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spacejordy · 21 minutes ago
I eat toddlers for dinner
-feral liz probably
she is a toddler?????
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reidyoulikeabook · 49 minutes ago
spencer reid is a moped guy, i’ll be taking no criticism
considering i have re-read scooter boy by @ellesgreenaway numerous times, i am legally forced to agree with this. there is nothing that brings me more joy than the idea of spencer hopping on his moped that he keeps in the bike shed of his building (the judgement of other cyclists be damned) and heading to the supermarket, driving at the maximum speed (which i think is like 25mph/30mph), feeling like a racecar driver, king of the roads, formula one champion
also the idea of derek suggesting it as a joke because spencer hates driving but then a week later spencer asks hotch for the afternoon off to take his moped certification test
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ssaalexblake · an hour ago
Tsuranga is on, I have my pting shirt... All is good.
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artsnfoods · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
You ever just put a face onto something, and it amuses you. Yeah.
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steineckert · 3 hours ago
they’re gonna cancel people for buying physical music next. i can feel it
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psihawaii · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yes i know he doesnt play minecraft anymore, yes i know that he probably wouldnt do it regardless, yes i realize im the only one who wants this
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renhyucks · 8 hours ago
it’s the time of the month again. i have no motivation to write i wanna stop writing <333
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shecharm · 8 hours ago
*   @lifesliced​   &   prompted;  wildcard for yogi and seijun :'^)) only if u would like to
Tumblr media
silence has never been uncomfortable,  she knew how to sit in it,  how to live in it but in the silence,  she could find multiple things to occupy herself with.  eyes focus on yogi’s back,  steps slowed to a certain extent but not enough that it would draw attention.  a sudden realization comes from her staring,  and hands cannot help themselves from touching.  a sudden wide step and she captures the hem of his shirt between thin fingers.
the purpose?  to gain his attention and stop him in his tracks,  so that it would be easier for her free hand to wander up.  brushing shaggy dark air to the side,  making space for nape so she could graze bare skin with chilled fingertips.  a small leaf had found itself within locks,  likely caught in the wind from a nearby trees shedding as summer blooms with flowers and new growth.  she plucks it from his hair and tilts her head,  letting it go just as quickly before giving him a glance.  “you’re lucky i was here,  it’d be embarrassing if you went somewhere with that there.”
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stupidibee · 14 hours ago
mcyttwt pls dont tell me the only place you educate yourself is twitter. no wonder why your takes are so awful, how often do u listen to minorities vs people with a white savior complex and misconstrue things,,, cause thats what tends to happen on twitter. especially cause u ask for people who know next to nothing about these issues to speak up
no wonder why half the things you cancel people for makes no sense to begin with, or was a minor issue, or gets so distorted that the point is lost holy moly
also why do u guys expect minors to be activists??? not only the ccs, but other people on twitter. when gaming youtubers would actively use slurs that demeaned me, u know the last people i wanted to step up and say something? my peers who were 13/14, cause they are kids dealing with their own lives. i get not wanting kids to live in complete ignorance, but at the same time why should we expect them to be outspoken perfect activists???
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wlwreader · 14 hours ago
tell my why i can just imagine r having a one night stand to get over succubus nat but nat gets jealous😀
i canon this 100%
it’s probably like 3 days after what you like to call “the incident” when you decide she’s tired of moping around your house and dealing with lackluster orgasms and finally leaves your house, dressed to impress (whether thats the shortest, sluttiest dress you could find or the nicest, flashiest button down you own is up to you)
You’d find some unwitting victim in the darkness of a club, all seductive smiles and hooded eyes before leading them back home with the promise of a good time.
It’s rushed and sloppy, like most drunken hookups you’ve had, but behind closed eyes you picture Nat in the strangers place and it’s almost perfect. Things escalate and you end up bent over the edge of your bed, fucked into the mattress all while an incorporeal Natalia glowers at the scene.
She’s resting atop your bed, slightly bouncing from the movement of you getting railed by some insignificant simpleton. The heat of her glare is sure to melt the person pounding you from behind and she’s surprised you can’t feel the rage thats surely emanating from her.
But she can’t stop her hand from trailing down her abdomen, fingers dipping between her legs to find her slit slick with want and she can’t stop herself from angrily fucking her fingers into her dripping hole, not when you sound so hot crying out in pleasure and the filthy squelching noises between your legs grows louder and louder
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godly-gummybear · 15 hours ago
hey!! uh, it might not comfort you as much as i wish it could, but we love you!! at least i do, and that has to count for something! you're an amazing person, and i'm really sorry people are jerks :(
i dont get it. why do you like me..? why are you here. why do you care for me? i dont deserve all of this.. i dont deserve it.
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b1uejey · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
It's part 1 of a belated birthday present for my friend @angel-biter (I am sorry that I let you wait for so long, I don't mean to).
The thing is, this is not complete. There is supposed to be a written part, which should take the main focus (that's also why it's only like this), but it takes me a lot of energy and way more time than I expected.
So I decided to split this thing and post this for now. I hope that's okay.
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rainbluealoekitten · 15 hours ago
*goes to bed 3 hours before my friend 7 hours behind me*
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baldisbirthdaybash · 18 hours ago
new megan thee vid dropped awaeawwews
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