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#ua high

Hello I would like you to meet my child (sorry for the crappy drawing)

  • Name: Shizukuria Kuroyami
  • “That’s a mouthful so just call me Shiku, okay?”
  • They/them, he/him, xe/xir (doesn’t mind which, though some days they might prefer different ones)
  • Probably genderfluid, definitely not cis but doesn’t really know other than that
  • A green child
  • Eyes totally brown, no pupil/iris, kinda freaky at first cuz it’s hard to tell where they’re looking
  • Got a single stud on the right ear, double plus cuff on the left
  • A tol bean
  • Pale but we’ll get to the reason behind that later
  • Eyeliner On Point
  • Kinda punk I guess??
  • A kind child
  • Good to their frens
  • They screm wen they fite
  • Friends with Tokoyami, Kaminari, Jirou, Nekasei (another oc, I’ll give him a profile later)
  • Present Mic is basically The Dad
  • Shiku’s actual dad is rly cool too
  • “Hey dad I wanna be a hero”
  • “K kid just don’t stop bein a hero to urself”
  • “Hey dad I don’t think I’m a boy or a girl”
  • “It’s cuz ur a freakin angel, kid, and gender ain’t shit to them, wanna go watch tv?”
  • He’s Wild (let me know if you wanna know more about him)
  • Their mum’s a police officer and not at home all that often but she loves them loads and sometimes they’ll find a little note saying something like “love you” or “hope you enjoyed school” when they get home
  • She’s Badass and Hella Cool (same as Shiku’s dad, let me know if you wanna know more about her)
  • Class 2-B, yay!
  • Quirk: Tropic
  • Can produce tropical plants from anywhere on their body, but has to know exactly what what it does and what it looks like or it’ll just come out as grass or something
  • Can detach plants from body and continue growing, but they have to be in sight
  • Favourite thing to make: vines
  • Blood = sap = pale skin :)
  • Also kinda green
  • What did I say, green child
  • Weaker in dark / less carbon dioxide / lower temperatures
  • Can’t eat normal food, gotta get watered, stand in the sun and photosynthesise
  • Kinda annoying cuz they like the dark
  • Sucks to be Shiku :))
  • Hero name: Undergrowth
  • (I’m proud of that so no shitting on it pls my bones are strong but my heart is not)
  • Support / rescue hero !! !
  • Musical
  • Plays clarinet + sings
  • Here’s the hero costume (they wear boots as well + the bottom half is shorts (agan, sorry for crappy drawing)):
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『 💥𝕻𝖑𝖚𝖘 𝖀𝖑𝖙𝖗𝖆!💥 』

『 This was so much fun to do! Thank you @hottopic for these awesome Hero ID! My Hero name is ‘Fire Bird’! My quick is ‘Phoenix’! I have the ability to use fire and heal. Also You guys have to check out all the amazing new My Hero merch Hot Topic just got in for the new Hero Rising Movie!! 』

☥ Shirt: @hottopic

#sponsoredbyht #class1htfa


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I feel like being in Class 1-A at UA must be exhausting like if I went through all that and then had every other school in the provisional license exam try to destroy you I would be


Like the whole world watches you compete, then your class gets repeatedly attacked by villains and now just because you’re from UA you’re getting creamed by the other schools? No thank you. Gimme Tomura’s cell I am d o n e

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goin ahead w my tops. bear with me


our boii Denki Kaminari *gonna talk about him first cuz’ he made this grp**

  • is literally online 24/7,, does he even sleep??
  • smol caps, that’s it boiz
  • types random shit, such as ‘nsjdecjenf’ when he’s mad
  • is always havin silly arguments w kyoko,, over random shit,
  • get ready to be astonished by his large vocabulary yet writes shit that just,, makes u go fAcEPaLm
  • shuts one w the quirkiest comebacks out there,,


  • you can literally sense shit lotta energy and positivity in her text even though she sends something as minimal as ‘sUPP yall’
  • suprisingly, not really online on discord,, but might reply at any point in 24h
  • types super fast
  • reads notifications mostly n joins in only when ppl are down for some badass gameplay *more of an instagram hoe*
  • uses lotta abbreviations,, and uses ‘lmao’ usually
  • always down for gossips


  • are we even surprised of how much he cusses???
  • didn’t want to be in the groupchat, but kirishima kept adding him back
  • never texts w emojis or all large caps, even though he might be practically screamin’ while typing,, hence leavin everyone confused

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(Sorted by order posted)

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  2. My Hero Academia And Company
  3. Maid Kirishima
  4. BNHA and Jerry’s
  5. BNHA/MHA as Sonic Characters
  6. Dogsuki Barkugo and Co.
  7. Best mentor and mentee
  8. Totally Looks Like (Kirishima)
  9. Mama Inko
  10. The Angry Pomeranian
  11. Ms. Dog and Dogzawa
  12. Dog Mic
  13. Totally Looks Like (Present Mic)
  14. My Hero Macadamia
  15. Class 1A Puppers
  16. Eijiro Doghouettes
  17. UA Supers
  18. Cheer Squad: Baku VS Deku
  19. Young (Pup) Midoriya
  20. The Wizkids of UA
  21. Caught between a Kirishima and a Tetsutetsu
  22. ManlyBadassHero VS Manly, Badass, Hero
  23. Toadocroaky
  24. Bust Your Kneecaps
  25. My Kero Academia
  26. Frozen Todoroki
  27. Logo Parody: Todorokiworks
  28. Logo Parody: Metro Goldwyn Mina/Midoriya
  29. Totally Looks Like (Kazuichi)
  30. Totally Looks Like (Todoroki)
  31. Anime Characters and their Birthdays
  32. If the Class 1A girls were MLP characters:
  33. The Female Aizawa
  34. Logo Parody: Yaoyorozu/Columbia
  35. Logo Parody: Paramount Lady
  36. Totally Looks Like (Kaminari)
  37. Natsuki Bakugo
  38. South Park Academia (Big 3)
  39. The Loudest Sound
  40. South Park Academia (Males)
  41. Sayori Midoriya
  42. Totally Looks Like (Ashido)
  43. Tsunderes
  44. Club Derp
  45. My Hero Ronpa/Dangan Academia
  46. Yuri Tokoyami
  47. Monika Aoyama
  48. Absolutely Fabulous
  49. Grin buddies
  50. South Park Academia (Aizawa)
  51. MHA Gorillaz
  52. Stare of Disapproval 
  53. Aristocrats
  54. Spurned Love
  55. My Jiro Academia
  56. Inbetweeners
  57. Kyokaline
  58. KuDandere
  59. My Hero Mean Girls/Mean Girls Academia
  60. Pro Heathers
  61. A song of Icyhot
  62. Logo Parody: Pixroki
  63. Logo Parody: Nickelodeavor
  64. Bitmoji Girls
  65. My Hero Alchemist/Full Metal Academia
  66. Heterochromia Heartthrobs
  67. He’s Sexy, he’s cute, he’s popular to boot!
  68. Describe Adorable in 3 Images
  69. Totally Looks Like (Izumi)
  70. The Quirkfast Club
  71. Legally Denki
  72. Mina Girls
  73. Totally Looks Like (Aizawa)
  74. Totally Seems Like (Izuku)
  75. Superyagi VS Batzawa
  76. Totally Seems Like (Ms. Joke)
  77. Totally Looks Like (Kendo)
  78. Logo Parody: NickelodEmi
  79. My Hogwarts Academia
  80. Pokedemia
  81. Teenage Mutant Ninja Students/My Hero Ninja Turtles
  82. Game Of Heroes/My Throne Academia
  83. Mingeta
  84. DekuSquad VS BakuSquad - Driving
  85. Beware The Cute Ones
  86. Totally Looks Like (Uraraka)
  87. Froppy Year
  88. PowerQuirkBoys/QuirkPuffBoys
  89. My Hero Acatdemia: Meowyama
  90. Frodoroki
  91. Logo Parody: DenkICON
  92. Common Ordinary Monika
  93. Mona Chisa
  94. My Hero Acatdemia: Catsuki
  95. My Hero Acedemia
  96. My Trope Academia
  97. Totally Looks Like (Shinso)
  98. Bro-ccoli
  99. My Neighbor Totoroki
  100. Man-ipulation
  101. Divergent Class 1A
  102. One Punch Boy
  103. Close Encounters Of The Derp Kind
  104. My Rage Academia
  105. Inside Out
  106. Mama Mia Mommas
  107. She is Beauty, She is Grace, She will Punch you in the Face!
  108. My Hairspray Academia
  109. Coldline Bling
  110. TodoDeku
  111. Um… It’s not on the map?
  112. Sero-ma Sins
  113. Mirror Not Included
  114. Hey Ya(gi)
  115. Todorocky
  116. You 4th wall breaker, you
  117. Big, Cuddly, Best Mamas
  118. Hokey Roki
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Quality time with my hero original characters, The sensational spider heroine Jorogumo & The Mute Hero Silence!

I had this idea of creating original characters from #myheroacademia and @purpledawncreations did an amazing job bringing them to life!

I wanted  a picture of them together that was reminiscent of an old anime ending and it came out amazing. They both are attend U.A high school and they’re the next generation of heroes.


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Hyuko Toga

Age: 17 (and grows old along w/ Toga)

Quirk: Transform

Hero course: class V

After Himiko’s disappearence (the 1st time), the Toga family did something horrible. In fear of the boy being like his twin sister, they abandoned Hyuko in a mental recovery hospital, leaving him hopeless, forgotten, filled with rage, sorrow,the feel of betrayal, outcasted.

He lost some school years, and when he was in treatment, no one visited him. Not the sister he loved and shared secrets with, nor anyone of his family. He was alone. He was rejected.

During this period of loliness, he watched a lot of things about heroes, and in his mind, the heroes are never alone, the society accepts them, they are pride, they save nor take lifes. Hyuko wanted to be exactly like them. Maybe his family would accept him like this. He wanted it. He needed it

But he couldn’t. Until the foundation of the special hero course for special necessity students, AKA the class V. Of course, he took the chance, and got into it, being one with some of the best grades, specially because he studied a lot (one of the few things he was allowed to do in the hospital)

Even if the special hero course’s duration is only one year, because of his age and knowledge level, he is considered a Senpai. He’s one of the three chosen students to represent the class V.

But, even if those student can’t stay around other people as a way to preserve their mental health and didn’t go to the summer training camp, they knew what happened, who were the villains and their true identities. It was a hard time for some people in the class, including Hyuko, who had to handle the judgement of being Himiko’s sister all over again.

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