end of the day Kate and Mallory are definitely soulmates, whether that’s as soulmate friends or as romantic soulmates, they’re meant to be together." -Harley Quinn Smith (insp.)
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dyketubbo · 6 months ago
okay finally writing this bc its hit that point in the night/morning where i regained the energy to rewrite this but. can we please talk about the habit of people using scars/physical disabilities to make a character scary in this fandom?
like with, say, tubbo, not too bad! hes such a likable character that generally his scars are just drawn as a part of him, often horror pieces with him focus on other aspects like the nukes or him living by the woods or the fact that he died for those scars. all fine as far as i can see
....and then theres quackity. who is a canonically half blind character with an obvious scar. and people use it to make him *scary*. artists, both visual and textual, exaggerate the scar, describe the unnervingness of his fanonically blue eye (which, the subject of giving a mexican person a blue eye just because hes half blind when thats not how blindness works is.. hm), even sometimes describing it as a glass eye (meaning using the prosthetic as a reason to be unnerved by him). they give it otherworldly properties, they make it like a 777 machine to symbolize his greed and want for power, they make it into a void on his face, a glitch, a poker chip, whatever.
and let me say- that shit should really stop flying. i get the intents of people who do this, really, i do! i dont think the people who do this are ableist, but. dont use scars for horror. dont use physical disabilities as a way to make a character more terrifying. please. quackity can be scary and unnerving on his own, you can do it without resorting to "disability/scars scary", i promise. i havent seen it happen to other physically disabled characters yet (except for michael_beloved but ive talked abt my distaste w horror including him before), but im gonna take that as a blessing
(note- while i agree this shouldnt be done for mental illness either, this is about physical disability and i want it to stay focused on physical disability because ive seen ppl talk about the horrification of mental illness but not abt physical disability, not in this fandom anyways. however, feel free to make your own post or find posts from people who talk about the habit of using mental illness as horror in the dsmp fandom)
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deadravenclaw · 2 months ago
Am I allowed to send Sergio as a character? 💀
Headcanon A: realistic
Sergio has a little bed in Garcia's office when the team is out on cases and Garcia is cat-sitting.
Headcanon B: while it may not be realistic it is hilarious
Sergio is a little shit and will move everything everywhere when Emily is not looking. He once moved her badge from her bedside to under the bathroom sink and it took Emily an hour to find it.
Headcanon C: heart-crushing and awful, but fun to inflict on friends
When Emily had to fake her death and Penelope took in Sergio, he would often lay himself next to photos of Emily. Penelope tried bringing him away from them but couldn't and so he has a picture of Emily next to his bed at Garcia's place.
Headcanon D: unrealistic, but I will disregard canon about it because I reject canon reality and substitute my own.
Sergio and Henry once broke every single plate in JJ's house. Emily finds it absolutely hilarious and JJ almost banned Sergio from her home (she didn't obviously because how could anyone?)
Send me a character and I'll give you four headcanons
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starlightjoong · 2 months ago
♡ thank you for one year ♡
Tumblr media
i know i haven’t been very active lately for mental health reasons, but i haven’t forgotten that today is the one year anniversary of me making this blog, which also happens to coincide with atiny day whjshjqja so to my fellow atinys happy atiny day ☆彡*゚・゚。
i was gonna post a request event today to celebrate but i’ll wait until i’m better and less busy in order to give it the full dedication it deserves <3
in the meantime, i just want to take this time to write some thank you notes to everyone who’s made this experience so wonderful; truly, my blog has become a little haven of sorts for me and i want to thank you all for being part of it :’) hopefully i can be more active soon and continue to deliver writing that will hopefully brighten your day even if it’s just by a little <3 this will get long so everything else is under the cut!!
♡ all my mutuals, readers, and anons
thank you to all my mutuals, readers, and anons for making this experience so wonderful, and it honestly wouldn’t be the same without you. whether we talk a lot or occasionally through asks/dms/discord servers, you’ll always have a place in my heart and i’m always wishing you the best; if we’re not super close yet, hopefully we can be in the coming years!! <3 big big hugs for you
♡ megan @bat-shark-repellant
hello bestie!!!! as of when i’m writing this you sent an ask a while back about how your first ask to me was from 270 days ago, but if my memory serves me right you’ve sent another one or two before that on anon so you’ve truly been here since my baby blog days ☹️💗 idk if i ever mentioned this but i’m pretty sure the first ask my blog has ever gotten was from you, and i remember feeling so excited when i saw it in my inbox ahsjjwjs ;-; thank you so much for all the support and love you’ve shown me, and i hope we’ll keep being friends in the years to come 💕 ily lots and i’m always wishing you the absolute best ❤️❤️
♡ aria @joshuas
hi ria!!! hwhehwjsj i was actually reading through some of the first messages we sent each other through tumblr dms back in june and ;-; i was so awkward hwjdjqjsk 😭😭😭😭 but look at us now 😻 thank you for being my brainrot buddy and i miss you lots during these few weeks :( i hope life’s been treating you well bc you truly deserve it 💗 thank you for your love and care, and i hope the world returns it tenfold and beyond <3 your work ethic is so admirable but i also hope you remember to take care of yourself physically and mentally ☹️ it’ll always be okay to give yourself breaks to recharge and come back stronger and with a clearer mind ;;;; so please show yourself lots of well-deserved love or i’m telling joshua >:( good luck with your exams!! ily more than joshua he can eat my sock (affectionate) ❤️
♡ lucy @seungcy
WIFE!!!! i’m so sorry we haven’t been able to talk as much as we used to lately ;-; but believe me when i say i miss you lots and lots ☹️ can you believe it’s only been a few months since we married in the bald house 🤧🤧 the real modern love story me thinks 💗 thank you for being the meganon to my megachan teehee <3 you truly spread so much energy and positivity to others and i hope you know how much brighter your presence makes the world 🥺 i said this in dms but thank you for your letter, it really did come at the perfect time ;-; i appreciate you so so much and i’m beyond grateful we met <33 please take care of yourself grrrr arf arf or i’ll steal all your boyfies >:c you deserve rest and love and ilysm muah muah!! keep purring meow 😻
♡ mei @januarystars
meme :EUWAH: hihihi it’s been a while ;-; i honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw the first ask you sent me, i look up to you and your work sm so i was honestly kinda starstruck for a moment ahjsha :maelt: no i won’t stop talking about it bc it meant so much to me and i’m so so glad we met 🥺💗 i hope you’re taking care of yourself, staying hydrated and getting enough rest :( you work so so hard and i hope you know that your efforts will not be in vain, and i genuinely wish nothing but the absolute best for you, bc you deserve all the kindness and gentleness the world has to offer ❤️ stay safe and ily <33 wonwho and whozi love you but i love you more than them >:( and if they say otherwise i’ll fight them idc if their biceps are bigger than my head!!!! 🤺💗
♡ skye @sincerelyskye
yeye!!! :bweep: it’s been a while since we talked bc of my mini break ☹️☹️ but i hope you’ve been well and i miss you sm ;-; ❤️ you’re the first dinonara i met on tumblr so if i can thank the rat (affectionate) for only one thing it would be that i got to meet you <33 i’m gonna be saying this a lot in this post but it feels like i’ve known you for much longer when it’s only been 5 months-ish ;;;;; thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown me 💗 and trust that i will treasure the penpal letters i’ve received from you forever ;-; i hope you’re not stressing too much from uni these days :( you’ve got this and ily!! i hope the world will always be gentle with you and you really do deserve all the love and appreciation it has to offer ❤️
♡ hana @soonshuas
hello jeonghanwife <3333 it’s been a while ☹️☹️ i miss you lots and i hope you’re doing well ;-; 💕 your writing never ceases to amaze me and every time i read it it really does feel like i’m reading modern poetry or something 🤧 you’re so so talented and i hope you’ll always remember that :(( you work so hard so please take care of yourself bc you deserve to be happy and healthy 💗 thank you for the love and ily muah muah!! i hope the world treats you with kindness always and i’m giving you lots of forehead kithes muah muah <3333
♡ daisy @ateez-elena
JDAISY JDAISY JDAISY!!!! it’s kinda crazy how it’s almost been a year (?) since we first started talking 😭 you’re the first friend i made here on tumblr and i’ll always be thankful for that 💗💗 you are so so so sweet, genuine, supportive and talented, and i hope the coming years bring you nothing but happiness, health and success (by your own definition <3)!! i’m always wishing you the absolute absolute best, and ilysm!! thank you for all the support and love you’ve shown me ;-; i appreciate you far more than i’m capable of expressing ❤️ ily and take care!! let’s get through the rest of our semesters 😤 we got this!!! <333
♡ nini @cherryutas
JNINI 🤩 my favourite catboy and mountain boy luvr <333 i’m gonna be honest, when i first came across your blog i was definitely too shy to reach out to you to be friends bc you seemed so cool and talented (and ofc you still are hehe!!) 😭🤧 but i’m really really happy and thankful i got to know you in the end bc i couldn’t imagine not having you as a friend :(( i hope you’ll be able to find peace and comfort within yourself very soon, and i truly believe we both will 💗 ily and i’m always rooting for you, ilysm and so do your catboys meow 😻 take care and stay happy and healthy!!! sending you lots of love and hugs <333
♡ aurelia @lilacleias
hi aurelia 🥺🥺 meeting you here was such a blessing and i really wanna thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown me :((( 💗💗 i appreciate you sm and i hope you know how loved and appreciated you are too <33 it’s so fun brainrotting and spoiler-ing with you and our convos bring the biggest smile to my face :’) please take care of yourself and give yourself lots of breaks and water and snacks ☹️ i’m always here for you and wishing you nothing but the best <3333 i care u!!!! and ily!!!!!!
♡ @wonwooslibrary @networkluvs @hao-are-xu @woozi @cloudyhaos @svt-incorrect and everyone else in the coffee bald house :>
hi baldies 😻🧑‍🦲 it’s been a while and i’m so sorry for being a bit ia in the server :( i miss talking to you guys sm and i hope i can come online more soon!! talking to you all in the coffeehouse never fails to bring a smile to my face and i’m so happy i got to meet you all 💗 i hope you know how amazing you are and how much happiness you bring to the world, and i’ll gladly scream reminders of that every day bc you deserve to be loved and appreciated <3 wishing you nothing but the best always!! stay bald and beautiful muah muah 😻
♡ @eternaljoongie @yunascular @timextoxhajima @sanshiine @soonyouns @woopetals @skzfairies @atzaria @atinymonster @1-800-minji @1-800-enhypenbibi @solarswonderland @yunhosaurus @writingbeary @ggukkiedae @enhycloud @haniehae
hi bestiessss :> i’m sorry if we haven’t talked much especially as of recently bc of my semi-hiatus :( even if we don’t talk a lot, know that i’m always thinking fondly of you and you’ll always have a special place in my heart 💗 thank you so so so much for making my experience on this hellsite (affectionate ig) so wonderful and i hope we’ll become closer in the future!! i hope you’ll always be happy and healthy and ily lots!!! <3333
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delimeful · 7 months ago
Just read the latest WIBAR installment "Virgil gets a shower" and I realized Roman, being the literal embodiment of alien drama, probably really likes his shower.
So I imagine, one morning, after a particularly dirty mission or sm, he goes into the washroom, planning on getting the gunk out from between his scales in his nice private shower, ready to relax for the rest of the evening...
...and then he sees the creepy resident deathworlder already in there like
Tumblr media
nothing quite like going to take a shower after a long day-- and then finding a deathworlder facedown in a cascade of boiling hot water looking ominously close to death  
someone get this guy some wine & a bathtub to lounge in fully clothed already! :P
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therewillbekpop · a month ago
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mbti-enemies · 4 months ago
entp: aint nothing but a heartacheeee
intp: tell me whyyy
intj: aint nothing but a mistake *points at intp*
entp: tell me whyyyyy
everyone except isfj: I NEVER WANNA HEAR YOU SAYYY
isfj: i hate you all so so much
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neopronounsmybelovaed · 3 months ago
Hey, I came here to ask a question. If you use she/her, he/him, or they/them in a way that isn’t typical, does it count as neopronouns? (Like ‘they is’ rather than ‘they are’; adding, removing, or swapping certain pronouns in the set, or maybe using something like ‘sheself’ instead of ‘herself’)
To be honest, I'm not sure. I've never really seen pronouns used like that. This one really has me stumped, because on the one hand, these are he/she/they pronouns, but on the other... it's definitely queering conventional pronoun norms.
It's really not my place to say whether anything "counts" as anything. Although I'm definitely the sexiest neopronoun user ever (/j /j), I'm by no means an authority on neopronoun anything. You don't need my permission to do shit if it doesn't directly impact me.
In this household, we fucking love radical inclusion. Labels are tools, not boxes. If you think "neopronouns" describes or conveys your experiences with pronouns beyond the norm, then you may take your place as second sexiest neopronoun user. If you feel like your pronouns are close enough to the norm that you wouldn't consider them neos, that's cool too. But it's your decision, not mine.
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kryptyd · 5 months ago
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the beekini
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beacon-lamp · 5 months ago
Welcome back! <3
thank you! <3
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chriscronin · a month ago
You’re doing God’s work here by bringing the old Seb bits back. Don’t know if I ever said this before but thanks a lot for that.
you're very welcome! it's a pleasure!
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skepticalarrie · a month ago
Have you seen this video?
Yeah, Ruthie’s face of sheer panic because he didn’t mean Louis is my favourite part.
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simblrinterests · 5 months ago
so do we need to be worried about that brother of hesper's that was offhandedly mentioned once by spark 😬
Oh yeah, I bet that was important.
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starcloaked · 2 months ago
hi asher! for the doodle requests could you perhaps do the alt drifter from hyper light drifter? shes my pfp and is canonically a puppy.
Tumblr media
puppy… thankyou!!
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therewillbekpop · 8 months ago
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“You made pie? What kind?”
“Cherry, of course. Your favorite.”
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gardenerian · 2 months ago
Ok. Can we get Very Sentimental for a second? Did Ian choose at last on his own and surprised mickey, or did mickey know it was coming? What about perfect? When (and wherever) Ian hears either song he obviously stops all things and grabs mickey for a dance--this is fact--but how does mickey react if the song comes on and Ian isn't close enough to hear it?
Very Sentimental is my baseline. YES we can always get sappy! i think it could have gone a couple of ways, right? either mickey must be involved in every aspect of the wedding planning, so ian plays it for him one night and mickey just 🥺 and nods his approval - OR ian puts his foot down, demands one thing of his own as surprise, and mickey internally loses his fucking mind as he walks down the aisle to "my lonely days are over". i think it would maybe be the first one - mickey would be so overwhelmed in the moment, would he even notice the song? ian can't risk that!
also omg that's the cutest thing. if mickey's out alone he'll text ian and just be like "the song's on 🖤" or if ian's just somewhere else in the house he'll seek him out and wordlessly tug him into the living room or wherever the song is and just stand there like 🤨😇 until ian pulls him in for a dance.
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artnerd1123 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
merry undertale everyone!
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budderball · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
super fun and cool comm for @delta-syrup !!! mushed room…….. GOOD……….
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moodlemcdoodle · a year ago
Tumblr media
PAINTING IS HARD BUT I LOVE HOW THIS PINKIE PIE TURNED OUT, she’s so soft looking I love her so much 🥺💕🎉
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