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My last four Steven Universe sketchcards are available at a lower price of $35 each. Get them before they’re gone. Email me at zorilita at gmail dot com #stevenuniverse #artisttradingcards #sketchcards #cartoonnetwork #officialart #licensedart #zorilitamarybellamy #zorilita #maybellamy #forsale #artistreturns

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i think ik who ur talking abt and im glad i wasnt the only one uncomfortable. like saying that pan is different than bi (and describing it in a way that implies that bi is excluding????) makes me so dysphoric. like admit u think trans ppl are different from ppl their gender. why r cis ppl like this.


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@ people who hate iida and send u annoying ass asks abt it: we get it! ur boring and tasteless!! tell someone who cares!!!


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