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fanyeline · 23 hours ago
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tyk wenzhou... when wkx leans forward to lick the blood off zzs’s lip hehehe
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xiyuanism · 9 days ago
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no longer restraining myself to just qi ye memes i am not immune to tyk
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verycharismaticdragon · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
maybe it was because of these few noisy people by his side , that he had begun to be sentimentally attached to this mortal dust .
It's Tian Ya Ke's 11th anniversary today!
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marquisoforder · 15 days ago
I was thinking about which danmei pair would make the best Hannibal AU and was leaning very much towards TXJ as Hannibal and CWN as Will but then I realized Wen Kexing literally ate his dad’s corpse and Zhou Zishu is a sickly dude who doesn’t wash so Wenzhou Hannibal AUs where?
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danhoemei · 19 days ago
By unpopular demand of 1 (one) whole person @wkxs​, who asked someone to write this scene of zzs playing a make-up artist for wkx’s evil eyeshadow™️, I went and made this, so aye have it *booing noises*
[also on ao3, cw mature]
“You’ve got to be kidding me.”
A clearly exasperated voice broke the silence of the otherwise quiet room. The sound was soon followed by a rustling of the robes when the only other person in the room turned around to glance at its source.
Zhou Zishu stood in the middle of the room with his arms crossed and eyebrows furrowed. Morning sun, which peeked through a window nearby, lit the bottom of his robes and an area around him, adding an almost ethereal and imposing tinge to his look.
He stood there on purpose.
“I am not going to wait an hour or so until you deem your eyeshadow perfect.”
Wen Kexing sat on the edge of the bed, half turned from the nightstand and a mirror which now reflected the side of his head. His arms were still up, hovering near his face and revealing a palette full of different shades of red held in one hand, and a brush in the other.
They stared at each other without moving for a moment before the eye contact got broken by Wen Kexing shamelessly running his eyes across Zhou Zishu’s whole body. He turned around completely, relaxing his body from sitting upright to leaning askew on one arm which he put casually on the nightstand, still holding the half-closed palette in it.
“Well I am not going out without it,” he span the brush between the fingers of his free hand, leaving a subtle arch of red powder in the air.
“We’re just going shopping.”
“Where people are gonna see us,” the brush stopped abruptly, pointed at Zhou Zishu as if to make the point stronger.
Zhou Zishu stood still like a statue, only his head turned sightly to the side and his eyebrows moved up.
“We have a reputation to uphold,” Wen Kexing explained, answering to the unimpressed questioning gesture of his partner.
“What reputation,” the corner of Zhou Zishu’s lips twitched.
The nightstand creaked as Wen Kexing leaned more onto it and put his arm up to support his chin on the hand.
“Of being sexy,” he winked. The effect was slightly damaged by the palette still stubbornly - or purposefully - held in his hand, a wide messy box hanging next to his face.
Of all the reactions Zhou Zishu could have given, the one he did not expect himself to fall into was to burst out laughing. He threw his head back and let his shoulders shake to the rhythm of his laughter. Despite having closed his eyes, he still saw the ridiculous image of the half-dressed man winking with his half-painted eye, who looked more like a disheveled maiden who had just woken up and tried to hastily correct her make up rather than a flirtatious philanthropist.
His reaction must have been a surprise not only to himself but also to the other man, because as soon as he calmed down enough to look back at the source of his mirth, he was met with wide, slightly shining eyes, and an expression which he could describe as a mixture of stunned and transfixed.
The man seemed to finally start breathing again. He sat up straighter and licked his lips.
“Ah-Xu, you are so-”
Wen Kexing blinked and halted in his movement again.
Before he reacted in any way, Zhou Zishu walked towards him and without any prelude pushed him back onto the bed. Wen Kexing fell back without any resistance, but Zhou Zishu could still feel a subtle twitch of the body beneath him as the man got trapped by the weight of a fully grown person straddling him. Wen Kexing obediently let the palette and brush be taken out of his hands.
Zhou Zishu hung just above Wen Kexing, satisfied with the quickness and the lack of fighting.
“I’m gonna do it quick and then we’re going. And no complains for how it’ll look.”
Wen Kexing stared up quietly with a content smile and twinkling eyes.
Zhou Zishu’s eyes narrowed as the thought of this whole situation going exactly as the bastard planned crossed his mind. However, he quickly put the thought aside and moved his attention to the palette to choose the first shade.
The brush glided across the pale skin, leaving a trail of deep red which added a dangerous glint to the dark eyes below, staring intensely into his own without a break. Zhou Zishu could admit to himself that he did like when Wen Kexing had this sharp smudge of color on, which complemented his eyes and made others turn their heads to look at the man with either admiration or fear. He could admit it after all this time, but only to himself.
His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a feeling of a soft caress on his lips, which instantly brought him back to reality. He blinked a few times, trying to bring his attention back to the smiling eyes directly below his own, so close that it was almost hard to focus on them.
“You were smiling. I couldn’t resist.”
“I was not,” Zhou Zishu countered as if on reflex. Only now did he notice that a set of hands was put on his hips at some point and started rubbing small circles on them.
“Sure, whatever you say,” Wen Kexing tilted his head slightly back, his smile growing wider.
A loud clank echoed throughout the room as Zhou Zishu closed the palette in one quick move and energetically leaned back.
“Well, I’m finished, let’s go-”
He chocked on the last word as the world suddenly span around and darkened. A dark veil of hair soundlessly fell around him, blocking the light and cutting off his surroundings. All that was left was a pale face tinged with red, floating right in front of his eyes, connected to a slender neck which grew out of a strong chest peeking out of a loosely tied, slightly open robe. Zhou Zishu swallowed.
A strand of hair must have tingled his cheek, because of how itchy it felt.
A chuckle came from above, luring his eyes to dart up again.
“Like what you see?” the man’s voice dripped with satisfaction.
Before Zhou Zishu could answer, he heard a click of the palette being opened, and he realised that it got taken out of his hand at some point.
“Your turn now.”
At last, completely woken up from his daze, Zhou Zishu plastered an open hand on Wen Kexing’s face and pushed it back.
“Hell no.”
A cheerful, slightly muffled laughter resounded throughout the room, soon followed by the sounds of tossing and fighting.
The clash did not last as long as it often could, after all their encounters sometimes could extend to the whole day of running around and breaking unfortunate things which stood on the way. This time, however, it was one of the instances which gravitated towards a playful banter and lingering touches, those that gradually extended in time and frequency until both men rolled onto the bed again, kissing and grabbing at each other.
The temperature in the room seemed to have risen despite the coldness of the morning seeping through an open window.
Wen Kexing, who landed on top of Zhou Zishu and pinned him down with his weight, finally released his lips. He leaned back just a bit, still leaving their faces so close that their noses rubbed together.
“Say,” he breathed out. “What if we went tomorrow.”
Zhou Zishu’s dazed, half-lidded eyes were glued to Wen Kexing’s, his face hot and body warm. Even though he was asked a question, he was not given time to answer. He felt a shiver run across his skin after Wen Kexing dove down and left a wet kiss on his neck. Zhou Zishu opened his mouth.
A sudden knock rendered both man still and speechless.
“Shifu, shishu, I’m ready!” Zhang Chengling’s voice broke through the door and rang through the silence like a bell.
As sudden as the knock, Zhou Zishu threw Wen Kexing off and swiftly jumped off the bed. He fixed his clothes and put on his outer robe, tying it hard and smoothing out any wrinkles, all the while focusing on his breathing and the flow of his qi.
“Be ready in ten minutes or we’re leaving without you,” he threw over his shoulder, voice calm and collected, only glancing at the man who was still lying on the bed and looking with dark eyes in the direction of the door.
Zhou Zishu left the room, quickly closing the door behind him and blocking the sight of the insides from Zhang Chengling. It was not needed though, as the boy already stood several steps away. One could say that he was used to backing up as soon as he reported his readiness, either to make way for the men, or to keep away from the ever-so-loud room filled with unimaginable feats.
Zhou Zishu passed him by and stopped only after walking for a moment. Enjoying the morning chill on his skin, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath of refreshing air in. Zhang Chengling was just behind him, and as he stood by his teacher, he couldn’t help but keep glancing at him.
“Spit it,” Zhou Zishu finally couldn’t bear the fidgeting next to him.
“Shifu, you’re awfully red, are you sick? Should we postpone the trip after all?”
The last word transformed into a quiet yelp as the boy’s head got gently hit on the back, and he looked up with pitiful eyes at the back of Zhou Zishu’s turned head.
“Shut up, brat.”
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presumenothing · 9 days ago
the way tyk zhou zishu is just...... incredibly jaded while also being silently enthusiastic about the most mundane of things especially in the early chapters is both beautiful and hilariously tragic in equal measures. yes this is one of the most terrifying people across all of court and jianghu yes he is also at least 20% a kid discovering a candy shop. except the candy is a normal life plus swearing. literally goes "oh i write good!!" after leaving chengling a relatively ordinary farewell note. precious
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xckilonova · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
the lake that washes make up off
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wangxian61 · 22 days ago
I want to write a story where Jing Beiyuan and Wen Kexing are good friends, and when Jing Beiyuan and Wu Xi show up to cure Zhou Zishu …
Jing Beiyuan: Zishu, you know the ghost valley master too?
Wen Kexing: *internal panic*
Zhou Zishu: Yeah, turns out he’s my shidi.
Wen Kexing: What?!
Zhang Chengling: Who’s the ghost valley master?!
Jing Beiyuan:😳 Was it a secret?
Wu Xi: You keep interesting company.
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xiyuanism · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i am unstoppable
other funyposts
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verycharismaticdragon · 12 days ago
TYK began publication on Oct 7th 2010... which means it's gonna be its 11th anniversary in a few days!
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kwehxing · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
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marquisoforder · 17 days ago
Tian Ya Ke is objectively so funny cause Priest was like here’s this dangerous powerful man from another story of mine but in this story he simply retires and gets railed seven ways to Sunday as he deserves
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elijahdnorth · 26 days ago
TFW your favorite and most loyal relative comes to you, the Emperor, and asks you to give them a favor and you say “of course! The only thing you wouldn’t give them would be your kingdom but everything else is fair game” and then they ask you for the most excruciating death possible.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fanyeline · a month ago
book talk
Tian Ye Ke is such a big contrast to Mo Dao Zu Shi bc mdzs feels like there’s a lot of poetic justice done... a lot of things falling karmically into place. 
TYK book just feels like... it's not even about what it's about. like the whole mystery, the whole revenge... all feels like... a side story in what is actually just allowing yourself to open up to the people around you ???? All the glazed armor stuff just feels so incidental sometimes... it's like incidental compared to their back stories & the things that made them the ppl they are which come out in bits and pieces ...
with mdzs it's like... jgy got what he deserved for being evil, jc got what he deserved for being an asshole, wx got what they deserved for being <3... like a lot of the characters kind of got a nice little ending
& like even the way ppl literally HAAAATE jc as a character, like that comes from seeing all his flaws all exposed & i just look at him & i'm like... given the circumstances of his life that dude really tried his best... compared to wenzhou that man is a fucking SAINT...
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presumenothing · 10 days ago
HEY you know what would be Really Cool?? person of interest!tyk au. canonical genius zhou zishu who goes by a thousand names and near-singlehandedly built AI tianchuang hahaha windows for the greater good with jiuxiao as the public front of siji technologies. steadfastly ignores the irrelevant numbers he starts getting after his apparent death, up to and including chengling's number three days before the zhangs are killed, but winds up getting unwillingly involved anyway
and then, of course, wen kexing happens.
("in the world i was in, there's only two kinds of people: victim or perpetrator." zhou zishu regards the one obstacle standing between him and getting spectacularly drunk. "which one are you?"
"ah, a familiar philosophy," says wen kexing – if that's even his real name, because zhou zishu should know a fake identity when he sees one and he does, except the issue is that said identity doesn't seem fabricated so much as appeared out of thin air like it'd never been in this world before (the near-impossibility of which in turn narrows down the possibilities of his real identity to perhaps three-and-a-half choices). "which are you, then?"
"the same kind as you, i suspect," zishu replies offhandedly like the bullshit answer it is, but it serves somebody right. he did ask first, after all. "now either pay for my drink or get lost.")
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