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Honestly my 15 year old self could cook up a better character than Chibnall’s take on the Doctor. I’ve no such faith in 12 year old me but at least my first terrible mary sue ridden product was superior in actually being an OC not ruining a canon character. 

I wish he’d stuck to cop shows which he was supposedly good at. I hope no one ever lets him near fantasy, sci-fi or other spec fic ever again. 

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i did pretty good yesterday like i had about 900cals but i was doing a lot of biking and skateboarding. then my friends wanted to get high so i did but i didnt even want to order food which is rare because when im high i almost immediately order skip… but yesterday i didnt want to. ive ordered pizza and burgers for my friend before when we were high and he never paid me but he was still upset i didnt pay him for the weed he bought…even though the food i bought was like 4xs the amount he spent on weed (its 5$ for a gram in my town). and yesterday he kept talking about how good a burger would taste so i asked him if hes just trying to get me to order food. he said ya so i was like “if i order this were even for weed” and he literally had to THINK ABOUT IT and finally said ya. i ordered 3 fucking jbcs and fries…i wasnt even hungry and i didnt want anything but i ate it all…i feel like absolute shit today. i dont want to eat anything. the thought of eating makes me feel scared today which lately i struggle to turn down food. ugh im never letting him pressure me into it again. i think im gonna try to not get high for a while. i wanna lose some weight in the next two weeks cuz my other friend is gone for a while and i want to look better when she comes back. just as a shock. idk

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i get doctors be doctoring

and i get that i am schizophrenic

but when i tell you i dont need my medication and i am fine

don’t say “itll help you get actually better”

I AM FINE DUDE, i can handle it myself

I know what i can and can’t handle

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the base exchange at belvoir has a great sale on the MSI GL63 but like they don’t have it in stock anymore thanks to the sale so i’m having to call andrews to see if they have it and if they’re doing the sale or will match it and like GAH and my phone keeps dropping out of service 

Update: Andrews doesn’t have it. Myer doesn’t have it either. I’m now checking the online base exchange catalogue

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