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#ugly people

anyway just cuz u went to college doesn’t mean u automatically deserve more than people who didn’t

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There is power in being ugly. Because being ugly isn’t like there’s a sliding scale it’s a binary. You either ugly or you not. But once you are ugly all bets are off. You worried about whether that unfashionable dress will suit you. Who cares. You already ugly. If it makes you happy what does it matter. That Fanny pack might be out of style but it’s practical and engaged gonna happen you gonna get ugly nope. You already there. Pity the beautiful who fear the power the ugly bestows.

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😔😔😔 We love acting like a child because a random person on the Internet doesn’t draw something they don’t want to, love that

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I was in the parking lot loading my purchases.  When I saw a man maybe in his mid-forties, on cruches, fall very hard onto the concrete while trying to get out of the passenger side of the car.   He was face down and for what seemed like a lot longer than a few seconds he did not move. 

Now, if you have ever been to a Sams Club you know there is a constant flow of  bodies in and out of the store.  I walked back to the store front because I noticed the female driver try to help him up while a bet there was a dozen people that walked within two feet of her and didn’t stop to help.  I got back in my truck and was so mad, I cried. 

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so you’re telling me, Adam dying and not being with Shiro is queerbaiting? so now Shiro can’t be alone, or his ex can’t die, or it’s a queerbaiting? Shiro didn’t stop being gay. Or do people need a fucking label on his forehead: here’s the gay. Shiro’s a soldier a hero a man who knows his priorities, who’s in war, who died and came back. And if you desperately need getting him paired so you can jerk over your realization: oh look a gay man with a label on his forehead. I can’t see him now because HE IS FUCKING LABELED. 


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uuuuh, what was homophobic about what that person said??? you're reaching as fuck dude

People don’t demand that straight couples explain why they’re not “just adopting” instead of conceiving. It’s homophobic to do that to a queer woman, and frankly it would be pure asshole behavior even if it wasn’t homophobic. Not unlike this ask, dude. 

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// rant / depression thoughts//

I honestly just want to go home and cry, I feel so fucking ugly that it makes me want to literally get plastic surgery all over

But when do I not want plastic surgery

…. self harm maybe is my escape

Or maybe I should just sleep :…

God why why am I so ugly ? I use makeup..poorly , I try to look decent… I try really hard…. but I just look…. yea I should just shut up

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