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#uhhh thats all i think
localcryptid420 · 5 months ago
Do you guys think that Rose was able to see everything her father went through to get her back safely?
Like, Ethan was mold all along, and the end of the game pretty heavily suggests that Rose has abilities similar to Eveline, so what if she was able to access his memories or something?
Idk man I guess I'm just super emotional at the thought of Rose being able to see her father fight and bleed and suffer as he pushed through hell to rescue her, and being able to feel what he was feeling.
His determination to save her, his anger at the people who took her, and how he loved her so damn much he forced himself back onto his feet again and again, no matter how badly he was injured or how tired he was, because he needed her to be safe.
And if she was, that breaks my heart, because she'll never get to meet him. She'll know how much he loved her, and that he fought tooth and nail till his dying breath to get to her because she meant the world to him, but she won't ever be able to tell him how much she loves him back.
All she can do is sit by his grave and pour her heart out to a tombstone, and wear his jacket and ring, which are the only pieces of him left, and mourn the man she never got to know. The man who sacrificed everything for her im-
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deadmothh · 2 months ago
"In Australia, Cosmos recently reported a fossil discovery that revealed giant birds, reptiles and marsupials died out 40,000 years ago due to extreme climatic conditions and environmental degradation.
Across the Pacific, a new study published in the journal Nature Communications has linked North American megafauna extinctions during the Late Quaternary to extreme temperature changes – not with overhunting by humans, as suggested by some.
More than 10,000 years ago, many giant critters roamed the continent, including mammoths (Mammuthus) and enormous beavers (Castoroides), horses, ground sloths (Megalonyx) and a one-tonne armadillo look-alike, the Glyptodon.
What drove their extinction is a “contentious topic”, according to Mathew Stewart from Germany’s Max Planck Institute and team, led by senior author Huw Groucutt.
Some blame human population growth and the arrival of highly skilled “big-game” hunters around 14,000 years ago, for which the giant animals were no match. Others argue that archaeological evidence doesn’t support this notion, pointing to climatic and ecological disruptions."
"Results [of this new study by Huw Groucutt et al] showed megafauna populations had no associations with human numbers but were consistently correlated with temperature. As North America warmed up their numbers increased, and their subsequent declines and extinctions coincided with the cold snap.
However, the team says the story is likely to be much more complex and needs to be considered along with ecological changes associated with climatic variation – and humans could also have contributed indirectly through other means such as habitat fragmentation. They call for researchers to develop more reliable methods to clarify what really happened."
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vertig0re · a month ago
HI YALL if youre a lesbian and you like bandori.... make sure to check out @LesbiandoriWeek on twitter!!!
Tumblr media
it's an event me and two other moderators have organised in order to celebrate lesbian content creators and boost their stuff!! please check it out :] theres also a link to our discord server in the account!
(keep in mind this is for lesbians only, if youre not a lesbian, feel free to support by boosting lesbian content creator's works! :])
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dyketubbo · 4 months ago
EDIT: If you ship ebs then please know that I will slit your throat if you interact with this post. This post is not for you.
i wonder if the people who like. super clamor to go "tubbo and ranboo are uncomfortable with shipping so you shouldn't make content of their characters being romantic even if that's how their relationship is in canon" know that like. quackity is uncomfortable with shipping and therefore if we were going to apply that logic to quackity uh. bye bye to people making content of karlnapity, tnt duo, and schlatt/quackity (especially the latter because schlatt also doesnt like shipping) ig /s
like. yes respect boundaries and the absence of someone saying its okay for their character just not the cc the action taken should be to not put their character in romantic situations either but like. when they actively roleplay romance then its. fine to treat the relationships as romantic, even in fancontent
generally when i think about like. where to draw the line between creator and character (smp wise anyways) i just think of it as if the characters are the creators sonas. afterall, many have their sonas look different, or even act different than they do, they sometimes have them in relationships that either the creator is in or that they arent in. so when i think about "would the creator be okay with how im portraying their smp character" i just think of a combo of "theyve actively played into this before", "theyve given consent in the absence of playing into it on the smp", and "would it be okay to do this to someone else's sona/self insert"
so. treating the characters romantic relationships as romantic? yes, because the creators have already made a distinction between character and creator so they could play into the romance.
nsfw content? no, outside of some making jokes with friends, theres a big difference between making sexual jokes with friends and strangers making nsfw content of you/your sona (this is different from acknowledging a romantic relationship, because uh. the creators arent gonna rp sex in front of a bunch of children im sorry. the farthest theyre gonna go is the strip club and thats all jokes)
and generally unless the creator has expressed comfort with it i dont like to do things like change their bodytype or give them boobs or make sexual jokes about them/their genitals or whatever (and even then sexual jokes are like. unless a creator has given consent then this one i dont base on if theyve made sexual jokes because its one thing to do so yourself or with friends and another for strangers to do so abt you). because like. even if i was an adult id be uncomfortable with people drawing my sona with a different bodytype than mine or rating their body or calling them a slut or something. itd be gross
this got away from me but anyways. big difference between making content where the characters have relationships w/ the same tone as played by the actors and making content that goes farther than the actors take their characters/sonas
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betweenrealms-official · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
[id: a digital drawing of darien and maxim from between realms. they are asleep in bed together, with maxim's head resting on darien's chest. maxim is a fallen angel with brown skin, shoulder length white hair and white eyebrows, a large hooked nose, and scars where his wings should be. darien is a white human man with short blonde hair, freckles on his face and shoulders, and top surgery scars. the top half of his face is cut off at the top of the image. there are yellow streaks of light shining across the image, and a white blanket covering their lower bodies. /end id]
// thank you to @trillworm for writing the id for me 💛
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simplystefanie-rae · 4 months ago
There’s some rumors, I have no idea how credible, I don’t know where people find this shit, that there was a casting call for a character that’s a love interest of Wanda’s (he’s obvi way more than that but it’s not important to address for what I’m getting into) for DS2. Regardless if it’s true or not and what I think of that (honestly if he is casted I’d rather avoid him being her love interest, please can I just ship something easy for once, my god, scarletvision already has enough drama) on twitter people have had... some takes on it. I have some things to say lol
First of all the people cheering for Wanda getting a ‘real man’ can fuck right off, like idk how much more human Vision needs to act, how endearing, for people to stop focusing on the fact that he’s part machine. Like, who gives a shit, why is this even an issue still?
Second, there’s this idea that if Wanda ever gets back with Vision, it’ll negate her development, and to that I say, very emphatically, what? Wanda’s arc in Wandavision was about coming to terms with her grief and her trauma, and it wasn’t just about Vision, it was about all the tragedy she’s suffered in her life. Grieving healthily was the point of the show, and accepting that Vision was dead. This wasn’t a break up she had to come to terms with, it wasn’t letting go of a bad relationship, it was his death. 
But guess who’s not dead anymore? 
You could argue that Wandavision itself negated the grieving process for Wanda by bringing Vision back, but it would be a weak argument. Ignoring that Wanda might not know Vision is still alive, and if she does, thinks he’s not really her Vision, him being alive doesn’t undo the new perspective she has on how to grieve, it doesn’t ruin her newfound acceptance of all the tragedy she’s suffered, and the strength she’s gained to start moving past it. Her development lets her go through her more painful emotions in a more healthy manner, it wasn’t to just... get over Vision and move on from him as if he’s old news. The utter disrespect of this notion got me so fucked up. 
So yeah, I don’t know if this casting rumor is true or not, and if it means a new love interest for Wanda. If it is true I hope the love interest angle is dropped (at least in this movie because way too much is happening already, it would have zero room to breathe, and also just looks way to fast for Wanda after Wandavision), but if not, I won’t be mad at Wanda getting another chance at happiness, I suppose. But I really do think she could eventually find it with Vision again, and that they would both deserve it after everything they went through. Wanda being allowed to be happy with the man she thought she lost forever, after all the people in her life that died and stayed dead, would be an absolute fucking triumph for her character arc, despite what some people are saying.
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messilymoonlit · 8 months ago
terrible news everyone, i just accidentally deleted my tumblr blog- so if anyone here recognizes me or used to be mutuals with me please reblog this or follow me or something; I lost 26,441 posts and 5,000 drafts. Along with that I also lost 336 followers, the vast majority of whom I was mutuals with. I’m setting my blog up again, as well as my side blogs- but it will take a little bit. It would mean a lot if you reblogged this post so I could find some of my mutuals. I remember some of their urls but not all, so I will be following everyone I remember following. I contacted Tumblr support but I am not sure if they will do anything to help- or if they are even able to
TLDR; I deleted my tumblr blog after having it for four or five years, reblogging this would help a lot to help me find my mutuals
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theantiddy · 4 months ago
hey actually idk if anyones up, but does anyone know ranboos boundaries on like. general hcs abt his character? like ik he said nonbinary headcanons are okay, but ive been wanting to headcanon c!raboo as autistic and i cant figure out if ranboo's said anything abt that kind of stuff
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This is a genuine question because I do believe ao3 has a problem with all sorts of things, but how should fics be filtered out? Isn't that sort of the same problem that has been going on in libraries for years?
i think youre asking a good question, but ill be real i myself am pretty novice when it comes to navigating that site. i guess in general i think libraries have a better screening process (and books getting published in general as opposed to fics being published online) but. tbh im not sure if there IS a clean cut solution to filtering ao3 works that ... actually allows its existence to continue. if that makes sense. at the moment the issue with content on there is responsibility and if the site wont hold users accountable, then other users should, but i think. like stepping back from Internet/Fandom Values i dont think there is a clear solution when it comes to regulating an open-source platform which allows giant works of content cause imo it. kinda was a bad idea to begin with
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ohchilde · 18 days ago
LMAO WHATS HAPPENING not me jumping into the homecha tag for owo:3 times only to see discourse over ? the toothbrush scene? and sikhye’s new relationship in general?
ppl should be allowed to have their own opinions! if u like it u did, if u didnt u didnt. and the truth is that not everyone will understand a story the same way even if we watch the same thing, no matter how much we want others to. culture differences! value differences! all that jazz! but that doesnt mean u should offer ur own opinions in a mean way!
should draw the line at bashing the actual actors and actresses though. thats unnecessary❤️
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