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(No reposts but reblogs appreciated <3)
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The Auction
Villain settled themselves in their seat, shuffling a bit against the plush, expensive, padding of the chair. Adjusting themselves comfortably as they watched other guests pile into the large auction room. Everyone was dressed nicely, expensively. Which made perfect sense considering they were all seated in a large, royal-looking, ballroom that belonged to the one and only Supervillain.
The auction was held annually, each year in a new lair to avoid being caught by the heroes. Villain always went, they didn’t participate, even if they were sitting on quite a large bank account. They never found a hero interesting enough to bid on. After all, the only things being sold here were living, breathing, beings. Heroes.
Everyone from lowdown thieves to master-criminals would come to try and sell their captives, some would keep them for themselves, but often, if a hero was caught they’d be sold and forgotten. Villain had never really engaged in this sport, but they enjoyed watching the bickering over frightened do-gooders.
It was sickening and twisted, but that just made it all the more fun.
Villain was pulled from their thoughts as the host themselves grabbed a chair and sat beside them at their table. Supervillain grinned at Villain, holding out their hand and Villain shook it firmly, leaning forward to converse with their guest.
“Villain! Glad to see you here!” Supervillain exclaimed, waggling their eyebrows as they brought a fancy champagne glass to their lips.
“Oh come on, when have I ever not gone?” Villain laughed, despite the rank difference between the pair, they had always been close and able to talk and joke freely with each other. Villain treasured that. Supervillain was more than just an asset, they were a great friend.
“Maybe it would be different since I’m hosting it this year, I don’t know?” Supervillain fiddle with their fingers on their lap, letting their gaze wander about the consistently growing crowd. “Maybe you don’t want to see your pal make a fool of themselves up on the stage tonight…”
Ah, Supervillain was nervous. Very nervous. Villain reached out, taking Supervillains free hand in theirs and cupping it gently. “Hey, you got this. No sweat. Everything is going to be okay, and at the end of the day I’m going to be right here for you, okay?”
Supervillain let out a deep breath, relaxing completely under Villains words, looking up at them with glossy eyes—which were sporting obvious bags underneath—and lifted the smallest smile to their lips. “Thank you.” They murmured, Villain smiled back, giving the others hand a tight squeeze before letting go.
“Now get out there and kick some ass.” Supervillain sat up straight, reinstating their facade of confidence and unbotheredness. Shooting Villain a thumbs up before getting up out of their seat and heading for the large stage.
Villain leaned back in their seat, pleased with their efforts to help their friend—who looked much more relaxed now—as the show commenced and Supervillain began their introductions.
It was the same old, same old. The introductions stay the same every year, introduce yourself, how many candidates (aka heroes up for sale) and explain how the auction works. Villain had heard it all a million times.
“Now! To finally start the show, let’s introduce our first candidate! Starting at the sale of 5000 dollars we have the one and only… Hero!”
The curtains pulled back, revealing Villains nemesis, their greatest enemy, Hero. Their hands were cuffed behind their back, chains wrapped around their legs a little too tightly and there were countless bruises littering what little Villain could see of their body. Their eyes weren’t focusing, they were cowering from the light, nothing at all like their previous bravado. They were shaking, tear streaks lined their cheeks and they were gagged.
Everything in Villains vision went blindingly white. Hero was here. Hero, their biggest pain in the ass, was here. Hero, the one Villain had fought with, laughed with, flirted with, joked with, and the one who went missing many months ago. They had asked around, begged for answers on their missing hero. Nothing. They had even asked Supervillain and Supervillain had lied straight to their face.
“Caught them back a few months ago-“ Eight months ago. “They had no manners at the start-“ All of Hero’s courage. “But I trained them well so don’t worry-“ Beat them into submission. “They need a new home now-“ Selling them. “Someone who isn’t afraid to punish their pets-“ Someone to torture Hero. “Someone who can train them out of their defiance-“ Someone to use them. “Someone who can make Hero into their perfect, obedient, plaything… Any takers?” Plaything.
Supervillains eyes flicked over to where Villain was sitting in the front row, giving them a wink before they went back to the audience.
Rage coursed through Villains veins. Suddenly, their best friend had become their biggest enemy. They were going to kill Supervillain. They were going to wipe that smug look off their face and they were going to get their Hero back.
Villain didn’t hesitate another second, snatching their auction paddle off the table and shooting it up in the air. Unfortunately, they weren’t the only one with the same idea. Two other hands came up along with theirs and they realized that if Villain ever wanted to see Hero again, they would have to fight for them.
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wanna chomp down on his thighs chomp chomp chomp
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hi. my cat has giardia and that means I need to medicate him and also my other two cats and I don't have money for that. I'd also like to take one of my other cats to the vet but rn I can't bc surprise I dont have money.
1 dollar = 5 reais so really anything helps a lot.
I need around $120 just to be safe for if any other unexpected expenses come up. please help me
brasileiros que queiram mandar um pix, a chave é o mesmo e-mail. (a consulta no vet é 90, não sei quanto o remédio vai custar. tô chutando uns 600 reais no total só pra garantir)
thank you.
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Hardshine, to me, are soulmates no matter what way you look at it. i dont even necessarily mean romantic, like the fact is whether they kiss about it or not (which i dont even think has to be inherently romantic) they are so much for each other. moonshine is so intrinsically tied into hardwons identity and moonshine will live thousands of years and will meet so many people, but no matter who those people are, hardwon will always be special. its not even just about the big things of “i worship the ground she walks on” or “i cant imagine bahumia without hardwon surefoot” but everything else in between. its also about both of them crushing on luna and competing for her attention while also pushing each other forward. its also about moonshine burning so many spells so hardwon is good at sex the first time and hardwon talking her up to jaina. its about so much at the same time, two people who met by chance and even took a teen with them on the way being such a dramatic force in each others like. i dont quite know what im saying here, except i do know what im saying and thats RELEASE THE FUCKING LETTER JAKE
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using specific medical words incorrectly is dangerous. there need to be words to describe the experiences of people who are suffering, and constantly using them casually gets in the way of this.
using OCD as if it is an adjective that means “clean” or “tidy” actively prevents people from being able to realise they have OCD, and from feeling comfortable seeking treatment.
using fatigue as if it means “just a bit tired” takes away the ability of people who experience fatigue to be able to talk about the extent of their disability.
words that are specific to certain disabilities — physical or mental — need to be kept for their specific purpose.
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Forty minutes of my life I am never getting back.
Hey so I might be a little goo goo for Chef Saltbaker I’m going so monkey mode for this guy. he rocks so much he’s so diabolical
It’s actually Friday here either way so I mean,,,
original reference lol
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Tumblr media
Rare photo of Justin Broadrick with Godflesh, c. early 90s, as printed in Metal Maniacs.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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The love triangle between Billy/Steve/Eddie is called Steddilly, right? Please tell me this OT3 is called Steddilly because I’ve been giggling at the name for the last ten minutes.
Harringroveson is pretty weak and a mouthful, Steddilly is fabulous and I love it.
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millionyearhearts · 2 days ago
the more i analyze will/mike/el in vol2 the more unhappy i am
like im fuming, how dare mike wheeler ever say that his life began the day his best friend went missing and had to endure the most horrific trauma of his whole life?? i rly hope he was just trying to mentally scrape together cheesy, romantic moments he remembered from films and comic books in a grasping attempt to save one of his closest friends and some of his words aren't actually a reflection of what he thinks because man thats so fucked up, 'specially when will is literally right next to him.
i fucking love mike he has always been a fave but the writers did his monologue so dirty and i beg to GOD s5 touches on it and sheds some light on wtf he was saying because some of that is just downright cruel. holy shit
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number1bylerstan · 2 days ago
very long rant about volume 2 (SPOILERS)
im just going to start out by saying that my hopes were VERY high for volume 2. I couldn't sleep last night because I was just thinking about canon byler. instead what we got was a messy plot and ZERO character development for will, mike and el. I'm going to break it down using those 3 characters. remember these are MY THOUGHTS. also going to to be talking about social media posts also that contributed to the queer baiting.
firstly, im so over the gay pining trope omg my best friend is straight and he'll never love me back. it's one thing if mil even was put back together this season (it's repetitive and boring and annoying but whatvever) but using a queer person's experiences to further plot lines? a big no no. and even the fact that will's painting was hyped up to be such a big deal and relate to will's sexuality (which the duffer brothers LITERALLY stated in an interview) and it just turning out to be something to help mike tell eleven that he loves her. which if he did, why didn't he say it in their argument where she was literally crying? example number 1 of lazy writing. the coded conversation with Jonathan in the pizza shop was such a let-down. ALSO WHY CANT THEY SAY THE WORD GAY. ITS NOT A DIRTY WORD. and its clear the Jonathan knows but of course they have to keep it discreet and "up to interpretation" for their homophobic audience. don't even get me started on the cabin scene which would have been a perfect opportunity to parallel season 2 and have mike hold will's hand. but of course not. then they had that lame ass shot at the end of all the couples standing next to each other just to hint at the queer audience that "omg this is the byler scene" and then to leave it at that. I mean the cast wasn't wrong when they said we would need time to process what happened after it finished because literally what the fuck was the mess that is volume 2.
sigh. what have the duffers reduced his character to at this point. seriously, what point does he serve in the plot other than el's boyfriend? it seems as if the writers love to introduce new characters just to kill them off (rip Eddie) and simultaneously ignore their characters development that has been built up throughout the seasons. the fact that he couldn't say I love you to el in the bedroom when she was crying, but only say it in the heat of the moment when she was almost dead USING WILLS GUIDANCE. this is literally just a repeat of season 3 where he uses all of his friends, but this time will instead of Lucas, to help fix his own relationship. it's like he's not even his own person anymore. it also makes no sense that he would be awkward with will in the airport and argue with him and stuff if he has no feelings for him? he also hugged dustin in the previous episode? like what. im so angry because the writers had the best chance ever to make mike wheeler one of the best representations of internalized homophobia but they took the easy route instead so that the casual viewers and general audience don't riot and say that "it came out of nowhere" he feels like a completely different person than he was in season 1 and 2. lastly the fact that he said it was the best day ever when he found eleven on the DAY WILL WENT MISSING??? fuck you mike, but more importantly fuck the duffer brothers.
im only going to say one thing: the fact that she had the most character development when she was AWAY from mike speaks volumes to me. that's it. why does she need someone so that she can believe that's she's worth something? someone who doesn't treat her very well, mind you
aside from the Netflix geeked posts, Noah really disappointed me. and before y'all start, because I know one of you will, I know Noah does not write the show. but if he knew we were getting literal minuscule crumbs of byler content, why would he tweet that? it makes no sense. and all of them getting giggly in interviews and stuff. and the fact that Finn and Noah had no interviews together, yet they were in the same plot line? bye.
at this point the only explanation is that the duffers cut content from the episode bc it was originally supposed to be 2 hr and 30 min but its 2hr and 21 on Netflix. so, yeah.
in conclusion, fuck the duffer brothers. fuck Netflix. fuck stranger things. I don't even know if im going to continue posting or being a fan of this show because I am genuinely so upset and not even excited for season 5. this show should've ended at the second season
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im in bakugo hell like im hyperfixating but it’s paralysing instead of making me want to be creative
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gothteddies · 11 hours ago
thinking again about those aphrodisiac pills that are supposed to make people with pussies wetter then a fucking ocean
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ceruleanmage · 2 days ago
stranger things 4 volume 2: a summary
Tumblr media
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wolvesandfoxes25 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ugh. I love them and their angst. 😭
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emo-mike-wheelerr · 2 days ago
i already know that ppl are gonna be like "the show doesnt revolve around ships, its not a big deal"
but yknow what IM PISSED
i know damn fucking well that the show isnt about ships, for gods sake i watch the show cus i like the plot and the characters
but i have the right to be pissed about how they handled the whole mike/el/will love triangle
like, they couldnt even give will a coming out scene 😐
it just sortaaaa feels like they did that because heavans, we cant have TWO canonically queer characters can we- and the way it was so hyped up bothers me too
maybe as a queer person who wants representation, i got my hopes up and expected too much, but the way everyone was like "oh youll see who will has a crush on 😏" pisses me the fuck off and sorta feels like queerbait because they said stuff like this SO many times
and not to mention
like ik he apologized but why the fuck did he treat will like that in the first place
anyways rant over, i loved s4 and YES i am aware that it isnt just about ships,, but as a queer person it stings just a little bit 😐
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Tumblr media
                      TYBW PV 2 – HITSUGAYA TOUSHIRO.
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