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#ugh not about this at all

Yo sorry about the 100 spam, there’s just a lot of feelings but it’s all over now and that part of me can rest except when I see a gif of bell and get triggered again

I’m begging the universe, to pls let jr*th’s entire career die and be buried, I hope he and his show gets cancelled for good

Bellarke will always live in my heart and in my heart it’s canon (as is in the books, fanfic and with beliza) I’m happy for l*exa/cl*can stans that they got their girl back even tho it wasn’t really her, it was just jr*th baiting them and fooling them. At least some part of the 100 fandom wins tonight… altho I guess we’re all winners now that it’s done


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hey worick!!! 🥰 dw i’m fine! i’m about to make some tea before i take this quiz :’)

I couldn’t get out of bed much so nothing too exciting but bruh today my friends and I had to fucking argue w our lab TA about a grade we got bc it was so obvious she didn’t read our report. we got all our points back but she had a whole attitude from the jump like we’re the ones that were wrong 💀 hoe had me forcing myself to keep my neck from rolling lmaoooo i hate ✨STEM grads✨ sometimes

I hope you had a better day! ❤️

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Hi I guess I’m back…

I took a two and half week break from posting… at that point I kinda felt like it wasn’t worth me posting edits anymore and I also kinda just didn’t want to or feel like posting anything… I know you should just post what you want and I used to enjoy searching for content and editing but it’s been a bit disheartening recently that my posts don’t do as well as they used to when I first started editing properly about 6 years ago. And people are also reposting on Instagram. I don’t know if it’s just how things are now, or if it’s just not the stuff people wanna see - other amazing content makers here do so well ♡ I think some of this is other issues I deal with like loneliness and other things happening right now that get me down sometimes. Idk what I’m saying and I hate feeling exposed lol but anyway… :|

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*cute girl is totally mean to her ex bf for an ENTIRE fucking season*

*ex bf tries for ENTIRE season to get cute girl to forgive him for something he did ON ACCIDENT, 3 FULL FUCKING YEARS AGO*

cute girl: I just wanna know how you feel about me *fake shy*

me: Bitch are you IN the same show I’m watching?! Obviously he’s fucking into you, he literally says “I’m doing this for you” “I’m trying to protect you” or “I’ll do anything to make you forgive me for what I did” (again, some shit he did on accident)

For. Fucks. Sake.

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