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#types of kisses
absolutebl · 5 months ago
Giving Good Kiss in BL
From an acting perspective there's a good YouTube video on how to kiss and show chemistry on screen plus analysis of some of Hollywood’s most famous kisses. 
But I’m interested in the watcher/critic perspective. So... 
Tumblr media
Let’s smooch it out.
For the purposes of this discussion I am only going to talk about mouth kissing, (AKA sexual intent romantic partner kissing). I’m not going to delve into forehead kissing (worship, benediction, sacred love) or cheek kissing (familial, affection, filial love). 
I think a good kiss (from the viewers perspective) comes down to three things: 
emotional resonance (AKA emotional empathy - heart)
physical reactions (AKA sexual resonance - body)
sympathetic execution (AKA intellectual connection - mind)
In other words, the audience needs to feel that the characters  
like each emotionally 
desire each other physically 
are enjoying it (AKA understand each others needs intellectually)
We kinda wrap it all up under the umbrella term "chemistry." 
Some BL pairs only gets one or two of the three right. Sometimes only one half of the couple is good at any of it. Sometimes it's a miss-match with one actor good at transmitting emotion and the other physical interest. Sometimes this miss-match is intentional because one character is imposing his will in a dominant fashion. in which case the chemistry of the kiss itself is intentionally askew. 
Chemistry involves mental, physical, and emotional comfort levels and transmitting them on screen. 
Tumblr media
That's why the Taiwanese workshopping techniques are so admirable, whatever they do really helps their actors give good all round chemistry. 
Taiwanese BL has its issues but on screen chemistry is NOT one of them. Almost all their pairings are really really good at all three elements. Here’s SamYu from We Best Love workshopping as an example of how to build trust and comfort before kissing scenes. To counter here’s a BTS from Light On Me showing lack of preparation for the final kiss scene. Korea seems to spring kisses on their actors without any effort to get them physically comfortable with each other. You can see why Korean romances (in general) don’t handle kisses well (with a few exceptions, of course).  
Tumblr media
Types of Smooches 
So there are also different kinds of kisses: 
THE DEMANDING KISS (seme to uke, most common in BL) 
One character is clearly in charge, so there is a power imbalance (many viewers find the imbalance itself sexy) and usually a strong seme/uke dynamic. This is not necessarily an imbalance in desire (although it often is for the first kisses), but in character dominance/submission. Sometimes the kiss is talked about or permission is requested beforehand (DeanPharm in UWMA). 
Tumblr media
Both characters want to kiss at the same time, no one is in charge. Harder to execute as the actors have to telegraph unspoken communication usually with eye contact, mouth glances, and breath matching (Jeff & Gameplay in Ingredients did a great job at this type of kiss). 
A good mutual kiss generally only occurs when characters have a weak seme/uke dynamic and high emotional resonance. It’s awesome in slow burn and friends to lovers romances. Taiwan and Korea are particularly good at this kind of kiss. 
Tumblr media
One boy darts forward or pulls the other boy into a surprise kiss which can result in a range of responses from: 
a willing melt to 
a dead fish response (the first kiss in To My Star) to 
a push away and mouth wipe to 
a punch 
From an acting perspective this is the easiest kiss to execute. Sometimes it’s the seme who surprises the uke, but more often it’s the uke relenting that causes this kind of kiss. Both come strongly from a yaoi traditions. The shirt collar (or tie grab) and drag forward is particularly popular. 
Tumblr media
THE LTR KISS (AKA long term relationship kissing) 
In this case kissing in general is clearly something done by the characters on the regular. These kinds of kisses reinforce a love and affection already in place, rather than most of the ones I’ve mentioned which are first/early/establishing kisses. 
Generally speaking, the acting pair has to be really comfortable with each other to make an LTR kiss work, or insanely good actors. It’s rare in BL because sexualized LTRs are rarely represented at all. TayNew are pretty good at this kind of kiss and also SamYu at the end of both seasons of WBL. Acting pairs who have worked together a while and specialize in high heat are also good at this so: MaxTul and MewGulf. The best ones to execute this plus low heat are BothNewyear in Top Secret Together’s episode 13. They are generally great at all the casual touch comfort of an LTR... for obvious reasons (they are an IRL LTR couple). 
Tumblr media
Annoyed fan short-hand for any kiss where the actors fail at all three aspects of chemistry. Sometimes it is entirely understandable (the actors are minors, there has been no workshopping, etc...) but it’s still no fun to watch. Classic examples are PhunNoh in Love Sick and TeeFuse in Make it Right. (MIR even makes a self referential joke about this in Make It Right on the Beach.) 
Tumblr media
This is the kind of kiss where the actors clearly don’t know what to do and/or are uncomfortable with each other, which makes the audience uncomfortable. Usually, they just press firmly closed lips together and the camera pans out and around to the back of the head. Most of the time it’s not intentional. (Which means the actors are transmitting the wrong kind of emotion to the watcher.) Much as I adore Color Rush, it has this kind of kiss. 
Sometimes a dead fish kiss works with the story. The first kisses in To My Star showcase one side of the equation in dead fish mode intentionally. This means that the final kiss, which is very much mutual, has that much more resonance. It was a genius move on Korea’s part. 
Tumblr media
This is when a kiss is used to transmit some other form of emotion, usually the opposite from normal - desperation, loss, despair, sadness. The kiss is neither romantic nor sexual nor sympathetic. It intentionally contrasts the 3 elements that make up good chemistry by activating chemistry in an opposite direction, so that in the moment of the kiss the characters don’t like, desire, or enjoy each. However, the audience needs to feel that they could, or once had, the initial 3 criteria foundation. From an acting perspective this is very difficult to do. The stairwell reunion kiss in Brokeback Mountain is a good example of a non-romantic emotional kiss. 
This kind of kiss is almost never done in BL, or if it is, it’s not done well, because it requires an insane amount of trust between the acting pair and skill from the actor portraying aggressor to maintain audience sympathy. (The other kind of kiss that intentionally avoids the 3 core elements of chemistry is the kind that is a violent act of non-consent.) 
The best example of a non-romantic but super emotional kiss is THAT kiss in We Best Love: Fighting Mr. Second and it was (and still is) contentious because the treads the consent line. In my experience of BL so far, only Japan (His is another great example) and Taiwan have ever really used this kiss. 
Tumblr media
How to put this? Well, there’s usually tongue involved and it’s mostly emphasizing the physical aspect of a clearly sexual relationship - it’s hella gay. Very few Thai, Vietnamese, or Korean pairs do high heat kissing. Lots of early Chinese pre-censorship did and some of the darker stuff from Japan still does. Only Taiwan consistently puts this kind of kiss into their BL.  
Tumblr media
Why is BL so obsessed with MewGulf? Well the actors were consistently excellent at all 3 elements of a good kiss and gave high heat kisses. Because of them we genuinely believed that Tharn & Type: 
liked each emotionally
desired each other physically
and enjoyed it (AKA understood each others needs intellectually)
Individually both Mew and Gulf transmitted this to the audience, and together as a couple they also managed to do so. The short hand is... they had great chemistry. (Incidentally, Mew has good chemistry with other partners. He did high heat successfully in What the Duck too.) 
ZeeSaint were pretty good at all of it as well, but they excelled at elements 2 & 3 in particular. 
Tumblr media
MaxTul in the later parts of the Together series and in Manner of Death were also excellent allrounders. 
The friends to lovers dynamic is particularly good at moving characters towards all three aspects, because 1 & 3 are already established, only the physical is required to shift the dynamic into a romantic relationship. Personally, I’m a fan of this dynamic pivot occurring because of a one night stand or drunken kiss expressly because it can be that tipping point and it makes the sexual encounter particularly charged (Second Chance and 2 Moons 2 both used this approach).  
Tumblr media
Singto and Krist in SOTUS, on the other hand had 1. great emotional resonance but 2. poor physical reactions (especially Krist) and 3. weak execution. Their couple comes off as kind of ace as a result. 
The characters clearly liked each other but equally clearly the actors don't wanna kiss each other, so when they do on screen they don't seem to enjoy it, and they can’t seem to stop that from showing to viewers. 
Tumblr media
Some pairs can be really good at transmitting elements 1 + 3 (which is emotional affection and intellectual couple connection) but not great at the physical/sexual component. 
This style of approach is becoming more and more common in Thai BL. And is legally mandated by censorship in modern Chinese BL (such as it is). 
Tumblr media
The industry term for this kind of heat level is sweet romance. 
Which is to say, the physical aspect of the relationship is deemed less important than the other two (overtly, or simply through lack of representation). 
Watchers find this easy to forgive (and many prefer it) because we are trained to accept sweet romance in most romcoms and/or come from sexually repressed and prudish backgrounds. Or, ya know, are heterosexuals who think the gays kissing is “cute” but really don’t want to think about anything more than a kiss. 
(Yes there’s more going on here, but I’m not unpacking a history of queer cinema for ya, or the repressed machinations of your personal psyche, we’re just talking kisses here.) 
Tumblr media
Do I think sweet romance is morally or ethically wrong? 
Nope. Not at all. Color Rush is one of my favorite BLs of all time, it has very poor chemistry and a dead fish kiss. Oxygen is the ultimate sweet romance and I love it even though the lead pair’s chemistry is all over the place. TharnType is one of the highest heat best chemistry BLs in existence and I can’t even begin to count the number is problems I have with it. 
Being critical of something does not mean you must forbid yourself from loving it. That too is a kind of chemistry. Understanding and accepting our own relationship with (and comfort taken from) these narratives is what I’m after. 
Tumblr media
* A quick note from the production side. I don’t know how exactly this works in Asian production houses, but kisses can be expensive. Like literally. Often there are contract clauses indicating how many and how intimate they are, and with which other actors. Which is why we see main couples kiss but not side couples. Or the reverse, if side actors are particularly cheap, they might kiss more. 
Tumblr media
The Damage Done By Uneven Chemistry 
But there is other stuff going on to with low heat BL, culturally and narratively. 
Diminishing the high heat aspects and the overtly gay physical connection of couple chemistry has tons of inadvertent messaging attached. Not just anti-sex. 
It makes the gay-for-you more obvious (the characters don’t really desire each other, they just love each other so much they’re willing to make an exception to their “natural” inclinations AKA it’s okay because it’s you) *sigh* 
It makes the characters seem less gay over all. Because heaven forfend they be actually gay and want to screw each other. 
When physical relations are required, they are shrouded in an aura of “I just can’t help myself, he’s too cute” desperation, which inevitably leads to drunken dubious or non-consensual situations. (Because if they actually wanted each other in a healthy way = too gay.)
It’s easier on the actors to lean towards bromance over gay. 
It encourages an international audience’s assumption that certain Asian countries are sexually repressed. 
It plays nice with a homophobic audience and censorship.
On a mercenary level, less sexiness = more acceptable time slots, age ratings, distribution, and reach. 
It’s so much the norm in Thai BL, that when high heat good chemistry does show up, audiences freak out and immature minds assume the actors must be in a relationship themselves because it couldn’t possibly be that they’re, ya know, ACTORS who are GOOD AT THEIR JOBS. 
My little queer arse is gonna take a few breaths and calm down now. 
But I do think game shows, interviews, and IRL skinship obsession is juvenile at best and stupidly damaging and hurtful to the talent at worse. It reminds me of those people who yell at actors in supermarkets because they play the baddie on a daytime soap opera. 
You do know how to separate reality and fiction, right? Oh wait, this is the internet. Probably not. 
Tumblr media
Imma talk about Lovely Writer for a mo. 
Lovely Writer is consciously trying to correct for a TON of wrongs that sweet romance in BL, uneven chemistry, and Thai BL in general, has wrought over the years. Pretty much all those messages I listed above? Lovely Writer is attempting to rectify: 
Gene is explicitly not gay-for-you. 
It's making it clear the couple wants to screw each other.
It’s putting consent front and center.
This is tough on both actors, but they are stepping up to the plate as much as possible. 
It's actively battling ideas around Asians being sexually repressed, and it did this particularly well with the family coming out sequence.
It's challenging homophobic audiences and censorship.
It’s risking good time slots, broad age ratings, distribution, and reach because of this. 
It’s directly pointing out the damage IRL skinship and fan stalker behavior can do to actors personally and professionally. 
Which is why shipping KaoUp is kinda stomach churning and pretty flipping disgusting. Do not comment, just unfollow if you disagree. I don’t want to hear justification for obsessive objectification; celebrity fetishization; demonized sexualization; public outing; touch shaming; or diminishment of a popular performer’s privacy, agency, or autonomy as a result of their job. 
In conclusion: 
Tumblr media
Best Kisses in BL? 
(Main couples only. Kisses only. This is not an assessment of the quality of the drama itself, or whether I personally enjoyed it.)
Be Loved In House: I Do (Taiwan) 
Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese (Japan) 
Golden Blood (Thai) 
HIStory Obsessed (Taiwan)
HIStory 2 Crossing the Line (Taiwan)
HIStory 2 Right or Wrong (Taiwan) 
HIStory 3 Make Our Days Count (Taiwan - both couples)
HIStory 3 Trapped (Taiwan - both couples)
HIStory 4 Close to You (Taiwan - both couples) 
Ingredients (Thai)
Just Friends? (Korea)
Like In The Movies (Pinoy)
Long Time No See (Korea)
Lovely Writer (Thai) 
Manner of Death (Thai)
My Day (Pinoy)
Most Peaceful Place Is You (Vietnam)
Pornographer series (Japan)
Second Chance (Thai - both couples) 
TharnType 1 & 2 (Thai)
To My Star (final kiss only - Korea)
Together with Me (Thai)
Until We Meet Again (Thai - all couples) 
Why R U? (Thai - both couples)
We Best Love 1 & 2 (Taiwan)
Y-Destiny (Thailand - some of the couples) 
You Are Ma Boy (Vietnam)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m watching a few right now that might make this list in the future. 
Tumblr media
Here’s me being silly about this: Chef de Smooching - Recipes for BL Iron Chef Thailand 
And more bits and bobs about boys kissing boys
Early Thai BL’s issues with kissing, and how MaxTul broke the mold and deserve awards 
More about workshopping kissing scenes - SamYu and Taiwan’s approach (as opposed to others) and why/how its done from a production standpoint (plus more on MaxTul) 
Top Ten Best Kisses from Taiwanese BL (in other words, the best of the best) 
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rowema-ravenclaw · 8 months ago
Hi! Can you write headcanons on how you think kissing/making out with Harry would be like? You are so talented at writing so I'm gonna leave it up to your imagination. I hope you have the best day! Don't forget to drink water lol
okay just to preface this i’ve never kissed anyone so if something is wrong idk what to tell you i warned you lmfao
okay anyways im doing this in more than one part because i feel bad i don’t have a fic ready and want to make up for it
warnings: swearing, kissing, necking, hickeys, sexual implications(?)
different types of kisses with harry james potter:
mornings -
definitely woke up cuddling with your bodies tangled together (i like to picture him on his back, me on my side with my arm across his chest and leg over his hips and my head in the little junction between his shoulder and his chest and his arm wrapped around me but you do you)
waking him up by pressing soft kisses all over his face, especially his scar and his nose (and probably all over the marks on his neck from the night before if you catch my drift)
once he wakes up he probably has this soft smile and he tilts his head a little so instead of kissing his cheek he finally gets you to kiss him on the mouth
probably a little messy seeing as you’re both groggy and he doesn’t have his glasses on (he’s legally blind without them we already knew that)
just totally innocent, sleepy cuddling and soft pecks
in public -
i feel like harry would definitely like moderate pda but he’d be very shy about it
he’d hold your hand though or wrap his arm around your shoulders/waist
if you wanted to do more you’d have to initiate it but once you did he’d get into it
some of my fav scenarios are studying in the library
(and we all know how terrible harry’s work ethic is)
so you came up with the idea to reward him with a kiss every time he got a question for your Potions test coming up correct
it was definitely working
until harry pulled you back in by your jaw as you turned away
and five minutes later you still hadn’t moved on to the next question
you probably would have stayed there with harry pulling you onto his lap and leaving hot, open-mouthed kisses down your neck if madame pince hadn’t found you two and kicked you out
ALSO convincing him to get frisky on the common room couch during your free period when it empties out? yes please!!
he would definitely be too nervous to be on top so you’d straddle his waist while he laid flat on his back on the cushions
his hands would be too shy to grip your ass so he would squeeze your thighs instead
putting your hands on his chest/abs and feeling them tense up? stop it rn oh my fucking god
the kissing probably wouldn’t be too intense, definitely open mouth and a little tongue though (mans is good with his tongue don’t lie to yourself)
his cheeks would get so red if you two got caught
and he’d run his fingers through his hair a bunch of times so it’d be sticking up even more than usual after a makeout
after a fight/angsty type shit:
*i picture this specific scenario happening in fifth year*
so he got really short with you and just said something out of the blue
like “jesus, y/n i’m fine, alright? just go away. you’re not fucking helping. i’d be better off without you anyway”
idk i’m not that good at writing angst but you get the gist like something really hurtful that he knew would get you right in the heart
the two of you would probably ignore each other for a few days
and then one day you’re late for class and you’re hurrying down an empty corridor and then suddenly somebody’s grabbing your wrist and pulling you around a shadowy corner
it takes a few seconds for your eyes to adjust
and then you see harry standing in front of you with his hair all ruffled and you know he’s been running his hands through it and probably pulling on it like he always does when he’s upset
“harry what the hell-?”
and then his lips are crashing onto yours
and his hands are tangled in your hair
your palms are pressed against his cheeks, fingertips grazing the hair poking out just above his ear
i’d say less tongue and more teeth like not a painful amount but it’s more just the feeling of your mouths moving against each other and connecting
and then he’s pulling away and he’s on his knees with your hands clasped in his shaking ones, spewing apology after apology
“god, y/n, i’m so sorry i’m such an idiot”
“i didn’t mean a single word of it, you have to know that”
“i was just saying shit to say it and i know that doesn’t make up for it”
“but please you have to believe me i never meant to hurt you”
“you’re the one thing in this insane fucking world i could never live without”
“i’m so sorry. you deserve to hate me but... is there any way you’ll ever be able to forgive me?”
you kneel down, too, so you’re face to face with him
and you can see dried tear stains on his cheeks
and the fear in his eyes because he doesn’t know what the fuck is happening to him and why he’s so angry all the time and why he would lash out at you of all people
and then you’re kissing him again
but it’s soft and slow this time and he’s melting into your arms that are wrapped around his neck
when you pull away you stay in each other's arm with your back against the wall and harry next to you with his head buried in your chest while you whisper comforts and sweet nothings in his ear
“i could never hate you”
“you know how much i love you, don’t you?”
“i love you so, so much”
“it’s going to be alright, my love, i promise”
full on make outs:
more often than not your intense make outs are in his dorm because it’s where both of you feel most comfortable
i feel like it would depend on both of your moods whether or not he was on top or bottom
but let's just say harry’s feeling confident today
you definitely started out just talking about this or that on his bed
most likely cuddling
and you would be talking and notice he was just staring at you with this soft smile on his face
“why are you looking at me like that?”
“i like watching you talk”
“i talk all the time dummy”
“i know that’s the best part”
you’d laugh and try to hide your smile
he’d notice and be like “what? did i get you all flustered?”
and you’d shut him up by kissing him (sorry it’s such a cute cliche i couldn’t help it)
it’d be soft at first (i feel like most kisses with harry would start out soft y’know?)
and then harry would get some confidence and start using tongue
he’d be surprised when you pulled him on top of you even if it wasn’t your first time doing that
he would fs do that hand thing where his hands like run up your forearms/wrists and then kinda spread your palm flat before interlacing your fingers (does this make sense or do i sound like a crazy person??)
harry definitely likes kissing your lips more than anything else because he likes that you both can have some control and he doesn’t have to take all the responsibility or vice versa
^^(i think him being a switch stems from him always getting either too much pressure or being left in the dark, sometimes at the same time, like in fifth year or horcrux hunting but i could just be over analyzing shit idk)
he definitely doesn’t mind necking tho
you would have to break the kiss first because that man would let his lungs explode before pulling away
i feel like he wouldn’t mind you giving him hickeys but he probably gets really red when ron or one of the twins points them out
^^would so do the neck thing guys do when they’re nervous like they kinda rub the back of their neck and then let their elbow drop and their head tilt back (please i'm blushing even thinking about it)
okay anyways back to his bed
so you’re kissing his neck maybe sucking a little you know the vibe
once you’re done you’d kiss him on his lips again because you know how much he likes it
when you pull away he’d dip his head down a little but he’d kinda pause and look up at you to make sure
if you did want him to, you’d thread one of your hands through his hair and guide him down to your neck
your hands would most likely be in his hair, on his shoulders/chest, cupping his cheeks, or interlaced with his
harry’s hands would probably be interlaced with yours (i like to think his favorite thing to do is hold hands just in general), but if they weren’t they’d either be cupping your jaw or on your thighs/waist
definitely likes his lip bitten and hair pulled (especially when he’s a sub)
likes licking your bottom lip (i’m telling you that boy’s tongue is something special)
pulls back just a few centimeters (so your lips still brush) every once in a while for a few seconds to smile, get a quick breath, or admire you
after the fact, while you both calm down and catch your breaths, he likes to run his fingers through your hair
the fact that this is so long because it’s all i think about please
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jeonwonwoo · 6 months ago
you know what we should be talking about more? more kisses for u all thats what
u got ur slow and drawn out kisses. where neither wants to let go. warm and passionate.
oh then there’s goodbye kisses. the realisation and the look in the other’s eyes of letting go. tears running down cheeks and hands ghosting on cheeks.
u prob also want morning kisses. waking up next to your significant other and pulling them up and capturing their lips to yours.
love me some spirit kisses. light and feathery over the face. small and quick. running out the door after.
i’d prob pass away on the spot after sudden kisses. in the middle of a sentence. catching the other’s lips and pulling them into your arms.
hehe n what about neck kisses. fluttering down necks to the collar bone. dusting over the breastbone and staying there.
controversial but nose kisses. a small peck. kind and sweet. an adoring look for the other in their eyes.
and bc we love angst there’s the frustrated kisses. knowing that one has to go. enveloping their arms around the other and holding foreheads together.
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byeongsung · a year ago
Tumblr media
Types of kisses with 𝒜𝒯𝐸𝐸𝒵
Hongjoong // Seonghwa // Yunho // Yeosang // San // Mingi // Wooyoung // Jongho
Summary: His three favourite places to kiss you and his three favourite places to be kissed.
Warning: Some of these may contain adult content, the ones that do include it have been labelled with an (M) or with the word suggestive.
𝒮𝑒𝑜𝓃𝑔𝒽𝓌𝒶'𝓈 three favourite places to kiss you
➟ 𝓝𝓮𝓬𝓴 (Suggestive)
He loves marking you and your neck is one of his favourite places to do it. He knows how weak it makes you and he loves to use that to his advantage, placing kisses and leaving marks on your neck to hear you moan. He also loves how all he has to do is stand behind you, wrap his arms around your waist, kiss your neck for you to completely submit to him.
➟ 𝓕𝓸𝓻𝓮𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓭
He finds this to be the softest form of affection he can do to you. It makes you giggly when he does it, but he himself finds himself smiling uncontrollably after doing it. Hugging you and kissing your forehead is like a natural routine for him, but no matter how much he tries he can never stop himself from smiling during it.
➟ 𝓛𝓲𝓹𝓼
This is probably his top favourite place. He makes a habit to kiss you before and after doing certain things.Such as a soft kiss goodbye when he stays with you and has to leave the next morning, the gentle peck as a hello present when you first see each other and sneaky giggly kisses when you're alone literally doing nothing. He just loves kissing you and isn't ashamed of it.
𝒮𝑒𝑜𝓃𝑔𝒽𝓌𝒶'𝓈 three favourite places to be kissed
➟ 𝓝𝓮𝓬𝓴 (M)
I did use neck for the other category but I couldn't stop myself. It helps him relax, feeling your lips trailing over his sensitive skin just Causes him to let out pretty sighs of relaxation and please. One thing he really does adore is when you straddle and sit on his thigh's, wrap your hand around his cock and press kisses around his neck. Getting him off in such a manor just turns him on more but neither of you complain.
➟ 𝓗𝓲𝓹𝓼 (M)
Since marking his neck is a big no, you managed to find somewhere that you could before inception happened. His hips. He enjoys looking in the mirror and seeing them too. They give him reminders of what happened the previous nights and the surreal image of you covering his body in marks before sucking him off.
➟ 𝓙𝓪𝔀
He finds it softer and more intimate than kissing his neck, although he loves both. Kisses on his jew tend to happen when you are cuddling, moving slightly just to press a kiss there whilst you're watching something together, It is almost like a gentle reminder that you're still there.
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reverielix · 7 months ago
Kissing prompts
A surreal seeming kiss where both keep their eyes closed for a breath after and furrow their brows.
Person A traces Person B’s jaw beginning from their ear only to pull their chin closer for a kiss
From candlelight to mellow beats—everything’s a little better when you plan it.
Hand kisses, Person A looking up to Person B
“You did a great job!”—a congratulation kiss to the cheek
French kisses and one person traces the other’s teeth with their tongue as if to memorize every detail of their lover.
A kiss shared in a narrow alleyway
Kisses during which one person is pressed against a wall while the other presses against them.
Soft and sleepy kisses shared on the couch with a hoodie on.
Smiles pressed against each other, they’ve waited for long.
Neck kisses where the pulse is.
Person A pulls away from the kiss only to bite and pull on Person B’s lips and look them in the eyes.
Silent and delicate kisses shared in the comfort of somebody’s room.
Red; passion, anger, love and warning. A kiss unpredictable yet for long so obvious. (enemies to lovers)
A kiss that lingers on their lips even after years of being apart.
A reluctant, accidental seeming kiss where the person kissed is confused at first but then goes in for another.
Kisses dreamt of while staring at their lips—and being caught.
Salty kisses where one person lets their guard down to comfort the other.
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sxftkxssxs · 8 months ago
Types of kisses they like
Characters - Razor, Albedo, and Bennett,
Warnings - None,
Tumblr media
Forehead and cheek kisses
“I just think theyre neat”
No rlly he’s so sweet and pretty i just see these as what he knows he likes
He might be a little rough with verbally showing his appreciation but the grin he gets after a little peck on the cheek djfksdkjfls
Razor is the sweetest and you better kiss him before I do istg
Neck kisses and Hand kisses kinda man
He seems so elegant when he does them to its so unfair
Neck kisses are probably the excuse to tease you
Smh prolly makes some sciency excuse for them 
Hand kisses happen if you two hold hands, he greets you after you’ve been out too long, that sort of thing.
Lip kisses and forehead kisses
Bennett hasn’t had much affection for a long time because of his bad luck
Pls give him all your attention when you can he’s such a sweetie
He is so sweet with them too, 
He’s just putty in your hands when you give him a lil smooch
Tumblr media
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eudemon-ia · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
types of kisses
Tumblr media
1. kissing someone’s bruises, scratches or cuts
2. kissing the top of their head
3. kissing their nose
4. peppering kisses all over their face
5. smiling into the kiss
6. kissing their palm
7. shoulder kisses
8. temple kisses
9. lips barely touching
10. kisses in the corner of their mouth
11. giggly kisses
12. eyelid kissing
13. jaw kisses
14. tummy kisses
15. kissing each finger
16. collarbone kisses
17. rushed kisses
18. distracting kisses
19. kisses in the rain
Tumblr media
please feel free to use as long as appropriate crediting is applied
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gureishi · 7 months ago
A little extra motivation to start our week what would be Saeyoung’s favorite way to kiss you and why??
Eeeeee!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Welllllll~ I feel like anybody who’s read any of my writing knows how I feel about Saeyoung and the earlobe kiss. That boy will NIBBLE your earlobe. Gently chomp. Sensual? Check. Teasing? Check. Adorable? Check. It’s just...aaahhh.
I cracked up when I saw that the list has a kiss called “the big tease.” Kissing and biting and covering your partner’s body with your lips for hours and hours till they’re just trembling, whimpering, begging for more? Yeah, that’s...that’s a Saeyoung move for sure.
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self-ship-art-doodles · 3 months ago
2. What kinds of kisses are your favorites? What kinds are your f/o’s favorites? (Lips, cheek, hand, etc.)
For Bombshell & Captain!
Bombshell loves all kinds of kisses! But he does like cheek and forehead kisses~
Captain is stubborn to admit he likes kisses, but he mostly just likes kissing on the lips. But, he does like it if one of his partners kisses a wound he has, he finds it cute and endearing, but won't admit it~
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cozyteez · a year ago
types of kisses w/ yeosang
alright lads strap in we doing top 3 yeosang kisses lets gO
first kiss;
oh my god ur first kiss w yeosang was full of nerves !! baby boy was so nervous !!
butterflies in his tummy
tingles in his finger tips
apples of his cheeks were a little bit warmer than usual
oh boy but he knew he had to kiss you he had to
because as nervous as he was you were too pretty not to be kissed right then at the end of your first date because he wanted it to be the first of many many many dates to come
so he walked you to your door as your conversation died down n he looks away and very shyly asks if he could maybe kiss you maybe but onlyifyouwantto
and when you respond "please do" oh boy do his eyes light up
n then he breaks into a nervous giggle because ohmygoshitshappeningwe'regonnakissohmanohmanohman
so he leans in and closes his eyes at the last second as he smushes his lips onto yours in the clumsiest, cutest way possible
it only lasts for a couple of seconds because his laugh is so contagious that now youre laughing too
but it kinda dies down when he starts to stare at your lips again because wow theyre even softer than they look
and u lean in and kiss him again, this time more gently and it feels so good and so right
it wasnt rushed or heated because it didnt need to be, it felt like the first kiss of many more to come
so you pulled away and said goodnight before walking inside, leaving poor yeosang all lovestruck and dizzy on your doorstep
excited kisses;
yeosang has a silly streak so i think sometimes when he's rlly happy or excited he'll kiss you
just won a really hard video game ?? smooch for you !!
give him a present ?? he'll give u a kissie as a thank you !!
tell him good news ?? you guessed it: mwah !!
basically any time he reacts in a really happy and excited way he's gonna have an urge to kiss you and will most likely act on it
even if u guys are in public because these kisses arent really sexual theyre 100% affectionate and quick and sweet
maybe if other ppl are around he'll go for the cheek tho
lazy kisses;
in the most affectionate way possible i think yeosang is a lazy kisser
not like in a "lays there like a dead fish" way
i mean like his favorite kisses are kisses leading to no where in particular
the kind of kisses where both parties are maybe just a tad sleepy
both of you are in comfy clothes, maybe in bed in pajamas
n he looks over at you and he can't help it man you just look so soft and warm and inviting
so he leans over and gives u a smoochie
and so you give him one back
then one thing leads to another and you're on his lap kissing him for who knows how long
maybe it had been five minutes maybe an hour who's to say
all yeosang knows is that he feels comfy and loved and like he could stay like this forever
and by god will he try . he will whine when you get too sleepy to continue and probably keep kissing your neck until he's also too tired to keep going
honestly could see him dozing off in the middle of smth like this, especially if its right before bed
anyways his hands just kinda move all over your body, mostly up and down your sides
his eyes will be closed the whole time like even if u pull back for a second he'll chase your lips w a cute pout and his eyelashes laying prettily atop his cheeks
these kisses only happen when ur sitting somewhere like on a couch or bed because you'll lean almost your whole body weight onto each other
just his lips softly moving against yours, almost too slowly but not quite
just slow enough to stop time for a while
i think he'd stick to the lips only unless you're too sleepy to kiss back or he wants it to go further, only then will he move to the neck and other areas
yeosang is a man of class only the slightest bit of tongue is used
especially because ideally he'd kiss like this for hours and he doesnt want saliva everywhere
when he finally tires himself out he looks rlly pretty w flushed cheeks and slightly swollen cherry colored lips
always has a big dopey smile on his face when all is said and done
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imnotasuperhero · a year ago
After kisses with Wanda i NEED kisses with Yelena (but pls not shy!yelena cause im shy sorry) 😂💕💕
Yelena would probably be the kind of kisser who will be all stolen kisses and very little PDA and whatnot because.. she has a façade to keep.
Yes, f a ç a d e. Because as soon as you both are alone, her soft barely-there kisses would evolve into this kind of hungry kiss she can't have enough of. "It's because you're always munching on sweet things," she'd excuse herself with but you know it's a lie.
But you'd never start a banter so you just let her believe she won. U n t i l you find the right opportunity and show her that you have the upper hand. That, if having her kissing you after she's came on your mouth is proof enough. Or when you just woke up. The assassin is a hoe for kisses and she knows she can't hide it from you (is the reason she's always chewing gum when she can't kiss you whenever she wants)
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barnes-dameron · a year ago
Types of Kisses
#8 Kiss on the Stomach: I’m Ready
Tumblr media
*not my gif*
Steve Rogers x reader
The distance from the banquet to the hotel room was relatively short, but the time it took to get there seemed like a lifetime. Steve could feel the anticipation build up in his stomach, but he was brought back to Earth when feeling the gentle, reassuring squeeze that you gave him. His confidence came back. He stood straighter. He walked confidently. He was ready. 
Steve’s eyes traced over your figure, admiring every single curve. From the heels that you wore to the top of your head, his pupils grew with lust. The tightness in his pants growing by the second. He needed you more than anything. He needed you now. 
He watched as you pulled out the key card to your room, and open the door into the dark threshold. As soon as the two of you were in the room, he couldn’t help himself anymore. Steve pulled you into his arms, and kissed you with such a passion that it even surprised himself. Your lips were smooth and sweet against his; an intoxicating taste that he’d grown addicted to. His hands ran from your shoulders all the way to the swell of your butt. He gave an experimental squeeze, and was pleased to hear the moan that came from you. 
His lips left yours, and traveled down to the column of your neck. He licked and sucked at the spot that he knew was your weakness. Steve felt your hands grip his suit jacket, and heard another moan that drove him wild. His hands traveled up your back and found your dress zipper. Without losing his concentration on your neck, Steve pulled down your zipper. 
The dress slipped down your figure, leaving you only in your panties. Steve pulled away from your neck and looked at you. His eyes traveled over your body, admiring your curves, birthmarks, scars.Tiny details that made you more beautiful. 
It was all he could muster out. He was in awe. He watched you smile and step closer to him. You pressed your lips to his, and grabbed the front of his suit jacket and eased it off his shoulders. Steve was brought back to the present. He gripped your waist as your nimble fingers undid his shirt buttons. Steve was lost as his lips fell in sync with yours and his hands traveled your body. 
Steve held you close, your bare chest pressed to his as he walked you backwards. The back of your knees hit the bed, and Steve gently lowered you down. He broke away from your mouth and returned to your neck. He heard you whine and moan as well as feel your hips grind up to his. 
“Steve,” you moaned, the noise driving him crazy already. 
He broke away from your neck and settled his face in between your legs. He brought his hands up and tore the fabric of your panties, causing you to yelp in surprise. Steve heard your breath quicken as he licked a stripe up your wet pussy. Your moans spurred him on as his dipped his tongue to tease your clit. You chanted his name over and over again like a prayer as he continued. Steve felt your hand his hair, pulling in motion with his tongue. He switched back and forth, dipping his tongue inside you and licking your clit. Your taste was intoxicating. 
“Steve,” you panted. “Please, I’m close.”
He pulled away when he heard you. Your body was coated with a thin layer of sweat, your pupils blown. Steve’s pants grew tighter. He wanted you, and he wanted you right now. 
He quickly unzipped his pants, and kicked them off along with his shoes and socks. Steve was about to reach for his underwear until your hands got there first. His eyes snapped up to look into yours, and he couldn’t help the blush that crept up his neck. He watched your hand disappear into his underwear, and he wasn’t able to stop the moan that escaped his mouth as your hand wrapped around his hard length. Your other hand gripped the waistband of his underwear, and pulled it down, freeing his cock. 
You made a movement, and Steve suspected that you were about to go on your knees. But instead, Steve held your upper arms and then gently moved you back onto the bed. Steve wanted this to be special because it was you, the woman he loves. 
Steve leaned forward, covering your body with his as he hovered over you. He met his lips with yours, the most intimate gesture you two shared before tonight. His hands gripped your hips, maybe a little too harshly but he couldn’t hold it in anymore. Steve moved his lips away from you and moved them towards your ear.
“Are you ready?” he asked. 
He wanted to be sure. He needed the reassurance that you wanted this just as much as he did. 
“Yes,” you breathed out. “And you?”
Steve moved away from your ear, and traveled down the bed to be eye level with your stomach. He placed a kiss onto your stomach, all the while looking into your eyes. He knew that you understood what he meant by that gesture. I’m ready.
You smiled at him as Steve traveled his way back up your body and placed his head near yours. Steve’s heart pounded but not out of fear or nervousness, but out of anticipation and passion. Steve moved his hips, and aligned his length to your entrance. He pushed forward, and groaned from the tightness of your pussy. He never felt anything more pleasurable in his life. He wanted to start off slow and gentle, but in the end he couldn’t help himself. He pounded into you, grunting all the while. Every moan that came from you spurred Steve on. 
“Oh God, Y/N,” Steve grunted out. “You feel so good.”
Your pussy squeezed around him in such a perfect way that made him feel blissful. Steve moved his head away from your neck to your breasts; breasts that he couldn’t help but kiss and suck onto. He held one nipple in his mouth, rolling it with his tongue as his hand tweaked and rolled the other one. He switched breasts after a while, but he could sense the over-stimulation that you were feeling. Steve moved away from your breast, however keeping a hand on one to squeeze from time to time, and placed his head in between the juncture of your neck and shoulder. 
Steve felt something grow within, something ready to snap. He couldn’t help but thrust into you harder and faster. 
“Y/N,” he panted out. “I’m close.”
“Me too,” you sighed. He could tell. Your pussy was squeezing him harder, and your heart was beating faster and faster. Listening to his head, Steve thought he should pull out now and pleasure you with his mouth to get your climax. However, listening to his heart, Steve wanted nothing more than to finish inside you and bring you both to orgasm. “Steve, come inside me.”
He didn’t need to be told twice. Steve gripped your hips tighter, probably leaving bruises in its wake. He pounded into you, grunting and relishing in your heat. 
“Oh Steve!” 
He felt you squeeze tight around him and your juices bursting forth to coat his cock. It wasn’t long after that Steve let loose and his searing hot cum shot deep into you, coating your walls. You were now his, and his only. There was no way in hell that Steve would let you go now. There would be no other woman that could make him feel as good as you did just now. 
Steve let a breath out, pulled out, even though he didn’t want to, and collapsed next to you on the bed. His chest rose and fell as he looked over at you. You were absolutely gorgeous. The sweat coming from your body made you glow and shimmer in the moonlight coming from the open window. Your hair was splayed across the pillow, and your eyes were blown wild with passion. You were beautiful. 
“How do you feel?” Steve asked, wanting to make sure he wasn’t too rough or if he accidentally hurt you without him knowing. 
“Great,” you breathed out. “That was best feeling of my life.”
Steve smiled, and leaned over to place a kiss on your lips. He slipped his fingers into your hair, and breathed in your scent: perfume, sweat, and cum. 
“I love you, Steve,” you whispered against his lips. 
Steve didn’t need to say anything to you. He knew that you understood him just by his gestures. From day one since he met you, he communicated everything he wanted to tell but just couldn’t through the small gestures he showed you. Steve placed a kiss on your hand. I adore you.
He placed a kiss on your cheek. You’re my best friend.
He placed a kiss on your forehead. I hope we’re together forever.
He placed a kiss on your ear. You’re my everything.
He placed a kiss on your shoulder. I want you.
He placed a kiss on your stomach. I’m ready.
And then placed a kiss on your lips. And I love you. 
Steve will never stop showering you with kisses that night and all the days following that.
Types of Kisses Taglist: @dramaqueenarg​ @the-saviour-from-gryffindor​@millenialpoems  @infinityisrightthere​
Steve Rogers Masterlist: @patzammit​ @troublermalik​
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byeongsung · a year ago
Tumblr media
Types of kisses with 𝒜𝒯𝐸𝐸𝒵
Hongjoong // Seonghwa // Yunho // Yeosang // San // Mingi // Wooyoung // Jongho
Summary: His three favourite places to kiss you and his three favourite places to be kissed.
Warning: Some of these may contain adult content, the ones that do include it have been labelled with an (M) or with the word suggestive.
𝒴𝓊𝓃𝒽𝑜'𝓈 three favourite places to kiss you
➟ 𝓕𝓸𝓻𝓮𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓭
He is tall, even if you match or are near his height he still loves doing this. It's such an soft and affectionate action and it is something he does often. It is a very normal act, If he is leaving you he will quickly kiss your forehead before going, if you're sleepy and cuddling him, he will lean down and press a soft kiss there to see you smile softly and cuddle further into him.
➟ 𝓝𝓮𝓬𝓴 (M)
Can have different meanings, one being soft, giggly pecks being Iittered on your neck as he back hugs you enel sways you both side to side. The other being when he has his cock deep inside of you, fucking you into your mattress in missonary. Forearms either side of your head as he rests his in your neck and ruins it with pretty hickies and sinful sounds.
➟ 𝒲𝓇𝒾𝓈𝓉
Another incredibly soft act. He adores holding your hand, bringing them up to his lips so he can kiss the back of them. He likes to trail kisses from there to your wrist, looking at you as he presses the softest kisses there, sometimes Letting out whispers of love and affection between them.
𝒴𝓊𝓃𝒽𝑜'𝓈 three favourite places to be kissed
➟ 𝓝𝓮𝓬𝓴 (M)
He just loves feeling your lips on his neck, when you straddle him and kiss down his neck; riding him and biting down on the skin of his neck to keep yourself quiet. It all drives him completely insane In the best ways.
➟ 𝐹𝒾𝓃𝑔𝑒𝓇𝓈 (M)
As i stated in his, he loves holding hands. He loves When you bring his hard to your lips and kiss his fingertips gently. But he also loves when you kiss and suck on his fingers after he has finger fucked you and when we is fucking you. He adores your moans but sometimes you have to be quiet and seeing your mouth full of his fingers whilst your cunt is stuffed with his cock makes up for It.
➟ 𝒞𝒽𝒾𝓃.
Hugs with him always have chin kisses, when you wrap your arms around his waist and press the tiniest, barely there kiss on his chin he can never stop himself from giggling at the contact.
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wayfaring----stranger · 2 years ago
Fluff Prompt List
Send in a number/s and a person, plus an AU if you want, and I'll write it.
Request List
Just because it's a fluff prompt list, doesn't mean you can't request it to be a bit angsty
1. "I really want to kiss you right now"
2. "Stay with me.. please?"
3. "I am so madly in love with you"
4. "As long as I'm alive, I will do everything I can to protect you"
5. "I've never felt so strongly about someone before. I'm terrified"
6. "I can't stop thinking about you. No matter how hard I try, you're always on my mind"
7. "Don't go on that date" "Why?" "Because it will kill me if you do"
8. "Just say the words, and I'm yours" "I love you"
9. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me"
10. "Please tell me you want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you"
11. "Is this okay?" "It's perfect"
12. "It's okay, you're okay, I've got you now"
13. "Seeing you this riled up really makes me want to kiss you"
14. "Shut up" "Make me"
15. "You're the most beautiful person in the room"
16. "I've waited too long to do this"
17. "Part of me wants to keep the promise I made to myself.. the other half wants to say 'screw it'" "Which half is winning?" "The latter"
18. "Why don't we just stay here a bit longer? In our little cocoon"
19. "Were you jealous?" "No... maybe..."
20. "As if I'm going to let go of you that easily"
Types of kisses
1. Slow and hesitant
2. Neck kisses
3. Small peck, pause, then a passionate kiss
4. Against the wall/door kiss
5. Slow but passionate/full of love
6. Jealous kiss
7. A kiss to shut them up
8. Longing kiss
9. Continued kiss, even after the director yells "cut!"
10. Sweet forehead/temple kiss
Feel free to reblog if you want people to send you prompts
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50. from the kissing prompt for Winnix? love your fics
ahh tysm!! I'm gonna apologise in advance because I've only ever written 1 BoB fic and it was speirton so if it's ooc I tried, I'm sorry! 😭
50. A kiss, followed by more that trail down the jaw and neck.
“Something smells nice.” Lew said, padding bare-footed into the kitchen and fitting himself against his boyfriend's back. Dick was stood by the stove frying eggs and mushrooms but he leans back against Lew when he feels arms wrap around his middle, a smile playing at his lips.
“Morning,” Dick greets, craning his head back and pouting his lips until Lew chuckled and dipped down to kiss him. It wasn't the type of kiss to leave you breathless, more sated and slow as they both just relished in the press of lips and hint of tongue. Lew bit back a moan when his tongue met Dick’s, the lingering taste of mint still fresh in his mouth. Dick sighed into the kiss, momentarily forgetting the pan of food.
When they separated, there was a light flush on Dick's cheeks. His lips turned upwards into a smile as he focused back on their breakfast and Lew laughed by Dick's ear, sending shivers down his back.
“You're gorgeous, you know that?” Lew whispered, voice still thick with sleep. He wasn’t lying, though; Dick always looked stunning in the morning – hair glowing gold under the stream of sunshine that's forced it’s way into the room, contrasted by his pale skin.
Dick scoffed, but his smile didn’t dim. “You might have mentioned it once or twice.”
“Should hope I have,” he muttered jokingly, tightening his grip around his boyfriend's waist. Lew leaned down to press a wet kiss to the edge of Dick's jaw.
He didn’t need any more encouragement than the way Dick tilted his head to the side, trailing slow kisses (and the occasional scrape of teeth) down the man's freshly shaven jaw, covering the pale skin in light marks.
Despite being pliant in Lew's hold, Dick still tried to be reasonable, “I'm trying to cook, Lew. Do you want me to burn the house down?”
Lew hummed, right under Dick's jaw, and smirked when he fluttered his eyes closed. “Can’t it be reheated later?” Before Dick could answer, he peppered a few sloppy kisses down his neck, stopping at the base of his throat and sucking a nice purple bruise over the most sensitive spot. A moan echoed through the kitchen.
Quickly turning the heat off, Dick swivelled himself around in his grasp and hooked his arms around Lew's neck. “You're a menace.” he laughed, before dragging Lew down into a passionate kiss and guiding him backwards until Lew felt the table hit the back of his knees.
Pushing himself up onto the table and spreading his thighs just enough for Dick to squeeze between them, Lew smirked. “Always works, though.” Dick's responding laugh vibrated against his throat from where the man was currently working a matching bruise onto his skin. Lew smiled, fingers carding through the man's hair and pulling him back up into another kiss.
send in a number + a pairing
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paper-lilypie · a year ago
In need of more soft boys!! So!!!
Send in different types of kisses and I’ll draw them with Reddie!!!
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faeghost · 8 months ago
Types of Kisses! 😘😘😘😘😘
Tumblr media
Hello lovelies!
In honour of the week of Valentine's Day, I will be making posts all about love and romance! This is the first of the three, I hope you all love it!
Kisses in storytelling are often considered the 'seal of ship-sailing', sometimes even more so than actual confessions. They are what the reader looks most forward to; "When are they going to kiss?!"
Still, there are multiple types of kisses at your disposal, each free to use to your heart's content, like fine wines to be paired with your dinner. I will be listing them here, with some tips on how and when to use them, so you can happily choose which suits your pairing (or your ship) better!
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multi-fandom-imagine · a year ago
25 Kisses Challenge || Video Game Style ||
A/n: Eeeyyy so I lied...well i mean I think I am getting worse...My throat is starting to hurt. My chest is killing me thanks to my cough and Im starting to...well throw up so I’ll have to put the smut’s on hold. { Im half way done with some of them but i just hate putting out shit work and you all deserve something new and good.}
Disclaimer: So thanks to the note above...I wanted to give you guys at least something instead of nothing so here is this...below are the games i’d take request’s for since they are still fresh in my mind.Also unlike the smut challenge it is fine for the same numbers to be taken unless it the same character.
Tumblr media
The Video Games:
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. {{ Teen!Sam Drake included }}
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.
Assassins Creed Odyssey.
Day’s Gone.
Devil May Cry 5.
BioShock Infinite.
Detroit: Become Human.
The Witcher 3.
Far Cry 5 & New Dawn.
Resident Evil 2 {{ Remake }}.
Resident Evil  4 & 6.
The Wolf Among Us.
Assassins Creed Origins.
Red Dead Redemption 2. {{ and RDR }}
Final Fantasy 7 // Final Fantasy XV.
Evil Within 2.
The Last Of Us.
Assassins Creed Syndicate. {{ Older Jacob and Evie Fry }}
Middle Earth:Shadow of Mordor // Shadow of War.
Metal Gear Solid V.
The Kisses:
 1 - First Kiss  2 - Underwater Kiss  3 - Accidental Kiss or the Hit and run Kiss {{ when you kiss someone and then run away }} 4 - Blow a Kiss 5 - Kiss on the Cheek 6 - Kiss on the Shoulder 7 - Kiss while partner is sleeping 8 - Winter-Chill Kiss {{ when your partner licks up your neck then blows on it. }} 9 - Kiss on the hips. 10 - Surprise Kiss 11 - "You're Safe/alive" Kiss 12 - Upside down Kiss 13 - Jawline Kiss 14 - Kiss on a Dare 15 - Kiss while being 'carried' 16 - Bambi Kiss {{ When you lick your partners cheek }} 17 - Jealous Kiss 18 - Sneaking a Kiss while no one is looking 19 - Missing a Kiss 20 - Kiss on the Hand 21 - Comforting while crying Kiss 22 - Kiss in the rain. 23 - Public Kiss 24 - Tiger Kiss {{ When you Jump on your partners back and surprise them with a kiss. }} 25 - New Years Kiss.
Bonus Kiss- Dealers choice {{ what ever the reader want }}
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