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hello everyone! the first day of spring quarter is tomorrow, so i decided to make a mini planner on onenote for the quarter!

all of my classes are online, as my campus shut down like most around the world. hopefully, i will be more active on my studyblr now!

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[11.03.20] ✧ 98 days of productivity

ft. decorations around my bed

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week – and washing their hands with all of this coronavirus stuff gong on. Yesterday UCSB moved all of their classes to remote instruction, so I don’t have to go to campus! Bittersweet though – I’m leaving on Saturday. 

Yesterday I sat at the beach with this girl for like, 4 hours, just hanging out, and it was really wholesome. I truly can’t process that this is my life and I’m leaving this place.

I know I don’t really post much about my romantic life on tumblr because I know literally anyone and everyone can read my page, but let’s just say it’s been a roller coaster. Haven’t spoken to my toxic ex in a while (which, for everyone who knows me, is a big deal), but it’s weird trying to rewind back to the feeling before you met the person you planned to spend the rest of your life with. 

I know people talk about “making friends” and “falling in love” when you go to school, but no one really talks about the many of ways they impact your academics (esp in studyblr spheres). I never in my life imagined I would miss an entire day of classes or an entire night of sleep out of pure sickness from a toxic relationship.

I just feel like there’s just a general miscommunication between me and the people in my life currently. Things just feel like they’re shifting and changing and I don’t know what to expect.

My mom and I packed the majority of the stuff from my apartment. It felt good.

I also have been frantically trying to write a paper that I did not realize was due today, but luckily my professor is super understanding of the fact that I’m moving out and that coronavirus is complicating things. Hopefully I can get it done and ready for editing asap.

For my ANTH 130 presentation we had to present a policy brief and we got the top presentation! It was a great feeling to see how well we worked together to make it successful, which is definitely an anomaly in an American institutional setting.

✧ Thesis editing / fix methods + add photos
✧ SOC190A paper + video
✧ ARTHI 5B and ANTH 130 group papers

✧ Mood: still conflicted, but euphoric
✧ Energy: 20%
✧ Sleep: 6h 

✧ Water: 7 glasses 

✧ Listening to: lose myself by lolo zouaï
✧ Skincare: getting so much better!! I’m convinced its the water at my old apartment!!

✧ What made me happy today: my momma
✧ What made me proud today: Still working on my assignments when it feels like classes our cancelled and it’s the end of the world

Wish me luck on these papers! xx

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