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transformersweatpants4 months ago
Duck Newton and his buddy Billy 馃ズ馃憠馃憟 just bein buds? I love your art im obsessed
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ask-gaymermell3 years ago
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the stream yesterday was fun鈥 alsothismayormaynotbeWhatIsLoaf
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pinkuraraka2 years ago
1, Tsuyu
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send me a character + a palette number and ill color a manga cap!
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vacuumchan3 years ago
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my shop is finally open and most of my inktober originals are in stock! 馃挮
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wattemeera year ago
Hxhsihsja seeing short haired kags as girl gave me so many feelings, im officially gay for your art, but especially her. Please send kisses to her for me, via hinata馃槶馃挄馃挄
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trollabundinerieg2 years ago
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yosano akiko for @poebeans!!
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artistictae3 years ago
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first of all, i reached 1k early this morning so i just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who follows me!!!馃挒 i鈥檓 also making this post to thank all of my wonderful mutuals who brighten up my dash everyday with their A+ content and cute/funny tags that make me smile a lot!!馃挊 (pls ignore the header, i made it quickly on my phone lol)
bold = favourite blogs /聽 馃尫 = we鈥檝e spoken/tagged each other & you鈥檝e made me smile!
鈾 # - C 鈾
@01clc - @01yeollie - @04ksj - @07cypher - @1hoseokie - @1jinsoul - @1oyalty - @1stlove - @2awake - @4hyyh - @4oclocktae - @4park - @5ignal - @7eon - @13kth - @15luv - @17dad - @17han - @95-girl - @96lena - @98zy - @aguacatona - @agustdior @ahoneyyboy - @andchanyeol - @arrozon - @artaehyung - @artychim - @bagtanz - @bangbangbangtanx - @bangtanhyungs - @bbyngs - @beaujimin - @bipjm - @blondepjm - @blushguk - @bts-kth - @btsyoongi - @cafe-jin - @calmheart - @caretae - @chanybaeks 馃尫 - @chanyoel - @chlexcer - @cinnam1n - @citruskid - @cryjeon - @cryptidhobi
鈾 D - K 鈾
@defendkimseokjin 馃尫 - @deletaed 馃尫 - @die4tae - @dimethylhoseok - @dreamytae - @fairysvga - @flower-guk - @fluffyliontae 馃尫 - @foryoubybts - @gamjin - @gaycypher - @gayminyoongi - @gaytae - @ggreentae - @godtape - @h10ney - @hermosavida - @hixtae - @hobieism - @hobikenobi - @hobintae - @holyjimn - @honeyysuga - @hyungwnie 馃尫 - @idol-rapper - @ilucafe - @ilysmyoongi - @jeonbia - @jeonnings 馃尫 - @jeulgi - @jhbts - @jhopesmexicanhoe - @jhopi - @jhoseeok - @jinsasleep - @jisung - @jjunghobiii - @kimtaeng 馃尫 - @kimtahyung - @kokokjm 馃尫 - @ktaesthetic - @kthsdrug - @kthwhy 馃尫 - @kthswife - @kwon-grandma聽
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@lavenderhun - @leejinks 馃尫 - @lesbianbts - @lialovesyouall - @lightsilverhearts - @lisassgfff - @lostmyseokjin - @lovhobe - @lqhani - @lostmytae 馃尫 - @luvably - @lovintae - @lovyixing - @mary-s - @milklattaes - @mingflaower - @miusuga - @moon1204am - @mulanima - @namguke - @neutralsuga - @nevermindbyjin - @nochuflowers - @nosemoletae - @ohsvhuns - @okaybaekhyun - @omfgbts - @pansugah - @parkejimins - @parkesjimin - @parkjimun - @parkjoys 馃尫 - @parkmochibean - @pcyslatina - @peachdusk - @peachixtape - @pearlbeach - @performanceunit - @pjbts - @pjmtae - @plaidvenus - @pledisgal - @protectkimtaehyung - @puppergyu - @quietheavenn
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rip-space-birdie4 years ago
Tumblr media
A commission for @thestarlightprince!!
A laughing chubb symmetra !!
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elippo2 years ago
Elippo prompt: First date as a couple maybe?
Thank youuuu!! ^^ I hope this qualifies for the prompt! I had a lot of fun writing this, which means I had at least 3 different beginnings before I settled on this one :鈥)聽聽
Filippo and Elia had been texting each other almost non-stop since they had been introduced to each other by Martino.
At that party, Filippo had only planned on saying hi to Martino, but then the smallest of Martino鈥檚 friend made a comment about him, and Filippo, while usually quick-witted and fast in coming up with comebacks had nothing to say. He was too distracted by the obvious eyeroll from one of them.
That one introduced himself as Elia and Filippo was taken aback by the smoothness of the introduction.
Martino quickly added that Luca says dumb things sometimes, but Filippo barely heard him. He internally changed his plans from saying a quick hello to getting to know Martino鈥檚 friends. Little did he know that by the end of the night, he would have Elia鈥檚 phone number and the memory of Elia playfully shoving him against the wall outside, teasing Filippo about earlier before smiling brightly and boldly planting his lips on Filippo鈥檚. They had made out for awhile in the dark and had parted with a 鈥榯ext me sometime鈥 promise.
Filippo had hung out with them a few times after that. At first he thought it鈥檇 be awkward, but it was Elia who always smiled the brightest when Filippo joined them. It was also painstakingly obvious that no matter how they were seated before his arrival, the minute they saw him approach they all stood up so a seat next to Elia became available.
The message he got during his study break didn鈥檛 come as a surprise.
Elia: do you want to see aquaman tonight?
Filippo: is water wet?
Even after weeks of texting, Filippo still wasn鈥檛 sure if Elia understood the way he texted, so he added a quick follow up text:
Filippo: translated: do I want to stare at a wet jason momao for 2hours? Sure, meet you there?
Elia: see you
Filippo frowned at the text, maybe he had been too straightforward with the Jason Momoa comment. He decided to send a yellow heart emoji, something they had started doing after Elia had texted him a silly, but cute meme with the caption聽鈥榤ade me think of you
A few seconds later, Filippo received a yellow heart emoji and was able to breath again.聽
Filippo had texted Elia that he鈥檇 be waiting by the entrance and was mildly surprised to not see 5 boys, but only 1 approaching him. Elia greeted him with a kiss on the cheek and walked towards the doors.
鈥淪houldn鈥檛 we wait for the others?鈥 Filippo asked him.聽
Elia stopped in his tracks. He turned around and brought a hand up to his neck.
鈥淛ust you & me, Fili.鈥 He said with a bright smile, accompanied by a faint blush on his cheeks. To outsiders he might have appeared confident, but the look in Elia鈥檚 eyes told Filippo that it was all a front. Filippo tilted his head and squinted his eyes.
鈥淲ait, is this supposed to be a date?鈥
Elia nodded softly, 鈥淚f you鈥檙e okay with that?鈥
Filippo took a step towards Elia, he brushed his hands against Elia鈥檚, but didn鈥檛 grab them, even if he desperately wanted to. Filippo knew better than that especially in a public place like this. They鈥檇 be in a dark place for over 2h in a short while, they could hold hands the entire time during the movie.
鈥淓l铆, of course I am okay with that.鈥 Filippo whispered.聽
The look of doubt in Elia鈥檚 eyes disappeared immediately, instead a look that would definitely qualify as hearteyes appeared.聽
They went in, bought their tickets with some teasing between them:聽鈥榯owards the back, Fili?鈥 Elia had asked him, and Filippo had pretended to be in shock, 鈥楨lia Santini, what are you trying to do to me?鈥 As the response, Elia had wiggled his eyebrows and pressed confirm. Filippo rolled his eyes fondly, glad to know that his heart had chosen the right one to develop a crush on.
On the short walk to the movie hall, their hands brushed against each other a few times. Each time they looked at each other as if a silent promise between them had been made: 鈥榮oon, I won鈥檛 let go鈥.
As soon as they had found their seats, they turned towards each other. Elia was the first one who started talking:聽
鈥淵ou really are okay with this, right? Should I have told you that it would just be me? I thought it鈥檇 be obvious since -鈥
Filippo was able to grab both his wrists and brought them to the armrest between them.
鈥淓lia, yes. I鈥檓 glad it鈥檚 just you. I was hoping we were going to hang out again alone after 鈥 you know.鈥
鈥淎fter I swept you off your feet and you haven鈥檛 been able to think about anyone else since?鈥 Elia finished the sentence with a glance at Filippo鈥檚 lips.聽
As if on cue, the lights went out, but they didn鈥檛 turn their attention to the screen yet. There were none sitting right behind them and they were the only ones in their row. Filippo let go of Elia鈥檚 wrists, only to place them on Elia鈥檚 cheeks as he leaned in closer. It was a different kiss from their first, because this one was in a public place with people present -they were both very aware of that- but also because this one held all the conversations they鈥檝e had and secret smiles that had passed between them in it.
It was their official first date, but they both knew that they were long past the first date already.
They stopped kissing when the D.C. logo appeared on the screen. Their attention was mostly on the movie, and they held hands the entire time, a fact that they didn鈥檛 need to be reminded of at all, but the little squeezes they gave each other after jump scares was a nice added bonus.鈥
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shima-drawsa year ago
Hey your edhei gives me fucking life is so damn cute and I'm gonna fight people for making you feel bad about drawing it
!! Thanku aaaaa!!
Here have an extra little doodle of them I did last night for fun
Tumblr media
I love how these kids are literal rocket scientists and they鈥檙e like. 17. Already changing the world while they鈥檙e still in their baby shoes huh
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intellectys3 years ago
I鈥檓 taking notes on the recommended reading for my British history class to use as reference notes next year, but I鈥檓 not sure the best way to format them! Since they鈥檙e reference notes, I鈥檓 not sure if it鈥檚 more important that I remember them or that I can search them easily.
Pros of writing: easier to format, can physically move around to match with other papers, will likely remember more
Cons of writing: takes more time, harder to find specific points
Pros of typing: much faster, can search for terms in notes, more organized
Cons of typing: will remember less, less ability to format, colour coding less useful
Please reply to this post or send me an ask and let me know what you think, what methods you use, or any other tips you have!!! I鈥檓 planning to make a proper post on it soon once I鈥檝e worked it what to do :D
Thanks a bunch!
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ladyfubuki5 months ago
Tumblr media
commission for @ira-sturm !! 馃挅
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elippo2 years ago
Elia bien super flirty with Filippo when they meet for the first time, the boy squad being like "wtf elia" and Martino smirking because he had his suspicions about Elia being bi!
I hope you like it!! thank you so much for sending me a prompt!!聽 ^^聽
The second Elia saw Filippo he had been in awe. Martino had briefly introduced them when Filippo joined them at the skatebowl and Elia hadn鈥檛 been able to take his eyes off of him. Filippo had glanced back once at the time, but hadn鈥檛 made a comment. There was this air of confidence around him, maybe even something cocky , but he made it seem effortless.
Elia was drawn to it. To him.
He decided to take the first opportunity he saw to talk to Filippo alone tonight.聽
Elia had seen Filippo arrive, but instead of joining them he walked over to where his sister was sitting with her friends. As usual, Elia鈥檚 eyes were on him the entire time. Filippo had noticed as well, waving shortly from across the room with a soft smile. Elia looked away immediately and cast his head down. Maybe his confidence wasn鈥檛 exactly there yet.聽
Giovanni noticed, so did Martino. However, their reactions were very different. While Giovanni looked at Elia only, Martino followed Elia鈥檚 line of sight and saw Filippo talking with the girls. Martino laughed inwardly, he recalled the moment Elia was quick to tell Luca about bisexuality when he came out to them. Maybe Elia was bi, and maybe he even had a crush on Filippo?
鈥淗ey Fili鈥檚 here! I didn鈥檛 see him come in, let鈥檚 go say hi.鈥 Martino proposed. Elia鈥檚 eyes grew wide, but before they could go, they saw Filippo get up and walk towards the kitchen.
Now or never, Elia decided. He took one last gulp of his drink and got up.
鈥淚鈥檓 going to 鈥 I鈥檒l 鈥 be right back.鈥 He said and turned his back to the guys.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 up with him?鈥 Giovanni asked Martino. Martino raised his shoulders with a sly smile,
鈥淚鈥檓 sure he鈥檒l tell us if he wants to.鈥 He answered, fully knowing that he wouldn鈥檛 be able to see them from this position, but still craning his neck as far as he could towards the kitchen. It still was not far enough, so he decided to wait until they鈥檇 come back. Maybe dishevelled, flustered and bite marks on both of them, but maybe he was too hopeful. Talking was important, so he hoped they would at least do that.聽
Elia walked into the kitchen and found Filippo nearly sitting on the ground, rummaging through the cupboards. Elia leaned against the fridge,
鈥淗i.鈥 Smooth, he thought. Mentally applauded himself for it.聽
Filippo stopped searching and turned to Elia.
鈥淗i! Elia, right? I don鈥檛 suppose you know if there鈥檚 any other kind of alcohol in here somewhere? That beer just isn鈥檛 鈥︹ He waved his hands dismissively.聽
Elia shook his head, he just tagged along with the others, barely knowing whose house this was.
鈥淣evermind, found something!鈥 Filippo said holding up a bottle of prosecco triumphantly. He stood up to move right in front of Elia, who looked right back at him. Filippo raised his eyebrows.
聽鈥淒o you mind if I 鈥撯 He motioned towards the fridge. Elia looked behind him, and of course, Filippo was only trying to get something from the fridge. Elia heard him chuckle,
鈥淟et鈥檚 hope they have 鈥︹ He reappeared with a bottle of peach juice, 鈥淭his must be my lucky day.鈥 He took two glasses out of a cupboard and poured the juice and prosecco together.
鈥淣ow, this is probably going to taste like shit, but at this point I鈥檒l prefer anything above whatever that was.鈥 He said as he offered Elia the second glass.
That鈥檚 how he found himself holding a cocktail, yet still trying to use as many handgestures as possible without spilling, trying to tell the story of how they were able to successfully fit Luca in a suitcase. Filippo, visibly amused, listened attentively. He tried his best to hide his smile by sipping from his cocktail sometimes, because this boy was being too obvious.
鈥淨uestion, does this usually work with girls?鈥 He interrupted when it seemed Elia was near the end of the story.
Elia looked bewildered at him. Filippo smirked.
鈥淒ifferent rules, Elia,鈥 he laughed, 鈥淣ice try, though.鈥 He bit his bottom lip in amusement.
鈥淚 saw Martino earlier, let鈥檚 go say hi.鈥 Filippo walked out of the kitchen, leaving a flustered Elia behind.聽
Different rules. He could try that. Be a bit bolder maybe. He followed Filippo towards the couch where the boys where sitting, but waited until Filippo had greeted everyone before joining them. Martino wiggled his eyebrows at him, which Elia took as a sign of encouragement.
He dropped down next to Filippo and immediately turned to him.
鈥淒id it hurt?鈥 Elia asked innocently. Filippo smiled,
鈥淲hat? When I fell from heaven?鈥
聽What Filippo didn鈥檛 know, was that Elia had expected that answer. So his comeback was ready:聽
鈥淣o, when you got your lip pierced.鈥澛
Filippo was visibly taken aback by it. Elia grew more confident.
鈥淏ecause I think it鈥檚 very sexy.鈥
Filippo raised one eyebrow, for a second not knowing what to answer, but getting his own confidence back a moment later.聽
鈥淎ll right, you鈥檙e catching up on those different rules, aren鈥檛 you?鈥 He said, turning his full attention to Elia. Elia shrugged.
鈥淢aybe.鈥 He said as he nudged Filippo鈥檚 knee with his. With his head down, looking at Filippo through his eyelashes, he asked:
鈥淚s it working?鈥
Filippo placed his glass on the table next to him and put one hand on Elia鈥檚 knee. With the other he took his phone out his pocket, unlocked it and offered it to Elia on the 鈥榓dd number screen鈥.聽聽
鈥淵eah, I think it is.鈥
Meanwhile Giovanni and Luca had been looking at them with an open mouth, not knowing what exactly was happening. Martino on the other hand was already planning a wedding, just like Filippo did when he told him he got back together with Niccol貌.
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lovecatcher3 months ago
No flowers today, but i did find a five leaf clover, so im spreading the luck!! I hope you have a good day/night/whatever!! 鈾
Tumblr media
(If you look closely you can see a star in the leaves!)
ahhhhhhhh thank you!! i hope this brings me luck this day and hopefully the whole week 馃挄
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