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Day Two: Family

(This prompt is a bit rushed, sorry)

The first few nights at Evernight Castle, Althea couldn’t sleep hardly a wink. Maybe it was because she hadn’t slept in an actual bed in a while. Maybe it was because she’d had a huge bomb of information dumped on her like a gallon of ice water after she’d come here. The Maidens. The Relics. Salem’s mission and her promise.

It was more than enough to keep a person up at night. 

She found herself wandering the halls on nights like these, slithering back to her bedroom if she thought she heard someone else who was up and about. She wasn’t necessarily scared of her new “team”. Hazel and a huge man but he hardly spoke and he didn’t seemed gentle if he wanted to be.

Watts was a bit snide, and Cinder was just a power hungry child by what Althea had seen, with two followers who weren’t completely sure if they were where they belonged.

And Tyrain…he was odd. But she wasn’t scared of him. 

No, Althea just wanted to avoid that awkwardness of stumbling upon someone in the darkened halls. If they were already having trouble sleeping, she didn’t want to make it worse by…

Tonight the castle was dead silent. Outside, the landscape was cast in red and mauve, a constant state of twilight. The place lived up to the name, Evernight. The only thing that told Althea that it was truly nighttime was the clock on her scroll. 

The broken moon shined bright through a window and Althea paused as she looked up at it, remembering old tales and stories of the Man in the Moon. Stories her mother had told her when she was small and innocent. Althea wondered if her mother had hated her even then at that age.

Althea pulled herself up onto the windowsill ledge, bringing her knees up close to her chest as the glass radiated cold.

Black pools bubbled and toiled out in the distant plains, the place where Grimm were born. Even though Althea had seen it when she’d first arrived, it still didn’t seem real that those creatures had a master. And yet, here this castle sat, with Salem in it.

Althea couldn’t help but wonder where that woman came from. How she had come to be. Tyrian had referred to Salem as the Goddess, but that didn’t seem quite right to Althea. Despite the white skin, red eyes and a very old air about her, there was something very human about Salem underneath it all, even if it was a minor something.

Althea pressed her forehead against the glass and felt a stiff shiver run all down her spine. Salem’s origins didn’t really matter…did they?

“Can’t sleep either?" 

Althea almost slipped from her perch at the voice. She hadn’t heard even the slightest noise to indicate anyone had come near her, so the familiar lilting voice that could only belong to Tyrian had made her heart leap into her throat.

A string of giggles left the scorpion faunus’s lips as he realized he had caught her off guard. 

"You’re gonna kill me, sneaking up on me like that.” Althea hissed as she collected herself. But she couldn’t deny that had been impressive. Not many people could sneak up on her. She glanced over Tyrain, a little surprised to see his hair was free of its usual braid. It was as long and wavy as Althea had expected it to look. He was dressed in sleep clothes, a slightly torn purple tank top and a pair of sleep pants that, by judging by their style, had probably been “borrowed” from Watts.

“Why, that’s the whole point of sneaking up on someone.” Tyrian chuckled as he joined Althea on the windowsill. “But I would hate to kill you, someone so valuable.”

“Thanks?” Althea smirked softly. “Valuable” was not something she would typically consider herself, ever. “So, why can’t you sleep?" 

"Why can’t you?” Tyrian deflected with a smirk. 

“I just can’t shut my mind off.” Althea says. “Just keep thinking about…people. And who they make me think of.”

“Do tell.” Tyrian almost purred. Almost. Althea hesitated. She never really told anyone about herself because she’d never stuck with people before. What could the harm be in talking to Tyrian? 

“My mother.” Althea’s eyes found her lap as she thought about that woman. “I don’t know what it is…Salem just reminds me of her somehow." 

"And how is that?” Tyrian asked.

“My mom had a…selfishness about her. I don’t know what it was. It was just me and her, I didn’t have a father or siblings and she kept me kind of isolated when I was younger so I had no friends and…she would make me feel so guilty if I didn’t do everything she asked.” Althea sighed. “I had to fix everything. Anytime she felt bad or depressed or something I had to "fix” it, no matter how I was feeling or how much it drained my own emotions.“ Althea took a moment to breathe, to swallow down a lump forming in her throat. "And if I couldn’t do it…couldn’t "fix” it well enough or long enough…well what use was I, you know?“

"Our Goddess is more understanding than your mother.” Tyrian assured her. Althea would believe that when she saw it.

“What about your family?” Althea asked, desperate to stop thinking of her past, of all those nights she was sent to bed with no dinner, or days on end spent locked in a closet…

“Never had one.” Tyrian says coolly with a small shrug. “Well aside from my mother who abandoned me when I was small. But I hardly remember her. I suppose the circus I spent most of my youth in could be considered a family but…”.“ He smirked softly, lost in memories for a moment before he looked back to Althea. "None of those past lives matter anymore.” He finally sighed. “All that matters is here, and our service to our savior.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Althea glanced out the window, up at the moon. He definitely was correct about how past lives didn’t matter anymore. All those people left far behind in time. 

“If you truly can’t sleep, perhaps you’d join me in one of the practice rooms to sparr?” Tyrian offered, golden eyes meeting Althea’s emerald ones.

“Gladly.” She she finally nodded as Tyrian took her hand and lead her down the dark hallways.

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I love how people ship Tyrian w/ sweetheart ocs like. I love and respect you this mans needs a kind soul in his life.

But i’m also going to give him a dumbass scorpion wife because who else will run full tilt with him around Salem’s castle at 2 am. Like two dumbass cats who have decided NOW is the best time to bounce off the walls because Restless and Nocturnal.

Who else is gonna help this dipshit with his inevitable scorpion zoomies. Certainly not Watts.

Who else is gonna sit with him under a heat lamp and chat shit about missions where they killed that one guy and he made a funny sound as he lay dying. They’ll try and recreate the sound and laugh harder to where they start coughing.

His wife may be technically a contract killer with a lot of professionalism but that doesn’t mean she can’t learn to love his technique, his drive to just be a horrible little creature in Salem’s name. She loves and supports this horrid little man and he treats her like a queen because she too can eviscerate a Huntsman in like, three tail swipes. 

Doesn’t help that she can just send them flying because HER tail is like a damn club while his is all whippy and can go everywhere in a heartbeat. 

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Day 1: Semblance

Althea’s Semblance of manipulating emotions had always come in handy for her. An ability she’d had for as long as she could remember, she had perfected it over the years while simultaneously abusing it. She had tried to tell herself that it wasn’t her fault, that if her mother hadn’t twisted and manipulated her growing up, that maybe she would have had more respect for her power. However, she knew that would never excuse some of the awful things she’d done.

But now, she’d found her place in the world. A place where she wasn’t shamed for what she couldn’t control, where she was free to really learn how to use it. Where she didn’t feel like she was just some waste of space.

Seeing Tyrain so distraught had triggered something within Althea. His tail was mutilated, he was bruised and beaten, but none of that compared to those three little words Salem had uttered to him. “You disappoint me.” Three little words that broke the man to his core.

Althea had stood next to Cinder, watching him go through his breakdown, taking his time to kill the Beowolf, stabbing and screaming and laughing around his tears until the Grimm turned to ash. Cinder had left in the middle of Tyrians breakdown, unable to watch, and probably wondering what she had gotten herself into when she joined Salem. But Althea couldn’t tear her eyes away from the broken faunus. Not when she had an ability to help him, at least a little bit.

She was careful to approach Tyrian, not knowing how aware of his surroundings he was at the moment now. While he couldn’t accidentally poison her with his stinger anymore he was still armed with his Queens Servants.

“Tyrian?” Her voice was gentle as she knelt down beside him, ripping a piece of cloth from her sleeve. Tyrian didn’t even flinch as she gently took his oozing tail knub and she gently wrapped it. It would be better for Watts to look at it, he was a doctor after all, but he was away at Haven, keeping an eye on Leonardo.

Tyrian was murmuring and sniffling softly to himself, wiping his face with his hands and he gently staggered to his feet. He was still shaky, trembling all over like he might have another bout of crying. Althea gently wrapped her arms around him from behind and he made no move to push her away.

With a soft sigh, Althea activated her Semblance, her hand glowing a soft green against Tyrian’s chest as she focused on making him feel calm, relaxed. Safe.

“You’re not a disappointment, Tyrian.”

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Team JNPR and RWBY exploring  haunted houses
Jaune: "Alright the ghost's name is Cinder Fall lets gear up and get going. I have the thermometer and EMF reader."
Pyrrha: "I have the book and Spirit Box. Nora?"
Nora: "I have the cameras and UV flashlight!"
Ren: "And I'll monitor everything from here."
Ruby: "Alright everyone have their smudge stick and crucifix?"
Blake and Yang: *Both holding up the crucifix and smudge sticks* "Yeah!"
Weiss: "Wait we still need the other equipment in ord-"
Ruby: "Lets go Kick Tyrian Callows ass!"
Weiss: "Wait!"
Pyrrha: "Is anyone here?"
Spirit Box: "..."
Pyrrha: "How old are you?"
Spirit Box: "..."
Pyrrha: "If you're with us can you give us a sign?"
The door to the room: *Opens slowly*
Nora: *Shines the UV light on the door* "I have finger prints!"
Ruby Blake and Yang: *Circling around the table* "Tyrian Callows Tyrian Callows Tyrian Callows!"
Weiss: *using the thermometer to check all the rooms* "Stupid team mates." *Breaths and notices she can see her breath* "I have freezing temperatures guys!"
Ruby: "Ahhh! Something just breathed near me!"
Jaune: *Checking every room with both the EMF reader and thermometer* "Are you here with us?" *Notices the EMF reader goes to two* "If you're here can you show us?" *EMF flashes to five as a figure emerges in the corner as his flashlight starts blinking* "Oh Shit! Guys EMF 5!"
Ren: "Guys its spiking to ten! Hid-" *Static*
Jaune and Nora: *Hiding in a hall closet*
Jaune, whispering: "Where's Pyrrha?"
Nora, whispering back: "She was down stairs last I saw."
Pyrrha: *Scream of pure terror from down stairs before silence*
Ren: "Guys I think Pyrrha's down! Get out of there!"
Jaune: "Not until we figure out what this bitch is!"
Weiss: *Setting up the camera and returning to the truck to check for orbs* "Of all the harebrained things this is by far the stupidest" *Watches through the Camera as Yang Blake and Ruby continue to goof off and startle each other only to stop when she notices orbs flying all over* "Guys we have Spirit orbs." *Looks over to the activity monitor and sees it spiking* "Its spiking hide somewhere!"
Yang Blake and Ruby: *All start smudging and holding out the cross's and run around in a blind panic*
Ruby: *Stops moving and starts choking before going limp*
Weiss: *Flinches when the comms go back on only to hear Blake and Yang's screaming constantly*
Jaune and Nora: *Walking down to where Pyrrha was last seen*
Jaune: "Alright it wasn't freezing temperatures so that means it has to be the book but we have to check it first to be sure."
Nora: "Right. Renny?"
Ren: "I can see the book right now. Your sanity is at twenty percent each. Better move fast"
Nora: "Eh a little insanity never hurt anyone before!"
Jaune: "EMF spike..."
Ghost: *Gurgle sounds*
Nora: "Well that doesn't sound good."
Weiss: *Moving slowly to the ghost room with the spirit box* "Blake and Ruby are down and Yang's not answering her mic... How do I end up in situations like this?" *Reaches the room and turns on the spirit box*
Spirit Box: "Kill. Run. Leave. Adult. Begone. Thot."
Weiss: "Well that's enough for me!." *Flashlight starts flicking on and off* "Shit."
Yang from down the hallway: *Screams and runs to the door and starts banging on it* "Let me the fuck out!" *Starts choking and goes down*
Weiss: "Great."
Scene Switch:
Jaune: "Can you write in this book for us?"
Ren: "Spike to six."
Nora: "Do it bitch!"
Jaune: "All we need is you to write in the book."
The book: *Draws pictures*
Nora: "Right we have what we need lets get the hell out of- "
Ren: "Spike. It's at ten. Get-" *Static*
Jaune and Nora: *Both walk into to different rooms and hide*
Nora, through the walls: "I see it! Taking a picture!"
Ren: "It's over get out of there!"
Jaune: "We have what we came for lets get the fuck out of here!"
Weiss: *Trying to leave but cant as the ghost keeps attacking every few seconds* "This is bullshit!" *Is finally able to leave.*
Jaune Nora Ren and neck braced Pyrrha: *Celebrating a hundred and fifty dollar pay day*
Weiss and neck braced Ruby Blake and Yang: *moping about the fifteen dollar payment*
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Traitor AU

👀 👀 👀

- The birb twins had all types of interactions with WTCH

A young girl entered the camp one day. She had long black hair she pushed back and let flow in the wind. Her yellow eyes were sharp, staring into the souls of each person she passed by.

“Hello,” she said once she approached Qrow and Raven. She grinned at them.

Qrow could feel a sinster, evil energy coming from her. How could something so small have so much hate and greed stored in it?

Raven squinted at her. Her eyebrows furrowed, and she narrowed her eyes at her. She looked to the three men Salem had sent earlier before the girl’s arrival.

“Who’s this?” she asked. It came off as more of a demand to know who she was.

The doctor— Watts, they had learned his surname was— rolled his eyes. He gestured to her and replied, “The most annoying brat to exist.”

Cinder shrieked, “Hey!”

“How old is it?” Qrow asked. He looked her up and down. There was a combination of confusion, curiosity, and disgust in his face.

“Five?” Tyrian guessed. He smiled, peering down at Cinder who had growled at him.

“I’m eight!” she corrected, her fists balled up and her eyes furious.

“Eight?” Raven whispered in disbelief. She looked to Qrow. She repeated, even quieter, “Eight.”

Hazel interrupted, “We have work to do.” His voice was calm, and yet so intimidating.

Qrow nodded, “Right.”

- Qrow and Tyrian have a… complicated relationship.

- They used to go on assignments together. It took awhile for Qrow to get used to the Faunus, eventually he did.

This time Tyrian was blabbering on and on about this little florist in his town he knew. Qrow stood next to him, his chin resting in his hand. He had been able to tune it all out.

“—and then I killed her!” Tyrian said with glee.

“Good for you,” Qrow deadpanned after he acknowledged Tyrian was done with his story.

Tyrian shifted his body so he was facing Qrow. The older teen refused to look back at him. He could feel his cold stare.

That day had been hot as hell. Qrow was sweating buckets, but the sweat rolling down his forehead had went cold. He gulped when Tyrian got closer to his face.

Tyrian’s lips brushed against Qrow’s ear. “Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

Qrow jumped back. He barked, “Don’t you ever do that again.”

He ignored Qrow. “What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing. Can we get back to watching the target?” Qrow turned away from Tyrian and looked back at the person they were keeping an eye on; Fria.

She had pale skin Qrow imagined to be ice cold— which he now realizes is an accidental pun. Her blue eyes were icy— ha— and her short hair was almost completely white. She was in her late forties.

“She’s an old lady, she’s slow,” Tyrian said. “We can keep up with her. Now, what’s on your mind?”

“She’s the Winter fucking Maiden.”

Tyrian kept smiling at him. Qrow knew he wouldn’t leave him alone, no matter what he said.

“A boy,” Qrow answered.

Ohhh,” Tyrian grinned.

Qrow groaned, “Shut up.”

“Tell me more,” Tyrian said as if he was a teenage girl obsessed with drama.

“He’s…” Qrow began to answer. He pondered for a moment to form his words. “He’s smart. Way too smart for his age. Too damn nice. Pretty. An annoying smile I can’t stop thinking about. Soft eyes. Messy hair— I swear, he doesn’t know how to brush that shit.” He laughed, then smiled to himself.

Tyrian leaned forward, now invested in what Qrow had to say. “You love him,” he realized.

Qrow’s red eyes went wide. “No, that’s— that’s insane.” He tried to control his reaction, turning away and trying to block out Ozpin’s cute face out of his mind.

“You do,” the scorpion said. “It’s obvious.”

Qrow looked at the younger boy. He stared at him, a mixture between frustration and something that screamed “Holy shit, he might be right.”

He took a deep breath. “Just… don’t tell anyone.”

“Your secret is safe with me!” Tyrian told him. He mimicked zipping his mouth shut.

Qrow rolled his eyes.

- Another one of Salem’s minions was Leo Lionheart. Qrow didn’t know he was working with her. He couldn’t say he was entirely surprised when he found out in V5, but he didn’t expect it.

- He always suspected there was another mole. If Salem used to have Qrow and Raven, why not someone else? Ever since the Twins betrayed her, Qrow suspected someone else might be put into Ozpin’s life. He didn’t think this person was already in his life.

- He blames himself for not realizing it sooner. A rat should be able to sniff out another rat pretty easily, right?

- Qrow felt so quilty about working for Salem that he decided he’d dedicate the rest of his life to Ozpin. He’d make sure he ate, slept peacefully, stayed alive. He went on every mission, determined to help Oz in every way he could. He would do anything for him.

- Ozpin had noticed that Salem stopped attacking him and his group for a while. It was shortly after she realized she had been betrayed.

- He, oblivious to Qrow and Raven’s former allegiance, wondered why this was. He couldn’t figure it out. Every time he brought it up with Qrow, he’d try to change the topic or give a bullshit answer.

Ozpin and Qrow laid in the headmaster’s king sized bed. Qrow had an arm wrapped around his shoulders while Oz had both arms around his waist.

“I just don’t understand why she’s lying low now,” muttered Ozpin into Qrow’s shirt.

“Maybe she gave up?” Qrow suggested. He forced out a laugh.

Oz frowned. “We both know she didn’t. She’s likely planning for something, but what?”

Qrow wish he knew. Salem didn’t share important details with him or Raven, so he couldn’t provide any answers. Even if he did have answers, he’d have to find a way to explain why he knew Salem’s plan and was only now telling him. It was an impossible situation.

He sighed and gave Oz a kiss on the forehead. “We’ll figure it out,” he told him in a whisper.

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Fake Name: Mauve, Josh

So I did a animatic of Nuts and Volts but felt kinda bad it was so quick to hardly see anything so I drew and colored more of Tyrian as Solider Josh Mauve.


And a little theory I have…


This was Tyrian hurting Watts while in disguise making his acting look real as possible.

“Sorry Watts. I have to make it look real.” - Tyrian

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