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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 14 hours ago
Ted: Dromeda, you need to add peppermint to the cauldron.
Andromeda: *not looking up* It’s Andromeda
*5 minutes later*
Andromeda: The cauldron isn’t bubbling. It’s supposed to be bubbling.
Ted: Be patient, Dromeda sometimes-
Andromeda: It’s Andromeda
*Ten minutes later*
Slughorn: Excellent work! Has anyone finished?
Ted: Dromeda and I are done
Andromeda: *glaring at Ted*
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holidaywishes · 12 hours ago
The Canadiens also released a statement saying they are committed to provide Mailloux with “the tools to mature and the necessary support to guide him in his development.”
Let’s break this down:
a defamation charge? That’s not what this was. This was a guy who took a picture of a girl without her consent and distributed it. He was charged and had to “pay a fine”
Dude didn’t want to be drafted. He renounced himself because he knew what he did didn’t deserve a reward
I find it hard to believe that someone like Bergevin, who was around during the 2012 Chicago events were taking place, is going to provide the “necessary support” for a kid who’s been charged with a sex crime
The fact that the team had to make its own statement about the draft of this kid shows that they know they’re gonna get backlash because it’s a shit thing to do
Bottom line: this sucks and I’m incredibly disappointed that this is happening
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oi-levi · 12 hours ago
Boxer Levi would absolutely slam you into the wall after his match, or take you in too "hang out" before any matches started. he pins your hands above your head and loves the way your little chest rises and falls nervously. he loves dragging his hands over your cute little body as he shows you how to properly stance for a match. He doesn't miss the way your breath catches when his steady hands move you either. has you wrap his hands in that bandage stuff just too get it all messy when he fingers your wet cunt under your dress. Boxer Levi just loves inviting his little girl too all his matches.<3
okay but Boxer Levi wrapping your wrists together in that tape he uses on his knuckles and pinning them above your head just so he can ravage your body uninterrupted. or so they’re trapped in the small of your back, that way he has a vantage point when he’s pounding your pretty pussy from behind.
you’re there at all of his matches, looking awfully out of place, surrounded by giant, stocky men who are twice your size, and he’s always casting you careful glances throughout the night, even when he’s in the ring. anxiously, you cover your mouth with your hand, wincing when he takes a serious blow, but Levi. always. wins.
and he fucks you senseless afterwards. his kisses are fervent and hot, tongue darting into your mouth as he lifts you onto the countertop and dives between your thighs, licking and slurping, rewarding you for being so goddamn supportive of him. and then he yanks you down, turns you around, and fucks you hard right against the wall.
or sometimes, when he’s worn out after a few long matches, you will follow him back to his place and run him a bath. you ice him down, holding the tender, sore areas with such care that he feels like he’s going to break. your fingers scathe his wounds, dressing them, mending him. each one receives a soft kiss once you smooth the bandages down.
you ride him at a slow pace, pressing your palms to his chest, and he will weakly grip the sides of your thighs and help pull you forward. he cums quietly, just soft gasps and groans when he shoots his release deep inside you. and he whispers for you to use him until you finish.
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ohcrapthy · 21 hours ago
i like the hypocrisy of “portwell angst = they’re officially done for!!” when r*nas have been saying for weeks that their ship’s angst is indicative of their desired endgame like ???
Also literally EVERY ship on this show (and in like every tv show/movie ever) has had one or multiple angsty moments bc: 1) drama (especially since this specific show is a teen/high school drama) and 2) all relationships (platonic, familial, romantic) irl have issues that need to be sorted out and worked through.
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inkykeiji · 8 hours ago
I realize that I need to clarify but do you have any reference photos for Touya’s knife??
from my snowman & me or from SD!natsuo?????
bcoz if you’re talking about my snowman & me i do!!!! it’s an actual boker knife that exists
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
called the mother of pearl lockback hunting knife!!! i wanted something that looked elegant and dainty and that resembled the reader (beautiful yet powerful; on her own but especially while in his hands) and what she means to touya & his life. i thought the nacre on this knife was so so so pretty and that it would gleam so nicely when he uses it and thus always remind him of her no matter what he’s doing <333
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procrastination-lady · 14 hours ago
sometimes it really hits me that i can never interact with my favorite fictional characters in person :/
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spixi · 16 hours ago
i dont want to keep watching haikyuu because im up to oikawas entrance and i know i wont be able to restrain myself from making posts about him but i refuse to post about him on reos birthday
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abomination-to-the-earth · 22 hours ago
Me: *feeling down and depressed*
Chase Atlantic: kinky sex, drugs, and anxiety
Me: Damn, you right *instantly feels better*
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rosewitchhh · 18 hours ago
I am anxiety in human form
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loyaulteme-lie · 23 hours ago
Finding cute Inuyasha fanart then immediately checking the blog and realizing the artists ships that one is such a depressing feeling
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yelenadelova · 13 days ago
As much as I loved Black Widow (2021) I still feel robbed. If anything my feelings grew stronger. That movie just showed me that the character of Natasha Romanoff had so much potential and easily could have had a whole franchise of 3-4 movies like some of the other heroes such as Iron Man and Captain America. The whole cast of characters in this movie would have been so good in a series that allowed them to flesh out three dynamics and characters more. While I hope to see more of the characters introduced in the future I can’t help but feel disappointed by how much potential was wasted in sidelining Natasha for so long.
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mustaint · a month ago
Tumblr media
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inkskinned · 28 days ago
actually the way we discuss... weight. how much silence there is to it, how much expectation, how much violence.
each conversation seems steeped in calligraphy warnings: well, too much of - there's the wrong kind of - you shouldn't promote having -
can't say diet culture is killing people, have to say - be sure you make healthy choices. don't talk about how thigh gaps are still-a-thing because you will have to say but talk to your doctor. don't say poverty is a huge factor in eating choices, say - each of us has to be careful!
stare at everyone else who is eating, stare at yourself. watch your calories! don't watch your calories too much, though. say it is healthy to take stock of yourself like you are a number. say it is healthy to obsess, because it's not really an obsession if it's self-care. have three options for exercise: gym you can't afford, classes that aren't helpful, movements that aren't accessible. go to the doctor for a cough, get told lose weight, you'll breathe easier. feel bad about cake on your birthday, wake up sweating, thinking that you accidentally ate something.
each time - either be dismissed for being hysterical (what problem? people deserve it), be dismissed for being too-logic driven. it feels right to not-eat, isn't that lovely! we love intermittent fasting (anorexia is a disease, this is a lifestyle! #staystrong everybody!), we love carb/fat/macro-counting magical thinking, we love blaming you for it. you-did-this-to-yourself.
skinny person on instagram says see! my body has flaws. everyone in the comments saying yes queen!!!. fat person on instagram says love how i look in this new tee-shirt, comments say -
anyway. anyway! i'm not saying anything new. but there's this thing about recovering from an eating disorder: it makes you incredibly aware of how disordered the rest of everyone else's eating is. you watch your friends make comments like well, if i just dieted, and you don't say anything because nobody is gonna go crazy just because you did (right? right?) and, besides, you've felt like this since you were a kid and -
can't say it. can't say it. everybody already-knows-about-it.
one of my college students says to me - i want to go back in time and kill the word dieting. it's only fair. it tried to kill me.
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raccoon-butch · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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