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TBH sometimes I live off the tiniest crumbs of ego boost on here.If you could, send me a message saying one thing that’s attractive or that you like about me, or cute date ideas, or anything! Anons welcome of course! :)

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Don’t let ANYONE pretend to give a fuck about you because they don’t. Where are they now hmm? While you’re crying and holding a blade to your fucking wrists alone? Where are they? Fuck everyone.

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Being ugly is really frustrating.

You can never actually connect with other people.

“Oh I’m choosing to be single right now” tf only pretty people can say they chose this life. Us uggos? I was forced into it! I wasn’t given this option.

Also, only pretty people get to use those stupid sayings of “it will happen when you’re least expecting it” or “when you don’t want it it will come.”

Sure. I haven’t expected anything for years now and still nothing happens. Shut up.

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u know it’s getting bad when eugenia cooney doesn’t look scary to u anymore 😵

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That shadow or whatever blog harassing cass fans

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you’re probably that best girl

Who always made me doubt

She’s so much cool and perfect

She’s everyone likes

Yeah, today I was thinking in you

‘Cause how could I ever like someone else?

And I know we weren’t perfect, but I’ve never felt this way for no one

And I just can’t imagine how i could be so okay now that you’re gone

Guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that mess about me

'Cause you said forever, but I now alone in my dream

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sluchasz na okraglo heather i ryczysz marzac o tym by chociaz jeden dzien byc NIA, jeden dzien w JEJ ciele, w JEJ zyciu.

jest perfekcyjna, niewazne co zrobi zawsze znajdzie sie ktos kto bedzie z NIA.

nie wyobrazasz sobie bycia u JEJ boku w szkole z nadzieja ze bedzie dobrze. po tym jak ucieklas ze szkoly w ktorej ci grozono, bito i molestowano. masz nadzieje ze bedzie lepiej ale jest jeszcze gorzej. wszystko sie powtarza a ONA obok. nie wazne co zrobi, idealna.

zabilabys by w tamtej chwili byc NIA…

to i tak nie ma znaczenia. nie chce zyc w tym ciele. a nie moge w innym wiec nie chce wcale. niezaleznie ile schudne to zawsze bede czula na sobie te rece, te slowa.





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!TRIGGER WARNING!: Purging, Restricting, Fasting, Disordered Eating

I had 2 stuffed pretzels the 16th and nothing but liquids yesterday. I just ate for the first time today (mac n cheese) and then I purged it up. Now I’m worried I didn’t purge enough of it up… i mean I’m certainly not expecting nothing to be in my stomach but I’m just hoping I got enough of it up that it won’t matter how much I ate. I’m not hungry anymore, which was the goal of the purge bc I knew I couldn’t keep fasting for long, but I’m afraid I’m gonna eat more food and won’t be able to get it out. I REALLY hate wasting food (ironic and hypocritical, I know) and so thats why I even bothered thinking about eating. Someone made me this mac n cheese so I couldn’t eat none of it before throwing it out… and I cooked food a few days ago that needs to be eaten… its like I’m eating as a chore to feel less bad about all the food I’m not eating… aha

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I didn’t sleep last night. I don’t have to be responsible anymore. My ugly ass ig going to go to sleep now.

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Everyone has someone who thinks they’re pretty

Except for me

Everyone has someone who thinks they’re funny

Except for me

Everyone has someone who thinks they’re worth a shit

Except for me

Except for me

Except for me

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thinking about the montage at the end of 15x19

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You know whats a really good motivator?
Having a bf that secretly looks clips and pictures from skinny and beautiful girls while u are a fat ugly bitch he’s not attracted to, lol

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Sooo, i decided that today i am fasting, i am so motivated so i hope for the best, 
later i will post some thinspo or smth. Also i decided that i want to make smth similar to bullet journal, but with more ed things, like thinspo photos etc. i will post some pictures of it when i’m done.
 Also i didn’t know what i can say in today’s posty so i will share this that my actuall GW is 59kg, my mom like 2 years ago said “go down to 60kg, and you can have nostrill”, sooo for me 60kg is like too much so i want to go down to 59kg, i don’t know if this make sense but it’s like this form me that i don’t want this 6 in my weight. And my UGW is 45kg, but sometimes i think about 40kg. My height is 158cm (5′2) so this weight would be good i think :p 
(późniejsze posty będą po polsku, aktualnie wygodniej mi po prostu po angielsku)

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