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ah i was waiting for this. since intrusive anons never let me say anything here 🙂 yeah i loved a lot of the marvel movies as a child. but the second one of the actors is problematic chuck it in the rubbish dude. stop giving them a platform to express their shitty beliefs

now not all of the mcu is bad, some of it is actually really good. also i stopped liking whatever marvel does after endgame tbh. also idk if you pay attention,, but i like the comics. the widely diverse, mostly unproblematic comics. also i can like what i want bro leave me alone. so yeah fuck crisp rat and his white ratpack 

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a person from the national statistics office was going from door to door to take the census while i was drawing so my girlfriend answered.

“he asked who the head of the household was, i said… me.”

me: ok

“he asked who else lives here and i said your name etc.”

me: ok

“he asked what is your relation… i said girlfriend.”

me, still thinking about the lack of protection for gay people here: ok

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Shoutout to the random fucking cricket that woke me up at 3 am. I have no sympathy killing you

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