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#tyler lockwood

Summary: Athena Dumont has finally found a place to call home after many years of foster homes and traveling. She had finally tamed her supernatural side and just wanted to live a normal teenage life. She quickly discovers that there is nothing normal about her hometown, Mystic Falls and gets sucked right back into the supernatural world.

Post Date: 03.31.20

Word count: 4.1k

Based off: 02x09 “Katerina”, 02x10 “The Sacrifice”, 02x11 “By Light of the Moon”

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forwood forwood forwood

AH FORWOOD ASDFGHJKL. Now I am imaging so many things with Tyler and Care as parents, gah my babies deserved a happily ever after.

OTP PARENT MEME: send me a ship & I’ll tell you

  • Who’s the one to wake up the kids: Caroline. Has to wake up the kids, has to wake up Tyler, who also tries to distract her (  😏 ) from the morning chores but man, Care isn’t gonna fall for that, is she? ( Nice try, Lockwood! ) Not that he’s gonna stop trying to steal a few kisses at the least.
  • Who makes breakfast: Caroline on school days and Tyler when they’re off and things are okay to be done a little messily and a little slowly. If Tyler makes breakfast on school days, Caroline intervenes and takes over because she needs things done a certain way and she has to do it herself or it’s not good enough.
  • Who’s the more discipline parent and who’s the more lenient one: Caroline is the strict one and Tyler is super chill. #CoolDad
  • Who helps with the science fair: Tyler is totally into this, spends way too much time helping make the most creative project for the kids.
  • Who does baby talk: Caroline, and on hearing her, Tyler sometimes joins in too. Its contagious.
  • Who wakes up for midnight feedings: Both take turns. But Caroline probably does not trust Tyler to do it by himself at the start and Tyler had a hard time convincing her that he can handle. But at some point tiredness will win over and Care will agree to taking turns and staying in bed when its his turn to feed the baby.
  • Who’s the one who always worries: Caroline worries more for sure.
  • Who picks up the kids early from school for some fun: Tyler. Which makes Caroline go all Tyler!!!!! but she’s easily convinced into joining the fun.
  • Who’s the competitive parent: Haha. Do I even have to answer this?
  • Who kisses the ouches: Caroline. And Tyler probably rolls his eyes at that but thinks its cute.
  • Who’s the sucker for the puppy eyes: Tyler. And they don’t really have to try hard either, he’s easy to convince.
  • Who makes the “dad jokes”: Tyler. It’s his right as a dad, isn’t it? And only his right within the family. Will be offended if Caroline makes any dad jokes. How could she do this??
  • Who embarrasses their kid for fun: Tyler and this will definitely earn him some eye rolls from Care.
  • Who’s the over protective one: Both. Caroline is a bit more in general, and Tyler about the whole werewolf gene thing.
  • Who’s the “take a sweater!” parent: Caroline for sure.
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Summary: Athena Dumont has finally found a place to call home after many years of foster homes and traveling. She had finally tamed her supernatural side and just wanted to live a normal teenage life. She quickly discovers that there is nothing normal about her hometown, Mystic Falls and gets sucked right back into the supernatural world.

Post Date: 03.29.20

Word count: 4.1k

Based off: 02x08 “Rose”

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What Do You Like? - Tyler Lockwood Smut


(not requested bc personally I want more Tyler smut and there is like 2 😭)

“Look at the dress, Ty! I know it doesn’t mean much to you, but I’ve been looking forward to Miss Mystic Falls since I was tiny!” You plopped down next to Tyler on his sofa and showed him a picture of your dress. It was your dream dress and you got it two days ago! Miss Mystic Falls was like 3 months away, but you couldn’t help but get excited.

“It is nice. You’ll look amazing in it more than it just on the hanger.” He smiled at you and you inwardly squealed. His smile made you feel like such a little girl. You had been together for 6 months, but if anyone were to tell a stranger how long you guys have been together, they probably would say years.

Your relationship was so full; you both were constantly doing things together. Trips, fairs, and fancy date nights. Tyler told you he didn’t want your relationship to be like his previous ones; he didn’t want to lose the spark and he’s done a damn good job of making sure that doesn’t happen.

“Thank you for being so supportive. It’s the little things about me that you notice and it’s the best.” You pressed a soft kiss to his delectable lips and you wanted to go back in for another he was so addicting.

“The little things keep us in a good place, Y/N.” He spoke while looking down at your lips. Thankfully, he went back in for another kiss, but Tyler’s kisses were never soft. They were always juicy, or dirty, just downright lustful kisses. When he was mad, when he was sad, or when he was doing fine. “I wanna know more little things about you.” He broke the kiss and trailed them down your neck.

“Mmm, like what?” You felt his hands push you down to lay on the couch and you couldn’t help but laugh at his fast advancement, for wanting to focus on little things.

“What makes you tick…what you like.” His hands slowly rolled up your shirt while placing a hickey on your neck.

“Well,” You laughed more. “I like you.” You bit your lip as he nipped at the love bite.

“You know that’s not what I mean, baby.” His hands gripped the shirt and flew outwards to rip it off of you. Your eyes widened as you looked down to see your boyfriend smirking at you with his eyes as his mouth sucked on your cleavage.

“We’ve had, sex b-before, Ty.” You stuttered, because he looked so freaking good right there. He swirled his tongue around the bite mark he created as his fingers undid the front clasp on the bra.

“We’ve never gotten deeper, yanno? Like, of course I like it when you give me head, and you definitely like it when I return the favor,” He winked and pressed kisses along your abdomen. “but never the specifics. The real, I guess, dirty things.” His fingers undid the button on your jeans and your heart was racing.

“Well shit.” Tyler burst into laughter as he tugged your jeans off of your body. You felt so bare and exposed, even though you were, because of what he wanted from you.

“Or maybe you don’t know all of those things…but I’m gonna find out.” Tyler leaned down to begin a hot make out session with you. He grabbed the back of your thighs had held them up against his hips as he made grinding motions against your core. This was something you and Tyler had made your thing. You never ever in your life wanted to dry hump anyone more than you did when your relationship with Tyler started. The way he controlled his hips…he always knew right where you needed it, and it happened to benefit him as well.

“Right there, Tyler.” He was only wearing sweatpants and you could tell there wasn’t much underneath, because of the way he pressed against your panties. It gave your most sensitive spot enough friction to have you feeling some kind of way.

“I like it when you say my name, Y/N. Say it again.” He murmured against your lips as he pressed his forehead to yours. You felt so intimate in this moment you felt like your head might explode. You didn’t want to force it and it’s like he could tell. His one hand moved up to your breast and pinched your nipple.

“Tyler! Again, please!” You didn’t even know what you were saying until the words flipped off of your tongue. He smirked and gave you a very sensual kiss.

“The little things, baby.” He released your other thigh and brought both of his hands to continue their blissful torture of pinching, squeezing, and rolling your nipples. You thrust your hips up to meet his and you could feel how hard he was.

“You like, turning me on…so much so, that it, turns you on.” You panted between words as you realized why he’s doing what he’s doing. He growled lowly in your ear and it went straight to making you wet.

“Tell me, Y/N. What, do, you, like?” He thrusted onto you between every, single, word.

“If you don’t take my panties off right now, Tyler.” You whispered, fearing you just might ruin them right then and there. His eyes glowed bright golden as he ripped your panties in half to proceed to spread your lower lips.

“Now?” You moaned at the feeling of his rough fingers against you. You gripped his wrist with your hand and slowly dragged his fingers to the cherry on top.

“Make me feel good, Tyler.” You had never spoken his full name more than you had in the past few minutes, and that should speak for itself.

“So fucking wet for me, Y/N.” One finger dipped inside of you, to which you arched your chest against his shirt, promoting even more friction to your sensitive breasts. You were definitely going to explode.

“Please-oh fuck!” He went at your clit with no mercy. You were probably squealing like a goddamn pig, but it only made Tyler want you more.

“You never tell me to do these things, baby. I always want to please you, but I think I get caught up in myself. Chasing my own release…I want to focus on yours. All the different ways I can make you cum.” These words ringing in your ear, rang straight down to your clit as it throbbed underneath his wet torturous fingers.

“Ty, I’m so close.” You whispered in a high pitched tone, afraid that by saying it you would actually do it. He only cooed in your ear.

“Shh, it’s okay. I’m not anywhere near finished, so it’s okay. Cum when you want to, princess. You don’t have to ask right now.” You were in love with this man. That moment spoke enough for you to know you were in it deep. His teeth bit down a little hard on your neck, specifically on a previously placed hickey.

“You’re going, to end me.” Your hips bucked up repeatedly into his blissful givings. “Ah! Ty! F-f-fuck!” You came harder than you ever had in your life and his fingers rubbed slower and slower, whenever your hips thrust up and down, he followed those movements, riding out your high. “Oh my god.” You looked up at the ceiling with tears in your eyes at how fucking good he made you feel.

“You okay?” He continued rubbing you at a slow pace, making your thighs shake. You bit your lip and nodded quickly. If you kept biting your lip it would only bleed, so you released it and let out a shaky moan.

“If it’s gonna be like that…I don’t know if I can-”

“I’ll admit,” His fingers removed themselves from you, letting your body relax. “I kinda dove right in…but we’ll go as slow as you need,” Your eyes met his as he inserted two fingers into his mouth. Your eyes widened at this action, he of course had went down on you, but never had he done that. “Or as fast.” He popped the fingers out of his mouth with a devilish grin. You took a deep breath and mentally shrugged.

“Well, what happens next requires you to remove your clothes, Lockwood.” If his smile could get any wider you knew it would’ve in that moment. He quickly stood off of the couch and stripped from his shirt. He then wrapped an arm under your legs and back and lifted you from the sofa.

“I don’t know what it is, but I feel that it may require more space.” He bound up the stairs with you securely in his arms. You notice that his chest was burning up, but as was your entire being. He made his way to his room, kicking the door shut, and softly laying you on the bed. He stopped for a moment, just watching you get comfortable.

“What?” You laughed nervously. He was a geek sometimes, but you just found out how freaky of a geek he was.

“You are so damn beautiful.” He continued to remove his sweatpants from his body and you squeezed your thighs together. He definitely noticed, because a small smile went to his face. “I feel like I’ll have some trouble getting in there if you block it, baby.” He put his knees on the bed and began to spread yours. “Lemme test this out…” You couldn’t even ask, before he pouted his lips slightly and blew air towards your core.

“Ty…” Your thighs shook against his hand as they attempted to close, but his iron grip wouldn’t allow it. He nodded with a smirk to himself.

“Noted.” He lifted one leg over his shoulder and began peppering kisses onto it. “What’s next, m’lady?” You couldn’t help but laugh at his goofy antics. He probably didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable or vulnerable, giving him everything you could possibily give.

“I want you inside of me.” You bit your lip after saying so, and Tyler quirked up an eyebrow.

“Now what are you up to?” You smiled and smacked his rear. He yelped with wide eyes.

“Hurry it up now.” You teased him. He scooted closer to your core and pressed his length to your opening slowly. “Ty.” You groaned as you were slightly impatient, but the feeling made your insides flutter.

“I can see how wet you are, Y/N. It’s fucking killing me not to just devour you where you lay.” You breath hitched at his comment and you wanted nothing more than that now that he said it.

“Then what are you waiting for?” He looked up at you and you both smiled at the same time. He quickly let down your leg from his shoulder and pushed your knees further apart as he laid in between them.

“Your wish is my command.”

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Matt Donovan Imagine


Originally posted by donovansmatts

Summary: Matt ask you to go to the schools annual bonfire.

Stefan wasn’t the only mysterious new boy. There was also a mysterious new girl. Only you weren’t the talk of the junior class. You were the talk of the sophomore class. Surely enough you were able to catch the attention of a certain Junior boy: Matt Donovan. You didn’t mean to but you looked hopeless and lost and sweet Matty wasn’t just going to leave you like that. “Need some help.” He asked you. You looked up confused and tired. “Yeah I can’t seem to find the field.” You said. “Im on my way there lets go.” Matt smiled at you.
“I’m Y/N.” You introduced yourself. “Matt.” He grinned. “You trying out for cheer?” Matt asked. “No football.” You joked. Matt laughed. “I’m kidding but yeah I’m trying out for cheer.” You said. “Did you do cheer back at you old school?” Matt asked. “No but people at my old school were weird… mean, but I’m hoping this small town can offer me more opportunities.” You smiled. “So assuming from your sports coat you play football?” You asked. “Yeah..” Matt smiled. “Well were here.” Matt said. “Well it was nice meeting you Matt.” You say. “Likewise.” Matt said. You went off to cheer.

“Who’s the new girl?” Bonnie asked as she noticed you were with Matt. “I don’t know but I’m glad Matt seems happier than this morning.” Elena said. “She is coming this way.” Bonnie said. Elena and Bonnie quickly turned away hoping that you didn’t see them looking at new. You causally walked in and took a position. “And you are?” A blond girl asked. “Y/N L/N/” You grinned. “And you must be.” You said. “Only I ask questions.” The blond girl said. “Lets see what you got.” The blond girl challenged. She told you to watch the performance once and then you would join them to see if you got the hang of it. Luckily you were a great observer and a fast learner and got the hang of it in no time. “Wow nice moves I must say you give the team a new shine.” The blond girl came up to you after practice. “Thanks.” You said. “Look I know I was a bit rude earlier but as captain I must put a tough front or none of the girls will ever get the hang of it. I’m Caroline.” She smiled. “Hey usually after practice we go to the Mystic Grill. Would you like to come with us?” Caroline ask. “Sure” You smiled.

“This is Bonnie and this is Elena.” Caroline introduced you to her friends. “Hi” You shyly waved. You turned to see Matt playing pool with a friend. “Who’s the new girl?” Tyler asked. “Her names Y/N and she’s on the cheer team.” Matt said. “You like her?” Tyler asked. Matt blushed a little. “She’s hot, and could also help you get over Elena.” Tyler said as he hit a ball. “She has obviously moved on.” Tyler looked at Stefan who walked in.

“Hey.” Elena looked at Stefan and Stefan sat down. “Stefan this is Y/N and Y/N this is Stefan.” Elena introduced you guys. You shook his hand. “Excuse me I have to use the restroom.” You got up and walked towards the restroom. You went to the bathroom looked in the mirror and freshened up your face.

“Look when she comes out you ask her.” Tyler encouraged Matt. “I like her she’s cute but…” Matt got interrupted. “Go ask her come on it is time for you to move on.” Tyler said. “Your right.” Matt smiled. “I’m going to do it.” Matt said. “Now go get her.” Tyler patted Matt’s back.

“Hey Y/N.” Matt walked up to you. “Hey.” You smiled. “So I was wondering.” Matt stuttered a little. “if maybe you would like to come with me to the bonfire tonight.” Matt said. “Oh sure I would love to.” You smiled. “Great so we meet there or should I pick you up.” Matt asked nervously. “I um pick me up.” You say softly. You gave him your phone number and texted him the address.  

“Finally your back.” Caroline exclaimed. “We were just talking about the bonfire tonight and how you should come.” Bonnie said. “Oh I’m going, um Matt invited me.” You blushed. “Wait Matt Donovan.” Caroline exclaimed. “Yeah” You smiled.


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