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#tyler blackburn

               Michael never wanted to wake up.

               The night had had a miserable beginning. Michael had been tossing and turning for the better part of three hours, had gone down into his bunker for the next two, but no matter what he did, the image of Alex lying unconscious haunted him and made his fingers tremble.

               Their last confrontation with Mr. Jones had left them little more than bruised, but the image of Alex lying there, limp and unresponsive, made him antsy. In the end, his thoughts were too overwhelming, and he found himself pulling up into Alex’s driveway.

               Michael tapped his thumb against the steering wheel. He shouldn’t have been there, he shouldn’t have come to bother an already restless airman, especially after having just healed. But his jaw was still clenched and his bones were vibrating, and if he didn’t see Alex soon, his mind would implode.

               He stepped out of his truck, exhaling slowly. He raised his fist to knock on the front door, and paused. What if Alex really was asleep? What if Michael knocked and woke him up just to make sure that he was still alive, and then he had trouble going back to sleep? What if he was still healing, and Michael dragging him to the door slowed that down?

               Michael pursed his lips. If he let himself in, he could check on Alex himself without the risk of bothering him. Keeping that thought in mind, the desire to see Alex breathing and resting safe so strong it nearly swallowed his heart and left a gaping hole in his chest, Michael undid the lock and silently swung the door open.

               He was careful not to make a sound as he walked the dark hallway. He was just starting to wonder whether or not he remembered where Alex’s bedroom was when he came upon the scene in the wide living room, and he stopped.

               There, nestled in a bunch of blankets on the carpet in front of the lit fireplace, was Alex. His back was to the door, so Michael assumed he’d turned over in his sleep. He wore a thick black hoodie, his face half-turned into his pillow, his cheeks red.

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Tyler Blackburn“If we seek the most happiness we can as individuals, it sort of bleeds into other people’s lives.”

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THE COLONY; a literate original roleplay


Anaya Dolmen | Telekinesis; Lily Collins FC
Ashley “Ash” Bisbee | Deluded; Noah Centineo FC
Arthur Meir | Uninfected; Ben Mendelsohn FC
August Adelson | Telekinesis; Samira Wiley FC
Austin Kelsey | Uninfected; Dev Patel FC
Axel Kraus | Praeteria; Skeet Ulrich FC
Cody Moon | Uninfected; Nam Joo Hyuk FC
Cosima Nasmath | Telekinesis; Amber Riley FC
Cressida Jago | Telekinesis; Chloe Bennet FC
Espen Filip Lindqvist | Telepathy; Nick Robinson FC
Ethan Kerr | Uninfected; Elliot Fletcher FC
Fleet Michaels | Increased Hearing & Sight; Hong Jong-Hyun FC
Fletcher Dahl | Uninfected; Keiynan Lonsdale FC
Issoria Feinberg | Telepathy; Josefine Frida Pettersen FC
Jelka Dreher | Praeteria; Caity Lotz FC
Jouko Kyung | Telepathy; John Cho FC
Kevin Tae | Uninfected; Daniel Henney FC
Killian Weaver | Telepathy; Jack Falahee FC
Kostya Vladislav | Telepathy; Jeremy Allen White FC
Kyra Zabala | Empatheia; Troian Bellisario FC
Leif Hjelmstad | Increased Vision & Hearing; Andy Biersack FC
Maddox Xiao | Telepathy; Christopher Larkin FC
Marcel “Hamlet” Gusterson | Deluded; Aaron Tveit FC
“Mink” Peyton Yazbek | Telepathy; Bex Taylor-Claus FC
Minka Vane | Telekinesis; Paulina Singer FC
Reagan “Emery” Gladstone | Empatheia; Cillian Murphy FC
Rhea Zaveri | Uninfected; Carmela Zumbado FC
Siobhan “Von” Whitmer | Praeteria; Kristine Froseth FC
Stacey Ricks | Uninfected; Zayn Malik FC
Tatum Rothchild | Uninfected; Indya Moore FC
Viola Rain Hackett | Deluded; Ruth Negga FC
Xavier Crane | Uninfected; Lakeith Stanfield FC


Abner Rhodes | Uninfected; JR Bourne FC
Arvo Covey | Increased Scent; Janel Parrish FC
Bode Levy Bram Lindqvist | Telepathy & Praeteria; Bill Skarsgard FC
Cooper Erikson | Telekinesis; Tyler Blackburn FC
Curtis Cuthbert | Uninfected; Robert Downey Jr. FC
Emmett Briers | Uninfected; Nico Tortorella FC
Gaius Fitrei | Uninfected; Idris Elba FC
Honor Bradley | Telekinesis; Hannah John-Kamen FC
Ireland Krii | Uninfected; Reilly Dolman FC
Jackson Rocco | Uninfected; Jon Hamm FC
Kyffin Greco | Uninfected; Justin Baldoni FC
Rina Jago | Uninfected; Sandra Oh FC
Wren Phillips | Uninfected; Sam Claflin FC


Emmanuel Trent | Uninfected; Hugh Dancy FC
Henry Liamson-Turner | Uninfected; Tom Cavanagh FC
Narcissa Shor | Telepathy; Tatiana Maslany FC 
Nouka Fang | Uninfected; Jamie Clayton FC
Perry Griffiths | Praeteria; Matthew Grey Gubler FC
Roxanne Palmer | Uninfected; Dianne Guerrero FC
Suki Yamaguchi | Uninfected; Hayley Kiyoko FC

       [      we are RADIOACTIVE;2157 was the end of the world…. ]

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 @manesalex​: I love you, my dear friend. I’m so happy and thankful that this show brought us together, and that I now have a thirsty partner in crime! You’re so talented with your beautiful gifs and wonderfully creative fics; we’re lucky to have you in this fandom! Today we celebrate YOU! I hope you have such a special day, and cheers to many, many more! xoxo.

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This RNM camera decal’s a mood™

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               Alex had had a reputation when they were teenagers. Michael had heard more than a few mutterings about the emo kid with the skull-and-crossbones ring and the black eyeliner.

               “Don’t look at him,” girls had frantically whispered to their friends.

               “He’s so cute. Too bad he’s one of those.”

               Michael had wondered what ‘one of those’ was supposed to mean, but less-than-subtle stupid jokes from Kyle Valenti and his friends had told him everything he’d needed to know. Alex had been dark and angry and gay, which had made him a source of gossip, which had made him even more dark and angry.

               Michael had never had much of an opinion on Alex himself. The guy had looked so serious all the time, trouble etched in the tension of his shoulders, his straight spine, his permanent frown, as if he’d never thought anyone was worth his time – that Michael had known to stay away on his own. He’d had enough trouble to last a lifetime, he hadn’t wanted any more from some probably spoiled kid.

               It had been one afternoon though, when the last bell had rung and most of the students had left for the day, that Michael had discovered the truth. He’d heard guitar music coming from the music room, the door opened ajar. But there had been something else. Someone had been singing.

               Michael had slowed, and peeked in, curiosity getting the better of him. He had been shocked when he’d seen that the emo kid who he’d rarely heard speak was now playing a guitar and singing a song Michael had never heard before.

               But he had, in a way, known it. Alex’s words had spoken of masks, of lies that hid the ugly truth. The perfect veneer of a lovely, happy family, and being the furthest thing from it. Of being unable to tell anyone because who would ever understand? Who would ever listen?

               The longer Michael had listened, the more he’d realized how wrong he’d been. He’d recognized that pain in Alex’s words, in the furrow of his brows. His voice had been beautiful and soft and strong and terrified all at the same time. That this lie he lived with, this lie that people saw, that it was going to define him forever. He would forever be under the eyes of those who would never know, and never understand, how bad it really was.

               And Michael had suddenly thought of past foster parents who’d pretended to be caring and loving and happy to have him as their son, when the truth was beatings and shouting and pain. And Michael had tried too many times in the past to know that, after a while, trying did nothing. He’d managed to rid himself of that, of the cruelty and abuse and fear, but Alex …

               It was then Michael had started to notice things about Alex he’d never noticed before. Sometimes he’d scrunch his shoulders, as if pained to move a particular arm or reveal his hip. Sometimes Alex’s eye looked swollen underneath his eyeliner, and sometimes … sometimes Alex smiled around Liz and Rosa Ortecho and Maria DeLuca. Sometimes he even laughed, and it was … everything.

One day Michael had found himself wanting Alex to talk to him, eager for his attention. He had no idea if he was welcome to just walk up to him, and had no idea what he would even say if he could, so he came into the music room. And he found Alex’s guitar, and a stupid thought had occurred to him.

               But it’ll bring Alex to me, he’d thought, and that had been good enough.

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cw i don’t always like you but thank you for bringing back pretty little liars cast into our screen. 

you did a good thing.

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I just changed my header, because the asshat is gone, I put Tyler and Michael as my header from an Instagram picture.

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”L.A, L.A why so shady? ● She said, L.A, made me. She said, L.A, won’t let me go ● L.A, owns my soul”.

The trials and tribulations of the Hollywood elite are unlike any other, it’s impossible to relate. The high paced, sometimes high stress can get to a person, causing them their careers. Others thrive on it. What will happen to you?

Tinseltown-rp is a plotless style roleplay based around the Hollywood entertainment industry. Bring in the celeb of your choosing and build up from there. Some will have some pre existing connections to start with, others might not, but that’s the beauty of roleplaying! Here at Tinseltown we encourage creativity and branching out. Making connections and storylines that might not happen in real life. Roleplaying is supposed to be fun, and that’s exactly the type of environment we’re creating here. Everyone is welcome and wanted, so come join us for a new home that promotes unique creativity and understands that roleplay is meant to be fun.

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roswellnmcostumes Been awhile since we had a Malex Monday 👽👽 Crash Con season 2
@cwroswellnm @michaelvlamis @tylerjblackburn #malex Photo by @lajoella 👽👽

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❄ catching snowflakes

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