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#ugh omg

Me, sending a thank you text to my friend who got me coffee today: 


Versus me seeing him INSTANTLY OPENING THE TEXT: 

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Ok so I read the latest Choices Insiders and…I’m conflicted with how to feel. Cuz on one side-


The creators of literally my favourite story EVER ARE GONNA DO THE Q&A SOON. (Let’s hope the answer the thing about the pregnant Orc males cuz BITCH MY TEACUP HAS BEEN READY SINCE THAT CHAPTER.)


But on the other side-





*screaming intensifies*

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finally started lucifer season 5 and OMG

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UGH fuck goddamn I miss sexual contact

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omg nonny 😭. ily2!! ♥️

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So not only am I sick but I’m supposed to have a mock driving test today and my heart is literally going at 1000000 miles an hour wtf I shouldn’t be this nervous I need to breathe jesus.

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firewood - pile

No longer burdened by youth

Not burning and open and raw like a wound

And shopping is much easier now

I can be quiet and private and protected

In a compartment tucked away real tight

I’ll ride my bike ‘til the sun goes down

Singing songs of no reason while no one’s around

And when it gets dark I will continue to stay out

With my gray hairs all on the ground

With something new to romanticize

They’ll all leave without you

They always will

We can hold hands if we promise to go to the same place

At the same exact time I will keep my grasp tight

Until we part ways then we can both disappear

If I avoid you then you can’t abandon me

I can focus on my tasks so fervently

Everything is much easier now

My beliefs unchallenged thus calcified

In a compartment tucked away real tight

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I really need the power to come back on so I can brush my teeth. Thanks.

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emma: describes julian as a boy with secrets in his heart and paint on his hands


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i was tagged by the absolutely lovely @wowweeharrystyles to reminisce about the first time i listened to sott. i love telling this story even though it’s not very eventful or anything but it’s still nice. thank you for tagging me, and i’m going to be tagging: @complicatedbabyhoneyfreak @honeytryst @harryfeatgaga @harryglittersuitstyles @angelharrie @roseringharrie @always-jackedup @writingsfromlee @bdeharry

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dad wonu is the cutest thing ever wow im literally crying reading all these cute asks TT he would take his kids to introduce themselves to his stray cat friends too and make them love and take care of animals im soft god

they end up adopting a cat and letting the kids choose the name and when theyre fighting over it wonwoo does the bright idea to combine the names to make them happy and about taking care of the animals he tells them that its important fro them to protect and look after them im soft?!

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I got this random idea while practicing how to draw human eyes but this turned out kinda creepy…

Does it look better with or without the red lines?

Also omg I failed at drawing those bottlecaps xD

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@mafiiamade​ ;; liked for a starter!


“The goods are at the back, darling.”

She tapped her cigarette with her finger, the ashes falling  to the tray below. Virginia was good at being discreet, and she made sure to look like it was fruits being delivered to the restaurant. She had paid a corrupt police officer as well to make sure nothing would come in the way of her delivery.

Everybody knew they could trust Virginia; she had a knack for acting stupid when it came to being interrogated by goody-two-shoes officers, throwing them off the scent of the underworld’s dealings. She turned to look at Tony, and in a rare moment, relaxed. It was always like this around him; there was always an easy feeling she did not feel with other people. She knew he could always be trusted.

“How’s your kid? You should let me babysit her one of these days–I’m not promising that I won’t spoil her a lot though.”

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