#ughhh I love them <3
Sora acts like a little kid going to Disney World/Disney Land or some big amusement park when he arrives at big hero 6 world (Idk why I keep forgetting this place in particular).
Like he’s just running around and he looks so happy.
“Now, what?”
“I gotta tell Riku what a blast this place is.”
Bro he literally hasn’t done anything but he thinks it’s so cool and needs to tell Riku😭.
“But we just got here. We haven’t even done anything yet.”
“Blast? I’ll should you a blast!”
Donald no-
And after that the heartless show up. The one thing I really wanna know is: What kind of message was he sending Riku? During that whole conversation, he was texting him and I wanna know if he sent multiple texts or was working on just one big one to send???
Nomura I want answers please.
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the-musical-cc · 8 months ago
I hadn’t made anything for these kids and they are precious so have a small edit
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mangostar · 2 months ago
yelan, barbara, noelle and yanfei... this banner was made for me 
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lavalantula · a month ago
new icon . jyushi brainrot never sleeps sorry
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you will look at him
(dont open the tags lest you be assailed by my lengthy review of the new album. SERIOUS category 10 autism moment happening.)
#hypmic#im back on my bullshit everyone . finally watching rule the stage... started with track 3 for whatever reason#Also the new album just came out so im using this post for reviews . give me a minute i have to listen to all the songs#okay cross a line is. Groovy !absolutely solid song every verse is good and the chorus rules. Im bouncing.#the music vid is cute too i love seeing the vas sing . the amount of time i spend watching the live shows is Actually unhealthy#okay ikebukuro west block party . BB stans read no further . this song is really boring#all bb songs are so. exactly the same AND exactly very boring . sorry !#scarface - MTC . i can tell this is gonna grow on me hold on#yeah i was right this song is really good . i hate mtc but i cant deny they always kill it . rio being criminally underused as always#anyway get on the floor - fling posse -> im waiting to like this song and its not happening . this song is just okay#anway synchro city - matenro : the exact kind of boring ass song i expected from them . so. thats about all i have to say on that#waiting for this song to be over so i can listen to fate ENISHI . OKAY its over dotsuitare im counting on you#FINALLY some good fucking food !! UGHHH this SONG <33333#reis verses are INSANE oh my god. i wish he wasnt so fucking evil this song is so good#okay moving on to hella awesome banquet . if this song isnt good im killing everyone#ITS GOOD of course it is . its bad ass temple . jyushi is there.#okay i forgot i usually rank these im gonna relisten to them all and get back to you#1. fate ENISHI 2. scarface 3. hella awesome banquet 4. get on the floor 5. IKB west block party 6. synchro city#for all star songs ... 1. glory or dust 2. cross a line 3. hoodstar+ 4. summit of divisions (jeez this was hard theyre all SO good .)#okay . well. thats all from me folks. ur welcome <3#tumblr womt let me add anymore tags to this post even though i want to keep talking. . evil .
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deadwriter16 · 9 months ago
Not so subtly taking you up on your invitation to put more ships in your inbox...what about todokami and/or bakukami?
omg YAY put all the ships you want in my inbox it makes me so freaking happy <3
for this ask: send me a bnha ship (or multiple, platonic or romantic) and I'll tell you my opinion on it
also i read your ask and got so excited because these are two of my favorite rarepairs literally ever and i immediately had to reply
todokami & bakukami: ship ship ship! there are no words to explain how much i love them. i will try anyway
so first, todokami. adorable. it's kind of similar to seroroki for me in that it's todoroki learning the ways of the common folk through an insane stoner with incredible street smarts (this is also why i like todokamisero), but i adore todokami a bit more. i can't explain why exactly, i just got into them when i watched the OVA and todoroki called kaminari "denki" and i was like oh my god they're best friends. which somehow devolved into me shipping them with the intensity of a thousand explosions. point is, i think they're the sweetest and i love them a lot. i really like the idea of them bonding through todoroki wanting to know more about general stupid teenager things and kaminari taking it upon himself to teach todoroki his ways. i also think that todoroki would really enjoy having a ball of sunshine like kaminari in his life, and i could definitely see todoroki being so confused as to why kaminari is insecure because 'why doesn't he see how great he is?' I also think that kaminari would be a master at helping todoroki through his trauma and ptsd. they would be stupid in love and i cannot explain exactly why i ship it but god...their vibes are immaculate. i love them with absolutely no basis behind it except for like one scene, but i don't care. they're amazing and i love them.
okay, now bakukami. i find it hard not to ship my favorite characters together (see kacchako). bakugou and kaminari are my first and second favorite bnha characters, and i've always loved their dynamic. i think kaminari's opinion on bakugou and how it shifts throughout the series is great to see, i love how at first he starts by poking fun and teasing this utter asshole with a steaming turd of a personality, but eventually comes to see the softer, honorable, and respectable sides of bakugou that make him really admirable. and yeah, he's still a turd sometimes, but he's kaminari's turd and denki loves him to death. they're canonically very close, kaminari gets away with calling him kacchan, and bakugou has also canonically admitted that he finds kaminari strong and useful (albeit subtly and through insults, but he's a tsundere so he gets a pass). either way, their friendship development is wonderful and i think that as a romance they would also be really sweet. i can definitely see bakugou slowly warming up to kaminari to the point where he (actually canonically) lets kaminari get away with things even kirishima can't. i think they'd be great at reassuring each other about their insecurites and lifting each other up, helping each other with ptsd and giving comfort on bad days. kaminari is the sunshine bakugou needs, someone who loves him to pieces but can also tease him and confront him, while bakugou is exactly the push kaminari needs to start realizing his worth and gaining some self-confidence. hands down my favorite bkg rarepair.
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bethiewhimsy · 7 days ago
I pulled this Kenji card in the bsd mayoi game and immediately thought of you!! He looks so spiffy and precious!!
Tumblr media
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cultgxts · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
yea i’m enjoying this game
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szethsmom · 4 months ago
Not me starting my Monday off with an incredibly realistic dream about estranged family members trying to force their way back into my life 💀
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tortademaracuya · 11 months ago
Only 1 hour left until i have to call my classmates and i havent finished all the characters for the second style...
Tumblr media
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enluv · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thickenmyblood · 7 months ago
I’m so in love with your writing! Really, I can’t wait to see what’ll happen between damen and laurent (and nicaise). I’ve never been more excited for any other person’s writing :’) if you won’t update till Friday, I hope you’ll have a merry Christmas !!<3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
guys  😭 😭 😭 😭 ily so much!!!!!!! i do celebrate xmas and that’s a big reason why it’s taking me so long to edit ch10. i’ve gotten a lot of asks wishing me a happy end to the year so thank you so much  💗 💗 💗 i love you and thank you for thinking of me. i def will be thinking of you!!! 
(and i’m sorry that it’s taking me so long to reply to asks, i just feel very anxious about spamming people’s dashboards. promise i’ve answered everything in my inbox and set up a queue!!)
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Once again:
Yen Sid gives praise to Sora and the crew after Ven is awake and Sora wipes the top of his lip.
We love little details of the characters🥺💙.
It’s just like how whenever Riku is overcome with emotion or is about to do something brave, he clenches his fist. Sometimes out of anger, sometimes out of sadness, and sometimes out of confidence. I love it.
But also: it would’ve been hilarious if Riku had a serious heart to heart moment and thanked Sora for rescuing him.
Like, Riku is strong and there’s no doubt about it. But he struggled in the ROD, he was hurt, alone, and he couldn’t do it on his own, so he called out to the one person he knew he could trust more than anything…
And the way Sora just skids across water and protects Riku in an instant…
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diavolical-moved · 8 months ago
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hotgirlhockey · a year ago
Tumblr media
babies <3 
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lavalantula · 8 months ago
What are your top ten? <3
ah anon this is to many for me to cheat so.. 7/10 of these are hypmic but here we go. u cant escape my Opinions!! thank u for the ask !!!!!
1. Wire - worthikids (this song is really good, yes, but i cant believe it made #1... its so short i think i put it on loop for like an hour and it rocketed to the top. still really good tho! watch the mv it u havent its really good.. clowns VS vampires good animation good song.... what more is needed?...)
2: Kaigen - hypmic (bad ass temple)
3: SHIBUYA GHOST NIGHT - hypmic (fling posse)
4: ware osaka! ~ what a OSAKA! - hypmic (dostuiare honpo)
5: Alligator Teeth - mother falcon (i talked about this already ^^)
6: Rhyme Anima's Mixtape - hypmic (4 original divisions..) (i talked abt this one... i could say more...)
7: 3 Seconds Killer - hypmic (buster bros)
8: WELCOME U - hypmic (matenro)
9: TOMOSHIBI - hypmic (matenro)
10: I Keep Rolling - the 502s (i talked about this one too ^^)
thank u anon for the ask !!!!!!!!!!
be CAREFUL expanding these tags theyre wildly long and all me talking about hypnosis microphone . read at ur own mental health risk
#look. look. first of all thank i anon i love u.#second im gonna talk hypmic in tags so im not too embarassed. cuz guys. ive got THOUGHTS!!!!#kaigen.. god idek where to start i mean the lyrics are beautiful 1st. jyushis part is my bio actually!#if everything in the world is darkness id have no reason to open my eyes... blah blah its long but so good <#actually in japanese 'yume to kami wa magaimono.. jibun wa minna no waraimono!' is my bio#but god im obsessed with that internal rhyme scheme i love rhyme schemes i love sounds etc#the live. the live. ill say it: WAHHHHHHHHH.......#okay. okay i have to move on. GOD please that song is so fucking good. okay#shibuya ghost night.. what to say <3 i love it i love fling posse im crying right now <3#no real thoughts about this i just think this song is really fun...#ware osaka what a osaka! i love the title its a pun (ware means laugh and its pronounced the same as 'what a')#i cant talk enough about this song i really really like it. if rei didnt suck so bad and be evil DH would be my fave division bc of this 1#& the rhymes are good .. i think their accents make them really stand out from the other divisions too it makes for an interesting sound#rhyma anima mixtape again its just sooooo <33333 ughhh <3#3 seconds killer is good !!! its BB again .. this is where the songs started to get Not As Good but its still good ok!#WELCOME U... objectively a boring song but there are parts that make my brain happy so i listen anyway#oh i really like hifumis part in the middle kijima has started to do a really interesting thing w his voice... it sounds weirdly strained#but in an intentional way? and i think it pairs really well with doppos weird screaming...#TOMOSHIBI is Beautiful .. its just way too boring i cant believe i listened to it this much? but it comes on right after kaigen so..#thats IT im done hi if youre reading this hiiiii ^_^ if ur not i dont blame u...#this is just for me im talking to myself.. youre the one eavesdropping........#im listening to rhyme anima mixtape and my brain is buzzing.. MTCs part is bad matenros is boring bbs is just ok.#fling posses... this makes my brain spin around in circles rapidly#its the part right at the end that i like when theyre all singing together....#okay im done *hits myself with a broom*#asks#anon
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faxness · a year ago
fangs gang r literally so STUPID like that the fact they all found eachother bc of fangs blog
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lew1s-moved · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
kei nishikori during the wimbledon 2021 match against alexei popyrin (6-4 6-4 6-4)
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